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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 18, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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there, and 250,000 people went into that website. it is going to be an event. please always remember the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> tonight it is romney unplugged as the gop presidential nominee delivers one of his sharpist critiques yet of president obama and the entitlement society that he enables. while conserve tests and fiscally conservative americans are applauding him, they are attempting to spin this into a gaffe. they are arguing mitt romney is engaging in class warfare and turning his back on voters. let's look at the video. it features gov romney speaking to supporters at a fundraiser
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way back in may. let's take a look. >> there are 47 percent of the people that are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to healthcare, to food, to housing, to you name it. that that's an entitlement. and the government should give it to them. and they will vote for this president no matter what. and i mean the president starts off with 48, 49. he starts off with a huge number. these are people who pay no income tax. forty-seven percent of americans pay no income tax. so our message of low tax doesn't connect. so he'll be out there talking about tax cuts for the rich. i mean that's what they sell every four years. and so my job is not to worry about those people.
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i'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives. what i have to convince the five to ten percent -- >> let's break down what you heard. everything he said is 100% accurate. he said 47% of voteerts will side with president obama no matter what. wouldn't you know it, that's exactly where the gallop has this race at this very moment. 47% said they will vote for president obama, 46% said they will vote for romney. that's well within the margin of error. next, romney references the large number of americans who believe it's the government's job to take care of them. let's take a look at these numbers. according to the census bureau, in 2011, 49% of americans lived in a household where at least one person received a government handout. now the poverty rate in america has increased for five straight years, while the number of americans on food stamps has strip he would over the past decade and it now stands at 46 million people. if you are still not convinced
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that mitt romney was speaking the truth when he said big government is simply out of control in this country, well, consider this statistic. federal spending on entitlements have skyrocketed 5,500% since 1970. lastly in this video the government dares to note that a staggering 47% of americans, they pay no incomegoing the taxd the wall street journal have confirmed that number, as well. so don't buy this left wing, the media hype. unlike the president, mitt romney here has nothing to apologize for. and make no mistake, these numbers don't scare the president either. he's busy hopping from one big donor, one big fundraiser to another. we will have a lot more on it. beyoncé and jay-z and david letter men, but no time for netanyahu. and tonight we have video, obama is telling us his stance on redistribution, and he believes in it. first we bring in the author of the new york sometimes
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best-seller, the destroyer. david limbaugh is back. and democratic strategist joe trip by. joe, it's funny because this is what this campaign is about. barack obama since he's been president, 15 million more americans are on food stamps. one in six americans are in poverty. 26 million americans are underemployed. fewer people working. this an enneastyle meant society. do you think people are better off on food stamps or are they better off with a job? >> i think the problem here is the romney putting it in the takers versus the makers. that's the mistake he made. i'm not talking about the facts. the fact is these people are working, they are working their butts off everyday, and with those problems you are talking about, to sort of make them feel like they are on the dole, that's not how you go after getting votes. and it's mitt romney -- >> wait a minute. >> it's mitt romney doing class warfare. >> class warfare? >> it is.
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>> i have a montage i will run the next segment of class warfare from this president. government transfer payments are 100 times larger than they were when john kennedy was elected in 1960. >> and veterans benefits, is he on the dole because he's getting a government handout, according to that stat. >> 49 million americans are on food stamps. 15 million more americans than when barack obama became president, and we have hundreds and thousands of americans, fewer americans working. david limbaugh. >> john and joe, two things. they are trying to change the subject from obama's miserable record. he's had the worst week from hell in foreign policy. his job numbers the week before that were so bad he had to change the subject. so the media, which is in collusion with obama, dropped this bomb, they thought it was a bomb, trying to make romney look
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like an elitist, and they think this quote plays right in line with their theme and their mean and the truth is it does not. romney was just saying it's more difficult to reach those people. he isn't saying he's given up on those people. in fact, he can reach them because a lot of those people want upward mobility. it's obama who is trying to create the class warfare and divide us on the basis of race and class. he's the one who has written groups off. >> but isn't this a big opportunity for gov. romney? >> absolutely. >> go ahead. >> yeah. this is an opportunity. you've been saying it, and rush has been saying it, to appreciate conservatism. to show that freedom and equal opportunity for all, to show his growth agenda as opposed to obama's agenda of ma lace. obama as even promised the american people, no more hope, you are resigned to a future of hopelessness. meanwhile he's destroying our jobs, he's destroying
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minorities, he's destroying the people who are on lower income level. >> but that wasn't the message, david, that he did it at the convention. by the way, i think it's a better message -- you are hitting on a much better message than the one the romney campaign did in tampa. but what i'm saying is the mistake is the takers versus makers. because people on veteran benefits aren't takers. >> that's not fair, joe. stop. >> his mistake is -- you guys are the ones characterizing it as takers versus makers. of course, you are continuing and perpetuating the dependency class which is exactly contrary to the american dream. >> somebody who is taking a mortgage deduction is busting their rear to pay that mortgage. they aren't on the taker or anything. >> that's right. >> the language romney used i think is the mistake, not the
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facts necessarily -- >> the language -- >> or the argument he's trying to make. >> well, i mean, you are looking at this as a political consultant, and you are correct, it's not the most ideal language to be eves dropped on, but this wasn't meant for the republicans. he is talking to donors and he's saying it's tough to reach people who obama is trying to buy votes from. >> let's first show a segment of obama and class warfare. there's never been a president that's all about class warfare about this president and dividing people. we will explain that next. this 15 million, this is a guy who said i'm going to cut the deficit in half. this is the guy that said shovel readily jobs, and they aren't shovel ready. and 15 million more americans on food stamps. this isn't about veterans, this isn't about people that get
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their social security check. this is about redistribution, which we now have a tape we will show. he said he's other supporter of. big government, redistribute the wealth. >> all those people you are talking about, they are struggling too. that's what i'm trying to say. it's romney -- >> they are struggling because of obama's policies. >> they put them in this spot. they didn't have -- >> joe, you think romney has hurt their feelings, obama has destroyed their pocket books. >> bush has something to do with that too. >> four years and counting. we are scapegoating. >> we have a lot coming up. thank you both. so what does president obama think about redistribution? coming up next our commander in chief speaks out on what he believes the role should be. let's just say it's eye opening. and later tonight, the caller,
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an investigative report, eric holder colewding with media matters? that and much more. and the latest out of the middle east. tçtçtçtçtç@@@@ [ male announcer ] if you believe the mayan calendar,
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>> the way you have to approach the job is with a keen understanding that you are out ighting for every american, and this president's agenda has always been about building a middle class, strengthening the middle class, bringing people up into the middle class. and that's what it will be going forward. >> oh, come on. the white house's pathetic attempt to paint president obama as a leader who fights for all americans is just absurd. now this is the most devicing president ever to sit in the oval office. and to prove it to you we have put together just a few examples to help demonstrate our little
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point. >> if you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. if you've got a business, you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. >> if everybody is getting a fair shot, everybody has a chance to do better. we can build an economy that gives everybody a fair shot. >> when we talk about everybody paying their fair share, americans who can afford it should pay their fair share. >> not that i want to punish your success, i just want to make sure everybody behind you, that they have a chance at success too. >> i wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. michelle wasn't. but somebody gave us a chance. just like these folks up here are look for a chance. >> my plan says we are going to put teachers back in the classroom, construction workers back to work rebuilding america,
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and then you got their plan which is let's have dirtier air, dirtier water. >> some have children with autism or down syndrome. some of these kids with disability, the disabilities are so severe that they require 24-hour care. these are the americans we would be telling to fend for themselves. >> all right. now this campaign has divided old versus young, rich versus poor. the race card has been played and, of course, men versus women. does that sound like a president fighting for everybody? joining me is dana perino and stuart varney. the big news of the day, stewart, he gets off teleprompter and he doesn't know he's being reported, obama admitting that he in fact believes in redistribution of wealth. a key point in this campaign. >> as we try to resuscitate this notion that we are all in this
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thing together, leave nobody behind, we do have to be innovative in thinking what are the delivery systems that are actually effective and meet people where they live. and my suggestion might be that the trick, and this is one of the few areas where i think there are technical issues that have to be dealt with, as opposed to just political issues, the trick is to figure out how do we structure government systems that pool resources and hence facilitate some distribution because i actually believe in redistribution, at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody has got a shot. >> yes, that spells it out. that is how you do redistribution in the obama days, okay? you take it from this group, get it to the government. they redistribute it to that group. that pits those people against those people. that is division that. is class warfare.
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this president has taken us straight down the road of europe. when i first came to america 40 years ago, it was like a breath of fresh air. it's not who you are or where you are from, it's what you can be. it's what you can do. i think gov. romney should stress the american tradition of individualality and liberty, what you can do because we are divided now by this president who is going straight down the european class warfare road. >> it's funny because timing is interesting here, dana. there are people, oh, look at what mitt romney said and back in may, and we hear this speech he had given at loyola in 1978. romney should take this and embrace it. what he should say to the 47% of americans or the 49% that don't pay taxes, 49% on food stamps, do you want to be on food stamps or do you want hope, an opportunity, a job? i embrace this battle heading into november. >> and i think that romney tried to do that today. i think clearly the republican
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party, or the romney campaign had this clip from obama and they were waiting for an opportunity to use it. before we get to november, though, there will probably be more videos of mitt romney and more of obama, and at the bottom of it i think was a great question asked during the republican primary, which is, okay, agree that everybody has to give a little bit so that we can have a government that functions. understood. but how much of your money that you earn every day, what percentage of that should go to the government? and if it were a more efficient system, then maybe people would be willing to pay more for it. but the government spending is so out of control, we could tax all of the rich people that they want from here to kingdom come and it's not going to make a difference. >> this is factually accurate, what romney is saying. and this is the sinister side of redistribution. the power goes to washington. they addict people to their programs. those people in turn re-elect them and they are using other people's money. >> you are buying votes from constituents. you take it from this group,
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spending it on that group, you are buying that group's votes. this is a debate which we really must have. >> this is the future of america right here. >> in this debate, it is. >> let's look at what obama said back in 2008. he's speaking to a bunch. rich people in san francisco, doesn't know he's being recorded and he's talking about people in pennsylvania. bitter people that cling to their guns, bible, religion. remember this? >> in pennsylvania, like a lot of folks in the midwest, jobs have have been gone now for 25 years and nothing's replaced them. each administration has said that somehow that how these communities are going to regenerate, and they have not.
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so it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren't like them are anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrationings. >> he's denigrating americans. that's the heart of america. >> yeah. >> so i think -- that this is relevant, then that is relevant. >> that's why it is hard, i think what jay carney, if he just read his statement today about the white house, i could agree with that, but we have this past history leading up to this election where you are saying, wait, president obama, remember, i was so disappointed when he called republicans his enemies. and i understand that he was frustrated with the congress at the time, but at some point can't the commander in chief and the president of the united states step back and try to bring us together? there's very little bit on the side of positivism on both sides. and then when we are talking
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about the spending and buying campaigns, both of these parties, and particularly in congress, have not done their duty for the american people. and whatever -- whoever wins this next election, the next four years is going to be very difficult. i would much rather have a mitt romney in charge at that point because even if? of the things he says are, as he describes it, in he will went subsequent, the hard truths everyone talks about fall on the republican side. >> we have to break. two words. >> it revealed two truths, one, yes we are a divided entitlement nation and, two, romney has the i am plaquable hatred of the media. >> absolutely true. >> every day they declare romney has lost the campaign. >> an every day they are going to be wrong. coming up, don't want to miss this. eric holder's justice department is, in fact, walking hand-in-hand with the radical left wing organization called media matters. we are going to show you how
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they conspired to attack news outlets that are critical of the doj. and later anti-american protests continue to erupt across the world today. we will have the very latest on what seens the administration missed and why didn't they pay attention to the three days warning. all multivitamins give me the basics. they claim to be complete. only centrum goes beyond. providing more than just the essential nutrients, so i'm at my best. centrum. always your most complete. starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
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>> the mainstream media is busy salivating over comments gov. romney made four months ago as a fundraiser. but some other issues seem to be boring the main media. for example, where are the examples of the abysmal unemployment rate or cutting the unemployment rate. what about the violence in libya and how it can be tied to his failed foreign policy. or whether or not he received a warning three days before the
6:26 pm
benghazi attack that killed an aa bagsdor, two navy seals and others. now, tonight there is another story that we know the mainstream media will not touch, and that's this. the daily caller got his hands on dozens of e-mails between the justice department officials and some of their staffers at media matters. explosive investigation reveals that the department of justice at media matters conspired together to spin stories and try to discredit news outlets, such as fox news, for accurately reporting about eric holder and his agency. joining me now is fox news contributors. so we have benghazi, we have three days warning, the obama administration did nothing. they had no beefed-up security on the anniversary of 9/11. we have a president, according to the libyan president, that's lying to the american people about all this and whether it's preplanned. $6 trillion in debt. fewer americans working.
6:27 pm
and what and the media want to talk about? when romney speaks out about our embassy being breached, our flag being burned and an al-qaeda flag being hung? and about what he said in may that's true that's correct half the americans don't pay taxes and there's an entitlement attitude in america? does that seem objective. >> i thought there was something about the daily caller story that you wanted to talk about. the daily caller got his hands on an explosive story. i thought, you know, because i wasn't ready for those other parts of the argument >> you think the sellout media in this country is doing the american people a service and exposing the truth before a stepping point election? >> no, no, sean, said -- >> wait, wait. that was a joke. >> okay, i'm facetious. thank you. you said the left wing media conspired with the white house. let me tell you something, sean.
6:28 pm
the daily inquiry did a request. they did a request. they got e-mails. none of which were hidden. and the white house actually pointed to things -- >> no, they weren't hidden, but when you -- when daily caller to get 70 e-mails. >> they are allowed to an extension, number one. little, did you read, i don't know if you read these letters -- did you read the letter? >> i did. and i any a lot about -- >> which letters did you read? >> i read the e-mail -- >> angela, which e-mails did you read? >> i'm not on trial here and i'm not being questioned. this is his show, number one, number two, when you have the highest attorney in the land working with a left wing agency to spin the law, they are supposed to enforce the law. >> we are getting into the weeds. we are now -- we now know, we had three days warning on
6:29 pm
benghazi. on the anniversary of 9/11, don't you think you ought to beef up security at our embassies? >> yes, and i am disgusted by it. >> we have 6 trillion in new obama debt and no jobs. is that more important or mitt romney, the second he decides to say speak out because our embassy is breached -- >> and they did. >> and our playing is burn. >> what you are really upset about, sean -- >> i'm upset about the media and their lack of objectivity and fairness. >> you are you be set about the numbers that were it is closed with romney. they are generally private, with all due respect to both sides. >> i believe in redistribution. >> that's what president obama said when he -- a long time ago when he gave a speech in 1998. >> go ahead and roll your eyes. >> i'm trying to figure out what this debate is about.
6:30 pm
>> it's the dally caller but youren intro was about the daily caller. >> i mentioned benghazi. did you pay attention? i mentioned all of it. >> can i please finish? did you, my opponent here, did you, angela, read the letter -- >> which letter are you talking about, honey? because i read e-mails. >> it was a letter sent -- >> wait a minute. you are talking about media bias and i am saying the media generally is doing a disservice to this country by not focusing on important issues. we have 15 million more americans on food stamps, tamara, we have two dead navy seals, we have one dead ambassador and they are focusing on insignificant tape of romney saying it's true. does that bother you? it's a simple question. >> absolutely, there are things about the the obama administration that bother me but you are focusing on things that don't necessarily matter. >> excuse me? >> let me anyone.
6:31 pm
the daily caller article brought out letters that the administration had given to the daily caller. >> yes. >> and by frank and -- >> did under the freedom of information act. >> right. >> no, i have not read it. >> did you read -- well, actually i read these, angela. >> so that means what? >> there was no coverup. there was no coverup which the left wing media. there was no coverup. don't allege that there was. >> our tax dollars are going to the department of justice. we support them and they are -- >> and they aren't covering anything up. >> i've got to go. guys, i have to go. thank you both. >> okay, thank you. >> when we come back, when did they know and how much did they know? evidence suggests the obama administration was in fact warned before the hit on our consulate in benghazi. were the warning signs ignored. then it takes a lot of work to move and hang with the movers
6:32 pm
and shakers, but where is president obama? he gives it his all tonight. you can catch him hanging with david letterman, beyoncé, and jay-z, but prime minister netanyahu, excuse me, we don't have time for you. a hannity shootout is straight ahead. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair.
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for only $15 a month. [ dog barking ] her dream -- to be the area's hottest interior design office. [ children laughing ] right now, she just dreams of an office. get a free trial at >> one week after anti-american protests broke out in cairo and libya, more is erupting in asia and africa. it comes as they say obama administration may have ignored warning signs ahead of tuesday's attack. according to some, they were warned of possible violence the day before it occurred. this blatantly contritickets the white house's version of events. joining me is my panel here, and
6:37 pm
andrew mccarthy. were we lied to? the libyan president says we are. another high ranking official said we were. >> there's no were lied to. they should have known, even without the intelligence streams we are hearing about, libya sent more jihaddists per capita than any country in the world in iraq to make war on american soldiers. benghazi was the capital of the jihad in libya. we know what we are dealing with. the only difference between now and back then is they have now got the arsenals that at least gadhafi had under lock and key when we were dealing with him. >> i love how they say it is spontaneous and people spontaneously pulled rocket pro
6:38 pm
held grenades out. and apparently there was a three-day warning and it was the anniversary of 9/11. don't you beef up security on 9/11 at embassies? >> we should be doing that everywhere, but particularly in a place like benghazi where they hate america. i know they tried to turn the rebels into this group of allies during the libyan war, but they want to talk about this movie instead of what happened. >> did you see it? >> no. >> if a film student in college presented it as a work that they created, they would receive an f. it was the worst thing you have ever seen. >> it's total -- it's idiocy. it's totally obscure and nondestript. but they would rather talk about the movie for two reasons. number one, obama's policy in libya, which has empowered jihaddists, is the reason it happened in libya and they don't
6:39 pm
want to deal with that. secondly, it's been their priority since 2009, since the administration just started, to try to bring islamic sharia into the law. >> and they say dying in the way of alla is the highest hope. he referred to the israelis as vampires. now he's the president and we are giving $2 billion to cairo, to egypt. my question is why? and now i understand it's been put off now because of republicans, but shouldn't that be stopped? and why does morsi get to meet with the president but not benjamin netanyahu? >> it's unbelievable. first of all, not all of it has been stand. first billion and a half they are getting. the question is whether they will get the next billion. the muslim brotherhood is an
6:40 pm
irreconcilable enemy of the united states. you were good enough to mention my book that came out today. the last book i wrote was called the grand jihad. that was taken out of an internal muslim brother head memorandum where they say our mission in the west is to eliminate and destroy western civilization from existence. >> but the official line of the white house is this was not against america. 9/11, american embassies, american flags burned, al-qaeda flags put up, death to america chanted. this isn't against america? >> no, because otherwise president obama has to explain why has he been empowering america's enemies, which he has done since the first day he got into office. >> andy, good book, and a good follow-up. >> thank you, sean. >> coming up, one look at the -- you won't believe the schedule today. his busy fundraising schedule. you get a very clear sense of the administration's priorities, especially due to the fact he won't meet with netanyahu.
6:41 pm
we will talk about his schedule around the country. we have a top former advisor to obama. he's here to react. the hannity shootout is next. [ thunder crashes ] [ male announcer ] if you think all batteries are the same... consider this: when the unexpected happens, there's one brand of battery
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amway conveys quality. learn more from your amway independent business owner. >> anti-american rage is spreading like a virus. despite the olive tree and olive branch the president held out to the people burning our flag and chanting death to america. our commander in chief, what is he doing in hanging out with wnba champions at the white house, chatting with television host david letterman. he's attending two evening fundraiser, the first in new york city. and right about now he just got one rubbing elbow with jay-z and beyoncé at a posh club in new york city. here's reaction by austin.
6:46 pm
good it see you. >> let's see, 100 rounds of golf, plenty of basketball, and. >> what have you got against the wnba, sean? >> it's a longstanding practice that presidents bring in the world champions. every president has done that. what are you talking about? >> and where is netanyahu in this mix? we have people burning our flags, raiding our embassy, you might want to talk to our closest ally. just a thought. what do you think? >> look, i'm not a foreign policy geopolitical expert. my understanding is they haven't made a request to meet. >> let me think, i'm just a humble talk show host. i've got beyoncé, jay-z, letterman, the wnba on this hand and i have bb on that hand. let me think, the world is burning, i think i --
6:47 pm
>> sean, look. as you know, if mitt romney would pledge to stop taking $20 million checks from the super pac donors, it would make the presidential campaign a lot less fundraising intensive. >> excuse me. obama made that comment in 2008 and then he reneged on it, didn't he? he did. i'm right about that. >> after the supreme court change the the law. after the supreme court changed the law. >> it had to be somebody else's fault. >> it's not anybody's fault. it's not anybody's fault, sean. >> we have no jobs in america. do you know why? >> we have added 6 million jobs in the last two years. >> give me all your caveats, private sector, this month but not this month. >> more jobs. >> we've got fewer jobs now than when he came in. >> yeah, because he came in during a terrible recession. in the last four years he added
6:48 pm
jobs. >> he said he cut the deficit in half. did he do it? >> the deficit is not cut in half and you know why. you know why. >> has any president given us $6 trillion in debt or anywhere near it sense obama? >> has any president inherited a recession of this magnitude? >> yes. >> no. >> president reagan began. >> not even close. >> inflation 21 1/2%, unemployment double digits, inflation out of control. >> the job losses in the recession that reagan inherited, and i agree he did inherit a recession, were nowhere near the job losses of obama inherited. >> we have 15 million more people on food stamps, one in six living in poverty. in a three-year period people lost 46% of their net wealth. most people, their biggest investment, their houses, the
6:49 pm
value has gone down. are americans better than they were four years ago? >> yes. and nobody should be willing to trade the situation we are in now for where we were four years ago. that would be crazy. two, the net worth and the losses you described were worse before he took office. what are you talking about? >> let me ask you this question. so we are better off $6 trillion in debt. he called president obama for $4 trillion in debt in eight years and obama said he was, let me think, unpatriotic and irresponsible. so by his own definition is he unpay trottic and irresponsible? >> you always leave out the most important part of the line, sean, which is you don't run up a credit card to the bank of china in an era of boom when you are supposed to be saving the didn't take a credit card. >> he said in case of an emergency. >> we are $16 trillion in debt, he inherited $10 trillion in
6:50 pm
debt, and now the country, you are saying, is on a better fiscal path. what can we expect in the next -- >> sean -- >> wait, wait. >> when he came in. >> wait a minute. he said he would cut the deficit in half, he would have shovel-ready jobs. here's my question, what can we expect in the next four years if he promised to do these things and the opposite happened? >> no, sean. >> yes, he did. >> no. you know that you are my friend and if you come to chicago, i'm going to take you to a bears game, i'm going to fight back against that packers propaganda that greta has been giving you, but on this one i think you are missing the mark a great deal. >> he said he would cut the deficit in half. he didn't do it. so why should we believe him this time? >> number one, you know that in 2010, as we have discussed, the deficit was coming down. >> that was recovery summer. >> and the republicans and the democrats agreed on a joint basis to extend all the bush tax
6:51 pm
cuts -- >> no. >> knowing perfectly well the deficit would remain high because we felt that we needed to do that. >> think i the best excuse the president has when he blames atm machines and kiosks and the tsunami and fox news. i think those were his best excuses. >> sean, i don't know why i like you. 4 million jobs. we've added 4 million jobs in the past four years, that's party than bush was. >> fewer americans working, more americans in poverty. but austin, you think we are better off. i disagree. >> we are headed the right way. >> i know. 2010 was recovery summer too. we were headed in the right direction then. i got to go. >> i didn't say that. >> and coming up, with less than 50 days to go, new polling data out in florida and ohio. and then the campaigns, are they considering a shift in strategy? stay with us. we will break down the latest numbers coming up. so you say men are superior drivers?
6:52 pm
yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands?
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>> with 18 electoral votes at stake in ohio and a whopping 29 electoral votes up for grabs in the state of florida there's no question those states will help decide the 2012 election in november. with less than 50 days to go we have new polling data out out of those battleground take place.
6:56 pm
it will have the campaigns shifting strategy heading into the homestretch? it comes to us by a secure america now. and here with more, the man himself. caddell along with david avila. how are you? >> good to see you. >> let's start with the numbers. who will you cast your ballot for? mitt romney is ahead, 47-43. ohio, obama 46, 44. ohio should obviously is very key in this race. pat? >> i mean, this wasn't the purpose. the poll. that was to break it down. but it is clear the president is doing better in ohio right now. and part of the reason is he is doing better on foreign policy in ohio than he is in florida. he's getting -- this is the first time we have done two policy in florida. it's the first time a negative brady as he is nationally. but ohio has the advantage that women are terribly concerned
6:57 pm
about foreign policy. >> interesting. >> about foreign policy. >> the last week has shown that the president's economic failures are only trumped by his foreign policy failures, and ultimately it's because his priorities are wrong. >> think about this, sean. we have an ambassador in a war zone in benghazi on 9/11. >> and he has no protection. >> on 9/11. the president's valerie jarret and senior members get 24 hour security, even when they are going to the hampton for vacation. >> and martha's vineyard. >> exactly! >> i'm the one that started that. >> you are taking our best talking point. let's not argue. you are pulling a tamara holder on me and changing topics. how concerned are you about national security? florida very concerned. 37%. i'm surprised that ohio -- no, it's the next one. very concerned, 71%.
6:58 pm
impact? >> yeah, well, the majority of people do think that it wasn't intentional but there is very deep concern, as there is also on his statement to the russian president. 70% of both states said they were very concerned about his statement i'll be more flexible. but the important story in this is two things, one is iran, which people overwhelmingly believe that sanction has failed. and more than ohio. >> the president said i want to extend my hand to iran and hope they unclinch their fist. and what have they done? they have increased their nuclear program. and on russia, the president said give me some time. what does that do? that unsettles the polls, in unsettles czechoslovakia, it unsettles all of our allies. >> and look at this. florida, 47%, too much appeasement. this may impact, compare that to ohio, it's almost -- not as much
6:59 pm
as -- >> remember the question when we talk about good job is killing bin laden in and getting out of iraq. the two things they campaign on. this is about appeasing iran. >> and the muslim brotherhood. florida, unfavorable, 66%. ohio it's only 47%. interesting. then we have what i shall other is most important to the security of america. we have some disparity here, as well. when you look at florida, prevent iran, nuclear weapons, avoid terror attacks, 55. u.s. military superiority. and then ohio, the numbers are different here. why are they so different? >> partly because of the concern in florida over iran is greater. and with jewish voters he's slipping about. but in ohio, the defense cuts, the concern about defense cuts and potential nuclear cuts, they are higher with women than men. >> and the


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