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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 24, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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[ applause ] >> could be a future senator from animal house as far as we know. thanks for inviting us back to your house. make sure to tune in washington, good night. merry christmas. >> they were responding to a fire when somebody started shooting at them. >> upon arrival of the first two engine company and some firefighters in their personal
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vehicles, they underwent gunfire from the location unknown. >> tonight, firefighters gunned down in the street and why police say it looks like this was a trap. mexican police locked up this former marine over the summer on gun charges. now he has made it home just in time for christmas. >> while i was sleeping johnny got up in the morning and walked to the beach and watched the sun come up. >> jamie: tonight, the reunion that's been months in the making. and christmas at the vatican. >> jamie: we will take to you rome, to bethlehem and to afghanistan for a look at how folks are celebrating. ♪ heaven and nature sing. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby in tonight for shepard smith. we begin tonight with the apparent ambush that has literally stunned a small town in upstate new york this christmas eve. volunteer firefighters had just arrived at the scene of a growing fire when a gunman started shooting at them from outside killing two of those
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first responders. the police chief says that shooter likely set the fire as a trap and was just waiting for fire crews to show up. it all happened early this morning in webster, new york, that's some 20 minutes outside of rochester. the shooting wounding two other first responders along with an off-duty police officer. listen to this. you can hear one responders dramatic reaction in this radio scanner sound. >> we're being shot at multiple firemen down. multiple firemen shot. i am shot. i think it was an assault rifle. we have multiple firemen down. working fire. >> jamie: community is in shock. investigators say that according to initial evidence, the gunman apparently ended it all by shooting himself in the head. police have identified that shooter as 62-year-old william spangler. they say he lived at one of the houses that went up in flames and he previously served 17 years in prison on a manslaughter conviction for killing his grandmother.
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earlier today, the police chief broke down as he announced the status of each victim. >> firemen was deceased at the scene. fireman microchipirino who is a lieutenant with the western police department was deceased at the scene. [voice shaking] >> jamie: the police is clearly shaken. he won his department's firefighter of the year award just weeks ago and he helped in the recovery effort as super storm sandy struck the east coast. cuomo issued a statement part of which reads quote: we as a community mourn they're loss as two more families must spend the holidays without their loved ones. david lee miller in our new york city newsroom with more on this. david lee, what more do we know about the gunman at this hour. >> william spangler was an
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ex-con. he beat his own grandmother to death back in 19 0. at the time he was charged with second degree murder but he pled to manslaughter. he was released from prison in 1998. until six years ago he was on parole. the local police chief said today that spangler's criminal past raises serious questions about how he obtained firearms. >> spangler was a convicted felon so it doesn't -- you know, he is not allowed to possess weapons. so, you know, did he legally possess those weapons? no. we have had all kinds of weapons larcenies in town and around the county and in wayne county as of late so i don't know where those weapons came from but we are certainly going to find out. >> there is still no known motive for the rampage. authorities say spangler's 67-year-old sister with whom he lived in the home that burned to the ground is unaccounted for. jamie? >> jamie: any more on the condition of the firemen all volunteers? >> one of the firemen joseph who's at the timer was hit in
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the pelvis. -- the bullets have not been removed because as of now to do so could complicate their recovery. the bottom line here, they are both very lucky to be alive. >> jamie? >> jamie: for sure. david lee miller, thanks. here is good news for the christmas holiday. a former marine that was locked up in mexico is back home now with his family tonight after he endured months behind bars. john hammar's ordeal began back in august when he was entering mexico with his buddy in route to a surfing trip in costa rica. hammar told u.s. border officials in texas that he wanted to take with him his great grandfather's antique gun and those officials told hammar no problem. but when he got to mexico. border agents locked him unon violation charges of the country's strict gun laws and since then his parents and lawmakers have been working
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feverishly to get him out. on friday this marine who served us in iraq and afghanistan and also suffers from prost thattatic stress disorder was greed. he and his dad drove back from florida and hours ago after they arrived home in palmetto bay steve harrigan was live there and had a chance to talk to the dad. steve, how is the family doing tonight? >> jamie, we got to see john hammar pull up with his father after this long ordeal. they drove directly into the garage. john hammar is now suffering from some sort of stomach ailment he picked up inside that mexican prison. they actually had to make a stop on the drive home from the border at a louisiana hospital and john hammar's father says his son is so weak he can barely stand despite that, he says, this will be the greatest christmas his family has ever had. >> i got him in the car and i thanked the u.s. consulate guys and we took off. and made a beeline to san
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pedro island and spent the night there johnny, while i was sleeping johnny got up in the morning and walked to the beach and watched the sun come up. >> must be a really tough time for you right now. tell me what you are feeling. >> no. this is great right now. i'm glad to be talking to you about that it's over with. >> you could just sea the tears in his father's eyes. the mood around the house today not one of celebration but really one of exhaustion and a sense of relief that this four month ordeal is finally over, jamie. >> jamie: for many of us who respect the contribution he made in serving in iraq and afghanistan. we don't know why it took so long for him to get free. four months he was chained to that bed with handcuffs. >> that's right. the family initially tried a low key approach, really trying to work behind the scenes to free their son it was only after that failed that they tried to exert sole
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public pressure, appearing on tv and also enlisting the help of their congresswoman ilinnea. >> this is a family strong christian family. as we celebrate the birth of christ what more meaning meaningful present than god delivering their son tonight. >> john was not able to retrieve that single shot 60-year-old rifle that belonged to his great grandfather or the win beg go with the nine custom surf boards inside. the family says they're just happy john made it home for christmas. they expect their property eventually to be returned, also. jamie, back to you. >> jamie: thanks so much. happy ending there. christians, the world over, are celebrating the birth of christ. it's already christmas day at the vatican. we have live pictures as pope benedict holds his midnight mass. this is actually tape of what happened earlier. he got an early bedtime tonight because tomorrow he
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will give his early christmas address to pilgrims who show up in st. peters square. but meantime thousands of faithful are marking christ's birth where it happened. this is live, folks. it's midnight mass. top roman cleric said this year they're also celebrating the birth of the state of palestine. what he is talking about is the united nations recent vote to recognize the palestinian state. a move that both the united states and israel opposed. leland vittert with the news live in bethlehem. leland? >> jamie, midnight mass here just ended it is a magical christmas in bethlehem. very different than anything you have in the united states. i will give you a view here. out to manger square you can see the large christmas tree and then just behind it is the church of the nativity. inside the church of the nativity is midnight mass that went on. and that is where the latin patriarch proclaims the birth of christ.
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that is built over the very grado where the bible says jesus was born over two my len i can't ago. we there are thousands of pilgrims that come from all over the world to experience christmas here inside bethlehem, inside the night mass standing room only. had to have a ticket to go through heavy heavy security to get. in then, of course, there is thousands more out here in manger square watching the palestinian boy scouts march. in the pilgrims that we talked to tell us being here has a very significant difference than the united states not so much about the presents and food and hoopla. here it is really a spiritual experience to be here. the pilgrims that i talked, to jamie, also told me they felt as though by being here, by seeing it u by experiencing it they felt a lot lois closer to
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their faith. jamie? >> jamie: absolutely. nothing like being there. thank you very much. are you trying to be there for the holiday? wicked weather could make things tough for the millions of americans traveling for christmas. coming up where the snow is headed and who could get hit the hardest. plus, you can't fly with guns and you better not bring that full size shampoo in carry-on. for the first time in years you can fly with snow globes. new rules at the airport coming up on this christmas eve fox report. but, first, a part of television's iconic odd couple has died. actor jack klugman a star of that 1970s sitcom died today in california who could forget his tv career it came to abrupt end in the 19 80s when he lost his voice to throat cancer. he trained himself later acting on broadway and third watch. clugman will always be best remembered for the odd couple where he played the messy oscar madison always annoying
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>> jamie: welcome back, extreme weather could make it christmas dangerous across the country. tornadoes could pop up from texas to florida. same system bringing a a white christmas to other folks already dumping up to 6 feet of snow in california before it heads east. what a mess. all that snow could mean headaches for some 90 million americans. triple a estimates our traveling over these holidays. elizabeth prann is live in our nation's biggest airport in atlanta. how are the crowds doing now? >> well, jamie, can you see the crowds are still coming up. we're in the area where people come up off the trains and greet their family and friends. a lot of headaches for folks
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today. the delays are not just here in the southeast but also across the country as hundreds of flights were either delayed or cancelled just at heartsfield alone. more than 100,000 flights came in today and 50% of the departing flights were delayed and 20% of the incoming flights were delayed. really that's a story that we got from a number of airports across the country. major airports that were delayed. salt lake city was one of them. san francisco, tulsa, a lot of people said that they did have to wait anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour before he they were able to take off and get to their homes. travel officials here tell us that despite the fact that mr. were delays things went fairly well today and they are pleased with how they handled all the delays. jamie? >> jamie: let me ask about. this we should give some information for those who aren't flying how is it looking on the roads and the trains? that's right. you know what? more people are driving than lie flying. according to triple a.
4:16 pm
over the late last week a lot of those roads were under sleet and snow. in fact, a the love those roadways are just getting cleared so people are just making it home in time for christmas. jamie, back to you. >> jamie: we hope they do. if they are on those roads they shouldn't be driving. merry christmas to you. >> thanks. merry christmas. >> more on your christmas day first alert forecast right now with meteorologist audrey from fox a right here in new york. audrey, great to see you. what can folks expect from this storm. it seems pretty big. >> yeah. you know, we are expecting a major one to come across for christmas day we are getting a white christmas fall. all headed to northwest new jersey and parts of the lower hudson valley. extends all the way down to the south where they are seeing wetted weather towards atlanta. we are starting to see another system develop across the rockie mountain states. >> there is also a threat of tornadoes we have been mentioning along the gulf coast. how predictable do you think
4:17 pm
that is that it will happen? >> that is true, jamie. we do expect that from that system that's developing in the rocky mountains tonight. tomorrow it's going to make significant snowfall across oklahoma. roughly 3 to 6 inches across the state. the severe weather is expected across louisiana, mississippi, and even to alabama where there is a moderate risk of very strong tornadic activity tomorrow afternoon. that same storm system will be heading into ohio valley tuesday into wednesday bringing significant snowfall there and develop into a strong nor'easter that will effect the great lakes, the northeast and new england as we go into wednesday. we have an active weather pattern as we close out 2012. jamie, over to you. >> jamie: all right. you will will be busy are audre, thanks very much. >> oh yeah. >> those snow globes are so much fun this time of year. if you got one for christmas don't worry about taking it on a plane anymore. the tsa shaking up its rules on the festive spheres when the fed had banned. they are filled with liquid.
4:18 pm
folks can now fly with snow globes in carry-on bags as long as it appears smaller ball. the new rules don't apply to other liquids still meaning you better not try to fly with more than 3 ounces of mouth wash or shampoo. lawmakers are now responding to the national rifle association very much in the us? after called for armed guards in every school in america to prevent against massacres like the one in newtown. what folks across the country are doing to ensure a more peaceful holiday for those families in connecticut. that's still ahead on "the fox report." [ both ] people loved our wedding slide show. that is the end... of carousel one. ...of carousel one. there's carousel two! all right! [ male announcer ] when you combine creamy velveeta with zesty rotel tomatoes and green chiles,
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>> jamie: the national rifle association again insisting that gun regulation also not make children any safer. the organization broke silence about massacre at a school in newtown connecticut that left 26 women and children dead. executive blaming violence on influences including video games, music videos, movies and even the media even suggesting that armed officers be in every school in america by next month. critics ripped his comments. but over the weekend he made it clear he is not backing down molly henneberg also a more on that in washington. how would the nra proposal work and who is going to pay
4:22 pm
for it? >> wayne lapeer the ceo of the nr. >> a says the group is proposing a voluntary program that would allow schools to bring in retired police, military or secret service agents to provide armed security. he says that will quote immediately make our children safe. what every mom and dad will make them feel better when they drop their kid off in school in january is if we have a police officer in that school, a good guy that if some horrible monster tries to do something they will be there. >> lapeer says the nra is working with former republican congressman and former deputy director asa hutchinson to develop a more security program that would include how it's paid for. >> jamie: certainly in the senate the democrats are in control. they have the white house too with president obama. how are they reacting to this? >> on the capitol hill the reaction has been less than enthusiastic especially from democrats. here is more. >> well, i think is he so extreme and so tone deaf that
4:23 pm
he actually helps the cause of us passing sensible gun legislation in the congress. we have 130,000 elementary and secondary schools in this country. if had you two officers in each that would cost $25 billion. where is that money going to come from. california democratic senator dianne feinstein who is expected to introduce gun control legislation in january called the nra idea a quote distraction. jamie? job and family jail-time what about republicans. >> one senator suggests that the federal government should not be the ones helping to set up armed guards in schools program. take lafn. >> i would not want a national earth to say you have to do this at schools. i think local education decisions are best made at the local level. >> senator who says is he a quote strong supporter of second amendment rights maintains that the solutions to shootings like the one in connecticut will be found in families, faith, communities and in medicine. jamie? >> all right. we hope the solution is found.
4:24 pm
molly, thank you. well, for many 6 those families in newtown, connecticut, this is a heart-breaking christmas. can you imagine one without your loved ones if they died in that elementary school massacre? >> every single second that i think of newtown and i think of every parent who lost a child whether they celebrated christmas, hanukkah or anything else, i think of how do you get through christmas? what happens if that saturday was the day they were going to take them to santa. what happens if that was the day you sent them to see santa and that's the last picture you have? >> truly unimaginable. messages of love and hope have come in all over newtown. people donating toys and books clothing and money. a local official says all the donations and support have been providing comfort to those who are still dealing with the aftermath of this unspeakable crime.
4:25 pm
our nation just days away from potentially dropping over the fiscal cliff. today wall street was clearly worried about that possibility. we will have details on that ahead. we will also take a look back at the wildest video clips of 2012. you don't want to miss this. that's coming up at the bottom of the hour on fox report. ♪ [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- what starts with adding a friend... ♪
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...could end with adding a close friend. the lexus december to remember sales event is on. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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regular folks with cell phones captured some of the most funny moments of o2012. jonathan hunt has a look at this year's most unforgettable
4:28 pm
caught-on-camera moments. >> surveillance cameras are all around us. worldwide recording an estimated 4 billion hours of footage every week. and with a growing number of americans armed with smart phones we are seeing caught on camera moments like never before. 30 million surveillance cameras deployed in the united states catching your every move. >> that was probably one of the funniest things i have ever seen in my life try to collar a suspect down the road. he was riding under the influence. no shirt, no shoes and for this guy definitely no service. one wal-mart shopper letting it all hang out. in new jersey, a toddler put through the spin cycle as the door locks and the washer starts. quick thinking laundromat employee flips a circuit breaker sparing the child. >> i scare the kid die. you know. >> dramatic video as firefighters and police
4:29 pm
investigating an electrical volt knocked off their feet in a series of powerful explosions two men suffering first degree burns but have recovered. dash cam inside police cruisers catching two amazing crashes. this kentucky trooper swerves to avoid a truck turning into his lane and loses control. slamming into a home sending bricks flying. and the heroic moment in lubbock, texas a police officer investigating a fender bender pushes a moment out of the way of a speeding car. his cruiser making a 360-degree spin in the impact. some video released for safety sake. boston's transit station cameras showing a woman in a mobility scooter trying to use the up escalator tumbling nearly crushed but she is okay as you can see she was able to walk away. cash cameras showing some
4:30 pm
terrifying close calls. people running across the tracks, some near seconds from contact. a delaware woman in a close shave. >> one foot out. that wiped whole car out. >> put your damn seat belt on. pull it over. >> this detroit man trying to make a citizens arrest on a cop. in the end it was the man behind the camera in trouble. cited for reckless driving. [screaming. >> the happiest day of their lives turning into hotel lobby brawl between two wedding parties in philadelphia. shouting, heckling, fights and arrests. captured on a man's cell phone. cops called after bargain shoppers got into first acuffs inside this california store the day after giving thanks. now some of our favorite caught on camera moments while
4:31 pm
hurricane sandy raged a explosion seen from street level in brooklyn. this was the moment power was knocked out affecting millions in new york city. a heart stopping scene for any parent. a mother loses track of baby stroller. her child nearly struck by oncoming traffic. luckily a garbage truck driver is able to alert others and stop the carriage just in time. this thief didn't have ants in his pants he had a puppy. the man stuffing a pricey pomeranian down his shorts. a middle schooler in washington jumps out of his seat and bravely takes the wheel as his husband careens off the road. his driver having a heart attack. >> i ran up and grabbed the wheel and steer it to the right side of the road and take the keys out of the ignition. >> cell phone video of a brooklyn girl falling three stories. caught by a city bus driver hailed a hero. >> a hero is nothing but a
4:32 pm
sandwich. that's all i can say. i'm not a hero much. i would do it for any kid. >> and let's pray for more heros caught on camera or otherwise in 2013. in new york, i'm jonathan hunt. fox news. >> all right. here's to the heros. i'm jamie colby in for shepard smith. this is "the fox report." and the worries continue over the so-called fiscal cliff. apparently it sank our 401(k)s again for the second trading day in a row. the dow dropping 52 points today. the nasdaq fell 8 and the s&p lost 3 today was a shortened day. told the associated press that folks are starting to accept that weekend in fact plunge right off that fiscal cliff. after all we are a little more than a week away from the deadline when the spending cuts and push us back into another recession. lawmakers do plan to return to washington later this week to
4:33 pm
try to hammer out a last-minute deal. for now president obama and the first family are celebrating christmas in hawaii and that's where our ed henry is traveling with the president now live in honolulu. ed? bottom line the president is here in hawaii but might not be here for long. shortly after christmas likely to go back to washington. try and broker some sort of a deal. you remember before he left for hawaii, he announced that he wanted more of a short-term deal. sort of scaled back stop gap measure so that that big grand 4 trillion-dollar. instead he wanted to extend tax cuts for the middle class. he wanted to extend benefits for 2 million people that will lose those benefits a week after christmas. republicans are saying they think the president actually wants to go off the fiscal cliff for political gain. take a listen. when i listen to the president i think the president is eager to go over the cliff for political purposes.
4:34 pm
additional tax revenue for new programs. he gets to cut the military which democrats have been calling for for years. and he gets to blame republicans for it. >> now, republicans are also skeptical of the short-term deal the president is talking about because it would leave spending cuts until next year. not deal with them now. republicans don't like the idea that some taxes would go up. meanwhile, the spends cuts wouldn't come until later. although democrats on the hill say the real reason republicans have not sealed the deal with the president yet is they just won't admit that he won the election. take a listen to senator chuck schumer. >> on taxes i know it's hard for the republicans but the president ran on that platform 250 no taxes below but taxes above. he won 60% of the voters said they were for it in the exit polls including some republicans.
4:35 pm
>> independent senator joe lieberman says he believes for the first time in the entire debate that we may be going off the fiscal cliff. he and others have said all along that there would be this fighting but right up to the deadline. they have finally come up with some sort of a deal. lieberman and others on the hill saying they think we may in fact go off the cliff. rattle the markets as you suggested, jamie. lieberman also believes the senate will be in session on new year's eve. going right up against the end of the year deadline to try to work this out, jamie. >> jamie: if any news breaks i know you will bring it to us. live from honolulu. washington is not the only one thinking about the fiscal cliff. it turns out that the concerns about it or affecting how much people are spending this holiday season. analysts saying overall sales are down from last year. it's not just the economy though. they say people just don't feel like spending as much. many still feeling the wake of super storm sandy. also those recent shootings in colorado and connecticut. because of the low sales predictions. retailers are banking on last-minute shoppers to boost their bottom lines but experts say they could be
4:36 pm
disappointed. fox business network's adam shapiro has that news. adam? >> so the holiday shopping season, when you crunch the numbers, may not prove to be as merry as some people had hoped for. first the good news, national retail federation saying they are still on track for growth of 4.1% over the last we have 586 billion-dollar holiday shopping season. according to the nrf. we won't get the final numbers until after the holidays have played out. already though, shopper track is indicating it's not going to be such a great season. here is why. shopper track says for the week and thenned december 15th, sales were down 4.3% compared to the same time last year. that is also a trend that is continuing according to shopper track. so they are revising their overall predictions for the holiday shopping season. originally they thought it would be 3.3% growth over the last year. now they are saying 2.5% growth. their dollar figure is roughly $257 billion. one of the reasons they
4:37 pm
indicate this is happening of course, there is still the aftermath from hurricane sandy. they are also saying people are not in a buying and shopping mood given the tragedy that we all witnessed not too long ago in connecticut. so that's one of the reasons they're predicting things are down. when you look at online retail, online retail continues to grow, but, again, not at the rate that people had thought. master card's puls service pulse service rate october 2th until the saturday we just passed roughly $48 billion. now, it sounds like a lot. but wall street was expecting 15% to 17% growth. and it's actually averaging about 8.4% growth. the good news is we are still in positive territory. the bad news is it's not what the analysts were expecting. >> jamie: adam shapiro, thanks. people may be buying fewer gifts this year. analysts say they are once again looking for stuff that's made in the good old u.s.a. even if it costs bit more. great idea.
4:38 pm
william la jeunesse has more on that live in our west coast news hub. hi, william. >> jamie, we don't have hard numbers because there is no buy american chain store like ba than marie public where we can see year over year sales of products manufactured in the united states excliewivelg live. one is made in u.s.a. a channel to sell american made jeans and work clothing toys and electronics, garden and garage tools. >> we have more than doubled in the past year and it's growing like crazy. people are really starting to wake up to this made in u.s.a. issue. if we bought more of what we made here in our nation we would put a lot of people to work. get those people paying taxes. >> now, competing with china is not easy when wages there are $15 a day for assembly line worker. consultant says rising cost in china will create a tipping point allowing the u.s. to add 2 to 3 million manufacturing jobs in sections like
4:39 pm
furniture, fabricated metals and electronics over the next few years. the average american worker is 35% cheaper than the comparable work in western uranium. several companies electrolux, bridgestone are going to expand in the u.s. in addition to the reputation we already have quality in during row goods aerospace or experts hope at least this will trickle down jamie into consumer goods as well. back to you. >> jamie: made in the u.s.a. means jobs. thanks, william. tens of thousands of americans are celebrating christmas a long way from home. we can't forget our troops who are spending the holiday in afghanistan. more on them coming up. plus, there is no word from the pentagon that the u.s. military will soon be sending teams to africa. also later, prayers for peace in syria. the latest round of bloody bombings killing innocent men, women and children. all they were doing waiting in line for food. [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop?
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>> jamie: troops in afghanistan are celebrating christmas with a special dinner and candlelight mass. couple soldiers admitted the difficulty of spending the holiday in the war zone but said they are making the best of it. >> like everyone else, i am missing the opportunity to be with my family. however, you know, this job comes with a price. and many of the soldiers they realize that price.
4:43 pm
so, even though we would like to be with our families we realize the importance of what we are doing here and we do believe in it. >> of course, the holiday season typically is joyful because you get to spend it with your family and sprendz of course the situation here is is different being in the environment we are in. even then there is still a lot of things look around and be thankful for. other thing interesting out here is he seeing all the different nationalities and how everybody kind of celebrates in their own way with makeshift decorations and really cool environment. ♪ heaven and nature sing. some of our u.s. troops got together with nato counterparts to sing christmas carols and making the best of it interesting information out of the pentagon. the u.s. army is reporting that it's taking action to stop the growing terror threat in africa now. beginning next year. army officials are saying that they will send small teams into as many as 35 african nations to train and equip
4:44 pm
africans against extremists. this comes amidst violence in north africa including september 11th attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. officials have said terrorists with ties to al qaeda may have carried out that assault killing our ambassador, chris stevens and three other americans. and the commander of an elite team of navy seals has died in an apparent suicide. that's what military officials are now telling the news agencies. they say commander joe price from eastern pennsylvania died on saturday of a gunshot wound to the head. he was commanding officer of seal team 4 which trains local police in remote areas of afghanistan. another seal commander said, quote: the naval special warfare family is deeply saddened by the loss of our teammate and so are we. the situation in syria is still a reason for worry nearly two years after the deadly civil war first got underway. that's the word today from the united nations peace envoy
4:45 pm
that was sent to syria to try to have talks with syrian president bashar assad. working to negotiate an end to the fighting of the syrian army and rebel forces. what happened in the the violence increased dramatically in recent days since his arrival. and just yesterday activist said a government air strike killed dozens of men, women and children. they were waiting in a bread line in central syria and dozens more civilians were wounded. this is amateur video it. it appears to show the aftermath. fox news working to confirm that. let's get back to leland vittert live on the west bank. what's the latest? >> jamie, the rebels are now claiming president assad's forces are using some type of poison gas or some type of chemical weapon against them. again, not something that we can confirm independently but if it is true, it would mark a major escalation. >> ache if i vistas upload
4:46 pm
offed a number of videos claiming to be victims receiving treatment in a local hospital. while the video is totally unconfirmable. it appears it show people suffering have tear gas and other irgantz and not suffering from chemical weapons like saran gas. time and momentum appears on the side of the rebels. using tactic to fight the army and better armed often by the weapons they capture from syrian government bases. >> the attacks started at 8:00 a.m. and it was over by 12 explained this rebel commander after overrunning a government base in the country's north. then they started to count the bountiy. hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition, hand grenades and even antiaircraft guns. still, the syrian air force owned the sky and fighter jets attack at will. rebels claim was a bakery. some shows civilian casualties. other pictures indicate rebel fighters wounded proving in
4:47 pm
insurge is i the line between civilians and citizen soldiers is often blurred. nowhere is that better seen than over the border at the refugee camps in turkey more than 100,000 syrians called the primitive camp home. life is hard here in the winter says this woman. like some wives in the camp. she is also waiting for word on her husband. >> is he a rebel fighter, she explained. we haven't heard from him for a month. >> and many analysts have likened president bashar assad to the proverbial cat with at least nine lives and just recently we heard that his military was short of diesel fuel which can cripple an army on the move such as his. now we are learning, jamie, that the russians have replied him. back to you. >> leland vittert doing double duty for us tonight. more than a dozen people are dead including seven police officers after cops say gunmen ambushed them in separate
4:48 pm
attacks. our top story as we go around the world in 880 seconds. >> mexico. authorities say attackers first opened fire and killed four officers responding to traffic accident. four more cops died in another shootout. bullets hit vehicles and a government building. police suspect two rival drug cartels. sri lanka. floodwaters killing at least 42 people after more than a week of heavy rains. officials say half the country's main reservoirs are overflowing. more than 17,000 people now in relief camps and first alert forecasters calling for another week of rain. boss knee a rescue divers in santa hats putting up their christmas tree at the bottom of an icy lake in a nature preserve. they want to bring attention to the need for conservation funding. the divers say they will remove the tree after the new year so they won't hurt the
4:49 pm
environment. germany. >> more than 22,000 fans singing christmas carols at a soccer stadium in berlin. officials turned off the lights and the people all held candles for 90 minutes, the length of a soccer match. the mass caroling began 9 years ago as a small season ending event. now it's grown into an annual holiday celebration. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. are you hoping santa will bring you a new cell phone to replace your clunker? i have got one of those. you might be just better off fixing the one you got. do it yourself repairs are a hot trend this holiday season. we will bring you up to speed on that. that's ahead. one lucky dog gave his owners the perfect president -- present for the holiday. home after hundreds of miles logged on the road. his story coming up. ♪
4:50 pm
♪ this holiday, share everything. share "not even close." share "you owe me..." share "just right." the share everything plan. shareable data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. hurry in for a droid razr m by motorola for $49.99.
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as millions of americans are likely unwrapping new gadgets and gizmos this christmas i
4:53 pm
would be embarrassed to show you my phone it's so old. this year maybe i'm the one that knows what they are doing. tossing new items that new technology is meant to replace. slow economy is having folks thinking twice to throw something away because it's broken or outdated. why, you ask? let me bring in dominic di-natale he has that story live in our west coast news hub. dominic. >> hey, jamie, this is something that started off in europe it's made its way over here. how many times have we tossed away that broken coffee machine and bought a new one. inspiring others fix those broken household items. >> everything old is new again at the west seattle fix it collector. >> a group of that's like to get together and help each other fix whatever we own. >> from sewing machines to
4:54 pm
fans to lawn mowers, if it is broke they will try to fix it repair groups have flourished in europe and spreading to the united states. >> i like the idea of reusing something that has already had a life, already been built and created most of its environmental foot prints. >> members of the fix it collectors in brooklyn help people save the planet and a buck or two. >> throw away culture motivates a lot of us to come here and try to fight it. the economy definitely played a role. minute it breaks or the newest gadget comes out they have to get the new one and throw the old one away. it's expensive and what are we doing to the planet. >> so big in europe they attract up to half a million dollars in grants. not so here in the united states, shep. it's usually five bucks jamie i can see you with a phillips
4:55 pm
screwdriver fix that all over you. thank you so much. dominic, great story. sign of the time, folks. when you lose your job you might expect that it will turn up in somebody's yard or down the street. a husky that went missing in phoenix wound up nearly a thousand miles away in oregon. over the weekend the pup's family got him back. the dog disappeared in april. an animal center in oregon reported they had found the dog and at the airport one very happy reunion. although the owner says she still doesn't understand how the dog made it all the way across to oregon. >> i just wish dogs could talk. >> you are so sick now. oh my goodness. >> couldn't ask for anything more. best christmas present ever. never going to lose you again. >> jamie: we don't get it either but we're told it's true. volunteers at the shelter in oregon found the dog's owner by check ago microchip implanted under his skin. heard of that great idea.
4:56 pm
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[ male announcer ] sorry. alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast acting decongestant to relieve your stuffy nose. [ sighs ] thanks! [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus. ♪ oh what a relief it is! ♪ [ male announcer ] to learn more about the cold truth and save $1 visit alka-seltzer on facebook. >> jamie: tracking santa claus it's norad. the north miner space command. newspaper ad published the wrong number for a santa tracking service. kids who called that number reached norad's predecessor. as for the most famous of santa's reindeer. it turns out rudolph was just a little cold that christmas eve. scientists did some tests to find out what makes a
4:59 pm
reindeer's nose so red. basically and i know you wanted it know. blood that flows there to keep it warm in colder weather and higher altitudes. while pulling santa's sleigh through the freezing night sky. rudolph is just trying to do his job and not get sick for new year's. >> all right. updating some of our top stories. gunman likely set a fire as a trap before he shot and killed two volunteer firefighters. the flames also burned seven homes. officers say they do not know if other victims could still be inside. the former u.s. marine who spent months in prison in mexico is finally back home in florida. first alert forecasters predicting 14 inches in parts of colorado officials at denver's airport say they do not believe that snow will trigger significant delays. >>am


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