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tv   America Live  FOX News  December 11, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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rick: that's going to do it for us. thanks so much for joining us. jenna: "america live" starts right now. >> we start with a fox news alert out of lansing, michigan. we're seeing angry and physical confrontations at the state capitol as lawmakers approve the first of two controversial right-to-work bills protecting nonunion workers from being forced to pay union dues. welcome to "america live," everyone, i'm allison cam rat to in for megyn kelly today. the bill could be signed by the governor as early as tomorrow. pro-union protesters responding with shouts of "shame on you" from the gallery as huge crowds mass on the state capitol grounds. we understand police are ready with riot gear in case things turn ugly. thousands of union supporters have been at the statehouse since early today stomping their feet, chanting, as you can hear
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there, one union boss saying, quote: we're going to take you on and take you out. nearby an angry confrontation breaking out. union protesters apparently storming the tent of the local chapter of conservative group americans for prosperity, tearing it down and then going after some right-to of work supporters -- right-to-work supporters. let's watch this. in -- >> shut your mouth! shut your mouth, i wasn't talking to you! you put your hands on me, see what happens. shut up! shut your mouth. [bleep] >> hey, hey! lien -- [bleep] >> you guys are knocking the camera -- i have a right --
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>> i didn't do it. >> you did too! [bleep] >> get the [bleep] out of of here, you [bleep] alisyn: mike tobin is live for us, tempers are flaring. >> reporter: and here's what's left over of that scene, this was the tent that was erected by americans for prosperity. they say in no uncertain terms it was union demonstrators who came at the tent and knocked it down. scott was inside. >> they rushed our tent. they were chanting go home, go home, scabs, scabs, scabs. they cut the straps to the tent, they trampled the tent, there were people trapped inside. >> reporter: now as we look at the grounds out here right now,
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it looks like the numbers have waned a bit. they haven't waned entirely, but as we look across the grounds, a lot of the people have traveled across the grounds past these large, inflatable rafts that they usually use to illustrate people who have crossed the picket lines, and they're in the lobby right now or at least at the front door of the george romney building. that is where governor snyder has his office. they've got the drums going, all the sound and fury. why is that? that is because one of the bills has already passed through the legislature today. two more are pending. both houses have conservative majorities in them, so the passage of legislation is virtually assured. all these union demonstrators can do right now is express their anger, get their voice out there because as historic as it may be, as symbolic as it may be, michigan, the birth place of the united autoworkers, the cradle of organized labor, is certain now for at least a time
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to become a right-to-work state, allison. alisyn: if you show us around outside, we also have a live shot from inside the capitol where you can hear protesters chanting, people stomping their feet. so, mike, it looks like this is going to go on all day. >> reporter: it certainly will go on for a long time, it just depends how long they want to stay here. the protest has become a bit disorganized as far as going across the street. as we take a look around, you can see how many people are here, again, making their voices heard because that is the one thing they can do. a lot of them are upset saying this is political retribution for an effort that was called proposition 2, and what it would have done was enshrine collective bargaining rights in michigan's constitution, making collective bargaining rights untouchable. governor snyder told me this morning that he had asked them not to do that because that would open up the whole discussion about labor and would
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include right to work. now, it's very important to point out this doesn't touch collective bargaining, but it does make michigan a right-to-work state. again, what you could call the birthplace of organized lay or boar. alisyn: mike tobin, thanks so much for that firsthand view. we obviously will stay tuned to all that. a democratic state representative threatened violence on the house floor. listen. >> and we're going to pass something that will undo a hundred years of labor relations. and there will be blood. there will be repercussions. we will relive the battle of the overpass. alisyn: well, the legislation would make michigan the nation's 24th right-to-work state. so today's mass demonstrations also forcing some michigan schools to shut down as teachers use sick days in order to attempted these protests and, of course, leaving parents and students in the lurch.
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and these demonstrators are protesting at the encouragement, some say, of president obama who yesterday said this at a daimler plant in nearby redford, michigan. >> i just gotta say this, what we shouldn't be doing is trying to take away your rights to bargain for better wages -- [cheers and applause] you know, these so-called right-to-work laws, they don't have to do with economics, they have everything to do with politics. [cheers and applause] what they're really talking about is giving you the right to work for less money. [cheers and applause] we don't want a race to the bottom, we want a race to the top. [cheers and applause] we -- america, america's not going to compete based on low skill, low wage, no workers' rights, so we've got to get past this whole situation where we
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manufacture crises because of politics. alisyn: well, chris stirewalt is our fox news digital politics editor and host of "power play" on live. hi, chris. >> howdy. alisyn: i hope you can hear me over the deafening roar of what's going on at the statehouse there. it was interesting what president obama said yesterday because, of course, he was supposed to be talking about the fiscal cliff, but he pivoted away from that subject, and he brought up this michigan right-to-work battle. how unusual, how unexpected was it that he weighed into this fray? >> well, we're starting to get a clearer and clearer picture of what second term barack obama looks like and what second term barack obama looks like is very different than first term. you remember in the first term when we had a similar situation in wisconsin after the 2010 elections where republicans swept into the statehouse there and tried something different as it related to collective bargaining rights, if power of collective bargaining for
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government workers. this is theoretically a less divisive issue. in wisconsin the president stood nearly silent. in michigan the president goes there the day before this mass demonstration and fires up the crowd. that didn't sound like a middle class tax relief outing, that sounded like the president firing up the base ahead of a day of maas demonstrations. alisyn: as you point out, chris, two years ago when this came up with wisconsin, the president basically said that's a state issue. he talked about it when asked in interviews, but he didn't prompt the conversation himself like he did yesterday. is there any talk in washington that by weighing in on this he ginned up the protesters, even inadvertently of what's happening now that we see? >> well, he sure didn't hurt the turnout. he sure didn't hurt the ardor for the union side, and that's by giving it his complicit blessing the day before and talking about this stuff. you know, michigan, what that state representative was talking about there, there will be
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blood, talking about michigan has a bloody labor history in the efforts over the years back in the teens, the '20s and the '30s. this was a violet place when it came -- violent place when it came to unrest, and michigan has a rough history about stuff, and that's why governor snyder and others have urged so much caution surrounding these issues and that these are not helpful things to bring up in a state where these wounds are just beneath the surface all the time. alisyn: now, chris, i am holding in my hands here a press release that was put out today by the superintendent of schools in michigan who says that by 8 a.m. this morning 750 teachers had called in sick today, obviously, as a show of support or to attend these rallies. now, when this happened back in wisconsin and kids couldn't go to school for weeks in madison, wisconsin, we heard from parents democrat and republican alike who said we want the teachers to get back to work, and we want our kids to go back to school.
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is there any danger of a backlash of teachers doing this? >> if this keeps up, if this is the beginning, if unions dig in here and fight, fight, fight and this stays up for days and days and days, there will be a backlash. of course there'll be a backlash. michigan has been trending to the right after being a democratic stalwart. yeah, the president carried it by a wide margin, but as mike tobin pointed out, labor unions weren't able to get their constitutional amendment through. they have a republican government and legislature. there will be a backlash if this keeps up too much longer. alisyn: all right. chris stirewalt, thanks so much for all of your perspective on this. great talking to you. >> you bet. you bet. alisyn: all right. now to a story getting a lot of attention on fox news investigators are looking into what caused a small plane to crash in mexico killing seven people including high-profile mexican-american singer jenni rivera. the 43-year-old was on her way to a concert when the plane took a nose dive, literally
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disintegrating on impact. trace gallagher is following this life from our los angeles bureau. what do we know, trace? >> reporter: well, because that plane was owned by a las vegas company, the ntsb is involved in this investigation. we're being told it could be about ten days before they have any preliminary result on this. we know that after jenni rivera performed a concert in monterey, mexico, 3:30 in the morning she left for mexico city. about ten minutes into that flight the plane went from 35,000 feet to 9,000 feet, and then it fell completely off the radar. it hit so hard that it disintegrated, and authorities say none of the wreckage or remains were unrecognizable, and at first that gave rivera's family some hope. listen. >> in our eyes, we still have faith that my sister will be okay. we have no confirmation of her body being recovered, dead or alive. >> reporter: well, now -- that was late last night. reports say that her remains
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have been recovered along with, as you see there, her mangled california driver's license. the plane was built back in 1969 and reportedly was damaged during a takeoff in amarillo, texas, back in 2006 when a fuel line failed. that will certainly become part of this investigation. jenni rivera, she sold 15 million albums, and she was about to sign on to abc news for a new sitcom all about her life, also onboard that plane her publicist, her lawyer as well as her makeup artist along with the two pilots and the ntsb investigation in the very early stages right now. alisyn: all right, trace, thanks so much for the update. for the latest on the death of jenni rivera and other stories developing in latin america and around the world, head to fox news there's a new theory that suggests our nation's expanding entitlement programs are breeding a new, quote, government class of citizens dependent on big government. michael reagan joins us later to
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explain his theory and why his father's warnings could be coming back to haunt us now. and a major breakthrough in kids' cancer treatments, a potentially life-saving procedure that worked wonders on adults shows new signs it could work on children too. plus, more than a dozen democratic senators are now worried about an obamacare tax that, well, they all voted for. we'll detail the millions of dollars hidden in new fees and when our next guest thinks that lawmakers should have seen this coming.
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♪ >> but we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy. alisyn: all right. we remember those famous words, of course. now a group of leading democratic senators are joining a republican-led effort to repeal a new medical tax tied to president obama's health care overhaul that they all voted
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for. but now they say it could have a devastating impact. it's called the medical device tax, and starting next year it will impose a 2.3% tax on all medical devices. it's supposed to bring in nearly $29 billion over the next ten years which, according to the medical industry, will in turn force them to cut more than 40,000 jobs. stu varney is the anchor of varney and company on fox business network. hi, stu. >> how you doing? alisyn: i'm doing well. it's interesting that this group of democratic senators -- two very well known ones from minnesota, senator al franken and amy klobuchar -- are now asking for a delay on this tax. they actually want it repealed. >> yep. alisyn: where were they two years ago? >> that's a very good question. maybe they hadn't read it all in detail, because that tax was in there. three weeks to go before this tax is imposed, before costs are raised on granny's hip, before jobs are lost in the medical device industry, suddenly 17 democrats in the senate say,
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hold off. senator reid, please, let's delay this thing. we don't want this tax to go into effect. it's a little late for saying that there's been two years of warning for this coming up. alisyn and, of course, the reason these two senators want this repealed is because they're in minnesota which is where the medical device manufacturers are. >> yes. some in minnesota and some also in massachusetts where senator-elect elizabeth warren also signed the letter saying, please, delay this thing. and stryker, that's a medical device company -- one of the biggest, actually -- they make hips. they're going to lay off a thousand people if and when this is imposed. alisyn: are there other surprises in obamacare that are now coming to light in terms of taxes and feesesome. >> yes. starting january the 1st, anybody who earns more than $200,000 a year will pay an extra .9% medicare tax. that hits on january the 1st. a little later, everybody who
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has a health insurance policy gets hit with a $63-per-year, per-person charge. that's going to hit 190 million people. that is a charge to pay for pre-existing conditions, because an insurance company has to accept people who have a pre-existing condition, gotta pay for it. that has to be paid for, there's a higher medicaid tax that's going to pay for that. and then you've got fines for all companies which don't give medical insurance to their employees. alisyn: if, in fact, these senators do prevail and they have the medical device tax somehow spiked, then we have a budget problem. >> yes, we do. because where does the $29 billion come from? they were relying on 29 billion from medical device tax that would go towards paying the cost of obamacare. you delay the tax or you abolish it, where does that $29 billion come from? same story with the $25 billion that's supposed to come from this $63-per-person fee. if you delay or cancel that, where does the $25 billion come
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from? in all, you're supposed to get $700 billion extra from taxes and fees to pay for obamacare. if you don't get all of that money, what are you going to do? you going to borrow it from china? alisyn: i mean, you know, nancy pelosi's taken a lot of heat for that famous saying, you have to pass the bill to figure out what's in the bill. but now that seems haunting, because the fact that even senators now are saying, whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down, we want some of these things repealed. >> 17 democrats in the senate including senator-elect elizabeth warren from massachusetts. 17 democrats in the senate with three weeks to go before this tax is imposed suddenly realize this is going to cost a lot of money, it's going to hurt my voter, it's going to hurt the device industry. please delay it. all of a sudden. alisyn: maybe they should have read it. >> but it was very long. alisyn: it was long. [laughter] you've got that right. stu varney, thanks so much for parsing all of this. meanwhile, a violent
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political power struggle on the streets of one major u.s. ally, but as both sides protest in egypt, there's also a push to legitimize some hard-line islamist groups. so in three minutes we'll check in for a live report from the heart of the crisis. and as police prepare for some possibly violent confrontations over right-to-work laws in michigan's capital, we're waiting to hear what the white house will say about the president's encouragement to these unions yesterday. >> [bleep] get the [bleep] out of here, you ain't gonna film -- >> hey, hey, hey! aspirin, really?
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>> reporter: that require square, that's where opponents of egyptian president mohamed morsi are demonstrating. there was a shooting here earlier today. the focus, however, tonight is a few miles from where we are right now. the presidential palace. anti-morsi protesters are there in very big numbers trying to knock down the barrier defending that palace, all the while supporters of morsi and the members of the muslim
10:26 am
brotherhood already nearby, they were involved in deadly clashes last week. so far they have been separate. a different time perhaps. since then, the military has been trying to grant morsi wide powers to intervene, arrest and get involved to try to calm things down. a lot of attention, as you noted, being paid tonight to the planned referendum on saturday on a draft constitution for egypt. critics say morsi's just trying to push it through, that it is islamist, that it is discriminatory and that he is acting in the last couple of weeks like some strongmen of the past here in egypt. for his part, morsi and his supporters say, hey, they've been elected democratically, and they are just trying to gain, trying to protect the gains of the revolution. so we're looking forward to that referendum on saturday. there's some questions about how many judges will be participating to monitor, and there are those reports, as you noted, that morsi and others might be involved this some
10:27 am
political meeting tomorrow -- in some political meeting tomorrow to try to bring people together. so far no hard confirmation of that as we watch the scene tonight here in cairo. alisyn: greg talcott, thanks sop for the up-- so much for the update. meanwhile, president obama has not been sworn in for a second term yet, so why is washington caught up in talk about a possible 2016 run for president by secretary of state hillary clinton? what's behind these rumors? who started these and why now? plus, hoping for closure at an apparent house of horrors. we're going to bring you the story of one man trying to find his brother's remains among some 50 grave sites near a boys' reform school. and anger boiling up over this right-to-work vote as police brace for the possibility of violent confrontations. we're waiting for the white house's reaction. we're back in three minutes. >> join us! join us! anncr: some politicians seem to think medicare and...
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social security are just numbers in a budget. well, we worked hard for those benefits. we earned them. and if washington tries to cram decisions about the future... of these programs into a last minute budget deal... we'll all pay the price. aarp is fighting to protect seniors with responsible... solutions that strengthen medicare and... social security for generations to come. we can do better than a last minute deal...
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alisyn: fox news alert now, we have a live look at the crowd of protesters at the michigan state capitol in lansing where just moments ago the legislature paveed the way for michigan to become the 24th right-to-work state in the country, basically freeing workers from having to pay union dues. and it also deals a huge blow to organized labor. state troopers are now guarding
10:32 am
the house and senate entrances as protesters clog the capitol. earlier, an angry confrontation broke out. union protesters apparently storming the tent of the local chapter of the conservative group americans for prosperity. they tore it down, and then they went after some right-to-work supporters. let's watch this. >> he put his hands on -- >> shut your mouth! shut your mouth, i wasn't talking to you! you put your hands on me, see what happens. shut up! shut your mouth. >> [bleep] get the [bleep] out of here. he ain't got a -- [inaudible] >> hey, hey, hey! >> [bleep]. >> hey, you guys are [bleep] knocking the camera off. >> get out of here. >> i've got a right to to be he. >> i didn't do it. >> you did too! >> get the [bleep] out of here,
10:33 am
you [bleep]. alisyn: and we are just seeing new information crossing right now that moments ago the state legislature gave final approval for this as michigan will become, once the governor signs it, the 24th right-to-work state. this comes after president obama backed the unions' cause yesterday. so we're now waiting to see what the white house has to say about those violent scenes. leslie marshall, lars larson, welcome to both of you. >> good morning. >> hi. alisyn: lars, what do you think about the president wading into the fray yesterday? he was supposed to be making a talk on fiscal cliff, but he decided to bring up michigan. do you think that he somehow intentionally or not emboldened the protesters there?
10:34 am
>> of course he did. i mean, imagine this. this guy is bought and paid for, literally hundreds of millions of dollars of union contributions helped put president obama back in for a second term. the fact that he's backing the thuggish behavior of unions in michigan, i mean, he backed the thuggish behavior of unions in wisconsin, and it should be -- well, if you're a union member, you ought to be ashamed of the behavior of your union brothers. there's a democratic process, the people of michigan have elected representatives and an elected governor. they've made a choice to change the law and take away this crazy monopoly that lets unions force people to be members. i once had to be a member of a union. i hated it because they made me do things i didn't want to do. it's an inherently corrupt kind of organization to say you have to belong to a union to have a job. and the fact that the president gets into the middle of this and emboldens these people and they're tearing down tents and threatening people, it's ridiculous.
10:35 am
and the president ought to stand up and take responsibility for it. alisyn: leslie, what do you think about him weighing in on this controversy? >> i think it's necessary. i mean, you have the president of the united states who said let's bail out the auto industry, whose hub is the of michigan, and they have been successful. for him to be talking about the economy, standing in michigan with what was going on and for him to avoid this whole topic would be ridiculous whether he's a democrat or a republican. now, lars, i know you think that the president's our daddy, but he isn't. [laughter] these are grown men, and some of them aren't acting like grown men, but i've seen certainly people leavitt and right when -- left and right when they're angry and emotional, there's that gang mentality. don't paint all of the union workers throughout this country as being violent -- >> leslie. alisyn: go ahead, lars. >> -- that the president has any responsibility with their
10:36 am
actions. he told them to fight for what they believe in, not to be violent. alisyn: lars? >> fight for what they believe in? i've got to tell you something, leslie, the president did embolden these actions. the fact is i've been covering unions for the best part of 35 years, and you almost always see illegal activities, violence, assaults and this kind of behavior from unions that are on strike. and you say they have a right to be angry? the people of michigan have a right to change their laws through the process. and what these union thugs are trying to do is swarm the capitol and through bullying tactics and physical intimidation get the state of michigan and its representatives to go a different direction not through the legal process, but by being physically intimidating. and you think that's something to be proud of? alisyn: leslie, what's curious here is that two years ago when some of these very similar scenes were breaking out in madison, wisconsin, over the collective bargaining proposal there, the president really
10:37 am
stayed out of the fray. he, he, in fact, said this is -- i call this a wisconsin issue, meaning let's leave it to the state. but here on an issue that is not as controversial as collective bargaining, it's about forcing people to pay union dues, he did weigh in. why now and why not then? >> well, first of all, you know, as a liberal, many liberals myself included, why isn't the president going to wisconsin, why isn't he speaking about that? but let's look at what was on his plate on an international level regarding terrorism, first of all. second of all, wisconsin -- although the auto industry does have some plants, etc., that is certainly not the state of michigan. you have a president who against many democrats, and certainly all the republicans, said we've got to bail out the auto industry. even many americans poo-pooed this idea. >> leslie -- >> secondly, the president already had this plan to speak at these states regarding his
10:38 am
position so that we do not go over the fiscal cliff and to work with republicans, he and democrats together, to come up with a solution so that we're not going to hell in a happened bag when it comes to -- handbag when it comes to december 31st at 12:015. it's very different. i don't have a problem with him speaking out on this in michigan and not wisconsin. alisyn: all right. leslie didn't see any conflict there. lars, what's your response to that? >> listen, here's what the president was doing back then. he was doing the same thing he's done for four years: jetting around the country giving speeches and raising money. and the fact is that he was not too busy to go to wisconsin. we all pointed it out at the time. he didn't want to go there, because he didn't think it was to his political advantage. now that he's been reelected -- and, again, i point out with literally hundreds of millions of dollars of union contributions -- the unions own this president, and this president now wants to sound like he's taking their side, and it's crazy. alisyn: leslie -- >> go ahead.
10:39 am
alisyn: i just want to bring up one thing in our remaining few seconds because, leslie, the president said something that was possibly incorrect yesterday. he said that it's legislation like this that will lower workers' wages. when, in fact, the bureau of labor statistics in their latest reports say it's the right-to-work states where workers' wages are higher by from, on average, $49,000 versus $42,000. here are the statistics. so the president was actually inaccurate when he said this would lower workers' wages. why would he say that? >> well, you know, it's -- i'm glad that you brought that up, because one of the things that my buddies on the right like lars would say is we're paying these people too much, and we can have more people and pay them less, etc. and what we're talking about is i agree with you as far as those statistics, that can't be argued. but the bottom line the reason michigan is doing better now is the awe eau industry, and --
10:40 am
auto industry, and they're producing a better product because they have those union workers. to have other people benefit from the same things they are in the union, that's unfair, and this is a president that fairness is his motto. alisyn: okay, very quickly, lars. >> leslie, you know it's unfair to have american workers join a political organization that they choose not to join just to have a job. and the fact is it's unions that put the big three automakers in the tank. gm is out of the -- is not out of the woods. you know gm is still in trouble financially. chrysler isn't even an american company anymore, it's owned by the italians. it has been a colossal disaster, and it's going to continue to be. the unions with their work rules and exceptions and restrictions on workers -- not so much the paycheck. most of the three big japanese makers in the south that are not dominated by unions do not have those work rules, but they pay about the same dollars per hour in many wages. so the wages can be paid, it's
10:41 am
the crazy union work rules and defending people who drink on on the job, for example, that cause problems that are running american business out of the country. alisyn: all right. lars larson, leslie marshall, kudos for being able to debate over the cacophony coming out of lansing. >> hey, we didn't have any beeps. >> kick those union thugs out. alisyn: thank you so much. meanwhile, a popular u.s. retailer now under fire for including a series of profanity-laced items in its annual christmas catalog. why they did it. plus, a 6-year-old girl near death from leukemia making a miraculous recovery. up next we'll show you the amazing new technique that doctors have used to save her life and what it could mean for other cancer patients. and a shocking report now revealing that cell phone companies may be keeping tabs on our children, and you won't believe who they've chosen to share that information with. [ l] hi, i'm ensure clear...
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alisyn: a new, potentially life-saving totally for leukemia and one of the most positive outcomes yet is this little girl. her name is emily whitehead. she's just 7 years old. she has been in remission for seven months now. trace gallagher has her story from los angeles. >> reporter: it's amazing. when emily was 35 years -- 5 years old, she had bruises all over her body, and she was later diagnosed with lieu chemoya. at the time, it was the most common form, but the bad news -- and the cure rate was 85%. the bad news was she was among the 15% who were resistant to chemotherapy, and without some other treatment, emily would surely die. listen. >> came with a team of doctors every morning and did rounds with us, and we were always first. and they would come to us and kind of show us a line on the floor and say if that's the line of survival, emily has almost stepped past it. >> reporter: so when she got
10:46 am
to children's hospital in philadelphia, the cutting-edge treatment was to take 'emly's blood, extract the t cells, then reengineer them, put them back into her body. the reengineering was the key because they actually were using a deadly disease to fight a deadly disease. of listen. >> what my colleagues have actually done is to take the parts of the hiv virus that are good at getting into cells, get rid of the parts that make the cells sick and that kill the cells and replace that with molecules that can, that can then target the cells to fight leukemia. >> reporter: yeah. but the cells overreacted in emily's body, and she was critically ill. her parents were told to prepare for the worst, but then using some antiarthritis medication, doctors were able to stabilize her, and now you look at her. seven months later she has zero, i mean, zero signs of leukemia. she still needs to go through two years before they will say that she is cured, but what an
10:47 am
amazing story of recovery, aly. the apartments told us, look -- the parents told us, look, they were really being told the night she was so sick, you have very little time. get the family in here. alisyn: and now look at how beautiful she looks. trace, thanks for that. more on this potentially life-saving cancer treatment, let's bring in dr. richard fur sine, the author and doctor. explain to us why this could be such a game changer. >> well, right now for leukemia alone, acute cases, 6,000 children are diagnosed every year, 44,000 adults diagnosed with leukemia. what these doctors have been able to do is to actually insert a specific gene which will allow the body to target in t cells, allow the body to target b cells which actually are the dysfunctional cells in a lieu chemotic's body, actually allow the body to intercept those
10:48 am
cells and destroy them. so this has huge implications not just for leukemia, but for cancer treatments as we know it. alisyn: we just saw the story of emily whitehead, i believe we're seeing her at her worst, and, of course, the treatment almost killed her. the leukemia almost killed her, and then the treatment can be so severe, doctors refer to it as shake and bake, the reaction, because it can cause tremors and such high fevers. but she survived it. but for some people, they're not that lucky. >> well, in this case what happened was part of the treatment by inserting t cells, it stimulates the immune system, and it produces a lot of flu-like symptoms. what doctors didn't know at the time was that it was going to be this dramatic. what they did straight out of an episode of "house," you know, that night they figured out there was a specific drug which targets a specific compound which is released that causes these flu-like symptoms. they were able to give her this drug, and they were able to alleviate the symptoms.
10:49 am
so we have not only a treatment, there is a side effect. the doctors have figureed out how to deal with it, and there are also ten other patients who have been in this study so far, basically four in complete remission. two children are doing very well, and there's, you know, obviously, the others who are or in partial remission, so that's exciting. alisyn: but, obviously, ten people is not a big study. when could this have more widespread usage? >> well, doctors are going to start the studies, they're going to amplify this. there are a number of different researchers at different hospitals that are using these gene-splicing techniques which are really, again, another -- i hate to use all these metaphors, star wars, you know, they're going in and inserting these genes which actually target, specifically target cells. so why people are so excited even though this is a limited number of cases is this is really the first time we're seeing these treatments work in patients that would have died otherwise. she had no other treatment options. chemotherapy wasn't working, there was nothing else that
10:50 am
could be done, and the doctors gave her this treatment, and she's doing fine. alisyn: modern medical science, it's incredible. doctor, thanks so much for explaining it. new signs that america is creating a society that may be addicted to government programs like food stamps. president ronald reagan once warned against the dangers of expanding entitlements, so coming up, we'll ask michael reagan about his father's predictions and the direction that this country is headed. plus, disturbing new details about graves uncovered on the property of a now-closed boys' reform school in florida. now families whose loved ones or or -- ones were buried on that property are desperately seeking answers about how they died. >> this is not about a criminal investigation, it's about disinterring his remains and bringing him home.
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
alisyn: a desperate search for answers after scientists uncover 19 unmarked graves on the grounds of a florida boys' school, a place where students were allegedly brutally beaten with leather straps, even raped and murdered. trace gallagher is live in our west coast newsroom with more. this is gruesome stuff, trace. >> reporter: yeah, you talk about a horror story, this school was open in the florida panhandle for 111 years, and for decades and decades those allegations you talked about went on. some former students have written books about the dozier school calling it, quoting here, an american concentration camp. one writer saying, again, quoting: >> reporter: so now some researchers at the university of south florida in tampa have gone to the school grounds using ground-penetrating ray garre, as you see there, taking soil samples to uncover gruesome
10:55 am
details n. the cemetery there were 31 crosses, but they actually found 50 different grave sites, and many of those were unrecorded. and as you know, many families have never id'd their loved ones. >> i want my uncle brought home and given a proper burial, and that's really what we're after. that's what this family is after. >> reporter: and that's what many families want. in fact, all 50 of those grave sites were african-american children, and the body count could go much higher, because in the 1960s, after that, all of these records fell under the privacy act, and they cannot be accessed. and this could lead to many more bodies. listen. >> one of the opening items or the open questions is, is there another cemetery, because the cemetery that has been found was located really on what was called the black side or the north side of campus.
10:56 am
>> reporter: so the researchers beginning in january will begin searching the other side of campus, the south side as they called the white side of the campus, searching for more cemeteries and more bodies there. all all of the lawsuits filed were dismissed because they exceeded the statute of limitations, but horrifying accounts coming out of that school for 100-plus years. alisyn: these are horrible stories. let's hope these families can get some answers now. trace, thanks. let's talk about something lighter, and that's the hot story in washington these days. a possible presidential run for our current secretary of state, hillary clinton? just ahead, who might be b behind these rumors and why. and as anger boils over in michigan over this right-to-work vote, some are questioning why president obama decided to weigh in on this issue. just ahead, our guest has a provocative explanation on why he thinks the president planted his flag here.
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
>> fox news alert for you right now. we're awaiting white house reaction to events in michigan. a day of action, turning intense as tempers flair over right to work becomes law. brand new hour of "america live". i'm alisyn camerota oggs specially now things have become very heated there. one democratic lawmaker threatening violence. of the thousands of demonstrators inside and outside the statehouse are getting rowdy. the cameras were rolling when right-to-work supporters were attacked by unreps. let's watch. >> shut your mouth. i wasn't talking to you. put your hands on me see
11:01 am
what happens. shut up!. shut your mouth. bleep. >> get out of here. you ain't going to film this. [shouting]. >> hey. bleep. >> hey. >> keg nothing off the camera. >> i didn't do it? >> you did too. >> get the [bleep] out of here you [bleep]. [inaudible] [bleep]. alisyn: start this hour in michigan. fox's mike tobin is at the statehouse among proterse still outside. he joins us live. it looks notably quiet this
11:02 am
hour, mike. what is happening. >> reporter: an update on the legislation, allison. one of the bills related to public employees is on the way to the governor's desk where the governor says will sign it. another bill related to private sectors employees was approved by the senate but hung up in a bit of procedure called reviseal. looks like that will come back into the chambers again tomorrow. a review, pardon me. as far as what's going on behind me the numbers have dwindled quite a bit. a lot of demonstrators gone across the street to the romney building where the governor's office is. they're banging drums. if you see the white swath on the ground behind us that is the tent operated by the group, americans for prosperity. the conservative organization linked to the coke brothers. an individual named scott was there when it was torn down. >> they rushed our chant. chanting go home, go home. scabs scabs scabs. they cut the straps of the tent. they trampled the tent. people were trapped inside.
11:03 am
>> reporter: something that the conservatives out here say is that they are not going after collective bargaining. they are not going at the essence of unions. all this law will do is outlaw mandating union membership and union dues as a condition of employment. the democrats out here don't like it at all. they think ultimately it will force people paying their union dues to be working alongside someone who is not paying their union dues enjoying the same benefits. ultimately taking the foundation out from underneath the union membership. as much as democrats don't like it, even democratic leadership admits or concedes that republicans have the numbers in both the house and the senate. this thing is headed to the governor's desk. alisyn alisyn: mike tobin, thanks for the update from lance something
11:04 am
alisyn: is president taking sides. fox's he had henry is inside there. you can actually see him in the lower quadrant of your screen. we will get to him as soon as the brief something over and bring you any news that comes out of this briefing. regardless whether the press secretary jay carney is able to defend the president's logic there are major questions why the commander-in-chief decided to make such a vocal stand yesterday in what some say is just a local michigan fight? so let's follow the money that could be a motivation. in this past election cycle, big labor was responsible for more than $143 million in political contributions. of those contributions, 91% went to democratic candidates. just 9% went to republicans. that is a decades-old trend. on average unions have given 92% of their political contributions to the democrats and 8% to republicans. so here with his explanation of why that might be, mark mix, president of the
11:05 am
national right to work legal defense foundation. hi, mark. >> alisyn, good to be on with you. alisyn: nice to have you. what is your theory first why the president decided to wade into this michigan battle, by the way two years ago this was happening in wisconsin, the president said that is wisconsin issue, meaning let the state decide? >> well in barack obama's autobiography he said i owe these unions. when they call i return their phone calls. that paid off well for him politically. the numbers you mentioned leading up to this question are just the tip of the iceberg what organized labor spends in politics. we estimate and sources verify this, they're spending up to a billion dollars in politics. a president benefited in 2008 and 2012 from literally hundreds of millions of dollars that union officials spend that come out of the general treasury, this is not hard dollars which are voluntary, the pac money. this is get out to vote drives, registration to vote drives.
11:06 am
all the reasons touted why barack obama won, that is what he is defending here. the union's ability to compel workers to pay fees as condition of employment used in this process. alisyn: mark, i want to read a quote the president said yesterday. it is confusing. perhaps you can explain it better. the president said what we should not be doing trying to take away your rights to bargain for better wages and working conditions. well, that sounds like collective bargaining but that is not what this michigan battle is about as you pointed out. it is about forcing workers to have to pay union dues. is the president fighting an old battle here or the wrong battle? >> well, you know, i think when you can't defend the position you're taking you have to rely on anything else that has some palatability. the fact is, this is not about bargaining. workers in michigan, all the workers shouting right now they will still be part of unions and pay union dues but will choose to voluntarily. that is what this is about. doesn't change any bargaining laws except will not allow union officials to
11:07 am
negotiate contracts to say you must pay dues to get or keep your job. it is that simple. alisyn: why didn't the president take this up two years ago when wisconsin was battling over collective bargaining which some say was a much more significant issue than just the union dues? >> well, maybe we'll give him a little bit of credit and say it was a state issue but this is state issue too. i think what transpired is an election. politically he understand out there debating public sector unionism, government sector unionism more appropriately is not a winning issue because the problems in wisconsin will manifest themselves across the country here. that was just the beginning of that fight. this right to work fight is purely about an individual worker's right to choose and that's a different issue all together. alisyn: the president also said yesterday, and i will quote him again, he sort of made a joke or punch line out of this, what they're really talking about is giving you the right to work for less money. so he was telling the crowd that if this legislation passes in michigan, that
11:08 am
workers would get lower wages. but in fact the bureau of labor statistics in their most recent report said that's not true. workers in these right-to-work states on average get $7,000 more per year in their salary than in non-right-to-work states. >> that's right right, alisyn. unfortunately president reading a teleprompter and script given to him by someone else. if you do analysis of wages between right-to-work states and nonright-to-work states, adjust for cost of living only way to apples to apples, people in right-to-work states, more purchasing power and disposable income than brothers and sisters in union states. he was wrong there again too. alisyn: the president of the national right-to-work legal defense foundation. thanks for coming in with your perspective on all that. >> my pleasure, alisyn. alisyn: for more perspective
11:09 am
on the state of michigan. the unemployment rate in the great lakes state is 9.1%. that is higher than the national rate and 6th highest in the country. the foreclosure rate in michigan is 1 in 607 housing units making it the 10th worst in the u.s. the state is $124 billion in debt. let's turn now to the bloody civil war in syria and there's new word from the defense secretary leon panetta that the assad regime appears to be slowing its preparations for the possible use of chemical weapons against rebel forces. all this as an activist group inside syria claims they are in full control of a massive military base not far from the country's largest city. national security correspondent jennifer giffin is following it from the pentagon. hi, jennifer. >> reporter: hi, alisyn. the pentagon never officially acknowledged the intelligence reports that the components for sarin nerve gas had been mixed. u.s. officials spoke on
11:10 am
background about the intelligence that suggested there were signs it was being readied for use. though they would never give specifics about which syrian base, for instance, they had indications was making the alleged preparations. today defense secretary leon panetta en route to the middle east appeared to backtrack. >> at this point the intelligence is really kind of leveled off. we haven't anything new indicating, you know, any aggressive steps to move forward in that way, but we continue to monitor it very closely. >> reporter: defense secretary panetta thinks the administration's red line may have worked. that is what he told reporters traveling with him on the plane to kuwait? >> i would like to believe he has got the message. we made it pretty clear, and others have as well. our concern is that, if they feel like the regime is, you know, threatened with collapse, they might resort to these kinds of weapons.
11:11 am
>> reporter: these are increasing signs that the assad regime is collapsing according to u.s. officials the rebel opposition has taken control of a large sprawling military base near aleppo, the center of assad's power base. secretary of state hillary clinton was supposed to be in morocco this week for a friends of syria meeting to decide how to aid the syrian opposition and prepare for the transition away from assad but today we learned she is under the weather and she will be sending her deputy, bill burns. alisyn? alisyn: thanks so much for the update, jennifer griffin. a popular u.s. retailer under fire for including a series of profanity-laced items in the annual christmas catalog. we'll show you what they sent out and why they did it has only been a month since americans went to the poll. some pundits are already predicting big things for hillary clinton in 2016. why is the current secretary of state suddenly the talk of the town? who is behind these 2016 rumors. three decades ago
11:12 am
president ronald reagan warned about dangers of expanding entitlement programs. yesterday we got stunning new numbers how one of those new programs is bigger and more expensive than ever before. coming up michael reagan joins us why his dad warned against this very thing. >> our government has no power except that granted it by the people. it is time to check and reverse the growth of government which shows signs of having grown beyond the consent of the governed. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
11:13 am
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alisyn: the navy seal killed during a brave rescue operation of an american hostage in afghanistan has returned home the body of navy petty officer first class nicolas checque was flown to dover air force base last night. his family is preparing a private funeral in his hometown of monroeville, pennsylvania. he was killed saving the
11:16 am
live of dr. dilip joseph. he was in humanitarian work in afghanistan when he was kidnapped by members of the taliban. president obama's second term hasn't even officially begun yet but political pundits are already looking ahead to 2016 and predicting hillary clinton could win it all. the former house speaker newt gingrich says republicans would not stand a chance against her. why is the current secretary of state the hot story in washington and who is behind the story? doug schoen former advisor to bill clinton and fox news contributor. he is in the know. >> hi, alisyn. alisyn: who is planting the seed for hillary clinton's possible presidential run? >> i don't know who is planning it but when you lead the polls as she does and have 57% wanting you to be president and having the consensus of the democratic party be that you should be the nominee, bottom line, it's logical that all attention would turn to her as we think about the next election. alisyn: but, doug, are these
11:17 am
polls and is all of this parlor game in washington just a burst of sent mentality on the part of democrats saying if only hillary were president we wouldn't be having any of these problems? or is this a bonafide groundswell that could turn into a actual campaign? >> oh i think it is a groundswell. it will turn into a campaign if and only if secretary clinton decide to run but she's the most popular politician i dare say in the country. the president is popular now. his popularity has increased since the election. secretary clinton is more popular. she has 66% approval. i brief alisyn she could get the nomination without a primary. that rarely if ever happens. alisyn: secretary clinton says these past four years she has no interest in ever running again. do you believe that? >> i believe she believes it now but four years is a long time. and these polls are
11:18 am
compelling. she will have a couple of years to regroup, get involved in philanthropic activity. i suspect that decision will be reconsidered pretty seriously in the next year or two. alisyn: so i mean basically what you're saying is, in a year or two, she sticks her finger in the air and sees which way the political win blowing and then she will decide if she is going to do it? >> i think that's right. there is no reason for me to believe she will not be as popular then as she is today. my prediction today you will see a 2016 hillary clinton campaign and i think we'll be better off if that happens. alisyn: of course some people point out four years is a long way. it is hard to make predictions, as you know how quickly politics changes overnight. and that the benghazi investigation is still looming. she is going to be testifying that that could somehow have a boomerang effect against her popularity. there is lots of things that could happen in the next four years but you sound pretty certain? >> there are plenty of
11:19 am
things and secretary clinton on benghazi has accepted responsibility. i think she has been forthright. of course plenty of things can happen in four years but bottom line she has been popular for a long time. her popularity only increased during her very successful tenure as secretary of state and i have every reason to believe she will be as popular if not more popular two years from now. alisyn: all right. you heard it here first. doug schoen. >> absolutely. thank you. alisyn: kids may be downloading a whole lot more than they bargained for. why apps could be spying on your kids. who is behind that and what can be done to stop it? >>. >> then the items in one christmas catalog using very colorful language, making them more naughty than nice. causing an uproar. we're live with that story. massive protests continue in michigan. it is poised to become a right-to-work state. unions not going down without a fight. we're back with this top story next. all my daughterants this year is evrything barbie.
11:20 am
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11:23 am
alisyn: a florida woman found guilty of killing a multimillion-dollar lottery winner. didi moore was convicted of first-degree murder in the death of abraham shakespeare who won the lottery in 2006. moore befriended shakespeare. two years later stole his money, shot him and buried his body in her backyard. defense attorneys say moore was trying to protect shakespeare's assets when he was killed by drug dealers. the judge had choice words for moore at her sentencing. >> just very brief comment, miss moore. after trial listening to all of this over two weeks, words that were said here, cold, calculated, cruel, they all apply. manipulative. probably the most
11:24 am
manipulative person that this court has seen. abraham shakespeare was your prey and your victim. money was the root of the evil that you brought to abraham. >> would argue --. alisyn: she was sentenced to life in prison without parole. new reaction to a controversial christmas catalog, one filled with f-bombs. that seeps to have landed urban outfitters on the naughty list. fox's trace gallagher live in the west coast newsroom. trace, seems like urban outfitters is always going for shock value. what have they done now? >> reporter: for years they have taken pride in edgy. a lot of people say they're not edgy. they're just offensive. in recent years they offended african-americans, native americans, irish-americans. they say we drink too much. now the catalog could be coming to your mail box and parent groups and family groups say this company has simply gone too far, marketing products covered in profanity.
11:25 am
for example here a byob gummy bears photo album, as you see it was all f-word awesome. merry christmas "b" word. a photo album with let f-word, reminisce. and a things like the flask with that s-word cay. that is slang from teenagers that means crazy. a flask that s happens when you party naked. if you check the website you find even more questionable items on there. the director for million or one million says, quoting here, this is offensive and inappropriate for anyone but especially for their target market. their target market by the way is 18 to 24-year-olds. followed by teenagers. we contacted urban outfitters and they did not call us back. they rarely apologize. they did recently when they labeled a color of one garment as, obama-black.
11:26 am
they said it was a labeling mistake but, you look at all this controversy, someone is buying the stuff because their combined store group of urban outfit is, anthropology, free people last year, combined sales of $2.5 billion. a lot of complaints. a lot of customers too, ali. alisyn: a lot of dough. thank you for those heartwarming messages, trace. >> reporter: sure. alisyn: meanwhile we have a disturbing new report that reveals cell phone companies may be keeping tabs on your kids. who they call, where they go and sharing that information with other companies. we'll investigate just what they're doing with that info. plus president reagan repeatedly warned of the dangers of what he called creeping socialism. his son michael reagan joins to us explain what he calls, new, quote, government class dependent on big government and why his dad warned against this very thing. >> in this present crisis government is not the solution to our problem.
11:27 am
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11:30 am
alisyn: fox news alert now. because the white house weighed in moments ago on events in michigan where tempers flared earlier as the controversial labor bill became law. one democratic lawmaker threatening violence and thousands of demonstrators inside and outside the
11:31 am
statehouse have gotten rowdy. moments ago our ed henry asked the white house about events in michigan and president's support for the unions yesterday when he appeared in detroit. that was 24 hours ago. >> on the house floor there is one democrat, that who said today if this right to work initiative is signed into law, quote, "there will be blood.". since the president weighed in yesterday obviously made his feelings known but talked about changing the tone in washington and around the country, do you, does the white house feel any obligation to tell fellow democrats to debate this issue but debate it in a peace if you recall -- >> president believes in debate that's, you know civil. i haven't seen those comments and i'm not sure they mean what some would interpret them to mean. i just haven't seen them. you heard the president talk about his views. he always opposed so-called right-to-work laws. as he said, those laws are political, not economic. they're more about the right to earn less pay than they
11:32 am
are, you know, helpful to our economy. and he, and he presented those views yesterday in michigan. alisyn: all right. well the new right-to-work law protects workers from being forced to pay union dues. we will update you as events in michigan unfold. >> we are a nation that has a government, not the other way around and this makes us special among the nations of the earth. our government has no power except that granted it by the people. it is time to check and reverse the growth of government which shows signs of having grown beyond the consent of the governed. it is my intention to curb the size and influence of the federal establishment and to demand recognition of the distinction between the powers granted to the federal government and those reserved to the states or to
11:33 am
the people. [applause] all of us, all of us need to be reminded that the federal government did not create the states. the states created the federal government. alisyn: well that was president ronald reagan, warning about the dangers of expanding entitlements and the creation of what some are now calling a quote, government class. that is a growing group of citizens dependent upon government. entitlement programs have exploded since president reagan was in office. let's take a look at the latest figures on food stamps. spending skyrocketed even since 2011, from $76 billion last fiscal year to now over $78 billion in 2012. it is getting more expensive to run. in 2000 the food stamp program cost just under $1,000 per person.
11:34 am
now the number skyrocketed to $1700 per person. that is 68% and double the rate of inflation. michael reagan is a political consultant and chairman of the reagan group. hi, michael. >> how are you? you know my father also said, the only guaranty of eternal life is a government job. alisyn: well -- >> boy was he right when he said that one also. alisyn: interesting that you say that. when you are you were, referred to new quote, government class, what is that? how do you define it? >> the government class. look you have 47 million people on food stamps. you have two million people now working for the federal government. there is over 100 people a day being hired by the federal government. so more and more people are becoming dependent on the government. look at the unions. look what is going on right now in michigan. it was going on a year ago in wisconsin. i mean, you lock at the situation where in michigan you've got, what, 7% proficiency rate in reading? 4% in math.
11:35 am
and the unions are upset because the state wants to change things? i mean that is outrage just. they are that class will be bigger january 1st, 2013 when obamacare kicks in. that will become the new third rail of american politics. anybody who wants it stop it will be thrown out of office. ronald reagan will be seen as a villain if he ran in 2016. alisyn: talk about the government jobs that you just mentioned because there have been 621,000 government jobs created in just the past five months. but michael, those are jobs. we need jobs. why should we think that those are somehow dangerous? >> yeah because we're not creating the jobs in the private sector, which create jobs. private sector, when you tax them and overregulate them, you do not create jobs. 73% of the jobs have been created, you're right, in washington, d.c. but how many people are aware that
11:36 am
the average civilian worker, working for the government, makes $84,000 a year, which is $32,000 more than what you make in the private sector? but yet, let's go out and blame the rich. and blame them for every ill known to mankind. there are 636,000 people today that are homeless. that is double what my father had during the 1980s. every day during the 1980s you had mainstream media ran a tally how many homeless there were today. you haven't seen one story on the 636,000 homeless people that are out there in america today. the only people covering these issues are people at fox news, and people in talk radio. but you turn on any of the mainstream media, you never see the stories at all. and i tell you, if we don't break out and get the voice out to the rest of the world, and that has to come from the republican party, then we're deemed to the ash heap of history in the future
11:37 am
unless we get our act together. alisyn: michael, those homelessness numbers and statistics are really striking. i remember when your dad was president. he took a lot of heat there were homeless people on the street. that was on the cover of every national newspaper. the fact that number doubled since 1984. we have so much more government assistance. something is going wrong with that equation? >> well, something is going wrong with the equation. my father said back in 1964 with his speech that he gave for barry goldwater. you would think every once in a while there would be a scorecard how well the government is doing. they don't want to give you a scorecard because they're failing. they're failing at every single level of government but yet, that new government class went out there, reelected barack obama. that new government class in california voted to raise taxes here on millionaires who make $250,000 a year. that is a new millionaire level in california. raised at 13.3%.
11:38 am
people are leaving california. people ultimately leave the united states of america. as the facebook cofounder did when he turned in his passport and said, i'm out of here. alisyn: food stamp numbers are always head-scratching as well. so many economists say the economy is doing a little better than it was obviously four years ago. the unemployment rate has come down from its high of 10%. and yet, these food stamp, the number of recipients of course has gone up and budget for it has gone up. again it is just paradoxical. >> yeah, well, the reason that the unemployment rate is going down, more and more people are dropping out of even looking for a job. and of course the during the christmas and holiday season, more elves will be hired than anybody else. and that will once again go down. but remember what happens on january 1st. january 1st, when obamacare kicks in, you have companies now who are reducing the workforce from over 50 employees, to under 50 employees. so that they don't have to,
11:39 am
they don't have to pay that fee, that price for health care. you have people who are starting to cut back because they can't afford, it will not be able to afford obamacare in the future. and i know someone who actually has a, a school, not a school, but a place where they keep children, day-care center, they have over 200 children there in their day-care and they have 50 employees. they have to close their day-care because they can't afford to pay the health care for 50 employees. so it is either close the day-care or take 50 employees and take them back to part-time. these are the things that will be happening january 1. right now it is rosy compared to what it is going to be. alisyn: michael reagan, with that dire prediction, thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you. alisyn: meanwhile court action in the trayvon martin shooting case as george zimmerman's defense team asks the judge to stop the 24 hour gps monitoring that
11:40 am
zimmerman is wearing while out on bond. the defense also wants more records from the state and federal investigators of the february 26th shooting of the florida teenager. phil keating is live in sanford, florida, with more. hi, phil. >> reporter: hi, alisyn, divisive, aggressive, highly contentious hearing with the judge denying george zimmerman with extra taste of freedom he was hoping for pending the second-degree murder trial. george zimmerman, the murder defendant, walked into court walked out of court, wearing that gps ankle bracelet underneath his pants. attorney mark o'mara, showing the judge the bloody photo of zimmerman's face the night he shot and killed trayvon martin, arguing neighborhood watch was a victim then, is in fear now and should be free to go anywhere in safety. to that the prosecutor sarcastically scoffed. >> who is generating all this publicity?
11:41 am
why are we here for this motion? is it more for publicity? maybe for autographs. maybe now the defendant wants to get more autographs. >> reporter: bottom line, motion denied. zimmerman sat in the courtroom not saying much. his brother said he put on so much weight he is stuck at home in hiding. flurry of motion his attorney asked for all documents between detectives, fbi, prosecutors, suggesting only reason the shooting death of 17-year-old martin led to this murder case was not due to the law or due to the facts but political pressure. >> i think the conclusion would be wow, there's a lot of information out here that seems to suggest that george acted appropriately that night. there seems to be not very much to suggest that he threatened, ran after, cornered, profiled racially, anything like that. >> reporter: and a big win for the defense it will get the unedited original recording of witness number
11:42 am
8. that is the teenage girlfriend of trayvon martin, who has said that she was on the cell phone with trayvon martin that night in february when all of this went down. that trayvon martin was telling her that he was the one in fear because he was being followed. alisyn? alisyn: phil keating, thank you for the uate. we have an eye-opening new warning for parents. how your child's cell phone could be giving away their personal information and what can be done about that coming up. plus massive protests underway in michigan as the right to work battle heats up. state troopers armed with pepper spray at times trying to maintain order as thousands of people flood the state capitol building. we're following the latest developments. [shouting]. hi. i'm henry winkler.
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11:46 am
he was asking about events unfolding in michigan today. he joins us now from the briefing room. ed, what did you learn? >> reporter: good to see you, alisyn. you remember the president yesterday was in michigan selling his approach on the whole fiscal cliff talking about how he wants to see taxes go up on the rich and he also though, weighed in on this whole right to work debate, in probably more direct, more blunt way than some people expected saying that he believes this is really billion the right to work for less money, getting behind the labor unions there in michigan who helped him in this re-election battle. i asked jay carney a few moments ago about one of democrats on the house floor in lansing a short while ago saying if this is signed into law in michigan quote, "there will be blood.". jay carney pushed back on the idea that the white house would condone anything like that. take a listen. >> talked about his views. he has always opposed so-called, right-to-work laws. as he said those laws are
11:47 am
generally political, and not economic. they are about the right to earn less pay than they are helpful to our economy. and he presented those views yesterday in michigan. >> reporter: you remember the president weighing in yesterday but back in september, right before the election, when the chicago teachers strike was reaching a boiling point there was a lot of anger on the ground. the president's home state as well. jay carney from this podium didn't want to weigh in then. saying the president didn't have any outspoken views on it. that was before the election. now it is after the election and the white house needs some of these labor unions on the ground, pretty fired up about all this to be supporting the president in the days ahead as he pushes back on republicans over taxes, but also potential spending cuts to programs like medicare and medicaid. alisyn? alisyn: ed henry, thank you for sharing that breaking news with us. new concerns today about your child's safety. it is not strangers you should be worried about. it is cell phones the federal trade commission
11:48 am
warns that the apps your kids are downloading could be actually spying on them, giving game-makers detailed information who your kids are calling, what they're buying and where they located. so is this right, should something be done about this? lawrence walters is first amendment constitutional attorney. morgan wright is tech expert and cybersecurity analyst. morgan, let me start with you. this sounds dangerous. it makes parents dangerous when they think somebody could be tracking their kid's wears about. is it as dangerous as it sounds? >> it depends on the parents monitoring what their children do. a lot of applications have a very good benefit. there are pros to having location tracker to know where your children are or allowing them to interact in certain ways in certain social media environments or play games. it could be learning. it could be education. the thing you don't want to do is take your eye off the ball to let your children start downloading things you're unaware of or
11:49 am
interacting which is not consistent where they should be tracked especially the location. that is the biggest area of concern. being able to track their location precisely. alisyn: sure. that is the thing that sends a schiffer down parents spines. we know there are predators out there. >> yes. alisyn: lawrence, aren't their laws against tracking whereabouts of kids under 18 years old? >> well there are laws that apply to mobile applications but what we're seeing here is growing pains in the industry. we saw some of the same debates when we first started talking about the use of cookies in internet advertising and tracking the usage of internet consumers and here the mobile application developers are trying to strike a proper balance between the convenience of the technology and the privacy rights involved. and the ftc has recently released a report that encourages the industry to develop better, best practices. to increase the disclosures and privacy policies that these applications have so that parents know exactly what information is going to
11:50 am
be shared with these applications. alisyn: morgan, you said, ideally, in an ideal world parents should stay on top of this. you know parents can't stay on top of everything their kids are doing on the cell phone. so somehow, don't parents need to give their consent to some of this stuff? >> they should. depending which store, there are two big stores, android and apple, right? one is not cure rated, which is android side. apple tracks what they do a lot but up to parents. there is growing market out here for a lot of things. one of those will be a service that provides a list of apps that meet the policies, don't collect information without letting you know, that behave in the proper way. i think there will be a market solution to this. you want to avoid overenforcing or putting too much regulation in place because it does stifle innovation. you have to be careful, if you don't address the privacy issue it will kill off a lot of market potential because people can't address biggest concerns people have, that
11:51 am
is the privacy of their children. alisyn: of course. lawrence walters, morgan wright, thanks for coming in and alerting us this is happening. >> thank you, alisyn. alisyn: we'll be back in two minutes
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♪ . alisyn: classic kermit song. new numbers today showing the economy may be improving. the census bureau reporting more americans are moving right along after a record low rate last year. it says 12% of americans hit the road this year, up from 11.6% in 2011. but that of course is still well below the rates of about 14% before the recession began in the year 2007. long distance moves are up
11:55 am
slightly among 25 to 29-year-olds. well, our coast guard is just as busy as it ever has been, saving lives, busting drug smugglers and inspecting ships, all the while relying on aging and outdated fleet of cutters and ships. is anything being done to keep the coast guard's fleet from rusting out beneath them? fox's adam housley is live in san pedro, california, with more. hey, adam. >> reporter: alisyn, the gao, government accountability office says the fleet is in overall poor condition. in fiscal 2011, the benchmark they set for themselves, they fell 40,000 hours or 23% short. take a look behind me. these two ships. other one behind it. this was commissioned in 1972. it is soon to go away it will go to the bay area and stripped in next couple weeks and sold off to one of our allies. there is one just like it parked behind it.
11:56 am
it has been serving since 1969 as part of the voot name wars where it began believe it or not. these the ships gao says while they work are causing problems to make things a bit more difficult. coast guard like everybody else is dealing with financial issues, budget issues. they are doing their job, best they could possibly do. would like more and newer equipment. take a listen. >> these things are getting old and tired, hard to find equipment and parts for the main movers, engines and generators. frankly they're just designed in a way that doesn't meet environmental standards and all those things. so they're becoming increasingly difficult to maintain and operate. >> we're missing 2/3 of the opportunities to interdict drugs because we don't have a ship in the immediate vicinity. could be because the ship is currently back in its home port doing a main propulsion repair. that is the immediate impact we're seeing right now, are the missed opportunities. >> reporter: of course there is very wide range on the coast guard's 11 missions
11:57 am
supporting terror operations in the middle east to busting ice breakers in the north and the boat situation here in california. very wide situation here and doing the very best they can do with what they have got. alisyn: adam housley thanks so much. we'll be right back [ male announcer ] how do you trade?
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