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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 27, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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that pending home sales reversed a two-year high and mortgages are down and foreclosures are up in the latest quarter and growth was cut in the same quarter. all value it will numbers, to be sure, but they point to problems with a recovery that now is not looking so great. we heard 55 percent of small business owners surveyed would not start a small business today and 69 percent of manufacturers say regulations are killing their businesses today. add them up, and the republican vice presidential candidate says the u.s. economy is headed down. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto and fox on top of a number two back to issue one: jobs. not happening. paul ryan making his case on the stump that america has hit a big butch and it ain't pretty. the man republican operatives
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have reportedly been urging romney to get out and get blasting is here and talking. wrong man paul ryan joining me from memphis, tennessee. what do you make of the latest numbers congressman? you have talked about weakness in the economy, but prior to the data today, congressman, we been seeing a pickup of consumer sentiment and obviously we see markets all over the map but what did this signal? >>guest: we have seen slow growth. now we see it is slower. a downward revision from 1.7 to 1.3 percent is a big drop. the drop in durable goods is enormous. this is not what a real recovery looks like. as you mentioned from the fay of businesses and manufacturers, they see more clouds ahead. it is because of the president's failed policies. mitt romney and i are preparing very specific pro growth solutions to get real growth in
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the economy. there is no reason why we cannot get the who growing at its potential and get people back to work. that is why we propose pro growth reforms and lower tax rates giving businesses incentive to hire because they keep more of what they earn, and regulatory reform, we have offered a specific energy policy, to unleash american energy, to be energy independent in north america by 2020, and job training reform and more trade agreements to rome most trade and get the fiscal health in order. we have specific plans on preventing a debt crisis and cutting spending and getting growth and how to grow the economy and get people back do work. that is the choice. we need four more years of these policies which are producing the pitiful results or get back to real growth, and get people back to work. that is what mitt romney and i are offering. we have the specific solutions we giving the american people. they will like this choice they have. >>neil: you mentioned the
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specific solutions. i was confused yesterday, congressman, when mitt romney was talking about the tax cuts he was envisiononing, they would not be as big as you think when you factor how we would phase out exemptions and deductions, it may not be the big tax cut as lot of folks looked forward to. was he bracing us for bitter news? >>guest: not at all. what we are saying is, lower tax rates through a broader base triggers economic growth. people say, whose tax loopholes do you go after? what we have been saying is by closing tax shelters for high income earners we can lower rates for everyone. businesses have lower tax rates. that helps them compete globally. they can keep more of what they earn. that encourages job creation.
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what we are saying is, by denying the tax shelters to higher income earners more of the income is subject to taxation so we can lower tax rates on everyone without losing revenue. in fact, we will get more revenue because this will grow the economy. these pro growth tax reforms, ronald reagan and thomas "tip" o'neill did it, simpson-bowles proposals it. we prepare it. lower tax rates. broaden the tax rate. that is a pro growth solution to get people to work. that gets higher take home pay and lets people keep more of what they earn. under the country code you send a bunch of your money to washington and if you do what we approve in washington we might let you keep some of it. that is picking winners and losers. >>neil: you mentioned simpson-bowles and you voted against it. >>guest: i liked that part of it. >>neil: your critics say you do not deliver the goods. >>guest: if you don't like the plan that someone put on the table, puts your plan on the
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table. i did that. mitt romney offered a plan. president obama has don't that. he disavoided simpson-bowles and offered no alternate. we took what we liked in simpson-bowles and added more reforms. i didn't support simpson-bowles is because it didn't address the primary driver of our debt which is health care programs. health carry entitlements going bankrupt. i don't want to pass a bill to fix the fiscal crisis when i know it doesn't fits the fiscal crisis. that is why we took the good ideas and combined with necessary reforms that prevented that crisis. that is what mitt romney and i propose. we need three things: pro growth economic policies. that is what regulation and energy policy is about. spending cuts. we prepared lots different spending cuts. also, critical entitlement reforms that are market based that give people more control over their lives. it doesn't make changes for people in or near retirement but reforms programs if my generation so they are this for my generation when we retire.
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that is how you get ahead of the problem and prevent european-like austerity. >>neil: a lot of this reminds me of europe, and i believe mitt romney and you say if we are not careful we could follow that path of what is going on in greece and spain. congressman, you said by closing loopholes and special breaks that prevent some from paying any taxes at all, that is a productive step forward. many conservatives in your party a year ago when i was in washington, as we haggle out this budget mess, they looked at that as a tax increase and wouldn't countenance it. >>guest: we are talking revenue neutral tax reform. conservatives and many democrats, by the way, democrats from the mid-80's, some democrats recently have said, pro growth tax reform. we are saying revenue neutral tax reform that says in exchange
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for loopholes, everyone gets lower tax rates. that creates growth by lowering the marginal income tax rate you get a better return on the next dollar of investment and next dollar of worth. this means middle income families get higher take home pay and they keep more of what they earn without sending their money to washington. this means small businesses. eight out of ten businesses in morning file as individuals. their tax rate is above 40 percent in january according to president obama's plan. that is current law. a lost countries are cutting their tax rates. the average tax rate on businesses in the world is 25 percent. canada lowered theirs to 15 and president obama wants a top tax rate on successful small businesses do go above 40 percent in january! that tax increase only pays for 8 percent of the proposed deficit spending. that's not a ticket to recovery. >>neil: you have made the
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argument clearly, the rap against the guys at the top of your ticket, he is not, he is very smart, he knows what he is doing, et cetera, but he lacks the passion, and i am sure you heard the stories that a number of g.o.p. money guys and operatessives have said, get ryan out there, get him going. is that true in is this part of an effort to showcase the passion of the ticket? >>guest: i do so many tv interviews, i have done over 100. i am doing them regional, and i'm talking to richmond, dayton, to wisconsin tv, colorado springs, yesterday, and ft. collins. >>neil: are you troubled by the wisconsin poll, and they are just polls, but for -- this is a snapshot of the moment -- but trailing further. >>guest: i don't believe the validity of that poll.
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here the deal, we are going to give the country a choice. the country deserves to have a choice. the choice we are offering is, do you want the traditional american idea of limited government, economic freedom, opportunity, upward mibility, and a government that lives in its means that embraces the private sector, pro-growth policies to get us out of this or four more years of the same. >>neil: this strategy is nothing new for you, right? in other words, we might be thinking this is part of paul ryan unleashed. >>guest: i have said the same thing for years. mitt romney asked me to join because i am who i am. you know i am not trying to be anyone other than who i am. this is what we are offering the country. it is a very clear choice of two countries. we know what president obama has done we know of the broken promises. we do not want for more years of this of 1.3 percent growth. for each person would got a job last month, four stopped looking
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for a job. we can do better than this. we are offering specific pro growth solutions to get out of this. >>neil: switching gories quickly. i know you have now a security briefing and i don't expect you to reveal the details but binyamin netanyahu -- well, you could, but that is separate -- but binyamin netanyahu was at the united nations today warning in the stark of the terms of how bad the iran thing is getting. what would be the position of you and mitt romney as to how to handle iran? what would be different of this administration short of going to war? >>guest: first of all our policy is to prevent iran from getting nuclear weapons capability. the best way to prevent war is to are peace through strength. do not gut the military which is what the president is doing. i would have pushed, we pushed for the sanctions three years
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ago and they just now are coming into place. only because of bipartisan opposition to the obama opposition. he fought in years. they are going to work. we finally got them. i don't think the president is speaking with credibility talking about all options on the table because the administration sends mixed signals and we are not seeing something that is credible. look at the results: iran is four more years closer to a nuclear weapon. we said bashar al-assad needs to go a year ago and he has slaughtered 20,000 people with russian weapons and we are letting russia veto our resolution at the security council. this is not going well for us. we are seeing our flags being burned around the world. now i argue this is a large part because we look weak. we won't be like that. the romney foreign policy is a
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peace through strength foreign policy. we will speak with chair difficult for freedom, for individual rights if religious freedom, freedom of speech. we will support the democracy movements. we will support those yearning for democrat address. we will not gut our military. we want do have the strong of the military unquestioned. i fear all the cuts the president is pursuing, all this complicit, that is projected weakness. >>neil: thank you very much, good to see you again. >> the republican vice presidential candidate, paul ryan. by the way, we did invite vice president joe biden to appear on in show and we are told the campaign is looking into it. >> the debates are coming and the ladies of hollywood got wind of our special coverage. >> i'm excited. >> delight will. >> love it. >> it is like a gift. >> gift indeed. i will cover the upcoming debates, presidential and vice
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presidential. if in are a couple dog catchers, that, too, as wealth, kicking off in denver on fox news at 4:00 p.m. eastern right through midnight on fox businesslike the convention, you expect the best of the money and political world because we mean what we say on fox business. this is the most consequential economic election of our likes. we thought we would put to the pedal. >> do you think a lot more of these show patriotism? the president said try doling out more of these.
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that growing our economy begins with a strong middle class. >>neil: what the president plans for the new economic patriotism entails, among other things, more money for teachers and job training programs, expanding student aid p asking . d strategist says the president is right, it is the patriotic thing to do. just tax them more and more. >>guest: we are in a crisis. the crisis we all share together. asking those would have a lot to help those who do not have a lot get on their feet --. >>neil: what about the 47 percent who pay no income taxes? >>guest: senior citizens and veterans. >>neil: whether it is 47 percent or not, you ask a few to pay a lot more, close to half pay nothing, is that fair? >>guest: close to half number is greatly exaggerated. you are talking about people on social security who paid into a system if years. >>neil: i am not saying there are not a lot of valid numbers
1:18 pm
but it is a big number. you are saying, leave them alone. target the rip. have them pay more. >>guest: absolutely. >>neil: did it occur that maybe we should cool it on the spending. >>guest: we do need to curb spending. we need to put money in the committee to get it growing. >>neil: is that patriotism? does your had develop have red white and blue. >>guest: absolutely. >>neil: do you find it odd that the justification for patriotism is how much you are willing to spend on behalf of america? >>guest: the romney campaign is trying to hit obama on this when he campaigned he said it was unpatriotic to run up the debt but he was talking about fighting a war and not asking americans to chip in. we still fighting one of the wars and we are paying for the other war. we need to increase --. >>neil: it is $5 trillion more than it was. that is patriotic.
1:19 pm
>>guest: $2.5 trillion was bush tax cuts and the war. >>neil: the $5 trillion he added is nothing of his doing? >>guest: it was $800 million in stimulus spending. more hud have gone to some develop ready jobs and infrastructure jobs. >>neil: what is patriotic at looking at a hole and figuring you should still dig? >>guest: that is a good question. i don't know if there is anything patriotic. >>neil: that is what we are doing, equating patriotism with digging a deeper hole. >>guest: if you spend money in times like this it gets chott going. when the economy is moved up we figure a way to cut spending and bring down the debt. >>neil: do you think that will happen? >>guest: i do. i do. i believe in america. >>neil: i remember when we did not count on spending to define america. >>guest: what defines america is --. >>neil: the president made it
1:20 pm
patriotic. >>guest: we are a team in this country. i want to help people if red states who are not doing as well. >>neil: we are broke, broke, broke, broke. >>guest: our credit is still go. >>neil: on verge of being downgraded. >>guest: so what? >>neil: details, details, details. more after this. [ engine revving ] ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken. ♪ to help you not just to stay ale... but feel alive. the new c class is no exception. it's a mercedes-benz through and through. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. oh, hey alex.
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>>neil: the word he will not say and the middle east mess he will not address but is this guy the conscience on iran that he cannot ignore? >> some are peddling the notion that a nuclear armed iran would actually stabilize the middle
1:24 pm
east. right. right. that's like saying a nuclear armed al qaeda would bring if an era of universal peace. >>neil: the former "uss cole" commander says that the president should be taking a cue from the israeli leader. how so, commander? >>guest: well, given what is going on in the middle east, we need a leader here in america who is going to represent and articulate our values, who understands what our national security interests are, and is willing to tell the nation and tell the world here is what we stand for and here is what is going do happen if you cross them. >>neil: so when the president said we will not tolerate iran building this, it in the world's interest we cannot allow, you say he has to do more. how does he prove it short of troops on the ground in the white house always says, well, i guess the romney folks want us to go to war. what do you say?
1:25 pm
>>guest: well, you get the political cheap shots going on but right now we don't need paralysis on the national security front on "uss cole" i lived with that paralysis following the attack on "uss cole" when we did nothing. we need a leader in the white house. >>neil: what should we do? we know that, i think the israeli leader is right, it is not completely done with it. what do we do? >>guest: well, i think we begin the process and work with other nations to sit there and say, we need to put the i.a. back in there on the ground and these are the consequences whether it is complete isolation, whether it means at some point we do a blockade, there are a public of options available to us other than boots on the ground. the reality is, the prime minister binyamin netanyahu is very cheer today in saying the intelligence is not perfect. we will never know.
1:26 pm
we will only know how were nuclear material they building and they are at a point to build a bomb. that is measurable. if we cannot measure it because they do not want to put us on the ground we need to start throwing our weight, whether it is economically, diplomatically or militarily to get other nations to understand that is a red line. we will not cross i. we will not do it. we cannot suffer the paralysis of a presidential election coming up, jeopardizing not genetic israel's national security but the prime minister said, a nuclear armed iran is dangerous for the world because it would take that region, destabilize it. we did not need a nuclear armed race if that area of the world. we have interests there, not just oil interests but interests with our allies and others to work to try and keep stability. >>neil: as we are chatting we are getting word the president is going to call prime minister binyamin netanyahu tomorrow. i don't know much beyond that. obviously he did not meet with
1:27 pm
him while he was in town. what do you make of that and the timing of that? >>guest: well, here is the unfortunate failure in leadership we saw in the last few days. one time a year the president has an opportunity to gather with any leader in the world that he wants to discuss the most pressing issues of or time whether it is chinese expansion in the south china sea or the nuclear threat with iran or the ongoing conflict in syria, instead of this president taking that opportunity to meet with those leaders, face to face he decided to do a touch and go in new york and get back on the campaign trail. i don't want a politician leading this nation. i want a president who understands it is his job to be the president up until the day he is either out of office or re-elected and is not doing campaigning on of behalf of the american people but, in fact, is representing our values and interests. he failed to do that at the united nations. >>neil: all right, thank you
1:28 pm
very much commander. >> well, is the paul ryan interview just shown a little earlier, easing a hot of the business backers' concerns that he is not being put out there enough? charles gasparino on that next.
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>>neil: this strategy is nothing new for you? you have always been unleashed,
1:32 pm
we are just now paying attention. >>guest: i have said the same tinge for years. mitt romney asked me to join the ticket because i am who i am. this is what we are offering the country, a very clear choice. >>neil: that was paul ryan unleashed, he said he has always been unleashed. charlie gasparino has been talking to a number of republicans, money guys, who want did see more of that guy. >>guest: i don't think he has been muzzled, he has personally responded to the money guys about being muzzled and denied it. >>neil: why muzzle someone like that? >>guest: good point. i don't believe he was muzzled. he has denied it. the problem is romney campaign in effect muzzled him by being so tentative. this is a methodical corporate campaign.
1:33 pm
that is how they run things. they have their time slots. they are filling them. they will roll something different every week. to the wall street money guys, and business guys, not just a bunch of bankers supporting romney, but the mainstream c.e.o. of that type level of people that are giving a last money to ryan, they worry that their money hasn't been spent well and they see the election slipping away by this tentative methodical corporate strategy. they are corporate guys but they want the guys to fight more. they see the poll numbers. they see what is going on. they see that romney or ryan have spent a lot of time fundraising, a compensates i got last night. it is a distraction. that's what they are saying. >>neil: why buy the notion that everything is all gloppy. if i had a time throughout the primary season everyone said, he
1:34 pm
is stumbling in south carolina, and florida is crucial. but each time, like the energizer bunny he come through. with the media saying one thing, and at my gut, i say, well that is not the case. >>guest: you are right. romney advisors are saying this got us here despite the media. >>neil: the republican guys are saying that was getting the nomination, very different in the election. >>guest: this is highspotsers that are saying this. it is different than me and you and the guys at "new york times" or whoever criticizing him. these are his money guys criticizing him. >>neil: on the issue of simpson-bowles where they think they found, the opponent, a weakness, the inconsistency, react to this. how will the wall streeters react to this? you mentioned simpson-bowles, sir, and you voted against that.
1:35 pm
so your critics --. >>guest: that part. >>neil: your credits say you talk a good game but you do not deliver the goods. >>guest: here is what people do. if you don't like the plan that someone put on the table put your plan on table. that is what i d i passed a budget through congress. mitt romney offered a plan. president obama hasn't done that. he disavowed simpson-bowles and offered no alternates. >>guest: he is right. >>neil: biden thinks that is a >>guest: and they will put up simpson-bowles, a democrat, who says paul ryan has done great things. >>neil: ryan's rejection is based on that. >>guest: he put up his own plan. erskine bowles, the democrat on that committee, run by simpson, and he came out and said that paul ryan is one of the best in the business. he is a democrat saying this. a guy we should look up to.
1:36 pm
>>neil: how will he do in the debate with biden? >>guest: the problem with both these guys, are they street fighters? i don't like the president's economic policies. yes biden is an aider and -- an aider and abettor. sarah palin did well against biden in 2008 and she is a secret fighter but he didn't want to attack a woman, to be honest. >>neil: what i know about biden he got 18,000 votes on primary, and hillary clinton got 18 million votes. >>guest: he is a street fighter. he has been around. >>neil: charlie, good reporting, as always. in the meantime, 40 days out and the president is pulling ahead but who says that spells trouble for governor romney? what if i told you it could be the reverse? i will explain.
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>>neil: in virginia it is an all out blitz with president obama and mitt romney holding campaign events trying to win the 13 electoral votes but to believe the latest polls it is the president who is sitting pretty. my guest says that could cut both ways. your argument is, if the president is sitting on leads this substantial his backers could say forget it, it is a win , and good for romney. >>guest: even this far out, if you have one who is thinking of getting involved in a campaign in florida or ohio and sees a cbs-new york times poll that showed president obama up ten in ohio and nine in florida, do you think, well, the president is sitting pretty, why do i need to
1:41 pm
get involved this campaign, when, in reality, things are closer than that poll shows. it is not just presidents. you have a liberal columnist like from "new york times" who are suggesting this is going to be a route -- rout for president obama. >>neil: that is silly. but what interested me, i could see the president's supporters thinking, well, we could step back but to your point it could be frustrating to romney supporters and thinking game over, how like i is that? >>guest: it could cut both ways. they could be spurred into action, they do not like president obama. they could be spurred to action in the campaign to work harder. >>imus: whose backers are more rabid, more jazzed? that is kind of, you know,
1:42 pm
ethereal. >>guest: a lot of republicans think, wait, this is the time after "hope and change" where a lot of liberals are disappointed in the president. two years after the tea party spurred a big takeover of congress, as well. i think, personally, that the republicans are more injuriesed than -- energized than the democrats in a time the economy did not turn around and president obama did not do things the supporters hoped for. >>neil: always good to talk to you. a fellow that probably shares the action act view, bob beckel, star of "the view." you agree this boomerangs on the president? >>guest: i don't agree at all. a nice fellow but let me stick to the poll if i could.
1:43 pm
first all, it could cut both ways. you could say, the romney people say if we are that far behind, why bother? it is better not to have your bases for the be there because of the other guy which is what romney's people are. they are not there for romney but they are there because they do not like obama. the talk of polls being off because of the 2008 turn out model, let me explain to people that since 2008 there have been millions of new voters who is come into the voting process who are young people, who turned 18 in 2009 and 2010 and 2011 and 2012. there are a lot more people available to vote. for obama the demographic is the right one including a number new hispanic voters who are legal. >>neil: actually i agree with you. to republicans who try to say they are skewed, they may or may not be, i have no idea, but they are beyond the margin of error. you remind me yourself, that can
1:44 pm
change. for now i would not take comfort in the possibility they are all rigged. to the bigger point of where we stand right now, you have been through elections where the lead is up-and-down and even mondale led. what gets the math to coalesce around a guy? >>guest: the history of this thing, for 50 years people who have been ahead at this stage in the presidential race have always won. it is --. >>neil: jimmy carter? >>guest: he was behind at this stage of the game. >>neil: in october there were polls he was ahead? we >>guest: it was very close. did you have to say that right in the middle of my segment. i am here as an expert. please don't interrupt me. >>neil: you are right. i don't mean a word of it but whatever makes you star you are a big star. >>guest: no, i am not, you are a star and always have been.
1:45 pm
>>neil: i forget what you asked but i am sure you have a point. >>guest: i remember what you asked. at dan quayle say, a mind is a terrible thing. i do remember what we were talking about. the theory that debates can shift a broad swath of voters is a real myth. most debates with the exception of 1960 with kennedy and nixon have not changed large groups of voters. if you are obama and make a big mistake or mitt romney comes up with one of my lines like where is the beef. look, i think obama has expectations way too high on debates. he hasn't debated in four years. >>neil: you are lowering the expectations. >>guest: i am trying my best because your audience, particularly, as massive as it; i want them to understand that mitt romney has had 24 debates
1:46 pm
and president obama has had none. >>neil: do you get along on "the five," or do you have food tasters? >>guest: we get along well. >>neil: i don't believe it. who do you hate the most? >>guest: i don't hate anyone. and i love you and all the people on "the five." the star of the "the five" is the show the >>neil: okay. i go along with that. day that was here trashing you yesterday. >>guest: if she was trashing me it was in jest because you trash me in real time and all i can say is, are we at the end of the segment yet? leave the gun and bring the cannoli. >>neil: thank you, sir. >> michael reagan says bob has it all wrong as far as the polls are concerned. he should know. his dad knew.
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>>neil: the president and his challenger, not this year, but 32 years ago. by mid-october 1980 president cart had a four-point lead over ronald reagan and we know how it ended. michael reagan says we cannot rule out the same thing happening in this race. a lost roar dad's devoted say mitt romney as much as we love him is no ronald reagan so do not expect lightning to strike twice. ing pray that it does, in fact, strike twice. one of the points made, people love ronald reagan. right now they are not in love with mitt romney who needs to shore up his own support. things can change. with my father's campaign, it
1:51 pm
did not chart charging until the final weekend when we went from behind to searching ahead, going to tuesday's election which caused jimmy carter to call at 5:00 in the afternoon and give up to my father. ronald reagan, by the way, my father was in the shower not planning on winning the election while showering but that is how he found out that, in fact, he won the election. it can change. they can change overnight. >>neil: the debate changed, the sunday before, not the immediate sunday, but the sunday before that, the american people willing to fire an incumbent they had to make sure the other guy was up to the task. they saw in the debate maybe he was, the same pressure on mitt romney or will be on mitt romney. do you think he is up to that? >> absolutely. the debates are everything to mitt romney. people need to be assured he can be the president of the united states. he needs to be on offense. too much of the campaign has
1:52 pm
been on defense. that began with choosing of paul ryan. you have paul ryan on earlier. paul ryan is absolutely terrific. when you brought him on or when mitt romney brought him ons he had to defend paul ryan's budget. they spent half their days defending the budget of paul ryan in florida, in is have, in ohio, and the other battleground states. my suggestion to mitt romney is, do what ronald reagan did. go around the media. buy air time in florida. buy air time in virginia. buy air time in ohio and dress -- and address those states and show leadership. >>neil: thank you. it keeps tabs on them, why are they keeping tabs on him? sheriff joe keeps tabs on them and wants every move.
1:53 pm
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>> neil: all right, watching the border to being watched himself, america's toughest sheriff under a microscope. not a government one. media one. abc news and univision launching arpaio watch. it's a project that starts this week. series tracks the policies and practices of the country's most famous sheriff, joe arpaio. what do you make of this? >> guest: i hope they have money for a lot of overtime, if they're going to follow me around. let them do it. we have nothing to hide. i have dedicated deputies enforcing illegal immigration laws. i have nothing to hide. bring them all. >> neil: they all seem to imply the goal that you do, the goal of arpaio watch is to monitor the effect of arpaio policy on arizona immigrant community and report from the ground up about how immigration raids disproportion nately stop and disconnect between the residents and the law enforcement an attack the community. in other words, like ad
1:57 pm
campaign. >> everybody is after me. i'm the poster boy from the president down to maricopa county, arizona. if they want to fell me around i could make them deputy sheriffs if they want to follow me around. we do a good job. freedom of press, let them do what they want to do. >> neil: what do you think that the guys running this is an immigration editor for univision news and before that he was online editor for long island winds, non-profit organization focusing on among other things national immigration issues. he has written for a variety of magazines on this very issue. and spoken out against illegal immigration, crackdown abuses. it could be a setup. >> guest: well, i'm not worried about it. let them try to set me up and the deputies. we don't racial profile i'm not concerned. if they want to waste their time following me around, join the others who are following
1:58 pm
me around. at least they have a legitimate camera. it's not concerning me. we're going to continue to the our job. we just arrested 17 more for false identification in workplace. lyle aliens so i keep -- illegal aliens so i keep doing my job. >> neil: do you worry -- let's say you pick up a bunch of latino and that site would say look at this, disproportionate number of latinos, the sheriff is on a racial charge. >> guest: i'm not worried about it. they follow me aroundch everybody has taken picture of me and my deputies. it's not concerning me. we do the right thing. we don't racial profile. take all the pictures they want to take. >> neil: sheriff. we shall see. thank you. good seeing you again. >> guest: thank you. >> neil: all right, we're getting news in a new poll. we talk about poll bus this is something that paul ryan was bringing up. we'll explore it in more detail at 8:00 p.m. on fox business. one that shows eight out of ten americans think more of us should be paying taxes.
1:59 pm
more than just the half you. are it gets more involved. but it's a fascinating indictment of this sort of view that that mitt romney misspoke and he is out of touch with reality. turns out a lot of people think he is very in touch with reality. dick gephardt will be here, pat buchanan. many, many more. stay with us on fox business. >> eric: hello, everybody. i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, andrea tantaros, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: the obama administration coverup of an american debt. not a spy thriller or conspiracy movie. it's real. four americans are debt and it's all playing out in front of our eyes. fox news has confirmed within 24 hours of the assault in benghazi, u.s. intelligence knew it was preplanned and ladies and gentlemened it a terrorist attack,


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