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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 16, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm PST

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school questions here in the community. we'll be in contact with the superintendent and some additional information we can provide for you. thank you, good afternoon. >> rick: connecticut state police, the headline for the first time the police have now identified 20-year-old adam lanza as the shooter. they had not done that up to this press conference. they say he was pronounced dead, ruled his death ruled a suicide. they also finished the autopsy on his mother nancy lanza. the police confirming that he showed up at the school on friday and that the main weapon that he used to carry out this massacre was a bushmaster assault type weapon with multiple high capacity magazines. he fired off many bullets. he had hundreds still on him that he hadn't yet fired off at the time he pulled out one of pistols thead and killed himself
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>> heather: president set to attend a memorial service in newtown shortly after his arrival before addressing the nation in what will be the fourth speech that he has had to make from the site of a mass shooting during his first term as president. now, we're going to go to chief white house correspondent, ed henry with the latest from there. >> reporter: you are right. you heard the police officials talking about the intent, security presence here in newtown. relatively small town that has had a horrible few days here, obviously the president trying to help heal the wounds a bit, perhaps tonight at a prayer vigil. he left andrews air force base and be arriving behind me at the high school soon. bottom line he will be doing a
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series of things. one thing as he will be meeting privately with family members of some of the victims. so many of them small children. you remember the president on friday grew emotional in the white house briefing room, choking back tears, stopping at one point during his remarks as he specifically talked about the young children affected here. after meeting with the families he will thank first responders. they have been all over on this, not just reacting to the horrific crime scene but also helping with counseling, dealing with people here on the ground that are traumatized. a spoke with one gentleman that new two people that were killed, one that principal that tried and able to at least save other lives by putting herself in the line of fire. he was aware child that survived
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was fortunate to live through it and still was traumatized. that family dealing with that. obviously has sparked a debate about gun control, mayor michael bloomberg on some of the talk shows pressing obama to take action. you remember on friday, in his remarks at the white house, president hinted at that saying he thinks there should be meaningful action that both parties can come together in the days ahead. i'm told to not expect the president to gun control at the high school here in newtown. he believes it's not the time and place to do that. to focus on prayer and remembrance. no doubt, we'll hear the debate in the days ahead. >> heather: thank you very much. >> welcome to a brand-new hour of america news headquarters as
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rick said, i'm heather childers. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. we'll follow the movements of president as he visits to family members as well as his remarks before the congregation. >> in the preparation and investigation into this tragedy is actually gaining speed. authorities say the gunman shot his mother, not once but multiple times in the head before then going to the elementary school and committing his further atrocities. mike tobin joins us live. the latest developments in this case. give us a rundown. >> reporter: it offered a lot of clarity about the weapons that were used in this attack. paul vance, public information for the state police saying there were four weapons involved. primary weapon was bushmaster ar-15 assault rifle coupled with high capacity magazines. that was the primary weapon used
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to carry through the attack. also, a couple of side arms. .9 millimeter and glock ten millimeter. one of those were used by the gunman to kill himself and we know that he killed himself as first responders were moving in on the scene. shotgun was left out in the car. all of these weapons will be very important throughout the course of this investigation. >> we are analyzing, examining and trace them back to their origin. we will trace every step of the way and where they were used and how they were used. a great deal of work must be done on those weapons. >> reporter: we also learned from state police that the autopsies were completed on the last two bodies removed from the crime scene. those are the bodies of the gunman, also nancy lanza, his mother. they offer some clarity, she was killed by multiple gunshot
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wounds to the head. a report from associated press offered more detail she was killed by four gunshot wounds to the head while laying in the bed. the gunman in a suicide case was killed by a single shot to the head. >> gregg: we're told now that the president has arrived in connecticut. what do police know about the possible motive here, the ever elusive question of why? >> police have indicated that they are, indeed, gathering evidence and information that will answer the one question, of course, that we all want to know. why did this happen? at this stage of the investigation they say they are not going to offer up partial information. >> we have to have the whole picture before we can say hopefully how and why this
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occurred. that is not going to come very quickly. >> reporter: meantime, federal investigators have fanned out across connecticut looking into gun stores and gun ranges. they are following up tips and trying to put together a timeline of what led to this horrific attack. >> gregg: mike, thank you. tune in tonight beginning at 6:00 p.m. eastern time, for coverage of president's visit to newtown and interfaith vigil. it will be hosted by bret baier, watch it happen live right here on fox. >> heather: police diffuse ago dangerous situation in southern california. arresting a man they say fired 50 shots into the air and into the ground at a mall parking lot. stores in the area were put on lockdown until the suspect was taken into custody. fortunately no one was injured. >> gregg: an alabama hospital is secure following a deadly shooting there. investigators say a gunman
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suddenly opened fire inside that facility yesterday hitting a police officer as well as two hospital workers. second officer returned fire and then killing the suspect. hospital says care for patients in the vicinity was never interrupted. no word yet on a possible motive. >> heather: as authorities continue their investigation in connecticut there is a growing focus on how the families of the victims are supposed to continue their lives as usual after this horrific tragedy. that is an ongoing struggle of one. she is was among killed in the mass shooting in a colorado movie theater over the summer. i know all too well about the road ahead for the peoples that have been changed forever. anita joins us by phone. she lost her cunning in that shooting. first of all, i imagine when all
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of this transpired on friday it immediately brought what happened just last summer in aurora back home to you. what were your first thoughts? >> the families and crying. it really back the trauma of the day. >> heather: what are these parents, these families, what are their initial responses. what do you think their feeling right now having gone through it yourself? >> total shock. overwhelming grief. you question your faith in god. one of the most important things i think for people to understand that goes through this is that god did not take them. evil wants to take away your faith in god. don't let it. people are questioning everything. they eventually once the shock wears off you redefine your life
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and function again. most of all people who are suffering want to find a way to honor their loved ones for the greater good of everyone. that is what the aurora shooting victims are doing. to that end i would really encourage the governor of connecticut to please don't let what happened to the victims of 9/11 and the victims of aurora happen to the victims of sandy hook --. >> heather: what do you mean? >> soon after national tragedy like this, all these funds start up and they collect money. most if not -- quite a few of them money never gets directly to the victims. we would ask that the governor of connecticut listen establish a victims compensation fund. you need help with time off work to grieve, funeral costs, people
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want to give in america but they also want to know that their money is going directly to help the victims. a victims compensation fund is set up or give to a nonprofit and make sure that the money goes directly to the victims. it happened to the victims of 9/11. they had very well established nonprofits taking money from the victims have been reported on your network and others. you heard the bureau president of staten island after sandy, stop giving money to the red cross because we're not seeing the money. we beg that the governor help the victims with a true plan to get money directly to the victims. >> heather: in these initial moments, it's only been two days
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how long will it take for these families to at least begin to come to grips what happened. as you said, they are in shock. how many days did it take you, how many months? >> we're still going through it. it depends on the person. what happens with this is you have horrific post-traumatic stress disorder in varying degrees. there is a woman that can't work and function. it's why money that is collected get to the victims. one thing you happens, it overwhelms you so much it keeps us from hearing our own angels. if you pay attention, angels give you signs. if you pay attention, we have all in aurora we have seen signs but the are spiritual signs and sometimes the grief overwhelms it.
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>> heather: beyond the money and compensation that people will eventually donate to these victims in this horrific tragedy what can people there do immediately for these families to try to help heal them a little quicker? >> the best thing that the families can do themselves, its tight-knit community, what helped us we all got together and helped us through it. when you have children and you are doing in the same school like that, an elementary school, a lot of these families know each other. they should reach out to each other and help each other through this. there is so few people that go through something like this on a national scale. the media coming down on you. just please be respectful of their privacy, don't show up their house knocking on the windows or doors.
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please have the community themselves pull together. also, maybe establish one person who can contact and keep in touch with all the victims and see what they need and go through that person so the families aren't constantly being barraged. >> heather: thank you so much for joining us. we hope that others in the future won't have to endure what you said. >> gregg: medical scare for done top diplomat. hillary clinton suffering a fall and concussion. >> and offering prayers for the victims for the horrific shooting in connecticut. >> we heard everything, the shots and doors slamming and people yelling. her heart was racing.
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>> heather: as the president prepares for his interfaith memorial to remember the victims
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of tragedy shooting, support is been pouring in by coming together at sunday church services and doing whatever they can to help heal people they probably never met while coming to terms with emotions of their own. >> we just got in from washington, d.c. and i say what was happening. we had to get back. pray to god to help heal these people that lost children. we have two daughters. i can't imagine what it must feel like. >> people watch this stuff on tv and come and show your support. lay down flowers and show your support. >> it's an unimaginable loss. there is nothing you can say to console them. >> people at one newtown church, they had a reported bomb threat
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but police gave them the all clear shortly after the call was called in. >> gregg: new reports showing small businesses are feeling the effect if democrats and republicans don't reef an agreement soon. joining us is brenda buttner. newly smaul businesses they have to budget in advance. they have to budget for the coming quarter. so they are already tightening their belt? >> you budget based on what the economy is going to do or what the customers are going to spend. we had key surveys that the optimism level of small business levels is at record lows close to what it was in 2008 and 2009 when basically the recession started and financial mess imploded. 50% of small business owners think that things are going to get worse in the economy in the next six months. if you are dying to buy that
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computer or hire that new person and you think things are going to get worse, you rein in. >> small businesses create 64% of nay jobs in america. they employ half of the workers in united states. the president is holding absolutely firm, i want to raise tax rates on those earning above $250,000 a year. that is 8 a 5% of the small businesses, isn't it -- that is 85% of the small businesses, isn't it? >> what they do is file as individuals. so if the rates on individuals are raised, not just on people who make $250,000 or whatever, it's on the owners. a lot of them take their income and file it back into the business in order to get bigger. if their tax rates are going up is going to have a chilling effect on whether they hire or spend. there are other issues, 2% of payroll tax cut which has been
1:22 pm
in effect for two years. that is going to effect a lot of customers. it's not just rich people. if you make 40-60 k a year you are going to lose $700 less that you are going to spend. they say $95 billion back into the government. >> gregg: that is $95 billion back into the government but that means $95 billion out of the pockets of customers to spend on small businesses? >> that is why it's not just a tax effect on small business owners but on what their customers are going to do. we're already seeing a cut back by owners in terms of buying new software or equipment spending. there has been a decline. so that is now. with this uncertainty moving forward you can only expect they would pull back. >> gregg: most of job creation has come from small businesses. do you see that reversing itself
1:23 pm
if the president maintains his position on taxing those making more than $250,000 a year? >> the issue is they create a -- they are basically the engine of job creation. they employ about half of the americans employed right now. will it have an impact on employment rate? i think it has to. >> gregg: experts say if we go over the fiscal cliff there will be recession. do small businesses have the most to lose? >> they live month to month much more so than huge corporations and have other things they can rely on. >> gregg: they have bridge loans to get through them payroll to get them through the month and that will go away. >> that is the fear. >> gregg: since small businesses make up 54% of employing americans that will be a huge
1:24 pm
impact. >> heather: catch brenda buttner on "bulls and bears", here all the time. thank you brenda. the connecticut school tragedy we're going to talk allege more about that. school safety, everyone is talking about that. back into the national spotlight a look what needs to be done to make sure that our are safe. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop? campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>>. >> heather: welcome back.
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time for a check on the other stories. secretary of state hillary clinton is recovering at home after suffering a concussion after fainting. doctors are advising her to rest and cancel all work events the next week. the death toll from a typhoon is now over 1,000 and it could still rise sharply. over 800 still missing. in spain, more than 5,000 medical workers taking to the streets protesting budget cuts and to partly privatize the country's health service. >> gregg: as the tragic shooting in newtown, connecticut inspires soul searching nationwide, everything from school safety to mental illness to the family itself, there is growing debate over just how lawmakers are reacting. what kind of dialogue this horrifying crime might inspire in our nation's capital. steve centanni has more on that.
1:30 pm
>> reporter: shock and sadness in washington, that for sure in the wake of that tragedy in newtown and at the same time some ideas are being floated aimed at preventing the same kind of thing from happening again. out going senator joe lieberman and independent from connecticut has this recommendation. >> i think we need a national commission on mass violence, not to be in place 6 anything else the president or congress or state governments might want to do but to make sure that the heartbreak and the anger that we feel now is not dissipated over time or lost in legislative gridlock. >> reporter: in his call for a national commission. the senator is supported by democratic senator dick durbin of illinois. also on the talk shows, jason a republican of utah says that we need to explore what he calls
1:31 pm
the intersection of lethal weapons and mental health. he says violence and media are major factors in the equation. >> we also have to deal with the new social ramifications of the bombardment and social interaction between violence, the realism that you find at games and movies. some people, young people are making this transition from teen years into adult hood aren't table to make that transition. there does neat to be help. we need to look at families and communities and churches. it's not just a government solution. >> reporter: and homeland security secretary tom ridge saying the problem lies with approximate of mental health and destructive behavior. >> gregg: steve live in washington, thank you. as the president prepares to speak to heartbroken families to the victims of newtown tonight, there is a growing debate over what kind of message america
1:32 pm
needs to hear from our commander in chief. whether it will match up with his remarks tonight. we'll put politics aside and talk with our panel. >> heather: the connecticut school tragedy renewing calls for stronger security measures at schools. as parents all across the country prepare to take their children back to school tomorrow morning. what more can be done to make sure our schools are safe. dominic has more on this. >> the measures to keep schools safe have been long established. security experts say what is needed is greater implementation by schools and better coordination with authorities. they say that is really not very hard to do. >> we don't need to be teaching kindergarteners to throw book bags and pencils at armed intruders or metal detector at each door. we need to focus on fundamentals
1:33 pm
having lock down drills and working cooperatedively with police that take more time than they do money. >> reporter: there has been a number of cuts in security budgets in federal and local levels. experts say we may need more money for two-ray radios or extra counselors many measures do not require money, they require time to make sure that people are prepared. good example would be that many schools and administrators can order a lockdown. that should change. >> that is unacceptable. if you are in a school where only administrators are allowed to do a lockdown. we need to have training to empower you and train you on how to do one yourself. any adult in that building that sees a dangerous situation should be able to carry out a life saving function.
1:34 pm
>> reporter: and adults like the janitor or non-teacher. all the experts we talk to about safety, prevention and crisis planning is all part of the training agenda. they want everybody trained that works in a school. of course, bring in parents as well so they understand what should happen in the event of an attack like we saw in connecticut. >> heather: that makes sense. thank you dominic. >> gregg: while the nation was focused on the tragic events in connecticut. police and school officials in oklahoma were disrupted ago school shooting plot of their own. 18-year-old is behind bars right now accused of plotting and bomb to shoot students in the auditorium of a high school north of tulsa. fortunately fellow students help prevent a tragedy. >> the process we had we need
1:35 pm
place worked really well. what we have in place, we're going to continue to use that. hopefully we never have to deal with this a situation like this again. any time we are concerned about the safety of our students, that is our priority. >> gregg: school officials they are adding extra patrols to keep people safe for the next few weeks. >> heather: rebels in syria have captured a military ways. that report coming as the french foreign minister predicts the end is nearing for president assad. the new coalition of opposition leaders would have to be supported in the event that the assad regime is toppled to prevent extremists to be able to take control. >> gregg: also now in the middle east, sluayist leaders in egypt
1:36 pm
claim they have a majority of votes in the first round of referendum in a draft constitution but allegations of widespread fraud are casting a shadow over that vote setting the stage for possibly more violent protests. greg palkot is streaming live from cairo, egypt with more. >> those in favor of this controversial constitution will 6 their way the election is the first of two round. we're getting preliminary results in cairo and elsewhere, but what we're seeing is the yes voted, 57%, the no vote is 43. the turn off was down by egyptian standards and they are reporting widespread irregularities but the government seems to be dismissing those charges. it was marred by the violence we have seen here in jit for the last couple of weeks. the headquarters of a political party attacked by the islamists, this is something like 120,000
1:37 pm
egyptian soldiers mobilized for the day. if the pro constitution is favored by morsi defenders are saying that it is needed to protect the gains of the revolution. next saturday second and final round of voting will be in rural areas. these areas are friendly to the conservative islamists. so it seems that the constitution will go through. there is a cans that modify it after the fact. there are elections called for a new parliament but again it appears that the islamists will remain in charge. as you noted that could mean the threat of violence remains as well and the challenge of running this country. >> gregg: just shy of midnight, greg palkot live in cairo, egypt. thanks. >> heather: still to come, calls for action growing loud they are the wake of connecticut
1:38 pm
shooting. our legal panel weighs in what if anything the justice system can do to prevent tragedies like the one in newtown. the boys use capital one venture miles for their annual football trip. that's double miles you can actually use. tragically, their ddy got sacked by blackouts. but it's our tradition! that's roughing the card holder. but with the capital one venture card you get double miles you can actually use.
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>>. >> gregg: the scale of horror in connecticut is unimaginable. now growing calls for action to prevent this from happening again if that is even possible. the s there anything the criminal justice system can learn from this tragedy. let's bring in our legal panel. look we admit we don't have all the facts and we don't know all the mental health issues. having said all of that, from a legal standpoint, you think there can be something done in the mental health field? >> i really do.
1:43 pm
all of us have been shaken to core. this is tragic. we turn our attention to logistically. where mental health officials have a duty to warn, when they are treating the mentally ill whether you are psychologist or psychiatrist but if laws can be strengthened that it doesn't require an imminent threat upon the public but a measure of threat that is detected upon treating the mentally ill and they report that, perhaps it could result in prevention. that the first step. we look at schools at our sanctuary and when things happen in schools, when we go to work in a peaceful way because we know our children are safe. when you invade that, there is a problem. >> absolutely. >> gregg: nancy lanza collected guns, apparently she went so far to take her son to firing ranges to teach him how to use them. they practiced quite often.
1:44 pm
an autism expert said violent tendencies are not common associated with asperger's but any child with a neurological or psychological disorder should not live from a house with access to guns. >> obviously, we're all sickened but here a parent that has a child special needs. we don't know if this child growing up had any sort of mental health issues. obviously they know about it but we don't know if he was treated. there were signs he had some illness. he with a pulled in and out of school, home school for a period of time. then don't bring guns. i know that guns were bought legally and registered but don't have access to guns that have special needs. >> gregg: can we strengthen
1:45 pm
civil commitment, as well? >> i think we can. there are civil confinement laws and those require an allow mental health professionals to commit people against their will. i'm not suggesting that at any hint of mental illness we had you had should pull them off the street. we have to take a closer look, but we have to take a closer look and if there is something amiss and recommended by psychologists they be committed, i think it's time to do so. >> every jurisdiction have a mental health law that permits involuntary commitment up to 30 days. exactly, but at least they can do diagnosis particulars to determine if they pose a threat. >> gregg: what about a greater monitoring of some of these high risk venues, whether movie theaters or schools. >> it's hard because no one is immune. if you look k-4, you had a
1:46 pm
university shooting at virginia tech, look outside a grocery store, where does it stop? as a result of those shootings there need to be collective effort, legislation would be helpful in this regard to get law enforcement to have a great presence in those areas. >> gregg:ly say this -- it seems law enforcement responded immediately. second of all this school did have its own lockdown system. they had practiced drills. i want to compliment the school. greater number of lives could have been lost. >> absolutely. we know the shooter broke into the school. they had the lockdown system in place and there was obviously security. >> gregg: there is this phenomenon, call the black swan, metaphor used, statistical term used to describe an anomaly that
1:47 pm
is so incredibly rare it can't be anticipated. i devoted yesterday a doctor at the university of texas, it's almost impossible who is going to be the next one to carry out to detect that person. >> that is what to take it further, you never know when, where, how or what, it seems like we can't let it. >> if law enforcement and school psychologists, they have that duty to come forward and say this person may pose a threat whether in the workplace, the schools, at large. we need to do something about it. >> to make it more probable to prevent something like this. >> gregg: i want to end this by saying there are tens of thousands of schools that are completely safe. we don't want to frighten the children. that is the message that all of us want to make. great point. >> gregg: joey jackson and mercedes, thank you.
1:48 pm
>> heather: as the president prepares to speak with the heartbroken families in newtown tonight, there is growing debate over what kind of message america needs to hear from our commander in chief. whether it will match up with his remarks tonight. we put politics aside and discuss that with the panel fair and balanced, so stay tuned. [ male announcer ] red lobster's crabfest ends soon. hurry in and try five succulent entrees, like ourender snow crab paired with savory garlic shrimp. just $12.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently. and introducing 7 lunch choices for just $7.99. [ sniffs ] i took dayquil but my nose is still runny. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't treat that. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose. [ breathes deeply ] awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is. that's the cold truth!
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>>. >> heather: president obama's visit to the tragic mass shooting marks the fourth time he has visited the scene of such a crime right here on u.s. soil. with just over two hours until he addresses the nation to the devastated families, many people are wondering what will the president say? whether it will match up with what americans need to hear and exactly what that might be. joining me is talk radio news service, ellen ratner and mike slater. thank you for joining us. i'll toss it to both of you. what do you expect the president will say this evening? >> i'm not sure what to expect.
1:53 pm
i think we need to hear a message of love. it can start with our families. there are 20 homes in connecticut with empty beds and lonely toys and wrapped presents. there are 20 grieving families that want more than anything to see their kids for one more hug and shower them with more love. i think the message of encouraging more active and engaged parents across the country. that is the message we need to hear that all the time. >> heather: they'll be two groups of people he will be speaking to, privately he will speak to the victims and families but when they listen to him when he speaks to the country they will be listening to something, the rest of us will be listening to something. what does he need to do? >> in m respects he shouldn't even speak. i think he should be there and not necessarily talk. it's true that the rest of the country is waiting for him to talk. obviously his experience as a parent is very important.
1:54 pm
just like you said, the issue of one last hug, but also he made a speech on 9/11 that i thought was amazing on tenth anniversary. he said it is worth remembering what hasn't changed, our character as a nation and faith in god hasn't changed. with god as our guide let's honor those that have been lost and let's look to the future with hearts of hope. if he says something along those lines that will be very poignant. >> heather: he came out on friday and his first comment, he shed a few tears, do you expect to see that type of emotion from him speaking not just as a president but also as father this time around? >> i hope so. i hope he connects as a dad first and politics never. the idea there is no such thing as darkness, we call the absence of light. i'm inspired by one of teachers put all the kids in the
1:55 pm
classroom and telling them, i love you all so much. he didn't want the last thing for them to hear is gunfire. so in the face of this darkness, she wanted to provide a ray of light and to provide comfort and hope for these kids. she was able to do that. i say that because we all have the opportunity to be a ray of light to someone. everyone is dealing with some darkness or loneliness or some doubt. we have the opportunity to be an element of kindness and encouragement to people. let's not forget we all have the opportunity to do that with the people in our circle as well. >> heather: i heard this tossed around a lot, a description of not being the commander in chief but taking the roll on as the comforter in chief. do you think that should be the first priority? >> he has done that. that is why i said i'm not sure words are important or he should even speak. people want to see the president
1:56 pm
is there and he can reach out to people and comfort them and be there. he listens to them that he hears them, that is what i think we wanted to see for ourselves. >> heather: what about lessons he can share from this tragedy and since his time in the oval office? >> i think that is very difficult. i'm not sure that those kinds of lessons. he is not a preacher, he is the president for him to be talking about. he is the person that is there comforting and representing the nation in his effort. >> well said. on that point, i'm a little uncomfortable with the idea of president being the moral leader of our nation. i think fathers and mothers are moral leaders of their homes. so let's not just outsource all of our responsibility to our families by looking to the president to solve all of our problems. this in particular, let's take this upon ourselves to lead our
1:57 pm
families in a better place. >> heather: thank you ellen and mike. >> gregg: coming up, we'll have more on the president's up coming visit to connecticut. he is already there as he prepares to meet the victims' families before attending an interfaith memorial service to remember the lives young and older, those who were lost in the tragedy in newtown. we'll be right back. :
1:58 pm
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2:00 pm
>> fox coverage of the tragedy in newtown continues with just two hours until the commander in chief addresses one of the most horrifying mass shootings in american history as we learn more of the investigation into
2:01 pm
the lives lost in this mindboggling act of violence. >> welcome to a brand new american's news headquarters. >>gregg: the president on the ground, now, in connecticut, as he meets with families of the victims before attending an interfaith memorial service and addressing a nation in mourning after the lives that were lost. and now, ed, tell us what the president will be doing there. >>reporter: well, it is a cold, dark night here in newtown. it has been rough, obviously, on the community for several days but you can feel how raw it is, not just the weather but the emotions, people going through a trauma. one man knew two people killed at the school, a teacher and a principal. for the president of the united states, new information this hour. he wrote most of the speech himself making it clear, again,
2:02 pm
this is deeply personal for him as we heard him talk friday in the white house briefing room when he choked back tears. he had to pause during the remarks because he was thinking as a parent, not just as president. he'll meet with the families of the victims here near the high school behind me where the prayer vigil will be. some of the victims, such young children, makes it more difficult for everyone to deal with. he also will meet with first responders thank them. they obviously had heroic sacrifices not just responding to the scene but in terms of counseling and response to people in this community so the president wants to thank them. he will make remarks. important to note while the big debate has been going on about gun control, we are not anticipating the president will address that. >>gregg: certainly we have been hearing the politicians
2:03 pm
talking about that throughout the day and yesterday, but the president doesn't feel this is the appropriate venue, correct? >>reporter: that is the sense. friday, in the briefing room, he hinted in the second term in office after being sworn in january 20, he wants to see democrats and republicans and independences come together on what he called meaningful action. we have heard critics whether it is new york city mayor or democrats in the president's party, they have heard this so many times before, one tragedy after another but there has not been action. but it has been clear in talking to the white house officials, the president doesn't believe this is the time and place as the families are grieving to talk about something that is a political issue. what he hinted on friday suggests in the days and weeks ahead he believes this should be a debate in this country and
2:04 pm
legislative action. the precise specifics will be debated. >>gregg: thank you, ed henry, in new town. thank you. >>heather: starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern for coverage of the president's visit to newtown and the interfaith vigil he will attend the program is hosted by fox news channel bret baier happening live right here on fox. >>gregg: disturbing developments in the curt cut -- connecticut shooting, the police say the gunman had a massive arsenal of firepower including hundreds of bullets. mike? >>reporter: yes, hundreds of rounds were fired according to the connecticut state police. most came from a primary weapon used in the attack, the assault rifle coupled with high capacity 30-round clips.
2:05 pm
he carried two side arms and one of the handguns was used by the gunman to kill himself, another weapon was involved according to the connecticut state police, a shotgun left out in the car in the parking lot. beyond that, police say they are gathering information and evidence related to the one question we all want answered: why did this happen? they not going to offer up partial information on a motive. >> that will come as we finish the investigation. we simply cannot piecemeal it. we don't have a specific reason to stand here and say this occurred. we will and we are searching diligently and nonstop to answer that question. >> we learned today that autopsies were completed on the final two bodies to be removed from the crime scenes, the bodies of the gunman and his
2:06 pm
mother. the medical examiner says she was killed by multiple wounds to the head. there are more details from the associated press saying she was killed while laying in her bed and still wearing her night clothes and he killed himself with a single bullet. >> thank you from newtown, connecticut. thank you. >>heather: teachers inside the sandy hook elementary school when the students heard the shots are speaking out. >> as news crews crowded the streets support for the victims filled the windows of the newtown, connecticut center. angels were placed atop two trees and a memorial for students and staff members she knew and loved. >> she was in her 2nd grade class that morning and she heard a noise. >> i heard what sounded like
2:07 pm
glass breaking and i went out to see what it was and i realized it was not glass breaking and i went into the classroom, i called for my teacher to do a lockdown, i escorted the 16 kids to a safe corner, called 9-1-1, and listened to their instructions and waited for help. >> when the suspected gunman went on a shooting rampage through her school, she and the classroom teacher kept the 16 children calm. >> kids are resilient. we gave them backs, we held hands, we told them they were okay. >> she was inside the school with the students her son and daughter and husband all first responders feared for her safety as they worked to keep others safe. >> it was scary but she had her cell on on so we had contact. our worry was making sure that everyone else was safe. >> we will get through this.
2:08 pm
i have lost friends, students. >>heather: that was wfxg from newtown, connecticut. >>gregg: the first funeral is set for six-year-old tomorrow, buried in fairfield, connecticut. the family remembers him as intelligent and gentle but with a rambunctious streak. his twin sister was assigned to a different classroom and she survived. the family says noah considered his twin sister his very best friend. they were inseparatable. >>heather: 20 children were killed at the elementary school and now some of the families are speaking out about their precious children and we are hearing from the families whose children surviveed.
2:09 pm
molly line is outside the high school. we knew this would be the next phase of what happened, molly. >>reporter: we are seeing the faces of the children, and hearing the stories of how they spent their time and the loved ones that will miss him. daniel, the youngest of three young, a first grader and he loved to play soccer. six women were murdered including the principal of sandy hook. she was remembered as a hero who tried to stop him the she was a passionate educator. and a third grader says she would get down and connect with the kids on their level. >> dawn was phenomenal. i had seen her about every morning as part of the before and after school program at the
2:10 pm
school. each day, she was so care asking got to the children's level and participated in so many activists with the children and dressed up when she had a sock hock and danced with the children. this year, they sold 3,000 books and she dressed up as a book fairy. >>heather: she is remembered as one of the heroes. there were six women. there are so many stories of their bravery. we will hear many of them in the coming days. >>heather: difficult days ahead. molly, thank you very much. >>gregg: an nfl player paying a tribute, victor cruz honoring the memory of a six-year old, limit jack was a big fan of cruz and he remembered him by writing "jack pinto my hero this one's
2:11 pm
for you on his gloves. all giants players work shes on their helmets today for sandy shook elementary school. >>heather: we have other stories, the tug of war in negotiations to avoid the looming fiscal cliff with the january 1 deadline approaching, is there any real progress being made? >>gregg: the connecticut school tragedy leading many to wonder what would cause someone to do such a horrific act? [ male announcer ] red lobster's hitting the streets
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2:15 pm
>>gregg: secretary of state, hillary clinton recovering at home, after fainting and suffering a concussion. she was advised to rest and cancel all work events for a week. >> growing misery in the philippines after a tie football with a death toll over 1,000. more than 800 are missing. >> in spain, more than 5,000
2:16 pm
medical workers taking to the streets protesting budget cuts and plans to partly privatize the country's health care service. >>heather: the shooting in connecticut is one of the deadliest in united states history and by targeting very young people one of the most horrific. many are asking what could cause someone to do such a horrible thing. my next guest has been a former f.b.i. profiler and author of "dangerous instincts." based on what we have been told so far, by what we know, do you think that we are in i closer to knowing why? >>guest: well, we are getting closer to knowing why. i think the law enforcement folks that are conducting the investigation are being
2:17 pm
particularly careful, to be exact and precise about the information they provide once they complete the investigation because they know that people are emotional and angry so law enforcement will be very careful it is right on the money and accurate so people will have the background and the understanding of what happened here. >>heather: let's talk about the latest information that has come out today. mike reported regarding the amount of the weapons used, an assault rifle, a shotgun in the car, two handguns, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and multiple rounds of ammunition, does that tell you anything? >>guest: it says, again, the gunman came there with the intention to kill at many people
2:18 pm
as he could cull and he was equipped to do that and he brought weapons that would guarantee that. he did not bring a bow and arrow or a slingshot. he brought weapons of mass destruction. that is what he intended to do. by using multiple weapons rather than a single weapon, you guarantee yourself that you are going to accomplish that goal. >>heather: an assault rifle against six and seven-year-old innocent children. what about the victims he picked. do you have any answers? >>guest: the choice of the victims is very important. those victims are very vulnerable. they are helpless individuals. they small children. they don't know how to respond to a situation like that. in my opinion, when you choose victims who are like that, you
2:19 pm
very much guarantee you are going to get notoriety and you will stop the world for a period of time. if that was his intention he did that but to be able to carry that out you have to be able to dehumanize people or to turn them into objects. >>heather: we discovered also he shot his mother first. she was still in her pajamas, in bed, shot her repeatedly multiple time in the head and got in her car and drove to the school. do you believe, although initially it was reported she was at school, that is thought true, she was not a teacher, is there a connection between the two? >>guest: that would make the most sense to me this is a connection between the two. but say there isn't a connection between the two. just the choice of selecting small children becomes really important to what he wanted to accomplish which did require
2:20 pm
incredible anger and incredible sense of revenge and a need to retaliate. that information will come out as the investigation unfolds. to target that kind of a victim requires intense anger toward people that don't have the capability of having hurt you at any point in the past. >>heather: something else interesting about the killer, he was 20 years old and in this day and age 20-year-olds usually have an extensive digital footprint but he did not have facebook page. what do you make of that? >>guest: well, in the last couple of cases that was, in fact, true. his interests may have been focused on something else. we have preconceived ideas this is what is typical if a 20-year-old and we may be right but we cannot be surprised when we see atypical behavior because the shooters do not come from
2:21 pm
the same pattern, and are an anomaly. we do have to accept the fact we are going to see distinct differences and distinct patterns. >>heather: is there anything that could have been done to prevent this? >>guest: well, i have been talking about there and i have heard other folks talk about it. this is not snap behavior, it was not an impulsive act. it took time to get the guns. it took time to get the ammunition. during that time, the shooter's behavior would have become even more dangerous and more erratic and his circle was small and those close to him would have noticeed something as he began to get worse and worse. >>heather: thank you very much for this very good insight. >>gregg: president obama is in
2:22 pm
connecticut at this hour attending an interfaith prayer vigil this evening for victims of the sandy hook school shooting. we are awaiting the remarks. he is meeting first with the family members of the children. >> this is the dark of the thing i have ever experienced in my life and very dramatic and just horrific. my doctor told me calcium is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release.
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2:26 pm
>>heather: at the top of the hour fox news will bring you full coverage of the president's visit to newtown and the vigil he will attend. the program is anchored by bret baier who joins us live from washington, dc with a preview. >>bret: people are just starting to file in to the
2:27 pm
auditorium at newtown high school. this is where the vigil will take place. obviously, it is an emotional night. a somber set and it has been raining all day setting the mood for the emotion this. you can see a live look in the auditorium right now. there is a schedule with many different readings and different religious figures from various churches and synagogues and places of worship around the region that will speak at vigil. prayers for the children, prayers for the victims, prayers for the families of the tragedy. we will also hear from a local politician, rather, local politicians through the ceremony , with the governor introducing president obama. president obama is on the ground now. he will meet with victims'
2:28 pm
family members and first responders. he will speak. he has been working with a speechwriter we are told by the white house pool but they are saying he is working on the remarks personally. it is a "consoler in chief" moment, that not only for newtown, but, really, for the nation as many around the world, as well, and the country are dealing with this tragedy today. >>heather: bret, this is the four the such trip he has taken during the presidency and i know you have listened to him each time he goes to the communities to speak following a mass shooting. aurora would, colorado, tucson, ft. hood, and he actually shed a tear on friday when he first spoke about what transpired. do you expect to see the same emotion tonight? >>bret: it is possible. you look at the video on friday,
2:29 pm
this is a father of two young daughters. as the tragedy has affected a lot of people, you just talk to them and it affects people. it affects the president the same way talking to people around him. he was affected this way on friday. ed henry has done some great reporting around what this president has been dealing with putting this speech together. he is going to speak from the heart. he will not deal with anything policy-wise tonight. it is a big moment for this community for healing. it will take a long-term after something like this for that place to get beyond anything. >>heather: i know as a dad you will listen in that respect, as well. >> that is tonight starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern and bret will have full coverage of the
2:30 pm
interfaith vigil. >> and the united nations ambassador susan rice asked president obama to her name from consideration to become the next secretary of state. the an rice was criticized for her public explanation of the deadly benghazi terrorist act which, of course, turned out to be false. and now our political insiders, john leboutillier, and pat caddell, and doug schoen, a fox news contributor and former pollster for bill clinton. doug, the op-ed of the mat not, is a full cheerleader for president obama and i fell out of the chair and broke my elbow when i read this op-ed that rips
2:31 pm
into susan rice for being best friends with brutal african dictators. dow jones industrial>>doug: a ne same point and our colleagues' sense, that was the end. the president understood he could not go forward with her after that. it was only a matter of time. >> this was a piece in the "wall street journal" and that devastated her, and today in the "new york times", the story in the review section "worst war in the world is in congo" she has been supporting the president who is is a former client of he. she should have been out of office and should not be at the u.n., putting her former business interests with people dying by the hundreds of thousands and when the not mat did that -- when the not -- "new
2:32 pm
york times" did that and the op-ed, she was gone. >> we are now going to have hearings this week on benghazi chaired by john kerry. and the main witness was going to be hillary clinton. since this was announced we know that john kerry is going to be the next secretary of state. >>gregg: the guy who called assad a reformer. >> and now mrs. clinton has a stomach bug and she cannot testify, she had a concussion. >>gregg: so we will never hear? he will be confirmed easily? >> he made the right call for john mccain in 2004 asking him to be the running mate and chuck
2:33 pm
hagel secretary of defense who opposed sanctions on iran, he objected and he is considered, as you know, in israel, to be very antiisrael and he is against all interventions. we will have a political secretary who will get cover as he continues a foreign policy that many americans object to. >> he wanted a republican to lead that charge. >> you need a chain saw. >> the fiscal cliff, we will talk about that. on friday, we don't know what happened yesterday but speaker per is offering to raise tax rates on income above $1 million and obama is holding firm at
2:34 pm
$250,000. >> this is what we have been talking about, the beginning of the republican cave. whether they will cave enough to get a deal before december 31, we don't know. this is unilateral surrender. >> obama wants more tax increases than cuts but members are the opposite. this is the fox news poll, which is the best way to deal with the country's budget problem, and 57 percent say cut the budget for goodness sake, cut your spending. 20 percent say tax increases. >> it will never happen. if all we get are huge tax increases and minimal spending cuts . >> because the republican party and speaker boehner is a perfect example, he is negotiating and chuck schumer said $1 million,
2:35 pm
demand the president lay out cuts and fight over the debt limit but instead they are doing this in private and it will be a series of retreats. >> the message is, they is no message, no argument, nothing to say. >> you remember the debates they had talked about raising a dollar of tax for ten dollars of spending cuts. none of them raised their hand. now, we have speaker boehner raising his hand to raise taxes without getting any spending cuts. >>gregg: the president is arguing 2-1 tax increases and his doubt commission said, no, no, just the opposite. he has a republican party that is in the process of dividing hopelessly, surrendering, and, john, do you think speaker
2:36 pm
boehner can get a deal like this through the caucus? you have been there. >> no, they will not get that. that is the fear and he is aware of it and he has been aware of it since august of 2011. the fact that he offered this tax increase, he has support for that. >>gregg: you think republicans will get, based on our last conversation, you think republicans will get the blame if we go over the fiscal cliff. the "wall street journal" who is to blame if no compromise is reached? and 56 percent and slightly more, 24-19, republicans over democrats. >> but if you ask democrats versus republicans it is 2-1. the problem is most people don't see this as everyone's fault but if they have to choose, it is the republicans' blame. >> but, remember, president obama reached the nader
2:37 pm
politically on the breakdown of the spending. but back to a point you made on this, the president is not interested in cutting, he is interested in spending. he wants more spending and more tax increases but the republican failure to be able to have an alternative narrative which they never had and they never --. >>gregg: hold that thought, we will talk about that in the next segment. brand new polls reviewing the possible problems for the republican party. our panel debates problems and possible solutions. that is next. as parents struggle to explain the images to kids of all ages we will look at the best ways to talk about all of this. ♪ [ engine revs ]
2:38 pm
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2:42 pm
>>heather: we are getting new daylights in the connecticut school tragedy suspecting the gunman may have had a more gruesome plan in mind. here is what we know. adam lanza shot his mother in the head four times before returning to sandy hook school carrying hundreds of bullets. he killed himself. all evidence according to some experts that the gunman was intent on doing were more damage inside the school. >>gregg: and we have john leboutillier and pat caddell, and doug schoen. the popularity contest, if you will, positives and negatives and at the bottom here on the
2:43 pm
chart, with the worst ratings, the republican party, the brand has been hurt during the election and it has been hurt badly. the reason for that is there is not a positive message that people associate with the republicans, not jobs, or economic growth or cutting spending, and not reforming entitlements, nothing. bottom line, unless the republicans fix this they will be in deep, deep trouble going forward. >> we have another number here we will go to showing the second week in a row on the generic ballot. >>gregg: ten points for the second week in a row, this is the worst result since 2009, the brand damage, not only do they not have a positive message they do not have a contrast challenge
2:44 pm
to the president. they are still in the process of swopping under the rug the rnc announcing the appointment of barbour who was at crossroads of the former chairman, and he will head up to whitewash the rnc and crossroads over what happens in the election and the failure and what it means. >> i wrote to a bungler and he told me today he is done. finished. in more money. he said i --. >> that is why the conference was canceled in january, the meeting. >> there are two things. the big picture is, doug said the republicans are in trouble. it is not just now. the friends are bad and nothing is done to reverse it. not just romney but a series of
2:45 pm
events. the image of the republican party is nasty, negative, mean. not like it was under reagan where it was nice. yes, it was strong. >> who bears the responsibility? >> a lot of people. >> all the consultants getting all this money, and the answer is the republican establishment has no vision. we have numbers, if you ask people are they for smaller or bigger government, they are for smaller. >> there is support at grass roots but they will cannot translate it. >> you have to look to leadership in the house of representatives and the senate. >> and those two do not talk to each other. >> they do not have the same game plan negotiating with the president. you would think the party would be unified. >>gregg: and another poll, fox news, 65 percent say government is down right broken and 26
2:46 pm
percent say just okay. >> everyone wants change, fundamental change, and the republicans are not doing great, what they are not doing is giving a plan that is fiscally prudent offering a way out. >> you do not need two parties defending the broken washington, dc. you need a party that is the antiparty of that and the republicans should do that but they are not because the republican establishment is an establishment washington party and i must say, it is --. >> are we in the 1850's with the birth ultimately of the new party. >> there is a supermajority that is a moderate center right party. if the republicans choose not to
2:47 pm
speak to that, they could be gone. >> the cliff cliff is the topic of the day and it will be until january 1 unless something is done. >> or longer. 60 percent of republicans want to compromise and 61 percent say we do want you to raise taxes if you must on the wealthy. now, if speaker boehner does that, and he is offering that, what, then? >> if he gets significant spending cuts as part of the deal, he will survive as speaker, the republicans will survive and they will have something to campaign on. that is the trade. >> they have not articulated the need to cut spending as part of a pro growth strategy in a way they need to do. >> they are being killed on message. >>gregg: it is a shame we are out of time. i want to ask you about 44
2:48 pm
percent the democrats are santa claus, santa is a democrat. they think santa is nice. santa redistributes wealth and the republicans are scrooge. >>gregg: gentleman, thank you very much. more from our political insiders each monday at 10:30 a.m., and will be back here on sunday, of course. >>heather: as we continue our coverage of the tragic shooting in connecticut last week there is a growing focus on how to discuss the tragedy with children without adding to the fear and trauma many may already feel. we will discuss that with our pediatric experts up next. ulent, like ourender snow crab paired with savory garlic shrimp. just $12.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently.
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2:52 pm
>>heather: many parents are trying to shield their children from images from newtown, connecticut. >>gregg: that can be tough in this media age. what can parents do to make sure it does not take an emotional toll on our children? we have a spokesperson for the american academy of pediatrics.
2:53 pm
thanks for being with us, doctor. i have teenaged kids so this is not practical, but for younger children, turn off the tv? >>guest: my children are eight and ten, our television is not on at all. i don't want them to see the images. i talked to them. i think it is important if you have children that are going to be exposed, children that will go to school and hear children talking about, it is important they hear it from you first so they get the facts and details and the expert they need. >>heather: you have teens so it is difficult to shield them. >>heather: they are returning to school. what do you say to those children? >>guest: you want to be very
2:54 pm
careful in the way you tell the story. you don't have to give them all the small details. you give them concrete facts. a external thing happened. there was a big shooting. a lot people were injured. you don't have to tell them the age of the people. if they ask questions, you need to answer the questions. when you give your short story, you ask them, do you have any questions, how do you feel in you want to on the door for what their responds are. some kids at the age of eight or ten don't have the developmental maturity to understand that is going ons they hear it and move on and other children will be afraid it will happen to them. >>gregg: what i try to stress is there are literally many schools operating each day and it does not happen in the other schools but this is an aberration. should you convey that? >>guest: you want kids to feet
2:55 pm
-- feel safe. you want did show them this is the exception and not the rule. you talk about all the people that are there to protect them, how as a parent i will always do everything i can to protect you to keep you safe. teachers will do the same thing and police officers and firefighters, and a village of people around you that will do everything you can to protect you. >>heather: encourage them when they come home from school on monday to share with you what they heard from other students. >>guest: absolutely. monday night dinner is incredibly important time for reflection with family and a time to celebrate your own family and be thankful for what you have as you come together. monday night is going to a very important night for families. >>gregg: parents need to be vigilant. >>guest: you want to watch out for any different behavior, if
2:56 pm
they act out or have difficulty eating or complaining of headaches and abdominal pain, take it seriously at a time like this, particularly, asking more and more questions of how they feel. >>heather: there is an association with the killer in this instance, adam, that he was possibly diagnosed with some sort of mental disability, a disorder, and they talked about aspergers as a possible but it is not confirmed. >>guest: asperger is not homicidal behavior, and this is more a disorder of communication. children and adults of aspergers have a hard time making contacting and picking up social
2:57 pm
cues like a sense of humor or figures of speech and investigation. so, we are really talking about an entirely different situation than someone involved in this. >>gregg: it is a division of autism opposed to a separate diagnosis category. we will have to leave it there because we are out of time. doctor, thank you very much for this tough topic. that does it for us. let bear is up next as we continue our special coverage of the horrific event from newtown, connecticut. can cause cramps. but phillips' caplets don't. they have magnesium. for effective relief of occasional constipation. thanks. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'. till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way...
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