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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  December 15, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>> gets into the classroom, one or two classrooms and starts firing at the little children. at some point he has to run out of ammunition. even if he has extended magazines, at some point he has to reload. so the scene i have in my mind
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is these babies between the ages of 5 and 10, as this grown up. these are children who have never seen evil. these are children who are in the flower of innocence. here is a grown up dressed in camo and starts killing the children. can you imagine the children screaming and then he is reloading and the dead children and there is the children yet to be killed and in this moment just imagine the terror before he kills them. it is so unconscionable. >> geraldo: this is a fox news alert. i'm geraldo rivera live on location in newtown, connected cut. scene of the murder of 20 children. six adults teaching and caring for them. as expressions of horror and sympathy poor in this picturesque new england town for millions of americans from the white house, from leaders
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around the world, even from the pope himself. we ask why. why would anyone perpetrate this terror against defenseless children? why would anybody massacre boys and girls who cannot comprehend the depraved crime even as it was being inflicted against them. what sole could disregard for the precious young lives he ended on a sunny december morning in connecticut. so today as we grieve the tiny people who perish by violence during the height of the christmas season and a wonderful town, virtually untouched before friday by the wickedness of the world. and we pledge our support for their families and friends and neighbors who will never be the same memory, incalculable loss. we also seek to find out why and what made this 20-year-old perpetrator the devil's own instrument of the apock
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apocalypse. we begin with craig's report how panic became relief or misery and despair for the parents of the children of the elementary school in sandy hook. here is craig's report. >> i just heard their gunmen went in and started shooting the administration and then went for the kindergartners. thank god she wasn't there because i don't know why someone would do that. i don't understand. >> they're the parents, you know, that might have lost their child? >> i have no idea. i don't even want to think about that so close to christmas. i'm just so happy my daughter is okay. >> friday waste fraught with confusion and ehe sh emotional pain. unclear who perished or survived among 600 students. we don't e. anything. they are not being specific about imawrkts or injuries.
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we just want to go home. >> we are seeing parents and teachers alike being escorted from the school grounds, tears steaming down their eyes,it's terrible terrible news. any parent would nod want to hear. >> you can tell us what you are being told? okay. a a tragic stream of family members abandoned cars and walked the otherwise quiet country road now choked with emergency vehicles as details of the senseless shooting came to light. >> we're seeing a number of parents coming out, being escorted by the fire department by volunteers trying to protect them. obviously many of them grief stricken. many confused. not getting the full knowledge of what happened. >> the postcard community of newtown one of the safest in the country became a triage of emotional support. counselors of you deno, ma'am
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denomination lending a shoulder. >> it's beyond words. i have never seen this before in my life. you just see terror in anybody epps eyes. >> more parents and loved ones taking that long walk up the hill into downtown newtown. leaving after receiving grief counseling from pastors from, rabbis. loved ones, coming to offer their support. but what can you say? what do you say to a parent who has lost his child? >> state and local officials called on all state troopers to assist survivors of a deadly school counselor. grief counseling. >> a large amount of families together. helping each other through grief. some screaming and crying which comes together with grief supported by appointed
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state trooper for any of their personal needs. the once cheery school has been turned into a morgue as cops and the medical examiner recreate the crime scene. connecticut state trooper lt. paul van. this is a horrific scene. it's a tragic scene. it's very very heart breaking for the families involved. it's certainly very very difficult for all the first responders and people who work here. >> this is gail and this is patty. i'm just happy that they are okay. i'm so sorry for everybody's loss. my heart goes out to everyone. >> did they hear anything? do they know what happened? >>. no not yet. but i have a 16-year-old who was at the high school at the time so he does know. >> what are you going to tell them? >> i have haven't really, you know, it's he very hard. it's just -- so. >> thank god they are okay. >> yeah. they are. >> as one parent goes home with her children, a score of other families have an
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entirely different set of circumstances. >> >> two grandchildren. >> grandchild. my other granddaughter we can't find her. woman told me she has two grandchildren, one of the grandchildren is still missing they can't find her. >> the toll of 8 boys and 12 girls between the ages of 6 and 7 sent shock waives across the nation and the world. sandy hook firehouse became a gathering point for parents and family members whose loved ones would never walk out of the school. >> parents leaving this community, covering their faces holding their heads inee of, not knowing what to do next. what do you do? you don't have your child anymore. saw one woman carrying a car seat for her little baby will no longer occupy that seat.
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if it can happen here it, can happen anywhere. >> it's just incredibly painful, craig, the victims all first graders and the adults who were trying and in some cases gave their lives to protect those children, it is something that is appalling, almost beyond belief, you and i have been to war. we have seen afghanistan. we have seen iraq. we have seen somalia. bushed. this is worse. tell me how you reacting to what you are seeing. >> absolutely worse. when you are overseas, when you are in a war zone, you are seeing horrible things. you are seeing inhumane things happen to other people. even little children but you are in a war zone. you understand that you are in a war zone. there is collateral damage. this is a place where nothing bad ever happens, nothing bad ever happens to their children. they had so much to look forward to and it's just a horrible horrible incident. >> it is absolutely the worst thing ever. fox news correspondent molly
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line has been here since yesterday. i bet you, molly, that that seems like an awful long time ago. >> it has. it's been exceptionally sad. we had a chance today to finally hear really the most horrific details that really put into clarity what these children and the women who were trying to protect them suffered. the medical examiner stepping up to the microphone today and talking about the wounds that they suffer ultimately caused their death. he talked about the exams that he purposely participated. in seven of those exams. of those he said the wounds were three to 11 wounds on these young kids. >> so this guy took the bush master, the 223, the military style civilian version of the m-4. stuck it up to the children and then hit them each 3 to 11 times. >> that's the medical examiner's assessment. he said this is what these children have suffered. when he was asked about close-up wounds not everyone has suffered the close-up wounds. they weren't particularly a quick thing that happened
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around his room. 20 children, all of them. each with all of these different bullet wounds. he said it was a long rifle that was used. that doesn't account for some of the other weapons that we also heard may have been found inside the school. the authorities have been working to clear up that how many weapons were there? some of the weapons at least to the shooter's mother. that's all coming into clarity. >> clear now that the main murdering weapon was the assault rifle? >> exactly. that's what the medicine call examiner said said today he believes it was a long rifle. that leaves other questions as to what were these guns doing and the guns at the home as well. >> still no word on motive. >> no word on motive. authorities said there is some evidence. they aren't saying what or give them details that will lead them to the how and why. they think they are on the right path of getting some information along those lines. >> no word on a note left behind by the perpetrator. >> no word at all on a note at all. >> so we are left to ponder
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why this person could be the devil's spawn. why this person could become so evil, so wicked, so depraved as to take these lives. >> any answer of why still wouldn't explain the senselessness. >> molly line, thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up, you will hear from parents, from relatives, from first responders, from experts in law, psychology, and faith as we try to make sense of this senseless atrocity, the slaughter of innocence that has forever scarred this lovely new england community.
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>> it should have never happened to our children. they were very little. they don't understand it's
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hard and i grieve for their parents. i would not ever want to be in their place. >> it doesn't make sense in my mind and i just can't grasp it yet. >> it sets in more every minute as it goes by. it doesn't make sense. adults make their choices. these precious children, they haven't done anything to deserve these kinds of things. >> you will see them come together. just like 9/11, they will pull together. mark my word. it's a good town. >> it's unbelievably terrible we hug our kids this morning. and our closest friends hug have their kids this morning. we just been thinking about the people who don't. >> geraldo: as parents especially those of us who have young children deal with the horror of what happened to those babies and the heart
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break of the gave their lives trying to save them friday in sandy hook elementary the whole horror is manically find by a place that's supposed to be a sanctuary from the sometimes hard, cruel world. will they ever feel safe again? joining us here in newtown are parents of kids who thank god were unharmed in yesterday's holocaust. this is margaret keys and her dad fred pen dergrass tom and marry and tom, what's your wife? >> and betty pennergraph. margaret, tell us about your nephew. is he okay? and how did you find out about what happened? >> oh, the school system sends out a message and that's how we began to understand what unfolded on friday. >> and so tell us about your nephew and tell us what, you know, what you heard and how are things? >> is he well, he is well.
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i think he is still processing it. from what we understand the teacher, you know, grabbed them, put them in the school, the art teacher, locked the door the way he says it is that the gunman came to the door and was banging on it trying to get. in he is fine. >> so the gunman actually came to his classroom? >> yes. >> >> geraldo: tell me, in his words, how did he describe it? >> just basically how i said it. he has since made to a note to his teacher, telling her how he is looking forward to coming back to school and see his smiling face. >> you drew a school. >> i remember before the school was built. actually dickinson drive is -- got killed there on the sight. that he was how i'm connected to it. to you this horror must seem
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more so an the rest of you wases. >> one of the seven comirnl. part of my family. >> now, do you think it will always carry the weight of this horrible tragedy? >> it's going to be a long time healing on this deal. there. >> long time healing. i want to talk to you more if you would just stand by. we have a wonderful panel also joining us. you recognize this is bo dietl, arthur aidala, tamara holder, all attorneys. famous excop. have you been squeaking with law enforcement here. what have they shared with you. >>. again that sunday ways was all shot in the head and a lot of the spers up here are not speaking to any of the at the ae timivityives. kids went into one room and punch went in there.
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this 223 round. the velocity could go through three or fewer people. this guy was continually shooting and that's whyth body count was so high. kid had gone to the school. that's the only connection so far that i was able to find out. but to say anything about these kids being killed so many of them like that, this punk was emptying his gun, this folly imak gun you will see trace the owe ballistic gun goes up in the air. be able to see b.a. list particularly if eif it was fully automatic. >> before i talk to you legal stuff, arthur. i know you have a son in first grade as i have a daughter in first grade. what was the first thing you do when you hear about this? >> it's amazing the difference between when you are a bachelor and when you are a dad and i couldn't function. that's the truth for the rest of the day.
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you were supposed to have a little holiday party and you cancelled it. i thought the president was spot on you mayor a different hat when you are a paint and take this. >> when i saw my son last night i held him aits i told him the president of the united states heck hug and ciszed before i came to do this show tonight with you geraldo, i hugged and kissed them, it shows you how fragile life is. we worry about such garbage, we are worried, these poor people. thousands of people' lives have been altered forever. >> geraldo: we will talk about 9/11 and other holocausts. but give us a couple minutes and then come back here. newtown, the scene of a tragedy that will live forever. and forever scar this community. we'll be right back.
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>> my daughter emily would be the first one standing and giving her support to all of the victims because that's the type of person that she is. not because of any parenting that my wife and i could have done but because those are the gifts that were given to her by her heavenly father. >> geraldo: i tell you i cannot imagine. mary pennergraph. you were brought up here with tom and your family. >> yes, i was born and raised in sandy hook. >> did you, i understand, during the event you knew
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something was happening. what did you hear. >> i heard shots. my brother called me on the phone and asked if the police were at my house. i said why would they be at the house? they said there was a shooting. i had heard the sirens, i was going to call my father. i didn't and once i realized what happened, i ran across the street to the school i saw my certain with my nephew. i knew he was safe. >> and, yet, the cruelty is some parents were elated and relieved and other parents are crushed and scared. i mean, how will this community deal with that? that's what my brother is going through. like christmas day for him and hell for others. i'm extremely excited and happy with my nephew's well
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being, there were parents that don't have that same fortune. and it tears our heart apart to have to even think about that close so close to christmas. it rips at my heart. i can't say it any more than that. elated. family going through a lot right now. they will be getting counseling for their son because post-traumatic stress, those things that come to play. they will pull together like this community. this is one heck of a town thieves these people are great. the fiber of this community was woken up by the devil himself. this town will rise up again. it has no choice but to. these people stick together. >> i heard one of the victims was an angel in the christmas pageant that one of the churches downtown. all of having various memorials. you worked in hospice care. it's almost if this whole town
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needs hospice care. >> it's interesting because hospice care usually involves people who are dying at old age. i wrkd with them when i was 12 years old. different working with parents whose child isn't supposed to be dead. families whose child isn't supposed to be dead. it's not natural. it's not natural. that's what makes this incident so much different than any other hospice incident or losing a loved one for cancer, you know, at an old age. but the debate definitely needs to incorporate that. i think obama is right on that. it's not a bipartisan issue. >> geraldo: get back to 9/11. point that more children died here today or friday than died in the 9/11 attacks. the children fewer than died
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on the aircraft. >> when i heard this yesterday. it kept mirroring what i saw palm sunday with the 10 kids being shot in the head. this is more personal than 9/11. that was crazy. psychological mishap about religion. here couldn't be a motive no motive in the world that can make an excuse for these poor little children. 6-year-old children cowering together this punk going in there and continuously shooting these kids. this can't be a motive. when they find out what made this guy do, this i want to know and i just can't believe it could be any
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[ thunder crashes ] [ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen to them. and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk. >> we'll get back to the tragedy in a minute. fox news is learning of another plot to kill students, this time in oklahoma. police arrest an 18-year-old, sammie chavez, accused of
10:31 pm
plotting to bomb a school auditorium. and he tried to recruit other students to happen lure people to that auditorium. he is being held on $1 million bond. early reports from egypt saying voters have narrowly backed the new constitution. it was shaped by islamists and opposed by liberals. the vote coming after weeked of violent protests. this is the first round of a two-stage vote. >> now back to geraldoed a large. for the latest headlines go to >> different quiet, nice kid, good kid. challenges in that house. every family has one, i have one, they have one. never in trouble with the law. never in trouble with anything. i know she had issues with
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school she wound up home schooling him. she battled the school district. i'm not 100% certain if it was behavior or learning disability, i really don't know. is he a very very bright boy. he was smart. a lot of questions about the nephew she calls a bright boy. a young man who became a monster, who committed a monstrous act small picturesque connecticut town forever more will be associated now sadly with the massacre of the little first grade kid. their principal, their school psychologist and other adults trying to protect those children all slaughtered by that young man turned monster adam lanza. mike tobin is near the home the 20-year-old shared with his mother nancy who was the first to fall from orgy of violence. tell us first of all, single mom, divorced, tell us a
10:33 pm
little bit. >> they were divorced in 2009 after 17 years of marriage this may very well end up playing a role. indications that both of the sons were trauma advertised by this divorce. and you had ryan, the older son go off to the university. and then adam was left alone in the house without his brother, without his father. and apparently without a lot of contact with his father. not a bad home but pretty rough on the two sons once that family split up. >> mike, what about this notion that the mother was a survivalist? that's why she had all these weapons including the 223 bush master a weapon who are suited for war than anything else. walls she a survivalist? >> what we are hearing moral is that she had the guns because she lived in that big
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house practically by herself. she was there with the one son as we talked about developmental disorders. that's why she had the gun. she was proud of her gun collection. restaurant bar here locally that she would -- i wouldn't say frequent. wasn't a big drinker. she would go in from time to time and she would boast about her gun collection. she was quite proud through some the reporting through reuters that a landscaper came through there and she had showed him some of the guns and talked with him about how often she would take the kid out shooting, geraldo. >> geraldo: you mentioned the psychological disorder alleged this 20-year-old adam lanza had. was he? was he not autistic? is that confirmed? >> it isn't confirmed. certainly not through the state police. we have heard mention of as berger syndrome a form of autism. that really gets traced back to the older brother ryan
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reportedly what he said to the police. other than that a lot of people knew him and something going on with that child -- that young man who is involved in this terrible terrible act that he was very withdrawn. sometimes he would withdraw to the point where he was no longer functional in school. he had problems with school. people would see him in the hallways. he wouldn't make eye contact. he would pull back and clutch his briefcase he would carry with hill. his older brother had described him as a nerd because the interesting thing is he he was brilliant with computers. he was kind of slight of build, walked around with a pocket protecter and that's where you get that kind of label and he certainly had some social problems at the same time. he did have gifts in terms of working with computers. >> geraldo: mike, thanks. dr. keith ablow joins us now. dr. keith is as you know on the fox news medical a team. so, dr. ablow, what about --
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first of all, i never heard of autism or as bergeres being associated with violence. are we slandering those who have this developmental disability? using it in this context. >> geraldo, by and large as berger's syndrome and autism is not associated with horrific acts of violence. these kids can be self-abusive. they can be violent at times the kind he methodical planning involved here. the violent use of weapons, the ability to take these things from his mother to kill his mother to samingly plan them is not typical of that and there has to be some explanation other than those diagnoses. so, in that way, yes, we are doing a disservice because that doesn't explain what happened here. it's another psychological or psychiatric disorder or set of
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symptoms. >> i know a lot of gun collectors they usually don't collect weapons bike the bush master the glock, the sig so youier. these weapons are weapons of severe violence. these are aggressive weapons, particularly the civilian version of the m-4. what do you make of it? if she wasn't a survivalist, what was she. >> it's hard to say right now because we need more information. and people can collect any guns they want. she may have had all kinds of reasons for wanting those around. why she would give her son access to them and not have them locked up when is he a troubled young man and she knows that he is withdrawn and has severe difficulties, that's another question. that doesn't really speak you
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think you would want to safeguard those things from an aemotionally disturbed young man. did you get him the help in absolutely every way that he needed from a system by the way, the mental healthcare system which is a national embarrassment, a travesty. all but doesn't exist. so, we will see more of this until we get serious about creating a mental healthcare system is america that can serve the needs of outliers, particularly those broken to violence. we do not have that system not even close i'm telling you i'm a vista. d-mine news grade in america as to the mental healthcare system. >> i want to talk more about that and talk more about if you see something, someone behaving in aberrant way you have to say something. i know it's a cliche.
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the question i have for y'all when we come back. what about my idea that there should be a cop. we should protect our children with the same vigor we protect our gold, our banks, we should have an armed cop at every single school over a certain size? the kids will get used to the cop. it will be like officer crump can crumpke. we have got to keep safe. the survivors among children and parents have their own crosses to bear going forward to christmas and beyond. how will they cope? and one way of looking how the families of the slain children will be eventually able to heal themselves or not, a mom who lost her son in columbine is my next guest. [ male announcer ] this is amy. amy likes to invest in the market.
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>> i was really kind of mayhem in the room with all the kids and the teachers trying to find your kid, find where yours is. making sure what the situation sand make sure everybody sells safe. >> it doesn't not seem like it's even possible. it's like you, you know, you read it in the paper. see it in the news and you are look oh my god that poor family and then something happens so close to home it's like i think i'm still in shock to be honest with you. >> geraldo: latest in the a dreadful series of mass murders. beginning with columbine high
10:43 pm
school in littleton colorado in 1999. 12 students and a teacher are murdered. 24 more are injured by classmates harris and clebo. >> nobody was scared of these people. >> no we are in the bushes for barbs for god's sake. this was a safe place. >> geraldo: a witness hearing eric yelling go, go. >> at first i didn't know it was real until i seen one mich friends laying there in some blood. >> armed with pipe bombs and semiautomatic particular the pair targeting anyone and everyone. after 49 agonizing minutes it ends with the suicides of both in the school's library. in april of 2002, robert steinhauser, a 19-year-old expelled from his school in jearnl opens fire, killing 13 teachers. two former classmates and a policeman. doning a black ninja style outfit which has become the uniform of choice for niece lunatics this gown man targets
10:44 pm
teamers reportedly as revenge for his recent expulsion. five years later back on our shores the campus of virginia tech is the scene of the worst ever slaughter by a single gunman on a school campus in u.s. history. >> he opened our door and started shooting professor and classmates. >> english major kills 32 and wounds 15 others in two separate attacks. >> and that time we heard the gunshots and we could hear screams. and it was horrible. and then we saw as we police swarm the building. i was calling my friends to tell them wherever they were to stay put. >> two years prior he had been accused of stocking two female students at which time he was ordered to attend anger management. diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder. >> based on that interaction with the counselor. i a temporary detention order was obtained and taken to a medical health facility. >> federal privacy law prevents virginia tech from
10:45 pm
learning the severity of seung-hui cho's condition. >> as i understand it from our legal counsel even the parents cannot reveal or have that information shared. >> in finland, seven months later another school shooting resulting in a fatality. >> it's very sad that happened. >> the perpetrator an 18-year-old student who police say was frequently bullied but who officials describe as a militant radical. >> the preliminary annual cyst which we had of the offender is that he is quite a lonely person. he has a great society. and out of extreme opinions and radical thoughts. >> alvin then posts a photo of himself on youtube holding a gun on one hand and wearing a t-shirt that reads: humanity is overrated. which brings us back to newtown. >> we were just in the middle of gym when we heard some gunshots and then the pair went out and the gym teachers
10:46 pm
directed us to stay against the wall and everybody started kind of panicking. we heard a lot more gunshots and the ambulance came. then the policeman directed us to run out of the building and go to the fire department. >> the columbine massacre in 1999 made us all understand that our schools are no longer safe havens. beth lost her daughter rachel. she joins me on the phone from colorado. thank you so much, beth, for being with us. >> how do you ever heal from something like that? >> it takes a long long time. i described it as being hit by a freight train and you don't even know how hard you have been hit. and for years you can walk around with the pain and brokenness of that. and but, you know, it comes and goes. and for us, it was a very long healing process. but we did actually become stronger for it. and some good things have come
10:47 pm
out of it. and all the talk about evil, evil showed its face that day and i can honestly say it didn't win because out of losing rachel, we also gained a platform for much good. first of all for our faith, which sustained us during this time and also for programs and a lot of speaking regarding compassion and kindness and been involved in a lot of schools and churches and youth programs to do that and that brought some healing. but it is a very long long process. there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but the parents that are there right now, there is no way that they can even see a glimmer of hope because overwomenning despair of their loss. and my heart is very heavy for them because i know the road that they are going to travel for many months and years is going to be very hard and
10:48 pm
difficult road i believe they will make it and i believe the community has also shown itself to be strock and resilient. and one that will. >> strong and resilient? >> yes. >> it's a very big burden. i have to leave it there, rachel. the audio on your phone call a little muddled. i wish you the best and i called you rachel. beth, i wish you the best. our condolences for the loss of your rachel in 1999. i hope life has been more, i don't know, redemptive -- i don't even know the word i want. has helped you heal. time has helped you heal this awful wound but thank you for being with me. what happened here in newtown, connecticut was a godless act, regardless of your religion, or your lack of religion. we are all united in our desire to heal the wounds of those who suffered most. egregiously here. we will talk to someone who is helping heal those wounds after this.
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>> back live here in new town connecticut. before i i move to the billy graham rapid response team the ministers, the pastors who have come to counsel the wounded here, the wounded in terms of their souls back to my legal panel, arthur aidala, bo dietl. what about my proposal that there be an armed cop at every school over a certain size regardless? arthur, you first? >> look, geraldo, september 11th changed the way we function as a society. right? i used to walk into an airport and 20 minutes before a flight
10:53 pm
and go on. this past thursday i had to go to federal court. i'm a lawyer. i'm fingerprinted. i is an identification card with a hologram. i had to take everything off. i mean, i kept on my shirt and my pants. my shoes, my belt, my coat. do we want our children in the freedom of the united states of america to have to be subjected because of the crazy acts of one lunatic that hopefully this is something that will happen first in a century, nups a that lynn yum. it doesn't have to be that intunes at a two dramatic there is no crime other than that why can't he spent the day waiting outside the school. >> geraldo, you have a lot of young cops retiring with 20 years on the force. we have a lot of them that can effectively be trained. arthur is wrong would they have liked to have had someone armed in that school that could have stopped this creep
10:54 pm
from killing all these kids? >> one child, but what i'm saying is you do an effective thing as far as the school. safety effective and you put an armed pinner with a concealed weapon retirement law enforcement. >> i don't think you can stop a mad man, geraldo. look, when you have an armored hummer driving over in a war zone and hits a land mind, there is no protection there. that's craziness, that's war. this is such a terrible situation that you cannot protect people in a situation like this. you have to get to the underlying issue. that's mental health, and that's also family values. regardless of your faith godless act that occurred here. you have to insert god into
10:55 pm
your conversation. jack monday is a mass tore with international director of the whole billy gram rapid response team. first, what is that pastor. >> the billy graham response team is a ministry that started after 9/11 to come alongside of people in times like this who have been devastated with a crisis. >> i know you are working with the victims of hurricane sandy and then you rerouted many people up here. so, you know, how are you consoling this grievous injury? >> we meet with the emergency manager people in the area introduce ourself. they have been gracious to allow us to work with the first responders and those in the community. we have been so grateful that we could be here in a difficult time like this. >> it is when people go through times like this. we all asked the god questions. >> where was god yesterday? >> weighs right here. he was right here. and people are evil.
10:56 pm
have evil acts. and we have free will. and he has made us that way. and so we are here to help people know that god hasn't for gotten them. that he loves them and he is here to comfort them. >> how is reverend graham responding to this? >> well, with great sadness as we all from. -- are. >> i'm sure you are giving comfort to these people who are desperately in need of comforting do you think so the timing of this makes it more egregious the fact that it is two weeks to christmas? >> i believe it is. there could be christmas trees right now that have presents under them. it's very difficult. and especially children so young heinous act. people all over the world are praying. i'm going emails from teams in canada. people are praying so we won't forget them. >> thank you. i'm sure they won't forget the fact that you are here. thank you.
10:57 pm
the despicable crime that happened near in newtown, connecticut will never, should never be either forgiven or forgotten in my view. this community, our country, we have to heal each other. as the president said last night, ladies and gentlemen, let's hold our children a little closer. let's be as compassionate and as generous as we possibly can be. as our own personal situation allows. be vigilant. be loving. gentle, strong, good night from newtown, connecticut. a town whose fallen children now belong to the ages. god bless them. we will see you again for a special edition of this program tomorrow night. thank you very much for listening and as we see these names, these young children, the victims of the atrocity on your screen pray for them and their families. good night, everybody. thank you. .so as you can see, gs customer satisfaction is at 97%.
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