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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 18, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> thanks, jed jedediah. very special thanks to imogen lloyd webber. that does it for me. i'm tv's andy levy. i will see you next time. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. [shouting] [chanting] >> bill: muslims hate us but why are they so angry? is there anything the u.s.a. can do about it? we will have a special report. >> bill o'reilly, does he have the style he needs. >> you are putting me on o'reilly? he he doesn't like stuff like this. girls like us. >> he sent me here. >> o'reilly? i don't think so. >> bill: in the face of a dismal economy, new york city throws a big fashion week
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exposition. was it over the top? jesse watters will tell us. >> do you eat at all? what do you feed yourself with? >> nothing. >> stewart is back. it's inexplicable but he is here. you are back on the factor. >> hi, john, great to see you. >> bill: what? you want me to be a phony? >> bill: big announcement about me your humble correspondent and my pal jon stewart. we will be doing something that may effect the presidential election. >> you love me because you know we are the same people. hmmmm. >> caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. do most american voters really understand what's at stake in the presidential election that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo.
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and the answer is no. many do not understand what's at stake. i'm not being condescending and not being ideological. the issues are very complex. here are three vital ones. first, the economy is terrible. but it's not just unemployment and low wages. the staggering amount of debt. president obama rolled the dice believing that record government spending in peace time would lead to job creation. no matter what the prop begannists tell you that has not happened. the nation's debt has increased more than $5 trillion and what do we have to show for that? what? if the feds continue spending at this rate, the u.s. dollar will collapse. confidence in our dollar must see evaporate. stop the massive borrowing at $3.5 billion a day, a day. vital issue number 2. muslims. president obama is using a soft power approach with the muslim world and was worth trying. he did everything he could to
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convince muslims that americans are not their enemy. sadly he has not convinced them. millions of muslims continue to hate the u.s.a. as the recent muslim assaults on america prove. even in the fails of that, the obama administration doesn't want to change course. here is what u.n. ambassador susan rice said about the assassination of the american ambassador to libya. what our assessment is as of the president is in fact what began spontaneously in benghazi as a reaction to what had transpired some hours earlier in cairo. >> spontaneously. that is not what intelligence agencies are saying. even the president of libya sees it differently. specific date for this so-called demonstration. i think we have no -- this leaves us with no doubt that this is preplanned. >> all right. the date, of course,
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september 11th. once again the obama administration seems befuddled by muslim violence which is growing. afghanistan now in peril. iran spitting in the eye of america and al qaeda reconstituting in places like yemen. again, the soft power approach hasn't worked. in fact, mr. obama's greatest success is are the grown missile attacks. they ever demonstration of hard power. vital issue number three. gas prices through the roof and the nation has no coherent energy policy. if israel decides to attack iran, gas prices might go to 7 bucks a gallon. mr. obama is well intention ited in wanting alternative fuels. his intention to the fossil fuel industry has put working americans in a very bad place. wait until you see your heating bill. there you have it. three vital issues all voters should understand. in fact, i feel so strongly about this that i'm teaming up with my pal jon stewart to do a 90-minute debate on those and other vital issues. it will be streamed on the internet on october 6th.
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details later on in the broadcast. and that's the memo. now for the top story. tonight. why do so many millions of muslims hate the u.s.a.? joining us now from portland, oregon. harrah is a far. national spokesperson for the muslim community. and here in the studio, manji author of the new book, alla, liberty and love. all right, if you had to point to one thing that makes some muslims hate the u.s.a. it would be? >> hypocrisy over democracy. while america, the government now, preaches democracy, it has propped up aauthoritarian leaders and also overthrown democratically elected ones. >> where do we overthrow? i know you are talking about mubarak and egypt propping up. >> a lot of muslims are still rankled by the overthrow a generation ago. when you combine that with what kids are learning about
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america on university campuses, about what has happened with america? the south america, the propping up of those dictators as well, you get this big bundle foments in the united states and you know that i believe that that is a very ideologically lopsided narrative. >> it doesn't make my sense logically. >> we're not talking about logic we are talking about emotion. >> germany and japan did awful terrible things, right? >> yes. >> do i hate russians and germans and the jandz? no, i don't. that doesn't make that kind of sense where these people want to kill you and hurt you what do you think it is mr. jabar. >> what we have seen since the 1950s as she was alluding, to since then there have been many crisis in the middle east which involve national
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resources such as oil. we have sided with the dictators and kicks and disregarding the people, the differences we weren't affected as the a people by the russians. we disregarded a people who are being oppressed by those regimes and people remember that, the problem becomes that the current relationship -- using that to rile up against us. which when isolated incidents happen like this childish yes provocative and vial him come out. when things like that happen they will use it as a ruse to rile up people. >> causes people to assassinate ambassador and storm embassies and kill people. that's just irrational. if allah and prophet mohammed if they condone murder because of a stupid film then you have a real problem inherent in your religion.
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let me gretchen carlson get back to you. both you and mr. zafar are americans, correct? >> i'm a canadian citizen but i live and work in new york. >> there is a reason why you live in new york and reason why live in portland, eager, this country industry a free country and we 300 million people. we're not the devil. the muslim americans who live here if they wanted to they could go back to saudi arabia or wherever they wanted to go. they ain't going. they are staying. all right? this is irrational. it's irrational on the level of millions and millions of people. you would never have this in great britain, in france even in brazil. you would never have this kind of conduct. so then i go back to my original question. what is it about islam that makes these people have such hatred? >> yeah. you know, bill, i have been the hardest of anybody on fellow muslims.
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trouble with islam today. this new book is all about young muslims striving to reconcile it faith and freedom. i never deny there is a problem with the way we muslims are practicing islam. having said that i have to tell you i don't think i know what's going on in the middle east and africa is about islam. it's about so much beyond religion including. >> bill: they use their religion as an excuse. >> that's right. there you go. >> bill: to do it it what i'm taking so much strength from, despite all of the images of violence, we are also now seeing images of moderate muslims. >> not many. >> visiblably so making themselves as target. we love you, newark. you have to give them credit though, pig. >> push to give credit. all bad news before:i'm
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interested in a culture in pakistan in afghanistan and in iran and in egypt and indonesia anded in anded in thee glan zafar come on it's an out-of-control culture at this point. i will give you the last word, sir. >> absolutely. the only thing i take contention with is to imply any implication on allah or the prophet mohammed. the fact that we have seen many examples in the life of prophet mohammed. he calmed his own people counsel from taking ageneral general's. >> clerics are not teaching that? >> not my clericking. most vocal. >> you know what i'm talking about they are not teaching that. >> coon item and denounced. all of them should be quicker at denouncing. >> this is crazy.
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next on the run down blitz human how the muslim violence could influence the upcoming could influence the upcoming to presidential election. [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar
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born online, raised by technology, and majors in efficiency. so whatever they save, you save. hassle, time, paperwork, hair-tearing-out, and yes, especially dollars. esurance. insurance for the modern world. click or call. >> bill: continuing with lead story why some muslims hate us. is there anything we can do about that? joining us from washington chief political correspondent
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brit hume. now let's get this back into the u.s.a. we have my analysis that the president obama's soft power approach, you wouldn't disagree with that, would you? the soft power approach toward the muslim world in general. not toward al qaeda or terrorists. they are getting it with the drones but toward the established governments he has used soft power, correct? >> correct. >> it hasn't worked recollected would you agree with that. >> i think it's an argument that can be made in light of what happened. in the way he said it would. >> iran too that thing is fast coming down the track is a confrontation that could ignite a world war. it doesn't look to me like any of the muslim governments on this planet have really stepped closer to the u.s.a. and if they have i would like to know which ones that would be. >> well, i think the broader question is whether mr. obama's outreach to the muslim world has made the u.s. nor acceptable in the eyes of the activists around the world
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and i would say that has not happened and we see evidence of that everywhere today. >> this is a whole bogus thing this stupid film. this isn't what is driving. this this is pure hatred towards the united states. you have barack hussein obama who is not a muslim but he has an understanding of the culture having lived in indonesia and his father who wasn't around very much was a muslim. he understands it he goes to cairo. he does a massive outreach. okay. they basically are giving him the finger all over the world. that's what they are doing. >> yes. it isn't all of them. >> no. but it's enough to make the american voter stand up and say why are we wasting our time? what kind of policy is it and what kind of successes are we having when we have an ambassador murdered particularly one who was
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certainly a friend of the liberal uprising. that is shocking and distressing to americans and when they hear the administration saying as it did as recently as yesterday and some respects still today, this is really the result of ugly crude little movie trailer. activist use to the foment trouble in the middle east. that doesn't compute. >> it doesn't make sense, bit argue. i don't know who would that was the match that lit the fuse. >> you are basically looking at a policy of three and a half years that really hasn't advanced american interest in the muslim world. afghanistan is a mess. pakistan is a mess. iran is a huge threat. egypt turning on us where are we improving? i think i made that case fairly significantly that even
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ardent liberals couldn't come back. how is that going to effect the presidential election? >> it depends on how long this uprising in the middle -- this wave of violence in the middle east continues. in it dies out. things are accelerated and this may pass into the past. romney campaign wishes to make of it. he made one statement last week proved highly controversial probably in political terms not at all successful although probably more successful with the public than it was with the media which doesn't like him anyway. but the question is is he he going to follow that up? is he going to make a major speech? so far, no. >> would you, if you were him, would you follow it up. >> bill, i think for a man who is challenging a sitting president, you have got to
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pass a couple of tests. surely one of them is foreign policy authority and foreign policy, the ability to converse on foreign policy. something happens in the world. something major, the murder of an ambassador, wave of violence in the middle east. t seems to me we need to hear from romney perhaps at some length about what his overall view of this is. >> bill: yeah. i would hold a press conference if i were the governor. >> or make a speech, something. >> the debate doesn't get you much though. >> i'm sure that's true. major new address on this subject would put some meat on the bones of one little statement that he made last week which got mixed reviews to say the little least. >> you expect romney to do that? >> so far, no. there is no indication he is going to do that yet. muslim problem and energy. that's it. zero in on that i don't know how you lose the election. all right, brit. thanks very much. are democrats too confident that president obama will win the election?
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we will take a look at some new polling. later, adam corolla, jon stewart and jesse watters will all contribute to the factor this evening and we're coming right back.
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>> impact segment tonight, the latest rasmussen daily tracking poll has mitt romney up by 2 over president obama 47-45. some polls have the president ahead. are some getting overconfident. >> mitt romney. >> mitt romney is not going to be president of the united states. [ laughter ] >> let me ask you. >> i think everybody knows that. >> bill: joining us from washington to analyze that kirsten powers in for juan williams tonight. always effervescent mary mary
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katharine ham. a little cocky there. jay farrell dead on by the way. boy, he had it. he puts for the the same kind of cocky confidence hey, we will wipe this guy out. you say mary katharine? >> sounds a little bit like fighting words. confidence is good to project in campaign. getting too cocky can be problematic. they just spent entire convention getting their base excited don't want to go on tv and say the election is forgone conclusion. >> that's what she just said. she is the house minority leader. >> i i think that's a bad idea. also not a great idea when high level political figures suggest that elections are forgone conclusions. there is a process for a reason. >> a lot of democrats do. wipe romney out. it's not even going to be close. >> i don't know a lot of
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democrats wipe out. as far as nancy pelosi goes. i think it's perfectly very very common for leaders to take that line. they just aren't going to engage in the idea that, you know, that the president is going to lose. that doesn't mean that they don't actually think that the president could potentially lose. right now if you look at the polls, reuters poll out about 5. look at some the of the swing states doing. let's feel confident. >> before i do that you are a democrat, right? powers? you are a democrat. >> yeah. >> you confident that your guys are going to win the election? >> no. i would say he has the advantage but i wouldn't say it's a slam dunk. >> in ohio rasmussen mary katharine. the president is 47-romney 46. that's a dead heat right there. that's obviously very important state. that is rasmussen. and we're using rasmussen because they were so good last time around. in florida, rasmussen has the president at 48. romney 46. another dead heat.
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in virginia very key state we don't have a rasmussen yes we do, 49, 48, obama over romney another dead heat. in north carolina, rasmussen has romney up 51-45. i think north carolina is safely in the governor's camp. and but this is interesting. in massachusetts elizabeth warren now up 50% to scott brown's 44%. so, it isn't as if romney's dismal -- i'm not saying that with malice at all t is dismal. if i were a democrat if he is still competitive and muslims burning down everything after he went to choir row and offered him trick or treat candy. if he is still there, that means that there is a problem with the challenger, romney. >> yeah, i don't think it's wrong for democrats to sense that they have some momentum
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going on right now. that doesn't also mean that romney can't change that and i think that's what he has called. >> what's the momentum based on? what? it's not based on any fact. >> it was a little bit of the convention he didn't have the bounce. it shrunk. the momentum is possibly overstated. >> bill: i don't know what the momentum is based on powers. what's the momentum based on? what didn't have a challenger. jimmy carter had a challenger, a very strong challenger ted kennedy that he fought with all the way to the convention. he was battled up badly. that's historical perspective. mitt romney is not a good candidate. is he not offering a very strong alternative. i don't think that he is reacting very well to what's happening in the middle east. i think he should be out there really going after obama.
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>> what's the difference mary katharine between john mccain who got thumped. but it really wasn't the senator's fault because he was flying into this terrible economy coming off president bush. i don't know if anybody could have won because people were just scared and they wanted a change. the difference in campaign style between romney and mccain, i think they are both the same guy. neither goes for the jugular. neither sees as advantage. i would be all over the place on the muslim thing as i told brit hume. >> that's where romney does have a chance to make himself clearer on the economy, the deficit and the problems in the muslim world right now. he has to go out and do speeches about those. feds hauling in the guy who made upset people in the muslim world. back when he picked ryan the momentum felt like t was in his corner. when they are talking about
1:28 am
policy medicare and the ryan plan things did move into their favor getting back it to that is smart. >> three debates. real quick, kirsten, 30 seconds, why did you say romney was a bad candidate? >> because is he very not specific about things. president obama right now not projecting strength. romney is not projecting strength. pulled out a statement got attacked and crawled into a hole. he should have kept moving forward with what he was saying. he was on target. >> bill: he needs to punch out somebody? >> i think so. >> i vote for you. >> bill: okay. i could handle that area. jesse watters taking his economic concerns to fashion week here in new york city. that should be interesting. and then adam corolla on clint eastwood saying heys no regrets about the empty chair deal. also ahead big announcement about me and jon stewart. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> watters world segment tonight. times are tough economically for many americans. not for the idol rich. and there are plenty of them floating around new york city last week because it was fashion industry's big exposition. being a man of fashion imself we sent jesse watters to check it all out. i'm too sexy for lie love love is going to leave me ♪ >> where are you guys from? >> from russia. >> from turkey. >> i'm australian living in hong kong. >> the cold war is over. we won by the way. [crickets chirping] >> are you excited. >> this is my first fashion week in new york. that's amazing. >> beautiful shows and beautiful people getting together. >> if someone is not beautiful, do you look down on them? >> no, never. >> i'm ugly, i'm ugly, i'm ugly. >> it's just beautiful to see it up close and personal. >> my skirt -- the wind keeps
1:33 am
blowing it up. >> subway, isn't it delicious? >> raw model? >> i used to be. >> i'm pretty sure there is a lot more to life than being really really good looking. >> who are you wearing now. >> bcbg. >> what does that stand for? >> i'm wearing some, you know, really sheik h and m and my roommate's shoes. >> you don't have any shoes on, what is the deal. >> the world is pretty much ready for it. >> who are you? >> how do you stay in such great shape. >> yoga, of course. >> who is ready for their yoga. >> all about hydrating. fruits and vegetables. >> what do you feed yourself with? >> nothing. >> i have problems. >> should america do boot camp? >> oh, yeah. >> re he would fat around the waist line. >> quit bugging me about my food. that's why i'm so fat. >> i think you are very thin right now. more than fat i think you are
1:34 am
thin. >> we have a sense of entitlement. we shouldn't. it's still the sweat of the brow that gets you somewhere. >> we're like the couch potato in this country. >> i run a lot, as much as i can born legacy kind of thing. >> run! >> 90 minutes of hot yoga? >> how hot do you like it? >> about 100 degrees. >> very hot. >> how would you whip america into shape? >> you are asking a chic that sits on the couch all day. >> i just had a chocolate bar watching the show. >> is the country in good shape. >> yeah, definitely. need more russian girls coming to visit. >> that's a good idea but i don't think it will do any good. >> you maintain a great face seek, how do you physique? how do you do that? >> this guy. >> trainer. >> i'm a real man. that's what i do. >> do you ever watch the o'reilly factor on fox news?
1:35 am
>> no. >> you have heard of the o'reilly factor. >> no. >> you have heard of bill o'reilly? >> no. >> there is only one answer. >> is he about 6'5". >> slim would you say i would bet. >> i would say stealth. >> this is your opinion. >> it's a fact. >> you are pretty putting me on o'reilly. he doesn't like stuff like, this girls like us. >> he sent me here. >> not for this. >> he is not on our team, no. >> of course he is why wouldn't o'reilly being on your team. >> i don't think so. >> we know more than you think. we all do. >> bill o'reilly seems to be in good shape to me. i don't know what he is doing but t seems to be working. >> bababa, bababa. >> bill: they wouldn't let you in to sit there at the runway, right? how do you get in. >> you have to get credentialed about three weeks beforehand. it's kind of like the oscars? >> bill: who gives you the credentials. >> mercedes bins. i happened to run into the guy who you sent me out to for the polo match in the hamp tons. he gave me one day pass to get
1:36 am
into the tent. that was my only accent i got into the tent and the first person i see is bryant gummable. i said i'm with bill o'reilly. he runs away from me. i don't know what you and bryant gum bell. he doesn't like me very much. >> >> money is no object for these people, right? they're spending 5,000, $6,000 on their little dresses. >> katy holmes debuted her fashion line. >> katy holmes? >> tom cruise's ex. selling a black cape for $3,100. >> is d. cruise wear it? >> i don't think he flew in the cape. >> money is no object for them, all right? and do they understand that? is not good economic sometimes? >> they are in such a bubble they don't care and they don't know anything about paul ryan and medicare. i'm not going to slam these models. >> bill: did ask you them about politics? >> i asked them one question and they have no answer.
1:37 am
just mean. >> you didn't want to be mean. >> have standards. you have to adhere to some standards. they are hungry. they are starving. >> because they don't eat. >> they want to eat. i can't make fun of them they are famished. >> one girl says she doesn't eat anything there she is. all right watters thanks very much as always. adam corolla on clint eastwood have nothing regrets about the empty chair at the republic convention. big announcement about me and jon stewart rumbling on the internet. those reports after these messages.
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>> thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the rolling with carolla segment tonight. clint eastwood has a new film coming out on friday. in the appearances upcoming to that he is constantly asked about the empty chair that was supposed to be president obama. some say that is inappropriate. >> not being disrespectful. nobody wants to sit and insult people which unfortunately that's the way politics is. people are always insulting one another. that have different points of view than one another. but i just, you know, i was only had one message and that was people look more than -- you don't have to idolize these people. >> bill: joining us now from
1:41 am
burbank, california with some commentary. the author of not taco bell material. adam can a rollla. when we last talked to you you were mocking clint eastwood's hair i'm not sure that's the thing to do dirty hairy packs the most powerful handgun in the world. you say? >> couple things. first off, i want to wish you a happy russia -- rush rush ashanna. only thing dirty is clint eastwood's dirty ears. i like john wayne. he used to speak to a hat rack for hours and no one said anything about it it's just part of being old. was that acting technique that the duke -- why was he speaking to a hat rack?
1:42 am
actually he was just drunk. >> listen, i admire eastwood. i have got to tell you i admire eastwood. 82, in a new movie, has a lead amy adams plays his daughter. bold fresh daring thing. gets more attention than anything else in either convention. maybe president clinton was close but eastwood, you know, rolls the dice. he gets his point across. if you don't produce for the folks, in his opinion, they should fire you as a politician. i think the message, you know, was good. and, you know, his delivery you can debate all day long. you respect eastwood, don't you? >> of course. i'm just making fun of him. look, all we have is old people now. we can't make fun of fat people or puerto ricans anymore. all we have is old people. so that's about all we can do. >> bill: can i make fun of everybody. i'm not playing by those rules. all right? anybody in my zone. and some of the people i make
1:43 am
fun of are in the occupy wall street movement. which is celebrating its one year anniversary of, of course, doing good things for america. they are here in new york city. a bunch of arrests, maybe 70, 80 arrests, but nothing extraordinary going on. these are the hard core people. they didn't have a job last year. they don't have a job this year. and probably won't have a job next year. you like these occupiers? >> i love these guys. and now that they fixed wall street, they can move on to curing cancer and diabetes. no, of course they have all run out of momentum and they are back to their original movement occupy futon. [ laughter ] >> bill: now, when i was your age, carolla, a little younger than you vietnam protest. people running around and yelling and screaming. i didn't really participate in those protests although i
1:44 am
understood the vietnam war was one big mess. i would go out and ask people and so did jesse wawrs with the occupiers, what exactly are you teed off about? most people don't even know. it's like the muslims. they rs just teed off in general. if they get a chance to vent, they are going to vent. that's what all of this is about, correct? >> yeah. it's about people not having a daytime gig and having way too much free time on their hands. and by the way their hands smell and the devil makes work for hands that smell like pa pachuly. >> bill: why does drug use go along with demonstrations? not in the muslim world but in the vietnam area huge, huge. >> it would be nice if those guys could rip a bong load or two and mellow out. >> get prozac into them and bring them down a little bit you are right. >> this is hackie sack go sick. >> every big movement in america, protest movement, drugs all over the place, you
1:45 am
would think that you would want to experience the moment because you are, you know, practicing your freedom of speech. you know, do you know what the answer to that question is? >> first off you have unemployable people part of the reason they are unemployable is drugs. secondly you can't get more than 250 white people together and play fish music without somebody lighting a doobie. i mean, that's just the way it works. so whenever you have large group of people get together. somebody is going to sell t-shirts and somebody is going to sell drugs. >> i just don't in the vietnam era and what's what i -- vietnam thing is much brighter than the occupy thing. there were a lot of people in the vietnam protest there were a lot of real crazy screwed up people as well. that drug infiltration was fascinating because they would demonstrate for about an hour and they would get stoned for three or four. come back and demonstrate more and go out and get stoned.
1:46 am
i could never figure it out. if you are doing something that you think is important experience it. >> but, bill, how many people when there is a riot are protesting police violence and how many people just want some free flip flops and a flat screen tv and how many people after the lakers win the championship are huge laker fans and how many just want to burn a cop car? i mean, we have that ratio in every demonstration. >> that's true. adam corolla, -- call roll la. big stories about the rumble in the air conditioned auditorium moments away. >pópó
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>> back of the book segment
1:50 am
tonight, reality check and drum roll, please. big announcement about me and jon stewart. check 1. in order to illuminate the vital issues associated with the upcoming presidential election, stewart and i will debate man-to-man, eye to eye, well, not really he is a tiny guy. anyway the big debate is set for saturday, october 6th the a george washington university in d.c. and we are calling it the rumble in the air conditioned auditorium. and it better be cool in there because stewart is going to be taking some massive heat. let you down a couple times when he didn't do a far left thing that you wanted. >> how far left am i? i'm curious it? >> depends on the night or the ratings. it depends on how are talking about. >> you don't know much about me, do you. >> and i don't want to. that's not nice. i appreciate you coming in here. >> nice man. your respect for me grows in leaps and bounds. you are like the grinch right after they realized they don't need presents when they see
1:51 am
me. you love it. you love me because you know we come from -- we're the same people. >> now, stewart will be here on the factor tomorrow night. and here's the deal about the rumble. for just $4.95, you can sign up for live internet streaming of the rumble in the air conditioned auditorium. the web site address is, the rumble the rumble stewart thought that up himself. rumble format is exactly like the presidential debates without all the phoniness. instead, stewart and i will disgust the intense issues of the day and then answer questions from the live audience at george washington u and those watching on the net all over the world can send in questions as well. colbert will not be there to help stewart. is he on his own once he takes the stage with me. e.m.s. will be standing by. here is the best part. stewart and i will donate auto% of the profits from the
1:52 am
rumble if there are any to a bench of very worthy charities. win win situation. kept the price low and will be a fun evening. the nation wins because there will be plenty of no spin analysis about serious issues. stewart wins because he finally makes the big time i win because can i make fun of stewart i have worthy charities win because they will get the cash. got to see it to believe it details if you missed them posted on bill o' where we have also posted this brand new poll question. is the debate with jon stewart a good or bad idea? so you choose it on bill o' check 2, "saturday night live" scored big in season 2 lampooning the president. >> i'm not worried, not in the least, should be. [ laughter ]
1:53 am
seems like i would be but i'm not. i will tell you what, our campaign has a secret weapon that secret wepg is speaking right now in tulsa, oklahoma. let's take a look. >> hello, i'm mitt romney and i understand the hardships facing ordinary americans. for example, this summer one of my horses failed to medal at the olympics. so i know hardship. >> bill: expect plenty of that on snl until november. back to reality, the new black panther party gearing up for the election. >> does the new black panther party have any plans to deploy similar members in voter booths anywhere in the country in 2012? >> what i would like to deny voter intimidation charges against the new black panther party in 2008, not found to have intimidated anyone and therefore we are not charged.
1:54 am
that's why we are walking free today happy as a bird to the disdain of many. i would say as this election comes up in november we will consider our options. and we will consider the fact whether we were legally and lawfully go to the polls again to make sure that there is no intimidation against our people. >> bill: well, it's hard to believe that the panthers would have any so-called people at all. but apparently they do. and that is reality check. next up, the factor tip of the day, teaching children to be noble. the tip 60 seconds away.
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my new book will be out october 2nd and advance sales are stunning. that's because of the success of "killing lincoln," which remains number four on the best speaking list after one year.
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plan on reading it because the two books are intertwined in amazing ways. if you have already read killing lincoln, i believe you will like "killing kennedy" very much. become a member and get the book of your choice preof charge. now the mail. >> from california. and now tucson. >> and robert, vancouver, canada. >> barefoot tooth lies? didn't say the president was
1:57 am
weak. i said his muslim policy uses soft power, and it does. john, from georgia. >> from arkansas. >> reverend, the portland, oregon educator who made that statement is a loon. that's it. but we have to report it because she's actually teaching kids. and terry from indiana. >> from
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