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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 7, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PST

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daughter's school. >> fun. >> back to you. >> that's news to me. >> all right, special thanks to lori roth man. i will just sit here and stair at you while you slowly take off your clothes and go to bed. . strike, trouble, trouble people. sorry. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> it is freezing cold out and he has the heart to say god bless me. and i just knew i had to help him. >> bill: a new york city police officer buys the homeless man some warm boots. wait until you hear the story surrounding the homeless guy. this is not what it appears to be. >> president obama met with leaders of the american indian tribe and they honored the president by giving him his own indian name running
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deficit. [ laughter ] >> the nation's debt is no laughing matter. lou dobbs will tell you why we are all in grave danger because of out-of-control government spending. three wise men, what did they do? >> jesse watters quizes the folks about christmas. >> they brought frankincense, miles an mur and. >> baby diapers? >> a wild wild waters world upcoming. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone from california. factor begins right now. hi i'm bill o'reilly reporting from los angeles, thanks for watching us tonight. i'm here to do the leno program this evening. during the long flight across country, i had a chance to analyze something very important to you.
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all of us needs to wise up and fast. you may have heard the story of new york city police officer who spent $100 of his own money to give bare foot man some boots. that man jeffrey hillman lying in the street when officer deprimo spotted him. >> it was extremely cold that night and you see this gentleman i tried to offer him to buy a pair of socks he said no officer god bless you. thank you for asking. when i see something like that, you any, here it is it is freezing cold out and he has the heart to say god bless me. and i just knew i had to help him. >> bill: obviously he is a patriot but here is the sad truth. mr. hillman is not homeless. he has an apartment. paid for by you and me. he is on government assistance. he has enough resources to live his life in a dignified manner. yet, mr. hillman doesn't do that. he prefers the street and the boots officer deprimo have
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gave him disappeared. i'm not judging hillman, most cases like his involve substance abuse or mental illness. however, we must be honest. the government cannot provide a decent life for hillman. no matter how much money it spends. we're already giving the guy tens of thousands of dollars a year. it is is doing nothing. there are millions of americans like jeffrey hillman and we all need to understand that some people simply will not, will not save themselves. this translates into an issue that effects all of us. right now an estimated 66 million americans are receiving food stamps and or medicaid. in addition, there are 21 million folks working for the government. that means that 87 million people in america are being subsidized by we the taxpayers. but there are only 109 million americans working in the private sector.
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doing the math. it's impossible for 109 million workers to support 87 million people. it can't be done. no matter how much you tax the workers. yet, the obama administration and the democratic party continue to put forth that higher taxation will bring the massive government debt under control. perhaps the only democrat telling the truth about this is our old pal howard dean, the uber liberal former governor of vermont. >> the truth is everybody needs to pay more taxes, not just the rich. that's a good start. but we're north going to get out of this deficit problem unless we raise taxes across the board. >> bill: governor dean sympathizes with the socialist philosophy and that's where the government is heading. taking from those who are productive and giving to those who are struggling. or who are working for the massive government apparatus. during this christmas season
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we all should emulate officer deprimo. that help may be futile. if the federal government doesn't wise up and impose some discipline on the incredible, incredible entitlement spending, america's economy will eventually collapse: president obama needs to invite jeffrey hillman to the white house. he needs to talk to the man with no shoes. he needs to see what is actually happening in this country. got to get real about government spending. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight and this is incredible. the pennsylvania department of public welfare says that a single mother with two children is better off taking a job that pays $29,000 a year than a job that pays $69,000 a year. why? because of entitlements. joining us now from our new
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york studio fox business anchor lou dobbs. so, lou, explain, this please. >> well, bill, first i think we have got to give great credit as you mention to the department of public welfare in pennsylvania they are being honest and straightforward and i wish the federal government as i know you do would listen. think about these benefits being received by this woman. 25,000 in a take home salary of $57,000. you add to that all of the expenses that we go through whether it's child care, whether it is transportation. in the instance one parent and two children in pennsylvania, food stamps amounts to a subsidy of $6,300 a year to that family of three. medicare and child health insurance, $16,500 a year, section 8 subsidized low income rent, another 4300. earned income tax credits, modestly $5,000. they could rise significantly
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beyond that. but at any rate they would total so much money combined with the national school lunch program, the needy family assistance programs, we're talking about more take home pay, disposable income for that woman with her two children on public assistance than a woman with two children earning $57,000 a year. it's extraordinary. >> bill: all right. and if she were earning 69 wouldn't get any of that. so that the pennsylvania authority say the system is set up now to reward people who aren't making any money. and if you try to bring yourself up and raise yourself up in salary, you are actually going to have a lower standard of living because you lose some of these benefits. that's the game right now. >> it's the game. it is also the challenge. and, again, you know, i congratulate the department of public welfare in pennsylvania because they are trying to
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avoid that collision. because it doesn't matter in this one instance what we are talking about here if you are a socialist or you are a capitalist. we're talking about government subsidizing and incentivizing behavior. at least in the instance of pennsylvania they are actually thinking about the impact. the impact is to -- >> bill: of course it does. if you are going to do the math, you stay at the minimum wage job, do you better than if you go up to the manager job. and i mean it's crazy. i -- go ahead. >> no one wants to break the law in the country but we have got to talk about the underground economy and working off the books. that doesn't even take into account a trillion-dollar economy. we have got a government that is both naive and irresponsible. it's got to change. >> bill: real quick, did i pick on this jeffrey hillman guy, the homeless guy? this guy has got his apartment paid for. he has got medicaid. he has got food stamps. he has got it all.
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there he is in the street. am i being unfair to him? >> i don't think so at all. bill, what you are pointing out is it's extraordinary that our president who spent much of his life as a community organizer is more interested in expanding government than he is in actually organizing and supporting communities which are really the answer to mr. hellman's tragedy. >> bill: solving these kinds of problems. >> absolutely. >> bill: bill o' poll question in play do you believe president obama and the republicans will reach a budget deal before automatic tax increases are triggered? yes or no and we will give you the results on monday. next on the run down, ms. laura ingraham has some thoughts about the bob costas interview last night. later, we will read your mail on that. and then, is there a growing anti-christian bias in america? i think so. what do the culture warriors believe? those reports after these messages. >> announcer: 'tis the season of more--
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. >> and in the impact segment tonight, we receive close to 4,000 emails last night. most dealing with the bob costas interview as you may know the nbc sportscaster is concerned about the gun culture in america. also a new study if baylor university says cell phones are hurting our personal relationships. joining us now from washington to analyze both situations ms. laura ingraham. >> i have to put down my cell phone, hold on, go ahead. >> bill: thank you, ms. laura, i appreciate it? >> you get mad when i could that. >> bill: if you get a call during the segment. >> i have it on vibrate you get so mad. i don't know why you would get mad at that. >> bill: why would i get upset. >> three warnings before the segment turn off your cell phone, ingraham i have been warned five times it's off. >> bill: what did you think. >> i was amazed he came on. i have always liked him. i'm a big fan of his. he has incredible knowledge of sports.
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i love listening to him and football games. you know, he he is terrific. i tend to think that football and baseball and sports in general is one of the last bass bassians of politics-free environment. i'm a big football fan. i was cheering for alabama this weekend. we love rg in washington. but i don't really need to hear the politics in the football. obviously i'm a big, you know, second amendment person. i mean, i have am for gun rights. he doesn't -- he didn't know as much as he thought he knew i think before he went into his commentary. >> bill: i think i crystallized it with a brilliant analogy. >> of course. >> and that was when i said to costas look, you are in the theater, you are in aurora, colorado, and the guy comes in with a gun and he starts shooting it up. which would you rather have? would you be armed so you
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could shoot back at this guy or would you rather be on the floor hoping you don't get a bullet in the head? and he honestly said that he he would rather be -- and that's the difference. >> think about it. he also said something that he said well, i am against the sale of automatic weapons and military style artillery. well, that's already banned. okay. so, he is against that but that's already banned. he doesn't know about the studies by gary in the 90's or the national crime victimization survey. >> bill: gun show loophole is always on the surface. i didn't want to get into that microthing. i agree with you, he is a good guy. he came on the program. how many people would have done that in his position. so we respect that all right, now, baylor university. big study on cell phones. okay? and basically have come to this conclusion. it's pretty unbelievable. cell phones and instant messaging addictions are driven by materialism and impulsiveness that can be compared to consumption
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policies like credit card misuse. all right? young adults send an average of 110 text messages a day. they are so distracted that they can't interact with other people because they are obsessed and addicted to this form of communication. and you say? >> what's that? oh, i'm sorry. >> bill: you are on your cell phone. >> checking my phone. look, i have written about this phenomenon in my last book and i'm a victim of it. i mean, i'm calling myself a victim, bill, because. >> bill: are you an an addict? are you addicted to it? >> i have a bit of a problem. i will tell you. i'm walking out of a hotel brunch this is a year and a half ago, friends from texas in town. great brunch sunday 1:00 in the afternoon leaving the brunch, no, there was no alcohol. we left the brunch, walking out of the hotel on my blackberry, i was in heels, looking down, didn't see the curb, i went flying forward smashed my right knee which i already have a acl replacement surgery in, and i'm sitting
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there on the ground going you are so -- you are so ridiculous, ingraham, you can't wait until you get into your vehicle or get home to check your phone. >> bill: were you able -- because god did that to you on purpose, were you able then to get a handle on the addiction? >> no. >> you weren't? >> bill: it's an awful situation. >> it's a distraction. it's a convenience but it becomes, i think for a lot of people and especially a lot of younger people i would say is a bit of a crutch. it's easier to send a text than to deal with the situation. and i joke about this with some of my staff. right, they are all in their 20's and they will be be in the other studio and i will be, you know, looking at something, and then i will get a text and i will think who is texting me. it's one of my producers. guys, just walk. in oh, okay. we tease them. >> bill: as you said. but there is also something else at play here. it's escapism. if you load yourself up with these machines, whether it's text messages or games because
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they are all playing games on this you don't have to deal with the real world. >> real people. >> bill: draw and create your own world and millions of americans are doing that last word. >> i think, bill, in the end you miss life. whether it's a meal with your children or a beautiful landscape looking down. by the time you look up, it's gone. and i think we all have to. >> bill: or you are in the street with a hurt knee. >> or have blood all over you're knee. it's so embarrassing. >> bill: we may have to do intervention directly ahead. ms. megyn kelly on a baby whose life may be decided by the supreme court. very unusual case. moments away.
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>> bill: kelly file segment tonight, very interesting story? south carolina. a supreme court may hear a child custody case whereby a 3-year-old girl was taken away from her adopted parents, matt and kelly. the reason authorities did that is because the father, who gave baby veronica up for adoption is, a native american. joining us now from new york to explain, megyn kelly. it would be really unusual for the supreme court to even hear a case like, this right? >> not as unusual as you might think because there is a split in the underlying courts on whether this indian child welfare act should be interpreted the way the supreme court in south carolina said it should. and when it is split in a lower courts, the supreme court often will get involved. so the parents here, the adoptive parents have a shot. and let's hope they do because this case is heart wrenching. >> bill: the baby is born, veronica. given up for adoption by this
1:23 am
man. i don't know where the mother. >> the biological mother gives the child up for adoption. she is not native american. the father is 3% native american. >> bill: father is native american. >> is he out of the picture halfway through the pregnancy. gone. no interest in this baby. this pregnancy, nothing, no. the baby is born, four months later they sent him the adoption papers like hey you abandoned her the pregnancy and the child and is he like oh, actually no now i want her. and that's when the trouble starts. >> bill: when he came back into the little girl's life she was, what, 2. >> she was four months old when he hadn't asked about her. he hadn't demand willed to be with her. he knew she was born he didn't care. when she was four months old this couple in south carolina that adopted her sent him the adoption papers. he had already legally abandoned the child under south carolina law that's uncontested in the supreme court papers. but he gets the papers four months in and says, you know what? i want her. now, in any other case the answer would have been no, you abandoned her, the law favors
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abandonment, staying abandonment because you want consistency for a child in her life. because of this law, the indian child welfare act, which is meant to protect indian families from being ripped apart by people who are sort of white and think they just know better about how to raise children because that's what was happening in the early 1970s, they were breaking up families. so they passed this law to try to protect native american families from that happening. and now that is still in effect. because of that law, it allows a father like this who has abandoned the child legally, i mean, in the eyes of the law he he has abandoned her to step back in and say no, i want her after all. adoptive parents. >> bill: just because is he a native american. >> 3% native american. adopted parents say this can't be. guardian ad litem somebody appointed by the court to take a look at the situation. she says there is no question but that the best interest of this little girl are to stay with her loving, adoptive parents who have wanted her from day one.
1:25 am
they are her adoptive father cut the um biblical cord. he paid the hospital bills. the couple provided nothing but love for this child from the day she was halfway through the pregnancy, never mind born. and the court said well, despite the best interest of the child, despite that, we're giving her to the father. and then, bill, when she was 27 months old, because the court proceedings were playing out, the biological father showed up, he was in oklahoma. showed up in south carolina, took her after two hours of being there from the only home she had ever known, drove away, and has never let her see the parents who raised her from zero to 27 months again. there was one phone call the next day and he has not allowed any additional contact. this is crazy. >> bill: we hope the supreme court rights this wrong because obviously it is a wrong. >> it's one thing to protect
1:26 am
native american parents who don't relinquish their rights have a child taken away from them. >> bill: i don't think you have to convince everybody. if this father wanted to visit the child or whatever and be in her life, we could make that happen, but to wrench the child away is wrong. north carolina outside of asheville little girl writes a poem for veterans day about her grandfather and in the poem the little girl says that he prayed to god, he prayed to god for peace. he prayed to god for strength. this is her. >> her two grandpas who served both of them in vietnam. >> bill: and then the school in marion, north carolina, takes the poem and says you can't say god. is this what is going on. >> yeah, exactly right. because one parent complained that the 6-year-old girl was going to mention god. and the principal, vice principal and superintendent actually had a meeting about
1:27 am
that complaint and decided that the child's rights needed to be shut down because of this one parent who objected to the mention of the word god. and the interesting thing here, bill is, that it is not like the child came out and said believe in god, you know, praise jesus. >> bill: no, just quoting her grandfathers. she is quoting heller grandfathers. >> she is offering an historic account of what got them through their service in vietnam. they prayed for peace, prayed to god for strength. now, that is historical account of what happened. so, are we now at the point in our schools where if somebody dropped down on their knees in history and prayed to god to get them out of a tough situation we can't mention that because the word god can never be uttered. that's what this school district concluded. >> bill: the west marion elementary school and violation of the little girl's freedom of speech. we are going to follow both of these stories, ms. megyn will.
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there is plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. crazy situation in honolulu are we facing a growing anti-christian bias in america? jesse watters on how much americans really know about christmas in a watters world. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: culture warrior segment. diminish the federal holiday of christmas. the latest in hawaii where secular group octobered to event poor people in after from can a. the reason the hawaii citizens for the separation of church and state objected the event involved the new hope church which handled ticket sales for a concert. joining us now from new york culture warriors. >> janine is there a growing anti-christian bias in america? >> i'm catholic, bill, i have to tell you if i didn't answer that responsibly and say yes i wouldn't be telling you what's going on in our country. we have this nativity scenes and can a there has been this try to reduce the number of religiously identified displays, then what we are
1:33 am
seeing now is more and more of these things being suppressed by the courts who are now saying if there is an identification of religion in any way, then that is unconstitutional and it is a violation of the first amendment. but the interesting thing about this is that the first amendment has the establishment clause and it says that there is no way that you can interrupt the establishment of a religion or prohibited free exercise of religion. it doesn't give you freedom from religion. and that's what my objection is. these cases are being thrown out now more than they ever have been. >> bill: freedom of speech issue in many areas like the charlie brown thing where the arkansas church awas attacked for putting on a play called merry christmas charlie brown. i didn't know this did you know charlie brown was a rabbi? >> where did you get that from? >> bill: i just made it up because this is so absurd that that would be the only reason that you would have to ban because then charlie brown would be a religious figure.
1:34 am
>> the united states supreme court would say that's not the establishment of a particular religion. all i know is carlson is every day i come to work and i see attacks on judeo-christian tradition. >> see them because we listen now to the less than 1% in society majority of people who have enjoyed it for their lifetime. i don't remember these complaints when i was growing up. i don't remember any of them. and now what will my children be fighting for? what will my children -- they already -- we already have to as i have told you before, i kind of have to say hey, look, way in the backseat, way off beyond in the yonder you can see baby jesus maybe if there is a nativity scene anywhere. this is what we are doing now. we are pandering to the
1:35 am
political correctness of a very few groups of people. and i believe a lot of it comes down to the litigious nature of our society as well. many of these schools and many of these churches and many of these towns already have budget concerns and they realize that they can't fight it. >> bill: look, there are places like the thomas moore law center and other pro bono groups that will defend you and every school district has lawyers on retainer that work for the district. so, that's just a copout. there is a lack of will and a lack of leadership in the christian communities in america generally speaking. generally speaking. i have to lead this campaign, that's who is leading it. the biggest sinner in the world is leading the campaign. >> i'm leading it, too. i'm leading it too. >> bill: i don't know what god is going, is there anybody else who can do this beside o'reilly? anybody? but we don't get -- we're not getting ms. pirro, leadership
1:36 am
organized leadership from any of the churches. they are just won't engage. >> you know, it's interesting bill that you say that because i happen to agree with you. gretchen is right when she says it is just 1% that's making all of these objections. at the end of the day what you have got are christians who are not trying to shut down other religions. christians are not trying to convert they are not saying that atheist is wrong one who said no interest to me 20 gods or no god. in other words no skin off my back. we have been around. >> bill: tell the little girl, the 6-year-old girl that you can't quote her grandfather. 20 seconds, carlson, wrap it up for us. >> i have got to give you good news, solution in santa monica where they have been trying to shut something down. nativity scene there for 29 years. guess what the success story is as long as you have unattended nativity scene which means a live nativity scene you can have it if you get a petition. folks in your towns all across
1:37 am
america. >> bill: need live people out there. >> if you add menorah the supreme court says that's okay. >> bill: okay, ladies, when we come right back from l.a., how much do americans really know about christmas? jesse watters went to rockefeller center to find out. gutfeld and
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm reporting tonight from california. in the watters world segment. how much do you know about christmas? >> we sent jesse watters out to rockefeller center where the christmas tree is a light to quiz people about the holiday. ♪ have yourself a merry little christmas. >> what does christmas mean to you. >> christmas means family. >> being with loved ones. >> being with your loved ones and your family. >> rush that's not thanksgiving? where weighs jesus born. >> jerusalem. >> jerusalem? >> do you know where jesus was born? >> yeah, he was born in -- i don't know. >> he was born in bethlehem. >> bethlehem. >> where is bethlehem? >> bethlehem is in pennsylvania. >> jesus is an american? >> yes. >> what was jesus' profession. >> carpenter. >> i believe a carpenter. >> jesus was what? >> a baby. >> he was like a preacher. >> all-around nice guy. he had people skills.
1:42 am
>> people skills? ♪ sleigh bells ring. >> three wise men from the east and saw the guiding star in the night and followed it all the way to bethlehem where they paid homage to jesus and presented him with gifts gold frankincense and myrrh. >> the three wise men brought three gifts. gold -- >> i believe one was a lamb. >> did you skip sunday school. >> they saw the stars they were astroll jerusalem. >> they brought frankincense, myrrh. >> and baby diapers? [ laughter ] >> they brought precious treasures. >> myrrh. >> they brought him gold, frankincense and myrrh. >> very good. the christmas degree originated in germany based on a prop in a mid evil play commemorating adam and eve then came over to england and eventually the united states. do you know what country the christmas tree tradition came
1:43 am
from? >> norway. >> united states? >> isn't it from norway? >> netherlands? >> united states. >> germany? >> germany? >> germany? >> am i right? >> i don't know. i'm just guessing. >> i am german ancestry. >> that hurts that you didn't know that? >> it does. >> what's that big thing right over there. what do you call that. >> a christmas tree. >> i think it's called a christmas tree. can you call it whatever you like as long as the people are with their families there is nothing wrong with it? >> they are calling it a holiday tree in rhode island because they want to be politically correct. >> it's a christmas tree. >> it's a christmas tree. >> i love christmas. >> you know there is a war on christmas, right? >> i haven't heard. >> no. you haven't heard of the war on christmas? >> no. how can you have a war with christmas? santa has a big army. >> they are very little, they are elves ♪ jingle bells. >> do you guys like to sing. >> yeah. >> calm down. >> yeah. >> jingle bells, jingle bells.
1:44 am
jingle all the way ♪ jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rocks that's all i have got. >> have you ever watched bill o'reilly on factor news. >> i am a factor fan. >> comedian. >> he is funny sometimes not intentionally. >> he is edgy. i do like him though. >> anything you want to say to bill right now? >> merry christmas. ♪ jingle bells. >> bill: and merry christmas to you. joining us now from new york is watters. all right. i have got a couple of questions about that. >> okay. >> bill: the girls said jesus was born in bethlehem, pennsylvania. must have been putting you on, right? >> i think she might have been putting me on but she was a factor fan so you never know with these people. >> bill: i think she was giving you a little jazz there. >> i hope she was giving me jazz. >> the best line of all is that jesus had people skills. [ laughter ] >> yeah. i like the three wise men were bringing jesus a lamb. why we need a lamb? >> bill: somebody had to have dinner. so maybe they did. >> do you know, watters, here
1:45 am
is my question to you because one of the people said that the three wise men, there was astrology involved. that's actually true. that's actually true. >> yes. >> bill: that he they were people who actually navigated by the stars. where did they come from? where did the three wise men come from? >> arabia, persia and india. >> bill: no. >> no? >> persia. >> look it up. >> present day iran. >> look it up. we will let the audience decide. >> bill: no we won't. [ laughter ] i'm not going to let the audience decide. it's a fact. they came from persia. >> i researched it. maybe i'm wrong but i researched it. >> bill: all right. watters you are wrong. >> i have a question for you. what's miles an myrrh. >> bill: myrrh is a spice. >> i will give it to you. >> bill: we have a weekly feature with him i don't know why but we'll. in a moment gutfeld and
1:46 am
mcguirk will analyze the so-called war on christmas and the fiscal mess we are in. the boys up next.
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mcguirk and greg gutfeld the author of the big new best seller "the joy of hate, the triumph of whiners in the age of outrage." you are a wick ken or something, right? what about this war on christmas deal? are you buying into this. >> actually i'm a warlock and live in a tree you should know this being a frost giant. i don't call did a war on christmas. i call it a war on fun. it used to be the right wing was supposed to be the people that didn't like having fun.
1:50 am
now it's the left. they are going after charity concerts. they are going after charlie brown. they are going after the nativity scenes. anything that involves families. i wouldn't call it a war on christmas. so much as a war on fun stuff do you around christmas. >> bill: mcguirk, they are denying on the left, many of them, our pal jon stewart being among them, that there is any war on christmas at all. i'm making it all up. i'm fab brie calgt. i actually think i'm like jeff dunham. i'm a ventriloquist forcing the governor of rhode island to call it a holiday tree. he didn't say that i made him say that. >> they want to deny it because they don't want to fight it the war on christmas did start in earnest this year with your debate with the governor of rhode island lincoln chafee who by the way to quote the great late fog horn leg horn is about as sharp as a bowling ball this guy when he got in the ring with you, bill, like justin bieber getting in the ring with mike tyson.
1:51 am
the war on christmas is very very real. and if you ask me, you know, in addition to some grouchy, you know, throp pick heathen atheist it has to do with two things. abortion and the gay rights agenda because christianity is against those things and that's subtle but that's why it's so pronounced in recent years. in my opinion. >> bill: 100% agree. i absolutely agree 100%. it's the diminishment of christianity is the target and christmas is the vehicle because the secularists know the opposition to their agenda. legalized drugs n that as welcomes primarily from the judeo-christian traditionalist. it's not so much a church but a mind set. do you agree with that gutfeld or is this way over your head? >> way over my head. i don't think the war on christmas has gone far enough. i hate presents. presents are examples of
1:52 am
capitalistic greed. i think we need to take all of the presents, bring them to the white house and then redistribute them across the country. perhaps put them in a blender and make present shakes so everybody can have the equal amount of presents. >> bill: amount of presents. i like it. and your book exposes or is concerned with whining. >> yes. >> bill: have you ever heard so much whining about a christmas tree? and charlie brown. oh my god. stop it. >> i respect atheists but they have got it pick their battles. they are humorless scolds. >> first it was nativity scenes. next it will be santa claus and the whole thing will just be do away with the whole damn thing. >> bill: all right. now, i'm tired of hearing about the fiscal cliff. i think it's a cliche. and i submit to you mcguirk, that most americans have no idea what this story is about. >> i think a couple of things. but i think this is a conspiracy to kill right wing
1:53 am
talk radio because this will make your ears bleed listening to these guys argue about it and be angry over it. but i would also say to the republics, obama won. it's like all this whining about that. i mean, they are like the japanese soldiers in the pacific after world war ii still fighting the battle way into the 1950s. he won. it's over and the fiscal cliff is either -- the taxes are going to go up on these rich people one way are 00 other. >> bill: they are going to go up on everybody. as howard dean said at the top of the program. the rich people are going to pay much more which is a good reason not to buy gutfeld's book because if you do he is going to have to pay more in taxes next year because that's when the royalties will come into him. everybody is going to have to pay more taxes because we're in such dire trouble. now, gutfeld, do you believe the average guy -- and i'm not being arrogant here. do they know what's at stake or care about this? >> it could be simple find if
1:54 am
you just told them that it is not about revenue. it's about spending. when you look at a really fat guy, is he fat not because he ran out of food. he he is fat because he ate too much. that's all you have to say to them. by the way, i'm worried about president obama. he is upset over a tiny, tiny fraction of the population. he is obsessed with the 2%. if the richie jody foster he would be john hinckley. he he has got to back off. i'm worried about him. >> bill: well, he does believe that the system is rigged, mcguirk, and that he has got to make it more fair to those who don't have anything. let's give mcguirk the last word and pray that we are not arrested. >> let me say, this bill. for us political junkies, the election was like injecting heroin. this fiscal cliff debate is like drinking non-alcohol beer with elephant urine. it's just -- and that's why nobody knows about it. if we don't care about it, the average snow in the schmo in the street that jesse watters is going to interview he doesn't give a damn about it
1:55 am
we have got to stop. put your hands up we lost. >> bill: it's so important. thanks very much. factor tip of the day. another web site where you might get some money. the tip 60 seconds away.
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1:57 am
>> everybody wins. now the west. john from las vegas. from illinois. steve from new jersey. >> that's for sure, steve. thanks for pointing it out. from dayton, ohio. from massachusetts.
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