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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 27, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PST

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up the bad. the illinois man broke in homes and stole the gifts and fromurn the tree . he was later arrested. and the sink hole. a bus wallowed. but the driver was not hurt. it is time now for your responses. we told you about chicago and how they are set to raise the parking meter rates to 6.50 an hour . we want to know if it is fine or over the line. 6.50, i remember 10 cents. those were the days. >> it is a scam city. i believe that park and real estate is public property. >> i live on the south side of chicago and rarely go downtown anymore because the parking costs so much. thanks for responding.
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"fox and friends" starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. i am juliet in for gretchen carlson . we have serious business to start with you. former president george bush is in intensive care with his fever climbing . the latest on his condition and what his family is sea saying. >> brian: the president is in the aired hading back to washington. is it too late. we are breaking doup your tax reality. >> brian: and holiday travelers are stuck on the tarmac x. one pilot was frustrated . wait until you hear what he did over com. "fox and friends" begins right now. ♪ ♪ "fox and friends". >> brian: kelley wright. i am clayton morris .
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this is julia morris. >> happy merry christmas. you guys have a nice christmas. >> family was here and we had a great time. >> frolic in the -- >> clayton: beautiful snow. >> you can't beat christmas in new york 73 unless you are manger square in bethlehem. >> clayton: we'll tell you about people stuck on the tarmac. five or six hours. if you were trapped or stuck in texas let us know. >> we have a folks news - fox news alert. former president bush's condition has worsened. he is 88 years old and he was formerally the president . he was hospitalized for a cough . and family spokesman admits
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things are not going well but doctors remain cautiously optmistic. >> he's in critical condition and in a bad way. the doctors believe there is a path for him to recover from this and if we can get him to rally a bit we will talk about a discharge date. >> he is alert and joking with the staff at methodist hospital. we'll have a live report from houston in the bottom of the hour. stay tuned for that . dozens of people singing "amazing grace" last night as they remember the two firefighters murded in webster, new york. ♪ i once was lost, but now i am found. >> the community coming together to honor these two men. they were shot and killed in an excon's christmas eve bash. we are hearing from the
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firefighters who survived the attack. the joint statement offered the pair gratitude for all of the prayers. doctors upgraded their conditions to satisfactory. it is a long step of healing for the people in newtown, connecticut. all of the flowers and letters and photoin new ton will be soil and blocks to be used in a foundation of a future memorial. it was senator daniel inouyhe's last wish. for colleen handbusa to be. >> i made the appointment for the state of schatz is flying
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to washington with president obama he is expected to be sworn in later. those are the headlines for you. >> clayton: we'll talk the scal cliff. today is the twenth. a few days left for congress and the president to get their act together. the president took a red eye flight back from hawaii. why did congress and the president go on raication at all. >> yeah, we all go to work. >> there is nothing on the table . kelley. >> a lot of people feel they are left in the lurch by the president and congress. and they didn't get the job done . here's what we are facing. we are teetering on the edge of the fiscal cliff. there are many members in congress who disaagree raising of tax.
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the president had gone up to $400,000 when house speaker boehner would raise the tax hikes . but the sticking point is enments and spending. >> clayton: the republicans saying that the president and democrats not forth coming enough on entitlements. here's what will unfold in a few short days as we break this down to you. >> put your seat belts on, people. >> clayton: tax rates will hit these numbers and you go up to 120,000 . you will see 31 percent up to 36 percent . in these tax rates as they climb up. >> here's the bottom line. average tax rate of 2,000 to $4000. it is an additional 13,944 .
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millionaire's status which the president wanted to raise status on will be 34635. big deep in your pockets if woo go off the fiscal cliff. >> it is so crazy . we have the holiday get together. living in new york city . it is so expensive and you are making $250,000. you are middle class here. >> clayton: if you have a family of four and taxes are through the roof and cost of living in these areas and major metropolitan areas in the country that is not middle class. you are hit with severe taxes. >> a lot of you and like you hear the tax going up. here is the things that are the ones that punch you. marriage penalty making
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standard deductions for couples filing jointry . these are the kind of things that wake people up. they hear that and say wait a second. >> timothy geithner said that we would be hitting the debt ceiling limit of 16.4 trillion come december 31st . so new year's eve. >> what is that now. >> we'll be singing old lang zin. what about our mon and we'll figure out the debt. 16.4 rilion. >> clayton: there is no agreement and this is continuial . the president as part of his initial salvo wanted this off of the table and and president could raise it . trey goudy speaking about it
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on greta. take a lis lilse. >> i assure you there will be a resolution before the new year or after the new year. that's the good nighs that there will be a deal, the bad news is for you and your viewer is that there will not be a solution. there will be a pana sea or magial elixir that makes us feel better but shortly after the new year, kimberley we'll get a letter from timothy geithner asking us to raise the debt ceiling for the eighthth time. there will be a deal to avert the fiscal deal. your viewers should demand more than a deal but a solution. >> extreme weather alert now. a lot of people worried about how to get home from the holidays. frighten weather scenario in
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the east. 16 people died in a storm that spawned sleet and winter tornados. >> crazy in union city, new jersey area. maria molina is in the weather center. >> good morning, good to see you. the latest we have another storm on the heels of this one impacting the midwest and south tomorrow and east coast and this weekend. another storm on the heels of this one. it is bringing in heavy snow in portions of upstate new york and new england. we'll be dealing with that in the entire day today. gusts over 50 miles per hour and in the coastal areas it is cold in portions of the plans. 10 minneapolis and 11 in rapid city and single digits in denver. that cold air is very widespread and expanding in texas. dallas at 25 degrees.
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you need to bundle up . the next storm system starting to get its act together. and areas of snowfall in part was number neb and midwest. we have significant snow fall in parts of upstate new york and you shouldn't be on the roads right now . some places expecting over two feet of snow in portions of upstate new york . winter storm warnings in north pennsylvania and new york and also pretty much in the state of massachusetts and entire state of the maine under a winter storm warning. when you factor in the winds that is producing the white out continues and expect to so more flight cancellation and delays and again, dangerous conditions on the roadway. the purple shading. we are talking two feet of snow and new hampshire and upstate new york. >> thank you, maria. >> you guys know i do a lot of flying two and from new york
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and dc. i am acquainted with the delays and they are nerve-racking and frustrating for you as a passenger. i saw a pilot the other day who just wanted to get home and he was delayed for the fact they scheduled him . you have to think of the flight attendants and pilots and we are in this thing together. >> clayton: there were thousands of delays and hundreds of flights cancel in dallas-fort worth texas, they were stuck five or six hours . they were sending out texts and information. before you get to the airport check your flight and the roads are icy and we had to de-ice the plane . the pilot got so frustrated at one point. he comes over the loud speaker. look, i have made more personal phone calls. i drew my last quarter and it is it beyond reproach and i
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have no words to tell you how sorry i am. this is way above our heads. by people who obviously in my humble opinion don't have a clue what they're doing. >> and you >> hearing them say. i am frustrated. get me more peanuts. >> i was posed to fly down to miami and i went on a cruise and i knew there was horrible and i rebooked my flight. i am so freaked out about getting stuck on a tarmac. >> clayton: what about the passenger bill of rights. >> i thought. >> best case scenario. if you are dealing with weather like this. people get frantic . main thing they are think being is safety. if you are stuck on the tarmac you are safe and not in the
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air. >> you are not safe around me. i >> clayton: don't worry about them they are on the tarmac. if you were stuck in a airplane accepted them to us. >> next on the run down . he escaped an iranian death sentence before . now the christian pastor is back behind bars and thrown in jail on christmas day. thisthis is public information, but you know,. >> clayton: touchy here. >> you have to file a request and all of this stuff . that should be private. ♪ ♪ meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid.
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[ pop! ] [ garth ] why settle for less? great businesses deserve great rewards! awesome!!! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curlers! tomato basil, potato with bacon... we've got a lot of empty cans. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >> welcome back. an important story to talk to you right now. an iranian prison is not a
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place for a pastor to spend. that is the case for iranaconi. he was acquit released after three years behind bars. tuesday on christmas days iranian officials decided to send him back. why? we'll hear more from lisa. she will discuss this. why do they choose christmas kay to put the pastor back in prison for something he was released for. >> it is a symbolic day christmas day is a major holiday for christians . cracking down on christianity on that day to send a message to the iranian people. christianity is the biggest threat to islam and that's what they . to prevent. the iranian regime is harsh on
3:18 am
religious minority. because they don't want people to turn away from isham it is a smack in the face to the west for the sanctions and for the economic isolation . you know, this past year as you mentioned did almostly years of a sentence and they called him back can said you have 45 days remaining and he had to turn hems in. now who knows what will happen. that is scary part. and the other message don't go to the media or publicize your case. i spoke to someone close to the case. his family was told not to go do interviews with the media. >> what can he possibly do. he's not armed. >> he is armed actually. christianity being the worst weapon and biggest threat. there is a big movement in iran and people who are disenchanted with islam and
3:19 am
life and everything going on. they find a haven in christianity and that's the message they want to send out. >> you discussed how the iranians are against this because it represents the western world. but christianity started in bethlehem. >> they want to rewrite history with their own narrative . basically this is a cradle of islam and christianity and judiascan m. all religions were born in the middle east and how unfortunate on christmas day he and his family have to go through this all over again. >> there is sayed. >> fox news broke that case and i followed the case since the night he was arrested and we went to the media in order to not make the case worse. if you go to the media your
3:20 am
case gets worse. >> what is your advice to americans and western christians that are watching this unfold and persecution that takes place. >> you want to be very careful when traveling to different parts of the world when you are from the west first of all and when you are openly christian and thirdly trying to convert others. both pastors were spreading the gospel and that is obvious low something they look at as spreading war. >> christianity even offers home in iran. thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> we have i newspaper printing the name and addresses of every gun owner. someone turned the tables on the paper. but plus, tax incentives for electric cars and taxing owners for having electric cars. we'll sort it out.
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♪ >> kelly: quick headlines now. toyota agreeing to paying a billion on a lawsuit. happens sue a automaker for a defect that causes cars to accelerate on their own. it is the largest in u.s. history regarding defects. washington state trying to have it both wayos electric cars . drivers get thousands to buy the gas-free cars. electric car owners will get hit with a $100 fee since they will not pay gas taxes. guys? >> clayton: thank you, kelley. >> julia: a new york newspaper is receiving a lot of flack for publishing gun owners names and addresses in two new york counties on line. is it fair to those whose names are listed. >> clayton: we'll ask david
3:25 am
who is a certified and his name is not on the list. >> it certainly will be. they mentioned me that they asked the names from put nam county. >> julia: it is westchester county and up state new york in lower hudson valley area. in the wake of newtown. they are concerned over guns in the hands of wrong people. >> we all are. >> julia: you are a licensed gun owner and you haven't been convicted of anything and shooting spree . yet your name will be listed in the paper for everybody to see where you live. >> yeah. >> julia: what is the feeling there. >> i advertise my services as a gun instructor. there is no secret. but i see a lot of people in my fire department that didn't do nothing wrong i am a volunteer firefighter and emt as well we are normal contributing members of that
3:26 am
community. >> julia: does it make you feel like you have done. >> it puts us on the level of a sex offender. you have to go around and tell people you are there in the neighborhood. they are demonstrated that they are a threat to the community. i haven't done anything to demonstrate i am a threat to the community. i did the opposite. i went through the legal steps. >> clayton: that could be part of the problem. you are on a list and you went through the legal hurdle and licensed gun owner and yet the folks who have illegal weapons and end up committing most of the crime are not on a list. >> they are not on the the list. >> clayton: and they are not published in the newspaper. here's what the newspaper said. massacre of newtown is top much mind. our readers are body to know about guns in their neighborhood and we obtained the names and residents legally. does that sit with-well with
3:27 am
you. >> not really. i understand that they can get the information. >> julia: it is public information. >> it doesn't make it right and justifying the massacre of newtown which is horrible thing and we feel for. how does that make us safer to know that your neighbor is licensed to own a handgun. if nancy's neighbors had exown she own guns . what difference would that make. >> clayton: i was outraged by it. how do they publish the names of gun owners and a lott of viewers wrote to us. wouldn't you like to know if you had a deranged neighbor that had a gun in the house. how would you feel about that? and therefore maybe this individual could go on a shooting spree, what do you say to that? >> how do you know your neighbor is deranged >> clayton: good question. >> that is for the police and
3:28 am
licensing bureau to check on. a person who is "deranged" but is not, has never been adjuticated as mentally. >> julia: we could all be judged. >> they don't have to have a permit in new york state. >> julia: the public doesn't have the right to see specific permits and types of guns . so you file the freedom of information act . you can get all of the information publicly, the names and address but not the specific information. >> brian: a bloger decided to take matter in his own hands . he said we'll publish the names and addresses in the newspaper. and fighting fire with fire. >> i don't know that that is helpful to be honest. i would ask them the same question as people looking foget the information. what are you doing with the information? if you know your neighbor keeps gun. are you camping out to check
3:29 am
them out and same thing with getting the name addresses of editor of . hey, do drive bys. all right. you are harass being people who have, we are looking to exercise our constitutional rights and they are exercising theirs and if i assert mine i have to respect theirs. >> julia: thank you. >> clayton: keep us updated . god forbid your name gets published. >> julia: we'll see if it spreads in the country. >> clayton: coming up. a major car maker firing a chaplain because he might offend someone. >> julia: the spirit of christmas is a bit over whelm why he is crying tears of joy. >> clayton: hope birthday to foreigner's mick jones. >> julia: oh, my gosh. time flies.
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>> julia: oh, my gosh. this little guy is so happy in union, new jersey. the shot of the morning. spirit of christmas too much for 7 year old reese. he was so overwhelmed by receiving the video game he want pleaded for . his father never had seen anything and it is becoming a viral hit. chay clay - >> clayton: i got a video game and i was disappear and my partners would have to slip a meal under the door. >> kelly: what game was it? chay clay dragon warrior. >> julia: i was a atari game back in the early 1900's. >> clayton: kung fu.
3:34 am
we'll have notalgia ideas. i grew up being a comic book fan. he will be here with comic books on the set. >> julia: we'll get to headlines. a senseless crime interrupted a wounded marine's homecoming in illinois. lance corporal who lost both of his legs. woke up on christmas eve and found racist graffiti painted on the side of his house. >> to have spray painted it hurts that it was now. >> what made it better was neighbors coming out and people we didn't know coming and taking supplis and coming to help wash it off. >> julia: the family is hopeful they will make an arrest soon. bentley motors playing the role of the grinch. firing the long-time christian chaplain. they will fire him to not
3:35 am
upset nonchristians. workers are trying to get the chap lane reinstated. president obama getting into a stare down with michigan governor. rick snyder said the president looked him in the eye and said he was not please about it. but snyder said thank you for sharing that to me. workers michigan became the 24th state to adopt the right to work measure. puppy to trained rescue. teaching young animals how to find avalanche victim. the nose can find them even if we don't see them. >> they can pick up on a scent of someone and arcticle . alert on it . then we would assist them in dicking. >> julia: it takes three years of training before the dog can test . join the special patrol.
3:36 am
all right. those are the headlines. more later. >> clayton: now all of the extreme weather alert. another day of snowy weather in the northeast. so far six people were killed in the christmas storm system that spawned blizzard and sleet and rare winter tornados. we'll go to maria molina who is tracking the latest on this. >> good tow see you. another storm we are talking about as we head in tomorrow and this weekend. right on the feels of this storm system. it is getting it is producing snow in portions of nebraska. we'll keep an eye on that system . right now. a lot of heavy snow coming in portions of upstate new york and maine. we have winter storm warnings in affect. it is not yust the amount of snowfall but the wind that is producing issues and gusting
3:37 am
over 30 or 40 . you shouldn't be on the roads out there especially early this morning and the rain coming down in city of boston and parts was connecticut and new york city and over in central park. we have had reports of an inch of rainfall and impressive amount iniersiers and several inches of rainfall . even though it is early. we are starting to see the delays popping up. 22 minutos average . we expect those to work as we head out later on today. guys. >> julia: thank you. >> kelly: we have a fox news alert. former president george bush is in intensive care. the 41st president fighting a persistant fever. the reporter is live outside of methodist hospital with the latest on the former president's condition. an drea upon? >> good morning to you, kelley . there is a lot of concern here
3:38 am
for the former president here in methodist hospital. but the doctors here say that there is a path to recovery. he can get out of here and out of intensive care and eventually they hope he can get home. the 41st president of the united states was put in icu on sunday, that is where he spent christmas day. 88 year old bush has been in the hospital since the day after thanksgiving. november 23rd because of a persistant cough from bronchitus. doctors expected to let him go a week later. but that cough would not go away . it was painful. his spokesman has been sharing the family optimism but they are frustrated that his condition is worsened. >> they don't put you in the icu because things are going well. we hope that the medicines and treatments can help him turn things around.
3:39 am
>> now his wife barbara has been by his side the whole neal bush live here in houston and they are regular visitors. bush 43 came down from dallas to see his dad and jeb bush has been here from florida. we understand that his youngest daughter dorothy arrived here from bethesia, maryland. they hope to get the fever under control. that is the main thing to get him out of icu. back to you guys. >> kelly: our prayer to the bush family. >> clayton: yes. legendary comic hero joe palucka will be brought bac to loaf. he was debuted in 1930. he will make his return as a
3:40 am
mixed martial artist. thanks to the next guest. >> julia: creator of the comic book series it is good to have you here. mixed martial arts that. is very 21st century. >> we brought him back all of the way. we reinvented the character and brought him back as a mixed martial arts fighter. we wanted to reinvent him and give him an opportunity to reach a group of fans. that is where it is at and a popular sport. >> clayton: i was a huge comic book reader and still am. there is a resurgance for comic books not only on ipad and tablets but kids goi to the comic book stores and with their dad to pick it up. it is kid friendly and got fighting people but it is kid friendly.
3:41 am
>> i did. i wanted to give something for everyone . a parent can get his kids in mma or mixed martial arts we grew up. kids went to karate class and today they take mma class there are great gyms where people can do that . you mention getting your kids in comic books and i remember that i wanted to give them a fun way of reading and brucing reading to them in a way that they own this . they take it and go to the comic book store and they grab it and they own it and they can read it . take care of it. >> kelly: what is next. does this lead to a clothing line and movies? >> kelley from your mouth to -- >> and what is nice. i brought a few different things from the publisher. they have teenage mutant ginga turtles. clayy clay one of my
3:42 am
favorites. >> we go from comic books to graphic noveles and the natural progression is to take a single comic book and it is six issues and put them in a beautiful packaged graphic novele and after the graphic novele. you move all the way to hard covers. >> julia: this is what they look like these days. they are deporgous. >> clayton: joe palooka at the time and after was one of the most popular characters in america . right near super man and other characters. >> he is ripped. >> kelly: that is a good find. >> if you have your ipad or tab let and loaded with comic books. >> julia: there is nothing that could get me to calm
3:43 am
down. >> clayton: first one hit store shelves on december 19th. go out and pick it up. >> julia: four state department officials were supposed to be out of the a yob in the benghazi bungle. why are they still on the pay roll. >> kelly: patrick dempsey playing real-life hero to hundreds of people. we'll tell you how, next . ♪ ♪ people love our potpourri parties. it's a smell of a good time. this is the juniper! oh that is magical. [ male announcer ] when you combine creamy velveeta with zesty rotel tomatoes and green chiles,
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patrick dempsy has a strong tie to the city. wish him luck. back to you. >> clayton: lack of security. and so we thought according to the new york post security
3:47 am
officials that were sacked after the release of the benghazi report are still on the government's pay roll and will be back to school with work. here is the reaction lieutenant cornel tony schafer. when you heard the report that came out around christmas, what did you think? it is an extended montyepython skit. the idea here is that these people are not held accountable . this is but one more layier clayton of regarding the whole benghazi thing . caroline lamb when she testified show felt in the face of four dead americans that the numbers were just right. it indicated that she is incompetent and out of touch with reality.
3:48 am
you will not see it happen again. she will not perform to standard. it is inevitable . congress is off when it is time for the holiday. they tried to find out if it was true. they haven't said the judgeds are still on the pay roll can receiving a salary. do these people still have a job? >> i am sure they do. whatever they say you need to look deeper in this case they are moved around and shuffle the chairs. these people took a bullet and they will be protected and if you can't get fired over sevore incompetence what can you get fired over. >> clayton: hillary clinton is out with a concussion and could be senator john kerry going through the approval
3:49 am
process x. we'll not have a approval process until we hear from secretary clinton. >> she said publicly she took responsibility . what are you doing to be accountable for the failure. the question is what did she know. did she know he was in danger or putting himself in danger. both roads lead back to her. they are critical to understanding the larger failures. and the u.s. army is heading to africa . parts of the countries where we are seeing extremist growth. they are expanding in libya and mali and nigeria and turkey. this is an effort to make sure they are trainned extremist. it shows that al-qaida is not really defeated but emboldened. >> i ran an operating base. these are the same target and
3:50 am
that tells me al-qaida is coming back . it was designed to be a soft power of command and stated to have no combat of power. we had a conference on my think tank know had a conference and people recognized the problem is. you have no combat power to go with what we are accomplishing there and no forces ready to go in the 9/11 attacks. this is a larger issue to look at. >> clayton: for administrative than combat. lieutenant tony schaffer happy new year to you. next time you park illegally. this town is not just writing tickets anymore. a giant crane to pick up your cars . we hit a new record. number much people cashing in. stewart varney is next.
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♪ ♪
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3:54 am
>> kelly: new numbers show that the u.s. social security program run a billion deficit in 2012 . as the program brought in over 725 billion in cash and spent more than it earned it is costing 773 billion. >> julia: and you are surprised. benefits reached over 8 million and 820,000 in increase in november . so something shady is going on here. >> you used the word shady . i think that is a pretty good word to use. definition of who is disabled is expanded over the yearrs and recently, as you have a massive rise in unemployment and work force clinking and clearly some people are taking the disability option as
3:55 am
opposed to staying in the work force. you can call it shady or financially unfortunate but it is happening. we never had as many people on disability ever before. >> clayton: republicans have a look at entitlement programs and we are trying to reign in the excessive spending. >> there are no serious cuts from president obama. there is serious effort at reforming. medicare and medicare. a lot of people don't say social security is enment. it is an insurance program. but it is enormous amount of money flowing out than in and it is getting worse after the baby boomers retire. without reform, you hit a debt crisis guarantee. >> kelly: or guaranteed that crisis in a couple of days new
3:56 am
yearee a eve and automatic spending cuts go into affect and that will affect social security that is also a problem that we have seen over the yearrs. we are spending so much money for this and there is no reform. >> it is a billion a week more going out than coming in x. it gets worse because baby boomers are retiring, i don't know how many it is. but there is a massive incrose in the retirement population. that is unfunded. >> clayton: we sound shocked but look at the postoffice. how much money we keep the postal unions and how much of a deficit. >> worry me this question. can you get elected if you say i am going to cut this and cut that unless money flows out. can you get elected f. you reform social security can you get elect medicare or medicaid. you can get elected. i will reform.
3:57 am
post office. you can't get elected. >> kelly: you can't take it back. >> once you made the promise to pay how do you with draw. >> clayton: but you can get elected raising taxes. interpeffort the last election. >> julia: we didn't say your name at the beginning of the segment. >> clayton: he doesn't even need an bruction. he's so good. >> julia: this is your guy when you talk about fiscal cliff. >> i am guy with the accent. >> clayton: tune in fox business network . no one does it better stewart varney. ualjullove to your family and beautiful children. >> clayton: teachers trainn to use handgun to protect the school. we report and you decide. julaloha, hawaii. president is heading back to washington. is it too late to avoid the fiscal cliff. you can't answer it because
3:58 am
you are leaving now. we'll talk about this next. ♪ ♪ let's give thanks - for an idea. a grand idea called america. the idea that if you work hard, if you have a dream, if you work with your neighbors... you can do most anything. this led to other ideas like lerty and rock 'n' roll. to free markets, free enterprise, and free refills. it put a man on the moon and a phone in your pocket. our country's gone through a lot over the centuries and a half. but this idea isn't fragile. when times get tough, it rallies us as one. every day, more people believe in the american idea
3:59 am
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4:00 am
>> juliet: good morning, everybody. it's thursday, december 27, i'm juliet huddy in for gretchen. a deadly storm continues its destructive path heading east now and stranding thousands at the airports all across the country. we have a live report on this
4:01 am
storm in moments, call your carriers if you're traveling. >> kelly: president obama aboard air force one right now on his way back to washington. but it could be too late. a look at the new taxes you could be paying by next week. >> clayton: oh, goody. thanks. >> juliet: merry christmas. >> clayton: what makes a mate a perfect 10? never mind looks or personality. the new trait everyone is asking about, your credit score. what's your fica? >> "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. >> juliet: that's kind of creepy >> clayton: it is a good question to be asking if you think about it. now with credit being so tight, if you think you're going to get married and may want to buy a house, if you both got bad credit -- >> juliet: do you meet somebody and immediately start asking,
4:02 am
what kind of car do you drive? >> kelly: are you an 800? >> clayton: it says something about your ability to save and how smart you are with money. >> juliet: not necessarily. credit gets wrecked because of divorces and other crazy things. >> clayton: the debate to come up. let us know what you think. >> juliet: there are lots of caveats, people. we start with a fox news alert. former president george h.w. bush's condition has worsened. niece intensive care this morning. he's fight ago persistent fever that's gone up over the last few days. the 41st president was hospitalized last month for a bronchitis-related cough. he had a series of setbacks. >> he just started to have a few low energy days and things kind of snowballed from there. probably exactly the wrong time because of his weakened condition, because of the fight against bronchitis, 88 years old, it adds up to a tough situation right now. >> juliet: he's been a tough guy
4:03 am
all his life. he's reportedly alert, joking with the staff at methodist hospital. we're told he's on liquids only for the time being. dozens of people singing "amazing grace" at a candlelight vigil as they remembered the two firefighters murdered in new york. ♪ i once was lost ♪ but now am found ♪ . >> juliet: the two men were shot and killed during an ex-con's christmas eve ambush. we're hearing from the firefighters who survived the attack. in a joint statement, they shared their gratitude for all the prayers. doctors upgraded their conditions to satisfactory. that's good news. the next step in the long healing process for people of newtown, connecticut, the town moving forward with plans for a permanent memorial honoring the 26 victims of the sandy hook
4:04 am
massacre. all the flowers, letters, photos, teddy bears, all of those things around newtown will be turned into soil and blocks to be used in foundation of a future memorial. all right. this video will have you thinking twice next time you park illegally. a town in russia writes more than just tickets, people. they don't mess around. they move your car with a crane. just picking it up with a claw and taking it out somewhere. it's clucked out and dumped into this truck and taken to siberia. [ laughter ] >> kelly: oh, man. >> clayton: you're going to have scratches on the top 6 your car, i'm sure. >> juliet: if it's taken in a truck, that's bye-bye. >> kelly: we got more to discuss. we're getting a look this morning at president obama boarding air force one and leaving hawaii after spending a few days there for his christmas vacation. the president is in the air right now, we understand, heading back to washington with
4:05 am
just five days until we fall off the fiscal cliff. doug, who was in hawaii with the president this past -- last christmas, is live in washington with details about the president's plans and what could happen if a deal isn't reached. you're not in hawaii, you must have missed it. >> clayton: your tan wore off. >> a little colder this christmas. the president, you're right, is in air force one right now for that long flight back from hawaii. plenty of time to think about what his next move is going to be. as far as congress is concerned, for the first time since 1970, one of the houses of congress, in this case the senate, is going to not only be in session, but conduct legislative business. first time since 1970 they have done that between christmas and new year. doesn't mean they're going to get anything done as far as the fiscal cliff is concerned and because the deadline is so tight, about the most we could hope for may be is some kind of temporary deal. if they don't come up with a
4:06 am
pick, the economy may be in for a big jolt. >> we're going to see economic activity slow down. i think we're going to see, with the certainty of tax rates raising on all of us that people contract their economic activity. >> and look, here is why. when you take a look at the impact of these tax hikes, at low income levels, a few hundred dollars. but for people make more than $500,000 a year, an average tax hike of $120,000 unless there is some kind of a fix. and finally, here is one possible solution, i guess. starbucks is telling all of their employees here in the dc area to write on every single coffee they make, come together. that is not just a tall order, but maybe a venty. i think a venty. >> kelly: that's really a good idea. not a good one, doug. >> clayton: thanks. what was your beverage of choice this morning? is that your coffee cup?
4:07 am
>> juliet: all righty. >> clayton: we'll have much more on that and what the fiscal cliff means with some of those numbers. we'll dive into some of the taxes we'll all be paying. because it's going to get scary. we were talking a little bit with stuart varney about some of the taxes that you'll pay no matter what regarding that payroll tax hike that you're going to see. everyone is going to get hit. that's not even part of the discussion, hasn't even been put on the table this morning. >> juliet: speak of scary, based on what happened in newtown and what's happened in other schools around the country, parents understandably are scared. educators are concerned about security in schools. let's go to utah where the teachers will be getting weapons training today. and arizona's attorney general plans to have trained or principal trained with a gun inside the school. basically they're not saying they want the teachers to go roaming the halls with a gun. but this is like the last standr
4:08 am
classroom. >> clayton: the first response are how are they going to allow guns in utah. in utah, one of the few states that allows guns in public schools, the legislature there had that state's rights, that's how they've done it for years. what the school says to your point, we don't want them roaming the halls, but it's free. we're going to waive a $50 fee on training so if you want to learn how to hold a gun, concealed weapons holder, get more training. the argument from gun advocates is they're much more able to quickly respond should some mad man come into a school than police having a swat team get there five, six, seven minutes later. >> kelly: the same thing holds true for arizona. i know when i had once spent a great deal of time in arizona, i was surprised to see people coming out like cowboys with their guns strapped to them. i thought, gee, that's a very visible deterrent. but the arizona attorney general is weighing in on this issue. let's listen to what he had to
4:09 am
say. >> one person we would train would be extensive training and would be free if the schools wanted it, they could have it. if not, they didn't have to have it. if another newtown incident occurs, we would regret that. >> kelly: the governors of texas, as well as virginia, they've also stated perhaps one of the solutions is having teachers being armed and ready in the event of someone trying to come in and attack the students of their particular schools. but again, as people have stated, this could be a slippery slope. >> clayton: again, to be fair and balanced and talk about the other side, we've heard from some special forces soldiers who said we train day in and day out to shoot precisely. it's not something you can do once every few months to get great at it. we train day in and day out. but the gun advocates make a great point. if you have gun laws that allow concealed weapons to be on college and public school
4:10 am
campuses, wouldn't you want armed individuals who are well trained and could respond more quickly than, say, a swat team. >> juliet: i understand the argument from both sides, i really do. but like you said, when you're trained to use a gun and you're a professional, you are trained hours and hours and hours, and how to react and how to not -- >> kelly: the key is well trained, well trained. you have to really be at it basically on a daily level. >> clayton: let us know what you think about that. guns in schools. coming up on the show, whether it's now or back in 1990, it seems like lawmakers were always having the same old debate. >> it's easy to find fault with the bill. it's always easy to nitpick and it's easy to vote against the bill. >> clayton: senator robert bird. what can history teach us as we move closer to the fiscal cliff? >> juliet: then insane football skills made it a youtube
4:11 am
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>> juliet: 12 minutes after 7 in the east. an extreme weather alert. deadly winter storm wreaking havoc across the northeast and creating holiday nightmares for tens of thousands of stranded flyers. wtxf reporter is joining us live from philadelphia international airport. they're seeing serious delays there. not a good day to travel. >> no. it is not a good day to travel. thousands of people are trying to get home from the holidays and they are suffering some serious delays here. there are 60 canceled flights, which is nothing compared to
4:14 am
yesterday's 300 canceled flights. you can imagine the ripple effect across the country. i want to show you the terminal behind me. you can get a better idea of how many people. it slowed down now, but it has been packed, jam packed since we got here at 4:30 this morning. 60 canceled flights, 20 minute ground delay, 300 canceled flights yesterday and still here in philadelphia, 230 stranded passengers. as you can imagine, the ripple effect from these weather delays has gone across the globe. i spoke with a man from south korea here in philadelphia this morning. he was diverted and delayed at three different cities and several of the people who are here this morning are telling me they're trying to catch trains or rent cars, so they don't have to deal with the mess in the airport. so many of the flights are already booked to capacity here today in philadelphia because of the holiday season that a lot of the travelers who were delayed yesterday are trying to figure out how they're going to get home today. back to you guys in the studio. >> juliet: the lesson is just
4:15 am
breathe. thanks very much for that report. clayton? >> clayton: thank you. as the deadline to avoid the fiscal cliff rapidly approaches, let's take you back, a flashback, in history, the 1990s. see if you heard this before. >> the basic point to be remembered here is that the measure before us is an important step forward towards the goal of reducing the annual deficits and achieving a balanced budget. this is not a perfect bill, as no bill is perfect. it does make cuts in entitlements, it does cut defense, it does raise taxes, and it does attack the budget deficit. >> if this budget package is adopted, the deficit of the united states will be reduced substantially. that is not hot air. >> clayton: does that sound like something you may have heard from lawmakers today? that was over 20 years ago. does washington ever change its tone or their debate?
4:16 am
let's ask the man who served in the white house of policy. good morning to you, peter, and welcome to the show. >> good morning. glad to be here. >> clayton: does this ever change? i moon, 1990, it sounds like we're going over the exact same things again here in 2012. >> what's most immediately relevant is what happened as a result of that package. the spending cuts were never really enacted. the tax increases pushed the economy into recession. and so the deficit increased rather than declined. so it went from 220 billion in 1990 to 269 billion in 1991, 290 billion in 1992. i think that's directly relevant today because i think the obama tax increases are more likely to lose revenue rather than to gain revenue. for example -- >> clayton: we know what happened with president george h.w. bush, read my lips, no new tax and ended up going forward with some of those tax increases to part of the negotiation and
4:17 am
democrats didn't come forward with entitlement cuts that were enough to actually counteract some of those tax increases. could we be seeing the exact same thing today? >> well, yes. for example, one big tax increase in the obama tax increase package is the capital gains tax rate is going to go up 58% on the higher income taxpayers. and so now in the last 50 years, every time the capital gains tax rate has been raised, capital gains revenues have declined rather than increased. and every time the capital gains tax rate has been cut, capital gains revenues increased rather than declined. and cbo has gotten it wrong every time over 50 years. and so whether you're deal -- what you're doing with obama is not just the expiration of the bush tax cuts, but obama tax goes into effect as well. the cap gains rate will go up 58% and this is going to lose revenue rather than gain revenue just as it has in the past. similarly, the tax increase on dividends.
4:18 am
if the bush tax cut expires, along with the obamacare tax increase, the tax rate on dividends is going to increase -- actually triple. when bush cut the tax rate on dividends, dividends pay soared and so did the taxes napad on them as a result. if you reverse that tax cut and put the obamacare tax on top, dividends are going to collapse and so are the revenues that government will collect from the dividends. you'll have a similar result as you had in 1990 where they increased rather than declined. >> clayton: do we not learn from our history? this seems like it's just repeating all over again. politicians aren't aware of their history here and what we could go through again. we know what 1991 and 1992 looked like with that recession. it was hard. >> the tax increases we're talking about now are much bigger than in 1990 and they're focused on tax rates and it's rates most critical. even income tax rates on higher
4:19 am
income tax payers, the higher income tax payers making a million dollars or more are the most economically agile taxpayers. they're most able to change their income, shift it overseas, change the form, change the timing, so as a result, i think the income tax rate increases on the upper income earners are probably going to lose revenue, too. if all the tax increases together push the economy back into recession, total revenues will decline rather than increase and so the deficit will rise rather than fall. >> clayton: maybe we can take everyone down to the public library and walk into the history section. we should have a field trip, walk through the history session and show them what 20 years ago looked like. peter, used to work for the first president bush, thanks. >> glad to be here. >> clayton: coming up on the show, the white house about to expand a program to help struggling homeowners. how you can take advantage of that next. then what makes a mate a perfect 10? we'll have a look at how they talk to people in public.
4:20 am
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>> kelly: news by the numbers. first, more than $1 billion. that's how much toyota will pay to settle a lawsuit over a defect. it caused cars to accelerate on their own. it's the largest auto defect settlement in u.s. history. next, 6.50. that's how much it will cost an hour to park in chicago. the windy city will have the nation's most expensive parking meters. be forewarned and you better watch out. ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ ♪ . >> kelly: santa is coming to town and coming to court. $100,000. that's how much the co-writer of "santa claus is coming to town"
4:24 am
sold his share of the copyright for. but his heirs are suing the publisher, claiming it is worth more and the deal was canceled. >> juliet: the obama administration is considering expanding its mortgage refinancing programs to help struggling homeowners. what does that mean for the housing market and the economy? here to break it down for us real estate ex at the time kendra, my old friend. how are you? >> wonderful. nice to be with you this morning. >> juliet: great to have you here. so let's go through this, so here is a mortgage refi proposal. it would include borrowers whose mortgages aren't backed by if any if any and freddie mac, underwater borrowers who owe more than their homes are worth. now, you hear a lot of people see this and think this is great. they think refinancing, this is good news for everybody. not so says you? >> not so. i mean, on the most basic level when you're talking about
4:25 am
providing individual relief to borrowers who are severely under water, yes, it's wonderful. however, it really is a bad deal for the taxpayers. >> juliet: why? >> bream break it down for you. essentially, this program would transfer billions of dollars of risky loans from the private mortgage group to the government subsidized entities, fannie mae and freddie mac. that's the only way that we would be able to allow people that are underwater on their mortgages to refinance their mortgages held in the private sector. >> juliet: are fannie mae and freddie mac solvent enough? >> no, and not only that. here is how it would work. billions of dollars of risky loans would be transferred to fannie mae and freddie mac. then the treasury department with pay the investors whatever loss that they would incur on all of the interest that they're going to lose when these people
4:26 am
refinance for five years. so essentially it would cost the taxpayers almost $60 billion. and this is a group of home borrowers who has proven that they can pay their mortgages time every month even though their interest rates are twice that of prevailing rates in the midst of a struggling economy. so these are people who don't even really need the help. >> juliet: okay. so people who are watching this are saying, wait. who is this going to help? is it going to be good news for anybody? >> listen, before people say gosh, kendra, you're not in that position, how would you know? i'm under water in my home. i happen to be under water. >> juliet: a lot of us are. >> yeah. but is it really worth the personal benefit to me to pass that bill on to future generations of americans? no, i don't think so. and to expand the government's
4:27 am
footprint in the u.s. housing market, it's just not something that i really think we want to do, you know. the government is already involved in nine out of ten mortgages in this country. >> juliet: all right. kendra todd -- what's the last name now? matera? >> yes. >> juliet: thank you. you've seen it in the movies, but this one is very real. a shark tank suddenly bursts with dozens of people around it. i was just down at the atlantis hotel. oh, man, and there were sharks in there. oh, that's scary. this kicker put his football talents on youtube and it worked. now he's got an nfl tryout. you have to hear this story. this is one of those cool youtube success stories. we'll tell you about it i love the holidays.
4:28 am
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4:30 am
>> clayton: welcome back. it's your shot of the morning. >> juliet: oh, my gash. >> juliet: imagine standing there like this. 33-ton shark tank suddenly bursts, sending a wave of water and shards of broken glass, not to mention sharks flying at you at a shopping center in shanghai. at least 15 people had to be rushed to the hospital. they mostly suffered deep cuts and bruises. no word what caused the accident. >> juliet: can i just say there was a restaurant in a town in new jersey that had a huge
4:31 am
aquarium, same thing happened. luckily it was at night. but the whole thing, it was huge aquarium! >> kelly: gave way? >> juliet: it was after the place closed, thank goodness. >> clayton: you could manual if you're sitting this eating fish and suddenly a shark comes at you because it's mad that you're eating fish. >> juliet: that's why i don't like aquariums. i don't like to see the things swimming around when i'm about to eat them. >> kelly: when go into the large aquariums, i have that thought. what if that breaks? seeing that, i may think that even more. >> clayton: bring a life preserver with you. >> juliet: we make things well here in the united states. >> clayton: let's hope so. >> juliet: all right. we've got an extreme weather alert. another day of wild weather awaiting some areas across the northeast. so far, six people have died in the christmas storm system that spawned blizzards, sleet and rare winter tornadoes. lots here in the new york area. in illinois, heavy snow causing this plow's tires to spin out,
4:32 am
making matters worse, gusty winds are redistributing air. over in ohio, kelly, dollar lot of drivers that are complaining of zero visibility. they're doing their best to stay on the roads and away from other cars. >> i've seen ten cars in accidents. i saw a lexus fly into a ditch. i saw semi truck jackknife. all kinds of stuff. >> juliet: yuck. clayton, in upstate new york. >> clayton: look at this mess. buffalo, new york, it's nothing they're not used to up there. getting hit hard. these young snowboarders taking time to enjoy it while they're home on college break and school break. the travel nightmare not just for those driving. at this hour, more than 400 flights have been canceled. that's in addition to 1800 flights yesterday. >> kelly: let's check in on all this madness because we can get the best of the facts facts fror
4:33 am
fox news meteorologist, maria molina in our weather center tracking this storm. how long will this last? >> good morning. thankfully the storm system will be out of the northeast tomorrow. but the bad news is that we have a storm system on the heels of this one that will be producing more snow across the midwest as we head into tomorrow and then this weekend, bringing more snow across portions of the northeast and also some very strong winds as it does intensify over the next 24 to 48 hours. right now we're still dealing with the first storm system that dumped significant snowfall across places that don't typically get it around christmas time. in arkansas, we have reports of over a foot of snow. some spots picking up to 15 inches of snow. incredible stuff. a foot of it as well across portions of southern illinois and indiana. that's a story as well. right now across the northeast. upstate new york, we're getting very heavy snowfall. that's the case as well in through portions of new england. coastal areas, new york city, boston right to you are just dealing with areas of rainfall. we didn't really see significant snow from the storm system. temperatures really just too
4:34 am
warm across coastal areas. but the wind really howling, 30, 40, 50 miles per hour wind gusts and it will be an issue at the airport, already seeing delays in la guardia of an hour. philly international has been reporting delays on average about a little more than 20 minutes out there. wind advisories in effect still across western parts of the state of north carolina and virginia, with gusts over 40 miles per hour. still possible. so even though it's not raining here, not snowing really anymore, we're still dealing with the wind. guys? >> kelly: all right. thank you. it's really tough out there. >> juliet: yes, it is. hopefully maybe people will get better weather after the second one comes through. >> kelly: it is winter. >> juliet: that's true. we should expect it. we have other headlines for you. it was senator inouye's last wish to be succeeded by colleen henabosha. but the governor appointed his lieutenant governor instead. >> i made this decision with the
4:35 am
full confidence that brian's appointment is in the best interest of the party, the state of hawaii, and the nation. >> juliet: he's flying to washington with president obama at the moment who was vacationing in hawaii. he's expected to be sworn in later. the nation's highest court saying no to hobby lobby over obamacare's contraception mandate. the supreme court refuse to go grant an injunction as the company's legal battle plays out. the supreme court refused to protect them from the mandate. the ceo claims it forces companies to either violate its faith or be exposed to severe penalties. canada so desperate for skilled workers, it's begun recruiting on american soil. >> we get resumes every day coming across the desk and if you see a good one, you're jumping on it immediately. >> juliet: all right. canadian recruiters holding job fairs in america, advertising on radio and youtube to try and lure out americans out of -- out
4:36 am
of work americans to work for their companies. this is one of the fairs in california. can did needs skilled workers to tap into its oil resources. california has become a prime target because it's 9.8% unemployment rate. youtube sensation scoring much more than just fame on the internet. norwegian kicker getting the chance to be in the nfl. the 27-year-old had a tryout with the new york jets. he was tested on field goals and kickoff. he said it went well and hoping to score a contract by the 2013 contract. >> clayton: let's be honest, the jets need help. they get some guy from the hills of the netherlands to kick a field goal sideways, maybe that's what they need. >> juliet: don't be sassy. journey, their lead singer now, it's a guy they found on youtube, in the philippines. he was a karaoke singer. he's fantastic.
4:37 am
>> kelly: that's the tway to do it these days. >> clayton: back in the days, typically when you went on a date, maybe go to, you look at their qualities, maybe look at their appearance. >> kelly: i think so. >> clayton: their likes, their interests. do they like to walk the dog in the park or that sort of thing. now there is a new trend unfolding and it's fascinating because some counselors have been coming forward, basically saying they're gotting more questions than ever before as it relates to dating about credit score. forget how they look. forget if they walk a dog in the park. i want to know how your credit score is because you know what? it tells a lot about your financial history and therefore, i might not want to date you. >> juliet: it doesn't necessarily tell you everything about a person and their integrity and character. people go through divorces and that gets messy. why are you giving me a look? >> kelly: no, i think it says something about the bottom line, the bottom line is that a lot of people want to know what can do you for me? >> juliet: yeah, that's true. >> kelly: it's more than just putting a ring on it.
4:38 am
you got to put some dollar bills to it as well. >> clayton: one gentleman cited says look, i'm not going to marry her because she has $150,000 in student loans and her credit score is not good and i'm not going to commit to marriage until she can pay some of that down. >> juliet: then what happened to getting married and -- >> clayton: the problem is you share a credit score basically, right? you each have your individuals, but when you buy a house, you'll have to use one person or another's president to pay it o. >> kelly: why not work together to pay it off? >> juliet: right. >> kelly: you work together say oh, you've got some issues. >> clayton: the bad credit scores specifically, if you're trying to get a home or even an apartment or even trying to get car insurance, you'll pay more. 660 is the number you don't want. anything below ha is bad news. >> juliet: what's yours? >> clayton: god knows. i don't know. between 800 and 850 is the golden goose number, is the one you want. people can work to get these things down. call your credit burerys and
4:39 am
work because you may have stuff on there that you don't know. >> juliet: that's a huge thing. >> kelly: i got to get my credit score, come on. but i really want to date you. >> juliet: we told you a little earlier about states wanting to arm teachers. we're talking about utah. >> kelly: and arizona. >> juliet: taking their teach force class to carry guns. we want to know what you have to think about this. we have an e-mail from greg. >> clayton: whether it's an airplane or school, we have the responsibility to protect innocent people. we arm sky marshals and armed our pilots. we should arm our schools and make it imupon for intruders to get through the doors. in utah and arizona, their gun laws are such you're allowed to have a concealed weapon on private property and other states, there is gun free zones. >> kelly: greg makes a good point. but stress you have to be trained. the air marshals are trained consistently. >> juliet: this leads into robert. this is robert. i'm a trained special forces soldier. to allow teachers to carry and use guns in schools is an
4:40 am
excellent idea. to do otherwise would leave teachers and students with no means to defend themselves. okay. so i thought that was going to go a different way. >> kelly: charles writes us, can't they just have tasers instead of guns? that opens a myriad of problems because with the tasing effect, while you can stun the person, there have been the person who died. of course, if someone is coming in to hurt your children and your student population and faculty, you may not mind. >> juliet: right. but someone is coming at you with a gun, like this kid had, adam lanza, it's not going to work. >> kelly: a taser wouldn't work in that. >> clayton: let us know how you feel about this. coming up, doctors just used a shot of alcohol to save a man's life. it's an extraordinary story and that is next. >> kelly: what brand was it? >> clayton: tequila. >> kelly: then the president thinks higher taxes is the answer. in a knew days, you will be paying them. how did it work out for
4:41 am
california? remember that? the law maker who left town because it was so bad is here to explain it all next. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still "stubbed" up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a decongestant. no way. [ male announcer ] sorry. alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast acting decongestant to relieve your stuffy nose. [ sighs ] thanks! [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus. ♪ oh what a relief it is! ♪ [ male announcer ] to learn more about the cold truth and save $1 visit alka-seltzer on facebook.
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4:43 am
>> clayton: quick headlines.
4:44 am
former south african president nelson mandela has been released from the hospital. the 94-year-old will continue to receive medical care at his home after being discharged wednesday. he was in the hospital since december 8 with a lung infection and gall stones. infamous chicago mobster, frank calabrese, junior has died in federal prison. the former hit man passed away on christmas day. he was sentenced to life in prison back in 20 murders of 18 people. kelly? >> kelly: all right. thank you very much. saying good-bye to the golden state. can you believe that? it's such a wonderful state. over the past two years, more than 100,000 california residents have actually fled the state of california for areas with lesser taxes. but is this a preview of what's to come nationwide? as americans across the country may soon see higher tacks themselves. joining us is former california state assemblyman.
4:45 am
this is a tough time for the people of california because they've seen so much in taxes. it's already an expensive area. what drove you away from the area? >> where will, exactly that. california now has the highest taxes in the nation. they just tripled the car tax and what the people who run california don't understand is that people don't work to pay taxes and increasing taxes and passing more laws isn't going to make what ails california better. >> kelly: you were at the top of the game out there politically. you were a force to be reckoned with, helping a lot of people in california from the republican party side. what do you think went wrong in california? what caused this kind of massive tax hikes causing people to have a mass exodus? >> well, california now has a very large government. it has government spending at almost 40% more as a share of the economy than does texas where i now live.
4:46 am
california has the most welfare recipients in the nation and it also has now the highest poverty rate, almost one quarter of californians are living in poverty. i think what went wrong is that they are operating under this misconception that more taxes and bigger government and more programs will somehow help out and, in fact, just the opposite is the case. they're driving the productive people out of the state. they're losing their tax base. >> kelly: and they're losing their middle class. so once you lose your middle class, you can't have people move to a level of creating jobs. what will that do? will that plunge the state's future into an economic abyss? >> it is not a pretty picture in california. warren buffet used to have a beach side house in my old district in laguna beach. i used to represent laguna beach. what the liberals often say is if you increase taxes, the hollywood moguls and the silicon valley tycoons won't leave the
4:47 am
state and they're right. probably a lot of them will stay there. people who can't afford to live there are the working people, the people who own small businesses, the people with degrees, the upper middle class. they're leaving the state in droves and they're going to places like texas where there is no income tax, doing what i did. and what a lot of liberals don't understand is that warren buffet has a house in my old district -- >> kelly: let me ask awe question. he doesn't pay california income taxes. let's look at this nationally because we're seeing the government move that way. here we are on the edge of falling off this fiscal cliff. what will that do for the average american who can say -- who says, i can't pay these taxes anymore, where do i go? what do i do? >> well that, is a difficult issue because obviously the average american isn't going to move out of the country to escape taxes. but what will happen is people will get discouraged and they'll
4:48 am
work less hard. they'll take less risk. they'll earn less money. and again, this goes back to the issue that the liberals of big government don't seem to get it that people don't work to pay taxes. that's not why people work. people work to save for the future, to send their kids to college, to buy stuff, to live comfortably. but they don't work for the government. >> kelly: and to establish a legacy for their children and make sure that future generations in this country can move forward and have a great prosperous nation. as we are, in fact, entitled to because we've worked for it and it wasn't given as a handout. thank you, sir. christmas is over and now you're left staring at a bunch of bills and so what's next? that one credit card you should pay first or else. then doctors used a shot of alcohol to save a man's life. we've got the extraordinary story coming up [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego.
4:49 am
prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. you you you i can
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4:51 am
>> juliet: 7:50 east coast, pick your poison, snow, freezing rain or a whole lot of wind. all things making for a messy commute this morning. wfxt reporter live in worcester, massachusetts, on conditions there, it is not looking so
4:52 am
good, are they? >> yeah. it's just a messy, messy morning here at worcester, massachusetts. we're about an hour west of boston. this is what we're dealing with this morning. you can see the layer of slush and water on the streets here and as you get to the areas that have not been plowed quite as well, you see a lot of snow. worcester probably got four inches of snow this morning. you can see it all piled up on the street corners there. in boston, and areas closer to the coasters they kind of got away with rain. mostly rain, anyway. still very, very treacherous driving conditions out here this morning. though no matter where go in the state, closer to the coast, you're dealing with big puddles and a lot of street flooding, things of that nature, very, very wet roads. here as you get more toward central and western mass, more of this stuff. more wintery scene here. people shoveling out and all the slush and snow here with the water on top of it. so dangerous conditions no matter where you go. however, we did speak with people here this morning in worcester. they were saying they thought the storm was going to be a lot worse. they're actually hoping it would
4:53 am
be so bad, they wouldn't have to go to work. a lot of them didn't get quite so fortunate there, if you want to call it that. certainly coming out and around this morning. very, very messy. people need to be careful here in massachusetts. back to you. >> juliet: i hate to say it, it's so beautiful, though. but i know it's a pain in the neck. thanks for that report. we appreciate it. good luck. clayton? >> clayton: thanks. a british doctor still has the medical world intoxicated this morning after saving the life of a patient with a shot of alcohol. the 77-year-old man suffered a life-threatening irregular heartbeat. and after several procedures failed, they decided to inject him with a dose of pure ethanol and it worked. joining us to explain how something like this can work is cardiologist doctor. nice to see you. welcome to the show. >> thank you so much. good to be here. >> clayton: here is how dumb i am. and i think maybe some other people out there could back me up. when i first heard this story, i thought, he probably within to the liquor cabinet and got a shot of tequila and managed to
4:54 am
do something with it. not at all how it happened? >> no, not at all how it happened. this is a good story, a great story. doctors went to heroic measures to try to save a patient who was getting ready to die. so it's what we do and it's a wonderful good story. they were doing a last ditch procedure on this man who already had heart attacks, already had an implantable defibrillator, and it was going off and off and off and it's like getting kicked in the chest over and over again. i'm sure the poor patient was ready to die. >> clayton: this has only been done a couple of times successfully. so you had all these other procedures that worked in the past and then i think you had four or five times that this procedure worked. what specifically are you doing with the shot of alcohol into the heart? >> the alcohol goes very carefully down into the smallest little artery of the heart that leads to the tissue that is causing the trouble, triggering the tachycardia. so it's a very careful procedure
4:55 am
and they actually test to make sure that they're in the right spot before they put the alcohol in. the alcohol really creates a controlled heart attack. they're trying to kill that one little spot of heart muscle that's causing all the trouble. >> clayton: so this one particular part of his heart was freaking out and firing all kinds of really rapid responses. they put the alcohol in and what does it do? sort of numbs in and kills it for a temporary amount of time 'til they can control it? >> no, it does kill the cells. so it permanently controls it. >> clayton: oh, permanently kills it? >> yes. >> clayton: how often are doctors going to be looking to do this again now that it's a success? is it difficult to administer? are they going to start going the route of alcohol from now on? >> no. we have other procedures. most commonly the bad part of the tissue that's triggering off the arrhythmia is on the inside surface of the left ventricle. we have radio frequency catheters to do that.
4:56 am
but if the bad offending spot is deep in the muscle, then the only way we can get to it sometimes is to find the artery that leads to it and inject alcohol. so while it was dramatic and exciting and has the fun story of alcohol with it, it's going to be common. it's another tool that doctors have to help control these very, very deadly arrhythmias. >> clayton: fascinating story. thanks for educating me. >> thank you. >> clayton: coming up on the show, four state department officials were supposed to be out of a job over the benghazi bungle. so why are they still on the government payroll this morning? the house chair woman who calls it pathetic is here next. she's trying to get answers and really can't 'cause no one -- everyone is busy or away for the holidays. plus, states offering tax incentives for electric cars and then taxing owners for having that electric car. the fine print that makes no sense at all [ male announcer ] you like who you are...
4:57 am
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>> juliet: good morning, everybody. it's thursday, december 27, i'm juliet huddy in for gretchen. a deadly storm continues its
5:00 am
destructive path stranding thousands at airports. look at the scene on the right. that's not food. we have a live report in moments. >> kelly: movements good at all. here is something that could probably be good. president obama will touchdown in washington in a few hours. the question is, could it be too late to avoid the fiscal cliff? we'll look into that, a look at the new taxes you could be paying next week. >> clayton: after getting caught an explosion in iraq he was told he would never walk again. now this marine is climbing and will join us live with his incredible story. "fox & friends" hour three begins right now. er. >> clayton: welcome t. hello, hello. >> juliet: this is really a -- i guess this the best set we've ever had nor me. >> clayton: so beautiful. >> kelly: we hope steve, brian and gretchen are enjoying time off. >> clayton: and kelly wright,
5:01 am
juliet and clayton in this morning. noise holiday and i'm looking forward to split up 'cause i get the birthday. subtle way to drop a hint. >> juliet: you're working new year's day? >> clayton: yeah, i'll be here. happy new year. >> kelly: and merry christmas if we got to you too late. we're getting a look at president obama who did enjoy a good christmas with his family in hawaii. he's boarding air force one and leaving hawaii. the president is in the air right now. he's heading back to washington and hopes to reach a deal on the so-called fiscal cliff. we've all been talking about it. but with just a few days to go, what happens if we do fall off that cliff? doug stand big in washington right now with what could happen if a deal isn't reached. doug? >> good morning. you're right, we're going to have some of the big players back here in washington today. a message for any of them, it
5:02 am
may be coming from starbucks. if you order a coffee anywhere in the dc area right now, they're going to write the message, come together, kind of an urgent plea for the president and members of congress to come up with a plan to avert the fiscal cliff. as far as we know, there is not a starbucks on board air force one. and that's exactly where president obama is right now. slowly making his way to issue with a wash. giving him time to make his next move. congress will be back in session as well. this is the first time since 1970 that a house of congress -- in this case the senate -- conducted legislative business in the week between christm new. doesn't mean they're going to get anything done. the most likely outcome seem to be we go over the fiscal cliff or there is a temporary stop-gap solution. absent that, we are heading over the cliff. >> you are going to have less money to spend in a very difficult economy with very little clarity on how the
5:03 am
economy is going to pick up in the near future or even in the long run. we are entering into a very difficult era, unfortunately. >> we talk about the impact on the economy. it's because as your income goes up, your tax hike will get larger and larger and collectively, it's a lot of money out of the economy. you look at folks making more than $500,000 a year, their taxes would go up on average $120,000. that's money that won't be spent on consumer goods, won't be invested. it will simply go to the government and it may cause, may cause another recession. and to add to the uncertainty here, the complications, we also heard from treasury secretary tim geithner that the nation is going to hit the debt ceiling sooner than a lot of people anticipated. probably the next few days. he can go through accounting gimmicks to delay that a little bit, but it may become part of whatever kind of final solution is that the congress and the president can come up with. back to you guys. clayton, i didn't know this, i've been celebrating your birthday for years.
5:04 am
[ laughter ] >> juliet: for like 27 years. >> clayton: i know, it's very nice and here in times square they do a big ball drop. >> i had no idea it was for you. >> clayton: thank you. >> juliet: that's fun. >> clayton: it's not going to be a good new year's eve, if you think about the financial issues we're all facing, you want to be able to celebrate and have fun with your friends on new year's eve. right now you talk about the fiscal cliff and also hitting this potential debt ceiling limit as well. $16.4 trillion we could arrive at on new year's eve. >> juliet: yeah. let's hear what congressman tray goudie had to say about this. he was on greta the other night. >> i assure you that there will be a resolution either before the new year or shortly after the new year. that's the good news, that there will be a deal. the bad news for you and your viewers is that there won't o'clock a solution. it will be a panacea or some
5:05 am
magical alickser, make us all feel a little better. but shortly after the new year, we're also going to get a letter from timothy geithner asking us to raise the debt ceiling for the 80th time in our country's history. so there will be a quote, move to avert the fiscal cliff. your viewers should demand more than a deal. they should demand a solution. >> juliet: kimberly guilfoyle had that. >> kelly: here is a problem with all that, and i hope the congressman is right, because you want to have a sense of optimism. the president talked about being optimistic. john boehner talked about being optimistic, but he also said only god knows what's going to happen now. here is -- when the president gets in today, the senate will not get in until late tonight. what kind of work are they possibly going to do? >> clayton: right. >> kelly: in terms of doing the people's business. >> clayton: i read a report that says there is not enough time to get it done, to review it -- to get it all ironed out, there is physically not enough time for
5:06 am
these guys to get back and hammer it out. >> juliet: you think about this is such a huge deal for our country! all right. so we're going to move to another disaster. lot of people's travel plans brought to a screeching halt because you've got wind, snow, rain. microphone sun here with all the -- mike tobin is here with alt wonderful news. you're in chicago. >> anyway, looks like you're still getting it around new york city and upstate new york, central pennsylvania, get comfortable because the national weather service says you may be looking at as much as two feet of snow accumulating. yesterday the midwest got it the worst with 18 inches piling up in some areas like ohio and indiana. the driving was absolutely treacherous, combined with wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. you had ice on the roads. nine traffic fatalities yesterday, including sadly an
5:07 am
18-year-old girl who lost control of her car and went head first into an oncoming snowplow. the problem you had with all this traffic is you had all the people who made it to a destination and faced the storm to try to get back. >> pretty rough. we've seen a lot of accidents. in ohio, dirt bike. these people were -- wish people would slow down a little bit. it's pretty slick. >> you had 1300 flights canceled. the good news is that we're down to about 400 canceled flights nationwide. that is kind of par for the course for today. however, tell that to the people who are stacked up like cord wood in the terminal. >> we're trying to get home. or plan b, we go spend time with the grandkids here. >> that storm was really treacherous, whipping up as many as 34 tornadoes down south. let me see if i can challenge
5:08 am
the crew in the control room to roll one more piece of video so we can end on a happy note. look at all the kids who got out their snow boards and sleds that they got for christmas and got to treat this like a snow day. back to you guys. >> juliet: that's so nice of to you end a happy note. >> clayton: my son woke up from his nap yesterday. he's 2 1/2, and we're going to take him outside into the snow. as soon as we're getting ready to go out in the snow, then it started that icy sleet and started coming down. we all looked at each other and, maybe we'll wait on that. he didn't care, but we did. >> juliet: that's a very nice story. >> clayton: thought i would share. >> juliet: i hope your children are doing wonderful. >> clayton: we'll be hold ago story hour later. >> juliet: the nix's 41st president in intensive care this morning with a persistent fever. right now george h.w. bush is only on a liquids only diet. we're told he is alert and joking with hospital staff. but a family spokesman said there has been some setbacks.
5:09 am
>> in the icu because things are going well. we're obviously hoping that the medicines and the treatments can help him turn things around. >> juliet: that's their spokesperson. the 88-year-old was admitted to methodist hospital last month for bronchitis-related cough. coming up, we'll have a live report from that hospital. late democratic senator daniel inouye made one last wish. he wanted to be succeeded by congresswoman colleen honobusa. but the governor of hawaii appointed his lieutenant governor instead. >> i made this decision with the full confidence that brian's appointment is in the best interest of the party, the state of hawaii, and the nation. >> juliet: he's flying to washington aboard air force one with president obama, who is vacationing in hawaii. he's expected to be sworn in later today. dozens of people singing "amazing grace" at a candlelight
5:10 am
vigil as they remembered the two firefighters in new york. ♪ i once was lost ♪ but now i'm found >> juliet: the two men shot and killed during an ex-con's christmas eve bash. for the first time, we're also hearing from the firefighters who survived the attack. and in joint statements, the two shared their gratitude for all their prayers. the doctors upgraded both their conditions to satisfactory. take a look what washed up on a new york beach. this is sad. a 60-foot endangered fin back whale. you can see rescuers trying to keep it wet. it was stranded on the sand in breezy point queens. they're not sure how he ended up there, but he doesn't have a good shot of surviving. he's extremely thin. you can see his ribs. makes me sad. >> clayton: thank you. now to outrageous news this morning because we told you
5:11 am
earlier this week that christmas didn't come for some individuals who suddenly woke up in the westchester area and putnam county and discovered that hey, we're gun owners and our names are printed in the newspaper. they're printed on-line because after a freedom of information act request, it was held up. they woke up and found out that hey, they're law abiding citizen, our names are in the paper. we have gun owner and gun trainer on the show earlier. his name has not yet appeared in the newspaper. he says it's only a matter of time. it's coming. here are his thoughts. >> i've gone through the legal steps to own a hand gun. if you know that your neighbor owns guns, what are you doing with the information? camping out in front of your house to check it out? same thing with getting the names and addresses of the editor and the reporter, are you going -- hey, let's do drive byes. all right. now what are you doing? you're harassing these people --
5:12 am
we're looking to exercise our constitutional rights. they're exercising their constitutional rights and if i'm going to assert my rights, then i guess i have to respect theirs. >> clayton: bloger fired back and then printed the names of the newspaper editors and publishers on the web site. so he was saying both of them don't make sense. >> juliet: the thing is that these people are starting to feel like they're being lumped in with the likes of the sex offendsers whose information is listed and sent to the papers. they're saying, we purchased these guns legally. we haven't done anything wrong. why are we being targeted? >> kelly: it is your second amendment right. you can have the right to bear arms. that has become an issue because some of the wrong people have been able to get access to these weapons and they've caused massive damage and heartbreak that we all feel throughout this country. but to me, it doesn't give the right for a newspaper to go out and identify people who have their guns legally and they haven't done anything wrong. >> clayton: we raised the question because i thought it would be cut and dry.
5:13 am
that's how i feel about it. it was outrageous for their names to be printed. but individuals weighed in yesterday and said wouldn't you want to know if there is an adam lanza living down the street. >> kelly: how would we know, though? >> juliet: but a lot of neighbor, there is always that guy, you know, that oh, he's the worst one. and all of a sudden you start wondering, this guy has the gun, you start watching him a little more carefully. i hate to say it. >> kelly: but those generalizations with our society, and that's part of the problem that we have right now. >> juliet: very true. >> kelly: that's also why some of these kinds of people slip through the cracks. >> clayton: true. and mental health advocates saying hey, do not lump in other individuals who are suffering from autism or as bergers with the likes of adam lanza. they're not one and the same. don't cut everyone from the same cloth. weigh in and let us know your thoughts on that. more on that coming up. plus, that wicked weather making for a lot of angry travelers. one pilot a little more
5:14 am
frustrated than anyone else. wait until you hear what he did over the intercom. >> juliet: i was on that plane. anyway, is washington making fools of the american people publicly getting rid of our four state department officials but keeping them on the payroll? >> kelly: pathetic! she's here next share everything.
5:15 am
share brotherly love. share one up's. mom ? mom ? the share everything plan. lets your family share a pool of data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. get a sptrum 2 by lg for $49.99 thor gets great rewards for his small business! your boa! [ garth ] thor's small business earns double miles on every purchase, every day! ahh, the new fabrics. put it on my spark card. ow. [ garth ] why settle for less? the spiked heels are working. wait! [ garth ] great businesses deserve great rewards. [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one.
5:16 am
choose unlimited rewards with double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? [ cheers and applause ] >> kelly: lack of security at the u.s. consulate in benghazi left four people dead and four state department employees without a job, or so we thought. according to the new york post, those officials who were sacked after the release of the benghazi report are still on the government's payroll and will be
5:17 am
back to work soon. joining us is the chair woman of the house form affairs committee. she joins us today. good to see think morning. >> thank you. good morning. >> kelly: i know you're not happy about the news of this at all. how do you describe it? >> this is unbelievable. the american people should be outraged at this because it is pathetic. it's disgraceful. it is purposely misleading. it is a ruse, smoke and mirrors. this is so wrong for the state department to do. what did they do? it's just one more lie in a web of lies dealing with the terrorist attack and the consulate in benghazi, libya. as you know, and you reported on it, first so many high level administrators said, oh, this was a spontaneous demonstration as a result of outrage about a video that attacked the prophet mohammed. none of that was true. it was labeled a terrorist attack from day one.
5:18 am
but the administration wanted to paint a narrative that everything was fine in libya. so now we have yet another attempt to purposely misdirect the american public. why? because the spokeswoman for the state department said the secretary has accepted the resignation of eric boswell, a high level security official, she's accepted his resignation and then she said, and the other three individuals, who are mentioned in the benghazi report, have been relieved of their current duties. it gave everyone the impression that four individuals had resigned as a result of their mismanagement of this terrorist attack in benghazi, when in fact, we now find out that all of them are still on the payroll, one of them has resigned from his position as deputy secretary, but he's got a lot of other titles as well. so they just shifted the deck chairs and they want to make the american people believe that the
5:19 am
state department has held people accountable for their lack of security and sending help to four brave americans. this is incredibly inept of the state department to think that it could continue to fool the american public. >> kelly: congress woman, i hear your passion loud and clear. to your point, there were systemic failures that took place to begin with in terms of diplomatic security, making sure that the consulate was heavily fortified or well guarded in an area that was so rife with al-qaeda operatives and other bad insurgents and then the fact it was on 9-11. >> unbelievable, yes. that's why the report on benghazi clearly points out that there was a dismissal of intelligence reports that clearly pointed out that we were headed for trouble in benghazi and then the arb, which is the benghazi report, states that without using their names, but their titles, that these individuals, and i quote, they lacked pro-active leadership and
5:20 am
management ability related to benghazi. so as a result of that report, then the state department spokeswoman says these four individuals, they make it appear that they're no longer on the payroll, yet they are. >> kelly: congress woman, let me ask you quickly. i've got to get ready to go. i want to ask you about the secretary of state, hillary clinton. we understand that some republicans may try to block voting or confirming the nomination for the secretary of state in john kerry until hillary clinton actually testifies before the committee on what took place in benghazi, what her role may or may not have been. what do you say to that? >> correct. i think they're right to do so. secretary clinton will be coming up to d.c she must testify about benghazi. and now must testify about this. they could be mincing words and parting words and say, we didn't really say they're no longer on
5:21 am
the payroll, but they sure made it sound that way. so she's got a lot of explain to go do and i think the senators are correct in doing so. we expect secretary clinton to testify before our committee by mid january and here is another lie and another misdirection that she's got to account for. >> kelly: congresswoman, we thank you for joining us today. have a good day. >> thank you. >> kelly: next up, think tax incentives for electric cars are a good deal? think again. the sneaky extra charge being added in. then going off that fiscal cliff we've been talking about is good for someone. inmates. why no deal means some are go to be released [ malennouncer ] it's tt time of year again.
5:22 am
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>> kelly: fox news alert. moments ago, southwest plane skidded off the runway and onto the grass at airport in new york. right now police say there were no injuries to the 129 passengers and five crew members on board. but the flight was heading to tampa, florida. washington state trying to have it both ways on electric cars. check this out. drivers get thousands of dollars
5:25 am
in incentives to buy the cars, right? well, after that, electric cars owners will get hit with a one dollar annual fee. actually that's $100 annual fee, since they won't be paying gas taxes. so what's the point? what's going on? >> clayton: we have fox news alert. things taking a turn for the worse for former president george h.w. bush. stubborn fever putting the 41st president in intensive care. kriv reporter is live outside methodist hospital with the very latest on his condition. what can you tell us at this hour? >> good morning. you know, that fever is the main reason why the former president was put in intensive care. that news wasn't made public until yesterday, though, although mr. bush was put in intensive care on sunday. the health concerns started in november. that was with bronchitis. this particular hospital stay started the day after thanksgiving. but he actually had been
5:26 am
hospitalized for 13 days before thanksgiving. at 88 years old, this former president, he has just had a very hard time getting rid of the persistent cough. he's had antibiotics and breathing treatments for that and we were told his condition was improving. in fact, it seems that almost any day he could get out of the hospital. but then last week he had a few days where he felt really, really weak and then this fever came up and the doctors weren't able to control it, so they put him in intensive care. the doctors are still cautiously optimistic that he can pull out of this. they're saying they need his body to rally. that is what the spokesperson has told us. they need him to rally. they do appreciate the outpouring of support that they're getting from the public. they're getting prayers and messages from all around the world. back to you. >> clayton: andrea, thank you so much. we hope for a speedy recovery. we know the president of the fan
5:27 am
of the show, watches regularly every morning. we hope you have us on the room. >> juliet: he's such a tough guy. jumping out of airplanes. he's a tough guy. >> kelly: 88 years of age, we're definitely praying to for him. >> clayton: coming up, he's been working with him for years. now a major car maker firing their christian chaplain because he might offend someone. >> juliet: then, christmas shopping is over. now you're knee deep in bills. where do you start? laurie routeman is here. there is the lovely laurie telling us about the credit card you should pay off first or else. she's going to scare us [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
5:28 am
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5:31 am
sweeping. his father says he's never seen anything like this before. >> clayton: video games, that's what will happen. all right. we hope you have tears of joy this morning. let's see. i'm sorry. can you repeat that number? 350,000, the jobless claims numbers that we're just now receiving into fox. we were just waiting for them here and great that we have laurie rothman from the "fox business" network to bring over these numbers. 350,000. >> good news. >> clayton: are those temporary numbers for the holiday? >> that's a great point. this is the last week of the year. these are initial jobless claims. so yes, to your point, a lot of people probably did find seasonal employment. but even so, 363,000, so we are seeing modest improvement to the overall labor situation in this country. >> clayton: we hear so many employers contacted us, talked to us. you see job postings up. there are so many companies
5:32 am
hiring right now. it may not be the big paying job, but so many businesses are looking for jobs that they cannot fill right now. >> absolutely. it's fascinating. the economy, we saw third quarter growth upwards of 3%. housing is coming back. there are a lot of elements to the economy that are start to show improvement and then you talk about the fiscal cliff and the whole thing deflates. but there are jobs, especially in the digital world looking to hire and many of those people looking for jobs aren't trained properly. >> juliet: we want to talk about this post-christmas nightmare having to pay off the credit card bill. >> kelly: santa takes care of all those bills. >> juliet: the ones that he didn't take care of. the diamonds you bought your girlfriends, that kind of thing. how do we handle this? >> so the most important thing is to pay whatever you can. clearly you overspent, but you want to mitigate the damage to your credit report and credit history. so if you have a lot of credit
5:33 am
cards, just pay down whatever you can. prioritize the credit card with the highest interest rates to minimize extra costs. the store cards, they can be a disaster. many times store cards will issue a card with a 20 plus percent interest rate. a national card is 15%. if you open that account because you're being offered a discount of 15, 20% on your merchandise, all you have to do is default on one month's payment and then you've washed out that discount. >> kelly: what about the stores that say, if you join us and you pay it off at a certain time, there is no interest. >> absolutely. that's a big problem because you forget about it. and those cards don't offer any of the other benefits like some of the national cards do. the payment protection, the insurance offering a. they're not as good -- >> juliet: they always get you, you you can save 15% off, you have this gigantic pile of
5:34 am
clothing. >> they do a hard credit check when opening that. that can be bad for your credit score. >> clayton: because you have a number of those and suddenly your credit score is going down. interestingly, i made a few purchases this year that didn't use a credit card, but routed through pay pal, ordered something for my wife and you sort of forget those. my friend always jokes that it's free money. think about it. you forget about it! >> such a great point. you have to budget yourself. you have to do your free cash flow math. remembering what you paid with services like pay pal because you're going to get the credit card bills right in the mail or even on-line. and so you're thinking, okay. here is my x cash, free cash flow. this is how i'll difficulty it up to pay my credit cards and you say oh, i forgot about the pay pal bills. >> kelly: should people stop using credit cards until they pay their credit cards off? >> yes. hide it until you paid it off. especially if you're carrying a few different cards.
5:35 am
>> clayton: max out your rewards? >> if you maxed out your credit card, why not check out the best rewards programs. they tend ouching them a lot during this time of year. so if you tend to check your balance a lot of times there are links to go on-line to some of the retailers and you might be able to earn more points for your dollars. >> juliet: and you have to check for fraud. >> obviously. with more activity, it's likely to have those things hit. so make a point to go through your statement and make sure those charges were yours. >> kelly: real quickly, a topic we were talking about earlier. if you're dating someone and they don't have the right score, what do you do with them? >> well, what's your minimum requirement? 650 is pretty good. >> kelly: that's on the low end. >> clayton: won't even consider dating him. get that score up. happy new year. great to see you. >> thank you so much. >> juliet: time for the rest of your headlines. it's the next step in a long
5:36 am
healing process for the people of newtown, connecticut. the town moving forward with plans for a permanent memorial honoring the 26 victims of the sandy hook massacre. all the flowers, letters, photos, teddy bears, all of those things you see around newtown will be turned into soil and blocks to be used in the foundation of a future memorial. senseless crime interrupt ago wounded marine's homecoming in illinois. this is unbelievable. lance corporal chris van etten lost both legs in afghanistan. he woke up on christmas eve morning and he found racist graffiti painted on the side of his house. >> to have what was spray painted hurts and it hurts that it was now. >> what really made it better was neighbors coming out that i didn't even know coming and helping, taking supplies and coming to help wash it off. >> juliet: the family is saying they're hopeful police will make an arrest soon. bentley motors playing the role of the grump this christmas. the auto maker firing its
5:37 am
long-time christian chaplain days before the holiday. they decide not to upset nonchristians. many workers say they're distraught and trying to get the chaplain reinstated. oh, "gray's anatomy," doctor, patrick dempsey is trying to save more than 500 jobs. lead ago group attempt to go buy coffee company. he has a strong tie to the city. he wants to help out. so very cool. i hope it works out. >> clayton: thank you. some weather we want to focus on. okay. let's talk about some of this weather then because the town trying to get back to new york trying to get back on its feet, it was walloped by the storm. let's check in with maria molina now. she's in the weather center with a look toe forecast. how is it looking? >> good morning. doesn't look too good if you live in the northeast. we're seeing those roadways already covered with snow across
5:38 am
parts of upstate new york, new england, and snow really accumulating and it could exceed two feet in some parts, especially as we head into higher elevations across northeast. if you're doing any traveling out here, doesn't look too good. delays averaging about an hour in new york city's la guardia airport. philly international delays. it's likely we'll continue to see the delays piling up across northeast. even when the rainfall and snowfall is over because you'll still have to deal with that wind gusting over 30, 40 miles per hour at times across northeast and that's also going to make it feel a lot colder. so keep that in mind. wind chill temperatures typically between 5 to 10 degrees cooler than what the thermometer means. the winter storm warnings in pen opinion and other partials are in effect and in some spots, even into tomorrow morning, and again that's because of the wind. it will be picking up that snow that's on the ground and blowing it around and producing near whiteout conditions along
5:39 am
roadways. very dangerous out there. you really shouldn't be doing any commuting if you don't have to. look how much additional snowfall, this is on top of what we already have on the ground expected across portions of new england. that dark blue is over a foot of snow and that purple, that's over two feet of snow. so incredible and very impresssive amount, even though it is december, around christmas time. we're supposed to be seeing these snow storms. we've had a lack of snow across portions of the midwest. this storm did bring much needed snowfall across portions of illinois and indiana. in areas that the rain has already ended, western parts of virginia, north carolina, we have wind warnings in effect and also some wind advisories because gusts of over 40 miles per hour still possible out here. be careful on the roadways, with these strong winds especially driving in the high profile vehicles. >> kelly: are we going to get snow here in new york city? >> saturday looks like it. we have another storm out there.
5:40 am
>> clayton: perfect for new year's eve. >> new year's eve looks dry, but chilly. >> juliet: yeah. coordinating snow. >> clayton: thank you. lot of people frustrated because they were trying to get homes. we saw live reports of people stuck in atlanta's airport. other individuals stuck throughout texas, midwest, indiana, and yesterday individuals, hundreds of flights canceled through the country and down in texas specifically, a lot of folks trapped on the runway. so they were getting e-mails and text alerts from the airline saying make sure you check your airline, the carriers, your flights are on time, but be here on time. they get on the flight and go through security and sitting on the tarmac in dallas-fort worth airport and what happens? they're delayed for like five, six hours. >> juliet: i thought they weren't allowed to hold you on the tarmac for that time. >> clayton: that's the passengers bill of rights. >> kelly: here is the deal, you have a certain amount of time to back away from the gate and then proceed to get onto your flight. now, what happens when you do that, you get stuck when air traffic control says oh, they're not going to let you go.
5:41 am
now you've got a problem because you can't get back to the gate. there may be another plane sitting this. >> juliet: then open the plane let me jump out. because i would be perfectly happy to do that and go to the terminal. >> clayton: the pilot usually comes on and says, we're waiting to push back from the gate here. you can barely understand it. >> juliet: always a southern accent. >> clayton: this pilot gets on the loud speaker and he says, look, i've made more personal phone calls than i know with a to do with. i spent my last quarter to be honest with you: this is way above people who obviously in my humble opinion tonight have a clue what they're doing. >> juliet: you heard it. >> kelly: they're waiting for air traffic control and their airline to tell them what to do. >> clayton: yeah. >> kelly: you're stuck. >> clayton: you're switching all these people around trying to figure out if the weather system is going to work out. it's like playing chess. >> juliet: it causes so much
5:42 am
anxiety for certain people, especially people who are claustrophobic. >> clayton: one woman on the plane said i saved up all year for this. i saved up all year to go home and spend it with my family and it's being canceled and we'll have to stay in a hotel. >> kelly: on the tarmac, how many bathroom breaks can you take? >> juliet: peanuts. >> clayton: coming up on the show, going off the fiscal cliff could actually help some americans. criminals. why no deal means jails will have to let some inmates go free. >> juliet: oh, brother. what one inmate who was reloosed did. tell you about that. >> kelly: then it this kicker put his football talents on youtube and it worked. now he's got an nfl tryout. you have to hear this story. he's pretty good. >> juliet: yeah
5:43 am
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5:46 am
over a defect it caused cars to accelerate on their own. the largest auto defect in u.s. history. next, 8.83 million people. that's how many people collected disability benefits in december. a new record. 8.8 million people collected disability benefits last month. and 60 yards. that's unbelievable. that's how far norwegian kicker can kick field goals with ease. the foot work helping the youtube sensation score a tryout with the new york jets. that's remarkable. juliet? >> juliet: they need him. all righty. inmates in western oregon set free, let out of jail not because they don't pose a danger to the public, but because lane county, oregon can't afford to keep them locked up. now law enforcement officials warn that if a fiscal cliff deal isn't reached in washington, more prisoners may be released. what does this mean for crime and public safety and is there another solution? let's ask a retired nypd inspector and founder of the
5:47 am
cordero group. >> thank you. >> juliet: in this one instance, western oregon, dozens of inmates are released. one of them actually gets released and goes straight to rob a bank. you know, you're hoping at least the people they're releasing are reich low level kind of petty crime guys at the very least that they're not sending out bank robbers. what's happening here? >> i think that is the problem. we're talking about low level offenders in this case. but reality is low level offenders, we really got to ask ourselves, how many times has that low level offender offended and that what is the likelihood they will reoffend and commit more serious crimes? i really think we need to and closely that policy and how that may impact our safety in the future. >> juliet: here is what the lane county, oregon sheriff had to say about this. everybody we're releasing is dangerous to society. we're having to choose which ones to keep and which to let out that's scary. >> it certainly is.
5:48 am
it really speaks to nome the economy and the challenges law enforcement face and has faced since 2008. >> juliet: how bad has it gotten? >> bad. massive layoffs throughout the country. in my home state, we've had significant layoffs. new jersey. and some of the federal grants have been reduced. in fact, we took 43% and now with the fiscal cliff, we're talking possibly another 8% reduction. it can have a significant impact. but i think it calls for two things. one, we have to figure out how to police more effectively, how to deliver public safety services. we're still tied to the way we did business back in the '60s. we have to modernize. >> juliet: whose job is that to modernize? >> that's just it. we have to -- law enforcement, unfortunately, law enforcement is local by many respects. so you have a bunch of police departments that are involved. i think individually they need to look at what they can afford locally and the changes they need to make to compensate for
5:49 am
the loss of these grants and potential other cuts that may be in the future. >> juliet: some of the other things we're seeing, when paris hilton gets released from her silly prison sentence, three hours into it, that's one thing. but we see things like this that's happening in oregon, we're not only seeing that, we're getting fewer jail beds, so they obviously can't keep the guys or females there. sheriff's patrols prosecutors, parole officers and investigators, all of these things are being affected by cuts. >> they are. and that's the unfortunate part. what weather a part of the criminal justice system breaks down and we have prisoners being released and then you have to ask yourself, the fewer police officers on the streets really matter? if you're going to arrest people, you can't keep them in jail. that's an issue. i think the broader issue, i was reading in ohio, you have a sheriff, 385 square miles alone. this is the only officer. then, of course, you have other states and other localities where you have eight police departments for every 18,000
5:50 am
residents. we need to go back and fundamentally reexamine the way we do business. >> juliet: we'll keep an eye on this. let us know. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. >> juliet: a plane headed to florida just went off a runway, an update on that breaking news coming up next. then after getting caught in an explosion in iraq, the this guy was told he would never walk again. now this marine is climbing mountains. he's here in our hallway. come on in. he has an incredible story. we'll tell you what he's planning on doing very shortly
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> clayton: fox news alert for you. a southwest plane has skidded off the runway onto the grass. this happened at long island, macarthur airport in new york. right now the 129 passengers are being taken off the plane. fortunately, there are no injuries. the flight was headed to tampa, florida, right now, so they're trying to figure that out. we'll update you on that
5:54 am
situation when we can. >> juliet: thank you. this is such a great story. he was told he would never walk again. our next guest is doing a whole lot more than that. marine corps veteran, keith, lost his leg due to complications from an ied explosion in iraq. that was back in 2006. now not only is keith walking, but he is climbing mountains for a cause. >> kelly: yes, indeed. joining us is keith himself. this is a phenomenal story to see what you've gone through and overcome beginning with an ied explosion that you incurred while you were serving in harm's way. can you tell us what happened from that moment on to this? >> a lot has happened since the explosion and since then i've been retired from the military, but going through the whole process of recovering from an injury, you know, it's definitely changed my life in the fact that i was given a second chance and the biggest
5:55 am
thing for me getting out was i missed it. i still wanted to helpy friends. through climbing and a -- which is what we started. through climbing, through raising money for a foundation. i've seen firsthand the families benefit from it. what the organization does is it provides full college tuition to the children of special operations personnel killed in combat or training. >> clayton: i'm just really so impressed with this story. you started climbing at a time when most people said you can't do anything. and yet you proved that it can be done. >> yes. that's another thing that we hope to get across through these climbs is the fact that another whole thing with awareness, you have so many people coming back injured and, but it's also
5:56 am
something that everyday person could relate to. i've dealt with hardships and how to do that, but the biggest thing for these climbs is we want to inspire through not giving up and overcoming anything. >> juliet: you climbed mount rainier. >> i did that this past july. beautiful experience. >> juliet: and what is your next climb going to be, young man? >> the next climb is january 12 to the 17. we're going up to mount washington to do ice climbing. >> kelly: oh, wow. >> juliet: i have to ask you, we sit here and we complain over our lives sometimes when we have everything and we are able-bodies, we've got our legs. what is it about you that makes you able to be so strong and have such a -- so brave and so positive? >> you know, i believe that i could have handled the situation either way. i could be absolutely miserable or i could be positive and try to help. just like i said before, i was given that second chance and
5:57 am
it's kept me positive and all i want to do is be able to help out these families. >> kelly: keith, god bless you and thank you for your service to this country. >> juliet: yes, thank you. >> kelly: you make us all very proud and to donate no the special warriors foundation, go to what we're going to show you righto to our web site. you are a remarkable man. god bless you. >> juliet: let us know how it all goes. >> absolutely. >> juliet: you're from brooklyn, right? >> i live in brooklyn. i'm from long island. >> kelly: come back and visit us and tell us all about it. >> i would love to. >> kelly: more "fox & friends" coming back in two minutes. don't go anywhere hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so...
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