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tv   Stossel  FOX News  September 23, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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see you right here next week. >> on a fox news watch. a hidden camera occurs mitt romney. the video released by a media site ignites a firestorm of attacks and negative coverage in the mainstream press. romney's words takes the focus off the president and real issues at hand. new details about the deadly attacks in libya. last week the media bought the white house spin. have they changed their coverage now that we know it was a terror attack? now there is proof the department of justice colluded
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with media matters who hammer doj critics. what is wrong with this picture? speaking of pictures, candid photos of kate middleton get a big reaction from the royal family and press. reverend jesse jackson make a historic trip to free two captive americans and mainstream media are no shows. nbc compares liberal noise makers with the success of fox news. >> if you are going to be successful in national television you are going to have imitators, but look, let's can honest here, not many people is obnoxious as i am. >> jon: on the panel, judy miller, richard grenell that served as press spokesman, jim pinger man and fox news political analyst juan williams. i'm jon scott. fox news watch is on right now.
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>> jon: hidden camera clip made public by mother jones magazine became the focus of mainstream
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press. video caught fire as potentially damaging material to the republican presidential nominee. associated press, romney relearning history's gaffe lessons and jonathan martin. >> the worst is we are for is character about the person. that is the problem with this video. >> jon: they latched on this latest diversion to repeat it that republican candidate is out of touch. >> mitt romney doesn't have any empathy which is the problem. >> he only has so much time left with to come up with credible reason he should be commander in chief. >> his message was defended by supporters and the candidate himself. >> he believes every american has to have a stake and he doesn't want the president wants which a bigger government la is taking more people's money. >> the problem as you see right
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now, so many people have fallen into poverty that they are not paying taxes. they have to rely on government and the right course to help them is not just have government handing out but government helping people to get back to good jobs is a. >> jon: as for the secret video feeding the narrative, howard kurtz tweeted i think the romney 47% fund-raising video has been shown moreo than the rodney king beating tape. >> jon: lots of topics to cover. how did it feed into the narrative? >> it had gotten through clobbering romney about libya and then they have this. ten minutes of diane sawyer and juan williams saying what a problem this is for romney. his campaign is doomed.
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then it's torched and protests and bad news about the iraqis allowing iranians to fly weapons through syria then they move on. no context. a few lonely voices say the entire obama foreign policy has collapsed, with the exception of krauthammer they move on to they are eating at parks or whatever it is. the remains is the ten minutes of solid clobbering of romney every night on videotape issue. >> jon: do you agree. it was it a smoke screen for the media? >> i think it had to happen because so manes piled on. it wasn't just the liberal media. it was talking about a string of gaffes. i think dana called it a one-man looper reel but its repeated set of mistakes. this one is major. i don't think it's a great example of media bias.
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this is covering the man, the candidate. >> jon: but when president obama said that the supreme court could not overrule a law passed by congress, that didn't get a whole lot of attention in the media, but the media pounced on this romney thing? >> i think it did get attention when the president said that people challenged them. >> jon: it can go on for days? >> this is the midst of a presidential campaign. what i notice is the times didn't put this story on the front page. similarly the washington post and then it bumped outside. why does the fire pick up? here, it's interesting, i don't know if you view politico as right wing or liberal, but they talked about trouble inside the romney campaign. now it looked like here was repeated gaffe. in this situation what you get
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is reflex of problems gaining moment, a campaign slipping in the polls and then i think this is where the mainstream media is so simplistic. that is the story. we'll all rush to it. >> jon: when the snowball starts to roll they keep gig eight push? >> i think juan is correct. it didn't go on the front page, but that is the problem. this is a one-day story not a multiple day story. the context is better for romney it fires up the base. no one is giving the full video. we want to see the debate about entitlements and who is getting too much and 47% of americans not paying taxes, but the media would not play the whole tape. they wanted the gaffe story. >> and romney backed it up. i didn't say it elegantly, that
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47% of americans who pay no taxes is something of a problem. then the next day, outcomes this video from 1998, i believe, of then state senator barack obama says he believes in wealth redistribution. that didn't get much play at all. >> right there. is a larger context. gallup poll says a record number of americans, 60% don't trust the media. highest percentage since they have been keeping track of the poll. that might explain why in the middle of 200 news stories, romney is did dead and done for, romney is creeping up in the polls. gallup has hen him high tied. he has been going up for two weeks. it does suggest that dynamic of on 60% of americans don't trust media.
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the if they are pounding on the romney, romney must be okay. >> they must have decided the redistribution comment wasn't the story. maybe you can say because it happened 14 years ago. >> did it happen 14 years ago? the man has a record we can certainly look at. sorry. >> it got six and a half minutes of coverage over 8 stories on sorted of the big three networks. in the meantime, they devoted 88 minutes of coverage to romney's hidden camera video. >> this is an instance which you have the man who wants to be the president of all of us saying that half of the voters don't count. >> half the voters aren't paying taxes. >> let's go to that point. >> referring to them as those people. >> you said would you like to have this discussion. i think lots of americans when
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paul ryan was selected you were going to get a larger discussion about entitlements. why is it you think this statement was made in private to donors as opposed in a public setting. on the substance it's offensive, but here is the thing. people that pay no taxes, most of the people, when you are talking about the 47% majority petraeus roll taxes and state taxes and property taxes whx you are talking -- no, no. let's talk about who pace those taxes. you are talking about the majority of the elderly in our society or people who are so poor or make less than $20,000. that is the substance as opposed to obama's statement. substance we have a tax policy that is about redistribution. i'm saying i thought the fact checkers went crazy on this. >> jon: we'll have more discussion about romney tape and
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media manipulation when news watch returns. >> a terrorist attack on americans in libya. a troubled u.s. economy and slow job growth here. dangerous defense cuts and mind numbing deficit with no solid plan for a fix. oh, and mitt romney's ineloquent talk with conservative supporters gets recorded on a sneaky cam. which story got the most attention by the ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a stunning work of technology. introducing the entirely new lexus es. and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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the result could be a game changer. >> with 49 days to election day. a candidate for president doesn't want a distraction from his message. but it's happened in a big way to mitt romney. >> today there was political
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earthquake in the presidential race and all because of the small camera secretly recording on the side of a room. >> let me start tonight, if i were a rich man ♪ ♪ dumb. it one thing to be rich and have a majority of voters convinced you are going to help the rich but what about pandering to the rich. >> jon: just something on mitt romney speaking in florida back in may. the video made public by mother jones a liberal media outlet. i want to transition to the other part of the tape. part of what was grabbed was mitt romney's opinions about israel and the palestinian question. david korn who is the washington bureau chief who posted that video put the clips on the website but he edited off a key portion. here is how the liberal media covered that edited portion.
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there is a goof ball saying israel that is the unsolvable problem of my presidency. i won't even try. >> we've never had a candidate that could be ever be that stupid in front of five people, never mind 150 people. >> it's true. for someone who constantly accuses the president of throwing israel under the president. he is like thrown israel under the bus and driven away at high speed. he doesn't want to deal with it because it's unsolvable.
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>> jon: it brought similar reactions from other media. cbs news they say middle east peace is not possible. abc news no way there will be israel-palestinian peace and bloomberg said there is no way on the israel palestinian peace accord. keep that in mind when you hear a key portion that david korn left out on what was posted on mother jones.
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>> jon: shows strength and resolve on the part of america and some day palestinians, he said, will want peace. so what do you make of that portion? >> it's typical. sadly this is why the story becomes a multiple day story. people think that it's one thing and david korn clearly edited out the part where mitt romney is very realistic about what it's going to take to get that peace. this is one of the most shameful things that happened throughout the whole week. was a chopped job. mainstream media was completely implicit in it. >> jon: ask any other president about middle east peace negotiations and it was the briar patch for the white house but he didn't say what the headlines said?
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>> i have to agree with rick. unlike the 47% this is clear example of media bias. in fact barack obama started out saying he was going to devote full attention and time to solving the middle east problem. he hasn't done that either. president bush said forced to say at some point and secretary of state to say, here is my number to the palestinians. when you are serious about peace call me up. every president has sound this had issue and that was not reflective in the media coverage not at all. >> jon: i imagine if you had a secret recording in the oval office you would hear most of the recent presidents saying the same thing? >> no, i don't think so. so much of the dynamic that has been played out between the obama administration and netanyahu has been about trying to get netanyahu to be more open for example on settlements issues and trying to open the
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idea there can be some peace negotiation. there has been great tension about that. what is interesting to me about the second part. i agree with everybody on that. i don't know why they would take that out unless they were intentionally skew the tape. here is what i don't agree with. american strength and resolve and support for israel has never been weakened. there is no sense, if america shows more resolve, if you ask people in the middle east they think it's there. >> president obama i have to deal with netanyahu all the time. it's pretty clear from everything you catch obama on off moment, look, let's talk about this editing thing. oddly enough james o'keefe got in trouble with the mainstream
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media he was allegedly editing things. the media are clearly for it when it helps them and against them when it doesn't serve their standards. james o'keefe, isn't the toast of the town the way david korn is. is. >> jon: big [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar car insurance companies say they'll save yoby switching, you'd have like, a ton of dollars. but how are they saving you those dollars? a lot of companies might answer "um" or, "no comment." then there's esurance. born online, raised by technology, and majors in efficiency. so whatever they save, you save. hassle, time, paperwork, hair-tearing-out, and yes, especially dollars. esurance. insurance for the modern world. click or call.
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>>. let's be clear. these protests were in reaction to a video that had spread through the region. >> of benghazi? >> we don't know otherwise. we have no information to suggest that it was a preplanned attack. unrest we've seen around the region has been in reaction to a
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video that muslims, many muslims find offensive. while the violence is reprehensible and unjustified it is not a reaction to the 9/11 anniversary that we know of or to u.s. policy. >> the group in benghazi post was well armed and well coordinated attack. do you think it was a spontaneous protest against the movie? >> jon: that was last week. jay carney holding firm on the white house position that the recent 9/11 attacks on the u.s. consulate in libya that killed four americans was the result of a spontaneous riots over a youtube video. as we discussed last week the media parroted that position. this week the story took a different turn. >> this is a fox news alert. we begin with fox news exclusive. intelligence sources that the attack on consulate was directly
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tied to al-qaeda. we've received word just within the last few minutes that they think one person may be tied and may have led the attack on the ground. his name sukan ben kumu. >> jay carney suddenly said this. it is i think self-evident what happened in benghazi was a terrorist attack. our embassy was attending violently and result was four deaths in american officials. why the turnaround, judy? >> as we stay in journalism, even when you try to ignore them for a week there was a stubborn theme. this was a spontaneous eruption of outrage, finally enough material leaked out through the press, not enough because the
2:27 am
press wasn't asking the tough questions to force a change in the administration's line. that is what we have now. the tough questions lie ahead. >> jon: rick, you worked for u.n. ambassadors. when susan rice goes out on tv and says this was spontaneous and all because of a movie? >> what is interesting about susan rice, immediate response, david gregory did not push her. netanyahu came on david gregory was aggressive. but with susan rice she was able to talk about narrative of a film being the cause without any push back. however, i disagree with judy the u.s. media got it wrong. international media has been right from the beginning. they have been looking at this and they called it a terrorist attack pretty fast. judy adore you, but there was a meaning, maybe it came
2:28 am
from someplace. maybe if i was the obama administration, our embassy just got attacked on 9/11, and an ambassador was killed. i better blame a mob or movie, put a something over the reality it's an al-qaeda hit on an u.n. ambassador with no security and journal on friday i did a terrific job on death of this ambassador and three other americans. mainstream media would be all over it and hillary clinton and homeland security is being grilled how it happened. it's not happening because there was a meeting that said, no, it came from somewhere. >> there was a line that the "new york times" on friday just as "wall street journal" was writing its piece came to the opposite conclusion and maintained there was not sufficient evidence of a substantial plan of attack. >> couldn't find the guy.
2:29 am
"wall street journal" interviewed him. >> you're kidding. >> "new york times" times couldn't find him. >> i'm curious about our take on this. >> i'm still looking for hard proof that in fact al-qaeda or some terrorist network was behind this. we have individuals who may have been involved. so and also remember, we're not just talking about libya but we are talking about egypt. we know what happened in egypt often was a direct cause relationship with the film that muslims found it offensive. yes, i think the united states government should have been more alert that it took place on 9/11. yes, the government should have had better security, but is it the case the white house is going back to the original statements? i wonder. >> jon: maybe you are confused because the white house has. >> meanwhile, the obama administration has smeared one of our few allies we have which
2:30 am
is the libyan government. people of libya appreciate what we did for them couple years ago. and it's a mob, no different in egypt is a disservice to our own long term national interests all to help the president get re-elected. >> credit the the folks at uni vision that had president obama on. 42 asked him a simple question. why wasn't the administration better prepared for more security at our embassys on september 11th. president's answer ran 2 minutes and 52 seconds, i would love to play it but we can't. he never asked the question. he mourned the death of our ambassador. he never answered with a y there wasn't better security. >> questions about the ties between the obama department of justice and a liberal media watchdog group. >> an investigation into the
2:31 am
bungled gun money operation reveals more details. and internal department of justice females prove a collaboration between doj officials and liberal media matters to attack critics. what does it all mean? details next. on news watch d
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in the u.s. i'm arthel nevil and back to fox news watch. >> it appears thanks to a freedom of information act request that we have the proof. department of justice conspired with the far left media matters website to attack the department of justice critics. fox news correspondent james rosen has that story. >> reporter: six months ago judson phillips advanced the claim hotly disputed by the obama administration that operation fast and furious was designed to usher in draconian gun control laws. someone was watching closely because tracy smaller e-mailed a
2:36 am
transcript to deputy research director of media matters. you see this, he wrote. completely false. wide receiver, hernandez, launched under a the george bush administration put this to a lie. by that afternoon. website featured this blog post critical of the philips segment. that attorney general's advisors have worked so closely is the chief revelation of 69 pages of doj documented that they provided under the freedom of information act to the conservative paper the daily caller. >> it's an attempt to lie and in one case spokesman for just department e-mailing and saying why don't you do a story on this. i saw something on fox and why don't you attack it. >> founded by david broblg
2:37 am
turned liberal tweaflt. it's a tax ex that eblgs poses media bias. it was written in part by george soros is the destruction of fox news. >> utilizing in engaging in a dispute on the new black panther party and denial of the department of justice to bring civil rights actions against them or whether it is on the coverage of fast and furious should really raise serious concerns. >> the justice department declined to comment. a folks man for media matters he would comment only if he could appear live on this network. >> jon: so what about this collusion between the department of justice and media matters? is it getting any play? >> not much. look, james rosen's piece rose the issue of david according to politico, that led to a former counsel to the president, group
2:38 am
making savage shouldn't have a tax exempt but now we have this, not just engaging in global war and sabotage they are part of the obama reelection campaign. you think that would be news, as well. but for perspective imagine if the heritage foundation was caught doing with the bush department three or four years ago. that would have been news. >> jon: george soros gave a million dollars to media matters and given other funding to other organizations. he got a tax deduction for million dollars because they are supposedly, they are truth teller. shouldn't this force some reconsideration? >> i think absolutely it should. we have talked about this a lot on this show. i want to step back for just a moment to point out this is week where we had a cascade of departures from the atf from people involved in fast and
2:39 am
furious. they had to acknowledge this was not a story concocted by fox news or pro conservative media, but it was legitimate story that some people had done bad things and had to leave. look at the play that got, not so much. >> jon: why no coverage of the fast and furious report? >> i think fast and furious is highly politicized and a target for the right. given the way it's handled in congress. given the fact that eric holder was found in contempt of congress, i think a lot of people feel like it's played out. >> jon: you sound like you are saying people on the right don't like it it's not going to get covered? >> no. there is a certain point the story has been told. everybody has the details. everybody has seen the parents of the dead man. >> here is the problem, it has been politicized and left said
2:40 am
it was lie. we found out the truth. >> what is the truth? >> there the truth there was that stuff being done. >> we know somebody died. >> if we admit this on the front page of the "new york times" we would let it go. >> i think everybody has admitted. >> jon: we have to leave it there. next on news watch, jesse jackson makes news but doesn't get media attention -- kate middleton gets the attention but doesn't want it. >> revealing photos of the duchess of cambridge caused a fuss. did the tabloid press goes too far? the great debate of the pictures of kate next on news watch. [ female announcer ] gross -- i'll tell you what's really gross:
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>>. she is not our future -- queen. it's good pictures but i'm stunned that kate middleton, most photographed women in the world, but she would expose herself topless outdoors and not expect the world to take notice of it. >> jon: the editor of the irish daily star one of five tabloids that pictured topless photos of kate middleton while sun bathing on vacation. has the tabloid gone too far?
2:45 am
>> they have according to the french judicial system. she should have been more careful. she is new at this job. there should be some expectation of privacy somewhere. she wasn't standing out in the middle of the street bearing her breasts. this a long distance camera but enough is enough. >> i think the palace, they did the story and made it more than it should have been. it should have been french papers run this. it was a rude thing to do but she should have known better. >> jon: princess di died in a car crash. should something change here? >> i think it's about sensationalism. i don't know what the attraction but obviously it sells newspapers. although i will noted initially
2:46 am
the publication was not able to indicate any rise in sales from the publication. we're talking apparently more than we're drawn to the pictures >> if you get famous you are going to have photographers following you. lady diana got killed in car crash, her driver was intoxicated. if dont want to be photographed you should find another line of work. information should be free and this is good example. technology will always race ahead and you have to deal with it. >> jon: kate middleton got covered in ways she didn't want. now to a story that didn't get much attention. jesse jackson returned from gambia with two americans that were released from prison. they were noshd n than that by that country's president. one was a navy veteran that
2:47 am
served in desert storm and another tennessee professor had been convicted of treason. they could have faced the firing squad until jackson stepped in. a story that didn't get much media coverage. why not? >> nobody got killed. it was a happy ending. murky circumstances, who knows what is going on there. but reverend jackson has done this before. he did in this in the 80s in lebanon. but the media is too busy pounding on romney. >> media was very busy in the last couple weeks. we do have a presidential campaign. we have a crisis in libya. we have a whole bunch of questions that should be asked about that. >> we know they have one brain. [ laughter ] >> it was a tough week to have a good news story and story, by the way, this muslim country, a country in which most of the people are muslims and they did a good humanitarian thing, guaranteed not to make
2:48 am
headlines. >> it should have made headlines gambia, they are trying to clear the jails by killing everybody. it's more than likely the men would have been killed. i suspect these men are apparently west african disscent and a lot of people think it's old news or something. >> i just wondered if it had something to do with the fact that he seemed to get more coverage for these kinds of missions when he was presidential candidate or considered a viable possible president. do you think that has changed? it doesn't seem like jackson's turn in the white house is ever going to come. does he get less attention? >> that inevitable but it also feels like it's a replay on a smaller scale on some of work that jesse jackson has done to pull prisoners of jails around
2:49 am
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>>. what works about cable television, it's cheap and it makes a ton of money. there is nothing cheaper than talking heads and people who hire those talking heads have discovered the more partisan and nastier they are the bigger an audience they get. the only way it's going to change if the audience says, you know something, i'm tired of it. >> jon: that is ted koppel's take on cable news. what do you make of his remarks? >> the whole segment was the standard mainstream media of cable news, mostly fox but
2:53 am
msnbc. that dog bites man, no news there. they don't like fox news. what is interesting it appeared on nbc and they spent about third of the time talking about msnbc. there is an intrarockefeller center politics of nbc pounding on msnbc. it's got to be interesting and why williams and koppel would do that, i'm sure.... >> jon: he was showing his bias when he described fox news, a partisan news network with mocking slogan fair and balanced. then he went after bill o'reilly? >> the story is old media guard doesn't like cable news. they don't like the competition. i think it's been a fantastic thing for information. i think it's been wonderful for the public to get multiple news
2:54 am
sources. >> "new york times" columnist describes partisan outlet as a primary news source, he writes is a threat to our perfect union? >> it's so self-righteous. you have to wonder. because the big difference is, immense variety of opinion and the fact there is much more of a niche brand in the way cable brand goes about it. in my mind it bears partisan bias all for free. i don't think you have to doubt it when you are getting it. i think of one, jealousy but i do worry about investment in actual news coverage declining, especially not on the part of cable and the part of the company that i work for, fox news but on the part of the network, they put less money in overseas coverage and correspondents to tale the tale.
2:55 am
>> jon: it's a pointed you have manmade many times. >> it's doubly true for newspapers. resources or squeezed and that is why it took a whole week before we found out some of the basic facts about what happened in libya. >> jon: next on news watch, u.s.a. today has a new logo and a certain late night funny guy ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a reason to look twice. the entirely new lexus es and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. the entirely new lexus es and the first-ever es hybrid. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself. to meet the needs of my growing business.
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>>. >> jon: last thursday's edition of u.s.a. today could be a collector's item because it was the last edition with the regular old rectangular logo. the next day featured a new logo. a circle, a blue circle. apparently the blue circle on the front page will be designed each day to reflect the top story of the day as will the rest of the sections in the paper. comedy central stephen colbert hates change and radical new
2:59 am
design of his favorite paper sent him reeling. >> from now on, when news breaks that circular nature, the u.s.a. today will be all over it folks. whether it be planets, tractor tires, the wheel of fortune, pizzas, bagels, pizza bagels. [ applause ] >> although if spongebob square pants ever chokes on a dorrito at the pentagon, you won't read about it in the u.s.a. today. [ laughter ] >> jon: the folks at u.s.a. today took issue with colbert's criticism and at the top of thursday's lighted section they proved him wrong. should the late night comic be the top news story, they have a blue circle ready


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