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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  November 26, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PST

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the shredded con fed de had security numbers and bank
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accounts and information on under cover police agents. college student finkel steen was at the parade and made the discovery. >> ssn colon and then there's a number. we thought that was a one-time thing with the detective's number on it. >> the confetti is commercially made and they don't use shredded paper. human error to blame for a gas explosion in springfield, massachusetts that sent 18 people to the hospital and damaged buildings. they were looking for the source of a leak accidentally punctured a high pressure pipeline causing gas to build up and explode. >> his examination appears to be an appropriate distance to where markings were on the sidewalk indicating where the gas line from the main went into the building. the markings were inkofshth.
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>> one business was leveled and 24 others need to be inspected. >> twitter a tool for terrorists. members of congress are calling to shut down the accounts of groups including hamas and hezbollah. one of the law americas leading that effort is a texas congressman. he made a similar demand back in september. >> the groups don't have a right to use an american company to promote terrorism through the world. >> they will respond to members of congress directly. >> fox news learned west virginia republican shelly moore capita will announce her candidacy for u.s. senate. she was select to do her 7th term will run for jay rockefeller's seat. he has held the seat since 1984 but has not said if he will run
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again in 2014. >> what would you do with $425 million? that is where the jackpot for power ball stands right now. no one picked the winning numbers for the weekend drawing so you can run out and buy your ticket before the mad rush begins. the drawing is wednesday night. let's make our plans now. >> office pool. >> congress returns to work today and they are ready to tackle the fiscal cliff crisis. lawmakers are ready tro compromise. >> lawmakers are ready to give in on tax changes in order to get some sort of a deal done. kelly wright joins us with more on what it means for the negotiation. we could be looking at possible tax hikes, isn't that right? oo the government is on automatic pilot. that is five weeks away.
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for congress there is much work to be done and more compromise to be made in order to avoid the fiscal cliff. it will require give and take negotiations particularly on raising taxes but republican law americas who pledged to not vote for anything with a tax increase now appear ready to relinquish that pledge in order to avoid the looming fiscal crisis. >> when you are $16 trillion in debt the only pledge we should be making to each other is to avoid the grief and republicans should put revenue on the table. >> so everything is on the table and campaign raising taxes on the wealthy is relying on treasury secretary tim geithner. his team will works on issues
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like medicare even social security. they hoping to avoid a repeat over raising the debt ceiling in 2011. they hope the geithner team can reach an agreement with all of the parties involved in order to avoid tax increases. john boehner will likely make the final decisions on what the team decides in terms of the deal. >> thank you so much. >> it is time now to take a look at who is talking and thousands taking the streets in cairo after mohammed morsi taking total control of the country and won't answer to the branch of government. they are afraid the latest power grab will lead egypt away from democracy and back into a dictatorship and possibly all of the way to shirea law.
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>> nonislamist egyptian activist mohammed el baradei is calling on the united states to condemn morsi. i am hoping to see a strong statement of condemnation by the u.s., by europe and everybody who really cares about human dignity. democrat and chairman of the senate committee of armed services carl levin says america needs to play the middle. >> i think we have to be cautious. we doesn't want to see a democratically elected auto krat take the place of an unelected dictator which is the case before that. on the other hand there are real pluses here. >> they will push the white house to take a side. they need to condemn morsi and condemn him now. >> this is not what taxpayers expect and our dollars will be
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directly related to the progress toward democracy which he promised the people of egypt when your party was elected president. rye nouns t renounce the statement he just made. if the judiciary is flawed in some way they can be cured over time. to assume this kind of power is unacceptable to this: >> the white house hasn't yet responded to el bardi's plea but they will address the situation today. the weather update with maria molina. hope you had a great holiday. you have a storm we are keeping an eye on through the southeast. >> hope you had a good holiday as well. that's right. we have a new storm system
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through the portions of the northern plains but it is impacting parts of the southeast and bringing us snow. it won't be a major storm but we will be looking at messy weather that could be impacting our commute. relatively quiet across portions of the northeast. we have lingering lake-effect snowy specially across portions of up state new york accumulation out here over a foot of snow. it will be winding down today. continue to deal with gusty winds out there and poor visibility, a couple inches will be possible for today. as we head southbound, texas, oklahoma, portions of the southeast a beautiful start to your morning. here's a look at the storm system across nebraska producing snow out there. it will be dipping southward and firing up showers and storms across portions of louisiana, arkansas, mississippi and
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further off toward the east. large hail damaging wind gusts and isolated tornadoes and as we head into tomorrow here's a look at 6:00 a.m. tuesday. we are looking for a chance for snowfall and a bit of a mix across new york city and southward toward the state of philadelphia. get ready for that. we will check in with you later. it is time to brew in on this. one swedish toy company is making big changes to the holiday catalog this year. the company is called top toys. the entire catalog is gender neutral. >> meaning girls are shown playing with guns and boys are shown playing with dolls. this after sweden's advertising watch dog reprimanded the companies for showing girls dressed as princesses and boys as super heros.
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those images were gender discrimination. >> are the catalog changes a good idea or has this political correctness gone too far? >> tweet us at foxx frien frient or e-mail us. >> 10 after the top of the hour. coming up going, going gone. how long would you wait to get your hands on some of the world's last twinkies? >> three french hens two turtledoves and a partridge in a pair tree. >> they are not free. >> we will tell you how much it will cost you this year if you want to buy all this stuff. ♪ can i help you? i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out.
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>> good morning to you. it is 14 minutes after the hour. here's a look at what you missed while you were sleeping. united nations announce ago new round of talks today in kwut tar on global warming. even though a lot of country's budgets are strained by big financial problems some countries say they will spend more cash tackling the climate issue. service into lower manhattan along the trade centerine has resumed. sandy has knocked down that line. another one affected is running again through the hard hit long beach area but on a weekend schedule. perfect. thank you, heather. >> cyber monday is just getting started. retarryls are already hailing this weekend. estimated $59 billion for stores
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on-line. we are all breaking down the numbers for a red-letter day. >> 247 million shoppers visiting storeses as well as their web site. they spent $427 each. now on-line spending on black friday alone also surged. first ever thanksgiving thursday also brought in solid numbers with more than $6 million spent on the web on the holiday. >> you covered thursday and friday how about today? >> it is likely to believe the busiest cyber monday. 130 million folks will click on and check out web deals most of them from work and that comes from the research where
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americans are expected to spend 1 and a half billion dollars today. that's up 20 percent from last year. the saturday before christmas is a shopping bonanza for christmas. competition is good for consumers. don't expect all of these deals you are seeing to go away any time soon. >> this next story i love because every year we breakdown how much the 12k5is of kr-- 12 of christmas cost. >> it would cost over 107,000. if you get them all 364 items in the christmas carol you will pay 6 percent more this year. according to the christmas price index the management updates the 7 swans 7,000 dollars. 6 geese 210. they will set you back most because bird feed is soaring. 5 golden rings those cost a lot about 750. shoppers for the carol 6 items
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have not gone up in price, those include maids a milking 658 bucks nine ladies dancing and lords a leaping. thousands of dollars for one performance. >> the partridge 15 bucks. >> good to see you. over to you heather. >> those dancing ladies they are pricey. what kind of dancing ladies are they? 17 after the hour. the country is hungry for twinkies. they are selling the endangered species. they were flying off the shelf. >> this day is a special one they convinced them to rush for the bakery store they will saver
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the taste and deliciousness of the almighty iconic twinkie. >> i am sad they are not going to grow up knowing what twinkies are. >> the bright yellow snack enjoyment was all over her face as she demanded more. >> it spread across central florida from east orlando to downtown. the marine awe bakery shops were filled to capacity everyone taking advantage of the desserts and bread only costing $0.50. the twinkie craze was so fanatic there were over 2100 twinkies sold in less than 15 minutes. shoppers like joelle were able to get his hands on twinkies. he purchased more than 25 packs. >> i don't think (inaudible). >> for dan the small business owner the price is unbeatable.
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he said his business depended on the marine awe factory. >> adds a small business we depend on this. >> today's sale is literally bitter sweet. her husband worked at the marina factory for over 2 decades. >> it is sad that a few greedy people decided a pay cut wasn't good enough and wanted 100 percent pay cut. they affected 18,000 employees. >> for those who lost employment to those who will see the iconic dessert banished from the store shelves make sure you get your hands on the popular brand supplies are only expect to do last through the end of this week. >> 19 minutes after the hour. we have this to tell you about. end of the year quickly approaching. >> parents paying police now to tail teenagers as they get
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♪ >> it's now 23 after the top of the hour. quick headlines for you. would you pay $99 to find out how safe your teenager is driving? that's the premise behind a new program that rolls out this week in 285 cities across our country. an off duty police officer will tail your teen for 15-20 minutes write up a full report and present the conclusions to the client. you don't want to mess with this senior citizen.
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75-year-old done kiefer has had his home rob befored. when he found the man in his backyard accident take any chances. >> i told him if you try to run i am going to skewer you. >> kiefer held the man with a bow and arrow until the cops could get there. did he say skewer him? >> literally, secure him. >> thanks ainsley. lawmakers are still trying to reach a compromise on the so-called fiscal cliff. lawmakers don't know what is going to happen to our taxes this year. there are five things you can do with your money to make sure you aren't taxed to the max. regardless of people's age there is one thing in particular you say we should do before the end of the year? >> contribute to your retirement account especially bh it comes to the 401 k. the max is $1,700 might not be enough when you look at the taxes we face. even if you haven't maxed it out
2:25 am
yet or you can't give to that letter give as much as you can to the retirement account. that is tax free savings that is not taxed. >> that could just be taxed a lot more next year. >> exactly if all comes to fruition. >> talk about charitable giving. the deduction could go away next year. >> charitable donations of appreciateable assets are fully deductibles. this is one of the best banks for your buck. this is something you can do before the end of the year. all of this might be going away in the new year not necessarily the appreciateable donations that could be affected by income in the new year but something to think about if you have something on hand. >> the alternative minimum tax always gets complicated. >> don't sweat it. this is the amt tax. a lot of folks worry about it they haven't had to pay it before. 34 million more american households will be subjected to this ant tax if we fall off the
2:26 am
fiscal cliff. they are saying don't fan panic about it. that many more households affected they are likely to come to some sort of agreement by the end of the year. >> that's good nis. why should we pay for next semester's tuition before the end of the year? >> you are still eligible for the tax credit even if you pay the spring semester tuition. this is something heather that could come off the table in the new year. even though you are paying 2013 spring semester you can do it by the end of the year and still be eligible. >> that's for college? >> that's for college. >> tell us about the 529 education savings account. >> this is tax free savings. when you deduct out of that account to pay for tuition that's a big benefit. so 401 k's, 529 plans, tax free shelters for your dollars something to take advantage before december 31st. >> everybody needed to hang on to every penny.
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sandra smith from the fox business network good advice. >> 26 minutes after the hour. coming up one company is firing workers not because they did a bad job. because they didn't get their flu shot. we will tell you about this. and this man got teachers to the head of the class but they weren't qualified to be there. how he helped them cheat their way into their jobs. tarts with adding a friend... ♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. the lexus december to remember sales event is on. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>> welcome back to fox and friends first i am heather nauert. >> i am ainsley earhardt. it is 5:30 on the dot here on the east coast. time for the top 5@5:30. there's a new plan being formed right now to keep american troops in afghanistan after the handover to afghan security in 2014679 final -- 2014. final decisions have not been made. one option calls for 10,000 americans and 7,000 nonamerican nato troops. there are 67,000 american troops in afghanistan along with 37,000 coalition troops. >> listen to this one. brand new bombshell evidence that could have changed the outcome in the casey anthony murder trial. sheriff officials confirm someone in the anthony household searched for this term full proof suffocation on the same day caylee was last season
2:32 am
alive. they never found that clue even though the department had possession of the familiar lace computer. >> no flu shot? well you are buyers. that's what 150 health employees were told when they didn't get their flu shot by the deadline. notices arrived the day before thanksgiving. t tri health is one of the largest employers. flu shots are free and all plies are required to get the shots. workers can appeal the pink slip once they prove they have gotten their shot. this guy made a business of helping teachers teach on certification tests. clarence mumford is charged with being the ringleader of this scam. for 15 years teachers in the state of arkansas, mississippi and tennessee ladies and gentlemenedly paid mumford up to 3,000 dollars to send somebody else to take the test in their place. the scheme affected thousands of students being taught by
2:33 am
unqualified instructors. >> jenna bush haguer says she is missing texas so she is return to go her roots for her next project. she is joining southern living magazine as editor at large. she will write a monthly column and contribute to a daily blog southern living magazine hoping to attract a younger audience. those are your 5@5:30. >> good for her going home. bet she is happy about that. the white house will release a new report on exactly what will happen. they say if congress fails to extend the middle class tax cuts and how it will effect spending. >> doug luzader joins us with a preview. >> retarryls turned their tanks now to cyber monday hoping to lure in even more shoppers after what was seen as a strong retail weekend there are fears, though, that that positive consumer sentiment could be in jeopardy if we reach that fiscal cliff at the end of the year. you take a look at big on-line retarryls like amazon for
2:34 am
instance you can hear the hum in the air at their distribution centers as they gear up for what they hope will be the 50th day of the year. president obama helped juice retail members themselves with christmas shopping at a virginia book store. this morning the white house is warning what could happen with retail sales if government spending and massive tax hikes kick in at the end of the year. it's something retailers have already been talking about shoppers are uncertain. >> it's the leading headline of the day. they are definitely thinking of that. >> they are scaling back? >> they are not spending as robustly as they would because they still don't know what's going to happen. >> some republicans have taken a step toward the president since the election showing a willingness to raise taxes by capping deductions for high irners but tax rates they say should stay where they are. this only works if democrats agree to spend less. >> but to do this i just don't want to promise a spending cut
2:35 am
with entitlement reforms. they always put revenue on the table democrats always cut spending. we never cut spending. >> some democrats are talking about possibly implementing some spending cuts. you see the broad outline of a possible deal. a lot abowill depend on how it s on raising the tax rates. we will check in with you later. >> forget black friday or psycher monday. how about sand see sunday. communities across the northeast are trying to pick up the pieces. for staten island there is good news for those folks. they took a closer look at the new effort helping the community get back on its feet. >> for people like jimmy who lived in his home or midland avenue for 17 years the cost to sanitize and reconstruct what was damaged when ore 7 feet of water rushed in won't come cheap
2:36 am
or easy. >> my condition probably 100,000 give or take. >> he has received some money from fema but like many he is worried about the rest. >> a lot of bills. >> they announced sandy sunday. it's goal to bump mopump more m into the building process to ask people to shop or donate. >> you can give parts of the proceed or make a one-time pledge or ask poem coming in to help with a voluntary donation. >> small business saturday and cyber monday won't just be a one-time effort. it will be a one-time effort. businesses are being asked to sign up on the sandy sunday web site and promote the cause. with the power still out for some people still lining up for supplies and so many homes uninhabitable here. that extra money is desperately needed. across the street from jimmy on
2:37 am
midland avenue is tom kean who lost 42 years worth of memories when his home flooded. >> we are 10 blocks on the beach here. you don't expect the water to come that far in. >> he says he's able to handle the repairs on his own but would like to see any money raised to go to others in the area who need it most. others like joe who spent all of his money remodeling his home only to have sandy destroy it. >> we just have to get by and try to rebuild. >> because rebuilding a home or business isn't something that can easily be put on a holiday wish list, the hope is that many will at least keep the folks in staten island in mind when shopping for gifts the next several sundays. >> well, before you leave the house this morning, it is time for you to get your first degree weather update with maria molina. what are things going to be looking like today again for the rest of the week? >> good morning. if you live in pourings of the
2:38 am
midwest it will be a very cold day. i want to show you some of the expected high temperatures. only see a high temperature of 19 degrees in minneapolis. you need to bundle up. temperatures above average across portions of the upper midwest. 48 the high temperature in rapid city. in chicago high of 35 degrees. will above average in portions of texas warm day in san antonio warm in houston with high temperatures in the 80s. feeling more like summer out there. across the northeast a relatively quiet day. we have lirnging lake-effect snowfall across up state new york where we will see the highest in the nation already over a foot being recorded out there in some spots. sunshine expected across portions of the southeast and southern plains. there are going to be changes. a developing storm system as we head into late this afternoon and this evening will be firing up with showers and thunderstorms. some of those storms could produce severe weather anywhere
2:39 am
from texas and louisiana and southern parts of arkansas. the same storm system could produce snowfall. it will happen tomorrow across portions of the northeast. maria molina thank you so much. it is time to entertain this. a record breaking weekend at the box office. theater is selling more than $290 million worth of tickets this thanksgiving and that's out doing the old record at 273 million that was set back in 2009. as expected twilight breaking dawn part 2 came in first with 64 million thanks to ainsley who saw it five times. the movie sky fall held second place with 61 million. lincoln finished third with 34.1 million. >> pita had a present for miley cyrus on her birthday. he gave her a pig. we will see the pig in a second. the organization rescued the 4 legged friend named another rno
2:40 am
order to celebrate her dedication to animals. they kicked off their 30th anniversary tour last week in london. take a look there. ♪ >> that is a first of five concerts to mark the milestone. there will be one more show in london and the three in the new york city area. the movie theaters were packed this week. >> now for your starting lineup. your top stories, a battle between the two most recent super bowl champs. yay the giants are coming back. eli manning threw three touchdown passes. they put an end to the packers 5 game winning streak ending with 38-10 giants. indianapolis colts cheerleader shaved her head during the third
2:41 am
quarter of the colts bills game. she was joined by fellow cheerleader. she agreed to save her head if she raised 10,000 dollars for leukemia along with coach chuck pagano. she is still smiling. wouldn't you be crying? >> she looks great, though doesn't she? >> yes, we spoke with her about it. >> we are going to visit a lot of children's hospitals afterwards. want to be an inspiration to those girls to show them you are beautiful even without hair. >> that was before she ended up doing it. she raised more than 22,000 dollars. look at the cute defrp pells, she is beautiful with or without the hair. >> 4 156r the top of the hour. coming up talk about bad criminals. two robbers learned the hard way. they are supposed to stay on when you are running. >> we told you about a swedish company that was forced to change the christmas catalog showing girls with guns and boys
2:42 am
with dolls after the company was accused of gender discrimination. we want to know what you think about this political correctness. gone too far? let us know what you think. keem sending your e-mails and tweets. >> announcer: 'tis the season of more-- more shopping, more dining out... and along with it, more identity theft. by the time this holiday season is over, an estimated 1.2 million identities
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to gently loosen and break up that sticky plaque with more brush movements than manual brushes and even up to 50% more than leading sonic technology brushes for a superior clean. oral-b power brushes. go to for the latest offers. >> while a lot of people waited out in the cold cyber monday is in the comfort of our own home. what can webbings pe-- what can? >> black friday instrument sales reportedly topped $1 billion as more consumers used the internet to do holiday shopping. we will find out how that paekt affected cyber monday. it has been the biggest e-commerce day in the united states. with connection at home and on
2:46 am
mobile devices consumers don't have to wait any more to start their early holiday shopping. that shows in this year's black friday sales. on-line retail sales jumped 26 percent from last year on black friday to $1.04 billion. meanwhile cyber monday is forecast to bring in 1.5 billion up 120 percent from last year. the retail federation also says more than 129 million americans plan to shop on-line today up from almost 123 million last year. the group also expects 85 percent of retailers to have a special cyber monday promotion of some sort. is offering 60 percent off plus an extra 10 percent off coats, sleep wear, glasses and more. kohl's h off and free shipping for anything on that web site. even if you are not sure what any one else wants there's no rule that says you can't take advantage of these deals and
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pick something up for yourself. i am not judging heather. just saying. >> thank you so much. >> all right. well time for your brew on this ponce is responses to our question of the day. earlier we told you about a swedish toy company that was forced to change the christmas catalog that shows girls with guns and boys with dolls this after the company was accused of gender discrimination. are the catalog changes a good idea or has political correctness gone too far. here are some of your responses. >> political correctness needs to be balanced with common sense. we are humans with identifiable genders and what is wrong with that? >> pat says it's not too bad but a little different. as a good big weather i played barbie with my sister when she asked me. >> children are confused enough these days. let the parents raise their own kids. thanks to everyone who responded. >> i have two toddler boys they play with girl and boy toys but
2:48 am
i don't need some company telling me what's write right. >> parents need to make their own decisions with kids. >> still ahead we know the key to wealth later in life has to do with the terrible teen years. we will tell you what that is all about. are you planning on booking a trip today? we are breaking down the best on-line deals for jet setters that are only available today. >> in the meantime let's check with brian kilmeade on fox and friends. >> how is it going? the great thing about cyber monday you can shop without clothes on. that's one of the great things one of the crew has brought up. i have to tell you what's coming up on the show in the next three hours. you will going to hear about three prominent republicans who say i don't care about breaking the pledge i gave to grover norquist or what they said. also talking about avoiding the fiscal cliff and why this week might be the key week to avoiding that. susan rice the chance at
2:49 am
becoming the next secretary of state. we are going to meet the cheerleader who went bald and joined her at the last minute to join the cause. we will be here live. don't miss a second. [ cheeping ] [ male announcer ] you hear that? that's the sound of car insurance compani these days. here a cheap, there a cheap, everywhere a cheap... you get it. so, what if instead of just a cheap choice, you could make a smart choice? like, esurance for example. they were born online and built to save people money from the beginning.
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>> 125 million people will try to get their holiday shopping done today. some of the best deals out there don't have to do with the gifts it has to do with the planning, the travel needs. here to join us with all of the details our expert travel guy lee avamonte. good to see you again. >> let's start with puerto rico. you say there's a good deal on puerto rico today. >> you can actually get 30 percent off if you book today at
2:53 am
the san juan marriott resort and casino which is a hotel i have stayed in before. it's a great resort right on the beach great casino great location you can walk all over. >> real close to the airport. >> yeah. 30 percent off today. real nice property. >> what about costa rica? >> it was a great place. i was there last week. but actually you can get 40 percent off of a two-night stay if you book today and 25 percent on any additional nights that you do. costa rica you can't beat it there. it is an awesome place. >> what about florida? >> nice all year long. the palm beach gardens marriott is offering 50 percent off today. again only if you book today. you can see the promo code on the screen. great place to be. beats the cold in new york. >> if you want a heavenly place you want to go to the west end one deal on panama. >> they are doing buy two nights
2:54 am
get two nights free. it's a great spot. i was just in panama about two months ago. just a great place. beat the winter cold and head down to panama. >> what a neat name. bonita means beautiful in spanish. >> what if you are planning a trip to europe or you want to go somewhere else? >> if you can if you know what you want to do today is a good day to book anything really. almost anywhere is offering deals. these are just hotels. you can also book airlines. this morning i got a deal e-mailed to me from pan airlines a brazilian airline from new york, la and miami 369 round trip to buenos aires. europe pretty much the same kind of thing. if you book today you can save some money. >> there are flights i have been waiting to book. i will have to see them today. >> thanks.
2:55 am
appreciate it. >> he may be the artist of the year but that doesn't mean justin bieber knows how to dress properly. are over alls really appropriate when you are meeting the head of state?
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>> ♪ good morning to you. that a live look at times square. not so lively right now. but it is two empties before the hour. the good, the bad and the
2:59 am
ugly. heachest early in life. >> a study of 10,000 teenagers and after 10 years teens with high spirits of the earned 10 percent above the agent salary, gloomy spirits earned 30 percent. >> next the bad. not criminal master minds . police are looking for two guys who robbed a bank in brooklyn. they took the masks as soon as they ran out of the bank and the surveillance video captured their faces. justin bieber wearing overalls and back wards hat to meet the canadian prime minister. he can clean it up. >> and 30 minutes or seconds to the top of the hour.


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