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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 17, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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noah, caroline, jessica,, allis. >> very touching tribute and incoming day asks weeks we'll learn about what happened in newtown, we're on the ground in connecticut and will bring you more right here on the record. thank you for being with us tonight. make sure you go to good night from washington. ♪
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♪ >> hello everyone. i am dana perino. welcome to the five. it has been 48-hours since the shooting. the first funerals were held for 6-year-old classmates noah pozner and jack pinto has been laid to rest. he joins us now. >> good evening from sandy hook elementary. we remember two of the youngest victims today. you mentioned noah pozner age 6. he just celebrated a birthday only a month ago on november 20th. he was considered a lively and smart kid. that's how his uncle described him. that was one of two funerals today. get this, dana, noah had a twin sister. her name was ariel. she was in the school at the time of the shooting but she was in a different classroom.
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these two were said to be inseperable in life. ariel made it out okay. the other funeral for young jack pinto also age 6 a huge sportsmsports fan a big new york giants fan. he was recognized yesterday by wide receiver victor cruise who wrote rip jack pinto rest in peace on his cleats also jack pinto my hero the words of victor cruise that contacted the family. there's likely a meeting between that family and one of his heros in life victor cruise. he loves sports, basketball, baseball, wrestling. in a family statement late today they said a joy whose wide reach bee lied his six short years. >> the funerals through out the week there will be many more lives to remember then. as for the investigation and the school behind me we are at the point where it's about as close as you can get to the school
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sandy hook elementary. it's about 100 yards down dickinson road behind the firehouse. police are telling me it is considered a crime scene until further notice. there is no telling when and if this school may open again. we saw several moving vans go down the driveway and leave with entire 18-wheelers loaded with desks and chairs. they have been moved to a building about 7 miles down the road where they are now starting to set up a temporary school. when that school opens it is not clear because christmas starts a week from tomorrow. we are waiting for more news on that. as for the investigation we woke up to some grimm news earlier today yet again police confirming the mother was shot four times in the head while she lay in bed friday morning still wearing her pajamas. nancy lanza age 52 the killer's mother dead on the scene there. we are told first responders perhaps saved many, many more
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lives. police believe that the sirens the first responders the police on scene alerted the shooter that got him to shop shooting and turn the gun on himself. they found hundreds of rounds of ammunition that were unused on his possession or nearby the elementary school behind us. as for the connecticut governor we found out last hour friday morning at 9:30 a.m. when the killing began. all of the churches across connecticut to peel the bells for the moment of center lines. he's asking the governor's association. it's quite possible we will have a national moment of center lines at 9:30 a.m. eastern time the moment we believe the killer gained access inside the school. >> bill hemmer who has been an amazingly reassuring voice of
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excellent reporting. thank you so much for joining us. let's start our show tonight with general reflections. as a father and a proud american who loves kids especially a 6-year-old who doesn't love a 6-year-old that wonderful spirit and innocence. what a heart wrenching few days this has been. when you start hearing some of these stories and you learn a little bit more about them. it almost does help you start to put it in perspective and heal a bit more. >> sure. >> the thing about this one, again the day after the colorado, aurora colorado shooting we went through this. we put it out there and the next day is the day we started looking at the victims. we have been pushing all morning to stay on the victims. i don't want to talk about the perpetrator. the most important thing is this is new town connecticut.
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we drop our kindergartners 6-year-olds, 14-year-olds at school and we say good-bye we trust their going to come home. for 20 families this weekend they weren't able to pick them up. there will be plenty of time for reflection on what went wrong we make sure it doesn't happen again or to our best ability it doesn't happen. for now for me the most important part of this is the 20 young angels that we lost this weekend. >> president obama saying friday was the most difficult day of his presidency. last night he addressed the community because everybody had a chance to see that live. one of the things you picked out was the end if we could get the reaction to the president's speech last night. >> charlotte, daniel, olivia,
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josephine, anna, dylan, madeleine, katherincath kras r- chase, jesse, james, grace, emily, jack, noah, caroline, jessica, benjamin, avielle, allison. god has called them all home. >> i thought that was an amazing way to end the speech last night. >> i think it was exactly the right thing to do. i agree with eric. the other victims here are the other kids in that school who witnessed all of this and are
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going to have years of trauma in front of them. one of the things i have a difficult time understanding is why they need to be interviewed at that age. authorities think that they do. i think president obama has been too far too many of these in his four years in office. i think he did a good job. for that town i can't image. it is unimaginable being a fatherment your greatest nice mare is to have police knock on your door and say your kid scratched his car or something like that, 20 kids. >> and it could have been much worse. as bill was saying, kimberly, one of the things you wanted to point out was the heroism. let's take a look at the sound bite you choose. >> told me good morning and asked how i was doing. i said i was doing well. she said she loved me i gave her a kiss and i was out the door. my daughter emily would be one
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of the first ones to be standing and giving her love and support to all of those victims, because that's the type of person she is. >> kimberly, i can image how hard it was as a parent of a 6-year-old. tell us your thoughts. >> taking my little boy to school every day, he's so young i still call him my baby because children are so innocent they rely on you look up to you to keep them safe. when you drop them off every day, being a prosecutor and former teacher myself of children in kindergarten and first grade i look at his face it's the last time i am going to see it. i pressure him so much. i memorize the clothes he has on his little shirt his jacket his shoes, his backpack. i want to hold that moment so i don't take it for granted. image the parents who did that on that morning not knowing the unspeakable tragedy that would happen at the end of the day that's the last moment they had with their children.
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to pick them up on a friday at a time right before the holidays it's unbearable. >> joining us now today we have brian kilmeade which is good. this morning some of the stories we told here obviously the heart wrenching one from kimberly you talked a lot about those this morning on fox and friends. what stuck out for you? how do you decide to tell the story? >> your stories are just as important but what stood out for me is what the teachers did and the principal did. i understand navy seals are trained to act like this. i still am in awe how they act under pressure and put their welfare aside for somebody else. when you have a 27-year-old teacher who has never been shot at before you image seeing a bunch of first graders hiding in the closet. a class has been wiped out across the hall. that gunman comes into her classroom and she has her kids hiding in the closet she tells the gunman go down to the hall. where are the kids? the kids are down in the
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auditorium. all of a sudden six kids panic and they run out of the closet at which time according to reports she dives in front of those kids takes their bullets. the kids also lose their lives. one of those kids was buried today. where did that come from the heroism. where that comes from as a teacher is pure instinct, fearlessness. the principal there's a gunman in the hall. they don't run they run at the gunman. >> it's amazing the amount of courage. >> awe inspiring. >> also speaking of that president obama had i thought a great way to describe the scene for us. you can image a 6-year-old saying this about how he was going to help everybody get out of it. listen. >> there were the scenes of the school children helping one another, holding each other, dutifully following instructions in the way that young children
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sometimes do. one child even trying to encourage a grown-up by saying, i know karate so it's okay. i will lead the way out. >> i love that story. i thought about, eric, how we all had -- if you have a child in your life or you are familiar with a 6-year-old's thinking, you take what brian said about courage and something about the innocence of a 6-year-old, what do you take away from that? >> brian said something very important. teachers aren't trained most of them aren't trained to do this. they are not trained to run towards the fire, towards the bad guys. these teachers did. it strikes me a lot of times some of us are hard on teachers we are tough on them for a lot of reasons. this is just an awakening to a guy like me who says these teachers are doing god's work. they are protecting our most valuable prized assets and doing things like that.
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i have to think most every teacher in that situation would probably do the same thing. >> i want to get that yooughts bob and brian. what did your kids ask about this weekend. they are older. >> they are older. they had a hard time. they said please explain to me how this happened. they are bad people. they talk about fate and how did god let this happen. i think they were just stunned. this is what kimberly said. immediately took out my photo album. saw my kids when they were this age. i just -- it is so unimaginable. by the way eric i give you credit we do get a propensity to get down. they showed enormous courage. i understand a parent throwing
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themselves in front of bullets. we could do that. but for a teacher to do that for kids that were not mer bloher b really is an extraordinary circumstance. >> my older son 11th grade he said is it possible to get a psychological evaluation of these kids before? 600 kids in your class 600 kids in your classes how do you get an evaluation to see what they are capable of. for my 9 and 11-year-old. my 11-year-old watched and walked away. i tried to change the channel but i see on the next day i had to keep them going because they were updated. my 9-year-old said do you think something like that would ever happen in our school. i said you know what look for them to drill on monday because i know in my head it can absolutely happen. you have a great lady in her 60s all you have to do is sign your name and you can walk right into at that school. >> we are going to talk about what some of the experts suggested if you are a parent at home what you should talk to them about. we are going to keep on this.
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directly ahead you will hear from the parents of jessica rekos one of the young children who were killed. please stay with us. ♪
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>> welcome back everybody. i drove my son to school this morning we talked more about the tragedy in connecticut. something i felt was necessary before sending him off to school in a safe place. it's good to talk about these things in my opinion. he got out of the car i recall looking back to see what sneakers he was wearing. i have no idea why i did that. i remember doing it. when i heard this a little while later it sent chills through out my body. listen. >> i know exactly what she was wearing. i knew i would see her pony tail come around the corner and her jacket and her black glittery shoes she had on this morning. i knew i was going to see her. >> there was still hope. >> hope. >> the children were hiding.
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>> finally around 1:15 they said it was a tragic day in newtown today 20 children were killed. and -- don't tell me my literal girl is gone. >> i just point blank found a state trooper and was like are there any survivors. are you telling me that standing here as a parent my child is gone. he said, yes. >> blue triple dark blue jeans abercrombie jacket. the leap of faith when we put our little ones off into the schools. you know what? most times they come home safe and sound. >> it is so challenging, you really are turning over your pride your heart your vow every morning to the people at the school. i have been on both sides as a mother of a 6-year-old and as a
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teacher having worked with a teacher with special needs children, the emotional developmental challenges. that's somebody's child. that's their life. so important. when you turn your kid over you are hoping things are going to work out. your child isn't going to get bullied they are well enough to go to school. they are going to get the education they deserve but my god they are going to come home at the end of the day to have a snack to do their homework. >> president obama said being a parent is like having your heart on the outside of your body for the rest of your life. i don't have children although i am a step grandmother of 6-year-old twins a boy and a girl when bill hemmer was reporting about noah who died and his sister ariel you think of them. this amazing community obviously very close you look at how many people turned out last night. in fact ed henry reported that he talk to do somebody who was on their way to see president obama address the gathering. they had walked two-miles because that was the nearest
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parking place. it was newtown connecticut but it could have been anywhere. then one of the things we all want as humans is a definitive answer as to why, what are we going to do about it we are going to fix it and everything will be okay. it is important to tell kids we don't have all of the answers. >> a lot of people are saying virginia tech there were more fatalities in virginia tech. virginia tech people came from around the country. this is one community one town, all at once. >> it is. i think everyone is trying to learn from it. they say if this idealic town a town you want to move to aspire to it can happen there with no history of gun violence no history of center lines, period it can happen anywhere. tait's not a theory. it can happen anywhere. earlier today on kilmeade and friends had a heart and a target made it similar to 9-11.
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we know we are not terror proof but we try to make ourselves terror proof as best we can. the question is how do you do that in the school without blowing the budget. i am wondering bo deedle brought up in the show there's so many retired cops at 40. if you could put a plain clothed person who is trained with a weapon should a psycho path like this get lose you could go to work and do what you have to do knowing you did everything you can to keep your child safe. if they would be trained to do it unalarming and in the prime of their life in their 40s they are almost giving back to their community without blowing the budget i believe that would go a long way. >> i grew up in connecticut. i have been in newtown many times. it is the one town of all of the towns in connecticut i never would have expected it to happen. they call it the safest town in america i think 6th or 7th state. it does take the innocence away from all of it.
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this was not a city with urban problems or the rest of it. this is an idealic little town. image it's not that big a town. just image christmas. it is very, very difficult. >> -- survivor's guilt is huge. >> we are up against a break here. we are going to talk about other facets of the story. one thing that is important to note. we protect -- think about every sipping el bank you have ever been to. tell me one time you see a bank where it is not guarded with someone with or without a gun somebody who knows what they are doing. you show me a bank without a guard i will show you the bank that is not going to get r-- i show you the bank that will get robbed. put someone who knows how to handle himself and a weapon at
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the door of any school in america. if we can do it for banks we can do it at a school. i wish every 20 one of these parents would give a dime for this. >> as soon as he saw a cop, if we got there early error sooner. >> got there 10 minutes before they locked the school down, too. >> if they have security in there it is going to save lives. >> we have to go. we may never know, i am not going to use his name. the shooter why he did this unspeakable crime. people are trying to figure this out. charles krauthammer who was once a psychologist has some thoughts.
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lanza. it is impossible to know exactly what happened and why. charles krauthammer has thoughts on what the focus should be. >> you have the psychologist the shooter you have a weapon and cultural environment. i tend to gravitate toward the psychology of the killer. when you think about the details of the crime he began by shooting his mother in the face. that i think is where i would start. although i think all of the issues have to be discussed. >> when you go through the details and try to make sense of what happened in some kind of desperate hope from trying to stop it from happening again. it's a necessary process to go through to try to figure out why this happened, what went wrong. for all intents and purposes the mother was very devoted really trying to attend to her son to focus on developmental needs and challenges even brought him out
11:31 pm
home schooled to put him in a more comfortable environment because he faced social challenges. what happened. everyone wants to know. >> i gravitate to want will {suffixñ]ling to know that, too. the policy question about guns and maybe even mental health i think will be a part of whatever president obama decides to go forward with. the thing the article that went around retweeted a number of times. she was a mother she said i am adam lanza's mother. she described in heartbreaking detail what it was like to have a child just what she said based on description seemed maybe going in the same direction as this other child -- not child but the killer i should say ch he was a son and there was a devoted mother. you think there might be a lot of parents who are thinking what can i do? what should i do? did he have everything he needed. obviously not or maybe there is
11:32 pm
just no sim tell answer to this question. charles is somebody that i would turn to to say help me understand the psychology behind this. >> eric? >> that peaiece is amazing. a mom on a blog spot i pulled it up it had a thousands comments. here's the thing. there are so many theories people are going to blame guns and mental health and video games and religion, breakdown in family. we need to point something out. there was so much misinformation that was put out there there was a second shooter, the shooter killed his father first. that the mother was in at the school. we need to take a breath let the police to their work put out the details whether or not there is mental issues then we can start to assist. >> everybody needs to solve this problem. there will be a day for that just for me not yet.
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>> it is true the high school where he went school members the staff teachers counselors security people monitored this guy because he had a series of obvious problems. one of the things we know about the people who have committed these kinds of heinous crimes over the last few years all have had mental problems at one time or another. it is probably safe to say a sane person would not do this. the question is in a state like connecticut where the governor admitted they cut back seriously on mental health counseling and their budgets the question is, that is a legitimate question public policy question is are we putting our assets in the wrong place. this guy not just monitor him but should he have had counseling? >> or in a special home. he was getting counseling. >> i am not as smart as charles krauthammer but i will say this. he knew how to smash his computers he knew how to get
11:34 pm
body protection, he played a an especially brutal game. it breaks up marriages. if my kid was mentally unbalanced i was working 24-hours a day to make them unbalanced i would not train them to use lethal weapons. >> wouldn't you have locked your guns up? >> are we assuming -- we are doing the exact thing aren't we jumping to a conclusion he was mentally ill. clearly he had issues. was he diagnosed? was he on medications? >> i can't remember if it was written byron in the national journal or tweeted by him. it was about let's not jump to conclusions here about a link i think he was saying in the "washington post" there isn't necessarily a link between autism and violence or asperger's and violence.
11:35 pm
i think it's smart to take a step baccalaureate the investigators do the police work they kneed and let's get some psychiatrists, people together to see what do we need to do to try to help these families prevent tragedies like this. >> started off with protecting the schools. >> good point. >> you can do that. when we come back the politics of guns. is it too soon? michael bloomberg is making a big push for gun control. should politicians be pushing these issues so quickly? that discussion when we come back. new york
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with my colleagues. this is the fourth time we have come together to comfort a grieving community torn apart by mass shootings. we can't tolerate this any more.
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these tragedies must end. to enthem we must change. >> president obama calling for change following the sandy hook massacre. stopped short of defining what that change should be. today new york city michael bloomberg had no problem defining that. he's a gun control advocate. he made his position clear again. >> tonight the president said he would use whatever powers his office holds to address this violence. i think it is critical that he do so. congress and the white house has to come up with something that stops this karnage no matter what the political ramifications are. >> should we focus on gun control? is the time right? >> frankly, i am getting a little bit saddened by people who say that those of us who believe in gun control that now is not the time to talk about it. it is generally a way for gun advocates to put off the subject until things cool down. now is exactly the time to talk about it. there is now a question.
11:42 pm
that is should you have a wild guy equivalent of an m 16. that is an assault weapon. the first day of the new congress a ban on assault weapons. there was a ban on assault weapons from 94 to 2004. it was not a reup. president bush stdecided not to reup and president obama decided not to reup. i understand that. at a minimum, a bare minimum we have to take assault weapons and make them illegal in every possible way. those guns don't hunt animals they hunt people. >> that has to be one element to look at guns but that's not it. >> first of all an assault weapon. from the early morning we had a meeting i said i don't want to do this gun control discussion right now there's a day place and a time for all that. we can't do it. let's not be like bloomberg, bill maher bob beckel and jump out while we are burying our kids as we speak.
11:43 pm
we are talking about guns. this is ridiculous. we are using deaths of children to push our political agenda. you are my good friend but you are absolutely wrong. >> you are wrong to say we can't talk about this now. >> i refuse to have this conversation. >> when will that time and place be? >> when our children are buried, bob. >> how about this. bill bennett feels different laned congressman goer feels differently. if that principal had a gun instead of lunging with just her body she would be able to take out that gunman. here's what bill bennett suggested earlier yesterday. >> i am sure i will get mail for this. i am not so sure i wouldn't want one person in a school armed, ready for this kind of thing. the principal lunged at this guy. the school psychologist lunged at the guy. has to be someone who is trained has to be someone responsible. but my god if you can prevent this kind of thing,ic y i think
11:44 pm
ought to. >> should we talk about this now? >> we are going to talk about it. it was interesting i was thinking back, not one of the obama romney debates this question didn't come up at all. that's why i feel a little bit oh now you want to talk about it. president obama talked about -- he mentioned fort hood i wouldn't put it in the same category on that one. why couldn't both things be true. why don't we talk about arming the schools and then if someone can provide evidence that ban on assault weapons would help prevent this. i would be open minded unless i can think about that in addition to the mental health things we have been talking about on this show in particular for the past couple of months. >> look, this is an important discussion. i go out to the family on this on terms of when is the right time to discuss this. the funerals and honoring the lives of the victims is paramount and then have
11:45 pm
discussion with courage and clarity but i believe we need to have it. >> look at guns look at protecting the classrooms all part of one commission given a deadline to reduce the assault. >> i am not sure the families would want to have the discussion about gun violence. someone give me once to have an assault weapon in this country. >> okay. there's a fantasy land of saying wae a magic wand it will never happen again. i think the army and the people in the school to make sure there's a deterrent. the colorado shooter went to three movie theaters before he went to that one because he was deterred, there was concealed carry was available at the other place. that was why. there's a deterrent factor while we transition into the fantasy land of there being no guns. >> i think it will be looked at. it will be comprehensive look and hopefully no politics involved in it. 15 minutes before the top of the hour. when something like this awful
11:46 pm
happens what should say to your kids, what should you say to your kids. will you hear what one pastor told the brother of one of the victims. stay with us. [ male announcer ] this is amy. amy likes to invest in the market.
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>> almighty and ever lasting god, as we grieve the loss of live life in the newtown connecticut shooting show us your way and teach us your path. >> that was a prayer in the senate ahead of a moment of silence on the floor for the victims of the friday school shooting. as a parent how do you explain something so evil for the children who ask what happened. here is the pastor at lima catholic church told the brothers of one of the young victims. >> i started talking with him. he said to me i don't have anybody to play with any more. i have lost my best friend. i said to him that god is going to send you some wonderful new friends. you don't have to be afraid. you will always have your sister in your heart and i said to him
11:51 pm
you don't have to worry because she is very safe because she is with god we talked a little bit about what heaven was like. he realized that she was going to be happy, that she was going to be safe, but it was shortly after that he just broke down into tears. >> i don't suppose many people fortunately have had to go through a tragedy as severe as this. we have all had our share of tragedies in our lives in my case from a very dysfunctional families. for years i didn't deal with it didn't talk to anybody about it. it came back years later to haunt me in many ways i wish it had not including contributing to addiction. one of the lessons is you need to get this out as fast as you can talking to people who know what they are talking about. otherwise it stays inside buried. >> we had the prints pal of columbine. right away he had ptsd. he knows 10 years from the shooting teachers breakdown ten
11:52 pm
years later they were fine but the memories and seeing kids again it brought it all back. >> from the columbine tragedy there was not commissions so much but there was a lessons learned thing that there are people who can fan out across the country that can go immediately to start helping the families and the children to start dealing with what will be a lifelong process. >> i was going to say quickly i want to make sure we get kimberly in here quickly. i had a discussion with my son three or four times he pushed back every single time. around the 4th time he started opening up. a teenager he is 14. a teenager they have emotions they have feelings about it they need to express it. they push back a lot because that's what teens do. stay on them. >> this is something i have been trying to shield from him because i think it's too much for him at his age to fathom and
11:53 pm
understand. i try to keep the happy focus they are doing great things counseling for the older kids that are concerned. they have also increased security. whatever it takes to make the kids feel they are in a safer place. unfortunately because of tragedy we become acows toppled to having sessions and the aftermath bringing a team in to try to provide psychological services for these kids. as you mentioned brian this will extend on for years to come. >> one more thing up next we will be right back.
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>> it is time now for one more thing. bob you are going to kick us off. >> the country lost a great public servant the senator of hawaii 80 years old he died. he was a medal of honor winner
11:58 pm
in the second world war. he served with the american infantry group. all japanese dissent. he was rushing a machine gun lost his arm received a medal of on another. inouye he became a new york senator and he was chairman of the intelligence committee. he will be missed. >> he was an institution of the senate. >> he will be missed. >> eric? >> very quickly when we get back to radio news i would love to do this story. we need to stay on this. this is a marine john hammer. let's take a next picture. this is very important. chained to a bed in a mexican prison over a dispute over a gun violation. he crossed the border with a gun that had registration that was improper. he is still in jail. look at that. chain around his ankle strapped to had a bed. get this guy out. >> you think somebody in washington could call someone in mexico. >> okay.
11:59 pm
one of the pictures that just popped up. it is from our bear friend greta van susteren who was over the weekend in haiti ovwith her husband. you are seeing the shots of greta home and academy f. you look at the tragedy in connecticut and what they are doing to reverend greta van susteren and her family to provide homes, to provide computers, an education a chance and a future for these children in haiti who suffered already in their short lifetime. these are some of the photos. you can see more on beretta >> greta and john are two of the most generous people in america. >> bill hammer started on it. victor cruise the new york giants got news. jack pinto lost his life 6 years old to the hail of gun fire. he looked up to victor cruz he wrote jack pin d


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