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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  December 18, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PST

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on his shoes he will be buried with a jersey number 80. now means so much. one of the good news stories in sports. what a good inspiration for the kids. >> remember i told you governor nikki haley south carolina she got to appoint somebody to senator demint's speech she has chosen bill scott who is a freshman. he will be south carolina's first black senator and the only african american senator in the united states senate at this time. all of the victim's families heartfelt feelings from us tonight. that's it for the 5. thank you. welcome to "red eye." i'm andy levy in for greg gutfeld. >> coming up, the mass shooting in newtown, connecticut renewed ded debate about gun control and entertainment culture. our panel will discuss. rob
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parker has been suspended until further notice for describing redskins qb robert griffin the third bayousing a term i have never -- by using a term i have never heard of, bit i'm sure it was inprop rete. -- appropriate. and the supreme court ruled on whether blaring loud music from the back of your car is inappropriate. apparently it is. >> let's welcome our guests. jed dojedediah bila. jim norton. his latest comedy cd came outlast week called "no baby for you." bill schulz, sorry. and sitting next to me is john bolton, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n and fox news contributor. we will get to the top story tonight. he shun attention until he didn't. adam lanza was an awkward loaner who pressed himself against the wall when others approached in the hallway. now a shattered and devastated town is trying to figure out why he slaughtered his mother and 26 other adults. he had problems, problems that
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went beyond lack of social skills. they assigned him a permanent psychologist as a 9th grader and flagged him to the security chief. he was mentally ill, clearly, and there were reports he had aspbureger's a milder form of autism. but we don't know everything. but it has put the spotlight on mental health. as one psychologist told usa today, if we will focus on prevention, we can't think of the gunman in the parking lot and what to do with them. we have to get involved a lot earlier. jim, so this guy was an awkward loner and painfully quiet. so are a lot of teenagers. how do you differentiate? can you? >> you just know. we are taught to be polite. i love how they say you can't judge a book by the cover. every time i see a school shooter he looks like a school shooter looks. they have the same stupid vacant look. they give you the creeps, but you are taught not to treat them like that.
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somebody gives you the creeps and it is because they are creepy. i don't know why he did it, but he is a psycho path. that's why he did it. why did the killer kill? because he is insane. you are never going to find a reason that makes sense or makes it acceptable or makes it less random. i am just tired of obsessing on why the mentally ill do what they do. >> jedediah, good point, but psychologists say the perpetrators of mass murders of virginia tech and other things all suffered from serious mental issues as jim was saying. can we focus more attention on these people and try to head this stuff off at the pass? >> i think we need to figure out what is going on and why these mental health issues are going unaddressed. it is the job of a psychologist to see why they pose a threat. if they are doing their job they can distinguish between the people who are loaners and a little odd versus people who are dangerous. another question i have was was he on medication? a lot of these medications
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used to treat depression, anxiety and add have serious side affects that could potentially make you have outbursts and make a side of your personality come out you didn't know existed. i have seen this with kids in schools where their personality changes as result of medication. i am not saying that is the sole cause, but could be a contributing factor. >> at this juncture we don't know. >> we don't know. i'm saying that's one of the questions the reporters should be asking. was he on med? >> some states have the assisted outpatient treatment laws that allow judges to order people with a serious mental illness to go into treatment. the thing is these programs only apply to people with a history of violence or have been incarcerated or hospitalized. we don't even know if that would have helped here. is there anything -- what do you think? >> i think we need to have a discussion about the protection that's been put around mental illness. in many respects for good
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reasons. it is not the person's fault if they suffer from some emotional disturbance. it is a disease. just because you don't want to stigma ties them for something beyond their control doesn't mean you should have a hands-off attitude. this is not like having a flu. this is potentially much more serious. i think that the notion that because mental illness is still something we are trying to understand you have to leave people alone until a tragedy happens is just the wrong way to look at it. >> the thing is you can help people without stigma tieing them. >> i think the earlier you have a serious conversation about this potential and consider involuntary -- this is a serious problem. i think the libertarians understandably are worried about it. mass murder is a worse problem. >> so, bill, the school officials where lanza went to school, they had him join a tech club thing. it is to help him try to be more social. apparently it didn't help.
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people are asking should the school have done more? can the school do more? is this ultimately not the school's responsibility? >> i don't know if it is the school's responsibility or not. i don't know how social you can be in a tech club. you also have to wonder how much is too much as far as this coverage is concerned? dilution and narcissism are in the same ballpark. a lot of these kids just need a push. i was looking at a tabloid this weekend, a new york tabloid, 20 pages of coverage devoted to this. the sports section 10. after awhile, you have to wonder how much is too much as far as this coverage is concerned. all of these kids have dilutions of grand dure. in rape cases they agree never to mention the thaim of the victim. maybe something like that can be applied to the perpetrator when something comes to this. these kids are all on the edge. all it takes is a little push. a lot of times they see a cohort or somebody who did something that maybe has crossed their mind and then they mention his name one
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after another after another. in their mind this is not a bad way to get their name out. there in their mind it is like -- wow if this guy is going this way, why can't i be there? have the notoriaty i feel i deserve. i don't know what the answer is, but it is a lot. >> i think there is a lot to this. one reason the media don't broadcast terrorist demands or read terrorist man fess toes is they don't want to encourage other terrorists. in the peculiar way i think the minds of some of these people work, they see this as a way to get publicity. if you are a loner and don't think anybody pays attention to you or cares you or loves you, and yet you see what happens with this obsessive coverage, i think it is over the top for many reasons. but its potential impact of people who could go over the edge is something the media need to have a conversation about instead of blaming other people. this is something the media can affect itself. >> jim, i know you have strong feelings about it and we talked about it in the green room, and you pretty much agree with them.
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let me bring this up though, the media covers saddam hussein. the media covers crazy dictators. we do cover people like that because it is newsworthy. how do you say, well you shouldn't cover this when it is clearly newsworthy? >> well, saddam hussein, you are not going to inspire other people to become a dictator by covering saddam hussein. you have to cover it because it is legitimate news, and we want to know what is going on. but there becomes a point where it is tabloid and disgusting. the media knows where that line is. psychologists have been telling them for years how to cover this story. they are not naive. we have the same boring gun discussions. >> is it mental illness or guns? the media never has a discussion, what did we do to contribute? when the shooting happened in aurora you knew more were coming. they are giving these worms what they want. they let them go out in a
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blaze of glory, and the press know they are doing it, and they don't care. don't let them feign ignorance. we are just doing our job. they know and they add admonish themselves of guilt because they feel they can hide behind doing their job. disgusting. geds do dye yaw we will -- jedediah we are talking about guns in a minute. i want to stay on this mental health thing for a second. i know a little about guns. i saw a lot of flat out wrong information being passed around on twitter and news reports, stuff about automatic weapons and people not understanding what a semiautomatic weapon is apparently. so to get back to mental health, most of the people who are talking about that including us right here aren't experts. we probably don't know what the hell we are talking about, right 1234*. >> when it comes to mental health you need mental health experts to be talking. to fox news' credit you have a lot of doctors on that were discussing the implications to the fact this could have for
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kids who survived and how the situation should be dealt with and how it should be explained to your children if you weren't involved and we had a crowd hammer on. it was the first person who we said we need to get into the minds of these people. we need to address the mental health issue. to your question before about schools and how much they can do, we have to remember that this in many cases resides with parents. those are the people who are with these kids 24-7. these are the people who are in an authoritative position where they can make these decisions about what kind of help their kids get. at a certain point the school does legally need to step back and say this is the job of parents. >> i want to-on to guns. sunday night's vigil and president obama said he would enter the debate in gun control in the weeks to come. >> no single law, no set of laws can eliminate evil from the world or prevent every senseless act of violence in
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our society, but that can't be an excuse for an action. surely we can do better than this. in the coming weeks i will use whatever power this office holds to engage my fellow citizens from law enforcement to mental health professionals to parents and educators in an effort aimed at preventing more tragedies like this. >> on monday white house press secretary jay carney says the issue will require a, quote, comprehensive solution, end quote involving gun control and other measures. and dianne feinstein has said she will introduce a de phak toe renewal of the ban expired in 2004. republican congressman noted on fox news sunday that stricter gun control does not necessarily mean that crime rates go down. >> washington, d.c. should be the safest place in america, it is not. ig chicago should be safe. it is not.
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their gun laws don't work. >> ambassador on monday, the senator who is an avid -- i'm sorry, democrat who is an avid hunter and nra member. he said gun control legislation should be -- needs to be part of a discussion. have we -- are we see a shift in the gun control debate in the tone at least? >> it is too early to tell. i think all of these issues need to be debated. but many of the people who are now saying, see this proves you need stronger gun control laws held that position before the newtown masacre and for various thrans have nothing to do with what happened there. if you change the existing gun control laws, would it have stopped newtown or aurora? the answer in most cases is no. i think that ties in part to the point you made about people not really understanding the nature of these weapons. you call something semiautomatic. that sounds like almost automatic. i haven't fired a
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automatic since i was on active duty. most of the people who talk about it have never done it. if you have ever done it once you know what it means. i think also it goes to this question of defense. you can't lock up all of the emotionally disturbed people. you can't get rid of all of the guns. you will always have the potential. what steps to protect the schools are you taking? to declare them gun free zones meaning the teachers don't have guns and that security just hope ops them -- just opens them up to this kind of attack. >> i want to quote the senator again saying i don't know anybody that goes out with an assault rifle or anybody that needs 30 rounds in a clip to go hunting. i find it odd that an avid hunter would confuse a clip and a magazine, but that's a separate issue. do you agree with him though? does he have a point? >> you need to keep in mind that adam lanza tried to buy a legal gun and was denied. he refused the back ground check. he refused to go in the
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waiting period. he didn't get a legal gun. 450e stole somebody else's gun. the gun control law that prevented him from getting a legal gun worked. what didn't work was the fact that he stole somebody else's gun. there is nothing you can do about that. if a crazy person will steel somebody else's gun, odds are they will get it. and the school rks gun free zone. all of these places, the will mas, the movie theaters these people go to are gun free zones for a reason. they know people won't be armed to protect themselves. >> you could argue that if his mother hadn't been allowed to purchase the gun he wouldn't have been able to steel it from her. >> you could, but that's like saying every person who is a law abiding citizen has to be punished and can't protect themselves because someone else who isn't a law abiding citizen may decide to steal their stuff. >> isn't that gun control? >>- >> should his mother be more careful with somebody in the house, we don't know. we don't know what safety precautions there were to keep the guns out of his hand. we don't know what was going in terms of the family dynamic. i would argue, yes, if you have a child with mental
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issues who is teetering on the edge and you have guns in the household, it is your responsibility to make sure the guns are protected. >> what about the idea that school officials should be armed? some people are saying this now. is this overreacting? the fact is schools are among safest places for kids. >> if you arm the school officials, one of them is going to snap. oh we have to arm the cafeteria ladies. it doesn't matter. who ever has it, if one of that group snaps people say oh my god. it is like nothing -- it doesn't change anybody's opinion. when something like this happens, people who are very, very for guns it strengthens their opinions. if i twhras with my gun i would have stopped it. people anti-guns say look see what happens. it is a talking point people use to strengthen their side of the argument. it changes nothing. >> in the case of the school attack the principal and other teachers very courageously went toward the gunman in an effort to protect the children
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and died as a result of their courage. had they had weapons would the result have been different? it is hard to imagine it could have been worse than 26-year-olds being killed. i think the possibility with training and with supervision i think would possibly deter people like the newtown. >> do we require that principals and teachers get gun safety training? >> i don't know. i think this ought to be part of the debate. the notion of the gun free zone zone -- maybe you don't want your students to have guns, but that doesn't mean you don't want some system of security guard for example to protect the students. this lanza committed suicide when he knew the police had arrived. why? they were the people with the guns. that's what he feared. >> from you a cop or military guy -- >> are you talking an air martial system? >> somebody there who is used to -- even a teacher with a gun and being well intentioned, being trained with a gun is one thing, but running in when there is a
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maniac firing is totally different. >> could not agree more. bill, i saw a quote that said this is going to be the equivalent of schools that 9/11 was for airports. is that what we want? do we want the equivalent of a tsa in schools? >> what more can they do at this point? i can't speak specifically to what the school was doing, but weren't they at the top of the list when it comes to safe schools? they had locked doors and all kinds of security provisions. he stormed his way in. at this point if it is going to happen, it is going to happen. the thing i have seen a little bit of here is i don't understand when people start equating gun control with banning guns. that always seems to be the parallel i see made. one is completely different from the other. you find a lot of gun owners are completely for common sense movements that involve gun control. it seems the argument stops when you mention the words because that immediately equates back, back, second -- bam, bam, second amendment.
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he did a poll and he asked the gun owners, nonnra gun owns and nra gun owners if there should be a required background check on owners and employees. most said yes. concealed carry permits should only be given to those who completed a safety course. most said yes. there is a consensus here. what you don't hear are these people. you hear the representatives of the nra and far right political strategists, whatever that means. on tv doing their agenda. the fact of the matter is there are less people buying guns now. there are more people buying a lot of guns, but gun ownership in households has gone down big time. they have to keep the numbers up jie. let me take the other side of this. this is something i saw over the weekend on tv or twitter, all of these people saying we need to have a conversation on gun control.
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it is time for a conversation. by all means, let's have a conversation. but most of these people don't want a conversation. a conversation requires listening to people who disagree with you. and it is starting from the premise that both sides are coming from booth faith. -- coming from good faith. they don't want a conversation. they want gun control. >> they want to talk about what they feel. the bottom line is the stats if you look around the country, the states, the cities, it is places with the strictest gun control laws have the highest crime levels. it is a deterrent for criminals. think about it. if you had a security guard protecting you all day and i threw this out to pierce morgan or one of the media folks would you want them armed? i would if i was out there and a high profile figure i would want my security team armed. it makes no sense. >> we have to move on.
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a big thing going is everyone says in the wake of this we have to do something, do something. i am opposed to calling for legislation and passing legislation in the heat of the moment when emotions are high. to me that's how you end up with things like the patriot act which end up having a lot of unintended consequences or intended consequences that people didn't quite realize when they were voting for it. have a conversation, absolutely. we don't need to pass anything in the next couple days or anything like that. coming up, a different story, something about football perhaps. you are watching "red eye" on fnc. stick around.
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is it corny if rg3 likes
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the gsp? they suspended rob parker for calling robert griffin the third a corn brother and saying he should not be judged on the basis of race. >> my question which is a straight, honest question, is he a brother or a cornwall brother? >> what does that mean? >> he does the thing, but she not really down with the cause. he is not one of us. we know he is a republican and there is no information at all. i am just trying to dig deeper into why he has an issue. >> here is steven a smith summing up the segment nicely. >> i am uncomfortable with where we just went. >> and while the network conducts a full review whatever that means, parker has chastised critics on twitter by calling them, quote, uneducated. there is a burn notice if i ever heard one.
12:25 am
as for santa paws, still hates the holidays. the war on christmas gets more and more violent. jim, i am guessing regardless of what you think about park parker's comments he should not have been suspended. >> i am quiet on this one. i typically hate seeing people suspended for expressing themselves. but if it was a white commentator saying that he would be suspended. first of all his head is awful to look at. i thought i had a miss shapen head. there is nothing more boring than watching a guy question another guy's racial allegiance or qualification in, what, 1970s think ?g he is not brother enough? he is married to a honkey? >> like the jeffersons. >> that's exactly what it is like. i don't want to see a guy
12:26 am
fired on this, but i hope he is fired for something else. >> this stems from rg3 saying, look, i don't want to be defined as an african-american quarterback. isn't that common sense? would you rather be known as a great african-american quarterback or a great quarterback. >> this is a critical point where our society has reversed where we started out in the civil rights movement. it was martin luther king who said "i look forward to a day when people are judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin." they obviously didn't get the memo at espn. unfortunately it is true across the board. that's how we campaign in politics. at least that's how the obama campaign worked. you target ethnic groups, religions on the basis of gender. you don't talk about issues. i think it is demeaning. i think people are multi dimensional. when you try and pigeon hole somebody as the black guy or the woman, you are going in the wrong direction.
12:27 am
>> jed jedediah, rg3 has amazing legs and arm and he will be remembered long after rob parker is forgotten. >> oh yes. this guy is already old news. i don't know why we are talking about him. you know, this guy said something stupid, parker. you have to be held accountable for what you say. as i recall i think rush limbaugh said something that had racial undertones years ago on espn, and he was forced to resign. i think espn was in a tough situation. if you are going to hold people accountable you have to do it across the board and have some consistency. >> last word to you, quick. >> i think rush limbaugh offended all black people. this just offended corn ball ones. the funny part was rob parker gave him street creds. i think he is not trying to look like a surfer. favorite group is the beach
12:28 am
boys, fact. >> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail as you red eye at fox and do you have video of your animal doing something? go to fox eye and click on submit a video. we might use it. still to come, the half time report from tom shillou. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by sled dogs. the dogs trained to pull a sled especially as part of a dog team. thanks, sled dogs.
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let's find out if we have gotten anything wrong. we go to tom shillou. >> yes, you are. i got that right. the mental health discussion at the beginning. jim norton, you said you don't care to ask, and you kind of -- you gave it a little voice saying who did the killer kill? this is what have you been hearing all the time. why did the killer -- you are sick of hearing people say why did the killer kill? but if the answer to that leads to some kind of initter veption, veption -- kind of intervention could it be available? >> sure, but it tends to lead to more media coverage. it is stage 3 of them prostituting a story, is this feign interest why did the aurora killer and then they call it why did the joker kill? and i am never concerned with
12:33 am
the motives of a sociopath. it is never going to make sense. they are not so crazy they don't know what they are doing. he planed it and shot himself when the cops are coming. he knew the consequences. you are never go be to find an answer that makes it less random and less frightening. >> that's a good example. wasn't it the movie theater shooter who was dressed like a super villain? >> yes. or gabby giffords, the guy who shot her isn't there ever go be to be a time where we say oh okay that makes sense. no, it never makes sense. >> jedediah, you responded saying this is the job of a psychologist to figure out what makes these people tick. the question is, if we do find a way to isolate these people, isn't the issue really less about psychology and more about the willingness to force
12:34 am
these people into treatment? we don't seem to be able to do. >> if it is a minor you have to deal with the parents and work with them. the idea is to figure out if these people are dangerous before they become dangerous and to monitor. like i said if they are on medications and under treatment and to make sure if these are young people who are living with parents or have close relatives that there is someone involved in the situation who is aware of the severity of it and monitoring it. a lot goes unmonitored. and then it is too late. we look at the news stories and we see there were all of these warning signs, why didn't anyone do anything about it? maybe enough people knew what was going. >> you were a teacher, am i right? >> i was a teacher and a dean and an advisor. >> they talk about arming principals. do you know many people in administration who are willing to walk around armed? it doesn't seem like that is the culture that accepts this character. >> it depends on where it is. in texas maybe. in new york city probably
12:35 am
not. i am concerned about that just because i know what difficult schools look like where there are very tough kids. i know there is tension in classrooms all of the time. i would be a little worried about the teacher being worried where the weapon was. all of that worries me. i support security at school. if you had a trained professional who was visible to the public outside and in and out. it was known as a ground that was protected by someone who was armed that could make a world of difference. >> certainly people are comfortable in other countries. sometimes there are guys with machine guns outside hotels. >> and guess what, the people in that hotel are well protected. no one is going in there to bother them. >> that's the time i felt safe in my hotel. >> i hate to tell you how to do your job, but we are burying the lead. how come no teacher we ever had looked like jedediah. >> i had a male teacher who wore that dress.
12:36 am
>> that's why they put her in the front office. >> i did have a lot of troublesome male students. >> you brought up a good example when you said we don't broadcast terrorist demands. we were talking about the media. exactly. we don't read the ransom notes. it glorifies the terrorists or the criminals, hostage takers, whatever. i think it was bill who said the rape cases, they don't mention the name of the victim. the media is constantly self-censoring themselves. but for some reason they think in terms of in these cases of violent shootings they can't sensor themselves. bill's example of the rape victim my example when a minor kills their mother, a 13-year-old, they don't put his name on the news.
12:37 am
jim norton gave me a good example. it was a perfect example when a fan runs out on to the field, these sports coverage, they don't follow him on the field. >> i was feeling left out. >> it seems frivolous, but it is a perfect example. media sensors themselves and why not, andy, in a case like this. >> i am still not sure what exactly you want. do you want no coverage of this event? we cover terrorist events -- --. >> look at what we have seen since friday. it has been wall to wall coverage. hour after hour after hour. i think it is that excessive coverage that could have an affect on other emotionally disturbed people to say to them, you can get four days of being the center of attention of the entire united states. that's bad. >> let me tell you this. if you stop coverage in the first four days, then you are
12:38 am
going to get yelled at from people saying why are you covering x while this is going on. >> i think if there was a principal throughout the media that people understood -- we understand when we hear there was rape victim and we don't announce her name we are all familiar with the practice. i still remember this guy's name. why do i remember dillon kleebold's name? i remember that as being particularly excessive. we may be approaching it in this case in my opinion. jay tom, -- >> tom, how douda fine the media? is the media fox news? is the media not twitter or the internet? you are still going to get coverage all over the place. news networks and news organizations should not cover this, but it is still going to be covered. his name will be out there. it is going to be circulating all over the place whether we cover it or not. i am opposed to looking at this guy's face and projected
12:39 am
on a big screen and seeing his name. it is interesting you mentioned twitter. if you are looking at the twitter hash tag, the inned could of things that are trending on twitter i haven't seen his name trending on twitter. i see i remember newtown and sandy hooks. it is interesting. maybe i can ask one other question of jedediah and this is for my own purposes. people were giving all sorts of advice about how to talk to your children about this. i was hoping my kids weren't talking about this in school. i didn't bring it up with them over the weekend. i don't know if sitting down and talking to little kids about this -- i just turned the news off. do you think they should be talking about it in a first or second grade classroom? >> i don't know about a first or second grade classroom, but the problem is kids will ask questions. tv's are on and kids are coming home from pool and and doing their homework at the kitchen table and mom and dad are watching this. they are going to ask questions. you have to be prepared to deal with it. if kids are frightened -- sometimes kids are more frightened when you don't give them real answers.
12:40 am
they are vary accept tiff to that. they are receptive to truth. you have to address it if your kids have questions. i wouldn't go out of my way to bring it up if your kids have been untouched by this. but if they do have questions you should be prepared to have answers. >> we spent a lot of time talking about the shooting. i guess we can just go to the last story. i just looked up the -- this is on the espn analyst. i looked at the -- i never heard of the term corn ball brother. did you, andy? has anyone heard of the term corn ball brother? >> i have heard it before the story, yes. >> i never did. >> you are not out on the streets like i am, tom. >> i guess not. >> andy wears the gloves with the top of the fingers cutoff. >> listen, i use the term corn ball brother, but only to refer to my corn ball brother. >> at the barber shop we use it in a different way. >> let me read you the definition on-line. this is the urban dictionary,
12:41 am
an african-american male who chooses no the to follow the stereo type include but not limited to being a leader well spoken and humble. how politically incorrect is that definition? >> when i saw the story my first thought was okay rg3 is a corn ball brother, but i guess chris brown is a real brother? is that what parker is trying to say? >> i guess so. ambassador bolden, you said, quote, if you pigeon hole somebody as the black guy or the woman you are going dop the wrong -- going down the wrong path, but i am comfortable pigeon holing jedediah as the woman. >> that's an insult to bill. >> back to you, andy. >> thanks, tom. coming up, strap on your compton hat because you might get smoked loc. that's not a story. that's something ambassador bolten texted me.
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an urging that embraces the force. some gene yeses -- some geniuses building a death star like the one seen in ""star wars". they ask to start funding by 2016 has hit the 25,000 signature threshold requiring an official white house response. can't wait for that. why do we need this project asap? they explain. by looking a the a weapon system such as a death star they can spur job creation in engineering, space exploration and more and strengthen our national defense. in other words to quote "star wars" we can all livelong and prosper. let's discuss in the -- >> lightning round. >> ambassador, if you say or even hint that you don't think this is a great idea, i will
12:46 am
flat out call you a liar on national television. >> i don't want to reveal any classified information, but we have a fleet of death stars. >> that's all i needed to noy. that's all i need -- that's all i needed to know. >> jfk said we are going to the moon and eight years later we landed on the moon, allegedly. isn't this proof that if we said we are building a death star we would build a death star. >> i think we should do. it i think we should do cool stuff. i want spidey web shooters. it is amazing that president obama would have to respond to me. i don't know what to create to make this happen. >> i do think there was a petition -- i think it may have been a legalizing drugs petition that legalized drugs and they decided not to respond. >> jim, no real disadvantages to building a death star, are they? >> it is idiotic, and if we were working on movie props, i worked on the end of "boogie
12:47 am
nights." mine broke when i sat on it. >> you had to go there. >> why not send a petition to the white house to have the president appear on "red eye." >> thraz -- that's a really good idea. "red eye" fans, get on that. as a "star wars" expert on the panel, bill, i'm sure you know enough about constructing a death star. how many jobs do we look at creating? >> 32. but the thing we have to do is learn from our predecessors. if we are to make a death star, we cannot have some sort of explosive device in a very small area we can easily lock down the protective sphere, and all it takes is two well aimed shots to explode the whole thing. that cannot happen. you were telling me something similar when i bumped into you and your group when you were singing over a trashcan with a fire on it. >> can we say if nothing else
12:48 am
we need to build this thing quickly. when it opens or launches dick cheney can be the one that says now witness the fire power. this has to be done request i canly, people. >> only if i could introduce him. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> there are a thousand voices that cried out. >> we need the death star filled. >> my friend is the blue elephant and he has no where to work. >> i know it is purple with three long ears. >> time to take a break. oh when we return a performance from tonight's musical guest.
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we are nearing the end of 2012, and that means it is time for "red eye"'s year in kitten where we look back at all that is cat. as always, please hold your applause until the end.
12:53 am
12:54 am
>> no one ever holds their applause until the end. annoying. ambassador, anything to add to that? >> what could you possibly add to that? jedediah? >> the most amazing thing i have ever seen in my life. >> we were all watching jedediah watch that. that was more entertaining. >> you missed some crying and some laughing. >> it makes you want to go up to a cat and do this to its chin. they love that. >> it makes you want to be one. >> it will stop a cat in its tracks. >> anybody else have anything to say about that? >> i would also like to scratch one under the chin. can i second what jim said? >> how many of those cats live with you? >> not a one. >> really? >> no. i don't really have cats.
12:55 am
>> it is all part of my tv persona. >> all of the cat videos were not subject to tv. >> we got a cat when i was five and i thought it was a girl so i named him susan. but then i was told it was a boy. so i named him john. a very special "red eye." that's the truth. >> we should add that to the cat video. >> and then we got a black cat who i thought was a male and i named the cat william. but then i found out it was a female so i named her midnight. but i liked the literal names for my animals. >> thanks for naming him william. we will close things out with a post game wrap up. go to fox slash red eye.
12:56 am
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12:59 am
time to go back to tom shillou for the post game wrap up. >> jim, new year's eve, big night for comics. where will you be? >> buffalo. the 28th through 31st, sunny buffalo. >> that's great. i always like being in buffalo on new year's. i will be in syracuse. >> great. maybe we can meet on route 90 and make out. >> jedediah, i hear you have a new column. >> i do. i have a new column where i take on bobbie jindle over birth control pills. >> i was surprised to hear your take. >> don't give it away. >> i read it through your twitter feed. everyone should follow you on twitter. >> at jedediah bila. >> ambassador, what do you think of the news of john carrie. >> he is excited


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