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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 19, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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thanks for being with us. tomorrow senator john mccain, former house entering newt gingrich and others will all be here. you don't want to miss it. go to and tell us what you thought about this show. as soon as the show ends, i will put up the open thread. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight? >> i actually believe in redistribution, at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody has got a shot. >> bill: an audiotape surfaces of president obama espousing the social tenet of income redistribution. will that hurt mr. obama in the election? we'll have a special report. >> i'm kind of a snooki fan. [ laughter ] >> look how tiny she has gotten. she has lost weight. >> bernie goldberg says mitt romney is being a pinhead for going on entertainment shows and talking about dopey stuff. bernie will be here. >> as americans, should would he be scared that we owe that kind of money? who do we owe that money to.
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>> well, we don't have to worry about it short-term about it is a problem long term. >> bill: dennis miller will analyze president obama's appearance on david letterman last night. >> you look sharp. >> you haven't seen me naked. [ laughter ] >> we're gonna keep it that way. >> bill: did we learn anything? >> are you ready for some foot mouth? >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ >> bill: i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. pardon the allergy. shepard smith has the same thing. his office is next to mine. contagious thing. we would muddle through. bad week. that is the subject of this week's talking points memo. beginning with the reaction to middle east and secretly taped comments about entitlements the last seven days have not
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gotten good for governor rom anymore. polling shows a tight race. rasmussen daily tracking poll shows romney leading by one, 47-46. associated press has the president leading by 1, 47-46. nbc has mr. obama up by 5. so despite the national media's disdain for mitt romney, the election remains very close. by the way, all those polls are among likely voters. thot reporting general polling this season because it really doesn't matter. now, many committed republicans are frustrated with mitt romney. they believe he has made far too many mistakes. comes across as remote and on defense rather than offense. some of those criticisms are valid, certainly the governor has not brought a sense of urgency to the campaign. talking points does believe america is in dire trouble economically. for the record, president obama does not believe that, and apparently his supporters do not believe that either. up to romney to illuminate the problem. he doesn't have to using scare tactics, he just has to use stats as we did last night in the talking points memo. with just 47 days before the vote, it looks like governor
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romney will have to persuade the voters he needs to win the election by winning the debates. there are three of them in october and if the governor does not come across well, he is finished. a fascinating part of the election cycle this year is how many americans continue to believe in barack obama. it's clear that his economic policies haven't worked. they might work down the road. it's possible but today the situation remains bleak. so if you are going to vote for the president, you are doing so on emotion. you hope things will turn around. same thing can be said for mitt romney's free marketplace strategy. there is no guarantee it would work. romney has a far stronger economic background than does president obama. yet the race remains deadlocked. and that's because both candidates have visible deficits. and we're not talking money here. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. let's bring our pal carl rove who joins us from lansing, michigan. on your web site you have the electoral college map. any significant movement there? >> well, last week we had the
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largest must number of polls we have had thus far since april when we started keeping track of the map. 40 polls in 19 states. and in the immediate aftermath of the democratic convention you expect some movement towards obama and there was. minnesota and pennsylvania moved from lien lean obama to obama. toss up to lean obama. kentucky went from lean romney to romney. there were 20 states in which there was some kind of movement. 14 of it towards obama. six states towards romney. we would expect that kind of movement in the aftermath of the democratic convention. again, 106 electoral votes up for grabs. president obama up three states. florida 49, 44.
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virginia 50, 43. if that's true, and that holds, then the governor loses, correct? >> you know,. we have got more polls than you can ever imagine. do you know how many national polls and daily tracking polls have been in the last 80 days? 83. if you imagine the national polls how many state polls we have h we have got to be careful about them. first of all be careful about reading too much into the polls. in mid september of 1980, ronald reagan was trailing jimmy carter 44 to 40 despite double digit inflation, double digit unemployment and double digit interest rates. by mid october reagan had dropped 1 point to 39 and carter had risen three points to 47. yet, as we all know it turned out a big blow out. >> bill: let me get this straight. in 1980, in the middle of october, just three weeks before the vote, carter was up
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47-39 over reagan? >> right. now, part of this is, yeah, and the gallup. >> bill: that's amazing. >> we forget about it now. i remember at the time people -- i was the director of the reagan campaign in texas historically democrat state at that point. and i can remember people saying well, we're losing to this guy. how can would he be losing to this guy with the economy as bad as it is? now, one of the reasons is the polls have a false scientific provision. take a look at this. this is on the 129 of september. four national polls, cbs news, "new york times" had 13 points more democrats than republicans and a 3 point advantage for obama. cnn had 10 points more democrats than republicans. and a 6 point advantage for obama maflt "the washington post," abc six points more democrat than republic. rasmussen had it at dead even between the two parties and one point advantage for romney. in 2008, the election exit polls had 78 points more democrats than republicans.
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biggest in decades. 2004 even. a three point advantage for the democrats. who thinks in this election that there are going to be 13 points fewer republic turn out than democrat? >> bill: why do the poll does that? >> well, in this instance they simply take a poll, take whoever they get during the time they are taking the poll. which could be a friday or saturday night. >> whoever answers the phone, they write it down. they don't try balance it out. >> they don't try to weight it in some instances like abc "the washington post" they may weight it to the model that they saw in 2008. they fight the last war. it is going to be a different war. >> bill: i don't want to get too pinheaded about it. the most important thing you have said tonight is about carter and reagan. but there is no doubt about it, in my mind. and i'm trying to be really fair here and really, really just the facts, you know. i don't need the ideology. i think that mitt romney looks like he doesn't have control
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of the campaign. i didn't -- it didn't offend me what he said after libya and cairo. i wasn't offended by that at all. and what he he said last -- this week about the 47% not voting for him because they are in the deep into the entitlement culture, again, it's his opinion. that's what he is saying. it's no big deal for me. but it just seems like he just doesn't -- can't capture any momentum. he doesn't have -- it's almost like a prize fight. ali is ducking. here comes frazier trying to get him and he just can't get him. >> every candidate gets their turn in the press barrel. you may remember at the end of july and early august obama had his turn in the press barrel after he said you didn't build that for a couple of weeks he couldn't do anything right. romney needs to persevere. you said something in your talking points very important things. the debates are going to matter a lot. i also think that the period between now and the debates is
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going to matter a lot for romney because he needs to flesh out his plan. that's the key for his success. what is it that i'm going to do. what are my priorities? the other thing you said is really important for romney to win the debates. it's important for both candidates to try and win the debates. if obama goes into those debates and is the incumbent, doesn't command each and every one of those debates. if he doesn't come out as fluid and a jill as we think he is then romney will be president of the united states. the debates are going to loom large just as they did in 1980 when people looked at the debates in their entirety and despite the fact that reagan was behind and said you know what? reagan reassured me that he is up to the job and i'm going to go for it. >> bill: the press had branded reagan as a shallow guy and then they saw him -- just as the press is branding romney as aristocrat that doesn't care. he is going to have to prove different. mr. obama says he wants to redistribute wealth on tape.
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does it matter?
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hence, facilitate some redistribution because i actually believe in redistribution, at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody has got a shot. >> now, my interview with barack obama in 2008, i asked him about the income redistribution deal. >> you're taking the wealthy in america, the big earners, okay? you are taking money away from them and giving it to people who don't. that's called income redistribution. it's a socialist tenet. come on, you know that you went to harvard. >> teddy roosevelt supported progressive income tax. >> bill: here now to analyze author of the book now in paperback "that used to be us" how america fell behind in the world it invented and how it can come back. when i interviewed barack obama he didn't want to be labeled income redistributionist, clearly didn't. yet, years earlier he said he was. should i resent the fact that he wasn't being honest. >> i don't know where he was
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coming from earlier, bill. what strikes me is where we should be right now. and this is really what we have been writing about. i want everyone in america, this is where i think the president should be and where romney should be. i want everyone in america to have a chance to be their own starter upper. to be out of the 47%. that's to me what the election should be about. >> bill: but it isn't about it. not who is in the 47%. but how do we get everybody out of the 47%. >> bill: let's talk about income redistribution. yard that beyond a reasonable doubt that's what president obama's economic philosophy is. does that make a stronger nation giving people assess, in giving people money? does that make a stronger company if we do that. >> there is no safety net. that goes with capitalism. >> bill: that's not income redistribution though. >> the president has got to answer that one. >> bill: have you traveled the world, okay? i mean you spent a lot of time in china. are societies stronger, that spread the wealth around by
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government -- are they stronger? >> i think the societies that are strongest, bill, are those that combine a healthy public private partnership where the public enables people through infrastructure through social safety nets for people who can't keep up and unleashes the private, okay, through investment and through the laws and regulations that stimulate people to invest and start things up. when you go to hong kong, for instance, i just came back from china, when you see the tall buildings in hong kong, to me hong kong can s. british rule of law. >> bill: no income redistribution going on in hong kong. that's capitalism at its highest level. you don't make it there, you are floating in the harbor. >> it's not quite as bad. >> bill: you know how ruthless that capitalism is there. your newspaper the "new york times" believes in income redistribution and believes in social justice and is right down the line with barack obama on that philosophy. but, in your book, you say that one of the reasons that america -- you believe america is a weaker nation now than it was say 20 years ago. >> i do.
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>> bill: one of the reasons we are weaker is because we took a wrong course after 9/11. is that correct? am i reading correctly. >> what was the wrong course. >> we thought at the end of the cold war was a great victory and bill, it was. it was a great victory over communism and totalitarian. here is the problem. we thought it was a victory that allowed us to put our feet up. that victory things that we like. unleashed 2 billion people around the world to compete and collaborate with us. we kind of put our feet up and the chinese and brazilians. >> bill: what should we have done differently? we want these societies to be competitive and to develop their own economies because that helps us. what should we have done differently after the cold war, anything? >> to me it was basically five things. if you look at how we got rich as a country we didn't get here by accident we got rich because we had a formula for says. we educated people wherever the technology was, open immigration policy that attracted the world's most talented and immigrants.
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smartest rules, rules that incentivize risk taking and prevent reckless. research into medicine, science that pushed out the boundaries so that venture capitalists could come in. >> bill: all of that is good. we have that now though. we spend more money in this country mr. freidman educating our students than any other country in the world than switzerland. there is only 8 students in switzerland. yodeling. we spends more money. still not enough. we want more, we want more. former teacher. it's bull. it's not money. here is what it is. here is what your newspaper won't recognize. it's personal responsibility. that's why the country is weaker than it was in the past. becauswe individual americans aren't taking responsibility for our actions. >> there is no question that is part of it. if you read our section in the book about actually education, our argument is, yeah, we need better teachers but we also need better parents, better community leaders. >> bill: you can't force parents to be good. how can you do that. >> you can't but you can model
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it it's something that has to be inspired. you are absolutely right, bill. you can't force it but it is something that can be inspired by local and national leaders. >> bill: do you think mitt romney is a mean guy who doesn't care about the folks? >> i never met the guy. i have never spoken to him. i don't really have a sense of him. >> bill: all right. so you are taking a pass on that. you don't know. >> i only heard what i heard. what i heard was not particularly impressive for reasons that you said in the introduction to the show. >> bill: what do you mean what you heard. >> what i heard on this last tape. >> bill: i don't even care about the tape. but he governed massachusetts in a fairly responsible way. >> yeah. >> bill: he gave the healthcare deal up interest in the sense that the people wanted it in massachusetts. he made it happen for them. can you debate that all day long. now is he supposed to be some big greed head. i know the guy. i worked in boston for a long time. he is not. do you think it's fair he has been branded that way by the media. >> here is what i feel about him, i know where you stand. i watch your show. i know where you stand.
8:19 pm
>> bill: right. >> one of the things i felt about romney from the very beginning is that he is pretending to be someone he is not. you talk about the governor of massachusetts. typical northern liberal republic. that's not what he has been running as. >> bill: he has morphed into a more conservative thing. here is what i object to. barack obama is not some communist who was born in kenya. although the far right will label him that okay? but the far left labels romney as this guy who has got money hidden in the caymans and couldn't care less and wants to stomp and fire people. i think the press is irresponsible on both sides. >> he is so much of a pulpit now to really define himself. >> bill: he has to do it. >> he hasn't done that. >> bill: tom freidman thanks very much. we appreciate it brand new bill o'reilly poll question for you. is my upcoming debate with jon stewart a good or bad judged? i will be slugging it out with steward october 6th at george washington university. see it live on the net. go to the rumble and sign up. by the way, seats are sold out at the university.
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but bill o' has a block of tickets so you can check it out on our web site. directly ahead dick morris on whether the republicans can win the senate in november. then, bernie goldberg on bad media decisions by both presidential candidates. dennis miller analyzes the president on letterman last president on letterman last nigh of hardest-working, smoothest-riding.lass it's got the most torque, the smoothest suspension, the best storage, class-leading comfort, and a revolutionary collection of versatile accessories.
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>> bill: in addition to the presidential race senate retain control of the house. things aren't going to well in massachusetts with scott brown running by elizabeth warren. four polls have ms. warren ahead. joining us from palm beach florida author the book dubz runs for president. dick morris. county g.o.p. win the senate? >> well, i think they will do better than my dog will.
8:24 pm
i believe they will win the senate. there are three seats that are very very likely. almost given republic wins. nebraska, north dakota and wisconsin. open seats all of them north dakota a little closer than usual but it's a heavily republic state. wisconsin a little bit closing of the gap but thompson is still way ahead. now, if they win those three and ryan is vice president, they control the senate. but if biden is vice president they don't. then you have three other seats that i think with r. about to falling in the republic hands montana where rayberg has been constantly ahead of the tester. virginia where cane and allen have been neck and neck. allen the republic has run ahead of romney in virginia. and florida where nelson, the incumbent democrat is so weak. is he down in the low 40s. and i think coney mac, the republic will be able to beat him. >> bill: you are basically
8:25 pm
saying -- wait, wait, wait. i will kick your coverage here. you basically are saying that missouri, because of that guy, he is out. mccaskill is going to get reelected. that's a seat that the republicans thought they were going to get they are not going to get it brown, massachusetts both candidates are running a very -- >> -- i wonder what's going to happen when elizabeth warren puts on her war paint. >> you can do that cheap stuff all you want, morris. >> not cheap it's funny. >> ahead in every poll. doing something right. >> that's a bounce from her speech at the convention, bill. >> bill: such a liberal state massachusetts, brown should be on this program. he should be doing a lot of stuff is he not doing. >> the republicans will definitely lose maine. >> bill: i can't figure out maine at all. >> runs as independent but is he a democrat. >> bill: probably going to be a tie in the senate. >> no, no. i'm not. i'm not. >> bill: you just said it's probably going to be a tie and the vice president vote will be the one that's the tie
8:26 pm
breaker. >> no, i did not. there are three seats he we are going to win. three more seats that i think we will win. for a total of six. >> montana florida and virginia. >> montana recollect, florida and virginia. one seat we will lose and another one we might not lose. there are five other seats where the republicans are very very close. and could win with democratic incumbents, ohio against sherrod brown, michigan against debbie stabenow, ohio, i'm sorry, i'm blocking on the others. but there are a whole series of those, new mexico with heather. >> bill: morris, button t. >> okay. >> the house is probably going to maintain republic, correct? >> and i think expand the republic margin. >> bill: okay. move on. you had a quibble with my talking points memo. you have got 30 seconds, go. >> i did. this was not a rough week for
8:27 pm
romney. the media loves to paint something, do it out of proportion and then yell gas gas gas and and -- gaffe gaffe gaffe and try to make the story that romney is screwing up. the fact of the matter beginning of this week romney was still suffering by the democratic bounce. by the middle of this week by monday or tuesday he had caught up and the bounce was over. now, he is finally told the truth about the 47%, first one with the guts to say it and the media is assuming that's going to be a big negative. i think it may be a positive and inject entitlements and welfare into this campaign. the crisis abroad is going to really sap obama's credibility on what had been his strength, national security after killing bin laden. >> bill: i tend to agree if romney takes the issue of the entitlement society and rams it down the democratic party's throat he could do it? >> yep. >> bill: i have got 30 more seconds. the justice department came out today and said that the
8:28 pm
holder operation was responsible fast and furious screw up but not holder himself. it was all his under lings who blew it your reaction to that? >> well, in terms of governance, it's a big deal and the house should go after it in terms of the presidential election long it will have any impact. the issues are too big. >> bill: dubs runs for president. check it out. bernie goldberg and dennis miller both warming up in the bullpen. we'll see who has got more heat moments away. ely. >>. >>fqv8f
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>>. "s
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8:32 pm
>> look how tiny she has gotten. she has lost weight and energetic. her spark plug personality is kind of fun. >> also president obama on the letterman program last night. dennis miller will analyze that in a moment. joining us now from north carolina the purveyor of bernard i understand mitt romney is trying to humanize himself by doing this stuff. i have been on those shows that ask me dopey questions about stuff. i simply don't answer them. what are you kidding me? i'm just a tv guy. i would say boo boo, snooki, i have got to save the economy. i'm sorry. you know? >> i'm with you. i'm totally with you on this. we both understand why politicians go on entertainment shows because there are people out there who don't watch new shows and they do watch entertainment shows and it's a way to get to them. but talking about snooki and boo boo. this is like -- this would be
8:33 pm
like yogi berra lecturing about art in the main dynasty in china. yogi doesn't know jack about that and mitt romney doesn't know jack about snooki and boo boo. >> to his credit. >> yes. that's to his credit but when he comes off making belief he does, what does that say? >> bill: i don't know. maybe he -- >> -- here we go again. i'm going to pander to the audience. i'm going to say what i am supposed to say. >> bill: maybe he does watch for comic relief a little bit of that garbage. >> are you kidding me? >> bill: i don't know, goldberg. he might. it's possible. >> no, it isn't. it's impossible. if he he is watching snooki and boo boo, you think he is watching the jersey shore? come on. >> bill: maybe he tripped and fell when it was on. i don't know. >> that's possible. you disagree with morris. morris doesn't think the 47% comment is going to hurt the governor but you do? >> well, it isn't just my friend dick morris.
8:34 pm
there are a number of political commentators on the right on tv and on radio who say that not only is mitt romney going to win, but is he going to win big. you know like between 5 points and 8 points. a lot of them say that dick morris isn't the only one. and i have got one of two possibilities here. either they are political einsteins, they are geniuses or they are certifiablably nuts. i'm not sure which one it is. but i will tell you this. i don't have nearly, not nearly the confidence that they have on how this is going to turn out. i hope -- i want to say. this i hope they're right that romney wins big. but i don't have nearly the confidence in that. >> bill: why do you hope they are right? i mean, what is it -- you are not a particularly ideological guy in the sense that -- let me try to rephrase it for the audience. i have known goldberg far too long. you are not a guy who made
8:35 pm
your career on ideology. you made your career on journalism. you are a reporter. you got fed up cbs blatant bias to the left you went out and went after them. you went out as a reporter. that's how you did it you said this is what they are doing and i can back t up. and because you did that, you went from being a journalist to a commentator. all right? but you are not a guy who forever has been a republic right wing guy and rooting for a certain ideology. so what is it about barack obama very precisely that bernard goldberg objects to? >> first, let me say thank you to that description because every syllable of what you said is exactly right. >> bill: you wrote that for me. i read that right at the prompter. >> that's right. now read the part bernie i can't live without you. >> we edited that out. boo boo and some things are
8:36 pm
not believable. here is the answer to your question. i simply don't think barack obama is a good president. i think is he a very good politician. i think is he a better politician than mitt romney. i think he is a better candidate than mitt romney but barack obama is the kind of person who could look you in the eye and with a straight face say i want to unify this nation after he has spent months and months and months pitting americans against each other, based on how much money they have. telling us that there is a war on women. and having vice president strongly suggest that republicans are racist because they are going to put black people in, quotes, back in chains. i don't admire that in terms of plain old confidence, i mean he may or may not be a nice guy. any time i say he is a nice guy i get tons of emails
8:37 pm
saying is he not a nice guy. but the point is he is not competent president. that's my take on it. >> bill: you are basing that on the economy. >> yeah, mostly the economy. the "wall street journal" has a brilliant editorial today and the gist of it is that he has made way too many americans dependent on government by collecting unemployment checks, by collecting food stamp money and by collecting social security disability. he has turned america much too against dent on government. that's the way he wants it and i don't like that. >> bernie goldberg, everybody. when we come right back, it will be miller time. the d man will analyze letterman's appearance on the letterman's appearance on the ely.ram last night. but because of business people like you, things are beginning to get rolling. and regions is here to help.
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>> thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the miller segment tonight, we continue our analysis of the presidential candidates going on soft venues. last night david letterman asked barack obama about the exploding national debt. >> do you remember what that number was? was it 10 trillion? >> i don't remember what the number was precisely. >> bill: see, now, if this is me and i got the credit card guy calling me every day. >> right. >> i start to get scared. as americans, should would he be scared that we owe that kind of money. >> we don't have to worry about it short-term. right now interest rates are low because people still
8:41 pm
consider the united states the safest and greatest country on earth, rightfully so, but it is a problem long term. >> bill: joining us now to analyze the sage of southern california dennis miller is in santa barbara this evening and you say about that appearance last night. >> i didn't watch letterman i watched leno. jay had novemberville chamberlain on. i went over there and watched that. >> bill: ghost of mr. chamber lynn or just a clip comp compilation. >> i thought i would go original form rather than the latest -- is he a great talk talk show host. he and megyn fox. letterman and he are great together. he ought to bring him on there and make him his side car like berry bud mehlman or something. all i know is this: as far as the presidency goes, it ain't good right now.
8:42 pm
and if you are asking me if things like this have an impact on me, i'm going way past my fail safe point on this election. not only am i not undecided, i'm overdecided. i think the country looks like crap right now and i can't wait until november 6th here to get it on. figure out which way we are going. because anybody who looks at what is going on right now and a president saying he believes in redistribution and just doesn't get it, i don't know what to tell them. >> well, i don't either. because if you look at just the facts as i said in the talking points memo tonight, the people who are supporting president obama are doing so again on hope. well, we hope all of this government spend something going to turn around and we hope social justice will be imposed. there really isn't anything after three and a half, well almost four years now, really isn't anything other than getting bin laden and wiping out al qaeda with drones, okay. and, you know, he saved the car industry to some extent
8:43 pm
although bush was partially responsible for that as well. there is not a lot over a four year period that you can say this is what i have done. congress is fractured. he they are not getting anything done there. so what is t about the american people that has changed in the last 20 years? where so many people don't care about performance anymore. >> i think is he a genial guy. he is of our generation and is he a good speaker. make this man secretary of speech. >> bill: he sits there on letterman last night and he doesn't say anything. he says nothing. all right? not one thing did he say? >> he said one thing. he said he wasn't sure what the deficit was. >> right. he didn't know when he came. in but he said nothing. but he looked so confident and
8:44 pm
credible in saying nothing. we have another clip. it's about the president and the perform world. go. >> the message we have to send, i think, to the perform world is, that we expect you to work with us to keep our people safe. and as offensive as this video was, and obviously we have denounced it and the united states government had nothing to do with it, that's never an excuse for violence. >> all right. again, see, doesn't say a word. >> if you are going to take the high ground in the war on terrorism, you are going to end up having a great seat to witness your own demise. he has got to send a message to the muslim world. he has also got to send a message to this country that we're not going to frog walk idiots out their front door and take pictures of them on demand like we're paflov's dog
8:45 pm
from the muslim world. forget about him. we have got to lay a bigger marker down in that part of the world. this is what happens would when we are deemed to be the weaker horse. we are deemed to be the riderless horse in that part of the country right now. we need to send a message. only thing with ben bernanke qe 3 has so devalued our dollar now the 2 billion we send to egypt is a slap in the face. that's how we are getting back at them. >> bill: obama administration has stopped paying egypt and that's what the president should have said on letterman. listen, those guys did, this here is what we are doing. they are not seeing cash for a while. he never does it. >> go a step further. stop paying peter and pay saul. push it over in israel's corner. when you screw up, not only are we cutting the check over to you, we are sending it it over to netanyahu. stop it that will get their
8:46 pm
attention. >> bill: we got about 90 seconds. what about the undercover romney video where he described the 47% as being slackers? >> billy, i think this week we cut through all the chafe as they say. we know where it stands right now. it's probably 47, 47, we will see where that last six falls down on this. i look at the country around me. if i was mitt romney i would run that piece of tape that i just had at that private fundraiser, i would run that and then i would run barack obama's piece of tape saying that he believes in redistribution and then if i was romney i would step out and go that's all i can do is tell you i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. i think a lot of people are worried that we're starting to skew over into a place where more people are not going for the it than going for it. that is dangerous. i look at the occupy movement, i see trouble down the road. barack obama looks at the tea party movement and he sees trouble down the road. we just disagree on it i have never seen it uglier than it
8:47 pm
is right now. he is at the helm and he has got to take some blame for god's sake. come on, you are the president. it's ugly. you are part of that. >> bill: dennis miller, everybody, we will hose him down right after the commercial. dennis would like you to know that the bolder fresher tour rolls into vegas caesar's palace. salt lake city next night. new show houston texas november 24th, saturday. details on bill o' hope to see y'all there. kanye west. father may have endangered his i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth!
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8:50 pm
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. did you see that? we begin with kanye west who is a wrapper who apparently
8:51 pm
doesn't think mitt romney doesn't pay any taxes. >> this saget foe i need a new crib to hold >> bill: here now to explain that juliet huddy. francis ward coppla how did he get in there? do you have a problem with this? >> here is the problem i have with this. it's so stupid it hurts. >> what is so stupid about it? >> bill: whoa, whoa, whoa. what is stupid about it. >> did you hear that? >> it's a rap. he is an entertainer and by the way he is a p.r. genius because is he rapping about something that you are talking about here on the factor. >> bill: what's kim kardashian doing with him. >> i don't know what's happening there. >> bill: does she pay taxes? she makes a lot of money.
8:52 pm
>> she makes a lot of money. can i say something real fast? on this collaboration, he was with r. kelly. you remember k. kelly, very successful performer and a pervert. >> bill: so he, kelly raps too on this thing? >> yeah. >> bill: this is basically a publicity stunt to get kanye west' attention that's what it is. >> i think -- i don't necessarily think it's completely a publicity stunt but it definitely does get him publicity. is he a p.r. genius. he gets himself out there. >> bill: do you admire this guy. >> i admire pit bull but not kanye west. >> bill: is that another rapper? no, i don't know who pit bull is. i'm not glued to urban music. i'm not. i admit it i'm not listening to it. >> he is fans of spectrum. >> bill: do you respect kanye west. >> he is he a philanthropist. >> he gives money away. >> yes he does. >> bill: maybe that's why he is can kim kardashian maybe he
8:53 pm
is helping her. >> he also apologizes when he is wrong. >> bill: interesting piece of tape for you. interesting guy damion, conservationist, he took this video of baby daughter and gorilla. >> all my life i was taken in as a young child. my father gorillas, i continue to play with gorillas, all our lives we have been nurturing a friendship with these animals. i hope people who see this will be inspired by the work we are doing. and hopefully take an interest in the work that we're doing at the aspinall foundation. >> bill: 18-month-old baby and you have got gorillas running around. >> this is 20 years ago. >> the video just came out. >> the reason that the father just let it out because he knew there was going to be flack for it what he wanted to do and i dated a guy at one point who was a wild animal expert. big cats.
8:54 pm
i thought he had a death wish. but when you get to know these people, this guy, for instance, not the little child, but the guy, the father, they spend their life, they study these gorillas, they grow up and they live with them. >> bill: you are an adult and you want to hang with gorillas, okay. >> look at how fun that looks. >> bill: i don't think that's smart. and i don't think he should have done that. >> well, he says he never put his child in danger. >> bill: what do you mean a gorilla running around with the kid. >> are you gorilla expert? >> bill: wild animal. remember the connecticut woman. >> that animal grew up with this family. >> bill: remember the connecticut woman had her whole face tore off. >> that was a different situation. bill, i beg to differ. >> poor parental decision. >> i beg to differ with you. >> bill: you put forth your case and i put forth mine. >> i'm right usually. >> emails tomorrow. factor tip of the day. how to make money by being a patriot. the tip 60 seconds away. jack, you're a little boring.
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♪ >> first the mail. from tennessee. >> steven from new york. >> i had zero money when i graduated from boston university, steve. i had nothing. i had to write gag lines to pay the rent. i believe that was vice president's favorite show, "uncle ted." he's from strain ton. and mr. ireland. >> from new zealand.
8:57 pm
>> easy on the far propaganda, simon. $190 billion was put into private enterprise to stimulate the economy. from south carolina. >> the villages, florida. >> he already has street grid. he's very successful. and morton, pennsylvania. from nevada. >> from kansas city, missouri. from louisiana. >> congratulations.
8:58 pm
that's very nice. from california. >> i did read "kennedy" and along with the new book the audio will be out on october 2nd. >> we will ship it out to you next week, elizabeth. and i hope you will like being a premium member. when you sign up and renew, go a free copy of "killing lincoln" or "killing kennedy." not going to be around much longer so check it out. and people are in football pools. they throw in money and try to pick the winners. it's all over the place. but i want to start some patriot pools. here's the deal. i get a few friends together, you throw in ten bucks and the first one who gets his or her name printed in a newspaper wins
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the pal. you all agree on what newspaper you will write to and you agree on the subject matter and then you send the letters in and you see what happens. there are thousands of local newspapers across the country, so you have lots ever opportunity. it's a lot of fun. lets you vent about things you believe are important and it will stimulate all kinds of debate. the patriot pool. the factor tip of the day. that is it for us tonight. please check out the factor website. i'm sorry, the fox news website, i should say. it's the fox news factor website. different from big o' also we will like you to sound off from anywhere in the world. o'reilly at name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be truculant when writing to the factor. and if you are watching this program right now in an exotic part of the world, we want to hear from you, all right? so just tell


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