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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  November 11, 2012 3:00am-7:00am PST

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>> governor, >> good morning, everyone, i'm alisyn camerota. two months since the attack in benghazi that left four americans dead and it might be harder to get answers. two key players appear to be dropping out or at least postponing. general david petraeus and secretary of state hillary clinton, skipping out because of scheduling conflicts. will we get any answers. >> two weeks since superstorm sandy and home owners are going after the power company themselves. how might that turn out? >> and the so-called fat tax, not holding much weight. the law that was supposed to
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save people has an unexpected side effect, it kills business. "fox & friends" on 11-11-12 starts right now. ♪ >> good morning, everyone, it's veterans day and we honor everyone for their service today. all of our hard working men and women in the military. so we will be talking about them. >> yes. >> and it used to be called what? >> armiist day. >> one man wished we weren't talking about his shady past. as of right now.
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david petraeus after resigning on friday is not set to testify at senate or house hearings on benghazi this week. he may be compelled to. he has not been asked to by other, the house or the senate committees. one would hope he would be compelled to testify. >> alisyn: correct me if i'm wrong, but i think he was going to testify. >> dave: set to. >> alisyn: on thursday and instead he extended the acting director of the cia michael morelle in his stead. let's rewind the tape for a moment. we know he was involved in an extramarital affair, the way it came to light, we have some information, the fbi was investigating threatening harassing e-mails, sent to an unknown woman, paula broadwell, he was involved. >> to keep it straight, she
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sent e-mails she thought may be getting too close to her man who is not her man to begin with because he's married, she's married. the fbi goes-- the woman with threatening e-mails, i'm getting threatening e-mails, the fbi checks it out and leads to general petraeus. >> alisyn: reportedly. >> dave: you don't want to read too far into this, but it looks like there's another woman, but no one has reported that as of yet and there are two stories emerging on when exactly the president was informed of all of this. now, the latest, most popular report that is, is that the president was told after the election on thursday, that the white house learned on wednesday, the president was told on thursday. >> how long was the-- >> the other report, the fbi knew about this months before. there's another report from ronald kessler of news max, that says the white house intentionally sat on this until after the election, knew
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about it when the fbi was investigating. peter king, new york post, says it doesn't make sense, if the fbi is investigating the head of the cia, the president should know about it. >> the fbi should tell as many people as possible. >> dave: the a least the white house. >> the committee at least. >> alisyn: there are a lot of questions and how it connects to the terror attack in benghazi. congress had been trying to get answers about that as you know, and congress before coming out to talk about did they think petraeus pick up will still allow them to get answers. let's listen to them. >> we want to hear from him regardless whether or not he's the director of the cia or not. he will be asked to come testify in short at some point because he was the director on watch at that point. and you know, it doesn't matter that he's currently the director or not. >> right. >> we're going to ask him to come in and tell what he saw, what he knew. as she said, we've got
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questions, they have to be answered. general petraeus was there when it was going on. >> we have a good working relationship with the department of state, but when jay carney, the white house spokesman says that this white house has been cooperating with congress all along on benghazi, that is an out and out lie and what we've soon from this administration and the state department is coverup and deception, and that's why we would like not just a private hearing that we're going to have on friday, we want an open hearing because the american public deserves it and set clinton, i am optimistic, will come up and will meet our request and she will be appearing before us. >> by the end of november, but she's not going to be here this week. >> dave: she is not, a scheduling conflict and cannot testify this week in front of the house, she's out of the the country and she obviously has to be part of any testimony just as much as david petraeus does not because of the labeling after the fact, i think to get the timeline straight leading up
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to it and the security requests that ambassador stevens made asking for more help there. >> alisyn: sure, we know she will send somebody else from the state department as well, but of course that won't satisfy the congress people until they hear from the top dog. we'll talk more about this all show. let's get to the headlines. the frustrations are boiling over for hundreds of people on long island in new york, who have gone now two weeks without power, following super storm sandy and she separate rallies, outside of long island power authorities and offices and many calling for those in charge to resign for leaving them in desperate straits. >> most people are displaced, they have no homes, because of the gas crisis, living in other areas, we need answers, and liaison between the agencies to give us-- we're hearing many different stories, i don't know that anything is true, you know, it's devastating, it's very
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upsetting. >> alisyn: by the way congressman peter king is going to be on our show later to talk about this and the outrage, at last check more than 120,000 people were still without power. overnight the air strike, and rages on for a second day. palestinian militants bombarded israel with more than 20 rockets at borders yesterday. renewed violence started saturday, militant first fired a missile at israeli patrols and responded with shelling and israeli prime minister says he's prepared to strike even harder if they do not stop attacking israel. and new overnight a massive explosion at a-- in an indianapolis neighborhood. at least one person killed, two others hurt and the blast sent debris flying into homes, waking people out of their sleep.
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>> it looked like a war zone. i mean, one of my neighborhoods said there was someone in the house, and they were in the basement. they were able to get him out. but they got us out and evacuated the whole neighborhood, so it's pretty bad. >> about 200 people were taken to a nearby elementary school. 200 homes destroyed. others damaged. no word what caused that explosion. and frightening moments for 130 people on board a southwest airlines plane as it slid off the runway at denver international airport at oakland last night. bad weather may have been a factor since it was lightly snowing at the time. fortunately, no one was hurt. the passengers were taken to the terminal and put on the next flight. >> disconcerting for sure, welcome to denver. >> dave: all right, meanwhile, let's talk about nanny bloomberg hereof new york city. you may have heard that nickname before because of so many restrictions and the taxes from salt to sugary beverages, keeping the
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beverages below 16 ounces. well, maybe that's not necessarily the right way forward, at least if you look at what's happening around the world. someone else, it seems, thought the fat tax was a decent idea. apparently though, did not work out. >> this is in denmark, right. >> alisyn: correct. >> it's interesting, a country, well, the word danish is involved, which is kind of fat in itself. they have the same idea, sugary drinks, fatty foods, saturated fat. we all know it's bad for us. they wanted to put a tax on it. didn't work out. they found out it was bad to business and some people were going to neighboring countries to get the food and sugary drinks so they wouldn't have to pay the tax in denmark, so they're going to kill it. >> alisyn: it did exist a little more than a year and did not accomplish its goal of helping people lose weight n denmark, 47% of danes are overweight and 13% are obese and people were trying other tricky things to get their
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hands on the food they wanted. i would say this this fat tax went too far in denmark, more so than denmark. >> because chocolate was involved? >> chocolate was involved, which is good for you, people. dark chocolate, but also, they taxed butter, milk, meat, cheese, i don't think that those are the sinful foods. >> no. >> those are staples. >> they were taxing food. >> they were taxing, this wasn't just fast food. it wasn't just 15 ounce sugary drinks, they went overboard and taxed all of these things, so, people were travelling across the border, you know, like fugitives to get their hands on the goods that they wanted and didn't work. and they might have increased revenue, if that was the goal to increase revenue, maybe that work, it didn't work on-- >> think of the things that they would have started taxing after that. the foods, and now let's tax everything. but, there are two elements to the taxes, one is the personal responsibility element, but two, is it bad for business?
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they did find it was bad for business for industry there and end up costing jobs and that was arguably my biggest objection in new york when you have to make different rules for one city, if you're, say, coca-cola, that's going to cost you a lot of money, potentially cost you jobs. >> absolutely. >> anything that's going to hurt jobs in this economy. >> and we tried to do the same thing in philadelphia, a sugary tax, no, no, it was knocked down by city council, almost instantly. you've been to philly, no. >> alisyn: don't mess with-- >> we're going to tax your cheese steak, no, you're not. i get the idea what they're trying to do. they're trying to make us more healthy. it's personal responsibility. leave it up to me to eat the big mac. >> dave: denmark showed us the way. >> alisyn: you'll always make the wrong decision. you can find us all on twitter and let us know if you think that the fat tax has any merit, including increasing revenue. >> dave: all right. coming up next, they stand in
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the front lines to protect our freedom, this veterans day we'll meet a woman whose husband just returned home from afghanistan, she shares what it means to be a spouse of a guardsman. >> then, if congress can't come to a compromise, millions of americans could pay the costs come next year. so, what does the nearing fiscal cliff mean for your wallet? we'll talk about that. ♪ come together right now ♪ over me ♪ ooh baby, looks like you need a little help there ♪
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>> welcome bark. as our economy goes toward the looming fiscal cliff. there's impending facts that could take place if no compromise takes place.
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450 million alone. >> dave: what does it mean for your wallet. from real clear politics, real clear markets, good to see you, john. >> good morning. >> dave: compromise, not a word we hear often in washington. if there is compromise to avoid this fiscal cliff, where does it come? john boehner indicated, revenue is possible, but we're not raising tax rates. where is there compromise? >> i think where there's going to be a compromise on taxes, this be would be a good thing on the economy, might exchange lower tax rates in return for a reduction in all the loopholes that as it is distort economic activity. so if boehner were able to achieve that kind of compromise, that's one that the republicans could be pleased with. the bush tax cuts are gone, they're expiring, and the president said that 250,000 below, he wants that extended, but for those making more than
3:17 am
250, will the bush tax cuts come to an end? >> i don't think so. i think actually the they won't come to an end because the democrats don't want major reduction in spending, if you hit the cliff, the spending would go down and politicians love to spend money. an extension of the bush tax cuts, less we're blessed by the relatively few, jeff baso, the late steve jobs, you want to remove the barriers to their production, not raise them. >> mike: john, we're not going over this cliff, are we. >> there's no way we're going over the cliff. we know the incentives that drive politicians. for one, they don't want to raise taxes amid the limping economy and don't want to be on record making that vote two years ago, and democrats and republicans exist to spend money and the last thing they want is a legal force by law,
3:18 am
we're taking it out of your hands and reduce spending across the board. that's not going to happen. >> who has the advantage, john boehner or barack obama? >> i think in a sense boehner's got the advantage. look what happened in the election. president obama got a lot less votes this time than he did in 2008. so, he hardly got a mandate from the voters, and boehner's advantage is that if he caves on this, republicans will be the minority party once again in 2014 and that's not going to happen. and he's got a pretty strong hand. if you don't deal with me, we're going to bring down spending substantially. >> mike: he's going to dig in. >> he has to as voters ascared. >> dave: and john says they'll not happen. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> mike: ahead, a hotly contested race, hotter between allen west and his democratic challenger.
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why an emergency meeting has been called this morning. >> dave: and some of our countries wounded warriors taking a giant leap this veterans day. we'll tell you why. ♪ >> america is honoring our troops were every brush stroke, we're going to talk to this artist. come out and meet him. ♪ i was born free in america tay we're running out of a vital resource we need
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>> welcome back. a rare earthquake shook kentucky and was felt in at least eight other states. the 4.3 magnitude quake was
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centered near kentucky's border with virginia. no one was hurt. and some of our wounded warriors, honored with the gift of flight. the heroes event in texas saw 20 injured vets and skydiving as a way to relax and forget about the hardships of war, ali. >> national guard 101 accepted the spouses of national guardsmen navigate military life. and her husband, major john rosco and his unit returned home from a ten month deployment in afghanistan just in time to celebrate vet ands day with their families. look how happy they are there. what it feels like to have him back home and so much more, good morning, mary. >> good morning, alisyn. >> great to see you. your husband, major john rosco, deployed to afghanistan the day after christmas last year. what's it like now that he's home? >> it is great to have him home. it was a long road, it was
3:24 am
equal parts exhausting and rewarding. and we're just enjoying every minute of his leave. >> that's so nice that you're reunited for veterans day. if your book, you described the first time you ever attended a national guard family event. and you say, quote, i felt like i'd been abducted by aliens. why? >> i didn't know anything about military life. i had no exposure to the military and when i met my husband, he had been a guardsman for 12 years, and he knew everything there was to know about it, but the first time i went to a national guard armory, i didn't know anything about what to call people, i didn't know anything about what they did. and that's why i wrote the book, to help other spouses understand the military. >> alisyn: so what most surprised you and what would most surprise us about that experience? >> i think the most surprising thing is that after 9/11, the national guard just plays such
3:25 am
a prominent role overseas and at home and it's no longer something that's just one week in the month, two weeks in the summer. it's a much bigger commitment, whether they're overseas fighting a war or on hurricane duty for a month. it's a big commitment, but it's also a big honor. >> alisyn: that's a great point. you know, the national guard's role has really morphed into so much more, your husband was sent six weeks for hurricane katrina and it's reminiscent in light of what's happened with sandy. >> absolutely, it's interesting. in 1992 with hurricane andrew, 70% of the support forces were active duty forces and 30% were guard. with hurricane katrina. that flipped. currently with andrew there are 6600 guardsmen deployed to help out with that effort and i think the role of the citizen soldier has just
3:26 am
become even more prominent. >> alisyn: well, you're so right and thank you for helping us appreciate the national guardsmen this morning. the book is national guard 101, a handbook for spouses. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> alisyn: all right. it's the fallout over the newly passed law in washington sedate that legalizes marijuana. hundreds of people now getting free passes. we'll explain. plus, in honor our troops for veterans day, we've got patriotic painting on the plaza. i'll talk to him about his inspiration next. ♪ [ female announcer ] e-trade was founded on the simple belief that bringing you better technology helps make you a better investor. with our revolutionary e-trade 360 dashboard you see exactly where your money is and what it's doing live. our e-trade pro platform offers powerful functionality that's still so usable you'll actually use it.
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introducing the all-new nissan pathfinder. it's our most innovative pathfinder ever. nissan. innovation that excites. ♪ . . >> mike: this is veterans day and you're looking at the tomb of the unknowns where president obama will lay a wreath there and we'll cover that on fox news channel and welcome steve finley, up and down our hallways, at "fox & friends," our walls are graced by your paintings and people can see them every day. >> thank you, a good place to be. >> mike: are you still living in georgia, i'm still stuck in georgia. >> mike: i love georgia. and your paintings, ask on
3:31 am
veterans day show jimmy hendrix? he served in the army. >> even though he was steeped in the counter culture of the day, he had the american spirit ingrained in him and he couldn't get it out. and the star spangled banner and that's why i put the guitar in front of him. >> mike: right here at 48th and 6th midtown manhattan, go over and watch him. what are you going to paint for us the next two, three hours. >> i've just started iwo jima and i'm doing a painting. and hopefully, it will turn out right, if not, it will be the most embarrassing moment in television art. >> mike: it always turns out right with you, steve. how did you get involved in painting prakt images? >> well, my favorite-- subject in college was history. and when a friend wanted me to paint something for his restaurant. i didn't know-- i picked it out of the blue and resonated. >> mike: it clicked.
3:32 am
>> and it sold. >> mike: you were telling about your brother, saying i'd rather live in europe, america is not that great. what do you say to him. >> i said we live in the greatest country in the history of civilization and to not recognize that is stunning to me. we live in paradise and people don't recognize it they haven't seen the other side. >> mike: for sure. what's your medium today. what you are you going to do. >> acrylic on canvass and started with a drawing and fill it in like a coloring book. >> mike: by ten o'clock this morning we'll see this beautiful beautiful painting. >> yes. >> mike: all right, let's go back inside. ♪ >> and their families and our next guest knows exactly what it's like to have family in the military the. she had a son, three nephews, and nieces, and helping them stay connected overseas.
3:33 am
this is her idea, came up with a bracelet in honor of their service and it's grown and now have a scarf as well. and talking with cynthia, and good morning. >> thank you, dave. >> thank your family for your sacrifice, you had a family reunion, you were inhired to help the veterans ywere you inspired? >> hearing the stories by loved ones around the camp fire, lost friends and close calls, stories like, you know, i stepped on an ied and lifted my foot and i could see my imprint, and not all of them go off. it was heart breaking and compelling stories, i wanted to do something, and doing a unique bracelet. the battle saint bracelet. >> dave: each piece refers to a certain person or branch of the military. >> each person on this has specific relevance, there's a saint that protects those that
3:34 am
works with explosives, there's another individual that protects paratroopers, there's everything on here for all branches of the military to protect those that are serving. >> dave: and you can buy these and money goes to the intrepid fallen heroes funds, as do the money for the scarves that you're wearing right now. these scarves, very important to our troops. they wear them over in afghanistan, talk about the significance of what you're wearing. >> they he love the scarves in afghanistan and buy them on streets, it keeps them warm, they can use them as a pillow at night. they protect them from sandstorms and gives them the sense of protection and comfort when they're away. >> dave: i want to hear from you and your personal experience and what your son, for example, tells you about the condition, the things that the troops have to endure, most people don't know about the things they're going through every day, how hard it is over there. >> the conditions are harsh, not only the physical conditions, but the continual bam boardment, there's no he is came. i heard someone say there's no
3:35 am
pause buttons. continual bombings and shellings and conditions are hard and supplies may not make it through. it's a tough, tough life that they have when they're there and the sacrifices they make, they lose loved ones, they lose buddies, they lose friends and it's such a sacrifice they make for our freedom, it's a way to honor them and thank them for what they're doing. >> mike: and it must be difficult having sons and nephews serving overseas. thank you for being here. the website is battle and the money goes to the intrepid fallen heroes fund. you can buy the bracelet and the scarf at that website. thank you, dave, appreciate it. >> alisyn: thanks, dave. a colorado police officer is in critical condition after he was attacked by a man with a ninja sword. the suspect was wandering around the campus near denver. and the officer tried to get
3:36 am
the suspect to put the sword down and he lunged at the officer and nearly sliced off his fingers. it was before the campus was flooded with people running a 5 k race. officials in st. lucie county will recount about 70,000 early votes in the race between democrat patrick murphy and incumbent allen west. and murphy declared victory and west however, refused to concede, despite 2400 votes. and his campaign is asking for a recall saying the numbers don't add up. in washington state, police are throwing out some drug charges. police in king and pierce county are throwing out misdemeanor marijuana case and police say they will not arrest anyone over 21 carrying an ounce or less of pot t does
3:37 am
not go into effect until december 6th. there is a' no point in charging with someone that's legal in a month. and people on long island have been without purely nearly two weeks since super storm sandy. >> dave: devastating. ainsley earhart joins us from ocean side with more how the people are recovering, who are how are they doing, ainsley? >> imagine coming home and this is what you find, it used to be someone's house, a dumpster full of boards, they're cleaning up and devastating out here. not too from from the city. but look at the next-door neighbor, their whole living room, all of the furniture is out in the front yard, nice radio speakers, dining room chairs, mattresses, on the other side leather sofa, it's just unbelievable. down the street, you've got boats in the front yard of someone's house, and folks here, this is one of the
3:38 am
hardest hit areas, two blocks away from the water, folks living without electricity and lipa is the power company on long island, it's 86% of their customer lost power and right now 126,000 people still on long island, lipa customers without power and it's almost been two weeks and governor cuomo says that lipa failed customers. threatening to replace the manage: ned a protest in some of the towns and the headquarters where lipa is located. so, look at some of the video of the rally and listen to one of the residents we talked to there. >> it's inkconceivable that we don't have power. but it's really inconceivable, that we don't have answers. >> and we have improved and updated since last year and at the end of the day, this was just a monumental task. >> that was the coo of lipa,
3:39 am
his name is michael harvey, and talking about him on the show yesterday at a press conference on saturday. he conceded there is room for improvement. lipa is bringing in 1200 more of the tree trimmers and the line workers, they're bolstering the work force, making it 12,000 employees out here working for lipa. now, just a moment ago, this nice gentleman walked out of his house and down the street. i said sir, come over and talk to us, and tell me what you're going through. that's your name. >> robert list, lived in ocean side 45, 44 years of my life and never seen such devastation, and we've been living two weeks essentially like refugee, moving from one house to another house, and there's been no power. unfortunately, lipa has essentially been giving us misinformation, they don't tell us when to turn the power on, need to get inspections, when to get inspections, how to get inspections and don't tell what you to do with the inspection certificate, leave it on the door, mail in, fax it in.
3:40 am
i've tried every possible way to turn the electricity on at the house i'm staying it, the first one as destroyedment. >> you're staying at your mom's house. >> i'm staying there, because my house on 4th, four feet of water in it and lost two cars and not much we can do and we need power so we can start the reconstruction process and until they turn the power on, they tell us bohnham island is working and not working and people here don't know t, and that's the most frustrating. >> hopefully they'll change. >> i know, two weeks and counting. >> t-minus 14 days. >> we'll be back here this morning and another lady is going to let us go in her house in an hour and see how she and her children are living and surviving and staying warm. >> oh, that's tough and hard
3:41 am
to have young children and try to keep them warm at night, but lipa says they're beefing up the work force now. >> and lipa, long island power authority. and we're going to have one of the protesters from the hicksville protest. >> get your boots ready, we'll tell you how to dance your way to support our nation's heroes this veterans day. >> alisyn: that's my kind of protest. thousands trying to rebuild after super storm sandy as you know, many are still without power and have nowhere to live. forced to live in shelters and tent cities, what are the health concerns now that the communities are taking. we'll ask dr. mark segal. remember when you said men are superior drivers? yeah. yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] safe driving bonus check? what is that? so weird, right? my agent, tom, said... [ voice of dennis ] ...only allstate sends you a bonus check for every six months you're accident-free...
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[ male announcer ] don't just reject convention. drown it out. introducing the all-new 2013 lexus ls f sport. an entirely new pursuit. >> as we celebrate veterans day and those who serve our country. fox news wants to help our
3:45 am
troops, were we've launched a new mission called helping heroes work. it's a brand new website that connects veterans to potential employment opportunities. if you're an employer looking to hire a vet or just came back from deployment. all you have to do is log on to helping heroes >> dave: news. >> mike: we'll post a job. helpingheroeswor helpingheroeswor >> dave: it's not that complicated. dot-com com. and all of those who served in the united states armed forces this year the boot campaign which gives 100% of proceeds to charity is doing something extra as you can see.
3:46 am
something special to raise funds for our troops. let's just say that it's got the moves to prove it. here to fill us in is retired army ranger and outlaw platoon, good to see you, shaun. >> dave, how is it going. >> dave: great. now that i've got to see the video there. tell us about the boot campaign and what all of that dancing was all about? >> the boot campaign is really coming up to be the fastest growing nonprofit in the country. you know, what started as a grass roots movements started by five patriotic women last year has grown into a national level military charity. you know, we've got over 35,000 likes on facebook already in just under a year and it's blossomed into this amazing way to support our soldiers. 1.4 million active duty members of our military serving right now and our goal in the campaign is 1.4 million american citizens in boots. and the boot mob was kind of born out of this creative
3:47 am
innovation that the five women bring to the boot campaign, we're' looking for innovative ways to support our troops, and that's what it is. >> we'll play some of the videos we were just rolling and tell us what people can do and how exactly they can get involved. >> well, okay, so, with the boot mom. download the instructional video. submit that to boot and they're going to put a special video together everybody doing this across the country and everyone getting involved to do it or go to boot to find out more information how to support the boot. >> that's do you buy them for you guys or moves to submit a video? because haven't seen me dancing and isn't pretty. >> nobody wants to see me riverdancing in a park with boots on. you can go to boot
3:48 am
and the procedures from those boots goes directly to supporting our troops and what's absolutely staggering about the boot campaign, that 92% of their overall profit goes directly to initiatives that they support, whether it's funding a, you know, home give away for wounded warsor or counseling hours for soldiers, sending fallen warriors and spouses to fallen warsors, and an amazing organization that americans should be getting involved in. >> not only fun, but i think it says we relate to you troops and starting to understand a little bit of-- a little piece of what you do, of what you throw on each and every day. you say 100% of the proceeds support our troops, i want to ask you on this veterans day though, sean, what is your mental to ameri mental-- message to america, and what would you want them to keep in mind. >> a the lot of guys are going
3:49 am
to be coming back from war and it's about healing that rift between american society and the warsors that protect her and the boot campaign does a great job of americans a tangible way to give back and putting a pair of boots on and walking a mile in a soldier's shoes. >> dave: you're a former army ranger and the already of "outlaw platoon", if you come here to the studio, i promise you and i dancing in boots. i can guarantee that. >> listen, i'm telling you, i want everybody there at fox news building to get their pair of boots on and i'll come there personally with a professional photographer and take a shot. >> dave: o'reilly, are you listening this morning? >> great to have you. >> take care. >> dave: thousands homeless and still in the dark following the wrath of super storm sandy, many forced to go to shelters to get out of the cold. what health concerns should
3:50 am
they be aware of? medical a-team dr. mark cycle here. and results are finally in from florida. we'll share them with you. what's the deal with florida coming up. ♪ i second that emotion my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin. [ rv guy ] enbrel may not work for everyone -- and may not clear you completely, but for many, it gets skin clearer fast, within 2 months, and keeps it clearer up to 9 months. [ male announcer ] because enbrel®, etanercept, suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu.
3:51 am
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3:53 am
>> believe it or not. thousands of people are still in shelters this morning, two weeks after super storm sandy. >> and that is spurring fears of a coming health crisis, what are the dangers. >> let's turn to dr. mark segal, news of the medical a-team. good to see you. >> good morning, mike, how are you? let's go through quickly. i see stress on a lat of people's faces and stress can hurt you. >> and that's number one, whether you're in a shelter or
3:54 am
just had problems losing your bus service, your train service and millions had this problem, loss of power, anytime, mike, you're out of your basic routines of life, you end up having higher risks of diseases and stress, and after katrina up to 35% of people in the area ended up with a mental health problem, depression or post traumatic stress, you get anxious and you can't sleep. number one on the list, in terms of the shelters we're talking about or tent cities you have risks of communicable diseases and maybe not everybody had a measles vaccines and who had junt lying diseases and costs that they're spreading things, we worry about that. after 2003, said after a major blackout, increased risk of diarrhea diseases. >> bad water. >> on your hands. and potable waters, anyone in the tent cities has to make sure that clean water is provided for them. >> alisyn: i was surprised to hear that after katrina the spike in heart attack goes up.
3:55 am
you think that heart disease is an issue in the superstorm. >> two reasons for that, 11% after katrina. 11% after katrina was heart disease. why? people don't have medication, lose track of them not getting supplies and number two is stress, we were talking about stress at the beginning, you get stressed you're out of your element. you don't know where you're going to be sleeping, and that increases your risk of heart attack. >> dave: what about the people home, no power means no heat. it's 30, 40 degrees tops, it's warming up tomorrow, but the cold. >> that makes people more prone to catch infections and rundown under more stress and the other issue related to this we haven't talked about a lot is water. we've always talked about power. if you don't have running water, you can't stay where you are, you can make due for a couple of days, if you have running water and your bundle up and figure out another place to cook something, but something else that happened after katrina. people without power started
3:56 am
using their barbecues and people died from carbon monoxide, that's an important thing. >> mike: we had somebody in philadelphia last week die from hypo thermia. he was in his home. >> as you get older, mike, you have less insulation and you're more likely to do that. you have to bundle up or get out of there. we think that the disaster is over weeks don't have to worry anymore. this is the time, according to the centers for disease control you start to see the deaths pile up and people have to go to hospital and my own hospital is not over. >> and helping people with all of that. >> we're going this afternoon to new jersey to some the shelters with fox news team and hand out sweatshirts and try to help people as take a look. >> mike: doctor, good to see you. >> alisyn: coming up, general david petraeus shocking the world with the news of an extramarital affair and using his personal e-mail account,
3:57 am
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4:00 am
>> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, november 11th, i'm alisyn camerota. a hearing is set for the benghazi terror attacks and two key players will not be there. general david petraeus and hillary clinton have other plans, will we ever get to the truth? >> patience is running out, but thousands of people still left in the dark from superstorm sandy on new york's long island. hundreds of people now protesting, looking for answers and the woman who is heading the protests is here live. >> mike: plus, welcome to regulation nation. the obama administration has proposed 68 regulations a day for the past 90 days. we'll tell you what some of them are. "fox & friends," our second hour on this sunday starts right now.
4:01 am
♪ >> it's veterans day, here is a live shot of the tomb of the unknown soldier. a beautiful morning there in washington d.c. as you can see, the sun coming up, what a lovely, lovely shot as we remember and appreciate all of our veterans. >> dave: the president will take his turn there, eleven o'clock a.m. eastern time, lay a wreath there to honor our nation's veterans. mike is here in for clayton morris on vacation. >> mike: stunning himself somewhere. >> dave: he's asleep now, but he will be later. >> alisyn: great to have you here. get right to your headlines, it's been nearly two weeks since superstorm sandy struck and people in long island, new york say they've had enough of the delayed response by the long island power authority to
4:02 am
turn their power and heat back on. hundreds of protesters rallied outside of the agency's headquarters as you can see, they were demanding answers. >> we're here today, every long islander gets their power back. >> rest assured every employee at national grid and light and contractors and utility servicemen that came here to support our customers will not stop until each and every customer is restored. >> alisyn: at last checked more than 120,000 people were still without power. and there were frightening moments on board the southwest airline flight, slid off the runway, denver international from oakland last night and bad weather may have been a factor, it was lightly snowing at the time. no one was hurt and passengers were bused to the terminal and put on connecting flights. and the election was called tuesday night and we finally know who won florida, president obama has been declared the winner of the 29
4:03 am
electoral votes narrowly voting a difference of about 74,000 votes and the win bringing the president's tot total. and honoring veterans and it will return home just in time for veterans day. an installation ceremony in the mojave desert. the cross has been part of a legal controversy for years and covered with plywood after complaints it was enforcing religion on federal land and it was stolen after the veterans tack over the land. it's found and taken to the long time caretakers who have created a replacement for today's ceremony. good timing. those are your headlines. >> dave: one thing you hope to avoid when you're david petraeus and resign before a holiday weekend. hope to escape the nasty details of your extramarital
4:04 am
affair dripping out one by one. that did the not work because now we're learning so much about this affair and how this came to light and how our intelligence community and our fbi found out about it. appears to be some sort of, well, cat fight, if you will. >> mike: yeah, yeah. >> dave: you hate to use a term like that, but let's dumb it down. >> mike: the mistress, paula jo paula broadwell. >> mike: apparently feeling threatened by another woman. so she started sending e-mails, you stay away from my man, who is really not my man because i'm married to another man and you understand what i'm saying? so, then the woman threatened by the e-mails contacts the fbi, this woman's after me, could you check it out fbi checks it out and lo and behold what they find is that general petraeus having an affair. >> alisyn: okay, so those are the sordid details and the background that you need to know. >> dave: and look, i mean, you can't afford this part testify.
4:05 am
>> alisyn: that's true, but that's not the subject of international import, what happened in benghazi and the security requests-- >> talking about the front pages and what people are reporting, you know. >> alisyn: it is, we need to know the background, but the point is that what moving forward is it that he was going to be called to testify about benghazi, so, that congress can get answers why security was turned down and four americans were killed. now, will we ever get the answers? he has said that he's not going to go, testified this week and said that the now acting doctor michael morelle of the cia will go in his stead and hillary clinton asked to testify said that there are scheduling conflicts. >> mike: she's in australia, but she will be called by the end of november. if you get a have to go, right. >> alisyn: sure, she's just been asked. >> mike: can you swing by into that's right. >> dave: one would think that david petraeus an honorable man in terms of duty to his
4:06 am
country not get into his marital affairs, but served of the countries and turned around the war in iraq, one would think he would want to provide the answers to the senate and house as would hillary clinton one would expect. so, let's give him at least the benefit of the doubt that they will both want the truth uncovered here. as for congress, they do say that both hillary and david petraeus ought to testify if the truth is to come out, listen. >> we want to hear from him regardless of whether or not he's a director of the cia or not. i mean, he will be asked to come testify i'm sure at some point because he was the director on watch at that point. you know, it didn't matter that he's currently the director or not. >> right. >> we're going to ask him to come in and tell us what he saw, what he knew. we've got, as she said, we've got questions they have to be answered, general petraeus was there when it was going on. >> we have a good working relationship with the
4:07 am
department of state, but when jay carney, the white house spokesman says that this white house has been cooperating with congress all along on benghazi, that's an out and out lie and what we've seen from this administration and the state department is coverup and deception, and that's why we would like not just a private hearing that we're going to have on friday. we want an open hearing because the american public deserves it and secretary clinton, i'm optimistic, will come up and will meet our requests and she will be appearing before us. >> mike: there's no schedule that's more important than figuring out how four americans lost their lives. >> alisyn: you don't think that meeting with australian leaders has sort of the same geopolitical-- >> i understand she has to be there. and we're concerned here in the united states, the government, that australia is cutting way back on defense spending and she is he' down there and i understand you go and have that meeting that far away, but you've got to go then before the congress by
4:08 am
the end of the month. >> alisyn: and in fact, congressman gowdy says he will be subpoenaed if he for whenever reason he refuses to come. and avoid the spotlight and-- >> one of the interesting aspects to this, how exactly it got uncovered and in so doing we find out that david petraeus was using the same e-mail that you and i use on an everyday basis, e-mailing this mistress, paula broadwell, with a g-mail account. why is that important? that's easily hacked into by whom ever wants to get u.s. intelligence so that became one of the stumbling blocks in this investigation and if clayton were here, it would probably drive him mad he wasn't doing this via a completely secure cia e-mail, but e-mail that-- >> wouldn't that be worse that he would use the cia e-mail. >> dave: try several layers of
4:09 am
security, not that g-mail doesn't do a good job of securing e-mail. >> mike: he's probably not saying this is sensitive information, sensitive to my marriage, but not sensitive to the government. >> alisyn: of course you use your private e-mail to send private steamy e-mails. >> dave: and start worrying-- >> have i put too much on this right now. let me back up. and work e-mail to do this, but by using g-mail now they're saying he could have potentially compromised the national security. what if he said something on e-mail and hackers had been trying-- >> a question for you. the fbi is worried about this because somebody was hacking in-- >> no, they were looking into it because paula broadwell allegedly sent threatening e-mailings. >> to the other woman, oh, my goodness, the general is having an affair. who do you go to and tell that to and due need to tell that. >> dave: one would think that someone like james clapper,
4:10 am
like tom donlan, almost immediately up to the white house, if air going to investigate the head of the cia one would think it would get run up the flagpole quickly. that's what peter king suggested yesterday. we'll talk to him later on the program. >> alisyn: let's talk about regulations, and that's a bad word, if you or somebody who believes that there's bureaucratic bloat in the federal government, and how many regulations there are. we just, according to cns news service, this are some numbers now since president obama, well, i'll start with the past 90 days, the past three months, they've crunched the number and found out the obama administration has proposed 68 regulations, per day, for the past 9 the 0 days. >> that would be close to 7,000 regulations in 90 days. >> alisyn: are you doing math on the fly? >> i just did. can i read you one of them? this is just a couple of days
4:11 am
ago, epa posted a proposed rule involving volatile organic emissions. >> dave: very important of utmost importance. >> alisyn: it may be, here is the thing about regulations, they're just like earmarks, you're against them and a dirty word until they're your pet project. and if you're an environmentalist of course you don't want the coating. >> mike: abbing tech dural coating. >> alisyn: seeping into your ground water. >> dave: if you're a ceo and i just spoke with one of the country's largest off the record last week, and he said, look, you've got to understand my problem here, i have to hire teams of lawyers just to understand how to do my business. all i'm trying to do is improve my bottom line, continue to hire employees, but i've got to dig through thousands of pages of paper work and hire more attorneys. there seem to be more obstacles in the way of me creating jobs today and that's what you'll hear, thousands of times across this country from small to medium business
4:12 am
leaders. >> alisyn: you're right. and businesses all onerous, again, what's the line between a good regulation and bad regulation. when you hear the numbers it sounds staggering. >> mike: 68 a day. >> alisyn: 68 a day. >> dave: how is there time for that? >> seriously. >> dave: anyway, coming up they risk their lives to protect our freedom. up next, we'll hear one of the stories of courage, honor and sacrifice from some of the nation's heroes. >> mike: and frustrations growing louder on new york's long island, but thousands still without power, up next, you'll meet a woman leading one of the protests yesterday in hicksville, long island. you'll meet joanne after the break. begin.
4:13 am
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4:15 am
>> yesterday. hundreds of long islanders protested. they were frustrated obviously by response to days of power outages without heat, without
4:16 am
power, and all from superstorm sandy. >> did they get some results. and a woman who helped organize. >> hi, good morning. >> mike: put up your sign here. there were signs up all over the rally yesterday. got heat? like got milk, got heat? so many people without heat, without water, without power at all. what's the problem? >> the higher ups in lipa, have not done the right thing. they were not prepared for the storm. they knew it was coming and how bad it was going to be. they needed to be prepared. >> instead of a faceless lipa, you can show people who you're referring to. the ceo. michael harvey and a person at a press conference and tried to answer questions, but people thought it was too late and we have the names of the executive staff here that we can show you, you may know them, but the problem, they haven't been answering their phones and busy signals over and over, no way to contact them. >> no way, they literally left
4:17 am
us in the dark, so to speak. >> alisyn: literally and figuratively. people would feel so much better if they knew the time line. >> people didn't have telephone service, didn't have television, it's so up and down the street and look, we're working on it, we're here, the workers have been phenomenal, out of state guys have been phenomenal, out there doing what they can, but you're a ceo of a major utility company, you need to trace the public. >> mike: you're a mom. did you ever imagine yourself organizing a protest in your town. >> no, i did not. >> mike: did it work? >> it did. >> tell me how it worked. >> i came up with it thursday evening and put out phone calls to very good friends, get on facebook and twitter and we e-mailed and texted and from our town of hicksville, it went throughout-- >> did it get results? >> we did, we did. as a matter of fact, at theened of the protest one of the security people from lipa asked me to come into the building and spoke with them
4:18 am
for a few minutes and take me have a pad and write down names and addresses of the people still without heat who attended the protest and miraculously, within minutes or hours of the protest, people were getting calls from supervisors, people were seeing crews on their blocks. >> mike: well, that's squeaky wheel gets the grease. >> it does. >> alisyn: that's not a c co-inkydink as they say. >> they should have had the people's names and numbers 12 days ago. >> mike: i don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing. >> alisyn: you did a good thing. but that's what it takes? that's what everyone needs to do now? you're not going to get power because you're not at a protest. >> alisyn: you got your power back on. >> this past thursday, rather. >> alisyn: there are still neighbors on long island. >> plenty. in our area we weren't pa floods area, ours was something, i believe, as simple as a fuse in the
4:19 am
transformer. >> mike: yeah. >> a five minute, ten minute thing and there are plenty of people who, you know, just need that little fuse or need a pole. we did happen so see poles coming by the dozens. >> alisyn: and that's because because there was word at that they were out of poles. >> they shunting out of poles, they're a utility company shunting out of poles. >> mike: they're out of poles. seriously? joanne, congratulations. >> thank you very much, so much. >> mike: you knew what you had to do and did you it. >> we it did it, did it. >> alisyn: there's a lesson for everybody, get out there with your signs and let them hear your anger and there's progress. >> mike: joanne, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> alisyn: as we honor our veterans day, we're getting a look what happens on the front lines and hear the stories of service and sacrifice next. >> mike: plus, one man's trash is another man's treasure, to use a cliche. you won't believe what was found inside a book that was left in a dumpster.
4:20 am
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4:23 am
>> let's talk your news by the numbers. first, 15 1/2 million dollars, how much citigroup is giving two former executives in bonuses, despite the poor performance. and both resigned last month. next, $20,000, that's how much one massachusetts man found stuffed inside a hollowed out book in a dumpster. the best part, he's trying to find the book's owner to return the cash. it's me. (laughter) all right. finally, 30.8 million dollars,
4:24 am
how much money james bond movie, sky fall, raked in friday. setting an opening day record for 007 films, that's what we've got. >> it's a special day, set to honor our military men and women, who protect our country every single day. it's celebrated throughout the nation, but what do the vets themselves have to say about their experience on the front lines. our next guest set to find out, michael. >> mike: co-authors of "in the shadow of greatness, compilation of 33 stories of leadership, courage, sacrifice, from former classmates. joshua welly and major elizabeth craft. congratulations on the book, what was the idea. >> well, we wanted to gather stories from classmates. first the graduate after 9/11.
4:25 am
>> academy. >> 2002. and we want today capture the stories for our heritage and hopefully inspire new leaders. >> dave: it's a story of leadership and class of 2002. this could be any particular class, i'm sure not singular to yours. is that leadership something you possess on your way into the military or something that's developed while you're there? >> we think it's definitely transformation and in this book, it's meant for army, navy, marine corps, about young leaders in the 21st century after 9/11 and how they adapted to war and called to do unique things they weren't trained for and transformation in boot camp and the service economies and rotc's around the country and hope it inspires young people understand what it means to serve. >> what i liked about it, i didn't serve and a lot of citizens have not served and it kind of brings us together and helps us understand what you're going through. a great one about rocky. >> a u.s. marine, awesome, awesome, classmate of ours and
4:26 am
he was charged with doing casualty evacuations and saved iraqis and americans and he actually came home and writing his story it was cathartic for him. he went through some traumatic experiences and getting the story down on paper was helpful for him sharing with other folks, so we're hoping it inspires other veterans it share their stories. and mike brings up a good point. for folks that did not serve, standards and neither of us would make the cut, we understand that. >> and i see those under there. >> and what about folks who have not served or the sacrifices you make, what can he this take and learn from the stories. >> i think understand how veterans are coming home 2.5 million with new skills that helps in government and in business and need to be hired. veteran unemployment issues, there's veteran homelessness, and we want to know that these young veterans are ready and patriotic and ethical leaders we need in society.
4:27 am
>> mike: that on a resume', grab that person. >> we have a specific skill set that can be used in politics, government, business and we want to make sure that the veterans are seen as the future leaders of our countries. >> where do you serve. >> in afghanistan for seven months in kabul. >> in kandahar for about a year. >> mike: thank you both for your service. >> appreciate it. >> mike: thank you for this book, so good. >> dave: "in the shadow of greatness" and admiral mike mullen, plays is role. thanks, guys. >> mike: you two are cool. >> thank you. >> mike: happy veterans day. scary moments in the sky for paul mccartney and his wife. the two narrowly he is some kind a terrifying crash. >> dave: and this time the sounds of the united states coast guard. ♪
4:28 am
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4:32 am
>> veterans day, time to honor all those who serve in the united states armed forces this year, something special is happening not only will the new york city parade be televised nationally, but collections take place up and down the parade route for victims of super storm sandy. and from constellations is our good friend, bill white. >> happy veterans day. >> dave: thank you for being here as well. the band is doing a great job. and part of it is, donating coats. i thought i'd get you started. >> hey, thank you very much, awesome. great. >> dave: and tell us what makes this parade special. >> this year is very important to honor our veterans still at war in two places whether we like it or not and we have hundreds of thousands of troops coming home and we want
4:33 am
to honor them and thank them for service because we have our freedom, because of them and their families. so, jp morgan chase, u-haul, the history channel, wounded warrior project, putting on the amazing parade today. 20,000 veterans and janet napolitano runs fema. and rotates every year, we're going to be honoring service, but the men and women who serve said we want to continue to serve and we want to do something for the victims of sandy. so, as you said, i'm not wearing my coat today because we're going to donate this up and down the parade route and come to thank a veteran and don't come to the parade empty handed because we really want to make a difference in the people's lives. it's getting cold out there and they've lost all of their clothes and the veterans of the great country again say, how can i help? on the day we're supposed to honor them. it's pretty amazing. and we're so excited about it. >> and being televised nationally, where can you
4:34 am
watch it? how big a deal is that people across the country can see what's happening. >> the first time in 62 years and this parade used to come up fifth avenue and back in some of the bad days used to make them stop at the lights and even veterans have to write a check to pay for their own parade and today, it's booming and the parade is the first time ever on national tv, thanks to roger ailes, and news corporation, and jack abernathy, so it's syndicated across the country in 40 million homes and all of those places where the parade are going to be seen in those homes have units here in the parade. so, it really ties in. >> ahead of the nfl coverage, which is always a nice situation, what do veterans want to hear today? what is it that they need from people? it seems that there is a tide turning, that people are embracing them. hiring them. talking about them. not putting them in the shadows, what do the vets want to hear? >> it used to be saying thank you was enough.
4:35 am
when came back from vietnam, didn't get thanked they got spit on. today people know between the politics and the personality. and we want to honor the personality of service and honor that amazing dedication to be willing to give your life for someone you don't know so they can have their freedom. but we say today that saying new is not enough. we can't just say thank you to a veteran. you have to honor that sacred oath and offer them a job, take care of them when they come home. and jp morgan chase, they have 100,000 jobs mission and hired offer 18,000 veterans, we've lowered the national unemployment rate and veterans almost a third because of companies like that. and that's amazing. >> that's great to see, isn't it? >> but thank a veteran and ask them how he or she is doing. >> if you're in the the metro area, donate. thanks to my wife donating a few and bill white, always
4:36 am
good to see you and again, it's on 9 today. >> the united veterans war council produces this parade. we thank them. these are veterans that put this together, all volunteers and we love them. >> alisyn: thank you, guys, great reminder. back with other top stories, people in long island, new york are struggling to survive right now as their homes have been damaged and they're going on two weeks without heat and power following sandy. >> mike: ainsley is in ocean side this morning, hi, ainsley. >> reporter: hey, guys, you yeah, the woodard family lives here, and ocean side, a lot of residents without power including this one. they say the water accumulate up to here and had a basement that saved them. but they watched as the water was coming hooer higher and higher and they were still in the house, and we're walking on the street and going to get gas this morning, see how you've been living. and thanks, guys, so much for
4:37 am
lelth us in. >> good morning. >> they have their gas fireplace going and she says that was the best decision, one of the best decisions she's made putting in the gas line there. so, hey, thanks for-- >> welcome, welcome to our cold home. >> i know. >> but it's cozy cold. >> you have the family here, who is here and living with you. >> it's my husband john, my daughter jennifer, her daughter juliet, tony, and nick, and then jamens is inside. my daughter's boyfriend's children. >> and dogs. >> seven of us living here since the night of the storm. >> tell me about the night of the storm when the water came up. follow me, let's see where the water came up. >> my daughter lives down the block and they all came here, it was just, it was unbelievable. so, the water came rushing through my windows, walls, everything, come up, up, up to this stop step. >> what's going through your mind at that point? >> it's coming in the first
4:38 am
floor, that's it we started scrambling, we grabbed water, snacks, food, ran up the stories, i grabbed my grandchildren's pictures, as i'm scrambling around, i have a little statue of the blessed mother on my, she's on the window sill over there, i took her and i faced her out, and i said a little prayer because usually when you don't want rain you put her outside, within a half hour, the water stopped, at the top of the step. >> reporter: wow, your prayers were answered. >> i can't even, i was on my knees over there. >> reporter: you're sweet. what about these bags? >> we have been going to ocean side school district, fema, the church up the corner has donated so much food we go up there, we get water and food, and-- >> you feel like you don't need anything, i came out here, do you need flashlights what can we get you you said you've been well taken care of. >> and we were prepared, too, we were prepared with a generator.
4:39 am
and james here, my daughter's boyfriend. he works-- >> we'll have to get jen, too, he works, but he's the only one for fed ex that got homeless and they said what can we do, he said a generator would be huge, within two days, fed ex pulls up and drops us a generator. >> that's nice of them. jen you told me, your daughter, you live down the street. >> eight feet of water, lie whole house is gone, my daughter's toys and baby book and she's just distraught over what she's lost and awful. >> she's had, she broke down a few times, the baby book. and quickly i'm told we've got to wrap it up. show you back here, and she emptied out the basement and put everything on the back porch, whatever she could save and there's the generator that james' company fed ex sent to them which has been a saving grace doesn't run the entire house, but a little bit of heat with the heater and help
4:40 am
them run the refrigerator. we were living out of ice chests for days, days, ice chests and we have a gas stove so the gas has been huge. thank you so much. >> reporter: back to you in the studio. >> alisyn: ainsley, thanks so much. what a great window into how people are surviving right now with all of their family members in one room. >> mike: quickly i saw that generator and make sure that you keep the generator outside. it's supposed to be about at minimum 25 feet away. >> alisyn: it's on the porch, not far enough away. >> mike: maybe farther away. it's got to be outside. >> alisyn: ainsley walk that generator down the steps and into the yard. thank you for the report. and thousands of people on long island are still in the dark following sandy. they're the not getting any answers so congressman peter king is now calling on the president to step in and help. he joins us live coming up. >> mike: then, thanking our veterans by giving them a higher education. we'll introduce you to the
4:41 am
university that is doing just that, doing it for 40 years. meet them next.
4:42 am
4:43 am
4:44 am
>> welcome back everybody, as we celebrate veterans day. and celebrate our country. fox wants to help our troops. helping heroes work, it's a brand new website that points them to potential employment opportunities. if you're an employer looking to hire a veteran or just come back from deployment. go to, again, check out >> dave: thanks, ali. thank you, ali for explaining
4:45 am
that to mike. our military men and women protect our country every day and one university is showing support for those who serve by being a leading provider for education services for the military for almost 40 years. >> mike: joining now is the president of st. leo's arthur kirk, jr. explain, if it's not just one location, it's all over the country on military bases and online. >> that's correct, we have a traditional campus north of tampa, florida, but we're on 15 military bases stretching from norfolk, virginia to san diego, to key west, and back to mcdill air force base in tampa and just about everywhere in between. plus, online, so, we can dehe stroi with our soldiers and sailors. >> mike: and even when they're deployed? >> yes, at one point we had
4:46 am
nearly a thousand students in iraq and afghanistan and the middle east, and continuing to study while they were helping prosecute the war. >> and you've been doing this for years, and why did you decide this was your mission? >> the university's mission was always about opportunity. we were founded in 1889 with the mission of opportunity and a core value of respect. when we went to our first bases in 1973, it was at the apex of the vietnam war and those of us old enough to remember what it was like on university campuses, with the military and the war, that was an extraordinary commitment, but it goes to that mission of opportunity and that value of respect. >> who can go to the schools? can anybody apply? >> yes, any, anyone, we're on the military bases primarily for our active duty. >> right. >> men and women, but we have many of their spouses and family members, as well.
4:47 am
and we also have some low hecations very near the bases to allow civilians who would find it challenging to get on the base. >> what's the tuition? >> for the military, it is $239 a credit. $250 a credit online, which for a private university is very, very low. but, that's part of our mission commitment to both the military and opportunity. >> and the department of defense covers up to $250 per credit so therefore, an active military member has to just pay for books. >> for the active military, yes. >> for the active military. >> for their spouses, for their dependents, obviously, they don't. and approximately 30% of your student population is active duty military members, that's a wonderful thing you're doing at st. leo university. and arthur kirk, one more thing? >> well, that we actually have more veterans than we have active duty military. and this is one of the largest provide,of education it our
4:48 am
veterans and we have 18% increase in the number of veterans enrolled this fall. >> perhaps because of your support, of the active duty. >> yes, absolutely. >> mike: i think there will be a lot of takers today. you have a website? >> yes, www.saint >> mike: nice to meet you, have a safe trip back to tampa. >> dave: coming up, not only are the people on long island losing patience with wide outages and no answers? so is congressman peter king, now calling on the president. he joins us next. >> mike: then, president obama's plan to raise taxes? john boehner's got his own idea. stop with the handouts. we'll discuss that. the fiscal cliff after the break. ♪ well, if it isn't mr. margin.
4:49 am
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4:52 am
>> it's two weeks now since super storm sandy slammed new york and more than 125,000 lipa customers are without heat and power this morning and the residents of long island are not the only ones that are angry. congressman peter king wrote a letter to president obama asking for more federal help and joins us now, nice to see you. >> good to see you, alisyn. what with an is the holdup for getting heat and power back to people. >> lipa acted disgracefully here. the fact is lipa refused to communicate with people and given misleading signals and wrong information, telling people they had to have an electrical contractor and certify and i got a call from
4:53 am
brian kilmeade, he got a contractor and lipa said it wasn't good enough, changing signal and conflict, and middle of the street and brian's house with the neighbors and that's one example. when you have over 100,000 people still out of power two weeks after this happened and in the end, just so many missteps, so many misstakes and an arrogance. >> alisyn: is there any recourse for people? lipa for all intents and purposes a monopoly, who provides the lights and power on the island. what do you do? >> i think after this is settled whenever it is, next two, three weeks, i think that lipa has to be restructured and look at the concept, the state legislature and government, and this obviously doesn't work, it's unresponsive. not in tune what has to be done in the 21st century. who would have thought we would see on long island hundreds ever thousands
4:54 am
without power so long. >> alisyn: it's easy to blame lipa, sort of a long island power authority, but there are people behind lipa to be answering questions, the ceo and the executive staff and none of whom are answering the phones. what do you want president obama to do? >> federal assistance, which we do need. and send in the army corps of engineers, they've brought power back to iraq-- >> they haven't been there. >> and plan to help get that back on. i want a larger federal presence to make lipa coordinate with the federal plan, in effect have a federal master plan and lipa atune itself to that because lipa can't do it on its own. >> alisyn: let's move to the issue of benghazi, as you know, david petraeus was set, at least set to called before
4:55 am
house this week. and instead the acting director michael morelle will go. is that enough? >> no, it's not. my strong recommendation, general petraeus has to testify, if not this week, a great american, but we can't find out what happened at benghazi unless david petraeus testifies. he was the center of it all. he's absolutely essential witness and morelle the number two guy, good. the fact is we have to have someone who was there, he's the largest piece of the puzzle. >> alisyn: and also, secretary of state hillary clinton was asked to come in and speak, but she said that she has scheduling conflicts and she will be going to australia. and is there any way to force her to answer questions? >> i hope it doesn't come to that. and she ultimately has to testify because you have so many on the ground. state department people on the ground and cia people on the ground, all sending messages to washington on the night of the attack, and also before the attack saying there's not enough security and after the
4:56 am
attack someone coming up with talking points to susan rice directly in the chain of command with the state department and turned out to be totally misleading and secretary clinton and general petraeus are both essential witnesses. >> how run of the people that finds petraeus's fishy or-- >> i find the whole story, how it was a fbi matter, investigated so many months and election night that the fbi suddenly realized it involved david petraeus. they're investigating it for three or four months, it's the first thing that he they found out. if they found it out, immediately brought it to the president's attention, a matter of national security. none of it adds up, if it does, the most amazing sense of security. >> alisyn: a congressional race between allen west and his challenger, why an emergency meeting this
4:57 am
morning. the so-called fat cats not holding much weight. the law that was supposed to save people had a side effect. that's coming up. ♪ [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day afr day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] e pill eachmorning. 24 hours. zero heartbur
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>> good morning, everyone, today is sunday, november 11th, i'm alisyn camerota. he might be off the job, but is he off the hook? david petraeus's resignation allow avoid the investigation into the terror attacks in benghazi? chris wallace will be here live with his thoughts. >> dave: the president says we've got to tax the rich in order to fix the deficit. and how anti-tax, grover norquist says there might be a way and john boehner's got the upper hand. >> mike: a moving tribute for men and women who fight for our freedom, veterans day, it's today. we're honoring some of the bravest soldiers this world has ever known. "fox & friends" on this sunday morning, continues right now.
5:01 am
♪ ♪ >> and that's the united states coast guard band on this veterans day sunday as we honor our nation's troops, making the ultimate sacrifice on a veterans day parade in new york city, eleven o'clock eastern time and televised nationally for all of you to see it. >> mike: it turns out to be a great day in the weather. >> alisyn: in the 60's, relieved. >> dave: i know the folks on long island are thrilled with that weather. >> alisyn: and all the people struggling. and mike jerrick is in for the vacationing clayton morris. >> dave: absolutely warm where clayton is.
5:02 am
>> alisyn: mrwill the former cia director david petraeus have to testify about benghazi? he was set to testify at congressional hearings this week what his agency knew the night of the attack, now that he's resigned after admitting to an affair, acting director michael morelle will testify instead. and he may need to testify and may need to be subpoenaed. and chris wallace will be here what people are saying about this. and frustration boiling over on long island and going two weeks today without power following superstorm sandy and yesterday hundreds gathered to demand answers outside of the long island power authority's offices including headquarters in hicksville. we spoke with the organizers of this protest earlier and found out, it worked. >> as a matter of fact, that the protest, one of the security people from lipa asked me to come into the building. i spoke with them for a few
5:03 am
moments and had me take a pad and the names and addresses of people without heat who attended the protest and miraculously within minutes or hours of the protest, people were getting calls from supervisors, crews on their blocks. >> alisyn: funny how that works. at last check more than 120,000 people are still without power this morning. well, five days after election day and one hotly contested contest in florida is not over yet. a recast of about 7,000 early votes is underway in st. lucie county and officially decide the race between democrat patrick murphy and incumbent allen west. murphy declared victory on the race, but west refused to concede the race despite trailing by 2400 votes and demanding a recount saying that does not add up. and a warming tribute at the 9/11 memorial, and they hung
5:04 am
yellow ribbons on the survivor trip. more than 100 were hung from the ground zero tree and survived the infamous terrorist attack and those are your headlines. >> dave: have you heard about the coming fiscal cliff, that's 500 billion in new taxes are added. all of you will pay more taxes next year, combined with a spending cuts, it would send us back into recession. is there way to make both sides happy in this? the left, who is saying we want the wealthy to pay their fair share, pay a little bit more, the right and john boehner says we will not raise tax rates under any circumstances. can you make both sides happy? >> well, yeah, compromise is what it's all about, right? but if you're a congress person who took that norquist pledge, no taxes, then how can you compromise without breaking your pledge? >> john boehner thinks he has an idea and says so in his
5:05 am
weekly address this weekend. >> instead of raising tax rates on the american people and accepting the damage it will do to our economy, let's start to actually solve the problem and focus on tax reform, the close the special interest loopholes, instead of accepting arbitrary cuts that will endanger our national defense, let's he get serious about shoring up the entitlement prms the primary drivers of our country's massive greg debt. 2013 should be the year to begin to solve our debt through tax reform and entitlement reform. >> dave: so one thing i think both sides agree on that the middle class should clearly not have their taxes go up the beginning of 2013. so, those tax breaks for those making less than 250 going to get extended. how do they get more revenue? well, they cut out loopholes and things of that nature for the wealthy, are we arguing semantics here? of course you mentioned the pledge that all of these congressmen took under grover
5:06 am
norquist to say we will never vote to raise taxes, but if you're going to get more revenue, the rich are paying more, is it a semantic argument? >> i hear you, isn't closing loopholes, the same as raising taxes? >> maybe not your rate, but your effective taxes built into the year more. >> exactly. somehow, grover norquist doesn't hear it that way. he sees the distinction between these. here is what he had to say about john boehner. >> and if we'd had a recovery the strength of reagan's recovery, instead of the obama weak recovery, there would be 10 million more americans at work today. and why not focus as boehner says we have to as mitch mcconnell says we have to, to lower taxes and get more growth and you actually net more additional revenue, i'm for additional revenue not for tax increases, neither has boehner suggested. >> alisyn: well, he didn't talk about the loopholes being closed right there. >> dave: well, he said additional revenue that's the only way to get.
5:07 am
>> alisyn: he's saying you get additional revenue when you take off the shackles of businesses when he they have lower tax rate. is he saying there will be increased revenue. >> mike: through growth. . >> dave: that's a very, very different argument. >> mike: changing tax codes and entitlement of reform, you can't get that before december 31st. >> dave: not a chance. they'll do a short-term deal and we're going to sort through this with chris wallace, he's next, today on fox news sunday he has a member of the house and senate's democrat and republican, so, the four of them should be able to come to the compromise, today on fox news sunday. >> alisyn: there you go. >> dave: he'll solve it. >> alisyn: that's right. mike, you've heard of the fat tax, sugar tax. >> mike: in new york city. and also started in philadelphia as well. our mayor of city council said no, we don't want to do that. now what the fat tax was implemented in denmark. >> dave: yeah. how did it do? >> didn't do well and now they're going to abolish it in
5:08 am
less than a year because they found it hurt because, especially small business, people would avoid it somehow by going across the border, like into norway or whatever, and buy the things that they needed so he they wouldn't be taxed. >> dave: right. did not change their habits, number one, and two, it was hurting business, so, on all of this, this was a complete and utter failure, the habits didn't change, going to kill jobs, increase prices and increasing the cost for all the companies to implement the changes. >> alisyn: a lot of administrative costs associated with having to keep track of all of this. here is what the danish tax ministry said about the failed experiment. and the extension of the chocolate tax, here is where they get me the chocolate tax, so-called sugar tax, criticized for increasing prices for consumers and administrative costs and putting danish jobs at risk. so as you said, they've decided this was a failed experiment. now, of course, we're still trying it in philadelphia, in
5:09 am
new york, a sugar tax, as you know, now, depends what you think the upshot it was supposed to be. it was supposed to cut down on obesity, how it was billed, they say that denmark, 47% of danes are overweight and 13% are obese and didn't see it made people change their eating habits. >> mike: a way. >> dave: people are going to find a way around it, always will. in the case of new york, they'll do it in the movie theater. can't get anything over 16 ounces and go to 7-eleven and get 87 ounces. >> alisyn: 87 ounces. >> dave: no, looks like it. but if you're coca-cola and make different size containers for one city, with as it ever about-- going to pass that cost on to you. >> mike: is it ever about had eliot. >> alisyn: ostensibly. >> mike: it's a way to make more money for a certain city.
5:10 am
i think i think about health-- >> twitter, we'd love to hear you weigh in. >> mike: weigh in, very nice. >> alisyn: oh. >> dave: with the investigation into the attacks in libya just getting started was now the right time for david petraeus to resign? was there ever one? will he testify at the hearing this week on capitol hill and help get the story straight? that man chris wallace up next with what's happening in washington. >> mike: he's honored our troops with every stroke of his brush and this veterans day separated artist, look what he's done. he started that about two hours ago, that's beautiful. ♪ for amber waves of grain ♪ ooh, for purple mountain's majesty ♪ ♪ so why spend even a moment
5:11 am
considering any broth but swanson? the broth cooks trust most to make the meal folks spend all year waiting for. in stuffing and more, the secret is swanson.
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>> there was an intel community bombshell. cia director and four star general david petraeus stepped down after revealing he had an extramarital affair. >> dave: with only days before he was scheduled to testify on benghazi, many are asking if there's something else behind david petraeus's shocking exit. >> mike: let's talk to chris wallace about this. good morning, chris. >> hey, guys. what a story. >> yeah,'ve got to put it in context. david petraeus was maybe the most respected military man of our generation, and maybe before as well. architect of the surge, the situation in iraq. the architect of the surge that at least stabilized the situation in afghanistan as i say. the most celebrated, the most respected military man of our time and to see this extraordinary fall from grace is shocking and sad.
5:15 am
>> alisyn: the fact that this week he will not be going to speak in front of house investigators, but in his stead, the acting, the now acting cia director michael morelle will. is that just because there's too much heat on david petraeus or do people in washington think that he's trying to somehow skirt the investigation? >> well, look, i think that this is overwhelmingly a personal scandal. obviously, people will ask questions about and if we're going to have an exclusive interview today on fox news sunday with the chairman of the senate intelligence committee who is going to hear from petraeus on thursday and hear from the deputy michael morelle so we'll ask her about it. look, i don't see how his not testifying makes that much difference. you know, the deputy director of the cia is going to testify, if they want to hear from petraeus at another point, they can, they can subpoena him, but i don't think that if there's something that the cia did wrong in its handling of the benghazi situation, i don't see how this gets covered up
5:16 am
by the fact that petraeus won't be testifying. >> not only is senator feinstein going to be here for that testimony and she would come out and the president would not accept david petraeus's resignation. many who say this doesn't quite rise to the level of someone who is the head of the cia to resign. is that opinion shared in capital hill? hers was the only one that we heard calm out and say that on friday. >> i don't think it's widely shared and i'm going to ask senator feinstein whether she continues to hold that as more revelations have come out about the nature of the relationship and now that apparently this whole investigation started because the mistress paula broadwell, was e-mailing and threatening another woman who she felt was getting too close to petraeus. it seems to me that this was a big mess, it was going to come out one way or the other and the idea that you could have the head of the cia and conceivably his e-mails have been compromised, there are questions of blackmail. i don't see how he could have
5:17 am
stayed in his job given this and also, i think it was a question of honor and personal responsibility. apparently as soon as he told the director of national intelligence on tuesday, on election day about this, james clapper, he-- clapper immediately said you've got to resign. >> alisyn: chris, there are questions of timing because even as our own catherine herridge reported, the investigation was going on for well above tuesday, weeks, months before that and that it strained credulity as they say that no one in the administration would have known before tuesday. >> well, again, all the reports are -- and clearly people in the fbi knew, but supposedly james clapper, the head of national intelligence, didn't know until tuesday and the white house didn't know until tuesday. interestingly enough, the reports are that diane feinstein the chairman of the senate intelligence committee wasn't told until it broke in the newts on friday and by law, the fbi is supposed to notify intelligence committees if there is a major
5:18 am
development and this would certainly seem to rise to that level and we'll ask senator feinstein about that as well. >> dave: who are the other guests, chris. we thought the big story was going to be the fiscal cliff and have four-- that is still a big story, could be 600 billion in spending and tax cuts if they don't work out a deal, and we'll be talking to two senators, two congressmen, two republicans, two democrats if they can work out a deal and what its nature would be. >> dave: right, what exactly are republicans in the house willing to swallow appears a big question, can john boehner get those republicans to fall in line appears to be a big question. can't wait to see the showfox n low he cal listings. >> bye, guys. >> alisyn: thanks, chris. imagine being on board this plane. >> mike: no. >> alisyn: what went wrong with sent it skidding off the runway. >> dave: denzel washington piloting? and. >> mike: this veterans day not
5:19 am
only do we honor the men and women who fight for us, but some in a brand new book sharing their incredibly fantastic story. >> alisyn: hi, ladies, come in. >> mike: come on in. >> alisyn: thanks so much. ♪ american soldier, an american soldier ♪ [ cheeping ] [ male announcer ] you hear that? that's the sound of car insurance compani these days. here a cheap, there a cheap, everywhere a cheap... you get it.
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so, what if instead of just a cheap choice, you could make a smart choice? like, esurance for example. they were born online and built to save people money from the beginning. it's what they've always done. not just something they cheap about. that's insurance for the modern world. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call.
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5:22 am
>> quick headlines for you, new overnight at least one person has died in a massive explosion in indianapolis. two others were hurt in the blast that damaged two homes and others. and the entire neighborhood had to be evacuated. frightening moments for 130 people aboard a southwest
5:23 am
airlines flight as it slid off the runway. it happened at denver's international airport. the flight was coming from oakland last night. it was snowing just a little bit. i don't know if that caused it or not. and fortunately, nobody was hurt. ali, dave. ♪ . >> dave: on this veterans day not only do we honor the men who fought for our freedom, men and women of course, but the women as well. and this new book by general george patton's granddaughter. the female officers and what they've overcome. >> alisyn: and joining us is jessica, and ron miller. welcome to all of you, great to have you here. and let's start with you, tell us your story of service and afterwards. >> well, i've been in the army 12 years and army captain, work full-time at the national guard bureau and my story
5:24 am
essentially has ups and downs startening 2005 with losing everything in hurricane katrina, and then being diagnosed with cancer the the very next month. it was a very, very hard rough time in my life, but the worst part is being told as a female veteran there was nothing for you if you needed it. >> alisyn: why is that? why was that? >> well, you know, we're very male dominated military and they seem to forget about the women and even with our increased leadership roles and impact in the military, our service and sacrifice is still not equated to that of male veterans. >> alisyn:. >> dave: but you look at the photo and you get it, you have a smile on your face and have a lot of perspective. and by that photo, you've got resolve and it's changing for the women in the military, right? >> as time is going on, we're getting more recognition. >> dave: tell us about your story. >> i enlisted in the marine
5:25 am
corps after high school i was in boot camp after the twin towers were hit and i was in iraq in a platoon our job to recover and process everyone who lost their life in iraq and bring them back home. >> dave: i can only imagine. >> alisyn: and rob, this book you put together is beautiful, portraits of service, looking through it the pictures are poignant and tell a story and tell us what you experienced while putting it together. >> this has been an awesome experience. my co-author andrew and i, british-born and lives in germany, is a part of the the patton foundation and we want to understand in depth what veterans go through. so the book itself was essentially designed to take a very short story and a beautiful picture so that people can become enthralled, engaged in the actual book in the story, but quickly go to the next one to give them more of a snapshot of what people
5:26 am
go through. >> it's so compelling, now, again, here is the cover, but just one photo fling through it really caught me in the caption, sometimes words cannot describe what a soldier visiting a military cemetery is seeing and feeling and you really do capture that, really, without saying a word, right? >> exactly. and what we try to do in the book is to take a subset of our pictures when we interview a veteran, shootings 50, 100 pictures while talking and photo and capture their expression while saying the story. >> alisyn: it's beautiful and recommend it to everybody and you have turned your hardship into great action where you've founded a nonprofit agency the final salute which provides housing for homeless female veterans and their children, that's so important. so, thank you for that and thank you for your service, it's wonderful to meet you all
5:27 am
and thanks for the book, thank you. >> portraits of service, so check it out. coming up on the program, parents, is your student a slacker? next school year, if some kids don't work harder, the parents, they might get punished, camerota. >> alisyn: really? >> yeah, watch out. >> alisyn: our national bird is flying high this veterans day, right into the studio. meet challenger, the bald eagle when we come back. ♪ fly like an eagle to the sea ♪ ♪ fly like an eagle allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands? [ male announcer ] it's that time of year. time for campbell's green bean casserole. you'll find the recipe at ♪ campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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5:31 am
♪ >> there goes challenger right there, and a principle that dates back to the 1700's and our founding father who used the bald eagle to protect the image of freedom around the world today. >> alisyn: this is challenger and the president of the american eagle foundation. hi, challenger. hi, al. >> mike: god bless america. >> alisyn: great to see you. tell us about that free fly through the stadium moment there? >> gosh, so many spectacular flights and we recently did one at the eagles game a couple of sundays ago, the day of the hurricane, it hadn't
5:32 am
hit and we did the houston texans. and gives people goose bumps. >> mike: it does. what's the reaction from people, especially children. we get a lot of people come up and say to us, and listened to the anthem, the first time i've had goose bumps like this. >> dave: to mike's point, children might ask how the bald eagle has become such an american symbol. briefly, what's the history of it? >> well, it was selected as the natural enblem the second congressional in 1982-- or 18-- >> challenger is correcting you. >> mike: there was a vote. is it true that turkey almost was our national bird? >> that's what benjamin frankly wanted and told him to go fly a kite and he actually did (laughter) >> hi, okay. >> alisyn: what is challenger's mood right now, would you say? >> he's very relaxed and excited to come on and see you
5:33 am
guys. >> alisyn: just chiming in to be-- >> he's talking and he became blown out of a nest during a storm and this is the reaction that he learned as a baby, and never-- >> and the eagles game against the falcons, how do you get him to do that? how does he know where to go and that. >> he's been trained for many years and we do rehearseals before each game and familiar with the inside of that particular stadium. and he's never failed us. >> mike: i'm taking my niece alison to the philadelphia eagles game today. could i take him with me today. wouldn't that be cool i could walk in-- >> your niece would like that. >> dave: by far the best reception all year, not even close, right. >> we're going to visit veterans where the parade starts today and over in one of your parks here and hundreds of photos with veterans and soldiers and there's a book out about challenger, america's favorite
5:34 am
eagle. >> right. great stories and go online and order it, major book stores. >> alisyn: okay. al and challenger, thank you. >> 1782. >> alisyn: got it. challenger told you that. heard challenger say that. thanks so much, guys. >> thanks for having us. >> alisyn: a lot to tell you about right now. and israel is threatening-- challenger is making an exit. here is what we're saying, israel is threatening harsher violence in military attacks, if the attacks from gaza do not stop. and palestinian militants bombarded israel with more than 20 rockets and mortars since yesterday and israel responded with shellings and air strikes, leaving six palestinians dead. and the renewed violence after a firing at a military patrol and injuring four soldiers. many of our soldiers may have a difficult time receiving benefits for the selfless bravery in combat and the army
5:35 am
and central command in iraq has destroyed records from iraq and afghanistan's wars. according to a new report, from the seattle times, lost records detail 2003-2008 makes it impossible for some troops to prove they were in combat. and similar mistakes were made during the gulf war. and universities are looking to make slackers pay more. ununder the new plan, seniors who don't graduate in a certain amount of time, higher prices for credit hour and if your parents pay for school, they foot the bill. and if they fail the first time around, the school hopes the new fees will motivate students to graduate on time and open up more seats for other students. and the board votes on this plan on tuesday. >> mike: my parents would have gone broke. >> alisyn: wow, and the students-- dave. >> dave: unflappable in the face of challenger, well done. and a shocking upset taking
5:36 am
the college football world by storm on saturday. top ranked alabama crimson tide defeated by texas a & m, earmuffs for you folks down there in tuscaloosa, the aggies led bama by 20. after the first quarter, the tide came rolling back with 55 yard score. and final try for the tie. and from the 2 and alabama picked off in the end zone, ending chances at an undefeated season and texas a & m pulls off the shocking upset. and mccarron had not been picked off all year, picked off twice. and johnnie football, patenting his nickname. he's a freshman, could win the heisman trophy. 18 touchdowns through the year, 15 on the ground. the most exciting player in college football. kind of a tebow thing like happening. >> mike: they'll be number one. >> kansas oregon, all three won and computers mess in the bcs.
5:37 am
>> alisyn: following that sports interlude, let's get back to the top story, we're closer than expected and forced to live in the aftermath of sandy, they're headed into the second week without power. >> mike: ainsley is in ocean side, new york. >> reporter: hey, mike and everyone in the studio, this is obviously. we have power in the city now and come out here, a different story 30 minutes outside of the city. look at this house, this is the family not living here right now staying with relatives, don't have electricity just like everyone else on the street. children's toys thrown away, hundreds, thousands of dollars i would say of furniture right here in this big pile. and the life has been changed forever. their boat tipped over luckily didn't fall on the car, not that it matters because their car is destroyed, won, won't work anymore, water came up above the car and couldn't see it underneath. it was underwater and the american flag back here, which is cool you can see it because
5:38 am
they're all americans in this neighborhood, all banding together and staying close, this is mr. woodward lives across the street. 32 years and his granddaughter julia town the street, staying with grandparents and might have seen our story on their house an hour ago. tell us about the family behind us, they've devastated. >> they've lived here for like 15 years and live with jackie's mother and got two kids, billy and briana, and the first floor was totally decimated. they had a giant tree fell down in the back yard, lost his car, two boats and everything. >> and more tragedy. >> in the middle of this, his mother passes away, she was very sick and she passed away and it's like, he's getting punched and kicked while he's down. >> reporter: how is he doing? >>'s doing good, a fighter, he's he going to be fine and he works for island park. can't get away from work because he's working around the clock. can't get home to do his own business. >> reporter: right. and his daughter is best friends with your daughter.
5:39 am
they grew up on the street. >> yeah, jackie and my daughter jen grew up together and met, when we moved in the day we moved in they met and they've been tight as-- ever since. >> reporter: juliet, what do you think about all this have. >> i think it's terrible. irene was like okay, but this was just like so much more. it came up in my house and it tipped over their boat and it was scary. >> reporter: yeah, and irene, is that why so many people decided to stay because irene we were told leave, leave, leave and it wasn't as bad as we had predicted? >> yeah. >> reporter: this time a last worse. >> terrible. >> reporter: you went through 32 years, have you been through anything like this. gone through three hurricanes and nor easters, nothing close to this. it was scareiest thing you've ever gone through at home. >> reporter: what have you learned. the important thing is to stay together, the family, we all
5:40 am
made it through and things could be replaced, but people can't. >> reporter: yeah, on this veterans day, the american flag will continue to fly. >> yes. >> reporter: all right, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> reporter: good to see you, we appreciate your help this morning. back to you in the studio. >> alisyn: thanks so much, great to hear from the people who are still suffering there. meanwhile, the shocking resignation of general david petraeus raising new questions about the attack on our con lat in benghazi. did the timing help the white house. >> mike: mitt romney makes a comeback speaking out to supporters this morning. we'll let you hear what he had to say. ♪ and i'm proud to be an american-- >> challenger. at least i know i'm free ♪ ♪ i won't forget the men who died who gave that life to me ♪ ♪ and i gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today ♪ ♪ there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp.
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5:44 am
>> it's time for quick headlines, take a sneak peek at the new balloons debuting at the macy's day thanksgiving day parade. papa smurf, hello kitty and elf on a shelf. and mitt romney speaking out the first time since the election night loss on twitter wrote, from the bottom of our hearts ann and i thank you for your support, prayers, efforts and votes, we're so grateful to every one of you, let's go over to dave. >> dave: the shocking resignation of general david petraeus is raising more questions over timing and was the white house keeping that news on the back burner until after the election? joining us is judith mill i remember adjunct fellow at the manhattan institute. we want your input on this, it's a bit of a head scratcher
5:45 am
and talking with congressman peter king, he says it's unthinkable that the fbi was investigating the head of the the cia, without informing the white house, someone close to the president of that investigation. what do you make of that timing? >> i'm afraid that i share pete king's skepticism about the timeline that we've been given by the white house. i mean, if they didn't know, why didn't they know? hear that the head of intelligence is either the subject of or peripherally involved in an investigation and no one at the white house knows about it? at what point do they get involved. i think a lot of people who know washington and know this white house don't believe the story that's been anded out so far. >> dave: add to go the skepticism. from a news max piece, quote, the decision was made to delay the resignation of david petraeus, apparently to avoid potential embarrassment to the president before the election. that and fbi source told ronald kessler of news max, do
5:46 am
you buy that story, known for months? >> i also write for news max and i know ron kessler and i know his excellent fbi sources, the author of a very well respected book about the fbi and has better fbi sources than anyone i know and i think that his reporting so far on this story seems to gel with what i feel goes on in washington. and i think the interesting thing about what we've heard so far is that in addition to this being a terrible personal tragedy for general petraeus, there are all kinds of questions about whether or not this takes him out of the line of fire in terms of benghazi story, all the questions that congress wants answered. i simply think at this point we don't know enough to say what happened. in this instance in benghazi, in the attempt to shoot our drone out of the air by iran. all of these things seemed to
5:47 am
have happened, but announced new questions, new information given conveniently after the election. i don't see a tie-in between benghazi and what happened to general petraeus. i think that's the stuff of conspiracy, but there are certainly questions had a that need to be answered that aren't asked by many in the mainstream media. >> it's interesting that general petraeus went along with the story of the white house, clearly of him of his experience and intelligence and otherwise knew this was a terror attack. and let's move on and talk about the drone account. and white house says james clapper was told on wednesday, and the president on thursday. if in fact they knew months ago and take the iran drone situation they knew, and didn't tell people after the election. why? it's not clear if a david petraeus personal scandal would hurt the president at all he's a bush guy by most accounts and iran drone attack, i'm not sure why that might hurt the president
5:48 am
either. why not be transparent and let the american people decide? >> well, the narrative of the barack obama white house was that terrorism is receding, as a threat, things are under control. al-qaeda is on the run and an all of a sudden, you see a bunch of stuff happening in the region that raises questions about that narrative. you want to push this stuff off until after his reelection, perfectly understandable from a political point of view. the question i would ask, are the american people being told about information they need to know in a timely and accurate fashion? and i think each of these three incidents raises that question dramatically and i don't think we have a very reassuring answer so far. >> dave: again, we also don't know what the american people would have made of iran firing at an unmanned drone. >> right. >> dave: or david petraeus having an extramarital affair, no idea. i mean, those aren't necessarily partisan-- >> right, they don't affect
5:49 am
the president, which is why you really have to wonder why are people-- why would people be changing the timeline, why would they be lying about what was known or not known at the time that this was raised? you know, right now, there's just too little information, but i do know this: people said that the benghazi story was going to die, but because of fox news and a couple of other mainstream news organizations. >> dave: did not. >> it has not. it will not and we're going to get answers to these questions just as we're going to probe into what the white house knew when. >> dave: right. >> about david petraeus's personal tragedy. >> dave: and we say all of this acknowledgment, david petraeus made tremendous sacrifices an amazing leader. >> absolutely. >> dave: what he's done we owe a debt of gratitude. >> i've covered him since 2003, talented and courageous and-- >> we all agree. >> it's a political loss, a professional loss to him and sad for the country.
5:50 am
>> dave: thank you for being here. and you think that government relations are bad now, wait until you hear our next story and they served their country with honor overseas, when they come home they can't necessarily find a job. how can we help put veterans back to work when we come back. to breathe, but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair.
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>> american soldiers do more than just fight for our freedom overseas. they protect the american people from other threats, like big storms. >> alisyn: exactly, when the army reserve got word of hurricane sandy's potential devastation, they jumped into action and working on relief efforts before the bad weather hit and some of those are joining us, jeffrey tally and
5:54 am
specialist felicia neely. welcome to both of you here. >> thank you for having us both here. >> alisyn: general, tell us what you've been doing since hurricane sandy hit? >> well, the first thing we did, before the storm was even approaching we took a number of army reservists and put them on active duty. and coordinate with fema, and support with the federal government in terms of federal forces. then at the request of the state and fema we took three quarter masters teams dewatering capability, workening new york, dewatering-- >> you're sucking the water out of basements, so people can get back to their lives. >> and get the water out of their basements with the storm water and they can restore the electricity still without power. >> mike: how many people are we talking about? >> only about 82 to 83. three quarter master teams. they have six, 600 gallon per minute pumps and dewater
5:55 am
quickly and we have emergency preparedness officers. >> alisyn: specialist neely, now you yourself lost power during the storm and you're part of the time to help someone else. and you said it's easier because of the 2012 defense authorization act. how does that helped. >> it's helped a lot. along with my unit we were able to go out there and provide the support that the victims needed and that, that helped to speed up the process in terms of getting food and getting water and helping to clear up the wreckage that was out there. >> mike: you know, it might be important to talking about the epo. explain what it is. >> to get back to your question, national defense october of 2012 said we don't care what forces are out there, folks need help when they need help. it allowed the reserve to work
5:56 am
with the national guard with the support and directly in line with fema. and fema says to the state we need help and we know in advance what the needs are. >> alisyn: and army reserves interested this helping veterans get job and specialist neely, you were able to get to a career counselor. >> i was faced with after camp, with millions of americans are faced with, and i have a 14-year-old son and even though i had savings from military training that was quickly dwindling because i did not have a job. so, i started to panic. >> mike: wow. >> i was sending out over ten applications daily over five months with no response from anyone. >> mike: well, thank you both for what you've done. >> yes. >> mike: now, could you go out to long island and help. >> absolutely, today a
5:57 am
veterans day and thank all the veterans served before us, serving to include the 9500 soldiers we have and the army reserve. >> alisyn: we feel the same way, more "fox & friends" in two minutes. >> thank you. but swanson? the broth cooks trust most to make the meal folks spend all year waiting for. in stuffing and more, the secret is swanson.
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6:00 am
>> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, november 11th he, i'm alisyn camerota, thank you for joining us, a hearing is set this week in benghazi when two key players might not show up, secretary of state. hillary clinton and david petraeus. will we get the answers we need without their appearance. >> dave: and patience running out for thousands of people in the dark from hurricane sandy and now they're taking action, protesting the power company, we will have a live report. >> mike: ladies and gentlemen, welcome to regulation nation and the obama administration has proposed 68 regulations per day for the last 90 days, we'll let you hear about some of them. "fox & friends" our fourth hour on a sunday, veterans
6:01 am
day, starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> the united states coast guard, some of the band members are here with us. and the band marching down the streets of new york city, it's going to be broadcast nationally on stations around america. very nice. >> dave: and folks drop off a coast for the hurricane sandy victims. and mike jerrick in for clayton morris. >> mike: i was a flutist. >> dave: what? >> a flutist. >> alisyn: a flute. >> dave: i said what, no way.
6:02 am
>> mike: a piccolo. i can remember the sister lou ella telling me how to play it, it's like blowing into a coke bottle. >> alisyn: you never know. and the open-ended questions are dangerous. perhaps you'll give us later. and what's happening in the news, new developments on a massive explosion that rocked an indianapolis neighborhood we want to tell you about. we've learned that the death toll increased to two people killed in in plast-- in the blast. >> it looked like a war zone, my neighbor said there was someone in the home in the basement and able to get them out and they evacuated the whole neighborhood. so it's pretty bad. >> alisyn: about 200 people taken to a nearby elementary school. two homes destroyed and others damaged. still no word on the cause for this.
6:03 am
and two weeks since superstorm sandy struck and people in long island said they've had enough of the delayed response by the long island power authority to turn their power back on. hundreds of protesters outside of the agency's headquarters and offices and demanding answers. >> we want each and every long islander their power back. >> rest assured every employee of national grid and lipa and all the contractors and all the servicemen to support our customers will not stop until each and every customer is restored. >> alisyn: at last check more than 120,000 people were still without power. so five days after election day and one hotly contested race in florida is not over yet. a recount from about 37,000 early votes is currently underway in st. lucie county. this will officially decide the race between democrat patrick murphy and incumbent allen west. murphy declared victory on wednesday and west refuse today concede despite a final
6:04 am
count showing him trailing by about 2400 votes and his campaign had been fighting for a recount saying those numbers just don't add up. and let's take a look at the heart warming tribute to our veterans of the 9/11 memorial in manhattan. veterans from vietnam war to afghanistan, hung yellow ribbons on the famous survivor tree, the ground zero tree that survived the infamous tree. and later, president obama and the first lady will be part of a wreath laying ceremony here. >> mike: have you been to ground zero lately. >> alisyn: no. >> mike: the tower is beautiful. fantastic, about a year away from being completed. it's gorgeous. >> alisyn: today is a good day to go down. >> dave: the latest on the david petraeus situation as you know by now, he resigned as the head of the cia. one of the most decorated
6:05 am
heroes. and unfortunate circumstances and you look a couple of families are potentially ruined and u.s. intelligence could be compromised and another angle of this that's being investigated, will we now not find out exactly what happened in benghazi and how chris stevens and three other americans were killed? there are of course senate and house hearings on the benghazi situation later this week, but right now, we don't know if david petraeus will be there. >> why would that affect the investigation? just subpoena him and he has to show up. >> dave: they may. they have not-- peter king says that's a last resort. they hope he testifies on his own. >> alisyn: they don't like the having such a stellar military man, such a public servant. >> dave: we will-respected american. >> alisyn: and supposed to go in this week, but in light of all of this scandal, he is now sending the acting director of the cia, michael morelle, and peter king-- lots of congress people said
6:06 am
that's frankly not enough. congressman peter king was on with us earlier on "fox & friends." >> general petraeus has to testify. if not this week, traumatic for him, a great american, but we can't find out what happened in benghazi, unless david petraeus testifies. he was the center of it all, an absolutely essential witness and morelle was the number two guy. the fact is we have to have someone who is there. he's the largest piece of the puzzle. >> dave: we certainly need answers on benghazi, but speaking with the the congressman and judith miller and members of the military, all of them, all of them say it's unthinkable that the fbi was investigating our head of the cia, regarding an extramarital affair that could have compromised our intelligence, they he say it's unthinkable, unimaginable that the white house did not know weeks if not months ago and that's a theory that's been laid out by ronald kessler. he says the fbi told him that the white house knew about all of this. why delay it? that's up to you. >> mike: and take the other
6:07 am
side, how would that affect the election? >> right. i said that myself. i don't know if that would or not. >> mike: very much a bush guy. >> dave: a republican, right, war hero. >> mike: and if they're investigating them three or four months, shouldn't the the white house have been notified immediately. >> dave: how were donlan, eric holder not aware of that. >> alisyn: and one of our guests, might have been peter king, if the fbi is something of this stature they must notify intelligence leaders. and whether it was days ago, weeks ago,months ago, a lot of questions. >> mike: i started this hour saying regulation nation. this is the obama administration over the last 90 days have proposed almost 7,000 regulations. so, that would be about 68, 70 per day. >> alisyn: by the way, some of these are not new. some are, if you change a line in an existing regulation,
6:08 am
that counts as a notification, so they're counting new regulations plus notification, we don't know how many regulations, but the point is so many people think that regulations are a dirty word. you and dave pointed out, business owners think that regulations are just strangling them, all of the-- the onus is on them to abide by them and can't get business done. >> dave: and many speculate what the second term looks like for the obama administration, once you don't have to answer to the voters, and will regulations ramp up? business owners want to simply things so we know what we're facing in the next few years and a lot tell them, it's making it difficult on them. they're obstacles, but give us certainty moving forward. >> alisyn: as i pointed out, so much of regulations are red tape and they do tie the hands of businesses, but some of
6:09 am
them are very important for people that we need. in fact one of the regulations of these 68 in one day, was september 12th signing a regulation that allowed for other cancers to be counted for the world trade center workers. >> mike: first responders. >> alisyn: first responders to get the health care they need. so everybody has their own pet regulation they like, but 68 a day does seem-- >> a little excessive, doesn't it. >> mike: regulate, don't overregulate is what you're saying. >> alisyn: thank you, mike. >> mike: i wrapped it up in a bow. >> dave: up next, soldiers shot six times at fort hood and survived says he's snubbed by the government so it can protect its own reputation. his story and how hundreds are helping him out. >> mike: parent, is your child, your student in your house a slacker? next school year if some kids don't work harder, the parents may be punished in the pocket book. ♪ don't worry about a thing
6:10 am
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this past week marks three years since the track tragic shooting at fort hood people were killed and wounding dozens more. the survivors of that attack have not seen any justice. >> not only has the suspect delayed his trial by refusing to shave his beard but the government won't landfall classify it as an act the terror. joining us live from charlotte a combat medic shot six times and survived. he and dozens of others are suing the government. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, sir, how are you doing today? >> we're doing okay. how are you doing? you're suing, tell us why and why do you think the government has handle the fort hood
6:14 am
shooting in such a manner? >> initially at the start, i think the way it was handled was so that it wouldn't be a target on all followers of the islamic faith in the military or the united states as a whole which i understand. when you get to the meat and potatoes, it's a terrorist act, not a workplace violence act. it's not a thing where the individual was disgruntled add work. he had a plan, he was following orders from the enemy of the united states. to prove that it's a terrorist act even in level one terrorist training, this is in the level one terrorist training. with the report and ticking time bomb report it's also a terrorist attack. >> how would it change the compensation that comes to you and the process of getting past this if the government would just call it a terrorist attack? >> well, for one, all of us
6:15 am
would be awarded the purple heart and there are benefits that comes along with being a purple heart recipient. two, as far as your medical retirement or your retirement is a difference in your crns or crdp and status of compensation you get when you get out of the military. >> presumably this is not a financial decision for the government. so why might they not classify it as what it is? >> well, that -- that's the million dollars question. i don't know why they would not. i mean how you look at it with all veterans wounded in combat or a combat accident, it wasn't done by choice, we were doing our job and we would do it again. it's a pride factor. you have to look at how we're treated for the sacrifice we made on the battlefield and that is what you get in return. >> on this veterans day we know
6:16 am
that you feel as though that -- what happened that day is being forgotten. what do you want to remind us of what went on that day? >> well, that day major asan decided to use a soft target a medical facility, a coward's way of fighting a fight. as mentioned before, if you want to fight his fight or prove to me personally, all he had to do was come to me man-to-man and we can go hands up but he chose a coward's way, to shoot defenseless people and to basically murder them in cold blood. >> well, alonzo, our viewers are not for getting what happened that day and we're remembering your sacrifice. we reached out to the department of defense for comment but have yet to hear back. alonzo lundsford, thank you for
6:17 am
your sacrifice. >> you're welcome. >> paul mccartney's brush with death coming up. >> then the pictures from hurricane sandy are devastating but there's something truly inspiring happening this veterans day that will make you proud to be an american. that's next. nobody said an inkjet had to be slow. or that printing in color had to cost a fortune. nobody said an all-in-one had to be bulky.
6:18 am
or that you had to print from your desk. at least, nobody said it to us. introducing the business smart inkjet all-in-one series from brother. easy to use, it's the ultimate combination of speed, small size, and low-cost printing.
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6:21 am
2:91 eastern. a rare earthquake shook kentucky. a 4.3 quake was centered near kentucky's border with virginia. there was no suggest damage. no one was hurt. and paul mccartney and his wife, nancy, narrowly escape a terrifying helicopter crash. their pilot lost control while flying during bad weather in england. the helicopters was just two feet from hitting trees when the pilot managed to steer it away and land safely at an airport. you have to have a pun for that with lyrics. >> i haven't worked that out because it was a surprising news bulletin. >> just let it about. >> i was looking for that. a slam dunk.
6:22 am
>> i'm happy they survived. many of those whose homes were wiped out by sandy ask asking why did this happen to me and you are struggling to find faith. >> they don't need to look further than fellow americans stepping up in incredible ways to help their neighbors get back on their feet. here to explain what's going on, father johnathan morris. great to have you here. sometimes we -- >> thank you. >> we have big storms and your whole life is turned upside down and you say why would god do that to us. how do you answer that? >> i start by saying god doesn't do this to us. he doesn't make hurricanes come. he permits but the laws nature to wreak havoc sadly and sometimes we can't understand that. but as you said, mike, the response of god also comes through our fellow citizens, our neighbors. let me tell you just very quickly a story, i lived in
6:23 am
lower manhattan and it's a lot of young people but also older senior citizens who live in walkup apartments. speaking with them after and during this fiasco in which we had no power, no electricity, they said, you know, i've lived in this same building with the same people for many years and now i know how many wonderful friends i have. people coming up and making sure that they were okay. taking them out shopping. making sure they were -- they had all their needs provided for. that's the human touch. what i've been so impressed with is that while we've raised over $200 million through organizations, it is the human contact that brings the most amount of joy to people. organizations and government can help but it's the human touch, the neighbor serving neighbor that brings joy and life back to people in tough times. >> you're so right, father john.
6:24 am
it's a paradox where the organizations like long island power authority fail people, yet the people on the ground, your neighbors and friends, pick you up and take care of you. >> you know, you're exactly right. and when we wonder how does god allow this to happen? i ask myself that question not just this tragedy but so many others. sickness in our lives. but when we decide i'm going to be part of the solution because i believe in the dignity of every human person, i'm going to knock on that door. that's very much a part of god's response to the very real suffering we experience. >> if you can't help your neighbor, try to donate. red cross is a good way. find them at, text to 90999 and give $10, you can call them.
6:25 am
1-800-red-cross. if you can't seek out an organization matching, there are several of those, that's the best thing some people can do this morning. >> let me just -- bring people's attention to the importance of private and faith-based organization ins all of this. fema is wonderful. we need a national organization and we need bureaucracy so to speak, organization at a higher level but who is going to make your life better, more joyful, more inspiring? human beings can do that. we need to make sure that the lowest level of organizations reaches out in the best way possible. we have to make sure we don't get into the habit of listen, we're going to make sure these organizations come from top down and we don't have to do anything in our local communities. if you have an inspiration to start an organization, do it, if you're able to help a local organization, do it.
6:26 am
that's what's going to solve people's ex owe stental rises. >> lady gaga gave $1 million to the red cross and others have done their part. she's from new york and that's a -- i'm sure the red cross appreciated that czech. >> check. >> thank you, gaga. >> sorry for playing hooky on the curvy couch. >> what's the big idea? >> see you next week. >> remember the so-called fat tax that was supposed to make people healthier? it has an unintended side effect. killing business. will the tax still stand. >> from oliver north, live in branson, missouri, for veterans day. >> can you sing, karl? but when i was in an accident...
6:27 am
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6:30 am
>> welcome back, everybody. it's live entertainment hotspot of the midwest. branson, missouri, also a town dedicated to honoring our country's soldiers every day. today, the largest veterans' day celebration in the country. >> that's where author and host÷ of war stories, lieutenant colonel oliver north joins us.÷
6:31 am
>> this is a great place for÷÷ veterans. this is veterans÷ central for e united states of america. tens of thousands coming to÷÷ silver dollar city in branson,÷ missouri, year after year just÷ like these veterans gathered÷ here behind me.÷ they've come back because it's ÷ great place for fellowship wher÷ they honor the branches of all÷ our armed forces from every war÷ since world war ii on ward.÷ they've all been here before an# come back because they feel soo# welcome in this great city.o# who has been here the longes ofs >> me.çsçs >> where did you serve andçsçs where?çsçs >> navy, '57 to '77 and we'veçs been here more than 20 timesçsçs because the patriotism.çsçs what a great place.çs >> i also know you've got a slogan about marines and submarines.y >> the best marine's ay
6:32 am
submarine.yy >> he's saying that to a marinev >> god bless you.v >> appreciate you being here. ernie, how many times? >> six years. >> why do you keep coming back? >> the way branson treats the veterans. >> where did you serve? >> vietnam, 1965, 66, then all over the world. >> welcome home. >> thank you, sir.!'!' >> thank you for your service.!' god bless you. i got done, what do you get there? >> your new book, colonel north. i appreciate it. it's a good book. i haven't had a chance to read it yet. >> it starts with houston, we have a problem and it's about an administration that lies about an act of the terrorism then dramatic changes at the top of the government. i actually wrote it before last week. why do you keep coming back? >> the veterans. the camaraderie of the veterans. >> it's a special place. >> very much is.7ú >> if you could see all of whatú we're seeing in branson,7ú
6:33 am
particularly here at silver dollar city, you will see flags those who served
6:34 am
>> colonel north, thanks to you you. trying to help them get work. >> thank you, gang. >> well done, colonel. >> i've never been to branson. >> i've been there. >> i know you have. >> you would love it. >> they've got all these theaters. >> i want to go to dollywood. >> that's in tennessee. >> that's my next vacation. >> we should do a show from there. >> you have so much in common with dolly parton. >> i know that, i've told her that. >> really? >> yes. >> we continue to follow the destruction left behindly superstorm sandy and thousands still without power in new york. especially on long island. ainsley is out there. what are you seeing now?
6:35 am
>> we're in someone's house that's on the same street we've been reporting live all morning in ocean side. it is really cold in this house. several neighbors decided to stay. they're just suffering through all of this. the family that lives here are staying with relatives and friends the next town over but they come back during the day to assess damage, rebuild and clean up. right now we happen to be here when fema shows up. here walking through. you filled out a form on line, called fema. they come and assess the damage and they're able to give you disaster relief money. michael, fema's not allowed to talk on camera but we want to find out what do you recommend to the people watching? >> they should file their claim immediately on line, the 800 number. we filed on sunday -- the sunday after the hurricane, five days
6:36 am
late, because we were inundated pumping six feet of water out of the basement but they were here in a week, which was pretty good. >> we've heard lots of praise for fema. your friends said they brought bags full of groceries. >> on the national level, i've been most impressed. on the local level, ocean side and hampstead it's a disaster. >> people are complaining they want their electricity back on. >> it's been almost two weeks, part of the town is starting to get it. what i find interesting is everyone's treating is like a private organization. it's a state regulated agency so why not monitor it two years ago. they had the able to monitor it. >> that's long island power aauthority. they handle the power for the majority of long island. >> exactly. it's great to grandstand but the
6:37 am
state has oversight. this block was uh-uh dated with sanitation. eight feet high. we had spoiled food from the refrigerators and freezers and there were two scheduled sanitation dates before people started gutting their homes and nothing was picked up. the children have been out of school two weeks, they're not having play dates, they're running up and down. the stuff wasn't clear before and it has been a complete disaster. >> where are the kids? we're fortunate we've been staying with friends in rock ville center. my wife's a teach so she was off but her school went back in the north shore. my employer has been fantastic. i work for marvel in manhattan and they've gevin given me the time. >> any idea when the power is coming back on? >> there's been no
6:38 am
communication. even if it was the 50s, and someone wanted to drive around with a bullhorn, that would be great. you can't get that. >> your neighbors were supposed to be back for this interview but retowards the that. -- recorded that. they were furious. we'll air that later on. thanks so much for your -- for doing this interview with us. we wish you nothing but the best, michael. >> i appreciate you coming by. >> your best friends might not want to be on camera but came from new jersey. you were water power how long? >> 12 days. that's nothing compared to what they're going through here. huge hugs, best friend for life. great. back to you guys in the studio. >> that's great. ainsley. >> thank you for bringing those personal stories t puts a face on what everybody's still experiencing.
6:39 am
we have to tell you about this. israel threatening harsher violence if militant attacks from gaza do not stop. palestinian militants bombarded israel with rockets and more tars and israel responded with shelling and air strikes leaving six palestinians dead. militants fired a missile. >> frightening moments on a southwest airlines plane as it slid off the roadway at denver international airport. bad weather may be a factor it was it was slightly snowing. no one was hurt. passengers were bussed to the terminal and put on correcting flights. >> a crossing will return to its original home. an installation ceremony will take place in the mohave des the
6:40 am
other. for years it was covered with plywood an even stolen after the veterans of foreign wars took over the land. it was found recently and it's being returned to the long time caretakers of the cross who created a replacement for today's ceremony. >> slack off in school and you may pay the price. or at least your parents. california state university is pitching a plan charging seniors and extra fee for every class taken after the date they were supposed to graduate. fifth year students, it would add up. it would cost more to retake a class if you fail the first time. they're hoping to motivate student to study hard and put school work first. the board votes this thursday. >> what do you think? >> long time slackers like mike, who lingered around the campus for years. >> i still do that. >> well. >> oddly. >> i enjoyed my nine years at
6:41 am
college. >> that would be offensive now. >> it all worked out. >> sure did. >> we're about to run out of time. 20 minutes left with the investigation in the attacks in libya just getting started. was now the right time for david petraeus to resign? what's the white house's role? tucker carlson will have a take on this. >> the so-called fat tax not holding weight. the law that was supposed to save people has an unexpected side effect. it kills business. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself.
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6:44 am
quick headlines an a fox news alert. another insider attack in afghanistan. an attacker wearing an afghan army uniform shot and killed a nato soldier. >> two former citigroup executives getting $15.5 million
6:45 am
in cash and stocks, bonuses deis spite their shoddy performances. citigroup standing by their decision. >> we would be rich. >> the world's first so called fat tax is not holding its weight in denmark. they're overturning it because it killed businesses and didn't change anyone's eating habits. depends how you measure it. all right. c.i.a. director david petraeus's resignation days after the election has many questioning the timing. petraeus cited an extramarital affair but the agency is in the hot seat appearing in front of congressional investigators to testify about the attack on our american consulate in benghazi. >> some republicans say petraeus is still expected to show up. >> that he resigned and had an affair has nothing to do with
6:46 am
appearing in front of congress. i hope he would come voluntarily. if he won't, he would be subpoenaed. there's no way to get to the bottom of benghazi without david petraeus. joining us, tucker carlson. >> good morning -- >> what do you make of all of this scandal breaking now? >> there's clearly a lot we don't know. david petraeus is one of the most capable and best loved american citizens. it seems unlikely a straight affair would cause him to resign. not only resign, he was pushed to resign by the director of intelligence, general clapper. so there's more. we don't know what it is. we know that this has been known by a number of people in authority for some time. we know that it's almost certain the attorney general of the united states, eric holder, was
6:47 am
aware from his f.b.i. who discovered hundreds of emails from david petraeus to the woman with whom he was having an affair and at least one member of congress heard something about this weeks ago. why, after the election, did this happen? the timing is absolutely suspect and has a attract bearing on the benghazi investigation. >> i assume you're referring to eric cantor. is it inconceivable to you that the f.b.i. would be investigating the head of the intelligence and one of the most well decorated military officers of our generation for months without informing, saying, eric holder, james clapper, tom donell lynn. >> not only someone in the white house but the congress because the congress has oversight of our intelligence agencies. of course. it is inconceivable. it's hard to believe, given the way bureaucracies work, someone
6:48 am
wouldn't say this is a huge deal, we're dealing with potential breaches in national security. we have to alert the white house and congress. that's inconceivable. people were alerted. bet on it. >> tucker, i guess you could look at it both ways, how it would affect an election. as a republican, a bush guy, would that affect the president's chance as soon as. >> it's hard to know. keep in mind, he's apparently a republican. we don't know that. but he was a favorite of the former president bush but also of president obama, pointed c.i.a. director by president obama. i don't have the answer. if i were a consultant we say let's wait until ever. he's going to testify before congress and one hopes it doesn't get to a subpoena situation but there's nothing barring him from testifying. >> he was scheduled to go this week and that is -- now it's
6:49 am
been announced that in fact the acting director, his deputy, michael morel, will go in his stead. you think petraeus will voluntarily come forward? >> i think at some point he'll come forward voluntary or not. it's impossible to answer certain questions without the c.i.a. director running the c.i.a. at the time. no, i think he will testify and my guess would be voluntarily. i don't mean to cast aspersions on general petraeus, who is an outstanding person who make a mistake. >> congressman peter king told me they may give him a pass for the week because he's dealing with personal stuff but evenly he'll come. >> yes. >> thank you. >> four hours ago we started a painting. we'll check in. the finishing touches here. >> beautiful.
6:50 am
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going to be able to walk again... it was a pretty bad accident but shriners showed me who i could be again. they turned my whole life around. hunter's life is one of nearly a million changed by donations from people like you. send your love to the rescue. donate today. this veterans day we're celebrating our troops, past and present. the men and women who make our country what it is today. >> our next guest is full of pried and it oozes from every brush stroke on his canvass. he's here to reveal the finished product. >> great job, man. >> thank you. >> we started this 3.5 hours ago and it's this one here. hire jima. >> that's it. >> how do you describe your work? >> well, i considered it a realistic impressionism. i make up weird terms to make
6:54 am
myself sound like a real artist. >> you are. >> this is beautiful and you've done it quickly. was it a challenge? >> no. well, after you get it down to a craft after a while. >> so your typical painting is that quick? you would think it would take a couple weeks to do a work of art like these but that's typical? >> i'm a genius, you can't keep it down. >> man, that's clear. >> we get responses so your work every day because our hallway is lined with your work. >> it's a good place to be, to be on national tv every morning is not a bad thing to have. >> i can tell from you walking these hallways that people always remark on your artwork. what have people said to you but seeing it on tv all the time? >> they -- well, back home, they only -- they think wow, you musting something after all if you're on television.
6:55 am
i thought you were a loser. >> why the patriotic theme? >> i'm amazed people don't understand what a great country we live in. i guess it's my way of celebrating america as a reminder we live in the greatest country in the world. >> what does it mean to you? >> it's a symbol of -- to me, a symbol of freedom and the sacrifices. we're sitting here in this city and you look around, people living their every day lives but we're here doing this because of these guys. the -- >> they make the sacrifice. >> thank you for all of your work but especially today. >> thank you, i appreciate it. >> can i buy your pants? >> yeah. >> they're a work of art. >> not now. >> more fox & friends in two minutes including what the nfl is doing today to honor our veterans. >> wait until after the show. >> yeah. [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop?
6:56 am
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6:59 am
a shot of the tomb of the unknowns. 11:00 this morning the president will lay the wreath there and we'll cover that here on fox. >> it looks like it's a beautiful day there. we hope it keeps up. >> honoring our veterans all month of october you saw the nfl honoring breast cancer. today, here comes the cameo for the nfl, the camo logo will be all over the nfl, the gloves, the ball, the towels, the hats. the field. honoring the veterans. nfl stadiums across the country. >> i believe the nfl's going to have the philadelphia eagles win today because they're the eagles. >> don't count on that. >> i'll be there. >> log on to foxandfr


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