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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 21, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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world war ii. only six from iraq. 1600 from the vietnam war. we think about them. and we pray for the families. that's it for us on "the five." have a great weekend. bye. >> bret: what really happened at the u.s. consulate in libya? why does the official story keep changing, as new anti-american violence erupts in another country? this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening, i'm bret baier. we'll have team coverage of the account of deadly attack on americans in a minute. first, pakistanis took to the street to protest, encouraged by the government. what transpired quickly turned violent and then deadly. across pakistan.
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at least 19 people died today in the worst anti-american protest going on in half a dozen countries in the region. the total debt count since the protection began stands at 49 now. correspondent leland vittert is watching the developing story from cairo. >> from pakistan to iran, sri lanka to lebanon, iraq to india, american flag and effigies of president obama burned. riot police battled for control of the street. and walls of tear gas protected american embassies around the muslim world from an all-out attack. in bangladesh, protesters carried a flag-grapeed box reading coffin of obama. the end of friday prayers marked the worst day yet of protest sparked by anti-islam film posted on youtube and cartoon of the prophet muhammad published in france. in pakistan, u.s. back government declared a national holiday for mass protests.
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peshawar, police tried to beat back rioters with batons as they set fire to local cinema cinemas. protesters set fire to police check points. amid burning cars and karachi one man promised, "we are all ready to die for prophet muhammad." the pakistani prime minister tried to explain the anger. >> [ inaudible ] if an attack on the vision of muslims. therefore, this is something that unacceptable. >> reporter: the insult to the prophet muhammad united sunni and shia muslim against the common enemy. in iraq, israeli and miles per hour flags burn as hezbollah continueed protest in leb bonn. iran's president used the military parade to accuse the west of trying to start a religious war.
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burqa-clad women in kashmir echoed the sentiment. they want the death of the coptic christian who made the original film. they opted not to call for the protest that started regional violence on september 11 when a crowd stormed the u.s. embassy and tore down the flag. but a heavy police perhaps at the french embassy held back relatively peaceful crowd that brought a chilling message. "god will punish you," said this man. "i am calling on al-qaeda to punish those who insult islam." now much of this region lives in abject poverty and few if any of the protesters have actually seen the film. but it is clear that militant and extremist leaders are using this perceived insult to the prophet-month-old to propheo american feelings around the
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region. to what end is yet to be seen. back to you. >> bret: leland vittert live in cairo. thank you. not all of the protests in the region are anti-american. hundreds of pro-government and pro-u.s. demonstrators marched on the headquarters of the main islamist militia group in benghazi, libya today. they pulled down the militia flag there and torched a vehicle holding pro u.s. signs. now to a story that critics say is already a foreign policy scandal. we're getting a clearer picture of what really happened on september 11, at the u.s. mission in benghazi. the politics of what some see as a coverup. we have fox team coverage tonight. chief washington correspondent james rosen has the latest time line. we begin with ed henry on the continuing spin psychofrom the obama administration. good evening. >> good evening. new details emerge in the story keeps changing. republicans are stepping up the attack on the president's credibilit. >> reporter: another day,
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another version of what went down in libya two weeks ago. >> what happened in benghazi was a terrorist attack. >> the confusion started september 12 in a president obama rose gar dan remarks. >> no act of terrorism will shake the great nation. >> despite the reference to terrorism, top officials spent the next week insisting it was not a terrorist attack and suggested it was likely spontaneous reaction to anti-muslim film. >> the best assessment we have today in fact this was not a preplanned, premeditated attack. >> i'm not going to put label option this until we have a complete investigation. >> okay? >> our interest is in finding out the facts of what happene happened. not takin taking what we read ie newspaper and making bold assertions. >> even when carney flipped the thinking thursday aboard air force one and told reporters it was self-evident there was a terror attack, within a couple of hours the president was asked if it was
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terror and would not directly answer. >> we're still doing an investigation. there will be different circumstances in different countrys. >> with secretary of state hillary clinton returning to carney today, the pip pong answers coupled with the closed door intelligence briefing for lawmakers on thursday, that senator graham called a waste of time is leading top republicans to question the white house credibility. >> i asked specifically how many security personnel were at the conflict, said we'll get back with you on that. numbers all over the board. >> the questions are white hot for the president weeks before the election. with an nbc news/"wall street journal" poll finding the approval on foreign policy dipped to 49%. while disapproval is up to 46%. while the cbs news, "new york times" poll found the approval at 50% and disapproval at 36%, the president was bankrupt today at campaign event in virginia about -- president was blunt today at campaign event in virginia reassuring
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the public he is keeping america safe at home and abroad. >> we still face american threats and we have to make sure the military and diplomats are protected. >> pentagon officials claimed marines were in another part of libya protecting the embassy before the benghazi attack and then admitted that was not true. state department officials said there were no libyan security guards inside the perimeter of the u.s. consulate and had to walk that back. >> you hate to think that the president would purposely mislead the american people but it lookin looks like it to . >> administration flatly deny notion they misled the public. they say the only reason the account has changed is new facts have emergeed since it's ongoing investigation. >> bret: ed henry on the north lawn. thank you. now what we know about what really happened in benghazi. chief washington correspondent james rosen looks at how the deadly attack in libya unfolded.
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warning some of the images may be disturbing. >> in many fateful battles the outcome of the september 11 terrorist attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi and the deadly fighting that erupted five hours later at american safehouse or annex half a mile away was decided before hostility began. >> external arm security as we have been saying outside the perimeter was fully handled by the libyan side. >> it just concerns me so greyly that there were -- gravely that there were not marines present at benghazi to defend the consulate. >> how could an attack go on that long and what kind of response did we have in place? >> what's more, the terrorists appear to have help from fellow libyans assigned to protect the americans. sean smith the slain i.t. officer reportedly used his online name to post message on chatroom board at 12 12:54:00 p.m. benghazi time. assuming we don't die tonight, we saw up with of our,
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quote/unquote, police that guard the compound taking pictures. >> the reports of complicity and there are many, with the libyan guards assigned to guard the consulate, also suggest to me this was premeditated. >> at 9:35 that night, sources tell fox news a mob 100 strong many of the members armed gathered at the compound gat gates. not there to protest video. they began shooting and reached perimeter in minutes. >> the attack began and eed and escalated over several hours. >> a lot of commander and control, indirect fire, direct fire. there was especially a stop for some period of time. in the fighting. then reengaged at an another location. >> arson broke out quickly. obama administration said only three people were inside the consulate at the time. ambassador chrissteins, sean
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smith and security officer idene oven, the only one of the three to escape. he was later badly wounded in the second battle at the safe house and the "wall street journal" reports the maryland native is now recuperating at walter reed. libyan reinforcements and some security guards made plunges inside the fiery building to look for survivors but only found body of sean smith. not until after midnight did they come on the lifeless body of stevens. they tell fox news the attackers were heard to say we got him. the ambassador's corpse was dragged from compound and brought to nearby hospital. libyan doctor said he succumb to smoke inhalation but to know showed a gash on the head. there were darker stories of what was done to him that night. they used two vehicles to retreat to the annex a half mile away. >> we are conducting interviews, gathering evidence and trying to sort out the
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facts. >> among many critical questions the f.b.i. is trying to resolve is how and when the mob learned the whereabouts of the annex, which was a tightly kept secret. it was there the former navy seals were killed in an attack that was better equipped and more sophisticated than the first wave. >> people on the ground have seen fragments, remain of the borders and the heavy weapons used. >> there were armed assailants that used heavy weapons. >> i don't think that people come to protest equip rpgs and other heavy weapons. obama was first briefed 90 minutes after the attack began. what emergeed since then is the missed opportunity to address the inadequate security and deaths involved, up to shifting accounts of it
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put forward by the administration is the dawn of a major foreign policy scandal. up with that will be investigated and dissected in hearings and official proceedings for years to come. >> bret: the first u.s. ambassador killed since 191979. thank you. today, iran showed off the new defense system said designed to confront american warplanes. thursday, u.s. and allies accused iran of shipping arms to syria. the western powers expressed alarm to the u.n. security council over the latest report on the iran nuclear program. the state department is removing and iranian group from the list of terrorist organization. m. e.k. calls for overthrow of the iran clerical leaders and fought alongside saddam hussein sources in the 1980s. it has renounceed violence and moved remaining members from catch ashcroft in iraq. golf industry wants politician to stay in clubhouse when it comes to the president's golf game but there is more to it. later in the grapevine.
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>> bret: oler miles per hours are in the sight of both presidential campaign today but the focus on medicare was overshadowed bay long awaited disclosure from the top republicans. chief political correspondent carl cameron explains. >> after months of pressure, mitt romney released his 2011 tax returns on the friday afternoon. the documents show the romney gross adjusted mostly investment income totaled $13.6 million for the year. they paid tax rate of 14.1%. the romney donation to charity $4 million was a third of the income, but they only claimed deduction of $2.25 million. governor romney declared the tax rate had never been less than 13%, taking deductible for half of the charitable
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deductions last year kept it accurate. president obama released his 2011 tax return in april showing adjusted gross income of $700,000. he paid $162,000 in taxes for effective tax rate of 20.5%. also released by the romney campaign today, notized letter from the romney tax preparer to showing from 1990 to 2009 his average tax rate was 20.2%. both romney and paul ryan released medical records indicating they're in excellent health. all this on a day in which the battle escalated. in nevada where the polls are virtually tied, romney threw a one-two punch at the president for saying 14 years ago he believed in redistribution and yesterday the important lesson you learned is you can't change washington from the inside. >> president obama raised up the white flag of surrender again yesterday. he said you cap change washington from the inside. you have to do it from the outside. we're going to give him that chance. he is going outside. last time around his campaign slogan was yes, we can. i'm afraid it's changing now
3:18 pm
to no, he can't. charge with admitting he broke the basic promise for change, president in virginia where he has a slight essential in the polls used offense as the -- slight edge in the polls use odd fence as the best defense. >> my opponent got excited. he rewrote his speech real quick. stood up in a rally and proudly declared i'll get the job done from the inside. >> he ripped romney for saying people who don't pay income taxes consider themselves victims entitled to government subsidiaries. >> i don't believe we get far with leaders who write off half the nation as a bunch of victims. i don't see a lot of victims in this crowd today. >> romney running mate paul ryan addressed the aarp convention in new orleans and got boos. he predicted dire consequences for medicare if the president is re-elected. >> worry that years of empty promises by both political parties are threatping the security of your golden years. >> he ripped in obamacare. >> the first step to a stronger medicare is to repeal obamacare.
3:19 pm
it represents the worst of bold worlds. >> romney penaled to save medicare. >> our idea is to force insurance companies to better serve seniors. with more help for poor and sick and less help for wealthy. >> president addressed the convention by satellite feed. >> contrary who you heard and what you may hear from subsequent speakers obamacare strengthped medicare. >> obama leads in poll and money. in august he raised more than romney, $84.7 million. mr. obama spent more, too. he has more cash on hand than romney. $88 million to romney $50.4 million. special interest consumer pac raised and spent tens of millions more on both sides. capping an already frenzied friday campaign day, ap ann
3:20 pm
romney's plane had smoke in the cabin from omaha, nebraska, and los angeles. emergency landing in denver. no one was hurt. they think it was electrical. a frenzied end for a very, very busy campaign day. >> busy week as well. carl call ron live in las vegas. thank you. can republican scott brown do it again in massachusetts? first, is the obama administration really waging a war on polls? [ male announcer ] what if you had thermal night-vision goggles,
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>> bret: wall street ended the week with mixed result. the dow lost 17-1/2 today to close out the first negative week in the last three. the s&p 500 dropped a fraction. the nasdaq gaped four. house republicans in a few
3:24 pm
coal state democrat stuck a finger in the eye of the obama administration by passing a series of bills called stop the war on coal act. democrats call it political theater. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel looks at both sides. >> closing eight mine mines in virginia cutting 1200 jobs. they are accusing the obama administration of war on coal. 19 democrats joined republican in house passing the stop the war on coal act which would seek to restrict president environmental policies and favor coal production. >> coal plays a critical role in that future. it provides 45% of america new mexico today. state of ohio alope gets 80% of that energy.
3:25 pm
>> they cuseed republicans of launching attack of their own. >> so far in the first year and nine months they controlled congress they declared war on solar. they declared war on wind. on all renewables. >> epa made coal mining almost impossible. >> war on coal. we can't get to the levels. they're unattainable. if they're unattainable how do you get that? >> we employee 20,000 coal miners at any time. if given permit by the epa. we're begging for right to work. i'm not asking for
3:26 pm
concessions. >> romney campaign is running this ad of accusing president obama ruining the coal industry. >> want to close the mines down. >> we have 250 years of coal. why wouldn't we use it. >> house bill is not going anywhere in the democrat controlled senate. but this could have an impact in eastern ohio, pennsylvania and virginia, where coal is not a dirty word. >> bret: mike emanuel live on the hill. thank you. california democratic congresswoman maxine waters will not be charged with ethics violations. the i thicks committee cleared waters today of allegation she steered a $12 million federal bail-out to a bank where her husband owned stock. however, waters' chief of staff also her grandson may receive a letter admonishing him for his conduct. golfers tell politicians to stop teeing off on president obama. but there is more to it. more of you distrust the media than ever.
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3:31 pm
they lose the most confidence in traditional news sources in the presidential election years. while more than half of democrats retain great deal or fair amount of trust. you heard president obama rail against china's unfair trade policies in recent days. now it seems the administration is not sticking to the script. the "washington times" reports the general services administration, gsa, approved the purchase of chinese solar panels for a federal building. even though it violates the buy american provision of the stimulus law. also, this week abound solar, solar panel manufacturer given $400 million government loan guarantee by the obama administration went on the auction block. abound announceed bankruptcy in june about nine months after another benefactor of the government loan guarantee program solyndra. finally earlier in week daily caller reported we are gone. progolf letter sent letter
3:32 pm
after the quiv about the president's frequent golfing asking him to please reconsider the political strategy of criticizing president obama's passion for golf. the group says it hurts the industry and the employees. daily caller now points out golf coalition is represented by tony podesta, democratic lobbyist with close ties to the white house. we are golf contend the issue is not political. it's just wants to prevent unnecessary regulation of lin links. president played 104 rounds since taking office. tonight the focus on big fall races centers on the massachusetts senate contest. correspondent molly line shows us what happened in the first one-on-one between the opponents there. >> one of the nation's tightest senate races lies in massachusetts, where the candidate faced off in their first debate.
3:33 pm
incumbent republican senator scott brown who had a stunning surprise victory in 2010 taking the seat long held by senator kennedy aimed to paint the channeler, harvard professor and former obama administration official elizabeth warren as a job-killing tax-and-spend liberal. >> her tax proposal taking more money out of the pocketbook and wallet. cut 700,000 jobs nationwide. i'm not going to stand for that. >> warren says brown would allow taxes to go up on working families. >> he would let taxes go up for 98% of families to protect the tax break for the top 2%. >> candidates were asked if character was an issue in the race, brown went after warren's claim of native-american hair tage, asking for evidence it didn'ted a vance her academic career. >> i -- advance her academic career. >> i think character is important. you are referring to the fact that warren claimed to benatetive-american, person of color. you see she is not. that being said she checked the box. >> when i was growing up these are the story i knew about my
3:34 pm
heritage. i believed my mother and my father and my aunts and my uncles. and i never asked anybody for documentation. i don't know any kid who did. >> democrat accuse republicans pushing war on women, warren touched a nerve when brown had a recent ad featuring his wife and daughter on women's issues. >> women in massachusetts deserve a senator they can count on not some of time but all of the time. >> thank you. you should stop scaring women. i have been fighting for women since i was six years old. >> reference to abuse his mother suffered at the hands of one of his stepfathers. brown looking to bolster his independent issue citing bipartisan compromises and never mentioning the party presidential nominee and bay stateer mitt romney. even as warren praised obama repeatedly. it may come down to voter demographics. republicans are outnumbered by democrats in massachusetts 3 to 1. warren needs to rally the base and brown needs to pull from
3:35 pm
the independent voters that make up the slightly more than half of the electorate here. >> bret: molly line live in boston. thank you. we ask the fox all-stars we t question we posed at the top of the program. why does the story of what happened in libya keep changing? what about the new violence today in pakistan? next. gecko (clearing throat)
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3:39 pm
were used by extremists to see if they could directly harm u.s. interests. >> al-qaeda? >> well, we don't know yet. we will continue to investigate this. >> what happened in benghazi was a terrorist attack and we will not rest until we have tracked down and brought to justice the terrorists who murdered four americans. >> bret: secretary clinton today at the state department. one day after you saw president obama in the univision interview and the evolving stories from the administration about the attack in libya. as we continue to learn more details about the attack in benghazi. let's bring in the panel. david druger, associate politics editor for roll call. kirsten powers for daily beast. syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. this is the end of quite week when it comes to this story, david. you see the stories that came out starting with susan rice. well, actually, the white
3:40 pm
house, then susan rice, the state department and the e lution. until we got to today. secretary clinton. >> well, common sense suggested from the beginning when you look at the different things that happened around september 11. and you look at what happened in libya. that it was a little bit more than a spontaneous uprising. so i'm not surprised we got here. i think the question that you have been asking during the week as you reported this and we've been asking is this going to be a problem for administration? if and until they get a handle on this. an at least show the american people that they're in control to some degree. i don't really know that they are going to have anything to worry about in the short-term. one because this isn't getting the kind of wide-spread coverage that seeps down in the local news. by that i'm talking about heavy reportin reporting from te "associated press," heavy reporting from the "new york times." >> bret: that is a different issue entirely. >> but greatly -- but when we
3:41 pm
are talking about the issue that the administration facing, people can't get upset first about something they don't know that much about. seconds of all, given quite honestly voters' heavy focus on the economy and in a sense they're tired of always worrying about thingsover seas. it's hard for to blow up? >> the problem is it is blowing up, david. kirsten, you look at al-qaeda in libya. and they're expanding. today there was a protest there, the demonstration there that was pro-u.s. good sign. senator mccain just put out a statement about that. by all accounts, al-qaeda is expanding there on the ground. we reported this guy earlier in the week that could be the leader of this very attack. sufyan bin qumu. there was report in augus august 2012, now unclassified and i'll quote from it.
3:42 pm
led by this guy sufyan bin qumu former guantanamo bay detainee embodied al-qaeda presence in libya as indicateed by the active social media propaganda, extremist discourse, hatred of the west, especially the united states. goes on to say they expect it to expand and grow. this is in august. the president has wanted to say bin laden is dead and we're after al-qaeda. is that why this has happened? the way it's happened? >> look, the administration is either lying or is dangerously clueless. that is not getting covered by the media. that is the point that david is trying to make. you can't have a political impact if people done know about it. they are not held accountable. the president said in interview you put up we don't want to speculate about this. they did more than speculate. they did definitively what happened. they sent out ambassador rice to tell us all the stories that didn't make sense. that's why they stayed
3:43 pm
clueless. we sat there and watched nobody believes this is what happened. nobody believes it was spontaneous. they there are reports showing otherwise. the question is whether or not the media is going to follow up on the fact they've been lied to. on a couple of different things. so far, it seems like other than fox, maybe the "wall street journal," there isn't a lot of curiosity. >> bret: charles, welcome back. >> thanks. a lot has happened in a day-and-a-half. this is a scandal at many levels. obviously, the level of on the ground what happened in libya. the lack of warning, lack of intelligence, lack of communication, lack of response. in and of itself is a scandal as the details are coming out. the second level is the effect of the administration went out and ridiculously sends out a u.s. ambassador to the u.n., probably the next secretary of state if obama is re-elected and is telling the nation with a straight face there was a spontaneous demonstration
3:44 pm
which it wasn't a terrorist attack and a 9-year-old could tell was not so. today, the president himself refuses to say the obvious. on the same day the secretary of state says of course it's a terrorist attack. >> bret: day apart. >> carney said it's a terrorist attack. it looks like incompetence. but actually, i think there is a method here. the idea is you want to pretend it's something else. hope it goes away. the reason that the administration understands but it won't say that this really is a symbol of the collapse of policy that obama initiated of accommodation and apology in the muslim world. he attributeed all the ill, the anti-americanism to the bush invasion, to the torture a degradation of the previous administration. all of that is over and we have the worst explosion of anti-americanism in memory. this is a collapse of the policy they can't admit.
3:45 pm
they had to pretend isn't having and press is collaborating and suppressing what it doesn't understand or it doesn't want to harm obama. >> bret: david, is the administration coming to the conclusion that the benghazi attack was not specifically about the video. there are other protests and demonstrations around the world that are about that video. including in pakistan today. which turned very violent. at least in part about that anti-islam video. the pakistani government gave people the day off. made it a holiday to go take to the streets about this video. 19 people died in protests all across the country. many of them very anti-american. as you can imagine. what about that from our ally that we provide billions and billions of dollars to pakistan? >> well, this is the precarious situation we have oftennen in, in trouble spots. in this part of the world in particular. the allies are nominal, they don't necessarily support us but they need us.
3:46 pm
we have don't necessarily support everything or help but we need them. but what i think what this shows is that the administration doesn't necessarily have a handle on how it intends to keep the relationships we need to keep the region calm. they don't necessarily have a handle on how to do that. finally, i say post-iraq and post-afghanistan, there is less is up nort congress for the idea that this is just necessary foreign aid we provide than i have ever seen. if we allow the region to look to too out of control, it provides impetus to members of congress who do have the power of the purse to eventually say maybe this isn't something we shouldn't doing. >> bret: kirsten, quickly on the politics of this. you have afghanistan where the patrol, joint patrol have ended. search forces are out. the biggest attack on u.s. forces, bay area just happened this past week. you have this explosion of
3:47 pm
protests all around the world. you libya. which seems like al-qaeda is gaining in strength. this doesn't seem like foreign policy is working. you seem is this not a big issue in this election now? >> huge issue. but i'm really skeptical it will be covered. it's the most important issue according to obama. if you watch the dnc. all about foreign policy. have a debate on foreign policy. romney doesn't have experience on foreign policy. bin laden is dead. look, this is obviously his policy is not working. it's quite clear. the way he reacted to the cairo attack spurred this even more. >> one point on pakistan todaych you get the government declaring essentially a holiday, a day of anti-americanism. this is after we spent $70,000 running ads in pakistan. explaining that the movie isn't an american
3:48 pm
government -- sort of abject distancing and pretending that that is the issue. these are the fruits of appeasement and weakness. one example of a difference, after 9/11, the bush's secretary of state colin powell picks up the phone and calls the president of pakistan and said if you don't stop relations with the enny afghanistan and help us in this coming war i'm going to bomb you in the stone age. pakistan responded and gave us everything that we wanted. this area, strength, and reworks. weakness and appeasement will yield exactly what we saw today in pakistan. >> bret: we ate up a lot of time there. next up, a very quick friday lightning round. (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward.
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>> bret: every week viewers vote for your choice online in this a lightning friday lightning round. this week, fast and furious won with 48% of the vote. back with the panel. okay. impact of the i.g. report, where it goes from here? david? >> heads roll. president fingertips are not on it. political impact zero. i don't know if we go anywhere from here. >> kirsten? >> that is what i have been saying for a long time. if anyone want to apologize to me can do it now. saying that basically the president, there was no evidence that the president knew about it. no president that the attorney general knew about it. that's what the i.g. report found. chairman issa's office has been making accusations that aren't founded. this report doesn't support them. >> this is a dead political issue. right or wrong, the issa, the time he spent on the investigation didn't yield anything politically that might have been other areas that might have yielded more political benefit for the
3:53 pm
republicans. >> bret: okay. mitt romney released the taxes today. at least one year. 2011 taxes. according to that release, the effective tax rate was 14.1%. for that year. investment income. he and his wife donated $4 million, roughly a little more than $4 million to charity in 2011. nearly 30% of their income. they also attached a letter from the blind trust saying that over the 20 year period the lowest annual effective federal personal tax rate is 13.66%. that he paid. an that romney paid average annual effective federal tax rate of 20.#% in 20 years. the ending in 200 #. that is the letter. not the years. impact, importance, charles? >> we didn't learn anything new. the return tracks were last year's return. same overall rate of return. it shows when how incredibly
3:54 pm
generous the romneys are. with their income going to charity. i'm sure that the press will spend days on every detail of this as the middle east lear bus which they will ignore. >> bret: president released his return in april. first income, $700,000 paid $162,000. 20.5%. he donated $172,000. 22%. fair and balanced. >> the press is obsessed with the fact that he paid more in taxes i guess than he needed to. romney campaign says that's because he wanted to honor what he had said that he would pay at least 13%. in a debate he said anybody who pays more in taxes, than they should have to pay shouldn't be president. he is getting beaten over the head with that right now. middle east burns. >> bret: they gave, david, one thing, they only gameed deduction of $2.25 million.
3:55 pm
they gave charity $4 million to keep the tax rate higher than 13.6%. >> that is the week he has and in boston they're thrilled we're talking about. this nobody cares about this. nobody had to. the way the campaign handled it. now 2011 is out there. look, even knows they pay a lower effective rate right now because he is living off the investment income. this is not a big deal. it won't change the race. >> bret: winner, loser this week? >> nationals are the winer. in the playoffs first time a d.c. team since '33. loser political pollsters. nobody knows what to think at this point. >> losers is the media. 60% of the country doesn't trust them, nor should they. they completely drop the ball from beginning to end on this middle east issue. >> loser, romney, because of the video. running mate calls you inarticulate to defend you, you know you're in trouble. >> bret: okay. welcome back, charles. that is it for the panel. by the way, congrats on your
3:56 pm
nationals. stay tuned to see one awkward interview. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a stunning work of technology. introducing the entirely new lexus es. and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? finally tonight, earlier we told you about americans' growing distrust for the media. here is one young american who clearly feels that way. >> drew the farm kid. how are you doing there, pal? >> i know he can't say anything right now. you know what he is saying right now? e equals mc squared. get the camera off my face. >> you will make him cry. >> i love that kid. >> way to go, dan. way to make a baby boy cry on live television. way to go. >> oh, my. >> he is happy now. he's happy. >> happy because you walked


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