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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 25, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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imagine -- just reverse this. any conservative says about this obama or -- >> it's out of the question. >> bill: what if they said it about islam? >> oh, well, that's totally out of bounds. absolutely out of bounds. >> bill: limits on free speech. >> the other thing, i would ask nor reid, do you think it's appropriate to do an interview with pimp with a limp? >> bill: exactly. that's all the time we have left. get-'s next. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight do you have a job? that's great. you're so lucky. there's probably still parts of your that you don't like, but you do them anyway. why? because it's your job. you agreed to do it. so what's with the president not meeting with world leaders this week? it's his job. he's the president. even if he doesn't like meeting with them, he should be doing it. it's his job. >> provided in today's "new york times" where you have a obama campaign official quoted anonymously saying that in this campaign season, the president can't afford to be taking the time to be doing a series of
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these meetings, and there was the quote -- this is a paraphrase rather than a direct quotation, was something like they takes a meeting with one world leaders he has to take a meeting with 10. >> it's time to leave blocks behind. so many issues. we face a choice between the promise of the future or the prisons of the past. we cannot afford to get it wrong. we must seize this moment. america stands ready to work with all who are willing to embrace a better future. >> he's the first sitting president, as i understand it, in two decades not to meet with other world leaders when he comes to town to address -- >> he did meet with world leaders. he met with all the members of "the view" which have a more important consequence apparently. >> happy you came on, mrs. obama, and brought your date. >> i brought him. he had a few minutes in his schedule. >> i told folks, i'm supposed to be eye candy here for you guys. >> overnight as well we learned that iran test-fired missiles designed to hit warships, this
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giving you an idea how high the tension are right now. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been insisting time is running out to deal with the nuclear threat from iran. israeli officials said they'd be willing to have the prime minister go to washington at the end of this week to meet because they believe this is a critical time. the white house so far has suggested that's not being added to the president's schedule. >> when the president came into office, he made these grand speeches, beautiful rhetoric, great promises. he made the case that the power of his personality and his persuasion powers would calm things in the muslim world, would make things -- would make people respect us and like us that much more. turn on the tv, and it reminds you of 1979 tehran, but they're burning our flags in capitals all around the world. they're storming our embassies. >> what's happening in this nfl season, and that game last night, i believe suffices as a microcosm for what certain
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people -- fans, we conservatives are fans of conservatives, conservatism -- we're cheated against every day, we're lied about every day. the media gets it wrong on purpose for all of you people who are livid over this. what's happening in the integrity of the game? how about the integrity of the presidential election? >> did you guys watch the packer game last night? i mean, give me a break. it is time to get the real refs. you know what, it reminds me of president obama and the economy. if you can't get it right, it's time to get out. i happen to think that these refs work part time for the obama administration in the budget office. >> bill: former presidential candidate and speaker of the house, newt gingrich announc jo.
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>> greta: the headlines, "obama comes to new york for barbara walters, and sort of u.n." why isn't he meeting with anybody? >> i think it's a comment on the depth of his arrogance. i think this is a person that doesn't care what the world thinks, doesn't care what the american people thinks. if he gets re-elected, he'll be right and the rest of us will be wrong. i mean, his view is all about a cynical, calculated approach. "the view" gets him more votes than meeting with 10 or 15 world leaders. and the fact that he's not doing his job is irrelevant. you have to divide it into two parts. there's winning the office and there is actually being president. he's clearly said if i can win the office, i don't care what the rest of you think. let me say, what should really deeply bother americans is how does all this play out in the rest of the world? imagine you were an ambassador trying to explain to the president of egypt or the president of china or the
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president of germany, the chancellor of germany, you know, the president can't meet with you because there's no time in his schedule because he has to go do "the view." >> bill: as a matter of fact, his schedule is open this week. i mean, he could -- he could still do "the view" and meet with these people. it's not like his schedule is so compressed this week. he does have time. >> you have to wonder what he's doing. i mean, i'm assuming there's some rhythm to barack obama that the rest of us don't understand, whether he needs large amounts of rest, whether he needs to go play basketball for a while. i don't watch espn. i mean, i don't quite know what his rhythms are. but this is a guy who's a brilliant performer as an otherrorator, who may get re-el, and is a part time president.
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he's really like the substitute referees in the sense that he's not a real president. i mean, he doesn't do any of the things presidents do. he doesn't worry about any of the things presidents do. but he has the white house. he has enormous power. he'll go down in history as president. i suspect he's pretty contempious of the rest of us. >us^. >> bill: oftentimes women think we do the men's work, believe it or not. did you know that? >> calista has suggested to me that this model exists. >> bill: look at secretary of state hillary clinton's schedule this week. she met with the president of libya. she's not the president. president obama is. she met with the president of egypt, the president of yemen. she found in her schedule this week for prime minister netanyahu, and at the same time met with foreign ministers, which are her counterparts in the government. she found time in her busy schedule to meet these people. >> well, there's a huge
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difference. hillary clinton is a serious person. barack obama is an ambitious person. they're very different personalities. hillary clinton actually gets up every day thinking about public policy. barack obama gets up every day thinking about barack obama. i mean, they're very different approaches to life. i think those of us who are his critics need to get over and understand, this who is president. this is a man who in the age of false celebritihood is sort of the perfect president, because he's a false president. he's a guy who doesn't do the president's job. he's had 39% of the briefings on intelligence, the daily briefings. he goes to las vegas while there's an attack on banghazi. >> bill: i give him a pass on that, because you don't want terrorists to think they've disrupted. i'm critical of the fact that he's not meeting with presidents that would be routine in new
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york. >> let's put it this way, then. for 10 days after the banghazi attack, the obama administration denied it was a terrorist attack. >> bill: that's a different issue. >> after carney said that morning, okay, now everybody concedes it's a terrorist attack, the same afternoon obama went back to the, oh, it's really caused by the film. i think it's because he wasn't coordinating. >> bill: he was talking about the film today, which is sort of interesting, talking about the video before the u.n. in his speech, talking about how we don't insult -- we should not tolerate insulting religions, yet there was no mention of the fact that ahmadinejad is going to be speaking tomorrow on the holiest day of the jewish faith, yom kippur. he spoke about the insult to the muslim world with this video, but neglected to talk about the insult to jews, while he's diss the prime minister of israel. >> it's worse than that. obama spent three photographs on
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a -- three paragraphs on the nut cake film that nobody has seen. why is obama fixated on appeasing muslims while attacking catholics? why is that not a topic that ought to be on every network talk show? this is a president who's a one-sided apologist for islam extremists attacking christianity in his own country. it's bizarre. >> bill: i actually think this -- >> greta: i actually think it's serious, so many things going on in the world, so much gets done when you have relationships with people, have a relation with mubarak, tell him to get out of office in egypt, or you've somehow developed a relationship over the years with the president of syria, tell him to get out quickly. if you don't meet with these people, you cannot develop that sort of relationship, which has -- may have profound importance as we sort of march through history. >> you ought to talk to john
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boehner, miles an hour mcconnell or eri eric cantor, there's no indication that he wants to have a relationship with anybody unless they're a supporter. >> bill: you may not like them -- he may not like the republicans on capitol hill and they may not like him, but you've still got to have some relationship with them to attempt to get something done. >> greta, i don't want to be a naysayer here, but he's not getting anything done. i'll give you an example. he said today grandly the war will be over in afghanistan by 2014. that's a falsehood. i think he believes it. but it's a total falsehood. what he really means to say is the united states is going to cut and run in afghanistan by 2014, whether you like it or not, and if the war continues, which it will, it will be without us. same thing's happened in iraq. he said the war was ended in iraq. no, it wasn't. it was not certainly ended for
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iraqis. people are getting killed every week, but the americans pulled out. if we end up with an israeli strike on iran, there's going to be a total mess in the persian gulf. >> bill: in talking about the u.n., he said the u.s. will do what we must to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. i'm not sure what he means by "what we must do." i don't expect him to set it out in detail, but he said. >> look, since he refuses to meet with netanyahu, it's a little hard to figure out what he thinks what we must do is. my first meeting as speaker, before i was even sworn in, was in december of 1994 with the prime minister of israel. he was worried about iran. he said i'm not worried about the israelis. we'll manage that. he said we can't cope withan. that's 1984. the foundation have been planning an attack -- we have to
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confront the reality that if netanyahu concludes that obama is totally unreliable, they're going to attack iran. >> bill: another issue, what in the world where you doing campaigning for congressman todd aiken in light of what most people think is probably a ridiculous position he had about if you get raped legitimately you won't get pregnant? >> well, my position is that todd aiken said that was a stupid thing to have said. he apologized for saying it. >> bill: it's one thing to apologize for saying something stupid, but i actually had the sense he believed it. that's a more serious issue. >> i think he believed it. i think he now knows he was wrong. >> bill: he unbelieves it? >> look, let me just say, the president of the united states describes 57 american states. the president of the united states describes bumps in the road which includes the killing of an american ambassador. the vice president of the united
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states has been so many falsehoods, so many inaccuracies and weird statements -- >> bill: those are gaffes. i actually think todd aiken believed it. >> i think he believed it, and he was told it was factually wrong. i think he now realizes he made a mistake. if somebody says to you, i made a mistake, i apologize, and you look at six seconds of aiken being foolish, six years of his opponent voting wrong, it's pretty easy for me to say, you know, she voted for obamacare, 71% of missourians voted against it in a referendum six weeks before she voted for it. she has an "f" rating from the nra. she has an "f" rating in right-to-life. she voted for awful obama's big spending. so the contrast, i think aiken in fact if you are in any way a moderate or conservative he's closer to your values she is. >> bill: the state of the race for governor romney, how is he doing? >> he's got to become more aggressive, become clear, and
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stick to issues in a firm way. they've allowed the national media to define this campaign for 2 1/2 weeks, and that is an enormous disadvantage if you're a republican. i mean, republicans in the general election have to wake up every morning and say, okay, the obama team includes virtually every reporter i'm going to meet. and you've got to campaign in that context. so you've got to be so clear and so consistent that you reach beyond them. if you don't do that, you'll stay in permanent trouble. >> bill: many people look at debate as being probably the linchpin for this race. do you agree? >> yes. i think in the first debate -- my newsletter at human events coming out tomorrow will walk through this. i think at the first debate, romney has to come across as capable of being president, as a legitimate alternative to obama, and as somebody who's not afraid to say what he really believes, even face-to-face with the president. >> greta: all right. today it was reported that
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senator harry reid went after him and said that he's not the face of mormonnism. in the practice of law, we saw open the door. does this now open the door for governor romney to come back on things like reverend wright? >> if the president was decent, he would demand harry reid withdraw that. the kind of things left wingers get away in this country, whether they're attacking catholicismcatholicism mormonisg as it's not islam, you can get away with it. what he said is despicable, and it's why i'm for akin. i think he's a disgrace to this country. >> bill: he had an anonymous source saying governor romney didn't pay taxes. intelligencit was the most biza.
7:16 pm
he's a lawyer. nothing like that would be permitted in court. today he goes after him on religious grounds. he's also mormon himself. >> harry reid is a vicious machine politician. go back and look at his election, re-election. his approach to politics is to destroy his opponent, to say whatever he has to say, to have total disregard of the truth. all he's interested in is raw power. he's one of the reasons the senate is a sick institution. >> bill: and we have no budget, because he's pocket -- he's the one who stops us from having a debate over a budget. >> yep. >> greta: president obama in the next couple weeks, i guess that he's going to try to just avoid gaffes, and he coffees, right? is that sort of the strategy? >> they may decide to attack. i noticed in the last couple days, one of the challenges when obama gets ahead, he gets very arrogant and starts doing things that are self-destructive. interesting to see -- in some ways he might be better off to
7:17 pm
coast. the debate will be a big deal for him, too. we've never seen obama in a head-to-head debate with a competent person who is willing to take him on, not since he debated hillary. frankly, i think hillary won most of their debates. >> greta: another topic, full disclosure, congressman paul ryan, rhines priebus, chair of the rnc is coming up, steve hayes on the show, the executive produce of "hannity," we're all owners of one share in the green bay packers. let's talk about the green bay packers. that's full disclosure. >> i brought two props to set the stage for all of our viewers. a nice green bay helmet. >> greta: signed by? >> brett favre. and a football signed by bart starr. >> greta: that is ellis the
7:18 pm
elephant? >> it's calista's character, whose new book comes out monday, "land of the pilgrim's pride." we knew that ellis who believes in doing the right thing would want to stand with the packers. >> greta: it's amazing how it's enraged the nation. it's sort of fun to have a topic that we can all sort of debate, be debris about, that doesn't have the consequences of something like libya or egypt. >> first of all, anybody who watched this play last night, it was unbelievable. and to have the nfl today come back and pretend it was the right decision was more unbelievable. my son-in-law is the head of coach education for the u.s. tennis association. he made the point to me -- he's also a big green bay fan. he said this is actually a serious problem, because as the replacement referees start
7:19 pm
losing control of the teams, as the respect for them declines, as they're less and less able to police, you run a bigger and bigger risk of a serious injury. the owners really have an obligation to the game, to the fans, and to the players, to settle this and get it over with. >> greta: i guess that's it, we are the owners. mr. speaker, thank you. >> good to be with you. >> greta: coming up, congressman paul ryan hitting the president with a covert jimmy carter swipe, saying the middle east today looks like te to tehran i. also, touchdown or was it an interception? chaos breaking out in the end zone at the packers-seahawks game, and a controversial game-deciding call bringing the fight over replacement refs to a boiling point. legendary sportscaster jim gray is here to talk football coming up. how can you get back pain relief that lasts up to 16 hours?
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>> turn on the tv. it reminds you of 1979 tehran, but they're burning our flags in capitals all around the world. they're storming our embassies. we've lost four of our diplomats. >> greta: republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan blasting president obama's foreign policy in a blistering
7:23 pm
speech, congressman ryan comparing the anti-american violence in the middle east to the 1979 attack on the u.s. embassy and hostage taking in tehran. he says president obama's foreign policy is to blame. rnc chair reince priebus joins us. nice to see you, sir. >> hey. he's right. you blue at barack obama, not only did he make a whole host of promises in this country that he didn't fulfill -- remember back in 2007, it was barack obama who made the sales pitch to our country balls of his background, living in indonesia, in a muslim country, that he was going to bring a special type of diplomacy to northern africa and the middle east. now we're seeing the results of barack obama. now, he's the guy that -- that said that mitt romney was shooting first and aiming later when mitt romney criticized the fact that barack obama had to walk back the statements made from an embassy in egypt.
7:24 pm
now the media is fixated on asking questions about that, but they should be asking questions to barack obama as to why would you as president of the united states have to walk back comments of your own embassy in egypt? and so it is aiken to jimmy carter of 1979. it'he hasn't been able to take control of these things going on overseas. >> greta: there's criticism of the romney/ryan that they need a plan, like with the economy. secondly, that president obama is up four points in florida and -- >> the idea that there's no specific plan is totally bogus and -- i got to tell you, it's pretty simple. i mean, the romney/ryan plan to
7:25 pm
save this country can brie downn down in five points. number one, end obamacare. number two, reduce spending. it costs 25 cents on the dollar to run the federal government. immediately start reducing that down to 20. reduce small business taxes from 35% down to 25%. cut income taxes across the board by 20%. and get going on the keystone pipeline and energy from the atlantic ocean all the way to alaska. five simple points, specific. and, by the way, he put paul ryan on the ticket, which we're the ones as a republican party and paul ryan that passed a budget in this country that this president hasn't even bothered doing that in over three years. so it's going to take time. it doesn't -- it's not easy to defeat an incumbent. but i believe that if we keep talking about these issues, give this country a choice between
7:26 pm
two futures, i think over time, four debates, two jobs reports coming out, i think we're going to be able to make an effective case to the american people. >> greta: sanother question nagging the country. since you are an owner of the green bay packers, i think it's only fair, you with a whole list of people, your thoughts about the game last night? >> i watched the game with paul ryan last night. we were in cincinnati. and, i mean, it was just -- it was such a joke. usually the anger from losing a close game or something bad happens in the end, you know, if we're big sports fans, you get that pit in your stomach, but this was different. this was just an outrage. >> greta: nothing to do with the fact that you're an owner of a share of stock? >> i love the packers. i love sports. i think nfl football is a great american pastime. it does bring a lot of us together, which i think you alluded to before.
7:27 pm
it's tough to lose that way. it's tough to lose, not just a blown call. it was a -- it was a totally bogus read on what happened on the ground there in seattle. and the nfl owes it, i think, to sports fans, to owners, and people that are spending a lot of money to be at these games and to support the nfl to get this thing straight. >> greta: well, the country's upset about it. anyway, reince, thank you very much for joining us. >> put it on the list. thank you, greta. >> greta: coming up, as we know, the packers weren't the only ones robbed last night. $150 million, how much betters lost thanks to the replacement refs. james gray is here to talk about the controversy next. and no, you are not watching the odd couple. that is president bill clinton with governor mitt romney. what are they doing together? is president clinton going rogue? that answer coming up. hungry for the best?
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>> did you guys watch the packer game last might? i mean, give me a break. it is time to get the real refs. you know what, it reminds me of president obama and the economy. if you can't get it right, it's time to get out. [cheers and applause] i half think these refs work part time for the obama administration in the budget office. >> greta: vice presidential candidate and packer fan and owner of one packer's share, paul ryan all fired up about the football call heard around the world. the controversial, or should i say, wrong call decided last night in the packers-seahawks game. take a look at it. >> the packers playing at the goal line. wilson scrambles to keep it alive. the game's final play is a wilson lob to the end zone which is fought for my tate with jennings simultaneous. who has it? who do they give it to?
7:32 pm
touchdown! seahawks have won! >> greta: interception or touchdown. the packers said interception. one official agreed, but that didn't last. the refs then said it was a touchdown giving the seahawks the 14-12 victory with no time on the clock. fans went ballistic, and today the nfl upholding the refs' ruling bringing the furor of nfl replacement referees to a boiling point. legendary sportscaster jim gray joins us. what is the fuss about with the referees? >> well, people want to think that the games are called right. in this instance, they made a mistake and they blew it. it cost the team a game. the fact that it's replacement officials only heightens it. they admitted today, the nfl, that there was offensive interference on tate. tate pushed off.
7:33 pm
and because of that the play should have been nullified, whistled dead, and the game would have ended. after that, the controversy begins as to whether jennings or tate has the ball. as you can see there, one official comes in and says touchdown, the other signals time-out, possibly touchback, interception. no definitive call. they go to the replay. the replay booth determines that it was concurrently held, that it was a dual position, and in that case it goes to the offensive team. it was ruled a touchdown. certainly the replay to me doesn't look like that. to most of the fans, almost everybody across the country today, it doesn't look like that. because these officials are replacement officials, they're getting the brunt of this. what's not said here is that we go through week in and week out in the nfl, greta, and the regular officials make all kinds of mistakes, too,. >> greta: that's good to know. tell me, why do we have replacement refs? what is the dispute? >> the dispute is between 120
7:34 pm
officials who are the officials union and the national football league and its owners. the dispute is over how much they'll be paid and their pension and benefits. these are part time employees who work 20 weekends a year, plus travel. they get first-class travel. their average salary right now is $150,000. the league is offering an average salary of $161,000 over the course of six or seven years, going up to $200,000 on average. they want them to contribute to their pension fund and have it become a 401(k) so it's not based on them having to guarantee it, but based on a 401(k) which would be subject to the fluctuation of the market. these are part time jobs. and it seems to me that in this economy to make $150,000 or $200,000 for 20 weekends of work, that's pretty good. i know a lot of people that would sign up. the problem is that not just anybody can sign up, or otherwise these replacements would get it right. the officials are needed and
7:35 pm
wanted, but i think they have to be realistic in their demands. there's really no urgency for the officials, the regular officials, right now to make a deal. there's no urgency, greta, because they have full-time jobs. they're not missing paychecks week to week, so they can afford to hold out and try and get their demands. >> greta: $161,000 a year, you say it's a part time job because it's 20 games a year. being an official is a skilled job. these players get a lot of money. i can't imagine with all the money that the owners, making that, you know, there can't be more movement toward paying the officials more to get them back on the field so that there is more safety on the field, so we have more reliable games and so there -- you know, so we can move on. >> well, i think you're probably right. i think at some point they'll have an agreement, and the league will come to that realization. it's a $9.5 billion a year
7:36 pm
revenue-generating business, so there's a lot of money there. just because the owners generate a lot of money, that doesn't mean that they should go have to pay these officials more than what should be paid. so the line has been drawn in the sand basically over this issue. it will sort itself out. at the end of the day, i believe that this too shall pass. this isn't going to go down as the holy roller, the immaculate reception, or the tuck rule. this was a game on a monday night with replacement officials, getting a lot of attention today. the league will ride this out. it will quiet down and the fervor will end. trust me, this will pass. >> greta: i think the ravens had a problem, too. the patriots grabbed an official too. it's larger than my green bay packers. >> greta, you're right. there are a lot of problems. they have to get it corrected. the replacement officials aren't up to speed. they're aren't up to the
7:37 pm
caliber. i feel sorry for them, they're put in an awkward and bad position. these aren't the games they referee. the league will hopefully get it straight sooner than later. >> greta: coming up, senate majority leader harry reid lobs another grenade at the romney campaign. this insult has nothing to do with taxes, but it is even more personal. what is it? you will find out. plus, our expert political panel is here to respond. that's just minutes away. president obama insists he doesn't insist religious insults? really? why didn't he say anything with ahmadinejad speaking before the united nations on yom kippur? doesn't that count? that's next. while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4g lte network, and motorola,
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the volkswagen passat. the 2012 motor trend car of the year. that's the power of german engineering. >> greta: president obama says he will not stand for religious insults, and today at the u.n. he slammed an anti-muhammad youtube video that's caused riots around the world, calling it crude and disgusting. >> i've made it clear that the united states had nothing to do with this video, and its message must beejected by all who respect our common inhumanity. it's an insult to not only muslims, but america as well. >> greta: so if president obama is against all religious insults why isn't he saying something about iranian president ahmadinejad about speaking tomorrow at the u.n. on the jewish holiday of yom kippur? ahmadinejad brags he wants to wipe israel off the map.
7:41 pm
shouldn't president obama see this as an insult, or is it different? go to
7:42 pm
7:43 pm
>> greta: senator harry reid is back at it, taking shots at candidate mitt romney. first it was the tax returns. this time it is governor romney's religion. senator reid says romney is not the face of mormonism, and he's sullying the mormon religion. important to point out senator reid is himself a mormon.
7:44 pm
steve, what's up with nor harry reid? >> well, look, he's sort of been the designated hit man for the democratic party. he makes outrageous, sometimes outlandish attacks on mitt romney. a lot of people cover them. capitol hill reporters follow the fight, report on it, and it sort of bubbles up into a bigger issue. you know, does he cross the line here in terms of appropriateness? maybe. i think that's debatable. for me the big question is, are these attacks even effective? what's the point of making these attacks? it's hard to see one unless you take the really cynical view that he's catering to anti-mormon bigotry. i can't see the reason for him to make these attacks. >> you have to remember that harry reid is not only the senior most mormon in congress, he's the senior most democrat. part of his job is to help
7:45 pm
president obama get elected. there are a lot of mormons in nevada excited about that prospect, that the democrats can represent mormons. it's political calculation. like you said, he's trying to get the president elected. he's going to bat for the president. that's his job. >> well, i mean, not only that, but he's also trying to protect a thin democratic majority in the senate. and the thing about harry reid is, harry reid doesn't care what anybody else thinks. he's the president's attack dog here. in fact, i'd say considering joe biden does most of his attacking with a smile, that makes harry reid his more vicious attack dog. he can go after romney on anything. seems to be personal with him. >> greta: is he effective as the senate majority leader? any of you. >> well, i think republicans will be quick to say they've gone how many months out passing a budget. they've punted on a number of issues. if you're asking republicans, no. harry reid is the king of
7:46 pm
gridlock. he's been single-handedly -- he and the president have been responsible for government grinding to a halt. i think democrats would argue that he's a fighter. he's their fighter. he's a former professional boxer in their corner all along. >> that's right. you have to remember that he's also sort of a de facto leader of democrats in congress. what he's doing is fighting for his party. he's fighting and trying to make the republicans look as bad as possible. to that end he's been somewhat successful. >> greta: i would feel somewhat ashamed. i go back to the anonymity issue when he said he had a secret source that said that governor romney didn't pay taxes. if you have a source, name them, and we'll examine it, and see if it's true or not. it's trashy to saw you have an anonymous source and try to trash someone. this does not make me like harry reid any more when he does that. he seems to really go to the gutter. >> yeah. i'm not sure harry reid has a very well-developed sense of shame obviously. i think to launch these kind of
7:47 pm
attacks. he did it, then he was roundly criticized, not only by republicans, but by the media. i mean, people are raising questions about the propriety of him raising these issues, you know, without any supporting -- support without any sourcing. you know, he waited a day. then he launched it again. he waited a day, then launched it again. this guy doesn't feel a tremendous amount of shame about these kinds of attacks. >> maybe harry reid doesn't care too much about whether he's liked. he's not up for election again until 2016. >> greta: who knows whether he'll run again. do you like senator harry reid? >> i've been more with governor romney this year. i get the sense these attacks from senator reid do stick in the craw of the governor. i think they get under his skin a little bit. >> greta: we'll take a quick break, panel. coming up, straight ahead, big diss. president obama shakes hands with the ladies of "the view."
7:48 pm
has someone gone rogue? is it governor romney or president clinton? find out minutes from now. [ engine revving ]
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>> greta: president obama hit up the u.n. general assembly today, but you can count on one hand how many world leaders he met with today. that number he met with
7:52 pm
privately is zero. could snubbing world leaders hurt him with voters? we're back with our political panel. does it really make any difference do you think politically whether he meets with world leaders or not this week? >> well, it clearly has given how much attention this has gotten. i don't know if the obama campaign was anticipating that this would become such a big deal. i think that president obama thinks that he's sort of wins on foreign policy against romney, and he doesn't really draw more attention to all the unrest in the middle east that's going on right now, but, you know, pairing his visit with going on "the view" obviously was really bad optics. the campaign is sort of trying to backtrack that, saying it was a scheduling matter, both events were in new york, so he tried to be efficient with his time. it's sort of just a lose-lose situation for him. if he had met with the leaders, he would have drawn more attention to the problems in the middle east. >> greta: he could have done both. he could have gone on "the view" and met with world leaders, right, steve? >> yeah. >> greta: i mean, he could have done both.
7:53 pm
>> it's inconceivable that he didn't meet with world leaders, that he didn't change his schedule to meet with bibi netanyahu. if you believe the rhetoric coming out of the white house and the state department they buy the way that the israelis define the threat. they sort of want to believe the urgency. yet the president won't meet with netanyahu on -- potentially on the verge of a war, in an effort to avoid the war. the message it sends to the world community, to iran in particular, is a terrible message. this is a time when we should be standing shoulder-to-shoulder to prevent a war. when you don't do that, i think it suggests division that's not helpful. >> greta: remember that scene when president clinton went into the press room and took over the microphone and president obama was there, then had to leave? i have sort of that little vision here, because he's left new york and secretary of state hillary clinton is now scheduled to meet with netanyahu. it's like, you know, she has to come in and now handle this. >> well, in an odd twist, turn
7:54 pm
of events, secretary clinton is as a political figure as we have now. she's herself out of the political process. she wasn't at the democratic convention. president obama, on the other hand, i think he looks at comments that president netanyahu has made in the last couple months and doesn't necessarily see him as an honest broker in the middle of this heated battle. i think he feels that netanyahu has weighed in, has weighed in favor of romney. if the two will come back to the table to talk it will have to be after november. >> greta: didn't he complain to sarkozy about the prime minister. i mean, there's a lot of bad blood there. >> there really is. i don't think opening a new vein of bad blood is something the president wants to do this close to election. >> greta: he almost has to have the girl handle it, secretary of state clinton has to step up and handle it because he has a grudge. >> i think they hope the campaign will forget this, focus
7:55 pm
long term on how president obama has done on foreign policy. he got osama bin laden. >> greta: he did that. thank you, panel. coming up, does former president clinton have a soft spot for mitt romney? the surprising appearance they made together. that's next. [ laughing ] [ laughing ] [ laughing ] ♪ >>. >>
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>> greta: flash studio lights it's time for last call. is president clinton shifting support to candidate romney? they did appear together. it was not an official event. is governor romney fishing for unlikely support? >> if there is one thing we've learned in this election season, by the way is that a few words from bill clinton can do a man a lot of good. all i've got to do now is wait a days for


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