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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  September 24, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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(no audio) morning out of iran as americans "friends and enemies" gather at the united nations this morning. this willing a big deal this week. we're see what a world is with these speeches. back here live in "america's newsroom.". martha: thanks very much for asking me. good weekend? bill: yes.
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martha: good morning everybody, i'm martha maccallum. iran's president, ahmadinejad set to speak this hour as one of his top commanders threatens attacks on the united states and its interests if the country gets drawn into a war with israel. bill: watch the story this week as david lee miller starts the coverage at u.n. what do we know about the threats out of iran that we're hearing, david lee? >> reporter: bill this threat was made over the weekend the same time the iranian president was meeting it with the secretary-general of the united nations. came from the top commander in the iranian revolutionary guard. he said u.s. interests in the middle east would be attacked if there is war between iran and israel. just a the show time ago the iranian president said they do not take threats from israel seriously or as he termed the zionists. we have all means at our disposal. in a short time he will speak at a conference here in the united nations on the
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rule of law. the secretary-general over the weekendened when they arememberting to shy away rhetoric. we'll see if he follows up on that. representing the u.s. interests, attorney general eric holder. bill: we'll listen carefully here. syria is on the agenda. what do we know about that, david lee. >> reporter: at the united nations security council we they will meet behind closed doors. we think hear from the new arab special envoy replacing kofi annan. a short time ago he met with syrian president bashar assad he will tell the security council on the progress or lack thereof trying to resolve the crisis in syria. russian foreign minister and secretary of state hillary clinton will not be present at the security council meeting. in the past the security council has been deadlocked.
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you might recall russia vetoed three redslations that might have resulted in sanctions. not expected to change at today's briefing. bill: david lee miller leading the coverage. here is martha with more. martha: for the second straight week we're seeing the muslim world vent its fury at the united states. in lebanon thousands of the islamic group hezbollah filling the streets there burning u.s. and israeli flags. one of the group's leaders tells the crowd they will wind in the end. and chaos also hitting iran. hundreds of student protesters gathering in front of the french embassy there. they were chanting anti-american slogans. france a target of protests because of cartoons published in a french magazine. go to greece. show you what is happening there. capital of athens under siege with police using pepper spray to drive back a group of 300 protesters in athens. >> the president not mincing
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world as he chart as more independent path from the united states. mohammed morsi warning that the u.s. needs to change its middle east policies and egypt will not automatically follow washington's lead. speaking head of the u.n. general assembly the morsi says the burden is on the u.s. to repair relation with the arab world. martha: amid all the anti-american violence in the muslim world. president obama is set to address the general assembly. that will happen tomorrow. what does he need to say in that address to that group about all of this? republican senator john barrasso says world leaders and the american people need to hear three messages he believes from the u.s. president. he will tell us what he believes that must be. that is coming up a few minutes away. pressure increases on the white house to answer more questions about what happened the night that four americans were killed in libya. the government there claims that it is launching its own
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major crack down now against the country's militias. will that make a difference in all this? greg call coat joins us now streaming live from tripoli with the very latest. good morning, greg. >> reporter: hey, martha. we're a day away for the deadline for the rogue militias to disband. we spoke with a libyan official in trip poe -- tripoli he is claiming it is going better than expected. one of the group militants left a base here. there was a little bit of skirmishing but went off okay. they're being replaced here and throughout the country by military and military police. all this started earlier in the weekend in the eastern city of benghazi. where we saw the public rise up and ransack and storm a compound of another militant group there. they say they have had enough. following the attack, the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in the city and a string of other incidents associated with these
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militants. analysts i speak to are a little bit skeptical they think it might be a tactical retreat for the militants but certainly a move in the right direction. martha: could be. how does all this impact the fbi investigation going on there into the death of ambassador stevens and three other americans? >> reporter: martha, the word we're getting on the ground from benghazi it is calm. authorities are more in control. that is a good thing. the word also been getting on the ground here that the fb i-team sent to this country to investigate the crime has been hampered, maybe even blocked from the benghazi situation and the crime scene there. so that could help. overall, frankly also the public is going after the very militant groups that a lot of people suspect had a real hand in the killing of ambassador stevens and the other americans. that might be a good thing. as for the libyan authorities we're not exactly sure how fast that investigation is going forward. we met with one official
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today. he claims to me that they have 25 suspects in custody. but frankly in the past week or so we have heard one number, number two, number three numbers for arrests and suspects. one other concern about the crackdown, martha, the militants are being forced out of the bases is. they are dispersing and some of militants might be suspects might be a little harder to find. back to you. martha: that's a great point. thank you very much. very important to find out who exactly carried out those attacks against our ambassador and three americans. bill: governor mitt romney now talking taxes laying out the specifics of his tax plan last night on "60 minutes". the republican nominee said he will cut rates for everyone but that doesn't necessarily mean your bill will drop. listen. >> all the rates come down but lest people think there will be huge reduction in the taxes we owe that is not the case. we'll limit deductions and exemptions particularly for people at the high end
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because i want to keep the current progressivety from the code. there is no tax reduction for high income people. i would like to get a tax deduction for middle mcfamilies by eliminating the tax on middle income families on capital gains. bill: there is lot spoken on the 30 second sound bite. stuart good morning to you. >> good morning bill. bill: size up what he said than he have two specifics. >> you can't reduce this to a simple one-liner. this is not herman cain's 9-9-9. there is no easy way to reduce what governor romney has to say about taxes and tax reform into an easy one-liner. here is what you can say. he would lower tax rates, he would cut loopholes. and that he says is how you increase revenue coming to the treasury and grow the economy. that is in a nutshell what he says. bill: when he says limited dedubss and exemptions specifically do we know which ones?
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>> no, we do not. he would leave that up to congress and incoming president, perhaps himself. which current tax deductions would be eliminated at all cut. it not spelling out in advance which loopholes would go away, just how they would go away, joint session of congress and the president later. bill: because you know the ones that get most attention are charitable deductions and mortgage interest rate that people are writing off right now. >> yes. bill: the other thing he said for middle class families eliminate taxes on interest, dividend and capital gains. >> okay. if you're a middle class guy, with middle class family and you make a profit on the sale of a stock, for example, that is a capital gain. if you have made that capital gain over a long time, that is over one year, you've paid an effective tax rate of 15% on your profit. from what i heard from governor romney, he would get rid of that 15% tax rate or reduce it. i'm not sure exactly what he said. but you would not be paying
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that 15% rate if you're a middle class family in america. bill: when people ask for specifics this is part of that as we move through the process of understanding. that. >> that is new by the way, bill. that's new, that, interest on the capital gains, that was knew last night. bill: you will be talking about this at 9:20 i assume? >> oh, yes. yeah we will. bill: happy monday to you, stuart. martha, what is coming up next. martha: we're getting started this morning in "america's newsroom." governor romney releasing a review of his own taxes. what that report says and whether harry reid owes the governor a huge apology. bill: obama senior advisor robert gibbs grilled on "fox news sunday" by chris wallace over the white house response by libya. >> why did ambassador rice give the american people bad information? bill: his answer on that moments away. martha: very interesting interview. we'll talk about that. governor romney calling out the question for questionable campaign tactics.
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martha: closing arguments are set for this morning on south carolina's new voter i.d. law. federal judges deciding whether the law puts an unfair burden on minorities who don't have photo i.d. last december the justice department blocked the state from moving forward with the law, requiring voters to show a driver's license or passport or military i.d. or voter i.d. with a photo before voting. we'll keep you posted when we get news out of that. >> republicans pushing the president to provide more answer what is is happening in libya and the rest of the arab world. this time tomorrow president obama will have the world
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stage to himself addressing that nation's general assembly. what does he need to say at u.n.? republican senator john barrasso out of wyoming, member of senate foreign relations committee. >> thanks for having me. bill: in a piece in "politico" today you said the president must acknowledge the war on terrorism is not over. why is that an issue. >> earlier this year he said the one of his proud achievements he restored respect for america around the world. yet we see the very tragic events happening in the middle east. we know this is part of the war on terror. the president wanted to blame it on a poorly put together video. that's not it. this is something that was planned, premeditated, to occur on september 11th. and the president doesn't, shouldn't be claiming that the american people are so naive that they would actually believe this was because of a video. this is war against america. bill: the second thing you want to hear clarifying where the united states stands with the country of israel. i heard you on another
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program earlier today. you said this is the rockiest relationship with israel that you can remember. ever? >> between the united states and israel in 30 years it is the rockiest relationship. the president says to the people of israel we have your back. i think the president needs to tell the world what that actually means. when the president came into office he said he would open relations and discussions with iran. iran is closer today to having a nuclear weapon than ever before. they may only be months away. the people in israel and the people in america as well as all around the world need to know what the president actually means when he says we have your back. bill: your third point, this is broad reaching. explain exactly what your foreign policy is. why is that not clear almost four years into this? >> because the president talked about pressing a reset button with russia. what we know what happened with russia they have been blocking us across the continents specifically at the united nations with
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sanctions against syria and what is happening there with just a tragic day by day karnage happening in the streets of syria and russia continues to block that. we have sanctions against iran. we know china is funneling money to iran. the president talked about a new day with the muslim world because of his background. yet we've seen nothing to that effect and i think actually relations are worse now than they were when he became president. i know what the president promised four years ago. those are not things we can believe. those are not what happened and tragedy in libya just two weeks ago is something that, you know has infury eighted people all across the united states. bill: let me get back to libya a moment. you mentioned that in the first answer. why does it even matter what is spoken at the u.n.? >> well it matters because people around the world listen and the president is the commander-in-chief.
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his words actually carry weight. the american people and people everywhere listen to him and we need to know what, where america stand. what our foreign policy actually is. when the president goes and visits with the president of russia shasays wait until i get reelected where i will have more flexibility i think the american people have a right to know before the election what the implications of that are. bill: i wonder if we'll hear more apologies about the video and 70 grand we spent in pakistan to air commercials last week apologizing for a video the government had nothing to do with. when ultimately do we hold those responsible and accountable in libya for the killing of our u.s. ambassador? i remember a time when marines were attacked in berlin and qaddafi heard about it in libya? >> it doesn't seem yet this president is the holding those responsible to the actions that have been, that they have done. and you know, we've seen, we had a briefing last week,
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so-called top secret briefing of the secretary of state. seems like it was a cover-up or incompetence on the part of this administration. bill: a cover-up? >> because they were not really forthcoming with the members of the senate. bill: a cover-up, you stand by that. >> i do. look what secretary rice had to say. she came out with information, oh, it was the video. this was just something that got out of hand. people don't show up for a demonstration with rocket launchers for grenades and kind of heavy weaponry, bill, that people showed up with in libya at that embassy. this was a 9/11, this was coordinated. i believe it was premeditated, planned. i don't know if weeks or months in advance but it was aimed at the united states on the anniversary of september 11th. bill: we'll see how many answers we get tomorrow. john barrasso, thank you for your time. martha. >> thanks. martha: president obama and the iranian president
6:20 am
speaking on the situation in israel over this weekend and both of those leaders used one word to describe the situation. why that word is angering some folks today. bill: also governor romney on the offense. why he says the president is trying to fool american voters. what's that about? [ male announcer ] with a driving range of more than 550 miles you'll inevitably find yourself on a desolate highway in your jeep gra cherokee.
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martha: so governor mitt romney hitting president obama hard accusing the incumbent of distorting his message and saying that the president's talking points he believes are flat wrong.
6:24 am
watch. >> i think the president will not be able to continue to mischaracterize my pathway. so i will be able to describe mine. he will describe his and people will make a choice. that is the great thing about democracy. i'm not going to try to fool people believing things he doesn't. he is trying to fool people into thinking that i think things thing i don't. that ends during the debates. martha: that ends during the debates he says. we will see. the governor is the in colorado kicking off what the campaign is calling quote, an intense battleground schedule. nine electoral votes up for grabs in the state of colorado. it takes 270 to win. let's go to senior national correspondent john roberts who is live in february blow, colorado. with -- in pueblo, colorado, with latest. what is going on there? >> reporter: martha, the romney campaign is wrapping up this week. in pueblo today. on a bus tour in ohio for next two days and they go to virginia.
6:25 am
governor is cutting down fund-raisers that he has been having in doing campaign events and meeting people. continuing to battle back against the obama campaign. negative advertisements the president admitted last night sometimes go over board. here is is from the "60 minutes" overtime webcast. >> do we see sometimes us going overboard in our campaign, mistakes that are made or, you know, areas where there is no doubt that somebody could dispute how we are presenting things? you know, that happens in politics. >> reporter: that happens in politics. to counter all of that mitt romney is going to begin to go into more detail than he has in the past particularly on jobs. martha we'll hear a lot more about that during his bus trip this ohio. martha: he has a busy week ahead of him. you're in pueblo, colorado, john, where you mentioned. that is where governor romney will have an event couple hours from now. were pueblo and why colorado today? >> reporter: you might ask
6:26 am
why pueblo. president beat john mccain in this county by 15 points. economic message resonates here. here is why. 38%. population is hispanic. hispanics have average unemployment rate two points higher than at least than the national average. here overall in pueblo unemployment is 11%. you can imagine what hispanic unemployment is here. mitt romney will drive home the message of jobs and economy in pueblo, in an effort to counter those perceptions that have been created by the obama campaign. >> i think the president's campaign focused its advertising in many cases on very inaccurate portrayals of my positions. they have been very aggressive in their attacks both on personal basis and policy basis. as time goes on people will realize those attacks are not accurate we'll be able to have a, a choice which is based upon each other's accurate views for the
6:27 am
future of the country. >> reporter: it is first time governor romney has been here in seven weeks. don't forget that obama won this 53-44 in 2008 but the latest rcp average has the race in couple of points. that is why paul ryan is coming back here later on this week. this is building to all important first presidential debate here in colorado a week from wednesday. martha: we're all looking forward to that. it will be very interesting. john, thank you so much. we'll see you later. bill: you know, martha? martha: yes, bill? bill: the nfl is playing with replacement referees. martha: i've heard. bill: the reviews are mixed at best. martha: at best. bill: while the regular refs sit on sidelines this might get the better of new england coach bill belly cheblg last night. >> first time in nine years. that is the a few bucks. bill: i think that is a love tap. martha: hey, you, you, come back here i want something to say to you. i am out of here. bill: if he really wanted
6:28 am
attention he would have grabbed him. heartbreaking loss. final seconds of the game. ravens come back to beat the patriots. he hit a field goal by time running out just a hair over the top of the goalpost. belichick doesn't expect to get a find. martha: what your take. bill: i went to bed. i watched first quarter of this game. that thing was out of hand. there was no adult on the field taking control of this. if you allow that to happen you will not get good results. but i can fully understand the level of frustration these guys have. bring them back. swallow, what is it? martha: i don't know. bill: bite the bullet. bring them back. martha: bite the bullet. bill: pay the guys pension they're looking for because the reputation of the league is on the line. martha: ref saw belichick coming at him and said i've got a phone call. i'm out of here. we'll watch that as well. there are new questions about this very serious topic, that is the
6:29 am
white house response to the deadly attack on our consulate in in libya. first they insisted it was spontaneous. then they said it was obviously terrorism. self-evident, i believe were the words. senior campaign advisor robert gibbs on the hot seat about it. his answer to those questions ahead.
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bill: 9:32 on a monday morning. the white house in damage control mowed over face of
6:33 am
the criticism over the administration's response to the deadly attack in libya. a solid week they went saying the attack was spontaneous and grew out after bigger protest. the white house press secretary finally said it was self-evident the campaign was terror. robert gibbs was interested grilled on "fox news sunday". how did he defend the president on this issue? >> the white house is trying to set the record straight what happened on benghazi. a lot will depend on the outcome of investigation what happened before, during and after the attack. you recall after the 9/11 terrorist attack in benghazi u.n. ambassador susan rice told fox news it was a spontaneous attack that was not preplanned but got out of control. that contradicted the president of libya's claim that it was in fact a premeditated strike. later the white house said the attack was in fact a terror attack. obama senior advisor robert
6:34 am
gibbs explained why the administration changed its account. >> absolutely no one intentionally or unintentionally misled anybody involved in this. absolutely not. again, that is an answer that the press secretary gave on september the 14th. it is now september the 23rd. we learned more information every single day about what happened. nobody wants to get to the bottom of this more than we do. >> reporter: getting to the bottom of it is certainly important for the white house but all those investigating. meantime the matter continues to be the subject of much debate even bringing focus on the president's foreign policy into the campaign. bill: kelly, what are republicans saying about all this? >> reporter: they're saying quite a bit right now. chairman of the intelligence committee, republican my knowledge rogers, for example, says that the u.s. was caught flat flatted. an anti-american group stormed the u.s. consulate and killed an american ambassador and three other americans. he is not happy. >> this is serious event i
6:35 am
have ever seen and has been confusing to try to follow where the administration has been. i'm disappointed the president didn't say i'm not going to the fund-raiser, i'm going on national tv and put this right. americans deseven the truth. they deserve the facts and they deserve the to tell the world we will not tolerate a u.s. ambassador being treated badly let alone killed. >> reporter: seeking the truth the fbi, in washington, not commenting on the status of the investigation but they're on the ground. bureau agents on the ground in libya and the libyan government also conducting its own investigation as well to get to the bottom of it and get the truth. bill? bill: kelly wright, thank you on that in washington. >> reporter: you're welcome. martha: all of that raises the questions about the white house's explanations to all of this and are they reasonable? let's bring in our panel kirsten powers, columnist for "the daily beast" and fox news contributor and tony sayegh, campaign analyst and consultant for
6:36 am
talk radio news service. >> good morning. martha: we saw what the response was to all of this for the white house. basically the initial response was that it was spontaneous. then it sort of elevated itself to an evident terror attack on our consulate there. you know, how are they doing handling all of this, kirsten? >> they're -- not very well. the question is whether they lied or whether they're just completely clueless, and neither are great scenarios because, i understand what robert gibbs was saying this was the best information that they had at the time, and it was couched that way by susan rice but the point is she said this is our best assessment of the situation. and how could that be your best assessment when it was quite clear this was not a spontaneous attack. people don't show up spontaneously with the type of weaponry we already knew these people had. so i think there are a lot more questions to be answered. i hope they're going to be asked because i don't feel
6:37 am
like we're getting straight story here. martha: i feel like, so often politicians and administration officials are so good at every didding an answer on something. gee, we just really haven't evaluated this yet. we're not ready to put a label on this event yet. seemed like they couldn't wait to put that label on it. it was clearly spontaneous she said. >> right. martha: tony, i wonder about that. that makes you wonder whether or not there was a meeting where they said we'll get out in front of this and make sure everybody knows this was not a policy issue. this is just a random thing that happened. >> nice to start a monday agreeing with kirsten because i think her assessment this is absolutely right. the problem the administration was so forceful this was nothing other than some sort of spontaneous resistance to some video that was made that they now have spent millions of dollars, as you have alluded to in your programing earlier having public service announcements all over the muslim world suggesting that the american government has nothing to do with the videotape. we understand that but that is not the good response to
6:38 am
this he is specially now you have terror as the actual culprit here. this was a terrorist attack. the other thing almost mind-boggling because someone like susan rice is such a high caliber person in the world of national security diplomacy, on sunday made comments so adamantly with chris wallace. on wednesday head of the u.s. counterterrorism office actually testified in front of a congressional committee said this was a act of terror. on thursday, as we pointed out all morning jay carney said it was sel was terror attack. what changed?. martha: hear is the problem for them in the big picture. we're have about to debates. the president is making argument he successfully solved the problems. the drone strikes decimated al qaeda as he says freakly and got credit from both sides of the aisle for those attacks in many ways. if the problem is still there and if we're in a war on terror you find yourself in a scenario where your success could be questioned
6:39 am
on all of that, kirsten? >> well, yeah. al qaeda attack does kind of mess up that story, doesn't it? i don't think you can say, like i killed usama bin laden the war on terror is over and there is terrorist attack by people you allegedly have eradicated. that is one problem. the other problem there is some reporting this could have been in retaliation for a drone attack. there is a lot of questions that i think that the administration doesn't want to answer. and so like i said, either that they just really did come out and say we're going to be try to be forceful about this and convince people it was spontaneous uprising like it was in cairo. remember, susan rice basically said that. she referred to it as kind of a copycat. as if it was kind of the same thing. this wasn't her, sort of making a couple comments. she went on show after show after show and really drove this point home. martha: all of this raises a question whether or not there is a pattern here. you think about the "underwear bomber".
6:40 am
think about nadal hasan, the knee-jerk reaction was it is not what it looks like. this is not continuation of radical islamist war against americans. it is something else. taupe any? >> it is nothing to see here answer because there is obviously such a glaring problem. the problem is the policy of this administration in the middle east was very risk can at best. you sided first time in our history with the arab street over our known allies even in the case of mubarak, somebody nefarious in egypt he was good to our interests. we doubled down on the wrong people. that is the first problem. the second problem to kirsten's point really exposes killing of bin laden and great feat and victory for america is not the end of the war on terror. the third is, the response to this still is very weak. let's remember something, martha. 9/11 was pointed to by al qaeda as being possible, actually encouraged by the lack of response to the embassy attacks in nairobi
6:41 am
and cole in 2000. what is our response to this going to be? martha: good points from both you. a lot of people are asking what will our response be and will we hear about it from the highest levels of the administration. kirsten, tony good to see you both. bill: 20 minutes before the hour. president obama says he will not be distracted by the noise when it comes to israel and iran's nuclear program leaving some to wonder what he meant by that. kt mcfarland, stephen hayes will react in moment. >> some new details on a growing controversy. new york city department of education set to provide the morning-after pill to high school girls. we're going to talk about that.
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martha: this morning there is potential new break through in the fight against breast cancer. scientists say genetic research found four major classes 6 the disease. we'll have drugs tailoring
6:45 am
to the patient's best needs. including brain cancer and lung cancer. bill: president obama raising a few eyebrows last night when talking about a perceived pressure to defend israel against the specter of a nuclear weapon in iran. listen carefully. >> when it comes to our national security decisions, any pressure that i feel is simply to do what's right for the american people and i am going to block out any noise that's out there. >> the last part of that, what does that mean? kt mcfarland, fox news national security analyst. stephen hayes, senior writer "weekly standard", fox news contributor as well. good morning to both of you. >> good morning, kt, i will block out any noise that is out there. what does that mean? >> hear is the problem. he is not having the close relationship with israel he needs. why is that? nobody wants another war in the middle east. israel doesn't want it. united states certainly doesn't want it.
6:46 am
how do you prevent that war from happening. making sure israel doesn't feel so isolated it feels necessary take things into its own hand and if so attack iran. israel might be able to attack iran's nuclear sites and star start a war but it can't finish the war. that is where the united states would have to be involved. the most important thing to prevent a war is to prevent israel from being isolated. don't talk to israel and say you're noise. don't say, i can't meet you net yaw ha. -- netanyahu. don't say, capital of jerusalem might. bill: that's interesting. steve what do you make of that comment? what is the noise referring to? >> i agree with entirely what kt said. that sums it up very well. the most important thing the president could be doing at this point is reassuring is rile that we will not set them aside, treat them as noise, treat them as one of many allies in the region. i think that the most
6:47 am
important thing, if you take the president at is word that i wants to avoid war and i do, is to present a united front. unfortunately with we've seen not just over past several weeks before over the past several years is this effort to isolate israel for reasons that the president may have come to, he thinks these are the best, this is the best way to conduct foreign policy in the middle east. i strongly disagree but now we're seeing i think unfortunately some of the fruits of those efforts and it's not a good thing. bill: the other comment was they're one our closest allies in the region. i'm refering to israel. i'm wondering who is closer? >> is israel closer? muslim brotherhood? anti-american egypt closer? is iran closer? tell me which country stood with the united states longer? i think one of the cardinal since of foreign policy is to assume everybody thinks the way you do. israel doesn't think the way the united states does in in regard. they are the sons and grandsons and daughters of holocaust survivors. when they hear a leader
6:48 am
saying we're going to exterminate you, we want to kill you, we want to wipe you off the face of the map and we're getting weapons that allow you to do that, israel can not ignore that kind of a threat. they live in that neighborhood. israeli missiles, iranian missiles with nuclear weapons could reach israel. the united states is in different position but we don't want all to be in the position of fighting another war in the middle east. bill: you both mentioned this benjamin netanyahu deal. steven, do you think the meeting happens if for no other reason to put it behind him for now? >> i hope so. the white house may feel they put it behind them having this hour long phone conversation. there are things sitting same room face-to-face messages that you communicate across the table from another world leader that you can't on the phone. just to pick up on something else kt alluded to. i think it is important what the white house and obama administration isn't saying
6:49 am
right now and what they are saying. bill: which is? >> we're not hearing about the nate tour and scope of the threat from the iranian regime. this would be a time i would expect the president of the united states to spend quite a bit of time focusing on that. talk about history of attacking american interests. of supporting terrorists an jihadists killing american soldiers in afghanistan and who were in iraq. to talk about the nature it of the threat from the iranian regime, not just its nuclear program but well beyond that because the problem with iran is the regime and to avoid talking about that i think sends the wrong signals because people are listening carefully to what the president isn't saying right now. bill: to both of you thanks again. you're a terrific panel. here. can t and steve. thanks. on witter, @billhemmer. that is our website, /americasnewsroom. the world is a aboiling. martha: the president obama with a jam-packed schedule when he comes to new york
6:50 am
today. it is to packed he could not find time to meet with the prime minister of israel. but does he have time to sit down with the ladies on "the view"? apparent i owe does. details on that coming up. bill: the morning-after pill for high school girls? ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios [ male announcer ] introducing a reason to look twice. the entirely new lexus es and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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6:53 am
bill: took all of three days for apple to sell five million iphones. that is the iphone five. actually sold out entire supply. if you did not get one you might have to wait a few weeks when the next shipment goes out. apple's stock touched $700 a share last week. reportedly worth $363 billion. that is it twice the value of exxonmobil. next valuable company. some believe apple could become the first trillion dollar company in world history within a year. martha: unbelievable.
6:54 am
bill: how about them apples, huh? martha: how about them apples. great product. could be as big as 7 million when they add up what happened over the weekend. unbelievable. this for you now. the new york city department of education rolling out a new controversial program making so-called morning after pill, emergency contraception available to girls at 13 high schools without pa rennal consent. julie banderas working on this story in our newsroom. >> reporter: first time new york city tried to step in to control teen pregnancy. first it was condoms. now the morning-after pill is available to girls here in new york city because preventative contraceptives have not been enough. the cat program which has been in place since january 2011. connecting adolescents to comprehensive health care.
6:55 am
it is offered to girls at 13 schools in the city. reportedly met with very little resistance from parents. one or 2% of parents opted out of the program uses doctors from the health department and school nurses to describe the contraceptive. a form was handed out to all the parents. they got to pick any or all of four times of reproductive services they want children to receive. that included as you mentioned emergency contraception. known as plan b or the morning-after pill. birth control pills. pregnancy testing or condoms. parents were asked to fill out a form and essentially, most, seem to have no problem with it. martha: all right. i mean, barely know how, you think about what is going on in new york city schools and education system and failures of so many of the schools in that education system and, raises a lot of questions. how big of a problem is teenage pregnancy right now
6:56 am
in new york city, julie? >> reporter: it is a big one. according to the new york city health department the pilot program is aimed at improving a quote, a situation that could have lifelong consequences. considering the statistics you might think yeah, this is something that possibly might be needed nationwide. new york city alone, over 7,000 young women become pregnant by age 17. 90 which are unplanned. in the year of 2011-12, that school year, students received 567 emergency contraception known as plan b and 580 received the birth control pill. now this thing just rolled out last year. so we'll have to wait and see whether or not it will be effective in reducing pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections. anderas.julie thank you. bill: now we know how much money governor romney behave to charity in 2011 and we know a few other things. so does harry reid owe the governor a apology? martha: the president in a
6:57 am
candid moment about his time in the white house. what he said and why governor romney says, yep, i agree with him there. we'll tell what you that is about want to try to crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it! now we need a little bit more... a little bit more vanilla? this is great! [ male announcer ] at humana, we believe there's never been a better time to share your passions... because the results... are you having fun doing this? yeah. that's a very nice cake! [ male announcer ] well, you can't beat them. [ giggles ] ohh! you got something huh? whoa... [ male announcer ] humana understands the value of spending time together that's a lot of work getting that one in! let's go see the birdies. [ male announcer ] one on one,
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martha: if everybody remembers the first campaign was all about hope and change. those are the big buzzwords. now president obama admits that he did not bring enough of the change that he sought to bring to washington there. brand-new hour starting now of "america's newsroom." good morning, everyone, i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. it's a weekend for reflections and regrets on the trail. with just 44 days to go before america votes the president and governor romney not only sharing their visions for america's future, but the president came clean with what he called his mistakes in washington. >> if you asked me, what is my biggest disappointment is that we haven't changed the tone in washington as much as i would have liked. >> and you don't bear any responsibility for that? >> i think as president i bear responsibility for everything to some degree. >> washington is broken. and i happen to think that flows from the president.
7:01 am
i think ultimately the buck stops at the president's desk. he'd probably say the same thing. martha: joined by fox news senior political analyst brit hume, good to see you this morning. we got an interesting look. some say this is a preview of what we might hear from both of them in the debates. what did you think about the initial piece of sound that we just played in terms of the president's regrets about not bringing more change to washington? >> it kind of puts that question out there. he admits that the tone is as poisonous as it was when he came and maybe even more so. and then he says he bears responsibility for everything, pause, pause, to some degree. which is kind of a buck stops here, except when it doesn't comment. i mean that is maybe a little harsh, but you quit th get the point. the question arises, why is this? basically there are two ways of looking at this. one is that he's governed so far away from the center there is no hope republicans could join with
7:02 am
him in his main initiatives and he had enough votes to stuff them down their vote for the better part of two years. the other thing is he never really offered republicans anything in terms of the substance of the major legislation on the stimulus, on the healthcare plan and so forth that he could bring them along, and therefore he can't get them and therefore we have the remaining divisions in washington. that's a real issue in this campaign, whether it's ever going to be fully debated i don't know. martha: he talked also about the nastiness of the campaign and part of what we're going to see here was shown on the website after, they've gotten criticism for leaving this out of the big moment on 60 minutes last night. let's take a look at this. >> we see sometimes us going overboard in our campaign, mistakes that are made, areas where there is no doubt that somebody could dispute how we are presenting things, you know, that happens in politics.
7:03 am
>> is that all it is, brit? >> it's an interesting way to put it. basically what he's saying is, politics ain't beanbag, and he's right, politics ain't beanbag and there is a certain amount of rough-and-tumble that goes on and a certain amount of exaggeration for effect that happens in campaign ads. that seems to be what he's saying. the question is, a thorough follow-up on this would have been nice, it didn't happen apparently. to say, well what exactly are you talking about mr. president? are you talking about factual assertion tph-s your campaig assertions in your campaign ads or statements that are wrong. we didn't get that. it's hard to figure out what he meant by that.
7:04 am
>> which is of course the big driver of entitlement spending, and it's a much bigger problem to resolve than the coming major short falls in the social security program. means testing is an idea that's been around for a longtime. it's particularly controversial with regard to social security,
7:05 am
which you'll note he only mentioned it in terms of medicare. i think it's an idea tha that's time has come, perhaps in the sense that it would save quite a lot of money over time and it would mean that they are better off or more responsible for obtaining their own healthcare and so on. so it makes a certain amount of sense. it will be attacked as cutting medicare. martha: it's also something that has shown up in the paul ryan budget as well. >> right. it's a serious proposal, though and it would do something serious about this ex-- the exploding cost of this particular entitlement program. how well it sells in an election year i don't know. it's serious enough and if it's emphasized ice the kin emphasize it's the kind of thinkinthing that would make people say he's sear just about this.
7:06 am
martha: nice to see you. bill: the president is shown in the lead on another big issue. gallop poll just released asked hundreds of voters who they trust on medicare. voters trust the president, romney 44%. martha: early voting by mail is already underway in two dozen states. this is not lost on the campaigns, i assure you and in places ike idaho and south dakota folks can even vote early in person. one-third of americans are expected to take advantage of early voting. a lot of seniors tend to like to vote early as well and that may be a factor for all that early voting. bill: one of the big questions in the campaign, governor romney releasing his 2011 tax return a summary of what he paid in taxes over the last two decades. who can forget the democratic lead tere taking the floor saying he had a good source saying the governor had not paid
7:07 am
any taxes for a decade. goes governor reid owe governor romney an apology? do you think that apology is coming in. >> i think it's irrelevant. harry reid if he's watching us right now is dancing a gig that we are still discussing his attack. i don't think there was every any doubt that his attack was probably not rooted in fact, probably not rooted in a source who knew enough about mitt romney's private financial information that he'd be able to even make that claim. but the whole point, especially when the majority leader of the senate made the claim, was to make sure that the issue of mitt romney's tax returns was still in the news. at the time he made the claim it had sort of drifted off the front pages and he i think mitt romney in a sense foolishly ended up responding to harry reid's charge by assuring all of us that he of course had paid taxes and harry reid got exactly what he wanted and he still is getting what he want wants. bill: for governor romney 14
7:08 am
point 1%, donated $4 million to charity. an active tax race of 14% over the past 20 years. never paid less than 13.66%. where does it go or is it dead now? >> i think it probably is a dead issue. we are go close to the campaign. i do think the romney campaign way back in the spring could have handle the tax return issue better so it wasn't so much a thrown in its side. the country is pretty politically divided and i don't think the fact that we now have all the tax information we are going to get is going to change things much. it probably wasn't going to change things much to begin w. it's the governor could have changed himself a lot of political headaches in the months of july and august. at this point this campaign is eat going to be decided by mitt romney making a successful case that things can be better and here is now i'm going to do it or he's not going to get that done and the president will be able to successfully make the case if you stick with me we'll
7:09 am
end up getting where you want and you don't trust the other guy because he wants to take the country back. two competing messages, whoever make it effectively ends up i think winning the race which is still very winnable and loosable for either candidate. bill: one thing that struck me in the 60 minutes interview last night when governor romney was talking about his tax returns. he said that was money i've already been tabgtsed a taxed at the highest level. i'm not sure many folks understand that or that it breaks through. >> again i think it's noise. if i were mitt romney and i'm asked again by a reporter like me about tax returns i would simply give an answer that i have a tax reform plan that is designed to help create jobs, and raise the amount of take home pay people have. this is the message he needs. obviously, bill, what you're referring to is the fact that as americans were taxed on our income at whatever the rate is, 30%, 25%, whatever and if we
7:10 am
invest the money we have left over and we make money on that investment we're taxed a tax at a capital gains rate, around 15% or whatever it is and that's the thinking behind the different rates. bill: i understand. >> again, most people don't necessarily think about this either way. even for their own investments. they probably don't think about it. the reason romney is paying a lower effective tax rate right now is he doesn't have a salaried job with income tax, he's making money off his investments. again, politically ho it's how you handle it. bill: your hreug bigger poin bigger point is well-taken. americans are going to vote on how they feel today and the direction they are headed tomorrow. thank you, david. david drucker in washington. martha: growing criticism as the president prepares to meet with the ladies of the view while telling his key ally that his schedule may be too-jammed
7:11 am
packed to sit down with benjamin netanyahu. >> the world tells israel, wait, there is still time. and i say, wait for what? wait until when? martha: very dramatic moment and one say a point of criticism that came a couple of weeks ago from benjamin netanyahu. why critics are casting doubts on the president's priorities because of that. bill: the latest sabr erbs rattling out of iran getting serious nation until attention. who is walking about world war iii and why, we will fill you in on that. martha: a report of shots fired at one u.s. airport. we'll tell you what happened when a flight attendant forgot -- oh, i forgot i'm packing heat. >> you would expect she'd be more vigilant about it. the fact she travels so much it would be second nature to check it out before coming to the airport. 4g lte has the fastest speeds.
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. zon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what'sretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined. bill: you think she would know better a. flight attendant
7:15 am
bussed forbus busted for having a loaded gun in her carry on bag. that's not the whole story. the gun went off as they were trying to unload it. the bullet peered the break room. luckily no one was hurt. >> we are human, everyone makes mistakes. even though she is a zone seasoned veteran she needs to be careful. will she be reprimanded for her? that will be between her and her boss. bill: the flight attendant told them she forgot the gun was in her bag. she has a valid gun permit. she was issued a summons for disorderly conduct. martha: because no one was hurt it sounds like a comedy routine. bill: it was fired through the break room where she worked. martha: okay, moving right along this morning. the critics you know are casting
7:16 am
doubt on the president's priorities today because the commander-in-chief is going to sit down with the ladies of the view. he has told the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu that his schedule does not really allow for a meeting with him while he's in town for the u.n. general assembly okay. that is the pw-bgsz. texas g.o.p. dong man michael mccaul is a member of the foreign relations committee. good morning to you. >> thanks for having me. >> what do you think about that? >> i think it's comical but dangerous. it's very insulting to the prime minister of israel, insulting to our greatest ally in the region and it powers iran with their nuclear weapons facility. in a time when we have such a crisis in the middle east with the muslim brotherhood and al-qaida trying to fill the vacuum, taking over our embassies, killing our ambassadors, and he has a chance to meet with the world leaders to discuss this very issue and he declines, i just think it's
7:17 am
unconscionable. and furthermore, why hasn't he responded to this crisis? he has yet to go on national television and address the person people and the world to say that we are not going to tolerate this kind of action to our embassies on american soil, this ambassador was dash dragged througdragged through the streets. martha: he did that right afterwards. a lot of people agree with you the more we learned about it and the deeper the problem appeared to become when al-qaida looked to be behind it we have not heard from him since then on that. >> i think he's been sort of radio silent. i think he needs to come forward and address the nation. i hope tomorrow before the united nices that he'll take thanicenations that he'll take that opportunity and i hope he doesn't call into question our alliance with israel. that will embolden the al-qaida and muslim brotherhood forces and will be a serious mistake.
7:18 am
martha: let's listen to robert gibbs with chris wallace on sunday. >> they have telephones in the white house. last weekend he talked to the president of egypt, the leader in libya. we don't need a meeting in washington to confer with leaders. >> he does need the time to be on the view. >> i'm sure if he was doing an interview with you on fox news you'd have no problem with that. martha: so he sa says leaders talk by telephone, it's not as if there is no communication going on. >> it was the largest attack on american soil, it was an embassy, really since 9/11. i remember president bush getting on the national television addressing the person people after that. what i get the view is the perception he's trying to downplay this. and i think he needs to treatette more seriously, and address this. there is no question they are having back channel conversations, and i hope that he's using the carrot of foreign aid with egypt to say look we
7:19 am
give your military $1.5 billion. where were they protecting our embassy when it got stormed? the fact is they were awol, the egyptian military was not there. we need to condition this foreign aid with certain conditions and strings to better protect our diplomats overseas. martha: let me take you back to the israel and benjamin netanyahu topic for just a moment now. benjamin netanyahu in the video sound byte that we showed moments ago said, wait? wait for what, because he's very upset that he is being asked to sort of hold off potentially on a strike back against the progress that iran is making towards nuclear weapons. he believes that the united states should have a red line and if iran crosses that red line that there would be some form of retaliation. do you think that that pressure is the reason that the president obama does not want to sit down with him at this point? >> there is no question there is tension between the president and the united states and the president of israel. i think that needs to be bridged.
7:20 am
i think, again, you know, i think what benjamin netanyahu is doing is waiting, patiently. he's been very patient until after the election to see who is going to be elected. his window to be able too defend himself is closing very rapidly in terms of what he can do to that nuclear facility. this is the very serious issue because of the strength of hez not only i hezbollah, i went to an area where they blue up a jewish center, hezbollah in the united states if this situation is not handled properly we could see hezbollah operating all over the middle east and the united states. martha: thank you. >> thanks for having me. bill: the president has said repeatedly ma millionaires and billionaires need to pay for taxes. what this uncle sam taxed them at 100%, all of their income,
7:21 am
how long will that fund the government? the answer is moments away. martha: plus this. two raging wildfires that could join to form one months sister blaze. that is the big concern they are talking about and pointing out there. hundreds of family don't know if they would have a home any more if that were to happen. we are going to talk about that. >> it's hard breaking losing it -pt. >> it. >> i grew up at a place that is heaven on earth. i talked to my son this week about what will we do if everything burns? who needs a little help saving. for adding "& sons." for the dreamer, planning an early escape. for the mother of the bride. for whoever you are, for whatever you're trying to achieve, pnc has technology, guidance, and over 150 years of experience to help you get there. ♪
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7:24 am
martha: good monday morning. 25 minutes past the hour right now. there is a desperate search going on for climbers after an avalanche in nepal. they believe that at least nine people were killed in this. six more climbers they think are still out there missing and the
7:25 am
search goes on. and move over, mad men, show time's "homeland" winning big at the emmy's. winning for best drama best actor and actress. we ought to check that one out. i haven't seen it yet. we watch enough tv. tv all day long, not enough at all. bill: it's like news and sports. martha: the rest is gravy. bill: fox news alert right now a pair of fast-moving wildfires erupting in southern california threatening at least 200 memories east of l.a. william la jeunesse is on that live in l.a. now and william what sparked all this? >> well, bill, this time of year it does not take much, a lightning strike, some embers from a smoldering campfire, both those fires are under investigation. one fire erupted on sunday afternoon near a park in riverside county about 60 miles southeast of los angeles. it destroyed four homes, threatening 200 memory. dr.~conrad murray higmurrieta
7:26 am
high school is now a evacuation center. a second fire started in san diego, near the campo indian reservation. it destroyed 20 homes, threatening 80 more. both of these are brush fires meaning they can move quickly and can change direction with even mild changes in the wind, the direction of the wind. the fires are under investigation. bill: we are just coming into the season right now. what about elsewhere in the west, william? >> the weather here in southern california is cooling off right about now, and a similar change in weather up in washington state has helped firefighters there over the weekend. in the cascade mountains a fire there destroyed some four service buildings and a few thousand acres. of course that is much higher terrain, if you will, a lot of heavy timber there. 2,000 people are undermanned torrey evacuation. a hundred miles south of that in a wilderness area, firefighters there successfully stopped a
7:27 am
fire from going into more populated areas, both of those fires again by lightning. as you said, this time of year mother nature giveet after takeet away. we have lower winds in southern california, that's going to help, by the end of the week it's going to go up. you have the kappa rels and high deserts very dry, with thi santa ana season you know it could get worse. bill: we will watch that. martha: iran talking about world war iii. what they say could set that off. does the u.s. have enough time to act? general jack keane on that next. bill: also out of this world pitt stop, nasa's latest plan for astronauts heading to mars, or how about the moon? note fly me t ♪ fly me to the moon, let me
7:28 am
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and could save you thousands a year in out-of-pocket costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. bill: there is a stark warning that is coming from the iran's
7:32 am
rogue regime. a senior commander saying that any attack by israel would force them to attack the ooh noted states which would touch off a broader war. jack keane is a fox news military analyst, four-star general, former vice chief of staff for the army. sir, hello to you from london today. you provided a number of notes here, and i want to go through these. so we have an understanding of where you are and what the situation perhaps woul could be. you believe iran does not believe the u.s. would conduct a military strike. why not? >> well, i think they've looked at the obama administration and characterized their actions in this way. they publicly and privately they've tried to keep the israelis from conducting a military strike. i think iran's interpretation of that is the united states is not serious about a military strike of their own and also wants to stop the israelis from doing so. and that's the conclusion i believe they have drawn. bill: you also say iran believes
7:33 am
the u.s. does not want israel to conduct a military strike which is something you have stated before with us. if iran struck u.s. bases as they have now threatened to do, in fact we can show a map which have areas in cu israeli cute tar kutar, bahrain, what would iran do, would they strike out against us or is that a hallow fret. >> i don't think so, no one knows for sure what the iranians would do. they are unpredictable. i think when you look at it coldly and hardly i mean the reality is this. the iranians, i believe, would avoid military confrontation with the united states at all costs. and why is that? because the united states is the only country that could defeat their military and change out their regime. so even though the israelis would attack i think the iranian
7:34 am
response to be a limited response against the israelis and avoid any direct confrontation with the united statesment certainly attacking our bases would put them squarely at war with the united states i. i think closing the straits of store musli mormuz would do the same thing. i think it's rhetoric. bill: do you think they would use hamas and hezbollah. >> absolutely. they would reign on israelis with the rockets, mortars and missiles that they have provided to the lebanon hezbollah and also to the hamas. syria has provided that capability and so have the iranians. whether they do direct missile attack against major cities like tel-aviv and jerusalem from iran is another calculus they'll have to weigh. because that's where severe, the israelis could ask the united states for help and that would again put us at war with the
7:35 am
iranians. bill: you believe that iran thinks that israel would launch a preemptive strike. >> i believe the israelis are heading towards a preemptive strike because our sanctions and policy with the iran just is effec feckless. it's not strong enough to stop them from developing a nuclear program and i think the israelis at some point will conduct this operation. they have no alternative. they believe this is a threat and although they have less capability than we do they have come to the conclusion that they have no alternative. bill: to be clear if israel starts that strike, can they finish the war? >> what the israelis would do would be a limited strike against the iranian's nuclear capabilities. i think they would be very careful not to expand that strike into the larger military capacity of the iranians which would create a very different response from the iranians to israel. it would be a limited strike as
7:36 am
comprehensive against the nuclear capability but limited in terms of what it would do with the rest of iran's capability. bill: to finish that job would israel need the united states? >> absolutely. i mean we have greater capabilities than the israelis do. we can't get into awful it inventory to all of it. yes they want some of our technical capability that they do not have. i would hope if they got ready to do this attack and we are not going to participate with them we would at least give them some of the capacity that we have. bill: a lot of this attention goes to the head of the revolutionary guard out of teheran that was making comments over the weekend saying war between iran and israel happening but he's not sure about where or when and he said nothing is predictable but that it would turn into world war iii. what do you make of that? >> well i think it's mostly posturing. clearly because i believe the
7:37 am
audience there is washington d.c., and they want us to put more pressure on the israelis not to do the attack because of the results and calamity that he is suggesting would happen as a result of an attack like that. i think that's what they are trying to do, united states pressure israel not to do the attack, we put that pressure on them before, while not saying directly, implying, that's what we should do. bill: we'll see you back in new york soon, thank you. >> take care, bill. martha: we'll bring tour attention some reporting that has just been put out here at fox news by james rosen who has taken a look at the latest release, a fact sheet that has come out from the libyan government, and in that the libyan government asserts that ambassador chris stevens was alive when he was dragged from the consulate, brought from the consulate, and we have seen the really horrific pictures of that that came out shortly after that, but that he died at the
7:38 am
hospital. and we remember that there was discussion about what the cause of death was, asphyxiation, suffocation, but this word coming from this libyan report that he indeed died at the hospital. that is the latest development that we have in that story. we wanted to bring that to you. more on that as it comes in. bill: a lot more on that too, based on what we can verify to the latest mission on nasa, or for nasa rather at agency announces plans to create a space ship that would act as a way station for a mission to mars. it would build a small outpost near the moon that would remain in place with very little effort thanks to gravitational pool. it would act as an interplanetary pit stop for crews headed to the red planet. you use the moon as your rest stopper. martha: stopover point. bill: then you shoot on out to mars and on the way home you take apply by to pick whatever
7:39 am
you left there at the moon. martha: get some gas, pick up some snacks. they have those there, right. bill: right, just like the exit on the turnpike in jersey. martha: i'm very exited oriented. i'm from new jersey. this is coming up in a moment, a forceful defense of the president's economic record from a man who once occupied the oval office hip self. we will take a look at the claim from president clinton that no one could have turned the count throw around in four years. is it true? bill: apparently taking a page from the hollywood hit catch me if you can, trying to con his way across efforts with aviator shades, a uniform and one heck of a poker face. martha: that's a story. ♪ the age of the great pretend der. ♪ i play the game but to my real
7:40 am
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bill: catch me if you can. a man in italy busted for trying to impersonate a pilot. he got far actually. a 32-year-old man accused of using multiple disgeesess to con his way onto one flight in jeremy, to a northern town of to, ren. when police caught up with him he was wearing a fake pilot's uniform and sipping coffee near a bar in a check in area. martha: former president clinton with another forceful defense of the president's economic record this weekend. when questioned by bob schieffer about the state of the economy the former president indicated no one could have turned this around in a single term. >> the fact is unemployment is up, it's higher than when he came to office. the economy is still in the dumps. some paper say that's reason enough to make a change.
7:44 am
>> it is if you believe that we could have been fully healed in four years. i don't know a single serious economist who believes that as much damage as we had could have been healed. martha: let's talk to a single serious economist and see what he says, steven moore is a senior economic writer at the "wall street journal." steve, welcome. >> hi, martha. martha: i think that the president, obama has got even a ton of traction out of what bill clinton said at the democratic convention. i think when he looked everybody in the eye at that convention and said, it's okay, you can vote for him again because nobody could have fixed this and he's doing a darn good job. huge traction from that and he's still out there selling that notion. what do you think. >> no question. i know this is going to shock you, this election in politics is all about who can control the opinion war and right now barack obama has been winning the spin war thanks to bill clinton with this line that nobody could have done better. there are two problems with that
7:45 am
line of analysis that this is the best we could do. number one is i know a serious economist beside myself who said that it wasn't going to take four years and that was barack obama. remember, martha, it was barack obama who said exactly four years ago if i haven't fixed things in four years i'll be a one-term president. clearly barack obama himself believed and sold the american public on the ideas that the problems of our economy would be over, and they clearly are not. the only problem is, you know, i worked for a president martha who did solve a major economic crisis in less than four years and of course that was ropbl tkpwaeug began. reagan inherited a crisis just as deep as barack obama did, 20% mortgage interest rates and 14 1/2 inflation. within three years of the reagan program the economy was booming. as you do, remember, martha, hropbld reagan ran on a campaign in 1984 called warning in america. i don't buy the spin that this was the best we could do.
7:46 am
i think we could be doing a lot better. >> the main focus of the obama argument of how to fix things is this idea that the rich need to pay their fair share. when you look at some of the numbers that some serious economists have done to break this down, it's quite interesting, because if you took not only the tax increases that president obama wants, but if you took every single penny and dollar that they made over the course of a year you'd only basically bang roll the government for about two and a half months. so that hardly feels like a meaningful solution. >> right. and that assumes that people would still work and you still have rich people if you took 100% of their money. the problem of course martha is there are not enough rich people, millionaires and billionaires to pay the bills. if you want to balance the budget by raising taxes you'll have too go after the great middle class because that's where the money is in this country, it's still in the hands of the middle class voters. so this is a business progress. by the way, how do you square the circle that if you want to
7:47 am
improve the economy, how do you make the economy better in 2013 with taxes going up on businesses? i've made this point so many times on this show, but i want to make it one more time, when you talk about those people, in the top 1%, martha, two-thirds of those people make their money because they are small business owners, operators or in vesters. martha, those are the people who create the jobs. martha: right. you know i was intrigued by something that mitt romney talked about in the 60 minutes interview. and i would argue that he is also looking to get the rich to pay more in a couple of ways. one is by erasing loopholes. he's saying instead of taxing them more we are going to take away some of the tax loopholes that they enjoy that allow them to have more income at the end of paying their taxes. the other idea is that you would means test medicare and social security so people who had paid into it all their lives, because they've done so well they are going to get a little bit less back in the end. i mean that is an interesting
7:48 am
balance to the president's argument that the way to do it is to tax them and get more money that way. >> i know, you're so right, martha. it was 1962 when john f. kennedy said that the west way to raise taxes from the rich is to cut their tax rates so we have more growth in the economy and more rich people. look, we do need more tax revenues, there is no question, tax revenues right now, martha are about 15% of gdp, they are lower than they've been in 50 years, that's because the economy is no lousy. you get the economy moving, you create more wealthy people, and what is wrong with creating more rich people, then you get a lot of the revenues in to help balance the budget. i don't think raising the rates is the right way to go. i think mitt romney has the right idea, get rid of the loopholes. by the way, why does warn buffet and bill gates need to get a social security check? i think they are doing okay without it. martha: steve more thank you very much. a very serious economist joining us today. good to see you. bill: patti ann brown is in standby mode on "happening
7:49 am
now." what are you cook up. >> reporter: we have a lot of political news to divest today. both campaigns concentrating their fire on the battleground states. there were also dueling appearances on 60 minutes last night. so what didn't make air? we've got the sound, plus a feisty exchange on fox news sunday. cnn coming under some fire today over its handling of the personal journal of our murdered ambassador to libya and a rolling tribute across the country to fallen veterans and their families. see you then, bill. bill: got it. nice color, patti ann. >> reporter: thank you. bill: it works. martha: it's like lure going to the prom together. bill: they could hold the key in a close presidential race, the undecideds, what the fence sitters now need to hear in a critical battleground state that could determine it. martha: talk about knowing your customers, the deal that adds to bang to the blink. ♪ singing]
7:50 am
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through a town festival in harrison county, pennsylvania. it caused widespread damage. one woman described the chaotic scene as something right out of a movie. >> it looked like the wizard of oz. i was like dorothy trying to get away from it. it was crazy all of a sudden the tent just picked up. i started opinion i canning. i ran away and i was still like looking. it was cool but i was scared at the same time. martha: nearly a thousand people attending that festival. at least one woman suffered minor injuries. quite a scene. bill: sure is.
7:54 am
martha: like toto. bill: the presidential race heating up in the battleground state of florida. 29 electoral votes there now and brand-new polling numbers showing president obama and governor mitt romney ne neck-and-neck separated by 1% average points. it a huge percentage of the 270 needed to r*eupb the white house. steve is live from the white house now. good morning. >> we have been trying to find undecided florida voters letting them explain in their own words why they are still on the fence. the typical undecided florida voter is a young female like michelle. what is holding you back from making that move from obama. why are you hesitate stph-g. >> i still feel he hasn't done everything he said he was going to do prior to election. >> what about romney? what makes you hold back on him. >> i just feel he's more for the upper class people, the rich. >> and when do you think you're
7:55 am
going to decide? >> the day before election day. >> brian walsh is hoping for a third option. >> what is it about the third party the maintaining that would make it different than either the republicans or the democrats. >> fair electionses that are not just about the big money, which obviously democrats ab republicans are. they are about -- it's all about the money. thousands of dollars for example, in a state dinner. it's all about the money. >> even for some of florida's most loyal high turn out voters, those over age 65, this election is come mr. indicated. >> i have quite a few children and they have to survive, and it's a difficult situation. healthcare, i'm a senior citizen, so one way or another i'll have my healthcare, but the young ones that are growing up, they are the ones that have to be taken care of.
7:56 am
>> reporter: a lot of undecided senior voters here told us the very same thing. in this economy they are more worried about their adult children than they are about themselves. bill: thanks, steve harrigan. yet again we find florida as a critical battleground state. thank you, steve. here is martha. martha: it's something that president obama has long championed. he has talked for a longtime about how he feels about redistribution of wealth and that in some cases i think it's the right way to go. next find out how this policy is benefitting washington d.c. more than any other place in the nation. americans are always ready to work hard for a better future. since ameriprise financial was founded back in 1894, they've been committed to putting clients first. helping generations through tough times. good times. never taking a bailout. there when you need them. helping millions of americans over the centuries. the strength of a global financial leader. the heart of a one-to-one relationship. together for your future. ♪
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wthe future of our medicare andr electiosocial security. for... together for your future. man 1: i want facts. straight talk. tell me your plan... and what it means for me. woman 2: i'm tired of the negative ads and political spin. that won't help me decide. man 2: i earned my medicare and social security. and i deserve some answers. anncr: where do the candidates stand on issues at... affe seniors today and in the future? find out with the aarp voters' guide at
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