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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  September 24, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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good job. >> chris: and we still have 44 days and four debates to go until election day. that is it for today. have a great week and we'll see you next fox news sunday. ♪ >> tonight on huckabee. redistribution and entitlements and government independence. it is not the american mia love moved n. >> the america i grew up was in self reliance. >> she joins the governor. and how do doctors feel about obama care? >> it doesn't allow physicians to do our job. >> congressional asked doctors for alternatives that work for them and their patients. >> everything good about hettle care happens in the examine room and the government doesn't belong
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there. >> plus. ♪ if i was your boyfriend. >> life is it good at the top for teen idol justin bieber. but before he was born his mother made tough choices and how her faith helped her make the right ones. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. >>, thank you. thank you very much . welcome to the huckabee show from the fox news studio necessary -- in new york. we have a lively audience most from the massachusetts republican assembly. [applause] i didn't know there was that much republican enthusiasm in all of massachusetts much less coming to our show. we are so happy to have all of you folks here. if we don't learn from history, we are disdes--
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destined to repeat it that is it what is happen negligent stare happening in the star down with iran and israel. one believes we can reason and others knows playing with a snake leads to snake bites. if you continuing is it a political gamesmanship. for israel it is not. the president is often sphoken of his familiarity with muslim countries for having spent growing up years and having family members who are muslim. and i visited many including egypt and jordan and iraq and syria and lebanon and saudi arabia and united arab emirates. my experience with muslim countries is not as extensive than that of president obama. but his experience with israel is no where close to mine.
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i have made extensive trips dating back to 1973. he visited once very briefly for a day mostly to jerusalem when he was a cand date and spent part of the day meeting with palestinian leaders. i understand something that i truly don't think that the president does. that is israel is not fighting for a few extra acre or square miles of real estate. it is not in a battle to get more foreign aid or protect the exports to the united states and not merely fighting for its life as a sovereign nation and protect the economy and borders. it is it fighting for the very existence of the jewish people. jews have been hunted and marked for anilation for over 2000 years and within many of the life time of the present day jews members of the holocaust is first hand for
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those alive. they are one generation away from partners and that were murder said and what iran vowed they will do. no rational person could doubt that israel has the resolve to defy the mad dog leader. israel is the only nation in that part of the world whose democratic government and liberties come close to mirroring ours. we are far more than an organizational relationship with israel. we have an organic relationship with them. a threat to israel is a threat to the united states. when an israeli soldier is sworn in the military. they are taken to the judean desert or western wall for the ceremony. those soldiers swear their allergance that masada will not fall and the wall time in
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the ancient temple will not be lost again. i wouldn't bet on president obama to stand with israel. but i would bet my life that israel will not surrender it can't. it has no place to g. we can elect a new president but israel can't find a new home and they can't lose the one to which they are biblically entitled. that is my view. [applause] >> according to the census bureau, 110 million americans live in a household where someone receives welfare benefit and 47 million are on food stamps. shouldn't we help people to independence than keeping them defendent. my first guest lit up the podium in the republican national convention when she spoke about the lessons learned from her parentless. >> let me actul about the america i know. my partners immigrated to this
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country with 10 dollars in their pocket and a hope that the america they heard about really did exist. when tough times came, they didn't look to washington. they looked within. and so the mesh i - america i grew up knowing was stelve reliance and filled with the possibilities of livinglet american dream. joining me is the mayor of sarahing ta springs uutah and republican congressional candidate mia love. so nice to have you. >> hello, gov goch. >> i want to ask about the president's word, he used it before. sometimes specifically and other times maybe in a round about way. the idea of redistribution. describe for us why that is not the best way for america to go about bottomeding an economy. >> well, here's the thing. you have to understand that i think that we should be
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compassionate. and we as americans have always been compassionate. but if we are going to provide everything for everyone we are crippling our nation and there will never be enough money. what makes the country great is it that we have opportunities. ordinary people have opportunities to do extraordinary things. if you take that away, then you create an environment of dependency and create an environment where people are less self reliant and ultimately less free. >> your folkings came to the country with 10 bucks in their pocket and ape lot of dreams and took you to college and your dad said something to you. what did he say and how did it affect you. >> well, i took my dad with me because he is the fun parent. i told my mom to say. you know, he got very serious and he said to me, mia, your mother and i did everything to get you here today. we have never taken a hand out
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and you will not be a burden to society. and you will give back that stuck in my head and i took those principles everywhere have gone. >> you are clear that some people need assistance along the way. and you mentioned earlier that it is not about denying people help to get out of the hole they are in but that hole they are in ought to lead to standing on their own two feet. what are the ways that you would suggest when you get to congress that you think that the country can help people out of poverty rather than keeping them in it? >> i think one of the things we need to understand. when we talk about limited. we are not talk being eliminating everything. we are saying that everything is administered in the appropriate levels. we leave our communitis and cities and decide to solve a problem in federal government. when we know that federal government tries to solve
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everything. competition goes down and cost goes up. and that goes away. we have to give people the opportunity to help each other and to do it in their communitis and homes and do it on a state level instead of going toand staying we'll have federal government fix all of our problemings. ultimately we have a centralized government and not a free society. >> mia if you go to college you will have had the experience of being a mayor of a city. what have you learned as a mayor that you hope to with you to washington? >> we here do what we usually do in america and in this country. when tough times come. we roll up our leaves and make tough decision. i ask myself three questions. is it affordable and sustainable and is it my job. if it falls in the category we make sure we provide for public safety and provide for
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things that people need and care about. but if it doesn't fall in that categor it is not my job to do it and i think washington can take a lesson. washington tries to get involved with so much we are making washington bigger and thl take and put on a card and when you get to congress, pass it out to the other 434 members. because i don't think that has fully gotten through. is it affordable and sustainable and my job? maybe there is things that are going on that are not the job of congress that nay continue to try to get in the middle of it anyway. >> do you think that government is it the primary way to eliminate poverty and disease and if not, who does make that happen? >> you know, it is interesting, government, we have 900 billion on poverty
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programs that is supposed to end poverty yeit is growing and growing and growing. we have a president who judges his success on how much money he puts out in the community instead of how few people actually need them. again, there are so many [applause] >> different directions to g. >> this audience here loves you. you should have been in new york. they would vote for you even if they are not registered. maybe in utah you can't do that. when i come from dead people and folks who don't live there can vote. mia it is it a pleasure and thank you for joining us and we wish you the very best. >> thank you. [applause] >> obama care is going to hit six million middle class americans with a tax penalty why? because they didn't have health insurance now republicans came up with a better plan. we'll tell you what it is
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i am harris faulkner. now let's get you back to huckabee. >> when republicans critize obama care democrats come up with responses like these. >> i searched in vain for the republican health care bill because the have no alternative. >> they will see the republican alternative which i am sorry to say is nonexistent. >> shrill voices of opposition are ratched yup loudly spreading fabrication and fear and remarkably silent when asked to produce ideas of their own. >> i don't know what they do. 131 days they would have a
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sound. that is the sound of their plan. they don't seem to have one. >> thank you congressman weaner we know how it worked out for you. >> does the gop not have plans for health care reform? >> how about bringing in the experts who know about patient care than anyone else. like doctors ask them what they think should and should not be included in a health care plan. joining me is texas congressman and dr. burgess. an ob-gyn? ist and author of the book "doctor in the house" and dr. marsy who is a primary physician. thank you for being here. congressman dr. burgess . you are in congress and you are a medical is it true that the gop and the republicans in the house just don't have ideas for medicine. >> just watching those clips i
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had forgotten how intensely uncomfortable it was to go through 2009 and hear that. we had ideas and probably too many idea couldn't get them out but we were never consulted. and interestingly when you go back and look at the history of the whole thing and parent. from the start it was done behind closed doors and they even cut out the democratic house of representatives. it was on rails and a path and they were not listening to anyone. else. >> if it was nolt doctors designed help. who in the heck was coming up with the stuff. >> secret meetings and five or six folks that were down there and unions down there they had a huge. and a lot of collective bargaining is it based on health care benefits. and they wrote a law and our committee did an investigation
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and the report is up on the energy and commerce website. didn't get press. but it was startling how much they were going to be transparent and above board but when it came time to do the work they closed the doors and wrote the bill. >> interesting that he said lobbyist wouldn't have part. doctor, the obama care will affect you dramatically and talk about what ways. >> governor, this act and this law unfortunately, dismembered the very foundation of health care, and that is it the patient/doctor relationship. everything good about care happens between me and my patient in an examine room. four walls and a closed door and the government doesn't belong there. [applause] this bill -- this bill invites the government not just into the room, but into the process,
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and the decision process. it takes away choice it takes away privacy. imagine your records are now sent to the federal government for their perusement. it is it a, abominable the sad thing is, it doesn't allow physicians to do our job. we just want to be able to do our job. we are professionalings. we want to work for our patients. i introduce myself when i talk. my patient's doctor. we are the most privileged profession in the world and every doctor in this country needs to be able to practice his expertis and work for the patient sitting in that room and i say give them that better day. that's what they deserve. >> let me talk dr. burgess. one group of people left out and i don't understand and i am sensitive to it. the governors of america were left out. and the state they run the
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largest private health care and state employees which is usually the largest employer in the state and have the largest public insurance plan medicaid, huge. the costs are choking states governors to my knowledge, were not consulted for the impact on their budgetings. >> governor herert was in a pan and he will he articulated the late. why did we bring mitch daniels and tie him to the chair and how he was able to provide state employees at percent less than the year before. and he did that with a high deductible health plan that he funded and then the governor found something intriguing. something happens when they spend their own money for health care. >> mitch daniels governor of indiana and governors who are utterly scared to death if they implement all of the tef of obama regarding medicare,
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the first couple of years federal government will pick
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but hurry, the inventory clearance sale is ending soon. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> doctor, what is the fundmental plan of any real reform that is good for the patients? even if it is not good for the doctors and helps and vendors, what is good for the patients out there? >> thanks for asking. it is time for somebody to ask the doctors. >> somebody had to do it and i thought it would be me. >> indeed. first of the all doctors, we acknowledge that health insurance is absolutely important and we believe that everybody needs insurance. but be clear. insurance is not assurance was anything. insurance needs to be that thing that you ownto protect
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you from the god forbid. it is it a bet. it is it that car that card that you hope you never have to use. god forbid you have to use the house insurance and why are you proud to use the health insurance card. we believe in a and where patients come and tell us what they want and need and we provide it in a market place that is less expensive. congressman dr. burgess talked about high deductible plans. many doctors would love to be able to collect cash at the door with with a concept. why can't we post our prices and work for our pates? everybody else does. why can't i be the best doctor and compete with the guy down the street? i want to be better. i can post my prices and damn well be sure to give my patients what i promise for that price if i don't, they should go else where.
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>> how refreshing to hear that candor. and i will pose a final question to each of you. >> if obama care goes forward and right now it is it going to unless a new president and congress repeals. >> we are going to win! >> let's hope so for that reason. but god forbid it doesn't get repealed. give me the one scary thing that you think americans need to know about obama care being implemented. >> what people don't understand about the affordable care act nothing is free generous subidies given to the middle class families for the expansion of medicaid that adds toup 2.7 trillion according to the latest senate budge projection. we are 16 trillion in debt today we are going to center a dreadful fight over a debt limit tension in december and january. and implement a new intitlement that is more
12:28 am
expensive. remember the congressional budget said they will stay on the employered poncored insurance. i don't employers don't want it. who wants to shop for insurance in the hr department? >> no body. this is it a big conundrum and the price tag is that the country cant sustain. >> doctor your great. >> independent payment advisory board by the way, it is something that we passed through. thank you congressman, this is something that congress did pass and it has bipartisan support. in fact a democrat in long beach sponsored this bill to repeat the ipap. it takes congress out of play. everything sit department of health servicings, and all deciddingses sit imagine you need a procedure to save your life.
12:29 am
call up the government to see if it is it okay? no, no, no. we'll be budgeted the health care will be budgeted and there is it a cap on health care and when we meet that cap, we are done. we are done. it will absolutely deny care not just to seniors but to everyone in this country. >> i think that people need to listen to you. i wished the white house would have listened to you and members of house and senate on the democratic side would listen to you. america is listening to you. >> doctor and congressman great to have you here. when we come back, chick-fil-a responds to the report that it gave up principle to open up a store in chicago mixed mess annuals from the white house on the deadly 9/11 attack in libya. and other news of the week. we'll be right back. . [ male announcer ] if you believe the mayan calendar, on december 21st
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there was reports that chick fia stopped promoting marriage. i asked the folks at chick-fil-a myself and i had a chance to personally visit with ceo dan cathy. here's the statement. there are eronous implications in the media that they changed practices and priorities. chick-fil-a made no concessions. and we remained who we are. it went viral and they are laying low and not say anything more and not make connections to that they are in the past. the reality is chick-fil-a is
12:35 am
not in the philosophy business and they are in the business was serving customers chicken sandwiches. some of us when i saw people were threatening their business over the fact that the ceo had personal convictions and views and willing to express them. what has happened to america. when people can't stand up and say what theyment. especially when they agree with so many of us who believe in a biblical world view and a bible definition of merge. we started on this show. we started chick-fil-a appreciation day and it exploded in something remarkable. millions of people lined up in chick-fil-a restaurants all over america and some waiting in line three or four and so
12:36 am
my congratulations to chick-fil-a for make clear that they have not stood down when all of those people stood up to be counted on august 1st. that is good news for courage and conviction america for that matter. >> the administration officials have sent mixed messages about the attack of the u.s. consulate in libya. four americans were killed and now after four days of insisting that the attack had nothing to do with anything other than than allege would film that was offensive. on thursday jade scarny said it is it self evident that what happened in benghazi was a terrorist attack the president said this on the spanish language net work uni vision. >> what we have seen something that we have seen in the past where there is an offensive
12:37 am
video or cartoon directed at prophet mohamed and this is obviously that is used as an excuse by some to carry out inexcusable violent acts directed at westerners or americans. >> now, i have said it before and let me say it again. i am not saying it lightly or sensational. your government lied to you. there is no doubt what so ever that there was intelligence and information that led to the clear conclusion that something brewing. on september 4thlet a. a letter was post indeed the jerusalem post on september 11 itself specifically said something was brewing that might happen to the embassy in egypt. the number two security official in libya, had sent word three days before to the united states that they feared that there would be an uprise
12:38 am
possible attacks on americans in libya. the idea that it came from a youtube video is irerational and insuts the intelligence for every thinking person that thinks for a moment people just show up with rpg where the ambassador is because they heard of a video that was offensive to islam besides tharks we don't give up our free speech just because someone else in the rest of the world gets their feelings hurt. i understand that we shouldn't provoke people. instead of plaming us for provoking you. and something wonderful called freedom much speech and worship. why don't you grow up and be something than the uncivilized society that would murder people because you didn't like the video. that's who needs to get corrected and not the united states of america. but the president had his fair
12:39 am
share of soft ball brews and the latest example seventh appearance on the david letterman show. talk being brewing beer and how much the other ways and so he must have been shocked with uni vision challenged him with a lejet mate ye. >> when we talked about immigration reform in the first year, that is it before the economy was on the verge of collapse. >> i don't want to get lost in translation. a promise is it a promise. and you promised us and with all due respect you didn't keep that promise. >> i am happy to take responsibility much getting it done. i didn't promise it would be are you percent when i was elected as president. >> coupem of observation, i nominate jorge ramos to moderate all of the debates. he was professional and respectful but he asked toughest questions that i have
12:40 am
seen the president face since the oath of office in 2009. it is time somebody holds the administration is held. i was shocked as if the president couldn't act if he do it he put nothing on the table for immigration . even when he had the white house and senate and house, and he found more than enough time to sphend a year and half of shoving obama care down our throats. he never put a proposal on the table for immigration reform. he can't blame the republicans for that. they never staw the proposal and later took a executive action that a year before he said he didn't have the legal authority to do. and i think he was right then. but he did it anyway. the president has a lot to answer for maybe between now and november, he will. [applause] >> well justin bieber calls
12:41 am
her the strongest woman she knows. when she was his age. she was weak and needed help to get through a tough time in her life. justin's mom patty shares her remarkable journey w
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♪ ♪ if i was your boyfriend. never let the g. >> her son is one of the most popular stars on the entire planet and just 18 years old and he was named by forbes magazine as the third most powerful celebrity in the world. i am number one and i am not number two, but some day justin will be where i am. of course that is not true. he is quite a remarkable young man his mother when she was 18 and he was born, you will find out her life was a far cry than her life now. she has a new book called no where but up. the story of justin bieber's mom. patty, so nice to have you here today. [applause] >> when i read your book one of the thing that is spoke to me, when you were a teenager, you went through so many
12:46 am
incredible struggles and as a person younger than your son is now. there was a time you attempted to take your own life? why? >> i think it was a combination of broken home. my bige bige father by logical father leave years of ongoing sexual abuse and all of that unhettley relationship on top of drugs and alcohol spiraled me out of control and to the point of just so much pain and desperation i tried to take my life. >> you survived the suicide attempt and were spared that. and less than a year later you found yourself pregnant. was that a shock to you and your mom? >> absolutely. i was just of age and being 18 and pregnant, i was such a child myself. i was not ready e, with my
12:47 am
upbringing, i was so broken, i hadn't matured in many, many ways. and so for me to be pregnant and an unwed mom and full of shame, it was hard. i was, advised to abort. i couldn't terminate my pregnancy. >> what made you to decide not to go through the abortion . that was the advice your family gave you and friends saying you are too young and immature and you can't handle it financially. but you made a choice not to abort your baby? >> it a personal choice for me. you know, i say in there that i used to debate pro choice in the high school and fight for a woman's right to choose and when i became pregnant and i knew that it was not an option?
12:48 am
>> did you continue to use drugs and alcohol in the pregnancy or did that wake you up and say you keep doing that? >> no, at this point, when i became pregnant it was a wake-up call for me to grow up quickly and so i did my best to get my act together and surrounded myself with great people. i had had an experience actually in the hospital when i try tod commit suicide. and i came to know like for me, god was real. and so i did my own thing and when i got pregnant i asked the church for help. >> one of the things that i found interesting, you went to a christian ministry bethes dathere in canada that helped you through a pregnancy where you were with other young unwed mothers and that was a time of development and growth to discover who you were.
12:49 am
>> i lived in a pregnancy home my whole entire pregnancy and you know, it was a christian pregnancy home, and so i was filled with you know, education on how to you know raise him and prayer and a lot of support. >> when we come back, i want to talk about your faith journey. i found it candid and helpful and instructive and i think our audience will as well all of the members was our studio audience will get a copy of pattie's book no where but up. we come back, i will ask pattie when realized that her son justin could be a big star. we'll be right back. .
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>> we are back with pattie mollett which is justin bieber's mom. that is not a bad person to be. >> not at all. >> when did you realize justin had something going here. >> i happening we are all biased with our kid think they are the greatest. >> no? >> and i always knew he was talent we all think he was super talented and i never imagined it on this level. >> duever stop and think about he's the international super star, of all of those moments in your life, when you had made different decision there would not be a justin bieber and he would nolt be a part of
12:54 am
your life and lives of so many people and suicide attempt and contemplation of abortion and drugs that could have made it impossible to have a child. does that make you stop and go wow? >> absolutely. you know, for me, with my past and everything, i just didn't think that i even deserved to have you know, this beautiful baby. and for me it isdon't know. >> and you talk about merc yegrace. and a lot of that comes through in your book and for you, when you became christian. and said lord, i can't handle all of this stuff and things started changing and it was not like the road to damascus and that impressed me. yours was a journey and a pilgrimage and a process and one moment when everything got great. >> it was messy, yeah.
12:55 am
>> and you know, i don't have a story that is all tied in a neat little bow. i had a lot of struggles through my faith and doubts and questions. and i just, it is raw and real. you know, i made a lot of mistakes and i had to keep going back and okay good, help me. >> what is your biggest worry for justin. i can't imagine because he is chased with cameras. >> it is scary. i worry about him a lot. that's what moms do. we worry about our kids. but he's got great people around him and great security. and he makes great decision a lot better than i did when i was his age and younger. i have confidence in him. >> do you look out there sometimes and say gosh, how can that be the same little
12:56 am
boy that ran around in my house when i was trying to raise him in the early years? >> i, i the movie no where but up is a big home movie for me and i get to see him with all of his, he was so cute and i look back and i miss him. i think parents when our kids grow up. we look back at old pictures and videos and miss that. but, we are so close today. and so, i miss that little boy. but you know, he's making me proud growinggrowing into a good young man. >> he call would you the strongest woman he knows and adores you and loves and you i understand why after meeting you and reading your book proceeds go to benefit single moms and people who are struggling with the very things you did. and again all of our studio audience will get that.
12:57 am
thank you so much, patty. and thank you for being with us this evening. i hope you enjoyed the show. from new york and until next week. this is mike huckabee, good night and god bless. ♪ ♪ [applause] the capital one cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus. and everyone, but her... likes 50% more cash. but, i have an idea. do you want a princess dress? yes how about some cupcakes? yes lollipop? yes! do you want an etch a sketch? yes! do you want 50% more cash? no you got talent. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. with a 50% annual cash bonus it's the card for people who like more cash. what's in your wallet? i usually say that. and what they said is amazing.? review 5-hour energy over 73 percent who reviewed 5-hour energy said they would recommend
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