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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 27, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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sentence, then tell me why you feel that way. that catches our attention. that's how you do it. again, thank you fog watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. >> to my fellow americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for you're country. >> sean: that was then. but thanks to obama's entitlement society has jfk's iconic phrase decayed into "ask what your country can do for you." >> i'm more concerned now. >> ambassador susan rice descends on capitol hill to explain why she blamed the benghazi massacre on a youtube video. lieliz cheney has more as the
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benghazi cover-up unravels. and more states legalize marijuana. so is an increase in revenue really fueling this movement or is a cultural shift to blame? we'll debate it. and the protests in cairo, the white house refuses to condemn the egyptian president's dictator-like grab. all of that, and a "hannity" shootout with juan williams and more. "hannity" starts right now. tonight as the fiscal cliff drama unfolds on capitol hill, we'll take a step back and look at how we got to this point. namely, how do we become a nation buried under more than $16 trillion debt, why crippling defense cuts, and the largest tax increase will take hold in 35 days because your elected officials don't know how to stop spending money. let me first play a small part of one of the most memorable
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inaugural addresses of all time. >> my fellow americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. >> sean: sadly five decades removed from that iconic speech, the democratic party, its leaders, and countless other americans, rely on government for too many things. instead of asking what they can do for their country, they're asking what their country can do for them. now the debt record is at record levels, tax rates are soaring, because nowadays handouts have taken the place of hard work. a liberal notion has permeated our society one that now says the federal government, it's their job to find you a job. it's the so-called rich that should have to pay more in order to bankroll somebody's healthcare, or buy somebody's birth control regardless of their religious beliefs. simply calling this an
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entitlement society is a gross understatement. in the next 35 days, republicans and democrats will likely come together, announce a temporary deal has been reached to avoid falling off the so-called fiscal cliff, but kicking the can down the room with a gimmick-filled back room deal that won't solve the true problems we face as a country. it's time to return to the mind-set that president kennedy spoke of in the year i was born in 1961, instead of holding out your hand for a check, we should all be asking what we can do to make this a better country to live in. here with the latest on the fiscal cliff, the showdown, much more, stuart varney from the fox business network and the cohost of "the five," dana perino. can i have free birth control, free healthcare? what's snowpacked. >> i don'what's happened?>> i dy wakes up in the morning, saying
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what can the government to give to me? there's still self determination to get ahead, but the government sits like a lead weight on our ankles. particularly if you get into a situation where the government is not just your safety net, but becomes part of your everyday life for maybe a generation or two, it becomes harder to break that cycle. >> look, i think deep down america knows that what's going on is wrong. i don't see great enthusiasm and euphoria following the re-election of barack obama. deep down, i think america knows there's something wrong with the state of america today. it's become what can i get from my country? we know we can't afford it. we know that it's not traditional america. we know that morally it's wrong. there's a deep seated anxiety following this re-election -- >> sean: wait a minute. i'm going to play devil's advocate. just had an election on these very issues. >> yes. >> sean: i agree with you, but our side lost. >> yes. >> sean: america decided they'll
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take a backpack, fill it with rocks, for the first time in history, we'll say to our kids and grandkids, we'll leave you in a worst condition we found this country. >> that's absolutely true. don't you think deep down we know it as a society? >> sean: i don't know. people want free birth control, stuart. they want free healthcare. >> where is the euphoria, the cheering, the shouting crowds following this re-election? where are they? >> sean: you got this battle over the fiscal cliff. i'll take a quick survey here. which of you two think that the republicans will cave? >> i'm not going to call it caving. i don't think it's caving. it would be unconscionable to allow the country to go back into a recession, which all the economists say would happen if they allow it to go over the fiscal cliff. they have to come to some sort of agreement. by already painting them as caving before they even have a chance to have a conversation, why isn't the conversation more about where is president obama's
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plan? >> sean: hold on a second. >> he's the one that won. >> sean: you're making my point. where is the conversation about cutting, dir dick durbin, harry reid? >> the president sold a lie. the lie is you can have these goodies and it will be paid for if you tax the rich for more. that's economic nonsense. i want to give you one number. the unfunded liability of medicare, one entitlement program, is $42 trillion. that's money that we've got to shell out in the future, which we do not have. are you going to tell me we could tax the rich? >> i am not telling you, but this is what i'm saying, that the tax reform and entitlement reform should and could be a bigger part of this conversation, however to focus on the republicans now at this point i think is chasing a rabbit down a hole. it is not the republicans' responsibility to come up with a plan.
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president obama won fair and square. he's the won who needs to persuade america that the policy is right. >> sean: we have the exact same situation as we had before. all this money was spent, all the arguing over -- >> the house passed all sorts of bill to improve the economy in the last congress. you don't get anywhere with -- >> sean: why are they saying ahead of time -- i don't care if you call it tax reform, or we'll go for revenues. it's still tax increases. you know, can we stop playing this washingtonian -- >> i do think there's a general consensus we have to figure out a way to get more revenue to pay for the things we promised to people. >> sean: why can't they stop spending? >> why focus on the republicans? >> sean: they're the ones showing every indication, we'll give in on spending. oh, my pledge to grover norquist doesn't mean anything more. >> i don't believe in pledges anyway. you should pledge to uphold the constitution, and we should be able to trust our elected leaders to make decisions based on facts and -- >> sean: did one republican run on raising revenue? >> no -- well, actually i don't
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know if that's true. >> i don't know one. >> why are we talking about the republicans when we should be talking about the conservative democrats who ran senate seats who ran on a campaign against what president obama is talking about? why not talk about them? in 201047 democratic senators voted with president obama in order to extend the bush cuts. >> sean: the republicans, the ones signaling they're giving in, and the democrats, lock solid, they're not moving, as of now. i'm trying to reinforce -- >> i would just leave the republicans and focus on the democrats. what are they going to do? what is their plan. >> sean: you guys beat up on me. >> because we know we cannot afford this. we know that if you raise taxes on the rich, everybody making more than $250,000, you bring in $82 billion. we know that. that funds the government for what? 8 1/2 days. it provides 10 weeks worth of -- >> sean: i don't buy, the real fiscal cliff is down the road when we cannot pay our bills and go broke. >> it's the president, the democrats, leading america to
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bankruptcy. ibankruptcy. >> sean: agreed. >> the president and democrats are making america into a greek-style europe. concentrate on that for heaven's sake. isn't that a strong position? why do you want to beat on the republicans? >> sean: i thought you were going to go bob beckle on me for a second. i just lost my breath. >> i'm an englishman. >> sean: and a gentleman at that. look, the only thing i can say, it is in their best interest, because they hold the line. make the case for liberty. make the case for limited government. and nobody in washington is doing that now. do you agree? >> make the case for great policy that will see us through for a long time. the republicans are going to be blamed no matter what happens. political revenge against your enemies is not a great way to -- >> will you make no allowance for politics, none whatsoever? the republicans may not want
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to -- >> sean: look, they were not elected to raise taxes and to rrbber stamp obama's spending ways that we know will lead to bankruptcy. >> excuse me. >> sean: they were elected in the house -- >> no. >> sean: they won in the house, elected to hold the line. hold it. >> let's fast-forward to the last week of december. there's no agreement on the fiscal cliff thing. the president says those republicans, you people, you're just defending your millionaire pals, you're prepared to push us into a recession. who do you think gets the political blame at that point? >> sean: cut spending first. >> yes. >> sean: they won't do it. >> you'll never play politics? >> sean: republicans, i don't hear them advocating for smaller government and cutting spending. >> but you are asking them to negotiate in public when they actually should just be quiet. >> sean: in public, they're capitulating, saying they're giving in -- >> i think that's overriding,
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and -- overreading it, and pledges don't mean anything, and i like how stuart says "iota." >> sean: coming up, republican senators walk with more questions than answers after their meeting today with ambassador susan rice. coming up, the benghazi cover-up continues to unravel. we'll check in with liz cheney with the very latest. >> i'm more troubled today, knowing, having met with the acting director of the cia, and ambassador rice. [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8. or...try kids boxes!
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cause c-max has lots more horsepower than prius v, a hybrid that c-max also bests in mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid. >> sean: earlier today u.n. ambassador susan rice met with three senators on capitol hill in an attempt to explain away why she went on all five sunday shows just days after the benghazi terror attack and tried to blame the violence on a youtube video, but after today's closed-door meeting all three senators said they're more disturbed they were before. watch this. >> we are significantly troubled
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by many of the answers we got, and some we didn't get. >> bottom line, i'm more disturbed now than i was before, that the 16 september explanation about how four americans died in benghazi, libya, by ambassador rice i think does not do justice to the reality at the time. >> i'm more troubled today, knowing, having met with the acting director of the cia, and ambassador rice. >> joining me now with reaction, fox news contributor liz cheney. that's disturbing, considering -- >> yeah. i think the senators made a good faith effort. ambassador rice asked for the meeting. but the notion that they came out of the session more disturbed than when they went in is really troubling. and this latest shift, know, this just happened in the last few hours, where apparently the acting director of the cia told the senators that it was the fbi that changed the talking points,
6:16 pm
that removed the reference to al-qaeda, and he had a reason for it in the meeting. he said it was because they didn't want to hurt an ongoing criminal investigation, and now later today the cia came out and said, well, he misspoke. so it's now the fourth or fifth iteration of who changed the talking points, which isn't something that happens when you're actually telling the truth. >> sean: this is the problem susan rice has and the white house has, is if david petraeus knew instantly, and charlie lamb says that the state department was watching this in real time, and they were getting reports on the ground, calls for help to the cia annex, and the libyan president, all of these things happened within 24 hours, there's no justification at all to go blame a youtube video. if their explanation is, well, we didn't want to jump the gun, then they couldn't jump the gun on that excuse either. so that doesn't fly. >> right. >> i'm not surprised by what
6:17 pm
they said after this meeting. >> it's clear they don't have an answer, because if they had an answer we would have heard it by now. what we've heard are so many changes to the story. you know, we haven't heard from the president. we haven't heard from the secretary of state. you know, we had the white house spokesman today say with great disdain, i think, for the american people, say that this is an obsession that we have wanting to know what happened. you know, four americans were left to die. and the president of the united states has not come out and said, here's what happened, here's why i made the decisions i made. and where the world is secretary clinton? seems to me that these senators, not only should they not confirm ambassador rice under any circumstances, but i think they ought to say we won't confirm anyone until secretary clinton gets up here, under oath, and gives a full and complete testimony about what she knew and when she knew it, what she did. >> sean: let me move on to egypt, the consolidation of power, a power grab, basically
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the emergence of tyranny if you ask me as it relates to president morsi. what's more disturbing i think in many ways that hamas got credibility, they didn't deserve as a result of all of this, and i believe morsi was elevated by the white house and by secretary clinton, and i think the end result is that the only reason there's a cease-fire is because their missiles weren't effective, because the israelis were able to prevent they mean. them. i'm afraid they'll go back to the drug board and get bigger missiles that are more effective. what do you think? >> you're right. if you look at the wording of the cease-fire, it's pretty ridiculous. you've got the muslim brotherhood president as the arbiter of the israelis and hamas. don't forget the muslim brotherhood and hamas are the same organization. secondly, you have an administration, at least 2,000 people in the streets of cairo,
6:19 pm
saying we do not support this power grab. you've got the muslim brotherhood president who clearly does not believe in or support anything that has to do with american interests. the white house is essentially been silent on it. you know, it really reminds me of their silence back in june of 2009 when the iranian people were in the streets, and we did not want to offend the mullahs. >> sean: do you know why i think it's worse? >> why? >> sean: we're giving them money. >> absolutely. we shouldn't be. the military assistance is important. i think that the egyptian military may well be sort of the last vestige of any kind of secular rule there. economic assistance should have been put on hold and the lone forgiveness ought to be -- loan forgiveness ought to be canceled. we can't support a government working at odds, against american interests. >> sean: liz cheney, always good to see you. >> thanks, sean.
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>> sean: over at nbc news, they play the race card time and time again, all in a shameless attempt to smear republicans. you won't believe the latest comparison. we'll check in with juan williams with his reaction. why would this failing publication pick sandra fluke at its person of the year? ♪ the trucks are going farther. the new 2013 ram 1500. ♪ with the best-in-class fuel economy. engineered to move heaven and earth. ♪ guts. glory. ram.
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>> sean: it appears the so-called journalists over at nbc news can't help themselves when it comes to attacking republicans. when they can't find legitimate things to criticize, they play the race card. this material is from the past two days. here's one example. watch this. >> i think the republicans kind of view themselves as a kind of ruling class that are entitled
6:24 pm
by the virtue of their success, by the power of money, to buy anything that they should be able to continue to buy these elections. >> rick, what do you believe about the north star they go by, that they believe it's a center right country, the old founding fathers' notion that white men of property rule the country, and that's their notion of equality. the notion that the free men of this country are the white men of property. that's really what romney ran on, white men of property. he didn't say it, put it into words. >> sean: joining me to react to this nonsense is political analyst and friend juan williams. this is now a continuation of the campaign. there's two things that have happened with ambassador rice. she gave wrong information, juan, to the american people. it was false, enough evidence at the time to prove otherwise. she should have raised questions. there's more responsibility for the president, but the more
6:25 pm
despicable thing is because people are critical, justifiably so, racism, sexism. are we not going to hear this anytime anybody dares to disagree with a liberal, racism, sexism, doggism? is this what we're going to keep hearing? >> it's sad, reprehensible. it shouldn't be going on. i disagree with you on a lot of what you just said on susan rice. i don't understand what the senators are doing. sounds like they have an argument now with the acting cia director who said the changes in the document given to her were made by intelligence officials or fbi officials. okay. i don't understand why they say that they still have questions about what susan rice knew at the time that she spoke on those five shows. >> sean: do you read a newspaper? i read newspapers, and i knew within 24 hours, the intelligence knew within 24 hours, the state department saw it in real time, juan. the libyan president said it was terrorism. >> yeah.
6:26 pm
everybody says that now. but remember, she's a government official, and she was trusted to tell us what is in the unclassified, not classified material, not speculation, not possibility. everybody knows that in fact there were protests in egypt and elsewhere in the middle east. we don't know if they were linked, if the people in benghazi were trying to use that is a cover in order to get away with a terrorist attack on the -- >> sean: she went out there and said in the middle of an election with points that are now false, and they knew it was false then. if the state department can see this in real time, they know it's false, juan. >> well, no, because the state department -- you just did say the state department did see in this real time, but that's fragmentary -- >> sean: that's one piece of the puzzle. we got calls from people on the ground. david petraeus said he knew
6:27 pm
instantaneously. it's the anniversary of 9/11. it's a hotbed for terrorist training. how could you not know five days later? >> her job is not to guess. like you said, you were reading the paper. i thought, gee, 9/11, isn't this suspicious? i must tell you, that's not her job. her job is to tell the american people what our intelligence community says is their official assessment on the ground at the time. that's what she did. >> sean: let's go back to the knee-jerk reaction to label conservatives racist and sexist. >> see, that's what i find reprehensible. >> sean: let's play one more example. >> okay. >> sean: go ahead. >> john mccain is a drowning man, grabbing desperately on to anything he thinks can help save him. still bitter he lost in 2008, and now his time as a powerful senator is waning. >> he pursued an inappropriate political attack, gave us the
6:28 pm
horrible optics of he and lindsey graham as old establishment attacking a black woman moments in after an election after blacks and women went strongly blue. i leave to you to decide how much of the incompetence and inqualified. >> sean: old white establishment falks, wrongly attacking a much younger black woman. really? >> this is just horrible. you know, what's ironic, there's so much hypocrisy, because the left, you'll recall, would go after condoleezza rice, go after colin powell. they've gone after anybody on the right that they don't like, especially a black person is somehow traitorist and wrong-headed. now the suggestion that john mccain, lindsay graham, good men, i don't think in any way racist, are simply going after her because she's a black woman or a proxy for president obama,
6:29 pm
in much the way they went after eric holder on fast and furious. i think there's real questions. i disagree with some of it as i just told you, sean, but race, this is playing a card intended to hurt and diminish people from legitimately raising questions. that's just wrong. >> sean: it is wrong, but i would argue that it all started in the campaign, in what i said was the dirtiest and nastiest campaign, and now it's ongoing. because if the war on women strategy worked during the campaign, and playing the race card worked during the campaign, they're going to continue to use it, meaning people on the left. here's another example. >> how much of this is because president obama would like to see susan rice as the secretary of state? >> well, let's say 50%. >> you're putting at a fair 50? >> i would say 50%. the other 50% is that susan rice is a proxy for this president. i said it before, i'll say it again, there's been a witch-hunt
6:30 pm
after every prominent person of color that's servinged alongside the president, and this is part of it. >> sean: this narrative continues, and as a conservative i resent, because it's a false narrative trying to portray every conservative as against minorities. that is a lie. that's an outright lie, yet this is a news organization, prominent, nbc news. what is your reaction to this constantly coming up? >> i think it's wrong-headed. again, i think it's cheap. i don't know why you can't just address the substance of the issue. again, i just think it's hypocritical given that the treatment you've seen for black conservatives, the number of times that they have raised the race issue as to why a black conservative could really be a conservative. so i think they're the ones that should be on the hot seat here for questions about race, not people who have legitimate questions about anybody, black or white. yes, there's some questions about susan rice, about eric holder, proxy, all that, but,
6:31 pm
you know what, the larger issue are the facts. let's stick to them and put that nonsense to bad. >> sean: all right, juan williams, appreciate it always. thanks for being with us. >> you're welcome,sen. >> sean: still to come, the woman who wants taxpayers to fund birth control is in the limelight again. wait till you hear what attention sandra fluke is getting from "time" magazine. that's next. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people like you, are choosing advil® because helps you keep doing what you love. no wonder it's america's #1 selling pain reliever. you took action, you took advil®. and we thank you. (announcer) when subaru owners look in the mirror, they see more than themselves.
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>> without insurance coverage, contraception, as you know, can
6:35 pm
cost a woman over $3,000 during law school. for a lot of students, who like me are on public interest scholarships, that's practically an entire summer's salary. 40% of the female students at georgetown law reported to us that they struggled financially as a result of this policy. >> sean: believe it or not, those are the words of somebody that "time" magazine is now considering as person of the year? you heard it right. the failing magazine is now elevating former georgetown law student sandra fluke to the same level as winston churchill, pope john ii, and more. here to explain how advocating for publicly-funded birth control qualifies fluke as the person of the year. good to see you. thanks for being with us. >> great to be here. >> sean: marjorie, it's $9 a
6:36 pm
month at wal-mart to get birth control pills. you can get all the condoms you want. in new york city, at a bar, they're free. just take a handful on your way out. planned parenthood, too. do you think she should be woman of the year? >> the reason that sandra fluke represents what woman or person of the year should be about is she took a national stage, not knowing she was was, by the way, with dignity and grace, talked about a challenging issue, regardless of what you think about the issue, raked over the coals, called a prostitute and slut, but continued to have a global conversation with civility. >> sean: wait a minute. the foundation of what she said was false. it's not $3,000 over the course of a woman's career. why should taxpayers be paying for her birth control? why? >> again, you could argue the
6:37 pm
merits -- >> sean: how about sweater questions on the merits? >> the point is what she represents in terms of the issue. you look at the people nominated by the general public, it includes the ayatollah of iran, ryan seacrest. he's a real-life barbie doll or ken doll. >> sean: you're going to insult ryan seacrest? everybody likes him. >> what does sandra fluke bring to the table more so than -- >> sean: let me get penny in here. >> even the idea that she would be considered is a slap in the face to about 60 million evangelical and catholic women who are offended by the idea that we are forced to pay for someone else's abortion or abortion-inducing drugs. her whole platform was advocating on forcing us to violate our consciences. this issue is not over, sean. liberty university's case has
6:38 pm
been remanded back down to the fourth circuit. we will have our day in court. the idea that sandra fluke is somehow held up this as bastian woman that -- >> sean: fundamentally, this issue, this is not true. also the entitlement mind-set, why should i pay for birth control? >> and why should the woman who took the national stage saying she wanted free stuff be the ideal women, when we've got young women in pakistan, who took a bullet in the head because she advocated that young girls should be able to have an education, women who are fighting in the middle east for women's rights, women who are taking strong stands on behalf of real women's issue, yet we waste our time on sandra fluke, who was just a patsy for the obama administration in this campaign. >> sean: go ahead. >> again, you can argue the merits of her politics, but what she was -- >> sean: why do you keep avoiding the merits of it? >> i'll deal with it head on, but the idea is she's
6:39 pm
representing voices in the united states. for her, she's talking about students. for some women, pregnancy is life or death, and -- >> sean: are you willing to sacrifice what penny is bringing up here, something called religious freedom? are you willing to force catholic institutions to go against their own religious teaching and fund -- >> well -- >> sean: excuse me. -- and sunday something that's the antithesis of what their religion is teaching them? >> as a catholic woman, i can say what they're representing in terms of policy is actually a separation of church and state. >> sean: i didn't ask you that. the catholic position on contraception is well known. that's their teach. you you don't have to follow it, but that's their teaching. do you want the government to contradict or force or mandate that they go against their religious principles? >> as a catholic woman i don't have to take birth control. that's my choice as a catholic. the same way for --
6:40 pm
>> sean: you're still not answering my question. >> absolutely i am. in fact what, this means, we have an option of whether we choose to take birth control or not. >> sean: do you want the state to force institutions to do something that is against their religious belief? that's a yes or no question. >> well, actually the way that the tax money works is not directly going in through -- >> sean: you're not answering it. she won't answer. >> the answer is, yes, it is your choice whether or not to take birth control or whether or not to have an abortion, but you don't want me to have a choice whether or not i have to fund what you want to do. we have to pay for your abortion. sandra fluke's kids pay for $40,000 a year for law schools and not $9 a month for wal-mart birth control? that's ridiculous. >> not all women can afford -- >> there's no dearth of birth control in this country. >> unplanned pregnancy is far
6:41 pm
more than that. >> sean: you're willing to sacrifice religious freedom to achieve this? >> if the cost -- >> sean: you're willing to force churches to do something against their beliefs. >> it's not. >> sean: the mandate does force them to do it. >> your bishops don't agree with that. >> i don't know about that, but that's -- >> sean: you want to argue with the bishop? i'll bring in the bishop. >> i said, that's a whole other issue, the bishops. >> sean: we got to go. thank you both. two states legalized marijuana. why the left says this is a good idea. later more chaos in the streets of cairo as egyptian president mohamed morsi faces protests over his power grab. so will the obama administration step up and condemn the 9/11 truther and the one that wants to wipe israel off the map? straight ahead. i have a cold, and i took nyquil,
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>> it means i'm going to smoke a lot of weed tonight! >> sean: earlier this month, colorado and washington became the first states to legalize marijuana for recreational use. now left wingers claim there's overwhelming support for these initiatives because they allow state governments to tax the drug, therefore drive up state revenue, but could the sad reality be this is just a cultural shift that's taking place in america? so in other words, is getting stoned now becoming more
6:46 pm
acceptable? so the? joining me now with the answers, fox news contributor tamara holder, an expert, and republican strategist noelle lapur. is this a good idea? >> i'm stoned, because of course i'm going to say yes. i'm a stoned liberal. >> sean: do you -- [laughter] >> you love us, sean. >> you had some, too, before the show. >> i did not! >> sean: you know me, every day, 10 times a day. seriously, do you think this is a good thing? >> i think it's a great thing. >> why? >> for several reasons. first of all, the republicans are so caught up with criminalization of everything. we arrest somebody for marijuana once every 42 seconds. what did bob marley die of? gangrene. what did anna nicole smith die of? prescription drug overdose. what about eminem?
6:47 pm
>> that's a terrible argument. it's a gateway drug. >> it is not. >> sean: slow down a second. five years ago, i would argue this was impossible in america. what's happened in the country? cultural shift, move to the left? >> i mean, look it, we have reality tv that's gone over the edge. you have more pornographic sites. you have, you know, society as a whole has become very lax where morality is concerned. i'm not on the preacher's pulpit. >> reality tv like sarah palin's daughter who got pregnant before she was married and -- >> sean: i'm sick of the palins getting attacked. >> what does that have to do with pot? >> sean: hang on. i've got a question for you. do you stop at marijuana? should all drugs be legal? >> no, i don't think all drugs should be legal. >> sean: where do you stop? >> why not? >> i was answering sean's question. >> sean: should cocaine be legal? >> no koi. >> sean: heroin?
6:48 pm
>> no. >> sean: why? >> it's not a schedule one substance. >> sean: you would criminalize these drugs, is that what you're saying? >> yes. >> sean: heroin, crack? >> decriminalizing heroin or crack. you're separating marijuana. marijuana should not be -- >> sean: what about the other drugs, should you go to jail for them? >> absolutely. the users are going -- >> sean: my next question, if you have kids one day, and drugs are more widely available because they're legal, would you want -- and they're widely available now, but i would argue more widely available, would you want your 12, 13, 14-year-old kid smoking pot? >> i know that my child would have access to it. >> sean: why don't you answer my question? >> would i want them smoking it? i know they would have access to it, and i would educate my child about sex. kids have access to having sex at that age as well. >> sean: would you have a problem if your 14-year-old kid smoking dope? >> no. >> why?
6:49 pm
seriously. 14 years old, you would think that was okay, having sex, too? really? where do we stop? >> first of all, i never said these things were okay. >> you just did. >> sean: you said you didn't have a problem with it. >> you have to educate your child about making a decisions, because in a few years that child will go off to college. >> when you smoke pot, do you realize it makes you tired, and -- >> one makes you more excited and -- >> what about going to work? >> sean: why do you smoke the drug? >> number one, for obvious reasons. number two, i'm educated on the topic. i used to write for a medical marijuana magazine. >> sean: medical marijuana, from everything i've read, not from personal experience, far more potent. you can't make the case for physical addiction, but certainly psychological addiction. you wouldn't have a problem with
6:50 pm
your young son or daughter smoking this garbage? you said you don't have a problem with that. >> i have a problem with us -- >> sean: if it's going to be more widely available, i don't understand -- >> you'r i spoked it at 14. >> are you kidding me? >> sean: look what happened. >> did you have cancer at 14, smoking it for medicinal reasons? >> no. i think it should be used for recreational purposes, taxed as an industry. don't look at me as i'm crazy. >> smoking pot at 14, i think that's whacked out? >> i think you're whacked out. >> it's who i am. i've experienced things. you know, it makes me a bad person. >> you got me. >> sean: you guys done? >> i'm sure you didn't have
6:51 pm
premarital sex either at your age. >> sean: okay. on our next segment -- thank you both for being with us. coming up, protesters flood the streets of cairo in response to egyptian president morsi and his grab. what's the white house going to do about it next?
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6:55 pm
>> sean: hundreds of thousands of egyptians taking to the streets of cairo to protest president morsi's unmitigated power grab. listen to this exchange between yesterday. >> you're not condemning what he's doing? >> i don't have any new language to give to you today on how our view on it is. >> the white house is criticizing president morsi, would you say that was an incorrect statement? >> we're concerned about it and voiced those concerns.
6:56 pm
>> sean: guys, welcome to the program. >> thanks, sean. >> do you view this as a power grab, the muslim brotherhood that rushed to hamas' side after the rockets were being fired in israel? >> well, in the case of hamas and israel, actually the muslim brotherhood-led egyptian government was the reason why a truce was reached. >> sean: but the prime minister went to hamas and solidarity -- >> but egypt -- >> sean: they went with solidarity and -- >> they overthrew a dictator. we're not going to let another one come in its place. >> sean: this guy has referred to the israelis as animals, stood by his people calling for the destruction of israel, and this is a 9/11 truther, the guy you're looking at screen right there. >> i don't know where you get
6:57 pm
your facts. he's a man who brought a truce to israel, safety and security to the region. he will be the reason why -- >> sean: you call this safety and security? >> i'm calling it a truce. >> sean: so hamas, which has in its charter that calls for the destruction of israel, and morsi supports them, and muslim brotherhood as a terrorist organization, that's democracy? >> absolutely not. this is where this administration as we see with jay carney, and others, they not only have no comprehension of islamism, but they've allowed them to hijack the revolution, about the egyptian people, coming back to the streets to try to regain their freedom from an oppressor, the muslimists, worst of mubarak, because they're dictators on steroids. morsi is worse than mubarak. he's working with the terrorist
6:58 pm
organization hamas. people like mr. rehab and this administration don't have the courage to speak out against islamism, which many devout muslims do. many muslims on the streets don't want the islamists run their society. unfortunately we have people like you and this administration that don't have the courage to articulate liberty in the region, stand behind the people in the street, in front of them, and lead for real change. >> sean: is this period going to be viewed as the rise of the radical islamists, and under obama and hillary clinton, they are getting empowered by the united states? >> absolutely. we are completely useless. american soft power has disappeared in the region, and we are not advancing freedom at all. >> you had your chance, and you used it to spew lies. you don't know what you're talking about. >> well -- >> don't interrupt i've been clear in my opposition to the muslim brotherhood and president
6:59 pm
morsi. i was in egypt to vote as an egyptian and voted egainst morsi and the muslim regime. >> you're not that relevant other than your role in the muslim brotherhood, however -- >> i'm a lot more relevant than you are. >> our national security is -- >> sean: whoa. one at a time. hang on a second. ahmed, are you a member of the muslim brotherhood? >> no, i'm not. are you, sean? >> sean: did you just say that? >> absolutely. council on american/islamic relationships is part of the movement globally, and he was march nothing the streets of cairo -- >> it's not where i stand on egyptian politics. >> condemn islamists for us. >> we will move forward on the principles of this revolution, which is freedom and -- >>


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