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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 15, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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hello. well dom a brand-new hour inside america's election headquarters. i'm rick folbaum. >> arthel: i'm arthel neville. topping the news, paul ryan on the campaign trail in battle ground florida. there are brand-new poll numbers out. we'll tell which you way vote railroads leaning. >> rick: hurricane nadine gathering strength in the atlantic. we've got the latest estimates on its path as it heads east. >> arthel: also i hope you're hungry for italian. we've got some amazing sauces rated by "consumer reports." shop smart magazine that are guaranteed to spice up your family's next pasta meal.
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>> arthel: fox news alert. hours after police secure the area near u.s. embassy in cairo, al-qaeda's branch in yemen is now calling for even more attacks against u.s. diplomatic posts around the world. meantime, in cairo, egypt, police finally restoring calm after four days of nonstop violence. sealing off the road leading to the u.s. embassy and pushing the protesters into tahrir score. we have more with molly henneberg live in washington and leeland vittert in egypt. we'll start with lee land. what's cairo like right now? >> behind me, tahrir square. it is a tense calm here this morning and this evening there are hundreds if not thousands of riot police who have been stationed around the city and then also around the u.s. embassy just in case these protesters came back. overnight it was a fierce street battle, would be the best word for it.
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tear gas and rubber bullets being fired by the army, which had dug in. the protesters hurling rocks and molotov cocktails and started just after friday prayers when things really picked up. a few thousand protesters, number of them carrying islamic flags, that black flag they had raised over the american embassy on tuesday. also large posters of osama bin laden, four or five feet tall posters and they would chant, obama, obama, we are all osamas, referring, of course, to osama bin laden. the arabian peninsula has not missed this opportunity to speak out. they're praising the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya that killed the u.s. ambassador and three other people. the other thing that al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula is doing is calling for more violence. that's something that certainly has a lot of people very worried, both here and also around the region. arthel? >> arthel: there is movement now
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in terms of security protecting u.s. interests around that region. can you tell us about it? >> exactly. yesterday we saw massive protests in tunisia at the u.s. embassy and the protesters were able to loot the american school there. today all nonessential personnel from the u.s. embassy and families were ordered out of tunisia. we're not entirely clear whether that was based on some kind of credible threat or a new level of the security assessment, but they have been sent home n. sudan where there were mass protests yesterday when a cleric there got on the radio and told people to head to the u.s. embassy, there were bus loads of people sent there, riot police had to beat them back in sudan. they have also evacuated the families and nonessential personnel which are being ordered out. here in egypt right now where i'm standing, the american embassy is 150 yards down the road. on that road are large concrete
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blocks. they built a wall about tennist to 15 feet high n some places 18 feet high of concrete blocks that could stop not only people from driving down there in their cars, but also to stop trucks. so nothing is getting anywhere close to the south embassy in cairo. we are told by local media that there was a credible threat bay jihadi group out of the sinai peninsula against the u.s. embassy here. so security here is also very tight. back to you. >> arthel: indeed. leeland vittert, be safe there. thank you for that report. >> rick: the president's coming under fire for his claims there was no actionable intelligence to indicate that there was an impending attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. instead members of congress say that there were at least four attack on diplomatic and western targets in benghazi leading up to the murder of chris stevens. molly henneberg live at the white house with more. the state department is warning americans now about travel in the wake of all of this unrest. what can you tell us about the alert?
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>> hi. leeland mentioned it. this is breaking in the past hour. the state department warning americans about travel to a couple of places telling americans to get out of a couple of hot spots because of demonstrations in and around u.s. embassies. let's go first to tunisia. the state department saying do not go there. warning against all travel to tunisia at this time. this after ordering all nonemergency embassy staff out of the country yesterday. the state department says americans should get out on a commercial flight and leave the country. yesterday protesters scaled the walls of the embassy compound, damaged building, cars, set fire to a gym and an american school. thankfully all personnel are safe and accounted for. let's go to sudan. ed state department ordered all nonemergency personnel and all family members of staff to leave the country. warned americans about traveling there. after the u.s. embassy was attacked and in that case, police used tear gas to stop protesters from scaling the walls. the u.s. tried to send a team of marines into sudan to help protect u.s. embassy staff there. but the sudanese government was
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holding up the question to send in to the marine, so apparently the state department had to take another course of action today. >> rick: some military assets have been moved around the region to try to at least be in place to help out with some of the security, right? >> right. marines were sent to libya on wednesday after that 9-11 attack. they were sent to yemen yesterday. these are antiterrorism security teams of marines. they're sent in to provide short-term help for u.s. facilities at heightened risk. the state department also points out that the u.s. tries to work with security in the host country. state department spokeswoman said yesterday, quote, anywhere you are in the world, the external security outside of the hard line of any embassy, any consulate, any mission is the responsibility of the host government. we work with the host government to assess what they are providing. we are the ones that generally go and ask for more when we assess wed into it. we train them, we work with them. that doesn't happen or if the
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marines can't come in, as what happened in sudan, the state department has to make other decisions. rick? >> rick: another day, a lot of developments. molly henneberg at the white house for us with that. thank you. >> arthel: as anti american rage sweeps across the globe, pope benedict xvi is urging lebanon to be a model of religious peace. he says young muslim and young christians need to work together to build up the middle east. lebanon has the largest percentage of christians in the middle east. vatican spokesperson says the pope is being kept up to date on the protests sparked by an anti-islammic film. >> rick: new questions about a deadly attack on a pill tear base in afghanistan that left two u.s. marines dead and several other troops wound. the taliban is now claiming responsibility for the assault on camp leatherneck, in the southern helmand province part of the country. conner powell is in kabul with the latest. >> even by taliban standards, this was a really sophisticate examined brazen attack on camp
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leatherneck, one of the more dangerous and violent places in all of afghanistan. camp leatherneck is home to more than 10,000 u.s. marines and british troops, including captain harry wales. otherwise known as prince harry who arrived last week for a four-month deployment as part of an apache pilot unit. because of a size and location, it regularly takes indirect fire. but last night's attack was much more intense than just indirect fire. sometime around 10:00 p.m. local time, the base was hit by a flurry of rockets, rpg's and small arms. reports say fighters even got inside the outer perimeter of the base. the taliban don't have night vision capability, so this was a really unique attack. u.s. commanders say two marines were killed. several others were injured. some aircraft sustained damage, as did several buildings on the base. the taliban claim the reason for the attack was two fold. one, because of the protests and response to the anti-islamic
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video that caused problems around the world. but also as part of an operation to capture prince harry ho is down there for four months. both u.s. and british commandeers say he was not in danger. it goes to show the lengths the taliban are willing to go to try to capture prince harry and attack u.s. troops. >> rick: hunter powell for us, thanks so much. >> arthel: extreme weather in central texas today. debris and mangled steel all that is left of docks and businesses along the banks of lake travis in jonestown. downpours triggering powerful flood waters that totally destroyed these structures. residents describe waking up this morning to a sound of everything being ripped to shreds. listen. >> a major event and require major clean-up. >> total mayhem. everything came apart. every dock that was further
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uphill came with it. it was a horrific sound of sheet metal and steel breaking. >> arthel: meteorologist maria molina live in the fox extreme weather center. tell us more about that. >> good to see you. we have a storm system right now that's pushing through portions of the center of the country, including texas, up in through portions of kentucky and south of the great lakes across states like indiana and illinois. the thing is we really need the moisture. we're so in drought, ongoing across these areas, been ongoing for weeks and months. again, we do need the rain. so the storm is giving us some of that moisture. but unfortunately, we are seeing some localized flooding from some of these storms and it could produce very dangerous lightning that. is something to keep in mind. right now we're not seeing a whole lot of flooding across parts of western kentucky, tennessee and across southern parts of illinois. seeing that much needed rain pushing through with a lot of cloud cover and parts of texas, western texas, continuing to deal with more heavy rain just south of the lubbock area.
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central texas staying dry. it's good news for clean-up efforts as far as those flooding conditions -- or that flood ongoing now. otherwise drought improving slightly as far as the worst category, extreme to exceptional drought. you can see we're still in very elevated drought conditions across states like nebraska, to parts of oklahoma. just continuing to see the ongoing drought. we'll continue to see rain as far as for the rest of this weekend. another big story that's going on this weekend is the extreme heat across southern california. widespread triple digits for san diego, los angeles, palm springs, into parts of death valley. even seeing that across interior portion of california. we do have some good news. some improvement out here across southern parts of california because we're going to be seeing some cooler air moving in as we head into the second half of the weekend and even to kick off the workweek. los angeles, tomorrow you'll be out of the triple digits and by monday, low 80s. san diego, by monday, you're expecting high temperatures only
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in the 70s. so again, finally some relief here. but desert also continue to see the hot temperatures that are typical this time of year like death valley. >> arthel: too bad we don't have a neutralizer where you give everybody the weather they need. thank you. >> rick: politics now on the campaign trailident obama and gop nominee, governor mitt romney taking the day off, while vice presidential nominee congressman paul ryan making a stop at rally near tampa's shore. ryan slamming the feds' new plan tonnages the economy. that was announced this week, saying spending $40 billion a month on mortgage bonds will only help wall street. not main street. vice president joe biden's wife, jill biden, also making the rounds. in michigan today, hitting three separate campaign rallies. dr. biden, an english professor, focused most of her remarks on education.
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meantime, arizona's governor, john brewer rallying conservatives at the values voter summit in washington, d.c., drawing huge applause from the audience after calling out president obama's tempt to try to win over traditionally red states. take a listen. >> in his bid to win reelection, president obama thinks arizona is in play. he thinks he can win my state. probably some of your states out there, too. you know what i say? game on! laugh will have. >> rick: governor brewer also went on to defend her state's controversial law against illegal immigration, which has been slammed by some critics as being too tough. >> arthel: all right. governor mitt romney and president obama are both hoping to win big with hispanic voters in november. brand-new fox news latino polls show insight on this important demographic. when asked if the u.s. is the best country in the world, overwhelmingly latino voters said yes, to follow up. they were asked why america is the best country? nearly half said, quote, free
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tom. and fine lea, they were asked if their families would achieve the american dream. 73% said yes. 15% said they already have. that is just a sneak peek of the polls on fox news latino. find them all on the web page come monday. it is a mystery that baffled authorities for years. now the f.b.i. is asking for your help in tracking down the person they say has been sending out dozens of powder filled letters claimed to be laced with anthrax. anna kooiman live in our new york news remain with hour. >> the f.b.i.'s profile of the person sending powder filled threatens letters over the last 15 years points a syracuse area man who is at least 35 years old. they believe the suspect has had significant contact with the mental health system and may have difficulty functioning independently. the f.b.i. has released two pictures of sections of the letters believe someone will recognize this handwriting. they generally start with, the paper you are now holding has
3:15 pm
been thoroughly saturated with thorax and you will soon die. they are referencing topics ranging from things like aids to abortion rights, to 9-11 conspiracy theories and the oppression of muslim. >> it may seem bizarre, somewhat unusual. they may be very disjointed thoughts, but to this person, they can be very real. they can be so extreme they may even be delusional. >> according to the f.b.i., ten of the letters went to a high school, college, business, and a congresswoman's office in the syracuse area. the other 11 went to military and police associations, nonprofit groups, government officials, private businesses, and t.v. celebrities. >> we don't believe the person only does these on these threatening letters. this person probably does this around the house or at the workplace. so if someone recognizes those, we would like to hear from them. >> authorities are now offering a a $10,000 reward for information leading to the culprit.
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if you have any information, contact the f.b.i. at 1-800-225-5324. >> arthel: anna kooiman, thanks. >> rick: they're tasked with making the gear worn by our men and women in uniform. hundreds of u.s. workers are losing their jobs and you won't believe who is taking over. >> arthel: the romney campaign hammering president obama over his response to anti-american riots. so could this be the issue that will decide the presidential race? we'll debate it fair examine balanced next -- and balanced next. >> we express immediately when we feel the president and his administration have done something which is inconsistent with the principles of america. simply put, having an embassy which has been breached and has protesters on its grounds, having violated the sovereignty of the united states srpgpp@p [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix.
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>> arthel: time for a quick check of the headlines. teachers gather not guilty chicago's union park today in a show of solidarity with the city's striking teachers. chicago's public schools still trying to work out a deal to end a strike. that so far has caused students to miss a full week of classes. senior israeli defense idosis the jewish state has no imminent plans to go to war with iran. speculation israel might launch
3:21 pm
a unilateral attack soared as netanyahu said the u.s. needed to set a, quote, red line on iran's nuclear program. florida a & m university holding its first game of the season without its marching band. it's being forced to sit out the rest of the year after one of its members was killed during a hazing ritual following last year's home game. >> rick: back to politics. critics continuing to slam president obama and his foreign policy for play ago role in the spread of anti-american riots around the world and just yesterday, congressman paul ryan taking issue with the president's response, accusing him of failing to stand up to extremists in the middle east. take a listen. >> amid all these threats and dangers, what we do not see is steady, consistent american leadership. in the days ahead and in the years ahead, american foreign policy needs moral clarity and firmness of purpose.
3:22 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> rick: so is this a winning strategy for the romney campaign? here is ryan clayton, democratic campaign consultant and founder of 100 proof ford owe continental is chairman of civil pac. ford, first of all, how have the president's policies played a role in all of this? >> essentially president obama's foreign policy leadership is seriously been lacking. yes, he helped kill osama bin laden, but the reality of the situation is we spend billions on foreign aid, including $1.6 billion to egypt of taxpayers dollars. what do we get in return? stormed embassies, burned flags and sadly, dead u.s. diplomats. president obama is the one who is to blame. it's up to the gop to show that his leadership is lacking. bill that as a narrative examine flip it over to domestic policy and say you think president obama's policy is lacking abroad? you should see at home because if you think keeping gm on life
3:23 pm
support is a successful strategy in terms of the economy, guess what? he's been lacking abroad and at home. >> rick: the president has said that one of his proudest achievements during this first term has been to restore america's reputation in the eyes of the world. he can't really say that this week, can he? >> president obama handled this situation with gravity and grace. he handled this situation just as the president should. mitt romney, on the other hand, used this situation to -- of a u.s. ambassador being assassinated, to prove he's not ready to be president. i think his campaign is now dead in the water. there is just no recovering from speaking ill of the dead who have served this country and lost their lives protecting and defending our interests. >> ryan, you can spin this any way you want it, but president obama put foreign policy front and center in charlotte and now we're seeing and getting a clear view that his foreign policy leadership is lacking. now is the opportunity for the romney-ryan ticket to say not only is it lacking abroad, but
3:24 pm
show and flip it back to the domestic economy and say not only is it lacking abroad, but lacking at home. >> all americans condemn the attacks against the u.s. embassy in libya and we mourn for those who lost their lives in service to our country. but realso reject the antes remainious bigotry of some people. we reject that fact that some people are out there spewing hatred against other reasonables and provoking these attacks, you know. >> ryan agrees, we are spending billions in foreign aid and what are we get not guilty return for this foreign aid? we're getting stormed embassy embassyies. >> rick: how much all of this means in the minds of voters out there? polls have shown that most folks have already made their minds up. a lot of states are already allowing in the next couple of days and weeks to have early voting is about to begin. is this the kind of thing the violence that's spreading not only in the middle east, but in other countries as well, is this the kind of thing that could actually sway this election? >> well, it could if the
3:25 pm
romney-ryan ticket could flip it back to domestic policy. look, foreign policy is probably 10th or 11th on the voter interest radar. this shows a pattern of lack of leadership on president obama's part. he's got bill clinton out there saying he did everything he could on the domestic policy. now we have another area of policy showing that in fact he hasn't done everything he can do. >> that is a problem right there. >> if we do flip it back to domestic policy, we will see it -- >> with people like paul ryan who think -- who want to express the new philosophy of the republican party is apparently root against america to score cheap political points. >> ryan, ryan, the president said that one of his proudest achievements is america's image improved in the world. america's image -- >> rick: ryan, prior to the violence this week, it seemed as though the president was on a little bit of a roll coming out of the democratic national convention, some polls in some of the swing states showed him
3:26 pm
up. within the margin of error, but still up. has this slowed the momentum down at all, do you think? >> again, president obama has handled this situation just as a president should. he's up in most of the swing state polls across the country. but that's not what's important. what's most important is that americans' lives have been lost and that justice needs to be served to those who took those lives. that's what president obama -- >> brian doesn't want to answer the question. so i'll answer it for you. >> what needs to happen is the republicans need to have some dignity examine respect for the office of the united states president and the person who sits in that office is barak obama. >> rick: is there a danger on the part of republicans for appearing to politicize this matter? do you think? >> there is always -- republicans have to do is they have to take what's going on abroad, ship it back to the domestic policy and show that president obama's leadership, both abroad and at home has been lacking. if they can do that, this is going to be their best opening between now and the debates to make the case that it's time for
3:27 pm
a leadership change because president obama, while a nice guy, has really been lacking overall in terms of leadership, both abroad and at home with respect to the economy. >> rick: we're out of time. a good debate. we'll have you both back on. we'll talk about this again. ryan, ford, thanks again. >> thanks. >> arthel: troubling new sign for the private sector. a u.s. company tasked with making military uniforms is forced to shed hundreds of jobs that are now being handed over to federal inmates. elizabeth prann joins us live from atlanta with the story. what's happening, elizabeth? >> these small businesses say they simply can't compete with cheap prison labor that's being sponsored by the government. so they're saying they're seeing mass losses in the private sector. two companies i want to talk about really show this emerging trend. american apparel and american power source, both have been manufacturing army uniforms for about a decade. they've laid off hundreds of workers between the two companies this year alone. the uniforms that they normally
3:28 pm
stitch are now being made by federal inmates in the federal prison industries which is a government-sponsored program that has first right of refusal by law, to these type of contracts. now, those on the losing end are workers in the private sector. >> unfortunately what, comes to bear now is demand for military uniforms begin to decrease, budgets decrease, the percentage the federal prison industry has somewhat remains the same and the problem gets bigger for us. and work gets fewer, so therefore, we have to lay people off. >> he said he charges $5 less per uniform, but says because the spi is guaranteed a certain percentage of the market, he can't sustain his work force with the lagging demand. now, his story, among others, has caught the attention of washington lawmakers. they say they're pushing legislation to stop it. listen.
3:29 pm
>> i think absolutely goes at the heart of anybody's sense of fair play and a level playing field when the rules are stacked in their favor, it really puts our private sector companies at a disadvantage when they're trying to go in and bid for this government work. >> fpi did send a statement ask it reads, it is important to note that fpi produces only 7% of the textile garments purchased by dla. the other 93% are produced by other entities. fpi's percentage remained fairly consistent over the past decade with slight decline. the law remained unchanged since the 1930s. but lawmakers hope to rein in the scope of the power of fdi and what they want to accomplish is they say a competitive marketplace. arthel? >> arthel: all right, elizabeth prann live in the atl. >> rick: some bizarre images from mars. why scientists say these blister like bumps have them baffled. we'll explain.
3:30 pm
>> they gave me the creeps. plus, the u.s. reportedly stepping up efforts to catch those responsible for the u.s. consulate attacks in libya. ambassador john bolton weighs in after the break [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8... boring. boring. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private pass page and decided to be...not boring. that's how i met marilyn... giada... really good. yes! [ jack ] ...and alicia. ♪ this girl is on fire [ male announcer ] use any citi card
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>> arthel: welcome back. bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. republican vice presidential nominee paul ryan pretty criticizing the federal reserve at a campaign event in florida. ryan says the federal reserve's plan to spend $40 billion a month to buy mortgage bonds in an effort to keep interest rates low won't work. >> rick: in northern indiana, hundreds of people evacuated after a fire at a factory that left a chemical cloud in the air. no injuries were reported. >> arthel: and new images from mars are puzzling scientists. nasa says its opportunity rover discovered an outcrop of tiny spears which scientists have never seen before.
3:35 pm
>> rick: fox news alert. anti-american violence reaching more than two dozen countries. the turmoil spreading beyond the muslim world. word of protests in jerusalem. rick leventhal is there live and joins us. rick? >> we're hearing of fresh protests in other cities and countries as well, including 120 people arrested in belgium, according to some reports after police clashed with anti-american protesters who were chanting slogans and burning american flags. we're also hearing of possibly 100 more arrests in paris after a similar demonstration at the american embassy there. we can confirm the reports of a violent demonstration in sydney, australia, of all places. we know that hundreds gathered outside the u.s. consulate there and got violent when police tried to push them back from the steps. one cop was hit in the head with a bottle, falling backwards to the street. police used baton, pepper spray and dogs to control the crowd. with demonstrators saying there
3:36 pm
were there to defend the honor of the prophet mohammed. meanwhile, in the aftermath of the violent protests in sudan and tunisia, the state department now ordering the departure of all family members examine nonessential u.s. government personnel from posts there. issuing travel warnings for sudan and tunisia because of this anti-american violence. as many have pointed out, the demonstrations represent a very small percentage of the population and local governments saying they're doing what they can to try and quell them. and keep the militants off the streets. but the threat level, the concern remains very, very high across the middle east examine north africa. >> rick: rick leventhal in the middle east, thanks. >> arthel: in the u.s. errorredly sending spies and drones to libya to help catch those responsible for the killing u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans at the u.s. consulate in benghazi. and as rick leventhal reported, countries across the globe working to contain anti-american rioters. john bolton is former u.s.
3:37 pm
ambassador to the united nations and a fox news contributor. good to see you. >> glad to be with you. >> arthel: i would like to start with this, piece filed by katherine herrage. she's reporting that four attacks on diplomatic and western targets in benghazi leading up to the deadly attack, the u.s. consulate in libya, north africaan calling for readvantage of its number two man. the administration saying it had no actionable intelligence. is it possible a small fractured group outsmarted u.s. intelligence? >> the entire eastern half of libya centered around benghazi was a real source of the opposition to moammar gadhafi examine also a source of recruitment for al-qaeda and other radical groups in that part of the country. so i think the fact that sips the summer there have been -- there has been a series of
3:38 pm
security risks in the region could have indicated that it was not safe to be there, particularly on 9-11. i think congress is going to be all over this question, both in libya and ei didn't want and -- egypt and the broader middle east. do we have an intelligence failure on 9-11 or did we have perhaps a belief by some that the environment was benign enough, they didn't need adequate precaution? >> arthel: i know senator lieberman is filing a request for a further investigation into that. let's get back to this al-qaeda part. let's say it's al-qaeda 2.0. a bunch of franchises, no real formal affiliation, once the head of the snake is cut off. is it possible to target the responsible, those people responsible for the savage killings of our american, and is it also -- does make it difficult, 'cause you have all these splinters? is it difficult to collect central intelligence?
3:39 pm
>> yeah. al-qaeda never really had a corporate organization chart hanging on its cave walls in afghanistan examine elsewhere -- and elsewhere. and since the american overthrow of the taliban regime in afghanistan following the first 9-11, they've gone to a much more distributed network kinds of operation. al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula, al-qaeda in iraq examine so on. that does make it more difficult for our intelligence agencies to track them down because there are fewer leads. it's just harder to penetrate. i think what that emphasizes is we need an assessment. did we perhaps let our guard down again? do we need more intelligence resources in the region and elsewhere in the world? >> arthel: then the other question is, the newly formed government there, are they capable of protecting u.s. diplomatic interests? >> that is a very serious that the writ of the government does not run country wide. their ability to try examine
3:40 pm
keep order and protect -- and keep order and protect foreign diplomats is open to question. one of the things we've been worried about since the overthrow of gadhafi is that the libyan state itself might fracture and you would end up with a situation in somalia where there is no effective state control. there is a series of enclaves in which terrorists could take root. soy think that's a very serious situation and perhaps elsewhere in the region as well. >> arthel: isn't that typical once democracy is brought in to a country where a dictator once ruled? >> i'm not sure that holding one election constitutes bringing democracy. i think that's part of the problem. democracy is much more complex than holding an election. it really is a broader series of philosophies that is questionable whether they've taken root in libya or elsewhere in the middle east. i think that's why we have to look on a case by case basis. are our diplomats safe in these countries? and more broadly, are our private citizen there is safe as well? what should we be telling them
3:41 pm
about perhaps leaving the countries or certainly being much more cautious in their movement. >> arthel: ambassador bolton, thank you very much. it's a very complex situation there, to say the least. and i'm sure all the powers that be in washington are working hopefully together to dependent some answers and get to the bottom of this. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> rick: coming up, growing accusations of media bias after two reporters are caught on tape planning a series of gotcha questions for governor mitt romney before a recent news conference. so were they just doing their jobs? did they cross a line? we'll debate it next ♪ why not take a day to explore your own backyard? with two times the points on travel, you may find yourself asking why not, a lot.
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>> arthel: two reporters, each from major news networks are under fire after they are overheard trying to coordinate questions for governor mitt romney. take a listen. , i would say do you regret your questions. >> your questions?
3:46 pm
>> i mean your statement. not even a tone. 'cause then he can go off. >> then if he does, i think we should follow up -- >> arthel: so are they intentionally trying to trap governor romney or just trying make sure their bases are covered? here is soup esdridge, professor of law and political science at the university of southern california. hi, susan, hey, art. >> arthel: so here it is, the question, are we talking about two reporters ganging up on governor romney, trying to paint him into a corner? let me finish. >> no. >> arthel: or to reporters with limited time making sure that whoever asked questions that their key questions are covered? >> you know, art, i mean, i almost laughed when somebody said to me, is this media bias. there may be lots of instances
3:47 pm
of media boo i i can't say on both sides, but this is business as usual. i can promise you whether you're in the white house press room or covering any campaign, reporters where there is limited time, where there are key questions they want to see answered, they need to see answer to do inform us, they're going to talk to each other and while some news organizations might be upset, like we want to be the ones to get credit for asking that smart question, this isn't media bias. this is just making sure that an important question gets asked by somebody in the limited period of time. >> arthel: all right. you started out laughing at me. but not at me, i know. but i'm going to continue. >> i would never laugh at you, art. >> arthel: let me go here for a second. as we continue, the reporters i think we mentioned they're from npr and cbs, there any way that they are collude to go build an anti-romney narrative or is that a stretch?
3:48 pm
>> i think it's a real stretch. look, i promise you, if you walked into the white house press room at any point in time, you'd see reporters and ask the fox news people, they might be part of it, who are saying look, we've got to make sure we pin jay carney down on x, y or z or let's before we're out of here, we manage to cover x, y, or z. you know, i just don't see this. it gets worse. if you want to worry about it, i'm certain that these reporters on all sides are getting in put from the opposite campaigns about which questions should be asked and answered. i just don't think that's media pie i can't say. i think all of us want to know from both candidates the answers to the hardest, fair questions that can be asked. i don't think there anything here other than two reporters knowing there is limited time and that there was a real issue about this statement want to go
3:49 pm
no mr. romney, do you stand by your statement. >> arthel: so sometimes there are situations where these reporters have access to the candidate or the president for a long time and sometimes it's get in examine get out and perhaps that was one of those cases is what i think would you remember saying. >> well, there is always limited access and not everybody gets called on. >> arthel: yeah, but there is limit examined then there is time when the president may stay in there for 15, 20 minutes and then sometimes whoever the subject might be, they may come in, couple of question, you, you, and they're out. >> i got to tell you something, 15, 20 minutes doesn't mean everybody in the room will get called on and everybody will get their question. and actually, i thought it was almost a positive thing to see reporters cooperating in a sense, not being so proprietary like i've got my question, i'm not going to tell you because i want to get credit, so i can be the one on tv with my hand in the air. you know, the important thing is that we get the information.
3:50 pm
from all i could hear, there was nothing unfair about the question. i'm sure it was prepare saysly the question mr. romney expected. he answered it and you go from there. >> arthel: i want to clarify, you were not laughing at me, right, susan? >> never would laugh at you, art. i laugh at media bias and how quickly sometimes we're look for it these days. >> arthel: got to run. good to see you. thank you very much. >> good to see you. >> arthel: rick? >> rick: pasta sauce, i love it. when you go to the supermarket, there are so many different kinds, but what's the best pasta sauce out there? what can give you the best bang for your buck? we've got the answers coming up. don't go away. sue perry is here s you a 50% an. and everyone, but her... likes 50% more cash. but, i have an idea. do you want a princess dress? yes how about some cupcakes? yes lollipop? yes! do you want an etch a sketch? yes! do you want 50% more cash? no you got talent.
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>> arthel: we all wish we could make taas is that like mama used to make. my grandmother. >> rick: did she make good sauce? >> arthel: she did. most of us don't have the skills, right? >> rick: that's right. sue perry is here, deputy editor of "consumer reports," shop smart magazine, with the best sauce you can find in a jar. this is not going to be as good as home made. >> you know what? our winners were pretty darn good. >> rick: really? >> they were that good. >> rick: what's the best? >> the best was giana delorentius. it's $3 a bottle of the one of the more reasonable ones.
3:55 pm
>> rick: lot of people like this? >> our tasters said this tasted so fresh tasting, more home made than a lot of the others. we tasted 20 pasta sauces all together. and you know what? they're all pretty decent. you're not going to get -- there was one that didn't make the cut at all. it was hunts traditional. it actually taked soapy -- tasted soapy and sour. >> rick: also a good one? >> this is victoria mayor naira. -- mar in a rather -- marinara. >> arthel: i never double dip. i'm paranoid for that. >> victoria marinara. >> rick: all natural? >> yes, ohm 5.20 a jar. but also very fresh tasting. had some nice garlic. and then the mario battali, celebrity chef, bottle here. very good. but the most ex opinionsive. eight dollars. 8 bucks a bottle.
3:56 pm
>> arthel: this is what i have. >> but you know what? it's president-elect obama worth it -- it's probable will he worth it. >> rick: that's very garlicky. >> it is. it's for garlic lovers. >> rick: i don't know that that's $5 better than giana's, though. this is good stuff. >> you're not going to find rag, and prego here. newman's ownful they got lumped into good, but not great because they just didn't have that home made fresh taste. >> rick: thank you. that does it for us. >> arthel: stick around. harris faulkner, fox report, up next. see you guy next weekend. don't have them. questions about treatment
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