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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 9, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> why? there is a lot of anger and bitterness and finger pointing and blaming and we got to change and, what do you say? >> >> laura: after crushing election results, republicans seem to disagree on what the future of the party should look like. is a g.o.p. civil war looming? juan williams and mary katharine ham will be here to analyze. >> i think republics can change their position, be a lot more open to actual amnesty with enforcement. and to make a bold change in their policy. >> laura: with latinos turning out huge for barack obama. what must republicans do to appeal to this growing item graphic group? we will debate it.
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>> we have got four americans dead. and we are still saying i think it's the result of the video that was on youtube. the people of america should be outraged. >> laura: congress turning up the heat on the obama administration over its handling of the terror attack in benghazi, libya. so will we finally get the answers we have been looking for? we'll have a special report. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi,everyone. i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. disbelief and despair on the republic party. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo since romney and electoral landslide tuesday night. i feel like i have become the chief psychologist for
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conservatives. voters who were young conservative thinkers, thinkers young conservatives in the 1980s are now wondering whether all is lost ann coulter was on my radio show yesterday. >> if mitt romney cannot win in this economy, then the tipping point has been reached. we have more takers than makers and it's over. the country that no longer is interested in conservative ideas. it is interested in handouts. >> >> laura: this frustration and dejection is understandable. i, like many conservatives, thought mitt romney would pull out a victory, i, like many republicans, am extremely disappointed. the autopsy of what went wrong is ongoing. there will be conflicting opinions on the cause of death for the romney campaign and all those senate races. i happen to think that mitt romney ran an overly cautious and defensive campaign which allowed the other side to define him. perhaps with the exception being that first debate. some establishment republic types say this requires the party, however, to be less
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conservative, to be more moderate. and it's no surprise that democrats agree. i find that depressing. conservatism won huge for the g.o.p. in 2010. and it beat back a union backed recall just recently in wisconsin. but in just two years, a short period of time it's become unmarkable? nice try to. paraphrase george will, for mitt romney, conservatism was kind of like a second language he wasner comfortable articulating it or arguing it. of course latinos and new women and voters weren't sold on it either. in that vacuum they ended up buying the that november lent portrait of romney relentlessly pushed by team obama and super pac friends of course it was very unfair. the urge to despair in the face of all of this is a losing proposition. it gets us nowhere.
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five days after barry goldwater's landslide lock to linden johnson in 1964. conservatives, including william f. buckley and brent bozell sr. didn't waste time cursing the darkness. instead they founding something called the american conservative union. they took it upon themselves to plot out a and short-term strategy for their cause which was conservatism. the pathway at that point was cleared for fresh voices and new approaches. acu friend ronald reagan became governor in california in 1967. the movement slowly but surely grew in popularity. and his 1980 victory. reagan converted democrats not by adopting democrat views. but instead by convincing them that conservative solutions offer the only hope for american renewal. we need to do that same thing again. and that's the memo.
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now on to the top story. reaction. joining me from new york. republic strategist dee dee ben can i and from nashville, tennessee, republic chip saultzman who was the manager of governor mike huckabee's 2008 presidential bid. okay. it's great to see you. we will start with you dee dee because i know you were a special assistant in the bush years. and i can see from your p.o.v. on my sheet here, you think that it was kind of the todd akin type of republic that sank this race for conservatives. is that right? >> yes, laura. i do agree with you on the point that mitt romney if he had been a little bit more passionate. it was a struggle for him to be that way and the first debate went very well but then the democrats were able to fill in and akin and mourdock and some of the other language that is very detrimental to the republic party. we do have too many rich, old guys. i mean, we just do. >> you sound like -- you sound like you are speaking at the
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other cable network. rich, white, republic guys. >> it's the truth. more women and young people. we just do. >> laura: we had a woman run in new york one of the smartest women i know wendy long she made inroads and lost. nikki haley and other great women by susanna martinez. i think we are during all of those things. the fact that republics should become racial or gender bean counters is a loser. >> not bean counters. >> laura: i think we are doing a great job at that you work for george bush the majority of voters still tag george w. bush with this down economy. and, look, i mean, we couldn't even win the argument on foreign policy in part because a lot of people are sick of the two wars that george w. bush got us into. that's just a fact. gorgeous george w. bush's type of republic party mitt romney as todd akin richard mourdock
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in another. >> very good with latinos, kevin mccarthy. we have some bright new leaders and we need to have more of those. >> george w. bush's policies spending and two wars ended up also delivering barack obama into the white house. but let's start with you, chip. your take where we are. what do you think of my point that romney ran a defensive campaign but he also did have to deal with the bush baggage, credibility on spending, and a foreign policy that was frankly the by product of the hopeful but ultimately rather confused and unsuccessful policy in the middle east? >> yeah. i think you are spot on. first, let me say i aspire to be one of those old white guys. >> laura: and rich. >> definitely be a rich old white guy no question. that's what i aspire to be. no question a heavy load for romney. to thine ownself be true. we know who we are as a party. center right party in a center right country. conservatism didn't lose. mitt romney lost the race for
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the white house. we got knocked down but we dust ourselves up. we go and talk about what we believe. in true leaders convert of the undecided and unsure based on their ideas. they don't change their ideas to win elections. if we do that we will be in the minority for jerks. >> republicans need to have more positive language. we need to be more positive and uplifting and there wasn't enough of that we ended up sounding like the party of no. now we have that and we have wonderful leadership. i do think we need to be very careful. we lost badly. >> laura: dee dee, we lost badly in 2008 after a compassionate conservative, big government conservative, conservative believes in amnesty, that was the george bush administration. that then ushered in barack obama who had no foreign policy experience. and no business experience and now is he a transformative political figure. so i reject this idea that it the stupid words of two senate can democrats who are really the problem in the republic
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party. >> change your language. we have got to be more inclusive. we have got to be softer. we have got to be more friendly. a lot of people think the republic party they are mean and they are old white guys. i'm sorry, that just is what i get all of the time. we have got to change and this recognize our problem. >> that lost us the race in north dakota and montana. >> we do need to make some changes. you need to make sure that we have got new leadership, young people, latinos, we have to have minorities. it is very very important the republic party face lift. >> laura: you win them over with a winning message. you don't win them over by playing the bidding war and giving more free stuff. >> we have too many people in leadership that look the same, that act the same, and talk the same. >> laura: i don't know what means. look the same. >> the item graphics have changed in the country they need to change in our party. >> laura: allen west was a black conservative. he lost. >> we need more of him. we need more people like him. >> laura: condoleezza rice vilified still on the left. >> people love condoleezza rice. >> barack obama and so was
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colin powell. justice thomas still lives it down. >> great opportunity not the grand ole party the great opportunity party. >> laura: the legacy of george bush looms over the republic party i appreciate it juan and mary katharine on how they see the future of the republic party. and later, congress is turning up the heat on president obama over the benghazi terror attack. we're going to talk to the man leading the charge. those reports after these messages.
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>> laura: continuing with the lead story. media types who are quite friendly to democrats are analyzing the g.o.p.'s future. in light of its failure to oust president obama and then some are actually predicting a civil war. >> so give me your bottom line on the republics now. we talked about the soul
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searching what do they do next. >> soul searching perhaps civil war. have you loo-to-look at this party right now. they have won the popular vote once since 1988 in the presidential race. and it was probably best summed up by al, the head of the american conservative union. he says the party is too old. too white, and too male. >> laura: with me now juan williams and mary katharineham. both are fox news analyst. too white, too male. harry reid. i find this obsession with race and gender instead of ideas to be disturbing. i think an african-american can lose like colonel allen mutt looked like he lost in florida. he was a conservative. he lost. i think white guys can be conservative and win if they are good candidates and they make good ideas that are repealing. democrat, republic. this obsession with welling the ticket has to be all white or all black or brown, white, i just think it's silly. you are nodding your head. you want a color coded ticket.
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>> no. you are talking about racial bean counting. you are way way lost on this one. i don't get it you are so smart. look at the numbers of what came out tuesday and it looks like huge victory among whites for romney but loses the election. he had a plus 27 advantage among white men. still couldn't put him in the oval office. if you are thinking of it strategically and you want republicans to win. you have to be more inclusive and especially with the rapidly emerging latino population. >> do you think considers could have beaten barack obama? >> i don't know that she could have beaten him. she is closely identified with the bush administration. you were just pointing out they left some baggage on the table. >> the bush administration? sounded like president bush, they are very nice people. it's not personal. i just think the policies ended up confusing people about the republic party. right? they thought the republic party was a small government party. it grew under bush. they thought it was more judicious on military involvement. it ended up getting involved in two wars. i supported the war in iraq. i think we should win in
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afghanistan. people find it very unpopular. it hurt the conservative movement, i should say. >> don't get locked in oh now everything is racial and bean counting. look at it this way, you have got to open the party's doors. let some fresh air in. >> laura: i agree with that. >> you can't just speak to older white people vote for republic. >> laura: no, no, no. >> can't alienate and say we are demonizing all of you hispanics, bad folks threatening us. >> laura: like demonizing people who start businesses and made more than 2 $250,000 a year or saying a candidate causes cache in an ad. >> how about lying about sending your jobs off to china? >> doesn't like women. the negative campaigning was on both sides. it was brutal on obama side just as if not more so. >> -- on the republic side. >> laura: let's go to marry catherine on this. this soul searching time i'm tired of that phrase. the idea that the republicans need to become more like the democrats to win i find that
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to be highly objectionable. you are never going to outbid them and give away free stuff. if the republicans say okay, latinos, we are going to give you amnesty as charles krauthammer said. plus you can bring all your grandparents. in plus they will always do one more thing. instead of an economic empowerment. reaching them on those core social issues that they have a lot in common with with conservatives. but the bidding war, we are going to lose that. i'm conservative. i don't want republicans to be like. we do think that you can be conservative, you can sell that message but you are correct. both you and juan are correct that you need a really good messenger to bring that message and we do have to deal with. i think there were two problems going on with mitt romney's campaign. it does look like the orca get out the boat looked like a beach whale according to some
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reports. the other -- a lot of white voters who could have been there for him were not. and then the other thing is, yes, in these places like virginia, florida, colorado, hispanic voters turn out among minority voters and younger voters and women build up a fire wall that he would not have otherwise have had. we have to deal with that the fact is that we need to put folks speak to that community who might be hispanic but are really really great messengers. for instance, marco rubio one of them who sells conservatism really well. in addition i think the republic party has been bad about going straight to those communities. >> laura: go to the people. >> this is where we agree. it's hard to scale. it might not get you a bunch of voters. >> takes a while. cost you a lot of money and time you have got to get in there and try. >> laura: i was thinking of barack obama themself. in 2010. when the democrats were handed this big defeat, right? tea party really was resurgent and so forth. barack obama didn't say okay, i'm going to become ---i'm going to move to the middle and abandon my liberal principles and try to appeal
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to all these single people and all these married people by being a little bit more conservative. instead barack obama said you know something? we are going to sell our message. we will pang it and connect to people on a human way and in a strategic way. i think he did a brilliant job at doing that he didn't moderate his views. >> i was going to say i think he did moderate his views. >> laura: on what issue? >> on lots of issues. >> laura: give me one. >> you said earlier you think when it comes to conservative values you should not abandon him. i'm notten couraging republicans to aban dom him. i think conservative values, conservative principles to a conservative latino population that goes to church, loves family, loves entrepreneurship is a winning message. republicans have to do the outreach, laura. >> laura: you are preaching to the choir on that. should have gone into those nashts and connected with those faith based communities. marco rubio had that plan for that. >> do not forget the education
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issues. school choice is where we can win with folks like that. >> way to go, mary katharine are. sell it? >> romney didn't want to get into the nitty gritty of those issues they played it defensive and they thought the bad economy was going to win it for them. >> self-deportation hostility. >> that was during the campaign primary season. barack obama himself has said all sorts of things to alienate people. he managed to triangulate away from those points. >> you don't want to talk about republicans -- >> laura: absolutely. the language does matter. i think juan is right about that mary katharine, juan, thanks. directly ahead, we're going to take a look at what's behind the two day 400 point stock market plunge. why did women help put barack obama back into the white house? our culture
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>> laura: spending cuts and tax increases will hit the united states on january 1 unless president obama and congress agree to alternative way to reduce the budget deficit. going over the so-called cliff could send the country back into a deep recession according to the experts. so, can we strike any type of grand bargain before its too late? with me now to discuss, former director of the congressional budget office ekin the president of the american action forum. doug, i have been dying to talk to you on this. man, this thing is cutting it close, right? we are up against the clock here. the prediction by the guys at earnsten young go off the fiscal cliff 700,000 jobless. >> big hit growing 1 or 2% hit. this is a 4% hit. this is a rest before recession. we don't have as much time as that because we have to get the tax law figured out so
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they can print the forms it's start telling effect markets. i think we are in trouble even as we speak. >> laura: fiscal cliff means drastic cuts, military spending, all sorts of cuts. in addition, number of significant tax increases tell us about them. >> number one alternative minimum class. 30 million americans will pay high income tax. >> i hate that tax. what a pernicious tax that never should have been allowed. >> a lot more people would pay it sun set of the so-called bush tax cuts that's everybody getting hit with much higher taxes. things in the new affordable care act we are going to tax high income americans. >> laura: that's coming regardless. >> obama care taxes. kids, like your free healthcare tax increases are going to lead to further job cuts, already seeing it. >> tax the rich people. goal to tax rich people it's done. no one sees a wait to get out of those. >> laura: when the rich get poorer do the poorer get richer? >> no. the last is the so-called payroll tax holiday. that probably should go away.
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didn't work very well. when people say preserve that that's politics. >> laura: let's talk about the stock market. we had have had a significant dip 500 points in the last two days. first big hit was yesterday. biggest drop in some time. and today not so big but over 100 points. not just europe. concern about what's happening here should be a concern. rest before recession. if you try to clam into this lame duck into a couple weeks at the end of the year a grand bargain of some sort, it won't work. b.s. thing that could happen president could agree in 2010. wrong time to raise taxes, growing slower now than we did then. and we find another way to do these cuts to the budget and we get to the beginning of next year without a recession. that's the right thing. >> laura: i know you can't predict this. conjecture. if romney had won, how do you think the markets would have reacted. >> markets are real simple. they say what's the future
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cash coming in and what are the interest rates we are competing with? a lot more cash, better market conditions. >> my friends in business, they were like on the brink put more money, in capital investment, hiring, not doing it. they are not doing it? >> it's not happening. this cliff thing is making it worse. >> laura: good to see you as always. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. why did president obama win the women's vote. the culture warriors on tap for that house intelligence committee set to question cia director david petraeus and others on the libya terror attack while dozens of members of congress press for answers. we're going to talk to the congressman leading that charge. stay tuned for all of those reports. [ cheeping ] [ male announcer ] you hear that?
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and built to save people money from the beginning. it's what they've always done. not just something they cheap about. that's insurance for the modern world. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call. >> in the factor follow up segment tonight, unanswered questions continued to surround the benghazi terror attack. four americans, including ambassador christopher stevens were killed in that september 11th blood bath. next week the house intelligence committee will hold a closed door hearing on the matter. they are expected to grill james clapper, the director of national intelligence and cia chief david petraeus over the confusing explanation of the attack and why security warnings were ignored. in the meantime, 53 congressman cosigned a letter to the president demanding answers. among them? pennsylvania republic mike kelly from the third congressional district. he joins me now from pittsburgh. and before we start, i just
1:32 am
want to ask what you make of this exchange, congressman, between state department spokeswoman victoria nuland and yesterday. >> now that the elections is over and president has been safely elected are you going to answer our questions about benghazi or is that too much to hope. >> i think you know where we're. we have arb running. >> so the answer is no. >> what specifically did you have in mind, matt? >> any of the questions that you have been asked over the past several weeks that you have refused to answer. >> we have tied that to the fact that we have an arb running. it was never tied to the election. >> oh i think some people thought that it was. >> that was not what we said from this podium ever. >> laura: congressman, so they are going to answer questions but they are not going to answer questions because it's always an ongoing investigation. and meanwhile, we get dribs and drabs from media sources who have interviewed the president and we find all this out quite late in the game. certainly after the election. what do you make of that
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exchange between the state department and the press? >> >> consistent. dodge, delay, distort. they deny any responsibility. this is pretty consistent with an administration in the beginning said be the most clear and transparent in history and they have been anything but. the message we see today as talks to the group al shabaab. their awe is gone. they don't dare carry out another campaign like the ones they had in iraq and afghanistan. their embassies are burned. their ambassador are dead. they don't have the resolve to do what needs to be done. when that message is out there, my goodness, laura, what could be more blatant, more embolden than these folks right now. and why not? i mean, we sent inconsistent messages. africa has been on fire for quite some time. we keep hearing no, no, no, we got it under control. no they don't. i look at those four americans if we were going to honor
1:34 am
ambassador stevens and mr. woods and mr. smith and mr. door at this, wouldn't we give the answer? is there no honor anymore in this administration? lure lawyer why is this so difficult to lay out for the american people. they have the time line and email traffic. they are not looking for the ark of the covenant here. they have the hard data. so, why the delay? i mean, we know because there within was an election this week. do you really think you are going to get any answers or is this going to be never ending quest for answers that never come. >> our responsibility in congress and chairman issa always starts our meetings with the same mission statement, look. the american people have the right to know. and we have the responsibility to find out for them. listen, for us to let one of the most shameful incidents in our country's history go by unanswered and to let these folks who have died, these patriots, young patriots that have given their life for this country and to somehow let the
1:35 am
importance of an election stand in the way of the truth and honesty, this is so unamerican. this is something that i will tell you, our pledge from our committee, and my pledge to the american people is we will get to the bottom of this. i am not going to let up on it. our committee is not going to let up on it. this is an an administration that has to come forward with the truth. i would love to seat testifies again somewhere in a situation where she would actually answer questions, laura. >> laura: before her election, maybe. congressman, we appreciate it, thank you so much. and when we come right back. the culture warriors on attracting the female vote. why some of the ladies supported barack obama. that report up ahead.
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thanks for saying with us. i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. in the culture warriors segment tonight, the women's vote help put president obama back in the white house for a second term. overall, the president carried 55% of the female vote compared to romney's 44%. among single women, a whopping 67% voted for the president. 31 cast their ballot for mitt romney. but the governor did better among married women. winning 53% of that vote, compared to the president's 46%. so what does all of this mean? joining me now from new york
1:40 am
to analyze all of, this the culture warriors gretchen carlson and jeanine pirro. okay, gals. let's start with you, gretchen. what do you make of this? it's like the married women gap, versus the single women gap. with these election results. >> i have a couple thoughts. i think married women think about the future of their children. more so when they go to the polls, potentially, and if you are in the traditional marriage, maybe you want the same things that you grew up with. you want those same cultural ideals for your kids. you're thinking about the economy in that way as well. you are thinking about the future of your kids and the debt. i also think that married women think less about abortion, and so even if you are pro-choice i would tend to vote more on the economy because when you are married you are just -- abortion is not really contraception for that matter is not a huge part of your life. >> laura: married tend to be more settled, you are thinking about the kids and how the country is going to be when
1:41 am
they grow up. how they sexualize culture and all of that maybe it makes you think more traditionally. janine, what's your take on this obviously romney did abysmally among single women barack obama won. >> what we have got a very celebrity-driven culture. i think in this election more than any that i can remember we have the celebrities come out and a lot of young people, single women, got to the point where they wanted to connect with them and their issue was all about abortion. you had mitt romney coming out and saying look, i'm against planned parenthood. put it out of business. then you had todd akin and mourdock. i know you don't think they are responsible for a presidential loss. but they teed it up to the point, laura where the message of barack obama, which was so artfully done was they hate women, they don't want you to get healthcare, which, to many women was really about
1:42 am
abortion, reproductive freedom and they said, you know what? what we want is the ability to economically survive, to gretchen's point but that means abortion and health cair as well. >> that's really depressing to me, laura. that's really short-sighted for women if they only looked at that one little message about the war on woman. if they didn't look more into the details. and one other thing about the economy. i think married women to it a certain extent they are less maybe less likely undoubtedly when a couple is together. they probably have more finances. >> you are right. to a lot of women they are married to the government they used her as a brilliant
1:43 am
battering ram against the republicans. that was done largely in a vacuum where mitt romney did not engage on these core cultural issues that really can bring together not just married women but latinos and faithful african-americans who really, they don't live and die for abortion right. in fact, many of these have deeply held cultural and ethnic views that are deeply opposed to some of these social issues that have evolved on the left. i think mitt romney leaving those issues on the table, largely. that really left a space for the democrats to come in and say, see, you ever just like richard mourdock or just like this other guy todd akin you don't care about us. romney coiled from that. he is not comfortable. >> the other think interesting thing about it is that even though majority of americans now are pro-life as opposed to pro-choice, that didn't -- that wasn't reflected in these exit polls at all. and i think that the republics are really going to have to look very seriously at
1:44 am
abortion moving forward and how this effects the female vote. especially single women. >> laura: certainly knowing how to speak about it in a way that's compassionate. not vilifying. harry reid says is he tired of fighting with republicans. he wants to work together with them. but we should believe him? then the presidential election highlighting the importance of the la teen know vote. so can republicans bring this group under the party tent? the old g.o.p., we will debate it in just a few moments.
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>> laura: in the unresolved problem segment tonight, now that the election is behind us, is there any hope of ending the gridlock in washington? senate majority leader harry reid, he claims he is ready to reach across the aisle and
1:48 am
work together with republicans. >> it's better to dance than to fight. it's better to work together. everything doesn't have to be a fight. everything doesn't have to be a fight. that's the way it's been the last couple of years. >> laura: sounds very thighs. is that really realistic. here is senator reid just days before the election. >> the senate, in my opinion, steve, has been buried in a procedural morass. >> senator reid, you are the majority leader in the senate. you set the agenda for the senate. you bear a responsibility just as much a responsibility as senator mcconnell to make the system work and to do some things. >> i believe that if you look at what linden johnson had to do when he was the leader as i am, was a different world. why? do you know how many filibusters he had to try to override? one. me? 248.
1:49 am
>> laura: sounds like the senator is playing the blame game to me. despite all this happy talk he is still bracing for a fight unless he gets his way. >> i'm going to do everything within my power to be as conciliatory as possible. i want to work together. but i want everyone to also understand you can't push us around. democratic strategist marianne marsh and here in d.c. fox news analyst and democrat kirsten powers. i love democrat right in the intro. >> yeah. >> laura: what about this? it sounds nice. let's get along. kum ba yah, hug, huddle together. harry reid had a lot of power in the last couple of years and he decided that they weren't going to pass any budgets and talk about budgets. he wasn't going to do anything. >> both exercise their filibuster rights. >> i think there is gridlock.
1:50 am
and it me mains to be seen we have had almost nothing change despite this long election. i think both sides are trying to sound more conciliatory because they know that's what americans want. they are both going to have to give i try to be hopeful. it's very hard in this town. >> some of us don't mind some gridlock on those issues. i'm not worried about the gridlock because i think a lot of mischief gets created. not talking about the fiscal cliff, of course. harry reid comes out there, let's get along, guys. then he started talking about a mandate. i wanted you to listen to this sound bite. let's listen. >> the mandate was, look at all the exit polls. look at all the polling. the vast majority of the american people, rich, poor, everybody agrees that the rich, richest of the rich have to help a little bit. >> laura: was that the mandate that we need to raise taxes? mandate to steer us out of this spending and big government morass here.
1:51 am
>> well, president obama campaigned on it. he was not shy about that at all and he beat mitt romney. everyone who ran for the senate on the democratic side campaigned on it and they picked up five seats. so, there is a mandate there. i think what everyone has to agree upon if you don't agree on the 250. let's compromise. we have to raise taxes on those who can afford it we have to do cuts. we have to do reform. we have to do investments we have to do it all. the last thing everybody needs in this country is a high stakes game of chicken during a lame duck session of congress. that's a disaster. >> laura: the problem with all of that is the reality of what happens when you raise taxes on small businesses and harry reid didn't want to grapple that. when they have a higher tax burden they recoil. they don't hire. at that point call investments dry up. this a time where robert samuelson wrote in the "the washington post" middle of the road guy economist. we need jobs. if we don't have economic growth all the things that mary ann ticked off we can
1:52 am
talk about them all we want we are not going to have them because we are out of money. >> i don't think he has a mandate. david axelrod said that today. any talk of a mandated is off base. >> laura: that's interesting. >> i think that they -- i think that if you look at most polls, exit polls would differ on this. most people would say raise taxes on the rich. >> laura: they always say that though. >> that's not going to solve the problem. i think we should let the bush tax cuts expire. that's not going to solve the problem. a much bigger problem. i don't think they should raise taxes on small businesses. and i guess we probably differ. i don't think that's the president's plan. i think that his. >> laura: well for $250,000 includes enormous number of small businesses. >> people who own small businesses is a tiny percentage of small businesses that would be affected that their taxes would be -- >> laura: biggest job creators in the united states. that's a problem. it's a complicated analysis, right? because the president's to do, this wants to get at the revenues. if we don't have the jobs at the end then it all goes to pot. it's great to see you both. mary ann and kirsten powers.
1:53 am
ladies, thanks so much. a quick reminder. bill currently has two books on the "new york times" best seller list. killing kennedy is number one. killing lincoln is number 3. how can that happen great accomplishment. make great christmas gifts. want a signed copy go to bill o' if you become a bill o' member you can get your choice of books free. on deck, county g.o.p. tap into ever important latino vote. we will be back in 60.
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>> in the back of the book segment tonight, the importance of the latino vote. this key demographic, which made up 10% of the electorate this year, overwhelmingly supported president obama by 71%, just 27% voted for governor romney. well, conservatives have taken notice in their post-election analysis of immigration policy. >> i think republicans can change their position, be a lot
1:55 am
more open to actual amnesty with enforcement, amnesty -- everything short of citizenship. and to make a bold change in their policy. >> joining me to analyze, jose antonio vargas, a journalist and immigrant, living in america. and henry bonilla, a former republican congressman. gentlemen, great to see you both. jose, let's start with you on this because, look -- republicans see this landscape and it's ugly for them right now. this was an appalling number of la toneos, supporting republican -- supporting mitt romney, out there. the argument is, if republicans just embrace amnesty, then latinos will vote for republicans. do you buy that argument? >> well, i mean, i should point out two things. it is not just latinos who voted overwhelmingly for the president, it's also
1:56 am
asian-american voters, who were, what? 72% of the vote went to the president. that's an even larger margin. both of these block, latino and asian-americans care about immigration reform, not amnesty, which is what people on fox news-- the word you throw around in here. we want -- >> okay. so for the sake of argument, call it what you want -- immigration reform. again, if mitt romney -- i want your honest opinion, if mitt romney had come out and said, i am for immigration reform, i will pursue that in my first term, do you think mitt romney would have won 50% of the latino vote? >> he certainly would have won a lot bigger than he did. >> really?! >> yes. i mean, look, what was really missing, i am saying this as someone who followed governor rom no around in the past year. you know at empathy gap, using terms lying illegal aliens to
1:57 am
refer to people. using words like self depriication, which is divorced from reality. that was a big no-no, not just in the latino community, but in the asian community. >> let's go to you, henry. you heard the analysis there. if only if mitt romney argued for immigration reform, he would have won the majority of latinos. i think what happens at that point, barack obama says, you know, you are for immigration reform, but we are going to be for affirmative action for these poorta latinos and others and offer them a pathway to citizensship for their relatives and we are
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