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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 23, 2012 9:00pm-9:59pm PDT

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i should time that with the graphic. but he is a good guy. shirts and one of the best. the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. >> sean: last night at the third and final debate we witnessed what appeared an angry candidate. president obama who was the one that came a across as the desperate presidential hopeful and governor romney sounded like the seasoned professional. our president lied and did petty attacks and it was far from honest about the serious consequences of his failed foreign policy. so tonight while the mainstream media is busy trying to prop up
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their candidate we're going fact check president obama and hold him accountable like nobody else can. let's begin with a comment that the president made about iraq. obama denied that he everis knoa status of forces agreement. that is an agreement that would have left thousands of u.s. troops inside iraq. look at this. >> you and i agree there should have been a status of forces agreement. you didn't want it. >> sean: he did try to negotiate a status of forces agreement. "new york times" is calling him on it. ultimately he never managed an agreement to allow troops in iraq. his background as a community organizer did not prepare him for the role as commander in chief. fact check number two. here is president talking about israel. >> we have created the strongest military and intelligence cooperation between our two countries in history.
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>> sean: wrong again, not only as he refused to sit down with benjamin netanyahu on a number occasions. he never taken time to visit israel one time during his presidency. then the issue of sequester defense cuts that will gut the pentagon and our military in 2013 if, in fact the president has his way. >> first of all the sequester is not something i proposed. congress proposed. it will not happen. >> they call it the biggest gaffe or deliberate evasion of the evening because in reality the president is the one that devised the sequester plan. when he wasn't lying about that he was lying about governor romney's. >> when it comes to going after osama bin laden sydney president would that i can that call, about bu when you were a
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candidate in 2008, i said if i got him in our sights i would take that shot. you should we should move heaven and earth to get one man? >> sean: another inaccurate statement. romney said taking unilateral action in pakistan is an option. he merely criticized our weak president about talking about the possibility publicly. it goes on and on including the president's claim that he never went on a worldwide apology tour. we're going remind the president what he said about america back in 2009. we'll get reaction from david limbaugh and many others, but to help us get the record straight, rudy guliani, welcome back, sir. it is amazing even on the israeli question to me, because
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the prime minister of israel wanted to meet with him. his answer if i meet with him i got to meet with ten. he had plenty of time for the view, beyonce and john security and meanwhile, middle east and africa is in flames because of leadership. that took a lot of audacity? >> it sure did. the relationship with israel is a strange one. the president's approval rating in israel is 12%. it's remarkably low. the people of israel don't trust him. the reality he has gone out of his way to insult the people of israel including traveling over the middle east but not to israel. never going there as president, embarrassing the first few times netanyahu he keeps him waiting. even if they don't get along you
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pretend that you do to have more face to face discussion. he seems more comfortable medevev that he will give him concessions after the election. >> sean: we'll get to that later. i saw the president last night. one of the things i learned as commander in chief, more community organizer, you have learned a lot. i thought back this is the guy that said the following about iran when he was running in 2008. listen to this. >> i mean think about it. iran, cuba, venezuela, these countries are tiny compared to the soviet union. they don't pose a serious threat to us the way the soviet union posed a threat to us. we were willing to talk to the soviet union when they said we are going wipe you off the planet. in iran, they spend 1/100th of
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what we spend on the military. if iran tried to pose a threat to us, they wouldn't stand a chance. >> sean: iran, not a threat. and on a verge of nuclear weapon because he couldn't stop them. >> he completely discounts the fact that iran has been at the core of half of the terrorist activity going on in the world. even he said last night iran is the biggest state sponsor of trim. he is the one that, written the ayatollah letters and the leak to the "new york times" was that thet i can that iran was going to have talks to with us. first people to deny it is government of iran. they don't want to talk to him. it's pathetic to talk to iran and they don't want to talk to him. >> one of the biggest problems with this white house has been from the beginning.
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their ban on the use of the term war on terror. when the president went on his apology tour which we'll deal with next, contingency operation two weeks out of benghazi he didn't know this was terror attack. this is what he said 'about fort hood. watch this. >> he got up, stepped in front of me as i was getting the soldiers in, he yelled allah akbar and started shooting. >> i could see soldiers running in all different directions. >> first round of bullets, one hit me in the chest. i had to go down to the ground and get cover. i couldn't breathe because i was shot. >> that is terrorism. >> allah akbar as the guy has radical ties -- why is there this resistance, benghazi, war on terror, why can't this
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president recognize that these islamic extremists want to kill us? is what the problem with this? >> i don't know if we can figure out what the problem is, but the consequences is things that happened in libya. a president that had an appreciation with this war against terrorists would have given that consulate more protection. that was attacked twice before september 2012. he may not think we're not at war with them, but they are at war with us. he doesn't recognize that. then we have tragic consequences like his failure with security to the consulate. when the british pulled out right next-door. >> sean: this is more of a fun question. i'll play you a tape of president obama reading his teleprompter. give me an opinion whether he actually knows, what words they,
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if he actually knows what it is. watch this. >> representative of the extraordinary work that our men and women do all around the world. navy corpsman. he responded. men and women, like corpsman. >> this is serious question. does he know, did he know what a corpsman was or does he read -- what do you think. i don't think he knew the difference. >> i thought that was joe biden for a second. he has to go into the marines, they don't use bayonets anymore. the weapon of choice for the united states marines when they can't fire their gun is the
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bayonet. they are trained with bayonets. more commander in chief. you didn't get that in the security briefing you missed. >> sean: i would like to thank all the navy corpsman. he managers read it four times in one speech. >> good to see you. >> remember the apology tour. we will revisit it. in 2009 he stood in cairo and claimed that he would end the use of torture. he would close gitmo and declared america has not lived up to ace values. david limbaugh. and putting lipstick on a pig as we look at new pamphlet they say is the final 14 days of this campaign that will outline their second term agenda. nice to do that after the
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>>. nothing governor romney said is true starting with this notion of me apologizing. this has been the biggest whopper that has been told during this campaign. every fact checker has looked at it. governor has said this is not true. >> sean: that is not true.
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there was president obama trying to defend himself last night. back in 2009 he did in fact go on an apology tour all around the world. governor romney didn't let him get away with the cheap shot answer. >> more president the reason i call it an apology tour, you went to the middle east. you flew to egypt, to saudi arabia, to turkey and iraq, by the way you skipped israel our closest friend in the region but you went to the other nations. by the way, they noticed you skipped israel. in those nations, on arabic tv that america had been dismissive and derisive that america had dictated to other nations. america has not dictated to other nations, we have freed other nations from dictatorships. >> we have the tape to prove the
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president. >> america like every other nation has made mistakes and has its flaws. in america there is a failure to appreciate european's leading role in the world. instead of seeking your union and partner you with common challenges, there have been times when america showed arrogance and been dismissive. even derisive. >> 9/11 was an enormous trauma to our country. the fear and anger that provoked was understandable but in some cases it led us to act contrary to our traditions and our ideas. we are taking concrete action to change course. i have unequivocally the use of torture by the united states and i ordereded guantanamo to be closed by early next year. >> the united states has done much to promote peace and
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prosperity in the hemisphere we have at times have been disen gaged. >> sean: he also said we were not on christian nation. there is the tape. there is new trouble by the way for the obama white house when it comes to the terrorist attack in benghazi. fox news has exclusively obtained internal e-mails to prove the department was aware almost immediately that al-qaeda linked group claimed responsibility for the terror attack. joining me now is gephardt campaign manager, steven murphy and david limbaugh. what he talks about america has shown arrogance and been dismissive and derisive. we have not lived up to our deals and led us to act contrary to our traditions and ideals. i will end torture, three people
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gotten enhanced interrogation. we had mistakes -- why doesn't he talk about america's greatness? >> i was glad that mitt hit him on both things. he never talked proudly about america. he doesn't believe in american exceptionalism. he doesn't believe in america as founded. he told a group of military personnel at the white house cookout that america was founded by people of white men of privilege and wealth. he goes around to the foreign nations and criticizes -- for example he told an arabic network that america dictates without knowing all the factors involved. i have to look at the g-20 that america needs to account for inadequacy.
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united states needs to accept responsibility for the economic crisis even if he wasn't president at the time. he told the french that america failed to appreciate europe's leading role in the world. into trinidad we were disengaged a moral responsibility toica act because n arms control because we were the only nation to set off a nuclear weapon. hed the to go to japan but the vice president dismissed him. he sent a guy to apologize for hiroshima. >> why did he go to the muslim world and skip over our closest ally and choose the view over the meeting with bebe, why doesn't he go to the muslim world and say we have sacrificed
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in many places around the world, in afghanistan where women are free to go to work and school. why didn't he talk about america's greatest beating fascism and beating communism and leading the world in defeating terrorism? >> you weren't listening to him last night when he said we're defeating al-qaeda. they are still out there. they are going to keep popping up. you didn't listen to him at all. [ talking over each other ] >> i'm not talking about benghazi. i'm talking about the war on terrorism. he had. [ talking over each other ] >> its man caused disaster. >> you asked me a question, do i get to answer or do you want to go on personal jihad here.
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i'm trying to answer your question. barack obama talked last night extensively about the way he has -- i got. >> david, it is. >> let me answer the question. >> excuse me. >> i am answering the question. last night. >> hang on a second, steve. >> you played two or three minutes of video there was never one word of i apologize. >> that is dishonest. don't tell me, you liberals say he didn't just a few. why are we so up in arms about it. he said the same thing. saying america is dismissive. >> david, sean, i don't get to answer the question at all before you interrupted me. >> i'll stop. let me answer the question, are you. he went to egypt and gave a speech. now where are we, three and a half years later. the entire north africa has
9:22 pm
experienced this arab spring, tunisia, sean, you were totally opposed -- >> let me say this. >> sean: hang on steve. >> sean: when he says we are arrogant and guilty of torture, when he says we are forcing our values and been dismissive and uses all these terms, isn't he apologizing for american exceptionalism and leadership -- >> by the way. [ talking over each other ] >> arab spring when he replaced pro western dictators with anti-western dictators. we got total chaos over there. >> he didn't replace anybody. >> it was the worst thing to happen in benghazi. >> just say it. >> sean: we got to go. >> do you think mubarak should
9:23 pm
still be in charge, right? >> this president embarrassed this country with these apologies, no clue about how america has stood up for greatness and the cause of liberty. >> not once --. >> sean: i keep saying this, president has no idea how to fix this and latest pamphlet is nothing but failed and repackaged ideas. we'll show you this recycled ideas. ideas. dana and in america tay we're running out of a vital resource we need to compete on the global stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university, we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone is ready with the know-how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at
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>>. >> sean: with only two weeks to convince you the voters that obama deserves another four years as president he is desperately trying to save his political future. now today the campaign released a blueprint attempting to detail in the final 14 days his proposal for a second term. reality is it is full of repackaged, failed ideas including, woe, taxing the rich and spending more of what we don't have and cannot afford. it's 20-page brochure and proves once again he has no vision of getting america going again. here is dana perino from the fox business network and stuart
9:28 pm
varney. hello. we enjoy it. >> i'm going to say the brochure will not work. >> sean: so, i don't think the bar is going to move any which way. i think the momentum still moves to romney? >> right. i think he did fine in the debate and that is all he needed to do. >> sean: you were almost giddy about last night's debate? >> i was shocked to see the president of united states, so sarcastic, glaring at his challenger, arrogant. there was a glare, he was arrogant. i think he failed totally. in that sense of image he completely lost and romney clearly won. i would like to see him as
9:29 pm
president of united states. >> sean: it's interesting because this clearly was a strategy that president obama was going in, trying to create an impression that romney is a loose cannon but it didn't work. >> obama wanted to show romney was very aggressive, a warmonger you don't want to go back to those days. romney was mature, confident and president al. you look across the board. mainstream media he passed the
9:30 pm
been challenging him and apology tour and all the rest. >> there was one other great
9:31 pm
line that stuck out to me. i think romney summed up the campaign in six words. he said attacking me is not an agenda. that was like, you know people watching at home and you start to see the trends of an independent voter you think, what can you deal with the next four years. >> there is a tubing show host in me that would like to see couple of things. if romney could have couple of props, before the saudi king that would have been an interesting moment. that is hugo chavez. but he took an anti-american book and sat through a 50 minute diatribe daniel ortega and then bowing before the saudi king, as well. >> did he want to see romney go after him. >> sean: i would like to have stuck that in his face a little
9:32 pm
more. >> do you want the attack dog a little more. >> i find this president's foreign policy embarrassing. >> it the final debate. viewers walk away with the debate of visual image of who they want in the white house the next four years. >> sean: who is more presidential. corpsman has been an embarrassment. so american part of view, one of the things they would say you know what, actually that was a smart strategy. imagine romney had gone after president obama, take libya for example. regardless, no matter what would have happened in the morning and for the next 14 days you would have seen headlines about the libya problem now becoming romney's problem. i think cooler heads prevailed
9:33 pm
on the romney side. it made me one want to trust his instincts as a leader. >> sean: don't american people deserve an answer. >> all these debates after a couple days have gone by, it is image rather than content and policy specific that makes all the difference. >> sean: good to see you both. appreciate it. coming up next, desperation is setting in on the left. chris matthews, once again goes off the deep end and he pulls the race card out this time. we're going to tell you more we're going to tell you more thrill up his leg had to s with the spark cash card from capital one,
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9:38 pm
they play the race card. this is chris thrill up my leg matthews is due to quote racial hatred of president obama. oh, real? >> i think they hated obama. number one enemy in the world is hatred for obama. we could go into that about white working class on the south and about racial hatred in many cases. this isn't about being a better president. they want to get rid of this president. >> sean: joining me with reaction. former candidate, herman cain. more 999. how are you doing? >> fine, happy to be here. >> sean: hated obama, they wanted him out of the white house more than they want to destroy al-qaeda. 17 million more americans are
9:39 pm
food stamps. he didn't cut the deficit. we have six trillion new obama debt. 49 million americans in total on food stamps. that is called a failure of obama. he said if he didn't turn it around, one-term proposition. >> let me give a couple more stats. the drop in median family income for black family was 11% in the last four years which is twice the rate for an average white middle income family. secondly, unemployment rate amongst black people is twice what the so-called national rate is. chris matthews who wanted to play the race card, chris matthews with all due respect, you are a pathetic excuse to call yourself a journalist. you are supposed to give people with the facts and give them information, not name call and ignore the fact and then try to shift the subject off a failed
9:40 pm
economic policy and failed foreign policy. that is what they are doing. >> sean: this came up in 2008. it was america ready to elect first african-american president. overwhelmingly the country, i would argue ignored a lot of obama's past and elected barack obama. they gave him a chance. he didn't fulfill his promises. if america doesn't re-elect him, america is racist? >> that is con kloogs they are bringing but because they are desperate. they don't have anything positive economically to run on. the foreign policy is also failed. as governor romney said last night a strong america means a strong economy and a strong military. they are only playing the race card because of desperation. >> sean: everything has been so petty. this has been meanest nasty campaign. the war on women. let's stick with nbc news and
9:41 pm
ever so brilliant host, fast eddie, whatever his name is. >> i'm getting more burned up the more i think about this. all right. now this is the locker room today. if this is too much for you, don't listen to the radio show, i'm warning you. women, are you awake? do you know what this radical outfit wants to do to your rights in the workplace? do you want them managing your vagina? do you want them rolling back women's rights 50 years? i don't know. there is so many questions we have to ask today. >> i have two things to say. take your medication. [ laughter ] >> you have a problem my friend. an drea who is fox news contributor who said it best.
9:42 pm
women are not stupid. they still think women are stupid they will focus on this troub troubled up women issue. i have talked to men women on our job solutions tour. women that own businesses, they want to be able to grow that business. they want to eliminate uncertainty. >> sean: do any of these tactics worked for gloria allred, trying to go to documents. do these work? >> no, they are not going to work. good news being on this tour, most people get it. if they get the right information. what they are trying to do is what i call politics of distraction. they are desperate and so you are going to have people like ed go off ranting. not a lot of people are watching those shows anyway. >> sean: we have to rip out dick
9:43 pm
cheney's heart. >> this is pure desperation on the part of liberals. >> sean: you are a great american. and coming up, two new ads put this election into real perspective. they will show why four more years of obama is the worst case [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work. and his new boss told him twongs -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll wk his way up from busser to waiter to chef before opening a restaurant
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>>. >> sean: one of new pro romney super pac ads. it was two weeks to go, two
9:48 pm
weeks from tonight is election day. romney campaign is hammering the obama's failing policies and reminding voters they can make a change. welcome back, sir? >> hey, sean, nice to be here. >> shep: it was interesting after the debate last night because during the debate, governor romney tied getting our economic house in in order to our national defense and number two that would include energy and being energy dependent. they are interconnected. the first bit of business if governor romney wins has to be try to get a hold of deficits and get the economy back on track? >> absolutely. if you look at what romney has been talking about for the last year and a half, it's reducing our spending, g.d.p. ratio from 25 cents on the dollar down to
9:49 pm
20. reducing small business taxes, having a detailed plan to get america back on track. i listen to the last segment, too, you guys are spot on. the problem that the president has with two weeks left to go he has spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to portray mitt romney has uncaring, nasty, sort of a monster figure. having this 90-minute debate in denver and long island and down in florida, it was like 90 minutes of gold because the american people saw a guy who is reasonable, intelligent, presidential, someone that can be a commander in chief. it's going to be very difficult for the president to undue that. that is a different kind of debate win. romney won on substance and style, but he won on who he is as a pen. that is very powerful.
9:50 pm
we love where we're sitting right now. >> sean: i thought this was a big overreach trying to accuse romney of murder, he never paid taxes. throwing granny over the cliff. let me go to a specific ad the romney campaign came out with today that deals with national security. here is how it went. >> in the capacity of the american people because if we are willing to work for it, then i am absolutely certain that generations from now, this was the moment when the lives and our planet begin to heal. >> renoors nude tensions. >> iran with nuclear weapons would mean the kind of fanaticism. >> deadly crackdown on the rebels. >> demonstrators made the
9:51 pm
bloodiest day. >> that foreign policy failure. >> sean: i'm a believer in under promise and over deliver but when you talk about the rise the oceans begin to our planet begin to heal and middle east and africa is burning right now. iran on the verge of nuclear weapons and israel surrounded by enemies. that wasn't a smart thing to say back then, was it? >> he promised to carpeted the world. when you make those promises that is one thing. he made specific promises. you have alluded them to million times. get the debt under control. get the unemployment under 5.5%. you have to live up to your
9:52 pm
promises. that is the biggest problem. now, he is the president about all the small things, so now we have president obama who promised to be this guy that has big picture vision. he is all about big bird, bayonets, binders. now, he has 20-page agenda he has released with 14 days to go. he has become the person that he warned us about four years ago, person that is all about the small things. person that wants to see the bad in other candidates instead of the good in other people. everything that president obama promised he wasn't he has now become. it's unbelievable. >> sean: it's about dogs, demonization. >> you look at yesterday, petty the whole night long. >> sean: i don't think it's going to pay off. two weeks from tonight, big night. thanks for being with us. >> we are working hard.
9:53 pm
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>>. >> sean: this moment both campaigns are focusing on key battleground states.
9:57 pm
swing state tracking poll, governor romney has a commanding lead. 50-45%. here to break down the numbers. >> they are deadlocked at 48. swings states are moving to governor romney with one or two exceptions. nevada and ohio. bottom line, if it is this close the governor needs to win nevada and ohio. so far they are very close. >> sean: and also colorado, wisconsin. >> he is not going to win wisconsin. >> sean: i disagree with you. go ahead. >> i think that wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania are all in play. the fact is republicans won wisconsin in an election issue. >> they taking advantage. >> no, but the romney campaign is believing the world is flat. let me ask you a question. if i told you two weeks before
9:58 pm
the campaign that obama was going to win in 2008, indiana and north carolina, if you thought i was crazy, of course. i am, but you broaden the field. this is moving everywhere. states have been poisoned with money. >> sean: i know the point you refer. a lot of polls is 47. if you are at 47 at a sitting president. >> he is somewhere between 49 and 50, if he did down at 47, 48 he loses. one thing, he has said he going after the terrorists who perpetrated the atrocity in libya. bottom line, that could be october surprise. >> do you think he would bomb libya on the weekend before the election. >> he is going after them. >> sean: and to affect the vote?
9:59 pm
>> he is going to do what he thinks is right. >> with country and timing helping him politically but he will do what is right. >> anything to win. let me tell you something. on the october surprise. look in 2010, they learned what they could do when they played up the cartridge bomber. republicans lost one and a half points. 9% voters voted on that. i know the people in the white house. they will do whatever they can. >> they will do what they need to do. >> romney 51-obama, 46. that was it a consecutive days. above 50, no candidate with those numbers at this point in the race has ever lat las. >> i think that poll is two or three points pro romney. i think
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