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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 25, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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wishful thinking. that is your last call. lights are blink asking wore closing down shop. mrs. ann romney will join us tomorrow night. you don't want to miss that. make sure gou to greta and let us know what you thought about tonight's show. go to greta is that hello, i'm eric bolling with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ well, the celebrity in chief doesn't have time to meet with our allies, he doesn't have time to g.o.p. but he has time for the gals of "the view." >> i told folks i'm just supposed to be eye candy here for you guys. [ laughter ] >> eric: eye candy. you know, it's outrageous that you make time for your celebrity pals.
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meanwhile, the world is crumbling. american diplomats dragged through the street of libya. pakistani libya putting bounties on american citizens' heads. here at home, the american economy is in shambling. obamanomics turned it to food stamp obama nation. war on jobs is crushing the middle class. as american cities declare bankruptcy for the first time ever. so, go ahead with "the view." go ahead with "letterman show." the clooney dinners. i understand you're eye candy. i understand you have your priorities. unfortunately, your priorities don't line up with ours. >> bob: that was very depressing. >> eric: it is depressing. >> bob: okay. >> eric: it is depressing. the man has time for the view and letterman but can't meet with netanyahu or tackle the major issues going on in america: jobs. >> bob: i would venture to say most presidents up for re-election, general assembly of the u.n. in september of election year don't have a lot of bilateral meetings -- >> dana: if you're going to
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say that, why don't you check it out first. we have polls who do things like that all day. >> bob: i checked in with -- >> dana: so you can say -- >> eric: we checked with the people in the brain room and they tell us for the first time in two decades, a sitting president hasn't met bye laterally with anybody. >> bob: anybody? >> eric: yep. >> andrea: you could answer this. bush at this time in his presidency met with number of countries. >> dana: i didn't deal a lot with the u.n. except for climate change. but they said everybody should make time for whoopi. >> greg: true. possibly pay for it. unusual. all this talk about obama skipping intel briefings is a farce. "the view" is an intel briefing. i mean, think about it, he finds out how joy feels about terror threats in somalia, as well as menopause. you can't get the two anywhere else. brownie recipes.
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i want him on the view. better for him to talk foreign policy with the biddies than have him talk to foreign policy leaders. my mom used to give me my toys and put me in the closet to keep me from breaking things in the living room. that's "the view." >> bob: that explains it. >> greg: i took the toys and made it to a monster and killed everybody. >> andrea: if you are a foreign leaders that the president stood in front of today and was trying to address in what he thought was a serious manner, how are you supposed to take anything he said seriously? one he won't meet with you or he'd rather meet with the ladies of the view. remember before it was leading from behind and now it's leadinleading in absentia. he is not there. >> bob: he should be damned for not meeting with the -- [over talk ] >> bob: tell you why he is on the view. he does well with single
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women. not well with married women. >> greg: that is an insult because the assumption is women don't care about foreign policy. i'm sure the fans of the view think the middle east is between ohio and new york. so he has no tough questions. he just cruises right through. there is no julia in the middle east. so there is no vote there. >> andrea: think how many women are unemployed, too. they're home, don't have jobs and watch him on couch with ladies of "the view." >> bob: smart schedule. >> eric: allow me. "new york times" today, open it up to page four and the international section. great article called "while u.n. beckons clinton, obama takes in "the view"." it says the campaign advisor acknowledge in the election year, along with what you're saying, campaigning trumped meetings with world leaders saying look, this is a quote, look, if he met with one
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leader, he'd have to meet with ten. anonymous white house aide. so what if he has to meet with ten? >> bob: i can tell you why. it takes time away from campaigns. >> eric: is that what you want? really? >> dana: i think it's a terrible decision. it's one they could have avoi avoided. they have no exde dexterity. of the events that happened last week, why couldn't you say actually, i'm going to meet with angela merkel who is dealing with a possible currency collapse. in trying to bail out the rest of the country in europe. it will effect us at home. i could meet with the chinese and press them on human rights. it could meet with the north african leaders to talk to them about the growing threat of al-qaeda there. then i could meet with pakistan, afghanistan, and iraqis and tell them better get your act together and get in line. that would have been a presidential thing to do. it would be different if he did something like "the view" every once in a while. he does it constantly. that's all anybody talks about. >> bob: he has had conversations with merkel
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about the euro and all that. >> andrea: but it would be different if the middle east wasn't burning down right now. >> bob: it's not burning down. >> dana: if it wasn't the u.n. general assembly this week. >> andrea: who are the leaders asking for the meetings, too. they asked in egypt and he rebuffs them and they asked in israel and rebuff them. specifically asked in libya, the same thing. these are the countries that we saw the chaos and murders happen. he is saying you know what? i'm too busy for you. it doesn't make me feel good. guest if you saw this evasive amateurish response under bush, "new york times" would scream for impeachment. the media again for some reason is covering up the incompetence. i've seen better journalism in bazooka joe wrapper. >> bob: your commitment to the u.n. is really -- >> greg: that is true. good point. that is a good point. >> bob: great state. >> greg: good point. you're right. >> eric: i don't think anyone is making the point that u.n. is a great platform or there is any use for it. why not take the opportunity to meet with several world leaders at one time?
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i can't get over israel. busy with things going on here. no. he came to him. why not sit down? >> bob: i think the -- [ overtalk ] it's a mistake. >> andrea: that's probably the biggest mistake. egypt and lib yeah. but he is running on foreign policy. this is supposed to be his strength. he could have used it as an opportunity to say look at how in touch i am. especially after the intelligence briefing. >> eric: why is romney letting obama run foreign policy now. why isn't he changing the debate rhetoric back to the economy? let's create outrage and say not meet with the world leaders. >> andrea: good point. it's unfortunate, when romney did come out and try to criticize the president and we know he was right in what he said. we found out two weeks later, seems like he shied away. he was right.
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he should continue to hammer home the point. but the media went after him. they went after him. he was right. >> bob: your question is on point here. here is the fact that this election probably about the smallest number of people going to the polls voting on foreign policy than any i can think of in recent years. right? so to keep the ball on foreign policy keeps it off of the main issues that people will vote on. >> dana: i don't think this is about foreign policy. this is about decency and about how he has conducted himself as president. some people might like going on the show, pimp with a limp and doing letterman in the same week. honestly, bob, president of the united states, commanderer in chief does interview with pimp with a limp? then he did letterman the same week. then on "the view." forgot, sorry, right? that same day he had a big event with jay-z and beyonce with $300 bottle of champagne from the floor to the ceiling. this is more of, it's not necessarily about foreign policy. is this the kind of president that you want to have?
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>> bob: he has been on letterman, kelly rippa, whoever that is. >> dana: seriously? >> eric: do me a favor. i want to run the sound bite. think of this in context of why would president obama say something so outrageous unless he wanted to keep the conversation on the middle east. on foreign policy? listen. >> i was pretty certain and continue to be pretty certain that there will be bumps in the road. in a lot of these places, the one organizing principle is islam. >> these are not bumps in the road. these are developments we don't want to see. this is time for the president who will shape events in the middle east. not just be merciful or be mercy of the events of the middle east. >> eric: this drives me crazy that mitt romney bites on this stuff. if president obama said something so outrageous that people dying in middle east is a bump in the road, he knows he is waiting for the romney come pain to bite and every other media outlet to bite, too. he did and we did.
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>> bob: good point. not only that, romney offers no specifics about what he'd do. easy to say we need a leader to do something about it. well, what? >> greg: the point of the bump in the road thing if anybody else said that, again, the media would have had, would have been a sharkfest. again, this is like they are -- the media making the decisions about this election. they are the most dispottic entity today. >> dana: the georgetown cocktail circumstancele in d.c. is aghast that president obama wouldn't meet with the u.n. leaders. one after another they're coming out. i want to correct something i said yesterday. i said "60 minutes" should have demanded to see president obama after the september 12 interview before it ran on "60 minutes." i'm changing my mind. obama team should have asked to go back and do an interview, because now what they did, what they've done is not knowing what happened on september 11 in libya, or knowing and covering it up, now they have a situation
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where the president calls it a bump in the road. >> bob: i was thrown out of the georgetown cocktail circle. >> eric: stay on bump in the road. did he say something outrageous to keep the focus on -- >> bob: listen, we said this over and over again. the more you spend time not talking about the economy the better is it for barack obama. >> andrea: i think he had to say "bump in the road" knowing that the media wouldn't cover it. but two, saying anything else makes it clear it was a successful terrorist attack on 9/11 under his watch. he can't do that. to the point about asking him what he would do, that tough talk, i think he thinks the american people don't want to hear it. women voters don't want to hear it. they have war fatigue and they don't want to go to war. >> greg: when you throw people under the bus -- >> dana: but we are at war. that's what bothers me. women like straight talk. we can see with our own eye what is is happening. instead of saying that one word, "terror" he calls it the bump in the road. >> eric: president obama won't use the "t" word when referring to libyan embassy attack. let me give you a hand.
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terror. terrorist. terrorism. later, president obama's campaign, chief campaign spokesperson stephanie cutter says women don't really care about the last four years. >> that is the other thing that you find most often with women. they're not really concerned about what is happening in the last four years. >> eric: andrea and dana may have a thing to say about that. you hear from them next on "the five." ♪ ♪ thank you. thank you for serving.
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>> dana: earlier obama was on "the view" and spoke about the attacks in benghazi but won't call it terrorism. listen to this. >> there is no doubt that the weapon used, ongoing assault, it wasn't just a mob action.
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the attacks on zillians in benghazi were attack on america. no doubt we'll be relentless to track down the killers and bring them to justice. >> dana: charles krauthammer thinks he knows why. >> this objective between now and november nothing happens in the world as if he can stop it, but ignore the middle east, ignore the iranian problem, ignore the debt ceiling and the cliff. get over the finish line. >> dana: this is your sound bite. it messed it up. i remembered something, it's not thingous do in america to trip you up in a campaign but things that happen to you. >> andrea: they are tripped up for a long time. listening to the speak at the u.n.
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cognitive dissonance was astounding. first the president came out and said that the defensive free people reflects universal value. then he says true democracy demands citizens cannot be thrown in jail for what they believe. but we arrested the guy who made the video. then he said we're committed to helping you in the fight for democracy. if you don't secure american, which you shouldn't rely on them to do, we'll leave. >> bob: what is cognitive dissonance? >> andrea: competing theories through your brain. >> dana: we went ten days to call it different things. they blame it on the video and friday the spokesperson said it's self-evident it's terrorism. today, president obama didn't call it terrorism. why is that? >> bob: i think charles krauthammer is wrong here. they want the focus on the mideast and europe. a lot of other things around the world.
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keep it off of the u.s. u.s. economy. why does he call it terrorism is the million dollar question. the saudis or egyptians got to him. they decide they don't want to use that word. >> dana: comforting. >> because we talk about it and we'll blame him. he said terrorism september 19 and backed off of it. they're rabbit. send the rabbit out. chase the rabbit. meanwhile we are talking about whether it's terrorism. romney is biting on it. it's irrelevant. four ambassadors are dead. planned. we know it. move on. >> greg: it's clearly not terrorism.
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self-esteem implosion. mandate disaster. the speech today, it was a foreign policy version of that warning that comes on a mattress label. you know, it's like we don't stand for this. but i'll tear it off anyway. first he says it's not about the video. then he says it's not about the video. you get a straighter response from silly straw. he did strike a careful balance between and apiecement. >> bob: eric's point is well taken. why does romney continue to bite -- >> dana: the administration is covering something up in past 12 days. let's listen to senator barassa who was on last night. >> i think the president is way offbase on this. i sit on the foreign relations committee. top secret briefing on what happened in libya. they're stone walling. >> dana: i don't think the administration does want us to talk about this.
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>> eric: how much of the vote will swing if it's terrorism or they knew? when they find out, they are not going to find out in 42 days. it's whatever we find out, we chase the rabbit until january, february of next year. then find out. >> andrea: i agree with dana. they don't want us talking about the economy or foreign affairs. they want to us talk about mitt romney and how he wants to prevent women getting birth control. that's what they want to talk about. >> dana: you are chasing a robert there. >> andrea: i think romney can attack him on both. i think it plays to larger theme. he doesn't know what he is doing. he doesn't know what he is talking about. >> dana: greg has a great point. >> greg: my favorite, my favorite part about this speech is when he says muslim suffered the most at the hands of extreme. leaving out extremism is caused by muslims. love that. if you want to know how somebody should respond, at the u.n., after one of your
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diplomats is brutality murdered turn to allen west. read what he said. i'm doing this for you, bob. future does not belong to those who attack the embassy and kill ambassadors. the angel of death in the form of an american bald eagle will visit you and wreak havoc and destruction upon your existence. this is how savages understand evil. you tell them you are going to die. you don't appease. that is why he has to run for president. >> andrea: he said if you don't defend our americans we will leave. they want to us leave. >> dana: more to protect the muslims that die at hands of extremism more than anybody else. >> bob: i agree. >> greg: love the angel of death in american bald eagle. >> bob: only he would say that and only you would cheer
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it on. >> eric: is there any question between now and 42 days from now something will be returned? i don't know. terror cell, but make sure it's done for the right reason. not campaign event. >> bob: u.s. -israel attack iran. >> dana: not declaring that. play with my lip gloss. give him the rabbit back. coming up marx donna has aed vice for the upcoming election for her fans last night. >> don't bet [bleep] on obama, okay? >> dana: with that line she was just getting started. we show you the rest when we come back, y'all. ♪ ♪
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>> andrea: president obama wants to make women feel so good that they will vote for him in november. but deputy campaign manager stephanie cutter doesn't think that women seem to care about what has been happening the last four years. >> we will continue doing what we have been doing, trying to get the president's message out on the ground. whether in suburban area of northern virginia, denver or ohio, to talk about what the president wants to do in the future. that is the other thing you find most often with women. they're not really concerned about what has happened in the last four years. they want to know what happen in the next four years. >> andrea: i think stephanie cutter is not concerned with the last four years amend only concerned with the next four years so she can keep her job.
11:29 pm
>> dana: i don't know what she is talking about. maybe we hang out with different women. >> greg: bob does. [ laughter ] >> andrea: they are not concerned with the -- >> dana: they're not allowed to vote is the other thing. that is all i hear from women, they are mad or concerned about the last four years. yes, of course, that is why both parties are going after them, they want to know what will happen in the next four years but they base decision on what has happened to their family and the terrorism front in the last four years. last four days. >> bob: there is a rule in politics you never ever describe what the electorate is thinking about or has in the past. to stand up there, i don't know where she came up with that, this is the last thing you have been thinking about. >> 7.8 is the unemployment rate for women. 5.7 million women unemployed. if you ask them the right
11:30 pm
track, wrong track, is the country on the right or wrongtrack, most think that we're on the wrong track. women do care. >> eric: talk to the 500,000 women who used to be employed in america and aren't employed in the four years that president obama has been president. they care, too. but we are supposed the believe from stephanie cutter and the campaign that forget the last four years, except when it comes to romney, remember when his taxes we don't know what he did in taxes. remember when 15 years ago he was at bain capital? >> andrea: greg, shouldn't men be upset? think about it. romney was hammered talk about the 47%. there is 49% of the country that is men. president obama isn't talking about them. >> greg: we are so marginalized. he never talks about my love life and how to subsidize my love life. that costs money, too. i have to go pay for that. that is not fair. that creates a lot of stress
11:31 pm
in my life. it causes me to drink. i often fall down. i'll hurt myself. i have goto go to the e.r. think about all the business of the e.r. because of sexual rejection. >> bob: you know something? nobody takes in account how much it costs, sexual stuff costs. but let me say this. if i were the romney campaign, this would worry me. you say how much trouble the country is in. the number of people think it's on the wrong track is down in battleground states. for the first time, obama is above 50% in favorbility in the job rating. >> dana: wait is that the beckel almanac? >> bob: no, the battleground poll. >> dana: what about the gerbil washington poll yesterday? yesterday -- george washington poll yesterday? >> eric: weren't we talk about stephanie cutter? bost my job is get you off topic. >> dana: women are concerned about the debt. they think about their children and their future and looking at the fact that the taxes will go up. if the congress and president obama don't start working on the problem now.
11:32 pm
the gas prices are going up. especially with continued uprisings in the middle east. that will definitely -- oil prices will go up. gas will go up and food goes up. so the last four years matter. >> greg: you know what it is? you see that her assumption is we don't care about bombs. we care about the single woman grad student with the obama decal on the dorm who has never had to really pay or look at a bill in her life. because her parents have taken care of that. >> bob: they think about their kids moving back in the house with them. imagine what it's like to have you come back? >> greg: i moved back for one year. entertaining. >> dana: in the new ad that president obama is running from the speech at the convention, it was i haven't done as much as i thought i could do. i want to do more. i promise to do more. in the future.
11:33 pm
their own messaging is saying they are looking at the last four years to base it going forward. you are right. why not try to persuade some of those republican women, or independent women and some of the state states she mentioned and get them to your side rather than marginalize them. >> eric: why single out women? everyone should forget about the last four years. >> andrea: isn't saying forget about the last four years that people don't care a past acknowledgment, you have nothing to tout for the last four years if stephanie cutter saying forget it? concern about obamacare and everything else? every election is determined by married women. they are reliable voters, swing voters. to write them off is fatal. this president has. >> bob: the number of people who will swing this election have in their polling not thought about the last four years. the idea married women swing elections i have problems with. >> andrea: that's from bob, our expert who thinks too
11:34 pm
much time thinking about women. coming up, what america is waiting for. political advice from madonna and miley syrus. don't miss it next. ♪ ♪ ♪ e."
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♪ ♪ >> greg: i work out to that. remember mtv "rock the vote"? it's back with a new ad featuring mylus syrus. >> we will stand our grand. >> we will be brave. >> brave. >> brave. >> we will be heard.
11:40 pm
>> we will. >> we will. >> we will organize. >> we will vote. >> because we matter. >> because you matter. >> greg: no, you don't. you don't matter. kathy griffin you have jokes older than miley syrus. miley says we will stand our grand. okay. against what? exactly what? what is america doing to today's spoiled mindless celebritys? how has the nation infringed on pop stars? what did we suddenly band? cutoffs? bleach? prescription? oxycontin? if that was the case i'd be with miley. i'm on one of those right now. standing ground on what? the right to flash your naval? why is mitt tone death on this issue? high unemployment and kids never leaving home. you've skipped four decade and
11:41 pm
now you belong to aarp. all you need is needle point and arthritis. the hip celebrities don't care, because they're rich. they think it's cool to vote for the cool guy. no wonder they love obama. he turned the world of governance to high school. vote for "o" is vote for mr. popular. not that cold evil mr. meanie, mr. romney. if a message features miley as the messenger, the intended recipient is as deep as contact lens. maybe it will get the youth to vote for obama. unless "twilight' on. >> bob: isn't that hanna montana? >> greg: used to be. >> bob: i hate that show. barney. that's the other one. if i could have shot that dinosaur i would have shot him 100,000 times. >> greg: well, that is wrong. i think you owe barney an apology. >> greg: do you think having rich young self-satisfied
11:42 pm
ecocentric people telling you oh to vote or what to vote or what to do? >> dana: i have never been one to be star struck. certainly not by the crew that just ran through. >> greg: dierks bentley. >> dana: okay, if he told me to -- >> eric: vote for obama? >> dana: even that, i could not do that. >> greg: if he didn't drive you to the voting booth and tell you to vote for obama? >> dana: i'd pretend i would vote for obama. country music stars don't tell you who to vote for. they make their living pretending to be somebody else. that is why they're confused and they don't understand the tea party. get out of hollywood once in a while. >> greg: they're just helping their career. talk about madonna. >> andrea: you are being unfair to miley. she is dealing with this important matter of electes the next president but she is explaining why she shaved her head and dyed it bleach
11:43 pm
blonde. that is the controversy. it's stressful for her. >> greg: it is. >> bob: how do you shave your head and then dye it? >> greg: cut her hair. this is madonna giving advice to voters at a concert. roll. >> y'all better vote for [bleep] obama, okay? [ applause ] >> greg: she agrees with you finally. >> eric: that's great! bottom line is madonna is trying to be relevant. look at these people, miley, madonna, kanye west and i look at my 14-year-old son saying how is he -- how is he going
11:44 pm
to make it? walk across the street and buy an extra candle and pray to the lord above he makes it through this. >> andrea: a master media manipulator. at the first concert, she ripped out her breast. that didn't work. next she brought guns on the stage after colorado shooting. now my last shot, we'll call obama a muslim. >> dana: like angelina jolie, a-up ambassador to the world. she could have done a lot of good. she is making an -- >> bob: she had a gun out in colorado? why didn't she shoot barney while she was at it. >> greg: she said if president obama wins she will strip on stage but that guarantees romney will win. we don't need to see this. another embarrassment for n.f.l. after replacement refs make a mistake on the field. could it end the referee lockout or the world as we know it? probably the former, not the latter. the latter is the second one, right? i can't remember.
11:45 pm
♪ ♪ people we rely on in the morning ♪ can rely on dulcolax laxative tablets overnight. they give you predictable overnight relief to help get you feeling like yourself again in the morning. dulcolax laxative tablets. keep you moving. ♪ feeling free. ♪
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did you watch that packer
11:49 pm
game last night? i mean, give me a break! is it time to get the real refs. it reminds me of president obama and the economy. if you can't get it right, time to get out. >> bob: okay woody woodpecker, g.o.p. vice presidential nominee paul ryan taking a pot shot at president obama over the controversial call in the game last night. the seattle seahawks were robbed of a win after replacement refs couldn't tell the difference between a touchdown an interception. >> eric: actually, the packers were robbed of the win. >> bob: packers were robbed of the win. it didn't watch the game. the n.f.l. -- thank you very much, whoever wrote that. thank you. i have enough trouble trying to say i graduate graduated grah school. the packers. n.f.l. issued a statement. watch this. the quarterback goesp up to get the ball, eight seconds left to go. watch. this we'll see it in slow motion. this is so playtant.
11:50 pm
offensive pass interference. never see one in all the time i played the game. watch this. pushes him out of the way. they both come down with the ball. the issue is not who had the ball. offensive player has the right over the defense. they're both holding it down. but the blatant -- you two are really interested. >> greg: can i tell you something interesting? >> bob: no. not until i finish watching this. that was as bad as offensive pass interference charge i've seen. >> andrea: you just said it was the packers and the since gnatty team and you said the packers won. you're worse than refs now. >> bob: that is clear. it didn't write that crap. somebody else wrote it. okay? >> eric: replacement producer. >> bob: that's what it was. >> greg: i find interesting is on morning joe this morning, bill clinton weighed in on the refereeing. he is the expert on blown
11:51 pm
calls, because he made so many mistakes. it's his administration. he made a lot of mistakes. >> bob: dribble, dribble, dribble, pass the ball to you, buddy. you got it now. this is now becoming a to be a farce. don't you think it's now time for this to get resolved and the officials? >> eric: yeah. last week we were on record saying they did a good job. make the deal. your contract straight. this is another issue where unions get away with -- take everything away from what matters. >> andrea: are we surprised they made bad calls? because the news today is they came from the lingerie league. used to have the bra straps strapped. >> greg: that is harder. >> bob: do you notice how much greg and dana were paying attention to this segment? >> dana: i was laughing. >> bob: writing notes back and forth.
11:52 pm
i do think you have now come from division ii schools, in college. trying to do a game faster and much more complicated. they will change -- what troy aikman called a joke. i thought they were doing a good job. >> andrea: how could you think that? the first game of the season when the jets played buffalo they took too long to spot the ball and penalized bills for that. comedy of errors. >> eric: karl rove in the hallway today and said why doesn't romney suspend the campaign and say let me use my olympic skill it and negotiate back to the n.f.l. >> greg: that wasn't karl rove. i told you that. >> eric: carrying a white board. >> andrea: i'm surprised you said that. you are a private sector guy. most dangerous thing on the refs on the field is politician. president obama involved, john sweeney from the state of new
11:53 pm
jersey banning replacement refs. stay out of it, government. >> bob: one more thing. ♪ ♪
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[cell phone beeps] hey! so, same time next week? well, of course. announcer: put away a few bucks. feel like a million bucks. for free tips to help you save, go to ♪ feed the pig >> eric: all right. time for one more thing. you're up first. >> andrea: okay. in 2009 remember president obama said this --
11:57 pm
>> america and islam are not exclusive. need not be in competition. instead they overlap and share common principles of justice and progress. tolerance and dignity of all human beings. >> andrea: that was the speech to cairo. he talked about war on women but how about war on muslim women. this is something the president has not talked about. he had an opportunity to talk about the real war on women, which is where women are killed in the middle east, honor killings. a lot can't drive. if they're rapeed they need four male witnesses. he dropped the ball on the subject. so when you hear him talk about the real war on women it's in the middle east that he shirked. all women, not just liberals should be outraged about it. if you want to read more go to new york daily news site. i wrote a column on it. >> bob: you did. >> eric: move on, quickly.
11:58 pm
andrea gave me this cup and i'll use it every day. i love it. take a look at the recent celebrities who adopted rescue dogs. the first is by ryan gossling. the second is adopted by misha bar top. the third, adopted by hillary swank. >> andrea: tell them why. your nickname is coach. it call you "coach." >> dana: i want to something i heard this weekend at the wildcater award. in -- is it fun and interesting. people should pay attention. in north dakota they have the lowest unemployment rate in nation because they take advantage of the hydraulic fracking technology we talk about. this is interesting. they have a $1.6 billion state budget surplus.
11:59 pm
the most cor vets in the -- corvette in the nation are in north dakota. >> greg: that was quite informative. >> dana: is it my one more thing is about. >> greg: you get a red star on the report card. >> dana: gold. >> greg: banned phrase is actually not a phrase but a body movement. phaseer talk is what people take their blackberry or iphone and they talk in it to like this. as if on a reality show. you're not. >> dana: i agree. >> greg: dufus walking down the street looking like a freak. this isn't "star trek." shut up! [ laughter ] >> bob: i want the producers to make an announcement that the bowles is this -- super bowl is thursday, you probably know. the five will be on the air prior to the pre-game. who is playing in it again? >> eric: do your one more thing? >> bob: mitt romney and his


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