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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  November 25, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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d.c. central kitchen for use at shelters, food lines and schools. that is it for today. have a great week and we'll see you next fox news sunday. >> this is the fox report, tonight, what in the world are you buying? new numbers on retail sales this holiday weekend show we've entered new territory. also, securing israel from the enemies around it. a job that just got a lot tougher. new questions tonight about the safety of our friend and ally israel days after a cease-fire with hamas. now, a report that israeli spy satellite uncovered an evil stock pile and shipments possibly headed for gaza and those said to be just like the
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ones the islamic militant have been firing on the city. at the same time the leader of another terrorist group says his followers can rain down their own brand of terror on the state. fox reports from the middle east with the latest developments. >> and, what's luring americans back to prayer? many of you returning to your religion. in moments, what's pushing the trend. also, all it takes is a dream, plus a whole lot of luck to win a record breaking powerball jackpot. what would you do with 425 million dollars. >> i'm harris falkner with a cease-fire with a terror group only days old and life seeming to return to normal in israel, news of a different kind about our strongest ally in the middle east. a report, israeli intelligence spotted a ship carrying missiles and rockets
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potentially to reharm the enemy, hamas. and where the weapons are coming from, reportedly iran. the sunday news saying they are carrying the rockets fired into israel during the the most recent conflict and rearming hamas could destabilize the fragile truce. as of how, however, the cease-fire seems to be holding about if any shipment heads to gaza the israeli government says it will destroy it. that's part of what we're learning. israel testing new ways to defend itself hours ago and we understand the test was successful. david lee miller from jerusalem. >> reporter: harris, new iranians weapons could be on the way to gaza by use for militants. and according to reports, a shipment on iran that includes the rockets militants in gaza fired at tel aviv and
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jerusalem. the israeli military is believed to have destroyed much of the stock pile during the conflict. the resource sites israeli intelligence sources that the the shipment would likely be escorted by an iranian ship and might contain longer range ballistic missiles. and hamas' leadership says with the help of iran it will try to rebuild its arsenal and workers in gaza are rebuilding smuggling tunnels, two-thirds of which were destroyed by israeli air strikes. accord to go iran's news agent, iran's prime minister called the prime minister to congratulate him on a great victory and quote we stand by the palestinian people. and a palestinian man living in east jerusalem charged with the agency for spielg with
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hezbollah and saying he supplied hezbollah information. >> harris: thank you, he was talking about hezbollah, let's stay with that. the leader of that islamic militant group based in lebanon with a new threat that rockets will once again rain down on tel aviv and other major cities in a future war. interesting timing, considering the fresh cease-fire we just reported between israel and hamas. hezbollah calling the latest conflict a clear victory for hamas and the palestinian people and you may recall during the war in 2006, hezbollah fired nearly 4,000 rockets in israel and claimed an upgrading of arsenal since. and now to egypt and the situation we've been keeping an eye on there. at this hour, the u.n. state department with a new warning for americans inside he egypt and our embassy in cairo vazing them to avoid large
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clouds there and the embassy reporting protesters are pelting nearby police guarding with molotov cocktails and all of this is a backlash against morsi escalating reports tonight of one person killed and another injured on attacks on muslim brotherhood north of cairo and the muslim brotherhood morsi's political party and angered many opposition activist was a power grab, and giving himself near absolute control of egypt. steve harrigan is streaming live for us from cairo. he understands you're in tahrir square? >> reporter: harris, that square behind me, as you can see from our live pictures, more tents have sprung up as the evening has gone on and those protesters say they are there to say we're hearing some small explosions and tear gas after three nights of
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protests here, skirmishes, and at least 500 people injured in those protests and now a death tonight as well. this coming north of cairo when an office of the muslim brotherhood, the group that supports the president was attacked, one 15-year-old boy killed in that attack, as many as 16 people wounded, harris. >> harris: it looks much different than last night. much more active at this hour. tell me this, i know that mohammed morsi is planning to meet tomorrow with his opponents, what can you tell us about that planned meeting? >> he's meeting with some chief justices here in cairo and it's the first seen of a potential move or sign of backing down by the president, but too early it call yet. as you know, many judges across the country have gone out on strike after the presidential decree that basically put the president above the law, above the courts, but as far as any talk with the opposition go, opposition figures say that's out of the question and there's going to be no dialog until that decree is revoked
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and they are he' planning a million man march, a protest for tuesday, harris. >> harris: wow, a million man. quickly before i let you go, steve, in the past when we saw revolution in that country a year and a half or so ago, we saw police forces, we saw military intervention. what is the latest on authorities there on the ground? >> right now it's just been police forces on the ground and really a back and forth on a low level with the protests. the real concern is and some opposition figures have raised this concern is that the military might intervene if things get out of control and that's something that people are worried about. we've seen the military push in large cinder blocks to try to limit the violence so far, harris. >> harris: steve harrigan streaming live from cairo, thank you very much, steve. here at home, americans waiting and watching to see if our officials can keep us from going over the so-called fiscal cliff, more specifically, that's a series of tax increases and spending
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cuts together set to go into effect on new year's day if they cannot agree on a budget before then. president obama and congressional leaders have been talking and possibly to come this week. it's november 26th. they don't have a lot of time. peter doocy with the news from washington. >> harris, republicans and democrats alike think that closing loopholes to raise revenue is a good idea. republicans are resisting the idea that inleasing tax rates on the wealthy will steer the country away from the fiscal cliff even though suspects insist it will. >> i would be very much opposed to raising tax rates, but i believe that we can close a lot of lop holes. >> they have to go up, real or effective tax rates, there are ways of doing this and secondly, we have to gross loopholes. >> lindsey graham is okay with new revenue and willing to cap deductions to get it, but only if democrats agree to reform entitlements like social
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security and medicare. >> i don't expect the democrats to go for premium ouci do expect them to adjust these entitlement programs before they bankrupt the company. some entilement reform is okay with illinois democratic senator dig durbin, but thinks that social security should be left alone. >> social security does not add one penny to our debt. not a penny. it's a separate funded operation and we can do things and i believe we should, smaller things played out long-term that give it solvency. >> and congressman peter king says nobody will get all they want, but if president reagan and speaker o'neill could get a deal, president obama and speaker boehner should as well. >> harris: let's hope that's true. thank you. right now, a child missing, city on edge and volunteers going door-to-door to try to find young dylan. also, no longer a mysteries, but an official cause. we now know why a strip club
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blew up and more than 40 buildings and homes including a day care center were heavily damaged. debris for blocks. and we'll check with the firefighters injured trying to save lives. and can it get any bigger? the powerball lottery mightier and millions of americans buying tickets. are you playing? stay close. with verizon.
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>> just in, pictures of small plane that just went down within the past hour and we're looking at a soccer field at cal state north ridge north of los angeles and f.a.a. officials saying the single engine plane's pilot radioed he was having engine trouble. we're told the plane went down in the field and skidded along and made it through a chain link fence, and amazingly, the pilot and passenger were able
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to open a door at the top of that and climb out of the wreckage according to witnesses, they were seen in the back of an ambulance with minor injuries a few minutes ago a massive search for a 13-year-old boy from colorado. and today canine teams were where dylan redwine use today live and he was reportedly back in the area visiting his father for thanksgiving and here is a picture of him. we're told he's five feet tall about 105 pounds blond hair blue eyes and last seen monday wearing a blue and white duke blue devils baseball cap according to his dad. a black nike t-shirt and black jordan sneakers. an update for you tonight on that massive natural gas explosion that leveled parts of downtown springfield, massachusetts on friday, investigators say a gas company worker responded to reports of a gas leak punctured a pipe, causing the explosion, 20 people hurt in that.
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most of them first responders at the scene of the initial gas leak and entire buildings destroyed and others damaged beyond repair and some will likely need to be demolished, witnesses say the neighborhood looks like a war zone, amazingly, no one died in all of this. >> well, expect to hear a lot more about powerball mania the next few days, nobody won last night and now it's huge, 325 last night and now 425 million and sent the jackpot to a record number. that's a whole lot of scratch as they say. and it's already generating a lot of buzz, powerball officials say that number could go higher as people rush to the store buying tickets and anna kooiman is live outside the studio and your he' seeing a mad dash. >> you better believe it, here in new york city alone, there are nearly 16,000 lotteries and it's hard to walk up and down the streets without
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seeing people pick up tickets and hit the streets of manhattan during the busiest shopping season of the year to see what hopeful buyers are hoping to scoop up if they win. >> look at that, i've got the winning ticket. thanks. >> so if you win, you're going to take your kids to disney world and do what else? >> i'll probably buy a nice house on the beach southwest. >> and give 10, $20, like $100 bill and win the ticket and win the jackpot. how come you decide today play today. my co-worker mentioned the price how high it is, i decided why not. >> what would you do if you won? >> i'm not quite sure, anything, and everything. >> big bucks, no whammies got my two bucks and hook it up, hook it up. give me the winning ticket here. >> and this is the winning ticket. good luck. >> sorry, guys, probably the last time you're going to see me on camera. or maybe wednesday will be the last time, actually here. it's 42 of the 50 states actually do play the powerball and your odds for taking home that jackpot one in over 175
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million. >> well, what about the last time that there was a jackpot this big? >> if you'll remember back in 2006, there were eight co-workers at conagra foods in lincoln, nebraska, 365 million dollars eight ways after taxes brought home about 15 1/2 million dollars each and went to bed as meat packers and woke up millionaires, so if you win on wednesday, what will you owe uncle sam? a forbes analysis of the lump sum from the august 2012 win of 320 million dollars, tax bill would have been about 84 bucks, and it could be even higher for this, this go round because the jackpot is going to be growing more, so it could be several million dollars more, but ticket buyers are still hopeful. >> i think that everybody i know that's struggling. nobody can pay their bills here anymore, it's bad. i mean, look, and hostess is
4:18 pm
shutting down and i don't know what, my family is not going to hurt anymore. >> i'm not saying i would take the money and buy junk with it. i'd do something for humanity. >> harris, since 1992 there have been, let's see, 20 billion dollars that powerball has awarded so quite a bit of mass hysteria across the country. >> good luck to those people playing. >> actually there's more to it. it what could you do with it, nearly a half billion dollars with buy you a 50% stake in nfl team, would i do that. if you want to get bang for your buck, buy 59, abrams tanks or skip the annoying airport security line and buy not one, but six gold stream g-6 private jets, however, where you money won't go far, i don't know if this is breaking news, washington. if you want to run the federal
4:19 pm
government, that 425 million would only pay for 1 hour 2 minutes and 20 seconds and if you're feeling generous and you want to pay off our ballooning federal debt you would only be able to pay off a fraction of a fraction of a percent. a very tiny number. wow. well, do you ever wonder where confetti comes from? somebody who was very curious wondered. look what they did, they made a shocking discovery at the site of one of the biggest parades of the year, the mace says day parade. and they looked at the shredded paper and contained extremely sensitive information, the rest of the story coming up. this was not part of the scheduled entertainment on black friday, shoppers behaving very badly and getting violent. what sparked the all out mall brawl.
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>> black friday sales shattering records and hundreds of millions of you were out and we haven't reached cyber monday. that's tomorrow. predictions, that will be a record breaker as well. here is brenda buttner and anchor of bulls and bears. >> harris, retailers count on the holidays for a very important gift. most ring in at least a quarter of annual sales during the shopping season and numbers out for the kickoff season, show the shoppers were out and the national retail federation more than 250 million shopped online and in stores, spending more than 59 billion bucks and that doesn't count tomorrow's big day for web shopping, cyber monday. nrf says a record 130 million americans will click on and check out web deals and it
4:24 pm
could get better. after church today, both shoppers and stores may be playing a game of chicken. consumers waiting for big deals in the past few years, stores have delayed until right before santa comes, plus, remember, an early thanksgiving means there's a longer than usual holiday season. and investors also did some shopping and buying on black friday, and major stock indexes closing one of their best weeks of the year. but keep in mind, the wall street and main street had a strong start to the season, the fiscal cliff is closer as christmas draws near and buyers and businesses may get more worried holding on to their wallets in the shadow of that cliff, harris, back to you. >> brenda, thank you. brand new video after pretty nasty mall brawl from black friday. this was the scene shortly after midnight as shopping mall here sacramento, california, you've got to be kidding me. fists flying, here is why. apparently it was over women's underwear and an employee at
4:25 pm
the victoria's secret where the fighting began says it's the worse they've seen. >> and for like six years now and i've never seen a black friday in bad and some people got trampled out and on top of the bars and they had to come off the table. >> that must have been one heck of a sale. the store was cleared out and the man kept rolling despite the black eyes that were given on black friday and he says it doesn't surprise him. >> the wrong place at the right time. >> does your opinion of black friday change after all of this. >> not so much. i don't expect too much of black friday, just a lot of chaos. >> and you can clearly see the faces on video. no word yet if anyone will face any charges. wow. >> well, some concerns about some of the confetti thrown during the the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city, and a parade goer
4:26 pm
saying shredded pieces of paper he picked up along the parade route were filled with sensitive information that no one should see. >> there are thousands of white pieces of paper around us and a handful are going through it and we noticed more social security numbers, there are more addresses, phone number numbers. >> who reads confetti? well, anyway, it appears those papers came from the nassau county police department on long island so he was right, this is important stuff. a police seal was found on one of the little strips and the department is investigating and macy's says it doesn't know where the confetti exactly came from, but it uses commercially manufactured multi-colored paper in the parade. egypt, erupting in protest as people in a young democracy rise up against their new president's power grab. the latest now on the backlash and who is the latest target of the growing anger, and also, we showed you the dramatic pictures of a
4:27 pm
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. >> it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. israeli spy satellites spotted a ship being loaded for a weapons loaded for gaza and reportedly the same rockets
4:31 pm
fired into israel during the recent conflict with hamas militants, israel vowing it will not allow any to reach gaza. in egypt, in tahrir square we've seen them rail against the government before now they're angry over a power grab by the president and the political party the muslim brotherhood. an attack earlier today. and left one person dead and more than 60 people hurt. our embassy in cairo warning americans to avoided growing turmoil near the compound. and here at home a lot of reaction from lawmakers to unrest in egypt and the middle east, and steve centanni is live for us in washington. steve? >> harris, the reaction is a wait and see attitude as officials watch how the political winds are blowing. in the meantime, the state department's putting out a warning that affects the u.s. embassy in cairo as you
4:32 pm
mentioned and it says in part, protesters outside of that north gate entrance with some molotov cocktails in some direction and while some landed on the embassy compound and no indication that this time the embassy itself is a target. on the sunday talk show, senator john mccain noted that morsi helped to stop the fighting between gaza and israel and suggested that u.s. aid to egypt now could be in jep jeopardy. we broker add cease-fire which is incredibly fragile, but this is not acceptable, not what the american taxpayers expect and our dollars will be directly related to the progress towards democracy. >> mccain says the u.s. could as marshal world public opinion against morsi, harris. >> harris: what about the democrats and their tone? it seems they were kind of
4:33 pm
going back and forth on their reaction. >> everyone is anxious to see what happens next and they're waiting to see, bun democratic congressman stressed the importance of patience and diplomacy. we're going to go in there and bully them into doing the right thing, why diplomacy is so important here and the way we do it is so important. we have to try to influence behind the scenes. >> and the egyps stock markets are going to dive in the wake of this, dropping nearly ten parents, harris. >> harris: thank you very much. fox confirming republican peter king will step down as part of the house homeland security committee. congressman king served as chairman for the past six years and giving up the post voluntarily under self-imposed republican rules, which limit the number of years someone can serve as chairman. right now three of his republican colleagues are vying for the gavel, including congressman mike rogers of
4:34 pm
alabama, mike mccall of texas and candice miller of michigan. and congressman king speaking out about the responsibility of u.s. ambassador to the u.n., susan rice taking over as secretary state. the congressman said today on meet the press he approved of her performance as ambassador to the u.n., but feels she mishandled the response to the deadly attack on our consulate in libya. meanwhile, senator john mccain right now would oppose rice's confirmation says he could change his mind. still, he and senator lindsey graham says that rice needs to clear up her stance on the benghazi attack. >> and she could give everyone explaining their position and actions they took and i'll be glad to have the opportunity to discuss these issues with her. >> when she comes over, if she does, there'll be a lot of questions asked of her about this event and others, but i do not believe the video is the cause. >> harris: of course, he's
4:35 pm
talk about that a video at first the white house says triggered all of this critical of the islam religion. we know that's not the case, there are no protests on that video going on that night. and an attack on our u.s. consulate, including chris stevens and you see the pictures there. ambassador rice has come under increasing pressure for her tv appearances in the days following the attack where she blamed it on the youtube video and not terrorism. >> and the death toll rising for the death toll of those in a clothing factory. the search is on for those perhaps missing or trapped. it's our story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. bangladesh, that fire happening at a seven-story garment factory, charred bodies pulled from the wreckage, many workers were trapped inside since there
4:36 pm
were no emergency exits to get out and most of the clothing produced in bangladesh is exported to the u.s. and europe. and china, a fighter yet making its debut and successfully landing on china's first aircraft carrier, the ship entering service underscoring china's ambition to be a leading asian naval power. vatican city, pope benedict xvi celebrating mass with six new cardinals. the pontiff elevating them in a formal ceremony just yesterday. the new additions coming from asia, africa, latin america and one from the united states and the men now serve in an elite group that will one day select the next pope. australia, santa runs exactly one month before christmas. thousands of people taking part in the three-mile dash in sydney and raising money for charity that provides support
4:37 pm
for sick and disadvantaged children and the goal to raise at least $125,000. hey, santa, get the lead out and that's a wrap on the fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> a lot of people travelling. millions of americans heading back home after the long holiday weekend on what is traditionally the busiest travel day of the year. so, what to expect for that return journey, as well as the start of the work week. meteorologist maria molina is live in the weather center. we want to avoid any slowdowns with weather. >> that's right, harris, we have good news for today and we got pretty good weather the last couple of days and this year we didn't see any weather related delays and the exception chicago on when we did have dense fog and overall relatively quiet past couple of days and today is the same and we have lake effect snowfall, significant in the plateau in upstate new york where we'll talk about accumulations over a foot possible, overall across parts
4:38 pm
of the southeast and mid mississippi valley and texas, oklahoma and kansas on the quiet side as we head into tomorrow and tuesday we're going to start to notice some more significant issues and that's associated with the storm system. right now across the northern rockies and the northern plains, that's going to start to develop and also intensify as we move south and east and by tomorrow, we're going to be looking at widespread areas of rain across the southeast ap the southern planes and some of that rainfall in the southern planes come in the form of severe weather, large hail, damaging winds if possible and we can't rule out an isolated tornado and unless we head into basically monday and tuesday and take a more northerly track and impact the mid atlantic with snowfall and temperatures should be cold enough tuesday morning and we're going to see come snow and accumulating from new york city down through the d.c. area and all through the mountains of the state of west virginia, overalthough, harris, it's a quick hitter and generally one to three inches of snowfall and 9 p.m.
4:39 pm
tuesday the storm should be be out of the area and temperatures though in portions of the upper midwest are going to be cold. in the 20's in minneapolis and tomorrow, take a look at the high temperature out there, 19 degrees, harris. >> harris: wow, you live in the twin cities, now when the cute coats come out. it's getting chilly. thank you. a quick programming note for you now, countdown to doomsday hosted by bill hemmer, the maya civilization's cal dan ends on this year's winter solstice, december 31st, and there are predictions that the end of the world is imminent. and that's 10 p.m. eastern and 1 a.m. eastern, and super storm sandy are offering opportunities for people out of work and looking to earn a paycheck. a positive side of the story. plus, casey anthony, remember her? she's back in the news. she was acquitted of killing
4:40 pm
her tot daughter caylee, during a trial. and now a stunning admission by investigators about a crucial mistake they made during the investigation. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we stilneed your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.
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>> a new admission in the murder case in casey anthony, confirming it overlooked a computer search for foolproof suffocation methods made from the anthony home on the day that little caylee was last seen alive. apparently misspelled suffocation and clicked on an article of suicide and the child's body was found in a field near the family's homes nearly six months after she vanished. and help for super storm sandy victims and new york governor
4:44 pm
cuomo announcing a grant that's going to be hire unemployed people to work on cleanup efforts following the storm. and the grant to put 5,000 people to work in hard hit communities and the job will pay $15 per hour and governor cuomo is partnering with feema to launch a program to replace fema workers often from out of state and new yorkers will take the jobs and the goal to hire up to 700 employees for those positions as well. and a highway collision between two family vehicles, one crossing over the center line and the other hitting dead on. our fox trip across america. california, highway patrol saying it's not clear why the toyota prius ended up going against traffic, colliding with a mini-van outside sacramento and people in both cars killed. two adults and two children
4:45 pm
died, several others hurt. and troopers saying the investigation will be difficult because there were no witnesses. late word, they're looking at the computers in each of the vehicles that will include just how fast they were going. texas, a security guard fired and walks into the old job and allegedly kills his replacement and police say the suspect was showing up at the store for work despite being let go two weeks ago. >> and one of the business owners told him that heto be wo longer worked for the security company. >> indiana, an entire shopping center reduced to ashes just outside evansville and fire destroying nine businesses and a church and many store owners watched in disbelief. >> and wanted them to wake me up and saying this is a dream, it's a nightmare. >> it took 67 hours to get it under control. >> and back to california, rescuers pull a man to safety
4:46 pm
after he was stuck for hours outside a pipe behind a best buy and customers first heard the muffled cries for help and there he was feet first, about three feet down in the steel pipe. rescue seems had to dig a trench to get him out and treated for hypo thermia and we don't know how he managed to fall into the pipe in the first place and that's a watch across america. an update on a breaking news story we brought you first last night on fox report, a pickup truck dangling off an oregon highway overpass and we saw it, didn't know what it was or going on. they removed it with a crane. 38-year-old matthew hamilton was the driver, and rescued him from the front seat and rescued him with a basket, as you saw, taken to the hospital nonlife threatening injuries and arrested him for dui. the crash shut down the exexpressway for hours.
4:47 pm
the wheels of the truck got caught on the overpass preventing it from falling, lucky for him. adults giving religion a second chance, going back to the roots, some of them had abandoned long ago. what's bringing them back to the church? and 50 years rock and roll, the rolling stones. sharing some of their greatest hits, happy 450. they sound good. ♪
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>> fans are flocking to south fork in parker, texas for the late larry hagman. the site of the popular
4:51 pm
"dallas" where hagman played jr ewing, one of the most memorable villains of all time. he was 81. people are returning to their religious roots. research shows a number of americans raised with one religion and left for one reason or another, once they hit adult hood are going back to the faith later in life. and rebirths and churches are seeing the way to fight declining attendance. dominic di-natale is live for us in los angeles. >> hi, harris, and some thought it used to be a time when people started having kids and find themselves returning to their values they grew up with and place most of them at the church steps once again and now, reasons including challenges live dealing with hurricane sandy and the stuff economy and people looking to the pulpit for answers. >> now, granted jesus returns
4:52 pm
us to good. >> growing up. scott saw attending church more of a chore. and what religion experts say what young adults do, he put his parent's religion out of his life. >> and the typical age, 18, 19, 20 and students, both men and women were dissatisfied perhaps with the spiritual churches. >> what numbers did you come up with. >> years later scott came back. >> and i had what prayer relationship with god. it wasn't a church thing, but. >> and rubble life study. >> they man begin to come back for nostalgic reasons and there are individuals who say i like the way religion is. >> and some say it's a family,
4:53 pm
a tough patch. >> for me personally when things look down, i look up. >> you know, harris, there's been early things in organizations to coax workers back to the fold. a few catholic dioces run adults to keep reverts and rabbis, hebrew for a new generation. >> harris: how about that, thank you, dominic, good to see you. the rolling stones are celebrating a half century with a concert. of mick jagger, keith richards and ron wood and every ticket sold, the slight controversy over the high prices of the tickets. and they were joined by former stone bill wyman and mick taylor. awesome the first time in more
4:54 pm
than two decades, rock and roll. in london on thursday and headed to new york and jersey, my hood next month. notre dame fans your 24 year drought is over and back in the national championship. who are you going to play? pete is up with fox in just a couple. stay close. with verizon. hurry in this saturday and sunday for great deals.
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save on ground shipping at fedex office. >> you know i love the nfl and peter, let's start off with atlanta. they're amazing and showed us why. >> they're 10-1 and probably the least heralded 10-1 team. >> who is their quash? >> matt ryan. >> exactly, who? >> a guy mike schmidt and they went into tampa bay and the buccaneers have been red-hot and go into tampa bay and win a close divisional battle and the falcons can be for real and nobody talking about them.
4:58 pm
>> i'm probably getting bad e-mails and it's what i think. and the steelers, i don't know if you can count this as a win because ben wasn't there and the team looks like a mash unit. >> and eight turnovers, and charlie batch, 37-year-old quarterback was in the browns beat the steelers in cleveland and like you said, some steelers fans say you didn't beat us, there's an asterisk on that one and they need to get well and they play the ravens next week and lose another 6-6 and that's not a playoff record. >> the 49ers was this a shock today. >> it's not a shock, but into new orleans with their quarterback, colin kapernick and saints 5-5 and rarely lose at home, but kapernick, second start and 49ers had two defensive touchdowns and 3 31-might be looking for a nice
4:59 pm
battle for that one. before we move on to college ball i want your renewed prediction because we're a little bit. at the halfway point. >> and you say houston texans. >> they're 10-1 and you look like a genius right now. they look really good on thanksgiving and i don't know, we'll see if they can keep up with the patriots who look better on thanksgiving. >> and didn't he score 59 points. >> and 59 points last week and someone slow down the patriots. >> all right, okay, now to college ball. notre dame back in it. >> back to the game the first time in 24 years and had a very good victory over usc on los angeles on saturday night and likely play in the bcs game on january 7th and the winning winner of alabama versus georgia and that's the sec championship. >> can they do it. >> a lot of notre dame fans out there, taking the winner and i can't see motor dame beating either one. >> you can shout initials and acronyms, basically said notre


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