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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 2, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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to make a full recovery. on this day in 1935 the trial of the century began when the suspected kidnapper of lynnberg baby walked into a new york courtroom. kidnapping and killing the infant son of pilot charles lynnburg after tracking the ransom money. the case was a national obsession and brought nearly 60,000 people to new jersey town with bar denied having anything to do with the kidnapping it took the jury 11 hours to find him guilty. then a judge sentenced him to death small town became the stage for national drama 78 years ago today. now you know the news for wednesday, january 22nd, 2000 12. i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. we'll be back tomorrow for the fox report. i will see you for happening now 11:00 eastern, 8:00 pacific. the factor is next. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight:
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>> cutting spending has to go hand in hand with further reforms to our tax code. so that the wealthiest corporations and individuals can't take advantage of loopholes. >> bill: uh-oh that means even more taxes are coming on top of the big tax rise that will be signed into law shortly. will president obama ruin the american economy with all the new taxes? >> columbine. >> virginia tech. >> tucson,. >> newtown. >> newtown,. >> newtown. >> how many more. >> bill: how many celebrities want gun control even though some of them star in violent films. also a lawyer says he might sue the state of connecticut for failing to protect the kids in newtown. is it legal on both of those stories. plus can speaker boehner say fu to senate majority leader reid? it looks like it? >> that can't be good. >> bill: caution, you where to enter the no spin zone, the
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factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching the first show in 2013. happy new year. president obama's true agenda emerges that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. you may have noticed the factor has not covered the fiscal debate very much. not going to use that cliche, not going to say it that's because it was a fake crisis as the "wall street journal" says today in its lead editorial. the deal congress struck last night could have been done last august. but the politicians in both parties wanted to posture it. setting up phony scenarios for their own personal enaggrandizement. here is really what's going on. president obama has succeeded in raising taxes on every working american. every one of us. those who are doing well will now pay close to 50% of their
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income to the feds. those making below $400,000 a year will pay a variety of new obama care taxes and see a 2 percentage point rise in their social security payment. everybody gets hit. if you invest, you will be paying about 9 percentage points more in capital gains and tax. if you die and your estate is worth more than 5 million bucks you will pay 40% of death tax to the feds. president obama is not finished. he wants more from the affluent. >> we can't simply cut our way to prosperity. cutting spending has to go hand in hand with further reforms to our tax code. so that the wealthest corporations and individuals can't take advantage of loopholes and deductions that aren't available to most americans. >> bill: ewe, no question now. no question that the american people have voted for a president who wants to redistribute income. he is not going to stop.
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the socialist tenet where a central government takes and gives as it pleases. that will have many unintended consequences beginning with the economy. if the higher tax rates slow business in the u.s.a. president obama's second term will be a disaster. also, it's now clear that mr. obama doesn't much care about federal spending. simply don't run up deficits of more than a trillion dollars a year, each with all this new revenue. even with that. you don't run up those deficits if you are concerned about fiscal responsibility. clearly the president has not offered any meaningful spending cuts or entitlement reform. and after four years he has not offered any solutions to the crushing 16 trillion-dollar debt. now, in the past, that would have sunk an incumbent president. not today. talking points believes mr. obama won the election largely on emotion. millions of voters supported him because mitt romney didn't really run his campaign with any urgency or emotional appeal. while mr. obama promised
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americans stuff. president obama is going to take as much money as he can he from successful people and dole it out. not going to make any meaningful cuts in government spending. not going to do it. he might even expand the entitlement culture. i believe this will lead to economic disaster for the country. but as always, i could be wrong. and that's the men mow. now for the top story tonight let's bring in charles krauthammer from washington who has the tendency to tell me when i am wrong. isn't that right, charles? >> you are right on that and you are shockingly right in your analysis. you are starting off the year very os suspiciously. i think you are absolutely right. there is not a shred of evidence that obama any interest in cutting spending. in fact, audaciously last night, he said oh we have got to cut spending so he tossed it out. he gave a nod to it and then he immediately says but we have to increase our investments that's the word that you use if you are a
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democrat for spending on the usual, education, research and development, roads, bridges. so he is talking bin creasing spending while is he pretending to be interested in the debt. he was in office four years. he doesn't care. >> bill: does he not understand that once the debt is now at 16 trillion, 250 billion, does he not understand that this is going to wreck the currency if not checked. do you think he is ignorant of macroeconomics. >> no i don't think he is ignorant. this is a man who is so ideological. he is so committed since the days as a community organizer who undoing the injustices he sees in the country, what he calls social justice he sees europe, scandinavia as a far more just and good society than ours. they have very high taxes and very strong sort of blanket entitlements cradle to grave.
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that's the ideal to which he wants to move the united states. >> bill: doesn't he see what's happened in countries like italy and spain and greece where the debt has now overwhelmed the government's ability to even function? doesn't -- see, beyond president obama's economic outlook. i don't get it. i thought about this. he blew it. he should have won. he would have won if he he had entered any urgency into the campaign the final week. he didn't. so mr. obama is a very lucky man. he is not learning any lessons from what we see visibly in europe. he is not learning any lessons from a 16 trillion-dollar plus debt. none. >> look, i agree with you entirely. if i were in a room with obama, i would be saying exactly that to him. i would be saying for 30 years we have had debates since the early reagan days about debt
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and deficit spending and ultimately being overtaken. and they would have been theoretical debates in the 80's. they are no longer theoretical debates. as you say we have the empirical evidence. it's in from europe. this can't go on. this will wreck the country. now, how does obama answer? i am not sure. let me speculate. maybe he thinks our economy is so strong and right now interest rates are essentially zero. so he can spend his second term piling up the debt and the deficits because there is is only going to be a minimal increase in interest rates. maybe one day it all comes crashing down. but then that will be the republicans, successors who are going to have to clean up after him and be the ones who collect taxes on the middle class. because that's where the money is. >> bill: okay. >> but is he a dedicated social democrat. he wants universal healthcare. he has got it. that's the legacy he wants to leave.
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he doesn't want to leave a legacy of the man who balanced the budget. he doesn't care about that. >> bill: he is throwing his lot to history as a social reformer. two more questions, quick questions, numberne, he is successful because he convinced the majority of american voters that class warfare was good. that he demonized the wealthy, and he turned achievement into an insult. >> shockingly, that was rejected in the past but has now been accepted, why? >> i'm not sure that's how i would interpret why he won the election. i know that's how obama wants to interpret. he says i want a mandate for all this. that was the issue. look, the big issue in the campaign, which was the most negative in american history, was that mitt romney was an unfeeling, insensitive, uncaring repatients plucat.
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this was all about destroying his opponents. he didn't introduce anything. he said i want to raise taxes on the rich. that's not why he won. it's not ideological election. romney was unable to answer. he didn't answer. he never responded. i don't accept the mandate that this great ideological shift in the country and now everybody hates the rich. i think if you get a new dynamic conservative candidate in the next presidential election who makes the contrary case, that we need a strong economy, we don't want to demonize the rich. we want to encourage success. you can win on that. >> bill: you don't believe that permanent change? >> not at all. it's an invented mandated so that he could then pretend is he allowed to do anything he wants on this. >> bill: a lot of this debate in washington is, i think, driven by the president who wants to destroy the republican party. not defeat it. destroy it. last word. i wrote a month ago his
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objective in demanding hike in tax rates was entirely political. because the speaker offered him the same amount of money by eliminating loopholes. so if he wanted the money. if that's all he wanted to raise revenues it was handed to him. he said no, you have to raise rates. why? because he he knew that would accentuate the fractures, the fissures in the republican party. it would neutralize the one opposition in the institution, the hour. that's exactly what happened. he succeeded in that. the house has been neutered. you saw what happened last night. and if he gets the house out of the way, he can then be dominant in washington for his entire second term. >> bill: all right. charles krauthammer, everybody. happy new year. next on the rundown, will president obama go down in history as a champion of the working class or not? we'll have a debate. later, bernie goldberg on why many americans seem totally bored with all this fiscal
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what's in your wallet? this car is too small. >> bill: in the impact segment tonight, american workers are paying more taxes after last nights vote. all of us. that means if you have a legitimate job your take home pay going down. and there is no question president obama will go down in history as the biggest spending president ever. he doesn't seem to mind that with us now dee dee banky, a republican strategist and from washington kirsten powers a democrat and fox news analyst. all right, powers, let's start with you. you must be exhausted. i have been seeing you on the air a lot here on fox news. first of all. >> yeah, i appreciate your concern but i'm doing okay. >> bill: you are okay? i'm glad. i want you to pace yourself. >> okay. >> bill: therefore i'm going to ask the questions slower than i usually do. >> i appreciate that bill. you are always looking out for me, you know? >> if you get put in jail in
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mexico, i will get you out? [ laughter ] are you going to pay more tax, powers? >> i'm not paying more taxes. i don't make more than 450,000es a year. >> bill: you pay social security tax? >> look, some taxes are going up. >> bill: not some. you are going to pay. >> my fair share. >> bill: you don't mind your take home pay is going to be a little lighter. >> i'm willing to pay my fair share. >> bill: are you disappointed that your guy, president obama hasn't offered any meaningful spending cuts after four years? >> yes, i am actually. >> how disappointed are you? are you turning on him? areare you scolding him how disappointed. >> very disappointed. on a scale of 1 to 10 i put myself at a 10. >> you and were talking about if this continues the whole economy of america could be wrecked because the currency is going to evaporate. you can't run that kind of a debt.
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>> it's unsustainable. i was concerned about this under george bush. this is not a new concern. it's just now gotten. >> even though you are concerned and your brow just wrinkled there. you voted for the guy. you voted for the guy who is the biggest spending president in american history and has shown no inclination to cut anything. there are a lot of different reasons that people vote for different people, bill. i don't think we have enough time to get into my reasons good job in this year. other areas which he has. i am hopeful that he will try to tackle this in the second term but i lost a little hope, frankly in the way that we just -- in what we just saw. >> bill: starting guard for the new york knicks on saturday. not going to happen. thank you for helping us out tonight. we appreciate it you are not an obama supporter. >> negative.
5:17 pm
miller, fill more and him. >> bill: james buchanan. believe me on that. you think he is a terrible president? >> yes. >> bill: but can you explain why so many americans including kirsten powers who is a smart woman buy into his agenda. >> absolutely. >> bill: clearly i'm going to spend as much as i humanly possible can spend and i'm going to take it from people who are successful. why are they buying it? >> free junk food in the vending machine. >> bill: everybody can't be that venal. you believe half the american public are that venal 47% like romney said? >> i believe that the other part because he was very popular, very likeable. look, bill, if he is party and romney a party. >> bill: i would go to romney's party there would be better food.
5:18 pm
>> no. there would be milk. you are irish. >> bill: i'm -- hold it. >> i wouldn't vote for him. he is just more likeable. >> bill: you believe that the american public essentially is shallow and agree greedy left the president and we have the worst economy ever going down to the ninth level infetch know. connect emotional american public. all of the coalitions put together was put together in emotional basis. doesn't believe there has been essential change as dee dee does that we are greedier and shallower people than ever before. where do you stand on that? only people volted for obama
5:19 pm
is leaches. that's why the republican party is so irrelevant right now. they fundamentally don't understand the electorate. they keep telling themselves lies about who the electorate is. any they voted their own self-interest? >> this idea you are getting free stuff? it's so condescending. you know, there are people thinking people, you know, who like the president for a lot of different reasons. it's not because they are getting free things or because he is likeable or any of these other things. look, he staved off us from going into the potentially into another great depression. that's not a minor thing. if you disagree with that fine. but to the denigrating the people who feel differently and believe differently. people, you know, i'm sorry, the people who voted for barack obama are smart, thoughtful people. >> bill: all of them? every one of them? i know some dummies that voted for the president and romney too. >> i'm sure there are a couple dummies on the other side too. >> bill: bernie goldberg has some thoughts coming up on
5:20 pm
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>> bill: is it legal segment tonight, outrageous situation in connecticut. this man turning irvin penske filed suit against the state for failing to protect the 20 children murdered in newtown. pinsky wants $100 million in the name of an anonymous child who survived. >> i'm saying for a fact that the state didn't do enough to provide forever their safety. what you do is you can arm the principal and the school teachers with mace and pepper spray high grade that can go 30 feet.
5:24 pm
>> bill: yeah. mayes. up against a semiautomatic weapon. pinsky. so under pressure the guy has now withdrawn the suit but says he may refile it here now attorneys and fox news analyst kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. i think all three of us should mace him. mustard gas. you are both attorneys. you both passed the bar. you both know the ethical rules of the profession. all right. look, we all know this guy is a hustler. he represented move on. he is just a pain in the butt. there is pinskys everywhere. >> that's the problem. >> bill: this is an industry of extortionists and you know who the lead one was? our pal john edwards. >> i know. >> bill: he started it in north carolina do suing the tobacco company and anybody and anything throwing it out there. getting the money. settling. >> ambulance chaser. >> bill: i think this is is a really severe problem in the united states. >> it's a huge problem. so-called lawyer pinsky who lost his license to practice
5:25 pm
from 2000 to 2006. >> bill: we don't know why. they won't tl us why. >> this was his third grievance and they finally suspended his license. they will never tell you why. >> bill: is that right? shouldn't the consumer know what he he did? >> exactly. >> bill: why is he protected? >> because some lawyer brought a case to make sure that lawyers who are committing. >> bill: when lawyers screw up we don't know. >> act to cover themselves. they cover themselves. here is the real problem. he gets his license back. he takes his lawsuit on. he files his lawsuit and you know why? it's very easy because he stands to earn up to 40% of whatever he gets. >> bill: look, we all know what the game shear. he takes anonymous child who is still alive. you know what is he is doing really? he is exploiting dead children. that's what he is doing. >> of course he is this salesman out to make a quick buck off the back he had to
5:26 pm
withdraw it because he got death threats and people found out about it in connecticut. he is through as far as in the case of the public opinion. the state of connecticut is not responsible for a mass murder by some insane guy. >> connection. >> i don't think he went through it because of the death threats. he probably reveled in that. he had to withdraw it because he wasn't going to be able to follow through on the lawsuit. connecticut has immunity and most cases unless you can show -- >> why we care about that if he could get more publicity going on? >> what if he thought he could get the money or someone would settle then he got -- i mean very bad severe substantial death threats against him. of. >> bill: killing think he is afraid. >> i think he is afraid. he got a lot of pressure. >> looking at new evidence now. talking about new evidence. >> notice, the parents of the poor dead children they
5:27 pm
haven't been filing any lawsuits. this guy? >> bill: most american attorneys are honorable people. >> yeah, we are. >> we are. >> bill: respect the profession because people need to be protected and sometimes you have to have a good attorney to do that. but there is a growing field of sleazy extortionists he has been exposed now, pen is pin is pin is i. >> bill: back to the sandusky case the ncaa the college football thing fined penn state $60 million, all right? then the governor, guilfoyle. >> tom corbett. >> says huh-uh huh. we are going to sue who? >> this was excessive. knowing this comes after the fact. interesting fact. he is on the board of trustees of the university. >> bill: corbett is, the governor is. >> correct. he is the one filing this suit. he said he was researching it and checking out the law. he brought it forward.
5:28 pm
i think this is obviously for his very strong constituency there that supports penn state and this disseminated the football program. they were prohibited from playing in four bowl games. 60 million in fines. >> bill: i don't exactly understand the suit. >> he brought the lawsuit against ncaa. >> bill: the governor of pennsylvania on behalf of the people of pennsylvania. the people of pennsylvania are the ones paying it penn state is a public institution. >> future students. >> bill: bill i'm protecting you pennsylvanians i'm going to sue the ncaa because they had no right to levy. is he going to win that? >> he is going to lose the lawsuit. >> bill: racking up even more money to the taxpayer in the process, right? >> it makes him look good do you think is he a phony on the board' university. the university agrees to this. they had to agree. >> maybe he he rethought it you can rethink. >> the research the antitrust
5:29 pm
laws. is that it. >> six months of this? this all happened in july. >> the governor of pennsylvania is a phony. >> here we go again. 2013. >> but we're saying going to lose -- >> i don't think so. >> sounded that way to me. everybody says yes. >> dial it back. >> bill: i wouldn't be on the pennsylvania turnpike any time soon, ladies. >> game over. no you might have to go upstate new york right into ohio and go around the commonwealth. all right, ladies, thanks. happy new year, nice to see you. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. did speaker of the house boehner tell senator reid to go f himself? we are not talking about frank. we'll have the inside story on that. then, bernie goldberg on whether americans care about the fiscal debate. also juliet huddy on celebrities demanding gun control. we hope you stay tuned for those reports as the factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all around the world.
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>> bill: speaker of the house boehner told senator troid go f himself. joining us now from d.c. chief washington news correspondent james rosen. so, rosen, did it happen? >> it did. >> bill: what prompted it? these little verbal things. we remember cheney he did that to senator leahy of vermont. >> right on the floor. >> bill: this wasn't caught on tape. so tell me what happened? >> first of all, speaker
5:33 pm
boehner took, to borrow a phrase from sonny core lone, he took very very personally some statements by the senate majority leader harry reid made during this run-up to the fiscal cliff package deal in which senator reid said, for example, that speaker boehner is running the house like a dictatorship and also perhaps even more insulting that he was placing his interest in retaining the speakership which requires him to be elected speaker. that election takes place tomorrow. he was placing his interest in retaining the speakership ahead of the nation and its needs. so when the two met up at the white house speaker boehner did indeed reid to perform upon himself a quaint anatomic call imimpossibility. after this exhortation was made profanely, senator reid said to boehner words to the effect of, mr. speaker, i only say what's written for me in my speeches, at which point senator reid's own chief of staff, david kron interjected
5:34 pm
and addressed speaker boehner directly and said words to this effect, mr. speaker, we would never do that to you. we have never put anything like that in senator reid's speeches. it was a stunning moment where reid's own chief of staff, in essence, sold him out in front of a large group of people. >> bill: did boehner seek out reid for this verbal confrontation? >> yes. >> bill: did he? >> my understanding is he saw him. >> bill: he went over and he said listen, bud, i have done that a few times. i must confess but i try not to. and then reid started to whine that he didn't do it because i don't read anything off script. is that what you are telling me? i didn't really do it. >> i just what's written for me. his own chief of staff sort of undermined that at that point that's what i'm told. >> bill: okay. i'm glad they didn't punch each other. you know how things can get in the house of representatives. so boehner as you mentioned has to be voted in tomorrow as speaker of the house. and there is some controversy
5:35 pm
that he he may not make it and you say? >> i say he he will almost undoubtedly be the next speaker of the house. he will keep his speakership. what's 50, 50 according to the smart money in this town is whether or not the vote for speaker will be forced on to a second ballot which hasn't happened i think since 19 it 3. if you happen way back in history in the 1800s they would actually have hundreds of ballots that would take like two months to process. we haven't had a second ballot on the speaker vote since 1923. there is really nobody openly contesting boehner for the speakership, but the fact that there is smart money in this town that says it could even go to a second ballot is evidence of just how difficult his speakership has been for him. >> bill: rosen, can i speak candidly to you? >> no one cares if it's a second vote. >> they barely care that boehner is the speaker. they barely care about that only about 30% of americans even know he is a speaker. so you care and you pinheads
5:36 pm
who run around d.c. second vote. evidence might have -- nobody cares. so we are going to put it in that boehner is going to be the new speaker. now, peter king, very angry, he very angry. i don't think he is going to vote for boehner. because the hurricane sandy money, big money new york and new jersey held up, here is king. go. >> these republicans have no problem finding new york when they are out raising millions of dollars. he they are in new york all the time filling their pockets with money from new yorkers. i'm saying right now anyone from new york and new jersey who contributes 1 penny to congressional republicans is out of their minds because what they did last night was put a knife in the back of new yorkers and new jerseyens absolute disgrace. >> bill: so king is not voting for boehner. he is cass straght his own party. >> well, i wouldn't say that. this was spoken in a heated
5:37 pm
moment; it was the same reheated moment. in essence, the same cast of characters from the new york, new jersey delegates met with speaker boehner a short while ago and it was all hashed out and the money for sandy victims for hurricane sandy relief is going to be voted out of the congress in two stages. the final vote on january 15, which is the first legislative -- >> bill: why hold it up in the first place that got king so teed off. money on the 15th. why didn't they do it last night? >> because by splitting it up into two votes boehner gives his conservative membership a chance to say on one occasion i voted for hurricane relief but if they don't like the whole price tag of $60 billion which is not offset with cuts any place else which is a problem for the conservatives, they can vote against the second round and thereby say that they held the line on the budget. >> bill: does it ever just give you a massive headache, this b.s.? >> sometimes do i have kind of
5:38 pm
like acid reflux reaction. >> bill: all right. chances are that the sandy victims will get help they need. they certainly need it. there is rosen, everybody. nice tie tonight. when we come right back, bernie goldberg on why most americans have absolutely no clue about the economic future of their own country. and then juliet huddy on a bunch of celebrities demanding gun control, even though some of them have made big money from violent movies. those reports moments away.
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5:41 pm
>> thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the week with bernie segment tonight. purveyor of berne nod gold b rg is standing by. correct me if i am wrong and i know you like to do that i don't think most americans have any idea what this whole fiscal business is all about. >> let me answer that by reading just two sentences from your talking points this evening. two sentences. it's now clear that mr. obama does not care about the spending problems the u.s.a. has. you run up deficits of more than a trillion dollars a year if you care about fiscal responsibility. bingo. do you think most americans understand that? i don't think they do. but in fairness to the american people and their cluelessness on this particular subject.
5:42 pm
president obama portrayed this as a taxing issue and not a spending crisis. and the stenographers in the so-called mainstream media went along with that story line. well, i don't think as a result of that, i don't think that most americans understand that these new taxes on the rich and on other people as you rightly mentioned earlier. i don't think the american people that this won't begin to put a dent in mr. obama's trillion-dollar a year deficit so the longer term 16 trillion-dollar and climbing national debt. and finally, i don't think people have a clue how bad things are going to get. get spending under control and pretty fast. >> that's all speculation though, see, it's not like a natural disaster or the murder at new town on anything where people emotionally can react to what's in front of them. even though when they see people in greece rioting and cops shooting at them.
5:43 pm
it's far away. it's not going to happen here. that kind of thing. but the worse part about it and i might be at fault here because i didn't cover this fiscal stuff very much in the run up. the reason i didn't is when i said i knew it was a phony deal obama wanted the crisis demonize wealthy people even more. he didn't want to solve it boehner and the republicans thought they would defeat obama in november. they didn't really want to solve it they wanted it out there. nobody really wanted to do what was good for the folks. and get a concrete deal of all right, you want a little bit more revenue? fine goldberg and o'reilly will kick it to you. all right? but you are going to have to cut one-to-one as the obama commission suggested. and, you know, that would have been the way to do it they could have it done it last august. they are not honest. if i'm out there like a straw man with my arms waiving people walk in on it it's a helpless cause. >> that's right. i mean, the media has a
5:44 pm
responsibility but so do the american people have a responsibility. this story was portrayed the way the president wanted it portrayed. you know, there is a tendency in the media to portray stories the way the president wants them portrayed. >> is that every president or just this president? >> no. it's this -- wasn't that way with president bush. >> bill: in the beginning after 9/11 it was. but then it veered off into a hostile bush atmosphere when iraq didn't go well. >> right. and this -- look, by the way, i didn't make that observation about how the press tends to cover stories the way the president wants him to. mark halperin of time magazine as mainstream a journalist as you can get, he is the one who first made that observation. look, this story was portrayed as the president looking out for 98% of the american people. he wins the pr battle when that's the occasion and even though polls show that most americans think we're spending
5:45 pm
too much. and polls do show that on a regular basis. i don't think the american people really understand how bad things are going to get. there needs to be not just an occasional story here or there but there needs to be stories about what happens when interest rates go up from near zero percent to a more typical 5%, 6%, 7%. we are getting away with traying the $16 trillion near zero rate. we can't pay it at 7% rate. we will go broke when that happens. there won't be any money anything other than the debt and entitlements. >> bill: they don't believe it's going to happen. they are never going to cop to it now, essentially you have a story that's boring. all right. the fiscal story is doll. if you have the chance to watch watch entertainment tonight and they are down in
5:46 pm
kabul and this and that or o'reilly and goldberg talking about 16 trillion-dollar, where are you going to go? i mean, you know, so, okay, that's why the television media in mass kind of stays away yeah we could bring in economists tell you all day long that our currency may evaporate in five years. people aren't golden globe to tell you until it happens. >> that's true. the role of the press is not to entertain the masses. >> it happens these days on ratings on television, you have to. if newspapers say all we care about is circulation and television says all we care about is ratings. fine, pull out the car chases and all that other crap and then when we slide into a depression. that makes the first one look like a picnic. then, the people will have every right to say to the media, why didn't you warn us about this? but as i say people say we are
5:47 pm
spending too much. just like they don't care in your taxes go up. they don't want their taxes to go up. they don't care if the government cuts your programs. they don't want it to cut my programs. >> everybody's taxes just went up. everybody is going to be paying more to the feds starting yesterday. bernie goldberg, everybody, couple of notes. dennis miller will be back in the slot next week. he would like to you know that tickets bolder fresher show is going fast. see you in phoenix at the comerica theater february 22nd. l.a. the nokia theater march 1st. atlantic city march 15th. dar con stiewghts all washington april 26th. theater at west bury long island june 1st. sorry we can't do more but, you know, we just can't get out there. these shows will be sold out. also i will be solo at the hard rock friday january 18th. that's the show that was postponed by hurricane sandy. florida very nice this time of
5:48 pm
year. glad to be going down. historical celebrities demanding gun control. that report moments away. [ male announcer ] the more you lose, the more you lose because for every 2 pounds you lose through diet and exercise, i .
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>> back of the book segment tonight. did you see that. a regular guy. got a bit fed up with all the celebrities demanding gun control in the wake of the new town mass murder. put together a parody video. speaking about guns with scenes of them using guns. sandy hook demand a plan. no more lists of names, it's not too soon. >> it's too late. >> now is the time what do i do? >> before we all know someone who loves someone on that list.
5:52 pm
no more lists. >> no more. >> who they might have been. no more if we had just done something yesterday. it's time. >> we can do better than this. >> we can do better than. this. >> it's time. >> shut the [bleep] up. >> it's time. >> it's time. >> it's time for our leaders to act. demand a plan right now. >> i'm getting tired of you doctor. >> right now. >> you, demand it. >> enough. >> enough. >> enough. >> enough. [gunfire] >> bill: here now to explain this, juliet huddy. pretty clever, i have to say. that was pretty clever. but brook shields, we're happy to say didn't have a gun. not even in the blue lagoon. she was in there. >> i'm not going to comment on that. this video was in response to a video that actually did
5:53 pm
include the killing scene brought to you by a group called mayor's against illegal guns. legitimate group that is for gun control. >> mayors. >> 800 mayors from across the country. >> tighter gun control restrictions. so, the celebrities then side with the mayors and call for. >> they want -- yeah. they want stricter. >> to limit guns. if you are profiting movies, plays, whatever, from gun violence as that was the point of that video. if you are profiting from it even though it's not real, do you then have a right to go out and speak about real guns? >> how are they profiting from gun violence? i understand. >> huddy. >> hold on a second. >> william killing people. >> you know how they profit. you know how they are doing it hollywood, video industry.
5:54 pm
the tv industry. it's all i get it. you guys want that. >> you have no problem with a performer doing a fiption fictional role using a bazooka and in real life saying you shouldn't have a bazooka. >> i don't have any problem with that because they are playing a role. i don't have a problem. >> bill: you know what, huddy? i agree with you. [ laughter ] playwright and director you can have material and you can put it on the screen or in the play. and that doesn't mean that your personal beliefs are reflected by it. >> you know, for once, you are right. >> bill: watch it, huddy, watch it. >> zip it. >> bill: there you go. so, but i do also believe that that parody. >> is pretty brave. makes you think. >> bill: let's be honest a lot of these hollywood pinheads are phonies, they are.
5:55 pm
we know them. huddy will name the names of every phony hollywood person. >> can i do it right now, actually. >> bill: go, go. >> do you want me to say who i don't like in that? i have got to say jessica alba. she was on a show i did once. she was not a very nice person. >> bill: poor jessica. >> maybe she has changed. >> bill: if i had a shotgun i wouldn't use it on you other people but not you. juliet huddy throwing jessica alba under the bus. >> don't say it like that. >> kim kardashian. my new year's message to you, the tip 60 seconds away.
5:56 pm
>> tip of the day from pennsylvania. released corporal speaks volumes about the ongoing of you and fox news for
5:57 pm
safeguarding the rights of the individuals. it's interesting that many of the states could not be bothered about the plight of a marine who served his country because the narrative of the corporal made the state department and the president look bad, much like the libyans. in order to protect their ierest, the media underreported the story. shameful, that's going on. from massachusetts, great work getting john hammar released. and hillary douglas, las vegas, thank you for helping the hammars out, a fund to help with legal expenses? i don't know, but we'll find out. we'll have a follow-up on the corporal's family tomorrow, new developments that you'll want to know about. tomorrow on "the factor". from australia, watching coverage of the emergency at
5:58 pm
newtown, america's quest for freedom is often at the national well-being. how the people at the bottom are treated. and the challenge in every free country, ken, you know that. as for how the poor are treated in america, studies show, they are better off here than in most other places. americans living below the poverty line usually have most of the electronic gizmos, air conditioning, access to health care in every hospital and a variety of entitlements that makes working dicey if you don't earn $40,000 a year. you get more in entitlements than you would working. the usa is a compassionate nation. it gives more to charity than any other country on earth and we recognize the anti-american feeling and jealousy and we hope you're not part of that.
5:59 pm
>> just finished "killing kennedy", the best book i've read. if you buy any on the website, you can get the factor book. and last year, kind of bad in this country. the economy didn't do much, divisive presidential election, horrible stories like newtown, connecticut and aurora, colorado and the murder of the libyan ambassador, let's hope and pray that the guys can't get me, i can do what i want here, hope and pray this year will be better. the fact that you guys are watching us, watching a news and information network means you care about your country. and also because you guys for bill o' able in 2012, three quarters of a million dollars to charity and that of course helped many people who badly need help. my message to you is


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