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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 24, 2012 9:00am-10:00am PST

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fingers crossed it worked itself out. >> it is a good time to have cash. >> and thank you for joining us. i will see you on fox business. week days and the big noon show. i will be there have a great weekend. is egypt headed for a muslim brother take over. that is the fears of morsi crashing in streets of cairo. today's protest are not that high emotions remain raw in prepation of morsi. top judges are calling itun precedent they are calling morsi the modern day favor and fearing that he would be a dictator. i am uma live in washington. america's news head quarters starts right now.
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in response to the opposition in the streets was cairo. the muslim brotherhood is calling for a protest in cairo. they are joining with the latest on the developing story. steve. uma right now we are looking at what could be a show down between morsi and the country's judges here in cairo and others in the country. they say they will sphop work until the new president repeals his thursday decree that gave him the power to issue laws without oversight ask chance of them being over turned by the courts. the judges say he's trying to put himself above the law. it will be interesting to see whether all legal prosecutions come to a halt. numbers are fall down today.
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and numbers large yesterday about 40,000 at their peek and the protest turned violent. one police car set on fire. and protestors are hurling molotov cocktails and the violence in egypt is not limited to cairo police officers of the muslim brotherhood were ran sacked and set on fire. (inaudible) >> we apologize for the technical difficulties from steve who is reporting to us from cairo. and joining us now dr. feres and more on the foul out over the egyptian's move to seize power. welcome. thank you for having me. >> on the heel of the high profile role.
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many are saying that they are surprised by morsies unprecedented power grab and others say no surprise at all. do you agree? >> it is not a surprise for those who understand what the plan and strategies have been and are and will be in the future. it is it a surprise to those in the west who are told by the liberal demdemic government that morsi is the first president in egypt we see right now. it is not just a technical problem over one piece of legislation . this is a triggering point, uma and we see a struggle between the demdemic opposition and authoritiian regime in the making. nand many people warned against electing morsi and knowing that they would impact the nation and witnessing first hand all of the manifesting itself.
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could we see a civil war. >> i don't think we will see a immediate civil war or fight. what we will see is time where by the opposition which is it wide and broad is going to put pressure on morsi to come back and stop the legislation and trying to impose and now it is it led by the judges and we have the lawyers and human rights group and all civil society and morsi will do next week. he will launch his own. they are good at mobilizing many, many people. and to that there will be another sponse by civil forces. >> under mubar ark. >> what the is relationship. >> that is an excellent question and determine a lot of the things in egypt. when morsi became president he moved quickly to lead me call
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it beheading and taking out 80 or 90 of the officers of the army that work with mubarak and work with morsi and he will establish it in the military and the bulk of the military do not like morsi and they know he will transform the army and appoint the officers instead. >> do you think that there is it any leverage here for us to with hold funds if he didn't back down and let it flow friendly? >> that is it a problem. what morsi has done over the past 10 days and sponsored a cease fire agreement between hamas and israel under the aegis of the administration. he is appearing as the guy who is do. >> and washington has a choice. will we have more pressure on morsi f. we do so he may not
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work with us on stabilizing the gaza piece. it is difficult for the administration to deal with. >> on israel and hamas seize fire. do you feel optmistic that it will continue to hold. >> it holds depending on the ibtension of the two sides. they would like to commit to a seize fire. and it is up to hamas and islamic jihad. one is egypt and morsi and he would like to see the seize fire working because he would get support. and the other ally is iran and they may act or demand that their supporter necessary hamas and palestinian would reengage them. >> it is up to them to decide that. >> thank you for joining us with that insight. >> thank you, uma . >> and this news.
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former palestinian leadership yassar arafat's body will be exhumedo. this discovery sparks susthat arafat may have been murdered by israel it is it a charge that israel is denying. he died a month after the sudden illness. >> turmoil in the mideast will be front and center. senator john mccane will talk with chris wallace tomorrow about the seize fire. and -- cease fire. check out your local listing for the time and channel. >> back here they are called door busters for a reason. they are taking advantage of black friday deals and over whelming the enerance of a tulsa, oklahoma victoria secret store. there are mobs and anxious shoppers on the hunt for deals. the crowds in georgia
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reportedly fought for a deal on a cell phone. all of this is part of a kick off to the shopping season. and so with black friday known as the big prize for major retailers. today the spot light falls on the mom and pop stores supporting local stores that are struggling in a tough economy. local retailers are looking for a boost they need. and ther joining us from new york with more on this effort. >> anna. >> hey, there. today is small business saturday and carries more significance. and the northeast is still reeling economically from super storm sandy. we are here in long island and the owner said sandy could not have hit at a worse time. she makes 40 percent of the sales and said it will be impossible to make up the sails and is thankful because
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all of the ventors are letting her delay payment. >> i was in tires actually over that. i was scared. i don't want to lose my credit and good name and repitation. they are sticking by me. >> this business is like your child. >> this is my other home. this is it my other home. >> from staten island to long island ther urging to give back and help neighborhoods devastated by the storm. it is it estimated 100 million people participated in the growing event. and the economic impact and in the 50 billion range and 12 billion in new york city alone and 20 billion. total from lost economic activity and cancelling flights and restaurants not serving meals and casinos not able to take beats. the u.s. small business administration is making loans
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and struggling after super storm sandy and trying to get their hands above water. and we have been on the ground. and get the family to help them get back on the feet as quickly as they can. >> and regardless of the hit, many siness owners have taken the super storm sandy. you will not believe it. they are taking a portion of the profits made on small business is and giving it back. >> a great gesture indeed. let's hope they get everyone out there. thank you, ana. >> black friday shoppers manage tod get one of the earlier starts ever with doorbuster dealos thursday. walmart and target and soars opened on thursday thanksgiving day. and stow if you decided to brave the crowds and go shopping on the holiday and if you did, was it it worth it >>
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tweet the answers and i plan to read those responses later in the hour. >> he created one much television's iconic villians and kept fans entertained and a shoed and cunning tax texas oil man. he played bad boy jr ewing. tributes are prouring in by hagman. and they join us now with a look back at the larger than life tv personality. dom nick. >> hey, uma. it is it a sad loss for the tain tain hagman claimed to be the most famous actor in the world and it was a portrayal of jr ewing that rocketed both him and the soap opi ra to fame. he died due to compliitations with cancer.
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he was 81 with him in his final moments was his relatives and long-time colleague and friend linda grey. and in a statement, she said he brought joy to everybody he knew and creative and jennerous and talented and i will miss him enormously she said. hagman was captain tony nelson on i dream of jenny. and he took serious roles including appearances. and he was in primary colors and repeated ratings got. and working on the latest for tnt in january. and no immediate comments from warner or tnt on how the series would deal with the loss. he leaves behind a wife of 60 years. >> and of course, he leaves behind two children as well. >> and this is it a major television legend. and i know that when the big
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episode of who shot jr. it sent people all over the world woundering and you were in london at the time and there were watch parties to see who was it that actually shot jr? >> just dallas in general on saturday night in my native uk the country stopped and we tuned in and the cliff hanger who killed jr kept us enthralled while we waited to see who shot him. and 54 countries around the world uma took dallas and it was a world phenomenon. and many will be mourning the larry mag man. and the taxing fiscal cliff. corvers are staying that republicaning are folding under pressure. steve forbes joins us.
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>> welcome back. later today investigators are assessing the damage done to buildings near a strip club that exploded yesterday. a national gas explosion leveled the building. 18 people were injured there and first responders had evacuated the building when it exploded. listen up. there is a way law makers can avoid the fiscal cliff. the answer is going to require compromise and may include three tread words. some tax indreeses. if president obama want to go back to the clinton era. he needs to follow president obama's lead that included deregulation and death to obama care. and they are joining us now to
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explain. welcome to have you you here today. >> if president need toz encourage free enterprise or get set for a european style malaise. how so. >> we'll have a recession. he wants clinon era tax rates, okay how about repealing obama care hillary care was reject how about cutting 500 billion from federal spend get it down to the levels how about gen rain deregulation and stabilizing the dollar. and it was almost good as gold. we can live approximate with the tax increases that are coming. and republicans should say we are not going to deal. >> woo are talk being repealing obama care. do you believe at that point
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honestly there is political will do do that? >> i think the republicans how to say in terms of dealing with the president. he won reelection and 230 house members won reelection on the premise of not having tax increases and not bringing in obama care. and people are beginning to realize the massive expenses and regulations and distorting of obama care that obama will do. and so when it goes live in the fall of 2013 it will crush the economy. side track the worst parts now rather than waiting until it smashes the economy. >> there is it a lot of talk republicans caving in to pressure on the tax hikings. gop has to hold firm until intitlements are cut. do you think that will happen? >> i think the republicans should tell the president you
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have been in office four years and you won reelection and you put specifics on the table and how you will feeldeal with the issues. why are the republicans always suppose tod do concessions in advance instead of the white house being a forth coming and true negotiation. republicans should call him on that and if he is notwilling to do what republicans should do. we'll suffer the consequences. but you must put something realistic on the table instead of the junk so i hate to use such a strong word. but idea of massive tax increases in the upper income lemps when it is it still shaky. rescission in europe and jap japan in recession. it just unimaginable that they self inflict the harm on the economy. >> it is it a sobering forecast thank you for joining
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us. >> many viewed the mass shooting in fort hood texas as a home grown terrorism. obama still said it incident of the work place violence. that incredible story coming your way, next d. questions? anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be. tomato soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> welcome back everybody. egypt top judges are condemning president mohamed morsi for granth himself new sweeping. the they calm would morsi's power grab an unprecedented assault on the judiciary. molly has more on that and the other top stories. >> that condemnation is the latest blow to morsi whose decisions set off a storm of protest. demonstrators are clashing
9:27 am
with police in cairo and the muslim brother head is calling for a demonstration to show support for morsi. he was an actor best known for playing the steaming oil barron we loved to hate. larry hagman who played jr ewing on dallas has died. he passed away from complications from cancer. he was 81 years old police in colorado are searching for a man who opened fire on a target in black friday. he to a farm a farm pharmacy and fired the gun. no jackpot for the power ball $325 million. fourth largest in the game's history. drawing is tonight at 10:59 eastern time. and those are the top stories right now.
9:28 am
back to you. $325 million could buy a lot of christmas presents. ni got my tickets, i don't know about you. >> right, thank you. nanding gears now. in the years since the num num attackings. so-call would home grown terrorism plots have sprung up. a new government act looked at how they trained their employees to look at the growing threat. the justice department hasn't identified what topics should be covered in the training. peter doocy has more. >> department of the justice has not identified the topics that should be covered. state and local partners about countering violent extremism and due to the ever changing face of threats in america. stus an colins said that is dangerous. and points out the administration still refers to the 2009 shooting in texas as
9:29 am
work place violence. and colins commission notes that al-qaida is identified as the prep imminent terrorist threat to the united states. and 2010 violent islamic extremist are known to radicalize in north america. and 80 percent of those extremist began the radicalization after num num. >> and in order for us to counter this threat and better understand its roots and how it may develop among certain people in our country. we have to willing to name the threat and understand it in order to counter it and in order to devise effective strategies and counter one of the greatest threats that our nation still faces. >> despite the justice issues. the department of the scort
9:30 am
scort department of the scort home land security is finding the best training and the report recommends that the doj need toz figure out what to share. thank you very much. right now president obama is expected to meet with congressional leaders next week about the dreaded fiscal cliff. leaders from the white house and congress are calling for a prelimary meeting and call constructsive so they can find an answer before everyone's taxes go up. we are joined by ben ferguson and mark lavine. thank you for joining us here on the holiday weekend. >> thank you, uma. nconservatives are blastinglet
9:31 am
gop law makers who may be caving in on the issue of tax hikings. how do you see this shaping up? >> it is going to be a big fight. we have a lot of people saying we will nomit raise taxes on the conservative side and they are realizing there is it bipartisan support to get something done. and if you come in the negotiating room with extremes of we are not going to move. it hurts americans so what you are seeing now. you see them saying, hey, we'll look at possibly raising taxs and got to figure out how to do it many of them ran and said i will not raise taxes if you vote for me. and the fiscal cliff is going to have to take people getting in a room and saying together. we are going to work on a solution. we are both going to do things we don't want to do. but they have to do it and the american people continue. >> mark there is it a stand off underway as we talked to
9:32 am
our viewers about. the president has a mandate based on his reelection. and the members of the house believe that they have a man date basod the fact they control the house. how do you see the stand off shaping up as we get down to the wire? >> i agree with ben it is time for compromise and based on what the american people voted for it is important to point out not only they elect president obama and three-quarters of the senate seats went to democrats. but they voted for democrats in the house and only due to drawing of the district lines that they control the house. obama's plan to keep the taxes low bush tax cuts and obama tax cuts. to keep it low. i think it should be agreed to right along the wape discuss whether or not the millionaires should pay the clin ribiton tax rates. millionaires themselves n and polls show they need to pay more taxes and percent of the
9:33 am
americans believe they need more taxes and lowest tax necessary 80 years and we have a high deficit. they can afford to pay more. >> the fact is, many republicans are saying okay. we want to talk about taxes. let's also take a look at entitlements and speppeding cuts and so far, the white house hasn't put forward anything on paper that they are willing to discuss. >> that is one of the hardcore issues here. there is an idea coming from the democrats we are going to raise taxs and off set it by raising taxings. we have a staggering economy and unemployment and we'll hit 50 million americans on food stamps and no end for that number to constantly grow even as unemployment rates went down. we are adding to people on food stamps which doesn't make sense. how do youriform these things? and at the same time not just say we'll raise taxs and
9:34 am
continue to spend money we don't have. look at the white house. they are borrowing 47 cents of every dollar spent in the budget this year. it is it not going to work and they will have to give and we'll go after the rich and take their mon yeby the way. it is the wealthy people who create jobs and businesss and not poor people. >> mark, you see a give on the demdemic side when it come to entitlements that need addressed? >> someone has to pay for the bush war in iraq and recession and the idea. >> that is it nothing compared to. >> take those food stamps away and instead of a gold coin from ebneasar scrooge. and i think one thing to agree on. ass president obama put that is signed by the senate and signed by obama and we make
9:35 am
sure 98 percent of the americans everyone wherns 250,000 or less will not give away a dime. >> just on entitlementings. let me stay. there are thing to say on entitlements and one thing for example, everybody pays the fair share. >> we are. >> what is your definition of fair. >> gentlemen, we are running out of time. ben, you have the last word. nand it is the idea that people who are paying the majority of taxes are not paying their fair share. what is the definition of fair share? if i am paying at 35 percent and someone who is making $50,000 is not paying close to that. how is someone who is not wealthy not paying their fair share. >> it is up one percent of the wage easterners. >> and the clock is ticking on our end and taxpayers watching
9:36 am
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>> in case you are wondering, the experiment paid off. first retailer started holiday shop doing that spread out the crowd asks drew in totally new shorps and that means more will do it again next year. holiday sales are expected to be up near than four percent. but the challenge will be keeping it going after cyber monday. allen davis is joining us with
9:41 am
more on what we are seeing this holiday weekend. having sales on thanksgiving day is turning out to be a big pay day. nit may be going like to the movies it is it a answer. retailers open at eight or 10 p.m. or midnight. we saw a lot of crowds and families out shop many more young people than when they opened at four o'clock or six o'clock. nbig doon to them. ntwo years ago. midnight was the new six o'clock and last year retailers experimented with 10 and now o'clock. you could see it continue. >> they are respecting great sales. but i find it interesting and you k did, too with the items that are purchased and not
9:42 am
part of the christmas list. >> we saw dyson vacumes and electronic tooth brushes. they might be a splurge but practical and not necessarily a luxury. nand yet, it is believed that many families are going to spin on the average 700 on christmas gifts. that is it a high number for familyings. >> it is it a high number and families are saving up. $750 is a lot of money to the average family and this is an important time of year for people. gifts and foods and cars and flowers and that adds up in the holiday season. for retailers, see 25 or 45 percent of the sales that is important in the industry. >> cyber monday is a big deal. >> it is a very big deal. we run a site that features deals from 850.
9:43 am
and you will see percentage in shopping and great deals on electronics. >> big deal is go out and shop everybody. >> thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> there will be more diversity on the vatican. details coming your way, next.
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9:47 am
welcome back. pope john paul ii will be crowning a new prince in the catholic church today. one of the interesting thing is where the men come lauren green has more on the story. >> we know one of the important observations about the six new members of the college of cardinals. they are neither european or italian which has formed the traditional make up of the group. new cardinals were elevated in a ceremon nest. peteras bakillica. from lebanon and nigeria and fill feigns. the pope is expanding the cardinal hierarchy in the area where the church is growing in the global south. >> it is asia and latin america and the number of people that he's bringing into
9:48 am
the college of cardinalings. i don't think it is a waking away from europe. he definitely appointed a lot of europeans several months ago. i think this is rectifying that balance. nand it is it also of interest how soon after the last elevation took place, not even a year. with the new cardinals, it keeps the number at required 120 voting age and eligible to choose the next pope in the next conclave. >> we have no indication that the pop is in anything but good health. but the same time 85 is 85. he wants the college of cardinals to be in full staff going forward. there is it a bit of controversy about the lion american in the group of cardinals. cardinal harvey. he was in charge of the papal
9:49 am
household for the last several years and he was the superior of the forevermore butler who is serving an 18 month prison sentence in a vatican jail. it is seen as a lateral move away from the pope's inner circle. >> thank you very much. >> sure. >> and here is it a fun fact. did you know that barry gibg was a influential song writer. get this. he teamed up with country musician rick i skaggs on a new song and skaggs is going strong on the latest gig. coming up. ♪ for the lowest price.
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>> check out the dangs chihuahua. he is a sensation. he was dancing after the thanksgiving meal. he wanted a taste of the turkey on the counter x. and in glendale, california got a shock as a camel ran down the street. he had escaped from the circus tent. okay, accord toth national
9:54 am
retail federation. holiday sales are expected to rise four percent that is one of the earliest starts ever. some stores hoped on thanksgiving day. we anded you if you went if it was worth it. lane said it is it a crazy world out there and i shop on line. >> jp said he chose not to shop because all stores should be closed on thanksgiving, christmas and eastern and need more family time. >> she said after the crowds and only at a fun of just being together. >> we got a lot of responses on that one. thank you for sharing. >> keep it right here. more america's news head quarters coming your way after the break. >> 14 grammies and he's not done yet. ricky skags and a new album out and enlisted the great barry gibbs. i sat down with rick i and
9:55 am
anded him about the new project. >> it is it great to see you. i know noso many people love your music and you are a legend and got the pioneer award from the academy of country music. that must have been an honor for you. >> it was a great honor and i guess when you get older and get gray headed. people start to give you award i was tharchingful to get that award. we had a great run in the 80s and early 90s and started my own record label in 1997 kind of came back to grass which is it my roots and i loved it so much. nand it is not over yet because you have a new album out and focusing on the blue grass routes and you partnered up with someone who you find unusual with barry gibbs. ♪
9:56 am
that is right. a beegee. i tell him it was for blue grass and he loves the blue grass music and all of his brothers are passed away and gone he just really want to do different things than he's done in the past. there is so much more about barry gibbs than saturday night fever. he is a deep, deep writer and probably the second most grossing song writer in the whole world is barry gibbs. >> and he loves country music and an amazing talent and tell us about the album and why it is so special and why you want to go back to the roots. >> bill monroe passed away in 1996 and i felt a calling to my roots and was blue grass and has been all of my life. i played blue grass in kentucky where i am from.
9:57 am
and my dad bought me a mandalin. and when he passed away, i wanted to come back and be able to be a leader, try to encourage young people in the music. there is so much great stuff about blue grass music to me. it is it the purest form of country music and legends like doc watson and stanley brothers and scrugings and people like that. i always tried to honor those men and legacy carrying on the tradition. >> do you see a resurgance with the young people who are bucking fans was blue grass? >> absolutely. we see young girls and boys. 12 and 15 and 18 years old bringing for identificationles and bangos and they are on the front row watching. i have a young man that i travel with. kentucky thunder and they have a bunch of young followers and
9:58 am
it is it great to be the old man in the band and try to keep up with them. and nickel creek and alicon. they played a great role in encouraging young people to playlet music. >> that is it world champion. >> you may be the older guy in the group, but you are young at heart. nand tharching you soap much for joining us honor one request. can you play us out to the break with your special song. >> i sure with. nothing beats the fam fament music to my earings. my new record. >> wonderful. ♪ ♪ ♪ i was born on a saturday morn. ♪ ♪ and they gave me a name. ♪ said he's got his daddy's hands. note and his mommy's eyes. ♪ ooh another link in the
9:59 am
chain. note everybody came. ♪ nothing beats a family. note ♪ ♪ no nothing beats the family. you can look around and you will see. ♪ nothing beats a family. ♪ ♪ ♪ grew a little and thought i knew a lot. ♪ more than anyone. ♪ ooh more than anyone. ♪ i left them in my dust. ♪ and while i bent their trust. ♪ ooh like a prodigal song. ♪ even after you run.


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