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tv   America Live  FOX News  September 21, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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we were not able to bring it to you today, but we will talk to him on monday. thank you for joining us. good to see you and stick around, because megyn kelly is with "america live" coming up next. megyn: and increasingly violent and deadly wave of anti-american protests in nearly a dozen countries today. we are seeing at this moment what may be one of the largest anti-american protests in recent history. it has turned violent in some places. at this hour we have reports of 15 people being killed. more than 160 our wounded between police and angry mobs. take a look at the situation in the northern part of pakistan where several have been killed already. authorities were seen beating protesters as smoke and fire filled the air, flames
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destroying the buildings in the area, including a local movie theater. ransacked and torched by locals. there was cell phone disconnection in several major cities to prevent terrorists from detonating bombs. some members of the iranian backed hezbollah group, they have harassed american firms investing in oil. others stepping on american flags before setting them on fire. this has been the scene the past week and a half. just a little of what we are seeing in places like pakistan, iraq, and places like that indonesia. in sri lanka, they burned an american flag and an effigy of president obama. in bangladesh, they burned a makeshift effigy in protest. in india, authorities taking
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away protesters and blocking internet access. in nigeria, several thousands taking to the street, crying death to america. can you believe this? in malaysia, u.s. citizens told to avoid areas. in uganda, massive protests outside of the the american embassy. and in denmark, they are gearing up for demonstrations planned. rick leventhal is covering it live. reporter: there was plenty of advance warning that things could get ugly today, prompting a wave of closures, embassies, consulates and several other american and french embassies shut them down and indonesia, nigeria, alicia, and others. the government called for
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peaceful protest, but injury trust tour flags. demonstrators ransacked and set fire to attend movie theaters and set fire to other buildings. at least 15 people were killed, including a driver for a local tv station. in karachi, it got even worse. an protesters exchanging fire from at least a dozen were killed. nearly 100 injured there. more movie theaters were torched along with police vans and in the capital city, police with more than 10,000 demonstrators in several neighborhoods, including an upscale area near the u.s. embassy where police fired tear gas to keep those crowds back. as you mentioned, these protests are continuing in numerous other countries. in many cases, the demonstrators
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are calling for punishment, including death for anyone associated with that anti-muslim video on the internet. megyn: that is unbelievable. we thank you, rick. the latest updates from the middle east were seeing monday after children were being taught hateful messages in school. jericho that is from pakistan. little children saying punish the blasphemer and death is acceptable in saving the owner of the profit mohammed. look at this. we have bigger bigger problems than children being told to vote for in elections. they did not appear to have any
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parents there. just a few teachers. pakistani teachers are not informed of every event organized by a school. they have no way of knowing if they would have approved of this, but will check its par for the course in pakistan. secretary of state hillary clinton being featured in a television ad in pakistan. denouncing the anti-islam video clip that is being blamed for many of these protests undreamt protests overseas. >> we reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. megyn: who put up that advertisement? it cost about $7000. you did. u.s. taxpayers are paying for this advertisement to aaron pakistan. we will take a look at the critics who are questioning why american taxpayers are bankrolling this ad and it potentially denounces free speech.
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anger and frustration hitting the boiling point on capitol hill. over the obama administration's handling over the attacks in libya. for at least a week, they said the attacks were spontaneous and not preplanned. i'll blame the violence on film that is critical of islam. excerpts of which were posted on the internet. they now appear to have done a 180 and saying that a terrorist attack is to blame for the death of the americans on 9/11 in libya. also, a closed-door briefing with lawmakers. including hillary clinton, to explain what happened. after hearing the conflicting accounts, some of those lawmakers were not happy. >> it's not the video, it's the islamists who are pushing this video throughout the internet and the world to blame passions on the part of people of the
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muslim faith so that they can spot not only these demonstrations but eventually take over these countries. to blame it on the video, it's a fundamental misunderstanding. >> story has been changed. there was a planned meditated attack. when we put our people around the world at risk and don't provide adequate security, shame on us. i was just hearing on sunday that this is about a youtube video. this is about islamist terrorists are looking for any an opportunity to strike the united states and our interests. megyn: 20 minutes ago i spoke with dana rohrabacher, he was in that briefing yesterday. tony life, congressman dana rohrabacher from california. a member of the house foreign relations committee. he was in the briefing yesterday. welcome to the program. >> thank you very much.
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megyn: i want to get your reaction to those comments. the secretary of state, hillary clinton, tried to offer some intel on where they think this investigation is now. what can you share with us in terms of what you learned? >> by and large, it was a very top-secret briefing on trent briefing of classified information was being given out. what is most important is the attitude behind that information. as we can see, the president is bending over backwards red as he has been since the beginning of his administration. not to blame radical islam, not to give them some sort of hateful or evil intentions, but giving them the benefit of the doubt. this response to this attack, this murder of american diplomats, on 9/11, it's no doubt that it's not a terrorist attack -- it's just exemplifying
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the attitude of this demonstration. megyn: now they seem to be saying that it is a terror attack. >> they are now because they understand the american people, as they understand what is going on here. they are going to be mad as heck at this administration. it is obvious that it is the attitude of this administration, the very first part of the administration were president obama went on an apology tour of the middle east. he could get himself to side with all of the bad guys entering the good guys in their as if they were our enemy all of those decisions are coming home to roost, and this makes it very clear to the american people the price we are paying for is rejection of weakness. megyn: our own catherine herridge reported this week that there was no significant protests going on outside of the libyan consulate at the time of this attack. and that would arguably undermine the notion that these
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murders were the product of a protest gone awry. is that your information is well? >> listen, that was talked about at the briefing and i can't talk about classified information. but i can tell you that no one in their right mind is going to believe that it was just a coincidence. that on 9/11, you have these acts of violence erupting throughout the middle east that resulted in the deaths. for our president to suggest that and to suggest that this is just a reaction to the film that had already been out for months -- it shows you he is bending over words and our enemies don't respect that any american people don't respect of either. megyn: this is an election year and that complicates things. you know, there has been a question about whether this administration has been playing politics with the matter of national security in the wake of what we saw on 9/11.
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not just in libya. but in several places across the globe. you are a republican and you have a different goal than president obama when it comes to who will win the white house come november. but i want to ask you, if you think that politics are at play here in terms of the information that the american public has been given and you have been given. >> no, i don't think the president is playing politics. i just think he's wrong. he is apologizing liberal, which projects weakness. look, these are the guys who were demanding and now there have been reports that one of the prisoners was engaged in the attacks on our diplomats. it's not that the president is playing politics, he's just plain wrong. he is a liberal leftist apologists, thinking that is going to make the world safer and america more secure by
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making friends with enemies and in treating our friends is that they are enemy. megyn: congressman, thank you. the president has kept up a regular schedule of campaign stops and fundraisers. in three minutes, michael reagan explains why he thinks it is time for mr. obama to stop and address the nation and how president reagan handled ace mark crisis. one state chief rigging and a pension of more than half a million dollars a year. we will report and you can decide. i ta insulin, so i test... a lot. do you test with this? freestyle lite test strips? i don't see... beep! wow! that didn't ta much blood.
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megyn: we have video today of
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anti-american demonstrations in bangladesh among other places. hundreds of protesters gathered near the embassy, carrying banners and chanting anti-american slogans. some even burning an effigy symbolizing a cop in a president obama. as it seems like this get repeated across the world this week, michael reagan says that someone needs to address this country and very soon. if obama refuses to be president, maybe mitt romney needs to start acting like he is and address the nation. joining me now is michael reagan. chairman of the reagan group for welcome back. what do you mean by that? >> what i meant is going back to 1983. there are things going on all over the world, especially in the middle east. ronald reagan took the time to go to the oval office and address the nation and really put america at ease. with what was going on in the middle east, talk to us about
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the marines that lost their lives, the french who also lost many military lives that same day. and he put us at ease. it made us feel better. because then we understood what was going on. and what he was going to do about it. our president, the sense that our country was going to take about what just happened. we are off campaigning in las vegas were someplace else or in florida or north carolina. meanwhile, more people are dying every day. nobody is really answering the question about what happened that day in benghazi. the fact that we have chris stevens murdered, he was assassinated that day. and i think that that truly concerns me. and so to mitt romney, maybe it's time that you buy some airtime. take some of that money.
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cool around the mainstream media, by some airtime, addressed the nation. somebody needs to put us at ease. certainly, it's not the president of the united states, so it's time for mitt romney to have a game changer and step up to the plate and become the president of the united states, if not by election, do it by fiat. megyn: after the tragedy in 1983, it gives you a real sense of his ability to sort of try to stick up for our principles. >> we americans seek peaceful avenues before resorting to the use of force. and we did. we tried i diplomacy of the condemnation, and economic sanctions, and demonstrations of military force. none succeeded. despite our repeated warnings, qadhafi continued his reckless policy of intimidation, his relentless pursuit of terror.
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we counted on america. he counted on us to be passed on to passive, but he counted on. when i said i don't want them to be able to practice their deadly skills, i meant it. megyn: has the time come for president obama to make an address. the unrest across the muslim world, the anger being directed at us come on the heels an acknowledgment by this administration that we were part of the terrorist attack that took out the ambassador to libya and three other american patriots last week on the 9/11 anniversary. >> it is time for him to him to stop being the blame or in chief and start being the commander in chief. this country and the world needs a president of the united states to be strong. barack obama needs to come off the campaign trail and address this nation and address what in the world is going on overseas.
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and what he plans to do. the world isn't waiting for america to be like them. the world is waiting for america to take charge and be that shining city on a hill that my father talked about. that is not happening. that is why i call upon mitt romney. it's time for you to step up. somebody, please, step up and put this in perspective. how we need to get there and how we can help you at. >> romney is in an awkward position. he would like to be, but he's not. the president has been taking criticism on the day of the attacks, when the ambassador had been killed, along with three others going to vegas for a fundraiser, spending the past week doing fundraising with beyoncé and jay-z and sitting down with them.
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instead of speaking to us and framing what we are seeing on the screen. helping us understand and appreciate the significance. the amount ronald reagan was running against jimmy carter. he had much of the same problem. i always hear the conservatives talk about the mainstream liberal media. i don't remember when they weren't liberal. ronald reagan bought time on television. he bought airtime to be able to address a nation and address issues so we could get his word out. not just state by state. and he started doing that under jimmy carter. i would suggest that mitt romney do the same. even if it is a five-minute five minute time for a 50 minute by time. start addressing the nation and telling us where he would take us and what we would do. but until that time, until somebody does that come i don't think things are going to get better in the middle east because we have a president who is more concerned about going on david letterman and holding accountable the people who
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murdered a united states ambassador and others and is still murdering people. megyn: michael reagan, thank you. coming up, we go to the obama america website today. you have a chance to buy a copy of the examerican flag redone wh the obama logo. we will explain why theyet do ts next [ female announcer ] our wells fargo bankers are here to listen, offer guidance and provide you with options tailored to your business. we've loaned more money to small businesses than any other bank for ten years running. so come talk to us to see how we can help. wells fargo. together we'll go far.
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megyn: fox news alert and we have been showing you video this hour. what is happening across the world today is really remarkable. look at the screen. the ap filed an urgent report that the death toll in these anti-american protests has jumped 47. it includes numbers over the last couple of weeks. most of these come in today, most of them, protesting marches
10:26 am
in at least a dozen countries. there is a sampling on the screen and it is the same story in most of these protests outside of the american embassy, chanting death to america, burning the flag, burning effigies of president obama or even a coffin meant to be the coffin of our president. these are largely in countries that we consider strategic partners and allies. we will have more head megyn: the california police chief is under fire for his income. randy adams had a skyhigh salary back in 2010. all of these officials were making all sorts of money. as a new report suggests, california's economic recovery will be a lot longer than first thought. documents have surfaced that showed that chief adams is collecting a huge pension.
10:27 am
trace gallagher has that. reporter: here is some context for this whole story. this is what the police chief and the three biggest cities in america, chicago, randy adams, from california, 32 police officers made $43,067,000 a year. $770,000 with benefits. remember when this whole thing broke out, he was not prosecuted, but he did resign. now his pension is $240,000 a year, as we sit here today. this number right here, 457,000 is not included in the pension. so now he is petitioning the state pension board to give him this because he says that the county where the register administrator, located and it should be included.
10:28 am
his new tension rose to $510,000 every single year. now, randy adams took the stand in his own defense, but he is not testifying. all he is saying is that yes, he was the police chief. even when they asked him about his e-mail that he sent to the city administrator before he took the job and i'm quoting randy adams saying that i'm looking forward to seeing you. and then someone also laugh out loud, just like us, and we will all get back together. randy adams is not commenting about that e-mail. another city is going back after adams because they weren't all that salary that they paid him to be returned to the city, which is now millions and millions of dollars in debt, one of the poorest cities in california. megyn: i don't want to pick a side in that story, but that
10:29 am
story really makes you want to punch somebody. are you kidding me? in a struggling town, the moms and dads have to pay for this half a million dollar pension and he is laughing about it and how fat he will get? okay. >> it would be one of the highest pensions in the history of california. megyn: i'm sure he earned it. by the way, the whole studio was really glued to the tv on that one, trace gallagher. we love that presentation. taking to your thoughts. can you believe that? it is bad enough, the situation, but when you hear how cold he is. about taking the peoples money. anyway, okay. the obama campaign selling our nation's flag with an artistic twist. it is called our stripes, and it is generating quite the uproar. we will have a fair and balanced
10:30 am
debate on whether the obama campaign should be messing with the american flag and inserting its own logo. plus, major anti-american demonstrations. in a new advertisement in pakistan. why would we be paying not to defend free speech but to attack that? that is coming up next. >> announcer: meet mary.
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megyn: fox news alert. we just got video from lebanon where the french embassy is under siege. thousands of protesters there at the french embassy, converging outside. they also had an issue with a publication that insulted the profit mohammed. as we in america have been criticized for some private individuals, youtube trailer goes after the profit mohammed, the united states is also pulling up diplomatic states in several countries right now. look at this. the consulates in indonesia, illyria, and india.
10:35 am
ambassador john bolton joins vaporware this is going. >> the new backlash today over a new item for sale on the obama campaign website. take a look. art is coming up. you can buy these prints. this is a shot of the american flag, but instead of the stars and stripes, they are placing the president's campaign logo. many critics are upset. joining me now is alan colmes. author of think the liberals for saving america and why you should. and also mike gallagher who is the author of 50 things liberals love to hate. i will let you take the first shot at this. mike, if you go online, people are really upset. they are upset about the messing with the flag. >> they are fired up. i wish the 51st thing i wrote was the american flag. if i have to explain to allen
10:36 am
were any liberal white americans are liberal livid over this desecration of the american flag, then i would probably be in the wrong line of work. regulations against the american flag, we are touching the ground, imagine the weight of veterans are feeling. they are profiting from it, selling it for $35 on the obama website. this is just absolute of how tone deaf liberal democrats can be of issues like this. it is extraordinary that the silent on this. i hope and pray that governor romney points this out to millions of angry americans over this defiling of our treasured american flag. megyn: and i think about how the military members -- the respect with which they treat the flag when they put it up and take it down, so forth and so on.
10:37 am
the american flag sitting out overnight, and they just feel a real connection to the american flag. there is a question about whether this is a smart move to mess with it as a campaign logo. >> i guess, i'm going to buy one and send it to him. [laughter] >> are you going to burn a? >> you make a very good point. because the supreme court says that you actually can burn the flag to get that as free speech. i'm glad you brought that up. [laughter] this is not the first campaign to have the mess. abraham lincoln to did the very same thing in 1860. he put his picture on the american flag. i want you to attack abraham lincoln for having done the same thing, if it's good for the goose, it's good for the gander, right? >> the problem is at a time when we are watching on fox news video, video of the flag being burned by islamists who are being traveled on, you know, if
10:38 am
you have to go back to the 1800s as an example of a republican who did the same thing, that's a far cry from today's. come on, allen. megyn: if the poster that says there are no red states or blue states, only united states. >> for the obama states. >> the flag is not a religious symbol. megyn: there's no question that they have the right to. >> christians believe we should have no idols -- [talking over each other] >> i think you're overreacting to this. megyn: mike, would like to ask you about your reaction. back then in 2008, remember when obama replaced the presidential seal, he made up his own seal
10:39 am
for the lecture. it showed obama for america. do you remember this? people got upset and said you're not the president yet, don't mess with the presidential seal and don't try to mirror it. now, this fallout over the flag. >> he is also a guy who had a flag pin controversy. he didn't want to wear it after 9/11 as americans were wearing flag pins and flying the flag high. it's in one of the chapters of my book. liberals love to hate the flag. the fact is that this president doesn't seem to embrace the symbols that most americans reveal. >> i would like to point out that in my dueling book with yours. [laughter] i point out that i actually have the full quote from obama where patriotism is a lot more than putting a pin on your lapel. that is the quote from president obama. we use the flag in design and in t-shirts -- megyn: but it's like a take on
10:40 am
the flag, not replacing the stars of the campaign logo. the other unfortunate thing for the president right now is if you go online, a lot of folks have said that the smearing of the red stripes is eerily reminiscent of a gerbil picture we have had developing, the bloody hand prints outside of the libyan consulate. people are saying that it's really -- they've gone to close. >> i think that they have a lot of problems right now. and obama surge in the polls right now, if i were you, mike, i would be concerned about the real issues that are hurting your ability to overtake democrats. megyn: you do have concerns today, and not all of them relate to your issue. but you mention your book. >> well, i mean, i found out yesterday that they spoke
10:41 am
rejected an advertisement for my book. my publisher, simon & schuster, they simply won't accept the advertisement because it has the word hate in the title. fifty things liberals love to hate. and the publisher said what it the book was i hate broccoli or skin rashes. we've gotten some complaints of people who don't like the title of mike gallagher's new book. facebook has defended perverts and stalkers. but they don't like conservative bind time -- they won't take my money -- it's unbelievable. it's tough to be a conservative these days. >> oh, you poor baby, hard to be a conservative. megyn: what is your book title, alan? >> absolutely, -- you know what
10:42 am
they said? that is their official position. >> they rejected the ad. megyn: a lot of conservative authors go right to the top of the bestseller list. you are on facebook now. given the heads up. we met i want to know if you have ever been featured in people magazine. did you see the spread on megyn kelly? wow, that would sell books. >> megan is the head of both of us. megyn: okay, guys, thank you. we are coming up just hours before a report claiming the defense department for failing to implement the law that requires them to help our troops
10:43 am
out. stay with us next. . [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8...
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megyn: a new report by the defense department inspector general slams the pentagon for failing to help our soldiers overseas vote. a law passed three years ago was supposed to make it easier for art troupes to cast their ballot. one day before the deadline to get those ballots in the mail overseas, the military's watchdog finds that many installations are completely failing to comply with this law. joining me now is the ceo of concerned veterans for america. okay, so the most is in franchise enfranchise group in america will wind up being the military if this turns out to be true. why aren't they complying with the law? >> it is a matter of priorities and leadership within months,
10:47 am
i've got a full briefing about what i could and could not do because that was a priority of the leadership to get that done. if they wanted military building to be emphasized from 2009 when it mandated all these changes, to today, 2012, they had gotten it done. but instead, you have 220 voter assistance offices and military complexes around the world, only half of which they could actually find when they went and checked. the dod or this demonstration wanted more military members overseas to be voting, they could be mandated, they could be pushing us out, instead we are waiting until the last minute and we see it in the numbers. the percentages of military members overseas requesting ballots is down from 2008, after the vaccine test in 2005. >> the numbers are low for military service personnel requesting ballots to vote.
10:48 am
it is not consistent with what we know to be true. they come of all people, have a vested interest in seeing who the commander-in-chief is. yet, the military says, well, we know we didn't establish offices in afghanistan to help our military members send the ballots back then. >> not true. they had $46 million. we released a video on this. $46 million allocated to the defense department in 2011 alone print the. the money is there. they have had it, they have had the ability to open these offices and save these young kids, they don't go to the offices. they go to twitter and facebook. twitter and facebook is the answer to her military votes. it is not a solution. megyn: maybe this is naïve, but how does that work for a guy or gal serving in afghanistan to go to twitter during his downtime, to get a ballot, there's no
10:49 am
ability for him to do that. shouldn't we make it as easy as possible for these guys? >> absolutely, and their organizations trying to do that. if anyone is listening right now and serving overseas or knows of someone serving overseas, heroes you can fill out your federal postcard, which will register you and an absentee ballot to be sent out. the question is, are these counties and states going to apply the law properly, which tomorrow is the 45 day mark when the ballots need to go back. that is how much time it takes for ballots to make it over there. it not the person you're going to do, fill out an absentee ballot, but he needs to get back to be counted. i live in minnesota. we had one election in 2008 that what one direction, if they would've counted military votes, there would've been a different outcome. we need all of our military members to vote.
10:50 am
>> i want to say that they believe that it is the congressman's fall, the report, talk about the lack of resources, that congress fails to authorize funding to help implement this and officials estimate the cost of doing so could be $20 million a year. that is why they say it has been a good effort. he believed that something political is going on here? because the military seems to favor the republican candidate. >> i think there is something political because there is not an emphasis on this particular demographic. it does happen to cut one way or the other. ultimately, a lot of this relies on dod. but the money is there. 46 million for one year. they got twice as much as they needed in order to make it happen. it is like another example, the backlog has doubled under this administration. the secretary says this is a good thing. they are actually improving things.
10:51 am
there is more access. it is smoke and mirrors and not solutions. megyn: we will continue to follow it. thank you so much. as we see these protests overseas today, the woman featured in the controversial video once the video to be taken down. we will bring you the latest in this [ female announcer ] want to spend less and retire with more? at e-trade, our free online tools and retirement specialists can help you build a personalized plan and execute it with a wide range of low cost investments. get a great plan and low cost investments at e-trade.
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megyn: fox news alert. more new video from overseas. this time from an angry mob hitting afghanistan. they are speaking out against the anti-muslim film produced privately in the united states, not a government project in any way, said to this widespread outrage that we are seeing. in the meantime, a judge has denied this after his request to remove the video from youtube.
10:55 am
reporter: actors hate it when their work ends up on the cutting room floor. but cindy garcia asked a judge to do it for her. by ordering youtube and google to remove it from the internet. >> i think that we need to take it off because it's getting to the point where it's continuing to cause problems. it will not only cause problems in the middle east, but in my life as well. it is a horrible thing that they have put on there. it has nothing to do with anything that was filmed. reporter: a judge refused to yank the film because nakoula basseley nakoula is in hiding. his 14 minute trailer rose to prominence among and is blamed for some of the protest across the world.
10:56 am
the outcome may be the same because, megan, actors normally sign, they sign a contract and he gives producers unfettered discretion in editing or changing of the film. the fact that the lawsuit makes no reference to a contract, well, that suggests, she probably did sign one. megyn: wasn't she in the film? didn't she know what it was about? >> yes, but she says that they don't a lot of stuff. stuff that wasn't included in the spirit they told her it was going to be something else. she has to be able to prove here what is called fraud in her contract. that is that the producer lied to her, which is what she is claiming. the judge may be suspicious of her claim. after all, she sued and she stopped and everyone in the media, she is drawing attention to herself. megyn: unbelievable, we can make that step up. we have breaking news from the campaign trail right after this break. governor mitt romney releasing
10:57 am
years of tax information and what he has to lechmere surprise you. also, as greg explained, the controversial anti-islam youtube video is being blamed for some of the violence. but there is a catch. finding anyone who has actually seen the video is proving very hard. we have a live report from the region. lots of breaking news.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
megyn: the death toll rising as the outpouring of anger against the west explodes in a dozen countries. disturbing images keep coming in in one of the largest anti-american protests we have seen in recent history. fierce clashes between police and angry crowds breaking out. the overall death toll at 47 people. hundreds more have been injured and that is just a little of what we have been seeing. in indonesia the u.s. has closed
11:01 am
its diplomatic mission in sri lanka. more anger in iraq. in bangladesh they burned a makeshift coffin covered in an american flag. in nigeria thousands taking to the streets crying death to america. florida in malaysia citizens told avoid areas near the embassy. in uganda clerics are calling for massive protests. in iran ahmadinejad lashing out against the u.s. leland vittert is live in cairo, egypt where all of this appeared to begin about a week ago. you know this region well. the first big protest we saw was in cairo on 9/11. what are they so angry about? is this all about this internet
11:02 am
video? >> reporter: that's the interesting part. as soon as we got on the ground we went out in search of trying to find people who organized these protests in cairo that kicked all this off. now you have people walking into live ammunition in pakistan. people are willing to let themselves be killed in this protest. when we arrived in cairo we found the person to who called for these protests. the broth evident of the leader of al qaeda. even the protest organizers haven't seen the movie. how can you call for a protest about a movie you haven't seen? >> it isn't about the movie. if the egyptian people saw this movie, the protests wouldn't stop. >> reporter: in indonesia we have people on the streets. these protests are getting
11:03 am
extremely violent. typically these protesters have been told about an insult to the prophet mohammad. if you take a look at the video you get a sense these are a group of hard-line islamists. that is who is being used to inspire these protests. al qaeda has cop out and tried to use the outrage over this video to inspire yet more protests. many of them say they want the filmmaker and those associated with it executed. what is difficult in this part of the world is to explain to people in the united states you can't execute someone for insulting islam. it's not the way it works. even though the u.s. government had nothing to do with it and the u.s. government has spent $70,000 trying to buy advertising on pakistani television to explain that to people it's not what they want to understand or hear. megyn: what does it mean when the president and members of his administration openly contradict
11:04 am
each other. in the past 24 we heard the white house press secretary, the state department and the top intel guys all blame a terror attack for the death of our four americans in libya. so why did the president appear to sidestep the question yesterday when he was asked if this is a premeditated attack. listen ... >> we are still doing an investigation. and there are going to be different circumstances in different countries. i don't want to speak to something until we have all the information. what we do know is that the natural protests that arose because of the outrage over the video were used as an excuse by extremists to see if they could directly harm u.s. interests. we don't know yet. and so we are going to continue to investigate this. megyn: chris tires want is our digital politics host of power
11:05 am
play. why are we getting inconsistent messaging. moment ago we had this breaking news from secretary of state how many who said quote what happened in benghazi was a terrorist attack. and she said the united states would track down quote the terrorists who murdered four americans. why didn't the president just say that yesterday? >> part of the problem may be that the president has -- is have much -- very, very much in reelection mode and part of reason it seemed plain that the reason the administration didn't want to talk about this being a terrorist attack was that it would be conceding they hadn't prepared adequately. it would be a concession on the anniversary of september 11 they were not prepared for what was essentially -- what is an attack on american soil because that what our diplomatic outposts are. those have considered american soil and they did not want to admit that because that would be bad politics for a president pushing hard, his record on
11:06 am
anti-terror, counter-terrorism. national security. so maybe he was still stuck in the original campaign oriented spin. and when he was in that form or town hall or waste was on univision he was having a lot of trouble on a lot of issue and maybe he wasn't on his "a" game that day. megyn: now there is a question of whether they have embaird our ambassador to the united nations, susan rice, who was paraded around the sunday talk shows telling everyone this was a spontaneous protest that arose out of the video, it was not preplanned, and now we are getting a different message. now with the current message we get the admonition how they don't want to speak before they know all the facts. but isn't that what already happened? >> if this was self-evident as the white house said yesterday,
11:07 am
somebody ought to have told susan rice before she went on and got grilled by chris wallace and everybody else on the sunday shows. it didn't look good for her to be so adamant on this being a spontaneous attack and not what now the administration says it is which is a planned terrorist strike and whether these protests were whipped up in an effort to buy cover for it, those are all complicated things that can be sorted out over time. but the fact that the administration tried to stand firm on this point of spontaneity for eight days only to flip and have the president not quite make the full flip in his univision forum tells us they had some messaging trouble on this one. megyn: it' result in such an awful scene across the globe. the anti-americanism. the hate being ginned up by the most radical fax of these muslim
11:08 am
groups. it's an issue front and center in this campaign. chris stirewalt, thank you, sir. megyn: we get a fox news alert on governor mitt romney and his wife ann releasing their 2011 tax returns. this has been a big issue. the obama campaign pressing the republican candidate to release more of his tax returns as a major accounting firm also releases information about romney's 20-year tax history. >> reporter: the romneys just filed their fox return with the irs. it will be posted 0 online within the hour. here what is we know from the trustee of the blind trust that handles all of mitt romney and ann romney's understand investment. they made 13.7 million mostly in investment income. on that they paid $2 million in taxes. for an effective tax rate of
11:09 am
14.1 percent. their charitable contributions for $4 million. that represented 30% of their total income but they only claimed as a deduction about half of that. that's keeping in with governor romney, pledge to contribute at least 13% of his income to taxes to pay at least 13% in taxes in each of the past 10 years. we are learning more about the history, by the way, in the last 20 years in that letter from price waterhouse coopers. it says in each year during the 20-year period the romneys owed both state and federal income taxes despite what senate majority leader harry reid said and they have paid 100% of those taxes over the course of that entire 20-year period their average taxable rate was 20%, and as well over the entire 20-year period the lowest annual effective personal tax rate was 13.66%. a lot of people are wonder
11:10 am
illegible he didn't want to release any more tax returns. was he not paying tax for those years or was his effective tax rate below 13%. the lowest tax rate they paid 13.66%. when asked why in light of this new information coming out they do not release more years of tax returns, campaign spokesman kevin madden told me that's consistent with what john mccain released when he was running for president in 2008. megyn: this is an issue because president obama feels like that tax rate is lower than a lot of americans pay on their income. but income gets taxed at a higher rate than capital gains returns. your investments because they want to encourage people to invest in the market. they believe lawmakers including president clinton who lowered the capital gains tax rate, they believe it will spur the economy. people like mitt romney who have
11:11 am
a bunch of dough and had success in business tend to work it so their income comes mostly through their capital gains investment and they wind up with a lower tax rates than those with pure mctax to pay. but you can see the numbers for yourself in terms of the millions paid in taxes. serious allegations in a key senate race and a big debate last night. massachusetts senator scott brown suggesting his democratic opponent elizabeth warren may have committed academic fraud when she checked native american on her harvard application. >> this is about character. all she needs to do is release her personal records and she has refused to do so. i think that speaks volumes and says i think the answer that we all know. megyn: is it possible myself warren may have committed fraud? "kelly's court" takes up the case.
11:12 am
as violent anti-american demonstrations spread across the world, and you see the children of pakistan chanting death to america, taught by their teacher, you the taxpayer are paying for ads to convince these students and their parents that america shouldn't be blamed for all this violence and the movie that's upset so many people is not consistent with our principles. should we be paying to attack free speech? we'll have a debate coming up:he reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. but there is no justification for this senseless violence. yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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megyn: as we watch more of the chaos in pakistan the american
11:16 am
embassy there is lamb bad is airing ads featuring president obama and secretary clinton on pakistani tv. it denounces the film that mocks the prophet muhammad. >> since our founding the united states has been a nation that respects all faiths. >> let me state very clearly and i hope it is obvious, that the united states government had absolutely nothing to do with this video. we absolutely reject its content and message. america's commitment to religious tolerance goes back to the very beginning of our nation. megyn: they spent $70,000 of
11:17 am
taxpayer money to run that ad and raised some free speech questions in the process. joining me mark hannah and brook goldstein. and so they are attempting to quell some of the anger? i assume is the motivation. but are the means the right ones, brook? >> absolutely not. let's talk about pakistan. this country's stated case system foments anti-american violence. we think this ad will quell anti-american sentiment there? i don't think so. megyn: these kids between 6-8 and they are being taught to chant "death to america," and death is aable in saving the honor of the prophet. there is a question whether this
11:18 am
ad is appropriate. >> the answer to both those questions is yes and the reason is because of those kids chanting "death to america." i think everyone watching, that is hideous and heartbreaking that kids are being taken advantage of by foreign governments, by islamic radical groups to be indoctrinated and have proper began today that teaches them to hate america. megyn: it shows you the problems our kids will have because those will be the adults of the future. >> what does america do when foreign countries don't have the free media system we enjoy here. this video that this crazy guy in california produced that's so offensive to so many people is not part of what america's values are all about. and nothing that you saw in president obama's excerpt or hillary clinton's excerpt was factually inaccurate. it's important that message gets out overseas. >> let me disagree with you.
11:19 am
it's part of america's free speech tradition to give the highest protection to the most oh fencive speech. criticism of religion and criticism of government is the cornerstone of a liberal democracy. this administration has been working since its beginning to undermine our first amendment rights on free speech on issues of national security including militant islam. secretary of state hillary clinton had a three day closed meeting with the islamic council of cooperation. it condemns the use of the media to condemn religion. >> this video was hid why is and disgusting and distasteful. it's protected by free speech. but this isn't a free speech case. and the difficulty we see is when the president of egypt,
11:20 am
mr. morsi comes out -- megyn: you have got a basic death warrant out on their lives, the makers of their seas. in. against that backdrop is it right for the secretary of state to be going into countries in pakistan saying we de90s, it's awful as opposed to say we stand for something else in the united states. >> i think it's important for foreign public sentiment to understand this is not what americans are all about. sal man russ difficult said it best. he said it best. this video has -- as disgusting as it is, it has a right to exist. i don't think the president or hillary clinton are doing anything to curtail it. the filmmaker has bigger problems to worry about. >> since when is the state department a film critic?
11:21 am
the fact of the matter is when the president of the united states goes and chastises your protected freedom of speech, he is stifling your freedom of speech. >> no he's exercising his freedom of speech. the president has freedom of speech and so does hillary clinton. >> we are proffering a lie. the protests were preplanned. >> the white house announced that. >> there is evidence it was linked to al qaeda. also a press release came out from a series of egyptian islamist terrorist groups saying we should storm the embassy because we wanted gitmo prisoners released. it has nothing to do with the film. megyn: can i hold these guys over? i'm going to hold you over. i want to get to this point. many people believe if we can make an outreach to some folks we can dial them back and get them back from the abyss. and say we are not the crazed
11:22 am
loans you think we are. but the argument is you give them an inch and they will take a mile. they are looking to change society by imposing their values on us. remember when you said men are superior drivers? yeah. yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] safe driving bonus check? what is that? so weird, right? my agent, tom, said... [ voice of dennis ] ...only allstate sends you a bonus check for every six months you're accident-free... ...but i'm a woman. maybe it's a misprint. does it look like a misprint? ok. what i was trying... [ voice of dennis ] silence. ♪ ask an allstate agent about the safe driving bonus check. are you in good hands?
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megyn: there they are. this is what our children are going to have to deal with in 20 years. the fruits of this indoctrination in karachi, pakistan. our ally, by the way. that's what i want to ask you about. there is a notion that their goal, these radical islamists is not just have us stay out of our hair. but to change america to make us
11:26 am
stand down from our principles of free speech which is one of the reasons why this ad with our president and secretary of state is controversial. >> changes from within. we saw that in the muslim brotherhood document released in the holyland foundation trial. it was to get us to undermine our own rights. that's the essence of the creeping sharia law. the thought that we can apiece islamist terrorism for apologizing for our constitution ridiculous. that's what the egyptian embassy tried to do. did they not put the press release out apologizings for the film before the embassy was stormed? >> our public diplomacy professionals, people who brought their families to live in places like that and put their families in harm's way, make an appraisal that the most effective way of beating back this anti-american sentiment in
11:27 am
the region is to present effective messages about american values. and it didn't come from the obama administration. it came from the united states of american government. >> we saw how that worked out for ambassador stevens. there is a question about whether you can reason with this particular faction of radical islamists. >> i think tour free speech laws are based on the premise you can reason with anybody, that you can get a message across to that all human beings are reasonable people. these people if they get our messages correctly, there is a free exchange, free marketplace of ideas, that's what diplomacy is based on. when you have state-run media and islamic militants indoctrinating these young kids. we need a military solution to that. we need to be dropping bombs on those terrorists with you we
11:28 am
need to be dropping messages on those being brainwashed by them. >> mark sounds like president obama. >> people who recruit their own children as suicide bombers. people who strap live bombs and blow children's limbs to pieces which is what the pakistani terrorists do and what the muslim brotherhood advocates, they are not reasonable people. the obama administration's policy has been to stifle speech deemed critical of islam from the beginning. the words islam and jihad are being we dactsd from all counter terrorism training manuals. seasoned fbi officials are being fired because they are deemed islamophobic. they can't brief our counter-terrorism any more. a report about fort hood that
11:29 am
omitted the fact that nadal hassan wrote a paper justifying suicide bombing? megyn: we'll leave it a rhetorical question for now. thank you both so much. one -- i mention this and i was talking about it before. but you think about all the problems we have in this country and we are so divide. but he see what's happening overseas and it should bind us together as a country. look what we are up against. it's about this country versus such an anti-americanism that exists in the world, over what. just ahead, ambassador john bolton will pick up where this conversation left off. what is behind these protests and what are we going to do about this. if ambassador bolton were in place instead of susan rice, what we be telling our
11:30 am
president. in "kelly's court," senate candidate liz warren having to defend herself on accusations she may have committed academic fraud. "kelly's court" takes up the case. >> i didn't get an advantage because of my backgrounds. but i will say this, this is about family. i can't and won't change who i am. i am who i am. so if we are going to talk about character, i think that's really an essential part.
11:31 am
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11:34 am
megyn: a symbol of american pride flying high before it's ground forever. nasa's space shuttle endeavour flying by some california landmarks. right now over los angeles on its way to permanent display at the california science consider. adam housley live at lax with more. >> reporter: a proud day to be an american. it took off his morning, flew north to sacramento over the say the capitol. flew over the golden gate bridge. it's headed down the coast towards the los angeles basin. we are told it's in the malibu area and it should be coming to where we are located in 45 minutes. it left southern california in
11:35 am
1991 as a replacement for challenger. not returns to its full-time home later today. we spoke with tom jones who has been on two shuttle mission. he says it was an important shuttle to for everyone involved and he's going to miss it. >> i think of it as a home. it's where i lived for three weeks. for me it was a magical vehicle that took me on the dream of a lifetime. >> reporter: this shuttle tour has overwhelmed southern california. there are thousands of people literally all over the big-time landmarks. griffith park, the getty museum. all around southern california people have come out. a lot more than people realized, all wanting to catch a glimpse of this shutting like disneyland. it's over malibu right now.
11:36 am
megyn: the question as we watch all of this violence and these protests erupting in these muslim countries is what do we do now? look at this. look at your screen. just look across the globe. the american flag burning effigies of president obama. death to america being chanted everywhere. india, lebanon, sri lanka, pakistan, iran, those are a few of the dozen countries holding massive demonstrations against the west and in particular against us. the death of 47 people including four americans linked to this kind of rage. can we fix this? joining me now john bolton. former ambassador to the united nations and fox news contributor. the two images that stick with me the past week and a half. are number one, those caskets coming back to andrews air force base last week and the death of
11:37 am
four american patriots. decorated navy seals and our u.s. ambassador killed, assassinated for what. now we are being told a terror attack. now this outrage across the muslim world over a video talking about the insults to the prophet muhammad. the second image is the american flag getting burned over and over and torn apart and getting ripped. what are they trying to tell us and where is the hate coming from? >> it doesn't come from this movie trailer. this is a manifestation, these demonstrations and riots and terror attacks are the man fess taitions after radical political and religious ideology. it should not be our objective in foreign policy to raise the favorability ratings of the united states in public opinion polls. the fundamental reason behind
11:38 am
american policy has to be protect and advancing american interests. so let's just take it in the middle east for now, what those interests are. insuring security for our close allies, the state of israel. let me just stop there. that's not going to raise american favorability ratings. number two, i'm not afraid to say it. making sure that friendly regimes that produce oil for the international market are protected. number three, stop international terrorism and stop the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. those are issues the united states needs to pursue whether they are vital or not because they are in our self-interests. megyn: to what extent is our policy with respect to iran and our determination to pursue diplomacy as a means of stopping their nuclear weapons program
11:39 am
playing a role in all of this. >> it's the most dangerous sign of a policy of weakness that the obama administration is pursuing. everybody in the region can see that for 3 1/2 years we have been trying to negotiate with tehran over the nuclear issue. friendly arab states see this blindness to the objectives of the mullahs in tehran andr our unwillingness to do what is necessary to stop them. and they perceive american weakness. i think our adversaries see weakness as well. iran continues to power ahead to a nuclear weapons program and we are doing little or nothing to stop them. megyn: in our last segment we talked about the ad, the state department spent $70,000 of taxpayers' money showing
11:40 am
president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton condemning that video and speaking out against its message. it's not a complete surprise because we saw our president extend what many perceive as an olive branch in the muslim community when he first took office. many americans want to believe we can make progress with some of these folks by doing that kind of thing. i know you believe it's not so. but why do you make the counter argument? >> i think the way the president has approached this and secretary clinton as well, is to treat the entire muslim world as a monthomehomogenous world. the thought that if we say nice things about islam people
11:41 am
will. the war on terrorism has never been a war on islam. you can say it simply. people in the middle east and the broader muslim world understand it. as to this film, you know, it is not the function of the american government either to regulate the content of speech by law or to comment on it. when the president of the united states comes down on an american, even a vial and despicable one, he's bringing the entire majesty and authority of the federal government down on an american citizen and that's a dangerous precedent. megyn: the controversial issue taking center stage in the first debate of a closely watched senate race that could affect the balance of power in the senate. scott brown slamming his opponent elizabeth warren for claiming american native status
11:42 am
because they are great, great grandmother may or may not have been cherokee. may she have committed fraud? "kelly's court" takes a look next. >> professor warren claims she was a native american, a person of color. as you can see, she is not. you refuse to release your records and i think that speaks volumes. >> there is nothing else there. the question has been asked and answered. in america today we're running out of a vital resource we need
11:43 am
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11:45 am
megyn: "kelly's court" is back in session. a heated debate in one of the most closely watched senate races in the country. senator scott facing off with elizabeth warn. it came out that she claimed native american status on certain academic documents in the past based on the past her great, great great grandmother may or may not be part cherokee.
11:46 am
but she refuses to produce her admission records. >> ms. warren claims she was native american, a person of color. she checked the box and she had a decision to make a decision, when she applied to harvard she checked the box claiming she is a native american. i don't know and the viewers don't know if she got ahead as a result of checking the box. bunt on way we will be able to find it out is to have her release her personnel records. to make sure she did not have an advantage that others were entitled to. meg already warren maintained she was told growing up that she was part cherokee and part delaware indian. >> when i was growing up these were the stories i knew about my heritage. up believed my mother and father and aunts and uncles.
11:47 am
i never used it for getting into college or law school. the people who hired me for my jobs have all made clear that they didn't know about it until long air was hired. megyn: the head of the gop in massachusetts has accused her of academic fraud and had harvard to conduct an investigation and produce the records. it hasn't yet happened. joining us to discuss it, jonna spilbor and mark eiglarsh. so there is that hang out there, that she has been accused of academic fraud. you can see scott brown is not letting go of this. demanding the voters of massachusetts not have to take her word for it but actually see the records. his question is if there is nothing to hide in terms of you applying as a caucasian as opposed to a person of native american status which would give her a leg you have on the admission process, then why doesn't she produce the documents. >> that's a great question.
11:48 am
if she did check the box how can she say she neverred it to get ahead. when she was a professor at harvard they hung her out as the diversity poster child. she was part of a diversity program and they brought her in because of her native american status. i don't know how she can say she never used it. if her only evidence of being native american is family lore it's not enough. >> it's enough for her. that's what she was told. do you need to get a dna test before you represent something. if someone tells you you are russian, you tell people you are russian. megyn: it's different if what they told you you are is a minority, are a recognized minority that would get a leg up on the admin process if she used that. >> she relied on her mother's
11:49 am
word. based on that, she checked a box. what she is saying, that's what she believed she was, so end of story unless there is a record that will show she told someone that she knew she wasn't native american when she said that. megyn: if i have a good faith belief that i'm actually african-american, and i have been told that i have a lot of african-american blood in my family, i have no obligation to investigate it before i apply for admission to harvard law school? >> nobody will give you a leg up because nobody will believe it. it's not enough. i can say i'm a direct descendant of mickey mouse to get into disneyland for free. when you are going to put your self out there as a professional, as a law student and now as somebody who wants to be senator. that is certainly not enough. there is a way to prove whether she is a native american.
11:50 am
i say do it. megyn: she said -- i think it's charles freid who is a republican has come out and said -- or at least supported scott brown first time around. he said, we didn't use it. it wasn't part of the reason that we admitted her. but that's one guy and scott brown is saying let's see all the records and harvard is not the on institution at which you were a professor so let's see it all. >> there are two issues, one is if thee intended to defraud. the other thing is by her inadvertently checking the box, maybe she is -- maybe this is still true. but did that somehow benefit her? that's possible. but her hands would have been clean at that point. jonna wants a dna test? >> how do you inadvertently check a box. >> her mother told her. megyn: she said her mama and
11:51 am
papa always had high cheek bones and those are the ones that told her. >> don't you believe your parents? megyn: i have no reason to doubt the claims of irish ancestry given by pasty skin. seems they haven't been moving much lately. but things are starting to turn around because of business people like you. and regions is here to help. with the experience and service to keep things rolling. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together.
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megyn: a texas mother thrown in jail for something many parents do every day. trace explains. >> reporter: it happened on a warm summer night. tammy cooper says her two kids 9 years old and 6 years old wanted to go outside and ride their scooters. so they did. so she grabbed her lawn chair
11:55 am
and she sat with them. she looked out and she saw a police car in her driveway. she went back out to see why he was there. listen. >> he proceeded to tell me that he was here because one of my neighbors had called and reported that my children were outside riding their scooters unsupervised. >> reporter: she told the officer that wasn't true, that her kids told the officer as well that wasn't true. but the officer apparently didn't believe them because here's what happened next. >> he came back over and said, ma'am, you need to put your hands behind your back you are being arrested for child endangerment and abandonment. >> reporter: tammy cooper says she spent 18 hours in jail and now the charges were dropped but not before the couple spent 8 months and $7,000 on legal fees. she is suing the police
11:56 am
department for the arrest and the stress it caused on her and her kids. if the cops have an explanation of why they arrested her, they haven't toilsd. we contacted them but they said they are not commenting because of the pending litigation. megyn: at my how it was come back in time for dish and you were on your own. 7 years old on your own all day. >> reporter: when the streetlights come own go back inside. megyn: exactly right. though it's a different time. all right, trace. >> reporter: and mom gets sent to the hosgow. megyn: i think i was the on person in america who didn't understand that meant jail. the shuttle aliving at the los angeles airport.
11:57 am
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