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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 2, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> bret: finally tonight, just an invitation to join us for something we do every wednesday. "special report" online more laid back than the tv show. we let our hair down a little bit. loosen up the tie, maybe. we will talk topics like we did on the panel but greater in-depth. sometimes we have reporters on with us with extra nuggets that they may have uncovered in the course of the day. can you log on and interact. send us your questions and comments. tonight we will be talking about the explosion of violence in sierra. secretary of state clinton's health she was just released from the hospital today. 113th congress coming. in join us were online. fair balanced and unafraid.
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stocks sore on the first trading day of the year after the fiscal cliff compromise. john boehner house speaker tonight amid a new backlash this one over a delay in aid for super storm sandy. >> with no explanation, the rug is pulled out from all of us. this a disaster on top of a disaster. >> republicans in congress brought this house to a new low last night. >> the fact is the speaker had no choice. >> tonight, developments after a storm of anger. finally, a fiscal cliff deal. >> i think it's good that we have reached some sort of compromise, although it's kind of lame that it took so long. >> i'm almost wondering why do we even have a congress. >> this fight isn't finished. tonight, the looming battle over spending cuts and raising the nation's credit limits.
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plus, an oil drilling rig crunches into an island during a storm in alaska. and salvage teams now working to prevent an environmental disaster. but we begin tonight with word of a plan to calm some anger in congress. i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. republican lawmakers are now promising a vote on aid for victims of super storm sandy by january 15th. the senate has already passed a 6 billion-dollar relief bill and the has was set to vote on a smaller version. john boehner cancelled that vote. darrell issa said the speaker had no choice because of what new york lawmakers did. >> your two senators packed this with pork, had the opportunity to have a 27 to 30 billion-dollar legitimate relief package, packed it with pork and then dared us not to vote on it. >> republicans including new jersey governor chris christie and new york com peter king denied that pork accusation. but the debate is pretty much
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mood now. because since a new congress begins tomorrow. members will have to write a new bill from scratch delaying aid to all those still struggling to recover. this morning lawmakers from new york and new jersey blasted leaders for allowing that to happen. >> it is the most disgraceful action i have seen in this house in the 20 years i have been here. >> this is not about people in congress. this is about constituents whose lives were ruined. we need to do the right thing and we need to do it now. >> this afternoon, members of the new york and new jersey congressional delegates arrived at speaker boehner's office. they emerged with assurances of two votes. >> $99 billion on flood insurance this friday will be voted on and then on january 15th, the first full legislative day will be the additional $51 billion will be voted on and that will come to a title of 60, which is what the total was of the bill that was supposed to be voted on
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this week. >> the lawmakers said they still disagreed with the speaker's decision to delay voting on the relief. and so today some new drama in washington all just hours after lawmakers finally got it together and approved a deal to prevent the fiscal cliff. we have team fox coverage of the day's developments with gerri willis covering wall street. mike emanuel on capitol hill. but, first, to shannon bream live in washington. so, shannon, does this settle the matter? >> well, jon, there are definitely some who need some convincing still including new jersey governor chris christie who had this to say this afternoon. >> when you sit around and you delay and then you give assurances to people that things are going to be done and they are not, that's not doing your job. have some guts. put it up, vote yes or no and let's move on. >> following a meeting with g.o.p. house leaders today representatives from new jersey and new york say they're convinced now that that vote is coming but it's not going to happen until after the new congress is sworn in tomorrow. a vote on the bulk of the sandy aid package is scheduled
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for the 15th but then go right back to the senate, jon? >> jon: earlier we were hearing a lot of talk in the split of the republican leadership. >> yeah, there has long been speculation about representation of john boehner two split their votes on the fiscal cliff deal. in talking about the sandy bill today, both republicans and democrats repeatedly said boehner is the one who blocked the sandy measure give the vote. cantor was working with them doing quote everything he can to get the measure past. republican pete king said cantor and boehner may not be speaking to each other. they continue to work together and cantor continues to support boehner. jon? >> jon: how does all of this effect speaker boehner's political future? >> well, tomorrow, the full house will vote for the speaker and earlier today there were grumblings about some republicans still smarting about the sandy issue. michael grimm from new york was one of them. he said he might abstain tomorrow rather than cast his vote for boehner. clearly incensed about the lack of a vote on the sandy
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issue. however, by the time that he and other members from new jersey and new york had wrapped up that afternoon meeting with boehner and cantor, grimm was on the record along with republican pete king whose vote had also be questioned saying they do plan on voting for boehner tomorrow. it would take a significant defection to chance of being leader again it's unlikely. >> the house g.o.p. also clearly divided over last-minute deal to keep us from falling right off the fiscal cliff. here is the vote breakdown. can you see that overall most lawmakers supported the measure. but, among the republican majority only 85 members of congress voted for it. 151 voted against. remember, that bill received near unanimous support from both parties in the senate. president obama vowed to sign the deal, which keeps major tax cuts from expiring on income below $400,000 for individuals. and $450,000 for families. and it delays those crippling spending cuts but only for two
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months. that means, yes, we could be in for yet another battle over the budget very soon. meantime, traders just seem to be happy that washington reached any deal at all. in fact, the dow saw a bigger surge today than on any day in 2012. gerri willis joins us with more of the wall street reaction in just a moment. first to mike emanuel on capitol hill. mike, tell us about the final pitch to get this deal past. >> well, john, saving the middle class and millions of other americans from massive tax hikes essentially permanently extending tax cuts for many many americans and calling on lawmakers to do the right thing. we will display to all of our constituents that, yes, in the final analysis, we have the ability to come together, to act not as republicans, not as democrats, but as americans. steny hoyer the democratic whip did a lot of the heavy lifting of the 257 votes in
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favor, 172 were democrats. jon? >> jon: shannon touched on this earlier there were disagreements among members of the g.o.p. how did some of the big names vote? >> it was a very interesting dynamic. had you house speaker john boehner and also house budget chairman. former vice presidential nominee paul ryan voting in favor of the measure. ryan told reporters he came to congress to make tough decisions, not to run away from them. then had you majority leader eric cantor and republican whip kevin mccarthy who voted no. cantor said he was disappointed with the bill. here's how it was sold to republicans. >> so by making republican tax cuts permanent, we're one step closer to comprehensive tax reform that will help strengthen our economy and create more and higher paychecks for american workers. >> what's interesting is with a lot of big bills you see the speaker get up and try to fire up his troops to vote for it you will see the majority leader eric cantor try to get up and fire up the base to
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vote for it. in this case, it was left to the chairman of the house ways and means committee, dave camp. jon? >> jon: not a lot of holiday cheer among two of the most powerful people on the hill. >> that's right. you could definitely feel the tension going higher and higher the closer it got to the deadline. last friday at the white house, fox news has confirmed speaker john boehner told senate majority leader harry reid to, quote: f himself twice after reid had said boehner was running the house like a dictatorship and said boehner was essentially more worried about keeping his own job than trying to strike a deal. so much for the christmas cheer. jon? >> jon: it didn't last long. thank you, mike. mike emanuel, thank you. the future of those spending cuts may be up in the air. for now at least wall street is cheering big time. the dow soared more than 300 points to close above 13,400. that is the biggest one day
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spike since december of 2011. the nasdaq jumped 93. the s&p gained 36. team fox coverage continues with gerri willis from the fox business network now. gerri, these were broad gains among lots of different types of stocks. >> you bet. and the one you didn't mention, the small cap index posted its highest levels ever. so big gains for stocks. what was going on? well, stocks had been trading on uncertainty. we didn't know what tax rates were going to be. we didn't know what spending was going to be. with that confusion gone, stocks rose and rose dramatically. i have got to tell you here though that future not necessarily looking as happy as the finish today. jon? >> jon: so how long do they expect this rally to last? >> well, you know, it all depends on what congress does. it's a critically important now to the stock market. we have got two things coming up. we have the fiscal cliff. we have got sequestration coming up. big questions about government spending on both of those issues. i have a feeling that the stock market will be trading again on both of these as the uncertainty continues to unfold over the next weeks and
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months. jon? >> jon: but this market boone sent oil prices up as well? >> yeah, you betcha. benchmark crude up 130 a barrel to 93.12. one of the analysts on our air today said it could go as high as 96 a barrel. we have to wait and see. have you got to think that everybody is enthusiastic today about the future not just of stocks but also of commodities. our growth in this country if we do expand the delve is in the details here, jon. we will have to wait and see. >> jon: a lot of details to be ironed out. gerri willis, thank you. >> thank you. >> our nation once again bumping up against its credit limit. that means we will see another fight over spending cuts and president obama already making it clear he is not willing to compromise when it comes to paying our bills. plus, the children of sandy hook elementary going back to school for the first time since last month's massacre in newtown, connecticut. we will show you how staffers tried to make the kids comfortable.
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their new school in a neighboring town. classes start tomorrow in the building of a former middle school that's been out of use. this comes nearly three weeks after a gunman slaughtered 20 kids and six adults at sandy hook elementary in newtown, that school is still considered a crime scene and remains closed indefinitely. david lee miller with the news kind ofmonroe, connecticut. security did they have in place today? >> well, jon, authorities are not releasing all the details but it was very plain to see that just outside the school there was a check point. they were checking the i.d. of drivers that were approaching the school. the media were kept two miles away. i'm broadcasting from a park two miles from the school itself. all locks, exit doors and fire alarms at the school have been checked. local police say they don't
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want to overburden the kids with excessive security. at the same time they're not leaving anything to chance. i think right now it has to be the safest school in america we have different hospitalizations in place. most of monroe schools were monitored at the police department with cameras. we have actually installed different security devices at this school. we are going to repain presence on location until further notice. today was an own house, of course. today children at the school been able to do. so no doubt it will be for many a very painful day, jon? i'm sure, they want to keep kids at ease. they want to keep things as normal as possible. how do they accomplish that? that's the word we have heard over and over. we want things to be as normal, normal, normal as possible. to help accomplish that one of the things that authorities have done is that they have
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taken the furniture from the old school along with other items and they have moved those things to the new school. we are also told that this building has been well scrubbed. it was cleaned according to the superintendent it now looks cheerful and happy. it was one very symbolic change they announced today. the building they are now using had previously been called chalk hill middle school. the name has now been changed to the sandy hook elementary school. they did it for the purpose of tradition but despite all of these changes, the painful memories remain and this community won't be the same for a long time to come. jon? >> jon: some obstacles ahead. david lee miller, thank you. background checks for gun sales hit a new high as president obama and others called for tougher gun control laws. 2.8 million background checks
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in december. that tops the old record of 2 million set in november. it's a jump of almost 50% from last december. a key hearing next week could determine whether the suspect in the colorado movie theater shooting will stand trial. investigators say james holmes opened fire during a midnight showing of the new batman film this past summer. he is charged with killing 12 people and wounding 70 more. prosecutors and defense lawyers say they are ready to present their cases to the judge. some relatives of victims harshly rejected invitation to have an evening of remembrance. the families called the invite ridiculously offensive and claim the theater company never once reached out to offer condolences they describe the theater as a, quote, killing field of our children and said we would give anything to wipe the carnage of that night out of our mind's eye. the governor of pennsylvania suing the ncaa for penalties it imposed on penn state for the child sex abuse scandal.
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details next. plus, a homeowner catches a thief stealing stuff from his house by spotting him from an airplane. that's ahead on "the fox report."
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>> pennsylvania governor tom corbett suing the ncaa for what he calls harsh sanctions against penn state. following the school's child rape sandal scandal. the ncaa fines the university $60 million after a report found top officials basically ignored abuse accusations against former football coach jerry sandusky. a jury convicted him of sexually abusing boys for 10 years. some of that happened at penn state athletic facilities. a judge sentenced sandusky to
4:22 pm
30 to 60 years in prison. the ncaa also banned the football team for from bowl games for the next four years and took away its wins from 1998 to 2011. governor corbett claims the ncaa had no business imposing those punishments. his lawsuit aims to pull 00 the penalties. penn state has already paid $12 million of that fine. jonathan hunt live in our new york newsroom now. the governor was highly critical of the ncaa. >> very straightforward in his criticism. he said essentially that the ncaa's actions punished the wrong people and were really just self-serving. listen. >> the only logical conclusion is that the ncaa did it because they benefited from the penalties. and because the leadership of the ncaa these sanctions are an attack on the past, present, and future students of penn state.
4:23 pm
the citizens of our commonwealth, and our economy. >> now, the governor's critics say that his actions are are actually self-serving and that this is really about nothing more than re-election politics, john. >> i guess the ncaa had an angry response, huh? >> yeah. about the mildest term they used in their statement on this were that they were disappointed with the governor's actions and they went on to say in their statement, quote, not only does this forth coming lawsuit appear to be without merit. it is an affront to all of the victims in this tragedy lives that were destroyed by the criminal actions of jerry sandusky. while the innocence that was stolen can never be restored, penn state has accepted the consequences for its role and the role of its employees and is moving forward, today's announcement by the governor is a set back to the university's efforts. now, penn state officials also
4:24 pm
issued a statement they steered clear of the lawsuits. they are working toward excellence of all areas of college life, jon. >> the family of the late and legendary coach joe paterno is supporting this lawsuit? >> in a guarded sense they are supporting it worth pointing out here, of course, that coach paterno was never accused of being a party to the abuse but of not doing enough when concerns were raised about jerry sandusky's behavior. now, the family statement didn't address the lawsuit directly, but it did say, quote, what we do know, however is, that this matter is far from closed. the fact that governor corbett now realizes as do others that there was an inexcusable rush to judgment the only thing certain in all of this, jon, is is there is a lot more
4:25 pm
courtroom action to come over this whole sorry affair, jon? >> jon: thank you. the national hockey league's player's union is reportedly offering another financial proposal to the league in an attempt to end the bitter three month lockout. a major point of contention between the two sides is how to pay for the players fund. midnight tonight is the deadline for the players to dissolve their union then they could sue the nhl. analysts say that could make it a lot more difficult to reach a deal and ultimately salvage the rest of this season. al qaeda group is using chilling image for award for killing american ambassador and soldiers. that threat is very real. plus, secretary of state hillary clinton is out of the hospital tonight, doctors have been treating her for a blood clot near her brain. we will get a live update on how she is doing come up on fox report.
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>> jon: pop star justin bieber is calling for new laws against the pawps. photographer died after taking pictures of the singer's ferrari in los angeles. car pulled over for speeding. the photographer started snapping pictures and cops asked him to leave. they say a car hit the photographer while he was heading back to his vehicle. he later died at the hospital. bieber was not in the ferrari at the time. he says his thoughts and prayers are with the photographer and his family. a medical helicopter crashed into this field during an emergency landing ininjuring two medics and a nurse wells a pilot. it happened in central oklahoma. the crew had just taken off to pick up a patient when the engine apparently failed. other medical choppers carried some of the passengers to nearby hospitals. two people catch thieves in the act at their homes. our top two stories on a fox trip across america.
4:29 pm
florida a pilot flying above his home says he spotted somebody trying to break into his house. >> went around to the windows. opening doors or trying to open doors. looking in windows. and pretty well surveying the house. >> the pilot dropped the plane down to about 300 feet to get a closer look. he watched the man attach a trailer to his car and take off. the pilot followed the car from the air and called 911. cops say they tracked down the suspect about 40 miles away and arrested him. is he now facing grand theft charges. massachusetts, a homeowner's security camera caught a thief stealing a 7' 0-pound bird containing from his porch. the man said he wanted to return the cage so he left the package outside for delivery workers to pick up. >> i put it on the front porch. i left for business, when i came back, probably six days later, the package was gone. >> he checked the footage from his surveillance camera and saw the thief taking the $300
4:30 pm
cage. at last word, police were still searching for the suspect. arizona. a water main burst leaving some nearby homes and businesses without running water for a few hours. workers say recent cold weather likely caused it crews replaced the broken pipe with a new one. workers eventually got the water running again. and that's a fox watch across america. responsibility. what's your policy? >> i'm jon scott in for shepard. this is "the fox report." president obama back with his family in hawaii after the fight over the fiscal cliff. but he cannot breathe too easy on location. set up a couple of big battles in the months ahead. ed henry with the news live at the white house. the president calls the fiscal cliff deal the victory. fine prohibit might suggest otherwise. >> that's right. because, first of all, this is going to add nearly $4 trillion to the debt.
4:31 pm
that's a big deal according to the congressional budget office, which is nonpartisan. the president had sort of campaign style video out there today. released under obama-biden letterhead that was basically saying it was a big victory for the american people because it reduces the deficit. even though in the long term debt is going to go up. number two the president talked about how this is going to ward them off for taxes. the tax policy center also nonpartisan had a study out today that said that actually 77% of america's households are going to see their actual taxes go up because of this deal. households making between 40 and $50,000 a year. taxes go up about $579. taxes go up $822. the reason is while the bush tax rates for the middle class were extended, the payroll tax cut was not extended. that was something that neither side did. so at the end of the day, anybody getting a paycheck is
4:32 pm
going to end up paying a bit more, jon. >> john: the president faces a even bigger battle over the debt ceiling? >> that's right. this was a huge fight you will remember a year and a half ago. the president is basically saying that he believes there should not even be a debate about it. that this should just go forward. it's a routine piece of business that the congress should pass and last night when it came to the briefing room he said he was flexible and compromise on deficit reduction but a minute later said he is not going to compromise debt ceiling. >> while i will negotiate over many things, i will not have another debate with this congress over whether or not they should pay the bills that they have already racked up through the laws that they passed. >> now white house officials says the president is firmer about that because he believesat kreiger a year and a half ago scared the markets, scared consumers and had a big bad impact on the chief, john. >> don't republics say that the debt ceiling is the only tool they have to get the president to cut more
4:33 pm
spending. >> that's right. they are basically saying look at a time when we have $16 trillion in debt. we have to have this debate. and republicans like richard shelby said today that the real problem with this deal from last night is that it doesn't cut any spending. take a listen. >> this will be part of his legacy. the failure to step up and do the big thing when he could, he could have brought leadership to the table. he didn't. now he is wanting to talk about cutting spending, it's kind of a joke. >> now, this is why there is a lot of republicans like richard shelby who are upset about the deal that was passed last night and that's why they are looking to the debt ceiling fight ahead, which would probably happen next month in february to say that this is a real opportunity to force the president because he wants to raise the debt ceiling to get symptom spending cuts out of him. if you thought the battle in recent weeks was tough, this one could be even nastier, jon. >> jon: can't wait. ed henry at the white house. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> jon: not enough.
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according to the mooney's credit rating industry. moodies would weight and see what the outcome of all of this is in the next few months before we make any decision on the rating outlook or the rating itself. secretary of state hillary clinton is heading home from the hospital. the state department reports doctors released her tonight. they admitted her on sunday to treat a blood close -- clot in her head. last month secretary clinton reportedly suffered a concussion after a fall. the clot turned up during a follow-up exam. according to the state department, doctors expect the secretary to make a full recovery. molly henneberg live in washington for us now. what do we know about her treatment at the hospital, molly? >> jon, she was put on blood thinners to dissolve that blood clot near her brain and today doctors were comfortable enough with her progress to let her go home. the state department said in a statement that the secretary is easier to get back to the office. we will keep you updated on her schedule as it becomes
4:35 pm
clearer in the come days. the secretary's daughter, chelsea also tweeted this out this evening. she tweeted, quote: grateful my mom discharged from the hospital and is heading home. even more grateful her medical team confident she will make a full recovery. and chelsea clinton thanked new york presbyterian hospital for, quote: taking great care of my mom. jon? >> jon: this was the first sighting of the secretary in nearly a month, huh? >> right. it certainly was a rough december for the outgoing secretary of state. most recently until today we hadn't seen her in a public capacity since december 7th at a press conference in belfast, northern ireland during a trip she made to europe. since then she suffered from what the state department called a quote pretty vicious stomach virus. also severe dehigh dralings, then a concussion and this past weekend a blood clot. her doctors had said that the secretary has not suffered a stroke or neurological damage as a result of that blood clot. jon? >> jon: molly henneberg in
4:36 pm
washington. thank you. the most dangerous branch of the al qaeda terror network is now offering money for killing specific americans. and today intelligence officials are calling it a credible threat. al qaeda in the arabian peninsula used twitter to announce the bounty about $23,000 to anyone who kills an american soldier in yemen. also promises more than six pounds of gold to anyone who kills the u.s. ambassador to yemen. both offers good for six months. of course, this comes just months after that attack on the u.s. outpost in libya which killed ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. catherine marriage is in washington live now. what's the state department have to say about all of this? >> jon, the u.s. embassy in yemen is one of the most heavily fortified compounds overseas, it was nearly overrun by demonstrators in december. while not commenting on increased security for the ambassador. in a brief statement the state department emphasized it already operates in highly.
4:37 pm
we continue to support the government, the military and people of yemen in their efforts against violent extremism and terrorism. >> our inclination should be to keep people there. but we have to be sure that the government can provide protection and that if they fail we can provide protection. i think benghazi should teach us that if not anything else. >> just like lib i can't tell government doesn't have a strong security presence outside the capital, jon. >> jon: this tape announcing this what is unusual about it. >> they note that one version of the video contains an image of al qaeda's military commander super imposed over an ambassador over chris stevens after he was killed. a member of the house intelligence committee says al qaeda in yemen wants to capitalize on the ambassador's death though al qaeda in yemen was not involved. >> i think there is no doubt that al qaeda and all of its affiliates see what happened in benghazi as a major victory for them. whether it was or not the fact
4:38 pm
is they were able to kill four americans which is tragic and the american response has been so confusing and so inconsistent that we have certainly made it appear as if it's a major victory for al qaeda. >> for some context, according to the long war journal the number of u.s. drone strikes in yemen in 2012 was nearly identical to the u.s. drone campaign in pakistan and this is threat more evidence al qaeda followers yemen new base of operations, jon? >> jon: cath rib herrige in washington tonight. thank you. truly shocking. that's what the united nations is calling the latest estimate of the death toll in syria's civil war. activists tell us this video shows a new air strike today north of the capital damascus. they say this is video of an attack on a gas station outside damascus that killed or wounded dozens of people. fox news cannot confirm those reports or verify any of the video. the united nations now estimates the uprising has
4:39 pm
killed more than 60,000 people. and u.n. officials say more than half a million syrians are now refugees. a controversial leader dealing with precarious. whatever happens could have a major impact on the oil market. plus, as crews struggle to reach an oil rig stranded off the coast of alaska. environmentalists are saying this is an example while drilling in the artic is a bad idea. that's ahead on "the fox report." many of my patients still clean their dentures with toothpaste.
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[ ship horn blows ] no, no, no! stop! humans. one day we're coming up with the theory of relativity, the next... not so much. but that's okay -- you're covered with great ideas like optional better car replacement from liberty mutual insurance. total your car and we give you the money to buy one a model year newer. learn about it at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >> jon: venezuela's president hugo chavez the man who called former president george w. bush the devil is in delicate condition after his fourth cancer surgery. that's the word from his vice president. chavez has been fighting cancer for about a year and a half now buy he has kept it under wraps. chavez announced his cancer had come back few days later.
4:42 pm
we haven't seen or heard from his since. his resignation or death could shake up politics in venezuela. a big oil supplier that his opponents and world leaders keeping a close eye on his mysterious condition. steve harrigan is live in our south florida newsroom. how bad is his condition, do we know. >> it's hard to say exactly how bad it is. on one hand we do have the official version coming from the venezuelan government. they say chavez is fully conscience. he can hold a conversation. vice president says the internet rumors that chavez perhaps has slipped into a coma or is on life support are simply false they are attacks on the government by what he called sick people. one fact to keep in mind is that chavez himself has not been seen or heard from in public in now three and a half weeks. since that fourth cancer operation in cuba, jon. >> jon: but is he supposed to be inaugurated later this month. what happens if he dies or can't make the ceremony?
4:43 pm
>> that's right, january 10th is that inauguration date. now if chavez were to die before then, they would have to hold an election, a presidential election within 30 days time. right now chavez has given word that he expects his vice president in that case to succeed him. he has named his as his heir apparent. there is no real consensus that this one-time bus driver who is now venezuela's vice president really has the knowledge, the experience or charisma to actually win an election on his own without chavez, jon. >> jon: if chavez were to die after the inauguration how does that change things. >> it's such a tricky constitutional situation when you have a president in venezuela in ill health right between the election and the inauguration. actually if he dies before january 10th, the leader of the parliament would be in charge of the election. if he were to die after january 10th, his vice president would run the election. these two men are reportedly rivals. so, if chavez dies, it would certainly throw venezuelan politics up in the air.
4:44 pm
but even the exact date could be a factor in determining who would replace hugo chavez. jon. >> jon: steve harrigan in south florida. thank you, steve. the oil rig that ran aground in alaska dragged its tow boats 10 miles toward a rocky shore in less than an hour. that's the word from coast guard officials. the rig is carrying more than 140,000 gallons of fuel and is sitting in a fragile ocean ecosystem. but officials say there are no signs of leaks so far and the fuel is well protected. still, it's not the first time shell has had issues trying to drill in the difficult artic waters. green peace called the company incompetent test and critics are calling on the feds to shut down the whole operation. anna coinman live in our new york city newsroom now. weather causing problems still. >> certainly. tells assessment teams are now looking into information gathered during a flyover evaluation conducted before sundown following near hurricane strength conditions 30 mile-per-hour winds and 6 to 12-foot waives are still
4:45 pm
crashing around the uninhabited island off the coast of alaska. currently the royal dutch shell drilling rig apps to be stable but there are concerns the ship could leak diesel, lube oil and hydraulic fluid. once the weather cooperates, marine experts will board the rig to take photos and videos to come up with a salvage plan. and jon, the rig ran aground on monday night. >> it's a pretty stout vessel. is there a concern that a spill could happen. >> money blizzinging equipment currently if a spill should happen currently though there are no signs of a breach. the top democrat on the natural resources committee congressman ed markey is sharing his concern saying oil companies keep saying they can conquer the artic but the artic keeps disagreeing with the oil companies. drill expansion could prove disaster russ for this sensitive environment. the an at that time is home to harbor seals, sea lions and two endangered species, jon. >> jon: there are critics that
4:46 pm
want the whole operation shut down. >> they argue this is just the latest mishap experience by shell's ships off the coast of alaska. including a small engine fire. an accidental anchor drag and coast guard findings more than a dozen safety and pollution violations. and officials from shell says the rig is holding up well. it recently had $292 million of improvements done, jon. >> jon: anna coinman in our newsroom. thank you. exxon mobil could have kept almost 1,000 gallons of oil from spilling into the yellow stone river if workers had reacted faster. that's the finding have a department of transportation report. a pipeline under the river in montana broke in july of 2011. the spill damaged 70 miles of river bank. the clean up cost 135 million bucks. but investigators say pipe controller could say have kept two thirds of the oil out of the river if they had shut down the pipe right away. instead they waited 46 minutes. no comment from exxon on this report. there are companies that will take pictures of everything
4:47 pm
you own just in case you lose it all. coming up, how they can help if disaster strikes. plus, if you are carrying around some extra pounds after the holidays, and who isn't? you might not need to worry details of a new study coming up on "the fox report." bayer aspirin was the first thing the emts gave me. now, i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ woman ] learn from my story.
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maul plain went down in the woods last night just a mile from the airport. after recent catastrophes a number of new businesses are starting up to help people photograph, catalog and
4:51 pm
save info on all your stuff. so if the worst happens and it's all gone. can you prove to the insurance company what it was worth. alicia acuna live now in denver. alyssia, this is something you can do on your own. why pay someone else to do it? >> right, john. technically anyone can do this. insurance companies provide you the paperwork but not everyone takes the time or really knows how to do a comprehensive i object ventricle tore. and that can cost thousands in would be claims which is why some people are hiring folks like kerry mitchell who owns standing together inventory in colorado springs. she spends around four hours inside your home detailing the valuables. the inventory list can go on to a server, a flash drive, cd or the cloud when homeowners are faced with disaster. they don't have to rely on their memory. mitchell says she launched her business after the wall doe canyon fire in colorado springs took so much from her neighbors. nearly 350 homesy last in last
4:52 pm
summer's fast moving blaze. >> some people had 15 minutes to go through and click on their phone whatever they could get. for the most part people just have to grab a few things and run they all is i i would have done anything if i could have done that. now they are trying to recollect everything they have and it's hard to remember. you know, who can remember everything that you own? >> same goes for folks hit by hurricane sandy. families pushed from their homes with little time to collect belongs, let alone think about future insurance claims. these type of services help folks prepare ahead of time. we talked to karen caddell in colorado springs who decided on the service after a theft. >> it's just a check that the insurance company writes after your deductible. and, you know, if you at least have some value on it and itemized list i think it's going to be easier for both parties and won't be questionable. >> on average, this service cost about $550. some companies charge by the
4:53 pm
hour. others by the square footage of your home. john? >> jon: alicia acuna in denver. thanks. the rental car world and car sharing world are coming together. today avoice announced it plans to buy zip car for $500 billion in cash. zip car let's drivers in certain cities share vehicles for hourly or daily fees. today the chairman and chief executive of avenue voice said the two businesses complement each other. wall street approves of the deal. zip car stock jumped by almost 50% today on the nasdaq. shares of avis up nearly 5%. a new report suggests a few extra pounds might not be so bad after all. researchers say they examined info from more than 3 million people who took part in more than one hundred studies. person higher body index than another person is not more necessarily to die younger. overweight people had a lower
4:54 pm
risk of dying than people of normal weight. today on "studio b" doctor said that is no reason to break any new year's resolutions. >> belly fat we know is not good. but think about all the other things that happen when you are overweight. you get -- you are more likely to have hypertension. you are more likely to have disciple beats, for every ten pounds of extra weight that you lose if you are overweight. it's anywhere from 30 to 60 pounds less pressure on your knee joints. >> in other words, a cheeseburger diet probably won't help your quest for immoral tattle. doctors stress the best way to stay healthy is to eat right and exercise. if you are stressed out about the idea of quitting smoking, you can relax because researchers now say quitting actually reduces anxiety. scientists in the united kingdom tracked nearly 500 people who are trying to quit and six months later those who succeeded reported lower levels of anxiety. the full stud qua in the british journal of psychiatry.
4:55 pm
starbucks is rolling out a new plan to reduce waste. starting tomorrow the coffee chain will be selling reusable plastic cups for a dollar. customers get a 10-cent discount each time they bring it back for refills so the idea is it will eventually pay for itself and encourage repeat visits. the company says it hopes to serve at least 5% of its drinks in reusable cups within the next two years. the first singer to turn a big pop hit into a country classic and one of the top selling female artists ever has died. the extraordinary life patty page left coming up. ♪ how much is that doggy in the window ♪ the one with the wagly tail. new prilosec otc wildberry
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and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history heart or blood vsel problems, tell your doctor if you have new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. with chantix and with the support system it worked. it worked for me. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. ♪ i remember the night ♪ and the tennessee waltz. >> jon: that song patti page's tennessee waltz one of the best selling recordings of all time we are learning the singer died yesterday. she grew up in oklahoma as clara an fowler. she never wanted to be a singer and told she could sing and things escalated from there. during her career page report
4:59 pm
recorded more than 1,000 pop and country songs. she made her mark in television first singer to make programs. in 1999 she won her first and only grammy. page and the decades of touring just last year after announcing unspecified health problems. the singer was set to receive a lifetime achievement award from the recording academy next month. pattie page was 85. updating some of our top stories tonight. new york republican congressman peter king says house speaker john boehner has promised votes on super storm sandy relief within two weeks. that's after the house last night cancelled a vote on a relief bill. a new congress begins tomorrow. huge day on wall street. the dow soaring more than 300 points on the first trading day of the new year. analysts credit a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff as a reason for the surge. and secretary of state hillary clinton is now out of a new york hospital after four da


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