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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 27, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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ann coulter got "the view" treatment this morning. tonight she squares off with juan williams. >> seen these new ads where mitt romney says he's a brand of coal country? >> it's attack my livelihood. >> plus, we'll tell you which of these two ads are actually work. and a representative from the obama campaign is here live with 40 days to go before this election. "hannity" starts right here, right now. tonight the white house is engulfed in a scandal as there's shocking new evidence proving that you the american people were lied to by the president, by the secretary of state, and other senior members of the obama administration. now, fox news can in fact confirm that within 24 hours of the assault on the banghazi consulate the obama administration in fact knew with certainty that that was indeed a terrorist attack. now two sources also tell fox that u.s. intelligence officials were even aware that the assault
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was coordinated by al-qaeda-affiliated operatives. all of this was verified on september 12th less than a day embassy stevens, two navy seals, and one other american were assassinated. rather than tell the truth, and acknowledge that the al-qaeda link existed, admit that the president's triumphant killing of bin laden was by no means marking the end of international terrorism, members of the administration chose to lie and initiate what appears to be a widespread cover-up about what they knew and when they knew it. now it's obvious they want us to all to think that al-qaeda is no longer a threat to america. what do they do? they blame the so-called spontaneous event on a youtube trailer. let's take a look at the campaign of misinformation in all the days following this attack. >> we've seen rage and violence directed at american embassies over an awful internet video. >> this is under investigation.
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the unrest around the region has been in response to this video. we were not aware of any actionable intelligence indicating than attack on the u.s. mission in banghazi was planned or imminent. >> it began spontaneously in banghazi. it was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo as a consequence of the video. >> sean: that was their lie. that was their story for an entire week. also tonight, we've learned that the filmmaker has reportedly been arrested, but for what? according to reports authorities are claiming that he violated his parole for "accessing the internet without proper authorization." that sounds fishy to me, yet the first tickup in their narrative came when a nonpolitical intelligence appointee had courage, and said this. >> i would say, yes, they were killed in the course of a terrorist attack on our embassy. >> sean: again, that was the first time that the words "terrorist attack" were uttered by a government official, and it
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came a week after they had already confirmed al-qaeda's involvement, and it was that statement that boxed the white house into a bit of a corner. the next day, jay carney reluctantly had to say this. >> felt badly about what happened in banghazi, it was a terrorist attack. >> sean: mark it down, september 20th was the day that everyone got on the same page and finally acknowledged what we all knew to be true, this was not about a youtube video or movie trailer. not exactly. the confusion, the lies from the composconfusion from the white , they continued. >> we don't know yet. we'll continue to investigate this. >> what happened in banghazi was a terrorist attack. >> then i heard hillary clinton say that it was an act of terrorism. is it? what do you say? >> well, we're still doing an investigation. it was a crude and disgusting video, sparking outrage throughout the muslim world. >> it was a terrorist attack. >> sean: now when we first began our investigation right here on this program, into the so-called
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mixed messages, i said they were the result of one of three things -- stupidity, a cover-up or bad intelligence. well, now that fox news has in fact confirmed that the intelligence community, they got it right on day one of this investigation, well that, leaves two other options. that's either stupidity or a cover-up. neither of which should be acceptable to the american people. they deserve the truth. and so do the families of these four dead americans. joining me in studio with reaction to today's developments, the former mayor of the city of new york, new york city mayor rudy giuliani. how are you sir? good to see you. >> hi, sean. >> sean: our intelligence about their job, even pinpointed where it came from. makes sense, anniversary of 9/11. the film came out in july. none of this made sense. they had rocket-propelled grenades and mortars. even the president of libya said so. why would this administration cover up for the death of americans? >> well, i think it's because they have this narrative that they defeated al-qaeda, that al-qaeda was no longer a really big threat.
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they never say the words islamic fundamentalist terrorism. they want to wish it away. the president was moving on to asia. he was going to declare this a great victory for himself. unfortunately this terrible act of terror intervened in their convenient narrative. this isn't stupidity, sean. i said this a while back and got heavily attacked for it. i spent a lot of time investigating cover-ups and conspiracies. this is a cover-up. it's a deliberate attempt to cover up the truth from an administration that claimed they wanted to be the most transparent in history. it's the worst kind of cover-up, a cover-up that involves our national security, a cover-up that involves the slaughter of four americans. and maybe if they had been straightforward about this from the very beginning, maybe they could have quelled some of these demonstrations that took place afterwards that also did a tremendous amount of damage. >> sean: not only covering up for themselves and their incompetence, but the first question is why didn't they have beefed up security on the anniversary of 9/11, and they're
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covering up for al-qaeda. especially since our intelligence knew within 24 hours. why would they cover up for them? >> it's hard to think they would take a victory lap for bin laden, and you have this kind of destruction that's done, the number of protests that you have. i think it interferes with their political narrative. look, right now we don't have a president. we have a candidate. we don't have a president. i mean, it's really a shame. the world is in turmoil. the middle east is erupting. every night i watch -- what i watch on television, i see the failure of obama's policies in the middle east, his naive approach to islamic extremist terrorism that many of us have been warning for a long time. this terrible act of terror, of murder, happened, and the reality is it destroys their entire narrative. >> sean: it needs to be -- well, did the president know, when did he know it? let me give you an example, because i thought -- i was actually embarrassed with the president's speech at the united nations. it was embarrassed to this
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country. i mean, all he did was go back to condemning, condemning, condemning a movie trailer. that's the more amateurish -- >> it's pathetic. >> sean: and benjamin ne netany, watch this. >> the question is whether, it's not whether this fanaticism will be defeated, it's how many lives will be lost before it's defeated. >> i've made it clear that the united states government had nothing to do with video. i believe it's message must be rejected by all who respect our common humanity. >> when it comes to the survival of my country, it's not only my right to speak, it's my duty to speak. >> true democracy, real freedom, is hard work. those in power have to resist the temptation to crack down on dissidents. >> there's only one way to
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peacefully prevent iran from getting atomic bombs. and that's by placing a clear red line on iran's nuclear weapons program. >> america wants to resolve this issue through diplomacy, and we believe there's still time and space to do so. >> a red line should be drawn right here before iran completion the second staining of nuclear enrichment necessary to make a bomb. >> here's the united states president pandering to radical islamists, saying, please like us, we're not responsible. then there's the prime minister if you continue, you will be defeated. that's america's role. >> put politics aside.
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it's frightening that the president of the united states still thinks there's room for diplomacy. where's he living? on mars? they don't want to negotiate with him. this has been four years of this man trying to negotiate with ahmadinejad. ahmadinejad wouldn't negotiate with him without preconditions. he wants to negotiate with the "tolayatollah. mr. president, they don't want to negotiate with you. they want to build an atomic weapon. wake up! >> sean: who is this president pandering to by saying, he's, we're really not responsible? we always make a distinction. muslims, the radical islamists. he's not packedderring to moderate islamists. >> he's looking an wonderful opportunity to explain america torrets of the world, that unfortunately from the point of a lot of these people, they don't understand. the reality is we have free speech in this country. the government has no responsibility for what some person is going to say about
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jesus, is going say about mary or muhammad. >> sean: listen to this. this is important. you're dovetailing into president morsi's comments from the muslim brotherhood. they pushed out mubarak, kept the peace with israel for 30 years, far from perfect, but here's the egyptian president warning the world, the u.n., that he will not allow -- this is the guy we have $2 billion taxpayer dollars a year, to egypt, warning, that he will not allow insults to the prophet. >> the insults on the prophet of islam muhammad is rejected. we reject this. we cannot accept it. we can be the opponents of those who do this. we will not allow anyone to do this by word or deed. >> sean: we will not allow anyone to do this by word or deed. >> his speech is absolutely outrageous. his demands on us when we're giving him $2 billion a year.
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his commands on us when this man wants of the worst terrorists released. >> sean: you'd cut off funding? >> i'd cut off funding, make them beg for it in the future. let russia take them care of them. he wants the blind sheik released. he was responsible for the attack on my city i. he put a fatwa on one of my friends, the brave man that put him in jail. president obama can answer his question about whether egypt is an enemy or ally. it's clear where egypt is going, and this is because of the unrealistic way he tossed mubarak out without any thought what is there, with objections from saudi arabia, objections from qatar, objections from the middle east. our genius president's decided we can get rid of mubarak. this is tantamount to basically what jimmy carter did to iran.
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>> sean: mr. mayor, thank you. thank you so much for being with us. the fact that within 24 hours of the attack, the link to al-qaeda was in fact confirmed and to this very day the president continues to point his finger and apologize for this youtube movie trailer, it's shameful and dishonest. mr. president is this what you meant by "transparency," so as you stink of the cover-ups, spreading alarm, a number of lawmakers are blasting this misleading intelligence briefings that they got straight from your administration. let's take a look at this. >> i wish you had seen the briefing that took place. it was the most had senseless, worthless, briefing that i've ever attended. something is up here in that we are not getting the basic information that i think most americans would want us to have. >> well, i think we should have answers right away. i can tell you i participated in a briefing last week. that briefing was totally inadequate. i got more information from "the new york times" that i got from
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our own administration. >> what we were told is very consistent with what they were saying to the public. that is it was a spontaneous mob that got out of control, and if there was information a day after that was to the contrary, i think congress was misled. >> i sit on the foreign relations committee. we had a top-secret briefing on what happened in libya. i think they're either stonewalling. to me it seems like there's a cover-up going on, that they don't want the american people to know what really happened there. >> sean: joining with me reaction chris horner and former spokesman for hillary clinton, mo lacey is back with us. from day one they knew. within 24 hours they knew who did this, but they sent out susan rice, hillary clinton, cents out jay carney, everybody top down including the president up until yesterday's blaming something that they know is factually inaccurate. they said that has nothing to do with america, an outright lie, to not only the american people, but the family that lost loved
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ones. >> yep. the one thing they've decided can't be discussed for the next six weeks is his performance in office. the blame campaign throughout four years has showed you that they're allergic to accountability particularly, but generally when you're allergic to accountability it leads to cover-ups. i've proven they've participated in cover-ups. there's an electronic bonfire in this administration, destroying records. they're on aol for their sleazy programs, the solyndra program and so on. they have a privately-owned computer service for the white house to conduct discussions about confidential troubling u.n. programs that bother a lot of people that they might want to know about this. >> sean: how do you know this? >> from the freedom of information act, investigators, and interviewing career employees, some of whom are not thrilled with what's going on, politicizing transparency. >> sean: now that we know this, now that people have spoken out^, and the president is
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saying something factually inaccurate, about a youtube video, that that was spontaneous. this movie was out in july. they said it was spontaneous. but yet they had rocket-propelled grenades, mortars were used, the libyan president told us the truth. hillary, who i know you love, and even else went with the lie. what about it? >> will w, first of all, i don't really know what lie you're talking about, sean. >> sean: the lie is we've confirmed that they knew this was a terror attack, knew who was involved within 24 hours. >> here's what i heard. i went back and watched a lot of the videos today. i heard the administration say in the first 24 hours -- >> sean: spontaneous. >> -- that it was under investigation, that they did not have definitive evidence -- >> sean: you're selectively hearing. they said three separate people -- hillary, susan rice, jay carney -- they all went out there and said it "has nothing
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to do with america." they're american embassies, american flags ripped down, putting up al-qaeda flags, chanting "death to america." we had planned, orchestrated attacks, and now we have video confirming they lied about this from the beginning. >> sean, i can accuse you of selectivively editing. >editing. if you watch the president's speech, they said it's under investigation. >> sean: they said it had to do with a disgusting, video we condemn. that's a lie. >> that's not a lie, sean. >> sean: this is an attack on the anniversary of september 11th. >> i'm not saying terrorism wasn't a part of it. >> sean: they said it wasn't a part! >> no, they didn't. >> sean: they said this was spontaneous. >> today you are dead wrong. >> sean: how much do you want to bet? >> they said they don't
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definitively know or have definitive evidence. >> sean: they said definitively this was spontaneous. they said repeatedly it had to do with this movie trailer. that was a lie. they knew better, but they kept pushing the lie. the president even pushed it up until yesterday. >> their first response, it's my finding, is to cover-up. remember early they went to -- they moved the administration on to private email accounts. they've been destroying records. they have auto delete functions in place. when they this happens, they know they can't discuss his performance in the office, if it's terrorism, even the media wants answer to questions. people might focus on the black flag of al-qaeda flying over u.s. territory. people might focus on his performance, which is the one thing they said they can't talk about. >> sean: we got to go. tonight, coming up -- >> i want to know what you're talk about. tell me you know about being
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black. >> well, this isn't being black. >> sean: another showdown at "the view." and also compliments of ann coulter, she's coming up next. and also juan williams. we try to hash out what the explosion was all about. and then tonight -- >> everybody in cleveland got obama phone. keep in obama in president, you know. >> sean: that seems like the perfect reason to volt fo vote r obama, free phones, free obama bucks, and you don't have to worry about paying your mortgage or putting gas in your gas tank. that was actually said. the rest of this insane video coming up.
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>> please stop, please stop. if you're going to talk about race, at least -- at least -- know what you're talking about. >> i think i know. >> well, tell me how much you know about being black. >> this isn't being black. democratic segregationists were all liberal democrats. >> white people were, didn't matter whether they were republican or not. [bleep]
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>> sean: all right. that was our friend ann coulter weathering a heavy storm of opposition earlier today during an intense interview on "the view." ann's brand-new book is called "mugged," now available in stores. also juan williams joins us. did you get cursed at? >> i didn't even notice. i'm so glad i blew off my meeting with netanyahu to be there. totally worked. that was a fantastic interview. >> sean: did they call you eye candy? >> no, they did not, but they were very nice to me. barbara walters' question at the end was, you seem to write books that are against what everyone thinks. the interview was actually really great, because they believe all the myths which my book sets straight. i do massive amounts of research, because lots of people believe lots of false things. >> sean: one of the things, juan, she brings up is absolutely true. when you look at the civil rights movement -- you've
6:24 pm
written about this as well. where was al gore's father? who were did lyndon johnson count on to get the civil rights and voting rights act passed? it seems like the narrative that is being pushed -- i'll even say the president and his campaign this time, we're going to put y'all back in chains, romney is a racist. an obama truth team member said this is a false narrative about conservatives, that they're racists. i resent it. it's not true. al gore's father voted against the civil rights act. a former clansman was a part of the democratic party in the senate. this is a false narrative. do you agree? >> there's lots that's false. in fact when i heard ann was accused of bull feathers, we'll say here this evening, i thought what, you know, ann has stake. i'm reading ann's book. i wrote "eyes on the prize." i know a lot about the civil rights movement. i wrote a biography about
6:25 pm
marshall. when you look at reconstruction, antilynching laws early in the part of the 20th century, republicans were in the lead, even in the course of the civil rights act in '64, you had moderate republicans. jacob javits and the like who without their support you wouldn't have had a civil rights act. >> it was more than that. 80% of republicans voted for the '64 civil rights act, the first civil rights act ever pushed by a democrat. only 60% of democrats did. i mean, even then -- >> yeah, and they were the majority. so there's a bigger number of democrats. >> the democrats who voted against the '64 civil rights act, we act like that was the only one pushed by a democrat, or the first one, the democrats who voted against it voted against all civil rights acts. the republicans who voted against it like barry goldwater, they voted for all prior civil rights acts. >> sean: i want to get to this question. hold on. >> there was a constitutional
6:26 pm
objection. >> sean: why do the democrats always play the race card? you like republicans, black churches are going to burn. democratic add, the james bird ad in 2000. why does this race card get played every time, juan? it's being played right now by the obama campaign. >> i disagree with you that it's being played by the obama campaign. >> going to put you y'all back in chains is not playing the race card? >> let me just say, ann is on the right track. when you mention, sean, that james bird ad, despicable, an attempt to absolutely force voters away from george w. bush because he had done so well with black and hispanic voters in texas. the reason i disagree with you about this obama thing i think that when i hear about welfare president, food stamp president -- >> sean: he is the food stamp president. >> that's so ridiculous. he took office 32 million americans were on food stamps, now 49 million. >> let me tell you, the only reason that mitt romney's in this race right now is white
6:27 pm
man, and some old seniors who are -- >> sean: the percentage of the white vote will go to obama. >> oh, come on. >> we're desperately trying to get the white vote. republicans, it is a one-sided dislike here. republicans have been trying -- all blacks were republicans at one point. it's always republicans appealing to black voters. >> sean: we're on a hard break. we'll come back. more with ann and juan as they respond to this insanity coming up next. >> everybody in cleveland that minority got obama phone. keep obama in president, you know. [ male announcer ] when this hotel added aflac
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6:32 pm
show where a woman says, right after obama's elected i'll never have to worry about putting gas in my car again. i'll never have to worry about paying my mortgage. this is obama mania. apparently it still exists. where does this mentality come from? remember the guy that was going, oh, mr. president, oh? remember that guy? >> no. i missed that one. this proves that liberal policies hurt black people. democrats don't care as long as the blacks keep voting for democrats. they keep telling blacks republicans hate you and make fun of us for having no blacks vote for us. the unemployment for black people is over the roof. white guilt went away for a while and finally republicans got to put through welfare policies and law and order policies they couldn't for decades because those were called racists. whose lives did those save in
6:33 pm
they saved black lives. >> sean: juan, ann brings up a point here. unemployment in the black community is 14.5%. youth black community, youth african american vote, 50%. hispanic community, 11.4%. higher if you go to real numbers. we won't dispute that tonight. what have his policies done for a demographic that you would argue he's going to get a very big percentage of in this election? they don't seem to be helping. $6 trillion in debt won't help the kids or grandkids either. >> i think that obviously you have in the black community oftentimes twice the unemployment rate that you have in the white community. we still have that sean. >> sean: i thought he was going to fix that. >> you can't fix that. >> sean: you can't? >> you have to talk about education, the facts of family breakdown, high dropouts rates. you know, this is where ann is on target. you can't blame white people for some of the dysfunction that we see. you wish people would talk honestly about it and stop putting people in a box as
6:34 pm
republicans and democrats. there's a systemic larger issue here. i just wanted to say to you, you know, you keep saying -- you know, this woman you just put on tv, that's a display of ignorance. it could be white, black, asian. >> sean: i agree. but the guy i was talking about orel -- >> come on. >> sean: but it's a mind-set that some people have. not everybody. this transcends racial politics. but people, there is an entitlement mind-set that's taken hold. obama promises free -- >> no, come on. >> sean: absolutely. the president is the president of all americans. you say why hasn't he done more in the black community? if he had done more, a lot of the democrats fear he would labeled just the black president. he's working to get us all out of this economic recession. >> policies hurt illegal immigration, hurting black people. a lot of these hurt black people the most, and democrats don't
6:35 pm
care as long as they get the black vote. >> sean: guys, we need to go. you guys agreed more than i thought. >> juan loves my book. >> sean: he's endorsing it right now. >> there you go. >> sean: coming up, desperate times call for desperate measures. steven cutter issuemeasures. i go head-to-head with the obama campaign. and with 40 days to go, the campaign ads are getting more biting. are voters responding with this heavy handed tone? and samuel jackson, the actor, says wake the blank up. we'll splay that straight ahead.
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6:40 pm
obama term if it ever happened. take a look. >> the president's policies over the course of the next four years -- >> that's the president's promise, too? >> that's the forecast. >> so you believe that's the president's promise, 12 million jobs? >> that's not a promise. that's reality. that what is forecasted by economists that will be created over the next four years on the path that we're on. >> sean: now using term one as evidence i'm guessing this amount will do nothing more than let's say 12 million more broken promises by obama. joining me with reaction, dnc vice-chairman obama surrogate, also the mayor of minneapolis, r.d.rybak. first of all, mr. mayor, i want to wish you and everybody in your community the best. i know you had a terrible shooting there. you're in our prayers. >> thanks. we're monitoring it we'll know in' few more minutes. thanks for the thought. >> sean: i can't get president
6:41 pm
obama to come on the show. you're a surrogate. maybe you can help out, mr. mayor. nobody in the media asks i think basic fundamental questions. president obama said he would cut the deficit in half in his first term. he gave us $6 trillion in new obama debt, in four years. he called push unpatriotic and irresponsible for $4 trillion in debt in eight years. so why would we expect he's going to keep his promise on any of these things? >> well, sean, you and i know about this time four years ago the economy collapsed. it was the result, i believe, and the president believes, of failed policies of george bush. that's what he walked into. very different world than anything in the campaign. here's what he did. he walked into office. we were shedding 750,000 jobs a month. you know all this. >> sean: wait a minute. >> let me finish. now we've created 5 million jobs over four years. >> sean: that's not true. that's not true, sir. sir, there are fewer americans working than when he took office. that is a fact. you get it right from the bureau
6:42 pm
of labor and statistics. here's the point, when he ran in 2008 he said it's the worst economy since the great depression. he told it was bad. he said and projected that if we pass a stimulus -- he's already in office now -- that by now he would have created 8.7 million jobs. but again, fewer americans working than when he took office. and he gave us $6 trillion in debt. why should we believe him? why won't you just admit these are simple basic truths? seems like the obama campaign can't face this reality. >> no, i think we face the reality. we were losing 750,000 jobs a month. >> sean: now you're losing 400,000. >> more than that, the fact we're moving in the right direction. you mentioned stephanie cutter. that wasn't stephanie cutter projecting that. that was moody's analytics. mitt romney came out with a big wonderful plan to create 12 million jobs. guess what. moody's says we'll create that
6:43 pm
under the president's leadership. re-elect obama. >> sean: isn't moody's threatening a second downgrade, the second time in american history, only under this president? my only problem is -- >> why is why we have to focus on working the president. >> sean: obama said shovel ready, shovel ready, shovels are hitting the ground. aha, they're not hitting the ground. 1 in 6 in poverty, more people on food stamps, and 21 million underemployed americans. you're going to argue this is a good job? you think this is good for the economy? you think he's done -- how would you grade him on the economy? >> i would say this, this president eat done a very, very strong job of walking into a crisis and turning it around. >> sean: what's the grade? >> i would give it an "a." [laughter] i would also say as the president has said it's
6:44 pm
incomplete because we want to finish the job. so what's the president has done -- sean, you and i know this, the president walked into a mess. >> sean: so did ronald reagan. ronald reagan at this point in his presidency, 8% growth. >> we're not debating ronald reagan. we're debating obama. >> sean: reagan had a worse economy than obama inherited. he said he was inheriting it, and he said he'd fix it. he hasn't fixed it. now we see economic growth, we're heading toward a recession. it's getting worse. $6 trillion in debt, fewer americans working. 17 million more on food stamps. you say he's done a good job and you'd give him a "a." you don't believe that. you don't believe that! >> actually i do. let's think of it this way, sean. we know there's been 30 straight months of private sector job growth. we know he created 5 million jobs. >> sean: no, he did not. private sector from this month to this month -- you're skewing the statistics. fewer americans are working than when he took office. a net loss. >> we can debate the numbers
6:45 pm
here. i believe i'm right. more importantly, let's look where we're headed. let's say we're in the middle of an ocean, you're in a rowboat, you want to get to shore faster. we're in the rowboat because we decided to get on the "titanic." the captain's got us halfway to shore. i'm not going back to the "titanic," and neither are you. if the congress would work with the president, we'd create more -- >> sean: i blame atm machines, tsunamis, earthquakes, can i job, at airports. i blame, let's say, fox news, talk radio, karl rove, the bush campaign. when all fails, bush, bush, bush. four years later, it's bush's fault. i don't know, i think it's time to man up, mr. mayor. it's time for the president to take responsibility that his policies have failed. >> put it on the president's shoulder and let's take a big ask do you want to move forward or go back? >> sean: i want to move forward with a new president.
6:46 pm
i appreciate you coming on the program. maybe you can put in a good word for me with president obama. >> i'll do my best. >> sean: thank you. all the best to the people in your community. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> sean: coming up, who's winning the campaign ad war? also, wait till you see samuel l. jackson using the f-word, wake the blank up. and he's supporting obama, next. ♪ it means cleaner, cheaper american-made energy. but we've got to be careful how we get it. design the wells to be safe. thousands of jobs. use the most advanced technology to protect our water. billions in the economy. at chevron, if we can't do it right, we won't do it at all. we've got to think long term. we've got to think long term. ♪
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> sean: how much has been made about the importance of swaying independents and swing state voters in the upcoming election? now only 40 days away. pollster and his focus group dialed several ads. we have the results. joining me now the pollster himself, frank luntz. the one i want to get to samuel l. jackson. romney has a new ad out, called way of life, using a coalminer to attack obama's war on the coal industry. let's roll this tape and see the dial numbers. >> my family's worked in the coal industry for over 60 years. this is the way of life we now. policies that the current administration's got is affecting my livelihood. any new plants that open up,
6:51 pm
coal-fired, and he's keeping his promise. i've got two young grandsons. i'm scared for their future, let alone mine. i support mitt romney. >> i'm mitt romney, and a prove this message. >> sean: anytime you run an ad and you get more on the other party supporting you, that's got to be a good ad, right, by definition? >> exactly. and what was powerful there is you've got real people. i mean this guy -- the grit on his face, and what they have to go through in mining coal, it was the kind of ad that relates to hard working working class voters, people from places like ohio and michigan. sean, the only question i have, because the ads are powerful right now, and that was a good one, why did they wait till the third week of september to start running that ad? that i don't understand. >> sean: good point, good question. obama, back to class warfare. not one of us attacking romney for his wealth, which let's see if it resonates. i don't think it will. i haven't seen the dials yet.
6:52 pm
let's take a look. >> i'm barack obama. a prove this message. >> seen these new ads where mitt romney says he's a friend of coal country? this is the guy who wants to keep tax breaks for companies that ship american jobs overseas. the same guy who had a swiss bank account and millions in tax savings like bermuda and the caymans. and on coal? well, here's what he said as governor outside a coal-fired power plant. >> i will not keep jobs that kill people. >> sean: a particularly high number with the democratic party. >> two points. there's more division in the obama advertising than the romney advertising. obama is being much more negative an divisive in the ads. obama does something
6:53 pm
interesting. he'll give you the other side, the side he doesn't agree with first, for about 30 seconds. then you hear the word "but," and then he goes negative, and he tells when he really thinks. the american people don't hear the word "but" in his communication. if they did they wouldn't think as highly as him. >> sean: by the way, did one of your focus group members attack you? i see you have a broken wrist. >> it happened at the democratic convention, sean. but i'll leave it to the imagination of viewers to decide what really happened. >> sean: the ad that i want to get your take on, samuel l. jackson, and for obama, saying you better wake the [bleep] up. we'll play it. we'll get frank's take on it next as "hannity" continues. bob...
6:54 pm
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6:57 pm
>> sean: frank, we've got a learjet lemon seen, elitist hollywood actor spreading the democratic lies about republicans and conservatives. does that work? >> you know, it's funny, him calling mitt romney a millionaire. i think that samuel jackson makes well over a million dollars for every film he makes. he's a multimillionaire. here's the problem. no one wants that kind of language. by the way, there are going to be parents who see that ad. there will be democratic parents out there that will see that, and they don't want their kids to watch that. they don't want to see someone talking like that, they don't want the f-word on television.
6:58 pm
you want to play that ad every night between now and election day if you want to elect mitt romney. >> sean: who's the out-of-touch millionaire here? samuel l. jackson. if you want to give your millions away, because republicans declared war -- i love this. war on schools, the environment, unions, fair pay. okay. well, maybe if you want fair pay. when you make your next movie, you make sure that everybody works on the movie gets their fair share, the same exact pay that you get, and that means you take less. >> sean, the truth is these guys are moving their movies to canada. they're trying to find was a not to unionize. >> sean: oh, by the way, guess what his estimated net worth is. do you know? >> no. what's that. >> sean: $150 million. go give your money away. give it away. >> he's worth what mitt romney is worth. sean, just play that ad every night, play a little segment of it. play it on your radio show, because that will do more damage to barack obama than just about
6:59 pm
anything else. >> sean: all right, frank luntz, there will be a lot more ads between now and november 6th. 40 days to go. it's just getting interesting. >> yes. >> sean: good to see you. >> sean: sign up at >> sean: thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. greta is next. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight is it skewed? are the polls really punishing mitt romney with blatant bias? dick morris says yes and can prove it. he also evidence that mitt romney is pulling ahead. dick morris. we'll find out. plus, the obama administration is incompetent, confused, or flat-out lying? u.s. intelligence shows we knew terrorists attacked our consulate in libya and it was confirmed within 24 hours. why


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