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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 7, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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ared when making medicare decisions. maybe you'd just like help paying for your prescriptions. consider a part d prescription drug plan. it may help reduce the cost of your prescription drugs. remember, open enrollment ends friday, december 7th. call unitedhealthcare to learn about medicare plans that may be right for you. call now. >> have a great weekend, "studio b" interest helped smith starts now. >>shepard: today the egyptian president refuses to reverse the dictator power grab that sparked violent protests outside the doors of the presidential palace. many of the demonstrators say it is time for president morsi to go. new details coming up. >> the unemployment rate is down to four-year low despite super storm sandy but a lot of people stopped looking for work. the good news and the news
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behind it coming up. >> check the credit card statements. you could be spending hundreds of dollars in recurring payments for stuff you may not use anymore. it is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, a free syria can never include the syrian president bashar al-assad. that today from our secretary of state, hillary clinton, after holding talks on the future of the nation's fighting with the civil war. she met with her russian counterpart and the united nations special envoy to syria over how to stop the violence that has killed more than 40,000. russia has blocked u.n. security council efforts to remove the syrian president. that did not stop secretary clinton from saying any plan for syria's future must not involve the man with the blood of so many of his men, women and children. >> the issue stands with the
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syrian people in insisting that any transition process result in a unifyied democrat syria in which all citizens are represented, a future of this kind cannot possibly we include assad. >> this comes amid reports the syrians have mixed components for the deadly chemical weapon sarin gas. the obama administration has repeatedly wanted if president bashar al-assad of syria uses those weapons there will be consequences. and conor is in the middle east bureau but, first, jennifer, anything to lead us to believe there should be hope following the meeting with secretary of state, hillary clinton? >>reporter: initial assessments are downbeat about resolving the conflict. secretary clinton and the russian foreign minister downplayed expectations of a breakthrough. the leaked intelligence reports of chemical agents being mixed
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for use by the assad regime come on the eve of a crucial meeting of the friends of syria in morocco. secretary of state clinton will be there and wants to unite international response as rebels push toward the capital. assad's fall is looking imminent. syrian officials accuse the west of looking for a pretext to intervene. no international flights have been allowed to land at damascus airport for a week. >>shepard: what is the pentagon doing? are they preparing for the possible of intervention? >>reporter: they are actively planning and expect substantial fighting. there is increasing evidence that some of the shoulder-fired missiles that the c.i.a. was trying to track down in libya, and f-16's may have migrated to syria bringing down a helicopter and fighter jet last week. reports that save gas has been loaded on to canisters, the
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united states set up a task force at a base north of jordan, in amman, that included 150 special forces working with the military of jordan to secure assad's chemical weapons. >> the world is watching. the president of the united states has made very clear there will be consequences if the assad regime makes a tell mistake by using the chemical weapons on their own people. >>reporter: the pentagon is aware a meeting of rebel groups elected a 30-member military command structure and two-thirds is made up with ties to the muslim brotherhood. >>shepard: and damascus and the airport is in the middle of a war zone. fighters declared the airport is "a legitimate target, approach
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at your own risk." grueling battles today on streets of the capital city. this video showing someone trying to put at the flames which engulfed the car. fox cannot confirm this video but it is reportedly happening right outside president assad's front door. and courage continues and conor is in the middle east. how close is the fighting to the assad stronghold? >>reporter: the fighting is intensifying across all of syria but particularly in damascus which is still controlled by the assad regime. the rebel forces are making a push for the airport outside of damascus. it is still under syrian army control but it is no longer open. international plights the past week have been canceled and rebels declared it a combat zone or all civilians out of the area and rebels take the airport and
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it would be a major military defeat for the syrian government and it would cut an important supply line the syrian army uses to get weapons and people in and out. rebels have gained access to syrian army tanks and weapons. no one knows when this will end but it appears the syrian rebels are paying progress they were not making six months ago. there is a bigger push on damascus. how long president assad has left in power is anyone's guess but the dynamics are changing on the ground. >>shepard: thank you. the white house is warning on syria's chemical weapons has shifted. you may a recall in august the president warned the scenes against moving around or utilizing the weapons. this week the president and others in his cabinet dropped the words "moving around" and
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say there will be consequences if they "use" the weapons. that is a change. the president's position has not changed, according to the white house. and now chris wallace is live on capitol hill with us. this is a change. they said if you move it around there is a consequence. that was the red line and now the red line has moved. >>chris: obviously, you do not want to be involved in a ground war in syria but on the other hand if you wait until they are used, isn't that waiting too long? because when they are used you will kill a lot of people with deadly sarin gas, a nerve gas. so one will think if they are loaded on to airplanes but the problem is you cannot take out the airplanes with an airstrike because if you bomb either the depots where the chemical weapons are held or bomb the airplanes that hold the weapons
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you gas in the air and create the calamity you tried to avoid so it raises the possibility of some kind of armed intervention, boots on under ground. perhaps a nato action. but u.s. troops as part of a force, first to keep them from being used against the syrian people by assad. and, two, to keep them in falling into a lot of the wrong hands with many groups having ties to al qaeda. >>shepard: what is the sense from the reporting about the degree to which people feel it would be possible he would use the weapons. that would be an end all. >>chris: it would seem to be suicidal. the western world, second, israel, and a number of countries that is said that is the broad line and the point we come in and topple the regime. however, some people would say killing 40,000 of your own people already, as he has done
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the last year-plus, that doesn't show the keenest sense of logic or restraint. who is to say what is going on in his mind? as was just reported the news -- noose is tightening. some rebels are fighting on the outskirts of damascus. who knows what he is capable. >>shepard: it was at one point concerning that it could spread to a regional situation. >>chris: the implications are considerable because there is an art official country with a particular sect of islam and a minority controlling a non-majority so the question is retribution, ethnic fighting, and refugees. we do not know what happens when assad falls. we do not know how long it will take. the predictions have been going
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on for over a year and he is still in power. second, when he falls, who is control? it is not like there is a unified front. the united states, at the meeting in morocco, will recognize one group but there are a lot of other groups many involving islamic jihadist. >>shepard: this weekend chris will discuss the fiscal cliff with senator senators schumer from new york and senator corker. any deal to avoid the fiscal cliff is up to president obama and house of representatives spear boehner but never is very optimistic. the latest on the negotiations which will affect us all is
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>>shepard: we have signs of improvement in the job markets with millions still out of the work. the national unemployment rate fell from 7.9 percent to 7.7 percent last month. that is the lowest rate in four years. it comes despite the loss linked to super storm sandy. but the government reports the unemployment rate fell largely because so many americans gave up their search. at the same time, the u.s. economy added 146,000 jobs in november above what the analysts predicted. well above. and gerri, where do we see the biggest gain? >>gerri: in retail. no surprise for holiday season. we expect add big impact from the fiscal cliff and the labor department said no, we did not but labor participation rate, look at this ugly chart the it is declining. we have the rate drop again in
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large part because the labor force fell by 350,000. we are watching that carefully because you want to see people work. and try to get jobs. it is critical. >>shepard: what impact did super storm sandy? >>gerri: not so much. however, there were a million people that were working part time rather than full time and that is ascribed to hurricane sandy. normally you do not expect that. >>shepard: the matters went, so what. >>gerri: well, they saw that the 350,000 number and they thought they didn't like that and the market pulled back a little. we have had back-and-forth situation on that, starting off 74 up on the dow and now we are down. >>shepard: better than negative. >>gerri: better than negative. >>shepard: millions of american jobs potentially on the line if lawmakers do not get their act together. house of representatives speaker boehner says there is in
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progress in talks to avoid the fiscal cliff. four days after the g.o.p. laid out their proposal, speaker boehner said the white house has to have an offer. the deadline is now 25 days away. the president says there will not be progress until the republicans can agree the wealthiest americans must pay more taxes because it is going to hand. if it doesn't happen he will veto it. mike, the speaker boehner sounded, publicly, sounding frustrateing. >>reporter: he accused the president of slow walking the economy right to the edge of the fiscal cliff and says if the president got the tax increase he wants the country would be facing trillion dollar deficits. >> this isn't a progress report because there is in progress to report. when it comes to the fiscal cliff threatening our economy and jobs the white house has wasted another week.
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>>reporter: he calls officials saying they are ready to go over the trip. >>shepard: democrats insist that revenue, revenue, revenue is the key. >>guest: president obama campaigned on it and obviously won and democrats insist upper income americans should pay higher taxes but there could be room to negotiate but their point is they don't want to talk about other aspects of a deal until the g.o.p. gives in on their demand for more tax money. >> what is lacking are the revenues. we cannot cut your way to deficit reduction. what reduces the deficit are jobs. job creation. after spending cuts, and medicare saving, and next is the revenue. >>reporter: leader pelosi spent time at the white house today meeting with president obama on what we are told are a number of issues. >>shepard: thank you, mike, from washington, dc. we know that business collects
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information from us when we go to our website our mobile apps. usually it is legal. there is a new law that requires companies to notify you if it is taking information from you. to law is about to be put to the test. i got word in the last 30 seconds and a ruling from the supreme court, a decision from the supreme court, actually, on whether it will hear a same-sex marriage case and the constitutionality of that. the answer is "yes" the court has notified us. all energy development comes with some risk,
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>>shepard: there is breaking news on fox news channel, the supreme court has notify the us it will take us gay marriage cases including california's ban on same-sex marriage unions. we got the word and our
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correspondent is with us on the phone now. shannon, what is the story? >>shannon: they decided to take up to different gay marriage cases. you mention the one from california, you may remember proposition eight. the voters passed a measure that allows only the recognition of one man, one woman as a "marriage." a federal court overturned that. that want on appeal to the supreme court and they decided they will weigh in on that fight. in addition there were eight cases on the diagnosis -- the docket on the defense of marriage act and a portion only recognizes marriage as between a man and a woman and has been challenged dozens of times. they agreed to take up a case dealing with defense of marriage act. two different cases but both going to the same issues. they are different on technical and legal points but the bottom line is the same and the court has told us it will hear two gay
12:23 pm
marriage cases and we expect the earliest to get on the calendar is march of 2013 so that means we will have a decision like we did with the president's health care law in late june next year. >>shepard: has the supreme court or members given any indication of where they are these days on these matters? >>shannon: when they grant the cases all we know there were four votes behind closed doors from the nine justices and it takes four votes to get the cases on the docket so there are that many who are interested. we thought they might take either of the defense of marriage act or proposition 8 but because they involve differences in the legal issues involved, it looks like they want to hear both of the cases and want to be on record and core all the constitutional questions. they are very tightlipped about their personal views on these
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controversial issues but we know they are willing to dive into the fight and we will get it in early spring. >>shepard: as soon as four months. thank you, shannon. >> a major u.s. airline faces first of its kind privacy lawsuit over an app. this could have an enormous impact on the safety of personal information on your smartphone. this app is called "fly delta" you can look at your reservations, check in, get a boarding pass. here is the problem: california's attorney general accused them of releasing the app without a privacy policy a violation of california state law. the lawsuit indicates folks who have the app and use it have no idea what delta does with their names and credit card numbers. delta says the airline does not comment on pending litigation so that is all we have.
12:25 pm
we have chief business correspondent author of "rebounders how winners pivot from society backs to success." >>guest: i have a feeling what will happen, delta will say we got you, california, so now we will add a privacy policy. they could resolve it like that. california is saying we are paying attention so we will insist the same privacy policies with regard to apps as for websites. a lost companies will start paying attention and say we need to roll out our private policies. >>shepard: we do not know what delta does with the information. but the information is valuable. delta aside for the matter of speaking, that sort of information, names, addresses, contacts, what sort of places you go, where you eat, what you get from delta app --. >>guest: big money and big data and a lot of people say this is only getting started all of the analysis and they want
12:26 pm
that to know whatever interested in so they can target information. this is the marketing wave of the future and some would say it is here. we do not know if delta is doing that. it is worth pointing out a lot of c not care. when you think of everything that people put open facebook, such as birthday and all the personal information, single, married, stuff like that, people do not mind that. a few people mind and california says we are looking out for you. we will probably see some changes. >>shepard: you know you will get advertising you may as well get advertising for something you are interested in. there are other matters that you probably do not want people to know like how much you spend honorarium travel. or how much you might have stored away. >>guest: a married guy who is planning to get away with his friend in miami may not want
12:27 pm
delta to know so there should be an opt out on on the app where you can "click here." >>shepard: interesting to watch. >> developing news in egypt. the first sign the country's president might be bending at least to some of his opponents' demands with like pictures from cairo and word of a compromise as protesters stormed the presidential palace in cairo, egypt. remembering the day that lived we in infamy, 71 years later. ♪
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if you're medicare eligible, call now... and talk to unitedhealthcare about our plans, like aarp medicarecomplete. let's get you on the right path. call today. ♪ >>shepard: this is vice president biden speaking at an event regarding the fiscal cliff and laying out the proposal that the president has already issued on this matter. this is a play back from the white house pool in allege -- arlington, virginia, and continuing the breaking news great before commercial bring, the united states supreme court has made the decision to take up not one but two gay marriage cases involving california's proposition 8 which? >>guest: ensure bans gay marriage saying marriage between
12:32 pm
a man and a woman, and supreme court will hear that because there was another court that oversaw it can now it is passed up and the defense of marriage act, some technical details and differences in law but the court decided to take up both of the cases, gay marriage and whether it should be constitution am, whether people who are gay should have the same rights and freedoms under the constitution a people who are sexually oriented, heterosexuals or should they be discriminated against, that is what the supreme court will decide, hearing it as early as manner with a decision, possibly, by the summer. we get a sign that egypt's president could be willing to bend a bit to the opponents' demand with like pictures from cairo where violent fighting killed six and injured hundreds. the streets are packed at 10 pock at night with the crowd stretching as far as the camera can go.
12:33 pm
a short time ago the head of the election commission said the president has postponed early voting on a very controversial constitution. opponents say he rammed law the draft constitution by salarily making himself a dictator and putting himself above the law. yesterday the protesters rejected the president's offer to sit down for talks over the week end, a sort of national dialogue. the opposition again stormed the president's palace. the violent crisis is playing out in the country that is playing peacekeeper teen israel and gaza. david lee what are we childrenning of the surprise move from morsi? >>reporter: it is too are usually to tell but it looks like he is blinking. he is looking out the window of the palace and seeing thousands and thousands of protesters and some have been jumping over the barricades and marching on tanks
12:34 pm
and waiving the egyptian flag and it i don't be making an impression. the government, there, said they have new postponed the voting of the egyptians living outside the country that were slated to vote on the new constitution as soon as tomorrow. now, we are told they will not be able to vote until wednesday. this delay could underscore morsi laying the groundwork for postpone must the entire referendum. tomorrow he called for a day of dialogue with the opposition. and egypt's vice president said that the president is ready to postpone the vote if legal challenges could be avoid, and the legal affairs minister said right now anything is on the table, the postponement and possibly sending it back to the assembly that drafted it. much depends on what happens tomorrow when and if there is a dialogue between the two sides. it looks like the president has started to blink. >>shepard: what do we hear from the opposition?
12:35 pm
>>reporter: i got word when it was announced that they have postponeed the ex-pat vote there was a big clear and the opposition now feels embolden and there is a guarded sense of optimism the demonstrations are making a difference. egypt's vice president says he now has contacted the leader of the umbrella coalition movement. that shows possible movement. yesterday, the coalition rejected any dialogue. now it appears that there is some negotiation going on. the opposition has said no talks until the constitutional vote is going to be postponed. it look like it is possible we could see some sort of compromise in the works. >>shepard: thank you, david lee. now, more on what today's developments mean, to a fox news contributor and expert in the middle east and north africa. good to see you.
12:36 pm
it feels like he has blinked for the moment. i don't know what five minutes from now brings but right now he is moving. >>guest: he has come to his senses to the point where if he does not bend a bit just to show in good faith to the people of egypt he can be a potential leader if them, the people of egypt, look at the situation. they feel duped. they paveed the way and they want add secular, the permanent at tahrir square, they are thinking, we paveed the way and we have an islamist dictator. we had a dictator and we traded him for another type of dictator. it does not fit the patchwork of the diverse egyptian people and they will be in revolutionary mode until they can come to a compromise. it seems morsi lost his first chance at compromise when he made the power grab and now he has to totally step back if he
12:37 pm
has hope of compromising with the people. >>shepard: i wondered, there was a time if he made them part of the government it would have worked but now if he goes to the opposition and says join the government, if that is going to be enough? or is the bottom line, you have to go, period. >>guest: not only did he lose the opportunity to engage members of the opposition in building this coalition to go forward but he is hassing people that are already with him, the christian members of the muslim brotherhood are stepping down and there were four major resignations in 48 hours so you are right in the sense he went so forward that i may not work out. the people of egypt have come to their senses and they are looking at example of iranian revolution and the people of iran are still suffering and what was meant to be temporary turned out to be extremely permanent. >>shepard: the people hear muslim brotherhood and think,
12:38 pm
all right, these people are extremists and they are all, this is horrible. not true with everyone in the muslim brotherhood. everyone in there is not extreme, there are somewhat -- some who are quite moderate. >>guest: they are well organized and they did things for the people of egypt and they put up soup kitchens and libraries and schools. revolutions happen because people are hungry. people want education. they want equal rights. in that sense the muslim brotherhood was popular in egypt. now what i am hearing from my sources on the ground in egypt is that people like morsi and of the muslim brotherhood should be in prison. >>shepard: thank you, lisa. >> just in, powerball, another
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12:44 pm
years ago. according to the company the hidden expenses could be costing you hundreds of dollars each year. and now, personal finance advisor live with us. what kind of charges are we talking about? >> well, the charges may seem small at first but overtime they can be a big time cost. the average american is worried about making the payment not how to check the statement. only one in ten people check those statements. it could be $5 a month, or $10 a month but added up the cost average is $350 that the average person loses through their fingers and is missing out. >>shepard: i am getting billed by netflix and i have not used the account in two years. i found it like that. $6 a month but that is a lot of
12:45 pm
money at the end of 9 year. >>guest: you thing about netflix and half of the charges are unuse the memberships or misunderstood memberships like netflix, gym membership, or those who previously used dialup internet have broad band and three million still double paying for that. the key is look at your bill, line by line, to see how much you are paying, it is your money and your responsibility, and make sure the costs are taken care of and taken off that credit card. >>shepard: you cannot be shy. you can call the credit card company on anything they charge you out the butt anyway, you mays as well use the service. >>guest: make sure you are in control of the credit card, so many people think of spending money especially this holiday season there will be so many people offered new credit cards you want do make sure you know the terms of the credit card and if you take the card, what other ancillary costs come with that.
12:46 pm
the biggest cost for our viewers to know about is what called an opt out service, you are opted in automatically to some of the charges, it is your responsibility to opt out to make sure you are not billed. you may think it is not far but the laws say it is fair and you have to be a buyer beware consumer and make sure you are not spending money you are getting no benefit for. >>shepard: 71 years ago today the horrors came to america's doorstep when japanese war planes attacked pearl harbor. a moment of silence at pearl harbor as aircraft from hawaii's air national guard flew over head to remember fallen comrades. 2,400 americans, mostly u.s. service member, died in that attack which propelled the united states into world war ii.
12:47 pm
the president released a statement today reading in part, let us reaffirm their legacy will always burn bright whether in the memory of those who knew him, the service of spirit that guides our men and women in uniform or the heart of the country they kept strong and free. >>trace: amazing to think that 16 million veterans who fought there are but 1.5 million left and we loss 600 each and every day. they are called the greatest generation and, today, a former general reminded us why. >> the world war ii generation fought the most destructive war in history. they fought that war against great odds not only did they fight and win that war and save this nation but they literally saved the world.
12:48 pm
>>trace: they saved the world and individually the stories continue to survive us. like this man who survived the bombing of pearl harbor and now identifies the remains of world war ii veterans and bring them home to their families. >> they are very glad after. >> these years they realize their dreams have been lived and they have finally gotten their relative identifyied. >>trace: a new documentary based on a program that flies world war ii veterans to washington, dc, that focuses on four wisconsin vet l veterans including a former p.o.w. when he was recued weighed 70 pounds and another witnessed the flag being raised at iwo jima, a small way to say thank you. >> three years ago i wondered to this memorial with my video camera by the atlantic pillar, i
12:49 pm
asked a world war ii veteran, how is your day going and he looked at me and he said i could die a happy man now that i made this trip. trace one of the veterans had terminal cancer but he was determined to make the honor plight and he did. and he died shortly after arriving back home. >>shepard: how do you participate in honor flight? is that a charity to give money to? >>trace: it is a chair any. -- charity. veterans are flown from all over the country to washington, dc, and, yes, it is a charity and you can give money. if you google "honor flight" it will take you to it. >>shepard: good stuff, trace. >> researchers are testing a new weapon in the ballot against alzheimer's disease. we reported on this last night.
12:50 pm
doctors say the so-called brain pacemaker could stem memory loss. it could be a big development.
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>>shepard: more breaking news from the supreme court. the supreme court will hear pay for delay drug case. the u.s. supreme court agreed do decide whether brand name drug companies may pay money to go next drug rivals to keep the lower price markets off the market, a practice estimated to cost consumes and the government billions a year. the arrangements are known as pay for delay or reverse payments and they have for a decade vexed antitrust enforcers
12:54 pm
after a court decisions that allowed the practices. a go -- generic case will be paid to keep the drug off the marriage. and they will hear the case on whether gay marriage should be protected federally, and that will be taken up in march and we could know by the summer. researchers at johns hopkins have successfully implanted the first pacemaker for the brain as a possible treatment for alzheimer's disease. the device sends electrical impulses to the area of the brain that feeds them and stimulate the brain.
12:55 pm
experts say one in eight americans over the age of 65 will develop the disease. one of the doctors in the trial joins us now, an associate professor of psychiatry at johns hopkins at the school of medicine. congratulations and thank you. tell us what this is and how this works. >>guest: well, this is a very similar to a surgery used in severe parkinson's disease patients. you as a neurosurgeon, you drill two holes in the skull. you guide two very thin wires to each side of the brain and the wires attach to other wires which go under your skin and go to what looks like a pacemaker, but, it is really a battery that sits under your shoulder blade. the battery sends electrical impulses through the wires and the impulses actually drive the brain, they actually increase the neuroactivity, the
12:56 pm
electrical activity of the brain. this has been done over 80,000 times in parkinson's disease, and we are starting to use it for alzheimer's disease. the difference is we are stimulating a different part of the brain that we know is involved in memory circuit. so, same hammer but different nail so to speak. >>shepard: the team at johns hopkins is the first to perform. what is the degree which this will impact patients' likes? >>guest: it could have a real impact. but there are a couple of things that could come from this. obviously we hope that the surgery works. we have preliminary data from an open label trail where everyone got the stimulation in toronto and we found evidence of memory improvement but we found evidence we could be slowing down the decline in the disease. what we doing now is a control
12:57 pm
trial. half the people will get the simluators turned on immediately and the other half will wait a year before we turn it on. it is a controlled, trial, though. >>shepard: thank you, doctor. the only underarm treatment for low t. that's right, the one you apply to the underarm. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18. axiron can transfer to others through direct contact. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant, and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acnen women may occur. report these signs and symptoms to your doctor if they occur. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medications. do not use if you have prostate or breast cancer. serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer; worsening prostate symptoms; decreased sperm count; ankle, feet, or body swelling; enlarged or painful breasts; problems breathing while sleeping;
12:58 pm
and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. see your doctor, and for a 30-day free trial, go to
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