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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 25, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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turn to us. if you need anything else, let me know. [ female announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far. >>megyn: folks at twitter weighing on harry reid comments about sullying the mormon. >> that is not in line with our principles. >> another calls it a "new low." here is shepard smith. >>shepard: the president on the world stage here in new york city taking aim at extremists overseas. calling the murder of our ambassador, an attack on america. the president issued a warning to iran. will it dough any -- do any good? >> if you are looking for a job, we will tell you where you can probably find one. >> a controversial call. good grief. i thought after yesterday, the truth is they don't know what they are doing. that all there is to it. it is the fault of the national
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football league. period. what do you think? now it is taking to the campaign trail. are you watching, roger? that is all ahead ahead unless breaking news changes everything. >> the president warned iran in an address to our allies and our enemies at the united nations john assembly. the president started the speech with a tribute to the ambassador to libya, christopher stevens, a couple weeks after he was assassinated along with three other americans on u.s. soil at the consulate in benghazi. the date was 9/11. >> chris stevens embodied the best of america. he built bridges across oceans of cultures and deeply invested in the international cooperation that the united nations
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represents. today, we must reafell our future will be determined by people like chris stevens and not by his killer. >>shepard: the attack came during a spike in anti-american violence in north africa some in response to the amateur anti-islam video that marked mohammed. the president today said the u.s. government had nothing to do with the video and condemned the backlash. he defended the constitution from protecting the trite practice free speech. >> americans have fought and died around the globe to protect the right of all people to express their views, even views we disagree with. we do fault do so because we support hateful speech but because our founders understood without such protection the capacity of each individual expressed their own views and practiced their own faith could be threatened. >>shepard: the president addressed the ongoing nuclear stand off with iran during accusations from republicans,
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including governor romney, that president obama's policies have not slowed iran's nuclear march. >> let me be clear: america wants to resolve this issue through diplomacy. we believe this is still time and space to do so. that time is not unlimited. make no mistake, a nuclear armed iran is not a challenge that can be contained. it would threaten the security of israel and the stability of the global economy. that's why the united states will do what we must to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >>shepard: the president has been under fire for not meeting with binyamin netanyahu or any world leaders. despite multiple requests from netanyahu, the president did not set a red line on iran's nuclear activities. that takes us to our chief white house corporate following the president on the campaign trail. the president says the united states will always stand up for freedom.
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there are limits to america's influence. >>reporter: it is rare to have the two major candidates in the same city, a mile and a half apart. the president is at the u.n. mitt romney was at the clinton global initiative. the to candidates are offering such two sharply different visions about what to do with the mill east. mitt romney charging the president is sitting on the side lines and letting events dictate the situation. the president said the opposite. >> let me be clear. we cannot solve every problem in the world, the united states has not and will not seek to dictate the outcome of democrat transitions abroad. we do not expect other nations to agree with us on every issue. >>reporter: the president has not classified the attack as a terror attack but says this is an attack not on just america but on the entire mandate and values of the u.n.
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>>shepard: you mentioned that governor romney is in new york city and he and his are saying the president is failing to lead. >>reporter: they are hitting the president for the fact he was taping an episode of "the view" running today and did not meet with binyamin netanyahu. they feel he should show more leadership on the world stage. here is the laying out of the case. ought president has demonstrated there really isn't a central rudder to our foreign policy coming out of the white house. most americans are looking at it wanting to see pore -- more leadership. >>reporter: the president is not letting those attacks get to him. on way out of the u.n. he recognized a security guard from a previous visit and he said, you still rooting for the jets in he did not mention the refs but carney thinks both sides neat to get together and get the regular refs back in. i knew you wanted it know.
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>>shepard: i cannot think of anyone who doesn't want the refs back to work. >>reporter: paul ryan tried to say the replacement him of the president dealing with the economy and it is team to bring in a new team. i don't think the white house remembers. >>shepard: and new to judith miller, adjunct fellow at the manhattan institute. >>guest: it was the speech of a president running if re-election, not a hint of apology for america for the values in this speech, a lot of toughness, there was almost a focus only on the middle east and the muslim world. no mention of china, russia, the other trouble spots. it was all, fellow, here is what we expect of you. pull up your socks. let's cut the whining about
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outrage. look at your responsibilities to your people, to free speech, to the values of the united nations and to our values. he set some standards. >>shepard: he was tougher in this speech against those in the muslim world whom you mentioned than he has been in previous addresses. >>guest: very much so. there was no islam is a great religion, none of that today. there was just a statement about how important it is for these new countries feeling their way, led by new men, to get a handle on the violence that threatens the presence of americans in their country. one thing you said that intrigued me, he said we want to stay, we want to help you, we don't want to dictate, we want did work with you, but if you can't protect us we will not be there. the subtle message was, if you want our help, you have to do your part to make sure it is safe if americans to operate. >>shepard: the fact of the matter is, they want our help and our money. this is really not much question
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about that part of it. they don't want to say that at home. >>guest: that is another thing the president mentioned in the speech, the kind of, on one hand, being very offended by things that are appearing in the press and on television. on the other hand, not doing anything or saying anything about the desecration and destruction of churches in their own countries, about the persecution of christians and other minorities. it was a very tough-mined speech. he pulled up the prospect of military action in libya, perhaps, say, in october what is being called the "october not so surprise," which is punishment for those who killed four americans, including chris stevens. >>shepard: it could be interesting what the new president morsi of egypt has to say. it is interesting that the president would not meet with him, who asked to meet with the
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president. he withdrew the with the once he understood that the president want going to meet him. >>shepard: that is how most leaders do it. not all of them. >>guest: most of them. >>shepard: flies to see you. governor romney appearing with a political foe today in new york city, bill clinton. the two men sat side-by-side at the clinton global initiative during a break from partisan politics. the 42nd president is the top surrogate for the campaign, not lost on the g.o.p. president a.m., nominee. listen to what he said after the introduction of pick -- bill clinton. >> few words from bill clinton can do a man a lot of good, we have learned that from this election. all i have to do is wait a couple days for the "bounce." >>shepard: that was a few hours before president obama
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addressed the same convince and governor romney stayed away from directly attacksly rival at the forum, focusing on his own foreign policy goals. john roberts traveling with governor romney who just arrived in ohio. john, governor romney is stepping up the attacks on the campaign trail. >>guest: he is doing that. the plane should arrive in a couple of minutes. stepping up the attacks and broadening them out. high has been going after the president on the economy and jobs but the republicans feel that is too limiting and he needs to do more to highlight the differences. he did that at the global initiative saying when it comes to foreign aid he would use it not as a hand out but a hand up to encourage free enterprise, improve people's lives around the world and reduce the threat to america by doing that. while he didn't directly go after president obama, he certainly seemed to suggest that he doesn't think the president has done a good job on that
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front. >> we have witnessed the killing of tens of thousands of people in syria the president of egypt is a member of the muslim brotherhood. our ambassador to libya was assassinated in a terrorist attack. iran is moving toward nuclear weapons capability. we are at the mercy of ever vents, rather than shaping events. >>reporter: the governor will go after the president on china but at the same time we should point out the obama campaign shall be slamming governor romney for holding substantial investments in china. >>shepard: a lot of the republicans and the chattering class has been saying come on, governor romney, campaign with paul ryan. today high is in ohio. >>reporter: they will be here together in a couple of minutes. this is the first time they have been together in a month since the day after the republican convention. that is leading a lot of people to say they don't think ryan is being used to his greatest potential and he needs to be turned lose in the campaign.
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this morning, in cincinnati, congressman paul ryan seemed to be right on point as he tried to turn once reliably republican hamilton county, red again. >> we have problems and they are getting worse. here is what leaders are elected to do. if you see a problem, solve the problem. don't blame other people. get in there, use your principles, be honest with people about the problems facing the country and do something about it. that is not the kind of leadership we have right now. >> now governor romney making his appearance here at the wright patterson airfield, his big plane rolling up at the same time that congressman ryan is coming up on the bus behind them. this is the only campaign event they have together in ohio. congressman ryan is off to houston for a fundraiser. governor romney will be here through tomorrow. they need to create some momentum. the latest polls are showing that president obama is
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stretching out with a bit of a lead. >>shepard: john roberts live on the scene just north of dayton. we will have streaming live coverage of the romney event at the federal government said is still holding 167 detainees at guantanamo bay. dozens of them could get out soon. intelligence officials say some of those men are likely to rejoint terror groups with extra notoriety because of their time at guantanamo bay. what does that mean? we will get to that. more than 100 presidents, prime ministers, kings and the like, fighting for the attention at the u.n. general assembly. thank goodness jonathan hunt is almost always also there. you will decide which category he fits. you decide. [ female announcer ] e-trade was founded on the simple belief
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absolutely free. when you call the experts at one reverse mortgage today, you'll learn the benefits of a government-insured reverse mortgage. it will eliminate your monthly mortgage payments and give you tax-free cash from the equity in your home. and here's the best part -- you still own your home. take control of your retirement today. ♪ ♪ >>shepard: the prime suspect in the consulate in benghazi is bringing new attention to former
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gitmo dedetainees. freed prisoners who returned to violent jihad at an alarming rate. intelligence sources say one in three returns to terrorism when he gets out. on top of that, the time in guantanamo bay seems to give the prisoners a street cred in al qaeda. many of them become terror leaders when they are home. intelligence sources say that is what happened with this man. he has been linked to al qaeda, the attacks of 9/11 themselves from 2001. he went freed under the bush administration in 2007 with a reported agreement he stay locked up in libya. of course, that didn't happen. now he is suspected of leading the attack which left the ambassador and three other americans dead. catherine has the news from washington, dc. what do the defense folks say about the detainees or former detainees? >>reporter: officials say gitmo gives them a street cred
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or "badge honor," and if they are suspected of returning to the ballot field they do it in a big way. a libyan, along with his group, are now among the leading suspects in the attack on the consulate. and the saudis, a former graduate from gitmo, and the number two for al qaeda in yemen, targeting the united states, publicly the defense department down plays any guantanamo bay affect. >> it is probably safe to say some of them probably do acquire some degree of status but i'm not sure it is widespread. >>reporter: aside from these, one was behind the largest suicide bombings in iraq killing 13 iraqi policemen three years after he was released from guantanamo bay. one of the most interesting
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aspects. the current deputy leader if the taliban is a former gitmo detainee. there is no credible picture although he was chosen because he was young, in his late 30's and a hardened fighter. he joined the taliban in 1995 and was the first detainee at g boy. his number there was number 8, having spent five years at gitmo, a federal law enforcement force said there is real concern that someone like him has recommitted to the taliban's cause but also brings with him a new understanding of the way americans think and the way the american system works. >>shepard: thank you from washington, dc, catherine. >> federal jets every day, packed full of passengers, come close to colliding before take off or after landing. reports are now showing that sometimes the crashes are only prevented by luck. what happens when you are still on the ground at the airport? we have staggering numbers.
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that is ahead. whoa, look at all those toys.
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>>shepard: there is an alarming new report on air safety. the most dangerous part of flying could be before you even leave the ground. according to the reporting of "new york times" newspaper today, a plane or vehicle wines up on an active runway completely by accident three times each day. 1,000 times a year. "new york times" reports the number of close calls has stayed about the same as the total number of flights have gone down. this is over a period of years. the report comes as the feds release the findings on two near misses in chicago. in each case a regional vote at o'hare international came several hundred feet from crashing into another plane.
12:24 pm
the pilots in both cases made last second maneuvers to avoid impact. we have head of boyd group aviation. good to have you. should i be worried about this? >>guest: that number of 1,000 are the ones we know about. a lot goes on we don't know about. our air tr system is so understaffed and undermanaged, we are living on borrowed time. >>shepard: how did it get this way? i hear about the new system. as long as i have been in the business, 25 years, i have heard of the new system that keeps coming. it never comes. >>guest: now it is called next janet. now it is yesterday's janet. we don't know what it will do. i have an article that said it would be fixed by 2000. no, the problem, we do not have accountability to fix it.
12:25 pm
until we do, and we get the airlines to demand it, we will have incidents like we read in the "new york times" today. >>shepard: tell us what the system needs? >>guest: in the air, we need a free flight system that lets airplanes go where they want did go without putting them in line like a highway. the system they have will computerize it. it will be satellite based. on the ground at kennedy or o'hare, there are systems that can monitor where planes are. those are closer to fruition. some are in place. we need management at top of the f.a.a. that is not a political appointee. that is what we have there and at the department of transportation. >>shepard: every top position, the top positions in those two are strictly favor jobs. >>guest: absolutely. the department of transportation is repository for a guy that doesn't have a better gig. the f.a.a. has always been a place where they put people that don't know what they are doing
12:26 pm
with the exception of the one before the country one who was a pilot. but he is gone. the reality is, this is a place are where politicians put someone and forget about it. like fire and forget. >>shepard: meeting boyd, thank you very much. >>guest: my pleasure. >>shepard: the united nations secretary-general today called for world leaders to come together to stop the civil war in syria. at least one leader of the arab nation said that won't even work. a new call for military intervention in syria is coming up. are you kidding me? seriously? what if that game was somewhere else? it could have been very dangerous for certain people in strikes. something is about to happen. there are few things in the world that matter anymore. football is one of them. [ male announcer ] this is rudy.
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>>shepard: this is ohio, looking like. if you are a republican, maybe the most important state. history tells us you have to win it. if you don't, you cannot win. listen in to mitt romney and paul ryan together. >> get people back did work. gas. coal. it is here. it is ours. on day one, you know what he will do? he will say yes to the keystone
12:31 pm
xl pipeline to get the pill coming to our country. number two, in our states, in our midwestern manufacturing states, we have lots a lot of work. a lost petroleum in the prime of their lives, in their 40's and 50's, they are in between. delphi is a great example. those people need skills they need to get back on track and get to a career of the 21st century so the american dream can be placed in their reap. we need kills. we need to fix our schools and honor the parents and children and not the special interests standing in the way of the educational reforms. we need trade that works for america so we can make more things in america and sell them overseas. mitt will get more indo that. there is one thing the four of us have talked about, we have worked on, we have fought for.
12:32 pm
it is a really simple idea. we can't keep spending money we just don't have. we have to balance this budget. we have to get the debt under criminal. it is our duty to save the american dream for our children and our grandchild and to save it for our economy today. we also have to remember, never forget this, most of our jobs in this country come from those small businesses in this country, from those successful small businesses in this country. we need to reform our taxes so it is fair, simple and competitive. we need to reacknowledge the idea that if you have a small business, you the that small business. you get the credit for that. friends, the obama economic agenda failed not because it was stopped but because it passed.
12:33 pm
let's not forget in the first two years he had total control of government. ever heard of nancy pelosi and harry reid? i'll take that as a "yes." he got almost everything he wanted. the next two years he spent regulating. this is killing jobs. this is plaguing our businesses with uncertainty. we have specific ideas and plans to get people to work, to get the economy growing, to create 12 million jobs to get job security, to get better take home pay, to get people back on the path of opportunity. you see, we know the genius of this country is the worker. it's the small business person. the entrepreneur. it is not our government. after four years of getting the
12:34 pm
run around, what america needs is a turn around. this is the man who knows how to do turn arounds. you know what we also believe, especially in dayton? we believe in peace through strength. that means not gutting our military. not economizing wright patterson air force base, not turning down that plant in lima. but a peace through strength doctrine. i see a marian wright there. i see army right there. i saw a navy guy over here. i know there is someone from the air force here. thank you for your service to our country the we will honor you. we will have a strong national security. that means job security in ohio, as well. (applause) this is the moment, where the moment and the man are meeting. we need leadership.
12:35 pm
we need someone who will be honest with us about our problems, who will not blame other people for the next four years, who will take responsibility, who will not duck the tough issues but who will actually fix things. that's this man right here. when his country called and they asked him to saint olympics, he did his duty and saved it. this is a man who knows how the economy creates because he created over 10,000 jobs. by the way, i think it is a for thing he is a successful businessman because being successful this business is something we want. we're proud of people's success. we want more of success in this country. when this man was governor --. romney, romney, romney, romney,
12:36 pm
romney, romney, romney, romney. >> as governor, when this man was governor, he didn't blame, he didn't duck, he didn't demagog. he got things done. unemployment went doing. the credit rating was improved. household income went up. he reached across the aisle. he balanced the budget without raising taxes. that is the kind of leadership we need in washington. that is not what we have. ladyies and gentleman he has not only succeeded but he has succeeded where others could not. this president is not succeeding. this president cannot run on his record. this president is going to say anything and everything to try and blame, to try and duck, to try and distort, to try and defy, to try and distract, to try and win by default.
12:37 pm
you know what, ohio? we are not going to let him. we are going to let mitt romney, the next president of the united states, ladies and gentleman, mitt romney. (applause). >> that is quote a guy, isn't it? that is paul ryan. wait, wait, wait, romney-ryan. romney-ryan. romney-ryan. there we go. that is right. thank you senator rand paul for being here. problem portman, he has campaigned for me all over the cup. do you know what he does on weekends? do you know what he does? he plays president obama. can you believe that? he plays president obama. he plays him well, too. i hate to tell you. we get a chance to debate one another after the hour and a half is over. i want to kick him out of the room he is so good.
12:38 pm
but he doesn't convince me, when he finishes he said, you beat me again. you beat me again. he likes my arguments. he is a better debater but he likes my arguments better. he knows they are right. where is lee greenwood? lee, i don't know where he is, but i heard him, there he is. right there. proud to be an america. thank you, sir. thank you one more time. this guy sang it right. he said it right. "i'm proud to be an american." i'm proud to be with so many who served our country. wright patterson makes such a contribution to our country. how many members of the armed services or veterans are here? look at that. look at that. i love that national hymn, one of our national hymns "oh beauty for heroes proved in liberating strife who show mercy more than
12:39 pm
life." thank you to our veterans and members of the armed services. if i am president of the united states, correct me, when i am president of the united states, i will not cut our military budget or our commitment to keep america's military second to none in the world. this is an election which is a dramatic choice for the american people. it is a question about the soul of america. what is america going to be. we know the course the president has laid out, his land if the next four years. if you watch their convention or read about his speech, you know what he said. he said, we're going to go forward, more of the same. i think forewarned is a better term. he had no new ideas. no plan if how he will get the economy going. how he will create jobs. instead, it was a repeat of what he said four years ago. he will bring the deficit down. he didn't.
12:40 pm
he doubled it. he is going to get more people working. he didn't. we still have over 8 percent unemployment. his plan is another stimulus. how did that first one go? how about $800 billion. how much did you get? it was "cash for clunkers", did you get help from that? no, no, his idea now, he has one new idea. i admit he has one thing he did not do in the first four years, he said he will do it in the next four years, which is to raise taxes. is there anyone who thinks that raising taxes will help grow the economy? no, his plan is continue what he has done before. status quo has not worked. we cannot afford four more years of president obama of the we will not have four more years of president obama. his plan and his approach says fundamentally that government knows better than you how to live your life, how to pick
12:41 pm
winners and losers, how to choose companies that can be successful and products that have a future. that a group of bureaucrats, real smart people, working hard -- they are good people who work in washington -- he has a view they know better than free people. he will put them in the most important or one of the most important relationships you have. that is the relationship between you and your doctor. he will put government between this if he has his way. he wants a government that is more and more expansive. do you know how much money he spent in one year putting money into companies that he thought had a bright future? green companies. he spent $90 billion and sent to companies in many cases, that remain owned by campaign contributors of his. this is a vision of government that is entirely foreign to anything this nation has ever known. the idea of a larger and larger
12:42 pm
government, taking more and more from the people, intruding itself into your relationship with your doctor, investing so to speak, in companies, picking winners or losers. in his case, losers. that is not the america i know. that is not the america that built ohio. that is not the america we will restore. we will return american to the principles that made this nation the hope of the earth. i have an entirely different course. i would restore the principles the funders described when they wrote the declaration of independence, the foundation of this nation said this, there are rights did not come from rom god himself among those rights remain life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness. we are free in this nation to pursue happiness as we choose. now and then there is a person out there that has some idea and pursues it not because the government told him to but
12:43 pm
because an idea came to their mind. most of the ideas don't work, it is the nature of starting something up. but now and then they do. when they do, they lift other people who get to work there. if they are successful beyond their dreams, many people get great jobs and a private future. that is how our economy works. it does not, it is not driven by government. it is driven by free people. if this president persists on the road of making it harder and harder for small businesses to grow and thrive, he will slowly but surely weaken our economy and turn us into greece. we must not let it happen. >>shepard: that is mitt romney along with his run mate, paul ryan, on the stump in ohio. president obama will be this tomorrow. this event will continue to stream live at if you would rather watch football you need a "way back" clock because i don't know what this is beside frustrating.
12:44 pm
could it be tar finishing the league? wasn't there a time where you never heard bad stuff about the nfl?
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12:47 pm
>>shepard: the national football league admitted what everyone knew, the bad call last night robbed the packers of a win against the seahawks. analysts call it a joke, a disgrace. topping off a weekend of mistakes and questionable call thes from the replacement refs. they are not qualified to referee the games. perhaps through no fault of their own. they are filling in because of a labor dispute between the nfl and the regular refs. some of them say replacements have made the case that the regular ref might be worth what they are asking. the two sides can not agree on salary or benefits. for context, the saints star quaterback makes $2.5 million per regular season game. the lesser known rams
12:48 pm
quarterback reportedly makes half that. the league's referees earn an average of $9,000 per game. by the way, espn is reporting what nfl offices have received more than 70,000 voice mails. somebody put the nfl's commissioner online. it was disconnected in the middle of the night. trace is live with us now. he is out there. so, the nfl officials admit the refs blew it. clarity has come. >>trace: remember, they did not say they blew it on the catch but the seattle wide receiver should have been called for offensive pass interference because he pushed off a packer player. as you watch the video, you can clearly see jennings has the majority control of the ball. the nfl says despite that there is no indisputable evidence it should be overturned. if you can forget last night, on
12:49 pm
the weekend 20 coach challenges this week, and 166 those calls were overturns which means that 80 percent of the initial calls everyone wrong. experts say this, and last night, could have a major impact on the packers' season. >> each year we see one division at least have a tie breaker or top with the same amount of wins and they go to the playoffs. in the nfl we have a team that is 1-2 and one 2-1. it should be flipped. this will haunt the nfl. >>trace: the giants last year were 9-7. they lose one game because of a bad call there goes the playoffs and the super bowl. you can see why the packers are upset. >>shepard: where do the negotiations stand? >>trace: numerous reports they are negotiating today and the commissioner is involved like he was this weekend. he is getting hammered by the fans, by the players, even by the broadcasters who say he is putting the integrity of the
12:50 pm
game on the line. not just wins and losses but players' safety. >> if the nfl is looking out for players they have the lawsuits coming down the pike with the ex-mayors and chair safety and benefits, they should get this taken care of and get the old refs back in. >>trace: remember, even to they came to terms today, tonight, tomorrow, it will take a week to get the old refs back on the field the one more weekend with the replacements. >>shepard: never have the stripes been so loved. they have to be laughing their butts off. our p.r. guy says sometimes you have to give up on principle and do what is right. sign. end this. before fans crew file you. >> secretary of state, hillary clinton sat down with the new egyptian president two weeks after the protesters attacked the united states embassy in
12:51 pm
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>>shepard: the leader of a gulf arab nation that supports the rebel fighters called on countries in the region to intervene, even militarily, to stop the slaughter in syria. saudi arabia and turkey and qatar support the mostly sunni muslim syrian rebels while shiite iran backs the regime of bashar al-assad. in a speech in front of the u.n. today, the ruler of qatar called on the arab world to take action on its own saying the united nations security council has failed. russia and china have vetoed several u.n. attempts to take strong action against the syrian
12:55 pm
regime that is killing its own people. activists who say the civil war has led to the deaths of more than 27,000 people. the chief fox corporate, jonathan hundred, is again covering the activity at the u.n. syria was a major focus in the u.n. secretary-general speech, as well. >>jonathan: the secretary-general called it a regional calamity with global ramifications. he said that the syrian crisis is already spilling beyond its own borders and it is a crisis that threatens international peace and security. he also said it was time for the u.n. security council to stand up and take action. listen. i call on the international community, especially the members of the security council, and countries in the region, to concretely support the joint special representative. we must stop the violence and
12:56 pm
flow of arms to border sites and set in motion a syrian led transition as soon as possible. >>jonathan: also on syria, secretary of state, hillary clinton, met with the u.n. peace envoy. syria is a major concern if officials here. it does not look as though russia and china are close to being on board with any resolution which would make any difference. >>shepard: thank you, jonathan hunt. woman 1: this isn't just another election. we're voting for...
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