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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 27, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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calls and furious fans they will get on the field tonight. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, the israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu says the hour is late, very late to stop iran from becoming a nuclear threat. >> the iranian nuclear calendar doesn't take time out for anyone or for anything. i speak about it now because when it comes to the survival of my country it is not only my right to speak, it's my duty to speak. >>shepard: he spoke at u.n. in new york. he said international leaders would want to preserve world peace must address the issue. he says israel is in discussions with the united states regarding the path forward. he pushed for a red line to stop iran, which he says will have what it needs to build a nuclear
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weapon by next summer. of course, iran has claimed their nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only. the fox report's chief correspondent is work the united nations today. jonathan, prime minister binyamin netanyahu is portraying this essentially as a fight between good and evil. >>jonathan: he absolutely put iran in the evil bracket. he said the regime is essentially the face of radical islam and the iranian regime would like to return the world to medieval times and the rest of the world is aware that iran has been a global sponsor of terrorism. to the delegates inside the general assembly, he put a simple question. i ask you, given this record of iranian agression without nuclear weapons, imagine iranian aggression with nuclear weapons. imagine their long-range
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missiles tipped with nuclear warheads, their terror networks armed with atomic bombs. who among you would feel safe in the middle east? who would be safe in europe? who would be safe in america? >>jonathan: a very simple message that the entire world should fear a nuclear armed iran. >>shepard: he went into some degree of detail about the concept of a red line. than then he -- then he showed a simple die -- diagram and he asked the u.n. delegates in the general assembly hall another simple question. listen. >> where should a red line be drawn? a red line should be drawn right
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here before iran completes the second stage necessary to make a bomb. >>jonathan: prior to that, binyamin netanyahu said he and the experts believed iran will reap that stage perhaps by next spring but certainly by next summer. that, perhaps, is a red timeline that the obama administration could live with. >>shepard: plenty on iran but thought as much as in times past on the palestinians. >>jonathan: that was significant. clearly, iran is the major focus for prime minister binyamin netanyahu this time. not so, and predictably so, for the palestinian leader. he came out swinging at israel,
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essentially accusing israel of derailing the entire peace process. he used some very emotional language in describing the israeli program of settlements. listen. >> it is a campaign of ethnic cleansing against the palestinian people through the their homes and prevention of their construction. >>jonathan: in response to that prime minister binyamin netanyahu said what he calls libelous language does not help the peace process. neither does unilateral declarations of statehood. >>shepard: thank you, jonathan hunt. joining us is an award wishing journalist and fox news contributor from los angeles. nice to see you. >>reporter: my pleasure. >>shepard: your thoughts on the words of the prime minister?
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>>reporter: the prime minister feels he is on the same page as the rest of the world, the west, the united states. he has other issues on his mind. there is an urgency that the israelis feel that the rest of the world doesn't feel. they are at arm's length distance from the iranian regime with a nuclear agenda. the iranian regime has not been shy in the communication that they want to take israel off the map. the prime minister of israel came to the u.n. feeling this could be his last chance in convincing the world the iranian regime is the biggest global threat we have currently. that's why his speech had almost a history lesson theme to it. talking about what extremist islamist believes and they would blow themselves up. they do believe in an after life that is more important than their current life. that is what he came to do, to impart this urgency on the rest of the world. >>shepard: is it fair to say
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what we may have here, although we don't have a way of knowing what happens behind the scenes, what we could be seeing here is a difference of opinion on how to handle this matter? not a difference on severity. >>reporter: that is a great way to put it. we want to see the u.s. and israel on the same page and they have taken different courts of action to stop the islamic regime from having nuclear weapons. >>shepard: different courses of action or different opinions on what the course of action should be? >>reporter: both. thank you for the sanctions, but the sanctions are thought working. it is crippling the iranian economy but it hasn't stopped them from getting nuclear weapons. we both agree that is the ultimate goal. the united states has wanted to bring them to the negotiating table. that has not happened, either. the israelis are almost feeling as though both the mentality and the course of actions that the
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u.s. has taken and the west in general have been naive. >>shepard: factoring in is the fact that so many analysts with great experience and knowledge of the situation here are of the belief that you cannot stop this by bombing. it will take something else. >>reporter: right. that's tech did you want to look at that exact point look at the people of iran and what they are saying. right before mahmoud ahmadinejad got on a plane to come to the u.n. meeting, the people of iran, and i have been on so many blogs and twitter and facebook, where are we going? we have so many problems at home to address. you do not need to go to the u.n. and talk about world problems and reforming of the global community as has been repeated on interviews and the at podium at the u.n. there is so much we can focus in on here, talking about the economy back home in iran and what he is doing in the region and globally.
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>>shepard: no question, internally they have many struggles. nice to see you. >> the presidential nominees battling for the same state again. today, though, the state is virginia. it is the third time this week they have held two rallies in the same state. yesterday it was in ohio. today they jumped in areas their parties lost in 2008. the president was in virginia beach which senator john mccain won by 1,000 votes. governor mitt romney spoke to veterans in northern virginia where president obama easily beat senator john mccain. the 13 electoral votes virginia used to be a sure thing. that changed four years ago with president obama the first hopeful to win that state in 40 years from the democrats. the latest polls give the president a slight edge. the real clear politics average has him leading governor romney by 4.5 points. most rates show the race in the margin of error. john roberts is live in springfield, virginia. john, governor romney today focused on the military and
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veterans in that area. >>reporter: he is working hard to put this back into the red column, talking to a group at the men legion post today. he told them about the potential effect of defense cuts in the looming sequestration saying it could result in the loss of 136,000 jobs here in virginia but it would profoundly affect military readiness and america's security. >> troubled and dangerous world we live in. the idea of cutting our military commit my by a trillion is unthinkable. and devastating. when i become president of the united states, we will stop it. i will not cut our commitment to our military. >>reporter: mitt romney said he does not know how president obama could stand by and let that all happen. >>shepard: the 39 is in virginia, as well. they us about that event. >>reporter: he was in virginia beach, another big military
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community with a lot of pilots accusing governor romney of giving a huge tax cut to the rich and raising taxes on the middle class. governor romney said he would not do that but would work to close a lot of the loopholes and deductions for wealthy americans. president obama took a a new tat today, wrapping himself in the flag asking voters for give him more time to fix the economy. >> if we rally around a new economic patriotism together we can rebuild this economy together. we will grow the middle class together. we will move forward together. i don't believe we are as divide as our politicians make us think. i think we have more in common than the pundits give us credit. >>reporter: governor romney is making the point the country cannot afford another four years of an obama administration and his economic policies, pointing
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to today's revised g.d.p. numbers showing the second quarter growth for 2012 was 1.3 percent only. >>shepard: we are a week away from the first presidential debate. we will be there for coverage throughout the day. during prime time, bret baier and megyn kelly continue right here on fox news, america's source for news and information on cable. >> looks like the bosses at the nfl decided the referees are worth more money. you may have helped, actually. it took three weeks of blown calls to figure it out. the deal and what the lock out cost the league and what the refs are getting. that is next. fewer people are registering to vote in this election. why is there this drop? will it hurt? that is ahead. [ feedback ] attention, well, everyone.
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nightmare is over. i am sure you knew that. the nfl has its act together and reached a deal with the real referees. they will take the field tonight. replacement refs worked the pre-season and the first three games of the real season. blown falls, furious players and coaches, bewildered fans. they locked out the referee's union in a labor dispute. the nfl tried to play hardball but millions and millions and millions of fans are on the side of the ref and they broke off talks on sunday night. it all came to a head on monday went replacement people robbed the packers of a win in the last play and fans when crazy. espn had the highest rated sports center in the history of sports with 6 why 5 million people watching and president obama urged both sides to get it together. after two days at the table and all the pressure from the outside, the league and the res said though reached a deal to
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last eight years. pensions? you bet. now the details from rick leventhal. this worked out pretty good. >>guest: it did. the commissioner says this deal would have gotten done this week anyway with or without the call that changed the outcome of monday night football but admits it was a factor to get the two sides to the table and push them to agree. the two sides met for 17 hours on tuesday and 15 hours on wednesday agreeing on the eight-year contract, the longest ever for referees with pentagons and retirement benefits spelled out and a new salary structure from last year's average of $149,000 to $173,000 next year and $205,000 a year in 2019. the commission are says this is a deal that had to get done but it doesn't mean there won't be more bad calls ahead. >> sports are not perfect. life is not perfect. that is why we love sports. you always want did try to avoid
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the controversial plays particularly at the end of a game. i asked the commissioner if he was relieves and he admitted he was tired and was relieved. >>shepard: the players must be relieved? rick: they are. we have been reading some their tweets including green bay packers guard who after the debacle tweeted out "gained 90,000 followers," last neat it was re-tweeted 70,000 times writing "good to see the regular refs coming back, i'm sure the scabs are disappointed they have to return to their jobs at footlocker." if you wonder, the commissioner says the real refs are in shape, they take a lot of pride in their work and we could see the are placement refs again because some of them could be involved in the training and development program they agreed to. they could be back on the field one day in the future. >>shepard: thank you, rick.
12:18 pm
now, sportscasters and live with us from los angeles. relief, right? >>guest: there is. this could not go on. the game's credibility, the integrity, it is on the line. they protect it with all the things they do with the rules they have in place and to see it come tumbling down on monday night with other things that happened on sunday night in the patriot games with the field goal good, coaches being fined, bell chick grabbing a replacement official. it had to end. now it is ending. roger goodell said some time there is a lot of pain in the short-term for longer time gain. this is the only time they will be happy to see the regular officials on the field and by the third quaterback i am sure they will be booing those guys, as well. >>shepard: it is a great american past time, official booing. in the time union busting it was interesting to see at least tens
12:19 pm
of millions of people pushing with the union against the league. >>guest: they want their sport back. these guys are the best in the world at what they do. it was proven you can not just put anyone out. they could not keep up. they do not know the rule book. there were a lot of mistakes. i don't think it was memorial leg -- it was people rallying an the union. >>shepard: they needed the good refs back and they are union. >>guest: they got them back and the union stuck together and it is the second job, not their regular job so they were not missing their regular paychecks so they could homed out and demand what it is they wanted and they would get it because they were not being fed on the checks coming from the national football league because all these guys are lawyers and real estate people and teachers and so on. it is a 20-weekend a year job
12:20 pm
plus some training, not too bad at end of the deal do be making $200,000 plus benefits and flying first-class. >>shepard: sounds good. what will happen, though, if we come to the end of the season and the packers are out of the play of 50s. >>guest: all of the games do matter but they have 13 games, they control their own destiny. if they use that as an excuse at the end the season, they can go now and win the remaining 13 games. last year they were 15-1. if they are 14-2 they will win the decision and they will likely have home field advantage. they can right their ship. the course of their own destiny is in their hands. it would be a shape and it remains to be seen what will happen over the 13 games but the replacement officials are in the rear-view mirror. where we are in the playoffs will not be relevant. >>shepard: you would december if -- wonder if some will be
12:21 pm
asking for replacement officials tone. thank you, gym. >> public of people applying for jobless benefits dropped quite a bit last week. that plus good news from overseas helping to give stocks a boost today but don't get too excited. a couple of troubling new reports about the state our economy with all the details coming. so, we all set? i've got two tickets to paradise! pack your bags, we'll leave tonight.
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>>shepard: mixed news on the state of our economy. analysts say much of the data shows the economy is growing, it is fought growing very quickly. bad news, first, the g.d.p. grew at 1.3 percent in the second quarter of the year below the 1.7 percent the government previously estimated. here is why that is important. the g.d.p. is the sum total of all the nation's economic
12:25 pm
production. it is considered the best indication of how we are doing as a country. the report suggests the economy is still stuck in first gear. now to washington, dc. >>reporter: the number those filing for first-time unemployment benefits fell to the lowest level since late july, 359,000 claimed benefits, a sharp drop of 26,000 from the week before. analysts say this is a positive sign for the ailing job market but the weekly numbers can vary. we will get a better picture of the job market next week when the government tells us how many jobs the economy created or lost this month. >>shepard: when you weigh the good and the bad, where does the economy stand? >>guest: slowly moving along with the g.d.p. number came a 13 percent drop in august orders for durable goods including cars and planes. another report shows a drop in manufacturing in america's heartland. in the housing market the number of pending home sales was lower
12:26 pm
than expected by the analysts. the u.s. government says job growth this year and last year was likely a little stronger than first reported. >>shepard: thank you, rich. new details about the obama administration's information on the u.s. consulate attack and what officials were saying publicly. also, word in the drop of the number of people signing up to vote. it could affect the election. [ female announcer ] want to spend less and retire with more? at e-trade, our free online tools and retirement specialists
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>>shepard: this is "studio b" at the bottom of the hour and time for the top story. new information about the obama administration's seeming involvement, rather, evolving account of the attack that killed the u.s. away chris stovens and three other americans in benghazi, libya. sources say u.s. intense knew in 24 hours that it was a terrorist attack with possible limps to al qaeda. addressing the nation after the morning after the deadly siege president obama said this. >> no act of terror will shake the resolve of this great nation. or change that change or eclipse the light of the values we stand for. today we mourn for more americans who represent the very best of the united states of
12:31 pm
america. >>shepard: an acknowledgment this was a terror attack? you decide. what we know is in the days that followed, the message from the administration was very clear. >> based on what we know, and now, and knew at the time, we have no evidence of a pre-planned or premeditated attack. >> it was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo as a consequence of the video. >>shepard: that was the ambassador to the united nations referring to an antiislam video that want viral. she said the same thing on all five sunday morning television shows. top administration officials now say what happened in libya was, indeed, a terror attack and yesterday carney said that is the president's view. today, the secretary of defense, leon panetta, called it as were for the first time publicly. catherine is live in washington. the message has not been consistent. now, well, we might have to leave it to the viewers to
12:32 pm
decide. >>reporter: two sources told fox in 24 hours of the attack pointed to a terrorist attack and it was the group of a specific group related to al qaeda and its affiliate. a congressional source tells fox that the c.i.a. director general petraeus briefs members of the house of representatives intelligence and he and the administration said benghazi was a demonstration prompted by the youtube video that spun out of control. this was shocking to some members who were present and saw the same intelligence as pointing to a terrorist attack. fox news is told the attack was labeled "terrorism" privately. this is important because it frees up assets under the decision nation which goes back to the authorization to use military force so this unleashes all of the assets the government has in a situation like this. >> what did we learn today at
12:33 pm
the defense department in. >> the defense secretary said in the last hour that benghazi was a terrorist attack but it took some time to reach that conclusion. >> the reason it is clear it was a terrorist attack because a group of terrorists obviously conducted that attack on the consulate. against our individuals. what terrorists were involved still remains toen determined by the investigation. it clearly was a group terrorists who conducted that attack against that facility. >>reporter: when the defense sent reached that conclusion it was terrorism, that is important, because you reported first on your show here the head of the house intelligence committee, mike rogers told fox the day after the attack that it was coordinated, premeditated and it used indirect and direct fire. he said it was a commando-style attack. a key question i was told today to ask, whether the comments of the u.s. ambassador to the u.n.
12:34 pm
were cleared by the intelligence community or whether they were simply cleared by the white house. that could have a more political spin to it. >>shepard: clearly those are the implications. i wonder, what details do we have on possible wantings? >>reporter: we were first to report there was a c.i.a. assessment before the attack showing the conditions on the ground in eastern libya were deteriorating. we have reported in august there was a defense department report that assessed the growing threat of al qaeda and like-minded extremists and we had new information from the joint chiefs saying there was "nonspecific data." we do not have that sound bite but he said this is a steady threat extreme leading up to the attack but nothing specific about the consulate. in my conversations, people have said to me, you have to ask yourself, how many warnings was it going to take?
12:35 pm
you had a c.i.a. assessment, a d.o.d. assessment, a steady stream of intelligence that the security in libya was spiraling out-of-control and the groups wanted to band together to launch something. >>shepard: thank you, catherine, from washington, dc. more americans than ever are going into debt to pay for college. that's according to the pew research center which is not partisan. it appearized data from 2010, the last year which the numbers are available. they found that student loan debt now saddles one in five households. more than 22 million households, double the number from 1989, and reports that the average debt for a graduate is $25,000. they blame the spike on rising tuition and more people going back to school in this terrible economy which more people are. at the love those folks have graduated but are still struggling to find high-paying jobs. some are borrowing more money to pay their bills. others going back to graduate
12:36 pm
school and racking up more date and now it totals more than credit card debt and second only to mortgage debt. now a wealth manager for a capital investment management company. student loan debt is a problem. this is not a news flash. >>guest: it should not be a surprise. people do not have money. we have rising prices. the annual tuition increase is about 10 percent a year and it has been that way for many years. now we have more people with less money. because so many people are underemployed, we have people taking jobs in some cases they are overqualified for, with less jobs out there for people just graduating from college. they do not have a way to pay back the debt. >>shepard: for some people, this could be right thing to do, you get more education in your field, you start out higher with a longer job life. but others it may not be a good idea. >>guest: it isn't. i have a high school senior we
12:37 pm
are looking at colleges now and i am doing everything i can, brain wanting her as much as i can to stay in state because i don't want her going out of state because it costs so much more. it is outrageous. another point, if someone wants to be a doctor, it costs $375,000 on average from the time they start at a young age and they graduate high school to get through medicine school to become a doctor. how much they are making is cut back. you have to wonder, is it worth it? >>shepard: as a share of income, the total debt here has gone up an extraordinary amount. >>guest: that is right. >>shepard: you wonder if people will say, we just can't do this. for instance, i know about ole miss and the enrollment is skyrocketing and there is so much more money coming in but that will stop. >>guest: it is. to get into the colleges, it is getting tougher. i look at some schools and you have to have an average of 95 or better. i don't know how many kids
12:38 pm
average 95 percent in high school that can go to the colleges and afford it. it is a problem that will get worse. along with the economy not getting better, well see this continue. it is $1 trillion in debt right now. our country has $16 trillion in debt. that puts it in perspective. with a job market not getting better we will see more and more people relying on other ways to make money. we have a tragedy starting here. >>shepard: there is a lot of discussion of more technical schools for people to get more hands on training, the kind of thing that really is gone by the wayside recently. >>guest: it has. the discussion is starting now. i asked my daughter how many people are allowing for college and she said all of them. that shocked me. the technical schools, less money to go do them, and they can immediately make money. and get out in the workforce. >>shepard: a lot of money. good to see you. >> back to the election and word of a huge drop in the overall number of people registering to vote. analysts say the numbers could
12:39 pm
hit democrats particularly hard. there is a study from third way finding that in several battle ground states democrats are registering in mauler numbers than in 2008 and some states republicans have seen a jump in registrations. the tutted difficult also shows more voters registering without any part affiliation. another remainder of the importance of independent voters in this election. doug is covering this for us. he is live this afternoon in washington, dc. >>doug: the president is reminding crowds not to boo the opposition but to vote. that refrain could signal a deep awareness of the precipitous decline in democratic registration in key swing states take ohio where voter registration is down by 490,000 people. 44 percent of that is in one county which includes cleveland. that is a heavily democratic
12:40 pm
area. >> what we read into the number, the registration is down in that county where 69 percent are democratic. they are disspirited democrat base in the county. there was a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of effort put in by acorn and the obama campaign last time. they swelled the voter town out but we had lower turn out than in 2004. >> study by a left leaning think tank suggests this is happening in many states. in colorado, the democratic registration is up 3 percent but up 5.3 percent for republicans. and up 12 percent for independents. in new hampshire, down almost 20 percent for democrats. down 7 percent for republicans. down 23 percent for independents. a democratic activist suggested to me that this decline in voter registration especially
12:41 pm
democratic voter registration, reflects attempts to suppress the vote. that is an accusation that the ohio secretary of state rejects. he told us this reflect's ohio's effort to clean up the voter roles. others suggest this reflects the mortgage crisis. many who have left their homes and have moved are simply not registered to vote. >>shepard: thank you, doug, from washington, dc. syria's civil war is getting more bloody by the day. the single deadliest day yet in the conflict. observers are warning a refugee crisis could explode in the weeks ahead. more ahead. i'm only in my 60's...
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12:45 pm
unthinkable. the group hezbollah tv station aired these images reporting syrian troops were retaking a military compound the rebels occupied. hezbollah supports syria's embattled regime. now leland vittert is live from the middle east bureau. how is the syrian government spinning this? >> they are sending out mass text messages across the country addressed to the rebels saying and i quote, "game over, syrian army." whether this is a desperate attempt to spin a bad situation or the syrian army is gaining the upper hand is unclear. what we do know is that over the past couple of days the opposition has been able to set off car bombs inside the syrian capital, coordinated, sophisticated attacks that point to a growing number of jihadist, foreign fighters moving into the syrian fight usually from iraq who gained a lost experience this. that is the kind of thing that could begin to swing the favor toward the opposition as this
12:46 pm
fight goes forward. >>shepard: activists reported yesterday was the most deadly day sin the fighting began with 300 people killed. >>reporter: exactly. what we are seeing today is a continuation of the violence street to street clashes that the rebels have been able to actually break out anywhere and hold any type of real ground. the u.s. and allies have given up on the rebels' ability to kick out president assad. we have seen maneuvering by china and russia protecting president assad. we got an interesting warning that the fighting you are seeing could turn into a regional war according to the u.n. secretary-general who obviously is trying to broker some kind of deal. >>shepard: thank you. mexican authorities report that they have captured one of the most wanted drug kingpins. the man is so ruthly he goes by the rig name el taliban. mexican marines captured this
12:47 pm
guy in the central part of the country. he is one of the leaders of the vicious cartel that believed responsible much of the drug violence. 50,000 people have been killed in the last six years this. including 11 more today the we have the scene here of a shootout between mexican soldiers and cartel gunmen. cops found guns, vehicles and bags of weed. no one ever found a trace of the teamster boss hoffa and we have ongoing cycles of looking for him. he is not this. look for him. he is not there. it is become. countless sevens turned up nothing and now there is a new tip and a new search. cops say they have found something. maybe he is under the driveway. stay tuned. [ male announcer ] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing
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>>shepard: the national service issued a tornado warning for parts of colorado. this is southeast of denver. the warning is in effect until 4:00 eastern, so 2:00 in colorado time zone. there is a funnel cloud in the western part of the county. tune to local radio or television if you are in that area. >> new tip in the decades long search for the missing union boss hoffa leading investigators to a driveway in suburban detroit. cops taking soil samples from beneath the concrete after he may, may, may have seen someone bury the teamster leader this 30 years ago according to the witness. the case has been a mystery since the disappearance in 1975 and seen outside a restaurant near detroit. his body never turned up. there have been new leads. in 2004 they tore up the floors
12:52 pm
of a home in detroit. nothing. in 2006, acts tore down a barn in michigan following a fairly credible tip. nothing. in 2009 the f.b.i. dug around a lumberyard in michigan. again, nothing. today, they are looking under a driveway. again, they will find...trace covering it from los angeles. trace? >>trace: the tipster is actually dying of cancer. they will not i.d. the guy. they believe the reason this guy thinks that hoffa is buried beneath the driveway is he is assuming it is hoffa because he disappeared about the same time that somebody was buried beneath that driveway. the police say their source did not only bellish the story at all and although the timeline could be a little bit off, overall, they think he is pretty credible. >> sometimes you speak to someone one-on-one you believe them or not.
12:53 pm
he came across as believable. the information he gave us, we could verify and it added up. it was correct for the time period of involved. >>trace: application keep saying they would be very surprised if they found hoffa's body under the driveway but they are using a lot of resources and a lot of time trying to get to the bottom of this. they have done that before, though. >>shepard: they have found something under there, right? >>trace: they used ground penetrating radar and they found what they called something that should not be there, the problem is, they don't know what that is. it could be a dog. it could be a suitcase. what they will do is take soil, 10 peoples from beneath the driveway because they do not want to dig it up yet and have the soil samples analyzed. if the samples come back to be human remains, that is when they will go pack and they will dig up the entire driveway. cops are not the only ones who are interested in this.
12:54 pm
i was in the union when jimmy went missing. i have an interest, of course. i thought, i'm in the neighborhood, i would come and see if he was in there. >>trace: it is important to know that the former owner of the house and the driveway is, in fact, a bookie, who was tied to organized crime, which is why police are taking an extra hard look at this. >>shepard: i am curious why all of a sudden after 35 years, it is, like, maybe it is frickin' jimmy hoffa. >>trace: he dying and he wants this off his chest. >>shepard: have a great afternoon, sir. if you find him, give us a call. >>shepard: reports of a bacon shortage, have you seen this over the internet the last few days? right? if you are a bacon guy, welling
12:55 pm
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>>shepard: a great day to an football fan who loves bacon. hours after we learned the nfl refs are headed back to the school, the global bacon shortage will not affect us in the united states. early this week you may have heard of a coming apocalypse because record droughts caused farmers to raise fewer pigs so there would be less bacon. an economist says that the fears across the pond are overblown. of course, bacon is not even a meat according to the usda. bacon is just a fat which has no place in your diet. but it is so delicious. i could eat it each day. if you have not seen colbert from last night, he worked out
12:59 pm
ham into it. the dow is up today. it was down yesterday. up today. seems only fair. that is it for "studio b" today with neil cavuto coming up next. hang tight. ♪ somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue ♪ >>neil: we interrupt there so-called recovery for something that is more like reality, this durable town around, not so durable. when it comes to durable goods ordered, not much ordering going down. the appetite for big ticket items that cover everything from planes to pasta makers,


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