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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  December 1, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PST

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>> andrea: republicans are despondent and looking for the future of the party. a friend of mine announced this week, pete schneider at for lieutenant governor of virginia. virginia is the place to watch next year. follow him. a huge rising star. that's it for us. thank you for watching. welcome to "red eye." i am so equaled comedian tom shillou. let's go to an -- go to andy levy. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> what is the best country to be born in in 2013 if you want a good chance at a healthy, safe and productive life? a new study seases says -- a new study says they will rip it to shreds. so yes they should have tattoo or shouldn't have at -- have
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tatoos. and jennifer lopez needs to put on more clothes, but even more annoyingly they are letting her sing. tom? >> thanks, andy. love that dark suit. >> it is actually just a jacket and not a suit. why the butt naked from the waste down. >> it suits you. >> thank you very much. let's welcome our guests. i met her in high school du detention. she took me for a bad as loner and she thought i was a prissy princess. i am here with patti ann browne. and i met him at an underground boxing match. he said the first rule was i wasn't allowed to talk about it, but i guess i just did. it is imus in the morning producer. filling in is billy, star of stage and screen, billy zane. he deserves that. and he once showed up outside my bedroom window with a boom box over his head playing peter gabriel's "in your eyes"
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and we have been friends ever since. he is the host of the opie and anthony show. >> is it better to be born in the city of burn? according to a report switzerland will be the best place for a baby entering the world in 2013. the u.s., a dismal 16th on the list. a long fall for america which was ranked first in 1988. the economist intelligence unit aimes to measure which country will provide the best opportunities for healthy, safe and prosperous lives ahead. 1k3* the winner of this year's lottery of life are wee ones births in switzerland, australia, norway, sweden and denmark. which i am sure are one country. this thing is already very suspect. the economist says the index was compiled using 11 statistically ipped caters noting being rich helps more
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than anything else, but things like crime, trust and public institutions and health of the family life matter too. all of this raises a question, can dogs jump over bottles? >> well, that's all of the evidence i need. dogs cannot jump over bottles. bernard, this is supposed to measure which countries will provide the healthiest, happiest life. but can we trust this study at all? >> well, first of all, let me just say i am offended that the study is racist. >> racist? >> boy, i tell you what it feels so good to be sank sanctimonious. how do you quantify? how do you measure happiness? if you have plumming or a roof over your head? if you are white and uptight and near a ski resort? >> i am all those things. >> don't underestimate living in the bush in south america
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or in the south pacific with your coconut swinging in the air. >> the level of nirvana you achieve by walking nude in the jungle or the rainforest excuse me. >> he sounds like he knows. >> they are the happiest people on earth because you have a bunch of toys as opposed to these people? i am offended by this, and i am offended you brought it up. >> i'm sorry. that's our first story. >> patti ann browne, what do you think? they said one of the indicators they said, quote, one of the reasons america is so low is because babies will inherit the large debts of the baby bombers. is this another reason to blame the baby boomers? >> these babies will be inhair tig the debt. if only we saw this coming. if we knew this was going to happen, we would obviously try to cut spending to rein in that debt before it destroys our quality of life. apparently we have no idea. >> but are you happy, right?
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did they ask you how happy you were? >> that's the other thing. they go -- one of their measures is people's own survey of how happy they are. obviously some people think they are happy and maybe they are not as happy as some say. >> that's the crux. joy if you think you are happy, doesn't that mean you are happy? >> i think if you are happy you are supposed to clap your hands. anthony, what do you think? for instance, they asked winston smith what he thought of big brother, and he said he loved him. how can we trust these people in these socialist countries? >> i think it is a load of crap. you go to times square and there are people from all over the world. where are they? here in the united states of america. >> that's right. every time i ask where they are and they say the usa. joy that's right. -- >> that's right. i think we should be further up the list than 16? 16. over australia? you know, everybody thinks
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australia is such a wonderland place. you know these creatures that go bouncing? >> the kangaroo. >> they don't live in harmony with the kangaroo. they kill them. the front of your car in australia, they have this thing called a ruar. it is a bumper for killing kangaroos. >> like driving down the road and you might have to hit a kangaroo? that's how dismissive they are. they don't want to scrape them off the car. >> what about the baby in the pouch? joy they kill them too. >> it all goes under the rubar. >> we are 16th on the list, but everyone is coming here. how many people do you know em grated to switzerland or sweden who didn't go because they wanted to marry a hot wife? >> exactly. >> if it is a hot woman competition i enjoy some switzerland. >> be very careful.
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>> swiss women are known to be very attractive. >> aren't they snow bunnies there? >> there are snow bunnies where there is snow. >> you are splitting hairs when you are comparing the united states to say australia and switzerland. they are on the top 10. but here you have russia which is way down on the bottom of the list right before syria. cuba is way ahead of russia. >> who is behind the u.s. on that list? look who is next to us. >> behind the u.s. is germany and uae. united arab of emirates. >> when you go to dubai, did you see the islands? they are empty. nobody is there. >> that's what makes it a happy place. >> usa number one. we solved that problem. from rankings to spankings. after they gripped some have griped. mesa, arizona high school is getting a lot of crap for forcing two students to hold hands for punishment of
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fighting. the parents were giving the choice of suspension or holding hands in front of classmates. kids were laughing at them calling them name asking, are you gay? a photo of the boys sitting in the chair paw in paw ended up on facebook, a famous book of faces. one commenter said it encourages bull -- bullying and another says it sends a bad message to gay students. we asked a student to comment. >> that's not right. >> that student has been in a lot of our stories. they are always ready to talk to our cameras. bernie, did this punishment go too far or not far enough? >> let me just say that once again i am stunned. we were told that when they were passing the rowel to allow gays in the military that young people don't think this way. they don't have these old homophobic tendencies. but apparently they are still
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there. what is happening here? did it go too far? what is next? will they make them make out in front to match the degree of what they did wrong? >> keep your fantasies out of this. joy patti ann browne, that's the thing. they told these guys to hold hands saying it is a humiliation. isn't that the school creating some type of homo phobia? is it punishment to hold a boy's hand? >> you are right. they are saying it is negative. >> i am asking you if it is punishment to hold a boy's hand? >> here is the thing. they were not forced. i think that is poshts. >> they were given a choice? >> they were given a choice. they said you can go for suspension or if you want we will do this. they chose this. so they were not victimized. they were not forced. but i think the school was out of bounds. the district has come out and said we don't condone this. we have guidelines for how you candice palestinian the students. this is not in -- candice --
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can discipline them. a lot of teachers go rogue and they think it is their own fiefdom. >> it is local control. >> thinking outside the box. don't we tell educator these have to be creative? >> this was creative, and the fact they had a choice is important. >> and they chose to hold hands. anthony, what do you think? they should have held hands -- if you look, they have their heads down. they are acting shameful and everybody is laughing. but why didn't they hold their hands up in a triumphant fist pump like in the olympics? >> you are right. >> own it. own that feeling. >> when i was in high school, i got caught smoking once. the gym teacher punched me like i slept with his wife. i mean, like a man he punched me. that was punishment back in what i call "the day." >> the way it should be. >> in high school i had a smoking area where kids could
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go out and smoke. joy what kind of hippie school did you go to? >> in massachusetts we had a smoking area. you weren't allowed? >> there was probably a drinking area too. >> it was only for cigarettes, but it was definitely where what they called the darrell lict -- derrilict kids would go. in grammar school we had a bench and if you misbehaved you had to sit on the bench so when other kids walked by you they would laugh because you were punished. this is the 70s we would go like that and it -- and they would laugh. so it was a reward. by the time i reached third grade they turned it into tooth picks it was over. this will only last a few years. >> they are pushing a gay agenda here. >> bernard, i was setting you up for that. i was waiting for somebody. >> don't underestimate the agenda. the refreshing part is at
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least the teachers aren't holding hands with the students because we know that happens too. >> it happens all the time. >> where did you go to school? >> like i said, this was in the 1980s. there was no gay in high school back then. people called each other gay, but it was a slur. but now they have actual full on gay high schools if i am right. don't they have one? >> there is one in new york. >> the harvey milk high school? i was wondering because they would call people gay in my high school. i don't know how many of them -- >> what do they do -- >> what do they do in the gay high school? do they make a guy and girl hold hands for punishment? >> we laugh, but that is a point. >> we laugh. from one punishment to another, as players grapple so do some fans with their issues. yes, the nfl stronglien urge cs those ejected for bad behavior to complete a four-hour on-line course on anger management. that's before they are allowed to return to a game. according to the new york times, the simmer down session
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covers stadium codes of conduct, disruptive it behavior and alcohol abuse. there is even a quiz at the end which is my favorite part. also, students must pay $55 for the privilege of learning how to hug rather than heckle. said an nfl spokesperson, the on-line course is educational based and it is not for psychological testing or counseling purposes. it has been helpful in educating fans on the behavior expected from them in our stadiums. stadiums? don't you mean stadia? didn't you take latin like i did? now somebody who knows something about anger manage ents in. >> this is from the other driving school. >> watch where are you going [bleep]. >> pay attention! both hands. >> that would never happen at top driver.
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our instructors know, no coffee in the car. >> you know a little trivia. that spot was directed by bennett miller, the guy who directed other films. he is a famous director. he directed "money ball." that was early in our careers and look how far we have both come. patti ann browne, you are usually quite drunk by the third quarter of the jets games. might anger management help curtail your profuse use of alcohol. >> well, you have to be drunk if you are watching a jet game. i'm sorry to say. i find this to be ridiculous. they say this of course explains stadium etiquette and the danger of drinking too much. seriously, i mean they know that. they choose to disregard it. >> it is in the moment. that's why anger management doesn't work and that's why driver courses don't work. basically driving decisions
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are made in the moment. you are either going to be a jerk or behave yourself. >> it is not like they said, i didn't know i couldn't pour beer on the head of the person wearing the other person's jerry. why didn't -- jersey. why didn't anybody tell me? they say statistically it works. these people don't get ejected again. >> statistically they say it, would. who is making the statistics? >> ejections are on the rise. is this a time who has come or gone? >> more ridiculousness. you know what you are getting yourself into when you go to a sporting event. >> it is not going to be complete mayhem. you expect a certain amount of unruliness from some of the fans. i think it is enjoyable when you see people cursing and everybody chuckles and looks around a. and looks around. some of the countries on that great place to grow up are some of the biggest hooli tab ans as far as their -- hooligans.
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we need anger management? no, we are pretty civil. >> have you ever attended a south american football game or whatever they call soccer down there? >> who ever came up with this idea i want to punch them in the face. listen, football perpetuates violence and drunkenness, and this is just some scam, some pretense of saying oh we are trying to fix the problem. it is a lot of garbage. it is like marriage counseling. it is a show. none of these things work. you do your time, and then you can come back in. it is doing penance. it doesn't fix. the guy will show up. he is tailgating. he is going to get into a fight and spit on the people in front of him again when he is all liquored up. he will just repeat the process. >> they are trying to solve the problem themselves. it is the private sector and they are trying to make people happy. i wouldn't bring my kids to a football game. this is what people say. they want to bring their kid to a game, but everybody is
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misbehaving. patti ann browne do you go to the stadia to watch events live? >> no, everybody has a big screen tv now. it is so much more civil. you sit at home and you don't have to freeze your butt off and watch the jets lose. >> i look back to my youth. i remember my dad taking me to shea stadium to watch a jets game. that's how long ago that was. >> you are old. >>- q. i and the horror. i still -- >> and the horror i still being lead into the restroom to the giant trough. >> those were unbelievable. >> it was horrifying. given the height differences between me and the other people, let's just say it was not enjoyable. >> you poor thing. >> i have not experienced that. >> here is a tip if you see a jets game. bring your car mats with you. the floor mats from the car. the concrete seats are cold on the rear end.
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you put the car floor mats and they work great. coming up, are small children basically self-sufficient? patti ann browne on why she lets a friendly raccoon baby-sit her kids whoil she goes cubing. and are muslim clerics making j-lo cover up and is that an act of war?
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should the qb stay tatoo free? san francisco's kaepernick is a rising star for the 49ers and he also has a lot of ink and that is what irks david whitly. the sporting news columnist writes the nfl quarterback has the ultimate influence of responsibility. he is the ceo of a high profile organization, and you don't want your ceo to look like he was just paroled. he adds for dinasaurs like me,
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oh that's what i thought. the pro qb, we are the last line of defense against the raging sea of ink. when our kids say they wanted a tatoo we could point to the manning brothers. i would rather point to these brothers. >> anthony, he says tattoo are okay, but it is not the quarterback. what is he trying to say? why? >> this made no sense to me when i read it. what is the difference between the quarterback or anybody else that have tats. i don't have tattoo. >> you seem like you might be a tatoo guy. >> i am afraid of needles. >> you see a lot of these older people with tattoo. i never wanted to get into that whole thing. you see a tramp stamp on a woman .
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>> it fades, it sags. >> i don't get the whole thing. what is the difference between a quarterback being inked up and a line backer? >> what they are trying to say, the quarterback is supposed to be a paragon of virtue. he is the captain of the platoon. if the captain is a low life -- i mean the guys in the platoon are the low life. he is the leader. that's what they are saying. it is a lot of bs just because a guy can throw a ball. it is not like you are finding out your parish priest is a pedophile. and you had michael vick and roethlisberger. back in the day you had broadway joe and mcmahon. >> broadway joe, the first anti-heroing request. i remember that as a kid. my dad didn't like broadway joe. he didn't like what he was doing. my dad is actually a full on dinasaur. >> what does it matter in the end? it didn't matter.
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broadway joe was a decent tabi and who cares? the controversy is i am cool with lebron james looking like an etch uh sketch. it is not just a white thing. he is envoking -- >> the mercury news has a poll 57% of the reader ship says it was a racist column he wrote. was it racist? >> he brought it up himself. if he didn't bring it up himself, and then there was the rush limbaugh thing. but still i don't want my quarterbacks looking like bombshell mcgo, i can tell you that. >> you are still with this goi. you think the quarterback should be the head of the pack? >> honestly, i just don't care. i do not care. >> patti ann, big football fan, quarterbacks are the lead of the franchise. should they be above the fray and tatless? >> i don't think they are the same thing. i think you can be an upstanding person and still have tattoo. >> show us yours. >> i don't have any, and i am
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not personally a fan, but it is a personal style choice. i don't think you can judge by it. he makes these massive generalizations that the only people who have tatoos are prisoners. we all know the only people with tatoos are sailors. that's so stupid. >> kaepernick, do you know what they are? >> biblical references. >> they are all bible verses. is he a better example than the manning brothers who really what is their passion? it is pitching products. they are the spokesman for every company in america. what is better? maybe we should look to the guy with bible verses down his body. >> taking another trip down memory lane, my mom thought joe namath looked good in that fur coat and so she got me one and i got my ass handed to me at school. >> i think bullying does make the man. it makes you stronger in it doesn't kill -- if it doesn't kill you. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us at red eye at fox and do you have a video of your animal doing something?
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go to fox eye and click on submit a video. we might use it like this one. >> oh this is video? oh i didn't know that. oh i could send that in to -- >> sell it to the audio. >> maybe i should shut up. >> to greg on 3:00 on "red eye." he said show us your video of your pet doing something good. >> how about your pet doing something bad? >> get that cat off the table, my god. it reminds me of every girlfriend i ever had. still to come, the half time report from tv's andy levy.
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we are back. let's find out if we have gotten anything wrong so far. for that we go to andy levy. >> before we get started i want to take a second to point out, it is okay to do stuff. can we put that up? it is a parity of a tribute to marlow thomas' classic "free to be you and me" which if you grew up at a certain age -- >> we know, yes. >> it was put together by conan ryder and features eddie
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pepiton and many more and $4 at itunes and all of the proceeds go to saint jude's research hospital. >> i didn't even know. i was going to get it anyway. >> it all goes to charity. buy it. it is funny. >> america ranks 16th on the list of best countries to be born in these days. bernard, you said the study is racist. in fact, we should note that nigeria was ranked dead last. and kenya came in second worst which means a lot changed there. >> it opens up a demographic can of worms. it gives the knuckle heads the opportunity to pound their chest. and happiness is relative, right? >> yes, and a um could of the -- we are the only country that should be allowed to beat our chests. i don't like it when other countries can do that. >> usa all the way. >> happiness is relative unless you are starving and a
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warlord is cutting your head off. >> you can make some things that are absolutely unhappy. >> who needs a roof and plumming? as long as you have a girl you are good to go. >> when they put the machete on their neck they said, no, i'm happy, i'm happy. >> pab, did america rank so low because of the debt racked up by baby boomers ? you said if we could have seen it coming maybe we could have reined it in. i think we saw it and we didn't do anything about it. >> i was being sarcastic. >> i know. >> i thought maybe i missed that. >> anthony and tom, either way i was personally offended by the australian bashing. >> australia is a great nation that breeds probably the best and smartest businessmen in the world. >> i didn't know that.
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>> yes. >> i bashed russia and they are number 72 on the list and way below cuba. it might explain the exodus of strippers from russia. you get decent vodka, but the quality of life stinks. >> i don't think babushka means what you think it means. >> i am aware. >> sounds good though. >> school punishment goes wrong. bernard, you say what is next, will they make the students make out? >> i just think the hand holding punishment is bad because the students were calling the hand holders gay. so make the students who called them gay hold hands too. it is a dual teachable moment. >> it can be their punishment. but i am shocked at the students themselves would resort to the homophobic tendencies. we are told that young people
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harbor these thoughts and that's why we are going to allow the gays in the military and it will be okay. i hope it turns out to be okay. but based on this study it is not looking good. >> you are taking this study and making it about gays in the military? >> i said what i said. did i say anything incorrect? >> you connect the dots. i report, you died. >> but what happened, you connected the dots and you somehow got a gay guy whereas i connected the dots and it was like a picasso painting. >> when ever i connect the dots i get a gay guy too. >> those aren't dots. anthony you said you once got caught smoking in high school and the gym teacher punched you in the stomach. >> where did you go to high school. >>? john h glen high school. and he was known for doing that. he got fired because that's how he disciplined the kids. he wouldn't report them or
12:35 am
take them to the office, he would punch them. but then it was all square. it is like, you are cool. jay my dad taught there for 30 -- >> my dad taught there for 30 years. i am not even joking. >> no way. >> not gym. but yes. we will talk after the show. >> wow. >> did he come home with bruised knuckles. >> was his name mr. levey? >> no, yes. >> we had a smoking area in the high school it was called the pit. >> oh yes, the pit. it is not there now. i have gone back and shortly after i left -- the bench -- i was the end of the bench. i was the end of the smoking area. but i didn't smoke. >> i would imagine the pit is long gone from my high school as well. all punishments in school you have to do extra work. suspension obviously is bad, looks bad, but it gets you out of school. nobody wants to do extra work. >> in this modern era, the thing that always bothered me is no matter what, both kids get punished. he started it wasn't an
12:36 am
excuse. now in instant replay everybody has it on their cell phone. find out who started it and stop this punish everybody. >> we are teaching people not to fight back. joy exactly. >> that's bad. >> when you do record it on your phone, can you turn the thing sideways. >> thank you. thank you, anthony. >> a shortened view of these great fights. >> and stop locking down your youtube accounts. make them public. anger management course for nfl fans. pab, you said it sounds ridiculous that the fans already know they are not supposed to do things like peer beer over a guy's jersey. they say a thousand fans have taken the course and not a single one was ejected from a subsequent game. >> it might just be they are motivated by not wanting to be ejected or banned from the stadium. rather than i didn't know it was wrong before and now that
12:37 am
i do i will never act up again. >> that's a fair point. >> you said bring your floor mats in with you because you will keep your seat warm. >> may i suggest buying a seat cushion? >> i like things with dual use. >> you want to put those mats back in your car after god knows what has been spilled all over them in the stadium? >> you keep them under the seat of your pants and they are fine. >> they sell those things and i don't like it. i pull out a sweater and wrap it around my neck. >> thanks for the advice. >> also tom, i'm sure you are aware it is an acceptable plural. >> not in my high school. >> it is these days. you can put your cigarettes go . >> columnist is writing the
12:38 am
column saying nfl quarterback shouldn't have tattoo. tom, you asked if whitley is racist. he wrote, quote, admitting i am not a fan of body art would be like admitting i am not like african-americans. my two daughters would be disappointed to find out i am a racist. >> >> wow. i use that. >> bernard, i think witley's point is generally speaking, the team's quarterback is the face of the organization. what he is saying makes the quarterback different from a tightened or wide receiver or lineman. >> they are the officers or the unlisted men. as such they shouldn't be sporting the nasty ink. >> beyond that the quarterbacks get the
12:39 am
commercials and as you pointed out or somebody pointed out, they get the endorsements. they are representing their team, and he is saying, they shouldn't look like that. it is easy to argue against. >> there is still a bunch of juiced up mutton heads. relax and take it easy. it is a game. it ain't afghanistan. take it easy. have a beer and then don't pay attention. >> just don't pour it over a fan who is wearing an opposing players jersey. >> imagine if this guy had an earring. >> have a beer and don't pay attention. >> it worked out really well for you. >> it actually has. >> and the last thing i want to point out, some including colin kaepernick's fans said they are trying to make him look like a thug. but he said in the article that, ck doesn't fit what he
12:40 am
calls the stereo type. he says, quote, by all accounts he is a humble guy who has never been to prison. i think that should be pointed out. >> can i tie these stories together and ask a question? why aren't there openly gay athletes in professional team sports? >> i think you know the answer to that. >> i don't. >> seriously? >> actually i president do. i just don't. >> the culture of the locker room? >> you mean -- so you are saying the culture does exist among young people? is that what you are saying? >> it absolutely exists among athletes. >> i am looking for answers. i want to be educated and i thank you for doing that. >> some day i'm sure there will be open low gay athletes. >> shouldn't it be now? so football is a homophobic sport. we have a bunch of homophobs in the game? >> i am not saying that. i am assuming the players who are gay and don't want to come out feel that way, yes. >> well that's sad to hear.
12:41 am
i am for gays in the military by the way. i am just asking questions. >> you and alex jones. >> so you are curious. >> i am curious. i want to know. >> back to you, tom. >> thank you, andy. coming up, how much is star bunkings' new -- starbucks premium coffee going for? it rhymes with $7. oh i ruined the tease.
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should she give in to showing less skin? jennifer lopez will likely be dressed more chastely for shows this weekend in the islamic countries of indonesia and malaysia. j-lo as i like to call her and her dancers have been instructed to wear clothes that don't show mens' chest or women's cleavage and sexy dance moves will have to remember laughs in assisted of maybing love. it is necessary to apiece
12:45 am
local muslims, clerics. let's discuss in -- >> lightning roooooouuunnndd. lightning round. joy anthony, as a man who appreciates clove veg, male and female, should she cave in, or is it more a matter that she is honoring the local customs? >> i'm amazed they take these gigs at all to be frank. i don't think they deserve that entertainment. i don't think they deserve that type of entertainment. let's stick to what i assume to be horrible entertainment they would normally have why should they change what they do? >> well, she is putting together a tour. she can save double her gross. >> oh it is about money? oh then yes of course she should do whatever they ask and cover everything up and do half of what you usually do. >> she says why not take it?
12:46 am
the money is good. >> of course then cover up. >> bernard, here is the question. is it a muslim thing? when i first read this i thought, you shouldn't change your act. if i do a show for a christian organization i clean it up because they ask me to. i think that's fine. they will pay me the money to be clean. i'm clean. is it a cultural thing? why not put a shirt on and do the concert? >> you make a good point i guess. i would say if this calls into question the taste of these particular countries, the muslim countries, if j-lo will look like joy behar do you think her music would be as successful? that's part of the appeal is to watch j-lo shake her boughty and get sexual. the music is pretty average. what are you getting for your money? >> i don't really know her music. >> "jenni from the block." >> meed yolker at best. the sex appeal is part of the
12:47 am
reason you watch j-lo and listen because you know she sounds hot. >> you are a huge fan you love "jenni from the block" and you love the moves and the videos, but do you respect lady gaga for refusing -- she canceled her tour in -- what was the country? she just canceled the tour. >> and beyonce did the same thing in 2009. there is a tradition for some artists to say rather than bow to your rules i will protest. but i guess i just wonder who that is punishing. are they trying to protest against these harsh islamic rules but is it punishing the fans who are just good islamic people who want to come out and see the concert. and now they can't. i don't know. >> lady gaga canceled this indonesia earlier this year. and here is the thing. it really could be a women's rights issues. these are all female acts. i remember in high school it
12:48 am
is like, no, no, we are not playing "sun city." it was the cultural icons. nobody was going to play down in south africa. where is the movement? nobody will play these in islamic countries until they stop taking people's heads off off -- adultery. >> how dowry fuse to play the birthplace of our president? it is terrible. >> he went there. >> it is time to take a break. but more stuff when we come back.
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starbucks is now offering its most expensive cup of coffee ever. a 16 ounce grande of the new geisha brew is $7. it is said to be made from a rare difficult to grow bean called los-ripas.
12:53 am
they are offering more premium product because of customer dend ma. do you think it is a load of crap, or do you believe in it? >> i go with load of crap. they see an opportunity to make some cash. they are going for it. people are cheap. if there is a $7 cup of coffee out there, people will get to say it and say look at me. >> you don't think people are interested in a super premium cup of coffee? >> bernard, you are shaking your head. >> i am a blue collared guy from the bronks. i drink instant maxwell house and drink it cold sometimes too. you are such a sucker to pay $7 for a cup in this -- of this snooty nonsense. >> i had a roommate like you. he would put it in a cup and turn the tap on hot and then gobble it down. >> it is about the caffeine. i will drink it cold. i will save it and bring it somewhere. >> i like the de calf
12:54 am
decaffeinated snooty nonsense. i. >> i know you go to starbucks and i'm sure you love the lot days with the foam. >> i have never been to starbucks. i do agree -- i do think people have these sophisticated pallets. the same thing with wine. they develop this refined taste and they really know the difference. and they are willing to spend the money. this is why i don't get, why do people try to refine their pallet? why would they do that? they say i cannot enjoy a cheap glass of wine now. >> train your pallet downward then. >> exactly. >> let me let you guys in on our secret. th brew comes from the starbucks clover machine, and i love it. >> he's one of them. >> this is not just regular coffee. they spoon the coffee in. you get to watch them. i generally don't buy the $7 coffee, but i am not above spending $5.50 on a cup of their clover coffee. it is fantastic.
12:55 am
i can't go back to the old stuff. never mind dunkin donuts and never mind the freeze dried stuff. >> i think you are doing it just to get -- i think a lot of people do this to order it just to look like going in and getting magnum condoms. you are going in for the image. >> that is part of it. >> make them ribbed too. >> remember when you made the ice cream and they scooped it out. it is fun. it is part of the whole thing. you are going for coffee and you watch the man mix it. you drink it and it is fantastic. >> we need to do an intervention. >> monday through friday, that's $150 a month on coffee. we will close things out with the post game wrap up with andy levy.
12:56 am
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don't forget you can watch us on saturday at 2:00 a.m. eastern time and 11:00 p.m. paw typhic time. a new "red eye" returns on monday and so does greg. guests include sandra smith, ann coulter, d.n.a. soder and terry sapper. that's next week. time to go back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> thanks, tom. anthony, how is the old opi expe anthony show going? >> fantastic. i had jokes and ruining c-list celebrity lives. >> excellent. the best job in the world. >> great. >> barney, how is my good friend imus' show? >> killing it. i am hosting a fundraiser for exhookers with club feet. i am doing it with pimp with a limp. i will post-it on my website. imus in the morning.


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