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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 27, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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it's of a piece. the demonization of people who believe in the second amendment. the demonization of people who believe in limited government and a government that represents we, the people, and not we, the elites. and i really think that it's archaic and dinosaur-like of folks like sam donaldson who have long been out of power. i mean we broke the liberal media monopoly years ago, and this is really their death row call, not ours. thanks, sam. >> good to see you. thank you for being with us. happy new year. >> you bet. >> that's all the time we have left for the special fiscal cliff edition of hannity. thanks for being with us. let not your heart be troubled because the news continues and greta is standing by to go live on the record. greta, take it away. >> this news alert. an emergency meeting tomorrow at
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the white house. president barack obama, speaker of the house john boehner, house minority leader nancy pelosi, harry reid and mitch mcconnell. can they make a deal or can they do their jobs or is this just more political drama? >> we want an agreement. >> the count down is midnight. the start of a new year. >> we are going over the cliff because frankly i believe it's what the president wants. >> the american people are waiting for the ball to drop, but it's not going to be a good drop. >> but we have no takers. >> every republican, every democrat ought to be here. >> the phone never raining. >> they should negotiate a plan. they shouldn't have the mine are in plan, they should have the biglan. >> here we are five days from the new year, and we might finally start talking. >> the republicans are sitting there with a nuclear weapon. they have the debt ceiling coming up. they can use that as part of
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this negotiation. >> what is going on here? >> the president called me and probably called others last night. my impression is he would like to see if we can move forward. >> you can't legislate with yourself. >> the breaking news of the moment is that the house republican leadership is calling its members back for sunday evening, 6:30 eastern time, to be here, to be available if there is a last-minute deal to avert the fiscal cliff. it's a positive sign that if congressional leaders reach some type of deal, the house and senate will be in town to get votes on the record. >> right now the spending that we have in washington d.c. is affecting this country. >> i hope the speaker and his republican party will be here, democrats, working to finish the task in reaching an agreement to avert the fiscal cliff. >> barrasso said president obama is eager to go over the fiscal cliff. senator barrasso joins us.
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well, why do you say that? >> well, i think the president sees political victory at the bottom of the cliff in term of the increased tax money coming in that he can spend for other programs. i think he sees a lot of cut to the military which the democrats have been after for a long time and then he gets to do what he loves to do, is to blame republicans. my concern is that i actually see financial problems for our nation at the bottom of the cliff and that's why i want to get a solution. >> tomorrow do you think it's going to be the beginning of the emergency meeting at the white house, is it the beginning of a deal or is it a political drama? >> my concern is it may be a political charade by the president and harry reid and nancy pelosi. i hope it actually is the beginning of a deal because if we don't get it done now, we need to go and make sure that things get done so we don't raise taxes and taxes aren't raised for all these americans that are looking at it come january 1st. >> why did he fly all the way back from hawaii and cut his vacation short if he's eager to go over the cliff in is that part of his charade. >> if he wants to actually blame
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other people for his lack of leadership he has to appear, at least, to be coming back to find a solution. if the president was really interested in the level of the debt we have in this country, the $16 trillion, we would have had a budget passed in the senate sometime in the last three years. he proposed a budget and none of the democrats even voted for it. it got 0 votes. i don't think the president is focused where we ought to be focused which is the spending. we have a spending problem. he's fixated on tax rates that only give you about seven days of what the government spends. >> he didn't get any votes on his budget or not very many, but i will give him credit for at least submitting one. it's more than senator harry reid has done on behalf of the senate democrats. the senate democrats haven't proposed a budget. and unless everyone puts a budget on the table there can't be a discussion. senator harry reid has a pocket veto on the budget. >> and that's not within the
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law. the law says the congress has to pass a budget every year, the senate has to pass a budget but harry reid has chosen not to bring a budget year after year after year. he's not committed to dealing with the major problem of the country, the spending. >> and it's sort of interesting. nevada re-election him, that's their choice but the rest of the country is held hostage. people in my home state of wisconsin, if they don't like harry reid has majority leader there's nothing they can do. they can put pressure on their senators, but for the most part senator harry reid is in a very powerful position. >> i think he's taking orders from president obama. this is time for the president of the united states to lead. there's only one person who has the pen who can sign into law the law preventing us from going over the cliff and if the president actually wanted to get it done, he would tell harry reid and others this is what we had to do and he would make the arrangement to make sure we didn't go over the cliff. so i think he's just -- senator
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reid is just playing the role for president obama. >> you said he's eager to go over the cliff because he gets his revenue, he gets his cut. >> blame republicans. >> and he can blame republicans but the problem is many economists say if we do go over the cliff, i don't know if it's true or not, but many economists are saying we will go back into recession. >> the president seems so fixated on increasing tax rates. it's confusing him to all the other issues that are out there, which is spending. the problem is we spend too much. the only way to get out of this, the only way to get out of this $16 trillion debt that we have, is to grow the economy and do reforms to the entitlement programs, to medicare, to social security, to medicaid. those are the title waves coming at us. we have to make sure we safe and protect those programs for future generations. >> thank you, sir. >> thanks for having me. >> and senator rand paul insisting it will be pardon to get his vote. we spoke with him on capitol hill. nice to see you, sir.
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>> good to see you. >> the fiscal cliff, many people are back in washington. should the american people be angry at the processor is this how the legislative sausage is made and we should be more patient. >> i'm a little aeneid because i was here last week and we did nothing all week long. if the democrats have a proposal, why don't they put a proposal forward and see if the republicans can agree to t but they need to be part of the process and so far i haven't seen much give on the part of the democrats. >> the senate majority leader harry reid said the house is acting with the dictatorship of the speaker. he has a different view. >> i'm not sure what that means necessarily. but i do know that the tax rates are going to expire. one of my favorite analogies and everyone said it's like 100 people are drowning and you are going to save 98 of them by only protecting them from a tax increase, 98%. and and my question is they are all drowning, right? which means raising taxes is a
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bad thing for everyone. why would we not save two? we would drowning be our policy? who would be in favor of a policy of drowning, raising taxes? sounds like it's a bad thing for everyone, why are they so in sis ten we raise tacks on someone? >> do you get the idea there's a discussion going on in the senate. i turn on the tv and different senators are taking to the floor and he they are speaking 209 other senators that might be there or the american people but what about in the halls of the u.s. senate? are people talk and negotiating, trying to work on solutions? >> the way it's been set up is for a few people in leadership, and i always joke i have to ask people in the media what's going on with the fiscal cliff thing because we don't really feel a part of it. i am here today for an important thing. i was here discussing the fourth amendment, which i think is important. whether the fourth amendment should apply to your e-mail, your texting and to your internet searches and i think that was important. but i was talking about something i care deeply about
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and that's the fourth amendment and it should be protected for things you do on your computer. >> let's say we go over the fiscal cliff and it's january 2nd. will it seem any different than january 31st to most americans? >> i think most people think there's an inevitability. the president won the election, he wants to raise taxes, he controls the senate, he controls the white house. what i keep saying is democrats will probably win. they will probably get their way either this year or next year and we will get higher taxes but it will be a bad thing for the economy. it will be a bad thing for job creation, and in the end may not even do what he wants because sometimes you raise rates and you get less revenue. it's what happened in england a couple years ago. they raised rates and got less millionaires and revenue and they are reversing course now. we have many examples in our country of lowering rates and getting more revenue. reagan did it and the bush tax cuts in 2003. i don't think what he wants to do will work. and i think it will be counterproductive.
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>> all right. the different plans, talk about a ten-year period of time, right? that's what these plans are. is there anything -- let's say the plan is adopted now for ten years. is there anything to prevent like two years from now that everyone comes back to washington, the house and the senate, and they just scrap the last eight years so that the ten years is really a meaningless time? >> there's two main problems with projecting things over ten years. one, they are historically bad at projections. they can't predict what's going to happen next year, much less ten years. and you are right, future congresses can change. last year when we had the big debt ceiling fight and the budget control act and everybody was worried about that, we pass add budget control act and set limits on spending, we exceed them all the time. we bring up a point of order and they said we decided we don't care anymore, a year later. so they don't obey their own rules. it's why people are so frustrated with congress is he pass rules on ourselves like we are supposed to read the bills and brent them up and put them
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on line and we disobey the rules. the majority votes and say we don't care. >> we will hit the debt ceiling soon. two questions. one, would you agree for any reason to raise the debt ceiling, and number two, if we hit the debt ceiling, does this mean the americans will not get their tax refunds when they apply for them in january, february and march or will they be delayed? >> i would raise the debt ceiling under one condition and that would be a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. barring that, people in congress, those who have met up here, they don't deserve to manage any more money. they are doing a bad job managing the money they v we shoe in the send them any more money. they are not to be trusted with money. i wouldn't extend their borrowing. we need to be limited in borrowing so we are limited in our spending. if they agree to a balanced budget amendment i'll agree to raise the debt ceiling. i'm hard-core. it's hard to get my vote. >> how about the cash refunds? will they be delayed? >> i'm not sure. government to be run on even just receipts that come in.
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we bring in about 70% of what we need. so the government could be prioritized even without raising the debt ceiling. you would spend it on the things that are absolutely the most necessary. we might quit spending $3 million to study monkeys on methamphetamine, $300,000 to study robotic squirrels being bitten by rattle snakes and-a million dollars being on developing a menu for what food we want to eat on marchs. there's a lot of waste that could be cut out. the. >> thank you, senator. >> the fiscal cliff isn't the only looming deadline. geithner is warning the nation will hit their debt ceiling on new year's eve. how will it impact your wallet? we are joined by rich edson. nice to see you. what will it mean for everyone? >> if you are borrowing money that could be problem matt ag. analysts say if we surpass the debt ceiling, and the pressurery department can do accounting and buy us a little more time, about
7:13 pm
$200 billion more time. but if we do surpass that point, interest rates would go up if you are looking to borrow money. money invested in the stock market, analysts predict worldwide markets would have major problems. if you get payments from the government in any form, whether paidfy the government, whether your job is involve in the government or if you get social security checks, if you get veterans benefits, if your government pace your healthcare, all of that could be at risk if there's not enough money or borrowing authority to pay the bills. >> you mentioned the word extraordinary circumstances. what a nice afraid for what the federal government does. if we hit the debt ceiling that they can find another $200 billion in extraordinary circumstances. what is the real story on extraordinary circumstances? they look under every rock and dime we have set aside? >> eye may amazing you come up with $200 billion but that's essentially what the treasury did back in the spring of 2011 the last time we had this fight. that's what they are doing now
7:14 pm
because congress is not going to fix this by december 31st. or raise the debt ceiling by december 31st. they will take a number of what they call recurring payments and they take that interest money and reinvest it. they won't do that. they will hold on to the money and spend it on just operating the federal government. that can be costly. it cost about a billion dollars last time to go through all of this. and it looks like we are going to go through that again. >> well, this debt ceiling was raised back in august of 2011. we all knew it was coming. this was inevitable. so now if we raise the debt ceiling again we will be dealing with it another time. we see no appetite for not reaching the debt ceiling, or historically or at least for a while. >> if you look at 2007, 2008, august, 08, it's coming up more and more often as we keep piling on more and more debt. the last three, four years, a trillion dollars plus. we are looking this year, estimates somewhere near $1 trillion in additional debt. that's how we have managed.
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we have to keep doing it and doing it more often. >> split:ramifications is in august of 2011 when they agreed to raise the debt ceiling by a certain amount, they knew it will be post election, post november that we would be hitting the debt ceiling that is much more attractive for all the politicians in washington, that we weren't having the deet ceiling debate before the election. >> that's the thought on the fiscal cliff and look where we are right now. we can work it out after the election is out of the way, and here we are and we haven't worked it out. >> but if we go over the cliff, let's say it is fixed on january 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and can be fixed retroactively, right? >> right. >> this is a also bit of a drama everyone has whooped up? >> depends on how you look at it. you talk to some analysts and they say if you go over the cliff, markets will collapse easily and others say it's more of a fiscal slope you gradually begin to go. but the congressional budget office says as we work our way into 20 some -- 2013, they say
7:16 pm
aisling we will find ourselves in a recession. >> thank you, senator. >> thank you. >>. they say if reports are right, if the benghazi reports are right, the state department maybe playing musical chairs. and donald trump is here. he said republicans have a nuclear weapon. what does he mean? he is here to tell you. and what do you think is the biggest story to hit the entertainment world this year? now it's your turn to tell us. go on and post your list and in men's you will see if your milks made this year's cut. stay tuned. years ago, my doctor told me to take a centrum silver multivitamin every day. i told him, sure. can't hurt, right? then i heard this news about a multivitamin study looking at long-term health benefits for men over 50.
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>> this is a fox news report,
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retired general norman schwarzkopf has died. his sister said he died from complications of pneumonia. he was in charge of coalition forces during the persian gulf war. he led the team that led hussein out in 1991. he was a decorated soldier in vietnam and his last assignment was chief of u.s. command. and tonight george h.w. bush approved this statement on the passing of general schwarzkopf. barbara and i mourn the loss of a patriot and one of great military leader of his generation. a distinguished member of that long line hailing from west point. general norm schwarzkopf has defended our freedom and seen this great nation through our most trying international crises. more than that he was a good and decent man and a career friend. barbara and i send our condolences to his wife brenda and his wonderful family.
7:21 pm
and former vice president dick cheney's statement. general norman schwarzkopf was an outstanding military commander and great american. he was a superb leader who managed one of the most complex coalitions in history in desert storm in 1991 and he deserve the much of the credit for success. i am proud and honored to have known and worked with him. the nation owes him a deep debt of gratitude for his years of service. norman schwarzkopf was 78. now to libya. if you thought the state department officials got the boot over benghazi, well, you thought wrong. after a scathing report about the security failures. a top security chief reportedly resigned but now it's reported is he still on the payroll. and the other three workers, they are all expected back. so what's up? senator lindsay graham joins us. well, what's up? >> i have no idea. if this is a true story that it's just a game of musical chairs, that's not the
7:22 pm
accountability that we were all looking for so i will get back with you. >> so what happens? i know you are in the minority party in the u.s. senate, but we are now, this happened september 11th and we've seen the report from the state department. >> right. >> they said it was a systemic security problems and a rather scathing report, although not very specific. and nothing? >> well, no one has been -- no one is in jail. >> i'm not expecting someone to go to jail -- >> no, i'm talking about the people who attacked it. >> oh. >> and the people who murdered our four brave americans. not one person has been found. hillary clinton has yet to testify, leon panetta has yet to testify and we know nothing about what the president did for seven hours during the attack on september 11th itself and they have made two movies about his leadership in the bin laden raid and they are stonewalling this. this is like pulling teeth. i'm getting very frustrated and quite frankly tired of this. >> secretary clinton said she'll
7:23 pm
of it. she's had a concussion. >> and that's true. she was sick. and she will of it. >> all right. secretary of defense pennetta didn't have a concussion so where is his testimony? let me ask you one other question. senator kerry has been nominated for secretary of state. he's the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. so is he going to chair this when they do of it? >> i don't know. you asked me a good question, does he have a conflict of interest. people would second guess was he too tough, not tough enough. that's something john needs to think about, whether or not to lead that hearing. but she'll of it and i want to know did she know about all the attacks before september 11th, the april and june attack? and i want to know if it's true that susan rice said the reason she went on tv, susan rice, on the 16th of september, not hillary clinton, was because secretary clinton was tired in counseling people who were grief stricken. >> she told you that? >> she told the world on nbc
7:24 pm
news. i'm very curious about that. we don't know anything about the president's leadership. i promise your viewers this, before you can close the final chapter on benghazi, the debacle that led to four americans getting killed when you could see it coming months before, what did the president do when he found out about the security detieriation? when the british left, why didn't we leave? somebody has to hold the president accountable himself. i intend to do that, along with my other colleagues. >> what i don't understand, i understand you are in the minority and you can't issue subpoenas. >> right. >> you don't understand your colleagues that have the majority. they chair all the committees and they are just as able to send out subpoenas to get people to testify. they are more so. >> i am disappointed. jason has been terrific. the oversight committee has been very good. at the end of the day the reason i want one committee to look at
7:25 pm
benghazi in total is that this segmented approach of where the foreign relations committee will have a hearing, the armed services will have a hearing, the intelligence -- >> but they aren't even aggressive. the house republicans aren't doing it aggressively. >> that's what i am saying. they should put a panel together that covers the entire scope of the government and ask the same questions and compare notes. a select committee. >> let me ask you about tomorrow's meeting at the white house. have you thought about it. >> anytime you announce a meeting public in washington, it's usually for theatric cal purposes. if a president meets with a foreign leader, you want to make sure what's going to happen at the meeting. when the president calls congressional leaders to the white house either it's all political theater or they have a deal. my guess is it's theatrical. >> why can't they do this? is this different ideology or is it about winning. >> the president, if he played
7:26 pm
the role of ronald reagan began and boehner is willing to play the role of tip o'neil, and he hasn't made a real effort to control spending on his watch. i think without presidential leadership you find yourself in a mess. this is exactly where we are. we are in a mess. and the republicans have moved on revenue. we've moved a great deal. our democratic friends have moved little, if at all, on spending. >> great to see you. thank you. >> thank you. >> donald trump said republicans are sitting on a nuclear weapon. he will tell you about it next. and awkward moment for newt gingrich. what secret did he just tell about his wife? it's all caught on camera. you will see it coming up. okay, here's the plan.
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have a nuclear weapon and they should use it. that's not all he said. we spoke with him earlier tonight. >> donald, i understand that you say the republicans are in a stronger position than they realize going into this fiscal cliff debate or debacle, whatever you want to call it? >> i think they are in the strongest position if they only knew the debt creel is coming up in a very short period of time. frankly, if you remember on your show i said they should not agree to extend the debt ceiling beyond the election. and when they did that, and as soon as they did that, they love the election. they would have won the election had it come due before and they would have won that had they stuck to it but they didn't do it. but the debt ceiling has to be agreed to. they have the cards i just don't think they know it, unfortunately. they should get everything they want based on the debt ceiling alone. >> explain it to me. suppose the republicans dug their heels in the ground and said they refuse to raise the debt ceiling. how would that empower them?
7:31 pm
>> well, the government, i mean unfortunately, as it almost has anyway, would come to a total standstill. with the debt ceiling coming due in another month from now, they should make that part of the debate. the president is going to have to do something about the debt ceiling. he has always been concerned about it and what is going to happen because obviously they need a lift in the debt ceiling. i always said and i it to you, it should not have been allowed to happen after the election. if it happened before the election the republicans could have won and they would have won, i think. the fact they have the debt ceiling coming up, they should put the debt ceiling in with everything else they are negotiating and make an overall deal and don't worry about the fiscal cliff because i believe it's totally overrated. >> you refer it to it as the fiscal curb. why do you think the fiscal cliff is overrated? >> because ultimately a deal is going to happen. if the republicans are smart, which so far unfortunately it hasn't been working out that way, but if the republicans are
7:32 pm
smart, they are going to use that and they are going to get every single thing they wanted, including a huge reduction in expenditures. >> the way it seems to be rolling out now is that all our taxes, every single income level is going to go up january 1st if no deal is struck. the democrats, i assume, intend to paint that as a republicans have raised all your taxes and blame republicans. so i don't think the democrats see this as a win for the republicans. >> no. i think that's right. i think that's fine and let it happen because ultimately all of these folks that signed the pledge, and some people that sign a pledge, whether you like the pledge or not, i mean, they sort of feel committed to it. now the tacks go up for a short period of time and then they give a tax reduction. even if that happens to be somewhat more than what they were paying as of last week. so it's going to be a very interesting situation. but a lot of the republican problem is solved because they are going to be doing a tax reduction as opposed to an
7:33 pm
increase. you know, the republicans -- greta, the republicans have the cards. i just don't know if they know that. >> well, you know what i find rather interesting, for lack of a better word about this discussion is if we go over the fiscal cliff there will be 1.2 trillion dollars in tax cuts over ten years which is $110 billion every year. so we go for the $110 billion for year one and what happens is next year congress decides to do what it wants anyway and scraps whatever plan it had in effect for the nine years anyway. so we pretend we have the big ten year plans but they never turn out to be ten year plans at all. >> that's true. but there is something looming in a month and a half and they will have to do something with the debt ceiling. whether debt ceiling should happen, whether or not we should even have something as the debt ceiling but we do and the democrats and the president have to do something about it. they know how strong it is. the republicans have a very, very powerful card to get what they want, which is basically a
7:34 pm
reduction in massive expenditures. we are up to $17 trillion in debt and something has to be done. and it has to be done quickly. and if it's not done properly, that's why i hate plan b and plan c and all of these minor plans, these little step plans. they should negotiate a real plan. they shouldn't have the minor plan. they should have the big plan and it should be done now. and you can include the debt ceiling with that because if you do, you are going to get everything you want. >> you talk about a major plan. donald, they have no one about, for instance, this fiscal cliff, they have known about it for 18 months. they have done nothing for 18 months. >> they have really known about it for ten years, when you think about it. they have known about it for ten years. but that is the way government is working. >> well, my point is no politician has been tied up in the base men of the capital or white house and said don't do this. they have had plenty of tune. you talk about the big plan. have you seen any appetite for any of these members of congress or the president or anybody else to really have a big plan that
7:35 pm
actually fixes the problem? >> no, because right now the president doesn't have a big downside but in a month and a half from now he has a huge downside and that comes due with the debt ceiling. and frankly, you know, when you say they have no one about this for a year and a half, they have known about it for ten years because it was always meant to be. this was going to explode and people were going to negotiate something before it explodes. but i think it's highly overrated. it's going to happen. and lots of good things can happen if it does explode. i think people should stop worrying about that. i think they should start worrying about making a great deal. not a small deal but a big deal, an overall deal that's going to get the credit rating of this country back and do lots of other good things. >> donald, always nice to talk to you. >> thanks a lot, greta. >> coming up, you will love this. celebrities gone wild from hollywood kidnappings to splits and even a bromance. who takes the biggest prize for
7:36 pm
the 2012 biggest entertainment story? post yours and see if it makes the cut. and the video everyone will be talking about tomorrow. this kid knows how to kick a football. his amazing spot-on kicks now an internet sensation and the nfl is taking notice. that's just two minutes away.
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>> lookout nfl. a norwegian man is kicking with his talents. he can kick a football with a amazing accuracy. his video has scored him a tryout with the new york jets. ♪
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share one up's. mom ? mom ? the share everything plan. lets your family share a pool of data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. now get a lucid by lg, free. >> hollywood splits and a royal baby. entertainment news in 60 seconds. but first the news headlines. >> the death toll from a winter storm that's been lagging large parts of the country now reaching 16 in some areas in the northeast getting up to 20 inches of snow. it's still snowing in upstate new york and new evening land. the airlines have cancelled more than 800 flights today and driving has been treacherous. more than 14,000 longshoremen planning to strike on sub. it could shut down every major port from boston to houston.
7:42 pm
more than 100 million tons of goods move through those ports every year and the shutdown could cost the economy billions of dollars. the contract between the international long shore man's association and the shipping lines expired in september and was extended twice. now back to on the record. >> michael jackson's late effort family drama, this year's headlines read like a movie script. but it also brought a loss to some entertainment legends. hears a look at some of the biggest stories. ♪ and i will always love you >> the body of 48-year-old whitney houston lay on the fourth floor of the beverly hilton hotel. police saying that they showed up about 3:55:00 p.m. pacific
7:43 pm
time responding to a distress call there at the hotel and they found whitney houston dead tonight. ♪ >> the night's big winner was adelle. walking away with six grammys. ♪ >> taylor swift stole the show for the second year in a row. she was crowned entertainer of the year. >> three, two, one! >> you know how to hunt. >> only one comes out. >> it's starting to hit us huge. >> an ode to old hollywood. it stole the spotlight.
7:44 pm
first silent movie to win the title since the first oscar ceremony 83 years ago. >> welcome. we are very happy to have you as always here with american bandstand. >> few people touched the entertainment world white the way dick clark did. he had the new year's eve specials. he had so many visions with american bandstand and even worked radio. >> and with the exception of elvis presley, the beetles and the rolling stone. >> the queen of disco, donna summer, has died. ♪ >> man, she really does define an era, doesn't she? for many fans number one hits made up the sound tracks for the 1970. she is the 70s. >> and he's raising his kids and is reported missing. >> yes, my grandmother is
7:45 pm
missing. i haven't spoken with her in a week. i want her home now. >> there are rumors going around about me that i'm kidnapped and held against my will. i'm here to let everyone know i'm fine and i'm here with my children and my children would never do a thing like that. >> tom cruise and katie holmes, guess what, they are over. well, you didn't see this one coming, did you? >> it was katie holmes who was ending their five year union. they aid katie has filed for divorce and tom is deeply saddened. >> after the battle over their daughter is heating up. >> it turns violent. they are getting into a brutal, ugly fistfight on thanksgiving day. >> the korean wrapper psy has a huge hit. but back in '04 he talked about killing americans. it was in a song protesting the iraq war.
7:46 pm
he has since profusely apologized for it. last night he performed at a holiday concert with the president and first lady in attendance. >> we just learned that will and indicate are preggers. first child is on on the way, a royal one it should be. >> i'm delighted for them. i'm sure they will make great parents and i'm sure everyone around the country will be celebrating with them tonight. >> and host michael joins us. nice to see you, michael. >> hey, happy new year. >> happy new year to you. what a year it's been. one of the things we saw in the video was the bromance between governor chris christie and bruce springsteen. that was a big surprise to everybody. >> i understand that's your biggest celebrity story of the year. is that true? >> it is my biggest story. that was like -- it was his biggest thrill and apparently he used ity of in his campaign, a springsteen song and springsteen got mad and pulled out of his
7:47 pm
campaign and fast forward to now they have become best friends because of the hurricane. that's my big story. what's your big story? >> think i the story, the headline this year is lost of entertainment loyalty. the loss of the queen of pop, whitney houston and the most awarded female pop artist of all-time to the loss of donna summers, five grammy awards, and the loss of the king, dick clark. and whether it was in front of the camera, or behind the scenes, he did it right up to the end and i don't think new year's eve will ever be the same. >> whitney houston, and all those you pointed out, but the whitney houston won. i think her music makes it all the more haunting. hers is so tragic. dick clark, at least he is exciting and lived a long life but whitney houston is one of those tragic drug deaths that's way too early for someone to die. >> we all hoped it would turn out differently but it didn't. when you open up that package with that song, you get chills. you still do.
7:48 pm
>> how about kate winslot? she got married. >> she did. she married ned rock and roll. yes, that's his name. it was so secret apparently their families didn't know. after spending time with the families the last couple days, who can blame them? >> another one we forgot is the rolling stones. they are back. >> the rolling stones. you know, i was saying earlier. >> that's before -- i mean that's after your time, isn't it, michael? >> yes, after. but, no, two iconic entertainment brands, the rolling stones and james bond are both celebrating 50 years and are both raking it in at the box office. it's phenomenal. >> have you ever been to a stones concert? >> i haven't but i think i should go this year. do you want to go? >> i would love to go. you get tickets and i'll pay. i'll pay my share but you get
7:49 pm
the tickets if you have the connections. >> all right. >> michael, as always, it's nice to see you and happy new year. >> happy new year to you. thank you for having me. >> anytime. straight ahead. starbucks is serving more than cream and sugar with their coffee. your next cup may come with a side of politics. that's next. and newt gingrich is famous for his ringtones. how did dancing queen get the enter into trouble again? it's all caught on camera. you have to see this. coming up. the boys use capital one venture miles
7:50 pm
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7:52 pm
>> could this be just the jolt lawmakers need? starbucks starting its own campaign, trying to push congress to come together and avoid that fiscal cliff. so what is starbuck's plan and
7:53 pm
what do customers think about it? nick hit the ground in washington to find out. >> greta, as the clock runs out on the looming fiscal cliff, one would think the last thing you want to add to the folks up on capitol hill is another cup of caffeine to their already anxiety-ridden nerves. but that hasn't stopped starbucks from brewing up a cup campaign to get our leaders to come together literally. at all of the starbucks stores here in washington like this one in the shadow of the capital, they are scribbling that phrase come together on every cup. a message directed solely at congress and president obama. >> i hope they take notice of it and it hits home with them that something needs to be happening. >> i don't know if it will work, but it's a great idea. >> at least do something, right? >> absolutely. get off their rear ends and do something. >> looks like they have written something on their cup there. >> it was hidden tore a second. yeah. it's there. >> do you think it's smart? >> i think it's good from the corporate world.
7:54 pm
at the they need to get people to come together. makes sense. >> if they would listen to starbucks they would solve this and we wouldn't go off the cliff. >> do you think it's a good idea? >> yes. >> do you think it will work. >> no. >> what do you think of the campaign. >> i think it's a great campaign because we don't want to pay higher taxes and have young people and seniors being affected by the economic hardship. times ever har. we've within in this almost ten years now so it's time to come together and solve a lot of issues outside of the fiscal cliff. >> do you think this will work, the campaign come together? >> i think it's a start definitely. definitely a start because we are getting everybody involved and everybody dress coffee. >> starbucks ceo howard schultz posted this online yesterday saying, quote, rather than be bystanders we have an opportunity and i believe a responsibility to use our company skills for good by sending a respectful and optimistic message to our elected officials to come together and reach common ground
7:55 pm
on this important issue. they even took out a full page add in the new york times and the washington post. >> we reached out to starbucks for comment but no one was available. traps understandably so considering the task at hand. the only time will tell whether the effort succeeds. one thing is for sure, i'll always remember my last latte before going over the fiscal cliff of 2012. >> coming up, your last call. one more quick round before we turn down the lights. former speaker newt gingrich just told a big secret about his wife. what is it? you will hear forthat's next. [ male announcer ] red lobster is surprising
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their sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort individualized. save 50% on the final closeout of our silver plus special financing through new year's day. greta: 11:00 is almost her, flash studio lights it is time for last call. in an awkward moment for newt gingrich. his phone ringing in the middle of an interview. he is famous for musical ring >> i think we understand that we are... >> is that a ring tone? sorry, is that a ring tone? >> yes that. is my ring tone at the moment. i should have turned it off. >> i know we have fiscal cliff stuff but the important thing >> i have two.


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