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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 26, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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on ahmadinejad. >> he is the impeerist do you df fuss. >> barack obama what do you think. >> it's all there in black and white. i hope the white part doesn't screw it up. >> our government is wiping its-[bleep] with the constitution. >> bill: new study out of the university of new hampshire celebrities saying dumb political stuff are hurting their careers. juliet huddy on that. caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: i'm birl, thanks for watching us tonight. the status of the presidential race right this moment that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. this is is an important factor tonight because we are going to tell you straight up where the campaign is at this point in history. no spin, no nonsense.
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no ideology. two new polls today have r. very good news for president obama. the polling in general continues to be fluid. that is there is a wide discrepancy in the results and most importantly more democrats were polled than republicans so the results are somewhat suspect. first the "the washington post" poll in florida. it has president obama leading romney by 4 points. 51% 47%. the "new york times" poll has obama up by 9 points. 53 percent, 44%. same state, same likely voter scenario. in ohio, "the washington post" has the president up by 8. 52% 44%. "times" poll has obama up by 10 over romney. 53%, 43%. however, in the rasmussen daily tracking poll, the national survey, the race is tied. a dead heat 46% 46%. on this day four years ago, rasmussen had mr. obama up by 5 points over john mccain. 50%, 45%.
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a case could be made that mitt romney is doing better than john mccain did. but that might be misleading. the presidential race is going to come down to just a handful of states ohio and florida being the most important governor romney plus win in both places that's why today's polling news is causing controversy. talking points has said from the very beginning that the debates this year will be the deciding factor one week from tonight in denver, colorado, the president will meet the governor at :00 p.m. eastern time. no question and all the polls show this that most americans are not happy with president obama's leadership, especially on the economy. many of the folks don't trust mitt romney. however, if the governor can do what ronald reagan did in 1980, that is keep the incumbent president on the defense during the debates, then the polls will surely change. that's not an easy thing to do because the debate formats allow the candidates to say pretty much whatever they want to sacht the moderator next
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week jim lair is not going to control obama or romney. he will ask a question and keep quiet. that's not a knock on will he leher. any interruptions are deemed inappropriate. the out of touch with the folks. the president has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on ads stating that. the governor does come across as a classic rich guy. it's tough to picture him super sizing his meal at mcdonald's. the kennedy's were like that as well. but in this class warfare age, that perception is certainly holding romney back. the president's record is dubious to say the least. but many americans aren't paying attention and will vote on emotion. thus the rich guy and regular phi scenario. governor romney has only one chance. he must convince voters during the debates that if the president is is real e -- reelected. things are going to get much
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worse in america. can he do that? only god knows. top story tonight. let's bring in fox news analyst carl rove who joins us tonight from washington. let's take ohio and florida first. do you believe the polling today? >> no, i don't. and for a very good reason. let's take florida first. got the white board for you. little bit of context here. the biggest poll that we -- the most important thing about a poll is its partisan matrix. the division between republicans, democrats and independents. the biggest poll that we have to understand what the partisan matrix is about are the exit polls. in 2008, florida had three points more democrats than republicans. and in 2004, it had 4 points less democrats than republicans. more republicans than democrats voted in 2004. in 2 point damage to the democrats. the cbs "new york times" poll has 9 points more democrats than republicans. do we really think that the democrat margin over republicans in florida is
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going to be three times what it was in 2008? that is to say the democrats are that much more wired up? no that's not going to happen. >> wait. let me answer. so the logical question is and the "new york times" didn't hide that data. that data is out when you look at the poll. however, cbs news and i listened to it at 8:00 a.m. on the radio every morning, they didn't report that so the people wouldn't know it. unless they went themselves to the poll. but that begs the question. are these polls dishonest? >> no. look, we endow them with a false scientific precision that they don't have. if you have nine points more democrats than republicans. >> bill: you are going to have a poll that reflects that. >> 9 points more obama. think about this. romney and obama get each roughly the same percentage of republicans and democrats as their opponent. that is to say they carry their base overwhelmingly. romney, among independents is winning by three points. so, if romney is winning the independents and wishing the
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republicans. do you think in a battle ground state like florida, is he 9 points down and the answer is no. look, i have got to tell you, cbs, "new york times" has a history of this. i remember in 1980 when i was the young executive director of texans for reagan/bush, the first week of october a poll came out saying that carter was beating reagan in texas. and i can remember all the meetings i had to go to and have my posterior chewed by the leaders of the campaign about what the heck were we going to do about it? and of course texas was comfortably won by 13 points basically four weeks, five weeks later. you have got to be pairful about these polls down with scientific information. >> bill: i don't have to be careful i report honestly. the rest of the media isn't going to be careful because they are rooting for barack obama and it props them up. in ohio. >> in 2008, the democrats had 8 points more turnout than the republicans did. and in 2004 the republicans had a 5. turn out advantage. democrats a points less than the republicans. in 2000, the democrats had 1
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point more in turnout than did the republicans. now, cbs "new york times" has 9 points more democrats than republicans. so they say democrats are even more helped up. republicans less. it may not be 8. but it is somewhere between those two if not nine. and, again, romney is winning the i independents and getting great numbers among republicans obama getting great numbers among democrats. again, obama winning by 10 points in the cbs "new york times" poll. same in the "the washington post" poll up by 7. democrats more than republicans. and up by 8 for obama. look, we have got to be careful about, you know, we have a proliferation of these polls. there have been 87 national polls in the last 30 days. that's more polls than were rub in the last six months of the 1980 presidential race. last week alone, we had 51 state level polls.
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and before that 41. >> bill: look, from my point of view as a news analyst and i believe that the folks know i'm honest in that regard, when news agencies like the cbs news on the radio report the polling, and it shows that barack obama has leapt out to a big lead in florida and ohio, that gets inside people's minds. they remember that. and that can only help the president. that helps the president. >> sure. >> bill: the perception is he is going to be the winner. >> look. this was not easy to dig out these numbers. they are not printed in the pages of the "new york times." you have to go to the web site and go into the instrument that they fielded and dig the data out of there. look, it's not just -- let's not pick on cbs, "new york times," "u.s.a. today" has now run four battleground state polls of 11 states that were won by president obama in 2008 and they are up for grabs this time around. the last poll i believe had
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president obama 47, 45 in the battleground states. and the headline was isn't this great? well no context was provided. president obamas won those 11 states why over 54% to 45% last time around. >> bill: real quick, the carl rove board where is the race in ohio and florida in your opinion? >> well, toss-up in both states. >> bill: toss-up? it could go either way at this point in history? >> sure. >> bill: all right, mr. rove. we appreciate that next on the run down the governor of ohio john kasich will tell us what's going on in the buckeye state. dick morris and dennis miller warming up in the bullpen. both have provocative things to tell us upcoming. most of the pain i experience is in my knees.
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>> bill: continuing now with lead story. joining us from columbus the governor of ohio john kasich. before we get to that i'm bortd when people see you they will think i'm off because you obviously before you were the chief executive. >> 10 years. >> bill: that's right. my substitute here. quinnipiac poll has the president ahead in your state. also has you approval rating 48%. disapprove 35. so you in this poll are doing very well but mitt romney is not doing as well as you are and i want to know why. you listened to carl rove and i agree with him. these polls i don't pay attention to him. the numbers you just cited are numbers i didn't even pay attention to on my own numbers because it gindz when you ask and how you asked and what the
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sample is i think this is very close out here it. it is going to go right down to the wire. it's going to be who convinces people who are creating jobs who are listening and for their children. all about jobs. >> bill: i don't understand. this i really don't understand it okay? i have been to ohio many many times. you go in there and you win the governorship, you won by 2 points. all right? close. but you are here. do you a good job according to the folks who live in ohio. they like the job you are doing. yo unemployment. all right? you bring down the deficit. you're a republic. you're a republic. all right? so you are performing well in your state. shouldn't that be enough, your performance to make romney win the state? >> well, bill, i think it helps but, look, people, you know, endorsements are greatly overrated in politics. >> bill: no, no. you don't have tone doors. why aren't the buckeye state
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people saying okay, we put a republic in and he is improving the economy. why wouldn't we put another republic in on -- you see? i'm trying to logically think this. >> yeah. well, bill, i think that look, they have gotten to know me over a period of time, you know? and with mitt romney he comes in but he doesn't live here all the time. i'm here all the time. what i think he needs to do frankly he is here all the time. >> bill: he is here today. he was in ohio today. >> yeah, i think they ought to be paying income tax here, you know. but if this was not real close, they both wouldn't be here all the time. and i think what romney needs to do, the question is people wonder does he understand their problems? and when is he out there, he touches them. he just has got to touch as many people as he can. that's why he has to keep coming back. and the more he is back here, the better he will do. if he continues to have a message that says one basic thing. i understand your problems,
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and i believe i can fix them. >> bill: here is the problem with that, that barack obama was in ohio today and barack obama is a good campaigner and he touches people too and look you have got the cleveland, that's going to go democrat. always goes democrat there okay? and then you have got, you know, the certain republic precincts but i'm surprised. i really am. i thought that mitt romney would be doing much much better in ohio. is it about television advertising? is it television advertising equal there? is there another variable that i don't understand? >> well, you said it in your talking points. people need to hear more about the fact that he gets them. you know, you said it in the talking points. i thought it was very perceptive. i mean the fact is -- look, i was with romney today in my hometown there was an overflow crowd, bill that i have never seen before in politics. the place was jammed. it was jumping. and he just has to get out and let people see him. because when they see him, they like him. but, you know, again, he has
5:17 pm
to travel all over the country. so the more he is here, i believe the better he will do and let's face it. barack obama is a good campaigner, but, you know, it is not so much about the negatives of obama. people have already made up their mind about that it's what romney can do to touch them and say i know how to do this. i can fix this. and i get you. and it's important for them to get him. and that's why those debates are important. because people can begin to see him through more of an x-ray. they can make a judgment about the kind of guy he is. >> right. these debates are critical. >> i'm still a little surprised that the president is doing so well in ohio. i remain surprised on that. >> swing states. >> bill: have you control over the government, governor, and you have been successful and you are a republic. that's what i'm not getting. last word. >> look, i mean, i think at the end of the day, again, bill, i'm here. and people are seeing the results and i think the more that -- and he does. the more he talks about he is
5:18 pm
going to implement the policies that we carried out in ohio nationally to take the head winds away so ohio can really grow, that's a message that i think would really work. it can work in many other states, including florida. >> bill: romney has to put you up as a role model. that's what he should do. >> no, talk about policies, not people. this isn't about personality. it's about lower taxes, less government and economic growth which leads to jobs. the only thing that matters, bill, the only thing out here that matters are jobs. and whoever can tell them in a swing state i know how to create them, i'm going to help your family and your kids are going to go to work. that's who is going to win in ohio. >> bill: thanks very much. directly ahead. dick morris standing by his prediction that mitt romney will win big in november. later, we're going to let dennis miller loose on the iranian tyrant ahmadinejad. that should be interesting. up ahead. does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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>> bill: impacted segment tonight, as you may remember dick morris is predicting that president obama will defeat president obama by a significant margin. last month morris said this. >> i'm quite confident that romney is clearly going to carry florida. i think he is going to carry ohio. and i think he has a very good shot at carrying pennsylvania. >> bill: morris joins us now from albany, new york. are you standing by that? pennsylvania real clear politics polling average in pennsylvania is obama now up by 8 points. you standing by everything, right? >> yeah. when you average 9 accurate polls you get nine inaccurate average. there is effort going on in the media to try to discourage romney people and encourage romney voters by portraying this race as obama walk. but the people that are taking
5:23 pm
accurate polls. the people i'm in touch with. people who work with me and scott rasmussen, the only pollster that really is doing it correctly all have this race very different. rasmussen coming up behind you. he is coming up next. >> and a raiser thin edge against in him in ohio. >> bill: wait, wait. dick, wait. you know, you have got -- you make a provocative statement like that. you have got to stop and we have to walk through it. okay? now, you. >> walk away. >> bill: you assert that the fix is in. na is a fairly bold and fresh assertion. you say. >> fresh piece of humanity. >> bill: "new york times," quinnipiac, marist college, all of them are doing the numbers they are cooking the books so that the president goes better in the polling so
5:24 pm
that he gets more money from his donors. can you back it up? >> yes. all of these polls are assuming a very high turnout among african-americans latinos and young people. that produces a skew that makes them vastly more democratic than the actual sample itself is and the reason think think that's going to happen is they think obama will win. they think he will win because he generates a turnout among those people. this is not a finding of their polls you can't vote how many blacks are going to vote. you can only vote how they are going to vote. >> again, i'm not as smart as you. how does a pollster outweigh or predict african-americans, younger people will vote in high numbers. how do they work that in to their data? how does that happen?
5:25 pm
>> okay. you do 1,000 phone interviews. you do them in specific geographic locations. you have no idea how are talking to. you look at the data and say oh my god i have too many women which you always do because women answer the phone. so you weight up the interviews for men, weight up for men. look at the black respondents i got only 7% black. how should i weight that. assume i have 11% black like in 2004. or 14% black like in 2008. 11? 14? i think obama is going to generate high black turnout because did he last time. i'm going to weight them up to 14. young people will he gain 12% which was 2004 or 18% of the vote which was 2008? i think i will go with 18. latinos 7 and a half or 8. go with eight because there sin crease in population.
5:26 pm
those are judgment polls. no way to poll that normally it doesn't matter because normally each year's turnout is exactly the same as the one before. the outlier was 2008 it's because of that extra vote that barack obama was elected president. these polls are assuming that extra vote will be there. when do you a sample and you ask people are you going to vote and who are you? you don't see it. what you see is the normal turnout for blacks, latinos and young people. vastly lower than 2008. what they're doing is weighting it up to make it look like 2008 that's why those polls are wrong and thank you for letting me explain this. >> bill: you are welcome, morris. that's my job here. i want you to explain so even i can understand it and i do. dick morris, everybody. he has got a new book coming out on october 8th entitled "here comes the black helicopters." u.n. global governance and the loss of freedom. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening.
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miller has some thoughts on ahmadinejad. that alone should freeze any remote control action. later comedian silverman weighing in on the presidential election. oh boy. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. [ engine revving ] ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken. ♪ to help you not just to stay ale... but feel alive. the new c class is no exception. it's a mercedes-benz through and through. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. there's natural gas under my town. it's a game changer. ♪ it means cleaner, cheaper american-made energy. but we've got to be careful how we get it. design the wells to be safe.
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5:31 pm
park, new jersey doctor from washington. your tracking poll has the race tied. if you believe all the news reports today the president is way ahead in ohio, florida and other swing states. what's the truth? >> the way i see it, the race is close. it is not a blowout. it's certainly not over. but there is a big difference between saying well, the president is not far ahead and saying mitt romney is going to do just fine. right now the numbers show that mitt romney is trailing. and our polls in florida by point -- florida by 2 points and ohio by a point. he does have some ground to make up but very little. >> i want to be very very clear here. in the rasmussen poll in florida, the president is up by 2, not 10. 2. >> correct. >> bill: and ohio n. ohio the president is up by 1. both within a margin of error a dead heat. >> those polls are just taken over a week ago. they may have shifted in the president's favor, a lot of the numbers have in the last week or so. we are seeing a very close race in those states within
5:32 pm
the margin of error. these are states that mitt romney absolutely has to win. >> >> bill: when will you have new polling from florida and ohio? >> next week. >> okay. doctor, you have heard i think both rove and morris were pretty -- they made a pretty good case. that the polling we saw today isn't accurate and but it does have a definite effect on the perception of the presidential race. what do you say? >> well, i think karl rove made some good points. i have to admit i can't construct a grassy knoll as large as dick more nor -- morris did. i did that so you can plug your kennedy book, bill. i plef in averages despite what dick morris said. i think the president is currently leading the race nationally by about 4 percentage points. that's what real clear politics has it at. that's what has it at. that's not enormous amount.
5:33 pm
it doesn't mean it's going to end up that way on november 6th. but right now the president is leading nationally. i think is he leading in ohio by several percentage points. not as much as the poll this morning. in florida, i think it's basically a toss-up. that's one of my toss-up states at the crystal ball. and, you know, pennsylvania, i don't even think that's on the board. i think obama is going to win that handily. >> bill: has romney done anything wrong in the last two weeks? is the 47% tape, is that what we're seeing why the president has come up a little bit, scott? >> the reason the president has come up a little bit is because consumer confidence has been improving in the last couple of weeks. people are feeling a little bit better about the economy. that's still the big issue. yes, the 47% comment may have been a bit of a distraction. but it's going to come down to the fundamentals and if people are feeling better about the economy. barack obama is going to win. where mitt romney has failed so far is to convince people
5:34 pm
who are unhappy with the economy that he he would be any better. >> bill: all right. now, the media doctor sabato, i don't think there? i question they want barack obama to win. they being the national media. and if you did a real clear politics consensus on the media, it would be like 75-25 we want obama to win. a lot of that is the reportage reflects that, maybe subconsciously maybe as morris says not subconsciously do it on purpose. when people hear it on in the car, driving to work, this, that, and the other thing that the president is polling ahead, that means something, does it not? >> well, yes and no. now, look, bill, there is a lot of research on this. and people are not empty vessels into which the media can pour opinions. again, that's not just my opinion. that's a lot of research behind it. we all have perceptual screens and we screen out things with which we disagree. you know, when people listen to media reports.
5:35 pm
generally speaking. they accept the parts that reinforce the biases they already have. whether they are democratic biases or republic biases, so i don't agree that the media are driving the election to obama or, in fact, are driving the election at all. >> would you agree that most of the media personally supports barack obama? >> absolutely. just about to get you. >> there are a lot of studies of that. there is no question about that. >> we are fact-based here. i was going to back you with a study. >> all right, gentlemen. thanks very much. when we come right back, it will be miller time. ahmadinejad, chaos in the nfl, and what will happen if the president is reelected? miller is next. ♪ ♪
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>> bill: in the miller time segment tonight, let's get right to the sage of southern california, who joins us now from santa barbara. so, i'm not going to play any sound bites from ahmadinejad. i could but he is a loan, you you -- loon. you know? i just don't want to hear from him anymore. how do you evaluate his presence in the u.s.a. this week? >> first off i want to say since morris has been on just during that last segment with sabato and rasmussen, morris has written another book. [ laughter ] >> bill: just in the seven minutes that we -- >> yeah.
5:40 pm
>> it's a kids book called dubs humps a chopper about a helicopter. too. >> listen, every time i turn -- are you okay, billy? >> i don't know yet. i will tell you at the end of this seeing: >> here is the thing about aqua velva. corporal lecturing down at fez town. he heard he likes the fish at the carnegie deli. i think this guy is hiding something. i think he has a little dreidel in him. i like the u.n. because he stands in front of that green marble tile. every time i watch this pig speak in new york i want to take a shower. that's very apropos. the u.n. is useless. it's dirt bag countries send their best guy here. that's what you get at a dirt bag country if you are the best guy you get to move out of the dirt bag country and go live in new york and beat parking tickets. you know what?
5:41 pm
they ought to take it out of new york and voyeur at a time it like a vorve game. it's a jerk water organization. open it up in port-au-prince. i thought the president made a silly error when he made his village in farsi. i think that sent the wrong message. >> farsi was the outreach. he wants to outreach the persian people and farcy, of course, the language of iran. all right, now, i'm glad you brought the president up because there is a possibility, we won't know until after. i think the first debate is the big one a week from tonight. and the governor really has to come out smoking. but if the president does well in debates, he will probably win the election, and what do you see for the country then looking ahead if mr. obama does win? >> on november 7th, he will start telling you if he wins
5:42 pm
that it's going to take nine years to get us out of the situation bush put us in. that's what will start the next day. because this thing is going nowhere. and that's all he got is pushing it down the road. now here is what i would suggest. that barack obama wins again and you are making $45,000 a year out there, you should quit. because you're busting your hump and there is somebody who is going to make 40 who is not going to bust their hump. i always think amity slay's book the forgotten man where she talks about everybody thinks forgotten man the guy doing poorly. forgotten man is the guy who these people want to take care of the guy who is doing poorly. i would tell people, really. you know, nancy pelosi always says if we pass obama care, take the afternoon off. learn an instrument. all that i would tell somebody. if you are working 40 to 60 hours a week to feed your family and barack obama wins, quit. get in the other line and enjoy your life a little.
5:43 pm
>> bill: you are saying that you would probably make almost as much money through government largess through benefits, through welfare, whatever it may be so why kill yourself for 50 k or whatever it might be, get on the doll. you know, most americans won't do that because most americans have some dignity and even if they are not making a lot of the money they want to work for what they are given. >> if he wins, billy, if he wins november 6th, do you think that still holds true? >> i do. i think 30% of us will take what they can get and 70% of us use the system when they have to but don't want it because everybody knows if you are on the dole, you are on the dole. you can't cut it yourself bill. >> i feel bad for the guy who is 5 k ahead of the guy on the dole and busting his hump. >> bill: i respect that guy though. i really respect that guy. >> that's the guy who shows up. >> bill: not making a lot of
5:44 pm
money. had the job. but he never would have taken a dime. >> billy, half of life is showing up. those guys show up. i admire them immensely, too. obviously this is a swiftie proposal like jonathan swift. >> bill: we understand you operate under the umbrella of satire. just as mr. swift did back in ireland centuries ago. now, miller is a football guy. he did monday night football. he knows the game very well. the refs, looks like they will have the regular refs back on sunday now. but it's chaos in the nfl right now. that, you can't have chaos. you can have chaos in the government. you can have chaos in congress. but you can't have it in the nfl, miller. that can't happen. >> bill, as soon as i saw the end of the green bay/seattle game i thought to myself why in god's sakes would the nfl let biden referee a football game. [ laughter ] >> bill: which one was he? did you see the two?
5:45 pm
>> right there, he he has got his back to you coming in like this. >> touchdown guy. >> unbelievable. listen -- >> -- i feel sorry for the temporary refs. i mean, they are just there trying to make their 45 k, miller. that's what they're trying to do, you know. it's not their fault. >> bill: listen, i feel sorry for them too but i would say. this this should remind everybody if you need a re-set that the national football league runs for run -- one reason and one reason alone. 32 owners and they want to put as much money in their pocket as they possibly can. nothing else matters to them. when you hear all this stuff about player safety and all the weird right and left-hand turns they are taking, all the mac kin nation, it's simple. forget 16, start thinking about 14 or 12 games a year if you want these guys to be healthier. they will never do that because they care about one thing. i'm not saying they are the worse men in the world.
5:46 pm
i know a couple of them they are nice guys. but they want to make a buck. that's it. >> bill: how much county refs be making. >> 150 a a year. >> bill: update on the bolder and fresher tour. miller and i will appear in caesar's palace on friday december 7th. and we may wear those outfits. but we will not wear them the next day, saturday, december 6th in salt lake city because we would be beaten up. also, because the houston show sold out so quickly we have added a second one. houston, texas, saturday november 24th. details on all the bolder fresher appearances available on bill o' in a moment did you see that? celebrities get involved in partisan politics hurt their careers. juliet huddy on that in a moment. . when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. did you see that? we begin with a new study out of the university of new hampshire. the more celebrities talk about political and social views, the less popular they become in the marketplace. memo to famous people. you might want to think about that. >> we are fired up because of one man, barack obama. >> our president, attorney general, our vice president, hillary clinton, they are criminals. they are criminals. >> president obama is moving us forward with opportunity today for prosperity tomorrow. mitt romney wants to take us back to yesterday. >> mitt romney is especially gifted in the things that we need as a nation and really i believe all the world needs. >> bill: here now to explain the study, juliet huddy. study, huddy. >> i love being on this show. so basically i talked to the professor in charge of the study. he co-authored it. wonderful guy, essentially he says we go in with
5:51 pm
idolize them. that's why they are celebrities. we go and giving them carte blanche. there really isn't a lot of room for improvement. when they do something or espouse beliefs that conflict with our beliefs. they can fall a long way. however he does add that they found that they also were very forgiving with celebrities. can you sort of spout off. you can be -- with f. we like you -- >> bill: some celebrities are forgiven but some are branded. what's interesting about this whole thing is i don't mind when a celebrity barbra streisand or any of these people say what they say, that's freedom of speech. i think most americans respect freedom of speech. it's when they drive by, make a cheap comment and then run away and don't explain it. so if you are going to attack somebody, explain what you mean. >> well, they will definitely lose credibility if what they are saying doesn't have proof to back it up or facts to back
5:52 pm
it up. >> bill: even, you know, just come in and explain what you mean. i think people would respect that sara silverman is a comedian. and big obama person. >> yes, she is. >> she is aligned with a jewish group, interestingly enough. to put out this ad. go. >> time to go to the local polling place, cross your name off the list and vote. this year it's not going to be that easy. there are these brand new super [bleep] laws a way to prevent voter fraud but in fact make it hard for specific people to vote, black people, elderly people, poor people, and students. hmmm, i wonder what those demographics have in common? oh, yeah, they are probably going to vote for this guy. >> bill: there is a perfect example talk about i'm sure ms. silverman would not come in here and sit explain why she thinks showing a photo i.d. to vote is suppressing the vote. >> why do you think she
5:53 pm
wouldn't come in here? i think she would come in here. >> bill: she would not back the argument up. >> her whole act, the reason she does her job is is based on the fact that she likes to mark sexism, homophobia and racism. people identify her with her act. she has 3.3 million followers on twitter her facebook is blowing up with this video. she did this before in the last election. people expect this from her. this is why they like her. she is shocking and she is edgy. >> bill: here is a memo to everybody who thinks this is voter suppression. showing an i.d. to vote is responsible. that's what it. >> let's invite her on the show. let's get her on the show. >> bill: huddy is getting old here. >> what's wrong with you? >> bill: have you been around for a while. >> it is my 35th birthday tomorrow. >> bill: is it really? 35, huh? >> why do you act like you are shocked by that? >> i know i look like i'm 27. >> bill: juliet huddy, everybody. those are fake glasses. >> these are reading glasses.
5:54 pm
you are right i am getting old. >> bill: oh but you look marvelous. >> thank you. >> bill: factor tip of the day for the guys about. your appearance. not huddy's. yours. the tip just 60 seconds away. questions? anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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>> fact tip of the day, helping men make a good impression in a moment. walter, mississippi. bill, you said dakota myer won a medal of honor. it is not won, it is earned. walter, you might have been living in picayune too long. check arnold, texas. did you threaten a judge about a voting controversy? will you send your thugs to see him? my thugs, arnold? i guess you're referring to jesse walters. my daughter walked out of the
5:56 pm
madonna concert after she started talking about obama. i walked out. madonna statement was correct if she was using the instruction for emphasis. good grief, lynn. the woman can hard string two sentences together. the correct phrasing is they did not die in vain. judy, carmel, new york. at least madonna has lost her british accent. good point. jim, virginia beach. i never thought i'd say this, but i'm starting to believe in income redistribution. we should start with madonna. another viewer, i've heard people lambaste you, but admit they never watch "the factor." we're doing the rumble for charity. we hope you to go to
5:57 pm elena masters, florida, i took the tip of the day and started taking the best and worst things that happen to me. david, utah. bill, enjoy watching the oprah factor, but you need to work on your charm to equal her, something to strive for, david. vicky, walnut creek, california. o'reilly, just gave my 11-year-old nephew "lincoln's last days." will be there another book? it's surprised me. sales are huge for this book. number one in juvenile. "kennedy" comes out next tuesday. we hope to get the kids involved with jfk as well. thank you for asking. finally tonight, the tip of the day. this one for the guys. it's about shoes. i will never ever get involved
5:58 pm
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nameandtownifyouwishtoopine. word of the day, pettifog. >> sean: tonight she's the face of the obama smear machine. you won't believe what she's saying about women. >> they're not really concerned about what's happened over the last four years. >> harry reid is targeting mitt romney's mormon faith. that's fine. let's talk about the president's faith. >> no, no, no. not bless america, damn america. >> sean: all of that, and the president is not reading off the teleprompter. >> we don't have all the information yet. >> sean: and the ad


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