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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  November 22, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PST

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i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> good morning to you. happy thanksgiving. we have so much for which to be thankful including you our viewers. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am patti ann browne. >> thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> we have all of your thanksgiving needs covered this morning. including solutions for your turkey troubles. >> we brought the butterball turkey hot line right here into our sued yo.
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>> you can e-mail us your turkey questions. e-mail us at or tweet us at fox friends first. >> we have the master butcher. he is showing us how to properly carve our turkey this year. >> it smells good. >> it does. thanksgiving is a lot more than food. >> as we all know the holidays can be stressful and hard at times. that brings us to our brew own this question of the day. we have a special guest helping us out. dr dr. keith ablow. >> he is going to help us survive the family drama. >> you can tweet us at fox friends first or e-mail at keith ablow will be here to help us answer those questions. >> the top five stories making news at this hour. the search for a serial killer
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is now over. police raying and charging a staten island sales man who is caught on video at the crime scene. spent 24-hours being questioned finally cracked and confessed. he knew all three of his victims and might have been planning to strike again. they found this gun in his bag which he kept at his girlfriend's apartment. it was the same one used in all three attacks. >> hobby lobby is not giving up its fight against obama care. it forces the supervised morning after contraception to the workers. the ceo says the mandate forces him to go against his christian faith or face millions of dollars in fines per day. a journalling ruled against the lawsuit monday. stick a fork in it hostess. the thanksgiving judge giving them the okay to shut down and begin selling off its brands. talks between the company and baker's union crumbles.
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as a result 18,000 workers will be laid off immediately. president obama and his family keeping tradition alive at the white house. >> they say wilife is all about second chance. this november i could not agree more. so in the spirit of season i have one more gift to give it goes to a pair of turkeys named cobbler and gobbler. the american people have spoken and these birds are moving forward. >> pardoning not one but two turkeys. it was the first time the public voted through facebook. the first family spent the day with bags of food for seniors. >> they traded in turkeys for good deals. several stores offering black
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friday specials on thanksgiving day. people have been lining up for days to be sure they get exactly what they want. >> a tv for 180 a lap top for 200. my mom and dad think i am crazy but i will have cool stuff so it will be all right. >> the national federation says holiday spending will only increase 4 percent this year. >> a cease fire between israel and hamas appears to be holding. 8 days of bloody conflict and burning full scale ground invasion. peter doocy is live with all of the details for us. good morning, peter. >> good morning patti ann. the cease fire is more than half a day now. it seems to be holding. as part of the agreement israel stopped all possibilities in the gaza strip by land and sea and air. all palestinian factions have been kierrequired to stop all hostilities against israel including rocket attacks and all
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attacks along the border. united states secretary of state hillary clinton between ramallah and jerusalem both sides ahead of the agreement and she helped announce it in cairo. >> this is a critical moment for the region. egypt as new government is assuming the responsibility and leadership that has long made this country a region of stability and peace. they will work with partners across the region to consolidate this progress, improve conditions for the people of gaza, provide security for the people of israel. >> president obama has assured israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu he has received funding for the iron dome and u.s. israel defense program. for his part netanyahu says he is committed to the cease fire as long as israeli interests are
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not threatens. >> i know there are citizens expecting more misevere militar action. at this time the right thing is to use this opportunity to achieve a long lasting cease fire. >> but it is not all good between the israelis and hamas. israelis are going to maintain a maritime blockade of the gaza strip. >> peter doocy thank you. and happy thanksgiving. >> you, too. >> on that note it is the thanksgiving tradition. the throats are ready the balloons are inflated which means the 86th macy's thanksgiving parade is ready to roll. >> rick is on the upper west side where it all agains. >> good morning ainsley and patti ann. you want to have a good weather morning for this parade. temperatures are perfect and the wind is pretty much
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nonexistence. if the winds go up the balloons have to come down. it's not going to be the case this morning. they turned this into a big event the day before and hundreds of thousands of people come up into this neighborhood to watch these balloons being blown up. it is a huge, huge event the day before. not as big as the main event today which kicks off at 9:00. weather wise it is great. weather wise for pretty much everybody in the country you are going to enjoy this really nice day for thanksgiving day. take a look at the weather maps. across the northeast a ton of sunshine. most of the day will be fine and even that rain isn't going to be bad. then you see the snow on the map across minnesota and parts of
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north dakota. let me tell you big changes in store. we asaw all kinds of temperatur records broken. those temperature also drop off by tonight and tomorrow. major cool air coming in by saturday. these will cool down to well below normal. nice conditions for everybody including here at the 86th an mule macy's day parade. >> my family is asking you is rick going to be out there? i said he is out there every year. i hear the parade route is changing it is coming in front of fox which normally don't happen? >> it is exciting for everybody o at fox. every year they change it a little bit to accommodate construction. it will go down 6th avenue instead of broadway. make a right turn at 4th street so it ends at macy's at harold square that's where the big
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santa claus will be revealed. >> that makes perfect sense. >> thanks so much, rick. >> glad the wind won't be too bad out there today. >> as we told you a few minutes ago people across the country are hoping to score the best deal. some have been camped out for days. >> robert moses is outside of the stores to see where people are headed to get the good deals. >> good morning to you and good morning everyone. you will barely have time to digest the turkey before. many people will be heading to shop at the wal-mart like the one behind me. this is part of what is known as black friday. wouldn't to talk about some of the retailers that will be open. kmart will be opening at 6:00 this morning. wal-mart, sears, toys r' us they will all be open at 8:00 tonight. for the first time ever target will open its doors on thanksgiving. they will be opening at 9:00. now opening on thanksgiving can
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be a bit controversial business let's say because some workers say it deprived them of the opportunity men opportunity. indeed it will be protesting in better wages and improved working conditions. already the working conditions and wages are equal to or better than their competitors. incidentally we are expecting to see a protest at this wal-mart. guys, this black friday stuff just keeps getting earlier and earlier and earlier. that is the latest. robert moses, fox news. better you than us. >> you are a brave man, robert. >> the time now 10 after the hour. still to come, look who is coming to thanksgiving dinner. one person tops the list of america's most wanted dinner guests. you might be surprised who it
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is. >> you know this the traditional nativity scene. now the post setting the record straight. who was really there the night jesus was born. he is telling us next. >> i would like to say happy thanksgiving and give a shout out to daryl, liam, my newborn baby nolan. i can't wait to get home and meet you. anyway, let's bring home the win, lions. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. you can stay in and like something... or you can get out there and actually like something. the lexus december to remember sales event is on. of perfection.
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>> aun onworkers rallied yesterday against illegal contract violations. new entrances to lax was shut down and traffic was backed up for miles. 13 protestors were arrested. contrary to popular belief there were no animals present during the birth of christ. in the new book the pope says there are no mentions of animals in the gospel. he says however the donkey and ox have become tradition. thanks patti ann. sandi has passed but the effect of the storm still being felt on thanksgiving day. here is eric shawn with drentsz on coney island wasn't say even though they lost everything they have so much to be thankful for. >> three weeks later there is still a need. >> we have ham and cheese,
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apple, crackers, juices. >> even now coney island resident remains without heat. she stood in line to get bottled water and snacks to carry back to her cold apartment. >> did you think it would be this long? >> no. i have never seen it this bad. this is the worst i have ever seen it. >> she continues to rely on the distribution center for food. they serve 3,000 people a day. they handle everything from pretzels to diapers. the effort continues and the storm's impact is lasting. >> with this hurricane and problems it created there is long-term damage here and we have to work hard to sustain the basic living needs. >> while most americans are thinking about turkey and the trimmings these storm victims are thankful for the basics. >> i have never experienced anything like this in my life. never. but i just pray every day and that gets me through. >> deaf stated breezy point
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queens where so many houses were completely destroyed the state provided meals for volunteers and first responders. >> everybody wants to be home with their families but so do these people. anything we can do to help. >> it brought unexpected blessings. >> we need help down here. they have been coming eerie day. they have been doing very good here. thank god. >> they distributed 26,500 dinners at any site including this one. despite their hardships they have much to be thankful for. in coney island new york, i am eric shawn, fox news. it is 15 after the hour. still ahead you could call this little guy lassie. how he saved baby from a would be kidnaper. >> our butterball turkey expert is here next answering your thanksgiving questions. keep sending us those tweets and e-mails. begin.
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>> happy thanksgiving. a passenger helped land a flight bound for germany after the co pilot turned ill. after a 6 hour delay the new crew was brought in. turns out most americans want tim tebow at their table. big bird tied with tebow and
2:21 am
lady gaga wasn't too far behind. >> i have a feeling the big bird thing was a bit of a joke there. preparing the perfect thanksgiving turkey isn't easy. so much can go wrong. since 1981 butterball has been giving people free turkey talk. we are joined this morning by 9 year turkey talk veteran nicole johnson. >> thank you so much for being here. >> we are going to start with e-mails. we have viewers who have a question. she says i forgot to defrost my turkey tonight. how can i defrost it in time for 4:00 dinner today. >> people will call they have forgotten to start the thawing process. cold water bath method. that's the faster method. it's a half hour per found. a 10-12 pound turkey would take
2:22 am
5-6 hours. wh what we tell callers leave the wrapper on the turkey take the turkey submerge it in cold water breast side down. in other words label side down. allow half hour per pound. you can change that water every half hour it will help to speed up the thawing process. >> that should help aaron out. we hear from amy. is there a way to fix an over done and dried out purkey an hour before dinner? >> another good question. you know that is usually tell folks use your meat thermometer during the roasting process. register it in three areas to check for doneness. register it in the breast area that is going to register 170. the meat thermometer 180 in the th thigh thighs. you check the meat thermometer right in the stuffing 165 the turkey is done. if someone over cooked their
2:23 am
turkey that's when i like to tell them at this point in time make a nice gravy chop the meat slice it off the bone and incorporate it into a nice turkey recipe. butterball introduced something really cool this year. butterball cookbook plus app. it's something you can dloind from the web site. it has 250 recipes really nice ways to incorporate leftover turkey. >> we hear from christie and tyson. my meat thermometer broke. how can i tell now if the turkey is done. >> a lot of times folks will call they don't have a meat thermometer or it is broken. at that point in time we tell them take their fork and pierce the deep thigh muscles when the juices run clear and no longer reddish in color it's another indication it is done. >> you are always afreed to under cook it.
2:24 am
>> hopefully the store will have a thermometer. let's move on to the top 4 turkey tips. the first one is thaw. >> butterball wants to ensure a golden thanksgiving. we have some of our top turkey tips. we talked about thawing. you never want to over tocook t turkey. the second tip is tenting. after it has been cooking for a couple hours usually about two-thirds through the way you may go and check on it and think the breast is starting to brown faster than the rest of the turkey. at that point of time you take your piece of reynolds foil. not that big about the size of a notebook sheet of paper. you tent or shield that breast area that will help slow the browning on breast and allow the rest to come up to speed. >> otherwise you can get the
2:25 am
brown crisp. >> and you don't want that. exactly. >> tempting. you will have the foil and meat thermometer. temperature. did you have anything to add? >> i like to talk about the two-hour rule. when it comes to leftovers. prior to carving you tell folks allow the turkey to set for 15 minutes. allow the juices to settle prior to carving. but ideally if you can slice the meat off the bone within two hours or less after it leaves the oven that's a safety perspective. get the meat off the bone put it in the tupperware or air tight containers put it in the fridge. >> freeze it if you are not using it? >> for longer storage up to 2 months for turkey and stuffing, refrigerator 2, 3 days. >> put it in the fridge by the second day. >> that would be ideal. >> thank you so much for joining us from butterball's turkey talk. good luck with your turkeys, folks. >> 25 after the hour. still to come, one unforgettable
2:26 am
homecoming. >> will you marry me? >> yes. >> it's a thanksgiving that couple will never forget. also dr. keith ablow here answering questions about how to survive the family drama during the holidays. keep your e-mails coming. we will have answers later in the show.
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>> good morning everyone. happy thanksgiving. i am patti ann browne.
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>> i am ainsley earhardt. it is thursday november 22nd. we have a great show lined up for you including dr. ab low answering e-mails. how to properly carve that curbing key. >> it is not a thanksgiving without this tradition in central park the floats are standing by and the balloons are inflated. that means the 86th annual macy's thanksgiving parade is ready to role. we are live on the upper west sited. >> good morning patti ann and ainsley. right in front of the museum of natural history on the one side. other side is the park. a ton of trees were knocked down here. obviously a community hit so hard by sajd de. they are giving bleacher tickets
2:31 am
to those hit by hurricane sandy. they have cleaned up the area nicely. this is tom the turkey part of the food network flow which i think is pretty good and fitting. the balloons always rotate they retire a few and bring out the new ones. there are three new balloons one of them is a hello kitty balloon one of them is an elf on a shelf. you have the kids. maybe you can explain to us lart the elf on a shelf thing. and papa smurf. those are the new balloons people will be excited to see those unveiled. talk about the weather. we have a spectacular day. weather looking good. in fact all across the northeast if you look at the maps beautiful temperatures in the
2:32 am
50s and 60s. a tongue of sunshine. late day rain across parts of oklahoma into missouri and parts of arkansas. 56 degrees in minneapolis. that will be the temperature this morning. by the afternoon dropping off into the 30s. you will see a little bit of snow flying. much colder air will will be moving in across parts of the north eventually. off to the west so much rain and flooding conditions. but that is done. we are going to be looking at a nice day warm conditions across parts of the southwest. patti ann. later on you explain to us. >> we don't actually do that but it is a popular tradition. >> tell santa how your kids are doing. >> genius idea whoever came up
2:33 am
with this. >> holiday is so much more about the food. it is a time to be surrounded by family and friends. we have a special guest helping us out dr. keith ablow is answering questions about how to survive the family drama. >> you can tweet us at fox friends first or dr. ab low will answer the questions late other on in the show. >> a cease fire between israel and hamas appears to be holding. >> wshg with partners across the region to consolidate this progress improve conditions for the people of gaza. provide security for the people of israel. >> hillary clinton announcing the agreement in cairo.
2:34 am
joining us live on the ground is leland. >> happy thanksgiving. it used to be the last stop for soldiers before they were heading off to war to man the hundreds of tanks and armored personnel carriers. now you can see the soldiers laughing smoking having a good time realizing they get the weekend off heading home rather than heading to war. much of southern israel was abandoned a week or so ago. we had hundreds of families leave they headed off to place likes jerusalem and out of the range of the rockettes that had been flying because they thought it was going to get much worse. also people are celebrating their own victory there because there was not a ground invasion. they had press conferences and had mass celebrations there.
2:35 am
it is time to de mobilize troops take the tanks home and as always happens in the mid eels getting ready for the next war it is not a matter of if but when. >> sthooivengs leland. happy thanksgiving to you. i am glad you are safe and sound. time for your 5@5:30. the top five stories making news at this hour. new details are emerging today about the secret burial of osama bin laden. details obtained by the associated press detailed his funeral from off of this ship the uss karl vincent. one e-mail says the deceased body was washed and placed in a white sheet. it was placed in a weighted bag going on to say a military officer read prepared religious remarks which were translate nude arabic by a native speaker. it was placed on a prepared flat board tipped oh up whereupon the
2:36 am
deceased body slid into the sea. his compound was raided in may. >> attorney general eric holder refusing to give congress documents pertaining to this investigation. the justice department called it a political issue and believes the court must let congress and holder resolve it on their own. >> shoppers beware. someone or something is secretly spying on you. >> we are talking about a man can who thank uses facial recognition software to identify your age gender p and race. it can figure out how many people enter a store and how long they shop there. it rolled out and retarryls around the world now hope it helps food sales but many ta it's an invasion of privacy. >> a kidnapping attempt stopped
2:37 am
by a family dog. the mother was home with her 3-year-old daughter when a man and woman broke into the house. they demanded money when the women told her she didn't have any they grabbed the baby and tried to take off. >> (indiscernible). one of our dogs don't let her go through the door. >> the woman forced to turn around the door then she through the baby back at the mom. the attempted kidnapers took off in a brown van. mom and baby are okay this morning. >> a heartwarming homecoming for a soldier and his girlfriend. private first class james dell no and his girlfriend were reunited in phoenix. he was stationed overseas in afghanistan. if that's not enough to make you
2:38 am
smile what happened next surely will. >> will you marry me? >> yes. >> all right. >> he got down on one knee and popped the question. he even asked in sign language since his fiancee is learning to be a sign language interpreter. >> that is your 5@5:30. >> that is so sweet. we love those stories. michael is here with a special block buster weekend. >> map pee thanksgiving to you ainsley. if you are not watching thanksgiving football you might want to watch a movie instead. we have picked out three films that are getting great reviews. >> one of my greatest treasures will be knowing you. in times like these i remember -- >> first op the take on the popular novel life of pi the story of a boy who finds himself
2:39 am
challenged after being stranded at sea with only a bengal tiger at his side. next up a movie for adults, "hitchcock." >> i am an actress first then a wife and mother. >> the biography examines the dushth tore's life during the film "psycho." how his wife helped shape his legacy. then "rise of the guardians". >> we are the sand masters and the tooth fairy, we are the easter bunny. >> they come together for a wild adventure the task of protecting the children on earth from evil threat. >> have you seen any of those? >> it will be a busy weekend for me. >> as americans prepare to give thanks fox checked in with famous faces to see how they are planning to celebrate the day.
2:40 am
>> thankful for turkey. thank you for people who sailed here on the mayflowemayflower. proud to be an american. going to spend thanksgiving with friends and family. >> mom is cooking her famous turkey and dressing a lot of gravy. a lot of cholesterol. >> for all of the latest celebrity buzz check it out at twitter@fox/michael. >> do you get to see your mom? >> we are making reservations this year. >> no cooking for me. we are working you know. >> it is 40 after the hour. still ahead dr. keith ablow is up next answering your questions about how to survive the family drama during the holidays. plus we are still talking turkey this morning. do you really know how to carve one? our next guest sasz he is carve a whole turkey in under a minute. he is sharpening his knife over there. we are going to time him.
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call now! [♪...] >> the antenna that will make the world trade center the country's tallest building is making it's way from new york city. it is making a journal me by boat set to arrive in new jersey sometime next week.
2:44 am
>> super storm sandy not ruining one restaurant. it was forced to close the doors rather than cancel the annual free thanksgiving dinner it will be serving at the first united methodist church at as bury park. it starts at 11:00 a.m. >> oo it is time for our brew on this thanksgiving edition and we all deal with family drama during the halladays. we have an expert to answer your questions on how to survive the awkward family conflicts. we will answer some of the questions you have been e-mailing us. >> good morning. happy thanksgiving to you. >> how do you get over the comments from your mother. i never taught you to make your turkey that way or you are not using the canned cranberry sauce are you? your pumpkin pie isn't quite...
2:45 am
anyway. she is 77. how do you deal with this? >> karen already took step one of dealing with it which is number one to expect it. these comments are going to be left if you are not blind sided by this. on thanksgiving yes with a mother like that dispense with reality. think of her as a kind older woman that you are having over for the holiday that you haven't had all this history with and decide you are going to be gracious. this is about acting not about looking for the truth today on thanksgiving. so you say to her, hey, we are experimenting today. your goal is for everybody at thanksgiving to say what a good mood she was in this thanksgiving even if it isn't true. that is the truth. >> ever since my brother got married his wife refuses to let
2:46 am
him spend the holidays with us. it has left my parents heartbroken. what can we do she asks? oo here's what you can do. you can stop thinking he is that into you. the bottom line it's a very rare thing for a man to be owned and operated to that extent by his wife or vice versa. obviously this man has an issue with the family. he is not turning up for the holidays. i would say look it can't be solved this holiday you are not going to turn things around right now. after the holiday approach him and say you have some resentment toward the family you better get into this because it's hurting our parents. you have to go for the truth on this one. >> melissa writes the men in my family always get into arguments about fantasy football teams. one year a fist fight broke out. >> a lot of questions about whether football is appropriate.
2:47 am
what do you say? >> united another power than you think. they convinced you your house isn't your own you don't set the rules. if i hear any fighting thanksgiving is over i am sending you home. that's the bottom line and mean it. it's your house you set the rules. >> thank you so much. happy thanksgiving to you. >> enjoy the holiday. >> still ahead it is one of the classic sounds of the holidays but one lady is calling the cops on the salvation army bell ringers. can you say bah hum bug? you have cooked the bird but do you know how to carve it? our next guest says he can do it in under a minute. we are going to put him to the
2:48 am
test. >> happy thanksgiving i am not buying that under a minute. john stossel says what he is thankful for. bass pro shop starting early this year. stores are hope today. plus turkey emergency are you having one? a butterball turkey talk line expert to answer your questions. i mail us at fox friends it starts at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. join us then. ine revs ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz winter event is back, with the perfect vehicle that's just right for you, no matter which list you're on. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] lease a 2013 c250 for $349 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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>> nine minutes to the top of the hour. thieves don't want to steal your toyota prius. only one in 206 priuses have been stole insince june.
2:52 am
officials say it's because thieves can't use the parts. they are specifically made for prius priuses. according to farm sanctuary over 1500 turkeys have been taken as pets in the past 26 years. owners say they are infection gnat but are often more work than a cat or a dog. well, cooking the turkey is half of the battle on thanksgiving. the other half is carving it. it is not an easy task. we brought in fairway markets master butcher. this is ray vaniski giving us carving tips this morning. happy thanksgiving to you, ray. >> glad to have you here. >> thank you. >> the grocery store in new york is a fabulous grocery store. weigh want to get to the carving. >> folks at home are watching we don't know how to do it.
2:53 am
>> first you want to let it sit 15-20 minutes so it absorbs the juice back like a sponge. then you want to start with your back legs you open up the back of the turkey and allow the air to get underneath where the bone underneath will cool which will make the breast come off easier in the one piece. take it off on the cutting board and slice it on the grain. >> let it sit a good 15, to minutes. it is still warm you don't want to pierce it with a fork where you let more juice out. you want to be able to pull it apart with your hands. >> put the platter next to you. >> we hate cleaning up messes. if you go right from the turkey to the platter you only handle it once. next thing you know you are done with the cleanup. >> start with the legs you touched on that a bit. >> you want to open up the back and continue to let it cool. you can't let the breast meat cool enough. what you want is piping hot gravy on the table. if the turkey meat is warm, if
2:54 am
it is hot it will run over the piece of meat. >> you are doing this in the kitchen. my uncle carves it on the dining room table and slight meat and start the process. >> we suggest the norman rockwell moment show it' table. the bones are curved and round. take it into the kitchen on a cutting board solid then take it apart slice it up put it back together bring it out to the table and you are good to go. >> you asay no tearing. >> it will come apart because it is cooked. a lot of guys want to pull and rip then you tear the meat apart. light pressure tip of the knife it will come right off. >> now i know that you can carve a turkey in one minute. we talked to dave briggs earlier he's anchoring fox and friends. he says he doesn't believe you can do it. >> have you done it before? >> i have done a lot of turkeys instructional. i have taken time but i have cut millions of pounds of meet.
2:55 am
>> you don't suggest this. >> no because you might cut your finger instead of the turkey. >> are you ready to start? we are going to put the clock up. when are we ready. our producers are going to tell us where to go. megan? go. >> all right. we have got the legs coming off. wow. >> rit at the joint. >> we are all taking notes. >> this is the past way to do it. do not do this at home. >> all of the guys in here are watching, too. matt one of our tabling managers is watching. he will be doing this at his home with his family later. >> do make the mistake a lot of first timers do. take out the inside. >> these are warm salt water rinse it will just up from from the coals and it sticks you don't realize the piece still sticks. >> you have 20 seconds left. >> here we go.
2:56 am
>> 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. >> we give you a high five. >> come in and wash your hands first. >> it is four minutes to the top of the hour. >> stay with us. this turkey is launching it's on protest against thanksgiving. can you figure out our word of the day? stick around. we have the answer. there it is. you know what that is? . progresso. i just finished a bowl of your new light chicken pot pie soup and it's so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... ...lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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bruising, bleeding, or paleness. if you've had enough, ask your dermatologist about enbrel. >> why look at the good, bad and ugly. first good, nfl players giving back to people who need help this thanksgiving. helping to provide food to feed hungry people next the bad. this turkey is spotted along wisconsin walking down highways and crossing intersections. they have never seen anything like it he's pretty good. a new hampshire woman called the salvation army on the bell ringers. she claimed she can't take it she anded them to be relocated and so far they have not been.


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