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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 19, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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policy? >>megyn: i will do the show like this. it is more comfortable. we had fast and furious and now word that the romney video was missing one or two minutes because the author had to cut some out for some reason. thanks for watching. >>shepard: you seem relaxed. >>megyn: an exhausting two hours. >>shepard: obviously. good to see you. the news begins anew on "studio b." the anti-american protests over the low budget video that criticized islam continue in several nations today. now france is on high alert. a magazine published cartoons of the prophet mohammed. details ahead. and the report that a cyber attack on bank of america website could have been linked to an islamic terror group. what does that mean for the
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customers? a harvard scholar has an uncomment document that he says could indicate that jesus had a wife. that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b" today. first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, a brand new 500-page report on fast and furious tinge is out. it concludes the program was marred by misguided strategies, errors in judgment, management failures, failures at the justice department, and a top official has resigned. a record from the internal watch dog finds contrary to accusations from congressional republicans, there is no evidence the u.s. attorney general knew of the flawed program. he release add statement that reads in part and i quote, "it is unfortunate some were so quick to make accusations before possessing the facts of the operation. the accusations turned out to be
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without foundation. they have caused a great deal of unnecessary harm and confusion. the goal of the controversial gun sting was to track weapons to mexican drug cartels but the feds did not keep tabs on the weapons and two turned up at the scene of a border patrol agent's murder. after his death, the details of fast and furious were going public. this report calls out a dozen officials and one has stepped down? >>reporter: that is right. it suggests action against 14 current department of justice employees. on the way out is the assistant attorney general of the deputy assistant attorney general who is resigning from the department of justice. this report says that he was the most senior official who was in a position to stop operation "fast and furious." also on the way out the former head of the a.t.f., the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and
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firearms. he has retired. the senior leadership, including the acting director, should have known, and represent three failed to act in a timely fashion this information. >>shepard: we her the response from the attorney general. what is the justice department's response, mike? >>reporter: they are happy to point out that the report notes that the attorney general was not informs of the flawed tactics until february of 2011. the border agent was killed in december of 2010. they are also happy to point out the department of justice, according to this report, did not intentionally provide misleading or false information to members of congress that gun becausing what a field tactic. in other words, in this case, tucson signed off on this. they are happy to note, also, that top leadership at justice department did not approve the tactics used in the operation.
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>>shepard: top republicans purr sowed the operation. that is their response? >>reporter: members i have talked to off camera have said they are pleased. this was a thunderstorm -- thorough report at 470 pages. they say from first blush, they think it was a thorough job. the chairman issa issued a statement saying and i quote, "the investigation found that information in wiretap applications approved by senior justice department officials in washington, dc, did contain red flags showing reckless tactics and holds the inner circle for the conduct." there is a hearing on capitol hill where we will have questions asked of the inspector general. >>shepard: thank you, from the russell house office building. >> the french government today ordered the closing of schools and embassies overseas after a french magazine published crude
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cartoons of the prophet mohammed defending the right of the magazine to publish the cartoons. the french government told officials and embassies and schools in and around 20 countries, they would have to close on friday, the muslim day of rare amid fears of violent backlash. the protests over the u.s.-produced low budget video that criticized islam, continued today in pakistan. hundreds of lawyers broke through a gate fear the u.s. embassy and chanted "down with america." in lebanon tens of thousands including supporters of hezbollah marched through the streets of the lebanese city to rally on the video. we do not know if the video is the only motivation if the protesters. fox news has learned the attack on key row, where this protest started, could be in connection with a warning of the detention
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of a convicted terrorist. catherine is live in washington, dc, with this news. what do we know of the warning? >>reporter: fox has obtained a three page report. the department had information that there was a call to release the blind detained sheik. congressional sources tell fox they believe the demonstrations in cairo were a response to the amateur movie, but there is a sustained push for the release of the sheik who is held at a prison in north carolina. >>shepard: what has the administration said? >>reporter: a senior republican sent a letter to the justice department and the state department responding to published reports that the blind sheik, who was convicted in the first world trade center attack in 1993, could be transferred to
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egyptian authorities for humanitarian and health reasons. "comingsuccumbing to the demand demands of the country, would show that we are responding to appeasement rather than strength." a justice department spokesman said this idea of transferring the blind sheik was absurd and we had this response from the state department. >> let me say as clearly as i can, there is no plan to release the blind sheik. there is no plan. to my knowledge, we have not been approached about it by any senior egyptians. >>reporter: that is a stronger statement from the state department today than we had previously when a similar question was asked. >>shepard: so the other topic of what happened at our embassy. the administration now is calling the assault, rather, the consulate, calling the assault on the consulate, now it is called a terrorist attack. >>reporter: the definition of terrorism is an act of violence to promote a political end.
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for the first time today, we had the head of the national counter terrorism center, the group responsible for assessing the threats again the united states, use that term in regard to the consulate. here is the exchange from early today. >> let me begin by asking whether you would say that ambassador stevens and the three other americans died as a result of a terrorist attack? >>guest: certainly on that question i would say yes. they were killed in the course of a terrorist attack on our embassy. >>reporter: this is a term that was, i say, artfully avoided earlier this week by the administration. >>shepard: thank you, catherine, from capitol hill. now, rick nelson from the international security program, a bipartisan and nonprofit organization and former navy helicopter pilot with 20 years of intelligence experience including assignments with the national security council step and the counterterrorism center
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and served our nation in afghanistan. thank you for your service, sir. i never understood why you would not call it a terrorist attack from the beginning. it did not make sense to anyone. i don't understand why it went down this way. you have a clue? >>guest: well, right now in libya you have a potent mix of a large influx of weapons, a large number of militants and terrorist activists and a certain amount of instability. that mix makes the situation complex and can allow things like this to happen. >>shepard: on the other matter of the accusations that there were requests to release the blind sheik, there is no doubt that egyptians have asked us to release the blind sheik. we know they have asked. this thought that the administration, with a president who is running for re-election, might for a second consider releasing the man who was behind the bombing of the world trade
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center in 1993, does that pass the smell test to you? >>guest: i don't think anyone, regardless of their political party, would consider releasing the blind sheik considering all he has been involved in and alleged to have been involved in. what you might be seeing is an element of the arab world, the muslim world and the egyptians using this as a subterfuge. >>shepard: the way they would use the video as a way to rile up and inflame the population over there, they could try to put pressure on us to release there guy and say if you don't, we might do the following. still, when the state department says there is no plan, rather than saying we will not release him, rather than saying something more specific about who they have had contact with, i didn't quite understand the answer and why it was worded in that matter. >>reporter: they were clear saying there was no plan to release him. there are a lot of entities in the middle east from iran to
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egyptian that would like to see the united states embassies and consulates overseas be attacked. it is hard to tell who would actually want to see a video like this spread throughout the muslim world, who would want to support the embassies and consulates being attacked. there is a large number of militants and terrorist groups that would benefit from this type of protest and militant activity. it will be hard to determine who is behind this. >>shepard: the list is long. it is nice to see you, rick. thank you. first came the video of governor romney saying 47 percent of americans who don't pay federal income tax are not going to support him. then republicans released a video featuring the president talking about redistribution of wealth, back in the day. >> some good news on housing. a couple of key numbers headed in the right direction. don't expect a quick tush -- turn around. nothing is quick in this
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>>shepard: the republican and his republican challenger are going after each other on two online clips. romney camp is hammering president obama on video on youtube where the president said in 1998 that he supported "the redistribution of some resources at some level." today, governor romney said that in contrast, he wants to help americans create wealth. here are the comments from president obama that turned up. >> the trick is figuring out, how do we structure government systems that pool resources and, hence, facilitate redistribution because i believe in redistribution, at least at a certain level, to make sure that
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everybody has a shot. >>shepard: president obama has responded to a video that turned up on "mother jones" website showing governor romney telling donors the 47 percent of american whose support president obama "believe they are victims and pay no income tax." the obama camp has released an ad showing people reacting negatively to form's comments. yesterday, president obama told david letterman that as commander in chief he has to represent the entire country, not just part of it. here is some of the video where governor romney talks about president obama's supporters. >> the president starts off with 48 percent or 49 percent, but with a huge group of people who pay no income tax, 47 percent of americans pay no income taxes. our message of low taxes does not connect. he will talk about tax cuts for the rush. that is what they say every four years. my job is not to worry about those, but to convince the 5
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percent to 10 percent in the center who are independent. >>shepard: today, governor romney spoke at a fundraiser in atlanta and the cameras were rolling. john roberts is live in atlanta. john? >>reporter: it has been policy for some time in the romney campaign to have cameras in, a pool camera, when there are official remark tons made, reducing the likelihood of surprise recordings coming out at the events lately and the foreseeable future. he took ownership of the comments of 47 percent that he made back in may in an op-ed in "usa today" newspaper saying it is a choice between recovery and dependence when you look at the two candidates. at the fundraiser in atlanta he said the idea that president obama believes in redistribution is a big deal and that people should pay attention to. >> this idea of redistribution follows from the idea that if you have a business, you didn't build it, someone else did that. it is the same concept that government is responsible for
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everything that is going on here. therefore, government and give-and-take. that is a foreign concept that will not and has not worked. >>reporter: the rnc jumped behind governor romney that marries president obama's comments from 1998 with what he said about "you didn't build that," painting him as someone who sees gave more as a benefactor. >>shepard: what is the obama campaign saying about this? >>guest: not surprisingly they have jumped all over mitt romney's 47 percent comment. the house minority leadership, or the whip, rather, saying he believes it will help the president in every battleground state. the senate majority leader, harry reid, a short time ago, saying, wait, mitt romney could be among the 47 percent, because he hasn't paid his income taxes. the obama campaign fought back hard against the redistribution statement and the white house which traditionally gives the appearance of being apolitical during a fall campaign, they
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could not help but swing at governor romney today. here is jake carney. >> all of us who follow politics and policy, whether we are on this side or your side of the podium, have seen circumstances like this where a campaign is having a bad day or a very bad week. in circumstances like that, there are efforts made, sometimes desperate efforts, made to change the subject. >>reporter: sometimes desperate efforts. does this really matter? the answer could be found in a new poll that found 36 percent of people are less likely to vote for governor romney because of the 47 percent comment and 27 percent are most likely and the most number of people, 43 percent, say it doesn't matter to them. >>shepard: john roberts outside our newsroom in atlanta. the housing sector is recovering its recovery.
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previously occupied homes jump to a two-year high, up nearly 8 percent, beating expectations. the government reports that builders broke ground on more new homes in august than the previous month. the housing market, still, is very far from healthy. we will turn to gerri, anchor of the willis report. retail prices also rose. this looks like pretty good darned news. >>gerri: price is important and it rose 9.5 percent to $187,400. that is very good news for anyone trying to sell a house out there. a lot of the prices were for distressed property. we waiting for more of those to come online as banks unload them. in 2006, at the top of the market, the medium was $227,000 so we have a long way to go. >>shepard: roadblocks are out there. it is not smooth sailing. >>gerri: lending.
12:21 pm
always the lenders. in 2011 they made $7.1 billion in loans. americans are still having a hard time getting loans. a lot of people are frustrated that standards are too strict for them. it it is being helped by the federal government with the bonds. >>shepard: refinancing takes 4,000 pages. >>gerri: it is crazy. >>shepard: unbelievable. it is not one bank. it is everybody: like they don't want to lend! >>shepard: i don't know how they are making any money. just charging more fees. >>gerri: they are getting a sweet deal from the fed. >>shepard: this is true. >> the most restrictive voter laws in one of the most important swing states was knocked down. we will explain where a panel of
12:22 pm
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>> the hackers who sparked out age at bank of america's website could have ties to a terror group according to a source close to the matter confirming to the fox business network. bank of america's website was down for several hours. the source, the source of fox business network, suggests this could be related to the recent threats posted on the hacking website. bank of american was not commented. a spokesman said, and i quote, "i can tell you we continuously
12:26 pm
take proactive measures to secure our systems." >> and senator rockefeller, chairman of the senate commerce committee reyield he has written letter to every fortune 500 committee asking each to describe how it handles security online. with us is cyber crime and technology analyst, morgan wright. what they did was a denial of service attack on back -- bank of america so people cannot get in and out but nothing compromised with money or accounts. >>guest: what they did, they attacked the domain name. if you tried to leg in using "bank of america," you would not get a response but you could type in the i.p. address and a couple of other ways but they elected to go after the most way, through the domain name prevented people from going online banking. >>shepard: if you went through an app on the ipad or droid you could get in. what is this connection?
12:27 pm
why is there a fault that a terrorist organization would block one domain name? >>guest: well, you were talking about this group which and an armed group, part of hamas. they won the first rule of marketing, generating awareness. whether it is related to that or iran flexing their muscles, we do not know. but we know, even from 9/11, until now, financial institutions have been a key target for counterterrorism and espnu nag and acts of terrorism. it is lodge call to assume that banks, now, still remain targeted and it is ramping up. >>shepard: there was a threat against the new york stock exchange, as well. >>guest: some of the attacks are pedestrian. they are not effective. they were able to deploy some countermeasures but it is more of an annoyance.
12:28 pm
it creates a system with trust. can they get to my personal information? is my banking information exposed? it does create a huge risk and a trust issue between banks and the consumers. >>shepard: because it is part of our job to set things like this straight, people should know, and you can tell me if i was wrong, there was a denial of service attack on bask -- bank of america does not suggest anyone's money was in trouble. >>guest: the problem is, we start dealing in perception and someone says, we did this or that, or they post this, people act on perception. that is what the banks tried to stop. nothing happened. we are back on line now. >>shepard: happens in a lot of parts of life. thank you, sir. >> school is in session for hundreds of thousands in chicagoland after the teacher union voted to suspend their strike that has lasted for more than a week. now the chicago mayor, rahm
12:29 pm
emanuel, calls the settlement with teachers an "honest compromise." >> in the past taxpayers pay more and our kids got less. in this contract, our taxpayers are paying less, and our kids are getting more. >> we feel very positive about moving forward. we feel grateful we have a united union and when a union moves together amazing things happen. >>shepard: another union delegate, rather, other union delegates say the proposed new contract is not perfect but it is a big step in the right direction. the dispute between city officials and the teachers unions involved a lot of things starting with salaries and raises and moved ton performance evaluation and the length of the school day. one of our chicago-based correspondents is like there and been covering this thing, i am guessing parents are glad to have a routine back and the kids back in class. >>guest: absolutely. we saw the parents and they had big smiles.
12:30 pm
everyone in smiles as they headed back to school after the strike that cost seven school days. parents are happy their kids are no longer on the xbox and back on the books. >> all time is precious. i am happy everything came to an agreement and everything is on the same page. >> this is fantastic. well overdue. i am excited about it. let's get going. >>reporter: the strike is suspended until the entire union get as chance to vote. that is expected to happen in a couple of weeks. that is looking like it will be an approval for the deal. >>shepard: thank you, steve brown on a windy day in the windy city. for mayor rahm emanuel this comes with a price, doesn't it? >>reporter: it sure does. he has labor peace for three years with the teachers. however, the contract will cost the school system an extra $75
12:31 pm
million. the school 178 is strapped and running in a deficit at least $150 million, if not more. now the question is, how do you go about doing that? you have exhausted your reserves. you maxed out the property tax increases. how will you pay for it in the speculation is he will have to close schools in order to get to that dollar figure. >>shepard: thank you. >> and now the voter i.d. law, in a state that could have a major effect on the presidential race with the details on that controversy ahead. >> some experts say this ancient text could talk about jesus and his marital status. seriously. [ male announcer ] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing
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>>shepard: the fate of a new voter i.d. law in pennsylvania is up in the air, two months to the election. the supreme court called for more hearings to determine if the republican-backed law can go into effect without unfairly disenfranchising voters. two judges say it is clear that some legitimate voters cannot get the required i.d. pennsylvania is a battleground state that could determine who wins the white house. that is why they call it a battleground state. a national political reporter is
12:36 pm
here. this is quite the political football. to hear it from folks on the right and the left, how this is decided could make a big difference. >>reporter: it could. many democrats have said it could disenfranchise up to 750,000 voters in pennsylvania. that is a huge number. they say that very number could flip the election in pennsylvania from one side to the other. that is why this is such a big deal. on the other hand, though, although pennsylvania is a battleground state, we are not seeing the kind of heavy campaigning from either side, from mitt romney or president obama. the political reality on the ground is that president obama does have a decisive lead currently. that could change come the debates in october. >>shepard: that is not a cheap state to campaign with on the airwaves. >>reporter: lots of media markets and tons of voters in the state. it is not cheap at all. >>shepard: a couple of the judges have given hints.
12:37 pm
what have we her from the court as a whole? when do we think we will know definitive? >>guest: the hearing has to be produced by october 2nd, which is a month away from election day. the concern is many of the voter whose don't have the proper form of identification will not be able to get that right i.d. in time for election day. so the court has to show they could still give all of the voters the i.d. they need in time. that is the issue right now. can they get everyone with their proper it? >>shepard: an interesting thing about the law, it has to have an expiration date on it. for instance, teachers in pennsylvania do not have an expiration on their i.d. could part of the law go away? or is this all or nothing? >>guest: right now they are looking at it in a provisional
12:38 pm
way. do they need to halt the law before election day and put it into full effect later. the question is whether or not it will have a damaging effect on this particular election. >>shepard: thank you, erin, great to see you again. >> jesus may have had a wife. i say that only because it said it right there on the teleprompter otherwise i would not have said that. the reason we are doing this is because there is a harvard recovery who just released an ancient document that he says could challenge long-held beliefs about christianity's central figure. the language on this fragment of material, describes jesus referring to his wife saying and i quote, "she will be able to be my disciple." christian tradition maintains that jesus was not married. duh. that is one reason that catholic
12:39 pm
priests supposed to remain single. you may remember the 2003 best seller book angered christians because the plot was based on the fact that jesus was married with children. mr. and mrs. jesus has a bad ring to it. >>trace: an anonymous collector gave the harvard professor you talked about, an expert in the history of christianity, he wanted her to help translate this, and analyze this. if you look at this parchment, it is 2" long, the size of a business card. it is unknown where other when it was found but many scholars say it had to come from egypt because the climate is so dry. it allowed the ancient writings to survive. many think it is part of a newly discovered gospel written in the 2nd century but others are skeptical. i have a lot experience working
12:40 pm
first-hand with the manuscripts and there is something about this fragment in the appearance and also in the grammar of the cop tic that strikes me astronaut being completely convincing. >>trace: main is calling it a perjury but challenging the origin of this document. >>shepard: this comes down to the definition of "wife." >>trace: back if those times, a "wife," could be considered someone who just cooked and cleaned. there was no intimacy, no sexual relationship. even the professor who brought this forward says, look, there is no definitive proof that jesus had a wife. this does show that two centuries before the da vinci code, people were talking about the prospect jesus could have been married. >> here we are, already 150
12:41 pm
years after jesus, a controversy going on about reproduction and sexuality, and marriage and what the christian life should be. for the first time, they are asking this question, was jesus married. >>trace: most scholars say regardless of the meaning, they all agree this is a fairly compelling find. >>shepard: thank you, trace. >> new reports today that iranian officials are helping the syrian regime test chemical weapons. iran, syria, and chemical weapons, up next. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression
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12:45 pm
attempt to move the weapons could trigger military intervention. rick, what do we know about the chemical weapons? >>reporter: well, syria is believed to have the world's largest arsenals and now the syrian army is said to be testing ways to deploy the weapons without losing the chemicals themselves. a german weekly reports that the syrian army tested missile systems and tanks tanks and airt at a range near the chemical research center, firing five or six shells capable of carrying poison gas. we are told the shells were empty but the tests were surprised by iranian military officers. this is of obvious concern to israelis because israel borders syria and it has been stopping up on gas makes. a syrian general who defected says that president assad has plans to transfer chemical
12:46 pm
weapons to lebanon, presumably to hezbollah for use against israelis here in israel. >>shepard: and the syrian civil war is raging on. >>reporter: yes. syrian rebels made a strategic capture today but obviously they are paying a heavy price. they attacked a border crossing point with the syrian border with turkey. they grabbed the customs house after a firefight and heavy shelling. they ripped down the syrian flag and replaced it with a rebel banner. it is the third crossing they have taken over. it allows them to move in arms and supplies. but the death toll is climbing. the syrian army is pounding positions in damascus, with reports that 60 people were killed we today alone. the syrian government says they are killing terrorists but the rebels say the dead include many civilians. >>shepard: thank you, rick
12:47 pm
leventhal. and now to fox news contributor, judith miller, adjunct fellow with the manhattan institute. what do we make of this? >>guest: there is continuing talk of the syrian position of alleged kremlin weapons. they are assumed to have the third largest stockpile after the united states and russia which are destroying their chemical weapons because we are members of the convention that prohibits the weapons. syria is not. it has never signed them. it is in syria's interest to keep the world guessing about what it has and how much of what it has but there are reports now from defectors, especially major general who was reports today in trail i can't to have given the first on the record interview in turkey, he says he attend add meeting three months ago at the chemical weapons center to discuss when and under what
12:48 pm
circumstances the syrian regime might use chemical weapons against their own citizens in aleppo, the second largest city. >>shepard: does that pass the smell test to you? if they do that and bashar al-assad wants to hang on, he ain't hanging on. >>guest: exactly. so far he is doing better than anyone has anticipated. everyone keeps saying he is gone, he is gone. he is still there. he still has a base support. despite killing 25,000 people. nevertheless, if he knows that if he uses the weapons or even looks as if he is going to transfer them to hezbollah, he is toast. the americans have said and president obama came out in a special resolution conference august 21, saying, if you move them, or use them, that's a red line for us. he understands the game would totally change if he were to contemplate and actually carry through the use of such terrible
12:49 pm
weapons. >>shepard: are there forces in that part of the world that would like for him to kick it all up? >>guest: some people would like a diversion of attention. >>shepard: look over here. look over here. >>guest: the iranian who are supposedly helping the syrians test their weapons would certainly like to take the focus off of them and their own nuclear program. they are, of course, syria's only dependable ally in the region. there are many agendas. we have had so many reports of syria moving the weapons, we do not know why. we do not know where. we do not know how many. all we can do is say we must exercise caution about all of the reports at this time. >>shepard: that is the statement of the day. great to see you. >> scientists have now found a cure for a rare virus that killed three people in yosemite national park this year. we are like with an update on
12:50 pm
this investigation. g a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. [ male announcer ] introducing a reason to look twice. the entirely new lexus es and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>>shepard: three people have died and several are reported infected from a rare virus that is spread inside california's yosemite national park. rodents spread the disease that can trigger lung problems. there is no cure. we sent our reporter to yosemite national park. what is the deal with this thing? >>reporter: well, the investigation into why this outbreak happened, where it happened, could take weeks. state and federal health officials say the number of reported infections could rise because sinks can -- symptoms
12:54 pm
can take six weeks to appear. there is evidence that the park population of deer mice which carry the virus has grown significantly. officials have been trapping and killing deer mice for a couple of weeks. the pentagon of those testing positive for the environmental has not changed there are a lot more mice which could be a greater rib of exposure. and health officials are looking for clues at the popular camp site where all but one of the nine cases originated. the mice were found in the insulated walls of the ten cabins and now 91 of the cabins are closed. how they contracted the virus with others in the group not getting sick, that remain as mystery. hand that -- the virus is wear, usually only a handful of cases each year. it is very serious. there is no cure or vaccine. a third of the cases are fatal. specialists say the attention on
12:55 pm
this outbreak could help patients in the future. >> it is my hope this will drive more interest in developing a drug or a vaccine that is effective against this deadly infection. >> officials now handing out the flyers with information on avoiding getting sick. it comes down to staying away from deer mice and their dropping. park attendance has dipped. people are not taking any chances. >>shepard: the centers for disease control now reports the death toll from west nile virus has reached 134. according to the centers for disease control, the number of cases jumped 19 percent last week. this year, it is on pace to be the worst outbreak since 2003. 40 percent of all cases come from texas. other states with large numbers of cases include mississippi, michigan, oklahoma, louisiana
12:56 pm
and california. "endeavour" stopped without a problem in houston today. the last journey. in america today we're running out of a vital resource we need
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♪ hantavirus, hantavirus russ, lunata >>shepard: "endeavour" finished the first leg of the trip across the country to the new home. the shuttle took off from kennedy space center on the florida space coast this morning. it got a ride on a modified 747. "endeavour" landed in houston, texas, and it will continue on to california. nasa reports that the shuttle will go on to display at the california science center in los angeles. "endeavour" completed two dozen successful flights over two decades. it is the third and last shuttle to go on a piggy back this year. in april, "discovery" flew to washington, dc, on the way do the smithsonian. the same month, the shuttle enterprise made its way here, to new york city. i am shepard


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