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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 30, 2012 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> eric: the first presidential debate coming up in 72 hours -- obama, romney, fox, we'll be on it. >> jamie: it's the place to be. have a great day. shannon bream takes it away. >> stagnation versus growth, dependency versus opportunity and upward mobility. that's the classic choice, clear difference that we are offering. >> the three days until the first presidential debate. both candidates will be stepping off the campaign trail. get ready. it's a tight race in key battleground states and that has many republicans calling for romney go on offense, when he takes the stage on wednesday in denver. we begin america's news headquarters with carl cameron. we understand that romney is prepare for example wednesday's debate. any word on when we can expect.
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>> reporter: he's been preparing, arguably for seven years or more, but very, very aggressive in the last few months. he will go mind the doors and do additional rehearsing, talking with the staff about how to do this. the evolution has changed a little bit. he has been doing a lot of mock debates with ohio senator rob portman, thrs but there is a long-standing process where he does q&a with his staff, trying to hone the rhetoric. the truth of the matter is, as handicap ors both sides of the aisle watch, have you the folks from the president obama trying to lower his expectations and the romney camp trying to lower the idea of a break-out moment f. you can get him to expect him to mediocre and he does reasonable, he will come out. but one-liners and zingers are not what changes mine -- minds. a lot of the times, it is not what is saz said, but the demeanor. the famous debates between george bush and al gore, and alo
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gore appeared to get huffy and hottie and frustrated. and even though he had more facts and sharp answer, heefls deemed the loser to george w. bush. and the debates didn't affect the race in 2008 between president obama and then the senator and then john mccain. there is no doubt that paul ryan is expecting romney to go very hard at president obam asuggesting that there has been a sort of a misleadingleading ad deceptive framework for the campaign. mr. romny and ryan are trying to frame this as a choice between the dependency society and the romney society, which they say is built on independence and personal responsibility. watch. it. >> i know what president obama has done. i know the empty promises, broken promises. i know the ugly, stagnant economy. what are mitt romney and paul ryan offering to get us back on track? i think that's what we will get out of wednesday. if we get that out, the country
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understands the choice. >> stop lying, mr. president. >> lying? >> yeah! >> what's the lie? >> governor romney is not talking about tax cuts for the wealthy. he says that the wealthy will take just as much under the romney administration as they paid today. >> you can see jersey governor chris christie saying what mitt romney has been claiming, say that this barack obama ads are false. he wants to correct the record on obamacare and medicare, et cetera. very, very tough stuff f. mr. romney can accuse him of lying, that will be a very, very sharp moment. both sides trying to downplay the expectations in all of this, with the belief that if you can set the barlow enough, either one of them can jump over it. >> jamie: we have seen a lot of that. on the sunday shows today. carl, you have been to a number of debates. any inside intel on the keys that the viewers should be watching for from home on
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wednesday night? >> personality. whether or not each of these men are engaged, empathetic with the voter concerns and have sharp, catchy answers. the battle over facts and who scores the most points or lands the most blows, often that gettings a lot of headlines, but there is a feeling that sets in, a day or two after the debates about who was the most presidential, in command, confident and assured and comfortable in their own skin. that's very, very hard to do, swlu all of these weeks of anticipation. frankly, days and days and days where both sides have been shadow boxing. the rhetoric hasn't been as tough because they know they don't want to sprain their shoulder in practice. they want to get out there and have the did youole wednesday night and win then. >> jamie: campaign carl cameron. thanks for taking a break and meeting withous sunday. we prec it. the polls are very close. our latest fox news poll shows president obama leading governor romney by 5 points.
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but will wednesday's showdown be a game changer? we have a panel here. thank you for joining us. >> good to be here. >> we talked about the fact that the campaigns, both sides have been managing expectations. i want to ask you, governor christie was pretty bold this morning, saying it will turn the race upside down and romney will come out of the gate, charging. that's the first person we have heard saying, he will do a great job? what do you make about if? >> i wonder if he will get a call from boston. that's not what the romney campaign or the obama campaign has been doing. if anything, they have been saying nice things about their opponent. this is one of the only times you will she happen. have you president obama saying mitt romney is an experienced debater. he has been through this many times. and romney's campaign is saying
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obama gione of the best speakers to walk the earth, ever. >> we talked about this earlier, talking about biden's sharp special witty. even the number twos are doing a lot of praising right now. but for the most part, what we have heard is the managing of expectations. sort of the white house and the campaign, on the 'bama campaign suggesting that the president is rusty and hasn't debated anybody in four years. what do you make of that? >> president obama has been thinking that mitt romney would be his opponent, his entire presidency because mitt romney has been running for so long. but by the time the debate comes on wednesday night, both of the men will have had five straight days of prep preparation. they will be plenty prepared. they have everything they want to say -- >> i am having nightmare flashbacks. charlie, what do you think that the candidates need to be to be considered quote/unquote the
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winner? or will they both claim victory regardless? >> i don't think we will have a major moment in any of these debates, unless somebody does something completely -- incredibly stupid, which mitt romney -- could possibly do that. i don't see president obama doing that. he is a lot more disciplined. he is more comfortable on the stage. , i think than mitt romney. for mitt romney's part, he needs to go out there and not try to be liked. he is not a particularly... likeable candidate. i think he needs to say, i will be a competent technocrat on the economy and focus on that and not try to be a rock star because president obama has that sort of sewn up, i think. in an election like this, where have you high unemployment and people are very, very dissatisfied, i think you have a chance -- that really could be an opening for a challenger. i don't think that you -- normally, voters go with the
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candidate they would like to drink a beer w. i don't think that's necessarily the case now. >> let's talk about the the fact that president obama is a great speaker burks there are many critic who is say, once he is off the teleprompter, sometimes he gets himself in trouble, even if his remarked are interpreted, like the small businessue didn't build it -- that blew up. do you think there are any worries about being in an unscripted debate. >> his oratory tends to be lengthy. he is not meant for sound bites. reporters claim he is impossible to quote because his sentences are so long. his aides know this. they are trying to work on this with him, give him crisper, cleaner answers. >> have you a tightly controlled situation. we want to talk about the polls. we show in the beginning that there is a 5-point lead
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nationally. margin of error is plus or minus 3 points. but something interesting in the polling this week, the choice for president among extremely interested voters, the one who is self-identify that they're going to vote and care about the race the most, it is tighter race. >> is that an untapped story that could be a surprise for people on election day? >> extremely likely voters are voters who come out for mid-term elections. in a presidential race, you see more democrats, anyway. so the obama campaign has been doing a lot with early vote and trying to mine all of these swing states for votessers who are not as likely. i do think it's true, there is more enthusiasm on the republican side there. always is. but the obama campaign is well aware of. >> and independent voters, we haven't seen the numbers move a
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lot. these are likely voters. 19% are unsure w. that amount, charlie, do you think the debatesville a big impact? unless somebody makes a huge gaffe, probably not? >> i think probably not. but i think the larger current that the polls are not going to pick up because we are too far out is the fact that in an election like this, where have you a lot of dissatisfaction, which is why, i think, a lot of the very, very interested voters are with romney is because, a lot of romney supporters are driven by deep dissatisfaction with obama. so what i think will happen as we get close tortes election is a lot like what happened in 1980, where the voters tend to break and they tend to break hard in an election like this. i think that given the environment, they will break away from the incumbent.
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>> we hear anecdoteally that we have the v.p. debate will have more comedic. which debate will be the most? >> the first presidential. it's the first time to see mitt romney and president obama. >> joe biden will say anything, which is why he is so enjoyable. he says everything -- >> so much to that debate against sarah palin. if you recall, they wanted him to be careful. same thing true with the paul ryan debate. >> i think the v.p. debate will draw comparisons to four years ago, which is a blockbuster debate. >> all right. thank you fore weighing in, great to see you. see you wednesday night. the first debate showdown is just 3 day away. what is your advice for the candidates ahead of the debate in denver? tweet us your answer, advice for governor romney or president obama. we will read your responses all throughout the show.
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new calls from a republican senator for answers in the deadly libyan embassy and consulate attacks this. time, it's senator bob corker who wants the interior director of national intelligence to explain why the fbi has want been able to make it in to benghazi safely. >> reporter: the fbi is worried about security in benghazi, conducting their investigation and interviews in tripoli, 400 mile away from the scene of the attack. senator bob corker of the senate foreign relations committee wants to know why. he fired off a letter to james clapper, demanding answer, saying, in part, just ab days ago, the administration apparently judged it was appropriate for our consulate to be lightly guarded and it was safe for our embassador -- ambationz dorto come through the city with a small security de tail. what has changed in libya in such a short time that even fbi
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agents, our most elite personnel cannot safely enter the city? the consulate didn't have the standard marine guard. there are calls for the resignation of u.n. bambass dorsusan rice who, said that it appeared to be a spontaneous uprising against an anti-muslim video. >> five days went by. we have reports that intelligence people knew within 24 hours that this was a terror attack, yet, they sent her out to say things that were absolutely false and continue to do so, which is, again... really either as i say, willful, ignorance or abysmal lack of knowledge of the facts. >> reporter: but the administration claims it was so complex, they didn't know for sure it was a terror attack. and david axelrod saying, we don't want a president who shoots first and aims later. >> governor romney leaped out on this libya issue on the first day. and was terribly mistaken about
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what he said. that is not what you want in a president of the united states. and as for senator mccain, for whom i have great respect, he has disapproved of our approach in libya from the beginning. >> reporter: democrats say the focus needs to be on protecting american personnel in the future. >> thank you. another suspected incident of a deadly insider attack in afghanistan. two americans, a soldier and a civilian, were killed when an afghan soldier allegedly turned his gown him. just this year, 50 foreign troops have been killed by afghan soldiers. and these most recent attacks bring us to a sad milestone. 2,000 american troops have been killed since the war in afghanistan began almost 11 years ago. an afghan spokesman says the latest attack is now under investigation. house homeland security chief is want backing down for the call for susan rice to recipe. there are bipartisan calls,
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but anyone can help a foster child. >> shannon: the supreme court returns to the bench for a term of controversial cases. first up, a dispute over whether foreign citizens can sue a u.s. company for human rights abuses, over a shell oil company practice in nigeria. next week, the court will take up one of the most anticipated cases of the term,a a affirmative action case, dealing with race guidelines at the university of texas. and we are waiting for thea, peels relate to the defensive marriage act and section 8, as marriage between only a man and a woman. we will get a preview from a d.o.j. official. republican lawmakers are demanding answers about the cofnsalate in libya that left four americans dead. the head of the house homelaommg
9:20 am
for the u.s. ambassador to the u.n., susan rice, to resign. joining us, a member of the house armed services committee. sir, thank you for your time today. >> you are welcome. good to be here. >> shannon: do you feel you have been briefed and brought up to date at this point? what are the biggest outstanding, remaining questions for you at this point? >> we were given a classified brief beige hillary clinton and others. i feel like we got more from the niewrns than from the briefing. i think it was very inadequate and unhelpful. i agree with peter king. and susan rice should be resign. this is incompetence at best or a coverup at worst. >> shannon: all right. do you feel she was sent with the best information she had at the time? she did say at points, this is an ongoing investigation. there is much more we will learn. or do you feel there was a calculated coverup? there is a big difference. >> this administration has seemed unable to admit that
9:21 am
terrorism is out there. you know, it happened at fort hood, the massacre there. it seems to be happening now. i don't know why this president does not understand the true nature of the threat against us. but if he doesn't understand the threat, how can he protect us? >> shannon: all right. i want to refer to the letter from senator corker, republican to the director of national intelligence, james clapper. he raises a lot of concerns, reports indicate that our well-trained fbi agents have not been able to get into benghazi to investigate. what does that suggest to you about the situation on the ground? do you expect director clapper to be forthcoming with answers? >> this shows that the security is very tenuous. and embassy and state department staff are protected by hillary clinton, the secretary of state. and she made a decision not to use marines, to use local security and there are reports that they were not able to fire
9:22 am
bullets. so i don't know exactly what the rules of engagement were. that's one of the things we need to get to the bottom of. but i just hope that we don't have an administration that is more concerned about precking the president's political reputation than protecting americans abroad. >> shannon: where do you go from here? what's the next briefing you will get? what questions will you ask? >> i agree with bob corker, senator corker. we need to have further information from the dni, director of national intelligence and hillary clinton and others. and that hasn't been coming. we could go back to washington, if that's what it takes. we just need get to the bottom of this. i hope there is not a coverup. but if not, it is at least incompetence and that's pretty sad. that should be -- there should be outrage in this country. >> shannon: do you think we should be doing more in missions around the country --arn the world, especially in some of the country, where we saw the violence in kirow and other
9:23 am
places. do you feel what you know about our embassies and consulates that they are adequately staffed with security at this point? >> i have been to a number of embassies around the world. usually, there is decent security. i don't know what happened in benghazi. i don't know what is happening in northern africa. this administration does not seem to understand the threat against america and americans abroad. so until we can actually state clearly what the problem is, we are not going to be able to defend ourselves. this president does not get it -- i'm afraid. >> congressman from colorado, doug lamborn, thank you. keeping it fair and balanced. in the next hour, we will hear from the ank ranking member of the house, congressman adam smith and get his take on the calls for ambassador rice to step down. that's coming up in the next hour. what is vernon parker?
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>> he's fast on the cuff. he's a witty guy. he knows who he is. he has been doing this for 40 years. you are not going to rattle joe biden. he's been on the national stage. he ran for president twice. he's a sitting vice-president. >> shannon: this week will bring the first presidential debate. but vice-presidential candidate
9:29 am
paul ryan looking ford taking on vice-president joe biden later in the month. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview on fox news sunday, congressman paul ryan told chris wallace he has one goal for his debate against vice-president joe biden. he wants to lay out the romney/ryan policies and philosophies and gives vice-president biden credit for being witty and fast and also says he's very good at confusing the issues. an aftergan soldier reportedly killed two americans, a soldier and a civilian contractor in an army checkpoint. the latest deaths bring the latest toll of troops killed in afghanistan, 2,000. a string of car bombs have killed at least 19 in iraq, in shiite neighborhoods across the country. they are believed to be a ploy to spark sectarian conflict and undermine the government. there was a minor earthquake in
9:30 am
dallas. the u.s. geological survey said it was a 3.4 on the richter scale. it's possible they could see aftershocks over the next few days. those are the top story, back to you. >> shannon: thank you, peter. >> i have made restoring the american dream my life's work because without it, i wouldn't be where i am today. >> shannon: that's vernon parker, who is running for congress. he has been tapped for the g.o.p. weekly address, seeing him as one of the most promising candidates. but his opponents claim he is a 53 party supporter, who wants to get rid of education. sir, thank you for your time. >> hello. thanks for having me this morning. >> >> shannon: you know, one of the most well-viewed ads against you does contain a quote, talking about doing away with the department of education.
9:31 am
tell us why and how you respond to accusations that it would be a terrible fit for your district, including college students and faculty. >> when i ran in the primary, i was referred to as a liberal to moderate republican. now that i am running in the general, they are referring to me as a tea party republican. now, here's the -- i was raised by my grandmother. she could not read. she could not write. but she taught me something very powerful. you can be whatever you want to be. i attended the school that was depicted in the movie called "freedom riders." i love education, but the only thing visaid is this, we must put the dollars back into the local communities. we send millions of dollars from the state of arizona to washington, d.c., for what? for programs like no child left behind. we have had millions of children left behind. so my goal was to say that, yes, we must fortify education, but we must do it the smart way,
9:32 am
give teachers the ability to teach. give students the right to learn. that is not the way you do it -- the way do you it is not to send our resources from the state of arizona to washington, d.c. the local people can decide better how it spend those resources. >> shannon: i want to give you a chance to respond to the criticism from the "d" triple-c,com one said that you would replace medicare and leave seniors at the whims of insurance companies and end a guarantee of social security payments. your response? >> vinever said that. i have been very clear to say that we must uphold our commitment to our seniors, it is my opponent who supports the affordable... health care bill that says it would strip $716 billion eye have always said i would never touch social security, normal would i ever touch medicare.
9:33 am
so that is a complete falsehood. >> shannon: tell bus your background. the g.o.p. has highlighted as we talked about the in intro, somebody who is a picture of the american dream. you talked about your background. what makes you the right person to represent arizona? >> first of all, i believe strongly that the american dream has to be fortified. we must make sure that we bring jobs back to america and make sure that we address the pain that the middle class -- they they are suffering. i was raised by a grandmother in an area replete with drug, gangs and violence. the rapper, snoop dogg lived around the corner. my grandmother taught me, if you work hard, you can be whatever you want to be. when i was going to law school, i couldn't afford t. my grandmother at 75 years of age, cleaned housed to get me there. i am so blessed. i want to take that same dream
9:34 am
and make is that your future generations have the same access that i had. believe me, i love this country. this country has been great. but we have to make sure that we protect the future. we contact have a $16 trillion deficit for the future. we cannot have the greatest tax hike in american history. we must work to bring jobs back to america and we have to do it the right way. but the most important -- i'm sorry. >> shannon: we have to leave it there. we are out of time. vernon parker -- >> visit my web site. visit we stand for restoring the american dream. god bless you all. >> shannon: thank you. fair and balanced. in the next hour, we'll hear from vernon parker's opponent. and we will ask her about charges that she is too extreme to representative arizona. many of the justices attended a
9:35 am
special mass here in washington today. coming up, we will take a look at the term ahead with the court set to way in on affirmative action, voting rights act and maybe even gay marriage. [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8...
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>> shannon: today, some of the supreme court justices attended the 60th annual red mass, held at the cathedral of st. mathew, the apostnel washington. you can see chief justice john roberts there. he was one of six of nine justices that was there. steven briar and antonin scalia and clarence thomas and anthony kennedy. this morning's homily called for the spirit of god to place his blessing on the new year. speaking of the supreme court, a gallup poll shows americans are split in confidence in the judicial branch. when asked, 53% said they have a fair amount of trust.
9:40 am
27% said not very much. only 14% gave their full trust. when it comes to how well the supreme court is doing its job, 49% approve and 40% disapprove. it is likely the last time high-profile cases like health care weighed heavily on the public's view of the court. that ruling on the president's law castigated the nation. the new term could have another round of blockbuster cases, from gay marriage to race-based college entrance policies. we have a current partner of and one of our favorite court watchers, thank you so much for coming in today. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: let's start with day 1, tomorrow, involving shell oil company and allegations of human rights abuses in nigeria. >> absolutely. this is an interesting case. have you a real problem. you have a problem of opportunistic trial lawyers,
9:41 am
making claims on u.s. courts on conduct that didn't occur on u.s. soil. here, the supreme court did something very unusual, they heard argument last term and rather than decide the case, they said, let's bring everyone back 2 for round 2, next term, on the first day of the new term. it's an interesting case, concerning whether or not you can bring the lawsuits in the united states courts. >> shannon: looking ahead to next week, another big one, this has to do with baserace-based admissions policies, this case involves a white student who was denied admission to university of texas. she says it's because of policies, basically froze her out, reverse race discrimination. hasn't the court ruled several times? this seimone augustuss to keep ca. coming back. >> it has. they have explored this issue on a number of prior cases and they did, 9 years ago in a couple of cases, involving michigan's admissions policies. this involves texas.
9:42 am
this is a situation where the university of texas tries to devise a program that would be compliant with what the supreme court had said. what the court will be looking at with the potential to be a blockbuster, when you can take race into account and how much weight you can placeno it on the admissions process. >> shannon: we think back to talking about, basically, you stop discriminating on race by not discriminating on the basis of race, how much influence do you think he will have in this case? >> heville some influence. i have to tell you, many people are looking at where justice kennedy will come down on this. in their briefing, a lot the of parties maid an appeal to justice kennedy, under perhaps the correct thinking that he will be the swing vote in it case. the chief has made it clear how he views these programs. we can make a fairly educated guess. of course, justice kennedy, most people think may have the deciding hand in this case. >> shannon: it's a role he is
9:43 am
very comfortable with. in many key cases over several years. let's talk about what we don't know. what may end up on the dock docket. every year, there are thousands of cases. we don't know until we know whether or not they voted to take up a case. we are waiting on a couple on gay marriage, defensive marriage and prop 8 out of california, which would only recognize legal marriage as between a man and a woman. we could find out as early as tomorrow. do you think the court is ready to tee up? >> i think they are. this is one of these cases that have you seen it from the moment these cases start the being filed that this is a case that was ult mags going to make -- ultimately was going to make its way to the supreme court. have you the defensive marriage case, coming out of the first circuit in boston that. concerns whether federal law can define marriage as between a man and a woman, for purposes of public grants and programs and the like and the prop 8 case, a
9:44 am
slightly different question that may not be fully resolved by the defensive marriage act, that goes to the constitutional questions about gay marriage t. will be very interesting, both it see how the supreme court ultimately resolves all of this, but as a first step, which case its wantses to take, which is something we should know in the next few weeks. quickly, a question here. this administration has said, it was going to stop defending doma in court nmost of the cases that were ongoing at the time. so basically, the house g.o.p. leadership, they are behind the defending it. who argue this is case? >> that's a great question. in fact,s that's something that was present in the briefs. paul clement, a former solicitor general under president bush filed a brief on the leadership, seeking to get the court to take the case. one argument of why the supreme court needs to step in, have you a an untenable situation. so the petitioners were arguing to say, look, supreme court,
9:45 am
only you can step in and resolve this situation, where the administration is not defending a federal law. >> shannon: all right. you are the best. thanks for weighing in for us. >> thanks. >> shannon: always outspoken, not surprising, new jersey governor chris christie says the presidential debate on wednesday will be a game changer. did he say too much? more on that. and tomorrow, a medicare penalty goes into effect. we will tell what you it means for you at home, next. i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix.
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9:49 am
>> shannon: polls go up and then go down. less than 6 weeks and the race for the white house is far from over. we will take a look at what history can tell bus this election. a 3200-mile journey across america in honor of their fallen comrades. it's a warrior ride to help the children left behind. fox news has been with the dedicated veterans on the whole journey. we will check in with them as they make their way to ground zero. several battles between the obama administration and the states. south carolina fighting to keep its voter i.d. law intact. oklahoma continues to fight the health care law. and there is much more. we will talk to the attorneys general, leading the charge. taking a look at the top
9:50 am
stories, new jersey governor and romney supporter, chris christie said wednesday's debate will be a shining moment for governor romney. to you about this point, both sides have been working to lower expectations, but christie said, quote, the whole race is going to be turned upside down. tomorrow, medicare will start charging hospitals that re-admit too many patients within 30 days. it is part of the obama administration health care plan to improve the quality of care and save taxpayers moan. a disabled delaware money said she fenned off a would-be robber with the only thing she had -- a cane. she hit a man with her cane. there was another robbery down the street the same day. no word if the two are connected. those are some of the top stories. a group of veterans is pedaling across america, about to make the final journ tow ground zero. it is a touching tribute to fallen officers. we go to ft. lee, new jersey for more. hello, molly?
9:51 am
>> reporter: hi, shannon. thank you for having me here today. frankly, it is an honor to be here today, to see the final leg of the journey, the culmination of this incredible path, the 3200-mile, 18 cyclists involved. most of them are marines that have been served in iraq and afghanistan. their support staff and friends and just to clear something up, these are heroes, the patriot guard, theyor motorcycles to make sure that the cyclists make it down to the 9/11 memorial site, where things will finish up with the ceremony. heroes as well. but the pedal power helped -- happened with the folks on the road from california. joining me to talk about it is the director of the marine corps law enforcement foundation, one of the organizations that will benefit from the ride. you are aiming to raise $1 million through the course of the ride. tell me about this cause, where the money will go. why it's so important? >> thank you for being here today. it's really important.
9:52 am
we are trying to take care of the kids left behind, whose parents were killed in action. 100% of every dollar goes to the cause. the marine corps law enforcement foundation to provide funding for college educations and the travis mannion foundation, providing support, unbelievable support for families to include children. >> reporter: incredible cause and incredible people that spent a lot of time on the pavement for this. tell me about these folks that have gone all across the country? >> absolutely. this is the fourth year we have been trying to do something like this. thanks to david miers and a couple of folks, we have expanded it to include a cross-country ride to raise more awareness and money. we have 12 folks on the bikes, along with six crew members, supporting them. predominantly, forminger marines, along with buddies and friends and family, a bunch of
9:53 am
tri-athletes and iron men and just everyday guys like me. but we are -- we still have -- the strength and we came back able bodied so we want to put sweat equity into this. >> shannon: there is a web site to go to for inform on this. check it out. shannon, back to you. >> shannon: fantastic cause, thank you, molly, for bringing us that story. as we close in on election day, it is about the numbers. numbers don't lie. or do they? next up, we will take a look at how accurate the polls are and what history can tell us about this election. [ female announcer ] think a thick cream is the only way to firm skin? challenge the need for such heavy measures with olay. regenerist micro-sculpting serum for firmer skin in 5 days. pretty heavy lifting for such a lightweight. [ female announcer ] olay regenerist.
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>> shannon: well, the poll numbers are all over the place. some have the presidential race neck and neck and others have president obama slightly ahead of governor mitt romney. but just how accurate are all of the numbers? chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel with what we can learn from the past about what might happen in the future. >> polls go up and down and we have plenty of time. >> history show hes late september leads can evaporate by election day. hubert humphrey was down 15 points to richard nixon. nixon won by less than 1%. jimmy carter had a lead over gerald ford. after three debates ford cut
9:58 am
the lead to five points and led in the final gallup poll and narrowly lost. the final presidential debate changed everything leading to a regan landslide. >> with polls now showing president obama building a lead over mitt romney in key battleground states a democratic pollster and consultant who worked for jimmy carter says finding the right sample to survey can be tricky. >> we know from the exit polls and others is that republicans tend to respond to the polls less than often times particularly from news organizations less than do democrats. >> reporter: in 1988, george bush managed a huge swing. gallup had michael dukakis leading by 17 points after the convention. the loss to bush by 7%. a former are clinton pollster is questioning the assumptions
9:59 am
being made in today's polls. >> these polls are assuming that you have the same high level of african american, latino and young people vote in 2012 that you had in 2008. >> obama campaign senior advisor david axel rod told fox "public polls are widely variant in their sampling and methodology so hard to make the case when they all point in one direction they are all wrong but we are planning for a close race as we always have." another democratic strategist offered this assessment. >> this thing can move back and forth three and four times between now and november 6. from romney you try to create that momentum and he still has time to do it. >> reporter: the average of comebacks was roughly 5% and in some cases it was the debate that move the needle. shannon? ambassador are rice should resign but also we should
10:00 am
investigate and find out how high up this went and i would hope that the administration itself would voluntarily come forward and say why they gave out this false information. >> shannon: democrats on the h hill and in the obama administration pushing back against a call from republican congressman st. petersburger ambassador are susan rice toor. resign. today republican senator bob corker wants the director of national intelligence to explain why fbi agents sent to the investigation to look into the attack haven't yet been able to it make is into benghazi. i'm shannon bream. hour number two of america's news headquarters starts right now with the ranking member of the arm the services committee democratic congressman smith. thanks for joining us today. >> i appreciate the chance. >> shannon: peter king chief among them your colleague calling for ambassador rice to step down pause of remarks she made shortly after the attacks. you have called that absurd and
10:01 am
ridiculous and say republicans are trying to score political points. do you think there is any validity to the questions that they had about why the ambassador made statements that seemed to be inconsistent with what we are learning about what the administration may have known 24 to 48 hours after the attacks? >> i don't think there is validity to that at all. we have a serious challenge that needs to be examined. al-qaeda and aqim is active in the mali area. you have insecurity in these governments and this is a national threat still emerging and foggy and figuring out who is who in that part of the world is difficult and important. focusing attention on need fora national security strategy to it confront the challenge makes sense. the comments are so nakedly partisan and political it is hard to take them seriously on the policy side. why should ambassador rice resign? she said at this time this is
10:02 am
what we know. and we are still investigating. we don't have the full picture. i mean i have been at a loss to figure out exactly what it is that she said that would give rise to a call forresignation and yet that is the partisan focus. i hope we can get back to the very real policy challenge this region presents that in a bipartisan way we have to figure out how to confront. >> shannon: she made statements at the time this is what we know and other sources have told fox that much earlier than ambassador rices appearances on the "fox news sunday" shows and others that we did know more than she was saying that there was already this internal conversation that this was a terrorist attack and had been termed that way. so how do you respond? >> go back and look at that time what she actually said. what she said was, yes, there was an aspect of this that early on we thought was similar to what happened in cairo. people reacting to the now infamous movie.
10:03 am
but she he also said it was an armed gang that took advantage of that opportunity and the only real debate here is how spontaneous versus preplanned was it. ambassador rice didn't say they were just protesting like they did in cairo and then it got violent. she said that armed militias took advantage of that too launch an attack. so you are talking about a very small i is semantic differencet how long was this preplanned. were these roving militias in the area that were aware this was a u.s. presence and then took advantage of it or is this something that al-qaeda in mali and other places helped coordinate. we don't know. we are trying to find out and i think ambassador rice was transparent in explaining that. so this all points to this agenda of hyper partisan approach to this. she didn't say anything that wasn't out there at the time and there is no evidence whatsoever that there was information available that she was withholding. if anything the administration
10:04 am
has been overly forthcoming saying where we are are at in each step along the process as they gather more information. this is an important part of the world right now. i hope we can focus on the policy. how can we protect u.s. interests in that region and make sure that more u.s. interests don't suffer attacks like this. we need to figure that out, no question. >> shannon: is it fair to say there is actual lay bipartisan backlash here because now we have all of the members of the senate foreign relations committee republicans and democrats alike offering a strong letter to the state department saying there is a whole lot more we don't know and asking for a much wider probe into what happened? >> yes. but that is a different thing. absolutely there is a lot we don't know. i think everyone agrees with that. this is a huge interest. the letter you feared to was bipartisan saying what i said a moment ago. big national security threat in the region. we need answers. but the flavor that representative king and others have put on it to make it partisan is that somehow this is the obama administration's fault, there is something that
10:05 am
they withheld. and there is no evidence of that. the letter that you refer to is a very common sense policy approach to say look, as legislators, house and senate we want to know what is going on in the region. give us your best intelligence and data and figure out how to deal with it. a different thing from calling on people to resign. ambassador rice has done an amazing job at the u.n., building international support for the sanctions against iran. building international support for the intervention in libya. keeping the pressure on russia and syria. she is doing an outstanding job. she reported in a very open and honest way what we knew at the time and to call on her to resign i think makes it clear that this is more are about par arety sanship than it is about policy and that is unfortunate. the letter that you referenced that is bipar arety sa biparti. what are we doing to protect u.s. interests in the region in light of what is going on there. i think those are questions we
10:06 am
all should be asking. >> shannon: and hopefully will get the answers. congressman smith we appreciate your time. thank you. >> appreciate it. >> shannon: a new insider are attack in afghanistan leaves two americans dead including a service member. now, a sad milestone for the afghan war. 2,000 troops killed winc kill e beginning of 2001. >> nato will only say the american soldier and contractor so the in afghanistan late yesterday died in a suspected insider attack after some kind of a misunderstanding between american and afghan forces at a check point but their deaths as you just mentioned mark a grim milestone. 2,000 americans have now been killed throughout the course of the 11 year war in afghanistan and once more detail details ae available. there is a chance they will be added to the list of 50 u.s. and coalition troops killed this year from insider attacks. up from just 35 last year and the former u.n. ambassador to
10:07 am
the u.n. says they are likely to continue to the afghan troops can pledge their allegiance to the taliban. >> i'm afraid given the withdrawal target that the green on blue attacks are actually likely to increase as the date for the withdrawal grows closer and the taliban attacks if anything may diminish. why should the taliban take risks when they know we are leaving. it is more for the afghan national army personnel who want to show their loyalty to taliban. >> the defense secretary says the taliban is trying to destroy our trust in the afghan security forces but the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said that strategy won't work. >> as one afghan army commander told me insider attacks are an affront to their honor, at odds with their culture and their faith. as for us, we are adapting to changes in that threat as well. that is what professional militaries do. and we are doing it in a way
10:08 am
that ensures we continue to be able to partner. the taliban is clearly trying to split us apart. but it won't work. >> reporter: military officials say that sometimes these insider attacks are carried out by members of the taliban who have infiltrated the afghan army and sometimes they are caused by arguments but usually the attacker is killed in the fire fight that follows. shannon? >> shannon: peter doocy thank you very much. the premise of these conversations, the premise of your tax reform point is as if the economic pie is fixed and it is government's job to redistribute. that is not how the world works. we want to grow the pie and we want economic opportunity. >> shannon: three days away from the first presidential debate and less than six days away from the election. gop vice presidential candidate paul ryan expressed concern for
10:09 am
the economy and stronger foreign policy in countries like iran and russia and opened up about how his own debate is shaping up against vice president biden. i was sitting down this morning with chris wallace to get all of the details ahead of "fox news sunday." chris, you had an exclusive sit down with the vice presidential nominee and talked with him honestly about where the ticket sits in the polling right now? >> we disagreed. i kept saying it does seem that you are losing and he denied that but did indicate that he thinks that the first debate coming wednesday is very important and interestingly enough there seems to be a change in their approach where up to this point romney has been talking about and his campaign has been talking about it as a referendum on obama. obama's record. and to the degree that it is about romney is he a credible alternative they now see it and i think it is probably because the polls indicate that this old argument isn't breaking through as a choice that you have is a choice between what they say is the obama record of
10:10 am
greater dependency and greater economic stagnation and the romney plan which they say would create greater opportunity and greater growth. that is i think the line and the attack line that you are going to be hearing from romney on wednesday. >> shannon: and there was some as we have seen on both sides quite a bit in recent days managing of expectations for the debates not only at top of the ticket but also when ryan takes on the vice president. >> chris: i asked about that because, of course, this week this wednesday is the presidential debate but the next week i think it is 8 days later is the first and the only ryan/biden debate and i asked him about that and he started talking about what a great debater he was. i said you watch game films and you are big football fan. tell me about joe biden. he said, first of all, he is good on the attack. been in politics 40 years, not going to throw him off his game and i asked what about the gaffes and he said he is legendary for those but doesn't make those in high visibility
10:11 am
situations. he said i expect a very disciplined approach and also said this is him talking now ryan said biden is good at confuse iting the issue you and sort of muddying it up and my job is again i think the idea of the choice make clear what is the choice, what is their policy, what is their performance and what it their record and here is what we would do differently. >> shannon: you pushed him on the idea of lowering tax rates and what would be the specifics with that kind of plan. >> chris: and he quite frankly resisted it. i said you want to cut all taxes 20%. what would that cost. he said that is is revenue neutral. i said no, that is also when you take away the tax deductions and close the loopholes but he would refuse to get into the math of t and said it is too complicated. but his basic point he kept saying was tax reform, low aring rates, broadening the tax base will recrate growth because people realize if i make an extra dollar i get to
10:12 am
keep more of it. the old republican line that you heard from ronald reagan and it worked for him and i guess they decided not to get into the details of it. >> shannon: a very meaty interview. thanks for the inside scoop. >> chris: thank you. >> shannon: catch the entire interview right here on the fox news channel. it airs after america's news headquarters. a disturbing case out of massachusetts. 20-year-old man pleads guilty to raping a 14-year-old girl. the girl got pregnant and now the admitted rapist wants visitation rights to the child. an exclusive investigation by the boston fox affiliate. here is mike bodette. >> reporter: the superior court judge is defending what he did, saying his primary purpose was to get the father to support the child financially and that visitation rights are not up to him. but visitation rights are just what the rapist is now look for and the victim's attorney is still blaming the judge for opening up the door to the possibility. the back and forthcoming as a
10:13 am
state rep plans to file a bill to close the loophole in massachusetts law that allows rapists to get parental rights. >> i was immediately shocked and outraged the fact that something like this could happen in massachusetts. >> reporter: state representative steven levy reacting to a fox undercover investigation and promising to do something about it. a man who pleaded guilty last year to raping a 14-year-old girl is now asking for visitation rights with their child. the victim was in 8th grade and the man was 20. >> he threatened me and told me that he could make my life upside down and i wouldn't have anybody and he would pin it all on me and so i was scared. >> do you think he should have visitation rights? >> no. he hasn't cared up until now. why should he now? she is three. she doesn't know who he is. >> the norfolk county district attorney's office wanted the man locked up for three to five years but the judge sentenced him to 16 years probation with the conditions he acknowledges he is the father of the baby
10:14 am
and abide by the probate and family court. the family court order od the man to pay child support and then the rapist requested visitation rights. this woman is the victim's mother. >> what are these judges thinking? she got raped at 14 and decided to keep her baby and now has to have him over for a visit with the rapist? >> the victim's attorney filed a motion to revise the sentence iting conditions asking the judge to order the man to pay restitution instead of child support saying the judge opened the door to visitation by second the rapist to family court but the judge denied the notion writing this court ordered the defendant financiad he fathered but placed no obligations at all on the victim or the child. the judge points out he order the man to abide by any retraining orders issued to the victim and her child adding the issue of visitation is within the exclusive jurisdiction of the probate considered court and it is up to that court to evaluate all of the facts and circumstances and determine whether a request for
10:15 am
visitation by the defendant is in the best interests of the child. >> in a sense by sending them off to family court you are saying that the child born of the crime who is also a crime victim has to deal with the possibility that judge is going to say well, you know, your father did rape your mother but he never hurt you. so we have to give him fatherly rights because he hasn't ever hurt you. that is a problem. >> representative levy is moving forward with plans to file a bill so that, massachusetts, joins 16 other states in passing laws to protect a raped woman who chooses to raise her child. >> it is time we put victim's rights before criminal rights and say we have laws to protect people from government and undue prosecution but in this case an admitted rapist who is trying to interject themselves into the family's life. it is ongoing torture for the victim. how do you put a child in that situation? >> governor patrick is reacting to the investigation but won't
10:16 am
say if he would support a bill to close the loophole. h his press secretary calling this a sad situation and saying if the bill is filed the governor would give it his full consideration. the victim's attorney is still asking the state's highest court to weigh in on this. meantime, a decision on visitation remains on hold until december. >> shannon: and the rape victim's attorney wendy murphy joins us now live. ms. murphy thank you for your time today. this is a difficult one to understand. do you believe that the man in this case the admitted rapist may have a legitimate interest in trying to make things right and to try to see his daughter or are do you believe this is about in some way harassing your client? >> well, i have a beef with both the perpetrator seeking visitation rights and the judge putting him in the position to be able to do that. i mean this is a perpetrator who pleaded guilty to rape. he was 20 years old,
10:17 am
mr. melendez. what he did was a serious felony crime and he created a baby, my client is religion, she raised the child because it is h her belief that the child shouldn't suffer and now here is a guy who has had absolutely nothing to do with this child from birth suddenly has an urge to visit only because he is suddenly being made to pay. my beef with the judge is had the judge punished him in the criminal case by ordering restitution instead of sending him off to family court where he was rewarded with the privilege of fatherhood the guy would be paying restitution for his criminal behavior maybe in the form of an amount of money roughly equal to that which he might have been ordered to pay in family court but it would be a criminal punishment and wouldn't come attached to the presumptive privilege of fatherhood. >> shannon: there are two different situations here. the criminal judge. the criminal case. the rape case. he then sent the admitted rapist over to family court
10:18 am
saying tamly court, probate court is where they decide with whether or not you can visit the child and what rights you would have. you have the two different courts now weighing in on the very same case and we have the state legislator there talking about the fact that there are many other states that have laws that would bar this kind of contact with an admitted rapist going to try to visit the child that resulted from his crime. do you have high hope os that that will eventually help your client? it is just in the beginning stages there in that state. >> i do hope that massachusetts can do the right thing. we don't have a good reputation when it comes to respecting victims, much less rape victims. this is a state that tends to favor rights of the accused. no surprise here all of the support from the state house has been from republican lawmakers, not a single democrat has stepped up to say they care about this child and the baby born of this crime. so i'm hopeful but if it weren't massachusetts i would be more hopeful.
10:19 am
you know, my concern is is that when you are convicted of rape, rape of a child. this is a 14-year-old child we are talking about. what judge in his own mind punishes that crime with the gift of fatherhood, creating a lifetime of legal relationship between my client and her baby. they now have to go to family court, fight about visitation. he can assert his fatherly rights and say i want to have something to say about how and where this child is educated, what religious beliefs this little girl is raised with and whether the mom and the child move to another state. that is the problem with honoring a rapist with parental rights. you give them power for the rest of that child's life over the victim. >> shannon: it is a shocking case. we will continue to follow it. wendy murphy, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> shannon: the case argued and now the fate of south carolina's voter i.d. law rests with the federal judges.
10:20 am
up next, attorney general allen wilson on why he hopes that the law is going to stick around coming up in the next hour of r vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8... is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release.
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10:23 am
>> shannon: from voter i.d. laws to healthcare law and fight over that, and from immigration laws to the new financial regulations the obama
10:24 am
administration has been doing battle with states across the country. joining us two state attorneys general who find themselves in the middle of the legal show downs. gentlemen, welcome. >> well, thank you. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: general wilson i want to start with you. talk about south carolina's voter i.d. law requires various forms of photo i.d. for those who are going to show up and vote. it has been argued before a panel of federal judges now. do you think it survives? >> well, first off we always knew this was going to be an uphill battle just because you look at who you are fighting but south carolina has gone to great lengths over the last several years to craft a law that protects the integrity of the ballot box while ensuring the individual right to vote is not touched and that is remains sacred and south carolina stands by its law and we believe we have a good law and we are guardedly optimistic that we will prevail but you just never know in these types of cases.
10:25 am
>> shannon: there basically would be a pass this year if the law is upheld and implemented. people can argue that they have a reason that they he couldn't get a photo i.d. in time for the election. they are allowed to cast a provisional ballot that can be contested at some point so it wouldn't stop someone from voting if they have got a good excuse. >> well, first off, no one will be allowed or no one will be prevented from voting once the law were to go into effect. it will be just as it was before the law goes into effect. just like is you said we will have a reasonable impediment provision that allows people to vote should they not have a photo i.d. and they can still use the voter registration card with the photo attached to it. >> you were the only state as i underand it it that has now an active ongoing case against the president's healthcare law and you concerns with how it would be implemented and irs powers.
10:26 am
tell us about the case you have going right now. >> shannon, you are, correct. when we filed our lawsuit in january of 2012 w 2011 we begae legislation and it was stayed here in oklahoma while the supreme court dealt with the issue at u.s. supreme court level. when the decision came down in june we began evaluating that decision and there are two primary responsibilities that states have. one is to decide whether medicaid should be expanded in the respective states. we have already seen that the federal government tried to exert more are power there than what was granted and the court said they could not intimidate or coerce the states to adopt or expand medicaid. the other important part of the healthcare law is the expansion or the use of healthcare exchanges. and there are about 20 states as you know, shannon, across the country that have chosen not to implement a state exchange. in those states there are questions about the irs rule adopted may 18. the irs has come out and says they will assess an employer
10:27 am
mandate penalty in states whether they adopted an exchange or not. we believe that is inconsistent with the affordable care act and amended our complaint to challenge the irs rule adopted may 18. >> shannon: talk about a case that both of your states are involved with and this has to do with the dodd frank legislation that was passed that deals with regulating wall street and other financial institutions. you are worryd that it would call for liquidation of certain entities. what is your concern there? >> both dodd frank and the affordable care act represent an attitude that has been permiated out of washington for the last two years. an attitude that, washington, knows best. they tried to seize the healthcare sector of the economy through the affordable care act and through you dodd frank did the same with the financial sectors. senator dodd and congressman frank tried to consolidate and did consolidate power in
10:28 am
washington and did so pretty dramatically with title two liquidation authority. the secretary of the treasury can come in and literally liquidiate and seize a financial institution and the only thing stopping that action from occurring is 24 hours notice and creditors in states like, south carolina, and oklahoma we have investment future be may in the few liquidiated. we he believe that the decisions made in dodd frank violate due process and separation of powers and that is at the heart of our challenge with dodd frank now pending in the d.c. court. >> shannon: i want to give you the last word here on why, south carolina, decided to get involved here as well? >> i agree with what general pruitt said. this is not about protecting the financial industry from another 2008 crisis. this is about centralizing power in the federal government. if you look at the 2300-page law that is the dodd frank act
10:29 am
you will not find any provisions that restrict or protect, regulate fannie mae or freddie mac. there this is about ensureing that the federal government has control. any time the federal government takes control of anything the cost of that gets borne by the consumers. that is right, small business owners who need small business loans and consumers who need banking. that is where the cost of the law is going to hit people the most. >> shannon: we thank you both, gentlemen, for your time today. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: this weekend, a rare break from the campaign trail. but the candidates are hot vacationing. they are studying. cramming for the most important night of the election so far. the first debate. could it be a game changer? a preview from campaign carl cameron, next. at usaa, we believe honor is not
10:30 am
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>> shannon: it is the bottom of the hour. here are some of your top stories. president obama will face off in his first debate with governor mitt romney on wednesday. obama campaign senior advisor david axelrod says they have not become complacent. he says the strategy ha campaia strategy all along and it is working. an american service worker and u.s. service member killed. tomorrow, medicare will start charging hospitals that readmit too many patients within 30 days. the penalties are part of president obama's healthcare plan and intended to improve the quality of care and save taxpayer money. those are some of our top stories. president obama and governor romney are taking time off the campaign trail for last minute preparation preparations before they meet in november for the first debate.
10:35 am
it has many calling for romney to go on offense when takes the stage wednesday night. carl cameron is live with the latest. >> the romney campaign has dueling messages this morning. on the one hand, paul ryan suggesting that lower expectations and that it has never really clear what exactly the impact of the debate might have on the presidential debate and chris christie saying it would be a game changer and mitt romney would win going away. mitt romney went to church this morning. tomorrow he heads for denver. a rally tomorrow night and then spend the next two days getting focused on the prep for the big matchup with mr. obama on wednesday night. mr. robbie is headed to las vegas tonight. there will be a rally and he will hunker down in nevada to get ready for the debates. this morning his chief policy advisor and chief strategist advisor and all around guru david axelrod was talking about not only the expectations for president obama and mitt
10:36 am
romney. an awful lot of scene setting going on on both sides. here is a little bit from the obama camp. >> the president is not satisfied. we have come a long way from when we were losing 800,000 jobs a month in january when took office. we now created five million private sector jobs. >> and they say that things are getting better but the president recognizes they are not as much and as well as things as the voters with like to have. as for the romney campaign they have been working on one liners and zingers but also recognize that this is a three presidential debate and four overall debates with one vice presidential matchup coming forward. they are looking at sort of spreading this over the course of october and hope they will be able to turn around the polls. they argue the polls are skewed towards democrats and closer than everybody thinks but recognize it is up to the debates to turn things around for mr. romney in the final five and a half weeks before the campaign, shannon. >> shannon: i will be watching.
10:37 am
thank you. they biked from california to new jersey to honor fallen comrades. a group of cyclists including veterans is getting ready for the last leg of its trip to ground zero. molly line is live with them. >> an incredible oner to join them on the final journey. they already traveled 3200-miles to get this far. we are talking about former marines and their are support staff and friends all to raise money. they are hoping to raise a million dollars to help the kids of fallen soldiers. to talk with me about it david meyers on the board of directors of the marine corps law enforcement foundation and this is just one of the organizations benefiting today. but i want to start with how are you feeling. you traveled rather far? >> we are feeling pretty good. thank you for coming out here with us today. we appreciate the support. we have traveled over 3200 miles in the past 8 days. morale is up and emotions high and ready for our finish at the
10:38 am
9/11 memorial. >> tell me about the people making the journey. >> a bunch of guys that i served with in the marine corps. i served from '01 to '05 as a platoon commander. also a marine corps corpsman who was with us for the trip and he will be doing a hand rank bike on the way down to ground zero from here. we are excited for that. >> tell me about how the money will be spent? >> the money goes directly towards providing college scholarships for the children of marines killed in action. we try and help the family offset the burden of the cost of college. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. for more information on this go to 9/11 heros run .com/warrior ride. >> shannon: and we will make sure that information gets out. molly, thank you so much. in our last hour, you heard from gop rising star vernon parker. woman battling himling him for
10:39 am
for a seat in congress. syrsten sinema up next, live. [ woman ] dear chex cereal, you've done the impossible. made gluten-free cereals in a bunch of yummy flavors. like cinnamon chex, honey nut chex, and chocolate chex... we're inereal heaven. so thanks. from the mcgregors, 'cause we love chex.
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>> shannon: earlier in the show we met the republican candidate for a newly created congressional district in arizona. we are joined by his opponent, kyrsten sinema who says vernon parker doesn't care about the issues important to the people of that district. thank you so much for joining us. i want to start by giving you a chance to respond to criticism just as i did with mr. parker. those who say you are too far out. we ran an ad by republicans who say that your connections and the things that you care about and issues that you fought for aren't a match for the district. are you too far out?
10:44 am
>> you know, that ad is just ridiculous and full of dishonest smears and i'm grateful to have a chance to set the record straight. the truth is that i support keeping tax cuts for middle class families but i do believe that the richest 2% -- >> shannon: i'm sorry you are hearing probably a little bit of the commercial in the background. we are running it so people can see it. we will turn that down a little bit but we are hearing you loud and clear. >> i believe that the richest 2% in the country should be asked to pay their fair share. it could raise our deficit by a trillion dollars if we continue the tax cuts. i just don't believe that we should leave the next generation a mountain of debt and i think most arizonans agree with me. unfortunately, my opponent wants to give more tax cuts to corporations and the rich and i think that is out of touch. >> shannon: i want to give you a chance to respond to as well a quote attributed to you and give you a chance to explain basically saying that women who
10:45 am
choose to be stray at home mothers are leeching off their husbands and basically that is b.s. >> what did you say about that? >> that was taken out of context. the interview was a kind of over the top steven colbert style and never mentioned mothers at all. my own mom was a stay at home mom and my record is the legislature is clear. i passed legislation to help stay at home moms and young mothers be able to breast feed their babies without harassment or risk from interferences of the law. and i he have worked for moms to get maternity leave. this is the a series of distortions and attacks and it is unfortunate. i asked mr. parker to debate the real issues and unfortunately he turned down that invitation from the local fox news station to other local stations in the community and i think it is unfortunate. we should be having a debate
10:46 am
and discussion on the real issues facing our community because the challenges are great. >> shannon: we thank you you very much for your time today and we will stay tuned. if you have a debate we will update people. thanks so much. >> well, i hope we do. thanks. >> shannon: all right. controversy in a small texas town. why a group of cheer leaders is standing up when some are telling them it is time to sit down. land ♪ ♪ pling a lone hand ♪ my life begins today ♪ ♪ fly by night away from here ♪ ♪ change my life again ♪ ♪ fly by night, goodbye my dear ♪ ♪ my ship isn't coming ♪ and i just can't pretend oww! ♪ [ male announcer ] careful, you're no longer invisible in a midsize sedan. the volkswagen passat. the 2012 motor trend car of the year. that's the power of german engineering. for a golf getaway. double miles you can actually use... but mr. single miles can't join his friends
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10:50 am
i think there is a good chance that governor romney will win the debate. look, he won virtually every debate during the republican primaries. >> shannon: you heard it here first, everyone. dnc communications director brad woodhouse predicting that governor romney will trump president obama on wednesday. he called governor romney a good debater and says he will have had more prep time than the president. that is one of our most clicked stories online. here is another. >> she is a pint sized pageant queen known for her sparkling personality and often very zany family and now here comes honey boo boo in the kitchen. if you want to learn how to make her special go h-go juice log on to fox news .com and you will find mamma june's recipe for sgetti.
10:51 am
spoiler alert, it is actually ketchup and margarine mixed together and nuked in the microwave. >> cheerleaders are are expressing school support and faith at the same time but putting bible verses. there are those who object. joining us for the freedom fight are mike johnson and mike barker from the freedom from religion foundation. our thanks to you both. >> thanks for having us. >> shannon: the cheerleaders are putting the verses on and there is at least one objection and a legal fight ensued. what is the latest? are the banners in or out? >> the wanners are in. we were able to obtain a temporary restraining order and we have a hearing in coming thursday to make the temporary injunction more permanent. we have a student led student
10:52 am
enishiated private speech. the supreme court said more than 40 years ago and many courts have repeated it since. students and teachers do not shed their constitutional right to free speech. whether in the hallway between classes or happen to be on the football field you are still an american citizen and the law is on your side and you get to engage in free speech. >> shannon: if the cheerleaders are making up the banners on their own time, what is is your objection here? >> they do have free peach rights in this great country but there is a difference between free speech and government speech. when the cheerleaders are wearing the uniform at an official public high school event they are not speaking for themselves. they are representing the school with a diversity of viewpoints. that are nonchristians and jews and atheists in the school. the school should be commended for trying to control the
10:53 am
speech of an official event. they wouldn't allow the cheerleaders to say something racist. what if they were atheistic. would they allow them to put up a banner that says stop praying, there is no god, you have to win this event on yourself. the school itself as a form of be neutral and beamy trillion include all view points. >> ile ask you both to be quick because we are running out of time. the school superintendent here said he made the decision to take down the banners or ban them because of legal counsel he got. it was right or wrong? >> it was wrong. the school board's attorneys are as wrong as dan is. the students have free speech rights. one are the prices of free speech is that sometimes you have to hear messages that you don't necessarily agree with. we will win this case. we win 99% of the cases that we litigate a liberty institute
10:54 am
because the law is still on the side of free speech. >> shannon: how far are youing with to fight that case? >> we are not taking the case but if we have to we would as well to guarantee that the government stays neutral. there are many legal cases and the school is right to limit certain speech within official functions and there are many supreme court cases in which the supreme court said it was illegal because it was viewed as an official government function. we would sue if it came to that but we are waiting to see what happens in the students' lawsuit. >> the santa fe case is easily distinguished. >> shannon: we he thank you both for weighing in today on today's freedom fight. >> thanks, shannon. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: a kid on a mission sending deployed service men and women a little piece of home. you met him this summer. a wonderful update on jack. stay tuned. it doesn't get any better than endless shrimp at red lobster. you can mix and match all day!
10:55 am
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i wanted to send them to my cousin matt and then i wanted to send them to everyone so they knew that there is still people thinking about them oh in america.ver back >> shannon: you may remember jack the adorable kid in the fatigues with a heart of gold. jack's snackpaks made it all the way to afghanistan. he sends snackpaks to deployed troops.
10:59 am
is started when his cousin matt joined the army. jack has sent more than 2500 snackpaks. president obama and governor romney are prepping for wednesday's debate. we have been asking you what kind of debate prep advice would you give to the candidates? rex says i would love to hear mit ask o who will you blame the past four years on and mr. president, what did you build? gary says the candidates should be concise and drop the talking points and speak from the heart. melissa says i would tell them both to be specific about their solutions. we know what is wrong about the economy how are you going to fix is it? we appreciate your tweets. is it for us here in washington. i'm shannon bream. "fox news sunday" is up next. an ex-clu exclusive interview h congressman paul ryan. he talks on the specifics with the plans that the romney ryan ticket has and much more, captioned by closed captioning services, inc.


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