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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  September 30, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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on fox news watch. the president talks foreign policy on 60 minutes. the media missed that. and then with the gals on the view. >> i'm supposed to be eye contraband. >> mr. obama takes center stage at u.n. >> i accept that people are going to call me awful things every day but i will defer their right to do so. >> how did the media treat his message? and how did the u.s. react to warnings from other leaders. we reveal details from a private journal and debate over what is
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fair game. new details surface about the deadly terror attack in libya. reports on what the white house knew and when they knew it and the press passes again. stumbles, stumbles and grumbles as refs get replaced by officials. and some of the conservative press at a star-studded gala. >> i never did understand why cnn thought it would be beat fox news at 9:00 p.m. with a british host who looks like he just got really bad wedge describe at a british press school. >> on the panel this week judy mill her. cal thomas. jim pinkerton, contributing editor of the american conservative magazine and kirsten powers. i'm rick folbaum. fox news watch is on right now.
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scott. fox news watch is on right now. >> recent events in the middle east given you any pause about your support for the governments that have come to power following the arab spring? >> well i would say even at the time this is going to be a rocky path. the question presumes that somehow we could have stopped this wave of change. i think it was absolutely the right thing for us to do to align ourselves with democracy. universal rights, a notion that people have to be able to participate in their own govern thanks. i was pretty certain and continues to be pretty certain there will be bumps in the road. in lost these places, one organizing principle has been islam. >> rick: president obama on "60 minutes" in an interview with
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numerous remarks about the cairo embassy attack and israel. his bump in the road comments ignored by most in the mainstream media. and if there was a follow-up to the comment they didn't air it. >> they never follow up with the president. the fundamental flaw as crypted by steve croft. they say it's not just islam it's the extremist wing of islam and name me another country other than indonesia and turkey where the fundamentalist islam has then nonviolent or promoted women or any other things. the newspapers all missed this because they don't have a religious perspective. >> rick: the assassination of our ambassador and two former seals. where was cri, bumps in
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the road, where was the criticism in that comment? >> i think the wave in change and in the wave the change there is going to be bumps in in the road. i don't think he meant to suggest and most people did not interpret that the death of four american officials is a bump in the road. but there was so much in that 60 minutes interview, his calling netanyahu insistence on red line noise, there could have been so much followed up and wasn't. i'm really surprised. >> rick: when governor romney delivered his initial response after the attack on consulate in benghazi he was ganged up by the media. they coordinated his comments and after the 60 minutes interview nothing. >> a few minutes from governor romney with a week's worth of news. the bumps in the road comment went by pretty much unnoticed.
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it takes me back to another occasion with another u.s. president used an awkward metaphor when president reagan when all the marines were killed in the barracks, it takes time to fix your kitchen. he wasn't minimizing it just like president obama but its week's news president reagan is obviously out of it. meanwhile, big news coming out of this whole thing, mohammed morsi saying that unacceptable, siding with the bad guys and that is a bump in the road going forward. >> rick: selected outrage on the part of media? >> definitely selective outrage. in this case zero outrage of so many things that are outrageous.
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i guess most of outrage has been over the th youtube video that the administration elevated to a movie. it's not a maoef that nobody saw. they are buying in islamist line that there was a movie that all these people saw. i disagree with the idea the president saying it's a bump in the road. it makes it sound very almost minor. what is going is not minor having 20 different countries having anti-american uprising in addition to having four americans killed is much more than a bump in the road. >> rick: then the president comes to new york and about to give the speech to united nations. in years past they had one on one meetings with world leaders. instead, this president decided to go on the view. take a listen. >> what is more challenging the girls on the court or everybody in congress on the front page?
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>> no contest. the girls thicker play like a team. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> they pass the ball, they high five each other. >> rick: so the president choose whoop pi over bebe? >> this is another request from president nixon who started this stuff when he went on the old show called laugh-in and spoke the immortal words -- sock it to me. there is a freeze frame on internet that shows president and mrs. obama all smily but when elizabeth hasselbeck starts to ask a question the president's face gets very grim,
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and michelle obama's fay is like this. >> rick: you were watching very closely. [ laughter ] >> rick: word on friday that the president did have a conversation late in the week with the prime minister, the media has covered the apparent approximate between the two world leaders, what do you think? >> this is longest running soap opera versus obama. bb versus obama. he had to do something to make the damage less damaging. he did not 6 the 13 bilaterals he had the last time he was in new york. obama didn't have any. media is saying that is perfectly okay because the salesman running for office. that is explanation but to accept that on its face is i think a bit not right. >> rick: world leaders speak their minds and how the media
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reacts. >> as president of our country and commander and chief of our military i accept that people are going to call me awful things everyday and i will always defend their right to do so. >> president obama takes center stage at u.n. delivering his view on world issues. did the media buy what he was selling? how did the media react to other world leaders? some of the crazy things they said. find out next on news watch. ♪
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>> the attacks on the civilians >>. >> the attacks in benghazi why attacks on america. we are grateful from the assistance we received from the libyan government and libyan people. there should be no doubt that we will be relentless in tracking down the killers and bringing them to justice. >> rick: president obama addressing the national general
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assembly tuesday. how was it received by the press. he didn't mention terror attacks. he talked about the youtube clip that kirsten mentioned. >> i think was forgettable speech. media did a favor by forgetting for him. look, prime minister netanyahu stole the show with the cartoon right out of rocky and bullwinkle and that will be one of the most famous images this year. >> rick: if you were following on twitter while the prime minister was giving his speech he was being mocked by using an illustration that people said it was car tuneish. >> he was supposed to draw a nuclear bomb, universally understood symbol for a bomb.
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the outrage that he would do this. there was no outrage about what he was actually saying. idea of iran having a nuclear weapon was not offensive but that cartoon. >> rick: did you like the speech what the coverage? >> i thought times played the as the lead story of the day. i thought for obama it was a tough speech. he did talk importance of american values. so i think that the press in general, jim said most of them tried to forget it. i think they covered it at great length. i hope that some of the people listening to whom the speech is intended like iran got the message but i don't think they did. >> rick: we talked about the prime minister, the wire services, news agencies sending out a picture of the prime minister at the podium delivering his speech. why would they choose these two
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particular pictures to send out to clients all over the world? what is up? >> this is so offensive. anybody who thinks that the media don't editorialize even in their pictures is a fool. the other thing they don't understand and don't wish to understand is there is no moral equivalency between iran, israel and united states. america and israel holds the vuirls, equal rights for women and pluralism. we are in culture war. the media bought this myth that they bought in world war two that dictators can be appeased by giving something they lack. you see that in the editor yams, "new york times" and l.a. times and it's flat wrong. >> rick: so by photo editors,
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netanyahu posing as the worst dictator in the history. >> it was an accident. look, what was atrocious about this. i'm not a huge netanyahu fan per se. they seem to have such animus they don't display like towards mahmoud ahmadinejad. i don't think they should be allowed to send a picture like that. you don't see them expressing any kind of anger or discuss wiping off a nation off the map. >> no confusing the animus when it come is to mahmoud ahmadinejad. post is owned by the same company that owns this network. >> as kirsten was saying, this is mahmoud ahmadinejad, this is
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pretty good. let's go back on the thing how media covered president obama's speech. it's the same charles krauthammer counted six apologies for the video. at the same time they figure out how to arrest the guy that made the video. bradley manning and leaking thing it would have been much different. they are clearly letting obama trouncing the person here to soothe relations -- maybe a decent strategy but they are not making the connection. >> what was wrong with the speech he was talking about terrorists and radical crazy people as if they care about something. he was speaking as if, if you just understood these things, we could all sit down and talk and you would stop doing it. they don't care. the argument he is making is wasted. the speech should have been more
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like netanyahu was giving was a serious speech laying out throat the country and western world. >> on the contrary. i think he put it, quote to our allies if egypt is our ally. but he put it this to them. do not ask for assistance or want us to stay and help you if you don't take care of your violence problem. your violence problem. >> president morsi accused us of having a war against islam. >> one thing he was supposed to do which was to make sure that american personnel and property was protected and egypt after an hour long conversation. that has been covered pretty well by the media. >> rick: more news watch straight ahead. if you see something that you feel shows media bias, e-mail us at coming up, how the media are
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>> just >>. >> rick: just over five weeks to election day and candidates are doing what they can to get their message out and media seem to be helping one candidate more than other. who do they spend more time defending and attacking. 47% say they spend more time
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defending obama and 16% say it's the other way around. are polls and media tilted toward the president? >> could be, when durable goods falls 13% in one month, headline was business investment is down. >> rick: you read a lot of the coverage. we haven't even had the first debate yet? >> looking at the polls i don't think it looked great for romney right now but the race could change until election day because we haven't had the debates. media sort of wishful thinking, trying too write off romney. i normally do not buy into the idea media is on board on one side. this the exception. this campaign season has been especially egregious in terms of
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them ignoring things that are bad about president obama and obsessing over things that mitt romney has done wrong. >> rick: cal, why? >> why? do you have to ask. my goodness. first of all these polls, we talked about this before on the show. i'm opposed to news organizations doing their own polls and making news from them. what you are going to see ten days, two weeks before the election is lot of story line being, hey the race is night thing because they want ratings the but these things are sophisticated form of fortune telling. i passed on the way studio, psychic, let me stop the cab and see who is going to win the election but it's the same approach. >> rick: the narrative that gets plays out in the media. it's almost over. if romney doesn't score, big in the first debate in denver this coming week, that it definitely
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is over. his donors are going to jump ship. does the media create the narrative or cherry pick for stories and polls that they like and push those? >> i think this is where polls become so important and influential. if you can cite a poll showing the gap between romney and obama growing and obama running away with it, then you can really pile on and say, wow, this race is over. look, early voting has begun in more than 20 stiah and 25% of the vote is actually determined by those early voters. you can make a case for doing precisely what kirsten warned about which is prejudge the outcome. >> rick: conservative people are not happy about the polls. a lot of polls are being talked about being weighted about news
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consumer listening to your pearls of wisdom. how should they interpret. >> if you are curious for another take, go to about the poles. pat gidell who is not a republican and was a pollster says look, what the media are doing is hitting hard spending their own money and spending a lot of money in polls in virginia, ohio. clearly where whener obama is clobbering romney. you are eight points up. it's not completely wrong but clearly intended to create a bandwagon on an effect that romney is a goner. >> rick: do you agree with cal that we're going to hear stories by a tightening of the race?
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is that because the media want to generate ratings or because there is guilt on the part of mainstream media, maybe we should be covering this more fairly than we have been. [ laughter ] >> i do think media polls can be a little crooked. so you say, ding, here it's been cooked. here is what you wanted. the thing is, they made a good analysis of the polls and there are biases but they are evenly split. some are weighted towards republicans and some are weighted towards democrats so the best is to look at the average and it tends to even out. it shows romney is down by about four points. >> one thing the media never do is do the survey of previous polls and show how wrong they were. remember, carter was going to
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clobber reagan. just like the fortune tellers, doesn't matter how many times they are wrong. >> rick: coming up next is the media ignoring what happened in libya? >> more details on the deadly attacks in libya. al-qaeda terrorists behind the murders of our ambassador and three other americans. why what is did the white house know and why aren't the media crying foul? that is next. foul? that's next on news watch. >> announcer: this is the day. the day that we say to the world of identity thieves "enough." we're lifelock, and we believe you have the right to live free from the fear of identity theft. our pledge to you? as long as there are identity thieves, we'll be there. we're lifelock. and we offer the most comprehensive identity theft protection ever created. lifelock: relentlessly
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