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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 11, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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it's sort of odd to hear mitt romney complaining that president obama got an advantage because he was for same sex marriage. not long ago that was a wedge issue bob dole was using against bill clinton. we made other environmentally. [ laughter ] >> thanks for invital us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report" tonight. fair, balanced and unafraid. >> this is the fox report. tonight, a big bank to pay a huge fine. a record penalty. but no arrests. why exactly is that? plus, union protesters versus lawmakers over a right-to-work bill that's now the law. >> show me what democracy looks like. >> this is what democracy looks like.
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>> when you bring a right-to-work issues to michigan, the home of labor unions, i think you are itching to pick a fight. [shouting] >> our troopers are prepared for any civil disorder. [chanting] >> our state, our home. >> shepard: it's an enormously controversial measure. >> this legislation isn't about anything except an attack on workers' rights. >> it shouldn't be a condition of employment that you have to join a union and have to pay dues. tonight, who wins and who loses and why it matters to the rest of us. plus, on a crowded sidewalk in manhattan, a gunman walked up to his victim and pulled the trigger. >> he got shot in the head and just so much blood. >> tonight the newly released surveillance video and developments in the manhunt for the midtown killer. >> but first from fox this busy tuesday night, an historic defeat for unions in the state considered the birthplace of organized labor.
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supporters call it right-to-work. opponents say it's more like the right to work for less pay. either way in michigan it is now the law. >> hey [bleep] >> camera [bleep] >> shepard: protesters by the thousands stormed the state capitol in lansing today. as we just saw things occasionally got a little rowdy. they could not pass the legislature from passing the bill. it makes it illegal to force workers to join a union and illegal to force them to pay dues. factors say it will bring back jobs to michigan. critics claim it will lead to lower wages and fewer benefits. the governor, the republican governor just signed the bill about an hour ago making michigan the 24th state to be a right-to-work state in the u.s. mike tobin is on fox top story. is he live at the capitol in lansing. i just we just heard from the
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governor, right, mike? >> we did. we heard from the governor with a column of state troopers in riot gear surrounding his office building from. behind that column of protection he made his announcement that right-to-work is now a reality. here in michigan the cradle of organized labor and the governor explained why. >> fortrong reasons. first of all, worker choice. the freedom to choose and the concept of more and better jobs for our state. i think it was a good thing to sign this legislation and move forward. [shouting] >> the demonstrations did get tough. tent americans for prosperity was toppled by union demonstrators with people inside. there were no significant injuries. there was also a report that one person was pepper sprayed and that is an individual who attempt to man handle a female
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state trooper. no arrests were made. for the most part what you had out here shepard is sound and fury because that's the only option the unions had. >> shepard: a lot of people probably recall a similar looking protests in wisconsin but this battle is quite different. >> it is quite different. wisconsin was all about collective bargaining. this battle here in michigan was simply about a worker's right to choose whether he wants to pay union dues, whether he wants to be in a particular union. also, wisconsin focused only on government workers. here in michigan, this was about both private sector and pluck employees. and the other big difference is the fact that wisconsin was drawn out through that long standoff. governor rick nighter had the lusksry of watching what happened in wisconsin, ohio and indiana as well. he looked at the tactic. he he left his opponents without a counter punch. this was all over and done very quickly, shep. >> shepard: mike tobin live for us tonight in lansing michigan. thanks. a stunning admission from one of the biggest banks in the world. the bigs at hsbc admit that
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they laundered money for drug cartels. they allowed forbidden transactions with countries including libya and iran. but nobody is going to prison. instead the bank executives are just saying we are sorry and paying a fine. the justice department announced agreement with hsbc the biggest bank in all of europe. as part of of the deal hsbc agrees to pay $1.9 billion in fines. a lot of money certainly. but for this bank it's the equivalent of roughly seven weeks of profits. in exchange, these are among the charges that will now disappear. laundering more than $880 million in drug money. and allowing $660 million in prohibited transactions from countries including libya, cuba, burma, sudan and iran. federal prosecutors say the bankers didn't just look the other way, they actually went a step further. one occasion hsbc instructed a bank in iran on how to format
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payment messages so that the transactions would not be blocked or rejected by the united states. >> shepard: in other words, the bankers told the iranians how to get around our laws. in a statement, the bank's chief executive says we accept responsibility for our mistakes. we have said we are profoundly sorry for them and we do so again. so the bank is sorry but again nobody is going to prison. prosecutors say some people at the justice department wanted it bring criminal charges but they decided against it. did they lack evidence? no. prosecutors say they had plenty of evidence. nobody is going to prison because it would risk the future of one of the world's largest banks. considering the fine the bank has to pay it means the ones who are paying the real price for all of this are the shareholders. and the bank executives and employees who the government says knew very well they were helping others break the law go scot-free. hsbc too big to fail, too big to prosecute.
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fox business network adam shapiro is with us now. this is a stunning set of circumstances. one set of rules for the bank and another set for somebody else? >> it looks that wait a minute we had lanny brewer saying the activities of this bank threaten the lives of u.s. citizens that they were helping terrorist organizations and not one executive will be held accountable despite the facts and this is the evidence, this is the case the government had, 2008, internal review of anti-money laundering programs at the bank was presented to senior business executives. they didn't do anything about it. >> the justice department claimed today that these bankers didn't mean to break the law. >> didn't mean to break the law? going on back to the 1990s the bank's european office was instructing affiliates in places like iran how to get around the u.s. law. then they would set up procedures. read it right here. employees manually removed all references to sanction entities. that means that someone at the bank had to tell people working for them remove this
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information, remove that information and none of those people will be held accountable. >> it's incredible. adam shapiro from fox business, thank you. >> yep. >> shepard: there is breaking news now on fox news channel. we are now getting reports that a man has started shooting at a mall in portland, oregon or in that area. at least 20 shots fired we're told. emergency dispatchers say they are getting calls that a man with a rifle fired up shots near the food court at clackman's town center. our local station kptv fox 12 in portland live coverage now. listen. >> what's going on? >> some of the -- obviously natural reaction kind of in shock. not sure what was really going on. we're all trying to figure out what's really going on. we had some customers that, you know, were very upset. visibly upset and others trying to get ahold of family members and let them know that everyone is okay. right now there is swat here,
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sheriffs here and there. we're talking to them. my manager is talking to them right now to make sure that we go get out or what's going on. >> i could hear a loud voice in the background. >> three officers at the front of our gate right now. >> what are they saying? >> they are just telling us to basically what we need to do just to basically stay in our store, keep the doors locked. we obviously have to keep the customers that we have. we have 10 customers in our back room. >> ashley, when you went out to shut your gate -- >> -- excuse me my name is katie the store manager. we just were directed -- we need to leave the store immediately we are getting escorted out right now so we have to leave i'm sorry to cut this short you guys god bless the people that were injured. >> shepard: those of you just joining us there has been a shooting in what appears to be multiple shots as many as 20 in a mall in the portland, oregon area. it's our understanding at last check this shooter, a man with
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a rifle is still on the loose. you heard employees from one store being escorted out of the building. and local anchors are covering now in portland. we will wait for new information coming in as it's our understanding once again that shooter is still on the loose. updates as they break on fox news tonight. new clues in the search for the man who walked up to somebody on a very busy street in new york city and shot him in the head. from the gun to the get away car to this surveillance image we will get a live report on the leads that cops are tracking right now. plus an enormous explosion. set a highway on fire and torched people's homes. you'll see what caused it and why investigators say this area is still not safe. on a very busy night from the journalists of fox news on a thursday fox report. initiated.
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shooting at a mall. we now know at least two people have been shot. we know that the gunman is still on the loose. we know that authorities have blanketed the scene and they're escorting people out. as you can see our local station setting up for live reports. we're waiting for new information and as it comes in, we will bring it to you immediately. here in new york city, police have now released surveillance video of a suspect in a midtown murder. and this freeze frame shows the accused gunman on the left side of your screen, just seconds before cops say he murdered the man on the right-hand side of your screen. investigators say the killer shot the victim right in the head right in front of a school near carnegie hall it happened in the middle of the afternoon with witnesses everywhere. >> when i heard the shot and i turned around i seen him drop on the floor. >> it was just so much blood and it was just coming out like. >> police identify the victim now brandon lincoln woodward. is he a 31-year-old law school student and reportedly a
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aspiring rapper. officials say he had an arrest record in california and facing a charge of possessing cocaine. the "new york post" newspaper which our parent company owns reports woodard also once complained that body guards for the r and b super star usher roughed him up at a concert. that was back in 2004. that's what we know about him. as of now there is nothing to why target would target woodard for death. live for us right in the heart of man hadn't. jonathan, tell us how all of this played out. >> well, shep, it was a stunning act of violence in the heart of the holiday season. and in the heart of midtown, manhattan. just in front of me is central park. behind me you can see a few blocks so the south the lights of times square and across the street to my left the spot where brandon woodward was gunned down in what cops say was a well-planned and
4:16 pm
clinically executed hit. >> cops say that just before 2:00 p.m. yesterday, brandon woodard left his hotel and was walking right here along 58th street in manhattan. he got to about this point. the gunman approached him from behind, fired one shot straight into the back of his head. then as woodard lay right here bleeding to death, the gunman calmly walked to a car that was parked here. he got in the passenger side there was a get away driver. the two drove down to the end of 58th street here then took a right at that light that you can see on 7th avenue. and disappeared. >> now, a car similar to the get away vehicle was later caught on camera driving through the midtown tunnel that links new york city with new jersey. cops say by the way they do have a license plate but for their own reasons they are not making it pluck right now, shep. >> jonathan, what do the cops say about this shooter.
4:17 pm
>> they don't know a whole lot about him at least that they are telling us. they did get a good look at the -- they get a good look at the video surveillance footage. they saw him get out of the car about 10 minutes before the shooting. he pulled his hood up after a few seconds. before that they say they believed that they could see that he was bald and may have had a beard. what was most striking to them and us was just how calm he was as he killed. listen. >> very brazen if that's what you mean. certainly, a lot of people in the general area obviously a lot of cameras in new york city. so, you know, you can characterize it as either being bray zen or being fool hearty, we will see. >> again, cops say they believe that this was targeted. they are looking at the victim's background. faps any links with drugs or his connection to the music
4:18 pm
industry. one quick connection, shep. i said the midtown tunnel links new york city with new jersey. of course it goes to the east side. links new york city with long island, shep? >> shepard: jonathan hunt in midtown manhattan. continuing coverage now of breaking news. we have just gotten word through the reporting of the oregonen newspaper that in fact two people are dead at the clackman center mall and a gunman is still on the loose. now authorities have the mall in portland oregon locked down they tell us. they are working to get all the employees and customers that were left in there after a gunman is now reported to have used it's being described in so many different ways i can't be sure one said a machine gun. one said a shotgun. not sure yet. at least 20 shots fired. according to the oregonian two people killed. station through kptv. i'm told we should listen in. except, of course, that's not what's happening at this moment. that's the outside of the mall. the local station has just
4:19 pm
gotten there. as far as we know, the last police report was that the gunman is still on the loose inside this mall and what they are trying to do is get any potential victims out of his way. whether he is hold up in a store with people, we can't yet know. but we know this is an active scene and we'll continue to go back for updates through the this hour. global pressure over the crisis in syria now. may have forced that regime to back away from a potential chemical weapons strike. citizens are not out of woods yet. far from it we're live at the pentagon. plus two high profile airlines struck a deal today. wait until you see what's about to happen to delta airlines. it's growing. what it means for you and your frequent flier miles as they hook up with a virgin. ♪
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>> shepard: more information coming out of the clackson center mall. we have multiple reports of at least 60 shots fired. this from witnesses on scene there are multiple reports about how many have been shot. the oregonen newspaper is reporting of two dead and a somewhat chaotic scene there as authorities have now locked down the mall or apparently searching for the suspect in this or the shooter, i should say. we will go back for live breaking developments as they happen. well, syria's president may have gotten the message now about using his chemical weapons. that's the word from defense secretary leon pa they that. he said officials are not seeing any new signs of preparations for an attack or a launch. he says they are not letting down their guard. >> at this point, the intelligence is really kind of levels off. we haven't seen anything new
4:24 pm
indicating any aggressive steps to move forward in that way. we continue to monitor it very closely. >> president obama first called moving chemical weapons a red line for the united states now using chemical weapons and if syria crosses in new red line he warns there will be consequences. jennifer griffin at the pentagon. what evidence did the assad regime is turning back from the terms. >> none. told reporters traveling with him to the middle east he thought the red line provided by the president may have helped. >> well, i would like to believe he has got the message. we have made it pretty clear and others have as well. if they feel like the regime is, you know, threatened with collapse that they might resort though these kinds of weapons. >> pulled back now, maybe that's just some people who he relies on told him that this was not the way to go but this thing could change very
4:25 pm
quickly so there is no reason to feel comfortable about what assad might do in syria. >> senator joe lieberman is concerned about those chemical weapons falling into the wrong hands as is the pentagon, shepard. tonight the administration formally recognized the syrian opposition. >> in fact, president obama did so himself tonight on abc "world news tonight." we also understand this comes a day after the state department declared one of the opposition factions a front group for al qaeda in iraq. this morning the treasury department follows suit, slapping sanctions on credited the group part of the opposition for role in helping take a large military base near aleppo from the assad regime. >> i think we have in mind now sort of shaping the post assad environment and looking at libya and some of the resurgents of al find you have
4:26 pm
have this there he especially what happened in benghazi. >> politically risky move, shepard. sheriffs clinton cancelled trip to syria meeting in morocco earlier today. >> shepard: developments coming fast now. there is word of possible progress in the fiscal cliff standoff. officials say president obama and the house speaker john boehner talked by phone tonight after each put new offers on the table. we are live in d.c. with the late breaking details on that. plus, we're getting more new reports from portland, oregon where there has been a series of shootings at the clackman's center mall. we can now report that multiple witnesses are saying to multiple television stations that a gunman had a rifle that more than 60 shots were fired and this is new. he was trussed in camo and wearing a mask and to the best of our knowledge, he is still in there somewhere. continuing breaking news coverage after this.
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[ thunder crashes ]
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[ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen to them. and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk. >> continuing coverage now from portland, oregon where we have brand new information on a mass shootings that has apparently happened at a mall just outside portland. clackamas center mall it's called. now we know authorities are reporting at least 60 shots were fired. a deputy said that the rifle jammed and they found a full magazine on the floor in that mall. the rifle now identified by police as an ar 15.
4:31 pm
we're now told by authorities and witnesses that the man who was doing the shooting was wearing camouflage, a mask, and appeared to authorities to be wearing body armor. it is unclear according to authorities at this moment whether there was one or more shooters, but witnesses have not reported but one and now there is a a late report in the last minute or so from emergency dispatch authorities that in fact one shooter may be dead. at least two victims in all of this and the story is still developing. the mall on lockdown. most employees and customers we're told have been evacuated from this mall. but very much an active scene just outside portland, oregon. details through the this newscast. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. there is word of new action after a whole lot of talk so-called fiscal cliff.
4:32 pm
this news is breaking now. aids say john boehner has sent president obama a new counter offer tonight. it's apparently a response to an offer the white house made yesterday. that was one day after the president and the speaker met one on one at the white house. of course three weeks from today automatic tax hikes and spending cuts kick in if they can't come to deal. jim angle is following late developments from our washington newsroom. there have been a lot of them in just the last 30 minutes. >> i will say, shep. the clock, of course, as you indicated is clicking louder. not clear if we had real progress or just movement. president and speaker boehner did talk by phone tonight after white house offer monday and counter offer from boehner about which his office said quote we sent the white house a counter offer that would achieve tax and entitlement reform to solve our loom being debt crisis and create more miner jobs. the statement also reit raided, however, what speaker boehner and others said earlier today. listen. >> we're still waiting for the white house to identify what
4:33 pm
spends cuts the president is wig to makes a part of the balanced approach. where are the president's spending cuts? >> the president spent $1.8 trillion in 2001. last year three years later $3.6 trillion. by any measure of size of government has grown well beyond its means slightly increases the amount of revenues he is seeking from $1.6 trillion over 10 years to 1.4. a year ago, of course the president was only asking for 800 billion. though have offered tax guctions that fall hardest on the wealthy. white house officials keep hammering on the president's main proposal. listen. >> we extend tax consults for virtually 98% of the american people. allow rates to rise for the top 2% of earners and address
4:34 pm
the loopholes and deductions, you know, in a way that achieves, you know, the kind of revenue package that we need for a broader deficit reduction goal. that's what's on the table. >> one thing is clear, shep. the pace has quickened and some in the white house tonight argue the prospects for a deal are higher. shep? >> shepard: that's good news. jim angle on capitol hill. thanks. it's about to get easier for delta airlines passengers to rack up sky miles. got an email from delta tonight. officials say they are buying nearly half of british based virgin atlantic. it's part of an effort to cash in between the huge market new york and loan donch. neither airline is adding any flights. deal will allow travelers to make connections a lot more easier. a spokesman at delta will link the carrier's frequent flier miles. they will put them together. federal regulators still have to sign off on this plan. the news sent delta stock climbing throughout the day, closing up more than 5% on the session. it was a good day for
4:35 pm
investors in our 401(k)'s year all with the big three indices always making gabes. big victory for gun rights advocate today illinois' ban on carrying concealed weapons. until now, illinois was the only state in which ordinary citizens could not carry a firearm in public under any circumstances a spokesman said rahm immanuel was disappointed with the ruling but the city will work to ensure its own laws are still constitutional. chicago tribune newspaper report gunmen shot 11 people around the city one night just last week. opponents say right to bear arms for self-defense is just as important outside of the home as it is inside. live coverage, portland oregon now. we have chopper shots now on live coverage from the ground. some 60 shots said to have been fired. a gunman in camo possibly body armor. a mall on lockdown and live coverage happening now. let's listen.
4:36 pm
>> a lot of people just really shaken up by all of this. some of them didn't see what happened but they heard the gunshots obviously very loud. there were a lot of gunshots inside as well. we're going to keep talking to witnesses out here and trying to gather more information. we will send it back to you for now. >> all right, brian. can i only imagine. we saw the people being evacuated as they were coming out of malls just looks on their faces and even if you didn't see it yourself to know that this hand and how this came. >> what i can tell you is that there is a report from dispatchers that there is a believe that the gunman is dead now. we can't confirm that there was just one gunman and authorities are working to -- cut that audio down please. authorities are still working to determine how many gunmen there were. they have barricaded all the doors according to authorities there outside portland. they have gotten employees out to the best of their knowledge. they found an ar 15 rifle which authorities say had a full magazine on the mall
4:37 pm
floor there just outside a macy's store and that leads them to believe that the gun had jammed. whether they have been able to examine that gun or not remains to be seen seen. but if the gunman himself is down it's certainly a possibility. witnesses report seeing two people on the ground not moving with sheets over their entire bodies which has led to local reports of two people killed there. >> could one of them be the gunman? certainly. could there be more gunman on scene thorlts have not told us that you yet. they are searching the mall. they say they can't be sure yet. so this clackamas center mall is still very much an active crime scene on what appears to be a rainy late afternoon. this happened 3:30 p.m. local time in portland as the authorities got their first calling of shots fired. originally it was 12 to 15 shots. now, witnesses by the dozen
4:38 pm
talk of the number 60 and authorities seem to be going with that bub well. dan springer is on the line with us now. dan, what do you know? >> i'm stuck in traffic it's that time of day out here in the west coast, shep. i have been listening to reports and listening to this same chilling account as you have. there is one report that i heard that a gun manual. there is nothing that the police have said so far. this is a scene obviously of chaos with people running all over the mall as they heard the shot. it was one absolutely breathtaking account that i heard of a man who was still inside of his -- of when the stores that he was shopping in. and he saw two people who had been shot and put a white sheet other them. he was calms that he was
4:39 pm
describing. this i believe he was in shosk. the things that people have seen today down there in that mall are absolutely jurt quu just stunning. we will see what we can do in the way information. right now the politics are just doing their jobs trying to find. >> shepard: thanks, dan. we're getting multiple reports via our local stationenned and newspaper there. here is the scene accounted for us. again, first accounts are sometimes slightly wrong but we have gotten this from so many different witnesses. it looks like this is the picture coming into play. a man dressed fully in camouflage and believed by many witnesses to have been in body armor with his face covered by a mask comes in carrying an rifle. begins firing shot after shot after shot. most there are now saying at least 60 shots fired am some point the gun jams a full
4:40 pm
magazine is on the mall floor screaming as two people lay shot there in that mall. now an active crime scene. doors barricaded with authorities trying to determine whether there could be another gun man. we have nothing to indicate what a motive might have been. kptv is live coverage now. ambulance is on the ground with one ground shot on the right. one from the air on the left. listen. >> like you said there is train rides, there is a carousel. >> santa is in the middle. >> santa land right there. we want to check in now with julie with some more information about the mall and sort of the setup there, julie? >> yeah, shawna and ben, i want to take you on a tour of the mall. right here is a macy's location. from the second floor it's a two story store and then here is the home furniture. the best buy, the mobile store that we heard another witness talk about the glass being shot out of that, that is here on the second floor in this green b version as ben was mexicoing.
4:41 pm
the theater is right here. there are 20 theaters there. right around the theaters in that triangular shape is the food court where people come and go. now, that's a look at this. there are also one more thing to note. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, points of entry in the entrance so when those shots were being fired. >> shepard: there is a look what the mall situation is we know it's still on lockdown. just a moment we will have on the line with us a woman who says she witnessed this gunman. that's with continuing coverage and the rest of the day's news right after this. ♪
4:42 pm
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it sounded -- i mean, almost like the end of the world. >> it felt like a bunch of planes were flying over the house and the windows started shaking and the house started shaking i went outside and the noise continued and continued. >> shepard: crews treated people for smoke inhalation. no word of any other injuries. at last check firefighters were still going through the damaged area. the gas companies shut down the lines that exploded and while police say there is still that risk of a secondary blast, a spokesman says it's safer for people to stay inside their homes than to evacuate. thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators taking to the streets in egypt's capital city today days from a vote on a constitutional new
4:46 pm
constitution there. supporters of mohammed morsi each staged mass demonstrations in cairo throughout the day. in tahrir square security officials say masked gunmen fired on the protesters, wounded at least 9. after weeks of chaos there is word of possible talks tomorrow to try to calm the chaos. of course, this all started with president morsi sweeping power grab. the protesters forced him largely to give up those powers but he is still pushing ahead with plans for saturday's referendum. officials there say it's likely to happen despite some 90% of judges voting not to oversee it. greg palkot with the news live tonight in cairo. greg? >> demonstrations were big and noisy here tonight in cairo. got close it the presidential palace unlike last week when several people died, there were no clashes between the two sides tonight. maybe we're told because president morsi's muslim brotherhood we're told not to
4:47 pm
crack any heads this time. this unrest has left one economic casualty. egypt is deferring its request for much needed 5 billion-dollar loan from the imf. the government probably deciding this is not best time to make required tax hikes. officials do say that the referendum on that draft constitution described by critics as islamist and discriminatory will happen on saturday. they say they can get around that shortage of judges to monitor the polls. and as for that national unity meeting on wednesday, well, president more is i's side says they will be represented. the opposition still hasn't decided whether it will attend or not. a lot of distrust around here in cairo. back to you, shep. >> shepard: greg palkot live for us tonight. continuing coverage now of breaking news outside portland, oregon where this scene remains chaotic. we are now led to believe that at least two people are dead, one may be the gunman and several others are wounded after a gunman came in and began firing shot after shot
4:48 pm
more than 60 shots fired we're now told. the gunman as i mentioned said to have been clad in cam fallujah with a mask offer over his face possibly wearing body armor the parking lot was a mess. a super scary scene as see put it. arresting do the local area and we thank them for that. another quote but then i saw all these people running out and screaming and grabbing their kids and crying and trying to get to their cars as fast as they could. this was right outside one of those santa setups where they had kids go to visit and do holiday talk in the mall there. along the way this gunman is said to have walked right by a macy's door not far from the food court and away it went. a man named sam according to kxly he was at the game stop shore right there when the shooting happened. a best of your knowledge of people were screaming and running by and kind of in a panic and they were yelling that there was a shooting.
4:49 pm
the local authorities are saying there was indeed. they have the mall on complete lockdown. multiple reports that, in fact, this gunman may be dead but they haven't confirmed that there is only one gunman on scene. a lot coming from twitter. this rifle has been described to us as an ar 15 by multiple sources. now multiple witnesses are saying that the mask the camo guy was wearing was a white mask and that he was carrying this rifle when at one point it jammed, an employee at avon bath and beauty a store located right across from macy's says she was at her locked store customers that 18 month old daughter. heard back-to-back shots there a pause and six to eight in a row before the guy appeared to move on. law enforcement has just confirmed that there are people dead on scene. listen. in. >> did he tell you how many people he saw hit? >> yes. he said he saw two people that
4:50 pm
were shot face down and there was blood oh my gosh where is your store on the upper or lower level. >> lower. >> we understand this happened on the upper level. the shots were loud enough that you could tell something bad had happened. >> i mean we all just froze. i thought maybe something fell or something like that. but we all just looked at each other whnd and when we saw the people running a flood of people running we knew people were screaming people are being shot. get down, get in the back, get safe. >> that's what you did. you went to the back of the store and sort of locked yourself in back there? >> yeah. we tried to do that we stayed back there for as long as we could and then we decided executively that wield shut the gates. so we went out there and shut the gates which was very scary because we had no information. i mean the shooter could have been around the corner. >> and did other stores appear to have the same idea? we also heard tales of people
4:51 pm
in the upper portion where they initially retreated to the back of the store and then they came out thinking we are probably safer if the gate is shut. were other stores doing that as well from what you could tell? >> a lot of other -- yeah, other stores shut their gates so we thought it would be okay there were stores that left their gates open. jewelry stores that left their gates open. left the jewelry in the cases and just ran out. and, you know, we got escorted out by the u.s. marshalls i think. i don't know who they were. swat team maybe. but they weren't even sure where the shooter was. they had to secure our store. the only reason we got out was because we had witness in there. >> and when they came to you and said it was your time to leave did, you get the impression that it was still an active search that there was still a threat in the mall and you needed an escort? >> absolutely. there was -- they did not know where he was. they were -- it was a huge threat, yes. they were crawling. i actually have a couple videos on my phone crawling around with rifles. he had this to check every
4:52 pm
corridor, crevice of the mall before they could get us out. only way we could get out they had a witness we needed to speak with. >> shepard: our correspondent dan springer is listening to a law enforcement news briefing. would he now have confirmed multiple people down. dan springer, what else have you learned? >> i have learned that they have neutralized the suspect that's how they have put it situation under control. the threat has been taken care of. they are not talking about multiple suspects right now. shep. the term they used is that they have neutralized the suspect. you know, i'm trying to listen to the news conference right now. >> go ahead and do that. my understanding of things is that at some point his gun, which has been described most often as an ar 15 that that gun jammed and that when it did, authorities found a full magazine on the floor there and i now have more than a dozen separate witnesses reporting some 60 shots fired.
4:53 pm
and the scene, think of this. the first shot report we were saying 3:29 p.m. local time in port land. now they are saying the first call was at 3:20 p.m. that time of the afternoon, moms and kids at the santa store, the foot court full of people. christmas shopping going on intrps to macy's there. the food court and this camera shop and in come ins this man clad in camo mask on his face carrying this weapon and just begins shooting apparently in the early going at random. walked by a game shot and shot there according to their witnesses walked around by this macy's and shot there according to witnesses. all the while running and screaming. you heard reports from mall employees and mall managers saying that some stores were closing their gates. others didn't know what to do. jewelry store employees according to a report you heard somebody was going on.
4:54 pm
news conference now being reported widely. that the suspect has been neutralized the suspect may be dead and in fact he may be one of the two people dead inside that mall or confirmed dead. we have multiple reports now of shooting others trying to get out of this scene you can see the scene just outside of portland at the clackamas town center mall. ambulances are lined up in a scene of controlled chaos. authorities now say they have this situation under control. there is no more danger to the public. but what has happened specifically inside that mall remains somewhat of a mystery tonight. and who in the world would go in on a day like this and shoot the place up in broad daylight is a matter for at least another hour and possibly another day. we'll continue to cover it as we get new information.
4:55 pm
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>> shepard: continuing coverage of breaking news outside of portland, oregon. the clackamas town center mall where there has been a brazen mid afternoon shooting. multiple shots fired. most witnesses reporting somewhere around 60 shots. now from authorities we know two people are dead and multiple people are injured in this melee. believed to be the shooter. man wearing a mask and vest. white mask. witnesses say they reported seeing people running and screaming and hearing shot after shot fired inside right around the food court and not far from the entrance from a macy's department store. a sheriff's department sent out a short notice saying
4:59 pm
there was active shooting call. now authorities on scene to say they have everything under control specifically saying that the shooter has been neutralized have no reason to believe there is any more shooters. a number of people are hurt and at least two people are confirmed dead. one of whom may be the shooter one journalist who got there along with photo journalist husband. the photo journalist husband heard at least 60 shots fired and a number of people report seeing this gunman he's walked around certainly nobody has been able to identify him. imagine the scene with moms and kids and everybody there off to see santa near the foot court, macy's with people buying christmas presents and outside horror outside portland, oregon. we will continue to wait for


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