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tv   Red Eye New Years Special  FOX News  December 31, 2012 9:30pm-10:00pm PST

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we're doing a show, welcome to red eye new year's mildly enjoyable eve. i'm greg gutfeld, coming up this awesome awesomeness. >> naked protestors protesting naked in san francisco. and spaniards waging war with tomatoes and a dog, shampooed to within an inch of its life. athletic young men clawing their way to the top. rhinos in japan, hell-bent on destruction x and a doberman, battling until they collapse. a yorky can fly all over. a possum feasting on fruit z later human flesh. getting into bags.
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a lion with taste for toddlers. they're not friends. more like frenemies. and we'll get to the bottom of that, and much more. >> wow. welcome our guests. plus, she's the vava voom of the newsroom, laurie rothman and he's our very own cat lady except he's a dude with, cats. andy levy. and he lives in a bush bit underpass -wúe
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>> this always happens in 197s we said america was going to be dead there was going to be starvation, population bloms, everybody said we're going down but we keep coming back. we're number one. >> i'm tired of hearing we're going down. let's get there. >> okay. >> we're no longer the super power. and i've been hearing from little kids that white people goring to be in the minority. when is it going to happen? i want to be a minority. in fifth grade, i'm not going to be a minority until i'm in my 70s. not going to be any good then. >> with that jacket you are a minority. you're a strange little man. >> can you concentrate on the
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fact we're doing a show? >> do you want my patriotic response? >> yes. how about yes. >> honest? maybe it's not such a bad thing to not have to be the super power and in the to have to bail everybody out. that is my fiscal conservative answer. my patriotic answer? china lies about money. europe probably isn't going to be what we know of it today. the emerging markets, other stronger economies are turning but nowhere near u.s.. you're rolling your eyes at me. it's the patriotic answer the u.s. will hold on to domination. >> look. >> i like it when she's -- . >> i was just going to say it's a new year's show, we don't want to have that much fun. >> i was in the tuning out but thinking about what i was going eat tonight. hannity. you're the optimist. reaffirm how bright america's future is.
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>> it's, i don't thinkc'ñ all votes have been counted yet. it's premature. i am optimistic because we're always going to be cyborgs and using other realities to interact with the world. it's my dream to live in a world where i zront to interact with people at all this, is perfection. there are 3 d printers now. they're going to be amazing. >> this is huge. >> yes. if if they perfect it to the point where it can create food, i won't have to talk to the delivery man. i can go a year without talking to another person once very my avatar and 3 d printer. >> the last one was doomsberg. >> by 2030 you will have been dead by 15 years. does that make you sad? >> it makes me sad. >> oh. but the question wasn't for you, crazy lady. talking to bill. bill? >> yes. >> talking to the other crazy
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lady. >> we don't see gender, andrew. i am with laurie because she supported me. i think we spend too much money on defense, let's let someone else be a world cop. >> that is what i said. >> now, i'm going differ a little bit. do you want to knjz+something about the future? 2030 look no further than a little movie i like to call "minority report". speilberg hired futurists but so many things have come true. touch screen technology, tom cruise uses? we use all the time. not to that extend but car that's drive themselves. it's being worked on in detroit. >> yes. >> and, that is right we'll start what will happen is that we'll get people into prison before they do crimes.
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>> i will be 65 years old. which means my tiny island will be complete. also, i'll have a new tv show. and it's a half hour of me setting up the hept. >> we're just making it up. >> yes. that is all it is. >> yes. >> then, humiliating them. >> all right. 2030. two words. we acted 2012. i acted 12. but jerks like chris brown said jerky things online. there are probably other things of internet nastiness. i won't know it. surveys show america thinks social media is to blame z one expert noted about election related tweets quote the fact many people post under anonymous handles gives them permission to use foul language fwh describing candidate they expose.
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push leads to shove, then this, happens. so i've been exposed and i apologize to them. it's tom. shut up. it's sliming. does it seem that way because of twitter? >> it does. that is g people shouldn't worry bit that. is why weédz have twitter. yes, people are more rude but you shouldn't take it personally. they do not get offended when someone dises me whose avatar is a kurt russell character. >> if they're dissing you there it steers it away from real life. someone might diss new real life who. knows andy if our country is polaroid polarized
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polaroid? is that a bad thing? >> i don't know. i exprose poesed what you just said. i expose what you just said too, this, snot a good thing. polar saigs is final and normal, healthy for people to disagree with each other. but instability you're acting like it's only online. of course, everyone is rude to each other, subway doors in manhattan. when i lived here growing up in the 80s subway and doors open people stood off to the side. people to get off first now they stand in front of the door autos that is when they were murdering -- crime is lower now than back then. now, there are ruder people who are less killable. >> because most killers might not that be rude. >> laurie what do you think? >> where do-to-begin? i don't know. you can be rude and emboldened
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but then, you know you're forced to back up what you're saying. you know? you're going to be backlashed right? i don't know. i hate twitter. people pick fights with me. they do that. you know? >> who would pick a fight with you. >> i don't know how it works. i'm not savvy. i don't have little things to say. >> how can you tell? people are nasty to you all the time. >> well that, is something. >> i had a buddy in college from long island. he told me one time. this is from people that get threats on twitter saying it doesn't matter if they love or hate you. as long as they know you you are. you're known. >> i know you especially well. >> yes. indeed. >> you know who never said
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that? people who are loved. >> i have one. >> do we have time? >> no. >> well, we do have time, but now they're telling me no. calm down, laurie. >> a lot of people often come up to me on streets and say we don't just get a pinch. you're talking on paper singing about stuff. so here is onest best performances of the year, enjoy it, or don't.
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and share your own story, on facebook. in 2012 what did you think about things? we've got bill shultz, to find out, sadly he calls came back. >> what invented baseball? >> baseball? i don't know. >> where was baseball invented? >> where? where? >> oh, so... yankees. >> yes. yes. it was invented in the yankees. >> yes who was the most home runs? who is the home run king? >> home run king? >> ah! i don't know. >> i wanted to know.
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>> this is about this is great. >> i felt like it was right tr. i was right there when i was first discovering it. is romney very good, good, poor, mwah or bla. >> there you have it. obama, very g romney a series of grunts. >> so you might not have heard but greg has a book out. he's been private about it. we thought we'd hit the streets to help him push it. >> hey, guys. anyway, i was just reading this book for no reason. it's really g called joy of hate. i've never hated love so much. the only thing i love more than tobacco is reading pithy
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lines this guy is shooting out. is this interesting? what are you smoke something. >> marlboro. fellow cowboy. if you like cowboys you'll love greg gutfeld. >> so, bill, i learned one thing, you should wear a hat. okay? every time your hair is uncontrolled it's frightening. $ i allowed amt's frightening. to expense conditioner? >> no. >> all right. thank you. >> pull a britney, shave your head. all right from. hacks to hackney. does trite make right? media cliches in 2012. in the end of the day there were many. you won't escape expressions like some say or national conversation and bill shultz
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sucks. so andy what bothered you most? >> some say a media cliche. others say it's not. and here is the word. referring to anything that isn't a natural war as a waron. waron on drugs, warron science, it's got to stop. it trivializes real war. i'm firing the first shot in the war on warron. >> worst is one that is actually because it's absolutely false. and that is that the american people don't want talks they want action. i hear it every day. every day. from we don't want action. action happens every day in peoples private lives. zboft not about action. it's slow.
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it's deliberate. it gets in the way of action. if you want action go to red china, my friend. >> i like it. who calls it red china? who isn't under age 85? wow. >> perfect set up there. speaking of government, and no action, there you go. cautiously optimistic. when using business reporting all the time, markets searching for direction meaning we have no idea what the heck is going on. >> bill? >> i'm ambivalent. i do believe tom was talking about politics as usual. i feel we need to have a dialogue about national conversation happening. >> very good. >> you're welcome. >> one thing i'm sick of, but never get tired of are apologies. we've had more apologies this year than in any previous decade combined. i have no actual statistics
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but apologies follow the same structure is that mistakes were mai.d i said this, but mistakes were maichld i wasn't in control of my words i'mo thry session in order to fix my brain and everything will be fine. it's sad. if you say what you mean, mean what you say. we've got to take a break. let's check in with mike michaelson for a report on what to expect for 2013. so mike what can we expect? >> thanks greg. it's a big deal. check your december 30th sunday paper or print the coupon at
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>> it's the time for 2012 and the look back at all that was cats. ♪ [ music ] .
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♪ [ music ] . >> that was special. moving on. i think we can agree 2012 is not the end of the world. let's talk about the good and bad. let's talk about this year, and that was naming ambassador bolton to be the president of red eye. and i think the media is still talking about this.
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when i named him president of red eye. >> that stirs him up a little bit. >> you're so devious. you should be president of the united states or president of red eye. you're president of red eye. >> all right. president of red eye, john bolton. it's kind of creepy, actually. tom, like, dislike past year? >> favorite thing was the death of objective truth in journalism. it's been exposed for the fraud that it is. i don't believe in facts. i don't think they're ree. do you know what facts are? this proves it. these fact checkers and pinocchios. facts are dots on connect the dot drawing. nobody looks at facts.
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we don't care about the dots wex care about the picture autos pressure is on. well, you know, you can get information on the internext you need the media. to its a changing landscape of cable news. >> i don't know. i think we're in for smart phones this year. i think we're into books this year. so all of this technology, people were still going for good contentful everything from 50 shades of grai. i don't want to talk about it. >> talking about my book. >> i agree. i think facts are important. and... much more important than the truth that that is what journalists should be looking at, the facts. thank you. and this second thing is no matter what you say, it was better than the movie 2012. >> it's a good point. good point. >> i think for one thing that is lindsay lohan continuing to be in the news. that means that we have not had to change our 6-year-old
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graphics. for another year. the black berry is new but lindsay remains relevant. >> and they have kept the same graphics and they're all gone. >> that is our special new year's eve edition of red eye. stop talking in my ear. very special thanks to bill shuts, andy leafy that. does it for me. happy new year. see you next time. people really love snapshot from progressive, but don't just listen to me. listen to these happy progressive customers. i plugged in snapshot, and 30 days later,
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