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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 21, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>>megyn: checking twitter on my iphone, a good way to communicate with me, getting a lot of comments on the ad that our state department and president are airing over pakistan. and you get the occasional tweet that just says your name. that's it. i don't understand that. what does that mean? why do people do that? let me know. thanks for watching. have a great weekend. >>shepard: you are so modern. did you get the new phone? >>megyn: this is 4. >>shepard: i'm scared of the map. >>megyn: i talked, who are you going to vote for, president obama or mitt romney? >>shepard: the news begins anew on "studio b." deadly riots erupted on a day of peaceful protests. police in pakistan opened fire on thousands of anti-american protesters and tried to torch
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building, burning american flags. doctors announcing an all-out flight to -- fight, to cure cancer turning to the same plan which put the first man on the moon. >> the end of the era for america's space shuttle program. we will see the shuttle transported, touching down, now for the very last time. that is what is ahead unless breaking news changes everything. >> first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, the republican presidential nominee, mitt romney, is releasing tax return information. the returns from last year. and some overviews. at the same time, the campaign reports they are postage summary of tax rates from the previous 20 years. this is the latest development in the back and 40 over the tax
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returns. last month, the campaign manager of president obama said the obama camp would quit criticizing governor romney over the taxes if the governor would release just the last five years of tax returns. he didn't do that. they said no. they didn't do it. carl cameron is live in los angeles where the governor is campaigning. what do we know of the 201 taxes? >>carl: well, we will see the actual documents. it will be hundreds or thousands of pages stick. adjusted gross income $13.6 million for 2011. the tax rate was $1.9 million, which is 14.1 percent. charitable donations, $4 million, which is 30 percent of adjusted growth income but only claimed $2.25 million as charity. they could have taken a bigger one and decided not to. the 1990 to 2009 average tax
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rate to the romneys was 20.2 percent. he said he had never paid less than 13.5 percent this year he was asked by a reporter if he could guarantee he never paid less than that, he said he could. the reason he did not choose to take the full $4 million charitable deduction and only took half, in doing so he was able to make sure that his tax rates stayed over 14 percent. if he took the full $4 million charitable donation deduction it could have been as low as 12 percent or, perhaps, even 9 percent. he did not do that to keep the pledge based upon the estimate accurate that it would be over 13.5 percent. we will get the health records from romney and ryan showing they are boat in excellent help. >>shepard: mr. ryan spoke to the aarp today. how did it go? >>guest: he got booed, particularly when he mentioned
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the romney and ryan plan to repeal obamacare, affordable health care act. when he talked about the way in which republicans accuse the administration of raiding medicare for $715 million in order to pay for obamacare. watch. >> the first step to a stronger medicare is to repeal obamacare. it represents the worst of both worlds. boo. boo. i had a feeling there would be mixed reaction. it weakens medicare for today's seniors and puts it at risk for the next generation. >> boo. >> first, it funnels $716 billion out of medicare to pay for a new entitlement we didn't ask for. >> boo! >>carl: president obama
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addressed the group by satellite and there were no cat calls or boos. ryan made the same argument. as he did in the villages of florida, he brought his mom along for moral support and to say he is not trying to hurt seniors. he loves them dearly. in his own family they have benefited from such entitlements. for the benefit of the future, he thinks they should be reformed. >>shepard: thank you very were. protests erupted over the controversial anti-islam video. now, cartoons of the prophet mohammed in a satire magazine in france added to outrage. in pakistan it turned violent, then deadly. tens of thousands of people across the country of pakistan took to the streets after the government declared a national holiday. a national holiday to encourage demonstrations. they said they wanted them
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peaceful. that is not how it turned off. in the capital, they fired on police, killing a liver -- police officer and wounding another. police fired live ammunition into the crowd. a dozen people were reported dead in the chaos. protests elsewhere were mostly peaceful, but largely anti-american demonstrations happening in half a dozen countries in the middle east, asia, and europe, a vocal fraction of the estimated 1.6 billion muslims around the world. the chief fox correspondent, jonathan hunt, has been following this uprising. he did, today, for friday. the pakistani government called for a national holiday to let them protest? >>jonathan: certainly a curious move. they called it "love for the prophet day." it clearly gave a green light to the tens of thousands to go out on the street in something like
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half a dozen pakistani cities with the attendant fighting between riot police and the protesters, a number of deaths, many, many people wounded. you could imagine the point is made to the pakistani president that this was not a helpful move although the government said they want peaceful protests. that point could be made right now, again, with secretary of state, hillary clinton meeting at the state department, with the pakistani foreign minister. we expect to hear from her later. >>shepard: the white house is trying to diffuse the anger over the film. >>jonathan: they put out this ad where theident and secretary of state, hillary clinton are seen explaining that the u.s. government has nothing whatever to do with this antiislamic movie. we reported on this last night in the fox report. whether that is having any
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effect, that is difficult to tell. i look to the u.s. embassy facebook page from pakistan and it makes it clear that what they do not understand is it is part of free speech here. having said that, the protests crossed the muslim world and middle east and are smaller today than last week. as we mentioned last friday, given this is friday, it is the day of prayer, the traditional day of protest, it is not insignificant those protests have been much smaller than might have been. >>shepard: thank you. with us now is the former u.s. secretary of defense, cohen, who served under president clinton. before that he served as a republican both in the house of representatives and the united states not. nice to see you. >>guest: good to be here. >>shepard: this is a complicated relationship with pakistan. >>guest: it's complicated with many countries throughout the middle east and influence the muslim world. it is complicated even in china.
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we saw our ambassadors car come under a threat of attack because of the controversy between japan and china over some important islands. however, going back to the muslim world, that world is in many ways in transition and in turmoil. as this is unfolding we have to take care. we do have free speech but words have consequences. when we insult a religion under these circumstances it will produce a strong reaction. we saw that when the burning of the koran. our chairman of the joint chiefs spoke out, saying that was putting our soldiers in jeopardy. yes, we have freedom of speech. however, we should take care. the fundamental problem is we have people in these countries who really hate america. they want to take advantage of any turmoil of any kind of controversy to carry out acts of terror. i believe that was done in libya. there are groups in egypt and
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elsewhere, pakistan, that want to achieve the same thing. we have to depend upon the other governments. if they want a relationship, they have to protect our embassy and our people. if they don't do that, we have to think very seriously about recalling our people and conduct off any assistance because we can't tolerate a situation where the government of any country is promoting anti-americanism. >>shepard: egypt has been one of the staunchest allies that kept the violence down that this treaty of sorts with israel could not be more important. that is a delicate line, very delicate. we are looking at a country in transition. they have a new president. we had institutions we hope are being built, democrat institutions. there is a real fine line they have to walk by, shoring up their own support of their muslim population as such in egypt. at the same time, they have to make sure they don't allow the
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provocation or an exercise of their free speech to jeopardize lives in egypt. we have to take care this will be some time before it fully unfolds and we have to be on guard. >>shepard: before we go, former defense secretary, sir, when looking at the war, the war in afghanistan, we have had a lot of different goals over the course of this war. you cannot deny that. the goal we have now, the last goal left, is to try the afghan forces to take over the whole mess over there and now they have been killing so many of our people we cannot even work next to them to train them. we are on temporary but indefinite hold. what this the world is going on with this war? explain to me how in the world this can't change the timeline for withdrawal? if we can't train them we have to change our goal, don't we? >>guest: that is going to be the ultimate result. we have more companies who are urging their governments to pull out. we do not want to be left on our
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own. this is going to call into question our relationship unless president war thy -- president karzai steps forward in terms of the police being trained. if we cannot trust the people we are training not to turn on us, there is going to be little desire or willingness on the part of our military and our government to want to stay. >>shepard: mr. secretary, i said an outside observer looking in, it looks like we have to change our only remaining goal and you agreed. if we change the last goal, what would we make the next goal in to get out? >>guest: the next goal has to be an international effort. this cannot be the only goal of the united states. we cannot carry out the transition of the afghan people into a democracy. it is going to take years, decades. unless we have an international commitment to do that, the united states can't do it alone and shouldn't do it alone.
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we need to have a much greater participation by other countries, in addition to the united states. absent that, i'm afraid the 2014 deadline is going to loom even closer. >>shepard: former defense secretary william cohen. >> details on the man who may have been behind the deadly attacks on the personnel in libya. officials were watching this guy long before the attacks. we will have the details on this edition of "studio b" today. it. and our apps are the ultimate in mobile investing. become a better investor at e-trade. anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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of your retirement today. ♪ ♪ >>shepard: a former detainee at guantanamo bay in cuba implicated, now, in the deadly consulate attack in libya, was on the defense department's radar in the weeks leading to the attack. fox obtained a report that indicates the former detainee has "increasingly embodied al qaeda's presence in libya as indicated by active social media propaganda discourse and hatred
12:17 pm
of the west especially the united states." that is dated just weeks before the attack be on the consulate that killed the arch to libya and three others. intelligence sources tell fox the former detainee with ties to al qaeda may have led the assault in benghazi. this is the only picture we have ever had of him. he reportedly went tree from guantanamo bay in 2007 when the agreement that muammar qaddafi would keep him locked up. clearly that didn't happen. >>reporter: beside the attacks on benghazi, we first reported on this a week ago, there were two assessments indicating that conditions on the ground in eastern libya were deteriorating. this report by the defense department and the library of congress, specifically mentioned that detainee, sufyan ben qumu, has the leading edge of al
12:18 pm
qaeda's footprint reading that the senior leadership is seeking a clandestine network in libya that could destabilize the government or offer logistical support to al qaeda's activists in north africa. >> how good of a spy do you have to be to realize that part of libya is unstable? how many attacks do you have to have on the consulate and ambassador before you realize it is dangerous? >>reporter: we reported on monday this was a separate assessment by the c.i.a. concluding that eastern libya was unravelling rapidly. >>shepard: what is the legal of security for ambassadors generally? >>reporter: generally speaking, there is something called diplomatic security officer who is the umbrella who is responsible for the ambassador's security. a big question, still, is we do not have a good fix on ambassador stevens security.
12:19 pm
the diplomatic security officer in this case responsible for the ambassador's security was reportedly with him when the first wave of attacks hit the consulate but there are significant discrepancies in the reporting on the key issue. we reported last week that the ambassador was far more vulnerable at the don't lat in benghazi which is not a hardened site like the fortress in drippily and there isest they had insider help-esquely finding the safe house so quickly after the first assault. senator graham, when we talked this morning, was blunt about the briefing with the secretary of state and the director of national intelligence on that issue. >> it was a wait of my time. there were more details in the "new york times" about the attack than was shared with members of the senate last night. i asked specifically how many security personnel were at the consulate? they said, we will get back with you. there are numbers all over the board. >>reporter: one thing we are getting a sense of, the geographic layout of the consulate versus the second site
12:20 pm
or safe house. they are a mile apart. this is evidence, again, when they found it so quickly, there was some sort of insider help that seemed to facilitate this assault. >>shepard: is the f.b.i. in own this and on the ground? >>reporter: there is a lot of confusion of the salt us of the f.b.i. early today, greg palcot reports the f.b.i. was in tripoli but is not yet in benghazi. there is concern that den days of the assault the crime scene was contaminated. so far the f.b.i. has not responded to that. >>shepard: no response to whether the scene is contaminated in benghazi after ten days. >>reporter: you do not need a response to that. >>shepard: one of the stage crew could come up with that answer. >>reporter: the question is whether they have been there, whether the f.b.i. has been able
12:21 pm
to get on the ground. the answer may well be, no, the continues have continued to deteriorate. >>shepard: but the press was there. >>reporter: we don't have a whole segment to do that? are you going to open up some time? >>shepard: the resolution was there? >>reporter: that is correct, they were. >>shepard: many libyans condemned the attack on the consequence last and 30,000 strong marched through benghazi demanding that militants lay down their arms. the protests aimed at the islamist extremists that likely carried out the attack. after the attack last week on our consulate many libyans publicly scorned the slain ambassador and apologized for the acts of extremist. the associated press reports that the protesters called ambassador a "friend" to libya which clearly he was. they demanded greater security from the government. >> for militant group to
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>>shepard: fox news has said there is an iranian opposition group with a bloody past including the deaths of several americans but recently this particular organization has renounced violence and working side byside with the united states to get intelligence out of iran. jennifer works the pentagon for us. what is the group? why is this decision so significant? >>reporter: well, some is the group that in 2002 disclosed publicly for the first time the location of iran's secret nuclear centrifuge facility. the mujaheddin haybox seouled to fighting the iranian regime from bases in iraq since the time of saddam hussein. they were under the terrorist watch list to curry tariff with iranian leaders, the group that could be helping assassinate iran's nuclear scientists. the state department is in the process of informing congress
12:27 pm
about hillary clinton's decision to de-list the iranians. >> the department is now in the process of sending a classified communication from the secretary to the congress, today, regarding the designation of the m.e.k. i'm not in a position to confirm the contents because it is classifyied. we anticipate being able to make a public announcement about it some time before october 1st. >> more than 3,000 members of the group have been moved from their base in iraq to the capital and they are going to, we are told, be moved to third countries some time soon. >>shepard: why this decision now? do you know? >>reporter: the state department, essentially, and the secretary of state's hand was force by congress, a republican from congress and 98 members of congress, voted for the state department to give them an answer as to why the m.e.k. was
12:28 pm
still on the terror watch list. the deadline was today. the video was shot last year at the base camp in iraq and it shows some of the 34 people killed by iraqi authorities at the camp. the u.s. disarmed the m.e.k. in 2003 and the congressman and others say that the decision is long overdue and that the u.s. had a moral reason to help this group and to take them off the stepper list.>>shepard: that ise shuttle gliding over san francisco golden state bridge. >> you may remember john f. kennedy challenged the united states to land a man on the moon in a decade. now scientists are launching a bold new project to cure cancer in the same amount of time.
12:29 pm
is there something to this? houston do we have a problem?
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>>shepard: i am shepard smith and this is "studio b." it is time for the next story. the space shuttle "endeavour" wrapping up the tour of the united states of america with a series of fly brings across california. it will land in los angeles in minutes completing the last scheduled flight for a space
12:33 pm
shuttle mission. "endeavour" took off from outside los angeles hitching a ride on a modified 747 jumbo jet. it flew north, passing by the state capital, sacramento and san francisco bay. would you look at that? the golden gate bridge is below at the bottom of the screen. keep rolling. "endeavour" turned around and headed back to los angeles. adam, quite a home coming, right? >>reporter: absolutely. back in 1991 people may not remember, but "endeavour" replaced "challenger" and left southern california in 1991 and made 25 trips into space. this is the final trip for "endeavour" and for any shuttle in the air. it has made quite a process this morning with a fly to the north, and over the bay area, and nasa facilities and other facilities in california that have but influential in the program. came down the coast, passed by
12:34 pm
us in santa monica area, went over the laboratory and now in orange county. it has been quite a tour. what is surprising everyone, people knew thousands would come out and see it but we are talking about hundreds of thousands across buildings in southern california, all over northern california, pictures coming in to us from everywhere. people have come from their office buildings just to see this one final piece of american ingenuity coming in for a landing at lax. we expect it to be here in 15 minutes. >>shepard: no more shuttles negotiation more landings, nor more nothing. >>reporter: 155,000 pounds coming in, and next friday night at midnight it start as slow process to go 12 miles from here to be at california science center where it will be open october 30. everyone can go up and touch it at that point. it will be the last shuttle of its type. >>shepard: thank you, adam, from lax. now, a former astronaut who flew
12:35 pm
on it, tom jones flew on the shuttle "endeavour" not once but twice. great to see you, tom. how are you feeling about this? >>guest: well, it is great to see my first spaceship, the ship that took me into space and it is great to see the career being highlighted. the outpouring of sentiment and people coming out to see "endeavour" shows the interest in space exploration. >>shepard: 25 missions, 123 million miles. that is astounding. >>guest: i lived aboard "endeavour" for three weeks on my two missions. it was my home in space, the ship that took me into space and fulfilled my personal dream and the dream of so many astronauts, over 150. it brought me home safely to my family. there is a great sentimental tie to see "endeavour" coming to california. it is a great thing for the west coast to have one of the touch stones of america's exploration
12:36 pm
visible, that you can get up close to and take a new generation of explorers to see. >>shepard: life is confusing and a lot of people are wanting there to be less government and more private enterprise. what we have done with this program has taken it from the government and said free market, you take care of this, and spacex is one. what do you think of that transition? >>guest: well, there will be a combination, a partnership, between government efforts that are more ambitious than the commercial companies. they will provide transport, taxi service to the space station. that is a good thing to turn over. we cannot give away the ability to put the united states on the frontier, out to the moon and asteroids. we have to make that happen sooner rather than later. that is the only thing that can keep up this interest we seeing visible today in southern california. >>shepard: did the training stop you from being creeped out by the small, small space with just the few people for all those weeks? that is what i would never be
12:37 pm
able to figure out. >>guest: well, you, over the course of your training, you develop very strong friends with your crews. i flew with a total of 11 astronauts on "endeavour" and those people control your life. they can save your life. you are very, very close to them. those friends will last a lifetime. if you get clastro phobic, just look outside. >>shepard: an astronaut told me your entire perspective of life changes when you see the earth out of that window? >>guest: 120 miles up, it make as huge impact when you see your first sunrise in orbit and the sun come breaking through the horizon and lighting up the cabin and lighting up your mind, it is truly a human experience that cannot be equalled. i urge everyone who can be a space tourist in the future,
12:38 pm
that is coming, take advantage of that opportunity. it is life changing. you have never seen our home planet our human race and the things we build on the race from that perspective. what a privilege for me. >>shepard: congratulations. thanks for being here. you will be with us through the hour to watch this land, right? >>guest: i hope to stay with you. >>shepard: thank you, sir. >> by the way, this trip across country and moving it on the streets of los angeles to the science center, that will be about $28 million. $28 million. most of it, though, paid through donations. >> in 1961, then president john f. kennedy announced a stunning and ambitious goal of putting a man on the moon. it was unthinkable at the time. nasa made it happen in that decade. now, officials are using a historic achievement as an inspiration to find a cure for cancer. the largest cancer center will have a ten-year $3 billion battle against the deadliest
12:39 pm
forms of the disease. the man in charge is calling it the "moon shot project." trace has details on that. $3 billion, barely the cost of two yankee stadiums. still, it is a lot of money. >>trace: they are going after the deadliest forms of cancer first, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer. the idea is to focus on screening and targeting. for example, lung cancer is the number one killer that is mostly because it is caught in late stages. if they can come up with an effective way to screen for it, the survivor rate could go great 10 percent to 90 percent. as for targeting a few years ago mapping d.n.a. of a patient or a tumor took years and cost a lot of money. now, they can do it quickly for a couple of hundred bucks. that's key. listen. >> we have the ability to image patients, to assess the responses of treatment in real
12:40 pm
time, to use nano technology to move drugs to the right place and to understand which patients could incur toxicity to certain drugs and not others and maintain their quality of life through more effective and safe regiment. >>trace: they can take the drugs that work and fast track those drugs through clinical trials and hopefully on to market that much faster. >>shepard: is there an over reaching miracle cure, any thoughts of that? >>trace: no one is saying cancer will not be a cancer but the path to curing it has never been clearer than right now and maybe some day, ten or 20 years from now, dying from cancer could be as rare as dying from pneumonia. one cancer hospital treats over 100,000 and acts like a massive laboratory and works with other cancer centers around the world.
12:41 pm
yes, it is science, not magic. >> is that a miracle cure? no. are we headed to miracle cures? no. but we have turned the corner in terms of approaching cancer in a new way. we teaching the body that cancer is a foreign invader rather than something the body cannot recognize. >>trace: that $3 billion investment comes from grants and donations and, hopefully, marketing new drugs to pay for all of this technology. >>shepard: sounds good. thank you very much. >> when the white house waited several days to call the attack on the consulate in libya "an act of terror," republicans saw an opening. the politics surrounding that tragedy next. waiting for the shuttle to land if the last time, you can see it has a couple of birds on its side watching. we will watch as it lands. hang out with us, won't you?
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>>shepard: republican lawmakers are seizing on an about face from the white house other the consulate attack in benghazi. the white house called it a terrorist attack, minutes ago secretary of state, hillary clinton called it a terrorist attack during a state department meeting. earlier, the administration characterized it as "a spontaneous uprising that turned violent." the white house said they had to investigate this, they were not sure and it was ongoing investigation and they were waiting for the facts. but the republican national committee is calling out the white house's changing story. yesterday, they sent out an e-mail asking whether the administration was deliberately lying how the attack happened. with election day nearing democrats accuse the republicans of using this issue to score political points. ed henry is live on the north lawn. away we go. >>reporter: you have republicans today saying when they went behind closed doors yesterday, with senior administration officials,
12:46 pm
getting briefed, they could not get basic questions answered like how much security was there in benghazi. this is raising more questions about the administration's entire story. that is why the president, although he was at a campaign event in virginia, mentioned the attack and made clear he is trying to protect the united states. >> as we saw last week, we still face serious threats in the world. we have to make sure our military and diplomats overseas are protected. we have for go after anyone who harms americans overseas. >> the president trying to be reassuring and knows full well a few week before the election the allegations from republicans, he noted, are white hot, because this would put a lost pressure on him because this was essentially the first terror attack on this president's watch. >>shepard: he has had a good run of things for a democrat.
12:47 pm
republicans normally have the upper hand. the republicans clearly see an opening. >>reporter: they do but the push back from the obama administration as you suggested is, look, he took out osama bin laden. the president has taken out all kinds of al qaeda leaders. republicans see a vulnerability in the poll numbers over the president's handling of foreign policy. because the story has changed, a republican suggested there a big problem here. >> you hate to think that the president would purposely mislead the american people. it sure looks like it to me. >>reporter: obviously they say that is nonsense. yesterday, though, when jake carney said it is a terror attack, when the president was asked that question at a univision townhall he said he could not tell for sure whether it was. he said the investigation is still ongoing and that step continues to be a little bit confusing. >>shepard: thank you, ed henry. and now, chris wallace, host of
12:48 pm
fox sunday. you can see how if there was a terrorist attack they may not want to talk about it. if there was, and they didn't talk about it the republicans would want to bring that up. i don't know which is which, do you in >>chris: i do. i think that the white house only has itself to blame for this. they could have said we will wait and investigate. in fact, they came out very aggressively, jake carney, saying these were all spontaneous attacks. it because all about the video and nothing to do with us foreign policy. and susan rice, the united states ambassador to the united nations went on five shows on sunday including "fox news sunday." it seemed preposterous the idea this all of this was about the video. but she said, absolutely, it is about the video. this was a spontaneous attack that may have been hijacked. it never passed the smell test. as time has gone on there are more and more signs that extremists were involved in
12:49 pm
libya and it was more than the video. you do not have protesters walking up at a spontaneous video demonstration with rpg's and machine guns. it was always kind of preposterous to begin with. >>shepard: i looked at the video from the fox report to see who we were quoting and how we were presenting this at time. what our folks around here did was, they saw what you just said, folks with rpg's and machine guns who clearly came together. the ambassador was killed, after all. that night, i think, we were saying it appears to be a terrorist attack and days later it did not make sense she would be out there in that way. >>chris: it makes sense in a couple of ways. it is cynical, but it is political. that is, that obama has talked about how successful he has been in the war on terror. if al qaeda is not dead along with bin laden but, in fact, is alive and still doing its worst
12:50 pm
in north africa that does not help the obama narrative or make it look as if the u.s. foreign policy after the reset starting with the cairo speeches is popular, if you have the entire islamic world in flames and it is not just about a video. it seems there was a certain amount of political damage control coming from the administration. >>shepard: it sounds like it. the shuttle is about to land in los angeles. i wonder if you can tell us briefly about the politics of this and all the job loss and the powerful folks in florida. look at the cuban group down south that has kept the foreign policy going because florida is so important as a swing state. you just wonder, what will come to florida as a result of this. >>chris: well, it is more than florida. they build it around the country. charles krauthammer and i are space nuts and the idea the
12:51 pm
united states is out of the manned space program, it is so sad. if you were around as i was if mercury and gemini and apollo and the shuttle, the idea that it is going into mothballs in museums, it is kind of sad. >>shepard: i was around for the moon landing, my nana said it did not happen, it happened in a movie studio. >>chris: did you believe that with her in >>shepard: she was nana. >>chris: that goes without saying. the last time, tom jones, how do you feel about this? >>guest: i'm also sad. this is a chance for us to build on the legacy of "endeavour" and it should not be the last time schoolchildren see an "endeavour" coming in for landing. there should be another one flying by 2015. and then americans going to the moon where we last were more
12:52 pm
than 40 years ago. los angeles international airport. let's listen in. >>shepard: i hoped to hear the familiar voice great nasa saying something we could remember and write down on use on fox report tonight but they are not putting out audio. the idea is to just keep this as muted as they can. the last thing you want to do is put a final check mark on something that, really, it set the tone for the entire world. nobody on planet earth has ever had anything quite like this. now three or fore other countries are getting to the point where they can do this. clearly they can do it and we can't. i don't know if that is a metaphor, but a lot of people
12:53 pm
would like to say that. >>chris: when we are hitching rides on russian spaceships because we cannot get men in space ourselves, it does say something. >>shepard: tom? >>guest: you are right. the united states has given away a capability it has had for almost 50 years. we cannot let that capability disappear. there are jobs involved, sure. but there is talent. inspiration to our schoolchildren and our next generation of explorers. you cannot ask them to commit to years in science and engineers, if we do not have an active program. >>shepard: they are taking out the parts of the shuttle that were secure and secret. but there is not much left, it is early 70's technology. the computer on my anchor desk is more powerful than the one they used to run this with. if you take your kids to the site in new york or down in
12:54 pm
washington, dc, or out in los angeles, what will the kids learn? >>guest: they came from a story where for 30 years no other country on the planet could build a machine as sophisticated as space shuttles like "endeavour" and that we will have transport commercial companies taking folks to the space station. but that is one small part of what the space shuttle can do. we need to copy that again. >>shepard: the florida and texas representatives including bill nelson, the democrat from florida, an senate himself, could be pushing if something? >>chris: well, to a certain degree this battle has already been fought and lost. i am not saying forever, but, there was the battle and neil armstrong, he was part of it, trying to get president obama to continue our commitment to manned space. maybe tom can answer. if we wanted to go full speed
12:55 pm
starting today how long would it take? years in >>shepard: i've done this many times and i will give you a rough look, everyone stay put, i am looking at this thing up in the cue and anyone who has watched the fox report this is massive, like 8 by 12 by 50 and the shuttle looked beat up. after 123 million miles anything would look beat up. it looks beats up. >>guest: that is beautiful wear and tear. that is the sign of success. we should recognize that great history that "endeavour" has. >>shepard: i was going to say and i am glad they didn't clean it up, you can see the scratch marks on the bottom. coming in and out of orbit is not easy. >>chris: i will tell you quickly, having been to one shuttle launch and a moon shot, it is thrilling, patriotic, and
12:56 pm
inspiring. we need that in our likes. >>shepard: i will never forget i saw that covering us from orlando, florida, i never felt power like that in my life, it was an overwhelming spectacular american experience. maybe some day. gentleman, thank you. well be right back. oys. insuring that stuff must be a pain. nah, he's probably got... [ dennis' voice ] allstate. they can bundle all your policies together. lot of paperwork. actually... [ dennis' voice ] an allstate agent can help do the switching and paperwork for you. well, it probably costs a lot. [ dennis' voice ] allstate can save you up to 30% more when you bundle. well, his dog's stupid. [ dennis' voice ] poodles are one of the world's smartest breeds. ♪ bundle and save with an allstate agent. are you in good hands?
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>>shepard: "endeavour" has throne for the last time on the right hand side of the screen you can see the local television trucks and satellite trucks, a group of folks all around it. congress authorized "endeavour" in 1987 because we had just had an unthinkable tragedy. a year earlier, tragedy struck "challenger" and killed seven astronauts and long came "endeavour",


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