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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 24, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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up. >> i ward that we talked about in the show. a skater . it is a long one. >> i think i know it. drinking beer. oktoberfest. >> ladies have a good one. have a great show. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it is now monday september 24th and i am gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us. mitt romney taking on president obama. back to back interviews and mitt romney getting specific and talk being his plan to lower taxes for everyone. >> steve: president obama admits that some of his ads are not true. >> sometimes what is going on in the campaign and mistakes
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and areas where there is no doubt that somebody could dispute how we are presenting things. that happens in politics. >> steve: really? that is a surprising admission. why didn't cbs put that on tv last night. >> brian: and a plan full of terrorist and bombs taxis at the gate? "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ "fox and friends". >> steve: good morning, folks, live from studio e in midtown manhattan. if you are getting ready for work wear a coat. >> gretchen: i am boycotting the fall. i am believing it is warm temperatures and beautiful sunshine. we had a beautiful weekend. but you are right. the chill in the air >> steve:
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you are like the guy wearing shorts in the winter. >> gretchen: flip flops for me . >> brian: nirst things first. head lines. >> gretchen: obama administration happeneding over money. solo power will open up a facility in portland this thursday giving it acess to guaranteed loan. they got loans and tax credits from the stave portland. the loan is thanks to the same controversial program that doled out money to solyndra. >> a flight attendant brought in a loaded gun and it went off. she made her way to security. she was taken to a private creening room where an airport
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police shot a round in the wall instead . luckily no one isurt had. she claims she forgot she had it with her. talk about a major mistake in response to a terror scale . full-scale alert after someone called in a warning of flights carrying terrorist and explosives. the plane was allowed to taxi to the gate while an aircraft that had nothing to do with the incident with the investigation. they mixed up the flight numbers . they tried it cover tup by blaming the blunder on the faa. >> and the emmy goes to home land. show time series upset mad men
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nominated for 17 emmies and went home empty handed . home land won best writing and best actress . >> the entire cast is shamelessly talented and committed. i am so proud to be in their company. >> and modern family swept through the comendy category nagging four emmy inclutting the top sitcom prize. >> and most people on the stage to win a trophy. >> and jimmy kimble was solid . it finally happened. and mitt romney and barak obama on the same show. one sitting down with scott pel yeone with steve cross and in the end got a bit of substance. but it was good to see these guys talk at length. >> steve: if particular so
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many times, the main stream media, you heard mitt romney has to get specific. we heard details last night where mitt romney would like to reform our tax system and here's how he would do it, listen. >> the current rates less 20 percent. so the top rate would go from 35 to 28 middle rates would go down 20 percent. but least people think there is a huge reduction. we'll also limit reductions and exempses particularly on the high end. tax rate for everyone in your plan would go down >> steve: he also talked about how to fix medicare and social security where he said that you know, if you have a lot of mon yemaking more income, you will pay more . if you don't make so much you pay less.
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>> gretchen: mitt romney did another interview. how are you preparing for the debates with president obama one of the things made head lines. i am prepared for combating lies. because he believes that the president doesn't tell the truth. what about the average hype that they put out. president obama was asked whether or not he did have misleading advertisements on the air? remember specifically when they said mitt romney was for the death of a woman from cancer it turned out that it was not true. you didn't see it in the interview. it is only on the internet. >> we see sphimes us going over board in our campaign and mistakes that are mad in serious wear. no doubt somebody could dispute how we are presenting things. that happen necessary pol
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teches. >> aren't american poem entitled to the truth>> the truth is most of the time we have a vigorous debate about the count row. there is a lot at stake in the country. >> gretchen: the american people would like to know that the cand dates will try to tell the truth and then they can make up their mind. >> steve: cbs put it on line. we saw the crews spanning out for 60 minutes something wound up on the cutting room flor. >> brian: i never go on line and figure it didn't make the show it was problem b material . i don't know if that was. but i thought it was the most telling thing out of the brew. president obama was pushed and had a lot of all of the criticisms that mitt romney had of him in foreign policy. if mitt romney want to start
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another war he should say so . it is not a war or ignore. syria, deal with it can you meet with the arab world and arab spring did not turn out fight about 23 countries. >> steve: if there is it a follow-up question. mr. president, what are you talking about? it might have been asked in the brew and cutting room floor. >> gretchen: what we talk on the show. simplistic nature of the buzz words up to this point is successful. you can throw that out. what was the attack about george bush and republicans f. you say that even if there is no merit to it. and you are not challenged. it becomes a fact and this is the nature of the buzz words and millionaires and billionaires and class warfare and claim your fair share and now starting a war? if that is not challenged.
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these are on the surface discussions that made up the campaign. >> steve: gretch and brian, that's why so many people are looking forward to the debates. it will be without a filter and live. you will see the follow-up questions. you will see what they say. >> brian: the obama camp has to go back and study . george bush got caught in kerry. because it was years of debating policy if you saw how he was caught by this anchor, you realize how bolder he might be and tendency to give three minutes to 30 second answers. >> steve: they are timed . people in univision was much harder than the presidents from letter>> gretchen: you think the terror attack and
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lib yampt brand new report saying that spies had to leave the country. this is as the white house is facing criticism ov the reponce. kelly washington has all of the details. >> good morning to you brian and steve as well there is questions about what the obama administration knew or didn't know about the terrorist attack in libya that killed ambassador chris steven and three others. susan rice told fox news it was a spontanous plan that was not preplanned but out of control. later they said it was a terrorist attack. robert gibbs explains why theyed their account. >> absolutely no one intentionally or unintentionally misled. absolutely not. that is the worry that the press secretary gave on september 14th it is now
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september 23rd . we learn more information about what happened. no one wants to get to the bottom of this more than we do . >> mike rogers said the u.s. was caught flat footed allows a terrorist group to storm the consulate. >> there is indication that they knew the ambassador was there or at the area. but 9/11 is more important to that equation than the ambassador . it was wildly successful beyond their dreams and to be able to kill the american face in libya. >> the fbi is not commentog the status of its investigation . the agents are on the ground and they are not in benghazi itself . >> gretchen: thank you so much, kelly. >> steve: 67th annual united nation's general assemy will
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kick off. our president will make a speech but not meet with them. but he will meet with the ladies of the view. that was the topic of rogert bibs and chris wallace. watch >> i want to go back to the un and new york this week. he's got schedules and foreign leaders have schedules, but the president has blocked out time to appear on the view on tuesday, so he has time for whoopy goldberg but not world leaders? >> no, chris, look, the president will be actively involved with the un. >> he's giving a speech. >> chris, they have telephones in the white house. he talked to the leader in libya. we don't need a meeting in washington to confer with leaders. >> but he has -- >> i am sure if he would do an brew with you on fox news, you
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would have no problem. >> he hasn't. that's not the point. >> what is the minutes of fox and view? >> brian: it is important the president of egypt changed his mind. morsi had a list of demands that america has to change to be allies. to write a check. >> gretchen: the president wasn't sure if it was an alley or enemy. coming up on "fox and friends", christ i didn't know gillebrand represents in new york. how does the republican cherge plan to beat >> how fun with the guns. ♪
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♪ >> she's running one of the toughest races in the country and liberal state. new york state republican wendy long going up against kristin gillebrand to represent new york and the senate. here- she's here. you say that 2012 is not an election it is an engineer . it is. people feel like they do in the rest of the country. they feel like the country is slipping away frus. we had 42 months of unemployment over 8 percent and government regulation and crushing job creators and price of gas and food and necessities is going up and value of our pay checks is
3:18 am
going down . america is being attacked and america is not respected saying what is this? this is not america. this is the titannic . we need people in washington. >> but if you ask me . it is an embarrass with the senate. they have not voted on a budget for three years. house sends over job bills and they don't take them on. >> that's right. my opponent has been there the whole time. it is hasn't passed a federal budget and run up our national debt 16 trillion and every penny of that money is borrowed money. i have come out and said we need consequences for legislators if i am elect that debt clock doesn't click down. i will take a 25 percent cut
3:19 am
in my salary introduce legislation. >> good to hear the specifics. >> steve: i am sure you are watching the big race. the main stream media is in the tank for the president of the united states. you feel that your opponent kristin gillebrand. >> it is obvious they are in the tank. she had a glaring error in the tax return. if that was my tax return they would be all over it she holds herself as an advocate for women and yet makes apologies for those in a sexual harassment scandal . she hasn't said about my being in the first race for united states of new york woman against woman>> steve: she
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>> 22s after the top of the hour. couple of head liance for you. campaign sabtage. someone broke in the republican head quarters and
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erased a hard drive that contained confidential files. police are now investigating. >> and a shocking discovery. polish soldiers and baby girl taken in the medical center and where the troops named her polasm it is not who left her on the side of the rod and why. >> more than a week we watched muslim extremist burn a flag . it is not going to slow down this week. it comes after the deaths of four americans in libya including our ambassador. how should the americans respond. they are back with us again it talk about that. how should we respond. >> we should have acted swiftly which we didn't do. we need to identify what assets and finally the administration admitted it was
3:25 am
a terrorist attack that killed our embassy . now we have identified that is the case we will surgically take care and sanitize it and accepted a message to the rest of the world you don't kill americans and ambassador in the consulate. it is not starting a war. they are trying to start a war . not just speak softly but carry a big stick. right now we are not. >> you are taking in a seal team and the libya government knows who they are and what they are. >> they moit know who they are. but admitted they don't have the power to take care of them or get rid of them. the libya government said they won't. the sole tome or drone strikes. whatever capabilities we have at hand it needs to be taken out. who wants to be an asset for
3:26 am
the united states. look at the pakistani these goyce are in hiding and it is more difficult. that's what happens when you don't act swiftly or project strength. >> and you want to go back to afghanistan and work for us and our cause. this is the end of the surge by 2014 and we'll be out. if the surge ended today, was it is a success? >> i believe unfortunately not. not for the lack of incredible valor of our troops. the problem is we surged and told the enemy when we were going to leave and undercut the commitment to the afghanistan the has moved amongst the population. don't side with the americans, maybe temporarily but not long term and the surge affect on the population and afghan
3:27 am
forces didn't have the impact we wanted. >> brian: we are not even training and missions with them because we can't trust them. >> that's the base line for the strategy was to train an afghan force. we have retrenched and all part of opt i -- optic of leaving afghanistan. >> brian: thank you. you pete. >> thank you, brian. >> brian: next on the run down. gitmo detaineys and bin laden's board guard. and not making a dent in the debt. stewart varney get ready for a bail out. happy birthday to my barnes in dallas . she broke out in the big fat greek wedding, i believe. ♪
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a peacock. it is going viral . he is a mail carriier obviously and one point stands on top of his car. it is peacock. >> uh-huh. >> and there is it a neighbor out in kansas who had a peacock and it was nasty. >> if you are a mail man you try to figure out if a peacock is following you. >> but for liability purposes. you can't touch the peacock. >> if it is a pet. >> if it snaps at them. >> it can defend himself. >> no one owns him and he chose to fly there. >> he's got no owner. >> why do they have wings then. >> they fly. do you know,io? >> they can fly. >> stewart varney knows. >> yes. you go to india, peacocks are all over india.
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>> they fly. >> and they make an extremely loud nose. >> but not that high. >> worst thing about them. >> it is exhausting. they are not energy efficient. >> they are like a vault. >> >> brian: if you have a peacock at home. >> steve: people at 30 rock are not included. george has scary news of how states are underfunding the pension. woleget it him. first the head lines. >> gretchen: transferring 355 terror detainees out of the guantanamo bay. by the report that a former detainee transferred to libya was behind the assault in
3:34 am
benghazi. they why would they want to leave? they got a new soccer field . >> steve: true. shockings. that's how many personal files by americans are exposed in 2009. the report reveals there are over 300 data breaches since 200, and it was 40 times because of hack malwarement. some states don't require reporting. recent findings found 18 out of major agencies had poor security controls. thanks a lot. >> it is almost decision time. and closing arguments set to begin over the state's voters id law.
3:35 am
the law requires voters id to vote is a simple way to make sure they cast their ballots. tell implement the law. in the mean time a new study shows 23 million of hispanics from voting many say president obama needs a strong turn out if he wants to be reelected. >> guns and alcohol will be on the menu. and the owners got the aprouval for a city with a liquor license. they will be able to drink but not carry their guns. inside enter the range and they will leave to go home. some neighbors say they are a bit nervous about mixing those things >> it is it like the 19th hole of the golf course. you can simply shoot and drink and then go get your gun.
3:36 am
now you know. it is not a good idea. >> hey, let me tell you what is happen nothing sports. and an emotional performance by smith. he dedicated the game to a younger brother who was killed. he was out acceptizational time expired for a win watch afterwards as the coach was not so stoic. he grabbed the ref. that is not a good thing. and look at the best of the rest in the league. chiefs, down for a 18 percent deficit. it is now 0-3. it has to go to nick washington. he nixed the catch and takes it 71 yards and detroit wins
3:37 am
44-41. cardinals scored the best start. no, they didn't. they beat the eagle to improve to 3 and zero best start in 38 yores and replacement rev nearly turned cowboy receiver in a casulty. he run out of bounds and ogletree slips and the cowboys win cane-10. can you imagine that costs in jerry jones not wanting to get that down. how much will it cost to get normal referrs. >> are you going to show the riking and 49ers. >> brian: they insist on talking finances. >> gretchen: okay. more states facing financial crisis and fren of them deprade to cut pension benefits and thoyce cuts may be against. so now what.
3:38 am
joining us is stewart varney. why haven't we see a dent. >> they haven't made cuts to the pension that are paid and they are breaking the finances of the states f. you look down the road. they have an unfunded liability. that means you pay out and not got the money now. 900 billion dollars. there's no way to get the money. what are they going do do? i tell you what they are going to do. >> gretchen: what? >> they two worst hit is illinois and california . in that order. both states in this election will go heavily for president obama and probably win both states by 10 poigns. voters are hope nothing a second term, president obama will bail out the states that backed him nup the election. and they are hoping for a bailout. >> steve: you know if the
3:39 am
president doesn't have to face the voters again, he could do it. there will not be a back lash. >> he would have to go around congress and allocate the money. but bail them out. >> brian: that's manage he would do. >> steve: what are they going to do? >> they face a huge out powering of money. cut the pension said that are paid for retirees. hard to do that. >> gretchen: their constitutions are saying they can't. >> steve: it is against the law. >> you can raise taxes to bring more money in to pay out. but illinois tried that and it doesn't work. >> gretchen: isn't it like a 65 percent tax rate. in the interim keep on cutting services so they can pay retired worker hurt the young in education and young worker and fire them and get rid of
3:40 am
them and pay off the retirees. >> brian: if it was a plan to grow the economy. that is much better than trying to hit lotto and hoping thalt president bails you out. >> you have to grow the economy. it is the answer to the debt problem. >> brian: here's where i think they are wropping. whether president obama pledges to do it or not it doesn't matter. if they were battle states he could let it go out x. if you get me in and i will help you out. they are not going anywhere. >> that is true. they will vote automatic low for president obama no matter what. >> steve: i think there is it a possibility he would bail out the states and you talked about that for six months now. and simply in itate like texas or in a state like florida where you are responsible and made cuts all along and you
3:41 am
are growing why should we have to pay for spend crazy illinois and great state of california. >> if you have done the right thing why are you now paying for california and illinois which have done the wropping thing with their budgets. why should you. and what is the morality. >> steve: look at the chicago tichers who got a new deal. i don't think they addressed pensions. >> no, they did not. we have national debt clock cane trillion and run there is it a debt clock for the city of chicago . it is unfundud liability well over twen billion. >> brian: we have eye -- a "fox and friends". >> combine that with the peacock segment. >> i love it >> gretchen: and
3:42 am
peacock analogy. coming up. another white house week. law makers desperate for answers about the murder of their ambassador in libya. >> steve: newest health care that kills enough people to fill four jumbo jets. shocking new numbers you need to hear coming up next [ owner ] i need to expand
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>> >> brian: heart praking news from the national zoo. giant panda, the cub was born last week passed away. the cub's mother was making distressed noises and they found the cub was not
3:46 am
breathing. and sixth leading cause of death in the united states. 98,000 deaths each year because of medical mistakes. >> gretchen: thank you, brian. senate republicans claimed to be stone walled by secretary of state hilary clinton when asked about the details in libya. they had to read the paper. >> there were more details in the new york times. i asked how many security personnel in the conflict and they would said we'll get back with you. >> gretchen: with the white house leaking the store tore to the times before the senate. we have jd gordon. and thank you. >> so jd why do seasonors like
3:47 am
lindsay graham have to read in the newspaper insteved the briefing? >> what happened the obama administration has a strategy they leak information to the major newspapers and they are trying to currie favor and there is a lot of embarrassing details they don't want to share and so the republicans should be outraged and they have to do their jobs and it is a problem for the count row. >> gretchen: penny. >> it is an ongoing investigation . the secretary has to make sure her answers are complete. she sent the fbi and former ambassador thomas pickering her to give incomplote information or speculation is not fruitful and she has an obligation to make sure it is accurate. >> gretchen: but the only problem with that and that would be fine if it was a
3:48 am
consistent story. but the problem is, yeah, the administration itself changed stories last week, and so it is it interesting to find out more details in the morning paper than people in a closed door meeting that handle this type of thing. >> we ambassador rice say it is because of the video that strains the imagination that she would say that and shows off with a protest with a rocket propelled grenade and they get information it is incomplete and they are looking at the new york times to see what was out and we shouldn't tand for thamp >> gretchen: there has been a history of accusation of leaks coming from the white house on foreign policy. >> accusations and the president said he wanted to get to the bottom of this and
3:49 am
wants an investigation to foined out where. he understands that the leaks can be harmful and he wants to get to the bottom of this. that is the full force of the white house in behind. >> gretchen: i will letlive it up to the viewers to decide which side they are on. thank you. taxes going up for all americans unless congress and americans can agree on a stop gap measure. donald trump on and coming out on top. a new movie with storp stores right from the head lines on how to save our school. next. hey, i love your cereal there -- it's got that sweet honey taste. but no way it's 80 calories, right?
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>> brian: hollywood movie ripped from head liance. you have a grouch moms take on failing teachers . >> a lot of these kids can barely add and we teach them geomytry. and look around and i am a cop you really think you can change it. >> i can't say. but 100 percent yes. >> steve: the new film called won't back down. the producer joins us. >> we saw moms that will not let their children be doomed by a broken system.
3:54 am
>> she plays and her daughter is in the worst class rom in the state of the pennsylvania and she wants her to go across the hall and it is all of the different obstacle that is she runs boo and how enormous the opportunities are for kids. >> gretchen: and the neighborhood they groogrow up and they have to go to that school and right across the hallway you have the best teacher against the worst teacher. and this is about the parents getting their voice the movie. >> and sometimes the arrogance that the parents run boo when they say what they want to do. they will be patronize and we know better. >> why did you want to make the movie? >> we have made movies based basod books kids read in school. we have great relationships to
3:55 am
the kid exercise we see what they are up against. and we want to make a movie that celebrated the profession of teaching and celebrate the sack feas that partners will make to their kids. >> steve: mike, a lot of partnerships feel that the school that their children attend may not be up to par. how do we fix our schools? >> parents need more choices and it is that simple. partners center a choice in terms of where their kids go and they need to know that. no kid's education should be dictated by the zip code. >> gretchen: but politically that is not popular at least with the unions and isn't the democratic stance that vouchers are not a good idea. giving the parents a choice. >> we have seen a split between the democrat party and teacher's union one of the first places we showed the movie was in the democrat convention .
3:56 am
we had mayor booker and shining lights of the party particularly people who know how much the failing schools affect the minority communities and they are great supporters of the film. >> steve: let's hope that life imitates art then. >> it is it a brand new mutualy. and won't back down. michael thank you very much. >> >> brian: up next. tom petty has a good song for you. we use it twice in the film. >> gretchen: american flags burning in the mideast after the murder of our ambassador. are president obama's tactics making american look weak. >> brian: arnold schwarzenegger's bomb shell he dropped in the top of the hour. ♪
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>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is monday, september 24, i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your day with us today. president obama revealing his biggest disappointment while in office in an interview last night. it must be the failure to create jobs. well, not necessarily. you're going to hear what he said instead straight ahead. >> brian: couldn't believe how much bigger he is. then, what you didn't hear if you were tuned in to most media outlets. the old obama tape talking about redistribution when he was state senator obama. guess what? there is nor on that tape being revealed this morning. donald trump's taking in moments. >> steve: then from the battlefield to the ballot box, navy seals used to combat voter fraud, how they're helping and how you can, too. we'll talk about that this hour.
4:01 am
"fox & friends" hour too commences immediately. >> steve: former navy seals will be watching the ballots. >> gretchen: wonderful. >> brian: we have an in-depth look at that in 45 minutes. >> steve: going to be great. >> gretchen: welcome, everyone, hope odd great weekend. we have headlines. the attack in benefit basey deal ago serious blow totaras bless gathering efforts there. a new report says about a dozen c.i.a. operatives were among the american personnel evacuated from the city. their role included collecting information on targets which included anisyl al-shariah who some say was hyped the attask the c.i.a. state department and white house are not commenting on the report that they're not in the country. a hurme heart recipient
4:02 am
pushes his wife out of the way of an oncoming car, but he was killed. korean war veteran ruben vaughn and his wife were hail ago cab in new york city when it happened. the driver of a car slammed into a mini van, which happened to be carrying a pakinstani diplomat, before spinning out of control and hitting 80-year-old ruben. >> i couldn't save him. i believe that he shoved me and i remembered going in the air. >> his last act was to save my mom. >> gretchen: neither driver has been charged. police say they are investigating. campaign sabotage. michael grim says vandals broke into his headquarters this weekend and smashed windows with bricks and erase add computer hard drive that contained confidential campaign files and polling data. the new york police department is now investigating. show place like homeland at the emmys.
4:03 am
>> and the emmy goes to "holeland" -- homend la." >> gretchen: it upset requests mad men". it won best drama, best writing, best actor, and best actress, claire danes. >> the entire cast is just uniformly sort of shamelessly talented and committed. i'm so proud to be in their company. >> gretchen: "modern family" won again, it snagged four emmys, including the top sitcom prize. those are your headlines this morning. >> steve: here in new york city today, the united nations joan assembly is kicking off today and as we mentioned that, we bring in our old buddy, donald trump. he's a half hour early. good morning to you. >> i'm going to liberty university today and they're making may -- giving me a doctorate, which is a great
4:04 am
honor. >> steve: dr. donald or dr. t? >> call me dr. t from now on. >> brian: i want to borrow your chopper to get to the station. are you surprised that the president of the united states is not making time to go one on one with some of these world leaders? >> i think it's shocking. you think all of the world leaders will be in new york, he'll be there and he's not meet o'clock with one of them. he's doing campaign work and all sorts of things. but he won't meet with one -- >> it's inson keefeable. not one world leader will meet with the president. >> brian: he says i could call them. something comes out when they can get together and more stuff gets done? >> i know a lot about telephones and they're never the same. if you want to make a deal, go meet. one on one is not nothing like a
4:05 am
telephone. i think it's terrible that he's not meeting with some. how about the head of israel? no meeting. he won't meet with him. >> steve: he'll meet face-to-face with the ladies of requests the view." i don't blame him necessarily. he's got to get out and -- >> it's just insane, what's going on with this country, the lack of respect that people have for this country. you can understand why. it's really, really out of control. >> gretchen: officially in light -- especially in light of the foreign policy coming to the front burner with the situation in libya and across the middle east. >> the middle east policy turned out to be such a disaster. i used to hear, gretchen, that his foreign policy is so wonderful and romney or nobody else could compete with his experience. what experience? the world is blowing up. we've spend trillions of dollars on other nations. they scoff on us, they kill our ambassador and others. and it's really terrible. >> gretchen: so let me ask you
4:06 am
this, has the united states lost its super power status, in your mind? >> i think we've lost the respect that we used to get. we were a respected country. we're not respected anymore. we're laughed at. and you look at just the way the world takes advantage of us economically, every country that does business with the united states makes money. we don't make money. we lose on everything. we lose on every front. so i don't think we're respected like we used to be. >> steve: let's talk a little bit about this, that is just a week ago that leaked video of mitt romney at that fund-raiser where he was talking about 47% of the country doesn't pay taxes. same day, or maybe it was one day later, there was a video released from 1998 where then state senator barak obama was talk being how he really likes redistribution and the daily caller's got excerpts from the full tape and also says that obama saw welfare recipients as a orcoalition. he says just that, that could be
4:07 am
mobilized to help advance progressive policies and elect their champions and identified his political opponents. >> that's bad guys. >> steve: what's interesting, though, is that when the two tapes came out, the tape that made mitt romney look bad was played 13 times for every time they played the president talking about redistribution and how he liked that. the main stream media clearly in the tank for the current president. >> steve, i know you're not surprised to see that or hear that. there is no question about it. that's why the republicans are going to have to get very, very tough and smart soon or they'll have a very sad result. >> gretchen: you keep saying that. you said that last week and the week before. i think brian asked you whether or not you advised the romney campaign to get tougher. >> i have. >> gretchen: what's the status on that? >> i just don't get it. they have to get out there and be everywhere. they have to be in the swing states all the time. and they have to be a lot tougher than they're bag.
4:08 am
you have a president that's failing, a president with a bad economy. a president whose foreign policy is the worst maybe in the history of presidents. and i just don't hear enough. i don't hear enough hard talk. >> steve: he's going to do the big bus tour. he was in colorado and then virginia as well. but let's face it, the main stream media never going to embrace the republican in the race. >> that's true. and i'm not surprised. it certainly is true. it certainly is a negative in terms of republican winning and that's why i constantly have to say, you have to get out there and people don't want to speak tough to observe eastbound, for whatever reason. they don't want to insult him. they don't want to say he's a lousy president. if they don't start doing it, they'll have a bad result. >> brian: we see peggy noonan and other republicans like david brooks who have been very critical of the campaign and ann romney got emotional saying back
4:09 am
offment this is not easy. where did you stand in that? >> first of all, i think she's amazing and i've gotten to are you critical or are you fully behind? you understand the strategy that governor remain knee has put together -- romney has put together? >> i think the question is still there. they've saved a lot of their money. they haven't spent their money nearly to the extent the democrats have. they are planning on starting literally today. let's see what happens. they've kept their war chest. they haven't been spending it. let's see what happens. >> gretchen: up until this past month, romney was outpacing obama in fundraising, which people were stunned at. we'll see if they start to see the money. let's talk about something that hasn't gotten a lot of press as
4:10 am
well, which is this tax maggedden hitting us. 'cause it will be after the election. at the end of the year, 99 days away now. if washington can't get the job done and come together on this, donald, taxes are going to go up for every american and economists are calling this the fiscal cliff. how do you see it? >> it will be the biggest tax increase in the history of the country. it will be like nothing has ever happened before in terms of tax increases. we have a very, very fragile economy. if that happens, we could really -- we really could go over the cliff north texas question about it. the largest increase in the history of the country tax wise. >> brian: if we do this without any type of deal done, are you under the belief that there will be some type of come to jesus moment for both parties regardless of who wins? >> for that, you need leadership on both sides. the main leader has to be the president. the leader has to get everybody in a room and get this solved. this country cannot handle the
4:11 am
largest tax increase ever. can't handle it. so the leader, the president, has to get everybody together and they have to make a deal. if they don't make a deal, the consequences could be very, very real. >> steve: sure. and capital -- we've got on the big board, some of the other stuff, gas tax will go up to 55-cent. capital tax gains will rise from 15 to 23.8%. i don't know if you were watching 60 minutes last night, but scott pelley went after mitt romney on you only paid 14% on your latest tax return that has been released. and then mitt romney said, actually i paid corporate taxes on that initially at 35%. so he's getting double taxed. >> they went after him much tougher than president obama on "60 minutes." >> brian: listen, i think the most telling moment for me over the last three weeks has been paul ryan going in front of the aarp, who are firmly in
4:12 am
president obama's camp and saying i'm going to repeal obama camp and this is what we need to do. we need more live, unscripted, without people, without hand picked audiences. don't you think? >> we need a lot of smarts. we heed knead a lot of strength that we have to get out there long. we have a month and a half and it will be over. and the result is not going to be a good one unless they really get it together. they need tremendous energy and they need tremendous smarts. they have to go at it and they have to go at it now. they have to start spending the money. they have to do really good commercials. i've seen some of the republican commercials. i don't like them at all. and they have to do really, really sharp, fighting, good, and trueials. >> steve: absolutely. >> gretchen: off couple pieces of advice for the romney camp. >> they're good people. but this is now -- they're on the five yard line and they have to put it over the line because
4:13 am
otherwise we've got four more years of big, big trouble in this country. >> steve: according to all the polls, it looks like they're within the margin of error. so it's still close. anything can happen. dr. donald next time we see you, thank you very much. have a great day. >> thank you very much. >> gretchen: coming up, ohio, one of the fastest growing states in the country creating jobs. who should get the country for their boom? the republican governor kasich or president obama? a look at the facts when we come back. >> brian: it's line a scene from an action movie. the driver of this truck thrown from the cab. >> steve: there he is. >> brian: lands on his feet. wow. ♪ you do
4:14 am
♪ something to me ♪ that nobody else could do
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4:17 am
>> steve: ohio is a key battle ground state and you heard it 100 times as goes ohio, so goes the nation. well, it is now one of the fastest growing states and ohio is creating jobs as well. who gets the credit? the republican governor, john kasich, or president obama? joining us now is the state treasurer of ohio and the united states republican senate candidate, josh man dell and joinses from columbus. good morning to you. >> thanks for having me on. >> steve: the turn around in ohio has been stunning and i saw that the president of the united states over labor day pretty much claimed credit for your recovery. do you agree with the president or do you say the folks in ohio had more to do with that? >> i believe the folks in ohio had more to do with it. when you go around the state and you ask people that question, you hear a variety of answers. but oftentimes the answer starts
4:18 am
with two words. john kasich. the leadership he's shown, along with our state legislature and creating a more business friendly environment in our state has, i believe, been one of the main reasons why the past year we've had 100,000 new jobs and over the past couple years, 123,000 new jobs and we're doing this despite the head winds coming from washington. we're cutting through those head winds. you look at washington, there is so much being thrown our way, not only the federal government takeover of health care, but overregulation of our small businesses, overtaxation of our small businesses, war on cole, war on our natural resources and despite all that, state legislature created an environment for the private sector to create jobs. >> steve: we put up the number of jobs you created, lower unemployment than the national average. plus you guys -- this is credited to you as the state treasurer, the highest rating possible for your bonds. >> we're proud of what we're doing in the state treasurer's office. while the u.s. credit rating was
4:19 am
downgraded for the first time in american history, we've earned the highest rating on our bonds, the highest rating on the investments i manage. for the first time in almost a decade, we've earned an upgrade in the ho bond fond. our port control i don't is up 2 -- portfolio is up $2 billion since i took office. we had a yield on behalf of taxpayers and done all that while cutting our budge yet voluntarily two years in a row. compare that to washington where they have a $16 trillion debt that exceeds our entire american economy. they haven't even passed a budget there in over three years. many more years since they passed a balanced budget. when i talk to families, they ask why do we have to too this around our kitchen tables and the politicians in washington are ignoring the rules. and small business are managing their business. but over three years since they passed a budget in washington.
4:20 am
>> steve: the president not only taking credit for ohio's turn around over labor day, but also last night on "60 minutes." >> when i made the decision to save the auto industry, that saved a million jobs. one in eight jobs in ohio is dependent on the auto industry. so we've actually seen success. >> steve: quick response. do you agree with that? >> i was in youngstown meeting with leaders from the chamber of commerce and other business leaders and what they told me, these are their words, not mine -- they are sick and tired of hearing politicians take credit for saving jobs throughout the state of ohio and especially politicians from washington. they believe it's the ingenuity and hard work of men and women with small business owners and small manufacturers here in the state of ohio. that's where the credit is due. >> steve: he's running for state (i understand it's really tight.
4:21 am
good luck. >> thank you. >> steve: so ohio is doing well. but one of the worst hit cities, janesville, wisconsin, where paul ryan grew up, what does that tell us about him? the film maker who went out to find out coming up next. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a stunning work of technology. introducing the entirely new lexus es. and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>> steve: 24 minutes after the top of the hour. time for news by the numbers. $197 million. that's how much the obama administration is handing over to another solar company start-up this week. terrific. it's through the same program that gave millions of taxpayer dollars to solyndra before they went belly up. remember them? next, 7%. that's how many likely voters have yet to pick a presidential candidate. 7%. which is six weeks left to go of campaigning.
4:25 am
and finally, 2. that's how many movies came in at number one at the box office this weekend. the tie between "end of watch" and" house at the end of the street." both tied at $13 million. brian, gretch? >> janesville, wisconsin is where i was born and raised and i never really left it. it's our home now. >> brian: paul ryan's hometown of janesville, wisconsin, perfect example of the problems our country faces in many ways. in 2009 it lost its local gm plant. the oldest gm plant in the country. >> gretchen: the people of janesville remain resilient and their reaction to the recession caught a local film maker's eye. >> we live in a very, very small community. really a family-type atmosphere. if i could just stay here, that would be -- i would be so much
4:26 am
happier. >> gretchen: it's called "go janesville." >> brian: the man behind that movie, brad. welcome. what timing. when did -- paul ryan gets the nomination, you taped paul ryan, but you're not going to use him. why? >> we actually tell such an intimate story, i thought of five people in janesville over the course of five -- i'm sorry. overt course of three years that i followed and three of them are laid off workers. one is a business leader, one is a political leader. and it just didn't really fit o have paul in the film because we were telling such a close-up, personal story and he was mostly in washington most of the time we were filming. >> gretchen: why janesville? >> i think janesville for a few reasons. one, my wife is from there. i knew about the community and the gm plant. when it closed, i wanted to tell a story about our economic crisis that would be
4:27 am
told on a human level so that i could follow people in a town that was a microcosm for america. when i started, of course i had no idea that paul ryan would be nominated vice presidential candidate for the gop. i also had no idea that there would be a recall election, which is a big piece of our film. we follow one of the people in it, state senator named tim cullen, a democrat, who is caught in the middle. he's trying negotiate with governor walk tore end the stand-off over collective bargaining. and it's one of the tragic moments, i think, is that the political polarization that so captured our country plays out in janesville. so you have tim cullen trying to negotiate an end to the stand-off and governor walking when he was talking to what he thought was a koch brother was telling him, i wouldn't talk to tim cullen because he's a pragmatist, he's trying get something done. if anything, i plea for -- go ahead. >> brian: nonpartisanship. you want to tell a story.
4:28 am
i thought it was interesting because there was controversy after paul ryan's speech because he mentioned janesville and the gm plant that president obama promise to do reopen and it hasn't, it closed. where do you stand on that? >> personally, i don't really take a stand, but in terms of a film maker who made a film that i hope is going to teach thaws political polarization stands in the way of economic redevelopment, i am kind of mourning what happened because on one hand, i understand that paul ryan was trying to illustrate a larger point, but i also understand that it's not true that you can blame president obama for closing the plant. i know exactly what the dates are. i know that plant, for all intents and purpose, shut down december 23, 2008 a few workers remained in the plant to fulfill an eye sue zhu truck order and that lasted on into the spring. but for all intents and purposes, the entire town was trying to come together right after that plant shut down in
4:29 am
december. they formed a task force. it was kind of a golden moment actually because democrats -- >> brian: i understand. but he's saying to keep it open. >> well, it's a longer speech. i looked at that speech carefully 'cause i use a little snippet in the first two minutes of my film. the larger speech is about his economic policies and he kinds of like paul ryan is using it as an illustration of where he wants to take the country. >> gretchen: people can check out the movie called "as goes janesville." thanks so much. good luck with it. >> thanks. it's also october 8. not the 9 on pbs. >> gretchen: thanks so much. coming up, president obama revealing his biggest disappointment in office. it's not the disappointment to create jobs. hear what it is straight ahead. >> brian: schools handing out the morning after to students without parents' permission. the morning after pill, i should say.
4:30 am
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but can also help heal acid-related erosions in the lining of your esophagus. talk to your doctor about the risk for osteoporosis-related bone fractures and low magnesium levels with long-term use of nexium. possible side effects include headache, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. let your doctor do his job. and you do yours. ask if nexium is right for you. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> steve: shot of the morning. look at your television now. a russian truck driver catapulted right through the windshield and walks away after nearly crashing head on with a semi. he hangs on for dear life and doesn't hit the video with the
4:34 am
dash cam. he appears to walk away unharmed. but what a story he's got. >> gretchen: wow. >> steve: who's going to believe that? >> brian: can you see who taped that. >> steve: the dash cam in the vehicle. >> brian: dash cam of a rear dash cam? >> steve: no. it's a vehicle that's going behind the trucks. the truck goes there, the semi pulls wide. >> brian: that's the front windshield. could continue a cop? -- could it be a cop? >> gretchen: maybe. lucky to be alive. let's talk a little bit about the interviews that were on "60 minutes." uncommon to see both the president of the united states and the guy who wants to be president. they were interviewed separately but both appeared within the hour. president obama was asked what his biggest disappointment was thus far. we heard a couple different answers. just the other day he said not having immigration reform done. but nowhere do we hear about not
4:35 am
creating jobs. listen to his answer from last night. >> i'm the first one to confess that the spirit that i brought to washington, that i wanted to see instituted where we weren't constantly in a political slug fest but were focused more on problem solving, that i haven't fully accomplished that. haven't even come close in some cases. and if you ask me what's my biggest disappointment is that we haven't changed the tone in washington as much as i would have liked. >> you don't bear any responsibility for that? >> i think that as president i bear responsibility for everything to some degree. >> steve: so there you see steve croft sat down with the president. scott pelley sat down with mitt romney, a variety of locations. here mr. romney is telling mr. pelley about how washington, d.c. just doesn't work the way it's supposed to.
4:36 am
>> there is no question but that washington is broken. and i happen to think that flows from the president. i think ultimately the buck stops at the president's desk. he probably would say the same thing. i think you -- >> the president would probable will he blame it on the republican congress. >> his challenge with blaming it on the republican congress is that the first two years o'clock the majority of his term, adequate democrat congress, a super majority in the democratic congress. and yet, a whole series of things he said he was going to do, he didn't do. leadership is not just working with your own party, but working with both parties. and i learned that. i was governor of a state with a legislature 87% democrat. just as you said, scott, i realized i was going to get nothing done unless i had a relationship, a respect and trust with the members of the opposition party. >> brian: they went on to say that senator mcconnell's main goal was make him a one-term president.
4:37 am
we heard that before. what i found out for the first time in bob woodward's book is the -- the follow-up to that after mcconnell made a comment what they didn't want to work with me, he said endless confrontation? he said no, if he. >> does a -- if he does a president clinton back flip, bob woodward, hardly a republican hack h to finish that line. >> steve: it's good to hear the complete context. i thought the interviews were terrific. i think they're going to be illuminating for people in the middle. i think it helped mitt romney a lot. next stop, the debates. they're going to be next week where people will actually see them side by side on the stage in real time. >> gretchen: i hope that there are time cues and little bells that go off because we all know politicians can pontificate. we want to hear as many answers as possible to as many questions. correct? >> steve: right. >> gretchen: so i happy there is some sort of a time limit because politicians are really
4:38 am
good at not answering the questions and going on and on. >> steve: in particular our current president is really good at answering questions with about ten minute answers. so apparently in the white house practice sessions, they've been working with the lights and the bells and everything else. that means it's time for headlines. pakistan now distancing itself from a cabinet minister who offer add $100,000 bounty to anybody who killed the maker of that recent anti-islam film that sparked middle east protests. the offer drew criticism in pakistan. pakistan's governor says the minister was speaking for himself and not the official government policy. >> brian: if anyone knows hillary clinton is planning to run for president in 2016, you think it would be bill clinton. but think again. >> i think we ought to give her a chance to organize her life and decide what she wants to do. i just don't know. she's an extraordinarily able person.
4:39 am
i never met anybody i thought was a better public servant. but i have no earthly idea what she'll decide to do. >> brian: governor cuomo wants to know. bill clinton added he doesn't know anyone that would be more qualified than his wife. >> steve: good answer. >> gretchen: arnold schwarzenegger is dishing on his love child scandal in his new tell-all book. the former california governor revealing that wife maria shriver cornered him and asked about the child in therapy. that's when he came clean and confessed. she waited, though, 'cause she knew before hand. she waited until the day he left office to confirm he had cheated. his memoir, "total recall," comes out next week. >> steve: a controversial new program here in the new york city school district giving access to the morning after pill to girls as young as 14 without their parents' permission. reporter kerry drew is live with the details.
4:40 am
good morning. >> good morning, steve. city data shows over half of all city high school students are sexually active by the time they finish high school. health department officials say they hope this pilot program will help fight teen pregnancy. the pilot program is called catch. and it initially launched in january 2011. since then, it expanded to a total of 13 high schools across new york city, including this one behind me. the high school of fashion industries here in chelsea. basically under this program, students as young as 14 can get birth control and plan b commonly known as the morning ever of a pill without their parents' permission. parents can sign a form if they want their child to opt out of the program. but health department officials say so far, just about one to 2% of parents have signed that form so their child can opt out of this program. health department spokesperson said, quote, we are committed to trying new approaches like this pilot program in place since january 2011 to improve the situation that can have life long consequences. this program is the first of its
4:41 am
kind in the state. it may even be the first of its kind in the nation. health department officials say so far, it's still too soon to tell whether it's been effective at reducing teen pregnancy here in the city. reporting from chelsea this morning, kerry drew, steve, back to you. >> steve: thank you very much. that's crazy. >> gretchen: coming up next, she's famous for overhauling the dc school system, taking on the unions and work closely with republican governors. about you know michelle rhea is a democrat? she's here to explain how she's taken over the party. >> steve: way to go. >> brian: like a scene from the movie "catch me if you can," a man caught impersonating a pilot, forcing his way into the cockpit. >> steve: i think there was one of those on the plane i took yesterday. the aflac question of the day, born yesterday in 1946, he starred in one of the most famous coca-cola commercials in moment you know it. ex -- you know it.
4:42 am
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>> brian: quick headlines. breast cancer break through it seems. new study identifies four distinct types of the disease. the research will help determine which drugs work best for patients based on the genetic profiles of the tumors. and police in italy arrest a 32-year-old man at the airport pretending to be a pilot. it's just like that movie "catch me if you can." >> frank, captain oliver? copilot. flight engineer. >> thanks for giving me a lift, boys. >> brian: here is the suspect in italy posing in his fake uniform. police say he flew in the cockpit at least one flight last year. they're investigating whether there were more instances. gretch? >> gretchen: thank you, brian. michelle rhea became famous for reforming washington, d.c. schools and cracking down on
4:46 am
teachers unions. but would you believe she's actually a contract? joining me now is the founder of students first and former chancellor of the dc public school system, michelle rhea. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: there is an article written about you saying you're taking over the democratic party. what do you make of that? >> well, i think it's a new day in the democratic party, that's clear. whereas i think there used to be an assumption that the democratic politicians were going to side with the teachers unions come what may, i think the democratic mayors in particular have shown that that's not going to happen anymore. you have people like antonio viaragoso, cory booker, and now rahm emanuel in chicago who have said, you know what? we support unions and we support teachers, but we have to be able to challenge the teachers unions on some of these policies that don't make sense. >> gretchen: a lot of people were surprised when the mayor of chicago, rahm emanuel, and former chief of staff for president obama, decided to take on the unions. how do you see that strike and where it ended up? who won?
4:47 am
>> well, first thing is that the kids are back in school, which is the most important thing. certainly mayor rahm rahm emanud not get all the reforms he wanted, but he did send a clear message that as a democrat, he's not going to stand for these teachers union contracts that aren't doing good things for kids. i think in a loft ways, he set a precedent for other democratic mayors to be able to come forward. >> gretchen: you said maybe even provide a cover for them. it's interesting because you went to both the rnc and dnc with this new movie we've been talk being called "won't back down" which is basically about parents getting more control with the lives of their kids in public schools. and you say that you feel that education reform may actually be the one issue that can bring the two parties together. why? >> i'm in a loft conversations with with democrats and republicans. you would be surprised at how much overlap and alignment there is between the two parties on this issue. i think the american people are
4:48 am
tired of the gridlock in washington. i think after this election is over, we have to find a way to come together. and it seems obvious to me that we would come together over an issue that there is a real possibility of coming to agreement on and i think education reform is that. >> gretchen: everyone is pretty much affected by it. you either pay taxes for it or you have kids in the system. this movie talks about this parent trigger law. how does that -- what is it and how does it give power back to the parents? >> what the parent trigger allows for is that if the parent -- 50% or more of the parents in a failing school sign a petition that they can force the turn around in that school, that they can either close the school or turn it over to a charter operator, but the parents get to choose how it's going to be restructured. and i think it's incredibly empowering because what we talk about a lot in education reform is that we need more parental involvement and this is a way for parents to really feel empowered and make some quality choices for their kids. >> gretchen: yet, still the unions are coming out against
4:49 am
you, michelle. they're saying you're not a real democrat because you meet with republicans. so what do we need to do in this country to actually get the unions on the side of what you're trying to do as well? >> the unions are just what they're supposed to do, which is looking out for the pay and privileges and priorities of their members. so you can't begrudge that. but to say i'm not a real democrat, i think it's wrong. when i was at the democratic national convention, everywhere i went, people were saying, keep going with the school reform. so i think they're further pushing themselves out to an extreme where the vast majority of democrats and honestly republicans just aren't on both sides of the party line of the we know we need to reform our schools. we know that we can't afford to continue on being 25th out of 34 nations in math. and so taking these polarized views is not going to move the country forward. >> gretchen: you are with students first and the movie is "won't back down" that comes out on friday. michelle, great to see new person. >> nice to see you.
4:50 am
>> gretchen: we told but the black panthers intimidating voters at the polls last time around in 2008. this year maybe seals -- navy seals are going to show up to fight back. one of them joins us next to explain. first on this day back in 1983 "tell her about it" by billy joel was the number one song. ♪ tell her about it ♪ tell her all your crazy dreams ♪ng ♪ let her [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> brian: aflac trivia question, mean joe green. the winner is mike pate. he's in south carolina. congratulations. we told but the black panthers alley intimidating voters at the polls last time four years ago. this year navy seals and special operators are showing up to fight back. our next guest recruited the special operations guys and women to help police the polls and make sure every vote counts.
4:54 am
benjamin brink is the man behind get out the vet. he's a retired navy captain and author of this new book "the dead always vote democrat." thank you for joining us. >> thanks, brian. >> brian: ben, you just active until 2011 and you concluded what about how many active personnel get a chance to vote? >> well, according to the military voter protection project, 5% or 5.6% in 2008 had their votes counted. it's a little bit higher if you look at other things. but it's a very, very small percentage of those military who are actually registered at a higher percentage than the population at large. actually got their vote counted in 2008. >> brian: is it because they don't want their vote counted or we're not doing enough to get their vote counted? >> it's due to a great ex tents because of late ballots, late
4:55 am
registrations and the like. >> brian: now, let's talk about what you're doing at the polls this year with some guys and some ladies that want to help out to make sure the vote actually gets done the right way. >> so we're recruiting veterans across the country. the reason we're recruiting veterans is that every veteran at one point in their life has taken an oath to preserve, protect, and defends the constitution. so who better than veterans to watch the polls and be a fair observer of elections. >> brian: so you want to send out special ops guys to different poll places across the country? >> well, i talked to a number of special ops guy, retired, let's make shower they're -- sure they're not active or involved in that anymore, specifically to look at the places where there has been alleged voter intimidation in the past. the reason that they're so
4:56 am
superbly suited is they're not going to create a problem themselves because they understand rules of engagement and if it's known they're going to be there observing, reporting, then it's likely to reduce the probability of intimidation in 2012. >> brian: they're used to carrying out tougher missions than that. 1.8 million dead people are registered on the rolls. so hopefully they won't show up. the name of the book is "the dead always vote democrat." coming up next, the government about to pour millions of your tax dollars into another solar start-up. have they forgotten about solyndra? then another white house leak? desperate for answers about our attack on the consulate forced to get their intel from the morning paper. dana perino getting set for "the
4:57 am
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is monday, september 24, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your day with us. let's talk about this, because there is another white house leak. lawmakers desperately for answers about the murder of our ambassador in libya. they claim they've been stone walled, forced to get their intel from the morning paper. how did the "new york times" know more than the u.s. senate? dana perino more on this. >> steve: a huge terror error at one of the nation's busiest airport a. plane full of suspected terrorist and bombs, taxied out to the gate. how the heck did that happen? we've got some details on this monday morning. >> brian: looks like world peace will have to wait. president obama skipping out on meetings with world leaders at the united nations. so he could take a little time to enjoy "the view." "fox & friends" starts right now
5:01 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. hope you had a fantastic first fall weekend. can you believe it? we're almost to the end of september, but it was a glorious weekend. >> brian: it's good news for you, steve, 'cause this is your spending money, lunch money. this is when you get all that rake loot, off the books, no taxes. you take care of the whole block. >> steve: shh, the tax part. i declare that. >> brian: okay, fine. >> gretchen: i'm going to bail you out right now. >> steve: you want to bail me out? pay the taxes. >> gretchen: no. okay. the deadly consulate attack in benghazi deal ago serious blow to the c.i.a.'s intelligence gathering in libya. new report says about a dozen c.i.a. operatives were among the american personnel evacuated from the city. their role included collecting information on targets which reportedly included the militia group that some say was behind the attack and suspected members
5:02 am
of al-qaeda as well. the c.i.a. state department and white house would not comment on the report. the obama administration about to hand money over to another solar company despite green energy failures. solo power will open up a $340 million facility, this is in portland, this thursday. giving it access to the guaranteed loan. solar power also got $6 million in loans, tax credits and incentives from oregon in the city of portland. the $197 million loan is thanks to the same controversial program that doled out $53,035,000,000 from taxpayers to solyndra before that company went bankrupt. major terror error at new york's jfk airport being revealed now involving an incident last week. >> okay, we're surround by emergency vehicles. there is a reason for this. somebody has got to give us the reason or we're going to evacuate the aircraft. you got 60 seconds. >> gretchen: turns out port authority security got two
5:03 am
planes flight members mixed up. a new york post report says cops ordered the wrong aircraft to an isolated area for investigation. the other flight suspected of carrying terrorists and explosives taxied to the gate and let the passengers off. to make matters worse, the agency reportedly lied and blamed the faa for the mishap. >> brian: the pilot was ticked off. >> gretchen: you could hear it right there because they didn't know what was going on. there is no place like homeland, at least at the emmys. >> and the emmy goes to "homeland". >> gretchen: the series upset "mad men." it was nominated for 17 emmys. >> brian: how do you lose 17 times? >> gretchen: they won a lot in the past "homeland" won several emmys. >> the entire cast is uniformly sort of shamelessly talented and committed. i'm so proud to be in their company. >> gretchen: "modern family" swept through the comedy category fort second year in a row. it snagged four emmys, including
5:04 am
the top one. quite a dress, sofia vergara. >> brian: right. >> steve: dana perino is a big viewer and lover of "homeland. "mad men" is so 1960. >> i didn't know that everybody was supposed to where a yellow dress. they all looked great. >> steve: all the emmys went to cable. >> brian: do you watch dvr or go to the tv guide and find out when it's on? >> i watch it on the dvr. i go to bed too early. >> steve: let's talk about this, last week after the attack on our consulate in libya that killed our ambassador, the administration sent out susan surprise jay carney, they were talk being how it was spontaneous. it was not terrorism. now they've done a 180. they have said it's terrorism. robert gibbs yesterday on fox news sunday had this to say
5:05 am
about the white house' quick response. >> did the obama administration play down what happened in libya, what happened in cairo because it would make obama foreign policy look better? >> absolutely no one intentionally or unintentionally misled anybody involved in this. absolutely not. again, that's an answer that the press secretary gave on september 14. it's now september 23. we learn more information every single day about what happened. nobody wants to get to the bottom of this more than we do. >> gretchen: what's he -- >> steve: what's he doing this? >> the main stream media doesn't want goat to the bottom of this. president obama on september 12, he said in the rose garden, no terrorist attack will go unpunished. okay. then they said the next explanation was it was spontaneous, it was the video. when robert gibbs is not the
5:06 am
press secretary anymore. neither of us have security clearances that's more. he's closer to this white house than i ever would be. but how does he know what the information is? and why would they sun a campaign person out to talk about it? where is the national security council? where is the c.i.a.? >> gretchen: susan rice did a terrible job. >> gretchen: or a great job if inn she got the mention out that she was intending. >> when he says it wasn't intentional or unintentional, well, it was something, tensional, because there was misinformation. i don't understand why at the very beginning they didn't just say, we don't know what we don't know and we'll get back to you as soon as we got more information. then we wouldn't feel misled. >> brian: but in the big picture, too, are you surprised? i watched all the sunday shows. nobody said, do you think the president should think twice about going to nevada before we even knew if this was a terrorist attack or this was a spontaneous attack? we did know the ambassador was done. not one question about that!
5:07 am
>> i don't understand it. i think that president obama's decision to go to vegas that night was probably the biggest political mistake of the campaign and his team is very, very good at politics. remember the day before that, two weeks ago today is when president obama also decided that it was appropriate for the president of the united states and the commander in chief to do an interview with the radio disk jockey in florida called pimp with a limp. the next day, september 11, he go vegas. it looked like a mish mash. i wish it was a spontaneous attack, but it wasn't. when they had on friday night a report that it was over 100 al-qaeda members that came in two waves in a planned attack and ended up killing our ambassador and three other american, they have some answering to do. steve hayes writes, i think he's right. there is a pattern here of them not taking responsibility for these attacks and this is a scandal. not just a mishap. >> gretchen: you bring up how robert gibbs, the former spokesperson for the president seems to have information or at least he is speaking on their behalf.
5:08 am
but also some gop senators are saying the newspapers seem to have information before we get it. they went to an intel briefing, i believe it was thursday with secretary of state hillary clinton, and then the papers friday morning, they say had more information than they got. what do you make of that? >> i do think that the immediate reaction of the executive branch to go to capitol hill, they had doing staff brief fgs all week long and then met with the members on thursday. i think that was the right instinct. that's cooperation between equal branches of government, the congress has a right to know because they are responsible for oversight. but to go in with no information, again, it would have been better to say, we don't know. now, if the media has more information and intel than the executive branch and our intelligence service, then we need to know that, too. >> brian: something else we learned and cnn got this, they got ahold of the journal and the ambassador was writing that they thinks he's going to be targeted by al-qaeda and that was left there unprotected, unfiltered for anybody, any person to walk through and see the remnants of
5:09 am
the consulate. >> it is surprising that someone from the media would be able to get ahold of our ambassador's private journal and report on it before our government was able to get that and use it to maybe either get the information he had or track down other intel sources to find out what happened. >> steve: it shouldn't be surprising that the "new york times" would have a direct pipeline to this white house. it also should not be surprising and brett bozelle at media research took a look at the coverage between last week's two candidate dates. one of barak obama talking in 1998 about redistribution and then mitt romney at the fund-raiser a couple of months ago. look at that. 13 to one, the margin. the media was hammering mitt romney 13 times more than they let president obama have it. >> well, it's just par for the course. i remember michael baron one time told me, he heard me complain being media bias in the green room. this is 234 inn washington, d.c. and he said, you know, you need
5:10 am
to get over it because there is never going to be fairness. you just have to try to win. >> brian: in this case, i believe that the 1998 is not a big deal because he's been saying the same thing to joe the plumber and you didn't build that, it's the same theme. that didn't break any ground for me. >> obviously the romney one was more recent. and the media is still trying to introduce mitt romney to the american people. there is a "60 minutes" piece last night that had president obama and mitt romney. some people suggesting this morning that was a preview of what's to come in the debates. and that's what it will be. i think we only have 40 days from now. >> gretchen: let me ask you this, because donald trump was on an hour ago now and he said with regard to any kind of media bias that that means the romney camp needs to really step it up. they really need to go on the attack now. do you agree with that? >> see, maybe, i don't know. i probably wouldn't give very good business advice and maybe my political instincts aren't as good as they used to be. as soon as he does take a shot,
5:11 am
then he gets accused. remember, on the day that the -- on the same day that our ambassador was killed in egypt when the embassy in cairo, our embassy said, we're sorry because there is a video and mitt romney said, that's the wrong answer. your instincts should be to protect free speech e. got so viciously attacked by how dare you say such a thing? but it was the white house distanced itself from the very thing. but mitt romney took the hit. i think he has to be very clear on this is how it would be different under me. he doesn't have have to attack president obama. i think people are hungry for more information about then what would you do differently that would make america stronger and my life better? >> brian: here is why you're right. not 'cause you agree with me. and number two, it's because mitt romney said in that surveillance video that the studies show that to attack the president personally is a negative 'cause america likes him t. say that he's under
5:12 am
water, that he's in over his head, those are the phrases that the independents would accept. republicans want the jugular. but that's not really what they're going for. >> gretchen: but if the other side, meaning the obama campaign, knows he's not going to go for the jugular, then what kind of race do you know you're up against? >> i just believe in class and dignity. and merit. and winning on -- >> gretchen: they tell lies. that's the problem. >> if they allegedly tell -- >> and then they just lie to your face. remember the ad, oh, no, we didn't know anything about t. it's on audio tape that they knew about t. during the democrat convention when debbie wasserman schultz said one thing but the same said another, but with no blinking said, absolutely. >> brian: she is blink free. >> it's troubling, but i still think -- i don't think that republicans or anybody should lower themselves to lying.
5:13 am
>> steve: all right. we'll be watching her today on "the five." thank you very much for giving us five minutes right here. >> you bet. >> steve: straight ahead, we told you about the president's choice to sit down with the ladies of "the view" than the united nations general assembly. now it looks like egypt may take advantage of that. wait until you hear this. peter johnson, jr. explains that next. >> gretchen: how about a little booze with your bullets? a gun range serving up alcohol. is that a good idea, a good come be? we'll read your e-mails coming up. [ female announcer ] the power to become a better investor has gone mobile. with features like scanning a barcode to get detailed stock quotes to voice recognition. e-trade leads the way in wherever, whenever investing. download the ultimate in mobile investing apps, free,
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5:17 am
don't expect president obama to sit down with him at the table here in new york this week. instead this week the president is going on "the view" choosing whoopie over world peace? peter johnson, jr. joins us live. >> he really is all about choices. should the president be meeting with egyptian president morsi or with joy behar? that's the critical issue. >> steve: he's choosing -- >> it's all about the ratings. 6 1/2 million viewers last time on "the view." prime minister netanyahu or whoopie? >> steve: he's meeting with whoopie. >> more important are the choices the president will be making at the speech at the u.n. which should be the most significant speech he's made during this campaign, if not the presidency based on the middle east being on fire at this point. instead a meeting with foreign leaders, he's going to make this speech the he's in and out of town very quickly. what will he say? will he say this video is owe financessive?
5:18 am
yes, he's basically said he's going to say the video is offensive. when he says the video is offensive, is he signing on to the middle east excuse for violence in the middle east and anti-american hatred? unfortunately he is. is he going to say, listen, folks in the middle east who hate america, you need to sign on to our recognition of the first amendment in the same way we're signing on to where our understanding of sharia law in your countries. you need to sign on to our recognition of the state of israel in the same way we're signing on to try and help build a palestinian state. it's two ways. it's mutual respect. we've proven that we understand islam. we've proven that we're respectful to the muslim religion. we've proven we're after extremists and not the wonderful populous of the muslim world. we've proven these things. we don't need to prove anything else. so will there be a new obama doctrine that says to the middle
5:19 am
east, enough! enough, enough. or will there be appeasement and a revision of the new beginning speech which has been a failure. >> steve: slept points. he's meet -- excellent. he's meeting with bar ba walters instead of netanyahu. >> 's amazing as our international -- as we've stories today saying our power is waning in the middle east in the same way it did in asia in the '60s and '70s as a result of the vietnam war. basically pack your bags and get out. why isn't he taking advantage of this opportunity to meet with the egyptian president, to meet with karzai, to meet with our allies, to meet with even the enemies that he said he would meet with one on one? the true issue is iran almost has a nuclear weapon and they almost have a nuclear weapon in
5:20 am
almost four years of this president trying to stop it. this will be a breakthrough moment. hopefully for our country today. if it's not, it's going to affect this campaign, i believe, in a big way and our country in an even bigger, bigger way. the choice is easy. i love elizabeth hasselbeck, but hamid karzai or elizabeth hasselbeck. >> steve: he's picking her. final one. >> pakinstani zardan or barbara walters, one of the great journalists of our time. that's where the ratings are. that's where the votes are. >> steve: she wins, we lose. all right. peter johnson, jr., great. thank you very much. straight ahead on this monday morning, medical huge breakthrough that will help our wounded warriors transforming the paralyzed so they can walk again. that's coming up. then mitt romney accusing the president of inaccurate attacks. guess what? the president actually agrees. you didn't see that on tv. we will play it for you next.
5:21 am
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5:24 am
>> gretchen: 24 minutes after the top of the hour. campaign sabotage, republican new york congressman michael grim says someone broke into his headquarters overred weeks, eraising his hard drive that contained confidential campaign files and polling data. police investigating. heart breaking news from the national zoo in washington, d.c the giant panda cub born there just last week has died. zoo officials say the cub has mom was making distress noises back when they found the cub had stopped breathing and couldn't be revived with cpr. brian? >> brian: thanks. 27 years ago, mike was paralyzed from the shoulders down when he made this tackle for south carolina's military college. since then, he worked with
5:25 am
doctors to find a cure to paralysis. tonight the fund is holding its 27th annual great sports legend dinner to help raise awareness. mark is joining us -- mark is joining us and his father, nick. he's a hall of fame and linebacker for the dolphins. thanks for being here. >> great to be here. >> brian: 27 years, mark, you felt it every step of the way. are you surprised that it's been 27 years? has this flown by or dragged on? >> really a little bit of both. as far as research and what we're doing at the miami project and the breakthroughs we've been able to attain over these years, it seems relatively short period of time. but when you're sitting in wheelchair and wake up every day and it's a struggle, it's challenge, those years, that kind of drag along. but thanks to great support from the guy next to me and community, we do the best we can every day. >> brian: you were raised by a real fighter. what i was pleased with is to get to read and find out more
5:26 am
and mark, you've been on radio with us, too, is the big breakthrough this year. >> yeah. this is finally, after 27 years, when people thought we were walks doing the reserve -- quacks because we found them we were doing research to finds a cure for spinal cord injuries. doctors all overt world said that's not possible. we didn't believe them. 27 years later after research and on primates and rodent examines pigs that we found great success in regenerating cells, planting them in the damaged area of their spinal cord. we were able to get function up to 70% of normalcy. so now we're ready to go into humans. by the end of the year, we will have some subject examines go into humans. >> brian: you make it sound simple. you say you transplant human swine cells into the nervous system. but for the next person, the next person who you can get to and is open to this, that will be the person if they suffer
5:27 am
what could be a paralysis injury, that will be the person that gets this. correct? >> that's correct. this study that was just approved by the f.d.a. just last month is the only study in clinical trial in the entire united states targeting paralysis. >> that says a lot. the only one in the country going on. so what happens when you damage your brain and spinal cord, those cells and nerves don't repair themselves. but we have cells in our peripheral nervous system, our arms and legs, another cell that regenerates. we take that cell from your own person, which is you transplants your own cell, no rejection and you transplant that into the damaged area of the spinal cord and it creates that bridge, that conduit so that the connections can can be made and sensation and function can be restored. >> brian: it's always an emotional time at your dinner, tonight especially, 27 years. 1300 plus will be there. among the people that will be
5:28 am
there? >> shaquille o'neal, marshal faulk, tony perez, on and on. bob costas is the emcee. it's great night for us. it's a great night. we will raise a lot of money and we need the money because research is very, very expensive. >> brian: absolutely. mark, you going to walk again? >> absolutely. i think the time has come closer. i told my mom that the first thing i want to do is give her a hug and hug her closer than ever. >> brian: you never looked back. nick, congratulations, a real fighting family. >> thanks very much. >> brian: i'll talk to you on radio. coming up straight ahead, go their web site to donate or fox web site. coming up, does this sound like a good idea? serving up alcohol at a gun range. is that really good or way off target? we'll read your e-mails. plus suzanne somers is here. she expects to live to 110.
5:29 am
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putting us to work here in america and supporting wind and solar. though all energy development comes with some risk, we're committed to safely and responsibly producing natural gas. it's not a dream. america's natural gas... putting us in control of our energy future, now. >> one minute less. you're going to get (beep) one
5:33 am
minute? look at that (beep) sign right there. one minute! >> okay. >> steve: that was your rock star freakout shot of the morning. >> brian: wow. >> steve: billy armstrong this a meltdown on stage. he says his performance was cut short to one minute. now he's heading for rehab for drug abuse. green day has since apologized. that was out at the i heart radio event in las vegas. >> brian: they had everybody on that. i guess he was not happy. i heard about some conference to justin bieber. >> steve: yeah. did he. >> brian: what did he say? >> steve: i think he thought that justin bieber was costing him his time and he thought that the radio producers were the people cutting him short. not the case. now he's in rehab. >> gretchen: let's go back to politics the. mitt romney and president obama were on "60 minutes." dueling interview although interviewed separately. a good chance for the voters to see the differences between the
5:34 am
two candidates. well, one of the things that mitt romney was asked about was taxes. much has been made not only about his personal income tax returns and whether or not he released them, but also whether or not he would cut taxes for all americans or not. here is his answer. >> the current rates, less 20%, so the top rate for instance would go from 35 to 28. middle rates would come down. lest people think there will be a huge reduction in the taxes they owe, that's not the case because we're also going to limit deductions and exemptions, particularly for people at the higher end. >> the tax rate for everyone in your plan would go down? >> that's right. >> steve: scott pelley tried pin him down which loopholes would you close? and he said look, that's what do you with congress. you don't is a complete plan and hand it over and say, okay, here is a complete plan, now pass it. he says that's what would happen if he's elected. he talked a little bit about how he would sustain social security and medicare going forward where
5:35 am
if people are at the higher income level, they would actually pay more or get less benefits than the people at the bottom of the economic food chain who would pay less and get more. means testing. >> brian: 26 minutes now before the top of the hour. the other thing they talked about which didn't appear on the broadcast show but appeared in the on-line show, the continuation on "60 minutes," i actually didn't see this 'til i came in this morning. he was asked about the accidenttive ads that president obama was -- deceptive -- president obama was asked about deceptive ads and he didn't run from the answer. listen. >> do we see sometimes us going overboard in our campaign, mistakes made, or areas where there is no doubt that somebody could dispute how we are presenting things? that happens in politics. >> aren't the american people entitled to the truth or a better wording? >> the truth of the matter is, most of the time we're having a vigorous debate about a vision
5:36 am
for the country and there is a lot at stake in this election. >> gretchen: that happens in dirty politics. i guess you could put those two words together. is that where we are in 2012 that, all politics are dirty? that's an interesting answer to that question. i'm sure that the american public, if polled and asked, they would like the ads to be fair. they can still attack, but they should be fair and honest first. anyway, leave it up to the viewers to how they decide on that. >> brian: we looked at the fact checker and said the fact checker will save the day. then you find out they have an agenda. >> steve: absolutely. so yesterday, mr. romney was out on his campaign plane and asked about obama's ads and he had this to say. >> i understand that the politics is politics, but in the past, when you've had an ad, which has been roundly pointed out to be wrong, you take it out and you get corrected and put something back o. he keeps on
5:37 am
running these things even though he knows they're wrong and saying them in rallies even though he knows they're wrong. >> steve: because after a while, even though he knows they're wrong, it's stuck threw and people start to believe it. >> gretchen: let's move on to the united nations general assembly because that is coming to town in new york city today. it's about to get underway as war rages in syria and violent anti-american protests spread throughout the middle east. wnyw reporter is live with the details. good morning to you. >> gretchen, good morning to you and good morning, everyone. as you can imagine, security here near the united nations is very tight. already streets are closed this morning. today president obama will be coming here to new york city. he is scheduled to meet with world leaders tonight and then tomorrow, he will address the general assembly. as you mentioned, world leaders will be wading through thicket of thorny issues. among them, the violence in syria, the recent protests in the middle east after the release of that movie perceived as anti-islamic, and another
5:38 am
issue is what to do with a potentially nuclear iran. the iranian president, ahmadinejab, is scheduled to speak on wednesday. the timing of that speech is interesting because it falls on yom kippur, which is the holiest day of the year for jews. the speech is not until wednesday, but the controversy has already set in because today the group called united against the nuclear iran is scheduled to hold a protest outside the warwick hotel which is where ahmadinejab is staying. so clearly many people are not happy that he is here in town. for now, that is the latest, live from outside the u.n. this morning, gretchen, let's send it back to you. >> gretchen: let ready for traffic gridlock. >> brian: now the headlines. it's almost decision time for the effort to fight voter fraud. closing actors will begin over the voter i.d. law. south carolina says it will implement the law immediately if it is upheld. meantime, new study claims new
5:39 am
voting laws in 23 states could prevent up to 10 million hispanics from voting. many say president obama needs strong turnout from hispanic voters to win reelection. >> steve: if medical errors were a disease, they'd be the sixth leading cause of death in the united states. the institutes of medicine say there are 98,000 deaths each year because of medical mistakes. that's terrible. one doctor says information dashboards like statistics like -- rather information dashboards with statistics like rate of infections and complications and recording procedures for review could actually minimize the risks. let's hope they do more of that. >> gretchen: guns and alcohol will now be on the menu at a multi-million-dollar shooting range in powder spring, georgia. the owners got approval for a liquor license. customers can drink in separate lounge, but not able to carry the guns or reenter the range. but they can retrieve their weapons when they leave. some neighbors are nervous about mixing the two together. here is what viewers said.
5:40 am
kelly from indiana said people get behind the wheel after drinking. what's the difference between handing them cars and keys. james says the proposed gun club will be very strict. i live close to the site and i think it will be safe. >> steve: okay. what do you think? e-mail us. meanwhile, at 20 minutes before the top of the hour on this monday, next up, the white house reportedly set to release 55 gitmo detainees, including bin laden's body guard. you okay with that? >> brian: the story is ripped from the headlines. how to save our schools, the actor is one of the stars and son of a teacher. he's here next ♪
5:41 am
5:42 am
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5:44 am
like the droid razr. >> steve: we got a fox news alert. right now more than 400 firefighters battling two raging wildfires in southern california. people there reportedly fleeing their homes. nearly 300 of them are directly in the path of that fire that you can see right there. pictures from campo, california. new reports this morning, in other news, the white house is preparing to free or transfer up to 55 terror detainees out of gitmo. one of the prisoners is believed to be osama bin laden's former body guard. could be sprung soon. >> gretchen: you know our next guest from his tough talking roles on tv shows like "the wire" and" fringe." but lance reddic is tackling education reform in the new movie "won't back down". >> can i just go to the school?
5:45 am
>> why are you talking about going to a school near crew. >> 'cause it's a great school. >> you of all people, you stop him from getting the right schooling? >> not going to happen. >> i should trust your judgment given what happened? >> gretchen: this role is personal. he joins us to explain. good to see you. >> great to be here. >> gretchen: this movie looks fantastic. i know it's inspired by real life events. but you yourself have real life events from public education. both your parents were teachers and what did you do to make sure that your own children could get the best education possible? >> wow. my kids grew up in brooklyn. i remember my daughter was just coming into first grade when i was finishing graduate school in connecticut. i just finished drama school. so i was -- my first job out of school, i was understudying on broadway. so i commuted 'til we could find
5:46 am
the right neighborhood to move into -- basically to move into the neighborhood for the school. >> steve: when you were growing up, your parents were both teachers down in the baltimore area. in the public system, and did go to public school? >> no, i went to private school. >> steve: because your mother said? >> my mother said, i teach in the public city schools, so he's not going there. >> brian: tell me about you and this character. divorced, looks like. >> well, we don't start that way. but kind of not halfway through the movie, early on you get to see viola davis, who plays my wife in the film, very early on makes a comment when she gets a text from the first black stepford wife. there is tension right away. but i play her husband and the film is about two parents, one of whom is a teach and she plays a teach. it's about them trying to start a charter cool together. each one has a child in third grade. so each of us is struggling in
5:47 am
different ways with how to best deal with what's best for our children. >> gretchen: what message do you want people to take away from this movie? >> i think more than anything else, i want people to feel it's possible for them to make a difference in their own children's education no matter what their financial or economic circumstances may be. >> steve: just what you did. >> well, as far as my parents go, i was fortunate that my parents were able to send me to private school. as far as my own kids, we just juggled and prayed. we did a lot of things that parents -- we didn't try to start a charter school, with bue did a loft things that the parents in this film did. >> steve: because education is everything. and if you don't get an education, you're doomed. the movie opens friday. thanks very much for sharing your story.
5:48 am
>> thanks. >> gretchen: suzanne somers says she expects to little until she's 110? and you can, too. she's here to explain her secrets. >> brian: she checked the monitor to make sure she was next. let's see if bill checks his monitor. >> you guys look great, too. a busy monday. no shortage of material here. iran warns of world war 3. what will mitt romney do with our taxes? we've got that on tape from "60 minutes." what has the u.s. done to find those responsible for killing our ambassador? martha and i will see new 12 minutes on a monday edition of "america's newsct room." see yoube then. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe
5:49 am
[ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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5:51 am
>> steve: she is an actress, best selling author, and health care advocate who has become the face for redefining aging. now suzanne somers is keeping the conversation going about
5:52 am
cutting edge medical breakthroughs on her brand-new lifetime talk show, starts this wednesday, called "the suzanne somers show" and she joins us live. >> hi. >> steve: the show is going to be at 7:00 a.m. eastern time on wednesdays. you're our competition. >> i know i am. but thank you very much for having me. you three are toast now that i'm on. >> steve: that was it. we had a good run. >> sorry. >> gretchen: how did this come about? >> i really couldn't get a talk show sold. i tried for the last couple of years. i went to everybody. all of them. they all would get really excited. then when they go to their sales department, they say she's a lightning rod. i'm considered controversial because i say leap eight hours, eat organic. >> steve: how dare you! >> don't take drugs. that's probably where the problem is. unless you absolutely need them. i bought the time and then i brought we, our team, not me, brought in sponsors resonate with my message, so you can't be a sponsor on my show if you sell
5:53 am
anything that has chemicals in it. i really -- i'm trying to -- what i admire about what you're doing is your point of view and i have this point of view. i think what you're talking about is of utmost importance, where we are in the world right now. i am over here saying, there is another war going on that nobody is even aware of and has to do with what's happened to our food and because of what's happened to our food and the poison in our food and genetically modified food. what it's doing to children with food intolerances and people, their guts don't feel right. this is your second brain. if this isn't right, you are not well. and it leads to autoimmune, leads to parkinson's, all those diseases that are epidemic. and i bring fun friends on. larry king came on, which is really interesting to put him on the other side of the table after all those years. and david foster came on.
5:54 am
i sang a little. >> gretchen: i love all your outfits birks the way. >> i figured, cutting edge health can be dry. why not mix it with the glamour that i feel i bring to it. >> steve: everybody -- it's so personal to everybody, because everybody wants to do the right thing. they want to eat the right stuff. but you don't really know how to do it. >> i'm the one out there saying, here is what's in your food. here is why it's worth it to spend your money on organic rather than eat food that has pesticide already in it. >> gretchen: so you say -- we teased before you came on that you plan to live until you're 110. how are you going to do it? >> i think with what i'm doing. i think that -- when people say aging, anti-aging, what i'm doing is keeping the inside of me young. so i go to a doctor to strengthen my weakest organ and glands, i replace my hormones, of course, at this age i would
5:55 am
have to. there is a famed doctor, aubrey degray, he says, how long does a house last? there are houses on the planet over 1,000 years old. all you have to do is keep repairing the worn out parts. aging is about worn out parts. so rather than waiting for a catastrophic event, why not listen to the language of the body, for women, i call it the seven dwarfs of menopause, itchy, bitchy, forgetful, all dried up, forgetful -- that's the language. >> gretchen: oh, my god. that should be the title of your next book. [ laughter ] it's good, though! >> brian: clint eastwood was at the rnc, talked to a chair and you tweeted out? >> i said, he tells it like it is. he made my day. >> steve: there you go. >> i was a take every group and i was a hater of those. i thought, you know -- >> steve: how are you a hater if you're supporting clint
5:56 am
eastwood? >> he trial gave me one of my first jobs. he's a great guy. clint eadwood has done movies that make us think and feel. and he is a thinker and so this is what he came out to say and i thought good for him. >> steve: he's entitled to his opinion. >> he's entitle to do his opinion, yeah. >> brian: he come out with it 20 minutes before. >> i got the joke. i got the chair. i'm an actress. i knew he was like -- you make these -- that's what acting school is. >> brian: talk to the stool. >> this is my better side than talking. what do you know? you can't do that! >> steve: suzanne show starts on wednesday. >> don't miss it. >> steve: more with her in two minutes. >> gretchen: right back. for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking.
5:57 am
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