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tv   Stossel  FOX News  September 15, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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i'm harris faulkner. this is "the fox report." the threat to americans not just overseas. if federal investigators revealing details about a plot with a potential to bring widespread devastation. a would-be terrorist hoping to attack popular sites across one major u.s. city. and troops in afghanistan. defenseless against a murderer in disguise. assassins. dressed as allies. it is happening again. nato troops gunned down by a terrorist wearing an afghan police uniform are. the latest green on blue attack follows that deadly ambush on
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our premier u.s. marine base. with new word now directly from the taliban their target is one of the most famous people in uniform. >> also, our military and the fbi now on the hunt in libya for the killers of those four americans who died in our consultate. tonight, al-qaeda praising the death of u.s. ambassador are chris stevens and in citing others to go after troops. we witness the latest efforts to protect americans under threat. >> we begin with a fox you bent. urgent. brand new details on the surprise attack in afghanistan that killed two u.s. marines yesterday. here is what is key. and you will notice the trend here. we are now learning about 15 taliban insurgents stormed that base wearing u.s. army uniforms. at the post our marines share
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with the british forces. the international security assistance forces telling us the ambush was well equipped, well trained, well rehearsed. armed with automatic rifles and rocket propelled grenade launchers and suicide vests. attackers access the base airfield by breaching one point in the perimeter fence. organized into three teams now we know again they were dressed in our u.s. army uniforms. the insurgents targeting aircraft, hangars and other buildings. at least six jets completely destroyed. two others significantly damaged. coalition troops eventually killed 14 of the insurgents and took another who was wounded into custody. in addition to two marines killed, nine others injured in the attack. none of those injuries we are told is life threatening. the taliban also saying one objective of the attack was to kidnap prince harry. he had just arrived at the base last week for a four month long
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deployment. he was not harmed in the ambush. and all of this with this happening today. nato confirming a man dressed as an afghan police officer shot and killed two nato soldiers. to word on if they were american. that so-called green on blue insider attack is one of many that is becoming more common there in recent months. so much so, our fighters have had to stop training their afghan counterparts. u.s. marines and the fbi now are on the move to libya to hunt down the killers who took out our consultate ambassador at our consultate and murdered three other americans. it happened this week as you know, exactly 11 years to the day of the 9/11 terror attacks and the threat remains for americans living overseas in the wake of a rash of antiamerican protests across the muslim world. the scope of the recent violence. dangerous sometimes deadly protests in the countries that you see here on the screen and this map actually doesn't even fully show the extent of what is going on. reporters on scene overseas
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monitoring the latest developments. greg, as you were getting there the u.s. state department was issuing a warning for americans and you can tell us more about that now. family members of embassy employers here and nonessential personnel should leave. that americans here should show extreme caution. we spoke to one official and that official was quite cautious as that person talked to us. this clearly a response to yesterday's violence here. thousands of protesters outside of the u.s. embassy and some scaling the walls. once they got inside, some setting fires. some looting. some smashing windows. no embassy staffers were h hurt but tour protesters were killed and 50 were injured and that
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prompted today a big show of force from the tunisian military. there were no incidents today. a top government official apologized, still tunisia is relatively western, the government is moderately islamic. this place is the birthplace of the arab spring. like other countries in the region, there are ultraconservative islamists operating here and they were a part of the protests that we saw yesterday. >> greg, of course tunisia borders libya the place where our consultate was hit earlier this week. u.s. marines, we now know the fbi has joined the effort and they are heading to that country and to your consultate and other areas in the country where there are consult ates. what is the latest? >> just down the coast in libya, a very complex terror manhunt is just beginning to
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try to find those responsible for the killing of ambassador chris stevens and three other u.s. diplomats on tuesday at that consultate in benghazi. we have been speaking to the fbi and their investigation is already underway. a team of fbi agents should have landed in libya as early as today. they, backed up by a marine rapid response team already on the ground inside libya. there is one u.s. navy destroyer and one more coming off the coast of libya. and overhead, surveillance drones tracking events and the eastern side of the country. in fact, yesterday, the report is that islamist militants fired at those surveillance drones and actually shut down the airport on the eastern side of the country for a couple of hours. it just shows again how complex the terror manhunt will be and how dangerous it can be. security is not good.
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the terrain is very difficult. the government says it wants to help. there are new reports just in the past couple hours of a further roundup of suspects who might have been at the scene of the consultate but often the government in libya is at the mercy of the militants that could be responsible for the tragic event. harris? >> boy, have we seen that play out. who truer words spoken. greg palkot, thank you very much. with our consultate hit and rioters climbing up the walls and over the grounds, al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula says it wants to see more of it. in a statement posted online the terror group call the killing of our ambassador to libya chris stevens "the best example for attacking u.s. interests" around adding the ultimate goal goal is to been aish u.s. embassies in islamic countrys.
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>> it is clearly trying to capitalize on the protests by encouraging more attacks and urging followers to quote, set the fires blazing. fortunately that didn't happen in the middle east today but we have seen some new violence cropping up across europe for many. in paris there was a demonstration outside the u.s. embassy that started with a few dozen demonstrators and then grew to a crowd of muslims more than 250 strong. they were denouncing the film produced in the u.s. that. police said the group had no permit and no right to be in the streets and they detained more are than 100 of them. four officers injured in the dem months of private sector frakes. in belgium another flash mob type protest sparked by text messages drew an angry crowd with chants of allah akbar, obama g go to hell, hollywood o to hell.
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the police used pitcher spray against the crowd. police detained more than 120 protet evers. they do plan to release them after checking identification. clearly tensions rising across europe as well as the middle east and northern africa. >> and even in australia some things that we have been >> down there, australia has a large muslim population and in sydney there was a group of hundreds of muslim demonstrators who gathered outside the u.s. consultate. they were on the steps of the building and throwing shoes at the building and then refused to move when the police moved in. so that is when things got heated there. there was one officer hit in the head with a bottle. numerous protesters were injured and arrested by police who were using their clubs and pepper spray and even police dogs. in sydney, australia. it was an ugly clash. it has been welled for now but leading many to wonder what is next, where is next and how bad is this thing going to get?
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>> rick, thank you very much. right now we are learning more about a situation that certainly tells us the danger for americans lurks right here at home. fbi agents arresting an 18-year-old man in chicago in a sting operation to stop him from doing great harm. they say he picked -- they picked him up after some internet postings he made. first his name. abdel. he is a u.s. citizen from hillside, a chicago suburb. authorities arresting him friday night in their undercover sting in which an agent pretended to be a terrorist providing him with a phoney car bomb. they watched him press the trigger according to prosecutors. online he posted comments about killing americans in the name of jihad. the undercover agents saying in an affidavit the suspect told him he wanted to carry out an attack that would kill a large number of people. the legal document quoting him saying i wanted something that is massive. i wanted something that is going make it in the news.
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prosecutors say he mentioned 29 possible targets including shopping malls, bars, tourist attractions in chicago. tonight he is charged with attempting to use a weapons of mass destruction and attempting to damage and destroy a building with an explosive. >> it is a place where the antiamerican protests erupted. coming up, we are going to go live to egypt where things look a lot different than they have the past few nights. also here at home, economy and jobs. the biggest issues on voters' minds. republican vice presidential nominee paul ryan on the campaign trail in a key battleground state today. what he says the feds latest action really says about the jobs picture in this country. stay close. [ female announcer ] a classic meatloaf recipe from stouffer's
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in egypt after days of violent protests some sense of control finally being restored by egyptian forces. cairo is where the most recent outbreak of violence began. it was tuesday when a mob stormed our u.s. embassy. earlier, riot police moving in it to keep the protesters at bay and now it appears the efforts may be succeeding. leland live in tahrir square in cairo. what is it like in cairo right now? >> a tense calm as we have the morning call to prayer at 4:15 a.m. hundreds if not thousands of riot police on the streets for the past 24 hours waiting to stop any protesters who make their way back out to cause problems here in cairo. 24 hours ago it was a very different scene here as there was a pitched battle going on
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between these protesters who were throwing molotov cocktails and rocks at riot police. the police were responding with so much cs tear gas that the smell is on the street still here tonight. also rubber bullets. we had one protest ever killed when was hit with bird shot coming out of a shotgun shell. the protesters masked after friday's prayers. thousands, many carrying big posters of osama bin laden and chanting obama, obama, we are all osamas and then they have the infamous flag, the black flag raised over the u.s. embassy on tuesday. the al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula communique instructing people to rise up again has not quite happened here but remember it did talk about more attacks and we have learned from local media and also a former intelligence officer there was a credible threat by an al-qaeda syndicate jihadi group based in the peninsula against the u.s.
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embassy here in cairo. from where i am standing the live shot position the u.s. embassy only 200 or 300-yards down the road and about 100-yards before the embassy is a large concrete construction project in the middle of the street 18 feet high of blocks to block any one or anything even something like a truck from getting anywhere down the street near the u.s. embassy. clearly here in cairo the level of security and level of tension has raced a lot, harris. >> with the couple of minutes that i have with you. a couple of things to follow. i could hear sounds. i don't know if there is activity. i heard sounds and i'm sure the audience heard it, too. i'm he sure they would like to hear what is going on. they weren't burning american flags 18 months ago. >> not at all. it as complete change here. the sound you are hearing behind me is the mosque which is the main mosque calling to prayer here every time morning,
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noon, afternoon here in cairo. it is also the same mosque that has been the center of all of these protests. and that is sort of the real point to make here and that is the revolution 18 months ago was all about freedom. you said i'm from america and they say we love america, this is so wonderful. we love freedom and democracy and now they are chanting to death to america. and the protesters who are out here are very, very different people than they were 18 months ago. before it was a younger largely secular, a little bit more educated liberal western friendly crowd and now a much more hard line islamist crowd, much poorer. poverty a rampant and literacy rampant here in cairo. they are not watching this stuff on you tube. simply hearing what this he hear in the mosques and then heading out to protest. you get a sense the fuse died out a little bit before it got to the dynamite but that could be relit. >> and not i'm sure what they had in mind when they waged a revolution 18 months ago. leland, thank you very much.
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appreciate your reporting. pushing for a break in a case that involved letters in the mail filled with powder. a threat of anthrax. we are looking into that. the story, when we come back. (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. ♪ lord, you got no reason ♪ you got no right ♪ ♪ i find myself at the wrong place ♪ [ male announcer ] the ram 1500 express. ♪ it says a lot about you.
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fox news is america's election head quarters. the events in the middle east not far from the mind of republican vice presidential nominee paul ryan today. he was campaigning in thepa political battleground state og florida. the bodies of our four slain diplomats arrived from libya yesterday and i lookday around here and i see army. i seine i have. i saw marines earlier. i saw air force. nareins and air force and i want to thank all of you and those men
7:23 pm
and women who serve our country overseas to tesecure our freedoms. >> harris: he moved on to the main thrust of the speech and hitting team obama and his focus and federal reserve to pump up 47 billion a month in the economy until it recovers. >> the federal reserve is saying we don't have a recovery and obama nomics didn't work and so now they are coming with their bail out. >> here is the problem, we don't need sugar high economics or synthetic money creation. we want we want opportunity and growth. >> harris: watching politics governor romney and president obama and vice president biden were not on the trail today.
7:24 pm
there is it a larm latinoy voting block. and they make up the largest minority group and fastest growing segment. >> and even with the struggling economy. hispanic americans remain confident in their future and they will achieve the american dream and another 15 percent said they achieved it they were hopeful for our children as well. 70 percent said they will be better off. and only 13 percent said their children will be worse off . >> away from the campaigns now. and certainly to an issue that is politically building and turning into a show down. automatic speppeding cuts that will kick in on january money analyst calling it a proverbial cliff and that could send us back in the
7:25 pm
recession and in the weekend republican address, congressman allen west, warned. the spending cuts will have a devastating affect on the military. >> i cannot under state the amount of damage these cuts would do to the military. what that means, we would have a smallest ground force and smallest navy since 1915 and smallest tactical fighter force. >> and the report from the white behite yesterday warning that the budget cuts would be destructive for domestic programs and national security. >> new details in a cold case that is heating up again. it is involvingan thrax. someone in syracuse, new york sent two power filled letters.
7:26 pm
the suspect has sent it months or years apart. and now the feds are asking for your help. and how at this time fbi ratcheting up the investigation. >> harris, are doing a lot. what they are doing, offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the culprit who is sending power filled threatening letters since 1997. the fbi released pictures and believing that someone will recognize the hand writing. it generally starts with the paper you are holding has been saturated withan thrax spores and you will new die. >> this is someone who talkideas that are off putting or approach someone in the library and be off sputting and then you show them the
7:27 pm
letter, and then you connect the dots. >> the letters make reference to aids, abortion rights and 9/11 conspiracy and oppression of muslims. >> and the feds feel like it is a cold case heating up. they think they know where the person is. >> it is pointing to a syracuse air why man. 10 of the letters went to a high school and college and business and congresswoman's office in the syracuse area. and the other len went to nonprofit and government officials and private business and tv celebrities in the east. >> we don't believe he only does thyself. he probably does it around the house or work place f. you recognize those we would like to hear fru. >> authorities believe he has a contact with the mental
7:28 pm
health system. if you have go information, called 1-800-225-5324. >> harris: and the state department telling americans to get out of a country where protestors are attacking u.s. interest. we are live in washington. and plus, what are we doing to keep americans safe who are working and living in those countries. we'll talk to a retired army officer. what are the fast teams doing what are the fast teams doing when they get there. want to try to crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it!
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>> and fox report it is it the bottom of the hour. american fighters along with the nato soldiers targeted boy a. >> and it is in the southern part of the country. a service man returned fire. the shooting comes one day after the sugsugstormed a joint british base and killing two of our marines and new questions about the run up to the deadly sonulate attack. and we are learning that there were several recent attacks on diplomatic targets. and all prelude to the murder
7:33 pm
of ambassador stevens. 11 years to the day. molly live at the white house we are learning that the state department to board planes and get out. let's go first to tunisia and the state department is going 32. l and yesterday protestors scaled the walls of the embassy comand set fire to a gym and american school all personnel are safe and accounted for.
7:34 pm
and warned americans about traveling there. and they are stopping protestors from scaling the wall. look at what happened what do we know and i was telling viewers about the lead up to the attack. and ambassador and three other americans were killed. they had been a target previously and over all the security situation and concerns and benghazi prevously. and tell me what happened. an ied and improvised explosive device was thrown in benghazi and the british
7:35 pm
ambassor motor cade was injured. and the red cross building was struck by rpg. the white house insists there was no actionable intelligence. and they couldn't have prevented it that's what the white house said. >> molly henningburg. a program no. the latest reaction from top u.s. government officials and anti-american sentiment and far beyond . and anchor chris wallace will be talking to susan rice. and chris's exclusive interview with mike rogers. and check your local listings
7:36 pm
for times. >> now as we meptioned earlier. the fbi and u.s. marines are hunting down those responsible for killing our americans in an ambush earlier this week. and of specialized mareaps are on the way to the embassy. and general, good to see you and for joining us. i want to start with something that we are just learning. you heard molly henningburg talking about leading up to the consulate attacks what do you make of it >> there was a 42 minute tape by -- released
7:37 pm
before september 10th and he called upon the people of libya to avenge the blood of the martyred. and you have to be a trained intelligence operator and sold yir to understand the significance of that. and i think the word was out the day before. and often times, al-qaida gives morning. and something like that should have been taken seriously in my judgment . the al-qaida leader giving the message out. let's talk specifically about what the fast teams are doing.
7:38 pm
your special teams and specialops. they get there. and they reported that they are buttoning up and geth nonessential folks out to limit the explosure for further damage and they are going to secure the real estate, that's what the marines are trained and good at doing. i want to paint a picture for people on how it dangerous it is for you. >> it is chaotic:
7:39 pm
and you want to be careful. and one of the things that fomented this was the muslim hollande day. they got spun up and seeing the result on friday. >> we reported this evening. the fbi joining the teams on the ground. what is the significance of fbi agents. that is a law enforcement agency and investigate and make criminal cases and think of the bombing in yemen before 9/11. they went in and solved that and the people who did that are in prison.
7:40 pm
that plays well here. i have to be say that libya is a proamerican country in general for a long time. the people may have been a major base for a long, long time. the politics are different. radical like the muslim brotherhood and are contending with each other for control of the countries. and one of the time honored hot buttons is americans. we are targeted and vilified and it is it an internal power
7:41 pm
structure which we are the pawns of . be aware. thrempt >> general, so good to have you here tonight. and despite the violence in tripoli. pope benedict xvi is going to the region that is rock by secitarian violence. lebanon has a large christian population. they have heightened the pope's security as you might imagine for the rest of the visit. >> millions of americans are having a tough time trying to find jobs. the government is taking away hundreds of them and giving away to prisoners and one guy
7:42 pm
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a former army officer accused of killing a pregnant wife and daughter may get a chance to prove their innocence. jeffrey mcdonald is currently serving a prison sentence. he said he did not kill his family. you may remember the murders were the best in the book. the judge is set to look at dna. will take the formir green beret to attend a hearing on monday. a dramatic end to a high speed chase. a woman takes on a big alligator.
7:46 pm
just two stops as we go across america. california, he went over the side. >> a suspect desperate to get away from the police leading officers on a high speed chase. and police got him and he was wanted on domestic abuse charges. no word on his continue. >> south carolina. there must be something in the water in charleston. this woman getting the best of a 600 pound gator. >> the best was nine inches long. >> 13 hours to get it. it was a lot of cat and mouse and waiting. >> now the fund part what to do with all of that gator. >> the head and neck mounted in a
7:47 pm
7:48 pm
wall mat. they are pushing legislation it stop it federal industries saying that work is now ours. wilehave prisoners to do. q. frankly they are hurt that the federal government is doing this to them at a time where they are watching their friends and neighbors struggle with four dollar gas.
7:49 pm
>> the federal prison industries is guaranteed a 30 percent of the market. spi sent us a statement and part of it reads that it is important to know that the other 93 percent are produced by other entities. the fbi percentage is consistent with a slight decline. and law makers want to release - on reduce because they want a fair and competitive market. harris. >> harris: a death defying stunt 1100 phot above ground. dare devils. we'll show you how they walk on the same wire at the same time without killing each other there is word of a deal
7:50 pm
in the chicago teacher strike. we'll have the latest on whether hundreds of thousands of students will go back to school on monday. ♪ ♪ moving along ♪ new beginnings and new ends ♪ spending our time with our family and our friends ♪ ♪ celebrate with the cool autumn air ♪ ♪ ♪ and we're livin' out our lives ♪ ♪ as we dance without a care ♪ oh we were made ♪ don't worry, i can make more. ♪ oh to be free
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union leaderships and school boards say they have the frame work for a deal. thousands of them rallying. and news broke of a deal possibly late yesterday. hope that hundreds of thousands students would go go back to class on monday. they say the deal must be in writing by then. job security and teacher
7:54 pm
evaluation process. and it is chicago's first teacher's strike in more than two decades. as a labor dispute enters a fifth week . it is our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. >> south africa. police firing rubber bullets on miners. they say they sceased machetes and they are tires to keep police out. >> russia. tens of thousands of people filling the streets of mos cow . the first protest. and opposition leaders out in full force. >> this is same as before.
7:55 pm
we demonstrated to hundreds of thousands of people. and not in agreement with what is happening in the country. so far, no word of arrest. >> iraq. inationination special envoy angelina meeting with the iraq foreign minister. she requested support for suran refugees. >> china three tight rope walkers setting a record for simultanously walking on a wire. one guy stepping on another's chest to complete the stunt without a safety net. >> the ultimates call it ultimate invasion ofacy. >> two more newspapers publishing the topless photose
7:56 pm
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>> a spokeswoman said the british royals are considering all porportionate response after two more publicication decide to show the photos of princess kate. it was not available on english news stands and the photographer took the picks while prince and kate were in a private vacation spot. royals they should not be photographed when they are not in public. they compare this to princess diana's crash when the paparrazi followed here. >> and a man suspect was busted by federal agents in a string for a bomb . >> and travel warnings for tunizia and sudan in


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