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tv   America Live  FOX News  September 26, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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ohio today. the president is expected to speak in moments at a campaign event in bowling green, at bowling green state university, and governor romney is going to hold a manufacturing round table. the governor earlier today focused on the economy. >> do we really want four more years with 23 million americans struggling to find a good job? >> no! >> i mean, do we want four more years where half the kids coming out of college can't find work or college-level work? >> no! >> do we want four more years where every single year the take home pay goes down? >> no! >> do we want four more years of trillion dollar deficits? >> no! >> yeah, i don't believe we can afford four more years like the last four years. the people of ohio are going to say loud and clear on november 6th we can't afford four more years, we must do better. [cheers and applause]
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megyn: well, one of the political writers focused on the romney change today is chris stirewalt, fox news digital politics editor. chris, there is a shift in the romney approach. describe exactly what we're seeing. >> well, what you're seeing is a campaign that had previously been trying to have a campaign that was structured around the idea that barack obama was a nice guy, a good fellow, a good dad and an all-around swell american but that mitt romney thought that he could probably do a better job being president and manager of the economy than he could because they were very worried about not only fending voters had voted for obama in 2008. they didn't want to sound like romney was being a jerk, but they were worried, too, pretty obviously, about what the establishment press was going to say. if romney came out and attacked the first black president on his record and went after him, what would people say?
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well, that strategy, the latest polling tells us, has not exactly been a bell ringer in ohio. so what you hear from romney is he gets to the must-win. it is an absolutely must-win state for him is this tough new tone, and not only is he talking about the economy as you heard him do there, but guess what's back? the debt clock. they've got the debt clock back, and they're talking a lot about how much president obama's policies cost, they're talking about the size and shape of government and, as you heard him doing very crisply there, we can't afford four more years, is the new romney message. and we can't -- america won't last through a trajectory of more spending, more debt, more taxes. megyn: all right. so he's going to get sharper in his tone, in his contrast, he's no longer worried about offending independent voters or swing voters who may have gone with obama last time but, you know, not worried about offending them about their vote once before. but it, is there a time for that to work, chris? we are six weeks out from this
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election. >> well, look now, six weeks is a relatively short time in politics, but -- in real life, but in politics it's eras. six weeks ago the race looked different, and we have had a million different tempests in teapots that both campaigns have flapped their wings tourously about. but in reality this is a long time in politics with three debates. we've heard the tough new tone from romney before. we certainly heard it when they rolled out paul ryan, the number one deficit hawk in the house. we've heard this before. the question for romney is, will he stick? will he stay there, and will he continue to prosecute president obama's record and policies in a more robust way? because in the past what he's done is tried the tough new tone and not stayed there. megyn: well, he's taking it a step farther, right? it's not just about his policies, but it's about his ideology and an argument that he sees the world differently than
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mitt romney sees the world and, you know, there was that tape earlier, the 1998 tape of barack obama and talking about redistribution, and, you know, we've heard comments like that from the president before, and both men seem to agree that they have very different ideologies, but romney hasn't really gone after the president on that ground so strongly. republicans are going to respond to that, chris. but will, will independents, and have independents really heard a lot about that message thus far in this campaign? >> no. and think about this, megyn, you're exactly right on the peg because in 2010 republicans did very well with independents in large part because they said the president's health care law is unaffordable, it's invase i have, it's all wrong, and they prosecuted that with single-minded attention. now, romney can't do exactly the same thing this time, but he can bring that single-minded focus to it because he's the dirty -- here's the dirty secret in politics, not just that republicans, not just that democrats but independents have a deepening sense that the
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country is on the wrong track. what mitt romney had was that people would throw up their hands and say we have to have a change, but in fact what he's finding out is unless you can make that difference very clear and talk about these two views in very clear terms, people aren't just going to go with the new guy, because they did that in 2008. they went with somebody that they didn't know about. they didn't like the result. now, if firm wants to get the -- if mitt romney wants to get the job done, he's got to hold himself out as the guy that can start softing problems in this messed-up city. megyn: there's, obviously, several critical swing states, florida, virginia and so on, but the latest real clear politics average of all polls shows president obama ahead by about five points in ohio. other polls show him up seven points, nine points, but the romney camp says their internal polls show it's very much in the margin of error. chris, thank you. >> you bet.
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megyn: and from our political team on the ground in ohio, reports of large crowds turning out for governor romney's event today near columbus. the fire marshal expressing concerns about the size of the crowd, a long line of folks literally seen wrapping around the school where he spoke. in less than ten minutes we will be joined by michael reagan, and we will take a look at some of those new questions today about recent polls that appear to give president obama a big lead. meantime, if you want to listen to the president's remarks, you can find them streaming live on, and we will also have governor romney's event there. again,, check it out. fox news alert now on the growing controversy over the murder of four americans in libya. and questions over how the obama administration is handling intelligence in that terror attack. a reminder now two navy seals, an embassy staffer and our u.s. body, christopher stevens, died in that attack, and top republicans in the house and
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senate are now demanding more information. including specific communications between the embassy and our ambassador and the state department prior to those murders. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington with more. catherine, what are we learning now about these new letters? >> reporter: thank you, megyn. fox first obtaining this letter sent by the head of the house intelligence armed services appropriations judiciary and foreign relations committees, significantly they have oversight on this issue. it says they are, quote: disturbed by the public statements made by members of the administration that would lead the american public to believe this attack was a protest gone wrong. we stand to return to washington. and right after that briefing thursday by the secretary of state clinton and the director of national intelligence, lawmakers said there were not a lot of specifics. >> they did give some information but said that nothing that they said could be talked about outside. so, um, i guess i didn't learn
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anything. it's nice to see you all, but there's not really much to say. >> i think it was, you know, pretty straightforward. >> they're still piecing together, obviously, still trying to figure out who perpetrated the attack, how to capture them, how to find those people, how to prevent future attacks. >> reporter: and today two senior republicans on the senate foreign relations committee, senators corker and isakson, asking for all those communications, so that would include e-mail and cables relating to the security situation in benghazi between the u.s. mission in libya and the state department leading up to that attack. quote: we must insist on more timely information regarding the attacks and the events leading up to those attacks. and there is yet a third letter from senior republicans on the armed services committee, mccain, graham and eye quote. they want more answers as to why the u.s. ambassador to the u.n., susan rice, made the statements that she did given what the intelligence was at that time.
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so i think what we're seeing now is some real momentum at least on the republican side to force the administration to explain why they said certain things publicly about this spontaneous attack when the intelligence said something quite different, megyn. megyn: catherine herridge, thank you. >> reporter: you're welcome. megyn: well, as we mentioned moments ago, new polling suggests that president obama is way ahead in two critical swing states. but team romney and some polling number crunchers say not so fast. what is really going on here? in three minutes we'll go over the numbers and talk to them with michael reagan. we won't talk to the numbers, we'll talk to michael reagan about them. and a rising star in the gop is getting hit with some angry hate mail. we introduced you to congressional candidate mia love at the rnc in tampa, and now we'll tell you why she is being targeted. plus, cafeteria revolt. the new school lunch program that has left students starving.
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megyn: well, the romney campaign is now challenging recent polling data from media outlets, and the message they are sending about the governor's chances come november. some of that polling data is just out this morning. take a look at this. it shows president obama ahead in florida 53-44%, in ohio it's 53-43%. here we go with the math. [laughter] pennsylvania, the republican nominee trails 54-42%, so you've got a nine-point advantage in florida and a ten-point advantage in ohio for the president. pretty considerable in two critical swing states. most pollsters are telling us pennsylvania's gone, that's blue for this election.
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despite this, however, the romney camp says that its own internal data shows the two candidates are actually neck and neck in pote ohio and florida. -- in both ohio and florida. political consultant michael reagan joins us now to discuss it. michael, there is an ongoing debate about polling and whether it includes too many democrats in the sample because the polls do have, i think, a nine-point sort of nine percentage points more democrats, okay, than republicans. but the pollsters would say that's because when we conducted our random sample of a thousand people, we got nine percentage points more democrats than republicans. they're not biased, it's that's how people are identifying. >> yeah. you make phone calls into florida, you're going to find more republicans, your -- more democrats, that's been going on since the beginning of time. there's always been more
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democrats registered, you know, than republicans. it's really interesting going through campaigns. when the polling's on your side, boy, it's the greatest polling on the planet. they made every decision correctly. when it's against you, there's all kinds of reasons why, in fact, you didn't do well in the polling, there was too many democrats, too many republicans, whatever it might be. the best thing to do, and i would suggest to the people, look where the and where are they spending their time. the fact of the matter is mitt romney's where? mitt romney's in ohio. mitt romney's in the michigan. why? because he knows he needs to win those states. if he were far ahead or was tied, i don't think he'd be spending as much time -- megyn: but barack obama's in ohio too. we were just talking to ed henry, he follows the president because he's our chief white house correspondent. he was saying barack obama's been with working like he's a challenger, not like the incumbent, and focused like a laser on ohio. both men are. they're not stupid, they realize ohio is really probably the linchpin to this election.
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>> absolutely correct. but look at mitt romney today. he's finally upped the ante. he's finally trying to take it to barack obama. you know, since the beginning of the campaign mitt romney has been reaching out to independents and reaching out only to them, hasn't been reaching out to his party. and today he began the process of reaching out to his party. but it does not help his base, the republican party, when they see him in new york, you know, reaching out and, excuse me, kissing the proverbial butt of bill clinton who happened to kick his butt two weeks ago in charlotte, north carolina. you're not going to win votes spending the day with bill clinton. you need to be out and energizing your base. and right now, to be honest with you, the republican party base is not, in fact, energized, and the new attack, the new track that mitt romney's taking needs to energize his base and move forward. find a base and stay on it. megyn: that's so interesting.
10:17 am
look at this list of polls. this is by a guy at the weekly standard that shows just the latest polling among independents, okay? between romney and obama. and just look at the bottom average. it's 43-43. and all these polls are just razor tight as the men do among independent voters, i mean, it's razor thin. so your point is well taken that these two guys need to be focused on rallying their base since the independents right now seem evenly split. >> absolutely right. you've got to get your base on track to make sure today show up on election day. and remember, for mitt romney he's got to remember those reagan democrats. what effects them? jobs, health care, all the other issues that we talk about each and every day. that's how you reach out to those reagan democrats and bring 'em onboard. you're going to win an length not because -- an election not because the independents, but the reagan democrats broke for you. you've got to find a message for
10:18 am
them while energizing your base. megyn: that is just fascinating. so there may literally -- not attributable to bias by the pollsters -- there may literally be a fine-point advantage -- nine-point advantage for the democratic party in a state like ohio, there may be more democrats than republicans, but that doesn't mean you can't win them. your dad did. >> absolutely right. listen, we won pennsylvania, we won ohio, the only thing we didn't win was minnesota. but when my father won the governorship in california back in the 960s -- 1960s, we were outnumbered in california democrats to republicans almost two to one. so you've got to find a message to reach them. megyn: well, they have a republican governor in ohio as well right now, john kasich. so there is some -- you know, it's such a purple state. it can go one way or the other. they've had a democratic governor, the last guy was a democrat. but i want to ask you about polling momentum because so many people point to the example of your dad versus carter when it
10:19 am
was 1980, and your dad was losing in the polls. you and i have talked about this before. he was losing in the polls, and he was written off by a lot in the media as it's not going to happen. i mean, it was, i think, what was it, a ten-point spread that carter had or eight points ahead of your dad? >> oh, yeah. >> at the beginning of october. and so a lot of folks would have said reagan was out. what was it, michael? was it the debate that turned things around? >> the debates were so important for that campaign and so that question, are you better off today than you were four years ago and my dad saying if you think you are, vote for that guy. if not, vote for me. today you can change that and say are you better off today than you were last week, than you were yesterday in the numbers that came out today that shows income is down again. so it's down, what,8.2% since this president took over? unemployment's up, income is down, embassies under fire
10:20 am
around the world, ambassadors are dead, navy seals are gone. i mean, my goodness gracious, there are so many issues that mitt romney can take to the american people and say you want four more years of this? america needs to get angry. megyn: well, no accident we're seeing a different mitt romney on the campaign trail this week than we've been seeing. michael reagan, always fascinating hearing your insight. thank you sop for being here. >> thank you. megyn: new legal questions about why the federal government is pursuing a criminal case against the man behind the so-called anti-muslim speech. advocates are saying we would not have seen a perp walk with four or six officers of a guy on a probation violation if he wasn't behind a film that offended radical islamists. we'll take it up in kelly's court today. and a new round of violent clashes in greece that come just as we're hearing new reports that efforts to save europe's
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>> you know what's a big deal? i want to make sure we all remember the america that we love and know. the story has been told for over 200 years, and i want to get back to that. megyn: well, that was part of my interview with rising gop star and utah congressional candidate mia love at the republican national convention last month in tampa. today we're getting word that police are investigating disturbing mail sent to her office. t being described as -- it's being described as creepy, reportedly including a picture of her, mia, and her husband, a
10:25 am
hooded ku klux klan character, even aborted fetuses. for her part, love is staying strong saying she's proud of who she is and that she knew people would come after her, but she intends to focus on this race and things that are actually important to america. [gunfire] well, fires erupting in athens as a new round of violet protests rock the greek capital. the latest clashes began with police during a march of 70,000 people skipping work to take part in the general strike. they're protesting lawmakers' latest efforts to rein in government spending and pay down the country's debt. amy kellogg has more live in london. >> reporter: well, greece is really getting caught in this vicious circle that, as we have seen, gets violent from time to time. in order to pay down debt, they're dependent on this bailout money.
10:26 am
in order to get the next tranche of bailout money, they need to keep outing the budget, and when you talk to desperate greeks out there, it becomes apatient it is hard to know what else can be cut. a peaceful, albeit angry demonstration in athens today, they hurled gasoline bombs at police. tens of thousands came out during this general strike. this was the first confronting the new government. they were protesting a new raft of austerity measures, over $15 billion over the next few years. and there were large protests in madrid yesterday also against new cuts. dozens of people were injured. spain has not formally asked for a bailout, but it may do so. it's getting help with its banking sector. there were smaller protests in other parts of spain today, primarily in bassback country, and on top of -- basque country, it is emerging that some countries are in much deep canner economic despair than previously i understood.
10:27 am
madrid doesn't have money to give, and now we're hearing renewed talk about possible secession plans on the part of the very economically-strong and important region of catalonia where barcelona sits. that just the latest with all these troubleses, megyn. megyn: amy kellogg, thank you. for days the white house insisted it was merely a protest, and now at least one senator is accusing the obama administration of engaging in, quote, a cover up. and the romney/ryan campaign weighing in this on this as well now. all this following the deadly attack on the u.s. 'em bassly -- embassy, the consulate in libya. our panel weighs in. plus, growing outrage after harry reid attacks golf mitt romney over their -- governor mitt romney saying governor romney has sullied the religion of more mobbism. and the new study dealing a major blow to the potential effect of the president's health care law. now what we're learning about it. >> but we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is
10:28 am
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megyn: fox news i letter on a new challenge to the obama administration over the murder of four americans in libya. moments ago, four top republican senators sent a letter to u.n. ambassador susan rice seeking clarification on her very public statements that the september
10:32 am
11th terrorist attack in benghazi, libya, this year was the result of a, quote: spontaneous reaction. the letter writes in part, quote: in the aftermath of the september 11th terrorist attack in the benghazi that resulted in the death of four americans including ambassador chris stevens, you made several troubling statements that are inconsistent with the facts and require explanation. we look toward -- forward to a timely response. those statements involved ambassador rice appearing on several national news broadcasts in which she blamed a spontaneous protest for the murders. but as more and more information came to light, including this video of attackers at the u.s. compound with rocket-protelled grenades and clearly no protests around them, it has become clear that was not the case and the information was not accurate. senator barrasso, a republican from wyoming, yesterday said on fox news business -- fox business news that this is looking especially suspicious. >> i sit on the foreign
10:33 am
relations committee, we had a top secret briefing on what happened in libya. i think they're either stonewalling, but to me it seems like there's a cover up going on, that they don't want the american people to really know what happened there. megyn: joining me now, monica crowley and kirsten powers, both are fox news contributors. so that's a strong and charged term, "cover up." i mean, that's going pretty far out there on a limb to say that there's an active cover up by this administration to keep the truth from us. does he go too far, month can? >> well, i think there are many members of congress and a lot of the american people who are extremely frustrated, megyn, that we have essentially been lied to for a week after these attacks which happened on nerve -- megyn: but why do you go to the lying place as opposed to the incompetent place? >> well, look, it's either gross incompetence or, in fact, they are lying, and what we now know there are reports today out of the daily beast reporting that
10:34 am
u.s. officials knew within 24 hours that fs -- this was an organized al-qaeda attack, and they had enough information to actually target one of the attackers who launched this murder and assassination of our ambassador and three other americans. so if they had that information enough to mobilize against the attackers, then why were key members of the u.s. administration going out there and lying to the american people that, well, it wasn't a premeditated attack, it wasn't preplanned, this wasn't a terror attack, and we're still to this very day, over a week later, we're still hearing mixed messages from the president, secretary of state right on down. megyn: yeah. the administration, the spokesperson for the white house said of it was self-evident that it was a terror attack, but the president hasn't gone that far. kirsten, monica references your employer, the daily beast, and its reporting on this. it does matter what the administration saw and knew before they sent the ambassador out to tell us this was a
10:35 am
protest. >> i have been saying either they were lying or they were dangerously incompetent and clueless, and even just clueless because i think it was sort of self-evident as the white house came to say that this was not some sort of spontaneous uprising, and there had already been some reporting saying nothing was happening outside of the consulate before the attack. now that ely lake has written this story, which i commend to everybody, i am much more inclined to say they're lying and there's a cover up because ely's an excellent reporter, he has three separate sources in the intelligence community saying that they knew within 24 hours not just that they were al-qaeda, not just that it was planned -- which is contrary to what susan rice said over and over and over again -- but they even had pinpointed one of the people. so this is how much information they had. now, how the administration would not have had this information from the intelligence commitment doesn't quite add up. -- community doesn't quite add up. megyn: obviously, we have to be concerned because it's an election year, and politics may
10:36 am
be at play here, although i'll tell you i had a republican house lawmaker the other day who said he does not believe this is politics. he thought it was incompetence, but he didn't think the administration was playing politics with our national security. monica, dueck -- would you go that far? >> well, yeah, i actually would because, look, we have this evidence now, and we're getting it from the daily beast, obviously, but it's not a big mystery. this attack took place on the anniversary of 9/11, it was a terrorist attack, we knew it was al-qaeda within 24 hours, or at least the intelligence community knew -- megyn: let me just jump in -- >> hang on, megyn. megyn: some are saying it's too harsh to attribute it to the administration, the willingness to lie about a terror attack just so the president could get a second term. >> well, it's not beyond the pale here. this president has lied almost from day one. but there's one other piece of evidence. the new head of al-qaeda put
10:37 am
this, put this message out to al-qaeda that we should be attacked on 9/11. so when you put all of the pieces together, and then the fact that the administration knew within 24 hours that this was, in fact, a terror attack, then they go out for a week, and they're still giving us these mixed messages, you can only assume that they don't want the american people to know that a terror attack and a successful one had been launched on the september 11th attacks. he running for re-election, strongly on a foreign policy/national security platform because he cannot run on the economy, so if that is taken away from him, he's got nothing. that's why you're getting the lies. megyn: go ahead, kirsten. >> honestly, i would prefer lying over incompetence to be completely honest just as an american citizen who is concerned for my safety. the incompetence one is more damning. the fact that they have attacked cnn for finding this journal and using information in it that showed that the ambassador was fearing for his life from who? al-qaeda. when they've been telling us
10:38 am
that the war on terror is dead because usama bin laden is dead. the fact that the state department didn't protect him knowing he had these concerns. these are things that are very troubling, the fact that they did not go to the scene of the crime, the terrorist attack, and recover anything that might fall into the hands of terrorrests that could be used against the united states, and instead cnn went to the scene. so there are so many things that are so troubling, um, that whether it was lying or incompetence, to me, is almost beside the point. megyn: interesting point. >> they need to give us the information about what really happened and are they connecting the dots, are they looking at this and saying, you know, we had some pre-9/11 attacks that we now in hindsight know were, you know, we should have seen as a warning. are you looking at and trying to understand the context of this attack. megyn: and that's why these lawmakers are now seeking to get the actual cables, the communication -- >> that's right. >> megyn: -- between ambassador stevens and the state department so they could see where he was raising -- hold on -- raising
10:39 am
the concerns expressed in that journal to his employers employd asked for an increased level of protection. monica, ten seconds, quickly. >> that's right. when the charge of cover up is raised, what are they covering up? why was ambassador stevens going to men gazty si in the middle of the night? why were those two former navy seals not protective detail? what were they doing? we need to have all of these answers. megyn: ambassador bolton said when he was u.n. ambassador here in the united states, he had three security guards with him. why wouldn't our ambassador sitting in libya on 9/11 have at least that? there are questions about whether he did. ladies, thank you so much. we appreciate it. again, check out that daily beast piece, at the same time we are getting this information regarding the libya investigation, both president obama and governor romney are out on the campaign trail in the crucial swing state of ohio. the president's in bowling green, ohio, governor romney's in bedford heights. there's a lot going on in this
10:40 am
election. now with respect to foreign policy as well as domestic policy. we're going to be monitoring both of these events. as any news is made, we will bring it to you and, of course, you can watch the remarks streaming live at we'll bring you a report next hour on what the two men said. well, there are new developments in the facebook ban of a book written by a frequent guest of "america live" who you will know. we'll show you what the social networking site is now saying for itself after it said no to a conservative author's book. plus, there's breaking news today about the nfl crisis that has become so controversial, even i know about it. [laughter] it is the number one story in the country, actually, nfl hall of famer fran tarkenton will join us live to put this perspective, and we'll bring you the breaking news. and new legal questions in the case of the man supposedly behind the anti-islam film that was at the heart of some of the protests we've been seeing in the middle east. are there really strong legal
10:41 am
grounds to go after him like this for a probation violation? or is this about trying to appease some folks who hate us? the gavel drops early in kelly's court next.
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10:44 am
megyn: well, an early kelly's court for you today. we are getting reports that prosecutors are moving forward with the federal probation violation case against-and-a-half cull la baa sellly-and-a-half cull la. he's the film maker, supposedly, behind the video that some are blaming for these violent protests across the muslim world. federal officials looking into whether he violated his probation for a 2010 check fraud conviction by violating this youtube video. he was not supposed to be using the computer without permission
10:45 am
from his probation officer. he went into hiding after police marched him from his home for questioning. so this is technically a probation violation at worst. that's why he was paraded by six officers, according to some counts, in front of the cameras with the whole around the head -- i mean, have you ever seen anything like that for a probation violation, arthur? >> okay. your honor, with the greatest amount of respect, it's technically a supervised release violation. megyn: that's a helpful point. that means a lot to the viewers at home. >> what it means is he served yale time. this wasn't a guy who never did any jail time. he went to jail. and part of his agreement, when he agreed to plead guilty, he agreed to waive his right to a trial, he said, your honor, i promise to do my jail time, i promise to abide by your wishes when i get out, and one of the demands was you cannot use a computer.
10:46 am
had he done this -- megyn: without prior approval from the probation officer. >> correct. and he got caught in the biggest use of a computer ever. of course they have to investigate it. of course they have to look into it. and nobody's decided what's going to happen to him -- megyn: well, i think the good counsel, jonna, is misleading the court. [laughter] and the jury at home about whether this is normal procedure on a probation violation or whatever, supervised release violation, to have this many officers and the perp walk and so, you tell me in. >> no, absolutely not. this would never happen. if we weren't getting this reaction across the globe over this 15-minute trailer, we would not even hear of this probation violation because nobody would care. and why would nobody care? because it's not really a violation of the theory beneath his -- >> you don't know that, though, i don't know that. >> you know what? you know darn well -- megyn: oh, he's way worse than you are. [laughter] >> thanks, your honor.
10:47 am
>> the reason for that kind of restriction on that kind of probation is for repeating criminal behavior. check fraud and uploading a homemade video to youtube, two different animals. megyn: so the question is, so the question is, what is this really about in and is this really about showing the world how much we hate this guy's speech which our constitution protects and the supreme court has said the first amendment protects speech we don't like, not speech we like. okay, so is this about that, or is it about how upset we are over his conditions of supervised release? >> the question you asked, that six united states marshals are going to do a perp walk, absolutely not. but is it normal when lindsay lohan gets a dwi and there's six officers around her -- megyn: yes. [laughter] >> this is something of tremendous public interest, and that is why we're talking about it, and that is why the federal government is handling it the way they have to handle it. what would we be saying if they said, ah, we don't care.
10:48 am
we're not even going to look into it. that's all they're doing, they're looking into it. i don't think he's going to get sent back to jail -- megyn: well, that's the other question, jonna. now that he's been paraded out and the cameras have it, if he doesn't get in trouble for this, i mean, the pack tannies, there's -- pakistanis, there's a cabinet minister who put a bounty on the guy's head, al-qaeda wants to kill him, half the muslim world wants to kill him, so if this guy gets off with what you'd normally get off with like a technical violation, what's going to be the backlash? >> that won't happen. he's got to go back to prison. that's what's going to have for this supervised release violation. he's going to do more time behind bars for something that's equivalent to jaywalking or getting a park ticket because they want to send a message to the other side of the world that we're just as upset as we are. >> behind the scenes his lawyer's probably trying to get him to go.
10:49 am
he's in hiding. i still don't think a judge is going to order him back to prison for this type of violation. >> he will. absolutely. megyn: we'll see. good, good -- good job, good debate. thank you, see ya. >> thank you. megyn: coming up, a new study is deal ago major blow to one of the president's major health care promises. why your doctor may be going away even if you want to keep him. stay tuned. ♪
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
megyn: right now a school lunch program aimed at keeping children healthier may be backfiring. new federal guidelines offer children lighter meals and more vegetables, but some kids are choosing hunger over black bean
10:53 am
humus. trace gallagher has the details. >> reporter: it's called the healthy hunger-free kids act, megyn, which is a curious name considering a lot of kids around the country say, hey, we're hungry. this was championed by michelle obama along with the usda, and the idea is to give kids more fruits, vegetables and whole grains and less fats and processed foods, and, of course, the schools have to go along with it, or they don't get reimbursed for the free lunches they've give out. calorie limits for kids 6-8, it is 700 calories and 9-12 you get 850 calories. come on, some football players need 850 calorie appetizers. look, the kids are now pushing back. in massachusetts they have created a black market for, are you ready? chocolate syrup. what they do is they smuggle it in, and they charge by the squeeze. and in kansas some kids and a teacher came up with a parody, a
10:54 am
video turning the song "we are young" into "we are hungry." listen. ♪ now, i know that this is not all that you've got, i guess that i, i just thought maybe we could find a way not to start the day. ♪ but our friends -- >> reporter: goes on to show athletes that are falling down at practice. the video's gotten 100,000 youtube hits, but the usda does not appear to be entertained, saying they've got the solution. they'll figure out the problem by saying one thing i think we need to keep in mind as kids say they're still hungry is that many children respect used to eating fruits -- respect used to eating fruits and vegetables at home, much less at school. if they're still hungry, it's that they are not eating all the food that's being offered. that's the answer. they're not eating everything. kids not buying it. literally, they've got twitter accounts telling other kids to brown bag it for lunch and, of course, that's hurting sales at
10:55 am
schools. so maybe the calorie count needs to be upped just a smidge. megyn: well, i am told if people don't like their vegetables, you just serve it to them day after day after day, and some people believe that that will make them love their vegetables. >> reporter: i don't think so. [laughter] megyn: i don't know, 850 calories a day is a lot. maybe for an athlete it's not a lot, but even with that 16-year-old metabolism, that's not a good idea to be pushing 3,000 calories a day if you do it by the meals. all right, trace, thank you. >> reporter: okay. megyn: well, is it game over for the nfl season? the players are now threatening to take action after the blown touchdown call ending the green bay/seattle game. nfl hall of famer fran tarkenton is here live. plus, governor romney getting new anticipation as he makes the case for what he calls economic freedom. what he thinks needs to change to preserve america for future generations. and remembering show business legend singer andy
10:56 am
williams. a look at his legacy as fans and friends say good-bye. ♪ ♪ okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
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11:00 am
this the final week before the first big presidential debate. >> in four years we lost 582,000 manufacturing jobs. 582,000. this -- we can't afford four more years like the last four years. we have got to get this economy going again. megyn: carl cameron joins us live from toledo where governor romney will hold his final event of the day. >> reporter: mitt romney said it and there is a big billboard they will be trotting out. we can't afford four more years and that's the even caps laiftion what romney wants to talk about in the final six weeks of this campaign. there is a reemphasis on jobs and the economy. the core of his campaign, the reason he ran to fix the failed obama economy. he's talking about shared sacrifice, not everybody is going to get a tax cut. it's time for serious leadership
11:01 am
to deal with the nation's budget crisis. >> don't be expecting a huge cut in taxes because i'm also going to lower deductions and exemptions. but by bringing rates down we'll be able to let small businesses keep more of their money so they can hire more people. my priorities is jobs and i'll make it happen. >> reporter: bigger crowds and raucous rhetoric from romney. romney has a new ad out in which he speaks directly to camera and tries to frame it in broad terms. as he puts it a government dependency society versus as he puts it a personal responsibility and freedom society. >> we shouldn't measure cam passion by how many people are on welfare. we should measure compassion by how many people can get off welfare and get a good-paying job.
11:02 am
>> reporter: romney knows he has a lot of work to do in the battleground states. the polls show obama inching out with a lead. in one poll it's a 9-point advantage. the romney campaign says they have a bias for mr. obama because it's based on the 2008 turnout. they say that has been obliterated by the 2010 mid-term. megyn: let's look at this key battle ground state. although unemployment is lower here, the recovery has been uneven. what are ohio voters saying about the road ahead. bill hemmer is co-anchor of america's newsroom and he's an ohio native so he knows a thing or two about that state. >> reporter: this is confounding. you can go to southeastern ohio
11:03 am
weren't unemployment rate is 13%. in northwestern ohio it's 4%. we met brad much inon. he chases the american dream with a lot of determination and a high school diploma. he employs 90 people in the tiny town of caroll. he laid off 7 people in part because he doesn't know what the laws will be out of washington. >> there were a lot of jobs slated to start and guys just put the brakes on. a lot of what we are hearing from the industry, it's due to this election. >> reporter: he says because of the industry he finds it everywhere. we met a man who build custom homes. five years ago he was building 200 homes a year. he hit the wall. he built zero for three years.
11:04 am
this year so far he built five. ohio has a republican governor john kasich. the state unemployment lower than the national average. but the underemployed is 14%. what governor kasich argues is this. whoever can convince people they can bring jobs back will win ohio's electoral voters. >> it's this argument between romney and obama. who can do a better job of bringing the country totally back. the economy is growing anemically. we should be growing at 4%, 5%. and we are not. >> reporter: so why is ohio such a battleground? it runs the spectrum in every aspect of american life. big cities, big open spaces. strong minorities and large
11:05 am
universities. ohio has a huge middle class and they are the clear target for both romney and obama. we'll report later tonight with bret and special report. megyn, back to you. megyn: now to the fallout on the story breaking yesterday. the senate's highest-ranking democrat attacking governor romney on their shared mormon faith. other mormons are lark out at senate majority harry reid suggesting that the governor sullied his faith. utah congressman jason chaffetz is a member of the church of the latter day saints. >> that the kind of gutter politics people abhor. for the majority leader of the
11:06 am
united states senate to make it so personal and throw the religion under the bus, it's inappropriate. there is no room for it. it should be called out and it was a shameful embarrassment. megyn: we had frank luntz on and he did think this is an effort to put mormonism front and center in this race to scare people who don't understand the religion or gin up prejudice. as a mormon your thoughts on that. >> i have been proud of the electorate. it hasn't been front and center. but when you have someone who is an active mormon, someone who is the senate majority leader throwing the religion under the bus, that's what makes it so sickening and so absolutely wrong. i think most of the country gets this. but obviously senator reid doesn't. megyn: is he being used by folks who would like to see the
11:07 am
president reelected or do you think this is an organic thought he decided to share with reporters? >> i don't think this is a spontaneous thing. he certainly didn't apologize for it afterwards. i think his senate democrats who put him into this leadership position have to call somebody out on this. imagine if republicans had said the same thing about the president. a principle is a principle and you have got to stand on it. it's disappointing there haven't been some senate democrats that have maybe weighed in on this as well. who better to attack mitt romney than harry reid? i don't know. it's just wrong. it's gutter politics and it should be called out. megyn: why does harry reid get a pass? you are in congress. you are in congress. are you expected to set some sort of example when you are house leader to represent all americans to some extent to hopefully restore some of the trust and the high opinion that
11:08 am
americans once had of our lawmakers on capitol hill? you tell me. because has said a lot off controversial things. when john mccain was running he called john mccain erratic. he said he couldn't stand mccain, a long term colleague of his. he said mitt romney couldn't be confirmed as a dog catcher and he suggested mitt romney did not pay federal taxes for 10 years which we all know now thanks to governor romney's accounting firm is not true. >> you have to hold the senate democrats accountable. they elected him into this lead i areship position. tomorrow they can take him out of that leadership position. but they seem to encourage it by the fact that they are silent on these matters. i would think the country gets it. when president obama campaigned on we are not red states or blue states, we are united states.
11:09 am
who disagrees with that. but look at the way they actually act. look at what does. america should not stand for that. we are better than that. but it starts at the top and i think harry reid has a higher bar to reach. these aren't mistakes. i think they are calculated for his own personal political gain. megyn: governor romney said he can say whatever he would like to say, this is not a race about harry reid. jason chaffetz, thanks for being here. we are watching governor romney's event live right now. we'll bring you the news as it happens. plus we'll see why his call for economic freedom, economic freedom, that's becoming his message, is getting lot of attention. possible breaking news in the nfl controversy. the players are now threatening to take action after the blown touchdown call ending the green bay seattle game, nfl hall of
11:10 am
famer fran tax inon is here. and up next the new warning about your doctor and potentially your coverage going away. >> if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. if you like your healthcare plan, you will be able to keep your healthcare plan. period. no one will take it away. no matter what. [ female announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day women's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. it has more of 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day 50+.
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swiffer 360 duster's extender gets into hard-to-reach places without the hassle. so you can get unbelievable dust pickup in less time without missing a thing. i love that book. can you believe the twin did it? ♪ swiffer. great clean in less time. or your money back. megyn: fox news alert. moment ago from the centers for disease control we learned the number of nationwide cases of west nile jumped by 400. 800 americans have been infected about it virus.
11:14 am
there have been hundreds of deaths reported nationwide in this year's massive outbreak. we'll continue to follow this. new evident that a majority of small business owners and manufacturers plan dramatic changes in response to president obama's healthcare laws and these changes will not benefit their employees. according to a survey nearly 60% of members say they plan to drop coverage or pass additional healthcare costs on to their workers. the nfib was one of the lead plaintiffs in the lawsuit that went up to the supreme court. it lost. small businesses are the heart of job creation in the united states. but faced with choosing between increased healthcare costs or potentially going out of business, that's how many see this, owners say they will do
11:15 am
what they to be survive. joining me now, chris plante, and alan colmes. gentlemen, welcome. the commission -- they commissioned this poll be done and the folks asking for the poment clearly don't like obama-care. but apparently what the poll finds is that 60% of these firms are going to kill health insurance coverage or charge the workers more. are we to believe it and does it have an electoral impact? >> whether anything will have an electoral impact negatively on barack obama remains to be seen. this was predictable. many of us were pointing out that the way obama-care was structured, it was designed to force business out of the healthcare racket and leave government as the last man standing. the president promised costs would go down by $2,500.
11:16 am
that was laughable on the face of it. and now we see the cost trending in the other direction upward and accelerating in terms of increasing costs for premiums and for healthcare costs overall. so it's having the opposite of the desired effect of driving costs down but it's having the desires effect in driving industry and businesses out of providing healthcare benefits for employees. that was entirely by design. megyn: if that were to happen, if you had 0% of these companies eliminating their healthcare coverage, or charge their employees significantly more for healthcare coverage, there would be a major national backlash. >> i don't buy the numbers and i'll tell you why. the group that did the survey is a republican firm. the organization that's questioned here, the organization of independent business is also a republican
11:17 am
firm that brags about the number of republicans aelected to congress. and a right-wing firm run by the head of the republican snowstore republican senatorial commission. megyn: it was commissioned by a group that doesn't like healthcare and what does it tell us about the results? >> healthcare costs are going up and premiums are going up. you don't have to poll anybody about that. you ask businesses how they are going to deal win creasing costs and they say they will get out of the business of providing healthcare. the reality is who conducted the poll? i guess i should dismiss a lot of polls we are hearing about
11:18 am
barack obama going up by 10 points with women in ohio. but the reality is that this is what this bill was programmed to do. this is a time-release bill where little poison pellets will reveal themselves to us as time goes by. nancy pelosi said we have to pass the bill to find out what's tonight. we are finding out what's tonight. businesses are running from it. the last man standing will be the government, the on healthcare provider left. megyn: one of the things the poll did say, asked if they would start a new business. 55% said no. >> i put no credence in this poll because of the right-wing nature of it. nancy pelosi said what she said because the republicans kept adding amendments to the affordable care act. most of the affordable care act hasn't kicked in yet.
11:19 am
reports of the amount we'll have to pay for healthcare are greatly exaggerated based on those who already have an agenda who don't want this passed. republicans who say repeal like romney and replace have not said what they would replace it with. megyn: the reason the poison pill aspect is there is because the bad stuff of the law doesn't kick in until 2014. >> we don't know what the numbers are. megyn: the businesses don't have to pay the penalty until 2014 when we are into a second term of barack obama or another president. >> i would like to see a single pair plan. that would be my preference. at least the public option. megyn: the republicans have been saying during the primary, this is the last chance that there will be to roll back obama-care,
11:20 am
and that's definitely true now that the supreme court has upheld its constitutionality. yet it doesn't seem to be that front and center on the campaign trail any more. what do you make of it? >> there are other issues the romney campaign is trying to get across that they are not very effective at getting across. it's not necessarily the front burner issue. it's part and parcel of the role of government and government spending and whether we can afford these entitlement program. what alan said is part and parcel of what nancy pelosi said. much of the bill hasn't kicked in. nancy pelosi didn't read it. harry reid didn't read it. megyn: quickly alan. then i have got to go. >> they have legislative aides to read bills. this is another diversion. you know what's in the bill, you can look it up.
11:21 am
megyn: the pentagon issuing new guidelines on a navy seal book on the bin laden raid. the nfl players are threatening action and the fans, their reaction at least the part we can show on tv just ahead. and what it means for me. woman 2: i'm tired of the negative ads and political spin. that won't help me decide. man 2: i earned my medicare and social security. and i deserve some answers. anncr: where do the candidates stand on issues that... affe seniors today and in the future? find out with the aarp voters' guide at riding the dog like it's a small horse is frowned upon in this establishment! luckily though, ya know, i conceal this bad boy underneath my blanket
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11:24 am
megyn: the pentagon issuing guide lines for all employees regarding a book by a former navy seal about the raid that killed bin laden. according to a top pentagon official employees are permitted to purchase the book but are prehib ited from engage?
11:25 am
online discussions or questioning the contents. many of them will wind up on the big screen when a movie comes out about it all. speaking of movies. a phoenix man facing serious charges today over a bizarre attempt to test the city's emergency response time. allegedly creating a video showing a 1-year-old boy -- 16-year-old boy presumably about to launch a terrorist attack. >> they began this video by saying don't try this at home. they were trying to test the response time of the phoenix police department. the 16-year-old was the nephew of the filmmaker. he gave him a fake go made
11:26 am
launcher as placed him on one of the busiest intersections in phoenix. listen to part of the film. >> as we approached our actor made himself appear as threatening as possible. but somehow he seemed to go unnoticed. our actor crossed the crosswalk to receive as much attention as possible. >> reporter: police got 9, 911 calls. the filmmaker says his nea few ran around like that for 15 minutes before the cops arrived. the police say within a minute after they got the first 911 call they were on the scene. the nephew was not arrested because he was carrying a toy. but the cops say it's lucky he wasn't run down or shot on the spot. >> it's very fortunate no one didn't take matters that their
11:27 am
own hands and kill those individuals involved. if they did i think it would be difficulter to anyone to feel it was nothing more than justified realizing there was potentially an immediate threat with someone carrying a rocket propelled grenade. >> reporter: police didn't know they were being tested until this thing hit youtube and the filmmaker fessed up. now he's facing four fell any counts. his nephew said he knew it was dangerous going in. megyn: the uncle approved it. what about the kid's parent? >> reporter: we don't know because there has been no comment at all. this happened in july. he just came out and said it was me, i did it. megyn: i can't imagine a mother or father agreeing have their child parading around like a terrorist who could get shot by a good samaritan believing they were under a terrorist attack.
11:28 am
that's colossal -- stupidity. an nfl replacement ref making a ruling so bad it even sparktwee. fran tarkenton joining us live. governor romney getting a response after his assessment of america's economic model. we used to be ranked among the top five freest countries now we are 18th. >> it's not driven by government, it's driven by people. about this president persists on the road to make small businesses more difficult to grow and survive. he will turn us into greece and we must not let it happen. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
11:29 am
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ve lately. trust goes a long way. but because of business people like you, things are beginning to get rolling. and regions is here to help. making it easier with the expertise and service to keep those wheels turning. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together. megyn: republican vice presidential nominee holding a town eating in ohio. if you want to listen to mr. ryan's remarks they are at yesterday romney and ryan made a
11:33 am
call for economic freedom in america. >> we'll return america to the principles that made this nation the hope of the earth. i will resort principles the founders described when they wrote the declaration of independence. the foundation of this nation said this, our rights did not come from government, our rights came from god himself. and among those rights are life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness. we are free in this nation to pursue happiness as we choose. and now and then there is a person out there that has some idea and goes out and pursues it, not because of the government told hem to do it. but because this idea came into their minds. they said i'm going to try this idea. most of the ideas don't work. that the nature of it. if they are successful, many,
11:34 am
many, many people get great jobs and a great future. that's how our economy works. it is not driven by government. it's driven by free people. if this president persists on the road of making it harder and harder for small businesses to grow and thrive he will slowly but surely weaken our economy and turn us into greece, and we mist not let it happen. megyn: joining me now, charles payne. pete snyder ceo of disruptor capital and dick harpootlian. charles, what a different tone from mitt romney and a different message than we have seen in recent days. can you speak to it. >> he should have been been speak to it the entire time was sidetracked. this is what mayor case all about and what is is what
11:35 am
november is all about. do we want to become the ultimate nanny state where we are told the individual ruggedness and self-determination and ownership society beginning with ownership of your self, your dreams and abilities are given away to the government or do we go the course that made us the greatest nation in the world. i'm glad he's finally talking about this and i hope it's not too late. megyn: did you see a different tone in delivery? >> i did. it reminds me of during the gore campaign when they started telling gore to wear earth tones instead what he was wearing. this is merely a shift in style. it's not a shift in mitt romney. i think he's finding dish was in virginia this week working with field people up there. the constant reaction we got from people is he's not credible. the 47%. he's a rich guy and all he's concerned business the rich guys.
11:36 am
he's putting on his hat and railing against government but he's the governor of massachusetts. if he was against government he could have decreased government while he was the governor of massachusetts which he didn't do. he could have created jobs. they were 47 in job growth while he was dwof o -- while he was gr of massachusetts. it's another to actually have a record of credibility and doing something. megyn: fact checkers say massachusetts was 28th when he left. the study, the economic freedom of the world annual report, we used to be ranged among the five freest country. now we are in 18th. we are behind hong dong, singapore, canada, chile and 13
11:37 am
other nations. your thoughts. >> you hit it on the head. it's a sad state of affairs when the greatest capitalists and greatest country for entrepreneurs is sinking and the rest of the world is catching entrepreneur fever. i love what we heard out of mitt romney. i'm an entrepreneur. with the help of a lot of others on my team started a company and started an industry. this is exactly what america needs. i'm on the ground every single day. our entrepreneurs are so excited to hear mitt romney take it to him and show he's the leader and ceo and thought leader for your economy that we really need right now. we can't have a larger expanded government. we need to free up entrepreneurs and free up capital and make it happen. megyn: you are obviously a
11:38 am
romney supporter. charles, you are a business guy. lived most of his life as a business guy. he's talking about this economic freedom, about free market ideology, american prosperity. barack obama said he believes in those things, too, but he inherited a terrible economy and he stopped the bleeding on the jobs losses by his program and his ideology. >> i have got to tell you, we were in a panic when president obama took over. panics are typically short-lived and most of the time we come back stronger and much quicker. i will say this for mitt romney. what he's got to articulate to the average person out there is how business impacts their lives. i was watching undercover boss. he had a job at a fast food restaurant and he was going to lose it and couldn't help his
11:39 am
mother pay her bills. these areas have a stepping stone to achieve the american dream. megyn: there seems to be a perception corporate times favor mitt romney. do you think that's true? >> i think in many instances it could. people willing to make a dollar no matter what. you talk about staples, he shipped hundreds of thousands of jobs overseas to china. which by the way, it's legitimate and legal. but as a practical matter how many -- we need a leader who is willing to make tough decisions. >> we have someone who has zero private sector experience in the white house and it shows. we need someone with true entrepreneurial private sector
11:40 am
experience to turn this country around and you know it. >> maybe we do but it ain't mitt romney he's just a rich guy who cares about rich guys and doesn't care about the 47%. >> that's preposterous. >> that's what he said. >> he has created more jobs than anyone we have run for president in the last 100 years. megyn: the numbers show that i think it's 62% of the middle class are very worried about the track of this country. when you broaden it out to the full electorate it's high, too. they think we are on the wrong track. there are a lot of worries among the american people whether we as a country are heading down the wrong path. and you can blame it on whoever you want to blame it on. >> you are absolutely right. they mentioned greece in their stump speech yesterday. the big news this week out of
11:41 am
europe is portugal. portugal has a center-right government. they were going to make changes, but because of the unions and the riots they said we are not going to go that route. there is a point of no return. in june for every one job created in this country 4 people went on food stamps and 4 people quit the job market. megyn: i was reading a piece today that quoted dan quayle saying i believe we are on an irreversible trend towards freedom and democracy but that could change. coming up next something i have never done before. i'm going to meet fran cashen on an -- i'm going tomeet fran tar. a full-time banker. there you see him -- the referee
11:42 am
with his arms up, filled in as a ref in the nfl and made what many people call the worst call in nfl history. fran tarkenton is next.
11:43 am
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megyn: the nfl reeling from a blown call monday night marking a new low for the league's replacement refer ease. take a look and listen to the final play between the green bay packers and the seattle seahawks.
11:46 am
you see the other guy like it's a fix. >> how he does not get credit for the interception i have no idea. he has the ball. when he gets to the ground he's gops got it against his body. >> seahawks win in the most bizarre finish. megyn: even i can see the guy in the yellow caught that not the other team but the yellow team lost because they ruled that a touchdown for the seahawks. all this racing questions whether the nfl is jeopardizing the safety of its players and the integrity of the game. joining me now, fran tarkenton,
11:47 am
he's a hall of fame quarterback. thank you for being here. >> glad to be with you. you can rest assured, roger goodell is a great leader and great leaders solve problems. he has got an enormous problem. and you showed the film of the game monday night. that was not a judgmental call it was one of the worst calls in the history of football. in football we only play 16 games a year. but you take a victory taken from you like it was the packers wrongly, you can't recover, it's hard to recover from it. but again goodell is a great leader, leaders solve problems. you can rest assured sunday you will have the old officials, the regular officials will be back on the field sunday and they will get roaring applause from all the fans in the stands and you notice you haven't heard a
11:48 am
thing from roger goodell all week. he's work on this. he will solve the problem. megyn: how does the play stand? it was reviewed and it was left standing. >> technically they say possession of the ball is not a decision made in the review stand. it has to be made on the field. that's crazy and that's stupid. they should have act and said let's do the right thing and give the victory to the green bay packers because he clearly intercepted the ball. every replay showed it. nobody thinks issue with that. but there was also an offensive pass and interference penalty on the play that was clear and wasn't called. before that there were two pass interference against green bay that were bogus. this has been going on all over the league and it costs games. it's one of the few thing the
11:49 am
nfl has not done right. they did not vet these replacement officials, they did not train them properly and they have been an embarrassment to the national football league for three weeks. if they don't bring them back they will boo these poor guys when they compton the field. megyn: we are told the guy who made this bad call has no nfl professional revving experience. he has done some college experience. a lot of these refs were rejected from the lingerie league because even that league found them not up to par. >> they were rejected from the lingerie league and the arena league. i think they thought they would have a deal with the officials and they didn't. there are plenty of them they could have gotten. they only had to get 150
11:50 am
officials, train them and indoctrinate them. megyn: why is this such a big deal? why is the president commenting on it and mitt romney commenting on it. some folks say it's just a football game. there is a union dispute. let it play out. that will be the question when we come back. so i thought that the best way for you to get those answers is to actually meet a client and a one reverse mortgage licensed professional. come on... what happened when you made that call? first of all we had to clarify immediately that the house would be mine. what is the difference between a reverse mortgage and a regular mortgage? a reverse mortgage has no requirement to make a monthly payment as long as you continue to live in the home. what did the one reverse mortgage then do for you? well i can meet the expenses at the end of the month with no anxiety. i had a partner.
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>> fran tarkenton is back with me. the regular refs are locked out over salary and retirement benefits. they want more and the nfl said no. so we have replacement refs. why isn't this a union dispute we should let play out. >> people want to see nfl football and they want to pull
11:54 am
for their team and have it be a fair match. when the referees decide games win or lose, they aren't doing their jobs. the most popular thing in america is nfl football. they will watch it next week despite what happened next week. it's the highest rated things we have on telephone. people are crazy about their football. seattle fans were probably happy about what happened. but those poor fans in green bay are just beside themselves. but i can assure you the green bay fans will be out next week as strong as they were last week. >> i want to talk to you about safety. the nfl player's association said the ref threw his hat because he thought the receiver stepped out of bounds. the receiver fell because it was
11:55 am
the ref's hat he fell on. two horrible head-to-head hits. it causes concussions. he lost part of his ear. the referee gave him a 15-yard penalty. he should have kicked the guy out of the game. later the nfl find his guy $50,000 and suspended him for one game. he should have been suspended for the year. so there is no respect by the players for these officials. the coaches don't respect these officials and it make its game chaotic. it endangers the safety our players and we don't need that. megyn: fran tarkenton, thank you so much, sir. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
11:56 am
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8% every 10 years. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. keeps you from getting soft. [ major nutrition ] ensure. nutrition in charge! >>megyn: big event this sunday. a great organization and a great cause, a run.
11:59 am
september 11th new york city firefighter ran several miles through a new york tunnel with 60 pounds of gear strapped from the world trade center. he died that day. but each year hundreds pay tribute to him and others replacing his steps from the tunnel to tower run and helps severely wounded warriors. you can register or donate. here is shepard smith. >>shepard: the news begins anew, on "studio b" today. the last time, possibly, that guy, mahmoud ahmadinejad, enters the united states. ever. it is likely the iranian's president final speech to the u.n. attacking the united states and railed on israel calling its people "uncivilized." this is the holiest jewish holiday of the year. both presidential nominees crossing paths in ohio today. voters in ohio cast ballots in days. we will look at the poll that shows a candidate


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