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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 30, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> she drew number 10. >> very proud of that. representative elect julia brownley of california took a chance as she approached. she bounced and weaved and she danced and she picked number one. congratulations to her. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. it was fun. fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, president obama warning of a grinch christmas if congress goes off the fiscal cliff. while a family in missouri is planning a pretty good holiday after winning more than $100 million. what the power ball winners plan to do with all that cash. the hill family, come on up. >> now they are talking about what it was like when they realized their numbers had come up. >> i said we have won the lottery i said what? >> my dad called me 8:30 in
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the morning and it was probably almost noon before i moved again. >> shepard: special request from the winner's daughter. >> jayden what did you want for christmas? >> a pony. >> shepard: shouldn't be a problem. does this surveillance video actually show a man realizing that he is one of the power ball winners? >> he gave me the ticket and said did i really win? >> the moment apparently one learned that he is a multimillionaire. and battle for control of the internet. >> the rumor that has leaked out has kind of been terrifying. >> more than 190 nations considering how to regulate the worldwide web. and experts say their decisions could end the net as we know it but first from fox this friday night. today we got to meet the nation's newest power ball winners. the hill family from dearborn, missouri. they had one of the two tickets from the record-setting 588-million-dollar jackpot. six members of a family showed
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up at a news conference. the mom cindy hill is a laid off office manager. the dad mark hill a mechanic at meat processing plant. they brought along their three sons and their 6-year-old adopted daughter. the hills told reporters they are now considering adopting another child. and they talked about what it was like when they realized they hit the jackpot. >> i didn't find out until the next day after i had taken my daughter to school and i went by to see what the numbers were. and i got back in my car and i didn't have my glasses. and i was thinking is that the right numbers? is that the right numbers? and i was shaking and i called my husband and i said i think i'm having a heart attack. >> i get a phone call from dad. and first thing he says is now don't say nothing. [ laughter ] i go to work and everyone is talking about like someone from the kansas city area won. i'm like well, you don't say, wow. i'm like i bet those people are pretty happy right now.
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we're still stunned by what's happened. it's surreal. and people keep asking us what are you going to buy with it? i haven't even thought about that. i just want -- i want to go home and just be back to normal. >> shepard: ha. there is a new normal cindy. that's thanks to that giant check. taxes will take a big chunk of the winnings of course. the family will still walk away with more than $136 million. mike tobin live in our midwest newsroom. mike, do we have their address so we can drop by? >> sure, yeah. they were hoping you could come by for tea. the hill family is just trying to get their arms around all of this sudden fortune. they are talking about different things they may do. they may go on a vacation. they are talking about charities to which they may donate without making a commitment. it's interesting. you heard from sons cody there who said his dad said don't say nothing as soon as they learned that they were the winners. then while texting with his sister-in-law, he learned that
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dad had already techno blabbed. >> i said well, dad, he doesn't want me to say anything, say anything? he said you have seen his facebook? [ laughter ] so i got my dad's facebook and i was like i think it's pretty safe to say the cat's out of the bag. >> and dad is kind of hinting, shep, that he wants a red camaro. >> shepard: i bet he can have one. what about that other winner in arizona. do we know anything? >> we know he is awesome if that's the guy anyway. caught on video finally honest reaction the kind you or i would give if we realized we were the winners. guy checks the number at the counter yellow road gear. freaks out a little bit handing the ticket to other people making sure that he wasn't seeing things. >> he couldn't believe it. he was ecstatic wanting everybody to look to check to see he wasn't seeing things. he wasn't seeing things it was the right numbers. >> i heard him say he won. and he gave me the ticket and
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said did i really win? and it was an arizona ticket with the winning numbers on it >> and apparently that ticket was from scottsdale, arizona according to people in that store. that is significant because that's where the ticket was and that's where this winner has got to go if he wants to claim his prize. >> shepard: hope he makes it there. mike tobin. earlier on "studio b" we heard from a guy who won more than $100 million. lump sum before taxes. he warned the hill family to be careful because folks they barely know will try to score a small chunk of those winnings. >> you don't know what tomorrow will bring. with some the people that come out of woodwork like you hear about. you know, those letters, you know, i still get them 8 years later. there is no book. there is no guide to tell these people what to do and how to do it. >> shepard: stephan white says life is wonderful now and he has just used some of his power ball winnings to make a donation to toys for tots. fox urgent now.
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two boys in florida plotting to set off a weapon of mass destruction here in the united states. this is new tonight. prosecutors say that weapon was some sort of explosive device. no word on a potential target. the fbi reports they arrested the brothers yesterday in fort lauderdale. the feds say the men are u.s. citizens. originally though from pakistan. they could get life in prison. there is a stalemate. let's not kid ourselves. that's the quote today from speaker of the house john boehner about the battle over the so-called fiscal cliff. that's the combination, of course, of spending cuts and exexpiring tax breaks set to kick in about a month from now. economists say it could cause another recession. today, the president visited a toy factory in pennsylvania to make his case for his plan. he is asking americans to pressure congress to extend tax cuts for the middle class right now. in fact, extend tax cuts for everybody for the first $250,000 of income. so the families won't have to worry about a new year's day tax hike. republic leaders say letting
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the tax cuts expire on income of more than $250,000 would hurt small businesses and, as they call them. job creators. let's get to ed henry who is with us from the white house tonight. president says the election proved most americans are on board with this plan. >> that's right. he, without using the word thinks he he basically has a mandate. even though the election is over, he is out campaigning for this again because he thinks there is a dead lock here in washington and he wants to break it with pressure points from the american people pushing republics because republics are now in a defensive posture where if they don't act in the next few weeks and we do fall off that so-called fiscal cliff, taxes will go up on everyone. and the fact is republics against tax increases so the president basically put the pressure on. take a listen. >> a clear majority of americans, democrats, republicans, independents, they agreed with a balanced approach. deficit reduction and making sure that middle class taxes don't go up. folks agreed to that.
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now, the good news is we are starting to see a few republics coming around to it too. >> now, house democratic leader nancy pelosi put an even finer point on it today saying flatly, elections have consequences suggesting democrats are not going to give in on their push for higher taxes on the rich. shep. >> shepard: by any measure, ed, the president came in strong, even folks on the left are saying it and john boehner seems very unhappy. >> he is unhappy because he doesn't want to give in on the part about tax hikes for the rich. but also he believes this proposal from treasury secretary tim geithner yesterday really didn't get us anywhere in terms of moving the ball forward. because not just on the tax side but he is basically saying there is no clear cut spending cuts in the eyes of republics so that there is that so-called balanced approach. not just taxes but spending cuts as well. he thinks we are going nowhere fast. here is boehner. >> i took a great risk. and then the white house
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spends three weeks trying to develop a proposal and they send one up here. calls for $1.6 trillion of new taxes. calls for a little -- not even $400 billion in cuts, was not a serious proposal. and so right now we are almost nowhere. >> now, with little progress between the inside players, white house officials tell us the president will keep the heat on from the outside next week. he will be meeting with governors on tuesday and then addressing the business round table on wednesday. try to get some of those chief executives to put pressure on republics, shep. >> shepard: ed henry on the north lawn tonight. thanks. alert went out on the college campus here today that there was a killer on the loose. it's an attack that left people dead, numerous people. and now word that the suspect didn't actually use a gun. the details on that coming. plus, fresh anger and outrage in egypt where things are chaos. after the president pushed through the draft constitution that sets out rules for everything from torture to the influence of sharia law.
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>> shepard: police saying part of an attack that happened wyoming college happened in a roomful of students. man killed one person off campus and then headed to the school and killed a teacher right in front of the class. then they say he killed himself. it happened at casper college in central, wyoming. the cops say the suspect did not use a gun but used some sort of blade on at least one of his victims. we don't yet know what may have triggered the incident. the revolution is back. that's the message from opposition leaders in egypt as mass protests returned to cairo's iconic tahrir square.
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speaking out against the new proposed constitution. the government infamous majority rushed to approve it before a court could stop them as christian and secular members boycotted a vote walked right out of the hall. activists say the measure could limit civil lishedz in a big way. among other things increases the influence of sharia law and commits the state to protecting morlgs and the quote traditional family. the document does strengthen bans on torture and arbitrary arrests. also curbs executive power and pliments presidential terms. this comes just after the president there mohammed morsi granted himself sweeping new powers basically made himself a dictator. that's what first triggered the protests and less than two years after the fall of egypt's aauthoritarian leader hosni mom bark many egyptians fear their new leader and islamist allies are putting the country back on the path toward dictatorship. steve harrigan live in cairo. steve, any sign the president is willing to concede on any of this?
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shepard, president morsey has made no moves on compromise. one thing we have seen from supporters in the muslim brotherhood the care shown in trying to avoid any conflict or violence in the square here. that's certainly going to be put to the test tomorrow. that's when across the nation morsey supporters, people who back this president from the muslim brotherhood will hold demonstrations in support of the president and they will avoid this area around tahrir square to try to avoid getting in fights with the anti-morsey protesters. shepard. >> shepard: steve, what happens now with the new constitution or proposed constitution? >> the president submits it for ren dumb for 15 days time. people across egypt will have to vote up or down on it if it is accepted as expected, morsi has said he will give up those extraordinary powers, those extra judicial powers that he has given himself. and keep in mind here. we haven't seen the public support for this president. he won 52% of the vote just
4:16 pm
five months ago. we're likely to see a strong showing by his backers tomorrow. and a possible win in this constitutional battle. the real question for the opposition is. will that be enough? will they stay out here on the square? many people say they are going to sleep out there until morsi is driven from power, shepard. >> shepard: steve harrigan in cairo tonight. steve, thank you. after tourists photographed a new york city police officer buying some boots for a homeless man, the image went viral. now for the first time we're hearing from the officer himself and he is talking about why he wishes he could have helped a little bit more. plus, a secret santa giving out hundred dollar bills to folks recovering from the super storm. >> we lost our whole house. >> my granddaughter is in surgery tomorrow. are you serious? >> i'm serious. merry christmas. >> shepard: you will meet the mystery man who is hoping to make the holidays a little bit brighter coming up. ♪
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>> shepard: some survivors of super storm sandy got steamed staten island in new york. hundreds jammed in auditorium to talk with officials fema. people said they were frustrated with the recovery effort. >> you sit there -- you think it's a joke? >> billionaires. >> i don't. >> our communities are helping. red cross comes by, rings their bell come and get a hot meal and leave. we help each other. and that's what we want to do. but we need your support, sir. >> shepard: always quite new yorkers. staten island seriously the hardest hit spot in the city. new york's mayor has estimated the total damage in all of the five burrows of new york totals $19 billion. and some of sandy's survivors
4:21 pm
are getting a lift now. thanks to a man from missouri. he spent yesterday giving out $100 bills in new york and new jersey. people still trying to recover from that storm. >> are you serious? >> i'm serious. merry christmas. >> no, you can't. >> give me a hug. >> oh my god. >> see you, sweety. >> shepard: so great. the man says is he a secret santa and won't let show you heat. greg jarrett is in the newsroom. you talked to him, right? >> yeah, did i. extraordinary generosity and really nice guy, shep, i have to tell you, he insists on am niment. yesterday alone he gave away some 20,000 bucks to 150 people in 10 different locations. he picks those really in need including, of course, folks suffering from super storm sandy. >> we lost our whole house. i had two properties and we lost everything.
4:22 pm
we are on the beach. the house is gone. >> i feel like i just got a million dollars. it's only a hundred but god is good all the time. >> we have all been here volunteering for weeks now. for someone to give something back to us, you know, it was a surprise. >> generous man bringing joy to folks who really don't have a lot of it this time of year. shep? >> shepard: what did he say to you on the phone, greg? >> well, first of all we had some difficulty locating him. eventually did a wealthy businessman in new york city. he told me, shep, he does it to inspire others to do random acts of kindness. >> anybody can be a secret santa. it can be a kind word. it can be a good deed. it could be any act of kindness. it doesn't have to be about money that's our goal and that's our purpose. we are simply trying to inspire the world. >> he is carrying on the idea that was started by his close friend larry stewart. there is a picture of larry who gave away more than a million dollars to perfect
4:23 pm
strangers before he died five years ago. and so the famous new york sun editorial west virginia and there is a santa claus. >> shepard: good stuff. thanks a the lo. that nypd cop who bought boots for a homeless man says is he holding on to the receipt. not for some expense report but to always remember how hard some folks have it we reported on the story last night a tourist snapped this photo of the cop giving new boots to a shivering bare foot homeless man. the cop says he dropped 7 a bucks of his own change but he told us he wishes he could have done a lot more. >> his smile went from ear to ear, you know. i knelt down, because it was just so cold that night and he was an elderly man. i didn't want him putting on himself and i helped him put them on and i helped him up and i offered a cup of coffee or something to eat. he didn't want anything. he said listen, have you done enough. he said god bless you again and stay safe. he he went on his way.
4:24 pm
>> shepard: the lady who took this photograph sent it to the new york police department which posted it online and it quickly went viral. now with more than half a million likes on facebook. spirit of the season. plupging off the fiscal cliff would be a buzz kill at the end of the year, wouldn't it? a 1-2 punch. not only higher taxes but spending cuts that could effect everybody from students to senior citizens. u.s. senate is hitting iran with new punishments for nuclear program. this time the white house says it's against the move. and a 70-year-old tennis referee charged with murdering her husband of half a century. police say blood splattered all over the house. she says she is innocent. wait until you hear what a judge just did. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on a friday fox report. the capital one cash rewards card
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>> shepard: a professional tennis referee is accused of killing her husband but she will not face a murder trial. at least not for now. you see, prosecutors in california today dropped the case for lack of evidence. police back in april found her husband's body and a trail of blood in a couple of los angeles home. prosecutors claim she had beaten him to death with a coffee mug. cops in august arrested the tennis referee before a tennis match. she pleaded not guilty. claim they died from accidental fall.
4:29 pm
coroner he was evidence showed he died of a heart attack. the judge today dismissed the case without prejudice which means prosecutors could refile it. gas explosion killed at least one person and hurt several others. it tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. russia. the blast ripped through an apartment building in the central city. officials say it happened during construction work. a gas container reportedly exploded on upper level of a 10 story building. dozens of people living nearby had to evacuate. cochings seized record cash of drugs in a mountain village. they found 15 tons of cocaine worth $450 million in an underground chamber beneath the home. traffickers had reportedly felony in the drugs from venezuela. hun hun door honduras a major
4:30 pm
shipping corridor. caught a rare chinese sturgeon. the indangerred species is said it be so old it lived among the dinosaurs. kept it in a tank where alerting police. officials released it into the sea some 15 miles offshore. belgium a new electronic christmas tree. replacing the famous fir tree. the 70-foot tall creation has led's and video production screen. for a few bucks you can climb its staircase for a full view of the famous plaza. proceeds go to a charity for the homeless and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> share the holidays with the share everything plan i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. and it's just not just the expiring tax cuts we are in for if we plunge off the cliff
4:31 pm
on christmas day. the law that created this mess calls for automatic spending cuts. more than a trillion dollars over 10 years. that means more than 100 billion next year alone. split between defense and domestic programs. a pentagon official says is he cautiously optimistic that the congress and the white house will come up with a deal to avoid the cliffs. one republic senator says he is more worried than ever. it's the top story at the bottom of the hour. mike emanuel is on it this evening. the idea was that these cuts would be so painful that this thing would be so horrible. that this would throw us into such a mess that there is no way these loons on capitol hill would let this happen. but lo and behold. >> exactly, shep. certainly 2012 campaign politics did not help congress and the white house find alternatives to these cuts. today a top republic senator told me time is running out. >> i'm more worried about the sequester now than ever because it seems to be overshadowed by discussions over going off the fiscal cliff which is a separate but related matter. a combination of those two
4:32 pm
things both huge tax increase and a $1.2 trillion in cuts will put us in a recession. defense and domestic cuts could be avoided if a grand bargain is struck to avoid the fiscal cliff. if not, it will get ugly, shep. >> shepard: yeah, it will. give us an idea what we are talking about in the way of cuts here if this happens. >> as you mentioned they are split between domestic and defense cuts. let's take a look at the domestic cuts. educational programs including special education will be cut by $2.3 billion medicare payments to hospitals cut by $5.6 billion. prescription drug benefits lose $591 million. on the defense side, across the board 9.4% cut regardless of the program's merit. defense department operations and maintenance loses $3.9 billion in 2013. air force and navy aircraft purchases get cut by more than
4:33 pm
$4.2 billion. that is why some are calling cutting with a machete instead of a scalp pull. shep? >> shepard: stocks closed higher after a choppy day of trading. dow industrial average eked out 4 point gain over uncertainty about fiscal cliff thing. weakest spending report since may. a lot of storm out of that. according to the commerce department, spending dropped .2% last month. that's down a point or i sudden say 8% jump in september. analysts blame the super storm as i mentioned. its aftermath could cut economic growth for the rest of the year. syria is more isolated than ever tonight with the internet and phone lines down across the nation for the second straight day. government and opposition leaders blame each side. worst outage since the fight began about 19 mobs ago. the head of the united nations
4:34 pm
said today conflict new and appalling heights of blew tattle and violence. he could have said that a year ago, frankly. now, fears that islamic extremists could try to take advantage of the chaos. and al qaeda inspired militant group tells the associated press joined the effort to topple the regime and determined to form a new islamic state. conor powell live in our middle east newsroom early this saturday morning. connor, what's the late word there? >> well, shepard, president assad and his supporters have managed to hold on to power despite the internal pressure domestically and international pressure on his regime. there are signs though who point to things being more shaky in sierra than we may have previously thought. in the past 24 hours. the damas tus international airport which had been firmly in control of the government has taken rebel fighter, mortars landed on the run way yesterday. the main road leading to the airport was closed for much of yesterday because of heavy fighting between rebels and government forces.
4:35 pm
now, we're also hearing that the internet has been shut off for the second day in a row. more than 90% of internet connections across syria are out. now, it appears that the assad government has shut down the internet. in large part because rebels seem to be making advancements towards damascus and other government held areas. it is seen that this is a possible move to try to slow that advancement. shepard. >> shepard: nato getting more and more involved now, right? >> that's right. nato is not getting directly involved in the war in syria. but it is sending some advanced weapons to turkey. which borders along syria and is a big supporter of the rebels in syria. and it's also a nato ally. turkey has been asking for advanced patriot surface-to-air missiles to help protect its border and its population from reprisals from the assad government. now nate to has -- nato for mons they will be sending this advanced weapon to turkey.
4:36 pm
shepard? >> shepard: thanks very much. conor powell in jerusalem for us. the senate today voted the tighten the economic pressure on iran. 94 to 0 vote. lawmakers banned all business with iran's energy, port, shipping, and ship building sectors. it's part of the ongoing u.s. effort to push iran to abandon its nuclear efforts. haven't worked. today iran's ambassador to the international atomic energy agency warned that any attack on its nuclear facilities could spark iran to kick out the inspectors and withdraw from the nonproliferation treaty. meantime, a senior iranian cleric today claimed that the recent war between israel and hamas in gaza was a direct victory for iran. hamas militants in gaza fired hundreds of rockets into israel. including iranian made if a jerry five mills that tel aviv. hamas leaders have publicly thanked iran for its assistance. secretary of state clinton is working to chart a path forward for the israelis and palestinians one day after the
4:37 pm
voted to recognize the nonmember state. secretary clinton meeting with officials including the israeli defense minister and palestinian prime minister. the white house says only face-to-face negotiations will lead to a lasting peace. meantime just after the u.n. vote, israel approved construction of new housing in the west bank in ears jerusalem. palestinian leaders said that would not return to the peace talks unless and until israel freezes that construction and it doesn't appear it's happening. they also say they want to return to the pre1967 borders whereby israel would give back the west bank east jerusalem and gaza. back to the early days of the internet. nobody knew how big it would become. obviously. and that's why representatives from around the world are getting together to rewrite the rules for the internet. this is fascinating and what they have in mind could change everything we know about the internet. we have in-depth report coming. plus, after losing the latino vote in a big way in the 2012
4:38 pm
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>> shepard: after election exit polls showed they l.s.u. big among hispanic voters. the republics have now come up with a plan to overhaul the immigration system. today house lawmakers approved the bill among other things, it offers green cards to foreign students with graduate degrees. but it would eliminate a diversity program that provides visas to people are other countries low rates of education regardless of education. the democrat say the republicans are pandering to minorities and pitting them against each other. >> doug mckelway with the rest of the story from capitol hill. this is unlikely to get through the senate, right? >> right. probably no chance whatsoever, shep. it passed by a big margin in the house 245 to 139 votes. it was by bart san -- by par san bipartisan bill.
4:42 pm
immigration reform albeit in a way that reflects republic values. not only does it provide 55,000 green cards in imgragets advanced degrees in sciences but also allows to bring families here that will help stop the brain drain of high tech foreigners to leave the u.s. to rejoin their families in their home countries. >> it makes no sense to education people, bright, talented people and then frankly deport them so they can compete against the united states. >> but the bill infuriated a lot of democrats because it ends the existing green card lottery in which 55,000 immigrants from poorly served country are picked randomly by a computer to come to this country it resulted in this really testy exchange on the house floor today in which a democratic member accused republics of crafting a racist bill, listen up. >> i don't know what is in the head of those who support this bill, but if it's not racist in its intent, it certainly is
4:43 pm
racist in its effect. >> i'm personally insulted that anyone would use even loosely the term of racism as part of a statement related to merit-based advanced degrees. >> one example of why republicans believe this is so important, this bill to american competitiveness, 38% of today's high tech college grads come from foreign countries. shep? back to you. >> shepard: doug mckelway back thank you. the supreme court is debating whether to weigh in on same sex marriage. in fact, the justices may have already decided. you see they met today but they were the only ones in the room and they are not talking. they are considering legal challenges to california's ban on same sex marriage. and the federal defense of marriage law. that law denies gay couples the government benefits that every other kind of couple gets, like social security payments and tax breaks. legal experts are predicting the supreme court will agree to hear at least one of the same sex marriage cases.
4:44 pm
we could find out as soon as monday. representatives from more than 190 coucome together next week a huge conference in the middle east. their job is to make decisions on how to oversee the internet. there is a lot of unease among critics who say they are worried those decisions could ultimately result in the united nations taking control of the internet. >> the fact that these people are discussing this kind of stuff, even entertaining these ideas, that's really cause for concern. >> the international telecommunication union or itu is an arm of the u.n. its conference in dubai will be the first such meeting on internet oversight since 19 8. >> the internet has become a major telecommunications force. it's how we communicate today. whereas back in 1988, it was just a thing that some governments and educational facilities used. >> observers say some of the proposals countries are now discussing could end the open internet as we know it. there is a european plan that would force web sites to pay a
4:45 pm
fee to appear in other countries. another proposal could shake up the basic infrastructure of the web. you see your computer connects to internet service provider or isp which links it to servers hosting web sites all over the world. those servers send information back to your computer. in order for the devices to find each other, they all have their own internet protocol or ip address. but no one wants to memorize those long strings of numbers, so we link them to unique names like currently, a private company based in the united states coordinates the address system for web sites around the world. but a proposal by russia would allow each country to manage its own system and tech observers say that could fracture the internet. >> if you go to russia and there isn't anything that says equals 191.2 dot 1 suddenly you can't get to google in russia. all of a sudden the internet looks dramatically different than it does here in the u.s. >> shepard: critics warn it would also encourage
4:46 pm
censorship. google is leading a campaign against those proposals it posted online statement saying the itu is the wrong place to make decisions about the future of the internet. >> this has been a large misunderstanding which is good to have the opportunity to clarify itu representative spoke with us over the phone. he insisted the organization does not want to become the regulator of the web and that countries are discussing all options at the meeting. >> really about spreading the internet around the world rather than any regulation of it. >> shepard: the conference in dubai scheduled to start on monday and continue for more than a week. former telecom he cannive terry kramer is representing the united states as an ambassador there. he has vowed to oppose any efforts to block the free flow of information. we're learning a train derailment unleashed toxic chemicals into the atmosphere today as officials warned folks in that area to stay inside. now you can see how one local is playing it safe. very nice. we'll hear from him next.
4:47 pm
plus, strong words from a republic senator about the deadly attack on the consulate in libya. no it has not stopped. why the lawmaker needs more answers from ambassador susan rice one of president obama's possible pick force secretary of state. that's still to come as fox reports live tonight. this holiday, share everything. share "not even close." share "you owe me..." share "just right." the share everything plan. sharable data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. get a droid razr m by motorola for $49.99.
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>> shepard: careful if you live in south jersey. officials say train car toxic chemicals into the air. it happened on a bridge. look at these pictures. this bridge had a history of problems they tell us. about a half hour outside philly. some of the tanker cars fell right into that creek below the bridge as you can see. officials urged people to stay inside and then they gave the all-clear later this afternoon. still, one local guy seems to be wearing a mask anyway. >> well, i watched a lot of movies and i don't want my
4:51 pm
eyes start bleeding or anything crazy like that, so, you know, i'm trying to stay alive. warn my friends. >> shepard: nobody wants bleeding eyes. the hospital treated more than 70 people with breathing problems scratchy throats and burning eyes thankfully no bleeding eyes. no word on what caused the derailment. republic senator says the u.n. ambassador susan rice didn't just have unclassified talking points when she made her comments about the attack on the u.s. outpost in benghazi. susan collins of maine is one of the senators who met with ambassador rice this week. senator collins is also among the republicans who say they need more information about benghazi before they can support ambassador rice for secretary of state. president obama has not yet nominated anybody. but this week he defended ambassador rice calling her extraordinary. the benghazi attack killed the u.s. ambassador to libya. chris stevens and three other americans on 9/11 of this year. five days after that. ambassador rice wept on the sunday talk shows and said u.s. officials believed the violence was a spontaneous reaction to protests over
4:52 pm
anti-muslim video. ambassador rice says she was using talking points directly from intelligence agencies that turned out to be wrong. intelligence officials now confirm they did indeed give her those talking points but senator collins tells fox news ambassador rice had access to a lot more information. catherine herridge in d.c. tonight. catherine? >> well, thank you, shepard. it's a top secret brief including foreign intelligence and high level analysis for the commander and chief. >> she had access to the full presidential daily brief on intelligence. so she was well-informed and knew that our intelligence community felt that there were ties to al qaeda affiliates that were involved in the attacks. >> earlier this week, democrats defended rice questioning why it took so long for the intelligence community to assess that there was no demonstration citing two critical pieces of data. >> the interview with the people on the ground as well as the video evidence.
4:53 pm
that took time. in some cases days. in some cases more than a week. and that accounted for a lot of the inaccurate information initially. and one of the questions that i have asked is why did it takes a long as it did. >> there is also new scrutiny of rice and her husband's money tonight. they own stock in royal dutch shell in the eye tilian. recently did business with iran. rice's financials had actually been out there for a year. only this week got a second look. >> i also think that because she is such a controversial nominee these things tend to get magnified. every other cabinet secretary or appointee or potential appointee people will go through the paths and history and ask questions. >> a spokeswoman telling fox tonight, quote: ambassador rice worked to impose the toughest u.n. sanctions regime ever on iran for its continued failure to live up to its obligations. adding that rice has fully complied with all of the financial disclosure rules.
4:54 pm
shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge tonight from washington. experts say they have a way to save the united states billions and billions of dollars. it involves taking $1 bills out of your pocket. the plan that could force you to carry more coins. that's next. yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery. for the latest smartphone. you wanna see if walmart has the same phone, for less? let's see! samsung galaxy s3 --- you could save over $50. o way! and -- you get a $100 gift card. are you serious?! yes! see for yourself how much you can save on the smartphones you want for christmas. walmart. looking for a better place to put your cash? here's one you may not have thought of -- fidelity. now you don't have to go to a bank to get the things you want from a bank, like no-fee atms,
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>> shepard: dollar bill could go the way of a dinosaur at least what they her proposing. government accountability office says getting rid of the dollar all together and having coins like great britain or whatever would save huge money $4.5 billion over 30 years. that's because they can stay in circulation a lot longer than paper bills obviously. of course we already have dollar coins and they are a flop every single time we try them. the feds stopped making them about a year ago. hearing today some members of congress fought to move to dollar coins. they say folks don't want that extra change jingling around in their pockets. of course they could get rid
4:58 pm
of that stupid penny or whatever. cool critter time and a couple of baby cheetahs have just come to live in the united states. that's all they had to say about 16 hour long flight from south africa. workers unloaded the few animals took them home to a new zoo in miami. folks have waited nine months for the cheetahs to arrive. new attraction help teach folks about animal conservation. before we go team's top five things of the day the yankees signed mo, rivera coming back for one year. exit life worth a reported 1 million bucks plus incentives. new boat and southern caribbean and made off with more than $11 million in gold bars. gold, it's solid. number three, this year's hurricane season officially ending as a third most active since they started keeping records. number two, the dow barely bundle as investors waiting to
4:59 pm
see whether the folks in d.c. can strike a deal to avoid going over that fiscal cliff. number one tonight, a mechanic in missouri says is he planning a pretty good christmas after he won half of that record power ball jackpot. first on the list. his adopted daughter wants a pony. and that's "the fox report's" top five. an on this day in 1892. a young sing from her gary, indiana made music history with a release of his album "thriller." michael jackson was already a star at the time but "thriller" was a game changer with seven top then hits including billy jean and title track. "thriller" became the best selling album of all time went on to win a record 8 grammy awards sealing his place in history as the king of pop. despite his untimely death at the age of 50. michael jackson's will legacy hs withstood the test of time.


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