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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 25, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm PST

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nest," debuted in 1975. i want to thank our inmates, our panel and i'm jon scott. thanks for watching. keep it righthththththt ... 4. >> gregg: hello, i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new hour. >> heather: topping the news for this hour, after weeks of weathering criticism over the way she characterized the deadly benghazi attack. they appeared to soften their stance against susan rice's chances of becoming the attack. >> plus a shocking admission from the law enforcement team that investigated the casey anthony's case. how could the sheriffs missed
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this evidence? >> heather: hour legal panel weighs in on teen convicted of manslaughter. he has to serve time but not behind bars but instead behind stained glass. >> gregg: first we begin with a fox news alert. new word on deadly attack on the headquarters of egypt's muslim brotherhood. the party of egyptian president mohammed morsi as he agrees to new talks about over his controversial decision to grant himself sweeping new powers. steve harrigan is streaming live from care row. what can you tell us. >> details of the offices of the muslim brotherhood. attack happened about 70 miles outside of cairo. one of the regional offices. one person killed in the attack, 60 wounded.
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here in cairo security forces skirmishes continues you can hear sirens and ambulances as well as tear gas is popped off as several thousand protestors are demonstrating to show their unhappiness. >> gregg: will morsi plan on meeting the judges tomorrow and what will they be talking about? >> as you know the judges across the country have threatened to go out on strike over this power grab by the egyptian president. there has been a meeting scheduled for tomorrow between morrisi and the judges no word of a cancellation. it could be an attempt by the egyptian president to reach out to opponents trying to draw black from the violence that has escalated. what we are waiting for as far as the demonstrations, when pro and anti-people on the ground will try and march.
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we'll get a gauge of their numbers to see how strong they are. right now opposition figures say they will be no dialogue with the egyptian president until he revokes the decree. >> gregg: give us a sense of the number of people and how long they plan on being there? >> you can see the tents, they plan to be there for some time. a few people out in tahrir square behind me. but the real action is occurring in the side streets. that is where the younger more aggressive protestors are really going at it with security forces most likely out of the political beliefs but others for shear entertainment. it's the third night in a low between street battles between young egyptians and the security forces. >> gregg: steve harrigan, thanks very much. >> heather: new reaction from
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u.s. lawmakers to the developing situation in egypt. national correspondent steve centanni joins us live with more on that angle? >> u.s. lawmakers are looking at the moves by the egyptian president with a good deal of wariness not sure what it will take. violent clashes continue in cairo with the tear gas against demonstrators opposed to their president. he at home. senator john mccain if they take a more authoritarian turn they could pay a price. >> this is not acceptable. this is not what the united states and taxpayers expect and our dollars will be directly related to the progress towards democracy which he promised the people of egypt when you were elected president. >> reporter: now the egyptian
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president is putting himself above zwrui additional oversight they stressed the move was only temporary designed to hold people accountable in the previous regime but nevertheless democrats are nervous. one leading senator was asked what message should obama give the egyptian leader. >> he has to express those concerns and say obviously we wanted this change to be not just democratic but also be supportive of stability and also minorities and human rights in egypt. >> reporter: with the danger of instability the egyptian stock market was down more than 9%. >> heather: thank you very much. >> gregg: new york con man peter king announced he will be stepping down from the committee.
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he is obligated to step down because of term limits self-imposed by the republican party as chairman he helped ensure that new york received crucial federal funding to help combat terrorism. his replacement is not yet announced. he will devote to his new time as the homeland's panel of counterterrorism subcommittee. in an exclusive fox news sunday interview, senator john mccain weighing in on the debated of susan rice's potential nomination as the next secretary of state. rice has come under fire of her earlier explanation on the attack in benghazi, libya. senator mccain says he is willing to give rice an opportunity to explain herself. take a listen. there anything tt ambassador rice could do? >> sure. we give everyone the benefit of explaining that their position and the actions she took.
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i would be glad to have the opportunity to discuss these issues with her. >> chris: you are saying she could conceivably get your vote for secretary of state? >> i think she deserves the ability and the opportunity to explain herself and her position just as she said. he is not the problem. the the problem is the president of united states. >> gregg: republican senator lindsay graham joined him calling for answers. he also said ambassador rice deserves another chance to defend herself. you can watch the exclusive interview beginning tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern only on the fox news channel. >> heather: to another developing situation in the mideast. cease-fire could be jeopardized just days after it was put in place. israel reported that it has spotted an iranian ship bound for gaza. a threat that an israeli source would end the cease-fire deal.
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david lee miller has more from jerusalem. >> reporter: new iranian weapons could be on their way to to gaza for use by militants. an israeli spy satellite spotted cargo being loaded on a ship including rockets. the israeli military is believed to have destroyed much of the stockpiles in gaza during the conflict. the report cites israeli intelligence sources says the weapons shipment will be escorted by an iranian warship. israel says it will destroy any weapons headed to gaza and the cargo ship may contain longer range ballistic missiles. hamas leadership says with the help of iran will continue to rebuild its arsenal. workers in gaza are now rebuilding tunnels two-thirds of which were destroyed by israeli
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air strikes. according to iran's news agency he called hamas prime minister to congratulate him on a great victory. he said we stand by the palestinian people. and it's not just religion leaders they are supporting the cease-fire. violating the truce would be a sin. >> gregg: a church in nigeria obliterated in twin car bombings. first explosion happening right after a service at a church today. second minutes later and no word opposes casualties as yet. blast taking place home to a major military facility. nobody has claimed responsibility for the attack but it comes two days after a military task force announced a $1.8 million reward for information leading to the arrest of top members of a radical islamic sect.
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>> heather: shocking admission from a florida sheriff. case kaylee's anthony's death, her mother was acquitted. they say they overlooked a crucial clue. it was made from the 2-year-old's home the last day she was seen alive. it's not clear who performed the search. tv station it was done a browser used by casey anthony. >> gregg: let's go across the pond down towards triggering widespread flooding in england. roads and railways in the southbeen part of the company and 32 people have died in the storms. british prime minister promising
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help as heavy rain and wind leave thousands without electricity. >> we're talking about more storms expected to impact that area right around england. we could be looking at more devastating floods. our heart goes out to those people. in our country significant storms coming up in the next couple of days. for today, the weather pattern is pretty quiet out across the lower 48. we do have some lake effect snow and significant accumulations as specifically in plateau where a foot of snow will be possible through tomorrow morning. snow down by lake erie. the weeks head southeast, texas and oklahoma and portions of arkansas very quiet. you have been enjoying beautiful weather, temperatures are very pleasant but we do have a storm further off to the west. this is the system that we will
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be tracking over the next two days producing light snow over northern parts of the rockies and wyoming and even portions of the plains in nebraska and south dakota. anywhere from three to six inches, nothing too bad but that storm is going to head southeastward and bringing in widespread areas of rainfall from texas and louisiana. in the southeast but in louisiana and southern parts of arkansas we won't have the possibility of some of the rainfall come in the thunderstorm thunderstorms that could plow severe weather, large hail and damaging winds. even some isolated tornadoes could be possible. if you live out in austin, north of houston and into alexandria, please be safe as we go through the nighttime hours. by 6:00 p.m. monday, we'll be seeing areas spreading as far as north, kentucky, tennessee throughout the state of mississippi.
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like we just mentioned, the storms misled off to the west and iron portions of texas. it could be a bit of a commute back home as you kick off to work tomorrow. by tuesday the storm system is going to track more towards northeast. the air up here is going to be cold enough where we could see significant precipitation in the form of snowfall. pretty far south, eastern parts of kentucky, state of west virginia and northern portions of mid-atlantic we could be seeing accumulations, snowfall throughout tuesday morning as we head out to door tuesday morning it could be a bit of mess. a quick shot by 6:00 p.m. tuesday we think the worst will be over with. most of the precipitation should be offshore and dry things out by 6:00 p.m. on tuesday for tuesday evening. current temperatures, very warm in texas in the 70s. 56 in kansas city but in portions of the midwest, 30s and
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39 in new york city. high temperatures for tomorrow very cold. minneapolis, 19 tomorrow. bundle up. >> gregg: don't want to be in minneapolis tomorrow. >> death toll in england three people have lost their lives in severe storms. more coming up. >> heather: also ahead, massive gas explosion. why the state fire marshall says human error played a role in the blast. >> nobody hit it big in the powerball drawing and wednesday's jackpot. how much you could potentially win, you'll be sitting on easy street. >> heather: or a beach somewhere. >> plus, charities hoping that americans will extend generosity this holiday season. no ways to give and rope. we'll break those down with you
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straight ahead. >> every charity is suffering because there is so much need and not enough dollars to go around. >> to be able to help other people because we thought we were hurt bad but other people are hurt bad. so it makes me feel good to help other people. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of all day pain relief. this season, discover aleve. all day pain relief with just two pills.
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.... >> heather: welcome back. massachusetts fire marshal saying a gas company worker punctured a pipe that led to a massive explosion in springfield. unidentified worker was part of the team responding to reports of a gas leak in the area. >> new york governor saying that the state has secured a $27 million federal grant. it will be used to put more than 5,000 unemployed new yorkers to work helping with hurricane sandy cleanup. >> pope benedict xvi elevating six new cardinals. all six are non-europeans and join the group that will one day choose the pope's successor. >> gregg: you've heard of black friday, small business saturday and cyber tomorrow, now there is a group of charities looking to kick off a national day of giving. it's appropriately called giving tuesday. whether you observe tuesday or not as a giver, many of us this
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time of year make charitable donations. is there a right way a or wrong way to go about doing this? joining us is brenda buttner anchor of "bulls and bears." you better do it the next 35 days? >> this is one of big igest tax deductions out there. it's about $158 billion. the cost to the federal government, 37 million tax returns, lots of people do it. it's on the table though for the fiscal cliff to be eliminated or to be capped. >> gregg: it could go away january. it could be capped or thrown away entirely. talk to us about some of the best ways to give at the same time helping yourself with a tax deduction. >> first of all americans are generous.
1:21 pm
2% of their income they give regardless. revenues are down because we have been through a recession. but they continue to give. it's that generosity of spirit that we continue to see through sandy and all the rest. there are a couple of things you have to know. you have to itemize on your tax return. it has to go to a qualified nonprofit. if you are giving food to people that need it you can't deduct that because it's to an individual, it has to be a qualified nonprofit. you need a receipt if are giving away $250 or more. if it is over $5,000 you need an appraisal. you need to consider the fair market value. if you are giving away clothes, it's not like what you paid for what they are basically worth. you can get receipts for stuff and money. there is a lot of different ways
1:22 pm
to do it. >> gregg: i took a bunch of stuff to salvation army and filled out a receipt. it's very easy to do. are there some myths about the deductions. >> the main one you can give away a grand piano, what you paid for it, $50,000, you can't deduct what you paid for it. you have to have receipts. that is important thing. you did the right thing there. >> gregg: there are some great charities. we all know the catholic charities, for example. the red cross, but there are local charities and if you don't really have that, you can give your time? >> absolutely. that is what it is all about. ing on their website, different charities are involved. it's very easy to donate. also places you can volunteer.
1:23 pm
that is takes away the empty feeling as your wallet is getting empty over the holiday season. >> gregg: my kids do a midnight run and make sandwiches and take them to homeless folks. catch brenda every saturday morning, 10:00 a.m. right here on the fox news channel. >> heather: hundreds of millions of ways to spread a lot of holiday cheer, powerball jackpot it's a record 425 million dollars. that the largest jackpot ever. anna is live from new york city. i want to know if you bought a ticket? >> i did. i bought two today. $425 million it could go even higher. typically before record sales,
1:24 pm
you have a big spike in ticket sales. i hit the streets of manhattan to see what holiday shoppers they would scoop up if they win big. >> i got the winning ticket. >> reporter: so you will take your kids to the zoo? >> buy a house on the beach some where. >> dpif me hundred dollar, $20, win the jackpot. >> how come you decided to play today? >> he mentioned the price and said why not. >> what would you do if you won? >> i'm not quite sure, anything and everything. >> reporter: big bucks, hook it up. you got to give me the winning ticket here. this is the last time you'll see me on camera. >> what could $425 million pay for. according to the fox news brain room, run the federal government
1:25 pm
about an hour and of 3 one thousands of our national debt. every ticket holder seems to be lucky? >> i only play one it only takes one to win. >> i would take the money and buy junk with it. i would do something for humanity? >> your odds of winning the jackpot is one in 175 million. the last time there was powerball win. the worker in lincoln, nebraska won $365 million. >> heather: what would do you if you won that money? >> i don't think i would quit. i always ask your question. if i had a million dollars, we would eat kraft dinner. >> kraft dinner macaroni cheese in the box.
1:26 pm
thank you very much. >> gregg: i still like spam and now they make spam light and in different flavors and stuff. i'm a spam kind of guy. fast approaching fiscal cliff could push unemployment even higher. whether some business owners could be forced in place a hiring freeze. >> and republicans promising a post election overhaul in the nation's broken immigration system. could it backfire with voters? our political panel is here to weigh in. think spam. >> i think we need a bigger thing and we need immigration reform. there is no doubt whatsoever the demographics are not on our side. [ timers ringing ]
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>>. >> gregg: bottom of the hour, top of the news, egypt's stock market taking a dive amid mass demonstrations, thousands of egyptians are protesting president morsi's power grab. weather is giving holiday travelers another reason to be thankful. few airports are reporting any delays. big crowds. tomorrow is cyber monday, retailers are hoping to lure holiday shoppers to their website with the promise of deep discounts. americans are expected to spend $1.5 billion online tomorrow. >> heather: republican leaders making it clear after the election that their party is getting serious about overhauling the nation's dysfunctional immigration system but sweeping reform might be sidelined because of more urgent issues. could that have a political fallout for the g.o.p. from
1:32 pm
hispanic voters? let's bring in our political panel, matt is a consultant and margie is principal at clifton consulting. the president actually had huge majorities in the house but he failed to act immigration prior to this last election. why should we expect progress on immigration this time around with a divided house and senate? >> the difference is now we have got a political will needed by the republican party. it was very different environment. this is really going to require energy by both democrats and republicans to make it happen. what has happened in the second election cycle we've seen the rising tide of latino voters that is going to get greater. republicans have realized if they don't get latino voters in
1:33 pm
the coming election they won't have any hope. what we do know the latino voters, immigration reform is number one on the list. >> heather: matt, what do you think? >> i agree with marjorie. i hope the president shows presidential leadership. it will be up to him to move to democrats to actually bring a vote up to in the senate. i believe that john boehner is ready to work with them. address the higher immigration immigrants. we need engineers and doctors in this country. right now our policy is shipping here to be educated and then back home. >> heather: and they did make it clear after the election they were ready to get serious about overhauling the nation's immigration system, republicans, that is, and top priority for hispanics. so is taking up the stems jobs
1:34 pm
act in the lame duck session a first step in that direction. >> if you remember the great movie what about bob? the way to successfully rehabilitated go yourself was baby steps. what this congress and this president i believe need to do is taking baby steps together. i think the stem act is something that most people in congress and most people in the country agree on. i hope they can come together to get this done. >> heather: do you think they will come together and that part of immigration reform a small step will pass? >> i think they have to come together. whether you piecemeal it or do an overhaul. you can't piecemeal and get it done. there is a lot of debates about this. key thing this is biggest fiscal issue of our time, comprehensive immigration reform, pass citizenship and pass
1:35 pm
legalization for the workers could mean $1.6 trillion to the g.d.p. over ten years. just talking to construction owners and restaurant owners the price of houses alone would go up 30% without this migrant labor we really need. i think it's going to require a full overhaul and not piecemeal effect. >> heather: majority voters have consistently supported a welcoming immigration policy. this is a poll we found support for welcoming immigration policy comes from 60% of republicans, 60% of democrats and 55 of those not affiliated with either major party. rasmussen also added that people that are angry about immigration they aren't angry at the immigrants but angry at the federal government. finally do you think at this point people have come to expect
1:36 pm
the gridlock, that will continue? >> unfortunately yes, but there is political will to get this done. we have seen the power of the latino voters and it does rely on this congress. we don't have as many tea party members that were putting a block in place to this anymore. now, we have a makeup of a congress that knows there is an america behind this. >> we need the president to bring this comprehensive bill up and drive his party to take a stance on this issue. he didn't do it when he had full control of the house and senate. he could have done it in the first years. he chose not to. he is not up for reelection again. i hope she shows leadership this time. >> heather: thank you both for joining us. we appreciate it. >> gregg: an oklahoma teenager sentenced to serve time after a drunk driving accident killed one of his friends, but he won't be carrying out his sentence in
1:37 pm
prison. what the judge is ordering him to do that has the aclu very upset. and a pickup driver, truck driver finding himself trapped dangling above a freeway. how rescueers managed to get him out of this dangerous situation. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with verizon.
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>>. >> heather: an amazing rescue in oregon. a pickup truck dangling over an overpass. take a look. fortunately the driver and his rear axle snagged and that kept him from falling. witnesses describe the tense scene.
1:42 pm
>> his face was head down into the air bag. oh, my god, did he die or pass out. it wasn't until later that i started driving away he was trying to move. >> heather: the firefighters managed to pluck the driver from the truck using a ladder with a basket. he can be seen here, this is an old mugshot. he was arrested for a d.u.i.. he has been for driving with a revoked license. >> gregg: did you hear about this? a 17-year-old in oklahoma found guilty of first degree manslaughter after a drunk driving accident killed one of his friends. as punishment instead of ten years behind bars, the judge sentenced tyler to a decade of attending church. well, predictably the aclu is blasting that decision as
1:43 pm
unconstitutional. let's bring former defense attorney and trial attorney kirsten wilson. let's begin with the basics. we'll put up the firstndment. congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of a religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. now, as drafted, it only applied to congress but supreme court, you know what the founders meant it to apply to any government action, state or local. a judge is an arm of the government by forcing on kid to the church does he breach the first amendment? >> absolutely. case law based on the first amendment specifically says state action including the court and any sort of coercive environment, sentencing somebody and giving them the option to
1:44 pm
going to church or prison and involves religion, it is. >> it's a plea agreement. i have stated in one of the articles that i read, the parents and this juvenile were adults. they agreed to it. he is not being forced to practice a particular religion. >> gregg: even a judge, his name is mike norman, his sentence violates the constitution. let's put it up on the screen, quote, both families were satisfied with the decision meaning the victim's family and the defendant. i talked to the district attorney before i passed sentence. i did what i felt i needed to do. there is an enormous amount of compassion in this thing. if the defendant as well as the victim's family, everybody graes agrees to it. what is the problem? >> the problem is there is a
1:45 pm
judge who is using his discretion when he is going to stick with the constitution and when he is not. certainly nobody is saying a deferred sentence under these circumstances isn't an inappropriate sentence. these kids were friends. as they said at the sentencing hearing, no reason to destroy two lives. but instead of giving him some other options but conditions of the sentence are those types of options to make sure he stays on the right path. substance abuse, finishing high school, getting his welding degree. there are things built in to ensure he stays on the right track. >> gregg: i wonder if the judge is overstate wagon he did in the agreement by the defendant. i'm not sure that the defendant really voluntarily agreed to this. if you are standing in front of a judge and you are looking at ten years at the big house, ten years in a stained glass church
1:46 pm
seems really good. isn't there a measure of coercion here? >> one of the things they come up with an appropriate sentence they look at pre-sentence investigation report. i'm sure there is something in the defendant's pre-sentence investigation report that indicates this is something that will help in rehabilitating him. it probably is fitting his life. i think he goes to church anyway >> molly: he does. now, he is definitely going to go. aclu, they don't have standing to sue? >> they don't. it's been done in other cases, i believe in alabama, where they together judicial conduct committee and doing a censure against the judge because this is the first time the judge has done this. >> gregg: the judge is sworn under oath to uphold the
1:47 pm
constitution and even he admits what he did probably violates the constitution. he could be sanctioned or removed, couldn't he? >> he could not base his decision, i don't think anyone is going to appeal. he does have an obligation to uphold the constitution. >> gregg: i do applaud him for his immense sense of compassion for this young man who is brokenhearted over what he did. kesha and kirsten, thank you so much. >> heather: coming up, we have seen an uptake in high profile labor disputes. what is behind it and does it indicate some larger shift underway? we'll have a fair and balanced debate up next. from capital one, thor gets great rewards for his small business! your boa! [ garth ] thor's small business earns double miles on every purchase, every day! ahh, the new fabrics.
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>>. >> heather: less than a month after election day, when several pro labor candidates came out on top, we have seen tens of thousands of workers more emboldened than ever. the showdown between walmart and some of the workers are not even members of a union. they are backed by outside
1:52 pm
groups when they walked off the job on black friday. they are not the only ones standing up to management. what is really behind this sudden spike in labor activity? is it here to stay? joining us mary walter and garland nixon. thank you for joining us. mary, what do you think is behind the rise in the number of protests we're seeing? >> i think the unions is behind the rise in the number of protests. those were not walmart workers on the picket line, those are paid members of the uscw who is out there protesting. walmart has voted more than once as to whether to unionize or not and they have been voted down. they don't want to unionize, this is nothing about what workers' best interests, this is what big unions' best interests and it's about money and getting more people to pay dues. >> heather:. number of union work stoppages.
1:53 pm
it reached an low 5 and then rose to 13 of this year and following the election it has risen to more. are unions overconfident at this point? >> i don't think they are overconfident. this is actually what we are looking at income inequality. look at walmart as an example. here is a company that made $16 billion in 2011. their average employee makes $8.891. their employees are on food stamps. the employees are the one that are getting tired of it. if you look at sutter health, they made $4.2 billion over the last seven years. they want to cut benefits. why should the employees give up benefits to a company that has averaged $500 million a year. people are tired of it and they are fighting back.
1:54 pm
>> heather: mary? >> here is the thing. we talk about this on friday on radio. i spoke to a union guy. here the deal. if the unions are so fantastic and unions have so much to offer why is it joining a union voluntary. they could come in and you can join but you don't have to. and those that don't join the unions can see the benefits. why are people are forced to join? he couldn't answer the question. this is not about the workers. if walmart wanted to unionize the workers would have voted to unionize and the fact is they voted not to. >> heather: can you answer that question? >> sure. walmart is putting a beat down on the employees that are fighting back. the ones that are protesting. the bottom line is that employees, if they only have the option to join one at a time are going to face retaliation, you
1:55 pm
have to open it for everyone otherwise they will degrade the employees that are trying to join. >> heather: i do have to say, if you are walmart's behalf, they say the fact, this is a quote from walmart spokeswoman, pay and benefit plans are as good or better than our retail competitors including those that are iranized. >> they offer a choice of several health plans, they offer a stock option plan so if workers would like to partake in the benefits of walmart and profits they can invest in stock like any other shareholder. that is better than most companies give you. no one forces to work for walmart. >> these people are on food stamps. how in the world can they invest in stock? >> if you don't like it go somewhere else. if you don't have a skill set
1:56 pm
that enables to make more than minimum wage, maybe it's time to improve your skills. that is not going to change no matter where you go. paying someone $20 an hour to sweep a floor is ridiculous. if you don't like it, leave. it's very simple. >> heather: last word. >> they can't go anywhere else. walmart comes to town and closes all the other businesses out. >> heather: way tonight come down hard on walmart, but it's about unions and whether or not we will see more of these protests as we head into the next administration. thank you both for joining us. >> gregg: violence escalating in egypt. we'll have a live report. is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release.
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dealer sneer dealer
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>> welcome to inside america's news headquarters. >>gregg: fox news now confirming protests have turned deadly in egypt. anger over president morsi's power grab intensifies with a live report. >>heather: a top voice in congress is stepping down as other key leaders that keep our country safe head for the door. our panel weighs in on who could fill the void. >> an outbreak in america, where
2:01 pm
there has been a major spike in chicken pox and whether it could spread. >> up first, general john mccain speaking out about u.n. ambassador susan rice's potential nomination as the next secretary of state. rice has come underfire from john mccain and other lawmakers for early remarks about the attack in libya which turned out to be false. while appearing on fox news sunday, senator john mccain said he would be willing to an opportunity to explain her position. listen. >> is there anything that ambassador rice can do to change your mind? >> sure, she can, i give everyone the benefit of explaining their position and the actions they took. i will be glad to have the opportunity to discuss the issues with her. >>chris: you are saying she could conceivably get your vote for secretary of state? >> she deserves the ability to explain her position.
2:02 pm
she is not the problem. the problem is the president of the united states. >>heather: republican senator graham joined senator john mccain saying ambassador rise deserves another chance to defend her remarks on the benghazi attack. >>gregg: the official timeline on benghazi attacks, september 14, white house spokesman carney says that the united states has no evidence that the attack was planned. september 16, u.n. ambassador susan rice appears on five sunday talk shows saying the assault was not premeditated. accept 19, white house spokesman carney reiterated the administration belief that the attack was the result of protests. that same day, though, a united states counterterrorism official describes the incident as a terrorist attack on our embassy. accept 26, secretary of state, hillary clinton becomes the highest ranking administration
2:03 pm
official to link the attacks with al qaeda. you can see john mccain interview tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern, only on the fox news channel. >>heather: and now from egypt, a teen member of the muslim brotherhood killed in a deadly attack on the headquarters near cairo. this is the party of the egypt's president morsi face unrest after a decision granting himself sweeping new powers. and now, streaming live from cairo, steve, what can you tell us about his planned meeting on monday with his opponent? >>reporter: there are signs that president morsi is trying to reach out to the opponents and will meet on monday with chief justices here in cairo. judges across the country have gone on strike since president morsi's decrease putting himself above the court. he is trying to reach out to the
2:04 pm
judges perhaps some time to move toward compromise by the president but talks with the opposition leaders with opposition figures still unlikely. many members of the opposition say there will be no dialogue with president morsi until he revokes the decrease. >>heather: what is the situation like at tahrir square tonight? >>reporter: they are getting microphones and loudspeakers with 1,000 people out, and 500 people have been wounded in the skirmishing between protesters and security forces. and more signs of violence outside of cairo, too, a muslim brotherhood office attacked and one killed and six wounded. major demonstrations planned for tuesday and both sides are trying to get their people out on the streets. >>heather: thank you, steve, from cairo tonight. thank you. >>gregg: how are american lawmakers reacting to this? our national correspondent joins us live in washington.
2:05 pm
>>reporter: official washington is watching with an anxious eye as the situation in egypt becomes less stable after president morsi granted himself wider power. hundreds were in the streets as you saw, again, out there and the police firing tear gas at protesters opposed to the decrease. morsi sees the additional power after helping to nail down a cease-fire between hamas and israel. >> we thank mr. morsi for his efforts in brokering a cease-fire which is incredibly fragile but this is not acceptable. this is not what the united states of american and taxpayers expect. our dollars will be directly related to the progress toward democracy. >>reporter: the government today emphasized the president's powers are temporary and are designed to hold members of the previous regime accountable for corruption and crime but 19 --
2:06 pm
not many in washington are convinced. >> we have to be a little cautious about saying we are just going to go in there and bully them into doing the right thing. that is why diplomacy is important the way we do it is important. we have to try to influence behind-the-scenes. >>reporter: the egyptians storm took a dive amid turmoil dropping ten points on the first day of trading after the announcement. >>gregg: thank you, steve, from washington, dc. new developments threatening to unravel the cease-fire between israel and hamas with israel reporting spotting an iranian ship loaded with rockets for gaza which would end the cease-fire deal. david lee has more from jerusalem. >> it looks like new iranian weapons could be headed to gaza for use by militants. >> according to the sunday times of london israeli spy satellites
2:07 pm
spotted cargo being loaded in iran putting rockets on the ship that will rockets in gaza fired at jerusalem. the israel military is believed to have destroyed stockpiles in gaza during the conflict. the report cites sources saying the weapon shipment will be escorted by an iranian war ship. israel says it will destroy any weapons headed to gaza. the paper also says that cargo ship could contain longer range ballistic missile to be deployed in sudan against israel. hamas says with the help of iran they will rebuild the arsenal. workers in gaza are rebuilding smuggling tunnels, two-thirds of which were destroyed by israeli airstrikes. according to iran's official news agency, iran's president calls hamas' prime minister to say "we stand by the palestinian
2:08 pm
people." in a sign the cease-fire is holding, israel has eased their restrictions on gaza's naval blockade. gaza fishermen could cast nets six miles offshore. that is double the previous limit. >>gregg: thank you, david lee miller. >>heather: in pakistan an explosion tore through a religious procession killing at least six people, wounding 90 others. the taliban is claiming responsibility for the attack. the religious procession commemorated the 7th century death of the prophet mohammed's grandson. >>gregg: a tragic story in bangladesh with a fire killing 112 people at a garment factory and reportedly no emergency exits. that means that many workers were trapped inside. some of those killed died from jumping out of the upper floors. firefighters say they don't know what caused the fire that began
2:09 pm
in the warehouse and engulfed all of the upper floors. >>heather: the weather has been unseasonably warm for much of the country the holiday weekend but that did not stop kids in california from enjoying a little snow. you cannot tell from the video but scores of children lined up to sled down a hill of artificial snow at the winter wonderland there in california. our meteorologist is live at the fox extreme weather center. maria: good to see you. that looks like fun in california. we have quiet weather and we have not seen that throughout the week which is very good news and many people were doing traveling for the thanksgiving weekend and it is quiet for those headed back home and back to work. so good news, very quiet weather week. there will be changes with a developing storm system that is
2:10 pm
further to the west right now across the northern rockies and that storm will pose issues but not much going on across portions of the south and we do have lake effect snow off ontario and upstate new york and significant accumulations with over a foot of snow possible in some spots and westbound, texas, oklahoma, kansas, looking good, and here is a shot of our next storm system developing here the next 24 to 48 hours posing headaches to the south and the northeast. not much going on with the system, and it is disorganized with areas of snow across montana and wyoming and northern portions of the plains and accumulation here between 3" to 6" of snow. as we head into tomorrow the storm system will be dipping down to the south and to the east and we are going to be seeing areas of rain across arkansas and louisiana and texas but that rainfall will come in the form of thunderstorms that could produce severe weather so large hail and isolated
2:11 pm
tornadoes are possible so stay alert out here across eastern texas and southern arkansas, you have a chance of severe weather as we head into the start of the work week. timing on the storm system, we will see the light snow through the day in the nowhere rockies and by monday evening wide-spread rainfall stretching from kentucky to tennessee and parts of alabama and mississippi and to the west, and in texas. guess where it is headed? to the northeast, and places in the mid-atlantic and even in new york city we will have snow fall by tuesday morning. as you head to work it will be a messy commute because there will be some accumulation out here especially on the higher elevations of the mountains of west virginia and pennsylvania where you will look up more significant snow fall. otherwise, lower elevations, this will not be a long enough event or a strong enough storm system to turn significant snow so we are looking at a couple of accumulations, inches of
2:12 pm
accumulation across places in west virginia and pennsylvania and through new jersey and new york city so we have that chance but, a very quick shot of snow by 6:00 p.m. tuesday the storm system is gone and quiet conditions are left behind. current temperatures across portions of the upper midwest it is chilly at twine in minneapolis and 33 in rapid city, next is beautiful with temperatures in the 70's, a little chilly in the northeast, feeling more like what it should be feeling this time of the year in late november, 37 in new york city, and 38 in cleveland. we have had quiet and beautiful weather in the northeast but chilly right now and as we head into tomorrow it will be another cool day across portions of the noise, but not as cold as portions of the upper midwest with 19 a high temperature tomorrow in minneapolis and high temperature tomorrow in san antonio at 80. >>heather: they are thinking,
2:13 pm
time for a trip to san antonio. >>gregg: and a lovely 75 in tampa. and no state income tax. let's go. >>gregg: get ready to pay a lot more for the food on your family's table, consumers are getting hit hard at the grocery store, so why are farmers reporting huge profits? we will could the math for you. >> >>heather: what is behind the sudden chief in religious beliefs with more adults returning to religion? ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] they are a glowing example of what it means to be the best.
2:14 pm
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>>gregg: and now a check of the headlines. a gas company worker is blamed for causing a massive explosion that injured 18 in springfield, massachusetts, reportedly puncturing a pipe that triggered the blast while checking on a gas leak. >> tomorrow's cyber monday, created by retailers when people return to work after thanksgiving day and theyship online for the holiday season.
2:18 pm
it is expected to be the biggest online shopping day of the year to the tune of $2.15 billion. fans pay tribute to larry hagman visiting a mansion that was the set for dallas where he played j.r., who used to say darlin', dying at aim -- age of 81.
2:19 pm
2:20 pm
. >> in terms of prices when they could go back down is when? >>guest: there is another interesting issue, a lot of our corn is used to make ethanol which is an alternate fuel which has been subsidized. so, we are seeing a lost corn is being siphoned away from food, to earth not, which is expensive. >>heather: the changes in oil prices? >>guest: yes, oil prices have
2:21 pm
we are seeing energy prices going down. what can we expect in the near and long term? >>guest: you will seafood prices go up. >>heather: how high? >>guest: hard to say. but another issue, farmers are seeing a real estate bubble, you would never expect that, we just had one burst, but a lot will depend on what happens to land prices and right now they are at all time highs in the midwest which is helping farmers. on the other hand, farmers looking forward and this will impacted if prices, they are going to face estate tax which hurt as lot of them because small farmers pass on the small businesses, so if they have hikes in taxes we could see a lot of farmers having a lot of trouble. we are talking about smaller farmers. that could impact the prices, as well. >>heather: thank you, brenda.
2:22 pm
you can catch brenda on bulls and bears at 10:00 a.m. eastern right here on fox news channel. >>gregg: a new report shows more americans are going back to the religion of their youth and some churches are taking full advantage. they will welcome people back to the pews and enjoy we are live from los angeles with more on that. >> we are seeing a new social trend increasing numbers of adults returning to the religion which they were raised, nine percent of americans have gone back to the phase of their childhood. it is often when adults fort their own families and we discover the treasure and values they were raised with but deeply challenging including hurricane sandy, or life events or a tough economy and now among the prime reasons. >> for me, personally, it was when it looked down, i look up. in my experience we see a lost
2:23 pm
that, people hit a low, they need a place to turn and look and they look if god or a faith. >> what is interesting is people like him appear to be genuinely returning to spirituality not just the social support aspect but more about their original reconnecting with their belief system,. >> they come back for reasons, there areville whose say i like the way religion was done in my churches. there is a feeling of trying to reconnect with family, reconnect with early traditions. >>reporter: an interesting development is the majority push by churches and also places, including mosques trying to bring back worshipers and we would like to hear from fox views about their own return to faith on facebook or twitter. catholic churches are adding
2:24 pm
programs, and rabbis are reaching tout a program called "next door" with "door" being the word for generation. there you not statistics how long they stay on but it is expected the number of catholics in the united states is reportedly stayed at around 25 percent with sociologists saying that indicates that some are coming back. >>gregg: interesting, thank you very much, dominic. >> a luxury yacht suddenly burst into flames on the open waters capping fire just as the coast guard was boarding it. what went wrong there? >>heather: and a possible huge change in united states defense policy amid turnover in personal. owe new faces could impact our national security. d states.
2:25 pm
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>>gregg: time now for the top of the news. egypt's stock market taking a tumble after president morsi's taking a power grab possibly sending egypt's troubled economy into trouble. >>heather: and $27 billion needed to clean up after hurricane sandy and will go to hiring more than 5,000 unemployed people in new york. >>gregg: strong winds are battering great britain. authorities in england reporting that at least two people have been killed and hundreds of homes are flooded. >>heather: the approaching fiscal cliff could hurt out of the work americans. president obama is meeting with congressional leaders to reach an agreement. but a deal could mean higher taxes for small business owners and a hiring freeze.
2:30 pm
and now, reporting from washington, dc, from peter. >>peter: republicans and democrats alike think closing loopholes to raise revenue is a good idea but republicans are resisting the idea that increasing tax rates on the wealthy will steer the country away from the fiscal cliff but the democrats insist it will. >> i am opposed to raising tax rates but i do believe we can close a lot of loopholes. >> they have to go up real tax rates or effective tax rates. second, though, we have to close some significant loopholes. >> republican senator graham is okay with new revenue and willing to cap deductions but only if democrats agree to reform entitlements such as social security and medicare. >> i don't expect the democrats to go for premium support or voucher plan but i do expect them to adjust the entitlement programs before necessity bankrupt the country. >> some entitlement reform is okay with illinois democratic
2:31 pm
senator durbin but he thinks social security should be last alone. >> social security does not add one penny to our debt. it is a separate funded operation and we can do things and i believe we should, now, played out long term that gives it solvency. >>peter: congressman king says no one will get what he wants but in president reagan and thomas "tip" o'neill could make a deal, so, too, should speaker boehner and president obama. >>gregg: and now the top people responsible for our defense, first, general petraeus resigning as head the c.i.a. amid scandal. there could also be big changes at the pentagon. as well at state department. whoever the president chooses, it could impact, for example, the use of armed drones taking out al qaeda overseas. and lots of other security matters. and now, a fox news contributeor
2:32 pm
and pollster joining us, and former senior advisor to senator john mccain. the use of the unmanned drones to take out terrorists who want to murder americans, on its face it should be a no-brainer but national security appears to be politicized. >> that is right. to their credit the obama administration in the days up to the election were trying to codify the rules and regulations for making those difficult decisions. however, we are alonging at the possibility of massive defense cuts. we have new personnel, as you suggested, coming in potentially to state, defense, and c.i.a., and we have our whole national security apparatus being overhauled at a time when we are in great peril as reporting from
2:33 pm
the middle east, particularly gaza strip and israel suggests. >>gregg: president obama, it can be said, has a checkered record on national security. yes, as doug points out, he escalated the drone attacks but, of course, he ignored advance warnings of a terrorist attack in benghazi, ignored the pleas for help, how do you reconcile or explain that unless this is just a conflicted and unsure president? >>guest: well, it is fairly schizophrenic. if you just look at the president's approach on terrorists, right from the beginning of the administration, it is almost like he wanted to bend over backwards to respect the rights of terrorists who were protected or captureed as a prisoner of the united states, but, at the same time, he expanded the use of drones and not just against a list of
2:34 pm
identified terrorists but against a list of what, it is oversimplifying to call it profiling but "signature kills." if you are a male, in a certain place, looking a certain way, you could be a terrorist and, therefore, expanded the use of the drones for that time of killing. that has raised questions across the political spectrum. that is why people are paying attention to such things as who gets the c.i.a. role because it is almost a paramilitary expansion of their power. >>gregg: doug, the president's counterterrorism advisor, john brennan, has argued for restraint on the use of the drones. if he is named to be the next c.i.a. director, and there is betting money in washington, dc, that he will be, could we see a scaling back of drone attacks to the great relief of the terrorists out there? >>guest: we could. i'm as troubleed by john
2:35 pm
brennan's apparent unease as anyone might be. here is a case where the democrats who is far more hawkish than nancy. nancy is expressing concern. i'm not. i want to take out terrorists. i'm glad we got al-awlaki and i respect pakistan's sovereignty but when people are trying to destroy our nation and kill our people i am for using every resource. >>gregg: the editor of "new york times" for a decade, he penned a book called "the amateur," and describes the president as inept ideologue with inflated opinion of his own talents. is president obama's handling of national security matters evidence of that? >>guest: well, it is a mixed,
2:36 pm
kind of a mixed bag. i take issue with my friend doug, rarely am i accused of being soft on terrorists but i raise questions about the role of government. it is interesting to me that obama was so interested in coming up with rules and procedures for the next president in case he wasn't in charge on how the killings should be authorized and it will be interesting to see how quickly that happens moving forward. it is an area where thoughtful people can disagree about the use of power. if you have the president's top counterterrorism advisor raising questions and the chairman of the senate intelligence committee raising questions it is a debate worth having. i am as concerned about the nation's safety as doug but there is a real question of the use of power here. >>gregg: america is still at war without al qaeda and its allies, and if anyone has any
2:37 pm
doubt the benghazi attacks proved it, so, the president's campaign rhetoric notwithstanding, al qaeda has not been defeated. >>guest: that is true. reasonable people can disagree. but i share the perspective of your question, we are fighting a war with al qaeda, we have to use every resource at our disposal and it is up to us to look to make sure the administration puts in the most aggressive, thoughtful, and, yes, responsible people into the jobs. absolutely, yes. >>gregg: thank you so much. >>heather: a boat named "bliss" burst into flames. the amazing video of the yacht on fire is up next. >>gregg: service member making the ultimate sacrifice, far away from the home for the holidays. a special program is helping them stay connected back home. i always wait until the last minute.
2:38 pm
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>>gregg: this video is shot off the coast of miami, 80' yacht in flames, sinking in the ocean. the coast guard was there preparing to board the ship to make a retune inspection, the owner is now making plans to salvage the vessel but the good news is that no one was injured in this. >> service members are thankful for the u.s.o. and a special partnership, a reading program is helping military parents find a way to connect with their children even when they are serving far from home. and now we have that report from
2:43 pm
baltimore. >> staff sergeant's mission at this moment is all about fatherhood. at the airport about to deploy for the first time to a war zone he happened on this "united through reading program." when he finds the perfect book, he volunteers a videotape and sends the book and dvd to the family. >> for me it is a blessing to be able to have a program like this to send to my children. >> staff sergeant is next. >> i will be there to read a story. >> he says he is thankful for the story time and says the young children are understanding why daddy is deployed. >> i am able to do this regardless of wherever i am, it brings me, really, gives me peace of mind. >> he deployed for the first time, and he sends kisses to the
2:44 pm
2-year-old. >> i want to do anything and everything for her if this can help her keep on remembering who i am, i am willing to do it. >> this is a nonprofit that has been helping separated military families stay connected by reading allowed since 1989. the group teamed up with the u.s.o. six years ago and just hit a major milestone recording now 250,000 reading. >> service member can do one book a child at no cost with plenty of selections if milestones and holidays. the simple act of reading the books lets them parent from afar and easing the stress of separation, and makes homecoming easier and fosters a positive bond. >> children go up to the camera or to the tv or up to the computer screen and they can relate. we have children who try to hand
2:45 pm
the parent another book. because they want another story. >> and now he is home to read to his four children but he has been deployed five times and on the 4th he found his way to a recording station in an airbase on iraq. >> they could not talk much but he was special forces and the dvd arrives on christmas eve and the children watched it every day until he came home. >> he just feels like he can step into our likes for a few moments each day. >> after reading the appropriately titled "the places you will go" he joins other service member shipping off around the world. he doesn't know what lies ahead but he is comforted by what he is leaving behind. >> i am not sure the entire scope of my job over in but to have a moment to spend time to read to my children is amazing.
2:46 pm
>> at bwi airport, for fox news. >>gregg: what a great program. >> united through reading is found in over 200 locations all over the world, including 70u.s.o. offices. >> they do such great work. >>heather: important for the moms and dads overseas. >>gregg: a chicken pox outbreak is baffling health officials in one state. why are so many kids suddenly getting sick? what is being done to stop it? we will have that in a moment. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin. [ designer ] enough of just covering up my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin. [ rv guy ] enbrel may not work for everyone -- and may not clear you completely, but for many, it gets skin clearer fast, within 2 months, and keeps it clearer up to 9 months. [ male announcer ] because enbrel®, etanercept, suppresses your immune system,
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>>gregg: from egypt, u.s. embassy in cairo issuing a statement about protesters clashing with police near their compound. this is like picture of tahrir square, the embassy wishes to inform citizens of sporadic clashes in the area of the embassy. protesters have held to the police lines outside the north gate of the embassy entrance with molotov cocktails thrown in the same direction. put up pictures of the september 11 protests, september 11, a couple of months ago, that sort of thing could happen. i will continue reading the statement from the embassy the
2:51 pm
while some rocks have landed on the compound there is no indication at this time that the embassy itself is a target. one hopes it does not evolve into that picture, but, obviously, the embassy under alert right now in cairo. we will fill you in on the details. >> a county in indiana is coping with an extreme outbreak of chicken pox. >>heather: doctors seeing more than 80 cases making it the largest known current outbreak in the united states. so, why is this happening when there is a chicken pox vaccine? we have an attending physician of emergency medicine in the bronx. what causes chicken pox? why is this happening? >> it is caused by a virus. in the old days, we used to go to chicken pox parties and get immunity from someone at the party who actually had the
2:52 pm
disease. they would pass that disease on to us, we would develop it and develop our own antibodies but since 1995 they have had a vaccine. >>gregg: why the fuss? >>guest: the chicken pox disease can be very bad for certain populations. newborns. pregnant women. people with compromised states such as cancer or h.i.v. patients or patients of transplanted organs, at high risk of developing serious complications of chicken pox which the normal population may not experience. >>heather: there has been a vaccine available since 1995 are less people vaccinated? >>guest: that is an interesting question. vaccination in some populations is considered controversial. people who emigrate here from other countries may not have had a full series or be vaccinated at all. in answer to your question is it possible there are new groups of
2:53 pm
people that are coming here that are not vaccinated and supposing the rest of us. >>gregg: what is going on in one county in indiana? >>guest: it is a large number in a small population and it could be because we are better at doing surveillance for this and figuring it out. sometimes children get a mild form of chicken pox and a mild rash even those vaccinated and they may not realize it. >>heather: could they trace where the outbreak originated? >>guest: they said they found it started with one unvaccinated person who attended the school. the source patient. >>gregg: what can be done? >>guest: the most important thing, make sure that your children are vaccinated. that is very important. speak with their doctor and make sure the child is vaccinated. also, you need to make sure you keep healthy immune system, have a good diet and exercise, and common sense things we talk about when we discuss the
2:54 pm
health-related topics. health it seems a given but what are the risks? >>guest: there are always risks. some develop viral syndromes or develop a mild form for the vaccine. the important thing is to remember that it develops immunity in your body that will be lifelong. that is important for you because the same virus that causes chicken pox causes shingles later in life. >>gregg: if you are evening posed to chicken pox later in life, and it hits you later in life, shingles can be painful and debilitating. >>guest: it could be very complicated in people who have immune systems that are compromised. this does not guarantee you will not get it. remember every individual
2:55 pm
person, the immune response is different. there are some people that develop viral illnesses after vaccination, it is a controversial subject we could speak about for hours but in my experience and most doctors agree, it is better to be vaccinated for the childhood diseases because the complications that can occur can be very serious, pneumonia, encephalitis, these are very debill lating. >>gregg: the vaccines are out there for measles and mumps and what else? >>guest: for hepatitis. for the flu. everyone needs their flu shot. did you get yours? >>heather: i have not. >>gregg: oh, heather. health you just jinxed me. >>gregg: thank you, doctor, from the bronx.
2:56 pm
now, back to the urgent bulletin we were telling you about the embassy in cairo is warning citizens, now, of clashes with protesters pelting the police lines outside the embassy's north entrance with molotov cocktails thrown in that direction and rocks have landed on the compound. there is no indication at this time the embassy itself is a target but it could happen so we will keep a close watch on that. >>heather: the protests emerging following more is -- president morsi's granting himself of powers. with verizon.
2:57 pm
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