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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  September 16, 2012 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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nationals shut him down and it shows they're committed to long-term with the pitcher and really care and long-term thinking in america. >> that's it for this week's show. thanks to the panel and for all of you for watching, i'm paul gigot. hope to see you here next week. >> alisyn: good morning, everybody, it's sunday, september 16th, i'm alisyn camerota. in the middle east, ordering all in tunisia, in order to get out as the unrest there continues. and did they see this coming? the white house says no warnings, but one four star general. >> they protect our freedom, but now the white house wants to slash our military budget. congressman allen west says not so fast. >> and for you, the commander-in-chief of our armed forces to sit idle and
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do nothing while this dark cloud is hanging over our military. it's shameful, its irresponsible and it's wrong. >> should we cut our defense budget or just stop the waste. >> flying first class may longer mean a better life. how sitting in coach can actually keep you safer. "fox & friends" starts right now on a sunday. good morning. ♪ >> good morning, everybody, thanks for getting up early and tuning in. we're happy to be joined again by tucker carlson in for the vacationing dave briggs. >> thanks for having me. >> alisyn: and peter johnson. >> thank you both. >> alisyn: there's so much to tell you about what's going on in middle east and the u.s. telling the americans in sudan
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and tunisia it's time to get out. tensions are still high following the violent protests and attacks we've seen all week and sudan rejected the u.s. request to send in marines for extra security. >> greg palkot is live in tunisia with the latest, greg? >> reporter: hey, gang, and this is one the of the two countries affected by that state department order which for today is first full day that it can go into effect. what it's basically saying is that family members and all nonessential personnel working in and around the u.s. embassy here should leave the country as soon as possible and also any americans here should use extreme caution. the officials had a we've been speaking to on the ground certainly do sound cautious. this appears to be precautionary, definitely is a response to friday's attack on the u.s. embassy in tunis, tunisia. thousands of protesters
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outside the the embassy wall, some scaled the wall and when they got in, set fires, looted, smashed windows. staf that attack, but four protesters were killed, 50 injured. since then what we've been seeing on the ground since we've been here is it a show of force from the tunisia military and multiple armored personnel carriers outside the wall and no evidence since then. tunisia is a relatively western place, and the birthplace of the arab spring. still, there are bad outlooks out there. and they are leading these, these troubling things that we have seen on the ground here in tunisia. meanwhile, here in tunisia we're right next door to libya where a lot of u.s. focus is right now, what has become a terror manhunt for those who
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are responsible for the killing of ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. the fbi has been telling us in the past couple days, their investigation is underway and apparently still underway outside of libya. tensions and security situation is still too difficult in there to put a full team of fbi investigators on the ground according to reports. they're closed about this. what we can confirm. u.s. navy destroyers in the air and aerial drones and they're doing everything they can to try to begin this investigation. what is a very difficult and dangerous landscape. back to you. >> alisyn: greg palkot. thank you so much for that update. let's talk about the military situation in terms of what the security was in the consulate in benghazi. whether or not it was accurate. and catherine herridge has published an article in where she outlined all of the attacks leading up
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to tuesday at that should have been red flags and meant we were beefing up our security on september 11th. >> as a panoply of attacks, june 6th an ied thrown at the perimeter of the consulate in benghazi. on the 11th the british motorcade came under attack by an rpg. on the 18th, attacked and burned the flag and on the 6, even the red cross building was struck. and building toward crescendo which led to the death of the ambassador. and this attack that ended in the death of four americans were repelled by 15 minutes none of who apparently killed. so an armed force comes to the consulate and none of the guards were killed, either
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means they're in ka hoots or they fled. >> alisyn: why weren't we having warning signs? it was woefully inaccurate and far below the levels you usually see at the embassies. there weren't marines, apparently four video cameras and those were supposed to be working, what otherwise guards would be doing. why were we ignoring those warning signs. >> we now understand that consulate was not offered even what seems to be the standard security in high risk consuls and embassies that the united states has around the world and that includes no low refile armored vehicles, the vehicles that have the tires that will continue to operate even if they're shot out. and other security measures were not there on the ground. general jack keane commented on the security that was missing here on fox. >> there's been a pattern of
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attacks all through the summer. so we have a pat he tern of specific aggressive attacks and finally, our consulate is attacked. now, that's a movement that's doing that and that is coordinated. i don't think any film, even 9/11 maybe the day they chose to do it because of its significance, but that's certainly people who are out of power, there are moderates in power in libya, they want it undermine that government and foreign powers assisting that government are the target. common sense will tell you that our security for that ambassador and that consulate was totally inadequate. and after we do that assessment and we're putting the proper security in place, rest assured whatever it looks like 30 days from now is what it should have been. >> alisyn: you know with the turmoil throughout the world and all the different countries this morning, but that raises the question as to whether or not now is a good time for the military cuts that are looming because of
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the sequestration. you remember there was a deal baked into the deal, the president couldn't come up with the right formula, budget cuts and tax increases, however to figure out to reduce the debt, that there would be military cuts and that now seems to be an issue on the forefront because of all of this. >> it's looking at 9 or 10% cuts in terms of discretionary spending and other spending with regards to military expenditures and congressman allen west is condemning the obama administration for its lassitude in letting this go forward. >> let's hear what congressman west said in the g.o.p. weekly address. >> that the president for you, the commander-in-chief of our armed forces will sit idle and do nothing. it's shameful. its irresponsible and wrong, dead wrong. >> in your nomination acceptance speech you stated your role was to have the
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strongest military the world has ever known. you've proven this promise to the american people is nothing more than empty rhetoric. your determination to allow sequestration proves your words are as hollow as your desires to hollow out our military. all of this is a bargaining chip to raise taxes. for the shake of our country, and our future, i hope you will do the right thing, sir, and work with us to eliminate this threat so we can confront the brave threats of freedom around the globe to us, to our allies. >> i think, i mean, at the core of that is a millipoint which this is a bargaining chip to raise taxes. you're not going to see cuts on budget after this happened. congress won't allow that. >> let's hope not. >> it's very hard to imagine even under any circumstances that happening after this. and so, what happens in exchange, and democrat will use this as a bargaining chip
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in order to raise taxes, i think that colonel west is right. >> alisyn: does the president hold the cards or congress? where are they in terms of meeting in the middle. or does the president, can he -- it was one swoop of a pen or one announcement makes the sequestration go away? >> in the end, congress, constitutionally. and it's a legislative matter and congress has to settle it. as of today, there will not be be a meaningful compromise before the election and this will be hammered out in the lame duck. >> alisyn: meanwhile, the get your headlines, a lot of other news to tell you about. overnight four n.a.t.o. members killed in another insider attack by afghan police officer. n.a.t.o. has not released the nationality of the troops killed. at least 51 troops have been killed in insider attacks. disturbing new details on an attack on an n.a.t.o. base that killed two marines. the attackers wore u.s. army
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uniforms when they attacked. all, but i should say, one of the insurgents were killed in the attack. the taliban says it was revenge for the film mocking the prophet muhammad. and the fbi arrested another home grown terrorist. 18-year-old adele dowd is a u.s. citizen, arrested after setting off what he thought was a car bomb outside of chicago bar. and the fbi gave him a fake bomb and watched him pull the trigger, a he e-mail account tipped the feds off and he expressed an interest in terror plots in the u.s. and overseas and dowd is expected in federal court on monday. pope benedict held a mass, look at the incredible. a visit to lebanon comes amid
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turmoil over anti-american sentiment over the region and he pushed for peace f. and telling syrias, that he admires their courage. those are your headlines. all right, let's go to rick reichmuth for a look how the weather is around the country. >> good morning, very nice day for everybody across the country. the temps as you're waking up. much cooler air moving in across parts of much of new england and around the great lakes and then back, they kind of warmed up again across the northern plains, but that's not going to last for very long. and most of these are looking good. a few quick, light showers across parts of the tennessee valley at least to start the day, but more heavy rain into texas. tell you what, texas getting in on serious rain and some up to eight inches of rain just in this week alone and it's great news and some of the reservoirs need to be rebuilt. but caused flooding.
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today another inch or two across east texas and west texas you're fine. and across the plains, that's going to drop the temperatures down significantly by the time we get through the day tomorrow. and enjoy minneapolis and tomorrow, the temps really, really dropped. >> thanks, rick. what's coming up? >> with the middle east on fire, the muslims protest and should they call for all of it to stop and find yourself dressing your kids in the wrong clothes or your baby in the back of the car. you may be suffering from baby lag, explain what that is coming up. ♪ so won't you please, be my, be my little baby ♪ ♪ big splash with the employees. [ duck yelling ]
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>> many claim an anti-islam film posted on youtube is to blame for the multiple violent protests that have erupted across the middle east. yesterday the los angeles county sheriff's department took a man thought to be one of the film maker in for questions. hours later the branch in yemen praised the killing of the u.s. ambassador in libya and called for more attacks. how should the moderate muslim community respond to this? joining us the spokesman for
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am d.e.a. usa. >> we can only imagine the experience it must be for you, an american-muslim as you watch the violence across the world that pits americans against muslims. how do you make sense of this? >> you're right, it's incredibly frustrating being right in the middle i feel allegiance to america and to islam and to see both sides attacking each other, but fortunately the the question how to respond has been answered by the countless muslims who have come out to condemn the violence and the protests in libya by the people. and this is a vicious cycle, muslims are provoked and react with unjust phiable. and for that community. that's part of our dna under
3:18 am
the guidance of our worldwide khalifa we've been for over a century, muslims that believe in the messiah, we believe that extreme muslims can be reined in, reverting back to the original teachings of islamic that's clearly been forgotten. but the film depicts the prophet in nefarious ways. although they're legally allowed to produce such media there needs to be a testing of the limits of free speech. >> alisyn: now, it was heartening to see some of the the posters held up, that said we're with america. chris stevens was a friend, but it doesn't seem to be doing enough and your community speaking out, the mo moderates.
3:19 am
why aren't your sentiments taking root more? >> this is a two-way road. free speech shouldn't be considered unfettered. even here there are hate laws, defamation laws, free speech shouldn't be considered unfettered. at the same time muslims need to learn how to respond to such instances and i'll speak to this community, our khalifa repeatedly taught us how to respond, not only to turn to god, but respond with a pen. and our response should convey the blessed model of the prophet muhammad, who himself said differences of opinion are a blessing in society and provided special protection to christians and emissarieemissar and muslims must respond with reasons to such depraved acts. and in order to finally eradicate this behavior. >> alisyn: and be as vocal as
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your community is in coming out and denouncing all of this violence. thanks so much for coming on. >> thank you for your time. >> alisyn: and flying first class may no longer mean a better life. how sitting in coach 0 could actually keep you safer. and they're behind those who protect our freedom. the kids of military members, how they're helping while their parents are at war. ♪ (phone ringing) ♪ talking to an actual person. you don't need to press "0," i'm here. reach a person, not a prompt whenever you call chase sapphire. resulting in unexpected power and agility. introducing the all-new, all-powerful gator rsx 850i.
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>> some quick headlines, they're back at it. occupy wall street protesters gearing up for the one-year anniversary of their movement by doing what they do best,
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getting arrested. cops pulled in, hundreds of planning a march on wall street tomorrow. a warning for you if you drive a ford. the auto giant is recalling about 5500, 2012 ford edge suv's with two liter engines. ford says a gas line leak could cause a fire and ford is notifying affected owners by mail and now to peter johnson, jr. >> ♪ you're there for me and i'll be here for you ♪ ♪ no matter what we have to do, i know we'll make it through ♪ >> it's an inspiring message to the over 2 million children of military families telling them they serve their country in their own way and saying we're here for them. that's the message behind comfort crew for the military foundation and trevor, along
3:25 am
with the 12-year-old star of that video. good morning, how are you both today. >> good. >> peter: i'm so happy to see you. tell us about the comfort crew. tell us how it started and how you got involved. >> i started the comfort crew with robert england to support military kids. we want military kids to be able to feel supported and connected and this is a way for them to deal with deployment and the issues they deal with on a daily basis. there are about 2 million military kids in the united states or overseas as well and about 30,000 of them affected by injury or death. and you go to schools and military installations and spread the message. >> we've traveled the world to all the bases and with the uso, we give the kids tools to be able to manage the hurdle that they face every day. >> and kaylee, you have a wonderful voice and a career
3:26 am
ahead of you you, what are you involved in and doing. >> the first time trevor-- well, the first time i saw trevor he was talking to us about the videos in general when i was in fourth grade and i sang in front of teachers and he and his manager woody, he, he was like, okay, cool. so she can sing. >> your dad is in the army. >> uh-huh. >> what does he think of this it when you sang. >> he's kind of like excited about it. >> peter: and where have you sung so far? >> well, i sang at the middle school and high school talent show on base and i sing in school. >> peter: right, you've got a video out and youtube and you can get it on trevor, this is a deployment kid, i if he is you call it, and you provide this to kids? >> through the uso we provide the deployment kids and kids for children of wounded
3:27 am
warriors and grief comfort kids, and this kit has a journal in it and a video. the interesting thing about the journal, we want kids to share their feelings to get their feelings out in the journal. and i got an e-mail from a girl recently, said that she wrote in the journal, i wrote in the journal like you said, when my daddy came back from his deployment, i gave him my journal to read with my feelings in it. when my daddy read my journal, he started to cry. when my daddy cried, i knew he got his feelings back. and when my daddy got his feelings back, that's when i got my daddy back. >> trevor, thank you. your future is a bright one. you're a lovely young woman, thank you for doing it, kid. >> you're welcome. >> peter: okay, great to see you, thanks for being on.
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up next on the rundown, as violence spreads through the middle east, we learn how to deal with muslim extremists, list sons from the cold war. plus, if you find yourself going outside in public in your pajamas, it may not be your fault. blame it on babe lag. ♪ ♪ ooh, baby love your way, every day ♪ ♪ i want to tell you, i love your way, every day ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah ♪
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>> welcome back, everybody. i want to share with you, a wonderful privilege i had last night. i was able to emcee, a great charity fundraiser. the host of it was lisa lori who you see on the extreme left. it was for the great organization of operation smile. operation smile, as you know, helps kids all around the world with clept palates.
3:32 am
for a mere $240 a kid you can change their lives. they can't eat with cleft palates well, they can't smile and they don't have much, you know, quality of life and for $240 you can change the world. so, we were doing that last night. it was a great event. >> an important organization and must have been fun and you look happy there and refreshed today. >> tucker: i was about to say, how do do you that. >> alisyn: it took a lot of of makeup. >> peter: i saw you before makeup, you look great. >> alisyn: thanks, guys, great to be with you. speaking of being exhausted and being sleep deprived. >> tucker: most of america. >> alisyn: a new word for you, if you're a parent it's not your fault it's called baby lag, because you have children that you can never finish a sentence and that you do strange bizarre behaviors like leaving your child on the top of your car while you drive away. >> tucker: i think that qualifies.
3:33 am
>> peter: i think that's the first two years, maybe three years of parenthood, really bad, really bad. and here are some weird ones, milk in the the washer, socks in the the fridge and falling asleep in the shower, i've done that. leaving baby in the car, going out in pajamas, use of hair spray instead of deodorant. >> alisyn: guilty. (laughter) >> hanging dirty clothes on the washing line. i thought you weren't to do that. shampoo on-- putting shampoo on the toothbrush. >> alisyn: yeah, put the wrong thing. >> did you ever pour your baby milk over the breakfast cereal, the formula. >> alisyn: i hope it was the formula milk. >> not the natural milk. >> alisyn: now, tucker, you have four children. >> tucker: yes, we do. >> alisyn: do you remember the days of being completely clouded in a baby fog. >> tucker: i'll be completely honest with you, my wife did
3:34 am
almost all of the heavy lifting and she's a truly good person. >> alisyn: she must be. >> tucker: but i remember being out of it for maybe ten years. during which too many i was fired from a few jobs. i think they are a real consequence. >> peter: i'm blessed too, by my wife. but there were days when the constant waking up. babies crying, up and down, up and down, you're up seven or eight times, that's not good rem sleep the. that's good homicide sleep. >> tucker: should you be driving. >> no. >> tucker: in washington you shouldn't be driving while on a cell phone should you-- >> your response time is off and reaction time is off, but all working america and parenting america has it. everybody's got it. >> alisyn: at least we're in good company. let us know your whackiest baby lag moment when you do
3:35 am
something that shows you weren't ready. follow us on twitter. time for your headlines. what else is happening in the world. students in chicago may want to get their books together, school could should be be in session. the teachers union announced a meeting at 3 p.m. to vote on an agreement. and they sat down to iron out the deal and thousands of teachers rallied to keep the pressure on the city to wrap up the strike. if the deal is approved, school could start as early as tomorrow morning. not always is it cheaper to fly coach, it's safer. if a plane were to crash head on into the ground, the closer you are to the cockpit, the less likely you are to survive. hmm, this is from mit. and if it weren't for mit i would have to be skeptical. >> i think we knew this. if you plane crashes head into
3:36 am
the ground, say your prayers maybe, coach, first class. >> alisyn: i don't know, researchers at mit and wayne state university says sitting in coach gives you the best chance of survival. sitting in the back seat? trouble could be looming for america's biggest banks, looking into whether some did not monitor transactions allowing criminals to launder money according to the new york times. investigators could be ready to take action against jp morgan chase and others and investigators did not release details about the probe. a georgia woman tells you're never too hold to be a daredevil. >> awesome, awesome, got to do it. >> alisyn: nancy long decided the best way to enjoy her 80th birthday, was to sky dive. she says she won't let old age
3:37 am
slow her down. seniors can have fun because you hit 60 or 70, the world doesn't end. >> long had not figured out what she wants to do for her next birthday. in the past she's been hang gliding and pair sailing and prfrms regularly with a senior group upon cruises. she's living the life. i want to go on her cruise. >> alisyn: look at that. a remarkable woman. and rick reichmuth is also an adventure seeker, what is he up to? >> i'm laughing at the last picture. that was really good. >> alisyn: that's me on halloween. >> rick: i thought i recognized that. scaring the the kids. all right. let's take a look at your weather maps this morning, a really nice start to the day. if you liked yesterday you'll pretty much like today. that's kind of the rule of thumb today across the country. your temps as you're waking up. move forward, there is the rain we're going to deal with the next few days, today it's east texas, but this is going
3:38 am
to spread if you become a rain maker where you see the colors of red. it's about four inches of rain and it will spread to the northeast, especially interwhy are sections and soggy, tuesday in the northeast and the majority of that rainfall is tomorrow, that you're seeing right there. across parts of the tennessee valley and rain on the way. a look the at the forecast for the day today. the northeast a spectacular one. and a repeat temperature-wise and sunshine-wise. down to the southeast, it's a little more humid than yesterday in across areas off towards georgia and the carolinas, and the scattered showers. heaviest of the rain across texas. into the northern mains, another one today. enjoy today and tomorrow, the temps drop by 20 degrees for everyone and stay much cooler much of this week and across the west, plenty of sunshine and the coastal areas of
3:39 am
california. dropped ten degrees, all right, guys, back to you inside. >> thanks so much, rick. >> culture clashes. anti-war protests and the vietnam war and the cuban missile crisis and the 1960's, was one of the tumultuous arias. and our next guest had a front view of it all. and details decades from a combat pilots perspective. >> alisyn: joining us now the former chief of staff for the u.s. air force, general,welcome. >> good morning. >> alisyn: great to have you here. >> thank you. >> alisyn: as we talked about in the intro, we've seen the 1960's as tumult and could you explain between now and the 60's. >> for one thing i'm not
3:40 am
flying aircraft with which i wish i was. and i flew some air shows, and had tour in vietnam, and missions so it was a turbulent decade for me. >> peter: how cut off from the united states did you feel when you were flying missions in vietnam. you came home. did you feel defended? >> yeah, i was a professional, so, i just went, did what the man said to do. and i've heard stories about people who weren't welcomed when they came back and so forth, that didn't happen to me. >> what's the greatest lesson you've learned as a combat pilot? >> i believe in training and if you train hard, you can fight easy. >> so it needs to be automatic in some way, your responses and your ability to-- >> preparation is everything.
3:41 am
when you run into the unexpected. you have to be courageous, i don't like having to be courageous. >> what kind of flights were you flying, general? >>-- the cuban mission crisis, the era when the berlin wall went up. what sticks to you the most? >> i kind of liked rock and roll music, bobby dylan, you know, iron butterfly, jefferson airplane, a great era. >> and could you put the sound track in the plane while were you flying. >> no, but we could listen to the armed forces network overseas and i remember one time i was flying through the ashen valley and there was a wonderful song being played abo about, they could see the cannon firing and so forth and i looked over and somebody was shooting at me with automatic
3:42 am
weapons. >> we're being shot at a lot now in the middle east, general. what can your understanding of the cold war, what can your experience teach us about dealing with extremists in the middle east. dealing with the challenges that we're facingty very moment? >> not much. maybe patience because the cold war lasted 40-plus years and this is going to last at least that long or longer, but the soviets have a lot to lose so they can be deterred. these guys don't have much to lose, no territory to defend, no assets that are worth anything, maybe not even a life you know, worth living. they can't be deterred. they'll have to be defeated and that's a lot harder. >> alisyn: well, general, thanks so much. it's hangar flying.
3:43 am
>> thank you for your service, general. see you. >> alisyn: federal reserve rolling out another stimulus and the credit rating slashed. is our economy spiraling downward? then he survived a terror attack planned by ahmadnejad and now he wants some sweet revenge. we are going to explain that and meet the man demanding the iranian leader's new york city hotel room when he comes to the u.n. ♪ [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit.
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to find out more, request your free decision guide. call or go online today. after all, when you're going the distance, it's nice to have the experience and commitment to go along with you. keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. >> the latest economic stimulus plan from the federal reserve including pumping some 40 billion dollars into the u.s. economy each month until there's a change for the better. already yielding uncertain results the dow jumped 200 points, but the bad news, ratings firm egan jones once again downgrading our nation's credit rating. is the economy spiraling out of control and can the fed control it? the editor of real clear, john, thanks for coming on. >> great to be here. is the fed capable of stopping the downward trajectory of the
3:47 am
u.s. economy? >> yeah, it is capable of doing so, but by virtue of doing the opposite of what it's attempting to do right now. quantitative easing is very basic and it's the process whereby the dollar is devalued. in a weak economy, this is the exact way to make the economy weaker and the reason is simple. when they have new companies to create jobs on future income groups, so for the fed to engage in activity. the investments create jobs and growth to not invest in new companies, because if you do, you'll get back dollars that are severely devalued. the fed is greatly reducing economic growth and actions. so it's a counterproductive strategy and yet, some say the fed is undertaking it because it's the the handiest way to reduce the burden of the debt. simply create inflation, think there's anything to that?
3:48 am
>> well, historically there is something to that. one way that the government defaulted without seizing payment is to devalue the currencies that their debt pays out. think what egan jones did. it was logical. treasuries pay out dollars, the federal reserve with the express consent of the white house is devaluing the dollar through quantitative easing and based on that only logical to devalue the debt we're paying out because the dollars are worth less and less. >> and you may have seen the economic forum downgrade the united states from the most competitive nation in the world, ranking in 2008 when this president was elected and now number seven behind countries like finland, sweden, switzerland. does this surprise you? >> no, not as much. clearly we're putting up barriers from economic growth. from the health care angle and again, i'm one of the dollar people, i think the biggest
3:49 am
driver of our economic malaise is a weak dollar and again, the reason for that is you're devaluing the income streams that bring investors into the marketplace to begin with. if you look throughout history look at zimbabwe, germany, germany between the wars, it's the country that devalues, you can't devalue your way to prosperity and it's the rich companies that main strain a strong currency like england, like the u.s. historically. >> thanks, john. not so fast, ahmadnejad. one man demanding the iranian's hotel room booked tore his upcoming visit to the u.n. he's here to tell us why. and a major mix-up at a stay tuned. teachers sending a kindergartener home with a stranger and that boy and his mom tell us about their frightening ordeal.
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
>> september. 1997. stuart hirsh was having a cup of coffee at a mall in jerusalem. ten feet away a terrorist blew himself up: mr. hirsh received a 12 million dollar judgment from ahmadnejad who planned the attack. hirsh has yet to see the money. his lawyers served papers at a hotel. the rooms during his upcoming visit. the 1997 attack and is filing
3:54 am
of lawsuit, mr. hirsh, thanks for joining us. tell us what you plan to do when ahmadnejad comes to the hotel? >> there's nothing much i can do from here, but i can tell you that my attorney is prepared to go to court, demand the room or the money for me. i don't need the room, i need the money. i only want justice. >> and were you terribly injured in at that attack and you've had those injuries today. how can you get that money and if you get the room, would you come to new york and make a statement to say, yeah, i'm here in the room now and i'm getting some measure of justice from this man who caused me this injury and
3:55 am
skaused other people death? >> getting, getting the room is not justice. getting the money. the court awarded me money. they didn't award me a week's vacation at a luxury hotel. i need the money for rehabilitation. i can't deal with the situation the way it is. every time we go to court and we don't yet the money-- and we don't get money in 15 years. >> peter: has anybody in the american government-- >> and the condition continues. >> peter: has anybody in the american government tried to help you at all, mr. hersh, in terms of trying to collect this money? >> yeah, they don't help me collect. what they do is if i have an expense directly related, like
3:56 am
medication, or property loss, they will extend the reimbursement, but i'm going to have to pay that back. that's still not justice. >> peter: no, it's not. >> alisyn: we should let people to that you were badly burned in the explosion, hit by schrapnel, you served 60% hearing loss, a speech impediment, back pain, difficulty walking. when you were awarded that 12 million dollar judgment, did you really think that ahmadnejad would pay it? >> no. he has no respect for america. when we went to court, he didn't show up. there was no representatives. it was like a two-way coverings between me and the judge. >> peter: well, mr. hersh we wish you well-- >> and he only -- the only
3:57 am
reason he came eventually was because he realized he could lose. i don't want the american people to pay. i don't want-- >> you want ahmadnejad to pay and he should pay. and the judge ruled against him. >> alisyn: and of course you want justice. stuart hersh, we appreciate you coming in with your personal story and we'll see what happens after ahmadnejad arrives. >> peter: thank you for your courage. >> alisyn: hitting the battle ground state of florida and taking aim the at prime minister for the failed economy, what paul ryan had to stay about the stim>> peter: an and raises. what's that about? that's how i met marilyn... giada... really good. yes!
3:58 am
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4:00 am
>> welcome, everyone. in to "fox & friends." it's your sunday morning. the 16th. here is what's happening now, americans are urged to get out. the state department clearing out embassies in sudan and tunisia amid anti-u.s. violence and learning now details about the deadly attack at libya's consulate. were warning signs missed. we have the very latest for you. >> tucker: devastating defense cuts are coming that will get our military. republican congressman allen west sounding the alarm. >> alisyn: good luck, peter.
4:01 am
here you go. >> peter: and plus, it's the first day of kindergarten. you will hear allen west alarm. and the school sends him home, not with mommien and daddy, but a stranger. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> that's a little trick i like to play on the fill-in co-host, and the prompter, see what happens. >> peter: put in yesterday's script. >> alisyn: it's wonderful to have you guys despite the prirn pranks the control room is playing. >> always great to have you. >> tucker: more importantly. >> a fox news alert. and the u.s. now ordering staff out of embassies in
4:02 am
sudan and tunisia after sudan told the u.s. they can't send in marines for extra security. greg palkot is live in tunisia with the latest on the situation. greg? >> reporter: hey, folks, yeah, tunisia, the situation is calm at the moment and the move by the state department probably precautionary, but clearly in response to what's happened here in the past couple of days and the odds are for all essential personnel, and leave as soon as today and americans considering coming, stay away. those in the country use extreme caution. the on friday shall the american embassy compound was ransacked by thousands of protesters, some outside, some making their way over the wall, burning cars and different buildings. as we understand it, aides and staffers including the ambassador here to tunisia
4:03 am
were inside the building at the time. they managed to get away afterwards, and managed to come out of that unscathed. also hit, a neighboring american school. that is an american founded school, 600 students k-12, 200 of people approximately, americans, luckily, school was not in session, but the ransackers did the job there, too. four protesters were killed and another 50 protesters were injured. the government said we're sorry, we didn't protect the facility. the government trying to deal with islamists and the ranks here, stirring up the protests not the first time in the past couple of months in the anti-western incidents have happened. >> meanwhile, just down the coast from where we are right now in next door libya, that terror manhunt is just getting underway and that is to try to find those responsible for the killing of the u.s. ambassador there. and chris stevens as well as three other americans in that american consulate on the
4:04 am
eastern side of the country, benghazi, the latest word we're getting is the fbi tells us their investigation is underway and that investigation still seems to be happening outside of the country with other questioning, it's still a little bit too tricky to put their agents, the fbi agents on the ground near the crime scene, but that's exactly what they're going for. in addition to that, the marines on the ground and u.s. navy destroyers on the coast and in the air, aerial surveillance drones. back to you. >> alisyn: greg, palkot, new so much for that update from tunisia. let's talk about the president's policy how he was going to address the muslim world back when he's a candidate. was barack obama said back in 2007. he was doing a radio view and he talked about his hope and his optimism how the arab world were to see him if he were elected president. let's listen. >> i truly believe the way i'm inaugurated and the country
4:05 am
looks the at itself, the way the world looks at it the if i'm reaching out to the muslim world they understand that i've lived in a muslim countries and i may be a christian, but i i also understand their point of view. i think the world will have confidence that i am listening to them and that, that our future and our security is tied up with our ability to work with other countries in the world. that will ultimately make us safer and that's something that this administration has failed to understand. >> alisyn: it's pretty-- >> we can say with certainly, the president does not have a self-esteem problem. elect me and the world will change. this is a childish policy, that you could charm yourself into the good graces of world when countries act in their perceived interest. they don't attack because of the personalities of the leaders. it has nothing to do whether
4:06 am
you lived in a muslim country or-- >> there is it's naivete, the muslim world doesn't care what president obama's experiences are in the past and now, unfortunately, we see the effect of it. you look at countries like pakistan, afghanistan, but we've seen in libya, in pakistan osama bin laden had a safe haven for five years and now, the pakistani surgeon who helped the cia in the u.s., capture him and kill him, has been in prison. >> alisyn: things have not gone smoothly in the muslim world, and since the president was elected, 200 plus u.s. troops have been killed and obviously, the governor of president karzai there is dubious. we've seen lots of afghans openly supporting the that be
4:07 am
and goes on with how we're perceived in the muslim world, whether or not there's been any sort of reconciliation. >> peter: it's possible the perception is less important than we think it is. you're seeing the same line from the white house that you heard from the president in 2007. they're annoyed, that's why they're killing our citizens and they didn't like the video. no, there are much larger forces going on here. the ruler is dead and it's a power struggle. the idea that a video incited this is truly a sort of playground understanding of the way the world works. >> peter: in terms of confidence, the president said he's going to instill confidence the muslim world was going to have in united states. it was never going to work. >> exactly, very naive. >> alisyn: i think to many voters it was plausible.
4:08 am
because people hoped that was going to happen. oh, sure, maybe there's a kinship and some fundamental understanding between the president and the muslim world and mayor things can be quelled. >> americans are nice people and it hurts their feelings because they're hated. whether or not we're hated or loved, respect is what we need to be. >> alisyn: good point. we'd love to hear your thoughts on this. find us on twitter. overnight four n.a.t.o. troops are killed. and they have not released the nationality of the troops killed. at least 61 troops have been killed in insider attacks this year alone. and the taliban fighters wore dress army uniforms when they attacked camp bastion. they say it was in revng for the film mocking the prophet
4:09 am
muhammad, deadly riots in the middle east. a fbi operation nabs another he home grown terrorist. 18-year-old adele dowd was arrested after trying to set off a car bomb outside of a downtown chicago bar. and the u.s. citizen had been given a fake bomb while monitoring him. he is expected in federal court on monday. and mayor michael bloomberg in hot water, nearly 50 city hall employees received raises, ten of them being at least 20%. and this happened last summer. this despite a budget grap that could layoff to teachers and the mayor says the reason for increased pay was because they were doing more as a result of staff cuts. and a nightmare for an oregon mom. her five-year-old was sent
4:10 am
home with the wrong person. and they arrested him getting into the car with one in a local day care and mom panics when he doesn't get off the bus. >> i didn't know who she was, and didn't know the car and i was crying. >> and the school sent him home and once they go to school they're out of your hand and you expect that they're going to effect-- >> so scary, his mom called the school and at first they didn't know where taylor bass, after checking the paper work and apologized and the mom plans to meet with the principal to find out thank you this happened. these are your headlines, let's check with rick reichmuth with the weather. >> rick: guys, are you ready for fall, ali? >> i'm getting out my parka. >> rick: you don't need the
4:11 am
parka, but gets here eventually tuesday kind of when we'll he see the big changes, rain across the eastern sea booed. the next two days looking sunny and it's tuesday that's the big rain day. and could cause localized flooding and cold, possibly leaves beginning to change. and down across the south is where the rain is right now. if it's rainy in texas that moves to the east and tomorrow, farther to the east and tuesday into much of the eastern seaboard. today though it's texas and some of the rain is heavy at times, maybe causing a little bit of flooding, but another one to two in general. and you see the rain across parts of montana and that's the next little system that's going to move in and drop temperatures down for a lot of people this week, so that 79 you see in chicago and 83 in minneapolis, enjoy those temperatures, tomorrow, the temps drop. tomorrow just 61 in
4:12 am
minneapolis and that cold air is what will continue to filter in. all across much of the eastern seaboard and make a lot of people like fall. highs in the 50's across the far northern tier to money and tuesday as well. >> it's fall. >> it really is. >> thanks so much, rick. >> coming up on the show the obama administration is apparently having a difficult time defining who our allies are. so, how will israel respond to this lack of clarity? and she cashed in her food stamps for plastic surgery and an expensive new car star yo system. how can we fix the system that's broken. >> alisyn: ♪ [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way...
4:13 am
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4:15 am
>> friend or foe? the obama administration seems to be having a hard time lately defining who our allies are. >> would you consider the current egyptian regime an ally to the united states? >> i don't think that we would consider them an ally, but we don't consider them an enemy. they are a new government that's trying to find its way. they were democratically elected and i think we're going to have to see how they respond. this is-- how they respond to, for example, maintain t peace
4:16 am
treaty with israel. so far, at least what we've seen is that in some cases they've said the right things and taken the right steps. >> should israel have cause for concern about our support for the jewish state? joining us now is cbs news correspondent and co-author of the new book, spies against armageddon, inside israel's secret war, thanks for coming on. >> my pleasure. >> some applauded the arab spring when it broke out and now what is the impact of the arab world on israel? >> turns out some of this was signaled by the u.s. deciding to invade iraq in 2003 and trying to bring democracy to arab countries and the arabs were skeptical about that. the main things that they want the alliance between u.s. remains strong and clear. the main thing israelis always needed reassurance and in the last few years again they're
4:17 am
not totally sure, the intelligence exchange level and say that israeli ties with the obama administration have been great. they're a little suspicious that what president obama wants eventually is for israel to give up the west bank and make concessions. on the political level there's a lot of friction and right now question marks, and the whole region is burning and the israelis want to signal to washington, we're your ftop ally, stick with us. >> tucker: and years hostility may be strong, but close. how bad is the relationship between obama and netanyahu. >> a lot is personal, early on in the beginning when barack obama took office he want today change american policy appearance and tone and gave the famous speech in cairo in '09. the israelis were offended and israel, pointed out other presidents didn't go there in
4:18 am
the first term and israelis were offended and it's a political level and israelis generally think that president obama wants to force them into concessions in order to break what has been a stalemate between the israelis and palestinian and when it comes to iran, and that's where the israelis say that's the number one issue and danger in the middle east, the u.s. and israel have cooperated a lot, including it's in our book, covert cooperation, covert action inside iran and i'm sure that's continuing because the u.s. and israel want to avoid war if possible, spies and sabotage could help delay the iranian nuclear program. >> tucker: to what extent have the obama administration been leaking about those programs. >> to what degree, as journalists we find out what we can. >> tucker: to a certain degree. >> we like to find out what we can. there are some americans that
4:19 am
are proud of the computer virus that caused damage to iran's nuclear program and sabotage, we learned from israeli and other sources that israeli spies have been in tehran. assassinations of iranian nuclear scientists. here is my point, it's still taking place now. both countries, u.s. and israel don't want allout war and israelis are saying we may have to do it, of course, obama is trying to restrain the israelis. >> tucker: thanks a lot, interesting. >> a pleasure. >> tucker: people may be getting prayers answered, $1 a gallon to fill up tanks of their cars. and how a church is easing the pain at the pump. and a new car star yo some of what this woman got for cashing in her food stamps, what you paid for. does this need to be fixed? ♪ ♪
4:20 am
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>> time for news by the numbers. first, 36.6 million dollars, that's how much money in lotto winnings have gone unclaimed in new york in the last year. the new york post says people across the state never claimed winning tickets, raising up to a quarter million dollars. so, check your pockets. next $1, that's how much customers at two gas stations in marion texas were able to take off each gallon of gas they pumped and the church paid out $20,000 worth of gas to help out the community. 12,500 feet how high the u.s. army golden knights parachute team jumped from to help honor our troops and the the daring stunt at the stars stripes festival in florida and the
4:24 am
team traveled up to 125 miles per hour on the way down and landed on target on the beach. thanks, doctor. >> plastic surgery, an expensive car, stereo system, and a custom paint job for her car, this is what one florida woman used her food stamps for, allegedly. >> tucker: how is it possible for someone to commit $24,000 of food stamp fraud. let's answer the next guest, massachusetts state representative, shauna, good morning, representative. >> good morning. >> tucker: you've been involved with reforms in massachusetts. tell us about in food stamp fraud, that's a new one to me. >> well, food stamp fraud is rampant in this country and it's great and one of the biggest taxpayer ripoffs in this country and fraud and abuse that goes on in our public system program. what we need to stop doing is stop incentivizing states with
4:25 am
the welfare roles. people in this country work very hard for their money and there's a foolish notion out there that taking $1 out of somebody's pocket and putting it into someone else's pocket somehow creates 1.84 return. we have to stop selling this as an economic stimulus to people. it's not an economic stimulus when we have growing welfare rolls for food stamps. >> alisyn: representative, we should mention this woman. 28 years old. was convicted. she was just sentence today 1.5 years in federal prison and she has to repay the $24,000 she received, but help us understand. how do you convert your food stamps into a kcosmetic surgery payment. >> this is what happens when states are encouraged for their welfare rolls. people are able to obtain
4:26 am
multiple ept cards and sell them often times 50 cents on the dollar and food trafficking in ebt cards has become a big business in this country and a big industry, if you will, and those certainly residential the new jobs we want to be creating so we've got to put much stricter parameters on the prm and one way to do that is to add photo i.d.'s so that people cannot sell their cars and really, having severe and swift punishment so that people know if they're going to engage in this kind of fraud of the system they're going to pay the consequences and that has to be on the retailers and the recipients as well. >> representative, you agree that certain people are entitled to food stamps, if they need to eat and the requirements, they should get the food stamps as an important government purpose, right? >> sure, they should. unfortunately, stories like this one is what is an outrage and people like this woman are taking money and food right out of the mouths of children and senior citizens who really need it and who are wasting it
4:27 am
and blowing it on unnecessary items. these are programs that are supposed to be giving people a hand up, temporary assistance and it's becoming a way of life of people. >> you made the point that there's no standards, there's no checks and balances that nothing like this could happen, but raised the point of retailers. do they need to be more on guard? in other words, if she somehow used her ebt card, the food stamp credit card for stereo system upgrades and for cosmetic surgery, so, that should also have been caught. >> well, it should, and like i said, what people do, they sell their cards. it's a huge industry, it's a criminal ring in this country and right here in boston, at quincy, there was a raid and one store obtained $700,000 worth of fraudulent food stamp money. they set up shop and they come in, people sell their cards and they leave and retailer gets the other half. there's got to be severe
4:28 am
personalities on both sides of that coin or we're not going to be able to enforce it. >> a great point. new for coming in and explaining it to us. >> peter: thank you for explaining. >> thank you. a guard sale for reelection. wait until you hear the details on the obama campaign latest fund raising drive. >> alisyn: ladies, call it gridiron couture. how our next guests are making the stands stylish for female fans. i'm going to go model some football colors here. >> look at those boots. >> . >> peter: obese, yes, it's ladies night, oh, what a night ♪ ♪ it's ladies night and they're feeling right ♪ those surprising little things she does still make you te notice. there are a million reasons why. but your erectile dysfunction that could be a question of blood flow. cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready.
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>> so, america, i know you're the not in love with me anymore, but i want you you to know that my heart still beats for you and i can prove it. ♪ i... i'm so in love with you ♪ (laughter) >> that was fun, right? >> he's pretty good. >> not bad. >> alisyn: snl has a new obama player. and that's jay barro, taking over for last year, a different take on obama a little more-- >> more appealing. >> more animated and the last time snl did it not the real president. >> tucker: i was losing track. >> alisyn: during the the country's rally. >> they vowed to challenge the constitutionality of the dodd frank format. peter doocy is live in d.c. with details of that. >> tucker, south carolina and
4:33 am
the nine electoral votes are solidly in favor of mitt romney and its campaign according to karl rove's latest map. and several members of the south carolina delegation, decided to get together and hold a rally, they were republican members and they wanted to get folks riled up about the upcoming election and at this rally, south carolina attorney general alan wilson says he's going to challenge dodd-frank in court, a two-year-old bill designed to bring transparency it the financial system and going to do it soon. the direct quote from the rally is this, ladies and gentlemen, in the next couple of days you're going to be hearing something south carolina is involved in, i volunteer you to do something, i volunteer the state of south carolina to challenge dodd-frank in the courts of the united states. south carolina, we are going to challenge that law, we're going to take the battle back to washington d.c. because community banks on main street
4:34 am
shouldn't be choked to death so that big banks on wall street can take our money. the dodd-frank wall street reform and consumer protection act was signed back on july 21st, 2010. and at the obama made the case like this. >> demand accountability and responsibility from everyone. it provides certainly to everybody, from bankers to, farmers to, business owners to consumers. and unless your business model depends on cutting corners or bilking your customers, you've got nothing to fear from reform. >> and we don't know about any other states that may join south carolina. but we have heard attorney general wilson say similar things about repealing dodd frank or challenging, rather, dodd-frank in the past and the new tier, he plans to-- the news here, he plans to file suit in the next few days.
4:35 am
>> alisyn: thanks, peter. what else is happening around the world. 350,000 children in chicago may be back in school tomorrow. the teacher union getting ready for a proposed vote for the school board. the teachers union wants bigger salaries, more benefits and changing to a new evaluation system. and teachers in chicago are the highest paid in the country, making on average, $76,000 a year. you would think that harvard students would be bright enough to change their answers if they were cheating. think again. reportedly the 125 undergrads caught collaborating on take home tests were found out because of typos and repeating the same phrases. one of the dead give aways, an extra space after the comma in 20,022. and it would result in a you one year suspension. team obama seems to be coming up with more creative ways to
4:36 am
come up with fund for the campaign. and first they asked newlyweds to ask for donations instead of gifts and skip a meal. and the latest grass roots effort to help had fund the the reelection campaign. >> if you're computer savvy, then great. sell your things online or craigslist, or ebay, make sure to tell buyers it's part of a national yard sale for obama. >> alisyn: yeah, it's a yard sale for obama. a group of people came up with the event to try to help the democrats raise money and august is the first month that they had outraised. mitt romney had outraised president obama every month since april, but that did change last month. those are your headlines. >> peter: did we really see that. >> alisyn: a yard sale? >> i don't think that was real. and that would be another "saturday night live" clip. and people to sell-- >> don't you have old skis or
4:37 am
something-- >> how about sell their blood. the gold out of their teeth. whatever it is, the pockets of endless. >> alisyn: and how about an organ an organ. >> and we've got a lot of great ideas, i'm sure rick reichmuth has many. >> rick: you can take the skis and sem them for $2 and raise a lot of money. >> buy a negative ad. >> rick: take a look at the weather. this is the season you have to get out and enjoy, and in california not that bad. yesterday got to 102 in downtown los angeles. today you're going to be at about 90. so a big improvement tomorrow and san diego, over 100 degrees as well and at least the coastal areas are looking much better and obviously the interior sections are looking warm. like this time of year, death valley, 111 the next few days. take a look at the forecast across the northeast, a spectacular again in store. yesterday was amazing and today will be amazing and tomorrow, amazing, and then
4:38 am
tuesday will be kind of gross with rain. but today it's good. a lot of sunshine and looking good. the humidity and any kind of thunderstorm activity is going to be in, especially across parts of texas, it's been a really, really rainy week and more rain again in east texas not west texas, but east texas could cause localized flooding. into the northern plains where things are about to change and had a nice couple of days and great temps into the 70's and 80's, and very warm. but he see the 61 in grand port, that's a sign of what's diving to the south. enjoy today in chicago, as well as madison and milwaukee, because, tomorrow the temps drop by around 15 to 20 degrees and across the west, a ton of sunshine again, better conditions as far as the temperatures go on the coast, but look at that, plenty of sunshine in the pacific northwest and talking about temps into the 80's, all right, alisyn, over to you. >> thanks so much, rick. listen up, ladies, are you a
4:39 am
nfl fan looking to kick off the season in style. look no further. because christina and kathleen, twin sisters and co-founders of shoes, a cleating line making sure you'll root for your favorite team in style. hi, ladies. how are you. >> thank you so much. >> alisyn: you girls look stylish. >> thank you. >> alisyn: this is what you wear to the game and watch the game. i need help wron what to wear. >> we will absolutely help you. >> alisyn: where do we start? >> i think we should start with the boots. one of our number one sellers is the fanatic foot. >> alisyn: what makes it-- >> it's an animal friendly line, sin schett particular suede and faux fur. they're lined with a faux fur and functionalable, but fashionable as well. >> alisyn: you have a rain boot. >> this is enthusiast 2, a must-have ladies, it's water
4:40 am
resistent. great for show and great for rain, great for all 32 teams no matter where you leave. patent rubber with a neoprene, light weight and very comfortable. a must-have, we wear these through the entire year. >> alisyn: fantastic. it's not just shoes, but boots. and you're modeling the sweatshirts. >> these are great pieces to have and oversized crystallized logo on the front. representing new york. and we have the style women can wear it on or off the shoulder like today. >> alisyn: very fashionable camera man behind the camera is wearing miss as well. >> yeah. >> alisyn: a different sort of fashion. >> teas why he needs the boots. >> alisyn: you need a little bedazzling. and then you also have watches? >> you have watches. >> fantastic. >> and these are by game time and i have one for every single team, wear these seven days a week and this is the bled out one, crystallized
4:41 am
right here, this is a great piece available in all 32 teams, so we love that. >> and then if you are watching late the night, the game goes into overtime and pajamas. >> and always want to be fashionable watching the teams. ladies at home, great long wear from concept 4, do the adorable henleys, really comfortable and they actually do them with a matching bottom and you can do the min have i shorts or match them with the pajama bottoms. >> alisyn: that's fantastic. great stuff and people can visit our website to get the products. christine, kathleen. >> thanks for having us. >> bye. >> alisyn: inside to the guys, what's coming up. >> tucker: function, fashion, football. absolutely. >> what's going on, tucker. >> tucker: some rallies at their door violently.
4:42 am
can they use their religion as a shield and a weapon and what's behind the violence. and father jonathan martin-- morris. >> peter: and one year since, have the protesters accomplished anything? we are going to take a look back. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful?
4:43 am
how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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4:45 am
>> secretary of state hillary clinton reacting to the widespread violence across the arab world this week. >> the people of egypt, libya, yemen, and tunisia did not trade the tyranny of a dictator for the tyranny of a mob. reasonable people and responsible leaders in these countries need to do everything they can to restore security and hold accountable those behind the violent acts. >> but attacks and extremism worsen, who is really being
4:46 am
intolerant. >> let's bring in the religious contributor, jonathan morris, a simple topic for you where do we start? >> it's great to be talking about it because when we talk about tolerance, we talk about democracy. we talk about respect. religious freedom is the litmus test. you don't say how is democracy going in afghanistan. we'll look at our italian restaurants given their role and their spot? no, you don't do that. why? you go to the core of what it is, and the greatest and the deepest value that someone holds is their belief in god. and is that being respected when that belief is actually different from your belief or someone else's belief? and that's a litmus test how we're respecting each other and how democracy is really being implemented. >> peter: do you notice a double standard? >> bill maher does--
4:47 am
and a crack pot does a ten minute video and are you-- >> and big maher, i think what we see with the consequences of an action like this video being released, we have to distinguish, we have to say that was irresponsible of that person to make that. it's disrespectful, it's irresponsible and that's fully true, but then we have to say absolute respects for freedom of expression and then we have to say, on the third spot, we have to say, no matter what was released, we have to condemn any violence whatsoever, whether it's related or not. you cannot say, oh, we need to make sure we explain to everyone that that was wrong to release this video. no, we have to say, that has nothing to do. >> amen, with-- you can't compare that evil with a much greater evil of
4:48 am
killing someone in the name of god. you know what's interesting? president obama mentioned in his woeekly address no religion can command someone to kill an innocent person. i would say we wish that were the case, but some religions are really messed up. if i desire to create my own religion today and going to get you guys to join and then i'm going to say kill in the name of god. i can do that. some religions are messed up and we have to say, we have to say god by very definition, cannot create because he's all goodness and perfect being, cannot command us to kill the innocent. >> so, is it appropriate for a government to condemn a religion that hypothetically condones murder? >> i don't think that government should get involved in theology, what they should say, the government should say that this dictate of this organization goes against
4:49 am
human reason. it goes against human reason. it's a group, whether religious or not. is commanding people to kill in the name of anything, a government needs to step in and say, that is wrong. call yourself religious, whatever. by human reason we can be sure that that is evil and must be stopped. >> father jonathan, nice to see you. >> we figured out not only theology, but-- >> i think you game close. >> actually quite simple things, to say in the name of god, in the name of religion. no, no, no, human reason is a positive thing and faith and reason are not in contradiction. >> you made it clear. >> he got three minutes and figured it out. thanks, father. still ahead, tomorrow marks one since the occupy movement began. did they meet any of their
4:50 am
goals? >> wait until you hear what congressman alan west says about it coming up. ♪ you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself. questions. when you're caring for a loved one with alzheimer's, not a day goes by that you don't have them. questions about treatment
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where to go for extra help, how to live better with the disease. so many questions, where do you start? the answers start here.
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4:53 am
>> wall street organizers planning a massive protest monday to mark the first anniversary since protests spread across country and even overseas. now, one year later how much has occupy wall street accomplished. and steven, welcome, it's been a year, can you tell the difference between the average occupier and say the mentally
4:54 am
ill homeless? in that time have you learned to distinguish the two? >> none whatsoever. >> tucker: what have they accomplished? what would you say the movement has done in the past year. >> the barometer in recent times is the tea party. look at two movements. tucker, it's looking at ism. tea party conservativism and life, liberty and occupiers were tied to the ism of more free, and the impact the occupy movement has made on society crime. >> tucker: quite a few crimes committed by occupy wall street protesters? >> yes, thousands upon thousands. i would challenge anyone to name me one from an official tea partiers. again, when you have a movement that's based on unselfish motives, the motive
4:55 am
being more free crap, media sort of insulted the tea party about, is the same thing that shows the purity of motive. the media, well, these people are protesting taxes and they're mostly middle class, the taxes go up. yeah, dummy they know about that. it's not about what do they get, it's about what is right for the country and founding fathers origin tent and occupiers, end up with more free crap. and say it with me, an and sing songer, and follow the bouncing methead, tucker. >> tucker: is it time to reassess the whole protest model. but we're in the middle of a recession, if you're hanging around the park with a sign on a weekday, you're not adding to the sum total, are you? >> exactly, when you add loitering and is selfish people, you get crime. i've been to occupy rallies, i have been to five and assaulted at two of them.
4:56 am
they don't accomplish anything. compared to the tea party movement. transition from conservativism and tea party movement, any id anylogs. once they decided on a platform. what is amazing they took something that nobody could disagree with, a fundamental distrust of wall street. i agree he with them on that and turned it into a movement that everybody is discussed with, because it's a morally repugnant platform and if people disagree with me. they can tweet me and i'll tell them why they're wrong, tucker. >> alisyn: steven crowder, thank you. the president disagrees, he's for occupy wall street. coming up did the state department miss the signs leading up to atomic on the consulate in libya? take a look at the evidence, there's a lot. and the a judge strikes out
4:57 am
scott walker's effort, but a worker says she's going to fight until the end. [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8...
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4:59 am
♪ na, na-na, na [ men ] ♪ hey, hey, hey ♪ goodbye [ flushing ] ♪ [ both ] ♪ na, na... [ woman ] ♪ na, na-na, na [ men ] ♪ hey, hey, hey ♪ good-bye [ male announcer ] with kohler's powerful, high-efficiency toilets. flush. and done. [ all ] ♪ hey, hey, hey ♪ good-bye >> good morning everyone, it's sunday september 16th. a fox news alert. americans are urged to get out and the state department clearing out embassies in sudan and tunisia amid anti-u.s. violence.
5:00 am
we're learning new details about the attack at libya's consulate thement were warning signs missed? the latest for you ahead. >> devastating defense cuts that will gut our military. and congressman allen west sounding the alarm and placing the blame directly on president obama. >> mr. president, you're the commander-in-chief of all of our armed forces and to sit idle while this black cloud is over our military. it's shameful and wrong. >> so can washington find a way to protect our military budget? >> a stunning reversal in wisconsin, a judge striking down the anti-union laws that sparked these demonstrations, but this morning, a new push to keep that law in place. we'll hear from a teacher straight ahead on "fox & friends," which begins right now. ♪
5:01 am
>> good morning, again everyone. thanks so much for joining us, i'm delighted to be joined by peter johnson, jr. and tucker carlson. >> glad to be here. >> alisyn: thank you both on this intense weekend. in fact, we want to start this hour with a fox news alert. because the u.s. is telling americans in sudan and tunisia, it's time to get out. >> state department ordered all nonessential staff to leave the embassy in sudan and rejected u.s. requests to send in marines. the sudanese government will not allow the u.s. to protect the embassy there. >> in tunisia, u.s. officials say local security forces have done a good job responding to attacks so far. still, americans in the country are being encouraged to leave the country immediately. and to stay away from demonstrationses. >> and then a particularly
5:02 am
disturbing report out today. it's from catherine herridge, our national security correspondent, she published in the warning signs missed, in benghazi. apparently four other attacks leading up to it. there was one on june 5th in which an ied was thrown at the perimeter of the u.s. consulate. and then, the british ambassador's motorcade came under attack by an rpg. >> june 18th, gunman attacked a consulate and burned a flag on august 6th and even the red cross building in benghazi was struck by rpg's and didn't leave any disinterested be observer who believe our americans were sitting ducks at that consulate. and by the way, in the face of this evidence in sudan and the fact in libya, the fact that the sudanese government is
5:03 am
preventing u.s. marines to enter the country to protect our own embassy. not to invade sudan, but protect americans in american embassy is american soil, and the fact that we're standing for it. >> peter: it's a puniercolating issue and based on the lack of relationship that we now understand that we have. >> tucker: we're the united states government, the most powerful in the history of the world and trying to protect our citizens on our own soil. >> peter: and the consulate and embassy is supposed to be our sovereign soil and we know that as well as anybody and it's outrageous. >> we're being reactive instead of proactive. why didn't we have marines based at the consulate as we do at embassies, given the history we now know these four attempted attacks, actually effective attacks on our consulate. why didn't we beef up security? there are some in politico who
5:04 am
say it was woefully inadequate and it's much less that an embassy has been. no reinforced doors, they relied on video cameras, fo for security and heavy marines there, the general was on our show earlier talking about the security problems. >> i mean, it was a pattern of attacks all through summer and so we have a pattern of specific aggressive attacks and finally, our consulate is attacked. now, that is a movement that's doing that and that's coordinated. i don't think any, any film, even 9/11 may be the day they chose to do it because of its significance, but that's certainly people who are out of power. they're moderates in power in libya and they want to unmine the government and foreign powers, are the target. common sense will tell you that our security for that ambassador and that consulate was totally inadequate and after we do that assessment
5:05 am
and putting the proper security in place, rest assured, whatever it looks like 30 days from now is what it should have been. >> and embassies across the world are on high alert. american embassies, the question, why weren't they on high alert before. the saddest line, the way that the embassies look 30 days from now is the way they should have looked this week. >> alisyn: of course, all of this called into question, whether now is the right time for budget cuts to our military. as you know, those are looming because of the sequestration that's happening because democrats and republicans couldn't figure out how to cut, i guess, it's 1.2 trillion from our debt. so that's going to happen. well, colonel allen west gave the g.o.p. weekly address this weekend about those. >> mr. president, for you the commander of chief in our armed forces to sit idle and do nothing while this dark cloud hangs over our military,
5:06 am
it's shameful, it's irresponsible and it's wrong. and it's dead wrong. in your nomination, accept the speech. you stated your goal was to have the strongest military the world has ever known. you have proven this promise to the american people, it's nothing more than empty rhetoric. your determination to allow sequestration proved your words are intolerant as your desire to who will heo out our military and all of this is a bargaining chip to raise taxes. for the sake of our country and our future, i hope you will do the right thing, sir. and work with us to eliminate this threat. so we can confront the brave threats to freedom around the globe for us and for our allies. >> talk about a command presence for the sake of our country and a nonpolitical statement. talking about projected defense spending cuts, about 9.4%. and that will take place if the president does not act. >> not a word mincer. >> not a word mincer, a strong
5:07 am
guy. >> general west for sure. is there any indication, tucker, that the president and congress will somehow find compromise before the sequestration and the cuts have to happen. doesn't sound like it's close. >> it doesn't. and my belief, this could change, as of right now given what we see last week, the u.s. ambassador murdered, very hard for anybody to sneak cuts like this through. i don't think that the public would put up with it. >> and part of those cuts are 129 million dollars for embassy security. >> it's just hard,it's hard to imagine. i think the president would like to see it, but i don't think it could happen. >> meanwhile, we do have other headlines for you and we have a fox news alert right now because there's another insider attack overnight by afghan police officers, that have left four troops dead and local officials saying they are americans. the shooting happened in a southern check point in afghanistan. at least 51 troops have been killed in insider attacks just this year. meanwhile, disturbing new
5:08 am
details about the attacks on an n.a.t.o. base at that killed two marines, the taliban fighters apparently wore u.s. army uniforms when they attacked, and all, but one of the insurgents were killed and taliban says that was revenge mocking the prophet muhammad, that sparked other riots around the middle east. the fbi arrested another alleged home grown terrorist. federal prosecutors say 18-year-old adele dowd, a u.s. citizen was arrested after trying to set off what he thought was a car bomb, outside after crowded bar in downtown chicago. part of an undercover operation by the fbi where they gave dowd a fake bomb. and prosecutors say the dow's interest in terror plots in the u.s. and overseas and he is expected in federal court on monday. and an ohio 6th grader was rushing to finish assignment as class let out. it wasn't fast enough for the teacher. she reportedly walked out of the room and locked him in it.
5:09 am
and was then left alone in the classroom for 10 to 15 minutes and his father is outraged about the bizarre punishment saying his son is a good kid and pulled him out of the school for the time being. >> she says i was teaching him a valuable lesson. what happened if there was a fire. >> and said sometimes i need to control my mouth and i talk out and forget to raise my hand or something. >> alisyn: i know the feeling. the school says it's investigating and swapping out locks that cannot be unlocked from inside. >> solitary confinement, that's an important lesson. >> i don't know, i mean, come on, and disobedient kids should be punished and give the teachers ways to punish them. shut the lies off. >> i don't want to say it on camera, discipline works, right? >> mou about a-- >> rick reichmuth--
5:10 am
>> he learned his lesson, he said yes, sometimes i talk out. >> it worked, american education at work. >> rick: all right, guys, so, a pretty guys day. i keep talking about the northeast because that's where some of the changes are coming. and take a look at weather map, nice day, 70's parts of the northeast towards the great lakes. tomorrow, temps climb a couple of degrees and take a look what happens on tuesday, the bottom starts to drop out. and lower 60's in some of the interior sections and the big change in store part of a system that's bringing rain across areas of texas over the next couple of days, as it pulls off to the east. heavy rain across parts of d ke ohio and some of the areas likely to see flooding because it's going to rain so quickly. a lot of that area is dealing with droughts and take that rain if we can get it. zoom into tech text and see exactly where the rain is right now. around the hill country of texas and stretch up forward to dallas and that will move up slowly to the east, and so
5:11 am
east texas is getting in on it, very wet all week long. also a little bit of rain there, and across the far northern plains and that's going to usher in the cold air and the temps are good across the central plains and certainly it's warm for mid september and we go back to reality for what should be be september by the day tomorrow. and see the colder air beginning to drive in. guys, that's it. back to you. >> thanks, rick. >> alisyn: what's coming up next? >> al-qaeda calling for more embassy attacks in the wake of violence across the middle east. will this help or hurt president obama in the imminent elections? chris wallace is here to tell us. now, flying first class may no longer mean a better or longer life. how sitting in coach can actually keep you safer if the plane happens to not have a happy landing. ♪ at usaa, we believe honor is not
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5:14 am
>> cloudy is calling for me embassy attacks on the recent wave the u.s. violence and the white house is attribute it go to an anti-muslim film. how you will the unrest affect the november election and will it help or further president obama? >> joining us now is the host
5:15 am
of fox news sunday, the incomparable chris wallace, good morning, chris, how are you? >> hi, guys. >> there's a lot going on. let's start with the first question, should the state department should have had a stronger security presence in libya? what is washington saying about that? and is it along political lines? >> well, yeah, i suppose to some degree, the administration is certainly saying that they had taken all security precautions that seemed reasonable at the time and escalated beyond anything it could have foreseen. i'll ask that question at the top of the hour to the u.s. ambassador to the united nations, susan rice, who is going to be the administration spokesman today on that issue, and the whole question. one of the other things i want to ask, you know, you showed those anti-american demonstrations across the middle east, asia, north africa, and we've heard jay carney on friday say this has nothing to do with the obama administration policies
5:16 am
because of that video. i'm going to ask ambassador rice about that. >> and "vanity fair" has a story this month that describes ambassador rice as passionately advocating on behalf of the intervention in libya. is there a sense in the white house that maybe the arab spring and that would include what mapped in libya, has back fired? >> well, i don't know. and it's a perfectly legitimate question. i'm not sure that they really had a choice in this, tucker, i mean, you had hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people in the streets across the middle east, and especially in tahrir square in cairo, isn't something, someone that, that the authorities, the dictatorships in those countries could control, let alone the united states of america, so you know, to a certain degree, i think we were, we were bystanders. now, one could argue whether or not we managed the transition as effectively as we could, but i'm not sure
5:17 am
that we could have propped hosni mubarak up, and the danger of doing so and failing might have made anti-american feelings stronger in that part of the world. >> alisyn: chris, do we have any sense how all of this violence will affect our presidential election back here? >> well, you know, obviously, this has not been a good week for the obama administration. the president leads, according to the polls, when it comes to questions of foreign policy over mitt romney, but when you see u.s. embassies, u.s. fast food restaurants, american schools across the middle east in flames, and climbing the walls, makes you wonder about u.s. policy. having said that we're in mid september. you know, what's going to happen over the next eight weeks, we'll have to wait and see and see how the two are going to handle it. obviously, whether fairly or unfairly, mitt romney came under a lot of heat this week when he seemed to make
5:18 am
political attacks that president obama just hours after we found out that four americans had been killed in benghazi. >> all right, chris wallace, fox news sunday. guests this morning, congressman mike rogers and-- >> still ahead with an ailing economy why are african-american voters still supporting president obama. our next guest says he used to be a democrat and he's not any longer, we'll ask him about that. >> and an end in sight? a vote could mean more than 350,000 students in chicago will be back inside the classroom tomorrow. could be good news for chicago. >> i'm inspired the by the spirit of children, their determination motivates me to help them reach their potential. and the opportunity of our country is why i'm proud to be an american. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
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5:22 am
>> 21 minutes after the hour. time for quick headlines. pope benedict held a mass in beirut for hundreds of thousands of people earlier this morning. the three-day visit to lebanon comes amid turmoil over anti-american protests across that region. during the address he pushed for peace and stressed a need for religious tolerance. a warning for you if you drive a ford. the auto giant is recalling about 5500, 2012 ford edge suv's with two liter engines and ford said a gas line could leak and cause a fire. ford is notifying affected owners by mail. let's go to the guys. >> despite unemployment being at 14.1% among african-americans, a recent rasmussen poll shows 95% of black voters support president obama and 3% of backing mitt
5:23 am
romney. our next guest says it's time for people to vote with their minds instead of past loyalties to the democratic party joining us the author of "jumping the aisle, how i became a black republican in the age of obama". >> good morning. >> how do we explain the numbers at that we just heard, almost record unemployment in the african-american community, but a tremendous loyalty in the african-american community to the democratic party and to president obama? >> there's a rich history in the african-american community for looking at issues of affirmative action, and civil rights. when we look at nixon, he asked art fletcher to extract the tenets of affirmative action for him and he was the president of the people. and johnson was also a
5:24 am
president of people and asked for the civil rights. and what we're looking at, as we're going into the age of obama is an idea, an idea of economics, economic rights. but, unfortunately, we're still waiting for those rights to come. so, therefore, my book "jumping the aisle" is saying, hey, let's look at that more closely and evaluating where are we looking at as we look at independents, economic choice, things that will be able to help. >> if i'm mitt romney and running against the first black president in american history, but i want african-american voters, what's my pitch? what would work? >> i think the republican party and mitt romney need to address how is the republican platform shrinking the widening gap between the haves and the have notes.
5:25 am
the haves have a stake in looking at liberty and efficiency, well, they need to look a little further at community and equality, and being able to address some of the issues of the have-know thes, where the black community is looking at for the democratic party to be able to address those have-not issues, but at the same time, they're looking to find out where are the haves on the left as well. >> and the democratic, the white house exploited racial differences or tensions in their country to their advantage in the african-american community? >> some would say yes and some would say no. clearly, in 2008 there was an emotional, an emotional stance this that country for hope and change, and looking for a promise in the first black president of the united states in barack obama, but sometimes turning campaigning into governing can be rather
5:26 am
tricky, get into murky waters. and many times they look so far to reach for health care not looking the at job creation. most are saying that if you don't have a job, how can you buy health. and more importantly, if you don't have a job, that creates a lot of stress, and that is over to health. so, the challenges that the obama administration bases right now is jobs in the age of joblessness. >> yes, and dr. mcgee, a thoughtful book and thanks for spending time with us today. jumping the aisle. thanks. attention first class passengers, turns out you may be safer, how flying coach could save your life. plus, instead of watching the game from the couch, do some drills with your spouse. nicky fitness here next to show us the football moves to keep you in shape. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix.
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5:30 am
>> ♪ >> i love this. [meowing] >> unbelievable. >> they are trainable, it turns out. >> alisyn: are they? >> people say they aren't, but they are. >> peter: he's singing on key, fantastic. >> alisyn: that was on cue. that was a must-be video with a rock and roll edge. it meowed to lescollective soul- >> play it one more time. >> 800,000 views, why not? ♪ i'd like to loop that if we
5:31 am
could. makes you happy, doesn't it? >> what effect do cats have on dvd. more than the iphone. >> alisyn: you play that and meanwhile, i had a chance to host a wonderful charity event last night for operation smile. we will show pictures and talk about that at the end of the show, because i have promised people-- >> i saw one of those, it looked like fun. >> alisyn: it was really fun. and i'll talk all about it at the end. >> you'll never know. >> alisyn: thank you. >> during a rally in south carolina, republicans took issue with the dodd-frank act and one threatening to file suit. and who will explain? peter doocy will. >> reporter: thank you, peter. at the take back our country valley in greenville, south carolina, through a very enthusiastic crowd even though south carolina is solidly red
5:32 am
and favors putting its nine electoral votes behind mitt romney, according to karl rove's latest projection. and even though general demint and tim scott, jeff duncan were all at this rally, it was the attorney general of south carolina, wilson, who made the big news. he has said in the past that he wants to challenge dodd-frank, but yesterday plans to file suit in the next couple of days. he told the crowd, quote, south carolina, we're going to challenge that law and take the battle back to washington d.c. because community banks on main street shouldn't be choked to death so that big banks on wall street can take our money. the act was signed into law on july 21st, 2010 and at the time. president obama explained who the law is supposed to benefit. >> it demands accountability and responsibility from everyone.
5:33 am
it provides certainly to everybody, from bankers to farmers, to business owners to consumers. and unless your business model depends on cut corners or bilking your customers, we've not going to fear from reform. >> and 26 states stay together to challenge another law the affordable care act which the supreme court of course decide today largely uphold. back to you in new york. >> peter: thanks, peter, we will be watching you for today. right now your headlines could mark the end of the chicago teachers strike grabbing national attention and a meeting held. >> tucker: to view and vote on an agreement. and they met trying to finalize the details and get those soon we hope. meanwhile, thousands of teachers continue to rally in the streets. if the deal is approved today, students in the third largest
5:34 am
school district in america after new york and los angeles could be back in the classroom by tomorrow. >> peter: they're back at it, occupy wall street protesters doing what they do best, getting arrested. cops arrested 25 people during a march from washington square in new york city to zuccotti mark, ab hundreds of planning on march on wall street tomorrow to mark the anniversary. >> trouble could be on the horizon or some of america's biggest banks. regulators checking to see if several banks didn't properly monitor some transactions that might have allowed criminals to launder money. according to the new york times this morning. the report says the investigators could take action against jp morgan chase and other banks like bank of america. and no telling what will be
5:35 am
impos imposed. >> a study says if a plane was to crash head-on into the ground, the closer you are to the cockpit the less likely you are to survive. researchers from mit and wayne state university says sitting in coach gives you the best chance of survival. i hope they don't move first class to the rear of the plane. >> news flash, peter, if your jet strikes the ground head first, you'll die. we all do in the end no matter where you're sitting. >> peter: those are the headlines and rick outside with the weather. >> rick: i've got it. we all do die. and that's pretty much the take away from that, nice. take a look at your weather, guys, this morning as you're waking up across the northern plains. not that bad. 63 in minneapolis, and jog this morning because tomorrow you'll only get to about 61 for a high and nice conditions today. and tomorrow, take a look at your forecast across the northeast and we're talking about a beautiful day, a ton
5:36 am
of sunshine again, and temps into the 70's for almost everyone, great looking day today and tomorrow and southeast, that's where we have rain. more humid and scattered showers and thunderstorms, the heaviest rain will be across texas and hill country stretched up to dallas and up into the northern plains and another nice day, this is where the unseasonably warm conditions are with sunshine and temps drop and across the west, also, looking at another nice day, the monsoonal activities dry up so even the deserts looking at plenty of sunshine. all right, ali, over to you. rick, are you looking for the football? i know i am. while the guys are watching the game and i'm sure women are as well. we have a way to stay involved, and stay in shape with a quick workout you can do during half time or even during the game. joining us now is personal trainer and fitness experts, nicole nicky fitness, she is he' known for workouts like
5:37 am
"slimnastic"s and brought a guest, professional corner back for the sharks, you're tough. i like it. this is during a game you're going to work out. >> the problem is you're at home with the hubby and he's setting up the fantasy roster and pre-game and one to eight is the game and we don't talk to our significant others so jane and i came up together from her football class at harvard fitness in brooklyn. let's put together football music and movement to do with your hubby at home to have together time. >> moves during half time or during the game. >> put her hands on my shoulder, take a knee. cardio and you have to run and get your knees up high. challenge or take it lower, not as challenging and the other person would do it as well. >> that's not that easy for people at home.
5:38 am
>> the second one, good game. squat low and hits in the air. squat and hit, squat and hit. >> awesome, now, i love this. is your husband really doing this with you during half time. >> if you get him into it and i'll feed you nachos afterward and this is my favorite one. >> what is it. >> i was a cheerleader in college and used to do a ton of push-ups. whenever they drop the you ball, her team is push-ups. hand off, you do a push up and hand. >> oh, my gosh. >> and do ten of these for ten yards. >> oh, my gosh, you ladies are phenomenal. okay, the next move. >> and finally the football-- >> and i happen to have one. >> see the moves on i did a blog with these moves and more. >> on the front page. >> that's a good one. straight action pass. . >> and how many of these can you do. >> oh, probably about 50. >> we've only got an hour and
5:39 am
a half left. >> if you do these in a circuit, do a half hour workout with your hubby during half time and put the play list on like the hey song and the play lists are on my website at niki thank you for coming in and show us. and we want to thanks sports authority for our great jerseys. and let's go to the guys for what's on the show. >> i'll be doing that. >> already have done. >> you did? >> during commercial breaks. coming up, anti-american protests spreading throughout the middle east, can he we solely blame an anti-muslim film on youtube for the violence? and weighing in next. >> and in wisconsin striking down governor walker's law. a new push to keep the law in place. we'll hear from a teacher straight ahead and work on those. ♪
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[ heart beating, monitor beeping ] woman: what do you mean, homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods? [ heart rate increases ] man: a few inches of water caused all this? [ heart rate increases ] woman #2: but i don't even live near the water. what you don't know about flood insurance may shock you -- including the fact that a preferred risk policy starts as low as $129 a year. for an agent, call the number that appears on your screen. . >> peter: ichl time for quick headlines. >> alisyn: for the second time in eight years the nfl is in a lockout. collective bargaining agreement expires last night and they remain far apart on a deal and no nurture talks are
5:43 am
planned. it's the nhl, by the way, nhl. and listen to the story, a russian zoo welcomes the newest addition, this adorable cub came from a lion father and a liger mother. which is a mix between a lion and a tiger. so, that makes the world's first liligar, or a little liger. and lions and tigers, oh my. she's staying in garan teen and visitors may be able to start seeing her next month. and we have a lot to say about this one. and let's go over to peter. >> thank you ally. ♪ >> and robbsh hashanah starts tonight and joining us from the sinai temple, good
5:44 am
morning, rabbi, how are you. >> i'm well, how are you? >> thanks for getting up with us, let's talk about rosh hashanah and the new year and explains what it means for the the jewish community in america. >> well, it represents two sort of linked ideas. one is the day on which the world was created. that sense it's different from secular new year because it celebrates the creation of the world, but it also begins this period of self-reflection that leads to the day of atonement, yom kippur. and i guess you might think that the holidays are reversed, you should first repent and then celebrate the new year, but the idea behind it is that rosh hashanah allows you to appreciate the wonder and majesty and mystery of creation. once you've done that, then you can understand and appreciate whatever you've done to make creation better or to make it worse and so,
5:45 am
you feel your repen tense in a deeper way. >> peter: and during that time you hear the phrase-- >> that means to a good year, a moral and ethical component here. so, you wish people not only a happy and a healthy year, but also a year of goodness, which means a year in which we will learn to treat each other more kindly and more gently. >> peter: and very often our friends talk about the sweetness of the new year. what's the derivation of the the sweetness of the new year in the jewish faith. >> there's a beautiful custom dipping an apple in honey which represents the sweetness of the year in the same way that under the wedding canopy you have the couple share a cup of wine, which also represents the sweetness of life together. because ultimately, judaism, even though it's very well aware of the difficulties and
5:46 am
pain and anguish of life, sees life as something as beautiful and faithful and blessed and sweet. >> peter: during this time of renewal and then reflection with yom kippur, it's also a time of turmoil in the middle east, we have events going on in iran and events where americans have been killed. how did that affect the jewish community in the united states and what are the thoughts of your community as we face this as americans together? >> well, it's certainly, as both an american and a jew, the turmoil in general is disquieting and problematic. i mean, in some ways it feels as though things like the video are used as recruitment tools to gin up the the hate and resentment of the west in general and the united states and israel in particular.
5:47 am
but much more problematic and much more frightening even than what's going on in places like libya and yemen, is what's going on iran because if you think about it, in the 20th century there were two horrific red lines, things that you should no longer cross. one with auschwitz, which represents the attempt to destroy the jewish people and the other is hiroshima which represents the cataclysmic weapon that the world should never have again. if you iran gets that, the threat to wipe out an entire people and also with this horrendous weapon, it's true-- >> all the people in america pray on the eve of rosh hashanah that it doesn't happen. >> it's a threat not only to israel, but also to the united states and the west and something we should take extremely seriously. >> peter: and i believe that we should and we will, rabbi. so, we wish you well and say
5:48 am
la shana-- >> on this rosh hashanah and as the holy days begin we wish you well. thank you for being with us today. >> thank you. >> peter: good to see you be, rabbi. coming up, major defense cuts on the horizon, but as the middle east erupts, is now the time to handcuff the funds that we might need? and a stunning reversal in wisconsin. a judge striking down governor walker's anti-union law that sparked these demonstrations, but this morning, there's a new push to keep the law in place. we're going to hear from a teacher about that epic battle coming up next on fox news. but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications,
5:49 am
advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. if you're still having difficulty breathing, ask your doctor if including advair could help improve your lung function. get your first full prescription free and save on refills at
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5:52 am
>> a wisconsin judge is tossing out governor walker's anti-union law to spark last year's demonstration, but the attorney general is vowing to keep in place an appeals process and the law took away nearly all collective bargaining rights for workers and been in effect more than a year. >> joining us is wisconsin public school teacher, christy, thanks for joining us. you are a brave person, an anomaly, i think. tell me how do your fellow teachers, many of whom-- maybe all of whom are union members feel about your position on this? >> actually, i know you would think the majority side with the union, but that's not the case. certainly will are more teachers like myself, maybe not as brave and say something on fox news something. we like being held accountable and doing what's right for kids.
5:53 am
s time goes on more and more brave teachers, are some that made my life heck. absolutely, but if me coming forward has inspired others coming forward, it's worth it. >> and christy i guess it's conventional or counter intuitive what you're saying, because the public school teachers want the protection that the unions have to offer in terms of not being able to be fired. tenure, or your pension, et cetera. so, why do you disagree so vehemently with what the judge has decided? >> okay, well, first of all, there's already laws in the state of wisconsin that protect me from being fired for no reason. and already laws i get to work in a place that is safe, you know, emotionally and physically, so, what the union is offering, i'm already protected from. and also, as far as seniority. there's no reason to think that just because somebody wakes up every morning for 50 years that they deserve to have a raise. and that's ridiculous. it takes, you know,
5:54 am
competition, it takes accountability, really, to have all of us rise to the challenge of teaching, and so, i disagree with that. plus, i don't see the union actually doing any of those things. i see them, you know, using union dues and actually extorting union dues and using them for their own political activities ap pushing for social agendas. at this point so many of us have chosen to leave the union and joined a professional association, if i can put a plug in for the association of american educators, it's a real association that treats us like professionals we are not laborers. and i get double the liability insurance and don't have to deal with the politics. how can i get my kids into your class? and before you answer that, let me read a statement, i'm sure you're familiar with it, from governor scott walker about this decision this week and i'm quoting. sadly, a liberal activist judge wants to go backwards
5:55 am
and take away the law making responsibility and the governor. and we're confident that the state will prevail in the contest. are you confident that the state will prevail? >> oh, absolutely. this is not new for wisconsin and you know, madison is like the liberal bubble that is surrounded by reality and it's not the first time that we've had legislators on the bench so i was very confident once that law is put through the appeals, it will up-- it will stand, it will stand. there's nothing in our state constitution that collective bargaining is a right. it's a privilege extend today public employees, it's not a right. and what governor walker has done for schools we're seeing districts making positive changes. the world hasn't ended since act 10 was made law. >> alisyn: wow, christy, you're a wisconsin public school teacher and you must
5:56 am
have whiplash with the contradictory decisions coming your way and you're certainly weathering it. thank you for coming in with your perspective. >> thank you for having me, i appreciate it. >> you just raised my opinion of public education in four minutes. >> alisyn: and he's now moving to wisconsin. >> a great state, actually. >> speaking of schools, a major mix-up in one skichool district, a teacher kinksending kindergartener home with the wrong person. >> and now the white house is looking to have a national yard sale. the latest details on the latest fundraiser drive. ♪ . begin. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though,
5:57 am
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>> alisyn: good morning, everyone, it is sunday, september 16th, i'm alisyn camerota. we start with a "fox news alert." amid the chaos in the middle east the state department ordering all family members an nonessential government personnel to leave its embassies in sudan and tunisia. live on the ground with the latest. >> and paul ryan rallying the crowd in florida against obama
6:00 am
economics. >> we don't need sugar-high economics, we don't need synthetic money creation. we need economic growth. >> tucker: can they sell the message in the battleground state. >> good morning, a yard sale for re-election, wait until you hear the details, of the obama campaign's latest fund-raising drive. and it begins at your house, "fox & friends," hour four, "fox & friends," hour four, starts, right now. captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> alisyn: welcome back, everybody, thanks for joining us. we have a lot to talk about. and, i'm happy to be joined by tucker karlsson, and peter johnson, jr., you have been doing a great job and i'm -- tucker carlson. >> thanks, i can't remember a time when i wasn't on the couch. it is good. >> alisyn: as you know, there is so much unrest and we have a
6:01 am
"fox news alert," the latest for you, right now, the u.s. has now begun ordering staff out of embassies in sudan, and, tunisia. look at this rioting. after sudan told the u.s. that they can't send in our marines for extra security. >> greg palkot is on the phone, right now, live from tunis, tunisia with the laters on the situation. working on it all day, greg? >> reporter: we are coming back from the embassy compound in tunis and saw amazing things, first, today, it is calm and, secure and tunisian military outside of the wall and we were told by eye witnesses they were nowhere to be found, in at least the initial stages of the violence that happened on friday. when protesters scaled the walls of the embassy, ransaked the place, and smashed windows, looted, set cars on fire, and, basically did a lot of damage, to u.s. diplomatic soil.
6:02 am
we also sent some time across the street and maybe more shocking was found in the american school, a school for ex-pats, kids, that is foreigners living in tunisia, including americans, 650 kids there, 100 americans, and about noon time in that school, they were playing on the playground, relaxing and they were having fun and then the administrators got word that right across the street, what was going on at the u.s. embassy and they decided to send the kids home, a good thing, by 2:30, that entire school was ransaked and burnt out, it could have been a very tragic scene. thank goodness the americans there, including eczex- marines got the job done. >> alisyn: terrible, we are looking at the aftermath, thanks for the update. >> please be safe, very perilous assignment and, almost an american school taken out with
6:03 am
children. >> tucker: and the fact there is an american school there, tells you a lot about tunisia, it is not somalia or sudan, it is a pretty stable country. >> alisyn: look back at when president obama was candidate barack obama and how he had high hopes and obviously the voters did, as well, who voted for him, if he were elected president things with the arab world would change. people would embrace the u.s., more, because he, himself, had lived in an arab country when he was a teenager or an adolescent and remember what barack obama said in 2007. and listen: >> president barack obama: i truly believe the day i'm inaugurated, not only does the country look at itself differently but the world looks at america differently. if i'm reaching out to the muslim world, they understand that i've lived in a muslim country. i may be a christian, but, i also understand their point of view. i think that the world will have confidence that i am listening to them. and, that our future and our
6:04 am
security is tied up with our ability to work with other countries in the world. that will ultimately make us safer. and that is something that this administration has failed to understand. >> the american people will have to judge whether or not we're safer and whether the muslim world has more confidence in america or less after almost four years of president obama. but, when you start to look at the facts, in terms of what is going on, in the country, country buy country in northeast it is a disturbing picture. start with pakistan and usama bin laden had safe haven there for five years and now, the pakistani insurgent who helped america and the cia bring him to justice is in jail. at the same time, receiving 2-plus billion dollars, in aid, every year from the united states. >> alisyn: in case you need a remind of afghanistan, 2,000-plus u.s. troops have been killed in afghanistan. and of course the government, under president karzai has been uncooperative, at best, corrupt,
6:05 am
many say, and, of course, many afghans still openly support the taliban. >> tucker: iran, which of course the president was going to mollify, by having direct negotiations, with their leadership, continues to defy the united states and the world, by continuing its nuclear development, denying israel's right to exist and, in general, proving a menace on th stage. >> alisyn: and look at egypt. where all of this began on september 11th, with protests in front of the embassy, the muslim brotherhood, now controls the government, anti-american protests are common and we have been talking about how much aid they received, 1.6 billion a year. and, libya. >> libya, four americans dead including an ambassador, at least, two navy s.e.a.l.s and, the government that probably can't protect americans in the long run, you really wonder, you say with all of these promises and all the optimism and the hope and the challenge for the future, especially, in the relationship to what the president obama had said about the bush administration, and how
6:06 am
they had bolloxed foreign policy in the world and to see our foreign policy in such a disastrous date in september, is disturbing. >> tucker: looking at then candidate obama from the winter of '07 makes the case to sum it up, touch the help of my garment and you will be healed. that is not foreign policy. no. it is not, the president is one man in the oval office does not change the world's view or posture toward america. and it is somewhat more complicated. >> unfortunately, it has not. >> alisyn: yes, we have a lot more about this and to think about it, we'd love to hear your comments, you can find us all at twitter, and, we would like to read some of those later and we want to get to your headlines, a lot happening now, including this "fox news alert." afghan officials reporting four american troops were killed in an insider attack, by afghan police officers, overnight. the shooting happened at a remote checkpoint in southern afghanistan, at least 51 troops
6:07 am
have been killed, in insider attacks, this year alone. meanwhile, disturbing new details about the attacks on a nato base, that killed two marines, the taliban fighters, wore us army uniforms, and all but one insurgent was killed and the taliban said it was a revenge for the film mocking the muslim prophet mohammed and that is, of course, also around the middle east. a homegrown terrorist is nabbed. adele dowd was arrested after trying to set off a car bomb and he was a u.s. citizen and he was given a fake bomb and they were tipped off to his interest in terror plots by an e-mail account and is expected to be in federal court on monday. pope benedict xvi holds a mass in beirut for hundreds of thousands of people, the three-day visit to lebanon comes amid the anti-american protest
6:08 am
taking place in the region and during the address, pushed for peace, between christians and muslims and stressed a need for relanes tolerance and, also discussed the conflict in syria, calling syrians, who came to see him, he, quote, admires their courage and, this turned into a nightmare after a mother's son was sent home with the wrong person, and at the end of the day, the school insisted he get into the car with someone from a local daycare and instead of taking the bus home as he was supposed to and, his mom panicked when he didn't come home. >> i didn't know who she was and i didn't know the car and i was crying. and -- more my mom. >> the school... once they're at school they are out of your hands and you expect they'll do what they are supposed to do. >> alisyn: thank goodness he was safe and his mom called the school and at first they didn't know where he was and after checking their paperwork realized they sent him to the wrong place, and the school
6:09 am
apologized, to taylor's family but his mom plans to meet with the principal to find out how it could happen. those railroare your headlines. let's check in with rick reichmuth, how your weather ill be today. >> rick: we have rain coming in and good news, because of the drought going on, it has been across the central part of the country is the heaviest drought and because of isaac, a relief for missouri and illinois, because of that and there has been more rain the last week or so, and there is more on the way. look at what is going to happen, not necessarily missouri, but go farther east, tennessee and kentucky, maybe ohio as well over the next few days, they'll see 3-6 inches of rain, a big bull's-eye and that will help, again with the drought. which is great. now a little bit of rain across parts of the mid-atlantic, the heaviest is in across areas of texas and that is around the hill country, down toward the big bend and that will continue to fall, slightly move off
6:10 am
towards the east and that will be a big rain maker for much of the eastern seaboard, by tuesday, get ready for that and meanwhile, rain across parts of the the far northern plains which will drop temperatures, eventually part of a cold front, a potent one that will down across areas of the plains the next couple days and drop the temperatures, tomorrow, minneapolis, your temperatures drop 20° and the cold air will spread to the east coast along with the rain by tuesday. back to you. >> alisyn: thank you so much, rick. all the international tumult eclipsed our own presidential campaign that is going on, back here. but, the candidates are still hitting the trail and let's look at the latest poll numbers. this one, is the latest rasmussen poll, and rasmussen was the most accurate back in 2008 and this one, now, it contradicts, tucker, polls that have president obama in the lead and that one, with rasmussen has
6:11 am
romney in lead to. >> tucker: and it's an election not waged nationally, big states, big -- we know how california and new york will go, so 12 states we consider battleground states and, in ten out of 12 of those, the president has leads, some of which are narrow and some of which aren't. >> a lot within the margin of error. but not as pronounced as rasmussen's poll which had mo romney ahead. >> tucker: the question is, is this a hangover from the convention, at charlotte? is it part of the fabled bounce the incumbent received? or, is it not? and we have a ways to go, before the election. >> alisyn: so, congressman paul ryan has been hitting the stump and he's one -- at one of the battleground states in florida and is keeping the message on his strong suit, the economy and the budget. let's listen: >> and, just yesterday, we heard
6:12 am
that the federal reserve is coming up with a new bailout. this matters. so, the federal reserve is basically saying that we don't have a recovery, obama-nomics didn't work and now they are coming with their bailout. here is the problem: we don't need sugar-high economics. we don't need synthetic money creation. we need economic growth. we want health creation. we don't want to print money, we want opportunity and growth. and when they do this to our money it undermines the credibility of our money. >> alisyn: why do you think the message is playing better in battleground states? >> tucker: well i think it could. it is interesting. i have been on the road and i noticed the federal reserve stuff, you think people aren't paying attention be a don't k-- and don't know what the fed is and does and it goes off as a massive applause line and people are interested in monetary policy and it is a shock and
6:13 am
they should be, because it is inherently important and ryan is right on, it is sugar-my economics and we need a diet for the economy. >> alisyn: he always works on the fitness. >> tucker: and he sounds throaty. that man -- >> and he made a strong foreign policy point, saying if we project weakness they come, talking about or enemies, if we are strong our adversaries will not test us. >> alisyn: we'll keep you up on that. here's what is coming up, in the wake of the deadly attack on the u.s. embassy in libya and the anti-american protests in northeast, what u.s. military options should be on the table now? we'll ask an iraq and afghanistan war veteran, straight ahead. >> tucker: plus, if you find yourself going in public in your pajamas, maybe it isn't your fault. blame it on something they are calling, baby lag. >> alisyn: is that my problem? [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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>> alisyn: defense secretary leon panetta says the violence in northeast appears to be leveling off this morning. but in the wake of anti-american protests, and the deadly embassy attack in libya, what should our next military move be? >> tucker: joining us now with the answers, is the ceo of concerned veterans for america, and thanks for joining us, the obvious question in the wake of the horrors that took place last week is, how should the u.s. respond? and i mean, tactically on the ground. what should we do? >> i don't say this crassly, as a veteran who has seen war and understands what happens, people need to die. people responsible for this attack who killed our ambassador, who is our representative, in that country, this is clearly a coordinated attempt to challenge the united states. we need, whether special
6:18 am
operations, drones, whatever it is, the people who did this and are associated with it need to be killed and the world needs to know about it. we need to reassert our strength that this will not happen to americans and geopolitically i think we need to show we'll stand by our allies and, a great place to start there would be iran, making it clear, that they cannot push further into nuclear development and we're going to stand by the israelis if they needed to do what they need to do. >> alisyn: that sounds really effective but when you look at the map from today, of how many countries are inflamed right now with anti-american sentiment, do we have the military resources to quell all of this? >> it's not about quelling all of that. these protests that exist, that is a whole other question, you are not killing people for protest, we are talking about a direct attack that took american lives, that is where you need challenge and confront and pro tests are part of a larger problem, the administration, equivocated and rationalized and apologized and, there are people
6:19 am
in that part of the world who wish to do us harm, because we are americans, not this or last administration, our freedom is what they don't like and until we acknowledge that and our foreign policy does, we will exhibit weakness and weakness invites challenge. >> peter: in order to maintain a stronger defense, you need money and there are defense cuts looming as you know you know at the end of the year unless something is done, billions will be cut from pentagon budget, here's congressman, former colonel, alan west on those cuts. >> i cannot understate the amount of damage these cuts would do to our military. they would essentially hollow out our armed forces. what that means, we would have the smallest ground force since 1940, the smallest navy since 1915 and the smallest tactical fighter force, in the history of the modern united states air force. >> tucker: the smallest army since -- since before the second world war, and the smallest navy since before the first world war and we're still involved around the world, obviously in iraq and
6:20 am
afghanistan. could we continue our current commitments, at those levels, do you think? >> at some point it becomes difficult. i -- it is hard to add to what the good colonel said. these are across-the-board cuts, and, you can reform it, you do not need to chop it. this is on top of the $16 trillion in debt we're going to eventually have to pay back at some point. and, then you see series of things coming from washington, right now, that show we don't have our fiscal house in order, which, ultimately, our military is underpinned by a strong economy. and, if we are chopping our defense department, without reforming it, and, oh, by the way, what is the biggest driver of our debt and deficit, entitlement programs like medicare and medicaid and social security we have not actually been willing to reform. >> alisyn: pete, of concerned veterans for america, thanks for coming out. >> thank you. >> alisyn: mayor bloomberg is busted giving city staffers raises while others may be losing their jobs to close a budget gap.
6:21 am
>> peter: who thought scientist would find evidence that confirmed what is written in the bible, a world class geologist unlocking the mystery of noah's ark, coming up. ♪ [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8...
6:22 am
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6:24 am
♪ >> peter: the millennial generation, the story of noah's ark fascinated christians from across the globe, from the bible story to the 1928 disaster film that recreated the chaos hone big screen it comes as no surprise when asked about the origin of human life an overwhelming 78% of americans say, god played some part in our creation. but, creationists always clashed with scientists whose theorys threaten to disprove the legend
6:25 am
from the bible, until now, david montgomery, the author of "the rocks don't lie" a geologist investigate's noah's flood" and he is our guest this morning, good morning, how are you? >> fine, thank you, good morning, peter. >> peter: tell me about the rocks not lying. tell me about the rocks and noah's ark and what we can find out about where we come from, through a study of geology. >> well, the geologists, about 150 years ago, pretty conclusively put to rest the idea of a global flood. but as i started to look into the original of the world's flood stories including the story of noah's flood i found out there was a lot of truth at the root, geological roots of flood stories around the world including the story of noah's flood and there are two rational explanation rooted in ancient disasters in the middle east,
6:26 am
one could be the catastrophic filling of the black sea when the sea level rose at the end of the ice age and the mediterranean spilled into the black sea flooding a major valley that probably had early farming communities in it. >> peter: you say in your book and i read parts of the books, earlier, this morning and i'm read the entire book, because it is really interesting, whether you are interested in science or faith, or both, the earliest geologists, were religious folk. is that true? >> yes, it is true. most of the early geologists were drawn from the clergy. in fact the founding -- what we -- geologists revere as the grandfather of the science, nicholas speno was a catholic bishop who developed this is founding principles of the principles of geology and, applied them to interpreting the history of northern italy, viewed through the model of noah's flood. the idea of a global flood really shamed the first couple hundred years of geological investigations, and as
6:27 am
geologists kept finding evidence for a longer history of the world, and a more complicated history, than a creation and than a single flood but a lot of things happened ine the earth's history that were not mentioned in the bible and, you can point to christian theology as having shamed the development of geology and, geological discoveries, actually, then, influenced the development of christian theology, in later centuries. >> peter: david montgomery, author of "the rocks don't lie", for people of faith and of science, thank you for this illumination on this sunday morning to give us a lot to think about and to be hopeful for. thank you, professor. >> thank you, it was a pleasure. >> peter: a yard sale for re-election. wait until you hear the details on the obama campaign's latest fund-raising drive and it is coming to your garage. plus... 'tis the season.
6:28 am
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>> alisyn: welcome back, everybody, tucker have you heard of the creative ways that people are raising money to support president obama's campaign? >> tucker: giving blood, selling kidneys... panhandling -- >> alisyn: but, that one was real, that one was on the -- on the campaign web site. >> tucker: skip a meal. >> alisyn: skip a meal was not sanctioned by this obama campaign. and, this poor woman, said she'd skip a meal and use the money. >> peter: what, did she bring mcdonald's to the white house? what is going on? now, and obama campaign -- he wants you to sold a yard sale to raise money from his re-election. watch this: >> alisyn: watch this. >> control of our country is being snatched up by a small handful of powerful companies, and wealthy republicans. i will raise money to counter
6:33 am
theirs and i'll do it using this: (bell). >> wait, you will sell that old waffle iron? >> this is not just an old waffle iron, my friend. this... is a million waffle irons. >> alisyn: compelling, and, by the way, this is from an organization, called, yard sale for obama. not the campaign -- >> give up a medical check-up, you can give up school shoes for the children. >> tucker: i love that. >> peter: sneakers for the kids, you could give up... >> alisyn: from your head now. >> peter: give up your latte. this is sunday, going into worship, give up the offering, if there is a second collection, say, no, i can't help. i can't help there. with the soup kitchen, but, if you would rather give to the obama campaign, we can make negative ads and everything will be great. >> alisyn: people are trying to be creative.
6:34 am
>> peter: they certainly are. they are. >> tucker: if the campaign asks people to move to guyana and start an agricultural cooperative, would they do it? >> alisyn: what outrageous ones have you heard, on twitter. there you go. >> peter: the end ssend them in >> alisyn: and send cash, also, to us. >> peter: give up a meal. >> alisyn: meanwhile, your headlines, please: more than 350,000 children in chicago, may be back in school tomorrow. teachers union getting ready for a vote today on proposed agreement with the school board. they met yesterday, to hammer out details of the deal. the teachers union wants pay increases, that are resources, and changes to a new teacher evaluation system, educators, took to the streets yesterday, rallying for acceptable changes. new york city mayor michael bloomberg is in hot water after a daily news report found that nearly 50 city hall employees received raises of about 20%, last summer, and this despite a
6:35 am
budget gap, that could lead to layoffs of teachers, or police officers. a bloomberg spokesperson has said the reason for the increased pay of some workers, has they were doing more as a result of staffing cuts. you would think harvard students would be bright enough to change their answers, if they were cheating. well, think again. purportedly the 125 under grads caught collaborating on a take-home test were found out, because of typos and repeating the same phrases as one another and one of the dead give aways being an extra space after the comma in 22,500 and the school is investigating and the students could face charges, resulting in a one-year suspension. moms and dads, if you walk around in a zombie-like state you may be suffering from baby lag. studies find 3 out of 4 new parents are sleep deprived getting 4 hours a night, sometimes up to a week at a
6:36 am
time, and the so-called baby lag can lead to misation like, oh, putting milk in the washer and socks in the fridge and falling asleep in the shower. we asked you to share your baby lag moments with us, todd wrote, while watching my daughter i put neosporin on my toothbrush and it didn't end well and lindsay: the craziest thing i remember doing, after my daughter was born was putting a load of clean lun daundry in the kitchen tras can. i have been there, lindsey. we all have, thanks for sharing with us. let's go out to rick, who has done odd things himself. >> rick: yes. and i don't have any kids! a nice day, across the country, look at your temps as you are waking up, a little cooler across parts of the rockies and we have seen a warm-up across the plains, enjoy it now, because the temps are about to bottom out the next couple of days, here's your forecast for the day today and across the northeast, another spectacular day, if you liked yesterday, move the map forward, for me, if
6:37 am
you liked yesterday you will love today and tomorrow as well. nice temps into the 70s, for almost everybody with a lot of sunshine, and the rain doesn't move in until tuesday, so you have two more days to enjoy it. down across the southeast you are dealing with the rain showers, and, just kind of scattered around most of the southeast, florida, a little heavier at times and the heaviest of the rain will be across much of texas and east texas, eventually, a few thunderstorms along with that. into the northern plains, we have got another nice one, enjoy today. and, it will end and then, when you get to the west coast, it is looking good. i have no idea what is going on over here, but, tucker, i have to... >> tucker: all right, enjoy. >> rick: nice. there you go, guys. >> peter: it is that time again, sports fans, time to heat up the grill! and ice up the coolers! pack up the truck and it is
6:38 am
tailgating systems. items everyone should have for their tailgating parties. >> tucker: editor-in-chief of maxim, are here with fantastic tailgating accessories and i'm wearing one, i'm packing the 6-pack -- actually, 5-pack now. so, are these commercially available? >> yes. called the beer belt and -- >> are they legal. >> absolutely. instant 6 pack, are ready to go and, you want to keep them cool, we have great coolers from igloo and this is a stainless steel one and holds 85 cans, and, this is their collegiate edition which had 15 branded colleges and holds 90 cans and... >> peter: this is an opportunity for everyone in america to have a six-pack stomach. and we go with the grill. >> is this what you mean by ticks-pack abs. >> peter: the coleman road trip grill. >> right. this is awesome. so, it rolls very easy, and, here's the strick, it is a transformer.
6:39 am
boom. you are gone. it is fantastic and, we got one, cooking sausage. >> peter: make sure it isn't hot when you are doing that. >> let it cool off and it works as a nice baby carrier, i found. >> peter: no, no, no! >> tucker: what are you sitting in? >> peter: diana falzone. >> i'm on this nfl approved inflatable chair and i'm checking out my fantasy football team as well, on the samsung series 7 slate pc, that starts at $1299 and i can take pictures of all of you grilling and having fun with my titan-2 phone, that starts at $199. >> peter: diane, not included with the chair. >> well, it is negotiable. >> tucker: sell a lot of them. >> peter: what is this... sausages in the coleman grill. >> famous, usinger sausages, this is 93 years old, i wanted
6:40 am
you to have that. >> peter: i split it with tucker, half and half. >> branded with all your favorite college teams, heated up... >> peter: juicy! >> give yourself a nice brand. >> not approved. >> peter: and this wonderful tailgate party, we wind up with the game. >> the game and also, with the table. the great thing about this, these are called play-bles and look like tables but have a hole here you can fill with chips, or, it becomes a bean bag toss, and hooked up here, we have the ice racks, and you can play a little -- >> beer pong. thank you for making the best tailgate party. what do you think? tell us what is happening. >> alisyn: looks like a lot of fun, guys. bring me something. >> peter: we will. >> alisyn: thank you. coming up, americans killed, islamic flag hoisted over u.s.
6:41 am
embassies, the unrest in the middle east, goes on today. but, is president obama too apologetic for america? we'll talk to kirsten powers about that. plus, they are one of the hottest duos in country music and just got back from playing mitt romney's victory rally in ohio, meet the roys, next. ♪ hey. hey eddie. i brought your stuff. you don't have to do this. yes i do. i want you to keep this. it'd be weird. take care. you too. [ sighs ] so how did it go? he's upset. [ male announcer ] spend less time at gas stations. with best in class fuel economy. it's our most innovative altima ever. ♪
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sfliechl >> alisyn: breaking news, the "fox news alert," the president of libya just said this morning there is no do it that the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya was planned, and, that it was a criminal act. he said it had nothing to do with the video in his mind. meanwhile, president obama has come under scrutiny for not taking a tough enough stance
6:45 am
amid the turmoil in the middle east. >> peter: joining us now is fox news palestiniolitical analyst y beast columnist, kirsten powers. thanks for coming on. there has been a lot of drama between the administration and religious groups in the united states, over the past year, over questions like contraception, and whether it be covered by insurance. all of a sudden you hear the administration making a kind of curious case, that they are for religious freedom and that is why we ought to somehow sympathize with the people demonstrating in the middle east. do you notice the irony? >> well, it's not even just religious freedom, it is actually, it is utterly ep pre-hencible to say -- reprehensible to say something mean about someone's religion whis is fascinating for me to learn, when "the davinci code" was made, which had jesus having sex with mary magdalene and christians had burned down dan
6:46 am
brown's home, would the administration have said, you shouldn't have burnt the house down, but really it is wrong to say bad things about other people's religion. no, of course not, because nobody would say in the country it is okay to engage in an act of violence, because you insulted jesus, right? but that is essentially what they are doing in every, single statement they put out, they link the movie with the violence as if it is a justification or an explanation when we know, in fact that that is not even what caused -- and as you talked about, the libyan ambassador, simply, it was not what caused the violence in libya. >> alisyn: and it is interesting, isn't it, that is the news that is breaking at this hour, that the libyan president says that he has no doubt that this was a pre-planned, coordinated attack, he believes, from foreigners, we don't know if he is using that as political cover for himself but that flies in the face of what jay carney, the white house press secretary says where they had no doubt that it was a
6:47 am
reaction to the ridiculous youtube video. why did jay carney say that unequivocally? >> ambassador rice said the same thing on fox news sunday. it is unbelievable they should assert such a thing. it is common sense people don't show up to the american embassy on 9/11 with heavy weaponry, and, the idea that it wasn't planned is just so completely absurd. and, honestly, even these, you know, people also don't just happen to show up at the cairo embassy, on 9/11. we know that they were riled up. you know, everyone is blaming the filmmaker. without asking the question, i don't know if you have -- you guys watched the film but it is actually in english and had to be dubbed in arabic and had to be given to the imams and they had to tell people to defend their faith. so, how it somehow, the coptic christian's responsibility, who actually, as i understand it,
6:48 am
fled egypt because he was being persecuted, it is his responsibility these people have attacked american embassies, i mean, everything is completely upside-down. >> tucker: yet the coptic christian has been interviewed so far by the fbi and the local police and the white house leaned on google, which owns youtube to take the video down. >> outrageous. outrageous. absolutely outrageous. >> tucker: against the first amendment. >> exactly. the new found disrespect for religion on the left that i find really fascinating. and, that, you know, goes completely against first amendment rights and, i'm sure, tucker, you saw the picture of the guy being taken in by u.s. authorities, to be questioned or interviewed, i guess. and, you know, what is the crime? i understand he had another unrelated, you know, maybe criminal activity, he was on parole, but, that is not why he's being taken in. the fbi an hollywood reporter reported the fbi flew tout to california to find out -- to find the guy. i mean, why is the fbi doing this and why is the fbi not
6:49 am
using all the resources to figure out what happened in libya. >> tucker: exactly. >> alisyn: kirsten power, thanks for coming in with your perspective. nice to see you. a brother-sister duo hitting the country scene now, up next the roys perform a song from their new album. ♪ ♪ it hit me like a freight train ♪ ♪ straight out of the dark ♪ i didn't see it coming ♪ when you broke my heart... [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8...
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6:52 am
♪ >> peter: i've been waiting all morning for this, one of the hottest duos in country music, right now and they just got back from playing, at mitt romney's victory rally. in ohio, last friday. lee and elaine roy, the brother-sister tag team that
6:53 am
makes up the roys, and the new album, "new day dawning" is out. great to see you. >> great to be here, thank you. >> tell me about playing at the romney event. >> last four or five years, we have got to do a lot of those event and it has been great, playing for mitt and president bush as he left office and getting to do a lot of stuff for the troops, that's the thing. >> peter: do it for america now, you will play, still standing. the roys. do it. ♪ ♪ it hit me like a freight train ♪ ♪ state out of the dark ♪ i didn't see it coming ♪ when you broke my heart ♪ left me sad and lonely ♪ wondering what went wrong ♪ leaving me to question can i make it on my own ♪ ♪ now i'm here ♪ making new plans ♪ finding out just who i am
6:54 am
♪ swinging strong day after day ♪ ♪ i'm finding i'm still standing ♪ ♪ ♪ sometimes it feels just like my world is gonna end ♪ ♪ but i know if i hang on ♪ it is going to shine again ♪ these dark clouds and the rain i know they won't last ♪ ♪ someday i'll turn a corner and it will be in the past ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm here making new plans ♪ ♪ finding out just who i am ♪ swinging strong day after day ♪ ♪ i'm finding ♪ i'm still standing ♪ ♪
6:55 am
♪ slowly breaking free from these chains ♪ ♪ now i'm here making new plans ♪ ♪ finding out just who i am ♪ swinging strong day after day ♪ ♪ i'm finding... ♪ i'm here making plans ♪ finding out just who i am ♪ swinging strong day after day ♪ ♪ i'm finding... ♪ i'm still standing ♪ i'm still standing ♪...
6:56 am
[applause]. >> peter: "fox & friends" in two minutes. >> alisyn: great! [applause]
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> alisyn: we'll hear more from the roys in a minute but one last shoutout to operation smile. i had a chance to host a wonderful charity fund-raiser last night for the good folks at operation smile, that have really changed the quality of life for hundreds of thousands of kids, around the globe. how they help them get their smile back, go to and thank you to peter johnson, jr. and tucker carlson, jr. thanks for being on with me. >> peter: and high-fives, to the roys, "still standing" a great message for america. >> alisyn: we'll hear more in the "after the show" show. and what are you doing today. >> peter: eat more bratwurst. it is... >> tucker: it is like crack, i can't get enough. >> peter: and listen to the roys. >> alisyn: yes. >> peteran


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