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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 17, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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lots of lows. prove doubters wrong. congratulations to the fertile couple. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report" from newton, iowa, fair, balanced and always unafraid. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, tensions high and security tight at american embassies around the world. some diplomats now said to be destroying classified material just to be safe as anti-american protests rage. [shouting] >> shepard: the protests have now gone on for a week. angry demonstrators targeting u.s. con con salutes and embassies and now the leader of the hezbollah terror group getting in on the action. this teacher strike has left
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hundreds of children with no place to go. >> the mayor went to court. >> tonight, the labor showdown in chicago. the do not call registry was supposed to limit annoying telephone calls. >> press 89 now. >> shepard: now complaints are on the rise. tonight, is it a case of the do not call list that does not work? and the 87-year-old man who took a leap of faith with three our generations of his family first from fox this monday night, death threat for makers of islamic video. triggered backlash in 20 countries since it went viral last week. now the associated press is reporting a religious cleric in egypt has issued a fatwa, in essence a religious license
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to kill. in a statement posted on that militant web site, clerics said it is the duty of each muslim to kill anybody associated with the video. meantime, the protests continue. [shouting] today in beirut, lebanon knob the leader of the hezbollah terror group called people to keep demonstrating. the protests there appeared peaceful. the diplomats of the u.s. embassy have reportedly started classifying u.s. material as a precaution. tells the associated press there is no eminent threat to that embassy. however, in other areas the violence pressing right up against the gates. in pakistan, u.s. representatives say all americans at the embassy are okay. after protesters fought with police right outside. >> all of our personnel in pakistan are safe and accounted for. we did have protests that were relatively widespread around the country today. however, most of them have been dispersed peacefully.
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>> shepard: at one point police say hundreds of pakistanis broke through a barricade and made it to the consulate's out oar wall. cops and security forces fought back the demonstrators. medical official says one protester died in the fighting. many say they're angry over anti-islam video. it's frankly impossible to tell whether militants may be taking advantage of these demonstrations to try to spread chaos and unrest. "the fox report's" correspondent is live four new york newsroom. regardless of what is behind all of this, we are certainly seeing a lot of anti-american sentiment really all over that part of the world. >> spreading largely from the middle east to central asia which is where we saw the worst of the disturbances today. pakistan you just mentioned. also in afghanistan where several hundred protesters blocked one of the main roads outside of kabul, the capital. but again, shep, and this is something that is encouraging u.s. officials. it was local police who stepped in, drawing praise from nato commanders and eventually dispersing the crowd there.
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in terms of numbers today, the biggest protest we saw was in beirut, lebanon. tens of thousands reportedly on the streets there. but, again, this needs to be put in the context of the rally being called by the hezbollah leader hasan. whenever he calls his people on to the streets he tends to get those huge crowds. again, u.s. officials relieved that they appeared to make no attempt to move out of their southern beirut strong hold towards any u.s. interest today, shep. >> shepard: jonathan, at the same time we are seeing in the places where there was a lot of violence or at least loud protests last week against the u.s. seems to have calmed down today. >> that is what is making many officials hopeful that perhaps the worst has passed. you will remember cairo obviously last tuesday a huge demonstration against the embassy there. but look at it today. it was very quiet on the road leading down towards the united states embassy. and as you can see there in tahrir square. remember, we were all somewhat
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surprised on friday, the traditional day of protestesting in cairo rather than a huge mob after friday prayers, there were those smaller numbers toward the u.s. embassy. remember back in 2006, the muslim demonstrations that occurred after those danish magazines published caricatures of the prophet mohammed. they fled violently for several days. spread geographically and fairly quicked burned themselves out. it is only a hope the same pattern may be playing out now. >> shepard: fox news team in egypt has spoken one of the men who claims he helped organize the protest he u.s. embassy in cairo. his brother happens to be the al qaeda boss ayman al zawahiri. we will have details from that story. first, the state department is standing by its claim that the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya was spontaneous
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reaction to protests in cairo over that anti--muslim video. libya's interim president and some american lawmakers say it looks to them more like a preplanned terror attack. here is what the u.s. ambassador to the united nations told chris wallace on "fox news sunday" yesterday about what happened in benghazi. >> people gathered outside the embassy and then it grew very violent. those with extremist ties joined the fray. and came with heavy weapons which, unfortunately, are quiet common in post revolution nay libya and that then spun out of control. but we don't see, at this point, signs that this was a coordinated planned premeditated attack. >> the attack did kill the u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. tonight there is word ambassador stevens was still breathing in a group of libyans found him inside that consulate. witnesses tell the associated press that the men drove him to a hospital and that he died there catherine herridge is live in our d.c. newsroom working this story tonight. catherine, back to this debate about what was going on.
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it's my understanding that you have information that leads us to believe that there was no protesting happening before this murder happened. >> well, that's right, shep. intelligence source on the ground in libya tells fox news that there was no significant or sizeable demonstration when the attacks unfolded sometime after 9:00 p.m. in benghazi on 9/11. quote: there was no protest and the attacks were not spontaneous the source said. the libya attack was planned and had nothing to do with the movie. u.s. officials did not dispute the account but emphasizing a small demonstration at the consulate earlier in the day. this nighttime video shot on the 11th by the reuters news service does not show a large crowd rather it describes, quote, unknown exrebels guarding the entrance to the consulate. as to how many demonstrated small to the actual attack on the evening officials said that was part of the investigation, shep. >> shepard: what's the bottom line here, catherine. >> u.s. intelligence official tells fox tonight large group gathered outside at 10:00.
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still assessing whether they were armed militants or demonstrators. this official for now is defending the statement of ambassador rice, quote: while everything is still under investigation, the available information suggests the protests in cairo inspired what the attackers decide to do later that night in benghazi. right now this points to a plan that was hatched opportunistically that day. the chairman of the house intelligence committee telling fox: there is clearly a difference of opinion. >> i and others and some folks s in d.o.d. look at and it come to a different conclusion that it had to be coordinated. lots of command and control. indirect fire, direct fire. there was even a stop for some period of time in the fighting and then it was reengaged at another location around the consulate. >> even before the attack, fox news was told that the the cia assessed the security situation in eastern libya was deteriorating based on four attacks beginning in june on diplomatic and western targets in bebb gaze. what we don't know today is
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whether security changed at all in response to that assessment by the cia, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge live in washington. israel's prime minister says the united states is running out of time to get tough on iran. even as an iranian official vows to destroy israel if the west attacks. the prime minister netanyahu -- i should say iran could be just months away from building nuclear weapons. is he calling for the white house to set so-called red lines or specific limits on how far iran can go before it risks military intervention. president obama has said that he is leaving all options on the table. so far he has not set an ultd mate tim. judith miller broke down that disconnect today on "studio b." >> ultimately the disagreement is over whether or not iran is going to take that step and actually develop a bomb. the americans say we have to wait until that happens. the israelis say that's too late for us. you cannot square this circle. >> today iran's nuclear chief said that tears have
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infiltrated the u.n.'s nuclear watchdog. he said they are trying to sabotage the nuclear program. if the west attacks and i quote there will be nothing left of israel. well, officials at louisiana state university ordered thousands upon thousands of students and teachers and other staffers to leave campus today after somebody called in a bomb threat. at last check, lsu police were still searching buildings on campus for possible explosives. this the latest in a series of explosives there were some 30,000 people on campus at the time. last week schools in ohio, louisiana, texas and north dakota were evacuated after the threats. >> we are watching a fight between union leaders and the city of chicago with hundreds of thousands of children caught right in the middle. over the weekend signs of possible progress in the possible teacher strike there no resolution yet. coming up, we will go live to the windy city to see what's holding up the agreement and
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what needs to happen before kids can get back to school. that's ahead from the journalists of fox news on this monday fox report.
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>> shepard: the mayor of chicago, rahm image is getting tough with striking teachers now. he went to court to try to force the 30,000 educators and staffers to get back to work. they have been on strike since last week leaving almost 400,000 school children with no place to go. over othe weekend we had reports the tenellive agreement that could have students back in class by today. clearly that didn't happen. steve brown is our chicago-based correspondent. is he live there this evening to see what's the hold-up? >> well, the union says it needs a little bit more time to digest the offer that was on the table. keep in mind the deal was put together in concept on friday. into contract language in marathon legal sessions over the weekend to have it ready for the congress of the union which is called the house of delegates which after reading it wanted to walk it back to its members and they made it clear that they would not be going back to work until this
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deal was completely worked out. >> so our house just met and they decided that they would like the opportunity to exercise their democratic process and to take the tentative agreement that we have come to, that is still not quite finished in terms of language. they would like to go back to their schools to their members, have discussions with them. we will reconvene here on tuesday. >> that would be tomorrow. so so far for the union it's not yes but it's not no either. shep? >> shepard: how long until the judge rules on the request to make the teachers go back to school? >> a hearing on this requested injunction by mayor image and his city attorneys comes up on wednesday. essentially their argument is two-fold. one, that the students here are in need -- pardon, that the strike is illegal over noneconomic issues. so, therefore, illegal by state law and that there is a
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clear and present danger to students by not being in school and being fed through the school lunch program. image said sunday night, quote: while the union works through remaining issues there is no reason why the children of chicago should not be back in the classroom. but the teachers have a chron temporary view. as a matter of fact, by pursuing the injunction, image is southward a soured a relationship between he and the union while still there is a deal on the table. the union will meet tomorrow. the injunction will be weighed on wednesday. shep? >> shepard: steve brown in chicago tonight. steve, thanks very much. police here in new york city say they arrested more than 100 people today as protesters marked one year since the beginning of occupy wall street. whose street? our street. >> cops fought to keep demonstrators from blocking traffic in lower manhattan. that's where the occupy protest started last september before they spread to dozens of cities across the nation and around the world. today about a thousand people
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joined the new york city rally just a fraction of the crowd we saw last year. protesters also plan rallies tonight in other cities. organizers are fighting what they call corporate greed and the unfair distribution of wealth. the u.s. coast guard has begun searching for a cruise ship passenger who went overboard and plunged right into the atlantic ocean. royal ribbian reports a 21-year-old woman apatiently fell off the sheep -- apparently fell off the ship yesterday on a seven night cruise to the caribbean. security cameras caught the fall. now coast guard planes and helicopters and boats are searching hundreds of square miles for the passenger. at last report they haven't been able to find her. president obama is back in one of the biggest battle ground states on the whole map today. but governor mitt romney is in a state that has almost no hope of a win for him. we'll explain why. plus, the iphone 5 is making history and sending apple's stock to a brand new high. that was one of the few bright
4:18 pm
spots on wall street. people are lining up to get the new ipad on friday. lining up in new york city already. some customers may have to wait even longer. hang on.
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>> shepard: well, the president says is he taking on china to help workers here in the united states. governor mitt romney is calling it a political move that doesn't go far enough. the president says the chinese are using illegal subsidies to boost their exports of cars and car parts giving them unfair advantage over car companies. at a campaign rally in cincinnati the president says his organization is asking the world trade organization to crack down on china. ohio is obviously a key battleground state. more than 50,000 auto parts workers live there. >> these are subsidies that
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directly harm working men and women on the assembly lines in ohio and michigan and across the midwest. we are going to stop it. it is not right. it is gips the rules and we will not let it stand. >> shepard: governor romney didn't let that stand either. he responded saying president obama has spent 43 months failing to confront china's unfair trade practices. campaign season trade cases may sound good on the stump it is too little too late for the businesses and middle class families. carl cammeron is traveling with camp romney in los angeles this afternoon. carl, the governor made a pitch to latino voters out there today. how did that go? >> well, shep, california is not exactly a state that california has much hope of winning. latino vote is tilted toward president obama. mitt romney aggressively and with a fairly cordial reception to latinos today wept after president obama making the point as a candidate then senator obama made all sort of promises to
4:23 pm
make immigration reform a priority. in romney's assessment of things today before the latino audience the hispanic's chamber of commerce 33rd convention he said those are promises barack obama didn't even keep. watch. >> the president never even offered up a bill. like some issues confronting our nation, when it comes to immigration, politics have been put ahead of people for far too long. >> obama campaign responded saying president obama for the last three 1/2 years fought to get the dream act passed and republic opposition made it impossible, in their view, shep? >> shepard: 50 days to go now carl until the election. carl he says he plans on giving us more detail in his speeches, right? >> it's tacit admission that the he didn't get much of a bounce and the president did get one. they need to restore momentum. what the romney campaign is saying the poll suggests that romney has a plan to right the economy but they haven't heard a lot about it.
4:24 pm
they would like to hear more. campaign aides held a conference what they will hear from romney in the weeks ahead is the emphasis of the very nature of 5-point plan. he would block grant medicaid back to the states hold its growth to 1% more than inflation. greater dethat i will than the kind of stuff he has given out on the campaign trail in the past meant to asswage conservatives thinking there hasn't been enough talk of romney to give too muchpport onn barack obama. now they will give folks what they want more specifics, shep? >> shepard: carl cammeron live in los angeles. carl, thanks. reverend jesse jackson secured the release of two african-americans in the gam bea convicted of subversive crimes against the gambian government. tennessee professor serving a life sentence for printing
4:25 pm
shirts with the end end dictatorship now. the other a gulf war vet serving 20 years for driving to the border with a man suspected of trying to overthrow the gam biaan president. >> allowed them based on mercy even though they had been convicted on condition that i take them with me my delegates at the u.s. department of state process their passport which they have agreed to do. >> shepard: the president of ganbia said he would temple rarely halt executions in the nation. 3 dozen are on death row right now and firing squads were said to have been ready to execute them at any moment. fox news has learned that last week's deadly assault at a military base in afghanistan destroyed a record number of u.s. attack jets in the dick indicated long war. volunteers say thank you to a u.s. marine with home
4:26 pm
renovations worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on fox report. [ female announcer ] our wells fargo bankers are here to listen, offer guidance and provide you with options tailored to your business. we've loaned more money to small businesses than any other bank for ten years running. so come talk to us to see how we can help. wells fargo. together we'll go far.
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time for the top of the news. we are hearing from one man who apparently helped incite last week's riot at the u.s. embassy in cairo. one of the first in a wave of protest across the east africa and asia. his name is al-zawahiri. said to be outside the embassy as demonstrators tore down the american flag there last tuesday. his brother is the al qaeda leader ayman al zawahiri. the same man who investigators areleased a video last week in which he urged supporters to avenge the death of one of his deputies. leland vittert is live in choir row. leland? >> what is most interesting about, this shepard, from our interview we have learned that
4:31 pm
mohammed al-zawahiri who incited, this the very first protest of this wave of anti-american violence has never watched the movie that supposedly everyone in the arab world is so angry about. mohammed al-zawahiri said that watching it would simply make him more angry and that the crowd that was here didn't see much of it either. however, he says thee protests are going to continue until the people who made the video receive punishment. he wants them tried under sharia law which could lead to their execution. and everyone has been talking about the fact that these protests in cairo started on 9/11. according to the man who organized it, that didn't have anything to do with it? >> it has nothing to do with the [inaudible] insulting 1.5 billion muslims around the world and prophet mohammed. >> how you can call for a protest about a movie that you haven't seen? >> i read about the movie. it's about the title.
4:32 pm
if the egyptian people show this movie the protests would explode. now in lebanon today these protests continue. the leader of hezbollah came out of the bunker for a very rare public appearance and what is particularly interesting about, this hezbollah which is a she a muslim organization and the jihadis here in egypt are a sunni organization. it's very rare for the sunnies and the shias to agree on anything. when they do shepard, the extremists in both organizations can unite for an explosive combination. back to you. >> shepard: leland vittert in choir row. we now know a colonel was among the two marines who died on the assault on the base in southern afghanistan. the attack also led to the biggest loss of united states military aircraft craft since the war began more than a decade ago. the taliban have claimed credit for the siege at camp bastion which is right near camp leatherneck. bastion more british troops.
4:33 pm
they share the base with the british forces. they say on friday night insurgents targeted a fleet of multi--million-dollar attack jets using rifles and rocket-propelled grenades. broke into the place and went on a rampage. ultimately destroyed 8 aircraft and hangers and refueling stations. here is a still image of the video apparently showing the aftermath of the deadly attack. taliban media group released the footage. fox news does not air propaganda video. tells "new york times" the pentagon does not underestimate the taliban's strength when it comes to these attacks saying and i quote we know the enemy has limited capability to do these but they are not a whole bunch of yocals running around the country. connor live in afghanistan. connor? >> it has been a difficult few days for the u.s. military over the last four or five days. the attack on camp bastion, camp leatherneck on friday night was a massive security breach. the taliban aren't supposed to
4:34 pm
get that close to a u.s. base let alone get inside. but according to u.s. officials nearly 20 taliban fighters managed to get inside the inner perimeter. once inside they launched an attack with a.k.'s. grenades and of mortars. they destroyed six hairier jets. these are expensive jets tune of $200 million in total. as you said that is the single largest loss of airplane or aircraft in one day in decades. now, this attack, the military is trying to figure out how this happened. it is proof that the tall badge are capable of launching extremely foe sis if i indicated attacks. now also today nato had to apologize for an air strike that killed 8 afghan civilians including some insurgents. but civilian casualties here are a big big source of irritation for the afghan government and for the afghan people. they have done more than anything else to erode support for the war here by the afghan people. afghans get very upset by. this the taliban kill far more
4:35 pm
civilians than the u.s. military does. when the u.s. military does it, they are held to a much higher standard by the afghan government. the other big problem facing the u.s. military here are insider attacks over the weekend. six u.s. and british troops were killed. two british troops on saturday, four american soldiers on sunday were killed. insider attacks continue to wreak havoc on the overall mission here. now getting word that the u.s. military are limiting joint operations with afghan and american troops. >> shepard: conor powell in afghanistan. syrian war planes reportedly firing into lebanese territory one of the more serious border uprisings. planes fired four missiles hit a remote area of a lebanese border town. so far no reports of anybody killed. [machine gunfire] >> meanwhile, human rights watch syrian rebels are
4:36 pm
committing war crimes, torturing detainees and executing at least a dozen of them. the united nations reports growing number of outsiders including jihadis are now getting involved in the syrian conflict. activists say the country's civil war has led to the death of more than 23,000 people if are fed up with telemarketers hounding you with low iryour interest rates or whatever, you are not the only one. complaints over the so-called robo calls coming up. plus, another tabloid has published topless photos or i should say photos of prince william's wife kate topless. even after the royal family sued and called all , details are ahead. [ engine revving ]
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well, that's what trade architect's heat maps do. they make you a trading assassin. trade architect. td ameritrade's empowering web-based trading platform. trade commission-free for 60 days, and we'll throw in up to $600 when you open an account. >> shepard: seems all that excitement investors had last week has worn off after the fed action. the dow fell 40. nasdaq and s&p both down 5. last week the indies cease
4:40 pm
were all closing in on prerecession highs are a the fed announced plans to buy up $40 billion in mortgage debt every month. meantime apple stock hit a brand new high today. look at that closing just shy of 700 bucks a share. apple was already the world's most valuable company. look how high its stock climbed in the past year alone. today's jump came on news that preorders for the iphone 5 topped 2 million in just the few hours. more passenger planes were delayed on tarmacs than the previous 8 months combined. 28 planes stranded for more than three hours. keep in mind summer storms contributed no doubt to at least half those delays. carriers can face fines of up to 27,000 bucks per passenger for such long delays. united airlines was the worst for on time performance u.s. airways. feds say complaints about
4:41 pm
unwanted calls from telemarketers and the like have more than tripled in the past couple of years. fewer telemarketers are checking that do not call list. some companies simply don't follow the rules. here listen. >> the do not call list works for companies who agree to abide by it ethical companies. not going it effect somebody who set up a call shop in the south pacific wants to sell you credit card stuff. >> the ftc says the registry has been effective. peter barnes live in our washington newsroom. peter, she's calls seem to be getting more frequent. >> that's right, shep. because of technology for one thing including more scams and maybe some enforcement issues and exemptions now the ftc says the number of general complaints about telemarketing calls rose to 182,000 earlier this year. more than double the amount in october of 2010. but separately, over the same period, the number of complaints about robo calls with those prerecord messages more than tripled.
4:42 pm
one consumer advocate joe wright out of consumer action says for every customer that actually takes the time to file the complaint there are dozens who do not. one problem might be that the number of telemarketers that register with the ftc has fallen by nearly half since 2007. for robo calls specifically auto dial technology has made it cheaper to call from that pacific island and easier, especially for scam artists right out of consumer action is calling for more enforcement by the ftc to cry to curb all of this. political and charity robo calls are exempt from the rules, shep. >> shepard: what about federal trade commission. anything from them? >> the ftc thinks the doll listt telemarketing but acknowledges technology is making it harder to police the robo calls. it says it is going after telemarketers for violations. so far filing 86 lawsuits that have generated $69 million in
4:43 pm
civil penalties and restitution for consumers. shep? >> shepard: peter barnes on capitol hill tonight. peter, thank you. a former green beret who is serving three life sentences for the murder of his pregnant wife and two children was today back in court after more than three decades in prison. his name is jeffrey mcdonald. he has always maintained he is innocent. now he is trying to get a new trial based on d.n.a. and other evidence. this case was the basis of a book and a tv movie called fatal vision. drunked up hippies were to blame. some question whether he got a fair trial. a sworn affidavit from deceased u.s. marshall who apparently claimed he heard a prosecutor threaten a woman who said she witnessed somebody else commit the crime. the hearing could last up to two weeks. neighbors say a pilot on his first solo flight when he crashed into some power lines and reportedly died on impact. that tops our news across america.
4:44 pm
one witness says he watched the ultra light plane drop out of site sight before the crash. >> a few minutes later i heard two banks. i told a friend of mine i hope to god he didn't hit the power lines. >> but he. >> happened just short of a runway. plane stuck in the lines for several hours before crews got it down to the ground. colorado, police say an 11-year-old boy was sitting on his porch east of denver when an out-of-control car came barreling toward himmed boy's dad pushed him out of the way just in time as the driver slammed into the side of the house. nobody seriously hurt. california. >> come cow. come cow. >> shepard: this breeder outside of sacramento offering a reward for the return of his 8 stolen crews. the miniature cattle are rare and valuable. he said he doubts the thieves knew what they were taking. he says only one other farm in the world breeds the historic
4:45 pm
mini cows. new mom recovering after giving birth new concord. she was heading to the hospital when it became clear she was not going to make it? >> you are scared, you are excited. you are worried, you are happy. mom says she can't wait to tell her daughter the story one day and that's a fox watch across america. got worse for william's wife kate. gossip magazine has published 26 pages of photos that show her topless. french magazine published 14 photos of the dutches of cambridge. former italian prime minister silvio berlusconi. took the long distant snapshot while the royal couple was expecting privacy on a completely private beach. we are expecting a french court to decide tomorrow whether to order an injunction
4:46 pm
that would prevent additional publications of the photo. lawyers for the royals also all reportedly set to file a complaint against that if i can photographer. it's one thing when a partially blind man wants to go sky diving on his birthday. something else entirely when he is 87 years old. his story is up next. plus, do you see that crazy giants buccaneers game yesterday. super eli manning. more importantly the last play when eli tried to take a knee. that wasn't prettiy, was t in the buccaneers are defending this thing. the defense jumped over the line, knocked him to the ground. the giants head coach was furious over the whole thing. is this a new trend? a little football. lifestyle coming up.
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>> an 87-year-old man washington state got his birthday wish when he took his family sky diving. the whole family. monty montgomery's daughter, grandson and great granddaughter joined him, four generations in all. actually his second jump. i thought it would be a lot better off if i would have had my family with me. make me feel a lot better. can't say i never gave him any. >> lost most of his eyesight. he could actually feel himself falling and it was exsilver exhill ler rating. >> he made his first jump, shep when he was 80 years old. when he finally found his long lost daughter he told her about the jump and she said some day she would like to go too. then he met his 39-year-old grandson who also said that he would some day like to jump. a few years later at the
4:51 pm
finally made the reservation and there was room for one more. listen. >> and i said welt, -- well, heck, we might as well make a fourth generation. i asked one of my great granddaughter and, man, you could hear her screaming and hollering all the way to the wanatche. >> they might some day jump with five generations because a great great grand baby is due in the spring. shep? >> shepard: you know, it's my understanding a few years ago he didn't even know he had such a big family. >> no. he got divorced when his daughter donna was just 6 years old. the last time he saw her she was 12 years old. and then for 40 years he was alone. he had no family what sorry. when the doctor told him several years ago that he was going blind, he thought that would be his biggest life changer, and then one day the phone rang. listen. >> the phone rang and i picked it up and answered. said this is donna. and i said yeah.
4:52 pm
donna who? she said your daughter. i almost dropped the phone after 40 years. it was a wonderful feeling. >> yep, he said i went from no family to a whole bunch of family. by the way next on monty montgomery's list bunji jumping. no word if the family plans to jump along with him, shep. >> shepard: trace gallagher in l.a. trace, thanks. the three-man crew of a russian space capsule landed firmly in central kazakhstan, enter your joke here. trio included one american astronaut and two russians. they just spent 123 days orbiting earth after docking at the international space station. touched down slightly and rolled on its side. another crew set to leave for the space station next next month. the only way for them to get to the space station since nasa decommissioned its fleet
4:53 pm
last year. sunday afternoon football ended with some controversy yesterday. tom coughlin got into it with the tampa bay bucks coach. it happened just after the final play between the two teams. and here's why. can you seat at the end of the game they had won the thing. but the bucks bulldozed the middle of the giants' offensive line. knocking down quarterback eli manning. eli called t a bit of a cheap shot. but tampa's coach says his team fights until the game is over. and that there is nothing dirty about it. yeah? big blue won the game 41-34. i'm guessing people will approach the end of the game against those buccaneers differently for the rest of the year. it's barely a day old and no bigger than a stick of butter. no. this has nothing to do with skiano. already this baby panda is big
4:54 pm
enough to bring the internet to a crawl. meet the national zoo's new arrival. that's coming up. while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis sympto. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. celebrex can be taken with or without food. and it's not a narcotic. you and your doctor should balance the benets with theisks. all prescription nsaids, like celebrex, ibuprofen, naproxen, and meloxicam have the same cardiovascular warning. they all may increase the chance of heart attack or stroke, which can lead to death. this chance increases if you have heart disease risk factors suh as high blood pressure or when nsaids are taken for long periods.
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plus you can use four times less. charmin ultra soft. >> shepard: we'll hear a lot over the next 50 days from the pundits about who is going to win the presidential election. as we all know there is only one sure fire way to find out. cookies. yes, a bakery in cincinnati is selling cookies with pictures of president obama and governor romney. the owners say they plan to make about 6,000 a week and track whichever cookie sounds best. how accurate could the cookie poll be. back in 2008 the bakery sold more of candidate obama cookies. he made it to the oval office. so there you go. that's on oously an absolute. as stupid as can be. the national zoo in d.c. celebrating the birth of a brand new panda club. >> the sound of a cub confirming its arrival. scientists say it's hairless and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. per chinese tradition the
4:58 pm
officials will not name the thing until it's 100 days old. scientists had given up on the momma panda's chances of conceiving. last night she gave birth for the first time since 2005. only three other zoos in the u.s. have pan does. before we go our team's top five things of the day. number five the mayor of chicago rahm image went to court to try to force striking teachers to get back to work. a judge won't hold a hearing until wednesday. number four, police in new york say they arrested more than 100 people as protesters marked one year of occupy wall street. the demonstrations much smaller this time around. number three, the hezbollah chief half -- hasan -- number two egyptian al qaeda with al qaeda ties religious fatwa or order to kill. the white house says president obama called u.s. officials at
4:59 pm
diplomatic posts in north africa and the middle east to reassure them their safety is the government's top priority. that's "the fox report's" top five. on this day in 1862 a turning point in the u.s. civil war when the north and the south fought one of the bloodiest one day battles every on american soil. the two armies went head to head 60 miles outside of washington, d.c. the confederate general robert e. lee advanced it into territory. northern troops were there to meet him. soon after dawn, battle plans for both sides fell apart leaving to a brutal fight at very close range. by sun set that same day, more than 23,000 union and confederate soldiers were dead miss wounded or missing. general lee and remaining men retreated to virginia. [gunfire] >> this morning, civil war


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